How to Disarm Propaganda - Mark Crispin Miller on #SolutionsWatch

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Today Mark Crispin Miller, NYU Professor and News From Underground publisher, joins us to discuss his specialty: propaganda. In true #SolutionsWatch style, we discuss ways to identify and dissect propaganda, as well as how to help others to see through common propaganda techniques.

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  1. LastHumanist says:

    MCM is still keeping reason alive in the NYU belly of the beast.
    Good stuff! It’s generally not that easy to see the right side of history before all is said and done but this here is one of the rare exceptions.

    The government, every government, has massively overstepped all boundaries. Opposition to it is now the duty of every upstanding human being.

    Is that propaganda? I don’t think aligning with objective reality can ever be. Telling people the truth beyond the lies is education!

    I will not argue on behalf of the totalitarian mania. The former scholars and media people who have done so have lost all dignity and self-respect in the process.

    • karlharvie says:

      I think we have to be more specific in who we are opposing. Government is an entity created by man for man. Opposing government in general is exactly what the “beast” wants us to do. I think we have to oppose specific people and their specific agenda at a specific time. If we destroy our own created governments as a whole, then we risk being controlled by unelected global entities, which do not respect any jurisprudence, or other agreed upon inalienable rights. The “beast” is baiting us at this moment to destroy our own governments in order for it, to more easily, move in and feast. In conclusion, target specific people within our governments with merciless force. “keep it simple stupid”.

      • Fact Checker says:

        “[T]he State is nothing more nor less than a bandit gang writ large.”

        –M. Rothbard

        If you are not opposed to the government, you are of no use whatsoever.

        “If we destroy our own created governments…”

        What’s all this “we” stuff, white man? I never “created” a government. I was born into a predatory, feral, cannibalistic, wicked world, where the most vicious villains and psychopaths merely proclaim themselves “government.”

        “…target specific people within our governments with merciless force.”

        If you leave even one head on the hydra, the rest will merely sprout right back.

        • beaconterraone says:

          “White man”? Is that sarcasm, or are you non-European in origin?

          If the latter, what race or ethnic group do you hail from? No governments among such cultures? I’m not aware of any human group, ever, to have NO government.

          I won’t belabor and repeat my points, so I’ll direct you to my immediately preceding reply in this threat.

        • karlharvie says:

          So, what do you suggest? Not targeting individual criminals within our established governments with merciless force? We are in a war against them right? They are willing to kill millions of innocent civilians with their psyop style tactics. Why shouldn’t we defend ourselves by eliminating the ones we suspect as criminals within our governments? Isn’t that what you do in a war? Kill the enemy?

      • beaconterraone says:

        A large portion of the “anarchist” clique is controlled “opposition.” I include the big players of the “Austrian” (sic) school of an-caps. They push their theories and designs on an often-unsuspecting target audience, with the latter failing to realize the true goals of their “freedom” preaching.

        Government existed at the beginning, and government will exist at the end.

        The most fundamental form of government is, of course, the nuclear family.

        The key is not to eliminate government, but to eliminate malevolent government.

        When one looks back over history, one sees how bad regimes have aimed to eliminate “good” or at least much less bad regimes.

        Anarchy, like Communism, was and is utopia, an unrealizable dream outside of a tiny group of near-totally aligned folks, sharing most or even all of the same basic characteristics.

        Eliminating “government,” as many assert should be done, is pure fantasy, because one system of social control being eliminated creates a vacuum to be filled by another social control method, system, or scheme. The insincere an-caps, the ones who recognize the true nature of “Ayn Rand” and the “Austrian” School, aim to eliminate government that restrains THEM, replacing it with a system that allows them to flourish.

        The best we can hope for is a truly freely-elected and agreed-upon group of guides of moral uprightness leading a particular society with hard limits on their powers. Genuine consent of the governed, not the current sham of “elections” with an extremely-narrow scope of “choices” all subscribing to two or, at best, a handful of paths that all lead to the same end. The Founders of 1776 and 1791 aimed to accomplish that for their own polity, and they got so much right. Alas, the People they served no longer exist. We can only model what they did and aimed to do, within our own spheres and circumstances.

        • mik says:

          New-agers say they can only affect themselves and their backyard and by thinking this way they effectively limit themselves. Their existence is defined by this belief. Lets call a spade a spade, you believe in 1776, I believe in anarchy.
          No matter how noble 1776 is in your belief, history proved it’s highly likely it is not attainable. You have to consider this possibility and also why it is not reaping success.
          Agree, an-caps ideas are pipe dream, if you think thoroughly much more is needed for anarchy. Looking at history how is taught in school, development of civilization through various stages, one gets a feeling there is a continuous progress. Light years from truth. Since leaving hunter-gatherers nothing had changed substantially, just cosmetics, same crap different package. In essence it’s rulers and ruled. The problem is not being ruled, but being ruled involuntarily and that is prevailing. Unfortunately, people mostly just complain when they are ruled “improperly” and don’t get that being ruled is by definition buying a cat in the bag.
          I think we agree situation in the world is bad, something has to be done. Trying the same over again doesn’t look very wise to me. In psychology they say to this phenomena regression and it is not a healthy way of coping with obstacles.

      • openlens says:

        Try getting rid of religions, then you’ll understand “government”.

    • suef says:

      Questions for Corbett: I`m new here so i`m not exactly sure where to post this, so here goes. At one point during the podcast with Ian Davis, both James and Ian talked about their skepticism with regards to the “vaccination” numbers reported by various news and gov sources. That kind of got me thinking……What are the real vaxx statistics? Is this a question that can even be anwered?

      Thanks for what you do, cheers from a new sub, SUEF!

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Hi Suef,
        I’m just another Corbett Member, but on behalf of all of us, I just wanted to say “Welcome” to the comment section.

        While James Corbett will often eyeball the comment section, in the past it was a protocol to leave a “Question for Corbett” in the comment section of the latest QFC.
        Or, to contact James with a question.
        Keep in mind that Corbett gets so many emails that he cannot possibly answer them all.

  2. westerncivic says:

    A link to the second comment on my recent post in the October open thread: My analysis of the most recent James Bond propaganda:

  3. vadoum says:

    until one lets go of all opinion are we destined to have a “gulibility score”? or shall we call it a level-down of lying; how low can you lie? we all do it but then there are next-level punterscum.

    These are the days of the sprung lie. time seems to accelerate, not the speed of planetary cosmic corkscrewing, but social and material change increases exponentially. Causes and effects can happen in days as opposed to years. evidenced by the long gestated plans of the dominators finally coming into full swing. It seems to be tied to tech., is that a clue?

    The whoppers have put on their best doozies, herds of denialists are clamoring to be corralled for the slaughter, while much of the other divided half gets irate, and rightly so, but that anger score is also tied to the same manipulation..

    “If the heart weighed more than the feather of Maat, it was immediately consumed by the monster Ammit” (see Egyptian book of the dead).

    The term “propaganda” is a marketing jargon way of saying “Lies”. The spelling itself is part of a system of lying. We can see it we can name it, too little too late? dunno, but the dyke has burst, the last straw busted me camel’s back, the baked mudflats of humanity are steaming a lung burning sulfur sargasso stench,, Its as good as it gets right? After all, this dear reader, is your life; but dont worry, the tide of karmic reward has turned. our civilizations clanger, this is our watch yes? it will all fade, once again, true?

    “UNLESS,,,” (lorax dr suess, last page)

    I wish you all the luck in being one of those that found a truthful path clear of the realms of manipulation & exploitation; one of those that floated and swam with the flood, and hung around long enough to share the yarn.

    They say the lucky thing about being human is that we have a lifetime of chances to decide, yet sadly many never do.

  4. TruthSeeker says:

    I found the graphics to be very well placed and accurate to the subject matter. I think most viewers can digest so much more with these images than they could otherwise. Sorting through the Propaganda is a skill that J.C. has mastered to the point of teaching it to others, and he should.

    I have often said that the most important thing I learned in College (3 years of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Michigan) was how to teach myself. Indeed, they did not make it easy. I recall a one credit hour FORTRAN IV class that easily took 12 hours a week to listen to these Casset Tapes and write the Programs without out any real instruction. It is no wonder that 50% of the students enrolled in the ME program switched their majors after the first year. After transferring to a Teaching College, I was told that my one credit hour FORTRAN IV class could not possibly be equivalent to their 3 credit hour class and therefore I must take it again, or I could talk to the instructor and ask to take the final exam to pass out of it.
    When I went to the classroom to talk to the instructor I saw that each student was set up with their own computer. It was like they were being spoon feed, and probably didn’t need to spend more than an hour or two out of class for each hour in class, thus 5 hours a week would get them 3 semester hours as opposed to 12 hours getting 1 semester hour as an ME student. I borrowed a book from the instructor for the weekend and passed the final exam the next week, at which point they were willing to give me 3 Credits for my one credit hour class at Michigan.

    And, the moral of the story is;
    People like it easy, eh!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      TruthSeeker says:
      “I found the graphics to be very well placed and accurate to the subject matter.
      I think most viewers can digest so much more with these images than they could otherwise.”

      I’m glad you said that.
      So true.

    • mkey says:

      I’m assuming your college story is a decade or two older than mine, and is definitively on the other side of the planet, but much of what you stated sounds very familiar. These same stories I hear from students today, as well.

      I’m sure there is some middle ground between being self taught and liking it easy, eh.

    • openlens says:

      Same same happened to me. Found out too late that students who could not compose a complete sentence got better grades than I cause they knew how to use the computer to do it for them, the citing. I was trying to memorize it, as was told no else.

      “intelligence” in the “computing” age.

      Spare me. No wonder….

  5. robert.t says:

    The most cunning and disturbing propaganda is what the most wary allow to pass. And there is no remedy but to be even more wary of all. Wish it wasn’t so.

    The climate skeptics ended up taking on a blatant mouthpiece for the IPCC as their intellectual leader. Judith Currie constantly exposes doubters to the official line while flattering and “including” skeptics. She could even boast of retiring to the company of alphabet agency spooks and MIC retirees. No matter. She is still the thinking skeptics’ gal.

    Julian Assange is a living martyr for truth. And Julian Assange is an outspoken advocate for the official line on 9/11. The left love him just for being Julian, the Trumpers love him for…er, something. (That’s the Trump who can declare himself to be the Father of the Vaccine and still get cheers from the no-jabbers of flyover country.) Here are my secrets, Julian. I trust nobody but you.

    Jordan Peterson takes on the really terrifying opponents like woke feminists on the BBC because he hasn’t met a corporation or mega-agency he doesn’t like. So we cheer Jordan as we clean our rooms.

    Serious doubt over the reality of COVID (starting from the bug itself) has dissolved into clamour for horse paste. After all, Trump and Bolsonaro had COVID and took the horsey stuff. What do we want? Anti-parasitics made by Big Pharma. When do we want them? Now! Save us from COVID the alternative way, but save us!

    The propagandist to fear is the one inside my tent, standing behind or beside me. And he’s not even peeing outward.

    I wish it wasn’t so. But it is.

    • vadoum says:

      robert: “the one inside my tent, standing behind or beside me. And he’s not even peeing outward.”

      this line stumped me?
      did you mean “peering”?
      I still lost.
      care to elaborate?

      “Julian Assange is an outspoken advocate for the official line on 9/11. ”

      Thats hat-eating info, can you back that up?

      • robert.t says:

        The peeing reference is to Lyndon Johnson’s famous comment on J Edgar Hoover: “It’s probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out, than outside the tent pissing in.”

        “I’m constantly annoyed that people are distracted by false conspiracies such as 9/11, when all around we provide evidence of real conspiracies, for war or mass financial fraud.” Julian Assange, Wikileaks.(Belfast Telegraph interview.)

        What you get from Assange is what you get from any agency-vetted movie about terrorism or the military. Just in case you didn’t know that our soldiers sometimes shoot up Afghan weddings and that surveillance is bloody everywhere.

        We already knew, Julian. Now, Aussie to Aussie…what about when aluminium cuts through steel and concrete like it was butter…Julian? Julian?

        • LastHumanist says:

          Wikileaks was useful in some ways. Limited Hangouts should be used and taken with the required grains of salt.

          If you get the public to see that Assange is a political prisoner now, they can escape their programming little by little.

          We all know WTC 7 did not kill itself. However, we have overcome some mental barriers in order to get to that point. I know stuff like Wikileaks has helped me dive deeper into what’s really going on.

          • vadoum says:

            At least wtc7 did what other buildings have done, when loaded with time controlled charges. That was a text book example.

            Yet far beyond the smoke and mirrors of the Wylie coyote plane silloutte cut out up on the 93-99 floors, wtc1, was the masterful act of turning the entire above ground mass (estimates have described the rubble pile as 10-15% of what it should have been) into dust in 13 seconds.

            Ive looked/searched hard by my meager standards, but nowhere have I encountered a reasoned explanation for this. Its a big deal, No publicly understood tech. can do that, its a mega mystery, and shame on julian for not acknowledging it.

            Re Julian’s plight, I do wish him relief. He dove into a snake pit, and they seem to be slow cooking him. about as disgusting as the revelations of live fetus dissection for vax development as told in the recent 4-5 posts by J Rappaport


            • vadoum says:

              re julian,
              When the judge (s?) and drooling deep staters wake up today (in the UK), they will deliver their long awaited verdict. If they give him to the USA it will likely have implications for journalism worldwide, especially the likes of this web site. Here people are out at the crossroads with placards pleading to free him. today’s the day: for yourself and the good of all, for your childrens children, this is about “freedom of the press”, please send good thoughts.

              par contre, the big players in the press have always cornered the best info or accumulated the most and manipulated it so thoroughly that they eventually had to go covert out in the open: thus we have the mi6ers and ci8ters

              good thoughts please thankyou

            • Yet far beyond the smoke and mirrors of the Wylie coyote plane silloutte cut out up on the 93-99 floors, wtc1, was the masterful act of turning the entire above ground mass (estimates have described the rubble pile as 10-15% of what it should have been) into dust in 13 seconds.
              Ive looked/searched hard by my meager standards, but nowhere have I encountered a reasoned explanation for this. Its a big deal, No publicly understood tech. can do that, its a mega mystery, and shame on julian for not acknowledging it.”

              If you have some spare time, I would encourage you to read my thread from a few years ago, at the following link. It gives a reasoned explanation as to how the fawlty towers came down.


              • vadoum says:

                thanks fawlty,
                for adding pieces to the puzzle. The shots of damage from lateral projected steel 5-600ft away is new for me, as is radioctivity in the dust.

                My gut says the same about the whole 911 story as it does about the current C19 one: that there were likely many forms of assault used. This creates false trails, disagreement amoungst “experts” and general limbo as for tracking the bad guys. People want one answer, and the more apt deceivers play with that impulse.

                Im not sure nukes inside the building could account for:

                the (100’s? of) toasted cars (slumped door sheet metal while interior plastic was intact,(ie no heat)?

                non burnt paper (lotsa), non burnt trees surrounded by upside down burnt out vehicles?

                windscreens consistently blown out (not in!), in a parking lot about a block and a half away, a few of the car motors were melted onto the ground as is found in recent years in california when they’ve had neighborhoods burn yet trees appear untouched, and car engines (aluminium) in a puddle on the ground in front of an otherwise intact car,,,looks like identical effect? reminds me of how plastic cups in microwave ovens do fine, whereas, put metal in and voilla insta lightening storm.

                the cookie cutter, approx 100ft diameter, clean holes from roof to ground level, in the lower WTC was it 4,5,or 6?

                or people alive on the lower floor (4th?) corner stairwell

                or the lack of much seismic blast (though I struggled to read the Lamont Doherty chart that you posted)

                my guess is that mini nukes, and thermite style incendiaries, and missiles dressed to look like planes, and other false trail planted evidence, all could have been used, ensemble; As well as whatever tech can, with little explosion relative to the mass, dissolve/interfere at the elemental atomic bonding level.

                These are all reported & discussed in J.Woods, “where did the towers go” work. maybe the presented evidence is faked? I dont think it is but thats because i still have faith in my ability to spot/smell deceivers. At least thats become the predominant life training topic over the past 2 decades. who’d a thunk we’d have a great journey with abundance and variety of experience and miraculous luck, only to wind up having to fend off a scourge of deceptiveness intent on owning our hearts and souls. Its like a bad biblical cartoon gone viral.

                We dont often enough face the pittance of our understanding of reality, but “one of these days alice”

              • vadoum thanks for your response.

                I would encourage you to watch the various videos put out
                by Pommer (assuming they are still on the net) mentioned at the end
                of my thread.

                He addresses every single one of your concerns (toasted cars, non-burned paper, people alive etc. etc.)

                He also addresses Dr. Wood’s theories.

              • openlens says:

                Thanks for this, I’ll listen.
                the “planes” were holographs.

                DEW”s all the way!! Bigger, better, deadlier guns.

                The 2nd Genocide of the Americas.

                Make America Genocidal Again. MAGA

              • vadoum says:

                will do

        • vadoum says:

          robert: ,,” conspiratorial Afghan weddings and false bloody surveillance”
          The demonic dumpster juice is seeping out everywhere. a species-wide detox.


          I hadnt looked too carefully at julian’s work (guess thats what James C was harping on re looking for sources to trust).

          I’ve heard a few players chuck a govt narrative line about 911 and its always an immediate litmus test for how seriously they’ve looked at the evidence, and how seriously I’m willing to stop listening to them. chomsky comes to mind.

          I still have all ten fingers (phew, said the vigilant builder, decades in). Lately old matey reached for a power-tool, his hand missed by a lot. The brain caught its error, shrugged and tried again. same thing, so he drove himself to the local ER; a couple hours later the MRI crew told him he had clotting in the brain. and if they thinned his blood he’d have better chances of accurate hand-eye, Now, he’s a well weathered bloke, about 75, not vx’d, sharp & friendly as, but well past his iron-man days, so it wasn’t a huge surprise. I wonder how close to the edge of dysfunction many of us are all the time anyway, just sayin’, there may come a time where even paying attention isn’t enough . I think that’ll be the time to start laughing as much as possible.

        • mkey says:

          Robert, that’s A.C.M.E. made aluminum sheathing. Wily uses that stuff for his antics.

    • beaconterraone says:

      I suspect Assange knows 9/11 is much more than the official story. Likely, he publicly concurs with that official story – official “conspiracy theory” – solely for a pragmatic reason. If he were to declare that 9/11 was either a LIHOP or MIHOP, he’d lose “credibility” among many supporters, and that would be yet another club to batter him over the head with in the liesmedia.

      Is that ideal, respectable, noble? No, but I understand why he might avoid challenging it. The pragmatic approach is to protect the main bulk of his work which itself offers enormous benefit to humanity.

      I’ll give him a pass on 9/11, considering what he’s done and how he’s suffered.

  6. mat70 says:

    Thank you for another great show. I’ve been learning and sharing the best truth I can since 2007. I’ve learned that much of mainstream history is full of spin, lies and omissions of important truths. That’s why they told it to us in the first place. But who would have ever thought that much of mainstream media has been psyops growing up? It’s hard even for me after 14 years of being awake to the 9/11 scam, the 2001 weaponized anthrax scam, USS Liberty scam, Gulf of Tonkin scam, Federal Reserve scam, Oklahoma City Bombing scam, and on and on to wrap my mind around how all of our representatives ignore us on these issues and more that we constantly raise. It goes to show how some people are used against each other by sophisticated mainstream media psyops. I’m sure the memes I’ve seen lately saying “It’s just as easy to buy a medical professional as it is to buy a politician” are just as true as it’s just as easy to buy a historian as it is to buy a politician. Use a VPN (I use and change your location to one that works if this page is restricted to you. Honest feedback wanted.

    Share WW I & II Truth for Peace
    Click “MORE” below each video to see the additional information.

  7. Joseph says:

    Thank you, great interview again!

    Regarding the radio waves and certain frequencies, those are an active part of the propaganda machine and one of the most sophisticated ones. This is actual now more than ever, as Facebook wants to build a new platform based on virtual reality. Their final product looks like to be a new social media experience mostly for the younger generation, who like games and hang out the net all the time having the largest freetime-pool for it. Though, I suspect the real aim of Facebook is rather something else.

    This VR toy of theirs will be packaged as candy, but actually will be the most dangerous propaganda machine ever built. Not just for the massive amount of ads they will be able to deliver constantly. The most dangerous part of this will be that this new platform will need the user to wear a VR headset, which means some tech gadget will be attached to their head in the closest possible way. It is just too obvious that the headset will be secretly equipped with a radio wave (or other range of frequencies) emitter that will try to manipulate the user’s decisions by appealing to the subconscious mind, while it also will try to detect the brain activity based on the frequencies that are generated/emitted by the brain. This means, they can construct (I think they probably already did) an AI, which can learn autonomously what kind of frequency will push the person into which kind of thinking. The door of mind-hell will be opened by this tech!

    If the users will hang on this VR headset non-stop (and they probably will as it will be even more addictive than the mobile nowadays), their minds will be so heavily influenced that they won’t even know themselves anymore after a long enough timeframe has passed. We already know from the latest whistle blower, that Facebook prioritizes bad emotions because that keeps the users more engaged thus generating more money. Though the money won’t be their real motivation here. It will be again the Eugenics agenda and total control.

    Regarding the “discrediting” method as a tool in the fight, it is a very good idea. It should be used against the MSM propaganda actors, as they are already using this tool against You, the conspiracy theorist. So, you are being discredited already, which is not a fair starting ground. They must be discredited at least by the same amount of degree!

  8. nosoapradio says:

    Gotta run into class but just finished consuming this interview and so I’ll just fling out that

    “Organized delusion”

    is a keeper

    and the idea of looking at where you are in life on a scale of satisfaction as a way of gauging the quality of the information you assimilate and transform into assumptions

    is a very provocative suggestion… a formula I’ve been mulling over myself…

    now I’m late for a date with a hamsterwheel… as usual…

  9. bogn says:

    I want this man to be my Saturday afternoon friend, so I can walk in the woods with him, drink coffee, tea, wine, beer, and discuss more with him about the stuff he cares to say. Very important video because it underlies all the work done here at Corbett Report and everywhere else to develop a clean, skeptical, critical, dare I say “scientific” mind?

  10. Paul says:

    What I do in an attempt to inoculate myself against propaganda is to emotionally disassociate myself from certain types of opinions, because the propaganda appears to be predicated on my having emotional attachment, and building from there.

    Here are two attachments I closely monitor as examples:

    Attachments to scientific findings. This one seems obvious, but most people very easily fail at this. I deal with this by doing my best to adhere to basic principles of science with an understanding of its purpose to explain the properties of the physically existent universe. Such findings cannot be philosophized or constrained to some internal sense of “normal” or “weird”.

    Attachments to distant events. I find most people this completely escapes. I was not present at JFK’s assassination, 9/11, or 1/6. I have no emotional attachments to any claims on these events. This leaves me free to evaluate the claims with a clearer mind.

    • beaconterraone says:

      Most people are emotionally wound-up in what they perceive to be “reality.” That’s understandable, since humans crave an ability to control their lives. It takes strength to challenge a faux “reality” that is comfortable, of course.

      When someone claims something that is not truly self-evident, all should ask themselves, “is there a motive for making that up?” Sadly, most people can’t even ask the question because, again, they are emotionally invested.

  11. Ruby says:

    Could someone please direct me to the site where one can find broadcast news media archived. James said everything could be found there. It’s not I’m looking for the Fox News coverage of the toppling of the Hussein statue 2003, and the youtube link is on private. Can’t seem to find it.

  12. Jed says:

    Excellent interview. I like Professor Miller’s work, his content, tone and approach, great stuff to break family and friends out of the zombie trance. His pedigree/credentials come straight from the globalist’s cesspool — John’s Hopkins, NYU, has a Rockafeller fellowship — and has yet come around to reality. He’s a hero really, setting an example and I’m sure it’s cost him plenty. His take on Jones and Icke are spot on and I much appreciate his mentioning them.

    • beaconterraone says:

      My stance on Jonestown has always been pragmatic. Alex Jones spews lots of actual misinformation (“the Arabs control the media”) and other nonsense, but his work reaches millions, causing them to doubt the official “reality” that we are expected to accept. That doubt may go nowhere productive, but nonetheless aids the cause of truth by creating dissension parallel to ours.

      My stance on Icke is similar, but I’m not a big fan of his pagan/occult/”New Age” preaching. Though, I must admit, while I used to laugh at his talk about “reptiles,” I’m no longer laughing. I do question whether some of the “people” running this demonic show are actually human. Those of us Christian recall the “reptile” in the Garden of Eden. Maybe not literal “V” lizard humanoids, but definitely agents and soldiers of the Great Serpent, Satan.

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — Marketing Truth —

    Around the 28 minute mark, James Corbett and Mark Crispin Miller begin to discuss various approaches in countering the propaganda.

    At 28:50 James Corbett says:
    ”…finding different ways to present this narrative to people in a way they will start to understand it, hopefully, from a different perspective.”

    30:00 mark — White, gray and black propaganda —
    James Corbett says:
    ”It does raise the question: If we are engaged in providing the antidote of truth to this propaganda toxin, then is there White Truth and Gray Truth and Black Truth?
    Can we do False Flag Operations to discredit the mainstream, or at the very least, can we engage in humor or entertainment or some other ways of slipping this information past the cognitive defenses of people who otherwise wouldn’t be willing to listen to it?”

    Here is one approach. CRM* Officialdom gives it 5 Stars authenticated by Talking Head…

    ***** 5 STARS
    How to Talk to Someone Who’s Spreading COVID-19 Misinformation
    (2 ½ Minutes)

    * CRM = Corbett Report Members

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I had to revisit the definitions of these terms:
      White, gray and black propaganda

      White propaganda was that whose origin was clearly labeled and which had a transparent purpose.
      Gray propaganda is information of questionable origin that is never sourced and whose accuracy is doubtful.
      Black propaganda is information put out by an opposing government or institution and made to look as though it came from a friendly source.

      Corbett and other Members probably know a lot more about the topic than I.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — Fighting Fauci —

    For many months, there have been the “Fauci Gain of Function” stories. Rand Paul vs Fauci. Republicans vs Democrats.

    Recently, a narrative which has grown some legs revolves around Fauci and the study of hungry sand flies eating cute beagle puppy dogs alive.
    This story just may trump the “Gain of Function” story in regards to slapping Fauci’s face.

    Anthony Fauci’s Beagles at NAIAD Labs – #BeagleLivesMatter
    (2 1/2 minutes)

    In my opinion, it does not matter if Fauci was not directly involved with the beagle butchering.

    It’s all about THE STORY.

  15. cynthiapc says:

    Kryptonite to propaganda is learning how to think critically. It was my dedication to truth that saved me and led me to a master’s program in ‘Critical & Creative Thinking’. Important steps to find this level to freedom of thought?

    1) Be dedicated only to uncovering the highest truth not to being right.

    2) This dedication requires you are open to listen to all opinions with no emotional attachment to any until and unless they move from opinions to facts you can support. A closed mind says: “My mind is made up don’t confuse me with the facts.”

    4) Avoid having to backtrack from being dead wrong and embarrassed by using simple statements at the front end like… “It seems to me with the information I currently have at hand that blah blah blah.” Everyone HATES being wrong and many will move goal posts and lie to others and themselves …anything to not admit they are wrong with the fear of having their judgement questioned in the future…but, and this is key…

    5)Get comfortable with being wrong! Don’t wait for others to call you out…do your best to do more research to call out your own opinions. “Shit…had that wrong! Let me show you what I missed!” This not only is freeing, it is setting a great example of how others can also feel comfortable with being wrong.

    6) Keep your confirmation bias in check. You will LOVE to read opinions that agree with yours and confirm what you think. Put that bias consciously in the backseat, tell it to be quiet and let your love of finding the truth drive.

    7) The Russell Conjugation: Find the bias in a news source by the adjectives used to see how the reader is being manipulated. The exact meaning of an adjective is similar but the adjective is used to convey a different emotional response. EX: He is dedicated, obstinate or pig-headed. Once you see this trick you can’t unsee it and it will help you understand very quickly how writer wants you to feel about the topic after the read.

    …the list goes on. Do yourself a favor and take time to study how to think critically if you haven’t already. This is something that should have been part of all of our early education and was conveniently left out. (The use of ‘conveniently’ tells you of course that I believe this was by design.)

    Love this interview!

    • cu.h.j says:

      I like what you posted here! Good stuff. When you said listening to views you disagree with, I think this is essential. Also not identifying with what is being said and taking a side.

      It’s sort of like a meditation, being an observer, then you can see what the facts indicate and make sense of the situation from there.

      • cynthiapc says:

        Yes! Very much like meditation, which in my opinion is tuning into that still small voice…the Divine spark within..our higher self. The more we can operate from this level the more connected with the passion for finding GOoDness & truth and the less ego driven is our thought process which compels us to appear ‘right’. (For those who think this is spiritual woo woo BS ask yourself this: When you say “I can’t believe I just said that!” Or “I can’t live with myself any longer.” Who is this “I” reflecting back on the ‘i’ with judgement?)

        Most important aspect of all this dangerous propaganda is this: They are lying about not just about the covid, the vax, etc, etc…but that we are wet computers… as science is ruled by the materialist paradigm. However, we are consciousness having a human experience. Why keep this information from us? FEAR of death/unknown means they have control. The experiment to determine if consciousness survives is so simplistic that it’s laughable. The transhuman agenda is the evil that can steal our soul as once we are hooked to the cloud and controlled our free will is gone…not to mention potentially trapping us in this dimension. I wish James would consider covering this topic.

        • vadoum says:

          cynthia, nice tips for standing in front of cacophony and still thinking clearly.
          “,,trapping us in this dimension. I wish James would consider covering this topic”

          in my experience, one can have awareness as another “dimension”, and later say “I was in another dimension’. The notion of being “in” a place is a 3d perspective. dont worry, The 3d lock/filter is also protection.

          I dont think james’ dedication to demostrable references and logical reasoning would entertaim metaphysical musing. At least not for public consumption.

    • mkey says:

      You can bet the farmhouse that everything of import was left out of education intentionally. It would be better to have people be completely ignorant of the knowledge around them than believing all the insane things they believe.

      • cynthiapc says:

        “Everything of import was left out…” Yes! Just added this comment:

        Most important aspect of all this dangerous propaganda is this: They are lying about not just about the covid, the vax, etc, etc…but that we are wet computers… as science is ruled by the materialist paradigm. However, we are consciousness having a human experience. Why keep this information from us? FEAR of death/unknown means they have control. The experiment to determine if consciousness survives is so simplistic that it’s laughable. The transhuman agenda is the evil that can steal our soul as once we are hooked to the cloud and controlled our free will is gone…not to mention potentially trapping us in this dimension. I wish James would consider covering this topic.

  16. rob.h says:

    Great stuff as always. Love to hear the journey of Mark away from the climate change narrative.
    My advice for those who care to wade through the internet and get the best grasp of reality, here are my basics. 1. Never trust anyone, even yourself. 2. Follow the money, 3. Actions over words. That should get you close enough to an understanding to get you the rest of the way for really anyone.
    As far as helping others, instead of me waking up others, they woke me up. As I try to discuss different topics, they became more and more defensive. I learned that some fish are just caught hook, line, and sinker. You try to help and it just hurts them and they become angry/defensive. Like on an airplane, save yourself and stay away from these people. Not worth the trouble. EX: been telling them about the Crypto opportunities out there (since 2011), no one listened.. In fact, they printed articles about how it was a scam. I ask them now, and they still stick to their same position, saying it is going to zero. I would bet crypto (BCH) over dollar any day. Hope this helps. thanks for the great work.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Maybe someday you’ll apply critical thinking to your crypto crusade, just like MCM did with global warming…

      • rob.h says:

        All I need to apply is wind, to fill the sails of my yacht. I will let the rest deal with what they are voting for.

        • LastHumanist says:

          Bitcoin is the better technocratic money out there.
          It will perform as an inflation hedge to the melting Petrodollar.

          Bitcoin is a lifeboat I’m on, too. However, it should not be the only one.

          When the world is burning, where will your yacht be able go?

          • rob.h says:

            I like BCH for the usage, but I am not religious about it. Crypto itself is good enough. I feel that BTC has become corrupt, but I always say – do your own research. Lots of competition means that the customers will get a better product.

            If I thought that the whole world would burn to the ground, I wouldn’t even give crypto a chance. I am going off of the assumption that the groups working to “walk away” and create what Vaclav Havel calls “parallel structures” and will give rise to a better humanity for all who join.

            I will always believe that a greater good will come away from badly designed systems, to a new, better, freedom bound one.

            As for where to go right now, I couldn’t tell you. You usually don’t set sail when you know a storm is coming. But you don’t give up sailing because the weather gets bad from time to time.

            • LastHumanist says:

              I think the fiat system will die before the whole world would burn, anyway. Besides, there are vested interests on all sides to only make things as bad as necessary to advance whatever the respective faction’s agenda is.

              We’re still alive today. That speaks for itself.
              The strangelove types have not gotten their way.
              It’s probably a bluff for the most part.

              • rob.h says:

                Just the fact that there is a James Corbett and people who know about him is enough to keep me sane and infinitely hopeful.

                Humanity has never left the jungle in my opinion. There are always going to be bad players, but there will also be good ones.

                Care for yourself and find like minded people and I think you will be fine. From where I am looking, there are soo many awesome potentials that others in history never had .. make me feel that just hanging in there for the next couple of years will be enough.

                So many people are building islands just off of the bow of the Titanic, all you have to do is look for them and get to them.

                As the Aussies used to tell me, “No worries mate, she’ll be right.” I believe that.

              • beaconterraone says:

                Let no one be fooled: Bitcoin IS fiat. No inherent value, nothing to actually hold in your hand.

                Even “Federal’ Reserve Notes can be used to wipe one’s rear, or start a fire.

                When all of this is done, this controlled demolition of the economy for The Great Reset, the banksters will have EVERYONE using some sort of digital token, CBDC and/or Bitcoin and/or possibly something yet to be seen.

              • cu.h.j says:


                Bitcoin is much different from fiat money. I understand why people are worried about it because it’s a private ledger, it’s not “fungible” as far as I know, but it’s different from fiat money.

                I think Monero is a better crypto currency than Bitcoin for private exchanges, but Bitcoin is extremely secure.

              • Fact Checker says:

                c u hj : “Bitcoin is extremely secure.”

                It’s easy to say that, but in reality all that blockchain data is housed within Amazon Web Services’s servers, just like all the other data.

                Bitcoin is an operation, a trap, and a Trojan Horse. Computers are masters, not servants.

              • candlelight says:


                One of your more cogent posts. 🙂

                Also, beaconterrone’s –

                “Even “Federal’ Reserve Notes can be used to wipe one’s rear, or start a fire.” – that line made me laugh out loud.

                Crypto may be a “trap”, yup, agreed (whatever that connotes down in whatever rabbit hole), and or ultimately prove to be highly vulnerable to manipulation regardless of its much touted inexorable design, or, who knows, it may become the world’s new reserve currency (of the NWO?? Right?); but whatever it is or isn’t, I don’t have a scintilla of faith in it.

                God bless those who do.

          • beaconterraone says:

            Bitcoin is a con-job. It is, currently, a legitimate tool to fight the malevolent, but I’ve no doubt it will be co-opted – if not already (probably the latter). There isn’t a chance in the world that our rulers would allow Bitcoin or any crypto to actually work independently of their core control-grid edifice, international finance.

            No one knows who created Bitcoin. I’d say it’s likely the System itself. Those who love and worship numbers tell us the “blockchain” is our most trustworthy friend, but I don’t have such blind confidence (my stance applies to encryption, as well).

            By 2030, I suspect Bitcoin will still be available alongside the (other) approved “choices” of digital “money.” What won’t exist – or be allowed to be used – is gold and silver, or even more practical stores of value (like food or other essentials in a standardized exchange system), nor even untraceable paper/polymer notes.

            • Zzzap says:


              Ever ask any of your local vendors if they would exchange a digital certificate for anything tangible, say a pack of matches, or food?

              In my neighbourhood – not a chance.

              When the power is out who gives a rat’s ass about a digital certificate.

            • cu.h.j says:


              I think you make great points. I’ll keep it in mind. My main purpose for bitcoin was to preserve the value of my dollars. I bought bitcoin when it was around 9K. I now have made a profit and can use this for other things. I’m going to save some to see what happens.

              I have precious metals too, and have some lead as well.

  17. irose says:

    Propaganda is that which one cannot turn off — was a thought that struck me recently as I was traveling.
    Much appreciated conversation — questioning what one wants to be true, very tricky, like piercing one’s own ‘blind spot’ — much to chew on here.

  18. m.mark says:

    I love this man so much and it’s amazing how little known he is to our community. As a former liberal/lefty he’s a great example to normies on how the establishment will cancel anyone regardless of their political leanings.

    As MCM said, humor is important, so I’ll share. I made a parity video Fauci as King’s George from Hamilton singing you’ll be back called where “Wear Your Masks”.

    First time ever using Adobe Premier or after effects or green screen so it’s not perfect in 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 𝘸𝘢𝘺, but it came out OK 🙃

    • lovetodust says:

      Um, m.mark, why wasn’t the little girl wearing a mask???

      KIDDDING!! Loved it!! That is one of my favorite tunes from the brilliant Hamilton.

      Good for you! Great parody.

      I just got a flyer through my apt. door. Landlord is “requesting” again (because of the nutcases that report it) that we all wear masks in common areas of the building. The building is huge with very high ceilings, wide corridors and windows. But we have to wear them from our car into our apt
      Or doing laundry.

      So I am not going to fight it. I am gluing 3 or 4 masks together to cover my entire face and cutting out circles for the eyes. And believe me I will wear it. It’s easier than writing the landlord and getting nowhere. Except evicted. (we are tenants at will)

      So thanks for this encouraging video!

  19. MEFF says:

    One more simulation? What to expect?!

    DHS Begins Releasing Gas on NYC Citizens at 120 Locations in ‘Biological Attack Simulation’
    It´s a simulation of a biological attack with gas. The name is “Airflow and dispersion study,”. They will release the gas in 120 places of NY, including the metro and open spaces… From 18-29 de Octubre…

  20. spider says:

    Ancient gate-keeper drops his mask.
    Chomsky says in other words; the only good anti-vaxer is a dead anti-vaxer.

    • LastHumanist says:

      I guess this is the climax Chomsky has been building up to from JFK over 9/11 to today. Endgame! Who will die first? Chomsky or his beloved FED?

      Aren’t they all zombies already?

    • nosoapradio says:

      Is this what you’re referring to? (at 8 minutes)

      In a wide ranging interview recorded in June in which he answered audience submitted questions, Chomsky offered his views on mandating vaccines and said that while he disagreed with the policy he thought those who refused jabs should isolate because they become “a danger to the community”. The clip has resurfaced on social media today and is causing controversy.

      • spider says:

        The “right response” towards those who did not wish to take vaccines was to “insist that they be isolated” from the rest of society. When asked ‘How can we get food to them?’ he chillingly replied: “Well, that’s actually their problem.”

  21. sicdd says:

    Excellent interview. I like the specific cases concerning climate change. It is a big task to really understand the dark things these people are doing, a person can lose their minds if they really understood this and some people, unfortunately, would not be able to handle it. Maybe if you work in a hospital and see the reality daily or if you lose someone right after a shot and just get shocked out of their deep sleep. Those numbers are getting bigger day by day. Here is another dark thought, they are going to keep on going and kill as many people as possible and they will deal with the fall-out later, they want to reduce the population and traumatize the rest of us.

    • LastHumanist says:

      Even Hitler still has fans today.

      • spider says:

        When in Germany in the 60’s, I talked to many older people about Hitler. I got a completely different story from these common folks than I was taught in my propaganda infested schooling. Demons are created for political purposes.

        • LastHumanist says:

          So the people who murdered their neighbours told you it was all great back then. What a shocking surprise.

          You know what?
          Your neighbours are about to do the same with you and tell a visitor 20 years later that you deserved to die.

          I’ll not have any of this BS.

          Your Rockefeller education was obviously poor if you never learned how to think critically and determine whether a claim is or is not true. Also, it’s 60s without an apostrophe.

          • spider says:

            Please inform me what in my post was bullshit.

            • LastHumanist says:

              You fell for a narrative that is apologetic of some of the worst crimes government has ever committed in history.

              Nazi apologists and Holocaust defenders are scum who should get back to their own kind at the WEF rather than spend their time here.

              Go ask some “common people” how they saved humanity today by injecting poison into their children. It’s the same thing all over again and the trauma and denial will ensue once more.

              You know what happened in Germany? It was utterly destroyed and millions died. Thanks to the government. Thanks to the Rockefellers funding it. Thanks to other governments joining the fun and war crimes.

              Hitler was a criminal.
              All this “ethno-nationalism” and Nazi revisionism in the conspiracy sphere is a disgusting psyop to make you love the “right” tyranny.

              Be better than that. All crimes are crimes. All tyrants are tyrants.

              • spider says:

                You have not specifically stated what was BS.

              • LastHumanist says:

                You implied that the story you heard was that Hitler was not the scum he was. How am I supposed to do more than a general dismissal of this BS without hearing the exact story?

                I’m not psychic. I generally know BS people say. Not specifically what you heard and think you know.

              • spider says:

                Ah thanks.
                Your problem is what you think that I implied rather than what I said.

              • LastHumanist says:

                There is a number of people who, after finding out how they were lied to about so many things, are falling for other lies like the ones spread about “nice uncle Hitler”.

                It is shameful and people should know better.

              • spider says:

                As I traveled the world I noticed that people believed different things dependent on the information that was available to them. I was impressed on how well the media was able to create indestructible memes. As appropriate it is to approach this subject in a propaganda disarming perspective, I would suggest that you research WWII propaganda against Germany to gain a more holistic understanding of the issues.

              • LastHumanist says:

                I have done so and happen to also be German myself.
                When you have done proper research on a topic, you don’t need to believe anything. I know the history I have lived through myself.

                I’ll call out the propaganda BS against the empire in WW1 any day. The Kaiser was not Hitler.

                What you’re insinuating about WW2 Nazi Germany, however, is nasty stuff. Anti-human mockery of generational suffering.

                The death of friends and family is not a “meme” but an inescapable reality.

                1960s Germany was still largely run by Nazis. East and West. Meanwhile my grandmother’s first husband was still dead from giving it all for Hitler and her sister’s arm was still lost in the allied bombings.

              • cu.h.j says:


                Interesting that you mention how different people’s experience shapes their understanding of events.

                I often wonder how people could have turned their neighbors into the Gestapo, people who they had known and trusted.

                It’s similar to now, how people get paranoid about masks and such. They want to blame the state, or blame Hitler. But I wonder what the state of mind was of the populace of Germany.

                Did they not elect Hitler? Did they not like the feelings that he inspired? Are individuals not responsible for their own actions in times like those and times like this?

            • beaconterraone says:

              “LastHumanist” is a fanatic who has a vested emotional, possibly financial interest in the official tales about World War II. You’ll get nowhere with him on the topic.

              He’s a fan of Communists like “anarchist” Gustav Landauer.

          • siamdave says:

            the demonization of Hitler and the Nazis has been perhaps the greatest rewriting of history triumph in history. So many people brag about their critical thinking prowess, and their understanding of propaganda, and wander around like everyone else declaring Hitler a monster. Scenario – Hitler took Germany from a depression hobbled country, like most of the rest of the world, in 1932, to the strongest economy in Europe and most of the world in 4 years. He did this by telling the western banking cartel they weren’t welcome in Germany anymore. This was not going to be allowed by this banking cartel which was essentially ruling the world – they caused the great depression and could have ended it any time they wanted, but were having too much fun gobbling up massive amounts of property – so Hitler et al had to be taken out with extreme prejudice, and his ideas never, never, never be considered again in the bankster fiefdoms. Most of the ‘terrible things’ Hitler is supposed to have done are somewhere between outright lies and massive exaggerations – not unlike the current covid propaganda, which is shaping up to be possibly an even greater propaganda coup against the peoples of the world. Read some David Irving, or hunt up an excellent documentary called The Greatest Story Never Told. Try to avoid the knee jerk ‘no way!!!’ reaction and apply your marvelous critical thinking skills, and get a bit more enlightened

            • mik says:

              You have serious problems. I’m disgusted with your comment. Hope someone will point out all your fallacies.

              What bothers me with portraying of nazis is that they are used as a gauge block of ultimate evil that supposedly cannot be surpassed. Good law abiding indoctrinated citizens use the gauge block and conclude things are not so bad, still a long way to nazi level…and then they go to sleep.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      sicdd says:
      Here is another dark thought, they are going to keep on going and kill as many people as possible and they will deal with the fall-out later, they want to reduce the population and traumatize the rest of us.

      I revisited that thought after I read this…
      China Braces For Another Major COVID Flareup By Forcing Jabs On Children As Young As 3
      …and this…
      FDA Panel Votes In Favor Of Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine For Children Aged 5 – 11

      I’m trying to imagine the consequences, and what “They” think this will ‘solve’.
      Will it off-set inflation in the long-term?…fewer people buying fewer things.
      Is it easier to control a smaller, weakened population gripped by trauma?

  22. lovetodust says:

    Great show, James. And boy is it refreshing when you interview people. You never interrupt. God, when I used to watch Charlie Rose or Larry King. Interviewees couldn’t get more than two sentences out. It was infuriating.

    I love MCM. When he was reciting people he listens to I was standing here saying “Last American Vagabond!” so I was glad James jumped in.

    There really are such good solid sites now.

    Let’s all pool our money for some super lottery and win and start a network.

  23. As anyone posting, or reading these posts probably knows, propaganda exists in every country in more structures than simply the corporate or state media. The education system is a breeding ground for state propaganda to indoctrinate minds in order to keep the wheel of perversion rolling in the states favour.

    See if you truly know how to think. One of the signs of having a solid mind is the inability to be offended or become angry at others thoughts, now matter how different from ones own.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I agree completely when you say “One of the signs of having a solid mind is the inability to be offended or become angry at others thoughts, now matter how different from ones own.”

      Sometimes I don’t know how to do this myself. What’s your process?

      • Steve Smith says:

        I’m not sure what a solid mind is. But I think that it would be a sign of an unhealthy mind to not be offended and angry at what some people find acceptable. I can think of lots of very horrible things that people think and even do sometimes that make me very angry.

        • cu.h.j says:

          You’re right, it’s a natural response to become angry. When debating another person, I think it’s good to have the skill of stepping back so you can address the issues being discussed. Sometimes I become so angry that I can’t even talk to people. That’s not helpful either. Communication is very important. Keeping alternative narratives alive are important.

        • mkey says:

          Anger is good, it can get us to move in the right direction, but it ought not be squandered on mundane everyday garbage.

          • Steve Smith says:

            There are times when I find myself with an unlimited supply.
            Depending on how much and what kind of human interaction I am undergoing on a particular day I have enough frustration to give even the mundane it’s share of ire.
            I have become agoraphobic I think. But it doesn’t manifest in fearfulness. People, unfortunately even customers too often, simply drive me crazy.
            Maybe I just don’t deal with stress very well.

            • Jed says:

              Pop had this hanging up behind his desk:

              Stress- the confusion created when one’s mind overrides the body’s basic desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole who desperately deserves it.

              I miss my Pop.

              • Steve Smith says:

                I think that I would have liked him.

              • yellowie says:

                I laughed so hard when I read this. I called my dad, “Pop” too.
                He has been dead for many years now but I remember this incident. One late night he was drinking in a tavern with two of my brothers. He heard his truck start up from inside the bar. They caught the thief red handed. Wasn’t that hard as Pop always left the keys in the truck. Pop gave him the choice: cops or a beating. The thief took the later. Afterwards they went back to the tavern and continued their drinking including the bruised would-be thief.

  24. beaconterraone says:

    The FIRST step to neutralizing propaganda is to cut off the supply.

    If a building has a major sewage leak, you don’t try to convince people the smell is bad for them, you find the leak and STOP IT.

    Likewise with System propaganda, you need to cut off the sewage supply. TURN OFF the “mainstream” liesmedia, including television (“news” but not limited to that), other corporate “programming,” “news”papers and magazines, and other corporate propaganda streams.

    Discerning propaganda is an art, not a science. And quite possibly some are born with the innate ability of discernment, and most simply won’t ever develop such discernment, no matter the facts you give them (our society is chock-full of folks who operate almost entirely in the world of emotions – “comforting lies” are essential to their lives). Paradoxically, the more “education” you have, the more susceptible you are to propaganda (not a rule, but more often than not true). In my life, the “less educated” folks often see through BS most quickly, and arguing with my peers or “betters” (e.g., in the sense they have a doctorate) are the biggest challenge.

    Of course, cutting off the sewage supply is going to be a big challenge in itself. You can pull it off in your own household, and to an decreasingly degree outside of your household. Those who know “something” is wrong will be the best candidates, of course.

    To be honest, I no longer waste much time with anyone who:

    1) refuses to CANCEL all paid television services, cable, satellite, or streaming;


    2) refuses to CANCEL all corporate paid periodicals.

    If you’ve got someone wavering on those matters, you can present them evidence (they should have noticed, and may already have) that the liesmedia is coordinated, false narrative. The infamous “this is extremely dangerous to our ‘democracy'” talking points seen on dozens of “different” broadcasts is a powerful tool/weapon. If someone can watch that and still believe “the news” has anything to do with the truth, you’ve got a hopeless case. Those who recognize they’ve been conned are those you want to help deprogram themselves.

    “This is extremely dangerous to our ‘democracy'”:

  25. At 10:20:
    MCM: “There’s a certain roster of putdowns”
    How about this recent one from an Australian MSM site:
    ‘Idiots’ rally for second week in a row in anti-vaccine protest ”

    Personally I disarm propaganda by simply ignoring it most of the time. 🙂

    At 19:20:
    ‘Vaccine hesitancy’ as a weapon.
    Yes it’s a weapon, but it’s deliberate hijacking of the correct
    terminology, replacing it with their watered down inaccurate
    Most of the people they label as ‘vaccine hesitant’
    are in fact ‘vaccine rejecters’.

    • beaconterraone says:

      I have made a point to challenge the idea of “vaccine hesitancy” at every opportunity. I’m not “hesitant.” The answer is NEVER.

      The term itself is “thought leadership,” and it’s been normalized across society. It implies that anyone who hasn’t taken an injection “only needs education” and then they will make the “correct” decision.

  26. justsaying says:

    Worth watching this (link below) after listening to this episode

    (PS – for your amusement, notice the 3.9k thumbs down given to the video, which only confirms that what you’ve just finished watching is so true! :))

  27. justsaying says:

    Australian prime minister says vaccines are not mandatory.
    I asked the dictionary, what is the opposite of the word mandatory? and it said: voluntary, optional, unconstrained, inessential, facultative, uncoerced, willing, not required.
    For example, you go to a concert and it’s written that a donation of $5 is voluntary. They clearly say it’s not mandatory to pay, you are free to enter the concert whether you give the 5 bucks or not. It’s your call, and you will not be treated differently either way.
    How is this son a bitch of a government having the guts to say that this fucking vaccines are not mandatory????
    If it became “LEGAL” to sack people who do not comply, “LEGAL” to segregate people by refusing them entry in public and private places, “LEGAL” to refuse them services, “LEGAL” to close borders to them, “LEGAL” to treat these people differently?
    Wait, aren’t ALL medical procedures voluntary and optional (as well as private?)??? Including this jab? So, the answer is NO. The injections are NOT voluntary, optional, unconstrained, inessential, facultative, uncoerced, willing, not required.
    It’s in plain English, plain fucking MANDATORY and forced; if you don’t obey the tyrant’s orders, you are punished. THIS IS HOW IT SHOULD BE READ WITHOUT THE MANIPULATIVE DISGUSTING SUGAR COATING DISGUISE THAT PEOPLE ARE BUYING, WHICH MAKES THEM THINK – HAVE THE ILLUSION – THAT WHAT IS BEING DONE IS RIGHT, THAT THEY ARE LIVING IN A BEAUTIFUL DEMOCRACY! THAT THE OPPRESSORS ARE HEROES. And that all this fucking shit STORY is about health and protecting people, and about saving somebody else’s vulnerable granny’s life.
    In short, tip on how to disarm propaganda: look up the words it is using in the dictionary.

    • LastHumanist says:

      I had been watching the degrading quality of definitions, particularly legal ones, for many years before I could finally admit that it’s all part of an unparalleled malicious agenda rather than government mistake and error.

      • justsaying says:

        Oh, don’t get me wrong, I was being sarcastic about the dictionary. No grammar mistakes or errors from the government there; 100% unparalleled malicious agenda, 100% of the time.

    • vadoum says:

      just sayin’ Anglish, again?

      was it some anglo war lord or sorcerer? the dutch say “spreekt u engles” (do you speak english?) ,,the root comes from a “germanic” tribe thats hard to find much info about. anyhow anglo dominates the world perhaps because of how easy it is to lie with.

      English language is a playground for deceivers. its a lake for them to swan about on. english word and grammatic meanings are malleable. with engles u can accomplish myriad missions with the slightest changes of tone. most words can become verbs?

      and when the deceivers are finally exhausted from running in circles, as those fighting the good fight close in, they simply leave, or kill. Nowadays they have left to the lake house and are continuing to kill, “ah how tedious life was without the cloud on auto-remote to sort out the eaters,, nother cup of tea?”

      • openlens says:

        nice…see Robert Graves’ “The White Goddess” , early chapters, for an appreciation of the plants the letters of the English alphabet are derived from.
        Gives meaning.
        Anyone here ever read those science fiction tales about the Gray Mouser?

        If you think English is tricky, try a tonal language. The same word can have five different meanings depending on how said.
        I think those Grey Mouser stories were based on the complexities of tonal languages, as it describes a very psychologically tricky interplanetary scene where intonation and all are crucial and possibly deadly. Pretty cool stories.

        The “Dutch”..the “penny-pinching Dutch” (Jerry Martien: “Shell Game”)…also have this saying:
        “As a finishing touch, “god” made the “Dutch”.


        • vadoum says:

          thanks openlens,
          “see Robert Graves’ “The White Goddess””

          I’ll see if I can find a copy in aus. the origins of why or what happened that eventuated in the world being dominated by a particular tribal name/language is an itch Ive been trying to scratch for yonks.

    • openlens says:

      Yes, if folks took the time to look up the etymology of words they think they understand, they’d be hella suprised to see how twisted the language is these days.

      And, what the words being used actually mean.
      When I try to inform, I am told” But that’s not what it means NOW”.

      Minute by minute. No history. No ground. Making all up as they go along.
      As will any sibling in control of family trust. Lie lie lie.

  28. A57 says:

    Your looking at one of the people who has fell hard for propaganda and what really gets me is how I was used to spread it for them. I’m talking hours of work to spread “propaganda” and then be label crazy… I’m the poster boy. It will take me a while to pull myself from this uber sophisticated propaganda web I got tangled into.
    I’m to the point that now I know I am embarrassed to say anything.
    All I can do is say sorry and do what you guys are teaching me to vet things better, thank you.

    • Olga says:

      It’s great to hear from someone like you. I’m sure we can all relate to the experience of having the scales lifted from our eyes in some aspect of life or another, even if it was just Santa Claus! There is no reason to apologise for anything; there is a reason you believed what you did, and a reason you no longer believe it. There is no shame in changing one’s mind; it is a sign of intelligence.

      So given your perspective, you might have some important insights to share in light of this wonderful interview we just saw and the questions raised therein; what do you think can be done to open people’s eyes? What should we avoid doing? How best do we approach those who are staunch believers? What made you change your mind?

      On a lighter note, here is a fun music video by the talented young Icelandic musician Daði Freyr that talks about the importance of questioning things! Enjoy:

    • openlens says:

      No, you’re great!! You are every one of us!! Don’t be shy!! You won’t be able to find anyone to reach out to who has not fallen…at least, for that four letter word, if nothing else, eh?

      All that aside…you ARE THE GIFT, given to humanity. Be yourself.
      Teach others, this is the greatest gift. If you haven’t been there, they won’t relate.
      You have the gold, sir. Use it. Our mistakes are our gold.

      How else can we really know?

    • openlens says:

      Seriously, I was just going thru a different and personal blah blah blah withing myself, and ended up saying out loud to myself over and over “I’ve learned the most when I’ve been the most stupid.”

      the longer I was stupid, the more searing the lesson finally. No way to ever forget all that stupidity. It keeps me humble. Sometimes.

  29. openlens says:

    Oldest propaganda on the planet:

    We are gods, you are only human.The original binary split.
    It is your original sin to be born fully human. (Actually, it is our sin to have attempted to interbreed with you across the species barrier, but…)You must be more like us… gods.

    The “Invention of Lying” Ricki Gervais

    Religions. Governments. Militias..

    Patriarchy. The second split, duality, binary.

    What we are not willing to know.

    Covid Kill Shots. Straight to the Heart.

    End the Heart of Humanity. Patriarchy helps. Gets rid of 52%. Not bad.

  30. openlens says:

    Hahaha. Ask any man who has been fooled by a “lady-boy” about propaganda!!

    What’s the “original” “origin” of “propaganda”. ??

    Meaning of the word “propaganda”? Basically, fertilizer? To propagate?

    Buncha BS? Raw, fresh pile of …excrement from dangerously stubborn male bovine mammals?

    Sounds right to us simple folk.

  31. reowen says:

    Another great program with rational, sensible guidance, helpful suggestions and a variety of resources people can use. Thanks!

  32. cu.h.j says:

    MCM is a brave man. He sets a good example for people. I think it’s cool he was able to see the propaganda around climate change. This was a hard one for me because I also watched the documentary by Al Gore years ago and have been saturated by that narrative for years.

    The emotionality of the propaganda was very appealing. It appeals to a persons compassion and empathy for other living creatures on the planet and a desire to preserve nature. The thought that polar bears were starving and drowning was very heart breaking. I am glad to learn that the polar bears are actually doing well.

    The social engineers with their propaganda very effectively target emotions and subconscious or unconscious desires and fears among the general population. Humans often base their decisions based on emotions rather than logic. Fear, hate, sadness, desire for acceptance, shame are very strong emotional states that they manipulate to get what they want.

  33. Voluntaryist says:

    Gun controllers have never been against guns. They have been against self-defense, but too frightened to admit it. They want to be protected but don’t trust themselves to do it. Their immaturity is rooted in a lack of self-confidence and a lack of self-value.
    Want proof? Ask them how they will be protected when guns are all gone and the cops quit because they feel naked. They will quickly admit they want cops to have guns. So, you can see they have no problem with guns.

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