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Do you know the story of the most powerful weapon in the world? It's used against you every day. You use it yourself, even if you don't do so consciously. And it can change the entire world.

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  1. LastHumanist says:

    Technocracy is trying to reduce humanity to what Heisenberg called “mathematics that, somehow detached from the physical world, seems to function by itself”.

    If you ever read Yevgeny Zamyatin, you’ll see exactly how functional and attractive a society like that would be.

    Most of all, the narrative of a world of “mathematical attraction” is a theory that is naturally dispelled. The technocratic dream of delivering the formula by which all can be controlled and subdued is not actually possible.

    We can craft “beautiful” realms of Platonic ideas in our minds and then look around and see how they are not valid at all. Math’s ,at best, just a tool to precisely express aspects of nature. It is a mode of thinking we can use to either research something real we observe or we can use it as a closed mental system within ourselves. The latter usage does not express something empirically real.

    Technocracy is, by design, born from the latter and has nothing to offer to anyone who lives in the real world. Which is everyone. Technocracy is dead on arrival.

    • LastHumanist says:

      Most people do not get aroused by math like Heisenberg.
      Most people hate math so they already hate the technocracy and simply don’t know it yet. The superior narrative is already here.

    • Duck says:

      “.. Technocracy is dead on arrival…”

      Even if that is so plenty of people are going to look like the proverbial Camel after it gets threaded impossibly thru the eye of the needle.

    • weilunion says:

      “Leonard Huxley published in 1926 his “Progress and the Unfit,” which was subsequently used to promote the Eugenics movement, to which H.G. Wells and Leonard’s son Julian were outspoken avid supporters of. Leonard also wrote favourably of his father T.H. Huxley’s views and that of Charles Darwin.

      In his book, Leonard discusses how modern-day science is only to look at the interdependence of body and mind, that the existence of the soul has been discredited by modern science, and thus that conditions for improvement on the human condition must solely rely upon the social and biological.
      He goes on to state that modern society has too long tolerated the proliferation of the feeble minded and so creates an ever-lasting burden for itself. He claims that mental defectiveness (which ranged from criminal behaviour, insanity, physical deformities and forms of mental retardation to addictions such as alcoholism and gambling, homelessness, owing massive debt etc. etc.) were all to be considered heritable qualities.
      Thus, those in possession of such unwanted qualities should be segregated from society or sterilised. He acknowledges that such measures may appear immoral, but that it is only immoral when coercion is used against persons of “normal intelligence,” for those who are deemed abnormal, unable to use reason, such standards of morality do not apply. This also appertained to what were considered to be the “lower” races, to which, T.H. Huxley was outspoken in his view that the “white race” was indeed the most superior race of all and that the “black race” was amongst the most inferior.”

      This is what technocracy offers: eugenics

      • LastHumanist says:

        Didn’t the Huxleys all go insane themselves?
        Shouldn’t they shut up and remove themselves from the gene pool, according to their own ideology? I’m not buying it.

        Dysgenics, as it should be called, is the desperate attempt of 6 fingered incestuous oligarchs to undone nature’s judgement of their unfitness.

        They knew as well as I that all the Roman dynasties deteriorated and only the adopted emperors were any good.

        • Duck says:

          “..Dysgenics, as it should be called, is the desperate attempt of 6 fingered incestuous oligarchs to undone nature’s judgement of their unfitness…”

          Absolutely true… if such retards get hold of human evolution the species will look like goblins in no time

        • mkey says:

          You are right, it’s all about the desired featured. What they desire is more of incestuous brain damaged psychopats. Were they able to reach their goals, they’d probably get slapped with an epic case of irony.

      • Pendennis says:

        I have never seen any convincing (to me at least) evidence that the” rulers of the universe” have ever had any interest in eugenics. If so, they’ve been as patently unsuccessful as they have with population reduction (another favourite explanation for what’s going on). It seems much more credible that they aim to have lots of mindless drones to consume their products and look after their needs. Of course, there will have to be some well controlled technocrats and various skillsets to run the system (before AI takes over), but the people they really want to get rid of are intelligent freethinkers, most of whom would be generally survive in a broadly Darwinian system. It’s not going to be plain sailing for them.

        • wylie1 says:

          The “unfit” has always been those who aren’t earmarked to live in the “ruler’s” world or those in the way of the “ruler’s” world coming to be; regardless of what excuse the “rulers” use.

    • Johan says:

      Here a Dutch rap song about what is currently happening in Europe


      I hope more songs like this will be made in multiple countries

  2. Duck says:

    Dear Mr Corbett…
    (and anyone else whop wears eye glasses)
    If you want to get cheep eye glasses online take a look at ZENNI optical, they sell pretty ‘ok’ glasses for cheep and considering what may be happening to supply lanes or the value of peoples money having some spare pairs around is probably a good idea.
    back to watching video now…

  3. Paul says:

    An important aspect of what narratives do to us is discussed in this video of Alison Morrow interviewing Steven Reicher and Alex Haslam.

    In the video, Reicher and Haslam discuss their findings when they evaluate the Milgram experiments, which include that PEOPLE DO NOT OBEY AUTHORITY.

    I keep hounding this in various places and probably nobody (except Alison – thank you, Alison) has paid attention only because I’m a nobody, but please:

    If you think you understand Milgram’s experiments because you have read Milgram’s conclusions, you have a fundamental misunderstanding of human nature. And the reason you have this understanding is his conclusion fits your current (meta?) narrative. Watching this video may force you to reconsider a narrative of your own that is incorrect.

    The bad guys really win if you don’t watch this video and understand what Reicher and Haslam are saying:


    • LastHumanist says:

      You think he’s still reading the comments?
      Well, that might be required to some extent to run the site…

      At least somebody can chronicle the declining mental state of some people here, then. It is always good for human suffering to not have been unseen and forgotten. We’re seeing mass psychosis from both sides of this, after all.

      Daniele Ganser, who should finally say openly what he obviously knows about recent history, has done some posters recently about the unlikely task of bringing people together again:


      “Let’s build bridges again! Everyone is part of the human family! Both vaccinated, and unvaccinated!”

      I appreciate the message. Most of the human family is currently united in insanity and delusions and a shared inability to go out and look at what is real and what’s not. Maybe his message works better than putting a shocking truth on the poster. My poster would read: “Your government has been killing you all this time. Look who really killed your granny!”.

      Lately, I have been very offended by all who even attempt to sugarcoat the nagging truth. Why is he still talking about the WMD lies, for example? It is such a pointless thing. Everyone has taken it for granted that the government is lying. This is not the lie to focus on. Talk about the Anthrax attacks, Daniele. Anthrax was the WMD in question and what was it used for, hm? Who used it and what are these people doing now? They killed granny, haven’t they?
      Connect the dots now. Now is the time. Polite society is over. Insane society is here. Put it all out! Fire the facts, broadside after broadside. We are past the stage of hinting at Gladio and what it all could mean, Daniele.

      At least he, Mintpressnews and the Max Blumenthal crowd are picking up on last year’s news about Gates now. It sure is slow over there.

    • dmay says:

      Thanks for the link. Unfortunately Odysee is now censored, in its entirety, from my older mac computer. I will look for alternate sources.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Paul for posting this video of Professors Alex Haslam and Steve Reicher discussing the Milgram’s experiments.
      VIDEO description: Their determination is that it’s not just authority that matters, but someone’s relationship to the authority and a belief that their actions are accomplishing a greater good.
      I’m halfway through the video as I type.

      I want to correct your assumption: “I keep hounding this in various places and probably nobody (except Alison – thank you, Alison) has paid attention only because I’m a nobody,”

      Just because someone does not acknowledge your comment doesn’t mean that it has not been read or investigated.
      Take it from me, not all comments get acknowledged.
      But sometimes they could be of an interest to unknown readers, especially when the comment contains a good description of a link like what you have.
      I know that to be true.

    • mik says:

      Thanks Paul, this was worth watching.

      I had a problem with obeying-authority-narrative in Milgram’s case for some time. Even if you look at Zimbardo’s lectures about Milgram, where he points out the importance of circumstances to human behavior, obeying-authority-narrative looks as misdirection.

      My objection to Steven’s and Alex’ presentation is regarding not mentioning conformity enough. Conformity explains well the outcome of 90% in experiment, that happened when lecturers watched other lecturers went to the end with experiment. I don’t think conformity could by derived solely out of identification.

      • Paul says:

        Conformity sounds more like something that is passive. Perhaps some people will choose to wear a mask to conform. But for conformity, will they also order others to wear a mask? I speculate that no, they would not. There would have to be some motive, and the “virtuous” motivation seems more plausible.

        • mik says:

          Those who wear a mask out of conformity probably won’t force others, beside “virtuous” motivation enforcer must be willing/ready for some confrontation and not many people are. Scamdemic bastards don’t need consent, acquiescence is perfectly fine.

  4. Steve Smith says:

    I apologize to everyone. And I won’t continue much longer. But I’ve just felt strongly convicted to write my thoughts tonight. I was writing a couple of other comments when this was uploaded and it felt kinda eerie.

    Anyway there are a bunch of quotes, pertinent ones I think on this site that are really well worth reading. I’m only half way through this video and James is pounding home everything.
    Here’s one of the quotes
    “ For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.”


  5. Jesse says:

    “The most powerful Person in the world is the story teller. The story teller sets
    the vision, values & agenda of an entire generation to come”. Steve Jobs.

    • LastHumanist says:

      “One of the best things I ever did was getting out of the Apple ecosystem.” The seemingly last classical humanist of this leaden age.

  6. Nana Baakan says:

    OMG, you really hit the nail straight on its head. I have to say that I call it Social Engineering. It is embedded in the fiber of every human society from the Ancients up to now. Without these narratives, people would have no idea of their purpose in being here.
    In ancient cultures it was the responsibility of the Elders to tell the stories to the young. These stories would mold and shape and help to conceptualize the human organism within the society. These stories became and are the standard barer for allegiance to the prevailing societal norms. These stories were the sustenance for the preservation of society, keeping the majority in lockstep as to create carbon copies over and over of humans who would perpetuate and even fight and die for, i.e., “My God, My Country” within each particular society. They were and are an invaluable tool for augmenting human societal cohesion.
    In the I Ching Oracle System out of Ancient China, the 16th Hexagram speaks of how theater was used as a tool to shape the society and mold the individual into adherence to what the society deemed was appropriate, inappropriate, etc. In these stories we have the protagonist and the antagonist and finally ending with the moral.
    Overtime, these stories came from wall paintings to page turners in books, but all with the intention of conveying an idea that will influence the reader. When people say they have read many books, or gotten an education, I often wonder if those books and education urged the individual towards critical thinking.
    We all know that critical thinkers are often ostracized from society, as they tend to stir things up with their own unique narrative. That is one of the reasons your work is so well done, as far as I am concerned, because you offer a critical review of the prevailing narrative. Critical thinkers create new narratives, but as you mentioned, the MetaNarrative may still be embedded as the initial narrative changes or takes a different shape.

    • Duck says:

      nana Baakan

      “…These stories were the sustenance for the preservation of society… They were and are an invaluable tool for augmenting human societal cohesion…”

      That is very true, but today the OPPOSITE has been inflicted on people…. the stories westerners suck up are designed to create atomized, weak, individuals who can never come together in a group.
      There are many reasons for this but the main point is the people who make movies and TV are mostly jewish and infuse the medium with their own cultural values.

      :…In the I Ching Oracle System out of Ancient China, the 16th Hexagram speaks of how theater was used as a tool to shape the society and mold the individual…”
      Thats interesting, I did not know that.

      “… In these stories we have the protagonist and the antagonist and finally ending with the moral…”

      What is the ‘moral’ of most media normies consume today?
      1)Your needs/pleasure/happiness matter most
      2)Your life has no overall meaning
      3)Your family structure and social/political institutions are evil/stupid/out-dated

      As CS Lewis wrote in “the abolition of man’

      “..We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.”..

      • weilunion says:

        “TV are mostly jewish”

        Blame it on the Jews is the oldest narrative alive.

        Sad to see so many people trapped within their anti-semitism not even knowing how they got there.

        • Duck says:

          ‘…Sad to see so many people trapped within their anti-semitism not even knowing how they got there…”

          So, are you saying that TV and Hollywood is NOT Mostly made by jewish people????
          I’ll wait for crickets as the reply….

          • weilunion says:

            Sorry to bust your narrative but Hollywood is owned by transnational corporations. China is buying most of Hollywood as I write.

            It is problematic not to understand the stage of monopoly capitalism we are in. Hedge Funds, the stock market, billionaires, drug cartels, corporations,banks — they are all working together to assure maximum profits — they own Hollywood.

            To say the Jews run Hollywood is not only the Zion of Elders 2.0, it flies in the face of financial capitalism. It is like saying organized crime is run by the mafia.

            No one owns the majority of Hollywood movie studios. Most are subsidiaries of international conglomerates that are public companies owned by millions of corporate and individual stockholders. Others are private companies owned by several corporate and individual investors.

            Columbia Pictures and TriStar Pictures are subsidiaries of Sony Pictures, which is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment, which is a subsidiary of Sony Corporation, which is a public company traded on NYSE.

            Lionsgate Films is a subsidiary of Lionsgate, which is a public company traded on NYSE.

            Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios Inc. is a subsidiary of MGM Holdings, Inc., which is a private corporation owned by Anchorage Capital Group, Highland Capital Management, Solus Alternative Asset Management, and Third Point LLC

            Paramount Pictures is a subsidiary of ViacomCBS, which is a public company traded on NASDAQ.
            STX Films is a subsidiary of STX Entertainment, which is a private company whose investors include Hony Capital, Tencent, PCCW, TPG Growth, Liberty Global and individual investors including Gigi Pritzker, Beau Wrigley and Dominic Ng.

            Universal Pictures is a subsidiary of NBCUniversal, which is a subsidiary of Comcast, which is a public company traded on NASDAQ.

            Walt Disney Pictures and 20th Century Studios are subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Studios, which is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company, which is a public company traded on NYSE.

            Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema are subsidiaries of WarnerMedia, which is a subsidiary of AT&T, which is a public company traded on NYSE.

            Critically commenting on Zionism is one thing, but to use the tired old narrative of the Jews own Hollywood, especially in the age of financial corporate capitalism is in line with Hitler’s thinking:

            “Our racial pride is not aggressive except in so far as the Jewish race is concerned. We use the term Jewish race as a matter of convenience, for in reality and from the genetic point of view there is no such thing as the Jewish race. There does, however, exist a community, to which, in fact, the term can be applied and the existence of which is admitted by the Jews themselves. It is the spiritually homogeneous group, to membership of which all Jews throughout the world deliberately adhere, regardless of their whereabouts and of their country of domicile; and it to this group of human beings to which we give the title Jewish race.”

            Adolf Hitler

            There always has to be someone to blame for the failures of the socio economic system: Jews rank high.

            • Duck says:

              “..Sorry to bust your narrative but Hollywood is owned by transnational corporations…”

              1)Go watch “An Empire of their own”

              “…The Jews are so dominant, I had to scour the trades to come up with six Gentiles in high positions at entertainment companies. When I called them to talk about their incredible advancement, five of them refused to talk to me, apparently out of fear of insulting Jews. The sixth, AMC President Charlie Collier, turned out to be Jewish.

              As a proud Jew, I want America to know about our accomplishment. Yes, we control Hollywood. Without us, you’d be flipping between “The 700 Club” and “Davey and Goliath” on TV all day….”

              No person who actually honestly looks into the matter believes otherwise and jewish people themselves say it…and they say the same on PORN industry too…anyone can do “early life” on wikipedia (for now, anyway…) if they dont believe me

          • slurry says:

            Well….. there is China…. They don’t seem to be very Jewish and HEAVILY control the film industry….. not to mention the sports that so many people heavily embed themselves in.

            Are there Jewish people involved in this long running global takeover? Absolutely!
            Are there also Germans, Swedes, Mexicans, Chinese, Arabs, Canadians, British, Spanish, Africans, Indians, and many others from many other nations? Yes, sir.

            You do no justice to truth by blaming everything on “the Jews” and in fact make it much easier for people who may be persuaded to see their way out of the narrative to remain ignorant because they’ll stop listening the second you start blaming “the Jews” and sounding like the “right wing nazi” the media has told them you are. I’m sure you’re not a nazi and probably an awesome dude, but it’s hard to disassociate your very specific blame game and the third reich.

            • Duck says:

              HI, thanks for the reply 🙂
              “… is China…. They don’t seem to be very Jewish and HEAVILY control the film industry…..”
              Do YOU watch many Chinese movies?
              How many Chinese TV shows do you you see people watching?
              Funny enough though
              “…After the 1949 Communist takeover, Cohen was one of the few people who was able to move between Taiwan and mainland China….”


              “…You do no justice to truth by blaming everything on “the Jews”…..”
              I 100% NEVER and will never say that ‘everything’ is due to jew’s…That is nothing but an utter red herring to shut people up

              “…. make it much easier for people who may be persuaded to see their way out of the narrative to remain ignorant because they’ll stop listening the second you start blaming “the Jews”…..”
              If people are that cowardly and stupid then the can die in ignorance for all I care

              “… I’m sure you’re not a nazi and probably an awesome dude,…”
              The NAzi’s were just a tool… the reason they got anywhere is because people had enough of (mainly jewish BTW, if you read your history) communists trying to overthrow the government and so the ruling class had to offer a nationalist version of socialism favored by the local elites
              1924: The Year That Made Hitler by peter Ranger is a pretty good insight into that era

              “… but it’s hard to disassociate your very specific blame game and the third reich…”
              Not really…. the only reason people talk about the Holocaust and not the Holodomor is because the people that did the latter and suffered the former make the shows about history (And spell checkers it would appear lol 🙂 )

              You will never fix whats wrong if you do not know what is wrong and why that is

              • slurry says:

                I’m acknowledging that Jewish people are involved…. Denying chinas involvement and influence is fine if that floats your boat.

                I’m simply pointing out the fact that if your go to line in conversations with people is “the Jews”, you’re going to lose people right away, but that’s fine if that’s what you think is best.

            • Duck says:

              You did not tell me how many Chinese made movies or TV shows you watch…?

              I kinda think there will be more but I’m gonna bet it’ll never be more popular then “Bollywood” movies are (though actually some of those are pretty good)

              • vadoum says:

                when I got to the Chinese border (1997), I noticed a marked change in attitude of the shop keepers (from India and Nepal). They were not Tibetan, (they were from somewhere to the east, “migrant central Chinese” so we were told) Was it a greater tenacity for competitiveness? I’m not sure, but another traveler saw it and said to me “thats why the Chinese are called the jews of the east.”

                generalizing about cultural psyches may be useful on a superficial scale or for calling out cultural habits, hopefully without malice. But “racism” is something else. confusing the anger of racism with the exasperation to hilarity of humor that pokes at cultural hang-ups is a form of “relativism”, at worst a perversion and at least a waste of time/energy.

              • slurry says:

                It’s not about “Chinese movies” it’s about Hollywood appeasing the CCP.


          • Jed says:

            Howdy Duck, most of the good stuff is Jewish anyway.

            • Duck says:

              Glad for your honesty, but TBH I’d be suprised that anyone who knows whats going on would even watch TV or movies much anymore

              People should say what they think-
              If they like sex education for their kids on par with the Hungarian Soviet they should say so.

              If they like their kids watching trans kids on TV they should say so.

              If they like TV and movies that glorify selfishness and amorality they should say so

              I personally do not like those things so I’ll say so too- but you enjoy the Kardashians dude if thats what you want your kids to emulate

              • Jed says:

                I’m thinking more along the lines of the Cohen Brothers or Marx Brothers, or some of Spielberg’s movies, or Larry David. I’m aware of the cultural poisoning, just not gonna blame everything on “the Jews.”
                Check out “General Electric Theatre”, hosed by Ronald Regan for most of the 1950s — talk about spelling out a narrative.

              • cu.h.j says:


                Glad you see a distinction between wealthy elitist eastern European or Askenizi Jews and other people identified as Jews. The Zionists who made deals with the Nazis didn’t care one iota for other Jews. And now in Israel how they are being forced vaccinated. These elitists see everyone different than them as Goyem both Jew and Gentile.

            • Duck says:

              I dont know that show …but
              “..The television version of the program, produced by MCA-TV/Revue, …”

              A Company that

              “…MCA was formed in 1924 by Jules Stein and William R. Goodheart, Jr., ….”
              Lew Wasserman joined MCA in 1936 at the age of 23 and rose through the ranks of MCA for more than four decades, with Sonny Werblin as his right-hand ma…”

              Goodheart does not have a wikipedia entry by the other two do… go see

              And I never have and never will say “Da jews” are doing everything…but you must ask who is running media if you want to know who is SETTING YOUR CULTURAL NARRATIVE

              • Jed says:

                My family was catholic, most still are, the church whose cultural narrative has retarded human evolution— two thousand years of tyranny. I’ll give them this: I’m ready for this current bullshit, been expecting it all my life.

            • Duck says:

              “..My family was catholic, most still are, the church whose cultural narrative has retarded human evolution— two thousand years of tyranny….”

              What would have been better?
              Without Catholicism there is no Protestantism to grow into the idea of individual human rights in life and politics, no idea of human life having intrinsic value… we’d be stuck back in Roman or Germanic Tribal thinking.

              Remember that ‘evolution’ gave us Blind Cave Fish and turned savage wolves into Corgi’s and Pug dogs … progress wont always carry us to a place we want to go to

              🙂 Something like the Pug dog = NuHumans if the controllers get their way, if thats the evolution the Catholics held back I’m gonna thank the Pope! Lol

              • Jed says:

                I think we made the pugs and corgis, we bred ‘em, not evolution. I wonder who bred us? I wonder if they’re colonizing opportunist douche-bags, we are supposedly in their image. Gotta laugh at anyone who’d pray to that. Here’s a narrative: humanity meets the gods, and they’re all first rate assholes.

            • Duck says:

              “..I think we made the pugs and corgis, we bred ‘em, not evolution….”
              Is not evolution selective breeding of advantageous traits?
              One may be directed by people, and the other by the environment but whats the difference? Pugs ‘evolved’ to fit an environment over run with people who feed cute small dogs with hideous faces and kill large unfriendly dogs.

              PEOPLE have already domesticated somewhat- I was listening to Dr Dutton the other day as he spoke of a paper that says that the high execution rate of the middle ages removed the stupidest and most impulsive Europeans and I’ve read a similar thing happened in China…. if its PROGRESS and evolution you want to see then wait for the ruling class to finish their job and turn people into something as useful as a Chicken.

              “… I wonder who bred us? I wonder if they’re colonizing opportunist douche-bags, we are supposedly in their image..”

              Well… I guess if humans are not made in the image of anything better we shall go back to the Roman worldview- almost there now, but not yet.
              Powerful people still have to pretend that they think normal humans have intrinsic value.

              “… Gotta laugh at anyone who’d pray to that….”
              Humans will pray to something, the ruling class will be more then happy to have St.Greta and Cardinal Swarb become the arbiters of morality and values

              “.. Here’s a narrative: humanity meets the gods, and they’re all first rate assholes…”

              Here’s another narrative… much more fun. Terry Pratchett never got WELL adapted for the screen though. For a while only every 3rd book was good, but it was worth the wait
              Like the HogFather

          • cu.h.j says:

            Pardon the intrusion. You are correct about Hollywood. In fact, I took a class in college called US History through Hollywood. My jewish professor admitted that indeed there is an over representation of ashkenazi jews in Hollywood. And indeed Hollywood is a toxic influence on culture here in America, if you look at how the elitists have used it for nefarious agendas. And if you look at social media and the most influential entity, Facebook, the founder is Jewish as far as I know. Zuckerberg has a jewish surname, but I’m not sure he identifies as jewish.

            But does this mean that there is something bad about jewish culture? Or is it corruption by people who have no moral values, who want to make a lot of money and don’t care if creative projects they produce are used for harm and these people happen to be jewish? I think Edward Bernays is jewish, but I so was Albert Einstein.

            And because there are a lot of people who happen to eastern European jews, does this mean that other eastern European jews are bad in some way, people who are just trying to lead a normal life? In my opinion the answer is NO.

            I think the wealth elitists, who may also be jews don’t really care who they harm and exploit and have no tribal loyalty to anyone but people in their inner circle and maybe their family. And I don’t think blame should be shifted onto jews as a group because of the harm that elitists have done. Similarly, there may be bad acts done by other groups and I don’t think the whole group should be blamed.

            The acts that are morally reprehensible should be identified and corrected to further the survival of the human species that is diverse and also interconnected. I feel like what we are seeing now has gone far beyond cultural influence and is now a weird technological tyranny that is dangerous to our survival.

            My point is to inquire what conclusions you think can be drawn from these associations?

            • Duck says:


              “….Pardon the intrusion….”
              Hey… its the internet. No worries 🙂

              “.. You are correct about Hollywood…”
              Yes, but I would also point out that Hollywood was only able to sell filth because people refused to push back after “The Pawn Broker”.

              “..indeed Hollywood is a toxic influence on culture here in America..”
              Hollywood IS American culture now. We are living in a culture that is created not natural. The disconect between native culture and created culture shows up like a stained slide in Pro and Anti Trump people’s

              “…But does this mean that there is something bad about jewish culture?…”
              THAT would be a matter of opinion- It certainly appears to have values that are not in line with the culture it replaced.
              Considering that it has promoted everything from massive immigration to abortion to normalization of Porn and homosexuality and and now the Trans movement I can only say that I’m not a personal fan of it… That said I’m pretty sure that blacks colonized in Congo and Australian Aborigines are not great lovers of MY culture which Hollywood culture has now replaced.

              “..And I don’t think blame should be shifted onto jews as a group because of the harm that elitists have done…”
              As a group the average jew is the perfect tool of the elite JUST LIKE the British used hated minorities to rule India.
              the fear of persecution is what unites jewish people and black people (and by the looks of the recent media shift soon will be used to unite white people) so we can all fight each other.

              “….I feel like what we are seeing now has gone far beyond cultural influence and is now a weird technological tyranny that is dangerous to our survival….”
              THAT is very very true. All human made systems go beyond their creators range of thinking. We are IMO getting into something much more evil then human systems now.

              “…My point is to inquire what conclusions you think can be drawn from these associations?..”
              1)There is a jewish power bloc, just like there are many power blocs.
              2) Notice that it exists when you judge current events.
              3)TV and movies and media and the political and school system are imbued with culture created by a group of rich jewish weirdos and some creepy occultists

              • cu.h.j says:

                Fear of persecution is generated to keep people fighting each other and clinging to the tyrannical and unjust system that is in place.

                Fear of the other and hate of the other, are emotions and drives divide and conquer and allows for exploitation by those at the top.

                In my opinion the trans movement is based on financial gain for big pharma and destruction of the family unit. The nuclear family is natural. I also think there is genetic variation in the human population and affection for the same sex can also be natural, or people that are more masculine or feminine psychologically but biologically female or male.

                The manipulation of this occurrence by pharma and social engineers is what makes this wrong in my opinion. I have no judgment for gays and trans people who just want to be who they are. Forcing agendas on people is entirely different and pushing the idea that the nuclear family is bad is wrong. Obviously nuclear families and male and female sexual reproduction is necessary for our species to continue.

            • Duck says:

              “…In my opinion the trans movement is based on financial gain for big pharma and destruction of the family unit…..”
              If only it were that simple. 🙁

              You should read The Trans Industrial Complex by Scott Howard or Abigail SHirers book ‘Irreversible Damage’ or (if you want to have a REAL Scare) listen thru this when he gives you the low down on his idea of what MKUltra was really about

    • weilunion says:

      And this is why critical thinking is not allowed to be taught in fascist countries like Hungary, Italy, Spain, Germany and yes, the US.


      As the fascists move now state to state to implement their institutional madness and horror, all critical thinking is subversive. All critical thinking is a threat to the sophists and fascists we face today and faced yesterday.

      Fascism is cured by reading, racism is cured by travelling.

      “The difference between democracy and dictatorship is that in a democracy you vote first, and take orders later; in a dictatorship, you don’t have to waste your time voting.”

      Charles Bukowski

      • mkey says:

        That’s one fine quote.

      • Duck says:

        “…. racism is cured by travelling…”
        I suspect that the better off traveling class just interacts differently then most


        “… Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam—famous for “Bowling Alone,” his 2000 book on declining civic engagement—has found that the greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects. In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogenous settings. The study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings…”

        • westerncivic says:

          Racism is racist so we have to be more racist.


          • Duck says:

            LOl, Pretty sure that is NOT what he said in his paper though.
            Considering the #Mayomonkey stuff and the Waukesha driver thing which is looking like some kinda race attack it does appear to be the next phase of the program though

  7. TruthSeeker says:

    The one man gunman that killed JFK was a “Narrative” story created ahead of time to mislead the masses.
    The 19 Arab Skyjackers that over took 4 planes on 9/11/01 was a “Narrative” story created ahead of time to mislead the masses.
    And, the COVID19 Pandemic was a “Narrative” story created to mislead the masses.
    In each case the Oligarchs and their collaborators got more skilled at the art of deception and have had bigger and bigger ambitions about what they could do to the masses while they had their attention diverted and distracted with false “Narratives”.
    Even with all the data the control freaks have collected, I think that they are losing ground.
    Sam Adams once said that it does not take a majority to beat the back the British Empire, but only a tireless minority starting endless fires of Liberty in the hearts and minds of their fellow countrymen.
    That said, “The Real Anthony Fauci” by RFK Jr. has got the goods on Fauci.
    If we can get enough people to actually read the book, I think Grand Jury Indictments for a list of Covid Criminals will soon follow.
    That would change the “Narrative”, eh!

  8. eternalsoup says:

    James, here is another interesting & yet vital rabbit hole for anyone interested, yet be warned – it is a far deeper, darker rabbit hole than most. The astronomer Galileo Galilee went a long way towards setting the overall agenda for today’s ‘science’, by selecting to entirely dismiss anything that presents within common & discernible reality, yet fundamentally lacks any expression of atomic/particulate construct. His conclusion therefore, was only those things constituted of a ‘substantive/atomic particulate nature’ would be considered as existing. Everything else (was to be deemed as) only presenting within the mind’s nebulous & inconsequential imagination, & so must be rejected as belonging within the realms or the extant!

    In turn therefore, this has become the hallmark of science generally, & the rise & rise of the domineering physicist agenda & doctrines – which has resulted in such fantastic dogma as space-time, the great god of Big Bang, ‘scientific’ evolution & so many other illogical non-events being fabricated to fill voids that presented through questioning over time.

    Most notably however, this utterly irrational conclusion must deny such realities as thought, imagination, choice, love, happiness, anger, idea, creativity, invention, as well as anything else that invokes any aspect of quality to human experience.

    So presently this current psyop (under the control of whomever) steps in … for we can now recognise a yawning gap in the fake-science narrative that we’ve been force-fed for centuries. For this essential missing piece in the overall ‘science’ agenda is currently being replaced with a utterly false set of ‘qualities’ in a way that is not easy to detect. As we find this global re-set focusing heavily upon such (supposedly nebulous) values with statements like ‘by 2030 … you will be HAPPY’, ‘Narrative. IDEAS presented in such a way as to provoke certain THOUGHTS & actions.’

    Please consider … clearly all actions are the outpouring of THOUGHTS & associated CHOICES, yet science disregards qualities such as THOUGHT, IDEA & CHOICE, so why the current focus on such ‘non-realities’? Is it because they want to replace what they have stolen from us previously – with fake narrative?

  9. loggin says:

    Excellent exposition.

    Margaret Thatcher was often said to have ‘controlled the narrative’ in 1980s Britain with great success, using the language of business to describe the whole of society. For example, not students but customers.

    The emergence of China from the Nixon visits gave rise to the squaring of the capitalist-socialist circle in the form of a vast public – private partnership. It didn’t evolve, it was a planned narrative.

    Now fully mature, China is a great capitalist economy with a controlling, technocratic dictatorship, not of the proletariat but the political-business elite. Coming to health pass, universal ID near you very soon.

    • loggin says:

      It is my view it’s extremely likely that the NWO will collapse because its ultra confident controllers will overestimate their ability to predict the future of technology to solve their post human issues.

      Every relevant company pushed the imminent arrival of a society based on self driving vehicles with vast numbers on UBI. Every relevant company pushed the imminent arrival of virtual reality in every home. Date of arrival was 2018.

      Only Facebook is still in the game with Meta, an idea that failed before, a long time ago. That Brave New World is stuck in Zuckerberg’s head for the time being.

    • Duck says:


      Maggie Thatcher is a perfect example of narrative control 🙂

      NOT saying that is is a saint but Consider that while she is so utterly reviled she managed to roll back the pro soviet UK left and break the ability of the union minority to bring the country to a standstill… she even held back the EU (or was it the EEC or the EC back then..?) somewhat and stay in power for a loooong time in a somewhat democratic system.

      Now, she had plenty of bad things about her but nothing that explains the levels of visceral hate you get from people talking about her…she just upset the people with the ability to shape public opinion

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZJh0m0E7Ozg songs funny though 😉

      • weilunion says:

        So was Pinochet, upset to the point he and the CIA overthrew a democratically elected government and murdered tens of thousands of people.

        • Duck says:

          “..verthrew a democratically elected government and murdered tens of thousands of people..”

          I must have missed that part in UK history class…. i thought she got elected and she was kicked out so her party could suck up to the EU

          • weilunion says:

            You can’t see the analogy. So yes, you missed the entire part. But no problem. I have nothing left to say to you.

            Take that last word.

          • loggin says:

            Thatcher was the greatest Europhile in Europe at one time. She ‘created’ the single market. Changed her mind later when a European superstate was proposed.


            “The Single Market was a creation for which the UK has paternity rights. It was Margaret Thatcher’s rallying call for European reform, her calling card to unleash a wave of Japanese investment in post-industrial Britain


            • Duck says:

              I dont doubt she would have liked people to THINK she created the EEC but it was around long before her 🙂
              I THINK it started just after WW2…cked, 1951 with the ECSC

              That said I’m not even saying she was great or good, just that she did nothing any WORSE then any other politician… she just upset people who had the levers of public opinion.

              Now I think about it thats true of just about every unpopular OR POPULAR politician… Churchill was a ratfk 3astard, and Hitler (evil as he was) was hardly MORE evil the Stalin or Mao

              I doubt that most people know or care about some of the worst offenders in this 3d model of body count by dictator.


              Struck by how much the piles of coffins would stink in practice.

  10. nosoapradio says:

    I just woke up! This exposé shook me awake and showed me what it means to Wake Up!

    It happens suddenly yes! When in a single instant of clarity all those isolated facts, connected truths, stray anecdotes, old interpretations and systems suddenly coalesce into a new shining starlink constellation, creating the unmistakable outline of a new context, a new Narrative!

    Indeed, you don’t need to explain all the hows, whys and wherefores when a complete picture does it all for you…

    Like the old addage “A picture paints a thousand words”, a narrative is the grand picture with all the answers sketched in with meaning…


    I had such a colossal epiphany, a grand awakening almost exactly 13 years ago when I broke my leg and discoverd the sensational sport of freely surfing the internet and learned about it all, leaping from one stepping stone to the next, following one thread from the center to the fringes that tugged on all the others, from hurricane Katrina disaster management to that of 9/11, to Palestine to banking to smart cities, to the trivium, to social engineering and game theory and Eugenics until the whole tapestry unravelled…

    and at dawn this morning I’ve had another such epiphany, where all the details on which I was studiously focused, have suddenly coalesced into a new contextualized understanding of

    The Power of Narrative…


    Thanks Mr Corbett! I’m awake! Just in time for the Hamsterwheel!

    • nosoapradio says:

      …but waking up can be a little scary for a wuss like me… down the yellow brick road with flying monkeys and wicked witches… But I mustn’t be afraid of Waking the Witch as a certain high-profile Bush seemed to intone.

      As Conrad Brean (based on the true CIA character controlling the narrative in Hollywood whose name escapes me) also explained: “Change the lead, change the narrative”…

      or something like that… anyhow, to all those Albanians out there

      Courage Mom.

  11. vadoum says:

    “Ideas and stories are the only things that have ever changed the world” James C

    mate, I’m fallin’ for ya’ comment bait.  

    No, along with  human reminiscence or fantastical projection, aside from musing alone or in company (with words), much else has been catalyst or cause for novelty/change;

    Everything’s in motion by degree, and the continual commingling of those atomic structures including gross and subtle pre-potent & resultant forces do create romantic bouquets and venomous darts.
    However, for the purpose of keeping to J’s topic, Yes, charged words and pre-crafted narrative are no small deal.
    In the beginning was the “word” right? Dont sorcerers speak some spell (ing) and then suddenly get their imagination to manifest directly? or is that just in the movie spellings/narratives (b grade spin). Or isn’t it that monks reciting mantras, are actually calling the attention of “higher order” beings (“gods”) who then might lend an interdimensional hand?

    Sadly the examples given are of cultural manipulators who are not the most beneficent sort. Therefore, whereas their use of narrative steering may be practiced and alarmingly reach more people than ever before, The jokers who are reported/supported by their owned media, still are operating at nursery school levels of finger painting. Mostly they are trying to parasitically feed.

    Par contre, For reality painting narratives that takes ones breath away,,, for a start one has to choose life, thats basic natural law; then one has to navigate (engage with one’s karma) the spaceship (body) without running afoul, eventually, what us plebs call metaphysics, begins to tickle the intuition, sometimes more sometimes less, (most everyone I know has had an epiphany): humans can be and are involved with manifesting of the miraculous, which defies common description,  but yet guides the “meta-narrative”, when we participate in and as beauty.

    If common language comes up short when reaching for the miraculous,(sure could use one now), its perhaps because most of us have lost track of “original language”: indigenous oral history and “wisdom keepers” hold that there is “sacred language” that has the capacity to effect material change such as: anti gravity or calling lightening and rain, many-many,,, right down to to taking or giving life.  For most of us these are mythological yarns. for others it is rare experience, albeit real, that comes with privilege to understand and obligation to respect.

    Heres a great story teller on the topic:

    “The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish.” T.M.


    • vadoum says:

      NSR ,,for the record we wrote those posts about “epiphany” at the same time (,,your post was not there as i was composing mine)

      • nosoapradio says:

        Vadoum, I saw your post scriptum because I was just about to write that I clicked on your link and learned about the fascinating character, Terence Mckenna. Don’t understand why, though I’d oft heard his name, I’d never really looked into the man before. And even if I’m not the least bit interested in testing psychedelic drugs on myself, (the very notion of tempting the hallucinogenic devil is vaguely terrifying) I found the man’s trek through life as recounted mainly by Wikipedia, very moving and engaging for some reason. The part about his daughter’s publications of his collections and navigations through the jungles of south east Asia that she entitled “The Butterfly Hunter” was for some reason particularly heart-wrenching. And on a diametrically more trivial note, the doctors allegedly concluding that this professional mind-bender’s highly massive and aggressive brain tumor had nothing to do with the copious and long-term consumption of hallucinatory substances seems somewhat iffy.


        I’ll gladly take any royalties you can spare on the use of the word “Epiphany”.

        • vadoum says:

          I’ve read and listened to everything Ive come across from Terrance Mckenna, but had not heard of his daughter’s “the butterfly hunter” (thanks for the mention,, new grist for the mill).

          I dont know the gritty details of his brain cancer, though the one question that he, to my mind, never gave much detailed description about (rare for such a masterful wordsmith who was also more or less a professor/academic of ethno-botany), was why he choose not to seek out help from a maestro, many who are on record for sorting-out that kind of disease and worse. He had decades of studying “shamanic” practices and realms from traditions worldwide. He might still be alive, but he choose to let the cancer have its way with him?

          I bet it could have been caused by decades of cordless phone use (similar microwave water destructuring that cell phones emit), and/or targeting because he was a bridger of realms (between seen & unseen) and there would be many players in the sorcery department that didnt like his capacity for down-dressing the bullshit artists, and grounding that which has been spun as unattainable-mystery, he barreled head first into perspectives that most shy away from.

          You reaffirmed synchronicity; it was a slight glimpse but: globe-girdling distances are a shrug next to our capacity to imagine in all scales of sync. I have a dream, that one fine sunny day, telepathy will replace all demand for microwave devices,,

          thanks, the royalties are all yours.

  12. Joseph says:

    I completely agree! In a world where you are bombarded with propaganda from all sources all around from TV, radio, internet, 5G, MSM and not to mention shills from government payrolls, it is hard to stay awake and not get lost in the quagmire of false information. Yes, they do know it well, that if their story is poured onto you on a 7/24 basis they can inflict heavy influence, then they hope you will eventually believe it, and if you believe it then they want you to become it.

    This is why it is utterly and most importantly crucial to construct your own narrative so you stay focused and not befall to be the prey of the establishment. You are right, we need to have a greater narrative!

    • weilunion says:

      We construct narratives in tandem with others.

      It is not a form of solipsism of go it alone individualism.

      These naked and poisonous narratives must perish so we can work collaboratively and critically to construct and implement new narratives and institutional arrangements and will to construct them.

  13. eternalsoup says:

    The BIG problem with ‘creating a narrative of our own’, is that there are effectually two narratives to be considered, which either run together in a harmonious & intriguing interplay of evolving circumstances, or otherwise conflict & compete for dominance through a dystopian cough & wheeze lurch towards an irreconcilable & unsatisfying end.

    What are these two narratives specifically?

    Narrative 1. Conveys what we might consider … the presenting world; the greater environment within which we individually subsist, breathe & function, and most essentially – over which we personally have little to zero control. This first ‘narrative’ then, is not set by ‘me’, nor is it beholden to my feelings or choices.

    This aspect of our existence of course, is not commonly perceived as a narrative, yet what it ‘decides’ absolutely underpins every aspect of my hope & venture; as to whether my personal ‘narrative’ will realise an ascendant triumph; of pleasant & sustaining fruit, or alternatively … a stream of discordant debris along the pathway; more akin to a strewn & rotting carcass.

    So it is with such heady goals in mind, that I really should strive to maintain my personal narrative (over which I have control) within the confines of the presenting overall & superior reality/narrative – again; over which I have next to zero control. For example, if my presenting narrative happened to be an upgrade relocation to the idyllic climes of the beautiful island of St. Vincent, the infinitely greater environmental narrative well might result in a black & crusty conclusion that is less than gratifying.

    The second narrative then, belongs entirely within the purview of one’s imagination; ‘my’ thoughts, ‘my’ conclusions & ‘my’ resulting choices. It is here, at this entirely sovereign juncture that many folk have forsaken & abandoned the most important & vital tool in their arsenal; their autonomy; the preponderant authority that either links & binds them in concordance with the infinitely greater environment, which could rightfully be extrapolated, as the Universe itself – or otherwise … to another man’s decisions!

    At that point, let’s hope that that ‘other man’ has ‘my’ best interests at the forefront of his thoughts & choices. For whatever music he selects to play, will surely become the tune to which ‘I’ must dance – whether I like it or not, & regardless whether it produces life in abundance, or death in disgrace!

    • weilunion says:

      It is the lack of the creative critical mind that looks for narratives. The creative critical mind creates them

      • TimmyTaes says:

        The creative mind, the observant mind, the thinking mind; can’t escape narratives.
        Sometimes I thinks it is a curse, but it is very entertaining to look at the world without the rose tinted glasses.

    • vadoum says:

      if you dont have a plan, you’ll become part of someone else’s plan

      then one can be “a man with a plan”; have a go.

      • Duck says:


        Even a rubbish plan is better then NO plan.
        The person with no plan is much more prone to freezing because their brain reacting from a dead stop… if you have a rubbish plan your brain will at least already be in motion and if your lucky it will come up with a better course of action.

        • vadoum says:

          Use it or lose it yes?

          I meant to say: have a plan so you dont become part of someone elses,,

          keep the slushee tumbler turning or the goop’ll melt or freeze, I’m with you; trouble is often we spin the tumbler too fast, and then get little little man with big big plan. bergs and growlers

          I’m with you, movement at the station is what we’re here for

  14. nosoapradio says:

    Omigod. After the double infection of Americans by the O’Bummer strain, it’s the French who’ll be infected by a 5-year booster of the Omacron virus… Makes me glad to be an anti-vaxxer with full cognitive immunity.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      nosoapradio says:
      After the double infection of Americans by the O’Bummer strain, it’s the French who’ll be infected by a 5-year booster of the Omacron virus…
      Makes me glad to be an anti-vaxxer with full cognitive immunity”.

      • nosoapradio says:

        oops. Originally the plan to make that comment relevant to this board was to inquire as to what narrative would make the omacron booster mandate mandatory. Then I forgot.

        And while I’m at amendments, I saw your excellent comment about the therapeutic extroversion of walking belatedly, almost missed it entirely:

        “…Wow! Look at this!”
        Get their attention out of their head and onto the environment…


        These are some savory “down home” nuggets of wisdom you can dish up HRS.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        “Extroversion Tricks”
        Mental Therapy – Going for a Walk

        Found on mkey’s Sub-Thread
        “Developing a good habit”

  15. alexdore says:

    Hello Mr Corbett,

    In my humble opinion, your old glasses frame is ergonomically better and safer than the one you broke while camping. The main argument comes from the limitation in field of view of the broken glasses. The temples are wide and are placed at vertical eye level. When driving or cycling, your peripheral vision is partially blocked by the temples. With your old frame, the temples are thinner, and they are placed higher than your eyes, so your field of view is not obstructed. By the way, you look much younger with the old frames.

  16. weilunion says:

    The problem for those who resist oppression of any kind is to think first, then act, then think again.

    Our tendency is to immediately react and then perhaps think about it later.

    What reigns in today’s minds is the act, first, think secondly and then act again.

    The act-think-act approach is much like measure once cut twice.

    The think-act-think approach to problem solving is costlier in time, but made up for in results.

    The think-act-think approach is much like measure twice, cut once.

    What is lacking from resistance movements across the board, not necessarily in all places in the world but by and large most, is what Gramsci the great philosopher locked in prison by Mussolini called organic culture and cultural hegemony.

    If resistance is to have any resonance with people it has to not only go further than graphs and statistics, it must create new, parallel institutions and ways of thinking that destroy the toxicity of our present perceptions of the world and those who plant them.

    The State uses cultural institutions to maintain control of their class interests.

    “The bourgeoisie, in Gramsci’s view, develops a hegemonic culture using ideology, rather than violence, economic force, or coercion. Hegemonic culture propagates its own values and norms so that they become the “common sense” values of all and thus maintain the status quo. Cultural hegemony is therefore used to maintain consent to the capitalist order, rather than the use of force to maintain order.”

    “The bourgeoisie developed a hegemonic culture, which propagated its own values and norms so that they became the “common sense” values of all. People in the working class (and other classes) identified their own good with the good of the bourgeoisie and helped to maintain the status quo rather than revolting.

    To counter the notion that bourgeois values represented natural or normal values for society, the working class needs to develop a culture of its own. For Gramsci, it was fundamental to the attainment of power that cultural hegemony be achieved first.

    For those who study fascism we see cultural hegemony on behalf of fascists in, say, Hungary now. But one could pick a dozen more countries.

    All Mussolini’s and Hitler’s cultural hegemony was conceived and planned using Wall St., Madison Ave., advertising and an appeal to a mythical past, which is part and parcel of all fascist thinking.

    This, and preventing people from thinking critically.

    Gramsci understood this.

    The storytelling must be the parallel culture and the institutions that run parallel and involve new ideas, new outcomes, new language and new thinking. Action must be cultural not simply political.

    In line with Gramsci’s theories of hegemonic power, he argued that ruling class power needed to be challenged by building a counter-hegemony. By this he meant that, as part of the war of position, the organic intellectuals and others within the working-class, need to develop alternative values and an alternative ideology in contrast to bourgeois ideology.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  17. mybeatenheart says:

    Let me guess: Alien invasion? Or not just yet?

  18. Torus says:

    I’m looking forward to reading Derrick Broze’s article. He is both informative and inspiring.

    As we begin to shape the Greater Narrative, as a counter to Schwab and Co., it is important to focus on character development; both within the Story and within Ourselves. The narrative we have been fed characterizes individuals as weak, stupid, selfish, and inept. The story says that humanity is the enemy who is incapable of making good choices and needs to a savior to set things right. We are told to blame others rather than take responsibility for our actions. Blaming robs us of our internal power. We are told that technology is capable of making better decisions for us than we can, stripping us of our agency.

    As we, the resistance, begin to form the Greater Narrative, we must develop the character of the person (humanity) as strong, capable, creative, and compassionate. But perhaps most importantly, we have to stop blaming our shortcomings and circumstances on someone else. The blame game is destroying the individual. We must recognize that we have choices and only we are responsible for the consequences (good or ill) that result from those choices.

    Take back your personal power, people!!! We are in control of our own lives. Teach one another to embrace accountability again. It is not as scary as we have been led to believe. Stop hoping for someone else to ‘fix’ everything. Own yourself and your amazing ability to shape your own life. Set high standards for yourself, don’t shun the virtues. Be the hero of your own story, don’t give the role to someone else.

  19. spider says:

    I sent out this story last year in the hopes of creating an ironic narrative.

    Public Health Emergency

    Just when you thought that things were about to return to normal, a new public health emergency has emerged. Scientist have discovered that the Earth is being bombarded with cosmic rays from outer space. The governor has declared an emergency and has mandated that everyone must wear a tin-foil hat for protection. Since tin-foil is no longer accessible, we will be allowed to temporarily use aluminum foil to make our hats. Once production of tin-foil is ramped up, everyone will be required to wear a tin-foil hat. If you plan on flying you will need a mask, a tin-foil hat, proof of vaccination, remove your shoes and raise your arms so that a picture of your naked body can be observed by workers in another room. TSA has assured us that they are no longer laughing and making fun of our naked bodies. All these precautions are for our own protection and not as some are saying merely as a show of obedience.

  20. wolfgang says:

    Very important topic, however extremely hard to establish with thousands upon thousands of highly trained and paid propaganda professionals establishing the counter-narrative to discredit, smear and bombard any dissenting vision while constantly reworking and scrambling the language itself into some kind of Newspeak to obliterate resistance.

    The greater narrative has to be simple and broad enough to resonate with enough people to make an effort/to become active in real life and not to get lost in details, which will produce major frictions among differing opinions (e.g. debate of virus existence vs non-existence as a major dividing line among COVID policy critics). I really wonder how the greedy would-be rulers coming together at some Bilderberg meeting or in Davos keep their differences in check and very rarely (at least conceivable to us) are at each others’ throats. What intricately balanced and exquisitely abysmal and disgusting extortive material they must have of each other…

    I really hope someone with a more humanistic, freedom cherishing and positive vision for the future finds the right words and has enough strength, endurance and reach to make a difference.

  21. elise says:

    Love this talk.
    “En garde!”, WEF, technocrats, and puppets!
    Thomas Paines’ “Common Sense” fired up the American Revolution, as both James Corbett and Richard Grove have noted, I’m pretty sure. Paine questioned the supreme power of monarchies. Different details today, as far as elite rulers but, basically “Same S**t, Different Era”. There are some great journalists around today and nothing beats a book for re-programming , IMHO.

  22. susan.so says:

    Thanks so much, James, for reminding me that ‘learning is remembering’…back in 2010 I read a then new book, The World is Made of Stories, by David R. Loy…picking it up again, I see that it is the perfect reinforcement of your central theme in this podcast. It’s constructed in a unique format of very short ‘essays’ interspersed with succinct quotes from a multitude of voices…”The universe is made of stories, not atoms”. (Muriel Rukeyser), for starters! A lovely invitation to escape the uber-materialistic-technocratic meta-narrative underscoring the current media messaging and re-engage our imaginations.

  23. slurry says:

    It’s true though….. I had a “mini awakening” back in the early 2000’s after watching “an inconvenient truth”. Previously I hadn’t really thought about the subject of the environmental impact of pollution too much, and was immediately radicalized by that film. Understanding absolutely nothing I used to think that the world would’ve been “so much better” if Gore had become president and I would argue till I was blue in the face with anyone who disagreed with my new found “truth”.
    Of course, nowadays I understand that Gore is just another rich eugenicist and I was a giant idiot for religiously buying into the global warming/humans bad narrative.
    What I did realize though, is that my desire to live in harmony with the planet and in clean (nontoxic) environments didn’t need to be thrown out with my global warming convictions. By researching on my own into paleoclimatology and learning everything I could about off grid self sustainable living, I was able to create my own narrative about what was really the problem and what was really my solution.
    I now also, after being sucked into a materialistic narrative over the past 5 years, have been shaping a new spiritually based narrative for myself. It’s crazy what kind of wonders it’s working. Belief and faith are now occupying a much larger part of my mind and helping to shed light on the darkness that the physical world is descending in to.

    • yellowie says:

      Dear Slurry,
      Me too! I watched that movie by Al Gore and wanted to save the scrawny polar bear…not realizing they were filming a dumb polar bear, who waited too long for the ice flows. My engineering husband laughed at me and explained some heat transfer blah-blah-blah (engineering babbling) which I never understand. In addition, one of his friends, a math prof specializing in climate modeling for many, many years at the beginning was on an international task force to examine climate change. He said they were just too dumb…like the polar bear. Too many variables to control and it was like averaging the phone numbers in a telephone book.
      Taking care not to pollute is a very good thing. Most of the recycling we do here ends up in the land fill anyways. Looks like your on the right track.

  24. Fedor says:

    One of the greatest narratives for the situation we face today is a clip of old old band The Family, ‘Kathy Dont Go’. You must see it:
    Btw it is somewhat like 1985?

    • Duck says:

      10000 thumbs up
      🙂 LOL…uhhh… actually maybe 🙁

    • mkey says:

      That’s one very prescient music video.

      • awarner says:

        My first posting here on CR. I need to say that James’s in-depth work (and Brock’s too) with its thoughtfulness and insights is SO very impressive! I share it (CR episodes) regularly. I’m not sure if those folks think the same but hopefully a few seeds have been planted.

        The second point is the incredible depth of knowledge of so many of you “regulars.” This section amazes me and I spend too much time getting ‘caught up’ down this rabbit hole! It has been terrific in giving me new perspectives, insights and things to investigate. Perhaps this is evident from this posting which is way deep in the comment section of a week old “report” that I discover new things.

        Being of curious mind, I had to check out the video posted as I could not recall the title or details but was big into the alternative rock/college/indie music at that time (mid 80’s). I can’t say I ever heard this song back then. As mkey says, ‘prescient music video’ and I agree. What was equally shocking is the next tune GooTube served up by the same band (did anyone else get it?). WHOA! These folks had some conspiracy vibe going through their heads. I wonder what they think today.

        This has only 21k views vs. 454k for Cathy. Maybe both need a bit more exposure. LOL. I’m sure James EP has these on vinyl somewhere in his archive.

        Cheers to all and thank you for all your great contributions! I really enjoy them and James’s and others work (Media Monarchy, TLAV and more). I am very appreciative of this community.

        • mkey says:

          Youtube suggestions sometime do wonders. They don’t want to clue up new people, but when they know you are already past the horizont, they don’t mind showing off their AI.

  25. HomeRemedySupply says:

    It’s all about THE STORY

    In my mind, especially during this time and place, this
    ”Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch” is one of the most important works which Corbett has done.
    I admit…I’m fixated on THE STORY. I’m obsessed with it. It has immense power over our personal lives and society. And questions arise.
    For example: Who writes the story? Does the story follow from the actions? Who are our current heroes? How can I be a hero in my own personal life?

    I’ll concede. I’ve never grown up. And STORIES have influenced my personal life…
    EXCERPT taken from a comment at Corbett’s
    ”What Are You Going To Be When You Grow Up?”.
    …By the 8th Grade I decided to keep a diary. This changed my life.
    Before going to sleep, I would log the day… “Went to school. Watch ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and ‘Leave it to Beaver’. Homework. Bed.”
    After a couple weeks of these very mundane entries, I told myself that I needed to create some kind of activity which had adventure, interest and colorful excitement to it. And I did. I would go do an adventure, whether it was “make a big firecracker out of home-made gunpowder”, or travel on my motorcycle to catch a live Armadillo, or try to train my red-tail hawk, or play a major prank at High School, etc. The next thing I discover is that adventure and excitement starts to naturally roll into my life. Adventure just flowed in naturally.
    I still keep a daily log.
    Life has been and continues to be an adventurous learning experience…


    Like I said earlier, I’m fixated on THE STORY.
    Not to be obsequious (bootlicking), but I’ve always considered
    James Corbett as The Writer, The STORY Teller.
    At the 6:50 minute mark of ”Interview 1654 – James Corbett on The Activation Podcast” with Derrick Broze,
    James Corbett says:
    ”Really, my passion for a very long time, was literature and writing. Definitely, from the time I was 10 years old, I wanted to be a writer. And I knew it.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Many of us consider Corbett to be a writer. He knows how to tell a story.
      And his stories can be much more than non-fiction, but can carry levity and fictionalized renditions. For some great humor, which is measured in meters, read James Corbett’s: ”Interview With A Coma Victim” which he mentions in this December 2021 ”Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch”.

      In ”Writing A New Narrative – #SolutionsWatch”, James Corbett cited his article from 11/23/2020 ”How to Save the World (in One Easy Step!)”.
      ”…Story is the most powerful weapon. Narrative. Ideas presented in such a way as to provoke certain thoughts or actions….”

      On his 6/3/2021 Interview 1645 – James Corbett on The Delingpod
      8 minute YouTube about THE STORY – https://youtu.be/mfgUq_9OmFg
      At the 10:30 minute mark, Television and THE STORY are discussed:
      “…more than just being engaged in a story, they seem to be engaged by the screen itself…”
      11:11 mark
      “…Certainly, for all of recorded human history, STORY has been the way to most effectively shape the consciousness of the people. And, of course, we understand this going all the way back to Greek drama.
      The sorts of stories that are being told that are shared and understood together tend to form our understanding of the world, and then to influence the way we act in the world.”
      So, that it is sort of a feed-back loop culturally speaking.
      I think that it would be naïve of us to think that the people who are literally paying the bills for these types of programs are not aware of the incredible power that these stories have in shaping our consciousness, and are not actively working to bring about the types of stories that will lead to the most pliant and pliable people for them….”

      Then, the conversation goes into Predictive Programming.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        THE STORY Impacts

        Corbett QUOTE: ”…this is NOT about facts and figures. You’re not going to rationally argue with someone who has not been rationally argued into this position….”

        March 2021 Interview 1629 – Red Pill Moments with James Corbett and Keith Knight
        QUEUED VIDEO 25:20 mark https://youtu.be/7NPF-ZzrLSo?t=1519
        James Corbett excerpt (28:20) regarding a (“kind of”) Red Pill moment from 2020
        “…and it’s not even necessarily a new revelation, but just the power of that revelation has really been hammered home that this is NOT about facts and figures. You’re not going to rationally argue with someone who has not been rationally argued into this position.
        And that suggests that the only way out of this is for us to present our own Witch Doctor Ooga Booga ticket to freedom that will somehow in the minds of the general hoi palloi
        (the masses; the common people) be that: “Oh! Okay, now we have the thing that will save us.” and it’s not going to be rational and it’s not going to make sense, but we need that whatever that is….”

        – The STORY of 9/11 Truth –
        Around the 37 minute mark of ”Interview 1654 – James Corbett on The Activation Podcast” with Derrick Broze,
        James Corbett says:
        “…about the very, very important issue of 9/11. Again, not just as a single day, but as a much, much broader PsyOp that has been perpetrated. That can teach us what we are living through right now…
        …there are some incredibly important lessons…
        …also there is a Meta-Narrative there: About what happened to 9/11 Truth. And why 9/11 Truth failed, at least in the sense that justice has not been brought for 9/11 yet…
        …that is a failure for what 9/11 Truth really could have achieved and should have achieved, and seemed like there was momentum toward achieving.
        How did that get derailed?
        And what can that teach us right now?…
        …and how are people going to get segmented and territorialized and “No, you don’t believe this theory. Therefore you’re a shill! Eauh!” – It’s starting to head in the same direction.”


  26. westerncivic says:

    Once upon a time there was a secret.

    Some people learned that if they kept the secret to themselves they could control people who didn’t know the secret.

    Soon the power of the secret to control got bigger and bigger, and spilled over into all aspects of life.

    So to keep the secret from all the people in all the places doing all the many different things, lies were needed. So many many lies were told in order to keep the secret that most people were confused.

    There were many years of confusion because lies were everywhere trying to protect the secret.

    But after many efforts following along many lies some people saw that there must be a secret.

    Some people saw that the people keeping the secret had passed on the secret only to their families and others that would keep the secret.

    Some people saw that the secret was a new way robbing and murdering people for riches and getting away with it.

    Then some people found all the few people who were keeping the secrets and telling all the lies and they chopped their heads off and everyone lived happily ever after.

    The end.

    Brought to you in part by, The3Tacks.

  27. taw says:

    Dear James
    I’ve listed a few of my personal solutions. I’ve at sometime in the past or currently am practicing.

    Sheep spend their entire lives being afraid of the wolf, but end up eaten by the shepherd. (Popular proverb)

    1. PAY WITH CASH, ALWAYS! Quit buying “stuff”.
    2. Bank at Credit Unions. Eliminate as much debt as quickly as possible.
    3. For food and essentials only shop at Farmers Market or local COOP
    6. Buy used. FROM Thrift stores, resell stores, neighbors, friends, etc
    7. Avoid and boycott big box stores, franchise or corporate retailers
    8. Buy gold and silver COINS and real gold jewelry
    9. Get a bike. For each family member if possible. Spare parts and pump
    10. Learn basic first aid and have a good kit of home medical supplies
    11. Find a local non corporate affiliated medical and dental provider
    13. Start a garden. Start with one pot!
    14. Start reading. Get a hobby. Enjoy music and start dancing
    15. Home school
    16. Open your own mobile store in your garage or from pushcart or vehicle
    17. DIY! DIY!
    18. What’s the point of assets if there’s no infrastructure to protect them. Start locally. Elect a good sheriff. Elect good state representatives.
    19. Burn your mask! Burn your CDC vaccine card!
    20. Create friction. Practice passive resistance. Refuse to participate!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Great list, TAW.

    • westerncivic says:

      18 is the fall to bind them all!

    • Jed says:

      Great list, my vote for sheriff is Smith & Wesson. #11 a little tough but only ‘cus I’m used to having Albuterol. Homeopathy here I come. #20 is empowering, I never considered creating friction to be something to strive towards, it’s always come naturally.

    • TimmyTaes says:

      “Refuse to participate”
      That is the solution in a nutshell.
      Thank you!

    • cu.h.j says:

      What an excellent post! I think this will help. We need to promote these things. Make doing these things popular. Set an example. I got rid of Facebook and use a credit union.

    • rebel.soul says:

      yep! this is my list as well 🙂
      home teaching… (i do not home school, as a ‘school’ is a load of fish that act as one, think as one and have no ability to make individual decisions)
      …is actually helping me to prevent the narrative from creeping into the mind of incredibly bright 3 and 6yo
      at the moment im too engaged with moving my businesses (reluctantly) online (as the lockdown all but killed them) to focus on the home farming, but soon I’ll be in a better position again to focus :))
      all is love, love is all
      “playing us like dummies/but we won’t take your money/we pay each other cash/and we will make it last..”

  28. squodgy says:

    Dear James, Following your recommendations re AESOP’s FABLES I decided to try to acquire a couple for me & my daughter for the kids.
    Please see where it took me on eBAY….a NEW NARRATIVE BY DC COMICS …..YAY.



  29. TimmyTaes says:

    Seeing Klaus Schwab talking to the Arabs reminded me of the ending scenes of “The Wild Bunch” (great film). Bill Holden’s character kills the German military advisor first in the Mexican camp of the Mexican General.

    Yeah, kill the German first. Great scene idea for the film. Sam Peckinpah knew what he was doing.

  30. kirm says:

    James, you need a “schwab” warning on your videos. Every time I see that self-important, bloated windbag, my blood pressure goes up 10 points.

    He really needs a lead vaccination. For our protection…

    I’m sure he’s mostly a “front man” so my extreme dislike is probably a bit misplaced…

  31. TimmyTaes says:

    Thank you James Corbett for this excellent video. It is my favorite of yours so far and I’ve been watching your videos for years (and reading your articles.)
    Yes, the pen is mightier than the sword (is that an Aesop’s Fable?) because the pen guides the sword.
    George Carlin had a comedy routine talking about the uselessness of elections and voting. Carlin would stay home on election day and masturbate. “At least I have something to show for it.” Was the punchline.

    Porno movies have a pretty simple narrative that everyone can understand. I watch the narratives on TV and try and figure them out from a porno movie angle i.e. Who is the fucker and who is the fuckee?

    It simplifies things.

  32. scpat says:

    What James said at 9:48 (queued video: https://odysee.com/@corbettreport:0/solutionswatch-narrative-720p:f?r=B1VLeNXPPMEAxzrWMk23g4LnKZJnqt8p&t=588) about not being able to change people’s minds with numbers and data, but rather with narrative, was something I experienced recently. I have been sending my family a lot of videos, podcasts, articles, etc. over the last two years to try to wake them up to what is going on, with mixed response. But just a couple days ago I sent them a short video monologue by Neil Oliver. Neil has been making a lot of very important points lately about the situation we find ourselves in. I highly recommend you watch the video, which is about lockdowns of the vaccinated in Austria, but more generally sums up everything wrong with what we have dealt with during the last two years. Neil crafted a narrative about the immorality and inhumanity imposed on us during the covid crisis. He didn’t pelt you with data, instead he told a story.

    Long story short, this video was the one that got a strong positive reaction from my family. As they told me in their email response, the narrative stirred some emotions in them, and I’m sure got them to see things differently.

    Neil Oliver Monologue

  33. robert.t says:

    Just on spectacles and dominant narratives…

    Some fifteen years back there was a fad for narrow, slitty eyewear and ultra-thin lenses. I found this out when I took delivery of new specs and nearly fell over in the street immediately after purchase. It was explained to me that thin was in and that if I could no longer wear multi-focals it was because of changes to my eyes. When I asked how the change could take place within the seconds required for putting on new glasses there was no answer.

    So I began to hunt for old frames on the internet and to argue with multiple optometrists. Thanks to old German frame-makers like Flair and an optometrist who was more interested in the job than the narrative, my vision with multi-focal specs has been just fine for the last fifteen years.

    Whether it’s climate science, theoretical physics, omikron variants, circumcision (circa 1950), polyunsaturated oils or thin, slitty specs that flat-out don’t work…there is always a dominant narrative and it is just about always wrong.

    • LastHumanist says:

      In other news, the Nazis on /pol do pit viper shades nowadays for their current MK Ultra programming. They photoshop these sunglasses on Taliban and whatnot.

      I wonder if that’s how the next Q op is meant to get started…

      Pit viper Q, the anti-vaxx Taliban. The cesspool of internet narratives will spit out more dumb and vile things, as always.

      • vadoum says:

        it wasnt just another day. the breeze smelt of burnt rubber, the ground was ahum with nervous worms (they’d heard the vermectin was near), throngs had faced the fact that it was time to face the fact that factual and time bubble-bursting simply is; Ishouldabeenthere (print the hats),, this was something, but some thing entirely different.

        Kicking off the concerted narration was the same ol’punk funkers, as if anyone else would suffice, Pit Viper Q and the anti-vaxx Taliban stepped up in full regalia, but were a bit too keen as they upped and over stumbled headlong into the castle moat

        only on the mid eclipse season dark moon

    • mkey says:

      Robert, I would have put money upfront just to be there, to have seen their moronic faces when you asked them to explain what could have happened with your eyes during those tranformational two seconds.

      I swear, I would laugh those morons into a fetal position under the counter. They probably consider themselves to be professionals. And they are, they are professional idiots.

  34. Joseph says:

    In case you have not seen this video yet… I have found a video with a very long narrative. Most of the Corbett followers will be probably familiar with the massive amount of info in it, however I am posting it because I have found 2 interesting stuff, that I either did not see in videos of James or somehow I did not notice them being mentioned:

    They can be found at the following time marks:

    53:38 – Obama administration lifted the ban on the gain of function research. Following day Fauci said the next administration will undoubtedly face a pandemic.

    1:18:12 – The actual efficiency, the ARR or absolute risk reduction of the western vaccines are under 1.2%. Which is literally ZERO.

    The title of the video is: 2030 Unmasked (Documentary)
    The video is about the pandemic, the establishment and many many more…


  35. irose says:

    A new story cannot be written with RE: words hijacked by the globalists to sell The Great RE:set, Even when adding a “Greater” to the “RE:set” (Sorry Derrick Broze)). Not only are these words contaminated by the globalist agenda, they all point backwards!!! For, of course, the aim is not to change the power and wealth relations, the aim is to entrench it further. We are being sold the same old story with newer glitzier special effects. Let’s start; activate; think; invent; design; create; tell, a truly new story of Kinship with all Life, without exceptions.

  36. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Writing the Narrative…
    [Well, I guess you can easily sell ocean-front property in Nebraska.]

    Nov 30th – Wall Street Journal
    Metaverse Real Estate Piles Up Record Sales in Sandbox and Other Virtual Realms
    Lede: Firms’ purchases of digital land in online worlds are bets that property values will rise as more people join in.

    The latest hot real-estate market isn’t on the scenic coasts or in balmy Sunbelt cities. It’s in the metaverse, where gamers are flocking and digital property sales are setting new records.

    A growing number of investment firms are acquiring digital land in worlds such as the Sandbox and Decentraland, where players simulate real-life pursuits, from shopping to attending a concert. They are betting that individuals and companies will spend money to use virtual homes and retail space and that the value of properties will increase as more people join the worlds.

    Investors’ interest in virtual real estate got a boost last month after Facebook renamed itself Meta Platforms Inc. and said it would focus on online worlds, commonly called the metaverse.

    That interest reached a new peak on Tuesday when Republic Realm, a firm that develops real estate in the metaverse, said it paid $4.3 million for land in the world Sandbox, the biggest virtual real-estate sale publicized to date, according to the company and to data from the website NonFungible.com, which tracks digital land sales.

    Republic Realm bought the digital land from videogame company Atari SA and the two firms said they plan to partner on the development of some of the properties.

    That acquisition broke a record set just last week by a subsidiary of Canadian investment firm Tokens.com Corp., which said it paid around $2.5 million for land in the world Decentraland’s Fashion District.

    “This is like buying land in Manhattan 250 years ago as the city is being built,” said Andrew Kiguel, chief executive of Tokens.com….

  37. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I enjoyed this creative song/video which “writes a new narrative”. The tempo and beat are hard to resist.

    “Sad Little Man” by Five Times August (Official Music Video) 2021
    (Just over 2 minutes) (Video in article)

    Sad little man sitting deep in a lie
    He’s dead in his soul but he’ll keep you alive
    Do what he says, not what he do
    ‘Cause the truth is for him and the lie is for you

    Sad little man but he’s treated like a God
    As the faithless pray to a fake and a fraud
    Worship the man, pledge to his word
    One shot, two shot, now you get a third
    Sad little man, sad little man
    You better run now while you know you can
    Sad little man, sad little man
    You don’t fool me, you sad little man

    Sad little man gonna trap you like a dog
    Put your head in a net while they eat you raw
    Don’t ask why, just comply
    ‘Cause fear is the drug that the doc prescribed

    Sad little man, you can watch him on the news
    Preaching to his choir while they learn the rules
    Some feel safe and some feel healed
    But they’ll all hold his hand as he makes the kill…

    …When the truth comes out he’s gonna burn in hell….

  38. bonerecord says:

    Colleague: “These nonsense campus policies are the result of complete incompetence.” (It’s all random.)

    Me: “No. They are a somewhat bungling execution of a general plan to destroy what universities are, places where people should carry on disputation about the challenges of truth to power in history & how dangerous that really is.” (There is a story at work.)

    Colleague: “That’s silly.”

    Me: “If the terrible state we are in were the product of incompetence, then the policies would sometimes be in our favor.”

    Colleague: “Gotta run.”

  39. mkey says:

    Playskool Unveils Vaccinate Me Elmo Doll

    It’s the onion on steroids.

  40. A57 says:

    With all due respect James your narrative on narratives was long winded, got your point the first time you spoke a the narrative the other repeating was unnecessary or was it part of the narrative?
    I swore if you said narrative one more time, I was going to blow my brains out.
    Try not to judge me for judging you, I must go lay down now coz I got a headache from to much narrative.

  41. HomeRemedySupply says:

    People are writing their own story…

    Monday Nov 29th – Michael Snyder
    Millions Of Americans Are Scrambling To Become Independent Of The System As It Collapses All Around Them

    …But here we are.
    Moving forward, many Americans are going to have to start figuring out how to provide their own health care, because our health care system is being shaken like never before.

    Meanwhile, we are seeing a “historic burst in entrepreneurship and self-employment” as millions upon millions of Americans seek to create jobs for themselves.

    Thanks to Biden’s mandates, there are millions upon millions of Americans that may soon be ineligible to work for any company that employs 100 or more workers. For now, that particular mandate has been put on hold, but it could be reinstated at any time by the courts.

    In any event, many Americans have decided that now is the time to leave the system and start working for themselves.
    So far this year, a whopping 4.54 million new small businesses have applied for a federal tax identification number. That is up 56 percent from 2019

    …The good news is that there are literally millions of different ways to work for yourself in this country today.
    If you are considering taking such a leap, focus on what you are good at…

    …And as the global energy crisis escalates, we could see more painful energy shortages like we recently witnessed in China, India and Lebanon.
    This has motivated a lot of Americans to take matters into their own hands, and at this point demand for wood burning stoves is off the charts
    …Needless to say, demand for firewood has also soared, and this is pushing prices into unprecedented territory…
    …But those that prepared ahead of time don’t need to pay through the nose, because they already have all the firewood that they need…

    …Even entire communities are trying to become more independent of the system. In California, the insanity coming from Sacramento just became too overwhelming, and so the entire city of Oroville decided to declare itself a constitutional republic….

  42. A57 says:

    Sorry James, I let shit get to me and took it out on you. Forgive me.

    • cu.h.j says:

      The insanity of the last 2 years is maddening and causes rage in many people. I think that this is one of the goals. I think people must resist it and out smart what they are doing. It’s like when a psychotic person or someone who is mentally ill is trying to cause a reaction, putting it in context will help to not be affected by it.

      For example, I deal with people who are in crisis or who are psychologically disturbed deliberately vent it on me. I put their mental state into context and am able to respond thoughtfully and not allow it to affect me. I am trying to do this same thing with these psychopaths running this agenda and the people following along. I am keeping the insanity at a distance and trying to respond from a place of detachment and “groundedness.” So far, most of it has been psychological manipulation in my personal situation. No one has come to my door asking for trouble, so I am ignoring the MSM and not letting all the masked vaxxed people affect me. They are trying to push off our center and make us crazy. Don’t let them do this to you.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      You’re cool in my book.
      I’ll bet Corbett would say the same.
      He’s human too. 😉

  43. Alchemist says:

    Along with a great story, you need a great storyteller: someone entertaining and passionate who believes, or appears to believe, the story they’re telling is true. It helps if the audience appears to believe it as well.

    This bit comes to mind. Outstanding execution by Neil deGrasse Tyson. Story time starts at 3 min:


  44. rebel.soul says:

    I think a very persistent narrative that even YOU James (not critisising) have fallen for, as well as myself for decades and most of us I’m sure is:


    This one is along with the other one, it’s sister/brother/whatever who cares:



    The fact that this website is still going strong despite boycot
    that I can now have intelligent conversation with many more people than I have been able to for decades
    that new websites and sources are being created almost every day
    [uk at least] that despite the continued focus on the plague still being effective and deadly, I’m seeing tons of people who are not masking up, even on the London Underground where the propaganda is ubiquitous

    …I think all of these (and this is just a quick list) are good indications that WE CAN SAFELY STOP SAYING THAT 99% OF THE PEOPLE are this or that or what not.

    The facts are not with you on this one. there are at least a lot more people who are now comfortable in speaking out. There are even people in my circle who 20 months ago were hook-line-sinker who are no longer.

    From what I’ve seen research-wise, the real divide is 20% is hook-line and 20% is the complete opposite. Yes, there is 60% in between who just go with whatever is easy. All we need is to show them how it is done.

    But seriously, I’m just nitpicking, you are great, keep doing what you do!

  45. The word narrative can be used as both a noun and adjective.

    Where in noun form, means, the information, story, book, or technique that is used to set the tone, plot, way, etc. that is being projected into the medium of the varying levels of consciousness in order to capture the energy, minds, and time of those to become encapsulated, enthralled and entertained, in order to evoke eminent emotions in the hope of striking a chord in order for said consciousness to carry on being brought into the transmitted sphere of influence and ultimately become highly devoted to the cause that is broadcasting said narrative, whatever the form.

    The adjective form of narrative describes the attribute of the event, such as the narrative of life, or narrative of the education system.

    Sadly, the top down power structure of government and schooling cements the obedience and not to question narrative into peoples minds from a very young age. By the time one officially reaches adulthood the cement has thoroughly set in the form of the endless years of state and educational(one and the same) agitation, where to deviate is akin to blasphemy to an extreme divine worshipper. And to even begin to veer from the “official” narrative brings forth shunning, weariness, ridicule and contempt from those unable to think outside of the parameters that the state narrative has trapped the majority of society within.

    So when the mainstream media, the state itself, as well as other organizations and institutions attached to the hip of the state cleverly, simultaneously, and endlessly, emit narratives disguised as “altruistic”, “beneficial”, and “necessary,” there is absolutely no doubt to the mob that anyone with a contrary thought is a kook and off their rocker.

    Basically, the state structure narrative, from the beginning, sets people up to be susceptible and fully compliant to any stimuli emitted through the narratives of the major powers in bed with the state. The old, what to think, instead of, how to think, societal programming from the state narrator narrating that the only narratives that exist are government and “official” associated righteous entities.

  46. mkey says:

    U.N. Taking Down Private Websites – Domain Level Censorship

    Let’s boogie, bitches.

  47. Alchemist says:

    “We can change the story.”

    Ralph Smart | The Moment of Truth Chosen Ones 144,000

  48. minnie says:

    This is SUCH an important subject, and it’s a shame that James’s message occasionally gets a bit lost in slightly too many hectoring words after a while, in my very humble opinion. He is still my favourite broadcaster and I don’t think I’ve missed one of his videos since 2013 – there is a place for facts and sources. But when it comes to reaching the “masses” it’s not suprising that James’s brilliant Short History of the World Trade Centre Attack or whatever it was called is his most popular publication. Humour is a brilliant way to reach people’s emotions. Look up No Hun on TikTok. I admire people who can do this. It’s not easy.

    David Icke might have some strange ideas about lizards, but he’s a mesmerising speaker. This is another way of reaching people. He usually starts off in a conversational style, and gradually his voice builds to a crescendo. Another person who uses this style is the Scottish Socialist politician Tommy Sheridan. I’m not sure if they consciously base their speaking style on a German guy from history with a small moustache, but it does seem to mesmerise people. Forget the facts and figures. Grab them in the gut, with the emotions.

  49. CRM114 says:

    Dear Pound,

    Last year has been spent in going through the rituals of secret societies with fine comb. As I said before I’m in a bloody rage at the discovery that the arts and sciences are in the pocket of these societies. It doesn’t make me any happier that Joyce, Lewis, Eliot, yourself have used these rituals as a basis for art activity.

    Monopolies of knowledge are intolerable;
    The use of the arts for sectarian warfare! ugh;
    The use of the arts as a technique of salvation!
    as a channel of supernatural grace!;
    The validity of the rituals is entirely in the cognitive order;
    |Art is limitation of the process of apprehension,
    clarification of ” ” ” ” ” ”
    Now that I know of the nature of the sectarian strife among the Societies I have no intention of participating in it any further, until I know a good deal more. To Hell with East and West.

    Marshall McLuhan, 1953

  50. alexander says:

    I’m writing a novel, Covid-1984, The Musical, relating to events that are currently underway. It usually takes me more than a year to complete a novel (then it takes another year for the publisher to edit and print), so I’ve decided to release this one in installments in order to try to help alter the course of history as I write about it.  How? you may ask. Well, by being optimistic and by humbly offering a way to imagine how we can climb from such a low point to a happy resolution. Orwell’s novel, 1984, starts low and descends even lower. I want to break the spell of his narrative.  He didn’t have any faith in the proles. I do. I am inspired by the powerful protests that are going on all over the world, where people are singing, and some, like the French and the Maori, are even dancing.  In contrast, the dances of the medical professionals during lockdown were so inappropriate for the situation that these scenes will go down in history as symbolic of the perversity of the psychological manipulation we were subjected to during that time.

    Will we continue on the suicidal path charted for us by monomaniacal technocrats? or will we say, Pfuck that, and exile them to their island bunkers forever? and, once that’s done, how do we make healthy new lives for ourselves? It’s up to us. It really is.  We are many; they are few. This is the sequel of my 2015 9/11 novel, Locus Amoenus. VNAlexander.com

  51. Amazing Polly has been checking up on the W.E.F. and James’ episode on a ‘new narrative’.
    She tips her hat to James for his work on this and makes her narrative proposal in her latest video:


    I won’t give away what it is, but she makes a darn good case for it.

    • Duck says:

      Fawlty Towers

      “..I won’t give away what it is, but she makes a darn good case for it…”

      She is not wrong by any means… the whole world is primed for something along those lines – the powers are just trying to steer that energy into things like Extinction Rebellion, The ‘Q’ thing and its spin off’s, and St George and The Virgin Greta.

      Dr Dutton did a thing on how stress creates religious awakenings and societal transformations… cant find it now though

      future hard to read, always in motion.

    • mik says:

      Holy shit, this was a waste of time.

      Polly thinks that by going back to christianity, supposedly foundations of western civilization, will save us…supposedly it “worked” by now…(and would work in future, but just these bad guys…)

      Polly: “Just because it’s old it’s bad”(that’s what bad guys assume)

      But does that mean that old is necessary good? Of course not.

      A lot of what we are living through right now is a (bad) consequence of “our glorious civilization”.
      She might have good intentions, but she doesn’t understand things and she is narrow minded.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I’m reading this book “Dissolving Illusions” by Suzanne Humphries and Roman Bystrianyk about the history of vaccines and disease in the 1600s-1900s. I’m not finished but it’s been an interesting read. I would recommend it. Apparently, forced vaccination is not a new phenomenon, or hiding their potential harm.

        I wasn’t aware at how toxic the small pox vaccine was and how it actually spread disease. Also, living conditions in the 1700s 1800s for common people was horrendous. Child labor, filthy water and living in squalor were common. There are precedents for what we are experiencing now that I was not aware of.

  52. Mathieu says:

    Stories about our future

    They may be shaped by discoveries, about realities regarding our existence on earth, that are not yet generally appreciated by most.
    While for some people it is an intense religious experience that can suddenly change ones outlook on life. For me it was a more gradual process, starting with experiencing the passing of the few people close to me in a span of 2 years time, some sudden , others with terminal illness. From the overwhelming emotions grew a desire to see if there are things to learn about the possibility of life after death. Staring with looking into the many testimonies of experiences people had while their body was klinicaly dead. For instance, many of them could cite what was being said by surgeons or doctors present in the room at the time.
    There’s also literature from the 1900’s that I found very informative and revealing.
    30 years among the dead Dr Carl Wickland

    Through the Mists (Life after Death)by Robert James Lees

    A Wanderer in the Spirit Lands by Franchezzo

    The desire was even strong enough for me to watch video’s of differend mediums , one more exentric then the next. Many of whome I now wouldn’t be able to sit thrue more then 5 minutes let alone the many hours I spend back then in search of litlle nuggest of truth.
    It did eventuly lead me to the present conclustion that communicating with people who have past on to the spirit realms is possible. A spirit can even temorarly use a persons’ body to communticate. The correctness of the information all depending on the knowledge of the spirit and the emotional condition of the medium.
    That journey led me to a couple of people who’s mediumship I find worthy of invetigation and cosidiration.

    Learning about laws that govern the spirit world and how there is a possible interaction with our physical existence on earth, via inspiration for instance or during and after trauma, may explain some of the until now hidden mechanisms at play

    The spirit world subject may not be the “be and end all” to change one’s outlook on life , rather is seems to be a continuing journey of discovery guided by an ever growing desire for truth.

    • Mathieu says:

      I would like to add another potential line of inquiry.
      What role did the media and their favored experts play in discarding the validity of spirit world research and how did it lead to it being deleted from the narrative. So much so that the subject is considered as ridiculous by most Western people.
      Meanwhile there is ample evidence that “they them those” do find some of this knowledge valuable and they do desire to interact with the lower spheres of the spirit realms thru the rituals they perform.

      I recommend this Documentary by Dr Keith Parsons

      To give another example from Robert James Lees wikipedia page
      It is claimed that, following the death of Prince Albert in 1861 the 13-year-old Lees went into a trance and communicated messages from Albert to Queen Victoria. It is further claimed that Lees lived for a period in Buckingham Palace so that Victoria could regularly talk to her beloved Albert through him.

      Also interesting=
      The Chicago Herald article claimed that, over a number of years, Lees had been troubled by psychic visions of Jack the Ripper killing his victims. Each of these visions came true. Lees became disturbed by the visions and sought medical advice, going abroad as a result, where he no longer had the visions. Back in London, he and his wife Sarah were travelling on an omnibus when a man got on at Notting Hill. Lees turned and told his wife that the man was Jack the Ripper. Even though his wife laughed at him, when the man got off the bus at Marble Arch, Lees followed him. Finding a police constable on the way, Lees told him of his suspicions, but the constable also laughed at him. After more murders, Lees was able to convince the police of the truth of his visions and led them to a fashionable house in London, which was home to a noted physician who had treated members of the Royal Family.[5][11] On being found in incriminating circumstances, the doctor was put in a lunatic asylum under the name of Thomas Mason 124, and a mock funeral held. According to the Chicago Herald, the tale had been related by a Dr. Howard of London, who, when drunk, had told the story to a man who then told the newspaper

      • Mathieu says:

        It’s always amazing to experience synchronicity.

        Earlier today I posted the documentary “Life, Next Life” from Dr.Keith Parsons in the post above.
        Where 47.30 minutes into the documentary the subject,experimentation on intelligence outside the brain is discussed by several scientists. And just now I hear James talk about the very same thing at the 37.35 minute mark in his most recent interview with Nicholas Peter Urgero

        • Alchemist says:

          I believe the spiritual angle is the most important to understand; given that we’re in a spiritual war. I think James is right that we’re tuning into a “radio channel” of consciousness. The psychopaths, on the other hand, have their antennas broken or they’re tuning into a different channel.

          • Mathieu says:

            Yes indeed. I have come to the realisation that, just like there are laws that govern the natural world, so too are there laws that govern the spiritual realms and the interactions that happen between spirit people and people on earth. These realms being other dimensions overlapping with ours .  People who have past are still interacting with people on earth, for many different reasons, some negatively due to unhealed trauma others in a positive way while respecting free will. I recommend the book “30 years among the dead” by Dr Carl Wickland that explains some of the mechanics at work.
            Spiritworld influence also could exlplain how a plan could be prepared over many generations as darkened spirit people are often more then a 1000 years old, highly intelligent, in terrible soul conditions, not yet ready to feel their sadness, unfortunately for now quite the contrary.

            • Mathieu says:

              One more aspect of spirit interactions that may be beneficial for us to understand is. What is really going on with people who suffer from Dissociative Identity Disorder?
              I would suggets that there it is a form of, often uncontrollable, channeling happening of spirit people with similar emotional injuries.
              See how in this video Diana regains her eye sight when a so called alter is taking over her body

              • Alchemist says:

                The tulpa phenomenon. I wouldn’t rule it out. There are limits to what psychology alone can explain.

              • Duck says:

                “…I would suggets that there it is a form of, often uncontrollable, channeling happening of spirit people with similar emotional injuries….”

                That would be called Possession… and that people with certain issues are open to it was wildly believed.

                Why else do so many magical practices involve child torture or sodomy? How many cults do the same old same old?

                Certain sins may open people to possession, and does not the world look like its open to that now?

                Look at whats on tiktok….

              • Mathieu says:

                Hi Duck,
                Yes you could call it Possession, although I find it to be a loathed term. The question I would pose is, possessed by what, or rather by whom? And is that something that could be investigated, to learn what is happening and if there are forms of healing and resolution possible for all parties involved?

              • Duck says:

                I’d say Demons, others have different names…. whatever they are they run with pretty evil people and NWO linked religions so I’d not want to study them over much since those that do appear to become evil people.

              • Mathieu says:

                These demons, as you call them, also run with the many victims of childhood abuse. Its those people, suffering from Dissociative identity disorder that, I believe could be helped.
                What if these so called demons are instead men, women and children who have past having had similar heavy trauma and are now earthbound possessing men, women and children without themselves knowing what is really going on?
                Instead of becoming more dark, I find it to be inspiring to be a better person. And look at Dr. Keith Parsons, he’s an experienced afterlife researcher and I’m sure he wouldn’t hurt a fly

              • Duck says:


                “…These demons, as you call them, also run with the many victims of childhood abuse……..

                Yes… which is why such things are done in Initiation rituals, or by MK Ultra doctors in the case of that guy, Cameron

                “… Dissociative identity disorder that, I believe could be helped….”
                More probable is that if such things are real they CAUSE the mental issue or at least WORSEN it so that they can gain more direct control of the subject

                “..What if these so called demons are instead men, women and children…”
                ‘Siren CAll of the Hungry Ghost’ went into that- if such Entities do exist (I think it probable) are at the very least DECEPTIVE

                “.. Dr. Keith Parsons, he’s an experienced afterlife researcher and I’m sure he wouldn’t hurt a fly..”

                I’m sure he is a nice chap, he appears so, but why would it be so hard to fool a nice guy? Nice people often are unable to imagine anyone wants to hurt them

      • Alchemist says:

        “What role did the media and their favored experts play in discarding the validity of spirit world research and how did it lead to it being deleted from the narrative.“

        It’s an important point that this has been deliberately pulled out of the narrative (along with astrology & certain other subjects of tremendous importance). Anything they don’t want us to look at, they make ridiculous. Horoscopes in teen magazines, for example, and “call me now for your free psychic reading!” Once I realized they were making these things seem ridiculous so that we don’t look, I started looking.

  53. Mishelle says:

    I ran across another piece of supportive material on the importance of the narrative to the ‘elites’ that I thought might be of interest to some here: http://www.zachhorton.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/15_Horton.pdf
    It’s called Collapsing Scale: Nanotechnology and Geoengineering as Speculative Media. A paper for UC Santa Barbara
    Quite telling imo.

  54. Gagumba says:

    The 2009 t.v show ‘V’ is a perfect example of planting a narrative for the future. Themes such as androgyny, individual tracking/ meta data collection through vaccines, totalitarian cyber surveillance, controlled media propaganda, technocracy, coercion & false flag events are a few of the themes portrayed in this sub par alien/ reptilian extravaganza!

    I’m surprised the W.E.F weren’t on the advisory board for the script! 😀

  55. shaung says:

    Old glasses BETTER! 🙂

  56. Steve Smith says:

    I always find it interesting when things seem to happen serendipitously.
    I am currently listening to a Jordan Peterson interview from last week with Angus Fletcher.
    The title of the interview is “The Uniting Power of Story”.


    “Angus Fletcher has joint appointments in the Department of English and the Film Studies Program. Fletcher specializes in Renaissance theatre, practical ethics and the biological functions of literary forms. He is the author of Evolving Hamlet (Palgrave, 2011), Comic Democracies from Ancient Athens to the American Republic (Johns Hopkins, 2016) and articles in Critical Inquiry, New Literary History, The Journal of Narrative Theory, Frontiers: A Journal of Women Studies, English Literary History, Modern Philology, Studies in English Literature, The Journal of the History of Philosophy and others. Fletcher’s research focuses on the function of narrative and dramatic forms in fostering more tolerant, plural, cooperative societies—the kinds of societies that are more effective at developing progressive solutions to hunger, disease and the other material problems of our biological world.”


    I usually get totally lost in Peterson’s interviews. Partially because so much of it is over my head. But mostly because they are so interesting and even the bits of enlightenment I glean makes it worth the time.
    This one is no exception. Great guest and great discussion.
    Just in case anyone is interested.

  57. reowen says:

    Talk is cheap and humans have been doing a lot of it since time immemorial. Another reason people who have lived for decades take most of what they hear with a grain of salt and an ounce (or more) of skepticism — and those with fewer years are usually the more gullible who are easily swept up into fabricated drama and fake crises based on narratives full of lies.
    Good job again. Thank you for this excellent presentation. Keep up the good work!

  58. Caerla says:

    As a storyteller, I absolutely loved this one, James! I listened to the Aesop’s Fables one as well. There is so much to how we think in stories. I really appreciate your perspective of how the morals can be extrapolated to our modern times. I haven’t gotten them out for bedtime reading for quite some time, but it’s definitely on the list now.

  59. westerncivic says:


    The people have the natural right to form or abolish any government for the purpose of ensuring their own security and sustainability.
    On this July 14, 2019, National Day, We, the people of France, once again declare our inalienable sovereignty.
    With constancy and obstinacy, the people of France, with or without a vest, denounced the corruption of the republic and the illegitimacy of this false representative democracy.
    Access to information, induced by the advent of modern communication technologies, allowed us to make a lucid observation of the uselessness and even of the harmful character of the political representation set up as a system, almost always concussionnary, subservient to the big world bank and the military-industrial complex which enslave the peoples of the whole world.
    Everyone has the right to speak for themselves. Collective decision-making through citizen structures freed from the republican yoke can now be achieved.
    We hereby declare that we have the right to do so in every corner of France, in our districts, our municipalities, our cities and our provinces.
    In order to restore the destiny and sovereignty of the French people, we hereby proclaim the first direct democracy in France and we invite all the citizens of France who love justice and freedom to meet in constituent assemblies, new institutions which will see the light of day soon in each province of France. Everyone can thus bring their own skills and expertise to the established democratic structure in order to determine together the rules of our mutual ties.

    We will not go back.

    National Council of Vests meeting in Paris, July 14, 2019

    • westerncivic says:


      Le peuple a le droit naturel de constituer ou de supprimer tout gouvernement aux fins d’assurer sa propre sécurité et sa pérennité.
      En ce 14 juillet 2019, jour de Fête nationale, Nous, peuple de France, déclarons une nouvelle fois notre souveraineté inaliénable.
      Avec constance et opiniâtreté, le peuple de France, avec ou sans gilet, a dénoncé la corruption de la république et l’illégitimité de cette fausse démocratie représentative.
      L’accès à l’information, induit par l’avènement des technologies modernes de communication, nous a permis de faire le constat lucide de l’inutilité et même du caractère néfaste de la représentation politique érigée en système, presque toujours concussionnaire, inféodée à la grande banque mondiale et au complexe militaro-industriel qui asservissent les peuples du monde entier.
      Chaque personne a le droit de parler au nom d’elle-même. La prise de décision collective par le biais de structures citoyennes libérées du joug républicain peut maintenant être réalisée.
      Nous déclarons par la présente que nous avons le droit de le faire dans chaque recoin de France, dans nos quartiers, nos communes, nos villes et nos provinces.
      Afin de rendre aux Français un destin et une souveraineté, nous proclamons par la présente la première démocratie directe de France et nous invitons tous les citoyens de France épris de justice et de liberté à se réunir en assemblées constituantes, institutions nouvelles qui verront le jour prochainement dans chaque province de France. Chacun pourra ainsi apporter à l’édifice démocratique direct mis en place ses compétences et expertises propres afin de déterminer ensemble les règles de nos liens mutuels.

      Nous ne reviendrons pas en arrière.

      Conseil National des Gilets réuni à Paris, le 14 juillet 2019

  60. nicholas.b says:

    This Perfect Day by Ira Levin is a quaint take on the current fraught folly. Levin also wrote Rosemary’s Baby and the Stepford Wives. The relentlessly medicated proles lives are orchestrated by a monster computer based under the alps in Helvetia. The computer is called UNI. Don’t miss this great tale. Don’t thank me, thank UNI

  61. Facundo Merciadri says:

    Hi CR community!,

    I’m relatively new here so I’ll quickly introduce myself.

    I’m Facundo, born and raised in Argentina now living in Sweden.
    If you happen to live or visit around and want to meet up let me know and we can try (unfortunately I don’t see much activity in freedomcells.com for now)


    I got hooked with this topic of narratives.

    I’m thinking about reading The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell’s book about comparative mythology (one of the big influence behind many movies including Starwars).
    In the book an idea of meta narrative is presented as “The hero’s journey”.

    Does anyone have an opinion or criticism of this author?

    I feel attracted to first person narratives and autobiography.
    I noted that as soon as I find a piece of work I like I get curious about the story of the person behind it.

    That’s why I like to hear about James life. Sometimes I imagine him being nice with the family, with his son (I’ve a 16 months son and I cannot help to feel moved more than with any other thing in the world). So for example James’s take in “Letter to the Future” and “Go forth and multiply” are probably the ones I felt more strongly identified.

    Talking to the next generation is a great way to tell a nice story. And also like a coma victim or a visiting alien it offers a great opportunity to analyse the present.
    I wonder if Aristotles thought in terms of narrative when he wrote the Ethics to his son.
    Or when Plato and Gustave de Molinari decided to use the dialogue form.

    I want to learn more about all this things and if you have any material to share I’d appreciate recommendations.

    I hope that James brings more analysis to this subject as it’s a field he studied in his academic years.

    • Facundo Merciadri says:

      I was writing this spontaneously, I’ve never read more than quotes about Nicomachean Ethics. Now I’ve checked the whiskeypedia and there’s this clarification:

      “The title is often assumed to refer to his son Nicomachus, to whom the work was dedicated or who may have edited it (although his young age makes this less likely). Alternatively, the work may have been dedicated to his father, who was also called Nicomachus”

    • Steve Smith says:

      Hello Facundo. I have no doubt that I am not alone in reaching out my virtual hand, or perhaps arms in welcoming you.
      I look forward to learning about your views and ideas.
      I’ve heard Jordan Peterson lecture about the Heroes Journey and was fascinating by how he related it to so many stories that are familiar to everyone.
      Haven’t read much Campbell though.

      • Facundo Merciadri says:

        Hi Steve,

        Thanks for the digital warmth and the input on Peterson. I just quickly checked and it seems he has been delving not only specifically into Campbell’s but also has some more stuff about narratives.

    • Jed says:

      There’s a tv series with Bill Moyers interviewing Joseph Campbell. It’d be easy to search up, I think there’s a few of them covering his book. He was a professor at Sara Lawrence College, his history and ideas fit in with the mainstream narrative but stretch the imagination, spark it anyway — I enjoyed his stuff. Going back to the 80s maybe

      • Steve Smith says:

        I did watch that. It was good. But I probably should still read more.
        I’ve become so damn lazy lately. Its taken me three weeks to get half way through RFKs book and I barely started Iain Davis’.

        • Jed says:

          Me too, can’t get my ass out of second gear. I don’t know if it’s from the covid or all the cold dampness coming off everyone’s hearts, or what.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Ya’ll are way ahead of me…
            I’ve been idling in Neutral instead of Drive for some time now.
            I need to get my ass in gear.
            The garden projects and other backlogged endeavors are gaining on me.

            • Facundo Merciadri says:

              Sometimes I also feel low energy but I try to remind myself of all the positive that there is in this apocalyptic epoch.
              A great quote that encapsulates this complexity is the one James used from A tale of Two Cities.

              I experienced this directly. I was more or less a normie working for Big Pharma but the scamdemic waked me up and I resigned the GovCorp job.

    • mkey says:

      Can you reassure me that your username is not an anagram? It drove me nuts the other day.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Facundo Merciadri,
      Thanks for joining the CR community boards.

      Facundo says:
      “I got hooked with this topic of narratives.”
      Me too!
      Emphatically so.
      I’m convinced that it has immense power to bring about changes both for the individual and for society.

      It’s all about THE STORY

      • Jed says:

        I starting to see that it’s all about the story, the “word,” that’s why billions are spent on advertising. I won’t read any more horoscopes unless I’ve written them myself. When listening to a doctor, I will guard against their casting of spells. I wonder how many die just following a quack’s diagnosis. This knowledge requires new ways to handle one’s self in the world. “Mentalism” is the first of Hermes’s seven laws.

      • Facundo Merciadri says:

        Thanks HRS.

        I wonder if James was aware of this when he decided to study literature.
        I’d have never realised for myself that this part of culture could be so relevant to practical life…

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