2021 Year in Review - #SolutionsWatch

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Today James reflects on the first year of #SolutionsWatch. What worked? What didn't? Where do things stand now? Let's take a look...

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#1 - Introducing #SolutionsWatch

Comment from Corbett Report subscriber Buz

#2 - Freedom Cells and The Greater Reset - #SolutionsWatch

Episode 394 - Solutions: Survival Currency

The GREATER Food Transformation – Christian Westbrook at The GREATER Reset Activation – Jan 2021

#3 - Freedom Airway - #SolutionsWatch

Reuters fact check of claims in this edition of #SolutionsWatch

Freedom Travel Alliance

Freedom Travel Guide

#4 - #TheGreatReopening

#5 - Citizens for Free Speech - #SolutionsWatch

Citizens for Free Speech.org

#6 - Canadian Government Delays Mandatory Traveler Quarantine - #SolutionsWatch 

#7 - Unplugging From the Matrix - #SolutionsWatch

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#8 - Really Simple Syndication - #SolutionsWatch

Interview 1666 - James Corbett on The Unregistered Podcast

#9 - How to Present Info for Visual Learners - #SolutionsWatch

Government — The Biggest Scam in History

Comment from subscriber u_jim

Indiegogo campaign for new edition of Government - The Biggest Scam in History

#10 - Investing in Agorism - #SolutionsWatch

#11 - Homesteading - #SolutionsWatch

FromTheField.tv (Curtis Stone website)

#12 - Flashmobs for Freedom - #SolutionsWatch 

#13 - Salting Your Data - #SolutionsWatch

#14 - Stand in the Park - #SolutionsWatch

#15 - Choosing Chickens - #SolutionsWatch 

The Survival Podcast

#16 - Forging Vaccine Passports - #SolutionsWatch

#17 - How to De-Google - #SolutionsWatch

#18 - Buycotts - #SolutionsWatch

#19 - Non-compliance at Travel Checkpoints - #SolutionsWatch 


#20 - Antiganda - #SolutionsWatch 

#21 - How to Access the Library of Alexandria - #SolutionsWatch

Steal This Podcast Please!

"IP Freely (Screw YouTube)" by KODOMOSAN

Video: BitChute / DTube / Minds.com / ThemTube
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#22 - Ice Age Farming - #SolutionsWatch

#23 - Take A Break - #SolutionsWatch

#24 - Communicating This Info to Others - #SolutionsWatch

Parrhesia (use coupon code SOLUTIONS at checkout for a discount)


#25 - Teaching Children About Liberty - #SolutionsWatch

The Tuttle Twins

New "Tuttle Twins" Toon is Libertizing Adults Via Kids

Tuttle Twins cartoon

#26 - Research Tools You Should Know About - #SolutionsWatch

#27 - Fight the Banksters with Cash Friday - #SolutionsWatch

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#31 - Go Forth and Multiply - #SolutionsWatch 

Are There Limits to Growth? - Questions For Corbett

#32 - Research Resources You Should Know About - #SolutionsWatch

#33 - The Activation Tour - #SolutionsWatch

#34 - Fighting Vaccine Mandates - #SolutionsWatch

#35 - Picnic Protests Sweep the World! - #SolutionsWatch

#36 - REKO Rings, Farm Shares and Farmer Bazaar - #SolutionsWatch

Comment from subscriber Edo

#37 - The Bystander Effect - #SolutionsWatch

A French translation now exists courtesy Cagots.fr

Comment from subscriber u_jim

#38 - How to Disarm Propaganda - Mark Crispin Miller on #SolutionsWatch

Interview: Mark Crispin Miller Exposes Propaganda in the Academy

#39 - Getting Off the Electrical Grid - #SolutionsWatch

James and Ernie Launch Freedom's Phoenix Newspaper

#40 - Writing A New Narrative - #SolutionsWatch

#41 - Make Your Own Newspaper - #SolutionsWatch



James Corbett on the Lions of Liberty Podcast December 2021

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  1. dots4eyes says:

    James, just thought I’d draw your attention to your comment in the What People are Saying section of the government-scam.com website. I think it got lost in translation; certainly doesn’t make you sound like a native English speaker!
    Great round up of #SolutionsWatch 2021.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    #20 – Antiganda – #SolutionsWatch – 43:45 minute mark

    Children’s Health Defense puts out some really attractive material for stickers.
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr gives a brief 7 minute presentation about the stickers, (potential flyers) and signs which are available for download or purchase.
    He talks about the value of “repeating the message” and dissemination.

    • westerncivic says:

      Its not placed in RFK’s video atop the link provided in the comment where many other stickers are windowed as he’s speaking…

      But in the sticker sheets provided is one that’s suspect:

      “The final variant is communism.”

      I find it fascinating that anyone takes the notion of billionaires bringing “communism” seriously.

      And it seems folks of many varying political persuations need this reminder.

      Lord knows what’s in a name these days, but any “communism” by any reasonable stretch of the that word could never come from a bazzillionaire pharmaceutical corporation. Lol.


      #ABAF. All billionaires are fascists.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I don’t think communism has ever worked to liberate people though, in practice. Look at all the communist countries, and what do you find?

        Also, I work in a union and our union is totally corrupt regarding the pandemic. They have been bought by the democrat party and will do what ever it says. They said nothing about the vaccine mandates and barely do anything for staffing issues. I feel like telling them to refund my dues.

        And why should someone who wants to lay around and smoke weed and collect a check get any of my money? They should make their own money and get off their ass! I know how many Americans are. I work with the general public and grew up in a very poor neighborhood in the hood. Many people want to live off the dole because it’s easier that way. I don’t think this way of life is good for people. Neither is what we have now, which is essentially welfare for the rich. Look at how much Zuckerberg and the Amazon CEO made off of the pandemic! It makes me sick. But is the answer communism, state owned means of production??

        I think not.

      • MotherWit says:

        One has to go down a few layers in the Machavellian layers of deception.
        The Bolshevik’s financing, and they themselves, were from the “billionaire” class you describe above. Read about Fabian Socialists. They believe in Slavery & Slavery Capitalism. From their extensive studies of humans, they concluded the easiest way to get there is by offering Socialism/ Communism as the honey trap. The first thing the Bolsheviks did was confiscate 97% of the assets and concentrate it in the hands of 3% of the people. Anyone who lived there can tell you how it actually was.
        If you trace the families and the financing then, and now, you will come up with many of the same names. UBI and many other plans are very popular with my colleagues. For Canada, Pierre Trudeau went to the Fabian Socialist London School of Economics. He gave out welfare and art grants overtly, while privatizing our national bank and changing our rights and freedoms when he brought home the BNA act covertly.
        RFK knows his history.

        • westerncivic says:

          I give credence to the notion of billionaires maligning the best of human intent for their purposes. I concur with evidence presented of the Boksheviks being used by British “intelligence” to pinch their German rival.

          Hopefully today we will demand and assure better.

          The ever present utilization of these historical abuses (as programming) by the “ruling class” tends to freeze otherwise revolutionary thought in an inescapable cave of capitalism, assuring the survival of the control freak billionaires.

          Because whatever is to come may not need be precisely as Marx laid out, but it will need to be something similar.

          Anarcho capitalism is an oxymoron. Humanity cannot progress with these control freaks on the map.

          People who see revolution in some new form of currency are the same who would see freedom in a shiny prison paint job.

          I see comments on these boards that seem so close, but pull back in the end from the factual need to confront the control freaks.

          Everything is infiltrated. Find a place among the 3 tacks. Time is short. Whatever is to come must come from the people this time.

          “Hide and Hoard” is immoral.

          • cu.h.j says:

            According to Webster’s dictionary capitalism is defined as:

            “an economic system characterized by private or corporate ownership of capital goods, by investments that are determined by private decision, and by prices, production, and the distribution of goods that are determined mainly by competition in a free market”

            The problem outlined in the book “Creature from Jekle Island” by E Griffin is that we don’t actually have a free market capitalist system in the US. The federal reserve banking system, or banking cartel has a monopoly on the currency which leads to corruption.

            Many people who support communism say “but that wasn’t true communism” and many people who support capitalism say “but it isn’t true capitalism” Perhaps both statements are true.

            What the world is moving toward is a China like economic system, and that is something I would want to avoid like the plague (the real plague, not the fake one).

            Centralized authority leads to corruption all of the time, IMO.

            I want a completely free market and completely free humanity. Natural law will be what governs society. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

            • cu.h.j says:

              The psychopathic corporations and wealthy profiteers should be tried for crimes against humanity. You know like Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Bayer, and Walmart. They are criminals and should not be walking free. Same with these criminal bankers. They are dangerous psychopaths and without state protection they would be in jail.

              • cu.h.j says:

                The people really running this criminal Covid enterprise are probably in a bunker somewhere under guard. The most logical and actionable thing to do is refuse to cooperate with them. I probably could’t break someone out of a high security prison. It’s not feasible.

                People have to start somewhere. You have to motivate the people most capable of changing society, which are the young. They are the people who buy most of the stuff that’s helping enslave us. A revolution in consciousness is required along side a real revolution.

    • westerncivic says:

      But otherwise, great stickers.

  3. nosoapradio says:


    That was one impressive and inspiring, almost dizzying tour de force tour of 40+ weeks of solutions! A very unique perspective and portrait of the watershed year 2021, as well!

    Great and timely ideas for New Year’s resolutions! Resolutions TO KEEP for once!!

    Outstanding and eminently worthwhile work as usual, Mr Corbett! Thank-you for your efforts!

  4. Pendennis says:

    A really useful reminder or all the ground you’ve covered this year. I’ve been dipping into the Corbett Report for several years but only recently became a subscriber. The level of analysis and breadth of subject-matter is truly outstanding and appreciated all over the world.

  5. Arby says:

    I only registered to Twitter because Rosemary Frei wanted to communicate with me that way. I pop in from time to time and that’s partly because I get the email alerts (which I wish I could get from Bitchute).

    Here’s what I like about Twitter: As a blogger, it’s super easy to embed tweets. It helps me to build blog posts and looks cool, not that what things look like is the most important thing, but it is important. If I want to reach people, it helps that I can make information and easy on the eye blog posts. I also use Twitter to direct people to great articles and videos by others. I don’t spend all my time on Twitter. But I do agree that it’s addictive. But I don’t have the desire to spend all my time on Twitter. Maybe that’s the difference between Twitter being good and bad. If you’ve got nothing better to do, and if you need those dopamine hits, then Twitter is bad. But is that Twitter or you?

  6. openlens says:

    solution (n.)
    late 14c., “a solving or being solved,” from Old French solucion “division, dissolving; explanation; payment” or directly from Latin solutionem (nominative solutio) “a loosening or unfastening,” noun of action from past participle stem of solvere “to loosen, untie, dissolve,” from PIE *se-lu-, from reflexive pronoun *s(w)e- (see idiom) + root *leu- “to loosen, divide, cut apart.” Meaning “liquid containing a dissolved substance” is first recorded 1590s.

    from etymology online

  7. Steve Smith says:

    What a great episode! Just like I always find that I pick up things when I read, listen to or watch something a second time that I missed the first time. I learned things from this video that I either forgot or missed.

    One of the most memorable parts of this video for me was the words that James read from Dan Dicks. Dan almost perfectly described what my approach has been to the psyop. The only difference being that I didn’t really believe that I needed to use the authorization from the government to consider myself exempt. I just refused to be drawn into the mass delusion. Maybe because I look a lot meaner and crankier than I really am people just left me alone. But in reality I believe that it had more to do with attitude. I was hardly ever challenged about masks and when it did happen, I just ignored them. On the very rare occasion that someone persisted. I informed them of a few facts and then told them that they have lost my business forever and left. I probably wasn’t as nice as Dan though.

    Turns out that that Lowes is just as good as that other place and Papa Johns makes a better gluten free pizza than dominos anyway and my new scrap metal place pays better.

  8. Arby says:

    The Shady Rill church statement is mumbo jumbo that I could not endorse. I’m a Christian but I have no use for mumbo jumbo or establishment Christianity. This is what you get with establishment religion.

  9. canaf says:

    Hi James,

    I am a very healthy old man who has not worn a mask. I have had to switch stores and try to support mom and pops, but they are the most threatened. It looks bad for them. I proudly shop without a mask, display organic foods at a personed checkout, smiling while I pay in cash. I feel like a proper elder leading by example.

    I do not have a cell phone, my computer and phone are hard wire. I gave up on my digital drafting program when everything moved to the cloud and “subscriptions” got more expensive. I bought a drafting board with nice moveable horizontal guide. With that, I drew a “One Ton Award” that I sent to local schools. The awards are for “the skillful use of masks, sedentary learning, isolation and zoom/cyber tools to increase the weight of the little porkers in your school by 2000 lbs. Every precious pound means big bucks for Big Pharma in whom we trust.”
    The award is accompanied by art and graphs. Lots of fun.

  10. mkey says:

    Check out this book, on the topic of the “omicron variant”, published one day after this thing was pronounced as something of concern by WOO, authored by one Dr, Angelique Fauci. There is some heavy mind control going on here.


  11. mkey says:

    It’s beginning to look a lot life fascism

    This song is going to be playing a lot during this merry season.

  12. karlharvie says:

    ACTION4CANADA has free excellent “notice of liability” forms to shove in the face of the retarded compliant covidiots. You know, the retards thinking they can force you to wear a dirty face diaper, get a poison shot or take a fake test for an illness that doesn’t exist. Great entertainment too.

    • vadoum says:

      I’d be surprised if the claims in the “notice of liability’ would be supported by judges, as these players have voted in their own indemnity. They have “emergency powers”, duck.

      on the other hand, fancy impressive paperwork may stop a closet nazi shop owner in their tracks, for a skinny second, some may even try a toe dip, a flash-wink of empathy, and who knows, maybe some “truth”will sink in, or get seeded, or binned?? empty non legally binding threats, at this stage of the game, are like picking up a riot shield in an attempt to deflect a bunker buster.

  13. vadoum says:

    yeah well,
    here’s a first step “solution”, for how to navigate out of repression, thats working, or at least growing. This is a (4min) look at the “protest” march that has become regular (weekly). The objections are myriad, the catalyst was the incoherant inconsistant illogical criminal act of using police to enforce state border closing (for most). It circles the state border (NSW/QSLD) that runs down the middle of Tweed Heads (small city), Australia . the numbers are gaining each time. (latest over 100,000). a broad cross-section of the lower 99% are representing, including the indigenous custodians, & doctors nurses police firefighters teachers,,,


  14. Ezio says:

    Hello James

    I started following your work circa 2019 and I feel blessed to have found you at the right time. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any crazier, 2020 happened.

    You gave me enough evidence to be confident with my stance on this Covid BS. Throughout 2020 you presented paper after paper from scientists all around the world that highlighted the negative consequences of Draconian solutions that was being pushed, I was so confused why people wouldn’t listen to reason. When your episode “Same Facts, Opposite Conclusion” came out, I was blown away. It all made so much more sense to me and I can’t thank you enough for the continuous drip of enlightenment that I get from your videos and the people you recommend.

    Just when I thought the Corbett Report couldn’t get any better, you released the first episode of SolutionsWatch. I really dig the positive shift in tone and vibe in your videos. Of course I can go on and on about countless videos of yours that has made a huge impact on my life and attitude towards it, but I was truly moved by “Go forth and Multiply”. Up until then I had decided that I won’t have any kids (I’m kinda young rn anyway), not because of the ‘Overpopulation’ bs, but because of how much I disliked the world I was living in. I truly hated the systems in place and how it is be impossible to bring out real systemic changes to our society and how it functions. I didn’t want to contribute to the system by having kids since thats what everyone was doing.

    After watching that episode, I was in tears, even for moments after it ended. You along with those who you covered in the video changed my perception on parenting and the importance of it. Since then, I have decided to have kids (when I get married to my now girlfriend) and raise them with good values. I’ll only do this when I am in a position to teach most of the lessons myself, at least until they become teenagers I guess.

    Anyways, apologize for the long comment. I will try my best to name one of my kids as James/Corbett like you wanted to ;). Can’t thank you enough for your work. It is truly life-changing, at least my life has had a tremendous positive impact as a result of your accomplishments.

    Thank you

    • Steve Smith says:

      What a great heartfelt comment. And if I were afraid that James was susceptible to egoism or the ill effects of vanity I would hesitate to fully endorse it.
      In my opinion, James Corbett is of the same caliber of man as the greatest minds of history. A unique mind and talent combined with an enviable work ethic and dedicated to truth and freedom. A man fulfilling his destiny.
      People like Corbett and the people who are attracted to his content are anchors of sanity and hope in a sea of madness and despair.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for writing that comment. I’m moved.

    • TimmyTaes says:

      Ezio, Children are the most difficult and heartbreaking people in your life. They will try your patience and soul to the max.
      I have two children now in their forties.
      Without those two kids, my life would be meaningless.

    • cu.h.j says:


      What a positive post. I enjoyed reading it. Part of me regrets not having children because I think it’s one of the most meaningful and rewarding endeavors in life. I think planning for homeschooling and finding a holistic pediatrician or homeopath is wise.

      The part of child rearing that always seemed difficult was the part when you have to let go and allow them to be independent and make their own choices. Their lives will be in their own hands, what if they make the wrong choices? I think that’s hard.

      • Ezio says:

        Thank you Cu.h.j, appreciate the kind words.

        Like you mentioned, “Planning for homeschooling and finding a holistic pediatrician” is wise.

        That part of child rearing scares the shit out of me sometimes. I’d take it way more personally than I should if and when they make ‘wrong’ choices for themselves. Hard stuff to come to terms with, I can totally understand

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The final 5 minutes of “2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch”

    (Around the 1:26 minute mark)
    James Corbett says:
    ”…Focus on what we want, rather than the bad things… We are agents in this world…We can do things. We act and we can change reality…

    …And I will just offer as a final cogitation for any of my alt-media colleagues… How can you change your operations to focus more on what we can do with this information?

    …There are still very, very, very few regular programs like #SolutionsWatch out there that concentrate solely, 100% and only on solutions, activism and what people can do in the world with this information…”

    [Lions of Liberty – Reaching Into the Matrix with James Corbett] 1:28:40
    …The point. If there was any point to reaching out and trying to get this message to as many people as possible, it was to ACTIVATE them. To get them involved in issues that matter in shaping the world and changing things.
    I don’t just want to talk until I am blue in the face about “Here’s what the bad people are doing to you.”
    How do we grow as a community that will see us through these times? …

    …so we have to go through some dark times to get there… …and here we are – in hell.…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      In my eyes, Corbett relayed an extremely important concept during those last 5 minutes.

      To me, this aspect is a major reason Why the 9/11 Truth Movement ‘failed’.
      PONTIFICATION but no action.
      And the Alt-Media just fed the pontificators while often ignoring the activism.

      It could be said:
      “What you focus on, you will get.”

      When activism and solutions are NOT reported in the alternative media and not given emphasis and kudos, we will see the “grassroots push back” die and fade away.
      If the alternative media is really on the side of the regular people who have the guts to be in the streets demonstrating, then they will continue to showcase this type of grassroots activism.
      If the alternative media is really on the side of making a better world with viable decentralized solutions, they will highlight these actions in their reports.
      This is our chance.
      If the alternative media stops highlighting these type of actions, the actions will fade away. And hell on earth is ugly.

      Here is one of many previous comments on this topic.

      • TimmyTaes says:

        HRS: The 9/11 Truth Movement failed because it was attacked by the CIA. It was infiltrated and co-opted with false narratives and distractions.
        The only solution to 9/11 is to disband the CIA and Pentagon.
        Good luck.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Timmy, You might be pontificating about the CIA being the sole reason that the 9/11 Truth Movement failed.

          Did you participate in many 9/11 truth grassroots activism actions or see many Alt-Media news reports on the grassroots actions of individuals around the world?
          Which demonstrations or actions did you play a role in?

          I am not saying this was the “only” reason for the ‘fail”…

          There were a lot of grassroots activist actions in the early days.
          The esprit was massive and contagious.
          I contend that it faded because the Alt-Media was not calling attention to the actions which individuals and groups were doing.

          • Jed says:

            The mainstream media is the CIA, Bacchus leading the losers, all lies and poison. No matter how technologically advanced they think they’re getting, they will always be able to look down at their legs and they’ll always have hooves.

          • Alchemist says:

            This is interesting. 9/11 created the need for alt media, so in a way it has helped the truth community gain traction for the “big event”. I wasn’t part of the truth movement at the time, so I don’t have much insight to offer, but I’m curious why everyone else thinks it failed too.

            • Edo says:

              That’s also an interesting point you make, that 911 created the need for alt media. The “9-11 Trillions” is the very first video that brought me to the Library of CorbettReport. So pontification helped to get some of us here, the truth seeking side. But I also agree with HomeRemedySupply that action or showing, promoting, mentioning, emphasizing the action is something that the alt media should do much more. I think, people already don’t like to think and research for themselves, so after finding out the truth, people also need to see that there are solutions and there are others taking action. Also, knowing and seeing that doing small things can help is a motivation to at least start small actions.

        • vadoum says:

          T.Taes, you beat me to it,, I’d say that the 911 truth movement did fail a whole lotta mideasterners, though I dont think its for lack of action I’d guess that its run up against a fire wall that it simply could not penetrate, not for lack of effort, but because the wall was too tough, same thing with JFK, same thing with covd. look how many doctors are ending up as gutter balls, tough opposition.

          • Alchemist says:

            The scamdemic is different, because each and every one of us are feeling it in our daily lives. It wasn’t that way with 9/11, so the urgency to break through the fire wall wasn’t there in the same way. It’s do or die at this point.

            • cu.h.j says:

              This is very true. Maybe this means I’m a bit selfish and that’s something to work on this year. With 9/11 I felt like it didn’t affect me substantially. I was younger at the time, mid 20s and knew it was a scam but was thinking that I couldn’t really do anything about it and the scanners at the airport and the removal of shoes didn’t feel like much of an intrusion. I felt bad about all the wars that followed and did attend anti war protests, but that was about it.

              I was the center of my own universe, pursuing interests that had been neglected. I was working on myself and at that time, I had to focus on healing myself. I had been through a short but intense drug addiction that really shattered me. I had to heal and re connect with the sacred and my soul and discover what I wanted to do with my life. So I brushed it aside. I thought by mistake that it couldn’t affect me. I didn’t see how it could be used to change the paradigm of liberty that existed in western countries, particularly the US.

              • cu.h.j says:

                When the covid-1984 scam went down, it came right to my doorstep. It hit me where I lived and changed my life. It became a personal threat to my freedom. I don’t like to say that it is karma, because I don’t think people are personally responsible for what their governments do, but in a way we do have a responsibility to truth and what is right and wrong as people of conscience.

                The wars and evil things that the US has done have been paid for by tax dollars for years and years and years. Those people “over there” mattered and their lives have as much value as our own. And if governments do this to them, means they have no loyalty to us.

                It’s the lesson that some of the Israelis are learning now, that their government cares nothing for them. Many of them were perfectly fine with the harm to Palestinians but now that the government is harming them, it’s totally different.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Showcasing Solutions, Activism and what people can do to better conditions
      My intent was to highlight James Corbett’s IMPORTANT MESSAGE !

      I phrased my ‘reply comment’ poorly. Scrap this statement: ”this aspect is a major reason Why the 9/11 Truth Movement ‘failed’”.
      Instead, insert this statement: “Lessons Learned from the 9/11 Truth Movement”

      I am trying to point out that the robust momentum of the grassroots 9/11 Truth Movement and Activism declined. One of the key factors in that decline was that the Alt-Media stopped showcasing what people and groups were doing. The Alt-Media stopped putting attention on this grassroots, decentralized aspect.

      I can speak to this aspect, because I was passionately and actively engaged in participating with the grassroots momentum.
      Unless they were personally involved, most people today do not recognize the vast number of groups and people who were actively trying to get the word out about 9/11. All kinds of actions and events were taking place. When these activities were reported and attention was drawn to them, it became quite inspiring. There were a lot of 9/11 Truthers who were spectators, sofa-sitters and pontificators, but sometimes they got inspired to act. When events were positioned as heroic, noble actions; and there was visible admiration towards those who participated in public activism by the Alt-Media, then we saw the result of more people getting involved. Visibility. Visibility.
      Inspirational William Pepper & 9-11 TRUTH
      (90 seconds)

      As the years passed, the texture of the 9/11 Truth Movement changed. One aspect of the change of texture was that grassroots activism was no longer showcased. The Alt-Media focused less on those ‘regular’ folks who were doing something and put attention more on their own pontifications. There were a lot of pundits who wrote their articles, but rarely mentioned what ‘regular’ people were doing.
      The 9/11 Truth Movement also became more “centralized”. An example is “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth”, where the meme now became: “you don’t need to do local actions, because with your dollars Ae911Truth will fight the InfoWar.” I’m not knocking Ae911Truth – in fact, when there were just 400 members, I was hard at work on a sanctioned project to recruit Engineers and Architects in the south.
      My point is that the focus of visible attention changed. Decentralized, grassroots activity faded out from of the Alt-Media spotlight…and then the activism itself eventually faded away.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The texture of the 9/11 Truth Movement had changed. James Corbett addressed a variety of factors involved with several of his works.
        ~~~ Sunstein Won: Cognitive Infiltration of the “Alternative” Media
        ~~~ Episode 408 – 9/11 Truth: Lessons Learned?
        ~~~ Interview 1661 – James Corbett Talks 9/11 and Biosecurity on the Global Research News Hour


        The “simplicity” of the message concept ”We’ve been lied to about 9/11.” had dropped from focus.

        In August 2021, James Corbett says:
        “…about the very, very important issue of 9/11. Again, not just as a single day, but as a much, much broader PsyOp that has been perpetrated. That can teach us what we are living through right now…
        …there are some incredibly important lessons…
        …also there is a meta-narrative there: About what happened to 9/11 Truth. And why 9/11 Truth failed, at least in the sense that justice has not been brought for 9/11 yet…
        …that is a failure for what 9/11 Truth really could have achieved and should have achieved, and seemed like there was momentum toward achieving.
        How did that get derailed?
        And what can that teach us right now?…
        …and how are people going to get segmented and territorialized and “No, you don’t believe this theory. Therefore you’re a shill! Eauh!” – It’s starting to head in the same direction.”


  16. buz says:

    Well I think you have done a hell of a lot in your 1st year of #SolutionsWatch James. Thanks for your shoutout to me in the opening. I can’t tell you how much I have learned from all these episodes. Mostly I can say that the bulk of the ideas were new to me. As is everyone else, I am intrigued by the newspaper idea you presented again. I am gonna work on that one, as it was the original option I turned to in our small foursome. My exwife, the second most informed member, dubbed us deleegians representing several letters from each of our names. So when the time came we that couldn’t meet regularly once a week, I wrote out a humorous collection of comments on things we reviewed at the time of the next meeting, and added analysis. It usually got a response the others because I can be funny. Time to resurrect the deleegians newsletter? As I am a visual learner I am pondering written activism. After all John Lennon read the newspaper everyday cover to cover, when a young man. That’s inspiration right there. Oh right, he died a young man, also …but me I am not dead yet! But I am not not going to Pablo Fanque’s fair, either.

  17. TimmyTaes says:

    I enjoyed James’ narration of the letter from Curtis Stone in British Columbia. That was very instructive. Going off the grid was different in 1971 in South Dakota. We just did without electricity. The water came from the hand pump by the kitchen sink. An outhouse was used for defecation. We just peed outside in the yard. As for hot showers… none. A sponge bath with water heated up on the huge cast iron cooking stove was about it. As for food storage, it was all canned food or fresh from the garden in the summer.
    Laundry was done in town at the laundromat. The farm road was paved and our driveway was only a half block long. Pretty easy to maintain.
    When it got dark. We went to bed. Candles and kerosene lamps cost money.
    A simple life I look back at with affection. But not for me now. LOL.

  18. Sherry says:

    Thanks for the year-end review. I remember them all. I have already put some of the ideas into effect; others are ongoing (not completed), such as moving from a regional bank to a local bank. Others include slowing down on facebook posts and using gab.com and activatehumanity.com. No more uploading to youtube and using bitchute and odysee instead. I’m using cash as much as possible and concentrating on using local resources for household items. I still use the grocery stores as my veggie gardens are not yet up to snuff for self-sufficiency.

    I send evidence and court documentation to the Attorney General, Governor, and Legislators in my state that expose the nefarious background of big pharma, the FDA, NIH, CDC, and the WHO. Our local leaders need to know they are breaking the law when they abide by the mandates. They also need to see the evidence that shows this planned debacle goes back to as early as 2002. They need to review the evidence that shows an emergency does not exist.

    I also sent Sheriff Mack’s book https://smile.amazon.com/County-Sheriff-Americas-Last-Hope/dp/B002PKCMFO and a letter to my county sheriff when this first started, warning him of what’s to come and reminding him of his power of office for this county. In 2020, no one would have believed we’d be in today’s world. I’ll bet he sees it now. The things I learned from Catherine Austin Fitts have been instrumental in some of the changes I’ve made. Great thanks to you, James, for taking the time to do so much research for us. I’m glad you enjoy it at the same time. It’s gotta be the teacher in you.

  19. ticop says:

    The JCCF has done great work although has had a troubled year. John Carpay had left the organization for this open letter he penned” I apologized this morning to Chief Justice Joyal in the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench for my decision to include him in passive observation conducted by a private investigator at my request,” https://www.jccf.ca/statement-by-john-carpay-president-july-12-2021/
    And subsequently returning “Lawyer John Carpay has made his return as president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms while more than half the board of directors has seemingly departed the group that was embroiled in controversy earlier this summer.” https://www.thestar.com/news/canada/2021/08/30/controversial-alberta-lawyer-who-had-judge-tailed-by-pi-returns-to-the-justice-centre.html

    Needless to say they might not be seeking the attention of investigative journalists at this time. One of the members of JCCF Lawyer James Kitchen -who defended imprisoned Pastor James Coates (is it me or is James every other name in the independent/liberty movement circles) has branched out and is working with a Canadian organization called Liberty Coalition Canada. They are in the process of suing 3 different Universities for vaccine passport requirements (as even online learning requires vaccination at some Canadian Universities, I guess the viruses that initially made Bill famous combine with the novel viruses during virtual learning).https://www.libertycoalitioncanada.com/libertydefencefund-jameskitchen

    Anyway, hope that sheds some light on the JCCF situation.

  20. TimmyTaes says:

    James talks about a baby maybe being named after him. This reminds me of a story from my Uncle Mike who was a fireman (rose to Fire Chief) in Minneapolis, MN.
    There was a black woman who would always wait to the last minute to call the fire department before having her babies. Mike and his fire crew would show up at her apartment to take her to the hospital, but the pregnant woman was always about ready to pop.
    So Mike would help her give birth in the cab of the fire truck. The woman thus was billed nothing by the hospital. She just took the baby home.
    The fifth time this happened, Mike helped the woman give birth to a baby boy.
    “Oh, Mr. Fireman, you are so kind to help me again. I want to name this baby after you. What is your name?”
    Mike told her so now my Uncle Mike has a black namesake in Minneapolis.
    Mike was always impressed by how clever the mother was.

  21. TimmyTaes says:

    Thanks James for a year of Solutions Watch. It has been entertaining and instructive.
    Thank you.

  22. westerncivic says:

    We underestimate the malevolence of the ruling class at our peril.

    The 3 tacks remains the LEAST violent solution.

    We cannot fiddle about with longer range strategies while global mass murder continues unchecked.

  23. FreedomDefender says:

    Thank you for making this year of solutions watch video, it was really interesting. I watched most of them but it was great to get a summary and updates on the various projects.
    Thank you for the hard work.

  24. Alchemist says:

    I must have missed the “make a baby” episode. I’ll get right on it lol. I always did like the name James 🙂

    Thanks for all the great solution ideas you’ve shared this year. The series has inspired me and helped guide me in making necessary changes in my life. I’m in a better place now than I was last year at this time.

  25. Alchemist says:

    Talk about narrative is definitely trending right now. I’ve heard a number of influencers and content creators discussing this right after the solutions watch episode. We even have Eckhart Tolle talking abut narrative:

    It starts with our thoughts. Everything we see started out as a thought, so we must choose our thoughts wisely.

    “Energy flows where attention goes.”



    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “Energy flows where attention goes.”

      I like that quote.
      Directing Attention and Interest can hold a lot of value and power in a vast array of venues.
      Examples of Directing Attention and Interest on personal levels
      I’ll venture to say that this is a fundamental ‘law’ of marketing.

      Thanks for the Eckhart Tolle video on mental narrative and being aware of the present time environment.

    • Zzzap says:

      Thanks for this.
      Having listened to Tolle on a number of occasions, it was nice to see this current video that goes into this narrative.

      Does anyone else find it interesting that at about the 10 min mark, he gives an example of removing the “narrative” from your mind to re-examine the “isness” of the situation without the narrative in your mind.

      The first thing he mentions, “I’m breathing, you notice you’re alive and breathing…”

      His example was being irritated by a cancelled flight.

      In my head: I’m pissed about healthy children having to wear masks in front of ‘educated’ teachers.

      I guess the narrative depends on how fresh and clean the air you breathe is?

      • Alchemist says:

        His example is mild in comparison to the very big troubles we are dealing with on a daily basis, but you can use mindful mediation techniques to get through almost any situation. The more I practice, the better I get. After almost two years of having to meditate to get through life in wacko land, I’ve gotten pretty good at shifting focus and staying in the moment. As John Lennon would say “nothing’s going to change my world.”

        • Zzzap says:

          Tolle helped me to remember to stay present. What I was hoping, is that he could offer a solution to ease the suffering of children forced to wear masks at school.
          When I meditate, breath is a key component . The value of breath should not be underestimated. I know nobody who reaches for a mask to meditate.

          I found it quite limiting that his solution of “stepping out of the narrative” begins first with stop and reassenessing the situation without the narrative.

          “you realize your breathing” and alive was the first realization. I agree, except when I place my mind in the child at school who is forced to wear a mask.
          Is a masked child really breathing? I agree a mask is a medical intervention.

          When a masked student stops to re-examine the “is ness” of the situation, he realizes he still can’t breath fresh cool air.

          Sorry to be negative, but this helps me see that the fullfilment I’m after surpasses what even these enlightened souls can talk about.
          I need to nourish action that helps more than the priveledged. Tolle’s words have helped me as I’m sure he has helped others. But how do these words help masked kids in school now?

          I know this is not what Tolle was talking about, but his words show me more clearly the EVIL being perpertrated.

          Again, I guess I need to nourish action that helps more than the priveledged.

          On a side note, messages to the obediant goverment livestock in my family have been more successful as of late.

          It is becoming more clear that compassion lives in people and family but not in the government.

          Compassion is human, and government has no compassion.

          • Alchemist says:

            Ok I see what you’re saying. Yes, it’s different for children. I wish I had an answer for that. Most everyone suffers some sort of trauma in their childhood, but when almost every child in one generation experiences the same trauma, it’s especially important that we find a good way to address it. This is a good question. I’ll have to think about it more.

            • cu.h.j says:

              One solution is to remove ones kids from school and home school. I know this might be hard for some parents, but more home school programs are available now. It’s not good to put kids in masks. In fact it’s cruel. Parents who do this are inadvertently harming their children.

              • Alchemist says:

                Absolutely and many parents are removing their kids from school, but unfortunately most are staying. Those kids are suffering and desperately need help. I wish I knew how to help them.

              • cu.h.j says:


                I understand the frustration and pain of not being able to help. It makes me furious when I see it. I had a patient who came into the ER for a fall off the monkey bars and his stupid parent told me that her 6 year old had his second dose of the Covid jab two weeks ago “yay”. She literally said “yay” like that’s something to celebrate. I wanted to punch her in the face, but what good would that do?

              • Alchemist says:

                I deal with infuriating shit like this daily, since I’m with kids and their parents all the time. I offer mask-free classes to homeschoolers, but that seems to be the limit of what I can do. Watching parents throw their own kids right into the mouth of moloch is a hard thing to witness.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              – The Large Bag of Memories –

              For me personally, an excercise which is helpful, is a mental excercise of remembering past tibits and events while trying to recall also the sensations and visual observations of the environment and one’s view during those past moments of memory (sights, sounds, colors, taste, emotions, body position or motion, etc.)
              These could actually be mundane moments, such as grabbing breakfast the day before. Or watching a bird. The sound of leaves and that full moment. Or the feeling of a warm bed on a cold night. Or a hug to someone.

              If a person’s attention gets stuck (fixated) on past trauma, then those memories are “sticky” and block the fluidity of all of one’s past experience and/or present time.
              Not every moment in a person’s past was unpleasant nor traumatic.
              It is a Large Bag of Memories.

              When a person can loosen up the “stuck” past by just recalling simple pleasurable moments or even mundane moments like going for a walk, then life’s perspectives get better.
              Fluidity of attention makes it easier for one to control or direct their attention.
              It is amazing how far back a person can remember.
              It is just an excercise, just like muscle strength training.

              In the 90’s I did this mental excercise often for a period of a few weeks when I was getting my eyes checked. The Doc actually had to change the prescription of the contacts when I later came in for them…my eyes had improved.

              • Alchemist says:

                Tapping into “safe” memories to practice appreciating sense perceptions is a great idea. Yeah I know that stuck feeling and it really is important to switch gears sometimes for sanity’s sake.

              • Alchemist says:

                Cool anecdote btw. It’s amazing when positive thinking manifests physically.

              • candlelight says:

                – The Large Bag of Memories –

                You know that old stupid joke, with feigned alarm you tell the person their epidermis is showing!

                Well, I think your age is showing a bit, HRS….

                Being that your wisdom seems like it’s running on autopilot these days!


                Great post! Very seasoned, very intuitive and very wise!

  26. J.P. Wheeler says:

    I’ll reiterate what I said over a year ago, THAT was the one caveat with alt media, only identifying the problem. The “Illuminati” are planning the New World Order by means of…fill in the blank. While it can be informative and entertaining, it doesn’t solve any problems in the real world, your day to day life. Corbett said he’d create a new series and he delivered in a big way! I believe this series is spearheading a quiet revolution in the alt media sphere, it’s helping to create change. And that means something, it’s making all the difference in the world!

    I love the eclectic cast of interviewees, all very different people, with diverse backgrounds, helping the audience move towards the same goal! Really enjoyed the episodes involving Jack Spirco, and the one with KAF. The narrative episode nailed it!

    So in closing I must say, James you really stuck the landing on this one! And I must say, I get the vibe from this video you’re enjoying doing it! So here’s to you brother, one year of Solutions Watch in the books, on to the next!! Cheers!!🍻


  27. westerncivic says:

    Rappel :

    Le peuple a le droit naturel de constituer ou de supprimer tout gouvernement aux fins d’assurer sa propre sécurité et sa pérennité.
    En ce 14 juillet 2019, jour de Fête nationale, Nous, peuple de France, déclarons une nouvelle fois notre souveraineté inaliénable.
    Avec constance et opiniâtreté, le peuple de France, avec ou sans gilet, a dénoncé la corruption de la république et l’illégitimité de cette fausse démocratie représentative.
    L’accès à l’information, induit par l’avènement des technologies modernes de communication, nous a permis de faire le constat lucide de l’inutilité et même du caractère néfaste de la représentation politique érigée en système, presque toujours concussionnaire, inféodée à la grande banque mondiale et au complexe militaro-industriel qui asservissent les peuples du monde entier.
    Chaque personne a le droit de parler au nom d’elle-même. La prise de décision collective par le biais de structures citoyennes libérées du joug républicain peut maintenant être réalisée.
    Nous déclarons par la présente que nous avons le droit de le faire dans chaque recoin de France, dans nos quartiers, nos communes, nos villes et nos provinces.
    Afin de rendre aux Français un destin et une souveraineté, nous proclamons par la présente la première démocratie directe de France et nous invitons tous les citoyens de France épris de justice et de liberté à se réunir en assemblées constituantes, institutions nouvelles qui verront le jour prochainement dans chaque province de France. Chacun pourra ainsi apporter à l’édifice démocratique direct mis en place ses compétences et expertises propres afin de déterminer ensemble les règles de nos liens mutuels.

    Nous ne reviendrons pas en arrière.

    Conseil National des Gilets réuni à Paris, le 14 juillet 2019

    • westerncivic says:

      Reminder :

      The people have the natural right to form or abolish any government for the purpose of ensuring their own security and sustainability.
      On this July 14, 2019, National Day, We, the people of France, once again declare our inalienable sovereignty.
      With constancy and obstinacy, the people of France, with or without a vest, denounced the corruption of the republic and the illegitimacy of this false representative democracy.
      Access to information, induced by the advent of modern communication technologies, allowed us to make a lucid observation of the uselessness and even of the harmful character of the political representation set up as a system, almost always concussionnary, subservient to the big world bank and the military-industrial complex which enslave the peoples of the whole world.
      Everyone has the right to speak for themselves. Collective decision-making through citizen structures freed from the republican yoke can now be achieved.
      We hereby declare that we have the right to do so in every corner of France, in our districts, our municipalities, our cities and our provinces.
      In order to restore the destiny and sovereignty of the French people, we hereby proclaim the first direct democracy in France and we invite all the citizens of France who love justice and freedom to meet in constituent assemblies, new institutions which will see the light of day soon in each province of France. Everyone can thus bring their own skills and expertise to the established democratic structure in order to determine together the rules of our mutual ties.

      We will not go back.

      National Council of Vests meeting in Paris, July 14, 2019

  28. Theo says:

    Hello James,

    thank you for the solutions watch videos. I have learnt so many things and started focusing on what I can do as an individual. I use cash almost every day, i don’t wear a mask anywhere and i have met people locally from groups like SITP and the great reopening. People meet locally every week ( I go there week after week) and it’s an amazing experience. We are all so different yet we think the same way. It is nice to know you can speak your mind without having people calling you a “conspiracy theorists” (even though after watching one of your videos I gladly accept the term and reply “yes, i am a conspiracy theorist. what evidence do you have to support your opinions?”). I don’t use the internet to learn the news no more, but i have focus on the things that I can learn and use this knowledge to change the way I interact with others and stop feeding the “beast”. Please keep up the good work.

  29. doitnow says:

    Hey James,

    Enjoyed the solutions recap. I did not realize (or I just forgot) until this episode that I’ve used a couple of these solutions. I bought a de-googled cell phone from Brax.me. The phone works pretty well, the most money I’ve ever spent on a phone but worth it. I know that I can still be tracked but knowing that there is no google software on my phone is a good feeling. It has also helped me step away from the cult controlled platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and facistbook. I also had made an account with unjected.com. I am married but have used it to connect with like minded people. I have only used the website but I have never messaged anybody through the website. Through unjecked, by reading a users profile I found and joined a local telegram group in my city that is fighting against VAX mandates. After watching the solutions recap, I saw a couple solutions episodes that I missed, and I plan on revisiting. Good work as always.


  30. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Mr. Corbett,

    RE: The Best of The Corbett Report

    Would it be possible to add?…

    2021 Year in Review – #SolutionsWatch


    The REAL Anthony Fauci with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

  31. Torus says:

    Thank you James for sharing my story! And thank you to all your guests in the solutions watch series for their ideas and inspiration! Looking forward to another year of solutions put into action!

  32. slurry says:

    Curtis Stone is probably the only guy on the planet who drives a Tesla, but also shits in a bucket! I think that’s hilarious and awesome!

    I tried to unplug from social media. However, I also started my own business to take more control over my life and Fakebook ended up being, by far, my best advertisement platform, so I got sucked back in. Interesting how that worked out. I got WAY mor freedom in starting my own business, but the main reason it’s thriving is my connection to the normies through my Fakebook. I don’t do anything on the platform aside from the minimum for advertising, but if I closed it, my business would likely fail. Weird times. I certainly enjoy not having to wear a mask for hours at a time and I very rarely have to go into the city, anymore.

    Good luck to everyone in 2022!

  33. alyson.g says:

    Is anyone else seeing diminished availability of books on Open Library? I’m finding more and more books have been removed. Maybe it’s just the books I’m searching on, but wondering if it’s more than that.

  34. slurry says:

    Also…. I wish there was a solution to this “the unvaccinated are overwhelming ICU’s” bs. That, to me, seems to be by far their most effective propaganda and it’s literally used everywhere.

    • mkey says:

      It’s their system, they can easily produce whatever data they want. People need to understand how statistics work in general and that alone would demolish these proclamations coming from the gubment.

    • cu.h.j says:

      The ICUs are probably “overwhelmed” because of a lack of staff caused my vaccine mandates and economic shut downs and a general nursing shortage. If this was a real pandemic we would see it with our own eyes. Its obvious that this is a scam.

      Its easy to fool an uneducated population. I think the average reading level in the US is 6th grade or possibly lower. The general public in the US is not very bright. With that said occasionally you’ll get people who aren’t book smart but have a lot of common sense. Usually people in rural areas who don’t watch TV.

      • slurry says:

        Yeah, I know, but my wife has some health care workers as clients and they say it’s “true” and that they even are seeing kids in there. I know there’s no pandemic, but I wish there was a solution to all the idiots out there who buy every piece of garbage the media puts out there.

      • slurry says:

        Or, I at least wish it was possible to split off into a new society so that I didn’t have to be submerged in everyone’s mass delusion and live side by side with like minded people…. Unfortunately we’re all far too spread out for that.

  35. Alchemist says:

    6 Basic Exercises
    inner strengthening/ open heart chakra
    Outlined by Rudolph Steiner


    1. Control your thinking. 5 minutes a day practice – keep all your focus on a simple manmade object.
    2. Control your will. Practice giving yourself easy commands and following through. Set your will in motion and fullfill through action.
    3. Control the expression of feeling.
    4. Positivity has a lot to do with perspective control. Example given in video: Christ and his apostles stumble across a dead dog. *try HRS’s mixed bag exercise to develop a more accurate view of your past and find balance in all situations. https://www.corbettreport.com/2021solutions/#comment-125447
    5. Stay open minded.
    6. Harmonize.

  36. MagicBullet says:

    Great to review since there was so much stuff this year.

    The no 1 solution of course, “Don’t get the shot” can’t be repeated enough.

    Getting on the shot grid means sterility, disability, and early death. Many people dying and the effects on the survivors and the economy is the key to crushing the world for easy takeover.

    Even telling people that 60k+ deaths have been officially reported for the US+EU, and still there is no drug co. press-conference, no scientific advisory council, no mention on the media, most just stare blankly and keep getting shots.

    DON’T DO IT!

    • cu.h.j says:

      Another thing I am seeing with my own eyes is that the “vaccine” does not work. Most of the symptomatic “Covid” cases are “fully vaccinated” that present to the ER I work in. Yesterday there was a man in his 50s, received the two injections plus the booster and still came in with low oxygen saturation and respiratory distress.

      And yet, these morons are still pushing this injection. Why? That is insane to me, to push a research chemical on the public when it clearly has no benefit now. It’s not only insane, but is criminal.

      • MagicBullet says:

        Well you are correct, but I guess it’s like telling the mafia to stop killing for profit. I’m worried about the public who’s just frozen in the scheme. Here in Japan, about 80% double jabbed, and about 90% are vax positive in my experience, and there is no mandate (the constitution clearly says “try to do your best to get vaccines”. Jobs will say to do it and they won’t and can’t really fire anyone, it’s just the embarrassment if you don’t follow.

        BTW, I’m finishing reading Virus Mania, you were right about the never isolated viruses and the prion thing. It’s amazing what they have hid from us, especially that HIV was really a way to get Africa indebted to the banks-20th century colonialism from a needle and AZT. About the cases you saw in 2020, still a mystery, but since Morgellons and other strange things may have been out there for a while, could easily be part of this black-op.

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