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Today James takes up a listener's challenge to track down a rare, expensive book. He does it in 10 seconds without paying a cent. Do you know how to access the Library of Alexandria? Find out in today's edition of #SolutionsWatch.

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  1. CRM114 says:

    For more books, there’s multiple URLs to library genesis:

    and a free way to unlock scientific papers with sci-hub:

    • CRM114 says:

      In desperation you can always search with:

      booktitle filetype:pdf

      • Jonathan says:

        Worth mentioning that a lot of the books on are available for download, usually in a comprehensive list of formats (pdf, txt, epub …) (presumably those out of copyright).

        In anticipation of power outages, EMPs or whatever, I download lots that I come across that I will or may want to read in the future.

        Then there are all the audio-books so you can “read” whilst you are gardening or whatever. More than one person is doing sterling work uploading to and odysee. E.g. audioboy, Librivox, … I prefer whilst it still exists for that oh-so-convenient download button. You can right-click on videos in odysee and get a download option, but it is often greyed out.

  2. Nelson says:

    Wow, thank you James! I’ve used to find old websites many times, but for whatever reason didn’t realize it can be used to access books like this. Awesome!

    Let me also recommend Library Genesis. It was initiated to make academic research papers available globally (Sci-Tech) and has expanded to include a large number of books. Most are available in multiple formats (pdf, epub, mobi, etc), free to download and keep forever.

    I echo James’ caution, though, that if you access content for free and gain significant value from it, you are only hurting yourself if you do not find some way to exchange that value back to its creator. Whether it’s through buying the book or sending money directly or some other way of providing value back. It is your own integrity that is damaged if you don’t.

    Library Genesis has had to change their URL’s from time to time in response to occasional pressure from the crown. Current alias domains are,,, and if they change again a simple web search will find them.

  3. altittude says:

    well it looks like the Michel Chossudovsky website has taken a censorship hit unless my bookmark is broken. It looks like global reasearch in Canada can no longer be found. I hope someone from IPFS backed up his website like the Mercola one 🙁

    • pearl says:

      I just checked – whew! it’s still there!

      • Arby says:

        I visit GR rarely these days. They vaccum up a lot of stuff and therefore a lot of crap. It’s too establishment. There’s the odd gem. But there’s also lots of propagandistic pieces. And I’m limiting my use of anti-covid 1984 sources where the lie that there’s a Sars CoV 2 virus exists is embraced. Dan Dicks has done some amazing reportage but his embrace of the Wuhan story making the rounds right now is sad to see. He’s smarter than that. There’s no Sars CoV 2 virus, period. Will James have have Jon Rappoport back on someday to talk about that I wonder?

        • candlelight says:


          You’re saying there’s no SARS-CoV-2 out there?

          Sure looks like it!

          That’s like saying Arby’s® doesn’t have the meats!

          C’mon, man, they have the meats…. They claim they do!

          Sure looks like they do!

          “We Have The Meats®”

          • Arby says:

            I get responses like yours often enough. I think you’re on my side. (But you can’t be if you’re not honest.) Why? I’m informed. You know I’ll come back with… information, like, for example, this blog post by Jon Rappoport (who I challenge James to have on in order to talk about the isolation of Sars CoV 2):


            • Fact Checker says:

              “I get responses like yours often enough.”

              So…you’re saying everybody’s got a beef with Arby?

              • Arby says:

                Incredible! So you don’t think that this subject is important?

              • Fact Checker says:

                Oh Arby, don’t have a cow. I’m just slow-roasting ya!

              • cu.h.j says:

                I know you’re just joking with Arby. I don’t think you’d be they type to ridicule people who you don’t agree with.

                I also hope Arby would be open to hearing other views that are different from his own.

                Your post is funny, but I wouldn’t want to hurt Arby’s feelings.

            • candlelight says:


              In your nomorefakenews link, Rappoport mentions Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who shares a similar fabulist viewlessness of viruses.

              Rappoport is an artist and investigative journalist. Kaufman is a doctor of psychiatry.

              Besides these two, are there any others with any sort of credentials, let alone actual scientists, researchers, virologists, molecular biologists, who share Rappoport’s and Kaufman’s views on the nonexistence of viruses?

              An excerpt from your link, quoting Rappoport:

              “Mainstream researchers—virologists, molecular biologists—BELIEVE they are working with a real virus. Most of them certainly believe this. They are married to their fallacious and fantastical processes of proving a given virus exists.”

              Please tell me where in Rappoport’s background does he get off with a diatribe like this?

              If anybody is married to fantasy and stratospheric imagination, it’s Rappoport!

              In fact, it would seem, imagination is key to his own sense of self, and personal liberation.

              But, hey, more power to him!

              Here he is in 1998 lecturing on imagination, among other things:


              Don’t get me wrong, I do think Rappoport has a lot of really very interesting views and ideas, but, for me, personally, his no-virus mind set is not one of them.

              And, that’s not to say it wouldn’t be interesting for Corbett to interview him. Not just about viruses, but a whole myriad of things…. Why the hell not?

              PS: I find better absorption listening to Rappoport at 1.75x – 2.0x.

              • Arby says:

                Stefan Lanka, the German virologist (ironic, I know) who, on a second trip to the German Supreme court, won his case against someone who insisted that the measles virus had been isolated. It hadn’t. Viruses don’t exist. Period. They call small particles (exosomes, prions) viruses. Virus is a profitable concept. But money doesn’t motivate people. Blogger Makia Freeman sees through the bunkum. So, If we aren’t ‘special’, what we think doesn’t count? Nice. Corbetteers eh.

                They HAVE NOT ISOLATED THE VIRUS. Hide from that fact if you wish to.

              • bob387 says:

                In answer to your query, Dr. Thomas Cowan also challenges the virus narrative.

            • cu.h.j says:


              I have experienced catching viruses myself and I have two close friends who have HIV. They were young when they got this disease, both recall who they contracted it from and how.

              There are too many experiential reports of people catching diseases to stop believing in viruses all together.

              It’s parsimony and even if there are viruses (we may have different beliefs) doesn’t mean that we can’t work together for a common goal. I think people have the right to believe in what ever they want to believe in, like God for example.

              There is no proof God exists, but I would like to believe in it. We can all get along and respect each other and work for a better understanding of what’s going on.

              If you say viruses don’t exist, that’s your right! And I like to hear from people who say they don’t exist, we should listen to them and hear the evidence. That’s how science is supposed to work, to listen to opinions and facts that contradict our own beliefs!

              Then we use experiments and look at what the evidence shows to support our hypotheses.

              • candlelight says:

                Excellent points, cu.h.j

                And I know you’ve made at least some of those very same points in a prior post on this very same subject matter. Funny that you mentioned the parallel with the belief in God, because I was thinking along those lines, too. I was also thinking about the idea of black matter as a sort of parallel to this conundrum; this being the same black matter that Astro Physicists have been talking about in recent years. Researchers studying this field are attempting to explain – or at least make heads or tails out of – the data they’re seeing. It’s fascinating to think that the better part of the make up of the universe is fairly obscure…. And though the idea that the universe consists mostly of this heretofore unknown black matter, and is weighing very heavily on the very conceptualization of the known universe, such stuff is far from “isolated”!

                I was going to say to Arby: Hey Arby, not so fast! Not so fast coming to conclusions!

                Just the fact that a thing can’t be so-called “isolated”, doesn’t necessarily make it non-existent. Does it?

                I don’t see, whatsoever, the grand logic in adhering to such a conclusion.

                Be that as it may, I plan to read the following article by Dr. Stephan Lanka – “Dismantling the Virus Theory”.


                I believe in keeping an open mind, absolutely.

              • rossum says:

                Sorry to hear about your health issues and about your friends. Virology skepticism is not about denying that anyone has been sick, though, or that anyone is having health issues, or that anyone is suffering.

                Most diseases, when they appear, nobody knows what causes it. Questioning the scientific theories for the causes of disease and suffering is different from questioning the disease and suffering itself. If you have a health problem, and the explanation you have heard were wrong, wouldn’t you like to know the truth?

                @candlelight thanks for the article, it’s very nice. In the end he further mentions more scientists in the skeptical camp, including Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos.

            • rossum says:

              I’m very interested in virology skepticism. If this is true, it must be the story of the century. 15 years ago I read about skepticism that HIV causes AIDS and found it compelling, but thought people questioning viruses themselves must’ve been “kooks”. Reading a bit more about the subject, first learning the truth about vaccine safety, and now with the plandemic, I’m getting more and more interested.

              One big problem talking about this subject is that people get upset because they believe if you’re questioning the theory, you are questioning that people are sick, suffering or dying. How can we avoid this confrontation? It’s a bit like you are criticizing the government and someone gets upset because once they were threatened, but were saved by the police, so you cannot say anything bad about the government or the police now.

              Another problem is that people end up focusing too much in nerdy stuff like what is “isolation”, etc. It would be great if reporters looked more into the “human” side of things, who are virologists, how old are virus theories, what was life like before virology, who would profit if this is a scam, the connection between virology and vaccines or treatments…

              I’m trying to read more about the subject, just got a copy of “Virus Mania”, and I also have Jon Rappoport on my stack. Can you recommend any more references?

              • Arby says:

                I don’t know why you’d call the subject of the proof of the existence of the virus – upon which this huge destructive plandemic is based – is nerdy. It’s not nerdy. It’s crucial and the basic idea is absolutely simple. Show us the virus!

                Jon Rappoport is excellent. 99% of those who are on my side of covid 1984 are trapped (willingly or unknowingly) within the Rockefeller health care science/ideology. (Read Dawn Lester and David Parker’s book “What Really Makes You Ill – Why Everything You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong,” is you want to get a better grasp of the fact that Rockeller health care system is dangerous. Watch James Corbett’s video titled “Rockefeller Medicine” as well. It’s very good (and makes me scratch my head when I consider how James seems to buy the lie that there’s a Sars CoV 2 virus).

                I’ve got dozens of sites bookmarked that vary in quality. Most of them “Vaccine Impact,” “The Highwire,” “Children’s Health Defense” for example) actually push covid 19 propaganda. Though they are good on pushing for health freedom and informed consent, they fail when they toe the line on the virus.

                “Dr. Andrew Kaufman refutes “isolation” of SARS-Cov-2; he does step-by-step analysis of a typical claim of isolation; there is no proof that the virus exists” /

  4. bob387 says:

    Just saved $700. Thanks, James.

  5. Margaret Bartley says: is indeed a useful site, but be careful – it is part of the BigTech cartel. It not only culls out unapproved websites, it also ignores unapproved books.

    I started going through my list of books I’ve made notes on, and by far, most of them are not available on

    After the first few books on my list came up missing on Archive, I decided to go through my notes in alpabetical order.

    Into the B’s, and only about three of my books were on Archive, the rest (below) are not.
    If you will notice, it is not only politically embarrassing books that are missing, but also books that don’t follow the proscribed academic approval that are also ignored.

    Secret empire part 1 cushman cunningham
    secret empire part 2 cushman cunningham
    nobody died at Sandy Hook by Fetzer
    Spanish Arena by Foss
    Age of Secrets Gerald Bellett
    Alien Dawn Colin Wilson
    Aliens Over America Timothy Guy
    American Assassination Fetzer
    Angels and Archetypes Carmen Boulter
    atlantis tsarion
    Atlantis Europe Merejkowski
    Bad Blood Carreyrou
    Behind the Green Mask by Rosa Koire

    There are many many more, but you get the point.

    By the way, I am working with the AS-YOU-LIKE-IT Research Center, an offshoot of the Seattle Metaphysical Library ( to come up with a collection of these types of books.

    These are real books, not electronic forms.

    Mostly this library, which has been around for more than 60 years, is a local, walk-in library, but we are working on making these books available for borrowing. It’s a slow process, but it is ongoing.

    Keep up the good work.

    BTW, when I save websites, I save them to, because doesn’t save the controversial websites, and even removes ones they’ve saved in the past.

    • Nelson says:

      [No urls without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them. Please repost the link with a title and explanatory information. -JC]

    • TruthSeeker says:

      I think that it is also worthy to note that one must sign-up and have an account to use the site, thus allowing for the tracking of what books you access, perhaps even down to the pages viewed and for how long.
      If it’s Free, you are the commodity being sold. Somehow they reap some value from tracking your use of the site, eh!

  6. zyxzevn says:

    Ahum.. A copy of the Physical Library of Alexandria

  7. Duck says:

    If you have a limited time on a book you could install a screen capture like Simple Screen Recorder or something and then full screen the book and record yourself turning pages…. if you dont turn over fast you should be able to get a book on video that you can pause and read the page well enough if there is high demandand you cant read it in the short time your allotted …. haha, you could even post it on Bitchute or something lol…

  8. bagwort says:

    You can borrow for 2 weeks if you click on the three dots in a circle on the upper left hand side left. You can also download an encrypted PDF or epub file that opens in Digital Editions.

  9. I decided to check out:

    on a rather obscure book (I have multiple copies).
    Unfortunately it didn’t show up.

    If anyone wants to buy a copy of ‘The Book of Noise’ by R. Murray Schafer, (second edition) Arcana Editions 1998 get in touch with me. 🙂

  10. westerncivic says:

    Anarcho-Capitalism is an oxymoron. Fight me.


  11. rossum says:

    Mother of God!!… 😮

  12. toj says: is the main Alexandria Library online I use, 7 million plus books; it will morph into another url depending on your location; all are downloadable. Suggest Calibre software to open up and convert into pdf that then can be printed out physically for cheaper than ordering online to be delivered. Keep safe and free.

  13. cyphergato says: is a blockchain-based podcasting site that can also be used for audiobooks.

    Unlike IPFS, it runs on a Proof of Work blockchain so the miners themselves are incentivized to seed the files as they’re paid for the upload directly.

  14. starfire says:

    I use Very few books I have not been able to find. One can download books in many formats, eg. pdf, my favorite. One can also convert some epub files into pdf. One can find any topic or keyword imaginable.

  15. WalkWithVan says:

    Thanks James. You just saved me $2,200. This is up from $500 two weeks ago. What’s going on? Is someone or some entity collecting these old books that may be controversial and either destroying them or placing them in their personal libraries as collector items like rare art ?

    That may be an episode idea for you…. Modern “book burning” to hide the truth.

  16. heritagemommy says:

    Anyone have any idea where I can find “This Saved Us: How to Avoid Brainwashing” by Silvester Kremery?

    • Margaret Bartley says:

      To HeritageMommy – the author’s name is Krcmery, and a version of that book is called Breakpoint. It’s for sale on Amazon, Alibris, Abebooks, etc.

  17. a-twelve says:

    Followed a long and tortuous path to sign up to be able to post this addition to your resources. (James was outstandingly helpful, patient, and gracious. You just don’t hardly find that on the internet no mo’.)

    What you can’t find on you may well find on HathiTrust

    All the open-source holdings of scores of university libraries are collated here. It is exceptionally good on old specialty periodicals. I was copyediting a book on the history of coffee as a commodity and I actually found ancient issues of coffee industry trade journals. But not everything is so obscure. Try it out.

    • a-twelve says:

      And not only in English. I looked up Silvester Kremery, and while I didn’t get a direct hit, I got a slew of publications in German and Slovenian.

  18. Gavinm says:

    Has anyone else here ever been locked out of their account?

    I went to go sign into yesterday and add something to an album of pics (related to a christmas tree shaped candy recipe I used to make gummies to gift to my family) and I see that they have apparently deleted the item from their website and locked me out of my account. I am surprised they targeted my little Christmas candies post (and without a warning, an email or any kind of message indicating why). hmm, it must be because in the description section I explained the science behind how shikimic acid (contained in the pine needles) serves to prevent the replication/production of the synthetic spike proteins and mitigates the platelet aggregation (caused by the synthetic mRNA injections) in the small capillaries.

    Perhaps some big pharma drag net algorithm must have locked onto some key words and so my post had to be expunged from existence.

    But, I thought was supposed to be a platform that doesn’t censor or mess with your data?

    If anyone reading this is familiar with how that site operates, what you think this is about and if I can fix it/access the pics/data I have uploaded to that account? I tried the waybackmachine but had not luck. Thanks in advance for your time.

    • Gavinm says:


      My account has been unlocked and the links to my uploads work again now.

      I received an email earlier today from the team stating that my account being locked and my items being removed/blocked (having been flagged as “violating the terms of use”) was due to “admin error”.

      Not sure what that means exactly, but by account has been restored now and I inquired for more info and and waiting to hear back.

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