Interview 1681 - James Corbett Redpills Lions of Liberty

12/13/202131 Comments

In this edition of the redpill series, James joins Marc Clair of the Lions of Liberty podcast for a journey down the rabbit hole. Join us for a lively discussion on how James views the unfolding of the COVID regime and why he was able to so accurately call where this was going as far back as February 2020. James unpacks just who the players are that benefit from the encroaching medical tyranny, why public faces like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwaub are nothing more than the Public Relations arm of The Great Reset, the removal of his very large YouTube channel, and so much more!



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  1. coronahoax says:

    I think a lot of people are torn between fear of the mythical virus and fear of the reality of the ‘vampires’ that prey on us, either way they are coming up against an existential threat. The virus is preferable because it requires no personal responsibility and keeps the nasty reality out of sight.

    In terms of virus theory as applied as a metaphor for the pandemic,the virus mirrors the reality while simultaneously obscuring it. There is an invisible enemy, a small piece of genetic material, i.e. a small section of society who are unable to live viably on their own and need a cell structure to provide nutrients and sustain them.

    Terrain theory explains this observed phenomena of pandemic lunacy as a toxic assault on the corpus of humanity, where the toxins are the ideological holy trinity of Technocracy, Eugenics and Trans humanism.

  2. Aodh says:

    On fire tonight James…bravo!
    Yet another superb overview of current agenda. Having only woken up to this, (with the help of Mercola in Feb 2019)) relatively late in life (better late than never!), It’s been a learning curve to end all learning curves. Very, very, grateful to yourself, and your long-term dedicated work…a huge backlog of which I have yet to discover.
    Having been at least partially enlightened I dismay at the vast majority of family and friends who have just sleep-walked into this and continue to accept (as I did until relatively recently) without question, the sickening claptrap being consistently drip-fed by the loathsome MSM. It scares me to the extent that I cannot extricate from the system fast enough, which I know is selfish, but in my immediate circle of friends, I know of only ONE other person that is awake to what is really going on. So little local cohesion!
    Something I wondered about recently, and I am sure it’s been addressed thoroughly some where…namely what are the legal (as if legal counts for anything in reality) ramifications for those unfortunates having been naïve enough to ingest these mRNA shots? If their DNA has been altered, are they legally still human? Are they partially owned by the patent holders? this even an issue at all given the possibility of intended widescale manipulation via cbdcs, or some other technologically possible and equally (if not more so) sinister means ( in my mind I can see David Icke angrily lecturing about such things as jab delivered graphene hydroxide in conjunction with 60 gigahertz signals from 5G masts…who knows). Anyway I’m beginning to ramble. A genuine thank you for casting your net out to reel in as many of us matrix pod-dwellers as you can…the analogy is very fitting.

  3. TruthSeeker says:

    G. Edward Griffin posted a link to an article recently on his “Need to Know” News Letter (which is no longer there) about a “Graphene-Oxide” PHD Scientist over in Austria who had a heart attack three days after the Interview was posted. The entire interview was in German but it was Captioned in English. He started the Interview explaining how he had gotten his PHD specializing in Graphine-Oxide while working under the worlds most knowledgeable expert on Graphine-Oxide, and went on from there to say that he had not only identified it in the Pfizer COVID19 Injections but examined the shape of the Graphene-Oxide molecule. The molecule was 50um x .1um. In other words it has a flat plane like structure similar to a Razer blade, which he said cuts the arteries and explains why so many heart attacks are happening among young healthy people that get the Shot.
    He said that there was no excuse for Graphene-Oxide to be in any of the Shots and that people should demand answers from the government of Austria as well as the manufactures.
    The idea that up to half of the worlds population would line up to get Experimental Injections created by proven Criminal Drug manufactures who were given freedom from all liabilities is mind boggling to me. The latest FDA response to Freedom of Information Requests (FOIA)is that they want 75 years to release all the documents about what is in the Injections.
    If the Graphene-Oxide doesn’t kill the victim, it has some other interesting properties that could be used to control it’s host.
    My thought is that “the injected” will be used to hunt down the rest of us.
    Even though Natural Immunity is proven to be long lasting and provides protection from getting or giving COVID, Flu, and a host of other illnesses, the media (and Biden) makes the claim that this is a Pandemic of the “Unvaccinated”.
    The lies are deep rooted in the fact that the Oligarchs will do anything to get everyone “Vaccinated” (what ever that means)

    • cu.h.j says:

      What are your thoughts on the mechanism graphine oxide could be used to induce the “hunting down” of the un-jabbed?

      I have heard this theory before but how would it work physiologically?

      I wonder is governments will try to hunt down the un-jabbed particularly in places where its easy to do and citizens have no means of self defense.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Are you referring to Andreas Noack?
      He was reporting that the substance was graphene hydroxide. A different chemical than the graphene oxide.
      There have been quite a few videos recently on Bitchute about him and his recent supposed death.
      Frankly, I don’t know what to believe but I saw videos made by his tearful widow or surviving pregnant girlfriend, all in German but subtitled that gave conflicting information.
      Stew Peters has reported his death as well.

      • Steve Smith says:

        I remember maybe a month ago seeing a video of a German doctor who was or had just finished giving a presentation online and supposedly the camera was still running as the police were busting down the door and screaming like banshees while dr. Noack stood stunned in front of the camera.
        I didn’t know it was Noack until other videos about the graphene hydroxide started appearing and I remember getting the impression that the police raid looked somewhat faked. Then the videos of the pretty, weeping, pregnant young lady who at first was saying that Andreas suffered from some medical event then in a later video the story seemed to have changed.
        But I am basing this all on subtitles as I don’t understand German.

      • Aodh says:

        Thanks Steve, hopefully someone with some serious chemistry smarts will chime in with some in-depth clarification on the Oxide/ Hydroxide uncertainty.

      • MagicBullet says:

        I recall he said graphene in the shots included oxides, hydroxides, and other forms. A material like graphene can attach to various moieties. A kind of graphene sandwich with different types of bread in between.

    • Aodh says:

      TruthSeeker, thanks for elaborating on this. I had thought it was Graphene Oxide and then came upon someone elses take on it and they had referred to Hydroxide, so thanks for the clarification.
      Yes, if it is present and has no supposed benefits relevant to the official purpose for this innoculation, then what indeed is it there for?.
      We could speculate until the cows come home, but one thing can be “banked” (an increasingly inappropriate euphemism) on, it’s not for the recipient’s good health.

      • MagicBullet says:

        Graphene will clot blood and is a semi-metal. It can conduct and be part of a communication system to some device outside the body for tracking, tracing, sending and receiving signals to effect nano devices in the lipid nano particles and hydrogel (see Profusa, a Darpa associated company). Remember its billions of pieces in a person, these vaccinators/vaccinatees will be living antennas.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Graphene is biodegradable according to this brief article and can be broken down by naturally occurring enzymes:

          They would have to find something that can’t be removed from the body and can be detected through our tissues. The material would probably be deposited in bones and not be able to be chelated out and would have to be able to be detected and give off a unique signature that could be detected.

          • MagicBullet says:

            I’ve known about that enzyne MPO, but the paper you present itself doesn’t mean graphene isn’t in the shots:

            1. What is the rate of elimination vs rate of new graphene coming with all the boosters when the body is overloaded with graphene (now you know why they need so many boosters)? If MPO elimination can’t keep up with the booster resupply of graphene then the MPO has minimum effect.
            2. What was the concentration of MPO in this study vs what is in various areas of the body? Unknown.
            3. We don’t know how long graphene needs to be in the shots to do their dirty deeds at each booster.
            4. The paper you sent was an in vitro study not in a person with graphene in many body parts.
            5. The paper states the graphene studies was single and few-layer while the graphene in the shots looks like clumps, I suspect MPO will have a harder time eliminating these.
            6. The types of graphene in the study may not be the same as in the shots where the oxide, hydroxide, and others have been found.

            Since there is direct evidence of more than 5 independent labs testing shot vials with light and E-M, and spectroscopy, and microscopy of blood of injected persons showing similar Roulet formation as when mixing graphene with blood on a slide, multiple known patents of graphene in shots, it is just about a done deal that graphene is in the shot.

            There is also indirect evidence of graphene in shots (Darpa-Profusa hydrogel, numerous studies of graphene as a nano object and its properties). The properties of graphene as a semi-metal to function as an antenna/transmitter to connect to 5g and/or other devices is not far-out. In Japan 1.6 mil Moderna doses were recalled due to finding “metal” they later called “steel” in the shots (graphene changed its name on its passport to steel it seems). Conveniently the prime minister resigned the next day, said to be because “he was bad at HR”, just to change the news cycle, and needless to say, neither the QA depts. at the multibillion dollar companies, Moderna, the bottling co in Spain, nor the importer Takeda Pharma, found the metal, it was a lone Dr in an injection center.

            As an aside, MPO increases with alcohol use. Interesting to consider all the bar and restaurant closures in that light. In Japan, even though restaurants were open during states of emergency, alcohol was banned-ostensibly to stop people from getting rowdy and spreading covid. You figure….

  4. kirm says:

    “We can’t necessarily change the world, I don’t think, but we can create our own world”

    That’s the problem. If you can’t change the world, the world will change you.

  5. R.A. says:

    I would want confirmation from other reliable sources about the graphene-whatever “razor blades”. I would also want confirmation about Dr. Noack’s demise, etc. As you may guess, I am somewhat skeptical that this is a real story.

    That said, there have been multiple reports, from the Japanese government, and from other parties, that steel particles have been found in Covid19 “vaccine” samples. It is pretty clear that there are secret ingredients in these “vaccines” that we do not know about, and that there is some urgency in answering this question and making it widely, publicly known. Continuing to inoculate billions of people with injections that contain secret, possibly injurious ingredients is just not acceptable.

    The FDA’s attempt to conceal much information about the Pfizer Covid19 vaccine for the next 75 years should be a big, red flag.

  6. vadoum says:

    propaganda heads-up:
    forbidden knowledge tv posts “german farmers blockading berlin over mandates,,”
    but my friends in Berlin say:
    “Do people believe this?! It was an agricultural strike last month. I got stuck between tractors driving, they all had signs against the policy”

    the aussie truck blockade at state borders was similarly protesting wages not mandates,

    however the mandate marches in oz are getting bigger every weekend.. Tens and hundreds of thousands of marchers

  7. taw says:

    Hi James
    Another great show!
    Loved that you touched on IPFS. So so important. As a real old timers with computers and a users of the internet before WWW, my experience is that most casual users don’t get what an IP address really is. I’ve used the example of a telephone number to explain to new users (circa 1979) on how the system identifies who you are trying to “call up”. In my early industry experience we used file transfer protocol FTP to communicate all over the world. Because we were charged for each character we transferred FTP, we developed a lot of the short hand used today in text messaging. Just a little trivia from someone who started as a key punch IBM operator in 1968.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Interview 1681 – James Corbett Redpills Lions of Liberty” was a great review.
    I need this kind of review. It helps to organize and “re-install” concepts. Reviewing material, just like reviewing for a test, helps to make the information “my own” and thus I can better communicate concepts to others.

    Definition Changes…
    James provides us with the referenced definition changes of “Pandemic”.

    Changing definitions is becoming more common and in-your-face.
    Inflation – This definition is changing…

  9. cu.h.j says:


    I don’t see how a small amount of graphene oxide or other graphene compound could be used to detect people. The injection is given IM in the deltoid muscle most of the crap should be processed by the body. Where would the graphene go after its injected? Our cells will try to get rid of this crap. Maybe some stays in bones, organs??

    What’s the metabolic pathway of the injection?

    Will there be beams that pick up the graphene? Can a 5g antenna even do that?

    • Fact Checker says:

      “most of the crap should be processed by the body. ”

      First, you have no idea what the “crap” is, so you have no basis to say how effective the body is at clearing it. Nano-wires and nano-tubes are machine-like particles that the human immune- and lymph systems are not adapted by nature to mitigate. That was part of what made previous findings of nano-material contamination in “vaxxines” so alarming, before this whole Lipid-Nano-Particle thing became popularized. One of the objectives of universal forced injections would appear to be the perfection of the payloads so that They can ascertain exactly what nano-configurations are impervious to the human body’s methods of detoxification.

      Second, that’s why they’re so hell-bent on compulsory, periodic “boosters” on a schedule. Until They have identified the most permanent nano-machines possible, They are just going to keep pumping people full of Electro-Magnetically reactive sludge over and over to make sure there is always at least a trace amount at any given time that will “ping” the nearest “5G” Antenna array.

      [Btw I am not sold on the whole “graphene” hypothesis in particular, but in principle something like graphene can easily be detected remotely by an EM transceiver.]

      • cu.h.j says:

        But where does the “sludge” go? Does it go to the bones or organs? Does our body try to isolate it by forming scar tissue around it? What kind of substance can do this, bypass metabolic breakdown and excretion?

        Pharma companies are making shit loads of money off of these injections. They have a captive market, so there is an incentive to create “boosters” And there is the psychopathic incentive to demoralize the population. The learned helplessness experiments come to mind.

        I want to understand how the science could work to do this kind of thing to know if it’s really possible in our time. Many of the things these technocrats want to implement are not possible now, or maybe not ever. The biology of living systems is still very mysterious and poorly understood.

        • MagicBullet says:

          You have good questions but clearly it will not be a small amount over many shots, and there may be billions of fragments of graphene that are not picked up on the microscopy and even the E-M that was done.

          The amount not degraded will just lodge into various places in the body, some may be brought to lymph nodes and spleen to just stay there forever (where do you think tattoo ink goes in the body? -put that phrase into duckduckgo), and some may lodge into the brain and start to cause dementia (exactly what sleepy Joe said would explode in the next few yrs) by blocking nerve conduction.

          In addition, graphene is said to be on PCR tips and some masks from China, and in the future, , or now??, put into food and sprayed on the population (don’t ask me for links). About the 5g, see the many links I put in above comments.

          In any case, if you die from all the graphene before it’s degraded, well that’s the whole point.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett and Marc Clair unpack just who the players are in this redpill series.
    I like the following relevant Corbett quote:

    Corbett’s Law: Major deep state events do not take place for one and only one reason.
    They take place because they serve the varied interests of the many deep state players involved.

    JFK was not shot for one and only one reason,
    9/11 did not take place for one and only one reason,
    the COVID scamdemic is not taking place for one and only one reason,
    and Afghanistan was not invaded for one and only one reason.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    THEMTUBE of Interview 1681 – James Corbett Redpills Lions of Liberty

    Just something funny…
    I wanted to use the transcript function of that video for this post…

    But the dang thing is locked on the Vietnamese language and all I got was nonsense.
    Example at the 2:49 mark:
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    thought you were someone with their
    property is live for all time of
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