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You've heard of Cash Fridays. How about Black Market Fridays? On this edition of #SolutionsWatch, James introduces the idea for setting aside a day every week (or even more) to explore the free market, support agorist enterprises, avoid using cards or bank payments and growing the counter economy. It doesn't matter how/where/when you do it, but if you're not finding, connecting with and supporting the free market options in your area, you're not going to survive the coming crisis.

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Fight the Banksters with Cash Friday – #SolutionsWatch

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Interview 1601 – Black Market Friday Roundtable

James Corbett on Declare Your Independence - July 28, 2021

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  1. jenny.m says:

    I meant to leave this comment on the last NWNW where Corbett was joyfully celebrating being off YouTube. I had mixed feelings. I don’t think it’s fair to Pilato to not have NWNW on YouTube, as that’s where his followers are used to seeing him. I think having NWNW on both James’ website and YouTube is better because it drastically expands the reach of this content, exposing more people to it which is important And its of no consequence if YouTube removes their videos. What good is it for NWNW to be only accessible to this small echo chamber of people that are already in agreement with each other on the type of controversial content James produces?
    I thought the whole point of Corbett having this platform was to be free to post all his videos. Not to rely on a platform owned by a company whose policies restrict free speech. That’s understandable, but I think James is being shortsighted and, more importantly, unfair to James Evan Pilato. I thought I could tell by Pilato’s expressions that he’s not all in with this concept, but maybe that’s just me. Watch the last episode of NWNW and judge for yourself.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Jenny, what could either of them do about being kicked off a platform? What is it you think Corbett has done wrong?

    • Jeff says:

      Jenny, I understand where you’re coming from, but for Corbett to celebrate being kicked off youtube is quite foresighted for sure and he’s been talking about it for years. I can endlessly enumerate thoughts on this, but who cares. It’s time to move on. There’s a lot of new video sharing services out there now, and more to come in the future. Some normies will find em, most won’t. As usual. But the real battleground for the mind is migrating from information technology… to peer to peer… literally. Person to person. The echo chamber, outside your door. We need to start talking to people. The time I find for the computer anymore dwindles as the actual solutions work increases. If a person is isolated in their work and home life and don’t get out much as they say, they can simply start solutions (if they’re not already). Actually doing something. They can make something and give it or sell it to a neighbor or friend. Rinse and repeat. They don’t even need to talk much to people. Just start doing things. Learn a new skill. It’s so satisfying and inspiring to make a thing. The actual groundwork. There is so much work to do to break off from the gov and industry dependencies we complain so much about.

    • Jeff says:

      Heya Jenny, I just wanted to quick apologies for my ‘but who cares’ comment above, it was late and I was tired and didn’t feel right in the end. A little too Benghazi Clinton’s “what difference does it make” of me. As far as the youtube reach point, James’ reach on youtube was vanishing fast for censorship/filtering/search reasons anyways. It’s like using gov channels to complain about how bad the gov is. But why celebrate the channel’s take down? Because youtube has become a dark death hole deep in the ground that traps you. There still exists useful tutorials on how to do a thing, but for all else, it is a trash can. And a cage. A very controlled cage. It is quite liberating to free oneself from that trap. Once one does, you find a whole new world of other channels of communication, and more focus on your own wheelhouse. The youtube fight is over, and that is well worth celebrating in my opinion. No sense in dwelling when there is so much development underway in the open source communications tech out there, and of course most importantly, what I talked to, right outside our doors, the most primitive kind. Human to human. Anywhow, my apologies for that comment and hopefully this more directly talks to your point.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Street Fighters and Guerrilla Warfare on YouTube
      Just like in “I, Pencil”, there are a lot of industrious, independent people who will grab Corbett videos and post them on YouTube and other places. People will always disseminate in various ways and on various platforms or venues, including me.

      Despite all the insanity and masses of people without critical thinking skills, I have faith in humanity and the human spirit.
      I, Pencil encapsulates it with a STORY.
      But the STORY goes far beyond economics.
      It shows that there is a road out of all this madness. Actually, Corbett walks on that road in the 5 minute video.
      I, Pencil audio.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      It looks like YouTube put back up Corbett Report Extras.

      I noticed it after Corbett Member MagicBullet linked a Corbett video.

    • bleak says:

      I agree with you in part. Preaching to the converted can’t do it. It seems, though, that preaching to the heathens doesn’t work either. Sure, there’s a chance that one person in a million would hear something, and if they’re on the fence and not too lost, they can take whatever they heard, run it through whatever logic system they rely on and come to a conclusion.

      One of the reasons we are at this point in time is because the enemies know that most peoples’ logic apparatus has been disabled through centuries of mind control, drugs (both kinds), bad food and water, sex, entertainment, propaganda and indoctrination. Unless they experience real suffering and pain and connect those experiences to who they are, who the enemies are and the kinds of weapons they use, they are truly lost.

      Most people don’t know who they are much less who their real enemies are. That’s not my opinion, it is a fact. For if the majority of people knew these things, we would not be in this situation.

      Are using the enemy’s platforms worth it? I decided for myself; no. I recently deleted my fvckbook account without a word to any of my friends, some of whom I truly care about because I’ve known some of them in what was real life for a long time and we shared many good times.

      Not only the personal loss, but working in the enemy’s platforms strengthens the enemies through information collection, associations, profiling, locations etc. We do not need to make it any easier for them.

      But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead.
      -Mt 8:22

    • ccuthbert2001 says:


      My friend, Marshall Fritz, would always remind those who lament “preaching to the choir” that “the choir is where the apostasy starts.”

      Both finding new adherents and giving moral support to existing allies are important.

  2. Fact Checker says:

    Arkanoid II ruled.
    Wild reference.

  3. g.bon says:

    Thanks James for this video.
    Please shed some light on too. Jason Crowetic already has not only a great vision, but also has the software and hardware to go with it. I am bad at explaining it, but this also is a grassroots “something” which is more, much more than another Blockchain.
    Jason is also great in interviews. And not unknown in the circle of names you mentioned in this solution watch.

    • bleak says:

      Either it’s off to a bad start or there’s something… wrong.… script-1

      Corbett Report dot com has none of these btw.

  4. A57 says:

    BRILLIANT, Thank you for Friday’s links etc., Also I don’t know if in your archives if you have anything on crypto, block chain etc. I have my life savings in a bank which I know it needs to be taken out and put some where safe. I’m to the point now I don’t trust anything my bank recommends and frankly been working so hard for so long I’ve never had the time to educate myself on these matters.
    I find your layman’s communication skills easy to follow and I trust you and your platform. So if you could be so kind and point me in the right direction in your archives or do a show on alternative things to put ones money in I would be forever grateful.

    • malcolm.r says:

      Snap. I am doing the same uncoupling from banks. The only problem is most transactions still need standard banking facilities. However. My plan is this. I am transferring my fiat into gold sovereigns and crypto. Sovs are legal tender in the UK (face value £1 but sell for £300) and so are free of VAT and capital gains tax. Likewise silver britannias (face value £2 but sell for £20) are free of capital gains. I have an Exodus wallet for my crypto plus some currency specific wallets. However, Exodus is soooooo easy. With gold, silver and crypto it HAS to be possible to pay for goods and services with these.

      My plan is to do what made the crypto guys rich. Sell crypto small % as it goes up (bull market) and buy crypto when it dips during a bear market and take advantage of dollar cost averaging. Some profits are used to buy back the dip and some are converted to gold sovs. I would then sell gold sovs every now and then (every 3 months I’m thinking) to fund a “normal bank account” for those “unavoidable” fiat bills.

  5. vadoum says:

    “communication is so important,,,” then lotsa excitement for digital means,,
    a few minutes later
    “more importantly, what we can actually physically interact with, farmers markets”,,

    those 2 notions have an opposing factor, plugged & unplugged/distant and direct.. I trick myself past the cognative dissonance when I spend so much time “communicating” via a keyboard/screen, yet know that while practicing/repairing the ability to write, know that I could be practicing/repairing the ability to develop discourse, and really connect as apposed to just pretending to. The digital vortex is getting a big feed especially this past year.

    writing and speaking are both useful tools, but the live and direct one, I think, is where the real dance of meaningful life-giving energy transfer is happening.

    When we sailed to Vanuatu (2005,6,7,8), they had just been voted by some uni-study, “the happiest people in the world”. 86 islands, over 100 distinct languages + dialects; pigeon English was used inter-island, and aside from the two islands with big landing strips, electricity and a few cars, there was almost no money getting around. People worked about 3 days/week tending their bush gardens which were often some distance (hours of walking and canoe) from the villages. the rest of the time was open ended, lots of time for jabber. These were very friendly people that we came across in place after place, and we got to some pretty far remoteness (that was actually our tasked mission as part of a health ministry survey,,). In general the people were very well mannered, and but incredibly quick with word play.

    • Jeff says:

      “… the live and direct [interactions] … is where the real dance of meaningful life-giving energy transfer is happening.” 100%. Well said. This is where the densest change in humanity is effected. Person to person. And the denser the change, the further the reach.

      • DogStar says:

        I agree that the in-person communication will be essential. I’ll be heading to a metropolitan area within the next few months at which time I will hope to have the freedom (and discipline) to begin pursuing such a route.

    • Torus says:

      Re: ‘“communication is so important,,,” then lotsa excitement for digital means,,
      a few minutes later
      “more importantly, what we can actually physically interact with, farmers markets”,,

      those 2 notions have an opposing factor, plugged & unplugged/distant and direct..”‘

      The important thing to note here is that we need to use our communication, ie the internet tools, while we still can IN Order to find those physical, personal connections. Because, as we know, the way things are going, We won’t be Allowed to access those internet tools unless we are integrated with the Control System. (If those alternative tools are even allowed).

      We must use these vast connectivity tools Now to interact with and form our physical communities and connect in the real world.
      This is how we participate in New Revolution. These are the steps in building the future of Human freedom.

      • vadoum says:

        torus: “We won’t be Allowed to access those internet tools unless we are integrated with the Control System.”

        I like to think of that as the worst case scenario. or, the push to stay in the good manners.

        On the other hand, immediate access to communication over any distance is the hallmark of telepathy, how good will it be when we finally all can do that. so perhaps the “net” is less a trap and more of a training wheels for the real deal, just around the next bend?

        I try to keep the projection up-beat, otherwise one can drive the dreaming into further sufferance. loveless conflict has certainly been on the table on our watch, in our culture, our families and our selves; enough is enough.

  6. Ayyub says:

    I have a question. I hope someone can help.
    Who’s financing the porn industry?

    I mean you get them free. More than you like or ever can see. And you don’t pay anything. Not even a login (with email address) is necessary.
    And the videos aren’t old, so someone must pay today these “actors” and cameramen..
    How does this work?
    Is there an article/video about it?

    And another thing: How did it happen that porn become legalized?

    • Fact Checker says:

      Very thorough article on that topic here:

      As to porn’s legalization, the article briefly but effectively addresses the dogged campaign to legalize it and normalize it on First Amendment grounds in the ’60s and ’70s:

      “Samuel Roth…is credited with stretching the legal definition of what constitutes obscenity in the Roth v. United States (1957) case by arguing that obscene material should be protected under the First Amendment. While the court ruled against Roth, it was provoked to redefine obscenity as “material which deals with sex in a manner appealing to prurient interest.”[Roth v. United States, 354 U.S. 476 (1957)] This definition would later become the basis for the Miller test, which became the Supreme Court’s test for defining obscene material following the case against the Jewish plaintiff Marvin Miller in Miller v. California (1973).

      “Notable Jewish pornographers, like Al Goldstein, would later beat obscenity prosecutions by exploiting the wording of the Miller test. For instance, Goldstein brags in his autobiography about defeating obscenity prosecutors by ‘put[ting them] in the position of having to admit to a boner on the stand’ to prove whether his material ‘appealed to prurient interest’ or not. Alongside two other high-profile obscenity cases against the pornographer Larry Flynt and the Jewish actor Harry Reems, the precedents obtained by Goldstein effectively precluded the ability to make obscenity convictions and paved the way for the normalization of hardcore pornography.”

      • Ayyub says:

        @Fact Checker
        Thank you for the link. Really a helpful article.
        I found this very interesting about Al Goldstein:
        You (or others) may find these articles also useful.

        It seems that money isn’t the main goal in this “drug” industry; I actually don’t even see that’s profitable for them (in money), it’s not like the “usual” drug dealer business.

        • Fact Checker says:

          It is a vice that has been weaponized, along with every other vice…and every neutral or formerly decent service. Think about it: at this point, everything has been weaponized, irrespective of its intrinsic “normative value,” good or bad. Medicine. Education. Film. Radio. Churches. Grocery stores. The preachy “woke” and “sanitary” nonsense that has infected every single social unit is completely antithetical to profitability. All movies are now made to program and influence–not to attract a paying audience. They are funded through a government-entangled combine of financial and corporate social engineers. Porn is not special or unique in that regard. But porn does serve the unique purposes of 1.) consoling the forced-celibate lockdowners with simulated sexual gratification and thereby helping them accept their mass incarceration; and 2.) disincentivizing procreative sex as a population limiter.

          The Machine has commandeered every single cultural and counter-cultural institution in Its final push for the eradication of the human animal.

          • Ayyub says:

            Sure, you find many kinds of weaponization. You can also talk about the high quantities of sugar in food, but in this case they have financial reasons: you eat more because of the sugar. In porn it isn’t the case, maybe it was before the age of high-speed internet.

    • J.P. Wheeler says:

      Oh boy this might be a long one, I really could make an entire documentary on this one subject. I know from my own personal experience, I can see where it can get away from you. Let’s just start with the basics first…

      Pornography is not good for you, mentally or physically. It’s literally like a drug, it can become addicting after extensive use. You get a dopamine hit every time you use, and after awhile your brain builds a tolerance to the “normal” content you usually consume. It needs a bigger rush to get that “hit,” so you inevitably search for evermore explicit content to “chase the high.” That’s how you end up with people having hardcore/weird fetishes(fill in the blank), it all stems from pornography use. There is a whole site called that explains the physical and psychological consequences of extensive porn use, it quite literally rewires your brain! The entire industry is pervasive and sick, in my opinion, preying on addictions of its “customers.”

      One other thing to note before getting into the finances of it all, the majority of actresses who perform in the porn industry were physically abused in childhood. That’s how they ended up in the industry. There have been wide ranging studies and polls conducted supporting this. Also to note more than any other industry pornography benefits most from sex trafficking. All things to consider next time your browsing Boobtube or whatever…

      • J.P. Wheeler says:

        Anyway there is a Luxembourg based company called Mindgeek, it essentially has a monopoly on the entire industry. It owns all the major porn tube sites like Pornhub, Redtube, Youporn…etc. They also own many of the major pornographic production companies. So not only do they own the sites that host all the “free” content, they create much of the professional content in house. They make a majority of their revenue through ads and mining your private digital data. Most of the content on these tube sites is “free,” but to Mindgeek it’s worth $575 million annually! And who owns this pornographic juggernaut!? Former Goldman Sachs banker Bernd Bergmair! The guy has made a fortune on this sick and pervasive industry!

        One last thing, I think there is a much more sinister side to all this widely available content. I truly believe it’s made so easily available as a form of eugenics. You see when a young man gets wrapped into watching this type of content on a regular he’ll be less likely to find a woman and start a family. Socially it affects every aspect of a mans life. Men chase novelty, its how we’re biologically wired. So by watching porn you’re tricking your brain into thinking you’re getting a new female every time you use it. Your drive to strive for a successful career can diminish. Your self esteem and confidence crumble. It can make you socially incompetent. Lose your desire for your partner because your brain is chasing novelty. Physically cause erectile dysfunction in real sexual situations(again chasing novelty). Leads to divorce/breakups…etc. End of the day it leads to a generation of young men raised with consuming this crap in a position to have less and less desire to find a woman start a family. It is a form population control.

        End of the day porn is horrible for your mind, body, and soul. There is a reason countries over the centuries had it banned. It was just religious dogma. Stay away from the sh*t, it’s terrible for you!

        Sorry for the long winded rant, have an awesome day!!!

        • J.P. Wheeler says:

          Edit: *it WASN’T just religious dogma*

          • Ayyub says:

            @J.P. Wheeler
            Many thanks for your helpful and long answer. It is an important topic. And I couldn’t find much about it. I think it should be more present than

            If I understand you correctly, you see an indirect financing method by the eugenics. Which makes sense for me, because I really don’t see that they get (much) money from their consumers (not like other drugs). It seems that they’re using it as a weapon.

            (“Most of the content on these tube sites is “free,” but to Mindgeek it’s worth $575 million annually!”)
            Do the millions come from the consumers? Or from eugenics guys?

            • J.P. Wheeler says:

              Consumers don’t watch for “free”: you pay by watching ads and by “selling” your privacy (and personal data, in the digital era, are gold). Adult tubes capitalize on their traffic by referring sales to other websites and by selling ads and users’ private information, as well as premium subscriptions. So they make their money indirectly through consumers.

              I fully agree there is something much more sinister going on with the industry. Population control, changing the fabric of morality in United States/world culture.. but I do not have hard evidence to support it.

              Appreciate the feedback Ayubb!

              • Steve Smith says:

                Exactly. As James Pilato often quips, “if its free, you’re the product”.

              • Ayyub says:

                @J.P. Wheeler
                “as well as premium subscriptions.”
                Maybe they get some money with them. But I don’t think that so many addicted victims pay for it.
                “but I do not have hard evidence to support it.”
                Exactly. I think we need a documentary like “How/Why big oil conquered the world” from James about it.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Thanks for the lengthly analysis on the porn industry. I think you may be right, when you say many males like novelty. There are some that don’t though and some like the real rather than a simulation and a more meaningful loving experience, rather than a shallow bodily experience.

          As a female, I have never liked porn. I find most of it foul. Erotica on the other hand, or even romantic movies, I might find more enjoyable. But, I have found that the real experience is preferable, and needs to have a deeper connection than the physical. But I think many women are wired this way, to prefer longer lasting connections. I do think novelty is something that both men and women like, but this doesn’t need to be having a new partner.

          I agree, staying away from porn is a good idea and also not assuming that partners would want certain things because it’s depicted in porn. It’s a good thing that people can chose what they look at and listen to.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “ it quite literally rewires your brain!”

        Thats absolutely true. But the wonderful thing about the brain is that we can rewire it whenever we want to in positive ways too.
        Joe Dispenza wrote a book called “Evolve Your Brain “ where he says that “neurons that fire together wire together “.
        Meaning that the simple act of carefully thinking about or imagining doing a thing can be almost as good practice as actually doing it. For instance he speaks of people learning to play pieces on the piano by just rehearsing in their minds.

        Imagine the possibilities.
        Pessimistic people could rewire their brains to become more hopeful and positive by simply using positive thinking. (Talking to you Fackchecker)
        People can help their bodies heal with their minds by using meditation and positivity. Rather than make themselves sicker by focusing on the gloomy prognostications.
        The brain is a very powerful tool for good when We use it for good. But it is susceptible to being abused and corrupted when we let others use it for their purposes.
        Like getting generations of young men addicted to porn by money grubbing sociopaths. Or by sucking the joy and hope out of people by those miserable people who want to make sure that they don’t have to be miserable alone.

        • J.P. Wheeler says:

          I no way was I saying that you can’t wire your brain for maximum optimism. I believe positive emotion trumps negative every single time! I’m just pointing out there is nothing positive or constructive pull from porn. It’s negative and toxic!

        • cu.h.j says:

          I agree with re wiring of the brain and this is why I support the use of psychedelics like marijuana, and mushrooms and even a little unadulterated LSD for some people, coupled with other methods like meditation exercise. There are other plants that can assist in changing ones mind set when people are in dark places and they can sometimes find solutions not apparent before. However, there are also non drug alternatives too, but some people in deep depression and who have experienced trauma can benefit from non addictive psychedelics. These are just my opinions and in no way I am giving medical advice with respect to substances, mainly based on anecdotal reports and personal experience.

  7. keithk says:

    Sal’s new book, collection of AGORIST Essay’s!

    Anti-Politics by Sal Mayweather

  8. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Love the idea of cash and black market Friday’s!! I just have to point out Solutions Watch has really become a constructive series on the CR, I think everyone is getting a lot out of these episodes!! Keep at it JC!

  9. Pulpo says:

    Off topic, but I could use some help finding some information from some one who remembers a Corbett video I can’t seem to find.

    One can not find it by using the search tool, or at least I couldn’t when I tried.

    I am looking for a video from a couple years ago, where Corbett briefly mentions Dr. Judy Wood. I think it was regarding a comment some one must have made about why he doesn’t mention her, and he responds.

    Any leads would be much appreciated. Thank you.

  10. weilunion says:

    As to the Kurt Cobain story, John Potash has been around for a while. He makes many assumptions but provides absolutely no evidence for his claims.

    I heard James mention Laurel Canyon, as if this is sinister. No doubt goes back to Dave McGowan who, as a hustler, was able to demonize the sixties by asserting ‘associations’.
    “Because this man’s father was in the Vietnam war, Captain on the Gulf of Tonkin, then his son must be CIA.” “Because Jim Morrison went to school with Zappa’s wife, Gail, there must be a conspiracy.”

    “Vito and Karl” of the sixties and freaks were just like Manson!! They controlled their members with LSD!” No mention that Vito can be seen back in the sixties on video coming out full throated against drugs.

    Critical thinking demands many things but essentially one thing that is cognitively important: evidence for claims made and not just ‘associations’ but actual evidence.

    McGowan never provides any evidence,only salacious claims and now that he is dead, Potash has claimed his mantle.

    It is one thing to assume or believe claims such as McGowan’sand others who post rampantly now; it is another to come to critical judgment based on evidence.

    And if there are questions: then best to remain humble and develop an investigative orientation to scrutinize claims.

    McGowan and Potash do nothing but a dis-service to those of us wishing to critically scrutinize claims in light of evidence.

    Differentiating assumptions from reasoned judgment is key for any thinking human being.

    And ask: Cui bono on the sixties? Why the establishment, that is who and which is why one sees this time in history so disparaged on the internet.

    • J.P. Wheeler says:

      Question, have you looked into the work of Tom O’niell? He’s an investigative journalist who spent 20+ years writing a book about the Manson family(I just got done reading it) and their links to CIA projects Chaos, MK Ultra, and Midnight Climax. There is plenty of documented verifiably evidence linking the The Family to the CIA, completely disproving Vincent Bugliosi and his bogus Helter Skelter motive for the Tate-Labianca murders. I little off subject but I’d almost guarantee if you looked into Laurel Canyon and all the sketchy things going on during that period in the 60’s, you’d find more than just “associations.”

      • OneKnightErrant says:

        Regarding Manson, I used to listen to Mae Brussel on KAZU in Pacific Grove when living in the SF bay area. I think during her time, she did the most exhaustive research on conspiracy related events. Don’t like giving a youtube link but can’t find this episode anywhere else –

        She covers a lot in this post. An incredible amount of research material used to be free at her site, which is no longer so. In any case, here’s her site:

        James has referenced her:

        Was sad to see her go.

        Thanks/Kudos, James, for your Solutions Watch series. Much needed and appreciated.

        • weilunion says:

          Mae was one of the first, in the 70’s and 80’s. Her work,much of it, was archived by Dave Emory, probably the best anti-fascist host of a radio show, now for close to forty years.

          You can find him at His work is amazing.

          Dave has interviewed Tom O’Neill in five one hour episodes on his book on Manson,last year or this year.

          Mae had a bit on Manson but was off base, as Tom shows and proves.

          There is much to be known and for this many,many questions have to be formulated and asked; the problem is those who make claims with no substantiation and no evidence and generally do so without the benefit of good questions.

      • weilunion says:

        Yes,my post was on Laurel Canyon. Tom is a personal friend, and of course I read his book, and we have often talked about the bankruptcy of writers like McGowan and Potash, their disdain for evidence and their hustle to write a book.

        The Family, assuming you mean Manson, was not part of the Laurel Canyon scene at all; he was part of the Topanga Canyon Scene and the Ranch.

        Sketchy associations make for good TV, but not investigative journalism which requires evidence for claims made. Food for thought and grounds for further research? Sure, but to make claims based on no evidence and ‘sketchy associations’ simply is not investigative journalism and thus not reporting.

        Alas, it seems to run the course on the internet where like #Metoo accusations, one cannot refute for too many are dead.

        But it is the job of the person who makes conclusions and claims to provide evidence for their claims. Associations simply are not evidence.

        You can go directly to Tom’s website (under his name) and ask him about Laurel Canyon.

        • Disillusioned Peasant says:

          “Weird Scenes” and “CHAOS” sit next to each other on my bookshelf. I hold McGowan and O’Neil in high regard. I am surprised, intrigued, and a bit disheartened to read what you have to say about Dave. I feel that Dave and Tom’s work go hand in hand, and I disagree with your opinion that Dave was some sensationalist hustler looking to sell books off of nothing. His articles on Laurel Canyon, Boston, and the moon landings fascinated me to no end, and changed my entire worldview. I agree that absolute evidence is how we reach conclusions, but some “coincidences” are too big and ridiculous to overlook and dismiss as worthless. I’m curious to hear more from you

          • weilunion says:

            My suggestion is to ask Tom about McGowan. He and I both talked about him the guy was huckster. You can find Tom’s site, mention my name if you want or just ask him. You have been conned and conspiracy cons are the worst. Sorry, take the book and do as I said: find one piece of evidence for one or the other fantastical claims he has made.

            O’Neill is and was the real thing: investigative journalism. McGowan was a scam by publishing companies to make money and to demonize the sixties.

            If the conclusions are too big and the coincidences to large, where is the evidence for any conclusions or any coinicidences being true, real? There are none. McGowan is to conspiracy theories what Bugliosi was to helter skelter.

            If the conspiracies are so deep, the coincidences so hard to stomach, then one would want to go out and investigate and find some evidence to prove or disprove the assumptions, right?.

            McGowan does not do this. He doesn’t have to. His points are salaciousness enough to sell books and he is not an investigative journalist.

            In fact, those who echo McGowan don’t either.

            O’Neill is, and is why he has clearly understood what he believes and what he knows and is humble enough to state when he does not have evidence.

    • bleak says:

      Yes, absolutely, “reasoned judgement.” Which is why I suspect the Zappa’s and all the rest. It’s more than guilt by associations. It’s cause and effect.

      Hmmm Gail Zappa. I remember reading something she said (and this was a long time ago when I was on AOL lol) in a forum. I remember because I’ve been a long time Zappa music fan and followed closely. Gail said something like “What they (the “republicans”) are planning is the worst thing that’s ever happened.” That’s not a quote but I remember the gist of what she said because her tone made an impression on me. She was pleading for people to listen to her.

      Shortly later (six months, a year?) 9/11 happened and I knew what she was talking about.

      But not only did she go to school with Jim which is like yea so what?, she worked for the Office of Navel “Research and Development” before she travelled to NYC to enter… the Fashion Institute of Technology? One could say she was programmed and then setup to enter the burgeoning freak scene. Would that be implausible? The number of coincidences shows an overall pattern.

      The left is the right and the right is the left and it’s been that way. See my comment

      Don’t know if you’ve heard of him but I just discovered Sheldon Wolin. Better late than never I guess but not better late than too late.

      Sheldon Wolin and Inverted Totalitarianism
      truthdig dot com/articles/sheldon-wolin-and-inverted-totalitarianism/

      “The ruling groups can now operate on the assumption that they don’t need the traditional notion of something called a public in the broad sense of a coherent whole,” he said in our meeting. “They now have the tools to deal with the very disparities and differences that they have themselves helped to create. It’s a game in which you manage to undermine the cohesiveness that the public requires if they [the public] are to be politically effective. And at the same time, you create these different, distinct groups that inevitably find themselves in tension or at odds or in competition with other groups, so that it becomes more of a melee than it does become a way of fashioning majorities.”

      • weilunion says:

        “Yes, absolutely, “reasoned judgement.”

        “Shortly later (six months, a year?) 9/11 happened and I knew what she was talking about.

        Really? What did she share, what did you know and what evidence do you have for any of it?

        But not only did she go to school with Jim which is like yea so what?, she worked for the Office of Navel “Research and Development”

        After WWII millions worked for the defense/offense industry. And they had children,like Gail and like Morrison, so what? What is your claim, which you try to make one infer: she was an agent? If so give me or the reader some evidence. Reasoned judgment requires it or, in the alternative, just repeat it and believe it it is your choice.

        before she travelled to NYC to enter… the Fashion Institute of Technology? One could say she was programmed and then setup to enter the burgeoning freak scene. Would that be implausible? The number of coincidences shows an overall pattern.

        Many women went to NY during the end of the WWII and beginning of the cold war to try to become models and actresses. What is the inference? She is an agent or was, she died. If so, where is the evidence?

        The left is the right and the right is the left and it’s been that way. See my comment”

        What is your claim and what is your evidence. If you are piggy backing of McGowan, then come up with some evidence to prove the claim, not an association.

        “She was programmed for a freak scene?”

        Again, any evidence? By whom?

        I find this sad. Rambling conspiracies with not one iota of evidence and then having to make sense of the world with this kind of thinking.

        As to Sheldon, yes do read him. It will get your mind of the fantastical thinking and perhaps ground you into some true critical thinking about our social condition, like inverted totatitarianism of which you are living in.

        • bleak says:

          What are you talking about? IF you want “hard evidence” read Chaos. Not only was the Manson fam in Laural and Topanga, they were in San Francisco. If there were any real “scene” it was there. LA is spread far and wide. People drive cars. Figure it out.

          If you want to be an apologist for researchers go right ahead. If everything were provable with “hard evidence,” the CIA would be nailed to the wall by now. Maybe lol.

          As for my Gail story, that was my experience. Like I said, it was before 9/11 and the internet was not quite developed yet for mass consumption. The “evidence” is my testimony. If it weren’t really Gail Zappa saying that, someone said it and it was before 9/11. Are you calling me a liar?

          Sure, I’ll read Sheldon and draw conclusions based on overall patterns in history. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

          • weilunion says:

            What are you talking about? IF you want “hard evidence” read Chaos.

            Hard evidence of what? What claims? I told you I read the book,know the author. Be specific

            Chaos was about the Manson family and Operation Chaos and MKUltra. It was not about Laurel Canyon, Jim Morrison,Gail Zappa,et. al.

            And it was based on evidence,not assumptions and salacious subjectivity.

            Not only was the Manson fam in Laural and Topanga, they were in San Francisco. If there were any real “scene” it was there. LA is spread far and wide. People drive cars. Figure it out.

            Manson was not part of the Laurel scene. O’Neill makes this clear and as such, he makes no claims as to anything regarding Laurel Canyon other than conjecture, which he acknowledges is conjecture, about sado-sex parties at Mama Cass’s house. One can assume Manson or his followers were there but one O’Neill himself does not focus on LC and especially not on anything having to do with the erroneous claims of McGowan.

            And this is what started, what is now my last post on this matter: McGowan. How you tie McGowan into Manson requires evidence. And you have none. You just read some books and laced it all together as afairytale.

            If you want to be an apologist for researchers go right ahead. If everything were provable with “hard evidence,” the CIA would be nailed to the wall by now. Maybe lol.

            As for my Gail story, that was my experience.

            Your Gail experience, though important to you is invisible and lacks any interest with researchers or investigative journalists. What is your claim? That Gail was a deep stateagent or CIA? Programmed? Good, if those are your claims provide us evidence. Do you have any evidence? Did I misstate your claims and if so, please restate them and then provide evidence for them.

            Like I said, it was before 9/11 and the internet was not quite developed yet for mass consumption. The “evidence” is my testimony.

            I am a lawyer as well as an investigative journalist, have been now for four decades. Testimonial evidence is the weakest evidence in any trial,be it civil or criminal. And testimonial evidence needs to be interrogated. So, sorry, your testimonial evidence won’t pass the critical thinking test and as evidence in a trail, would be of very little use.

            If it weren’t really Gail Zappa saying that, someone said it and it was before 9/11. Are you calling me a liar?

            Oh,now someone said it. Se, it doesn’t work but is so typically American. “Well, I forget, maybe someone said it, I do not know but I heard it.”

            Can anyone imagine this as evidence for a claim? I mean really. Am I calling you a liar is your response to a request for evidence.

            No,I do not deal in ad hominems. I m calling you, and proving to you, you are not a critical thinker and doing it by using your own argument. Maybe you are not used to critical questioning of claims. I am.

            [SNIP – PLease keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

            • bleak says:

              I still don’t know WTF you are blathering about. I never mentioned McGowan since I haven’t read his Canyon book yet. I was refuting your “Topanga not Laurel” genius insight. Part of O’Neil’s book is about MK so it follows that a discussion of MK is within the purview of any discussion of the Manson case because Manson was a stone cold CIA op IMO as were the Grateful Dead and the whole Haight/Ashbury “scene”. O’Neil linked Manson to West and Gottlieb probably as much as anyone will be able to ever again. O’Neil links Terry Melcher to Manson more than anyone previously. Melcher perjured himself during the trial and, if memory serves, at the behest of the prosecution. And Melcher, FYI, was music industry so be sure he had bumped straws with most of the musicians from Laurel in the 60’s and later. There’s a cursory link for you but it’s hardly the whole story. More like the top most part of the visible part of the iceberg.

              Which is why I said “I suspect the Zappa’s and all the rest.” Notice a key word in the last sentence; SUSPECT. I’m saying that MK ops existed in Laurel Canyon along with Topanga, LA, SF, Nashville, NY, DC and many many more places. I don’t know who Gail was outside of what is known about her but what I read was real and if it wasn’t her (I think it was), it was somebody who knew something about the shitstorm of 9/11 that was coming. That is why I didn’t label her with a tag like “asset” or “mk victim” or some shit like that.

              When talking about the C.I. Plausible Deniability A., hard evidence is very hard to come by. That’s because it’s been trashed, shredded, redacted, wiped out of existence or never written down in the first place. Lack of a paper trail doesn’t mean there is/was no conspiracy. Insiders and witnesses are “murdered by suicide” or just plain ol murdered. If you doubt that, you know nothing of the CIA. My impression is you don’t know much at all about MKUltra, although I’m sure you think you do.

              Critical thinking is important but so is intuition and pattern recognition. It’s not all ‘just the facts, ma’am,’; it’s MIND, left-brain/right-brain, heart and GUT especially when the CIA is involved. Not everyone who should be investigated is investigated. Not everyone who’s guilty of criminal conspiracy is brought to trial. Not all verdicts are the correct verdicts and most judges and lawyers are not morally just. Seems to me that the scale favors those who work for themselves, not their clients. Judges taking bribes? LOL nah never happens.

  11. padraig says:

    felt pretty smug the last couple days paying cash. i was always cash then got lazy last couple of years. the old canard “ya they know i smoke Romeo y Julieta sometimes…”. nope fuck you. im interrupting the chain. and a few cashiers showed clear revulsion to the paper. nice. sad to see many more masks. these poor good covid religious folk are doomed i think. i hope not….
    richie allen really dropped the ball this week with his attack on that nurse. who brought up Nuremberg. poor display. me thinks he was trying to prove how much he’s a “real journalist”. asking ‘real questions’. it wasn’t pleasant. i shan’t return.

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Re: Black Market Fridays – #SolutionsWatch

    Around the 14 minute mark, Corbett goes into methods to donate to Corbett Report. He talks about crypto and then also the Post Office Box of James Evan Pilato.
    Corbett talks about mailing cash and “No Guarantees”.

    I’ve mailed cash before to Pilato. It got there.
    (By the way, if you do write a check or money order, make it out to James Pilato.)

    Quite often, in the recent past and far past, I have mailed cash to people. Never had a problem.
    Ha!…Back in the early 1980’s when I was selling jeans on the street corners near the ghetto (traveling from city to city around the country), I was having a killer week in St Louis.
    My business partner in Dallas needed some cash quickly for an inventory buy. He insisted that I mail it Federal Express “overnight”. I stuffed that envelope until it was fat to the seams with $10,000 cash.
    It got there.

    All that said about mailing cash, recently I have had problem receiving some checks from my brother.
    Three months ago, he mailed me a check. It never got to me. So he canceled the check and wrote another via certified mail. It got to me.
    He mailed another check to me certified mail during the first week of July. It never came. So now, he has sent another check/envelope due Monday, certified but requring a signature.

    I don’t know if someone is stealing my mail or what. I’ve never had this problem. I spoke to my mailman about it. He said that he has noticed that the mail delivery time-table system seems to be taking much longer than it used to take.

    • mkey says:

      Whatever may be going on with the postal service, I’m sure they will blame it on covid. When certified mail doesn’t come to your door, I’d say it’s very reasonable to assume foul play or ceiling high incompetence.

      There was this story where a postman in my neck of the woods has started to fail on his deliveries. People noticed mail missing (mostly bills, in my area almost nobody will trust the post office with mailing cash) and complained about it. Apparently an investigation had been initiated and they discovered that the postman in question was dumping (and torching) “excess mail” in the nearby forest. Go figure.

      Back then there wasn’t covid, so they couldn’t scapegoat this event on it. Nowadays, they just dump everything on the plandemic. The poorly organized, lazy and incompetent finally getting their way.

    • DogStar says:

      Sad, but true, one can no longer trust the USPS… I know for a fact that I’ve not received letters from family members and also that in some instances my friends never received my letters (one, recently), so who knows how many others have gone astray (including mail we should’ve received)? – Also, wasn’t there talk (on this site) about the postal service ‘monitoring’ individual’s social media accounts?

  13. mkey says:

    James, you have put a double trailing slash in the blackfridaymarket URL on the right hand side widget. It’s loading the site on my end, but maybe won’t for everyone.

  14. Torus says:

    James, Solutions Watch suggestion:
    Ask about Alternative Currencies everywhere you go

    Inspired by this very episode where Earnest suggests it…

    When you go about your commerce (hopefully in person and at the mom-and-pops) ask about paying in silver or alt-coin or yes of course, cash. Ask about a discount if you pay without credit. When you sell your own wares, (on whatever platform) make a point to accept alt-currencies, or even trade.

    Make this part of your everyday conversation.

    Even if the business doesn’t accept, at the very least, you’ve presented your willingness (eagerness) to transact beyond a MasterCard.
    Ah, the power of suggestion. Maybe a cashier will mention it to the owner, who didn’t even know customers would be open to this?!

    The more we normalize the flow of cash, alt-coin and precious metals, the more we grow the counter-economy. Just start asking… and perhaps be prepared with your eWallet or silver coins in the chance that person is willing.

  15. Stan says:

    James–your talk was riddled with a lot of techno jargon I could not understand. “ipfs floats a post”???? ipfs??? the blackmarketfridays website was also full of stuff about ipfs. and the pirate box? no idea what you were talking about. Can you provide a link to a decoder ring or newbie guide to this stuff? Thanks!

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