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Many people know all about the problems we are facing, but they have difficulty communicating those ideas to others. Are you one of those people? If so, this conversation is for you. Today, James talks to Benny Wills about Parrhesia, his course for helping others to learn how to unlock their voice and communicate their ideas boldly and effectively. (Hurry, the next season of Parrhesia starts in the next two weeks.)

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  1. cynthiapc says:

    I feel this conversation would make perfect sense in the world we used to live in…however, we aren’t there anymore. We are in 1984/Brave New insane World, and ‘givens’ are up for grabs. Does it make sense for instance to try to maintain superficial relationships with people who are supporting mandatory ‘vaccines’ just so we have a peaceful relationship when their position is supporting our demise? James has been VERY spot on in identifying that the biggest threat we face personally and as a species is ‘Transhumanism’. The evidence is overwhelming to support this fact. There are things we hold above friendship in this life, even with mates and siblings and that is ‘to thy own self be true’…this encapsulates our attention to our divine nature. Which is the large divine ‘I’ that is able to look at the small personality ‘i’ and reflect: “I can’t believe i just said that.” Transhumanism not only turns us into cyborgs but may in its software programs erase or ‘override’ our ability to choose good over evil. This is a fate worse than death…as NOTHING is more frightening than losing your soul. The bottom line is that communication these days to the Woke who are the ‘useful idiots’ of the globalists needs to be powerful and direct. Don’t fight them but rather be clear in your message: “I care about our relationship and would like it to survive but you aren’t paying attention and this is the single most serious situation humankind has faced. Leave me alone until and unless you consider watching the links I am sending you. NOT to watch them means you hold zero respect for me so there is zero basis for our relationship.” If they hear this enough… a powerful and direct message from every person who hasn’t swallowed the kool-aid they may reconsider. Still, the fact is… we are dealing with truly brainwashed people and so we may never be able to reach them.

    • Steve Smith says:

      I agree with much of what you wrote. While I haven’t gone so far as to ask people to leave me alone unless they consider the things I am trying to communicate seriously. I have been very blunt in telling people that unless they are willing to read/watch what I am using to try to get a point across then they are being closed minded and that I don’t really have any desire to continue serious conversation. And since there isn’t likely another person alive who despises superficialities and banal small talk as much as I do, that usually spells a cooling off of the relationship.
      Sometimes it is just very difficult to cut people from one’s life. A next door neighbor of mine for example is a loud, opinionated, lefty who I have never had a conversation with about anything important without him walking away angrily. Within a few weeks he will begin greeting me again and I respond accordingly. But I have learned that he is simply not capable of considering any concept that goes against his conditioning. So unless he comes to me and asks, I will never again try to get through to him.
      I also have a very difficult time restraining my passion. Which is constantly being interpreted as anger by those who don’t know me well. It is hard not to be passionate about the things that you feel are of crucial importance. Its hard not to be frustrated by the tendency that seems prevalent in most gatherings to avoid certain subjects. Hell, the subjects that most people want to avoid are the ones I want most to broach!

      My wife of 40 years is a odd case. While she agrees with me about most everything I would want her to agree with. When she is with family or friends she would not ever willing try to share. Her three sisters, every brother in law, her mom and all her/(our) friends have taken the jab. And without exception think she married a nutcase. Nevertheless, on the rare occasions when I am invited and are willing to socialize with them I am reassured that though they think I am wrong about everything. They still care about me very much and wish we could get together more often. They just can’t seem to grasp the concept that by disregarding my thoughts and ideas to such a degree that they won’t even take the time to check out the evidence that I provide that they are disrespecting me. And while I won’t cut them from my life. The end result is remarkably similar

      • cynthiapc says:

        Yes…for sure there are those relationships that ‘go on’ long after they ended. I was very close to my Woodstock brother for 50 years but once I figured out what was keeping me from embracing what I now call ‘hippie think’ (opposite of critical thinking in my view), we now can’t really discuss much but the weather as my world view has shifted so dramatically. Like you, all the conversations I wish to be having most people don’t wish to have…the ship is sinking and they just want to dance. I don’t think that polite conversation and more ‘listening’ of nauseating woke crazy talk nor combat is the answer when world views split in two as they have across the globe…I do think rather that ‘genius is our ultimate weapon’…however, when the globalist have been planning for 100 years and have all the money and their hands on all the levels of control, we appear to be losing. I love that James has shifted to solutions and I hope for the day that a few of those solutions are the magic bullet. My daydream is Molly in everyone’s drink at a Davos meeting and with doors locked show them a different world where they don’t hold all the power and control.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I enjoyed reading those paragraphs.
        I really understand this statement: “And since there isn’t likely another person alive who despises superficialities and banal small talk as much as I do, that usually spells a cooling off of the relationship.”

        I, too, prefer talking about ideas and facts of substance.
        Those people who tend to always be focused on shallow things are just not the type I like to hang with.

    • thezarbi says:

      Your comment resonates with my experience exactly. Over the years I have tried time and time again to inform my 3 sisters about vaccines etc and have been politely ignored. As a last straw one sister told me not to talk of such things again. Long story short, I have accused them of being Covid cult members after it was suggested I would love to be able to report (to someone in their imagination) that I had converted them. I have said that I want no further contact until they wake up. To be honest, I feel they have very little regard for my opinion and I actually want nothing more to do with them if they cannot consider anything other than the propaganda. There is too much at stake for humanity to pretend everything is fine.

      • cynthiapc says:

        “There is too much at stake for humanity to pretend everything is fine.”

        Exactly! We only need to look at the Civil War and the division that the issue of slavery created between families to understand the scope of what we now face. Transhumanism brought to us by these injections over time is the end of the human race…and for all of our short comings…this insane Human2.0 plan is an extinction event and ANYONE who refuses to look at what the evildoers are saying in their own words and in their documents prevent the resistance required to stop it.

  2. MagicBullet says:

    I usually focus on medical and other actual data. On vaccines, I just parrot the EuDra data base injury and death data. It’s almost impossible for anyone to argue with this.

    Next, is how to reply to “why would any one intentionally do this? I answer with “its just corruption, and I believe in large multinational corruption, don’t you?” This seems to bring people to inquire more for themselves.

  3. Torus says:

    Great pointers gentlemen. Thank you.
    Humility is absolutely key in communicating the ‘truth’ message. Presenting new ‘truth’ as an idea, a possibility, rather than ‘fact’ allows room for consideration and discussion instead of debate, like you said.
    For example, I have a friend who intuitively knows our world is amiss, but has a hard time believing that the control and destruction of humanity is the end goal. Each time we get together, I say, “Did you see this article or video about subject X? No? check it out, it blew my mind, I would love to hear your take on it”. So we look at it together and talk about what it might mean and how it connects with current events. (Importantly, she is willing to look, while not everyone is). Usually, she has an ‘ah-ha moment’ and we connect some dots, and occasionally, we see things differently. But the important thing is we are communicating and talking about subjects with meaning and depth.
    Starting a conversation with, “The WEF (insert acronym) and their cronies are trying to control and cull humanity!” is never effective. Nor is “You’ve been brainwashed by corporate media and the government is lying to you. Why can’t you see that?”
    You must spark some curiosity (being curious yourself) with a bit of evidence and be a guide on the path to discovery.
    Nobody goes from sheep to sovereign all at once. Like most things in life, it happens a step at a time. Be patient in guiding those willing to listen, and be a patient listener.
    And remember, some individuals will never accept reality, its scary and disorienting to go down these rabbit holes before self-empowerment and enlightenment finally overcome fear. For some, ignorance is bliss and they would rather just go along to get along. Because as we all know, once you’ve taken that pill, there is no going back.

  4. shelley11 says:

    Those times have long past – sadly typed.

    I live in Canada.

    • padraig says:

      agreed. the running hoards are loosed upon the land. i joked about witch burnings a year ago. i no longer do. it has become an actual, palpable, living fear zone. where the cult cowers in terror and anger as you walk by. and the minority quakes in anticipation of mandatory upgrades. fucking ugly. i think benny is great. i think his ideas are great. the overton window has closed here. doctors cant talk to each other. science is something you say.
      garden doing great tho…..


  5. westerncivic says:

    First, the solution the French are providing needs widespread understanding…

    Also, it’s far passed time to be polite. Find the highest center of status quo power you can and confront them directly with the biggest numbers of people possible.

    Every billionaire in the world is a legitimate target; as are physical surveillance apparatus.

  6. irose says:

    My Mantra of Now

    “All the life,
    of its form, classification or reputation,
    will respond to
    genuine interest,
    courtesy and
    good manners.”
    [A Kinship With All Life” J. Allen Boone, 1954]

  7. scpat says:

    Benny’s transition from conversation into the poem was smooth; at first I wasn’t sure when the poem began. His poem hit my emotions somewhere, I think it was because good relationships are especially necessary right now. We need to feel the humanity of others more than ever, and the bridge symbolizes that experience well.

  8. FlyingAxblade says:

    “Reach Out” by Stryper
    build bridges
    I’ve tried to tell Derrick Broze I got 40 acres with 20 ponds
    numerous times.
    I’m in NC.
    Key spot.
    So…I’ve tried to build this Freedom Bridge. <–song
    buriedaxblade on yt.
    you can see it.

    hello? North Carolina.


    I don't have a phone, I don't have a bank account. I'm not asking for support, just frens.

    swallowing pride, I helped.

    South Raleigh, NC

    get down here!

    Food Lion on 50 & 70 ask about the Rottweiler.

    I'm right here!

    "oh, where can I find people?"


    you got my dogs twice on your casts.

  9. FlyingAxblade says:

    That 2 ponds not 20.

  10. FlyingAxblade says:

    you can not see this from space.
    I’m old.
    smart maybe
    look all you want you can’t find us.
    tthhee llyyrriiccs
    build the rest of the bridge stupid…sorry

  11. Octium says:

    I was hoping he was going to say the solution is to tie people up to a chair in the basement and slap them in the face with a cold fish until they get it.

    Not saying that would be particularly effective but it would be extremely satisfying!

  12. arbuckle says:

    Both of you, Benny Wills and yourself, JC, are or were once “teachers”… I gave up that effort a long time ago, when I realized that one cannot teach anyone anything unless they have a desire to “learn”. So, I guess both of you already know the key.

    The world is as full of answers as there are people and opinions. the truth is subtly hidden in the details and separating the corn from the chaff is hard work for the learner. One can only guide people to ask themselves the right questions, and not be satisfied until they find the kernel. Inspire their serious determination to pursue their own quest for the truth in the information available, overcome the obstacles of their own conditioning on the way to find the right answer for themselves.

    In short, the truth is like the peak of a mountain. Why do people clime it (or not)? Because it’s there and they want to prove themselves to themselves, to get real. The difficulties, the obstacles, the paths they choose to overcome them, all are part of their own relative conditioning. They may stumble, they may fall, and sometimes can be helped, just by another question at the right time.

    A nagging question, even buried in the sub-conscious can penetrate through all the conditioning and propaganda and can be far more effective than all the answers in the world.

  13. Zzzap says:

    I didn’t realize how much i needed to hear this. thanks again James for putting up a space where I could see it including all the comment from your listeners. (Always a great source of information. Thanks to everyone for being here!)

    I have been the “conspiracy guy” in my circle of friends and family for close to two decades I have been very passionate and have no problem with my parrhesia, so much so that I believe people already knew exactly how I felt about this new Covid1984 as soon it happened,

    “oh Uncle frank, he’s just anti goverment.””

    Colors and gardens are all we can talk about here too. Except i live in the hell spot, Toronto . My 10′ x 5′ ft garden plot is a joke and just reminds me how little you can do on your own with little land .

    911 Truth that family refused to accept was more or less harmless if we did’ not agree.
    However, this situation (I’m reminded is only an opinion) now is much more serious because of the medical experiment being conducted on humanity.

    Benny’s relationship with his sister is unfortunatelty exactly the relationship i have with my wife.

    The covid1984 has brought a new wedge into the family and has driven my parrhesia to annoying levels!
    She still wants to get the jab. (I’ve lost to fear, statism, and a recent call to our family Dr. who is “surpirsed we havent” been injected. spewing the same “benefits outweigh” bS speech.

    I plead with her but in the end “her body her choice” argument is defaulted to and the conversation ends.

    So, i may lose her. what about my two sons?
    My 14 year old already has friends who have already received the jab and are fine. He would like to get back to normal. He will side with his mother, even if to just support her.

    I never wanted to post any defeat here, but i am grieving. I feel I may be losing my battle here.

    I’m trying to save my last 11 year old son from being genetically modified. I try to use the organic/GMO comparison now.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I’m sorry you are going through that. One of the issues with the “jab” is that it’s not the only one, it’s just the beginning of accepting modifications and experimental treatments. Have you looked into the “boosters” that they want to roll out. If people comply with this one “jab” will they comply with the next and the next and the next. What about long term side effects?

      I would try one last time to provide evidence that they aren’t safe. We don’t know it is really a GMO. I think the evidence indicates it’s not safe and things will never be “normal” again. Perhaps your family can hear that.

      I don’t think I could be in a relationship with someone who was supporting this and I think you are probably more enlightened that myself in that respect maintaining the ability to show compassion to what I consider to be collaborators. It’s similar to how people went along with the Nazis, turned on their neighbors. It’s ugly, the dark side of humanity, cowardice.

      I can be civil with people who are making this choice, but I cannot love them anymore and have distanced myself from those I used to love. In a way I see them as the enemy now. But then again, I have not directly confronted the agenda setters. So perhaps I am just as big of a coward as the people who are going along with this.

      • Zzzap says:

        Sleeping with the indoctrinated.

        Zombie apocolapyse is the best way i can describe it.

        Thank you.
        Yes, i have mentioned all those unknowns.
        What about viral shedding and the possibility of infecting the unvaccinated?

        (thanks for the posts HRS)

        I long ago abandoned the TV / movies / main stream to learn for myself how to play music etc. My other half never has left the TV.
        She has a stressful job in a large firm so constantly tells me the need to dumb down with harmless TV. She is a fitness buff and has no other vices.

        I always observed the difference in our opinions and thought it has a lot to do with how we spend our “downtime”

        This is my battle and I’m not giving up.
        I am amazed how fearful everyone has become. I try to empower them but I feel like the stockholm syndrome is real!!
        More often than not I’m getting responses like (not in any order):
        “all you do is harrass people”
        “you don’t know about my experiences”
        “you dont know everything”
        “you dont like people who don’t it see the same as you”

        “you only hear what you want to hear”
        “you dont know everything”
        “all you do is pick debates”
        “you’re not a professional”
        “you don’ know everything ”
        “thats all you ever say”
        “you’re always so serious”
        “lighten up & joke around a little”
        “you are not an expert”
        “what makes you think you know what is good for someone else”
        “you’re constantly harassing people”

        this was the last arguement i heard in a family debate:

        “i think you’re more upset because i dont agree with you. ”

        on the other hand,

        I have had moments where I get through to them. I believe getting them to ask questions works wonders. When i get a conversation moving in a progressive direction, they will respond with answers like,
        “I’m not disagreeing with you”,
        “these problems have always/will continue to existed”, and
        “well its just so depressing”

        and want to talk about something pleasant.

        • cu.h.j says:

          It is so depressing and seems so overwhelming and I understand those feelings a lot. They might not know how to stop it or believe it’s impossible and think it will be easier if they go along.

          I have found that sometimes listening to people and acknowledging their feelings is a good way to elicit trust and a willingness to consider my own thoughts and feelings. Perhaps if you explained how their responses made you feel they may be willing to change.

    • Steve Smith says:

      I wish that I could do more than just to tell you that I relate and empathize completely with your situation. But I really do.
      In 1980, my new wife was a conventional California blond chick with a father who worked for public television and grew up in the same house in the suburbs. I was a high school dropout with long hair that grew up in foster care and on boats with an alcoholic father.
      Funny thing love.
      Anyway, she hasn’t really changed much about her convictions. I don’t even know that she has them. She isn’t one to voluntarily engage in conversations deeper than what would be acceptable in a business environment. I haven’t really changed that much either. Still crazy after all these years.
      But on the 18th of this month we will have been together 40 years and I am glad of that.
      She became a “mate”. In both the matrimonial and the nautical way of thinking. She was willing, after initial reluctance to live on a boat. Then to sell it eight years later after almost giving up on the marriage, buying a smaller one and sail it away from our lives in California. She stuck with me through everything that I chose to do from raising all kinds of different animals to starting the business. She isn’t subservient except that she realized that there can only be one captain. Whether at sea aboard a boat and eventually even in the marriage itself. That’s not to say that it has ever been easy or even that it isn’t still challenging. But the hierarchy is long established and it is important.
      I guess I’m just trying to encourage you to give up without a fight. I’m glad I didn’t and so is Jen. And even though I am sure that still thinks that I’m a bit crazy. I know that she will never take the jab. She trusts me. And at this stage of life its not good for a person to be alone especially as the world seems to be self destructing around us.

      “ My 10′ x 5′ ft garden plot is a joke and just reminds me how little you can do on your own with little land .”
      Please don’t give up on that either! Can you put in Grow Towers or something?

      • J. P. says:

        “She trusts me.” This is worth gold and a tribute to your love.

        I suspect your wife is responding to your behaviour, your example, rather than to your persuasive arguments. So what you believe matters more to her than anything others do or say.

        Thanks for sharing.

      • Zzzap says:

        Thanks for your responses Steve and cu.h.j, really meant a lot.

        Best comment section .

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I feel ya. Especially since you are in Toronto.
      I can’t say much more ‘cuz you already know, including:
      This is a Heading
      This is a paragraph

    • yellowie says:

      Dear Zzzapp,
      My 2 cents. Data doesn’t work as well as personal stories or humour (I work in the data department at a large hospital).
      We got our letters from admin giving us the link for appointment times ect. for the jab… presented like an order. I deleted mine. I spoke to 3 co-workers in the department. I told them about my experience with Moderna. Two of my 3 boys have a rare genetic disorder that involves only one gene. Moderna was (is still?) working on it for a number of years. They described it as a “genetic” solution. Yep mRNA, I think they even used the same pictures for their campaign since the technology is the same. Since it was mRNA, you would need to take a new formulation via injection every couple of years. Cost projection $250,000 per injection. US dollars, we live in Canada. That price, believe it or not, is cheaper than the drugs that they are on now. This was in 2018. To my knowledge they were never able to develop anything that worked for their illness. Anyway, my point is that it wasn’t a “vaccination” then and it isn’t one now. My sister’s next-door neighbor got her shot and is now paralyzed in all 4 limbs. She can’t walk or eat herself. She sees a neurologist 6 hours away and the first question he asked her was “did you get the vaccine?” I ask other folks if they know of anybody that died of COVID and the answer is usually no. I also share our hospital stats: MDs 34% no jab, other hospital workers 33% no jab, research arm 42% no jab. These stats have not changed in months despite the number of “letters” and appointments they keep setting up for us. What I can’t figure out is the number of people that get calls from their family MDs. Do they get paid for this? I can barely get an appointment, yet my MD sent me two emails. Same with a lot of other folks.
      Your children: Jon Stewart was on Steven Colbert. Sorry a youtube link, and it is pretty funny and gets the message across better than any peer reviewed stuff.
      My middle child is still a student in his victory lab and I remind him that he is in the resistance. Would this work for your children? Like Lord of the Rings… some of that stuff? My youngest just finished high school and the propaganda from the school has been relentless. I was actually glad when there was a lock down so that they couldn’t get their hands on him. He wants to go to school out of town in the fall, but here I can keep an eye on him.
      Last point: I wasn’t getting along with my oldest son, so for my own sanity I saw a psychologist for about 6 sessions. It made a world of difference with setting some boundaries for behaviour. I hope things work out.

    • suzy64 says:

      I totally understand your painful situation. It is much easier to stay “cool” when having discourse with friends and family, or other associates…but when it is a spouse, or adult child….and they are even considering getting the jab …or worse yet…poisoning your grandchildren…. it is so hard to hold back. My daughter’s tolerance for conversation on anything COVID related is just plain zero. I have had to stick to that or risk losing the ability to even see my grand children. All I can do is show love and hope now because I know she has heard the information.

  14. Ayyub says:

    I think the biggest problem is that people aren’t really interested in truth.
    Searching for truth requires a lot of time and work.
    So, if truth isn’t useful for them they won’t search for it.
    Plus, it’s so comfortable to be conformist.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Nice comment.
      Your statement hit a button with me.

      I’ve found that many folks do not have a strong curiosity nor interest in matters of substance.

      In my opinion, “curiosity or being interested” can be a barometer of one’s “aliveness”.
      Rocks are not interested in anything.

  15. J. P. says:

    The current situation is unprecedented. It’s like dealing with new wacky cult that overnight has recruited virtually everyone as an enthusiastic member.

    In the old days dealing with a brainwashed person was very difficult. But at least that person was in a small minority and there was the unspoken reassurance offered by being in the majority.

    I am inclined to think that the best chance of changing someone else’s mind is through one’s presence or example, rather than arguments or evidence. I hope that’s true but I’m not so sure.

    I die a little inside every time a good friend or close relative tells me (without any prompting from me usually) that they have been “jabbed”. Most likely they already knew my position before they went ahead. But clearly that made no difference to their decision.

    Still, I am not an evangelist so I can’t see myself every trying to persuade someone, at least not another adult, to avoid being sucked into what I believe to be the greatest deception ever carried in the recorded history of our species.

    • Octium says:

      It’s been a tough year for sure, likewise I’m not going to try and persuade friends, just give them some information and if they choose to ignore it, I’m not going to bury the dead, just push them to the side of the path and let the wildlife nibble away at them.

  16. laurab says:

    Hi Everyone,
    I was just shopping at one of our large grocery stores here in Arizona, while I was shopping it went blackout. Surprisingly everyone remained calm, it seemed to me that the workers were prepared. Like it was some kind of drill. All register’s went down. The self checkout was available with cash only. It just got way real! Be safe all.

  17. bleak says:

    All great music is born from burning souls with “hearts of flesh.” It comes from their Mind, their Heart, their GUT. If it doesn’t come from these, it’s a “holly wood” movie, a sports event, a trip to Disney Land.

    The Musician, having caught a glimpse of light (and darkness) behind the veil, wants others to Hear and Remember. The Musician presents their creations to the Others in this Language, not for fame and fortune, but because the Musician is on Fire.

    “I have come to bring fire on the earth, and how I wish it were already kindled!” ~Luke 12:49

    Maybe this Music appeals to the Others. The Others with “hearts of flesh” Hear and Remember. The Others with “hearts of stone” latch on to block their pain. To slip further into Forgetfulness.

    “He’s the one who likes all our pretty songs
    And he likes to sing along and he likes to shoot his gun
    But he don’t know not what it means”

    I hope others reading this get the point of my rattling which is there is no point in talking to people who are unable to hear what they’re saying. There is no point to trying to slip it in sideways which seems to be the “solution” in this podcast. I can’t sugarcoat it, psychologize it, pretend it’s something other than what it is. Doing otherwise means I don’t own it.

    Tell it to them straight from the heart in your own words.

    Anything less is a trip to Disney Land aka a waste of time.

    • Fact Checker says:

      The Musician, having caught a glimpse of light (and darkness) behind the veil, wants others to Hear and Remember. The Musician presents their creations to the Others in this Language, not for fame and fortune, but because the Musician is on Fire.

      Wow is this a quote? Remarkable. Beautiful.

      There is no point to trying to slip it in sideways which seems to be the “solution” in this podcast. I can’t sugarcoat it, psychologize it, pretend it’s something other than what it is. Doing otherwise means I don’t own it.

      You have no idea how much I agree with this. This whole, Take my class to learn how to seem genuine, thing is…not compelling me. It’s exactly like music, just as you say. If the audience ain’t feeling it in real-time, there is really no shared experience happening there. And I cannot escape the conviction that we have VERY little time left to express our Truth, in all its fury and agony. It’s too late to waste our songs on critics.

      • bleak says:

        Not a quote, that’s me 🙂 Thanks. Coming from you, the better writer, that is a real compliment.

        No, not a lot of time left. And trying to outfox the foxes has gotten real old.

        I’ve been searching for just one person in my locale who really sees this shit for what it is (like those here on CR). Talking with neighbors, strangers, clerks/cashiers (Traitor Joe’s “banned” me), posting on several different local forums (including “musicians”)… anyone… can’t find a single person who really gets it. Closest was a “Q” diehard. I think she’s still waiting.

        Although I have been confrontational to these freaking morons who put masks on infants and call themselves “parents”, my general approach is not confrontational; just simply asking the question “what do you think about…?”

        Which brings me to the question; ever wonder why the UK has been out en masse to protest? Germany also? And as for the US? Nothing. Dead in the water. They might as well be dead. Obviously I’m not counting the so-called “BLM” etc psyop distractions but really, what the HELL? Why is the US unable to get it on?

        9/11. What other government has attacked it’s own country with such moral and psychological devastation and resultant sweeping consequences? We were literally thrust unto a different timeline… a parallel universe even, in a matter of hours.

        In their words ie “science”, trauma-induced PTSD made people ultra sensitive, more manipulatable and hypnotized than ever before. That’s one way of looking at it.

        Here’s another way of looking at it. 9/11 was a dark occult black magick ritual. Of this I am sure. See Mark Passio at whatonearthishappening dot com (Find “9/11” in his Videos and Podcasts, esp podcast #69). He came out of a faction of their dark occult world (the LaVeyan church of satan) and broke it down to the point of incredulousness ie refutation is impossible, at least from me.

        Whichever way it’s approached, I believe 9/11 was the catalyst that put the US past the point of no return. This may seem obvious to some but is it really? I don’t hear anyone saying this. Could it be the root of apathy and disaffection in the US? How can people be deprogrammed from the “covid” hoax, not to mention transhumanism, when they can’t get past 9/11?

        That’s just for starters on things rarely talked about.

        • cu.h.j says:

          There were small anti lockdown protests in the middle of 2019 in many places but the election was a distraction. In many “red” states they didn’t have much restrictions at all and there were the distractions of the riots and election.

          A lot of the “vaccine “ mandates is de facto happening in the private sector. In cities that are mostly progressive areas have adopted the narrative and are going along with everything.

          I don’t understand it though. They seem happy to go along with it. It’s bizarre because it has been life altering for me and I have never been so depressed in my lifetime.

        • Fact Checker says:

          “Not a quote, that’s me”
          Well, it’s GOING to be a quote! If I decide to use that passage as an introduction to some piece of writing or other, do you have a nom de plume you would prefer for the attribution? (That is, other than “bleak” or “bleak of the Corbettariat”.)

          As to the lack of demonstrations in the US…it’s kinda puzzling, but not surprising (if that makes sense). The country is more spread out. The news blacks out what does happen, so we might not even know about stuff. And then, if there are protesters, they’re pretty likely find themselves arrested as “Jan. 6 Insurrectionists against the Constitution!” It’s a combination of things.

          …and YES, peculiar hypnotism is one of them! 9ll was undoubtedly an unparalleled exercise in mass hypnosis. The masterfully-controlled disappearance of those dual towers was a semiotic pageant, representing the entry of the Masses through the Gates of Hell. The teeming ‘Merkin mob of enthralled peasants have been living their lives in an artificial hellscape ever since. People’s souls are so corrupted, that even the ones who fancy themselves “awake” lapse into a trance at the trigger-word Trump! They will be railing against the vaccines, but say “Trump” and they’ll say, “Operation Warp Speed was good because it removed the regulatory barriers that the democrats would have used to hold up our deliverance from the pandemic.” It’s nuts! It’s all hypnosis.

          • Zzzap says:

            I agree with you on the psychological aftermath of 9/11.
            What’s also disheartening, was watching how the MSM manipulated the herd with such crazy BS stories. I could not believe that the story of “hijacker passports found amidst all the rubble “would work.

            Silly me. So, it’s a little more urine and salt on the wound when you hear stories of Delta variants being promoted.

            Reminds me of a @ZubyMusic tweet I saw:
            “It’s wild that millions of people now believe you can transmit a virus that you do not have to people who are immune to it.”

            Same exact playbook. Bulldoze and ignore the truth, don’t give it any legitimacy by letting it into the normal lexicon. Ostracize it completely.

            Which I guess fuels my fire more. I cannot let the BS pass. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”
            Which I guess is why we all communicate.

            Another Worldwide freedom rally happens on July 24. Major cities around the world unite on the same day. They have been getting bigger here in T.O as well. Absolutely no MSM coverage.

            I boldly walk around mask less in the city. I’ve yelled at my mother for bragging to me about wearing two masks because it made her ‘feel better’. Her example makes it difficult for children to understand masks on faces are not normal!
            I am horrified at parents masking their small children. I have asked parents if “it’s necessary for children to be masked?” but even now that is becoming more dangerous. Parents don’t want to be corrected by strangers. I can’t stop myself if I see it. Now I don’t go out as much anymore, but that eats away at me too. Who will stand up for those small children?

            I too have yet to find any real like-minded folk. The only one other parent in my community who was on board with all the “conspiracy stuff” turned out to get the jab anyway. Heart braking!

            HRS – Ha, I see what you did there. Who exactly are you?

          • ” …and YES, peculiar hypnotism is one of them! 9ll was undoubtedly an unparalleled exercise in mass hypnosis. The masterfully-controlled disappearance of those dual towers… ”

            It was certainly unparalleled in 2001.

            However in my estimation Covid-19 has far surpassed it in this respect, whether you are talking about ‘mericans or the world populace.

            • Fact Checker says:

              No quibbles here!

              9ll was driven by an iconic, demonic set of images that acted as triggers, to cause the TeeVee zombie masses to lapse into a post-traumatic state, on command. (News reporter says, “The White House today said that the U.S. cannot afford to take a chance that Saddam Hussein will voluntarily relinquish his weapons of mass destruction [cut to smoke billowing from towers]….” The viewer is psychically transported back to that state of terror and uncertainty of when the visual of the billowing towers was first imprinted on his mind.)

              With the bolognavirus, they’ve achieved a similar effect without the need for visuals! Just the simple code-word (which I try never to type, so as to avoid dignifying it) acts as a sufficient trigger to put the TeeVee-heads in command-control mode, since it is psychologically embedded with a sprawling synthetic semiotic web of terrorizing myths and Frankensteinian incantations. (Batsoupmechanicalventilationasymptomaticcarriersplaguemasksmutantvariantgainoffuctionbioweaponcapsidplasmidcytokinestormdiseasedeath)

              The Intelligence capable of this inescapable hypnotic sway is just getting better and better at what it does, so of course each new major stunt is going to top the previous.

        • kirksey says:

          thanks for the link to website, never heard of it before. I am very interested in the occult symbolism of these false flag events. Listening to the podcast episode now, thanks!

          • bleak says:

            Great, I’d like to hear what you think.

            Lots more on Passio’s site and that is just an understatement.

            You may be surprised who you find on his onegreatworknetwork dot com site as well.

            • Fact Checker says:

              Wow, the atrocious music bumpers are so punishing, I would never be able to listen again.

              Also, this Passio guy spent about 25 minutes introducing the topic of the show, without a single scrap of content. Just introducing and introducing and introducing.

              Lost interest and gave up. (My ears still ring from the gawdawful music bumpers.)

              • bleak says:

                So you listened for about 25 minutes and gave up. He was well into the topic long before 25 minutes so I don’t understand. There’s some recap and some lecture announcements. So what??? Did you even look at the slides??? Try muting??? LAMO excuses.

                This is episode #69, right? It will be exactly four years old in six days.

                Don’t “kill the messenger” before you hear the message. Or do I’m tired of trying.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Well, I started #69, which after 15 minutes turned into a thing about Numerology, which I’m not interested in whatsoever. (You can make a “33” out of any combination of numbers, it turns out.) But then he said in #67 he talked about Symbology, which I am much more interested in. So I started that one…and had to endure the music intro and bumpers all over again. Then about 15 minutes in, he hadn’t discussed Symbology at all, but was just sort of riffing off the cuff about occultic psychological tactics, without any real references or back-up. Just sort of riffing on the Hegelian dialectic, which I’m plenty educated on.

                A lot of the psychological tactics he was describing are much better accounted for in terms of neuroscience and evolutionary psychology than by “Magick” and “Sorcery,” both of which he seems to take quite seriously and literally. Not my cup of tea. I probably, though, would have listened to at least one episode all the way through, if not for the “music.” Truly punitive. Merciless.

                EDIT: O yes, I looked at the slides and they were very crude and uninteresting.

              • bleak says:

                My bad, it will be TEN years old in six days.

                Woo HOO Happy Anniversary Passio podcast #69

                1+9=10, 1+0=1
                2+9=11, 1+1=2
                3+9=12, 1+2=3
                4+9=13, 1+3=4
                5+9=14, 1+4=5
                6+9=15, 1+5=6
                7+9=16, 1+6=7
                8+9=17, 1+9=8
                9+9=18, 1+8=9
                10+9=19, 1+9=10
                11+9=20, 1+1=2, 2+9=11

                “Flight” Numbers


                Only ‘tip of iceberg’

                And just a coincidence. Nothing to see here, move along.

              • Fact Checker says:


                More like random gibberish.

                3 + 5 + 6 = 14? So the fuck what?

              • bleak says:

                It’s not “numerology,” it’s gematria.

                “You can make a “33” out of any combination of numbers, it turns out.”

                Show me how that works. It’s not possible.

                The slides are not “crude”, they’re well done and serve their purpose except they’re almost meaningless (unless you “see” numbers or something) without explanation.

                Passio did a show every week or so for years. He always said “start with podcast #1” and jumping in will confuse some people. Yeah, he was right about that too.

                9/11 was a black magick “rite of manifestation”. Their “will” imposed on our collective will. Psychology ie “science” doesn’t even come close. Which is why IGNORANCE of the occult or what is hidden from plain sight (and esp the DARK occult) has led us to this point in time. That and war on the teaching of Jesus (esp the censored parts) which is full out now.

                But I can’t force anyone. So be it. Let it come down. Hey great band Spiritualized so let’s talk about music and trade gootube videos instead. Or speculate on “Dr XYZ” whether or not he’s a plant etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc. So many links… that lead nowhere in the end.

  18. SpaceSoup says:

    My #1 video so far. Most viewers already have somewhat unlocked minds, of which did not unlock themselves in a vacuum of their own thoughts. Seeds are often sown from humble figures we respect. My brother barraged me with reality-shattering red pills for years, mostly ineffective (he can be quite the intellectual-masochistic). As the younger brother, I also felt a teacher-student dichotomy, so my ego repelled the information. The ego barrier goes both ways.

    I did later develop a close relationship with some new friends I used to jam with. One planted the ‘century of enslavement’ seed, which germinated into a complete reality recalibration period for me. I was open to shattering the fabric of my reality, as it was communicated effectively from a person I respect. Although I didn’t buy the climate stuff at first, I was at least receptive to entertain such a conversation. Possibly as conversations were natural in progression. The same information was repelled when my brother sporadically forced it upon me.

    I also really liked the emphasis on how most people hearts are in the right place. We have more empathy when we understand that their good nature is just being manipulated. Keeping our heads open and limiting division goes both ways too. I understand the convenience of saying ‘normie’ or ‘NPC’ to describe those spellbound/hypnotised. But having empathy for these people is so crucial, especially when conversations get political. Just curiously and calmly question why they think such things, even the most obviously programmed baloney. Just say you haven’t heard it, get them to explain. Creating a dialogue driven towards internal rationalisation is sort of the only way to rip off emotional blankets that cloud judgement.

    Unlocking a mind ultimately comes from within. Not everyone has the privilege of being handed a key in a receptive manner, which furthers a desire to unlock more truths. Many of us wouldn’t return to this site if an initial link wasn’t recommended by someone we respect. Perhaps we’d still be in normie-land, continuously false-flag freaking the fuck out. I know many conventionally intelligent people who unfortunately trust authority too much…Perhaps they would be here too, given their social circumstance was different. I honestly think most of us are just lucky. Stay humble.

  19. hugo.c says:

    yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

    (Puts hand up as one who has “gone in all guns blazing” and recognized the stupidity of this tactic).

  20. nosoapradio says:

    This evening my favorite conclusion is that…

    the enormity and grave import of “our message”, that message that the best of us in our best of moments hopes to communicate to people who fundamentally trust authority, a message we seek to communicate not for our own gratification but in a genuine effort to make someone see the colossal inconsistency between what we’re told by authorities (that exploding kerosene can pulverize 110 stories of steel beams and girders that proceed to collapse with impeccable verticality into a confined space without damaging surrounding property or more recently that there is total innocuity, nay, the utter moral imperative of testing brand new mRNA tech with unprecedented urgency, on every man, woman, child, baby and foetus possible for a disease that kills almost exclusively old and otherwise seriously afflicted people; and simple common sense.

    The profoundly dark implications that necessarily emerge when we ask people to entertain the incongruity of such mainstream propositions with elementary logic and reason

    are such that we are effectively asking people to consider a fundamental shift in their very identity, their personality, the givens, the defacto assumptions and perception apparatus that constitute the bedrock for measuring reality, truth and the nature of the universe itself.

    It’s unrealistic to just casually convince someone to diametrically change their fundamental personality, their identity, who they are as reflected back at them by nothing less than their own vision of the reality within which their self image is sculpted.

    Indeed, it’s especially unrealistic to demand such a psychological paradigm shift when it implies looking the most terrifying beast they could ever imagine square in the eyes and admitting its existence.

    There is the further complication that… most people will not admit the possibility of the beast’s existence

    because they don’t want to imagine that they themselves might have tendencies towards similar self-serving cynicism.

    I’m not saying we’re all capable of the horrors we’ve seen enacted by TPTSB

    but admitting the existence of such darkness involves reassessing how we might have inadvertently assisted such ignominy

    and thus brings on a reappraisal of the virginal rightousness of our own behavior and persona.

    Too understandably tiring, painful, humiliating, difficult for most harried and otherwise busy people just trying to eek out a reasonably pleasant existence.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Very astute points about how shattering this realization can be. It’s very much like the Matrix, when Neo finds out he was living in a pod hooked into a VR Matrix. Not everyone has the psychological capacity to adjust to the situation at hand and prefer to live in a fantasy.

      You mention identity and that’s really important because it’s been used in the cultural marxism phenomenon (post-modernism) crap that’s being taught in most universities in the US. Everyone takes a class outside their major and you’ll get a very passionate argument for identity politics and the official narrative about injustice (there’s some truth, but also some lies) and this is very appealing, youth identify with it. But look at how the cultural marxists are going along with all of the Biden/build back better/WEF stuff. I’m getting away from the point.

      What I mean is that identity and values are shaped early on and any disruption to that will cause some psychological trauma. There are people who can’t admit that they have been wrong their whole life or others that know that if they look at the information would require engaging in the world differently and they aren’t ready to do so.

      Nevertheless, no one said that living life was without pain and suffering. We are at a crossroads and people who go along and support this stuff are going to suffer a worse fate than having to adjust their psyche. So, while I agree with you completely and have empathy for people in this situation, part of me says too bad, they have to suck it up and deal.

      When I was a student in college, we didn’t have safe spaces. Aside from some of the post-modernism indoctrination stuff I learned, I also took some really good classes and there were a lot of people who had opinions much different than my own. So, I think I was able to deal with being wrong and learn things that oppose how I might identify in the moment.

      • nosoapradio says:

        So, while I agree with you completely and have empathy for people in this situation, part of me says too bad, they have to suck it up and deal.

        I’m not saying they shouldn’t “suck it up and deal”, I’m just saying they can’t.

        In my book, it’s not possible.

        It’s just not something that can be starkly presented to you that you can just suck up and deal with.

        The realization has to come from them.

        Thus, it must be presented in a pretty crafty, seemingly accidental if not off-hand way that makes it possible for the person to one day go back and autonomously reconsider things when they’re ready…

        If you want someone to really consider this stuff, as indicated in the video, the seed of doubt must be planted in a way that is utterly detached from any personal “I-told-you-so” ego gratification or anger. Otherwise its just a self-affirming exercise or rant. Believe me, I learned this the really hard way.

        Because anything at all oppositional or “owned” will make the message utterly inadmissable by the person’s own ego, emotions, the whole shebang and worse even, as a sort of innoculation effect, will only serve to strengthen pre-existing ideas to the contrary making any eventual epiphany all the more unlikely.

        I thought that Wills’ idea of playing on a person’s sense of victimhood was pretty clever and possibly effective.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I didn’t think that there may be people that just can’t see it at all not just resistant to change (I have been in that place). But to not be able to see it or look at it at all isn’t something I considered. I guess those psychological coping mechanisms can be very rigid. Like when you get a back spasm and can’t move. Or like a psychotic person who hears voices. Those mechanisms are probably like that.

          Comedy is another way like how some of JCs videos are funny.

          You’re right in your conclusions. Some people just can’t hear the information so we have to be creative in the delivery.

          • nosoapradio says:

            So rereading our above exchange in the light of refreshingly sunny and caffeinated morning

            I see that you made a couple of interesting points that I was too wiped to recognize late last night:

            namely that some people just aren’t psychologically equipped to deal with the fairly demonstrable reality of deliberate mass murder by “governments” for secret agendas,


            your excellent point about the “identity politics” phenomenon that seems, from where I’m sitting, to be a concerted effort to amplify people’s tendency to think solely with their “emotions” and “how they feel” about various topics, devoid of any actual analysis of facts which would require effort.

            Of course, all of today’s emphasis on emotions-based identity politics keeps people more divided than ever but also makes it impossible to speak to reason which is indispensable when attempting to apprehend the material meticulously explained on this website which I essentially summarized in my comments above as being the colossal discrepency between “the official version” and basic common sense when viewing (evidently engineered) crises such as 9/11 and Covid.

            Anyhow, to illustrate where I’m coming from (a personally gratifying exercise) I could very generally contrast two types of “audiences” that I’ve encountered these past 13 years since I took the time to better understand 9/11 and consequently reinterpret all of human history:

            The first very broad profile was my university students, whose general political tendencies leaned mostly from the “extreme left-wing” to the moderate “right” (a left-leaning university in general though one of its claims to fame was, once upon a time, having a teacher named “Robert Faurisson”, today remembered solely for being a notoriously convicted holocaust denier who wrote criminally dangerous blasphemy. But as a general population these kids were more inclined to consider “conspiracy theories”. I suppose this is because post-adolescent kids are inherently still more “anti-establishment” than so-called adults. Also, I was the authority figure in that scenario so this mostly played in my favor.

            And the second broad group of people I attempted to communicate my earth-shattering “findings” to was my closest friends, family and also business students who were almost completely hermetic to anything that even vaguely resembled “conspiracy theory” and were merciless towards anyone attempting to seriously communicate such uncouthly disruptive ideas.

            This latter group with a penchant for e-cigarettes is patently incapable of seeing anything even mildly odd about the way the buildings fell on 9/11 or in the absolute necessity of vaccinating the entire planet as speedily as possible using an entirely new and untested technology.

            And the crazy thing, the obvious cognitive dissonence herein, is that these people may be (but mostly aren’t) inexplicably reluctant to rush to a clinic to be vaccinated themselves but will in no way go so far as to question the incongruity of this purported necessity as explained by the “authorities” and mass media.

            • nosoapradio says:

              oops… speaking of dissonence… that misplaced “e” (in what should be “dissonance”) is hurting my eyes…

            • Fact Checker says:

              “my closest friends, family …were almost completely hermetic to anything that even vaguely resembled ‘conspiracy theory’”

              You’re never a prophet in your own home town.

              • Steve Smith says:

                Good to see that you find wisdom in the book at least.

                “ A prophet is not without honor, save in his own country”

              • Fact Checker says:


                I don’t deny many pearls of folk wisdom scattered throughout the tome.
                Unfortunately, the King James phrasing often buries that wisdom in twisty double-negatives, like in what you quote! If I hadn’t heard it put in layman’s terms first, I wouldn’t know WTF the quotation you cite meant!

                I think old KJ’s clerics deliberately rendered the text obtuse, to maintain their interpretive privilege. (Way off topic!)

            • bleak says:

              “…criminally dangerous blasphemy.”

              Lemme guess. You’re a “Christian” Zionist.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Maybe I’m wrong but I took nosoap to be ironic with that bit, referring to how “normies” view WWII revisionism. But I did register the lack of clarity when I read it too.

              • pearl says:

                😯 I’m guessing you’ve not read much of nosoapradio/manbearpig’s years of valuable insight shared here, have you?

              • bleak says:

                FC: Could be but nosoapradio neglected to put it in quotations which were “liberally” used in his comment.

                RE KJV: for all it’s twistiness, the 1610 KJV held remnants of clarity ie “Keys to the Kingdom” that were later meticulously steered toward Zionist-centric versions that came after it. See one Cyrus Scofield.

                israelpalestinenews dot org / the-scofield-bible-the-book-that-made-zionists-of-americas-evangelical-christians/ (sorry, I’m not waiting for moderator approval)

                If you want Authenticity, try the very first Christian Bible, Marcion’s. It didn’t contain the OT.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                nosoapradio isn’t discussing Zionism nor Christianity.
                She is discussing sets of people, and communicating to them.

                If anyone has first-hand experience of face-to-face communication (in different languages “to boot”), it would be nosoapradio.
                She has been exposed to countless numbers of people in her diverse classrooms & life interactions, people of all age levels and backgrounds.

                Her comments on these boards go back years, well before my time here.

                Anyway, Bleak, I think that it is best to look at the intent of the entire dialogue by nosoapradio, which is a discussion about communicating. She is not discussing religion nor even the holocaust.

              • nosoapradio says:

                Well, bleak, I really must thank you!

                Your terse reply was most gratifying in various ways.

                First, the reductionist and rather agressive tone that did not appear to solicit any sort of genuine exchange or understanding nevertheless offered a prime example of the type of remarks generated by emotions-based identity politics.

                Secondly, it underscored how devastatingly vital the rigorous use of punctuation is.

                Thirdly, it triggered a most unexpected and heart-warming display of confidence from three other distinguished Corbetteers that has lit up my somewhat solitary Saturday evening with a convivial glow.

                And last but not least, it has offered a fabulous pretext for revisiting what was once almost a tradition of posting Saturday night tunes!


                So thanks bleak!


              • pearl says:

                Love you, nosoapradio!

                My Saturday night contribution:


              • bleak says:

                “Anyway, Bleak, I think that it is best to look at the intent of the entire dialogue by nosoapradio, which is a discussion about communicating. She is not discussing religion nor even the holocaust.”

                Well, yeah, she is discussing religion and the holocaust. It’s right there in B&W. Hello? Psychology is a religion as well as academia, medicine, transhumanism, even atheism. This isn’t solipsism or word play on my part; it’s inherent in the definition of the word. Relegare (latin) means to control, regulate, relegate. Religions are control systems. Therefore “blasphemy” which is inherently from the religious domain was used to call out Faurisson. Faurisson’s claims do have a certain plausibility given that history is malleable by those teaching in academia (apparently nosoap is part of that) and a few other groups. So, you see, my comment was pertinent to her comment and it’s irrelevant how long she’s been on CR or anything else.

                In this time when we’re supposedly required to worship Jews, even slight deviations are considered “anti-semitic”. As someone who’s acutely aware of the plight of the indigenous peoples of Palestine (including Muslims, Christians and real Jews like the Bedouins and Hassidism), my “holy crap that’s Zionism” meter is calibrated at 11 and goes up from there. Real Semites like the Palestinians (Arabs are Semites by definition look it up) live in a hell about 12 levels worse than most people on earth and no. one. wants. to. know.

                People have no idea how deeply imbedded Israeli and American Zionists are and have been since the late 19th early 20th centuries. Long before the WEF, CFR, Rockefeller Foundation etc etc, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was written. It’s an authentic document stored at the British Museum and dated August 10, 1906. Read it. See how that works for ya.

                “Anyway” “HomeRemedySupply”, you seem to have this propensity (an obsession even), to attempt to redirect my comments thereby controlling my discourse on CR to kind of a PC “anti-bleak” sentiment. This is not my projection. It goes back to my comment regarding “agorism” when I refuted that as a real solution. I believe you called me a “little bitch” for saying agorism is not a solution. To run, hide, selfishly stockpile for yourself and associates, all others be damned is indeed not a solution IMO and I stand by that. In case you still haven’t realized, there is literally “no place to run; no place to hide” left on earth. “Anyway,” that’s all in the past. You seem to have overcome your outright hostility toward me and replaced that with sappy patronization. Congratulations, that is progress for you.

                BTW and FYI, I’ve been listening, commenting on and sharing Corbett reports with others since around 2010 which may be longer than nosoap, you and many others. I stopped commenting when membership became a requirement (no blame on James, it’s a good model). Until recently.

              • pearl says:

                C’mon, Bleak. You stepped in it bigtime. HRS could dig up the links to various threads where manbearpig/nosoapradio has portrayed the very opposite of your “christian zionist” accusation. In fact, I was the zionist who was enlightened by her! Just stop. You’re making a fool of yourself.

              • bleak says:

                “Well, bleak, I really must thank you!”

                You are most welcome but the gratification is all mine.

                You say ‘thank you’ but are you really grateful for my comment? The only reason I’m asking is because I sense more than a little butthurt in your last comment.

                It wasn’t my intention to start a “conversation” with you. Hint: I’m not very impressed with academics 😉 Most of them… not all but most of you sound like you’re speaking/writing for ego gratification, as if they/you are more important than the content you’re presenting. That’s been my impression for the longest time and you seem to reinforce it. That and regurgitating whatever is floating around the water cooler and using many more words than necessary.

                Yes, punctuation can be used like a knife. So what? Are you happy that we can finally begin to put words like “food” and “air” in quotation marks? “Human” even? How exiting. I’m exited! Are you excited?

                Well, gosh, Led Zep what can I say? Oh yeah, musical illiteracy is like a virus; it knows no boundaries like age, race, or religion.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          nosoapradio lays out a good map in communicating to a certain set of people and “why”.

          • nosoapradio says:

            Thanks HRS, but in terms of how to deal with certain psychological profiles, I presented nothing new, just reiterated what was in the video above. Like most of us here I’d imagine, I’ve been wondering why most people can’t hear “conspiracy theory” for 13 years and finally came up with the tentative explanation outlined above. Combined with the formidable power of peer pressure and the necessity to belong socially (and keep your job) which has also always been a favorite hypothesis as well. (hence my moniker)…

            Now, time for Hamsterwheeling and dealing with a couple of unsuspecting so-called “student”s! (the muted echoey growl of evil chuckling rumbles in the distance…)

    • Alchemist says:

      From a spiritual standpoint, it’s important to do that Jungian shadow work, because it humbles us and gives us grace. We need to face that dark side of ourselves in order to understand it and keep it in check. When we, as individuals, improve, so does society as a whole; so does the world.

      Side note: I clicked on your link to the old post and you were right about Jordan ‘get the damned vaccine’ Peterson. It’s too bad. I liked him. At least we can laugh at the Freudian slip;)

      • nosoapradio says:


        Someone by the name of Alexandre who used to post on these boards not so long ago sent me links and info about Jung which gave substance and structure to various nebulous proto-ideas I had floating around in my mind…That phrase you posted seems vitally important:

        When we, as individuals, improve, so does society as a whole; so does the world.

        Seems like it might be our only hope now…

        I’ll confess you lost me with the Freudian slip, though? 8-0 Damn! I love Freudian slips! (when they’re not mine, of course!) Could be the rhum punch… heatwave here in southern Spain…


        Sorry I got your link only in time for the Sunday night music fest! Where’d you dig this one up?? Love it! Keep flaunting that eclectic musical culture you got there!

        Back at least a year or so ago, a certain GeneralBottleWasher left a Saturday night song; a Led Zep I’d never heard before (which wasn’t difficult; before that I only knew Stairway to Heaven). It’s called “What is and What Should Never Be”. The title could be a reference to the vaccine! … and a gazillion other things in this weird world, I suppose…
        Anyhow, in thanks to you and in his honor, should he still haunt these Corbett woods:

        • Alchemist says:

          “Get the damned vaccine”

          Interestingly, he said it right after his daughter, Mikhaila Peterson, had Dr. Mercola on her show.

          • nosoapradio says:

            Well thanks for taking the time to clarify…
            …does evoke the phallic nature of the syringe injecting some powerful substance… fertilizing the transhuman while annihilating the human…
            Never seen either of the Petersons speak but from what you mention, it seems they may have a Freudian Father/Daughter act playing out on the internet…
            if the internet is some sort of reflection of the collective subconscious, it would be interesting to know what the engineered moral of the story might be…
            and how is this whole global rape of humanity in the form of forced vaccination playing on Freud’s notion of penis envy…? reminiscent of the cigarette hardsold by Bernays to the woman in everyone as a “Torch of Freedom”…?
            Anyhow, it’s all in the family

            • Alchemist says:

              I brought it up to insinuate he might have been backed into a corner, but damn.. that could be it too 😬 it makes sense now that you’ve said it. The episode was titled “Opposing Views: Covid”

            • Alchemist says:

              The latest from the father/daughter act 🤦‍♀️
              Mikhaila Peterson’s delta variant COVID Experience:

              You called it. Serving up the same Kool-aid to different demographics. No one can be trusted.

              • Alchemist says:

                Will you take the vaccine if I suggest it with my boobs out? lol just ridiculous.

              • nosoapradio says:

                it would be interesting to know what the engineered moral of the story might be

                duh. take the vax. what else would it be? silly me.

                using cleavage, pouty lips, a pot of honey and repetition to hardsell the untested tech to so-called “skeptics”.

                Well, I guess daddy knows best after all…


              • bleak says:

                Oh gee, maybe I was wrong. She produces such convincing uh… evidence. What have I been thinking? Maybe isolation has impaired my judgement. Rewatching just to be sure. Hail Mikhaila 😛

              • Alchemist says:

                🍯 The honeypot was a straight jab at their followers. They think this is funny.

                As disgusting as this is, I’m fascinated by this new flavor of propaganda. They’ve been building up these characters for years… all for this very moment in time.

                James & Broc – may I suggest putting together a short video compilation of all the new propaganda techniques (“leaked” videos, “skeptical” influencers, etc.)? The old techniques are ever-present, but now we’re also seeing propaganda aimed at people who don’t fall for the usual gimmicks.

              • Steve Smith says:

                I enjoy listening to Jordan Peterson’s lectures and interviews. So sue me.
                When I first heard his daughter introducing one of his podcasts I thought it spoke of nepotism but that didn’t bother me. I don’t listen to that part. I don’t hold it against anyone for giving their children a helping hand.
                When I heard that both father and daughter were eating a diet consisting of nothing but meat, I realized that even really smart people think and do really silly things from time to time based on the advice of other silly people. Not an uncommon phenomenon.

                Someone’s status, reputation or level of fame is not a very good basis to judge whether or not they have things to say that are worth listening to.
                Nor are their missteps reasons to dismiss everything they say.
                Their deliberate and repeated lies and disingenuousness is.

                I don’t listen to Dr. Peterson’s daughter so I don’t really care about what she thinks. I don’t hold what she thinks against her father.

                I don’t remember ever having the thought that Jordan Peterson was being disingenuous or deceitful. Even when I disagree with him. So I will probably stay subscribed to his podcasts and continue to use discernment in evaluating his content. As I do with everyone.

                Just my two cents.

              • bleak says:

                Ah Steve Smith, I am going to sue you ha ha ha.

                I was taken in with Peterson like you and so many others, way back when he refused to lick university boots with requirements of gender “identity”. I even bought his book 12 Rules for Life but dropped it like I was holding a handful of foul-smelling stuff (cuz it is) when my bullshit detector posted in the RED.

                Anyway, so, here’s how it works. The “thems” work it like this. They’ve set up people, all kinds of people in all kinds of places, to start giving out opinions when they’re told to do so. Call them shills, sleepers, agents in place, agent provocateurs, gatekeepers whatever AGENTS is the key word.

                When the things people say don’t add up, when I can’t reconcile what they’ve said about ABC with what they’re saying about XYZ, when they say “2+2=5”, AND they have a “voice” which influences opinion on controversial subjects, I know something is wrong. They’ve been propped up to this place to do exactly what their assignment is. Call me a tinfoil hat wingnut but I’m right.

                I could give many examples from history; people who influenced massively critical outcomes were proved to be liars.

                Here is a British gentleman who spot-on-ingly nails Peterson to the wall as he should be nailed. Please just put the URL together, less work for JC and no waiting for approval for me.

                thetruthseeker dot co dot uk /?p=235468 (“co” stands as is or SIC)

      • bleak says:

        I don’t believe Jung ever said “shadow work.” That is 21st century jargon. What he was referring to when he said “the shadow self” was…

        “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

        If anything, Jung was a gnostic and a Hermeticist although he didn’t advertise it for professional reasons.

        • nosoapradio says:

          Interesting that you should make that distinction. Seems that if Jung recognized the Shadow as being the unconscious and encouraged people to strive to make it conscious, that might reasonably imply that this would constitute an effort or “work” to be done. Thus, I don’t see exactly your point about “shadow work” not being his own exact words which they probably aren’t.

          And what does that mean for you that he was a gnostic and Hermeticist? Are you a Gnostic and/or Hermeticist, bleak?

          • bleak says:

            It is work. The Real Work. I’d go so far as to say it is the only work that matters at the end of the day. Before people start jumping down my throat, I’m not saying that work of uncovering, reporting on “external” matters isn’t important or isn’t HARD work; only that IF the majority of sheep did the “real work,” we wouldn’t be where we are as the population of earth and investigative reporters like James would have less work to do. The remoteness of this happening is scary to me. BONEchillen. How many people even consider their dreams which are keys to their subconscious?

            “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” -Matthew 7:7

            That is not to say that fingers can’t rightfully point back at me. I was susceptible to various “distractions” throughout my pathetic life and, although I’ve gotten ultra self-critical in the past few years, I fall prey to certain “deceptions” (like music which is a distraction) every five minutes and reconcile it with excuses of being alone and without access to liquor and hard drugs (joking, I could get liquor but choose not to). Part of me feels I should spend the rest of my time praying on my knees like a Christian monk

            I distance myself from all co-optors, acclimators, raptors, bullshit artists, moral relativists, CIA conspirators (willfully ignorant or not), Zionists (again willfully or not)… tools in general. This applies to all the “experts”, “authorities”, “gurus” and remnants of the “new age wisdom schools”, “psychologists”, that come from mind control operations like “TedX”, “Aspen” etc etc etc. (Say this in the croaky/whiny “voice” of probable pedo and agent-in-place W Burroughs (my theory anyway)).

            Their mission is to enthrall and glamour using weapons; lies, half truths, newspeak, “science”, psychological manipulations in general, to cover up how to go about this work. And they are total pros at it. Professional liars. Call it “shadow werk” because it doesn’t include the necessary information and/or symbology which would truly enable an individual to get to the Heart and Mind of his/her true Self which is what self-discovery is all about. So charlatans and dark occultists leading the gullible and naïve. What else is new?

          • bleak says:

            In the beginning, Sophia Achamoth, herself an emanation from the illimitable, unnameable, unknowable Father, made a decision without consulting either her Father or her consort, the Christ (Nous).

            Her realm, the Pleroma (Fullness) was created because she thought of it. And because she created this realm without Forethought (Pronoia), she fell from the Grace of the Father and Christ, who is the Son. She was evicted from the Assembly of Divine Beings who are all emanations of the Father.

            From this error on her part, Archons (the planets) came about. The Archons, thinking they are Gods and ignorant of the Father, created images of themselves to rule over ie Adam and Eve etc etc. The Archon of what is now known as “Earth” is Yaldabaoth (or Ialdabaoth). He is the God portayed in the Old Testament who ruled with anger, jealousy, and repe(a)r cussions.

            Because of her error, Sophia fell into a great depression and Repented. The Christ, being unconditionally loving and merciful, came to Sophia and forgave her. She was accepted back by the Assembly.

            But her creation remained. Yaldabaoth, being part of his Mother but ignorant of her, injected her Spirit into his creations (aka people). But this Spirit lays dormant because Yaldabaoth, having realized that his creation, Man, was more powerful than himself, tricked Eve by telling her not to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. The Christ saw this and came to the rescue by giving Eve knowledge.

            This, of course, was disassembled and co-opted by the ancient Hebrews (the so-called “children of God”) because they were part of their creator, Yaldabaoth. And so the ancient mythology of the garden etc was written partly out of ignorance and partly to hide the Truth.

            The earliest followers of Jesus (the Christos) knew the Truth about Creation because they were told of it by Jesus who, having pity on Man, came to show us the path out of this trap but their work was censored by early occultists ie the church of Rome. The personal library containing much of it was buried around 1700 and “accidentally” rediscovered in 1945 (I believe this was Divine Intervention). Before then, scholars mostly went by some earlier discoveries in Greek and/or what jealous and dark heresiologists like Irenaeus wrote. And they wrote a lot.

            The Pleroma is the “above” in “as above, so below” but knowers of what Hermes, and later Jesus, taught know this as a metaphor.

            I hope this answers your question.

            “Jesus said, “The Father’s kingdom is like a merchant who had a supply of merchandise and found a pearl. That merchant was prudent; he sold the merchandise and bought the single pearl for himself. So also with you, seek his treasure that is unfailing, that is enduring, where no moth comes to eat and no worm destroys.” -Gospel of Thomas, #76, Nag Hammadi Scriptures

            • bleak says:

              ack, should be “A monk or a group of monks’ personal library containing much of it was buried around 300 AD !!! and “accidentally” rediscovered in 1945…”

              Dyslexia strikes again.

            • nosoapradio says:

              I hope this answers your question.

              I believe it does. Thanks for taking the time.

              It all greatly contrasts with my current vision of how a human being can see and cultivate the “Pearl” you referenced, this capacity being much more readily available and developed without the need for occult scripture, though perhaps this latter can also help.

              musical illiteracy is like a virus; it knows no boundaries like age, race, or religion…
              …I fall prey to certain “deceptions” (like music which is a distraction)

              So, is all music a distraction and an expression of illiteracy or just Led Zep?

              Music has helped me through many a difficult challenge in life, and was even the central element of my children’s education.

              I’m pretty sure a universe, a life without the universal language of music would be…


              • bleak says:

                You are welcome.

       (Please don’t call me a liberal)

                That Pearl and whatever else humans “cultivate” are not the same. The verse I quoted is revelatory but only for those “with ears to hear.” Jesus said much the same throughout the NT. He spoke in parables to those he knew couldn’t understand his direct teaching (and still can’t). He taught directly to his close disciples. Did you know Mary Magdalene was one who completely understood in the Gnostic sense what Jesus taught?

                Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. John 14:6

                That is literally the truth and if anyone took the time to discover what else he said that was CENSORED by the early Roman church, they might see the “bigger picture” of Christianity.

                That Jewish cosmogony of the OT is false and Gnostic cosmogony like that of the Valentinian sect (not all gnostic sects believed exactly the same; there are subtle and some not so subtle differences) makes perfect sense.

                Why people simply cannot even look is beyond me. Two thousand year old cognitive dissonance I guess.

                Gnosticism is not an “occult” religion. There is a huge distinction between occult and occultED. A person from academia who spots an anagram in a user name would know this.

                Page and Jones (you know, members of LZ) were and are stone cold Thelemists which really is an occult religion (Thelema). I’m not sure about Plant. He worked with (and had a relationship with) Alison Kraus and his Band of Joy album from 2010 with Nashville monster Buddy Miller is amazing. If you like country music at all, or even just like good music, try Buddy and Judy Miller.

                Live music is now dead so I guess the world really is pretty damn bleak after all. I hope they don’t cut the electricity.

                What is it exactly you believe? Which religion do you belong to? The atheistic religion perhaps?

              • Steve Smith says:

                Bleak says “live music is pretty much dead”..
                I don’t know about that. I don’t get out much these days but if I lived in Dallas I would definitely make an exception and maybe even break a few government rules to go see this guy perform.


                “ Five Times August is the music created by Dallas based singer/songwriter/guitarist Bradley James Skistimas”

                There is no famous person or group that I would go out of my way for just as I won’t ever go to a major league bb game.
                But I might catch a minor league game someday. Still love the game.

                The way we partake of the things we find enjoyable in life is definitely changing. But just like when the bars were closed. People brought back the speakeasy.
                We just have to keep adapting and never give up.

                But check that guy out if you have never heard him. Powerful truth music that is pleasurable to listen to.

              • bleak says:

                FMR it’s Buddy and JULIE Miller.

            • nosoapradio says:

              Jung was a gnostic. Codex I of the Nag Hammadi scriptures was even named after him ie “The Jung Codex.” He wrote gnostic fiction called Seven Sermons To The Dead. I haven’t read yet. Debating whether to get single volume or supersized version.

              Well, this is intriguing indeed!

              • bleak says:

                correction; SSTTD is not fiction but Jung’s personal experience. my bad. like I said I haven’t read it yet.

        • Alchemist says:

          Either way, if you can’t tap into the unconscious mind and face your own shadow, you can’t live authentically or gain deeper understanding of truth.

          It seems plausible that Jung leaned in a gnostic / hermetic direction, but maybe his lack of advertising it in that way had more to do with avoiding labels than jeopardizing his career. He doesn’t come across as the type to self-censor for the comfort of others’ egos.

          Btw I know you get some backlash here for sharing your views on those topics, but I enjoy your posts. Thx;)

          • bleak says:


            Jung was a gnostic. Codex I of the Nag Hammadi scriptures was even named after him ie “The Jung Codex.” He wrote gnostic fiction called Seven Sermons To The Dead. I haven’t read yet. Debating whether to get single volume or supersized version.


  21. Zzzap says:

    battle report:

    It’s been over 48 hrs since my first post. I felt I needed to share my ordeal then, so I will provide an update of how things have transpired.

    The idea of “disrespect” had echoed in my mind. The seriousness of this was not addressed. This is serious! Enough for me that I put work into this to find the truth (Yah, Ooh Ra!! open-source journalism)

    My wife has mentioned the social pressure to get the jab is constant and daily!

    I do believe, like someone else already pointed out, people respond to behaviour, and my strong opposition to this has always remained on the scale as she makes the decision herself.

    She does know three other people, independent of me, who have a similar opinion.

    It is that small minority that outweighs the majority! Our voice is small, but it has the weight of truth behind it!

    She reminded me that the only reason she feels she needs to do this is to continue with her breast cancer screening process delivered by the hospital.

    So, after the smoke cleared. She will postpone as long as possible. She is doing this through fear and acknowledges that now. This is an ugly time in or history. I believe this is a war.

    She agrees that its scary and finally, I can’t believe this, sent me “”

    Yes!! I also think, as another corbeteer pointed out. I was too close to her for her to hear it from me. I think my voice contributed, but validation only came when she found it herself through another acquaintance she had.

    So we have avoided a lands mine for now. The medical apartheid is approaching, now I’m wondering if we can survive that. In the meantime, we continue to march forward, hopefully bravely.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “breast cancer screening”

      Ah yes, another pseudo-medical trap:
      “Zzzap” the breast periodically with carcinogenic radiation…until sure enough you eventually find cancer! Then the real radiation begins!

      Rockefeller’s boys have devised no short list of ways to get humans to volunteer for their own systematic destruction.

      • Zzzap says:

        Exactly !
        One land mine at a time.
        Like the “vaccine” debate, that’s another source of contention here.
        Hoping that hurdle may be easier to pass after the corruption gets easier to spot during this covid1984 scandal. I do feel like the house of cards is crumbling.

        Have you heard of the graphene oxide discovery in the injections?

      • Not to mention the many tumors that people get which their body eliminates on its own, without the person ever knowing anything happened.

        That’s major profit loss for pharma.

        Now those tumors are found and the person is put through exorbitantly expensive poisonous procedures that may result in death or actual life threatening cancer a couple years later.

      • nosoapradio says:

        I had a student who was a radiologist who after looking at mammograms year in and year out finally decided to go back to school. She decided to study genetics and after conducting clinical research into the effect of mammograms on DNA, came to the conclusion that when each breast is x-rayed TWICE: the first shot weakens the DNA and the second creates the cancer (it’s been years so I’m a little hazy on the details). She recommended doing only a single shot of each breast at a time and the others two weeks later. Medical heresy. At first she was invited internationally to speak about her findings but very quickly she was ostracized from the so-called “medical community”. My first class with her was the day BIBA magazine featured an interview with her. After only a few short weeks I never heard from her again. (hopefully not a reflection on my teaching skills but…) But her story marked me.
        Every year, in the mail, I receive an invitation designed to terrify me into getting a free mammogram. (along with free coupons for coloscopical exams and of course a flu shot) which all end up unceremoniously in the trash. I confess I’m sort of waiting for poetic justice to be rendered in the form of some massive and particularly virulent breast cancer metastasizing to my anus and then my lungs one of these days so, as you say, the “real radiation can begin”. I’m very impressionable.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I was actually going to get one, but was kind of hesitant. I have an aunt who died of breast cancer. She never got mammograms.

          Ultrasounds are much better, but usually doctors won’t do one before trying a mammogram. It’s ridiculous.

  22. Jeff says:

    “Build bridges” – 100%. Thank you so much Benny for your work, your poem, your entire self. So important. Building bridges.

  23. nosoapradio says:

    Reuters top USA story today from yesterday on communicating this info to others:

    July 16, 2021
    1:49 AM CEST
    Last Updated 10 hours ago
    United States
    White House slams Facebook as conduit for COVID-19 misinformation

    WASHINGTON, July 15 (Reuters) – Facebook is not doing enough to stop the spread of false claims about COVID-19 and vaccines, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said on Thursday, part of a new administration pushback on misinformation in the United States…

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