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UPDATE: Reuters Fact Check posted an article about this interview here, which I addressed at the end of this edition of #SolutionsWatch.

Professor Dolores Cahill joins the deprogram today to discuss a solution for freedom-respecting travel in the age of COVID. The Freedom Airway & Freedom Travel Alliance is seeking to create travel options that don’t require travelers to submit to vaccination, face masks or quarantines. Find out more in this week's edition of #SolutionsWatch.

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U.S. to Require Covid-19 Tests for All International Visitors

World Doctors Alliance

World Freedom Alliance

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  1. I’d like to bring to James’ and members’ attention, Catherine Austin Fitts presenting the best summary explanation, clearly with greater global context, about the goals of the entire SCAMdemic I’ve seen in ages, on par with the best of Corbett.

    Then for the home run, @28:38+ she pulls out the Fed Rez “Opportunity Zones” matching riot patterns to steal real estate (like California fires along proposed high speed rail routes). Talk about burying a lead.

    I’m tempted to animate/edit visuals for all 48:32 of this.

  2. troymc says:

    I am a Canadian living in Canada. I also do not know when, how, or under what circumstances I will ever see my family, who also live in Canada.

    • Libertydan says:

      If you are not crossing any borders, all you have to do is get in a car and drive, or hire private transportation. It is only Public Transportation, or a Business that serves the Public that a Government can claim to have any power over.
      We have seen Private Parties continue to flourish while Public Restaurants are forced to close (to the Public). All these Owns have to do is claim that they are now a Private Club and they don’t even need a License to operate. The same can be done for Air Travel by claiming each passenger is a member of a Private Club. All Members should sign something that says they are not Government employees and are are subject to prosecution for Trespass and fraud should claim to be a member or enter without being a Member. The Rich Bastards have been doing it like this for years. Ever heard of a Yacht Club? It’s a Private Club for Members only, and their guests.
      People that own their own Private Planes have had no restrictions put on them because of COVID. The Government gets away with all this overreach because it claims to be “Protecting the Public”. Thus, the trick is to not be “The Public”. There laws don’t apply to me because I am Private, eh!

      • mkey says:

        That trick was used to go around the smoking ban in my general area. To apply the same principle in these dire pandemonic times (that’s a random but rather fitting word, pandemonic, eh!) people would need to be far less socially conditioned.

        Whereas the will when it cam to the smoking ban was to smoke, here the dominant will is to obey and comply.

        Come to think of it, people were supposedly harrased on private weddings, but I always have to wonder how much truth is there to the media spun bullshit.

      • wylie1 says:

        Thanks for bringing Private Clubs up. These days, lots of uses for that tool!

        Instead of Dallas Buyers Club for unavailable meds …if things don’t revert, I can see it for various foods. One in particular being meats. To prevent Kill Gates from destroying livestock in favor of his fake meat, Farmers and Ranchers will need to defend their private club assets (livestock) from Public agency destruction due to claimed Covid BS.

        It seems churches, restaurants, and any other biz, should be using this tool. Thanks again.

        • Khymn says:

          Yes to all! Like the raw milk clubs. They got busted in Cali but it was fringe so few were outraged. If millions (…billions?) began buying memberships to private everything, well, I could get down with that.

          Just joined Freedom Airway! 😀

    • claudia.m says:

      I am Canadian also. I live in Ontario and two of my son’s live in Alberta. I don’t know when I will see them but what concerns me most is that they will get the vaccine. I am absolutely terrified.

      I send them information and try to tell them about how dangerous the vaccines are but they are university indoctrinated and they believe in this virus.

      The truth really needs to come out and people need to wake up.

      • Arby says:

        I’m sorry to hear that.

        My family is not university educated at all, but they are not self-educated either. They don’t buy the hoax, but won’t lift a little finger to inform themselves, with one exception. My cousin, a recently retired nursing assistant, knows what’s going on and our conversations keep me sane. He lives in Prescott Ontario (where the St Lawrence meets Lake Ontario) and I live in Toronto. My nephew is also rather perceptive, and, although we don’t talk frequently, he absolutely doesn’t buy the hoax. Even my completely undeducated mother has come around, after initially telling me that I’m a conspiracy theorist. Other than that, family seems to just like burying their heads in the dark, warm sand. My brother says he’ll worry about the vaccination (which isn’t vaccination) bridge when he has to cross it. To me that means, when push comes to shove, he’ll get the injection. He says he won’t. But when he’s told he can’t do anything or go anywhere without it, he’ll cave.

  3. padraig says:

    thx buddy. inspiring. needed some. peace

  4. zyxzevn says:

    Solution: Contract
    A contract that I can give to my doctor,
    when vaccines are enforced.
    Something like:
    “If any harm comes from this vaccine, the doctor
    is responsible and will pay out 1 million Dollars.”

    We need this for every country.

    • And when vaccines are made mandatory we need a mass movement of people willing to be sure to get all the names of those responsible and exact collective “payback” en masse.

      I’ll never advocate violence – however, mass defensive “justice” may be the ONLY way we can possibly put a halt to harms or worse, not just to our bodies but to our freedoms and futures.

      Unfortunately, as much as humanity would like to elevate above our darker animal natures, the ruling class is forcing this upon us. A cornered dog getting kicked has no choice but to bite back or die.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Vaccines won’t be mandatory unless people comply. What is being offered is not a vaccine, but a research drug. A vaccine has an antigen, the mRNA injection does not. It tricks the body into making proteins that cause a reaction. It’s never been done before on this scale.

        And people are going along with this! This is insane. People have lost their minds. I certainly am not taking this drug.

        I think that people don’t know what they are taking, but if they are capable of reading the information sheet given, have been given informed consent to taking it. So people are consenting to an optional experiment. They are giving the state the power with their agreement.

        There is a traditional intranasal vaccine in development using an attenuated virus that is technically a vaccine:

    • andyalchemy says: has a contract document you can download. Scroll down to Documents about Vaccines: Personal Affidavit and Warranty of Vaccine Safety and Efficacy. This a powerful personal tool which is designed to give the individual doctor or vaccine administer zero shelter and holds them personally responsible. This document would likely give any vaccine administer pause knowing they will be held personally responsible for adverse vaccine reactions. There are likely documents like this for other countries as this os designed for the US.

      • zyxzevn says:

        Need one for EU countries, for me and my friends.
        Many of the doctors are brainwashed here,
        so it needs some good science references too.
        I think they need to know what they are signing up for.

        They should not be able to claim:
        “I did not know”
        Or the famous: “Ich habe es nicht gewust”
        which was used after the 2nd world war.

        And with the science they have nothing to stand on
        if something goes wrong.
        They need to know that there is a huge risk involved for
        people that receive the experimental treatment.
        And that there is clear science showing this.

        I want to make them clear that they are fully responsible
        if they want to support the injuring of people.
        And that they will lose their big houses and big cars
        if they do injure people.

        But it must be a legally binding contract.
        Not something a judge can throw away easy.
        Nor should there be any “governmental protection”,
        which doctors in the EU often have.

        I did not sign up for any experiment, and so
        shouldn’t they.

        • wylie1 says:

          Such contracts may make one feel better now. However, having fought govt in the past, depending on such would be unwise.

          Much better to group and fight the fraud now, than to hope such a document will be heeded later.

          Unfortunately in amerika and likely other places, there will be a time when NON-doctors will be giving these Covid shots; similar as they have done with the flu shots. Some of those types would not bother to read what they are signing or just look perturbed, toss the papers aside, and say “HOLD THEM DOWN” while injecting you. Such as a detention center for resistors. One cannot guarantee they will be able to prevent themselves from being surprised and dragged off to some detention center, even by mistake.

          Grouping doesn’t necessarily mean extra work. It could simply be everyone chipping in 10 units of whatever currency in your region, to hire someone competent to do the the Notice of Liability procedure upon government officials. It makes the public official Personally Liable for what they do/cause.

          InPower and TskeBackYourPower are 2 items to websearch which should get you to their websites, for examples on how Notice Of Liability is being used to help regular folks.

  5. randallsnyderjr says:

    The charge I get from this #SolutionsWatch series is palpable. I look forward to this series and to sharing within my own little freedom cell I’m creating. Thanks James!

  6. Germaican says:

    I am very sorry but i do not trust the website
    No detailed information what so ever…

  7. Control Savvy says:

    Delores Cahill mentions other pushback possibilities in addition to Freedom Flights, which is an awesome idea in itself. James, I noticed the somewhat pained expression on your face as she talked about solutions involving government. I understand. I have not been able to find one example in the present or the past in which a government has worked for the interests of the people and not for the oligarchy. Maybe in 1930’s Catalonia (see Homage to Cataonia by Orwell). Anyway, there are examples of good trys but they never last. However, government will be around as long as I live, and I believe that no battleground should be given up entirely to the Evil Ones. Therefore, I am interested in specifics about the PCP tests not testing for COVID but for influenza and how that could evolve into charges of malfeasance. Yes, I know, the courts are a part of government and therefore an arm of the oligarchy. However, no battleground….

    I don’t know any other platform in which I can find so much interesting and useful information in one place. Thanks again.

    • suzt says:

      Delores Cahill’s plan includes using the courts as well in what I call Class Action Suits against doctors! James could submit the paperwork from Japan.

      And Portugal’s courts have already ruled the PCR test unreliable so it can not be used to force quarantines etc.

    • Control Savvy says:

      Sorry, not PCP, PCR. Wish I could say it was a typo. Typo of the brain, maybe.

    • czig says:

      Indeed, “1500 PCR tests were sequenced in October 2020 and all of them were influenza A and B. Not one were Sars Cov 2.”

      This floored me!

      Are these results in print anywhere?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Control Savvy,
      I echo what you said.

      I enjoyed this interview. Delores Cahill is a dynamic activist and scholar.
      To me, there sure seems to be “too many irons in the fire”, especially some which deal with the government. Solutions involving government…That’s a tough course to chart, kind of like “voting harder”.

      However, I do like the idea of throwing intimidation back at the individuals who support this tyrannical system. I want these minions of tyranny to have uneasy, restless sleep haunted with worry and anxiety.
      This is wartime. When someone advocates tyrannical authoritarianism, I want to attack them mentally where they become very uncomfortable…where they introvert and start to cave-in…where they worry that karma or voodoo dolls will find them.

      It does work…I remember once when I sat handcuffed in the back of a squad car, I watched the officer up front start to turn mentally black as I delivered a series of aplomb stated mental evaluations of his character and personality.

      This topic of influenza really grabbed me, like you pointed out “I am interested in specifics about the PCR tests not testing for COVID but for influenza and how that could evolve into charges of malfeasance.”

      • wylie1 says:

        You may want to check out Notice Of Liability from InPower and TakeBackYourPower websites. It makes public officials and CEOs or anyone personally liable for what they do/cause. Mostly done outside the courts. Some final bit may require a court if a particular official isn’t smart enough to resign.

        Grouping to chip in to have someone competent serve it up could be an option for the majority of folks wanting to avoid extra work.

        In my experience, the majority of people avoid volunteering to do anything. Not sure how such a project would best be marketed to all those awake do nothings but there should be some way to get it done?

    • charles.g says:

      This was a very encouraging discussion, but what does it mean to sequence a PCR test? Furthermore, I guess that requires giving legitimacy to the sequence identified as SARS-Cov-2 even though it has never been isolated thus we have no gold standard for COVID-19.

      And yes, I also noticed the pained expression on James’ face. I was feeling the pain as well. Can’t help felling like we’re in a catch-22, needing the system to change the system.

      • wylie1 says:

        I don’t care about any of this sequencing thing. I don’t even care if the death toll were higher with Covid than without, which it doesn’t seem to be.

        Expecting the power hungry to give back anything is unrealistic. If it does, it would only be temporary.
        — If one wants rights and freedom they will have to insist on those.
        — If the tool of courts work on occasion, great. But I wouldn’t count on it everywhere for everything.

        The supposed reason for lockdowns, masks, and vaccines: To protect yourself and those around you. I know someone who thinks everyone should be wearing a mask to protect her aged mom from Covid …because “kindness to all matters.”

        — It is not my job to protect those around me from anything. It is their job to protect themselves if they are concerned about something.
        — Otherwise we would all be obligated to carry calculators to protect the person who may get ripped off; all be strapped with guns to protect other people from crooked cops, thieves, muggers, etc; and whatever else to protect others from whatever it is that could occur.
        — Even though I think it is good to help others.

        I think the Covid BS should be the new slogan for self defense gun rights:
        To protect myself and those around me from the Covid disease of attack or theft (of health, rights, liberty, property, …) Everyone should be required to carry! Anyone could be corrupt, not care, and spread the disease! You should not get on a plane, or go to the Post Office, or go anywhere, without a gun!
        — That of course would eliminate most all crime and the need for so many police, prisons, gang and terrorist task forces, etc. ad infinitum …

        However, I am in favor of using govt against govt. Getting the populace to screen for and contract with candidates to run for all offices from all parties, whose mission is to permanently dismantle most of govt. It certainly hasn’t improved with size, yet it wants to grow until there is nothing but itself, like any bad disease.

  8. suzt says:

    Thank you James. CAF mentioned her support of FAFTA and your interview inspired me to sign up and support this.

    Every action I take to decentralize in my personal life and support programs like FAFTA are so uplifting. It’s my responsibility not to fall into despair or indifference. This video really helped me personally.

    • Khymn says:

      My sentiments exactly, suzt. I also signed up for FAFTA right after watching this interview. Perhaps we shall cheers on a flight someday. 😀 Peace.

  9. deeov says:

    Another freedom fighter who is taking a similar approach is Dr. Pam Popper from Ohio, USA. She is working to build numbers with her Thursday meetings and filing lawsuits against political people for acts of fraud against the people. She has lawsuits in Ohio and New Mexico right now. One of her websites is She too wants to gather lawyers and doctors. Popper and Cahill should meet someday and share notes.

    Thank you, James, for this series! Finding and supporting solutions is what is needed right now in the world.

  10. r.m.m says:

    Excellent interview!

    There was no link provided for Dr. Cahill’s statement about the 1500 tests that were sequenced and all found to be influenza A and B.

    Has anyone located links to the original sequencing work?

    All I’ve found are the “fact-checker” responses, none of which address the point of the sequencing, like this one:

    • CounterEconomist says:

      Please let me know if you find a link regarding the study where PCR tests were sequenced. I couldn’t find the study on my searches. One thing I do know is that I hope Mrs Cahill isn’t stating information that isn’t verifiable. It’s sad when the truth is so hard to find. I also noticed in Wikipedia that the irish freedom party is already labeled right wing.

      • lizzie says:

        Cahill gets a lot of stick from the… how do you say?
        Anti-conspiracy extremists, y’know the sort.
        A few friends pointed out to me after I shared a Dolores video, that sure ‘she’s a racist’. I’ve never known slander be so affective. Her predecessor in public bashing -Gemma O Doherty, was another Irish Freedom Party candidate who received a coordinated bullying.
        Who do the bullies work for ?

        So what is one supposed to believe?

        As a woman and a conspiracy theorist, I am supposed to be fearful that I don’t get judged as being one of those dreadful women. A subtle and powerful way of muting wayward women. I have noticed a lot videos we get to see are like that, like the ones where some disobeyed guidelines, pregnant women being bashed by the police and dragged out of their houses, arrested for planning to go to a protest. I would like to discuss this more.
        Derrick Brose ran for mayor, so is being involved with a political party necessary in the meantime ?

        • wylie1 says:

          If you ever do find out who the bullies work for …and who those work for, etc. You will find that it doesn’t matter who.
          — Eventually, others would replace them if you wiped them all out. What is needed is a proper defense against their type/mentality.

          Clearly govt is the opposite of the answer, as those weasels have managed to turn most any govt against the people. And it is the majority of the people who are too lazy minded to maintain a govt which keeps the weasels in their place.

          First off, I wouldn’t call myself a conspiracy theorist. It will take too long to ruin that slam. I’d call myself a realist who knows the courts convict people of conspiracy regularly; and just because someone didn’t get convicted of it yet doesn’t mean anything.

          About the only way to protect one’s self from absurd govt nazi actions, without having a govt sized wallet for all the bullets it would take, to stop them from continue coming after you, if you went that route… is to plan ahead.

          How large of a crowd willing to stand between several cops and their victim of choice of the moment, would it take to prevent that from happening? Then you need about triple or more of that amount which are auto notified to instantly converge at your place when they get your pre-typed text message.

          Then you will need at least 4 others you trust to swap homes with for awhile. Chances are they will come back better prepared. They may even look up and go visit the address of the people house sitting for you, to see if you are there. Hence a 4 way swap minimum.

          All that is a temporary measure. Govt employees have horrible egos and love govt power. Typically they will come again after you go back home. Unless you can get a Restraining Order, Injunction, and/or Notice Of Liability against whatever agency if coming after you.

          • wylie1 says:

            See InPower and TakeBackYourPower websites for Notice Of Liability. Not sure what the suffixes are … or what info they let out these days.

            One cannot live an honest life or true to themselves if they overly worry about what the lazy minded, conclusion jumpers think.

            Free at last, is what you will feel when you rid yourself of that worry. Just smile and consider the clueless accusers to be hogs, rooting around in the slimey govt muck.

            Political parties? Only if you can take it over and cause it to do a proper job of screening for enough honorable candidates to run for ALL offices from ALL parties; having a contract for performance which stipulates they can be booted from office at any time, without need of recall, for failure to comply with the requirements of the contract. Such a contract should be made a significantly desirable thing for a candidate to have, among the voters. Any contract worth having would stipulate x, y, and z agencies to be dismantled in order to protect the people, etc.

            Otherwise you will need to form your own People’s Party to do same. Putting people in office to dismantle those offices should be a quicker way to get rid of their power. However, contracts will be needed since hope a politician does the right thing has long past being ridiculous.

          • lizzie says:

            The farmers of Kilkenny would rally around to defend other farmers from having their land taken by the banks. They would turn up to the house and defend it with tractors argus ruidí mar seo
            ( and things like that ) barricading the area until they left them alone.
            And they did.
            That why it’s important to know your neighbours. Even more if you have things in common.
            So if governments will always be the bad guys, could it be said that there will always be people fighting it?
            Are we getting stuck in a make believe good guy/bad guy struggle?
            It’s totally ok to feel ok about things. Think I’m forgetting this recently, remembering to not caught up in the fear, I am allowed to feel comfortable, excited, confident, unthreatened.
            I’m sure there will be time to plan for worst case outcomes, the main thing is to get it started.

            • wylie1 says:

              lizzie, I salute those protective farmers!

              A business can see wastes of money going after those who find ways to resist.

              Too often, govt doesn’t care how much of everyone else’s money they waste to go after someone, especially the innocent, who they fear the least.

              Since govt benefits one group at the expense of another, especially themselves, you are right, there will always be those fighting govt, and rightfully so.

              Interesting thought of yours: getting stuck in a make believe good guy/bad guy struggle…

              Even though I don’t think it a make believe struggle…
              Good/evil struggle is most everywhere, not just govt.
              So yeah, no need to fret about it, awareness is all that is needed …and paying attention to it when you should 😉

              However, it is certain that some govt plots are designed to keep the people busy focused on govt or what it causes, rather than other rotten things that are happening.
              — For instance, C.A.Fitts of Solari describes how BLM and Antifa are active in areas that appear to have desirable real estate that somebody wants to pay much less for. Making happen the old adage “Don’t buy until there is blood in the streets.”
              — Also false flag events, often to promote war or a take rights power grab …We still have to deal with it.

              However, there could be a way to get unstuck from always having to deal with or fight the bad govt paradigm…
              — Get rid of most all of govt.
              — Or change the status of each person to be a separate sovereign country. It would eliminate govt authority over anyone. Equals.
              — I’d be in favor of both. Then no advantage to build govt back into a bankster tool again.
              — There would still be evil. It would be less able to hide behind and in govt, pretending to be the people’s guardian.
              — Like you said, a good reason to know your neighbors.

              Yes, if only everyone would get started …especially gathering(online or in person) to screen for those who can and will dismantle govt from within.

              Good comments, made me think about some things more.

      • wolfgang says:

        I didn’t find a respective study going through the usual databases (i.e. pubmed or google scholar etc.), however it may either not be officially published yet, has not gone through peer-review (and not published as a pre-print), or I didn’t find the respective study by choosing the wrong key words. Maybe it has not been “written up” yet – she said that 1500 samples (which were tested with PCR) were then sequenced and turned out to be sequences resembling Influenza A or B, right? That doesn’t mean, that a full study is out by now.
        However she also said, that she wanted to do further test now in January, right?
        She will not sequence the tests themselves (by the way), but basically a sample from the people with a positive PCR test, which has been processed in the same way, as described in the original sequencing publication from China: (this is how I understood it or I would do it…).
        Actually it is hard for me (but not impossible) to believe that ALL of the cases are only influenza, but I am of the opinion, that a substantial part of the “COVID” cases could be influenza (or of course death by COVID is actually linked to a different disease with a coincident, but not causative/deadly co-infection with SARS-CoV-2)

        • mkey says:

          I expect about 90% of these samples to amount to nothing.

          Btw, no need to “sequence” previously “tested” samples, it ahould be sufficient to perform some double blind studies on the “test” itself, with a predefined cycle count. Take samples from anything and everything and “test” them at 40 cycles. Boom.

    • mkey says:

      How do you sequence a PCR “test”? I think there are a lot of crossed wires here.

      Sequencing should be done on a isolated particle that needs to be obtained from a sample from a supposedly infected individual. The particle needs to be identified as having the ability to infect the supposedly non infected. Then the particle needs to be obtained from the newly supposedly infected and confirmed that it matches the initial particle.

      The particle can not be obtained without filtration and separation, i.e. isolation in its common sense meaning of the term.

      To sequence a mixture of whatever and obtain random sequences of RNA, to be later joined on a consensus based principle (depending on the end result one wants to see) is both intelectually diabolical and scientifically meaningless. It’s also part of our cocreated reality.

      We need to understand what we are asking for to be able to understand what we got.

      • flammable says:

        The only explanation I got of why filtration and separation is not done is because that process would destroy the viral particle. I accept that answer but there should not be any claims of isolation if that were the case.

        Combining RNA sequences and filling in missing parts to get the full genome is not illegitimate science. What is illegitimate is applying it to viral transmission while deceiving the public into thinking the virus is found naturally completed end to end.

        • ccuthbert2001 says:

          “The only explanation I got of why filtration and separation is not done is because that process would destroy the viral particle.”

          This is total baloney. This process is used for bacteriophages, and plant and algae viruses with no prob. Look up the standard isolation procedure for alfalfa mosaic virus, an rna virus, btw. There is no way that filtration and separation would destroy anything. This is simply the virology voodoo nonsense.

          In addition your contention that filling in for rna sequences is not illegitimate is baloney. If there were an isolated virus that had been directly sequenced, maybe you’d be right. However, without a virus to sequence any imputed genome is utter horse pucky. You can’t sequence what you don’t have. Duh.

          • flammable says:

            Good to know about that it is nonsense. Make no mistake I don’t believe in the RNA sequence of the virus. I am being fair that theoretical models are allowed and are important in research. However, when it comes to any claims of transmission of viruses or an infection a model genome is not acceptable.

    • senge says:

      I could’t find anything about that either so I just went to her webpage and asked about it using the contact form.

      I report back as soon as I got an answer.

    • MagicBullet says:

      It was first on written by a Dr. Knauss but I could find Dr. Knauss or his publications anywhere and wrote to who deleted their article but would not respond why:

      Unfortunately it seems to have been a fake report by so-called “Dr. Knauss” and Cahill didnt check it out. Some things like this remain on the net though:
      Clinical Lab Scientist Tests 1500 Positive Samples Finds Zero COVID.

  11. hoff says:

    That was a tremendously encouraging interview to see such efforts,
    It really has become more and more obvious we need to go back to COMMON LAW and throw out this mercantile /Admiralty/Maritime System of lawlessness Laws for Greed merchants that we all live under, it only protects the ‘Corporation’s’ profits….nothing to do with human god given rights.

  12. Vanschiele says:

    Much appreciated, We have children and grandchildren in three different countries and this is a constant concern to me. It’s heartbreaking and these individuals have no right to do this. Had hoped that retirement would mean we would see more of them all. But we are basically grounded and imprisoned. So solutions are what we need. Big fan of Dolores Cahill and very grateful for this interview, James.

  13. slurry says:

    I am not religious, but god bless this woman!

  14. sjd says:

    This was recently articulated in one of her appearances on the Richie Allen Show in UK last month I believe. (Any fans?)

    My mom, in particular, was inspired by her vision and determination in this appearance with Richie and for having the guile to actually set up something like this and allow ordinary people to access a service that was oh-so-normal prior to this past year.

    She has fleshed out further exciting details here in this interview, as well as being a condensed, concise and easily shareable version of what she has previously articulated and is an invaluable resource. Thank you James, I shall be sharing widely!

  15. hughe038 says:

    What great ideas and great work Professor Cahill is doing! Watching this podcast, it’s the first time I’ve smiled in months! Gail Hughes

  16. gauntlet33 says:

    Also, James, I’m guessing you’re aware of this, where Workers get Sonic Dog Collars:

    • mkey says:

      I was picturing something like those collars from the movie Wedlock. Bit of a let down.

      • zyxzevn says:

        Great idea for a video.

        Everyone who does not social distance explodes.
        Both of them.
        While the inventor claims that it saves lives..
        people explode around him by accident.

        Other invention video:
        The Mask that stops anything from going through,
        like air.
        Proud inventor claims that this will save the planet
        while the man behind him becomes purple.

        • mkey says:

          3D orbital laminator? With an inbuilt tranquiliser device? You could probably mount some solar panels on it, green technologies are very trendy.

        • wylie1 says:

          Maybe toss in a gun rights video stating: Just like masks, to protect yourself and those around you, only better.
          — Could end there …or special effects similar to those collars upon: Fauci, Gates, some governors, etc. (Note to el governmente, of course I’m not calling for any such thing.)

    • manbearpig says:

      Essity. Like E-city. Like Smart-city…

      Reminded me of this from summer of 2012:

      “…Tagging school children with RFID chips is uncommon, but not new. A federally funded preschool in Richmond, California, began embedding RFID chips in students’ clothing in 2010. And an elementary school outside of Sacramento, California, scrubbed a plan in 2005 amid a parental uproar. And a Houston, Texas, school district began using the chips to monitor students on 13 campuses in 2004…

      …If a student is not in his seat during morning roll call, the district doesn’t receive daily funding for that pupil, because the school has no way of knowing for sure if the student is there.

      But with the RFID tracking, students not at their desk but tracked on campus are counted as being in school that day, and the district receives its daily allotment for that student…”,as%20they%20come%20and%20go.

      “…It was only a matter of time…”

      And opportunity in the form of a plandemic.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Well now, that’s some chipper news. 😉

        2012 seems so long ago now. Thanks for bring up that article.

        …(Electronic Privacy Information Center) EPIC’s Rotenberg was among about two dozen health and privacy advocates who signed an August position paper blasting the use of RFID chips in schools.

        The paper, which included signatures from the American Civil Liberties Union, Electronic Frontier Foundation and, among others, Big Brother Watch, said the RFID systems may have “potential” (.pdf) health risks, too.

        “RFID systems emit electromagnetic radiation, and there are lingering questions about whether human health might be affected in environments where the reading devices are pervasive,” the paper said.
        “This concern and the dehumanizing effects of ubiquitous surveillance may place additional stress on students, parents, and teachers.”

        Gonzalez said John Jay High has 200 surveillance cameras and Anson Jones Middle School, about 90.

        “The kids,” he said, “are used to being monitored.”

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      That’s disgusting and ridiculous because germs, viruses and bacteria can travel well over 30 metres and can remain in an area for as much as two hours.

      This is well worth watching.

      Mask Facts

  17. TimmyTaes says:

    Great interview. Dr. Cahill is a breath of fresh air. She speaks well and clearly. I do not understand what “Sequencing the PCR tests” means, but I’m not a microbiologist. It wouldn’t surprise me if the disease is Influenza.
    As for suing doctors, bureaucrats, Big Pharma, government leaders; you’d need to find an honest judge and what’s to stop governments from giving all the fraudsters, including themselves, immunity? The governments have already given vaccine manufacturers immunity.
    The free market solution will work. Free markets and liberty are powerful forces in the human soul.

    • Blameitontheboogie says:

      According to the HSE, the Irish government health organisation, we currently have no cases of influenza here in Ireland this season. So thousands of cases of flu every year as far back as you can go but as soon as covid19 appears (or rather doesn’t) zilch, nada, niente, zero, nothing. Amazing. Pneumonia also seems to barely exist anymore.

  18. terence.s says:

    Brilliant video James, I can’t wait to see these doctors face, when they face being sued and Boris face Handcock and these corrupt scientists great news.

  19. e.lil says:

    Wonderful, I love Dolores! So inspiring

  20. mkey says:

    I’d like to know in more detail what do they plan to sequence. Even though, threats of legal action could put the fear into some of these people.

  21. gauntlet33 says:

    Could they install burdensharing 2.0?

    And interesting, but perhaps expensive Plan B / bug out idea:

  22. jacobweiss says:

    Can FreedomAirways finally get rid of the TSA molesters once and for all? I will stand with my feet spread wide apart as these thugs checks my testicles and armpits never again. Get out of my underwear. And I’ll keep my shoes on.

  23. Fact Checker says:

    Cahill sure plans to fight on a lot of separate fronts. Freedom Airways. Running third-party candidates in (what sounded like) multiple countries. “Sequencing PCR tests” to support multi-national “precedent cases.”

    One would think she’s fixing to spread herself very thin…except I doubt very much that any one of these projects will get off the ground.

    Her “natural law” grounds for all these “parallel society”-style visions sure sounds a whole lot like the sovereign-citizen grounds for tax protestors…and there are a good few chaps rotting in federal prison after relying on those. Ain’t no way US Customs and the FAA are going to capitulate to “natural law.” Nor will the American Medical Association, or the licensing authority of any state. The regulations promulgated and relied on by those bodies actually carry weight in a court of law.

    “Natural law”? Not so much.

    • mkey says:

      You obviusly do not know what natural law is, therefore it would behoove you to fact check it before exposing your lack of definition on the subject and coming off as silly to the broader audience on our host’s website.

      But, other than that, I do generally agree with your assessment. On first listening I was quite taken aback with all the things she was saying, but on the second run… erm, that spike of enthusiasm flattened.

      Hopefully, she well get some correct and current information on what sequencing is and and figure out what she wants to do with it.

      There are quite a few things that can be done with that “test” to expose it for what it is, but sequencing isn’t one of them.

      • Fact Checker says:

        You’re probably right.
        I only got a B+ in Philosophy of Law in law school.
        And in 16 years of legal practice, I’VE NEVER SEEN “NATURAL LAW” CITED AS AUTHORITY EVEN ONCE!

        So I sure do have a LOT to learn before opening my dumb mouth, I guess.

        • mkey says:

          You mean to say that a law system that has specifically been built by man to create a false paradigm, in which those who created it are the supreme authority, does not recognise the authority of the forces that have created the universe?

          Naaaah, you got to be yanking my chain. I don’t believe you. They would’t do that. The land of toxic legalese was built to uplift humanity, not to enslave it via means of mind control. lol

          You can go another 160 years without anyone citing natural law as “authority”, so what?

          1. Natural law is not an authority, so it makes sense it is not cited as such

          2. It has been brought into existance by the creator of the universe (however you choose to refer to this “creator”, that’s completely up to you)

          3. The entirety of existance is bound by the natural law. Courts don’t recognize it, you say? lol

          4. Natural law is immutable, it is always in effect. It is unescapable and boundless. The universe will always align to make the effect meet the cause. It can not be ignored. It can be broken, but not without consequences.

          This is all valid, regadless of what a pathetic gaggle of lawyers think about it lol

          You have not the feintest idea about what you are talking about. With that mind set, 1600 years of man law will not be sufficent for you to understand. QED

          • Fact Checker says:

            ” law system that has specifically been built by man to create a false paradigm”

            Yes that one.
            Which also happens to be the one Ms. Cahill is saying she will appeal to for all her lawsuits and business models.
            I can tell you’re the type who frequently wins arguments in your own head because you completely disregard context, objectives, and basic premises.

        • wylie1 says:

          There are at least two us supreme court justices that consider natural law.

  24. LoL says:

    This is the best and do-able, solution I’ve heard!

    My son is autistic and I am sure it is due to the vaccine so I have no intention of getting this COVID vaccine for our family. Initially I was planning to go off-grid but then I thought No! I am not going anywhere, why should I!!!.
    So, I am staying put but have not encountered any solution that sounds practical and have far reaching consequences like this one.

    I am inspired. Thanks James.

    • justins says:

      I would highly recommend you look into earthing / grounding. It has done wonders for my family’s health and I have read many testimonials of it being very helpful for autistic people.

      Here is the Earthing documentary which explains the cornice behind it:

      • manbearpig says:

        This is fantastic, exactly what I needed right now!
        Thank you justins!

      • LoL says:

        Thanks for sharing Justins, I am trying this (and forgot to share here, sorry folks).

        My son is actually using the mat and it seems like it’s helping him (my son is non-verbal)
        My dad who’s seriously ill, can’t sleep properly ’cause of back pain and after using the mat for 3 nights he told me now he can sleep better and the pain is more tolerable.
        For myself I try to walk on green grass or wet sand, barefooted, as much as I can.

        On another note here is an interesting interview about the scamdemic with Max Igan:
        Atlantic Underground Podcast Episode #31 (Guest Max Igan – Part 2)

  25. Thomas says:

    What an excellent start of the SolutionsWatch (Thanks to you, James)! It´s absolutely thrilling to hear of this initiative and I´am grateful for all the efforts that have been taken by Dolores and her Team already.

    Considering the implications one can imagine how much work is still ahead – but the outline of this initiative seems so well thought-out that it must become a success!

    I have to stop now and become a member of Freedom Airway in order to make my contribution..

  26. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Wednesday morning – Central Time USA – 1/20/2021

    James Corbett says:
    I’m Blocked From Uploading to GooTube (and Other News)
    (6 1/2 minutes)

    To the surprise of absolutely no one, The Corbett Report’s main ThemTube channel has been struck for “medical misinformation” so I’m unable to upload there for the next week. You will be surprised to learn which videos were struck, though. Learn more about that and my many upcoming speaking engagements in today’s Thought For The Day.

    • mkey says:

      Finally, I started to worry that James was part of the fifth column 😉

      Probalby came so late for his conent due to never having taken any coin from the conniving bastards.

  27. justins says:

    I think you need to do a #SolutionsWatch on Bitcoin. It is far and away the biggest beacon of hope we have against the globalists, yet I don’t think many truly understand it. I recommend you get Max Keiser (@maxkeiser on Twitter) on the podcast. He is very well versed in Bitcoin and it’s implications for the things like The Great Reset, technocracy, etc. Bitcoin is freedom and it should definitely be featured on #SolutionsWatch.

      • wylie1 says:

        Thanks for that article link. Interesting to say the least. Mr/s Anonymous sure makes a good case for fraud.

        Martin Armstrong of ArmstrongEconomics who seems be a reliable source when it comes to things Economic, …wish I could recall exactly what he wrote and when(in years) ago that the Fed’s intention was to outlaw Bitcoin or similar effect. So he couldn’t recommend it.
        I can only imagine that outlaw would come when the Fed was closer to being ready to implement its own crypto currency.

        In this space, deleted most of a no-evidence hypothesis pointing to the Fed being the culprit behind Tether Fraud Inc. in order to legitimize regulatory action banning independent cryptos, after they drain yet more money from people via the Tether fraud and at some point cause a crypto maelstrom from hell, a good while prior to introducing Fed coin, to make it less obvious. But just a mental exercise in possibilities rather than doing one bit of investigative research. Posting such unfounded notions probably not a good idea. So I didn’t 8)

      • Blackgerbera says:

        I think the article gets it wrong; the cause and effect are reversed. The tethers that are created are a result of the demand for bitcoin. Nothing nefarious going on.

  28. wylie1 says:

    Delores Cahill is a gal after my own heart! I hope she and others survive their plans, instead of a magic plane crash.

    Although I tend to favor the least amount of govt courts as possible, if they can get it to work for them, great. Trump sure didn’t.

    Anyone who hasn’t heard of it yet may want to check out Notice Of Liability. An Admiralty Law solution. Reference InPower and TakeBackYourPower websites, whatever their suffix is.

  29. myra says:

    This is one of your best episodes and guests ever James. That’s saying a lot ’cause you’re The Guy. I’m joining this effort. Thank you.

  30. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Jerry Day offers “Vaccine Refusal Forms” at

    In this 12 minute video, Jerry goes over some aspects about the vaccine and a possible solution to prevent extortion to take the shot.
    Two free download documents.
    About half way through, he goes over the forms and gives the website.
    Mandated Vaccinations, Get Ready To Say “NO!”

    This video is from April 2020, and I believe that it had been posted on the comment boards before.

  31. bta says:

    James this is the most heartening international news that I have heard since the Scamdemic began. Since we have brains and love our children, we must work to be the solution to this Orwellian nightmare. Thank you for shifting your focus to move forward toward the brilliant light! Bruce

  32. Blameitontheboogie says:

    I’m glad you’ve had Dolores Cahill on your show. I’ve met her a couple of times and she’s a very good person, highly intelligent and motivated but also very modest.

    There was a new baby born in my family in a different country to where I live (which is Ireland) in March 2020 and I was due to go and see him in April 2020 but as of January 2021 I still have not been able to see him and I have missed all his babyhood. I have family and friends in other countries and it is a great pain to me not to be able to see them especially as I know this is all a complete fraud. I know that there are many, many people in the same position.

    We need more brave people like Professor Cahill. More doctors and scientists are speaking out but it needs a critical mass where they simply cannot be ignored.

  33. hades says:

    Dolores and Catherine are absolutely brilliant, it’s such a joy to see strong women entering the fray. They are so much more intelligent and subtle than us men and provide a very necessary balance.

  34. rebeccad says:

    Hi, James,

    Thank you so much for introducing this series and bringing our attention to Freedom Airway and the work of Dr. Cahill.

    I have a #solutionswatch request: could do you another interview with Josh del Sol of the InPower Movement and with his colleague, Cal Washington? It looks as though they are organizing people to refuse smart meters, 5G, and mandatory vaccination by exercising their rights according contract law. I personally am in the process of revoking consent for the smart meter that was installed on my house (getting it removed), but in Illinois we are being told it is “mandatory” for all homes and businesses to have them starting in 2022, so I’ll need a new strategy to refuse their coercion next year.

    Thank you for all the work you do.

    Rebecca G
    Skokie, IL

  35. Arby says:

    If I’ve understood Delores Cahill, she endorses the PCR test. That, in my view, is a big fail. She doesn’t say that it – when twigged the way she wants to twig it – will find a virus – directly. But that, it seems to me, is implied. The sequence of genes is only important, afterall, when it is said to be a part of a virus. Finding that sequence, then, will be like finding that virus, but it won’t actually be finding that virus. It will be finding the virus that clever lab technicians, using computer modelling, say exists. That doesn’t work for me.

    I’m absolutely open to correction. I possess no special knowledge or education. But I am paying attention, to the extent possible.

  36. Rei says:

    Thank you kindly for the info. It would be amazing to have the links to the sources/research showing the inaccuracy of the testing. It would be a very useful thing to have to invite skepticism to others in a neutral way.

    • wylie1 says:

      You might could pick out parts of Corbettreport Fake News Awards to use.

      Here is link of a PCR test kit instruction document:

      Parts of that PCR Test Kit document Product Description:
      ….other diagnostic information is necessary to determine patient infection status. ….The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease. ….Negative results do not preclude SARS-CoV-2 infection and should not be used as the sole basis for patient management decisions. ….The U-TOPTM COVID-19 Detection Kit is only for use under the Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization.

      What this says to me (and similar from doctors as well as the test inventor some time ago; Corbettreport Fake News Awards may confirm that):
      This is a Lab culture [in vitro] testing tool. It is NOT for use in determining infection of a human. Hence the need for the Emergency Use Authorization, which should never have been authorized. That person at the FDA should be fired along with Fauci.
      If “other diagnostic information is necessary to determine patient infection status” then what good is the test itself, especially when “The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease.”
      And when “Negative results do not preclude SARS-CoV-2 infection and should not be used as the sole basis for patient management decisions” –it literally means: the PCR test means NOTHING regarding infection.
      The designation of Emergency Use Authorization in combination with everything else tells the story of the BS that has been foisted upon the public. No sequencing malarkey needed.
      Wish I could recall where but thought someone had a video showing printing on a RT-PCR Test kit box that read: Not intended for the determination of Covid 19 infection.
      — Not sure which manufacturer or if that was legit but wouldn’t surprise me if it was on that box to cover liability of the manufacturer.
      — A proper box of face masks has printing on the box, which I have seen, similar to: Not intended for the prevention of Covid 19. -or- Does not prevent Covid 19 infection.

      However, these facts have bounced right off people I know. Somehow they figure all that is bunk in favor of their govt pseudo guardians.

      People need to develop a decent line of questions akin to Larken Rose Candles in the Dark method. A friendly patient line of questions for those who only watch govt-media news, is likely necessary to get them to question anything they have already chosen to believe and give full preference to. A decent question is about the only thing that will get them to stop and think. Better info doesn’t seem to work for many of them.

      • flammable says:

        I and many others brought these things up and it is amazing the mental gymnastics used to counter real facts.

        People would say of course doctors and scientists would add their expert analysis and not only use PCR alone. Or they would bring up the natural degree of uncertainty and error while suggesting the PCR “test” is near 100% in accuracy. Does everyone know that all positive results are reported to health authorities who in turn present it as Covid-19 infections or death regardless of any patient’s medical data?

        And the masks. It’s clearly on the label of not preventing Covid-19. But of course there are those that say it is to protect against lawsuits from those who don’t wear it right. Yes that is true but only actual practicing medical workers are wearing it right.

        The mask has to be medically graded, which every mask but the ones hospitals use are not. It cannot be touched with bare hands or stretched which I always see people do. Masks have to be changed as soon as wet and most wear the same ones all day. Mask also need specific climate control with the right oxygen levels, humidity, and temperature so wearing mask in anywhere but the hospitals are useless. Even with all of those steps, they only help protect the wearer from infections, hypoxia, high CO2 levels, and strain on the heart and lungs.

        • wylie1 says:

          I definitely understand and share your frustration at those mental gymnasts who somehow can manage to twist their head mush to avoid seeing what there is to see.

          I’m guessing you meant the opposite in your last sentence
          — Since masks cause all those things.
          — According to the chart I saw, N95 material supposedly prevents 85% of particles down to 0.25micron, while Corona viruses are supposedly 0.08-0.14micron and exist mostly in the fine vapor, not the large droplets. The videos of people taking a drag of smoke or vape, put on various masks, and exhale, are quite telling regarding their effectiveness. Akin to a mosquito through a chain-link fence.

          Years ago having lost friends and now again alienating friends and relatives, simply by caring enough to send them some accurate info; which they consider bogus if differs from theirs.
          — They would have sought better information already if they had any doubts about their TV or major media sources.

          So a better approach is needed. As best I can surmise, Larken and Amanda Rose’ approach of asking a set of friendly questions is the way to go.
          — The harder part is developing those questions for the situation at hand, that won’t alienate folks.

          q1w – Do you think its a good idea to protect yourself from the Corona Virus and anything else that may be out there?
          a1 – Sure do!
          a1w – Yeah me too. (no I’m not your enemy)

          q2w – Do you think there is more than one way to do that?
          a2 – I don’t know, I’ve only heard of what were supposed to do.
          a2w – Yes I imagine everyone has heard those.

          q3w – What do you think you might find if you [frigin bothered to pull your head out]XX searched?
          a3 – I don’t know?
          a3w – [yeah I know]XX Ooookay,

          q4w – What if there was something better and easier, would you think it worth a look?
          a4a – No, I’m fine.
          a4w – {hit the red button which ejects them to the sun}
          a4b – Better and easier? Sure.
          a4w – There may be more but besides building up your immune system, we can use items which prevent and kill those viruses.
          a4c – What items?
          a4w – Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine+zinc, Vitamin D
          a4d – Didn’t Doctor Fauci say Hydroxychloroquine wasn’t tested?
          a4w – He did say that… even though he knew several doctors were having very good success with it, and the vaccines he was promoting would not have proper testing.

          • mkey says:

            Instead od “vaccine” refer to “experimental medical product”. You will be both acurate and possibly make them curious.

            Maybe we could setup a github repository where anyone involved could take part in developing a set of questions/answers in a colaborative effort.

            Ping me if interested.

            • wylie1 says:

              Yes, we all need to be reminded to stop calling it a vaccine…

              Toxcine raises my eyebrow since I’ve heard of several successful Experimental Procedures. I’m sure some would reject Toxcine and any message with it. Just like many wouldn’t even register ‘Experimental’ since they believe their govt guardians are making sure it is safe.

              Insufficiently tested Human Guinea Pig Injection?
              That ought to be clear enough for most…?
              Insufficiently Tested Injection?
              Human Guinea Pig Injection?
              Experimental Test Subject Injection?

              I’m for whatever works for the person saying it.

              Calling it as deployed: a Population Reduction Agent, probably would evoke the Conspiracy Theorist accusation to the max. Which would not be helpful.
              — mRNA chemistry was tested before on animals. When exposed to wild virus, it killed them. It [seems] this plan was tested in China. A number of them were vaccinated prior to their Corona Virus outbreak but not sure with what.

              I like your idea of having a place people can go to find a workable set of questions for various topics …and before that, a place to develop those questions.

              From my experience in working with volunteers against something directly impacting them, which had more ‘apparent’ motivation than this cause would generate, one needs a person/s willing to do most of the grunt work, organizing, web maintenance, or whatever it takes, that isn’t going to get ticked off because no one else is helping. That is not me. Having been that person more or less a couple times, I’ve grown to despise all the do nothings. Worse still, have come to a time, where I shouldn’t even be posting here until I get some things sorted and will likely curtail that for awhile.

              However, I would be happy to submit suggested questions, since I know some folks often have a hard time starting, and let people massacre them as is typical.

              I think I’ve heard of GitHub but know nothing of it. Do they suspend accounts if some passerby complains about the content? Would hate to see someone’s efforts go down the drain.

              Not sure what ping means, is this it?

              • mkey says:

                Yes, that’s it. I think github remains fairly neutral, but usually it’s used for code repositories. It’s fairly easy to use, a text file is created, users can add to it in a straight forward fashion, changes can be tracked, documents can be forked easily etc.

                You can find my email on the left here so when you open an account you can shoot me an email. I’m new to github things myself so I have to figure out how to add people to repositories. And I also have to setup a repository itself 😀

        • wylie1 says:

          Questions seem to be the only thing that makes them stop and think… Have to be friendly questions though.

  37. jpro says:

    I’m literally held captive in Australiad, so this provides at least some hope that one day I can fly home to Switzerland to see my family and friends there again (if and when the madness there subsides), or even fulfil my dream of travelling in South America and Canada.

  38. thoth52 says:

    Another very informative video.

    Ms Fitts does like the word ‘inalienable’ & used it very often. I’ve found it to be a very misunderstood word.

    It has no-thing whatsoever to do with the word ‘alien’ (i.e. foreigner) it actually means you cannot put a lien on something.

    On a different note: There was no “New World This Week” this past week. Will that be rectified soon?

    • Corbett says:

      I have some bad news. There was a New World Next Week this past week. If you didn’t see it, that means you didn’t earn your stripes! I trust you’ll be able to find it somehow, though…

  39. Dalesco says:

    This interview, translated into French:
    Translated into Spanish soon, at the same link.

    • mkey says:

      Probably worth uploading somewhere else, buddy. Thanks for your efforts.

      • Dalesco says:

        I know, but to upload it somewhere else with subtitles, I need to add the subtitles directly to the video. So I’ll do that later on.
        For now the video can be see in French and in Spanish, the latter probably still in need of a few minor corrections.
        In the meantime I’m forwarding the link to local alternative websites. I’d like to see Prof Cahill’s projects take shape.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Dalesco,
      The lady Corbett Report Member who goes by ManBearPig may be interested in that video.
      She has been living in France for years, and teaches English to those adults wanting to learn the language. While she recently departed France for milder ground to the south, she is sure to have French connections.

      There is a good bet that YouTube will eventually delete all of Corbett Report’s YouTube Channels in the future.
      It may be worth offering those translations on an alternative platform like LBRY or Bitchute.
      You could start your own channel.

      Professor Dolores Cahill is featured several times in this very recent dynamic video…
      ‘The New Normal’ Documentary
      (53:12 minutes)

      A download link is offered in the show notes.

      • Dalesco says:

        Thanks for mentioning that Corbett Report member, I’ll look into that.

        Regarding the other points, I’ve already addressed them in my reply to mkey.
        I’ll deal with this issue in time.


  40. julia.r says:

    Cahill appears to be a complete fraud. Canada has her under investigation. Both as a scientist and “freedom bringer” she is raking in member fees over her Fafta website, but nobody ever gets back to people on her FB page, for weeks now. This sounds similar to her freedom committee colleague, Dr. Rainer Fuellmich, a lawyer who claims to sue against the Corona measures in a large suit against German gov puppet Drosten, in Germany and America, via a lawsuit where he calls for people to participate, again with money. Never any results since at least 6 months. The nthird in the gang is German Doctor Schöning, who loves to appear in alt media, but again, never does anything. To me this gang is one of the worst in controlled opposition.
    Here is an example of what kind of patents Cahill runs “Innovative method for identifying clones with a desired biological property from a expression gene bank”

  41. Professor Dolores Cahill was correct to say on Influenza A and B was found and her is a testomy of evidence.

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