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Derrick Broze and Miriam Gomez of The Conscious Resistance join us today to talk about The Activation Tour, a whirlwind 28-city tour that they're engaged in to foster activism and spread a message of empowerment across the US.

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The Conscious Resistance

Derrick Broze on The Corbett Report

James Corbett on The Activation Podcast

The Activation Tour homepage

The Activation Tour schedule

The Activation Tour Week 1: Texas and Arizona

*NOTE: You can sign up for The Conscious Resistance newsletter mentioned at the end of the interview on the sidebar of The Conscious Resistance homepage.

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  1. nosoapradio says:

    Between stimulus and response
    is your Humanity.

    Wow. That one’ll stick. T-shirt material!

    About touring the states before it’s no longer possible

    that’s almost exactly what drove me almost overnight

    from my 33-year adventure in France to my new home in Spain.

    We live in interesting times.

  2. Torus says:

    I love seeing Derrick Broze and Corbett together, calling for ACTION. I think it was through Derrick Broze and John Bush’s podcasts that I discovered The Corbett Report.

    Derrick mentions the awesome feedback from people about how they have implemented changes in their personal lives and in their communities. Hearing stories of how real people are helping to support the counter economy (the new economy) is both inspirational and motivational.

    This got me thinking…
    What if James did a Solutions Watch Episode of success stories from viewers?
    Maybe as a “Year of Solutions” wrap up?

    Personally, I have adopted several solutions James has proposed. I have more in the works, and even implemented some of my own ideas to break with the System. For example, I have a vegetable garden, bank with a local credit union, bought the Tuttle Twins series, salt my data, participate in Cash Fridays, bought acres of rural land, refinanced with a trusted bank (that won’t sell my loan to a Big Bank), closed my credit cards, pulled my contributions from my Roth IRA, purchased physical precious metals, opened a crypto account, try to shop mostly at mom and pop markets, donate to activist causes, support select alternative media jounalists, pre-purchased beef and pork from local ranchers, and am enrolled in an extensive permaculture design course (which I was inspired to do by Corbett’s interview with Christian Westbrook).

    Thank you James (and your guests) for your focus on solutions and continued call to action!

    We can be the change we want to see. It takes each of us living a conscious, thoughtful, deliberate life of action. Together, we can build a beautiful culture apart from the propsed dystopia.
    Long Live Humanity!!!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Torus, that is fabulous! I’m impressed.
      You are really on top of things.
      You sure got me beat…by a wide margin.

      Keep up the cool stuff.
      Post anecdotes occasionally, ‘cuz I like reading ’em. I may not respond, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t read the comment.

      • Torus says:

        As I started listing the solutions I’ve implemented, I was surprised with how quickly they added up. A few things were already in place, like I’ve been gardening for 8 years and buying land was the fulfilment of a 5 year plan. But many of these actions are Very Simple, like donating to journalists and activists, opening a crypto account, buying silver, participating cash and black market Fridays, and salting data. While other actions have taken more effort, like switching banks, refinancing my home and shopping at multiple places instead of the big box stores. This being said, each deliberate action adds up to a satisfying lifestyle change. The cognitive dissonance I was feeling a year ago has waned, and has been replaced with a sense of peace having my actions aligned with my beliefs and goals. It is incredibly empowering to take control of my life, and live in harmony with my principles.

    • scpat says:

      Wow is right. Inspiring post. That is incredible ACTION you are taking. Sounds like you are getting things done! There are a few things on your list I haven’t done and would like to. One of the big ones is removing my money from my 401k and other investment accounts that are currently invested in the stock market. Not sure where I would re-invest the money yet, though.

      You said: This got me thinking…
      What if James did a Solutions Watch Episode of success stories from viewers?

      This is an awesome idea. I hope James does something like this.

      • Torus says:

        Withdrawing my investments took a great deal of deliberation. But finally I realized that I could not, in good conscience, keep supporting these banking conglomerates who are funding this corrupt system and building the gulag. My “retirement fund” will likely have little real value in 23 years when I’m set to collect, do to inflation, the sinking dollar value, and the inevitable roll out of CBDC. It just didn’t make sense to keep feeding the beast system. (Why would I give my money to Black Rock, Vangaurd, Charles Schwab, and corporations trying to enslave the population?)
        I am not a financial advisor, but I can wholeheartedly say that I am pleased to now be investing in myself, my children and local businesses.
        A few ideas… Invest in learning a new skill or trade, take a class, give your children or grandchildren the gift of experience by putting your money into their education or interests, stock up on tools, seeds, and fertilizer. Pay off debt. Or find a small local business who is looking for investors to help their business grow. (Preferably one that offers a product or service that you feel is valuable now and in the future). Start-ups need investors and can write up a contract to stipulate the terms of your investment. All investments are a gamble. But I would rather put my money and trust in People over soul-less Banksters.

        • scpat says:

          Well said. And thank you for the suggestions. Until fairly recently, I thought of investment as “traditional” investment vehicles: stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate etc. And that way of thinking is extremely limited. However, now I am starting to think about it in terms of investing in myself, investing in those I care about, and investing in community. It’s still easy for me to slip into the old rut of thinking about investment since we are trained to think in that way. But it really feels like a pivotal mental shift to step back and re-think what investment really means. It also opens up many more opportunities.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    There were about 80 people who came to the (Friday September 3rd) Dallas Activation Tour.

    I watched the first half on Dlive, but that video is now gone.
    The Dallas Event is on YouTube (for now) under John Bush’s channel.

    I really enjoyed the talk from John Bush. He comes on at 1:24:00
    He starts off speaking about “division” and humanity’s compassion.
    About the 1:29:00 mark, John Bush broached the unforgivable, the taboo topic: Virus existence.
    In the beginning of his talk, he underscores the importance of understanding the perspective of others.

    Please, do me a favor. Do not reply to this here comment about your beliefs regarding “virus existence”. That’s not the point.
    This is a #SolutionsWatch which includes “Between stimulus and response is your Humanity”.

    There are implications revolving around this aspect of man’s humanity & understanding the viewpoint of others in Corbett’s recent article:
    Sunstein Won: Cognitive Infiltration of the “Alternative” Media

    On January 12, 2021, James Corbett interviews John Bush.
    Freedom Cells and The Greater Reset – #SolutionsWatch
    (By the way, in a recent John Bush video, he shows the land he recently purchased. He’s got his work cut out for him with that garden.)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Joe did a head count. He said that 95 attended.

    • mkey says:

      That was a nice talk by John.

    • s511 says:

      To HomeRemedy, when I saw John Bush video I immediately thought he needs to cut that garden in half!
      Also, hope he has sufficient places and techniques for food storage. Gardening is a lot of work.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        ha! I’m laughing! ‘Cuz you are so spot on. People don’t know until they do it.

        Weeds, watering, bugs, disease, weather, and critters (rabbits, squirrels, raccons, possums, skunks, rats, mice, deer, birds), are just a few things on the horizon. Gardening in 100 degree F heat ain’t too much fun as your crops burn from heat stroke there in Central Texas.
        And harvest takes time too, like you point out.
        Running across snakes while gardening or when trimming a tree can sure get the adrenaline pumping.

        John may be planting some cool season crops which will probably be an easier workload than summer.

        I learn a lot of lessons every year.
        For anyone starting out, it is probably a good idea to start small.
        Planting fruit trees are a simple payoff without much maintenance.

  4. scpat says:

    I live within striking distance to one of the tour stops in the California bay area. I may attend one of those events if things line up.

  5. alucientes says:

    Nice. I look forward to seeing you guys on the 19th in Bklyn.

  6. mkey says:

    Doctors debate marketing for #covid19vaccine

    National File has obtained a recording of a Zoom video conference call between physicians and a marketing director at Novant Heath New Hanover Regional Medical Center, a group of 20 hospitals, clinics, and offices that treat patients in North Carolina and South Carolina.

    In the recording, Mary Rudyk, MD tells Director of Marketing Carolyn Fisher and another hospital employee that she wants the hospitals to become more “scary to the public” by inflating the number of COVID-19 patients, and by using messaging that falsely tells individuals “if you don’t get vaccinated, you know you’re going to die.”

    • Torus says:

      Ugh… “I’ll run it up to marketing”. Literally using people’s life threatening illnesses as part of Their fear-driven marketing ploy?!? This is a hospital!

  7. Alchemist says:

    The last time I was in San Francisco was my very last time. I got an email that morning informing me that I am no longer allowed to enter the church where I got married, so we couldn’t go in, but we drove past it and found a stunning display of the rainbow flag painted across its steps. The whole day was filled with stunning sights. My how the city has changed in just a few years. Bay Area people- remember 2010 when the Giants won the World Series? Now that was fun.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Why can’t you enter the Church? San Francisco is a completely different place as is the entire Bay Area. Any Church that won’t let someone in is a Church I would not want to go to.

  8. robster says:

    @Miriam: I loved your story about the emotional/spiritual/psychological aspect of you being “sick”, but recovering in a day!

    PS: if you are still not 100% onboard with the terrain/exosome theory, then watch Dr. Sam Bailey’s work (e.g. or listen/read Virus Mania audiobook:

    On government:–The-Biggest-Scam-in-History–Exposed_backup:9

    All the best with your tour, I think you are very brave to have set that up!

  9. Iris.L says:

    My husband and I went to the Activation Tour in Showlow AZ. We had such a great time. Got to meet Derrick and Miriam, along with like 100 people from the White Mountain area and AZ and New Mexico who are willing to build communities outside the system. I highly recommend attending, even if you have to drive a ways (we made a 6 hour round trip) because it’s well worth meeting people in real life who are willing to stand up for the freedom of humanity.

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