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The Canadian government announced it was going to subject Canadian residents to mandatory quarantine, at their own expense, after returning from international travel, regardless of their negative COVID status. After public backlash and the threat of legal action, the government is now delaying those plans, but some are alleging that the government has already arrested Canadians arriving in the country by air and transported them to a secret hotel location. Joining us to discuss this developing story and what Canadians can do about it is John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.

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PM Trudeau announces new travel restrictions, provides vaccine update – January 29, 2021

Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms

Federal government faces imminent lawsuit over unlawful confinement of returning Canadian travelers

Federal government delays plan to forcibly confine travellers after public backlash and threat of litigation

‘I was detained at Calgary COVID detention centre for 11 days’

Former Federal Security Minister urges more politicians to speak out against secret airport detentions

Those held in COVID-detention preparing class-action suit

Canadian Govt. doubles down on its threats to tightly censor online “hate” and “misinformation”

JCCF Letter to Transpor Minister Omar Alghabra

COVID restrictions are the most severe violation of human rights Canadians have faced and it’s time to fight back

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  1. littlebird says:

    Some info on PCR tests specifically related to cycle threshold (ct) values:

    American Clinical Laboratory Association (ACLA) letter to state labs re reporting ct values:

    some excerpts (the full letter is ~2 pgs, linked above)

    “We are writing to voice our concerns about potentially inappropriate use of Ct values with COVID-19 testing and to provide further information regarding the more appropriate scientific interpretation of Ct values obtained by PCR- based nucleic acid amplification methods.”

    “In an effort to aid in the prioritization of COVID-19 cases with higher viral loads and potentially higher transmissibility, some state departments of health in recent months have requested that clinical laboratories report Ct values along with SARS-CoV-2 qualitative RNA test results. However, current scientific evidence and federal health agency guidelines urge caution against the use of Ct values from qualitative tests to inform case investigation, patient management, or public health surveillance efforts.”

    “As your state considers requirements for laboratory reporting of SARS-CoV-2 RNA PCR test results, we urge caution against the potential misuse of Ct values for case investigation, patient management, or public health surveillance efforts. As noted above, there is currently no scientific consensus to support the use of Ct values for these purposes.”

    the ACLA letter also states: “To date, all COVID-19 PCR tests that have received Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are qualitative tests, meaning that they are authorized to report a positive or negative result only.1”

    citation: 1 In Vitro Diagnostics EUAs (30 Dec. 2020), available at 2019-covid-19-emergency-use-authorizations-medical-devices/vitro-diagnostics-euas

    but this is incorrect, the FDA FAQ now says:

    “Q: Can laboratories report Ct values for authorized molecular diagnostic COVID-19 tests? (New 12/10/20)
    A: Yes. Laboratories performing molecular diagnostic COVID-19 tests for the qualitative detection of SARS-CoV-2 report test results as being positive or negative. Under the molecular diagnostic emergency use authorizations (EUAs), laboratories can also report cycle threshold (Ct) values for authorized molecular diagnostic COVID-19 tests they perform.”

    a look at the ACLA Board of Directors is interesting:

    one of the Board members is
    Stephen H. Rusckowski
    Chairman, President and CEO
    Quest Diagnostics

    Quest stock had a meaty uptick in 2020.

    Gotta wonder if these financial returns (and other similar Pharma stock gains) are having any influence on the “advice” to labs not to report ct values.

    • littlebird says:

      p.s. I’ve been looking for Canadian guidelines on use/reporting of ct values but so far have not found any formal recommendations by a Canadian equivalent to the ACLA.

    • vadoum says:

      Look no further than the jumble of non committal vocabulary and pedantic syntax being employed: whoever wrote that is hiding. Hiding from what? perhaps they are hiding from the fact that they have been negligent in calling a pcr a yes/no test when looking for a viral pattern that they guessed at. The inappropriate use of an amplification technique for viral identification & CT values being kept from scrutiny, is at the crux of Reiner Fullmich’s suits against the German and USA governments.

      I think it was Poppy Bush that said, “If they realize what we’ve done,, they’d hang us from the lamp posts.”

      Well here we are 25yrs later. We are a large number, we realize what has been done, but were still watching it roll out? Bush was wrong about that too.

      The fake custodians are driving the narrative to be ever more wild-west circus mcgurkus by the day.

  2. littlebird says:

    thanks, James & Brock, for all you do to keep people informed.

  3. matt.mewis says:

    It sounded like the gentleman was saying a parliamentary democracy is preferable to a constitutional democracy. Well commenting from snowey old UK, I just read in the state backed media that the gov. Is threatening any person coming to the UK with *10 years prison if they fail to declare their point of origin along with similar hotel based quarantine rules.

    * It’ll be months in reality as there is a serious problem with overcrowding at prisons.

    I always find it difficult to stand behind and trust the legal system. After all, it’s a system built by those in power. Yes, it can be used to apply pressure to the gov. But what’s stopping them from simply moving the goal posts. As the gent says it’s law by press conference nowerdays.

    • 9tH says:

      law by press-conference indeed. The politicians are scared shitless of the press, as they can make or break their carreers in a short matter of time.

      A legal system as we know it has shown over and over that it is one law for the People, another for other people. Why even give such system the credit of wanting to work with it. But then again, i for one am glad that there are lawyers who are still willing to do certain cases. Not to show the good sides of the system, but simply for keeping some people out of the penitentiary.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “the gentleman was saying a parliamentary democracy is preferable to a constitutional democracy. ”

      Not at all. He was expressing his sense of surprise, or intellectual unease, at the counterintuitive reality that 2021 Canada has less freedom than 1980 Canada did DESPITE the enactment of the Charter of Freedoms. He was using that observation as a topical entree to his deep, and profound, and absolutely vital philosophical acknowledgement that procedural safeguards of freedom don’t matter if people don’t value their freedom in the first place.

      • matt.mewis says:

        After listening back again and I agree my statement was far too broad. However, I do feel he was highlighting a problem with constitutional democracy.

        The gent explains how in a parliamentary democracy if you don’t agree with a law you can write to your MP and if they take no action you can vote for a candidate whom appears to better represent you and your feelings.

        I based my statement that he sounds like, not being explicit but suggesting that there is an element of parliamentary democracy is preferable to a constitutional democracy, on his comment about “an unelected, unaccountable judge” being able to uphold or stike down laws.

        I agree with everything you say about his surprise and unease. The system only works if people care about their freedoms and rights.

  4. 9tH says:

    you guys remember that meeting of the international talking heads all listening to trump, seated on some desk? Trudeau’s face, as he was sent away like a little kid, while orange twat was saying his say, capturing full attention of the others? 2019 it was i think.
    nowadays, the awkward scene becomes a bit less awkward. I keep on thinking trump was spilling on a ‘big event happening soon, disrupting the lives of everybody on earth. You know, being full of himself, a person like him would kill for a scope like that, putting him in the middle of the attention.
    Not the plan from a to z, just spillings, enough so they would get a taste of the severity of what was about to happen. I don’t think he knew more than he spilled.
    Trudeau is showing off, like Ahern has done. Look at what good pupils we are, rubbing up the leg of the $sters.

    Maybe i am wrong ofcourse. Maybe he was talking about a batch of good C9H9NO3 they personally made a chance of receiving, IF they behaved as they are told..


    But in all seriousness, what about that stuff? It is something that everyone who went down the rabbit-hole deep enough will encounter sooner or later, on platforms, in recommendations, etc. One of the most ugly conspiracies out there most will hesistate to look at or talk about? It is so ugly, you need a good stomach to dive into that one, for sure..
    Is it a hoax?

  5. mik says:

    a guy fighting overarching technocratic control

    An important message from Louis Rossmann

    Monopolists are trying to get total control by imposing serialization: that means, a device only works with original parts installed. Changing a part even with the same part from original manufacturer, results with device not working, because it has different serial number. This way you lose your right to repair, your property right is curtailed. So far they forced Apple to discontinue this practice.

    Imagine how IOT would be very useful for implementing serialization.

  6. SuperMom Belle says:

    NC -> Canada connection: Dan Dicks has been trying to expose these stories for at least a week. In one instance, he’s saying someone was taken in to prison-like “quarantine” after returning to Canada with a clean bill-of-health from NORTH CAROLINA, which I can assure you, used the rt-PCR test*!
    No way King Cooper & not-a-doc Mandy-tory Cohen** would “allow” the movement of a supposedly free human being from NOT getting tested to leave this here prison of a state by plane or any other public transit. (Press for Truth Feb 3, 2021)
    I gotta tag it #NoKingCooper, #NoDrPepper-NC, #ToBeRantherThanToSeem-Free, #NCbeFree! (& seemingly dying movement #ReOpenNC)
    *rt-PCR in NC: there is NO transparency on that Threshold Count they’re using
    **Practicing without a licensed – a “doctor” in the same way that “Dr Pepper” is a doctor.
    Also Noteworthy: there’s some unholy shenanigans goin’ on in the Research Triangle over here! & LabCorb in Burlington is in the thick of it too.

  7. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    So if they win the case Government pays nothing for trampling on civil liberties. No wonder they do it all the time.
    If you are looking for things that you personally can do to reduce the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, go to for a list of them.

  8. anniees says:

    His own father is the one who brought in the Charter of rights into Canada…

    • Yes when John Carpay was asked by James to give background and context to the Charter of Rights and Freedoms I was surprised that he didn’t mention the most obvious irony in this regard; that our Prime Minister’s father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau was the man responsible for getting Charter of Rights enshrined in the Canadian constitution. Is P.E.T. turning in his grave now?

      Excellent interview James.
      Very powerful messages and information covered.

      • AuntJennie says:

        Carpar “forgot” to mention Canada’s incarceration of Indigenous people on reservations, travel restrictions, criminalization of religious ceremony, the entire legacy of tyranny and theft of land, resources etc which continues to this day. Canadian rez as a role model for South African apartheid as well as Nazi internment camps.
        Such convenient forgetfulness is pure hypocrisy. Canadians really need to know their history!

  9. truthseeker9 says:

    I wrote several emails to the jccf explaining where they have only partial understanding of the covid-19 scam.

    I began by explaining that partial knowledge can be just as dangerous as complete ignorance.

    I gave them point after point, of truths. The last email I sent them was a list of investigative journalists, with the Corbett Report at the top.

    Sometimes it seems that no one listens. Looks like the jccf heard me, though I got no response from them.

  10. terence.s says:


    Comes to mind you are losing your rights, hit them where it hurts there pockets?

  11. dmay says:

    These ‘unlawful abductions’ are interesting. It sounds like they are, in fact, kidnappings. I wonder what level of force was used, and how the government goons selected their victims. If I was ‘taken away in a white van’ and not allowed to contact family or an attorney, at the first opportunity I would escape. If I needed to disable a guard or 2 on the way out, I wouldn’t hesitate. That would certainly put a hitch in their narrative if someone injured or killed a guard to escape one of these unlawful detentions. I suppose we would never hear about it. Maybe it has already happened.

  12. horison says:

    Beloved sons, no anarchy or democracy can get us out of a world wide death camp, from within it. There has to be someone to proclaim a different order from the one that is this tyrany Death Cult. To achieve this fast and for everyone this has to be done by a dictator. I saw this comming and Sunday was 4th anniversary as I proclaimed Indigenous Love Order dictatorship and only loving solutions are allowed by me, and the diarch I crowned to rule with me. We replace the 3 popes. See our wooden monetary reset with World Indigenous Runes of WIR wooden coins WIR tally sticks and WIR checks, that are oxa, instead of money. I wrote to U James today in contacts, please respond to that email, as this one will soon be closed by the platform. All the Love of Creators is still in us, Ditta of Godland LoveOrder.INFO, Indigenous Court IWOCG – YT

  13. scar9 says:

    Having the freedom to leave my country should be a basic human right – we can’t do this in Australia anymore due to this mild virus, and we have one of the lowest infection rates in the world. It’s a tad scary being stuck on an island with an ever increasing authoritarian government removing out rights without too much push back from the people. We do have people fighting for our liberties, such as Libertarian MP David Limbrick and lawyer Serene Teffaha in Victoria and a handful of other public figures, however the fight is still quite small in comparison.

    • robert.t says:

      Australia seems to be the most media-saturated of all. Sun and surf be damned, it’s all ABC or Sky news and Netflix. I recently had lunch with a couple of seemingly sensible retirees, friends of family who like to travel the roads. Their van had not one, not two but three televisions. When they spoke of political and other affairs it was with real gravitas, as if those three boxes had tripled their authority. And these people were not idiots (at least by nature).

      I’ve decided to take on any friendly encouragement to get with the plandemic program by raising the matter of the PCR test. I quietly ask people if they know what it is, who developed it and got a Nobel for his trouble, and what are its limitations according to its developer. Of course, they only need to find the Wiki page which portrays Mullis as a gifted loon, and no doubt there is also a Snopes “fact-check” to make him look just bad enough. (Did we know that his skepticism on AIDS may have cost as many as 330,000 lives? 33 to 1 you didn’t know that!)

      But one thing they can’t wriggle away from: the “test” for C19 is no test at all according to the man who invented it. What a pity he died, though a fit looking surfer, just a couple of months before Event 201. Maybe it was the mysteriously advancing pneumonia which prompted him to describe Anthony Fauci as totally ignorant of electron microscopy and totally ignorant of medicine.

      I may not have three televisions in my van…but I can pronounce Kary Mullis.

  14. Mielia says:

    12 minutes in
    seems to be totally normal these days to compare our home country to North Korea (as it was mentioned already a couple of times)

    “…right to freely enter and leave Canada…

    this is not a total ban in a way that say North Korea would shoot anybody trying to leave the wonderful paradise utopia that they created there…”

  15. bladtheimpaler says:

    Great stuff by this JCCF. I beg to differ on one extremely important point. Canada does not have a constitution! It has passed some legislation, The Charter of Rights and Freedoms, which can just as easily be undone by more legislation but Canada does not have a constitution. It has tried twice but has never succeeded, Meech Lake and Charlotte Town accords both failing. In fact with the repeal of the British North America Act Canadian society and the actual legality of its govts and courts have no legal standing. Canada pretends to have a constitution and carries on as if it had one. Some are of the legal opinion that the only LEGAL law in parts of Canada is the legal set up given to the Hudson Bay Company, and its granted operational zones not encompassing all of Canada, to enforce British law according to the general principle of British law. Much like what was granted to the British East India Company to rule in India. When the CDN govt. swears itself in, it is under these conditions committing a fraud.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I consider this interview with John Carpay (aka Canadian Government Delays Mandatory Traveler Quarantine – #SolutionsWatch) to be one of the most important interviews Corbett has done in this era.

    28:24 – John Carpay of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms.
    “My point is this. The really big issue is: Do people understand freedom? Do they love freedom? Do they cherish freedom? Do they actually want to live in a free society?

    And if people are not that fond of it. And if they like being told what to do and what to think.

    And some people are like that. They don’t want the responsibility of having to think a lot and make decisions.

    And a lot of people are quite happy. They flick on the 6 o’clock news and they listen to their Chief Medical Officer, and they accept every word that she says as gospel truth.
    There’s just no questioning. …Like the issue of asymptomatic spread – where’s the science for that? I have asked the Alberta government…show me the science…I get no answer…
    …A lot of people don’t care about freedom…”

    34:23 –
    “…We are ten and a half months into this. This isn’t some temporary “flatten the curve”.
    This is kind of a permanent state.
    If we don’t fight back, these freedoms will be lost forever.
    And our children and grandchildren will never know what it is like to live in a free society….”

    • Fact Checker says:

      “I consider this interview with John Carpay …one of the most important interviews Corbett has done in this era.”

      Strong agree. Am going to do a dedicated post, but back reading comments, I had to second this.

      (Hope I’m not “buzzing” the kitchen too annoyingly. 😉 )

    • LoL says:

      I agree, John really captured the gist of the main problems of this scamdemic.

      Furthermore, in my experience it’s not just people who don’t want to think for themselves that follow this whole scamdemic narrative to the core, but, it is also people who are highly qualified or/and are ‘spiritual’.
      I know of 2 well known healer/teacher who are in their 70s, one woman, one man. Both hate Trump, love Biden, masking up and I know one is lining up for the vaccine. !?!?!?

      Well, the good news is, there are people who can see and care enough to want to do what’s right.

  17. bladtheimpaler says:

    Addendum: The non corrupted scientific and medical community has stepped up to the plate which in some cases has come with great personal consequences. The legal profession seems to hiding out in the shadows or making noise on issues, like white supremacists,(the BCCLA for instance) which pale in comparison to the carnage being wrought by captured politicians on the people’s civil liberties. Shame on these milquetoasts while the JCCF can take a bow!

  18. katiyi says:

    This news does not surprise me. My neighbor, who is Canadian, mentioned during his January stay that he had been severely bothered by immigration when he went back to his home country in November of last year. He was hoping that the November experience was a fluke, but wrote that he was again seriously questioned at the end of last month when he returned to Canada. I guess it is fortunate that he was not incarcerated in one of the government so-called quarantine facilities. My parents would have called them camps and it would have reminded them of a nasty period in our history. It might be high time to ask ourselves some questions.

    One question that torments me is that of the notion of violence, or rather non-violence. Being violent has become a capital sin, except if the violence comes from the government or some privileged group in the population. Have we not been brainwashed into thinking that we should not be violent, so that we will not revolt? Are we not gaslighted? Why is it that the people should not be violent, but that governments can exert all the violence they want through their police forces and judicial system? Isn’t it violent to kidnap individuals and force them into camps? Ins’t it violent to hand a child to his or her abuser? Isn’t it violent to beat up, enucleate, or maim peaceful protesters? This is not to say that we should be violent, but I cannot help but notice that the prescription differs according to who the perpetrator is.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “Have we not been brainwashed into thinking that we should not be violent, so that we will not revolt? Are we not gaslighted?”

      There are two answers to this question, and each one has a practical component, and an ethical component:

      1.) No- non-violence is not the result of brainwashing, but is morally and tactically sound.

      a.) Practically, if you resort to violence, you will lose. (As in John Lennon’s observation that “once they’ve got you using violence, they know how to deal with you.”) The martial prowess of the State far exceeds any individual’s, or even any reasonably conceivable coalition of private individuals (aka “mob”).
      b.) Ethically, it you resort to violence, you are stooping to their level, and becoming precisely the evil you set out to defeat. (As Yoda said (probably), “The path to the dark side that is.”)

      2.) Yes- non-violence is a brainwashing technique, designed to keep you down.
      a.) Practically, maybe if you resort to violence you will lose…but if you don’t you have already lost if you have an adversary that is willing to use violence!
      b.) Ethically, Christianity itself may very well have been a “mind-virus” implanted in our ancient forebears, to program them to be docile and tolerant of any tyranny the State might see fit to mete out. Ditto Confucianism, and the Hindu principle of accepting your place in the Universe (and caste system) as poetically dictated in the Baghavad Gita. All of these deep ethical system just happened to have made compliance into a virtue.

      So to answer your question…

  19. noconsent says:

    Every time I see PM Trudeau speaking on camera I think I am seeing a movie Actor reading a script in a bad movie. It is a World wide Phys-opt and he is one of the players. There should be ways to prosecute those that hold people against their will in Canada.
    What! No 2nd Amendment!

  20. Lumen says:

    I couldn’t open this video on the Corbett Report and the message given was “No compatible source was found for this media.” I haven’t had time to check the other platforms but I know it opens at You Tube. Wonder if others are experiencing the same PC problems or is it my PC because I have just changed it.

  21. Lumen says:

    I also couldn’t open Interview 1617, Gamestop and the message was “This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: 102630).” Never happened before. I usually watch the Corbett Videos via the Corbett Platform.

  22. vadoum says:

    In case it has’nt yet been offered here:

    most current series on Vaccines, just began streaming

    Aus. 1200hrs Feb 10th 2021 they say its for a 24hr window for each of nine episodes.

    starts with Dr Zach Bush couldnt be a better effort to reach any joe six-pack fence sitters.

    • Lumen says:

      Thank you vadoum for this great series. Yesterday, I listened to Episode 1 which I had missed. They are available at the end of the page by clicking onto the picture. If your PC is slow, then the sound will start first and the picture will later appear, freezing a bit.

  23. MagicBullet says:

    Seems to me this is a planned test to see how deep and what kind of resistance they will get, and warm-up the people for the next initiative that will be less severe so they can say, “see we are trying to keep freedoms”. How could Trudeau not possibly know the freedom laws in Canada?

  24. padraig says:

    sorry for the useless observation… is there a weaker, more virtue signaling human male on this planet? than wee justin? with that face? that fucking voice? fuck me that is one sad, traitorous, little creep. who’s dad once famously called out the “pipsqueaks in washington”.

  25. beaudarc says:

    These stories of unlawful detention/enforced quarantining of Canadians returning to Canada were initially published by Rebel News, an online news portal based in Alberta. Afterwards some reports have been published by the Western Standard, another online Canadian newspaper, also based in Alberta. Sometime afterwards these reports were finally published, by one journalist in particular, Joe Warmington at the Toronto Sun.
    The Toronto Sun is considered a populist, right wing newspaper (as are the other two sources mentioned above), yet would be considered a `national’ level, mainstream newspaper. The other three national newspapers in Canada, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, and the National Post, as well as the national news service i.e. the CBC, have all been, to the best of my knowledge completely silent about these reports.
    Rebel News has many live interviews with the individuals that have been reported as having been unlawfully detained, Primarily at the Calgary airport; also at Pearson airport(Toronto).
    At the time of these first detentions, the policy of enforced quarantine of returning Canadians had not even officially been enacted.
    Rebel News also has many interviews and reports about business owners in Canada that have refused to abide by the various lockdown edicts; furthermore Rebel News has a campaign whereby they will crowdfund and supply legal support for ANYONE in Canada receiving a ticket/summons for contravention of lockdown/compulsory masking edicts. Rebel news recently filed a lawsuit against the Toronto Police Service Board for the actions of police officers at the (many) recent protests downtown Toronto.
    Another interesting recent development in Canada is the establishment of an `anti lockdown Caucus’ composed of politicians of various stripes, at the Federal, Provincial and Municipal level, some of whom have been removed from party affiliation due to their position re: lockdowns, that have banded together as an informal political opposition to the official positions of the major political parties in Canada.

    For more Canadian info see:

  26. Katsavidiz says:


  27. Thomas says:

    Just shocking!

    ..the worst is yet to come.

  28. allister says:

    In NZ under the current labor government which is lead by Jacinda Ardern who I will add was reelected in a landslide victory in October 2020, held up as having instigated a world leading Covid response.

    1/We have two weeks mandatory isolation on entry not three days!
    2/You must submit to a test and test negative before being allowed to leave!
    2/It costs us $3100NZ for our government imposed quarantine!
    3/The New Zealand Defense Force (NZDF) are involved in security and logistics of the quarantine facilities!

    We are being told its unlikely we will be able to open our boarders again until
    1/ The virus is under control in the rest of the world.
    2/ Everyone or most people have been vaccinated in NZ.

  29. NES says:

    Any country connected to the Queen’s monarchy is now under this mandate or worse. The UK announced the same program of threat, incarceration and payment for movement in or out of the country proper, including Ireland. Violators will be charged a huge sum over $2400 to be incarcerated under tight surveillance for 10+ days. Anyone who DISOBEYS will be fined over 10K pounds. (Check out that last amount as I can’t seem to recapture the link from which it came.) The internet is being sanitized daily.

  30. siamdave says:

    this is all very good, and certainly I support this guy’s work – but you did not get into one VERY important question – it seems pretty clear from Rocco Galianti’s work on both the Bank of Canada and his current anti-mandatory vaccine stuff (and I have stories of my own from the past) that the Canadian courts are not ‘impartial’ in any true sense of the word, but they are political courts, and anything of serious consequence, such as these completely anti-democratic actions on the part of all Cdn govs, that the courts will side with the government – sure these are things we’d rather not due, but in the context of a horrible world pandemic, we have to be prepared to make some sacrifices, etc etc etc – the massive mounds of evidence proving all the stuff they are basing their claims on are lies and wild exaggerations will just be ignored, and – so long sucker, end of story – thanks for having trust in the people who are screwing you ….

    • NES says:

      Agreed. The USA courts are blatantly screwing its citizens, too. They have been compromised all the way up the latter in many US States already. If a court rules against the totalitarians, based on law, then the verdict is ignored by law enforcement where they remain available. Where does that take humanity in the future? I doubt there is one of us who has not thought that through to it’s logical conclusion. We all know about bullies. These bullies are totalitarian technocrats leading us away from the “right to happiness’, toward complete and utter slavery.

      Every person will have to be prepared as this plague of unlawful measures enters the USA in full force–and it will. Take some time now to ask yourselves what you are prepared to do.

  31. Fact Checker says:

    Was going to log a detailed reaction to this fantastic interview, with this superb guest, but keep getting sidetracked.

    Keeping it brief, I can’t express enough appreciation for high-quality content like this from James.
    Carpay is a perfect guest, being both philosophically aligned with James’s overall themes, and also incredibly, vitally engaged with current events–Carpay is clearly an effective and energetic advocate for liberty in a dark time indeed. He is right there, where the rubber hits the road, fighting the good fight like a real grown-up, but without the rigid political dogmatism that infects so many who operate at such a high level. I was particularly impressed by his sensitive, open-minded musings about context and even his own detached, objective musings about the ultimate good that is even possible in a world where perhaps most humans don’t share the same values that drive his work. An aura of psychological depth is allowed to blossom throughout this interview.

    Which, I think, owes in great part to James Corbett’s sterling meat-and-potatoes journalistic skill in his interviewing. James asks educated, probing questions that are challenging without being adversarial in the least, so as to go so much further into the subject matter than would any “mainstream” or “professional” journalist with an editorial mandate and an ideological axe to grind. James out-reporters every “reporter” in the business.

    I agree once again with HomeRemedy’s statement above that this is one of the most important and skillful interviews on current topics James has done. Maybe not as whizz-bang as the Gates series or the Future of Vaccines, but professionally impeccable.

  32. LenZoo says:

    Please, everyone, I do not share warnings loosely, but this is incredible:

    Jane Burgermeister uncovered and warned us back in 2009 about the Swine Flu and the Bird Flu vaccine, the machinations of the WHO, governments and the corporations involved, the media and propaganda, the forced mass-vaccination programs, nano-chips, surveillance… Everything that is happening today.

    Back then, before she went missing after trying her best to involve the FBI and suing pharma giant Baxter, she was considered crazy and was simply not understood by the majority.



    A complete comprehensive presentation (in German)
    (…ScrewTube just removed it)

  33. yellowbird says:

    Hi James

    People being kidnapped and hauled away to remote locations and allowed to leave later is a bit concerning for a number of reasons -of course. The claim nothing was done to them makes me wonder if they were drugged and or given something.

    There is for sure something else going on. Reminds me of the book “The Giver”.

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