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Forming community with like-minded people has never been more important . . . and it has never been more difficult. As the gatekeepers of our increasingly disconnected world try to close the door on our various options for finding community, today James explores some ways to meet sane people in your area, from the technological to the old-fashioned.

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  1. MagicBullet says:

    Moderna Hides 300k side effects

    Alex Berenson, former New York Times reporter, August 6: “Covid vaccine maker Moderna received 300,000 reports of side effects after vaccinations over a three-month period following the launch of its shot
    “That figure is far higher than the number of side effect reports about Moderna’s vaccine publicly available in the federal system that tracks such adverse events.”
    Berenson: “The 300,000 figure comes from an internal update provided to employees by IQVIA, a little-known but enormous company..

    • clr says:

      I’m TOTALLY interrupting this important conversation:

      Where the heck did those 9/11 trillions go? Has anyone found out the banking institutions, corporate structures, or governmental organizations who ended up with these MERE TRILLIONS?

      • clr says:

        Reply to Me:

        Maybe those trillions went in part to fund CEPI, thence to Novavax, et alii vax manufacturers, including countless tax-exempt “foundations.”
        So, my question is, since the word “foundation” would imply that it’s FOUNDED on SOMETHING, what is that “something” it’s founded upon?

        Well, etymologies aside, it looks like it’s corrupt money down through the centuries. I’m quite certain that 20th-21st century tax-exempt foundations didn’t just SUDDENLY APPEAR ON THE SCENE! I will not go into the institution of the federal income tax and THAT whole history, but the general point here is, if you’re an “insider,” regardless of time-period and circumstances, YOU’RE GONNA MAKE OFF WITH TONS O’ DOUGH, never mind the “eugenicists!!”

    • allcomm says:

      And the numbers climb… I am starting to wonder about mind control. My friends who got the injection are really smart. Some I consider far smarter than me. Geoengineering activists testing rainwater in the NW of the USA have found graphene oxide in the rainwater.

      Everyone needs to be on food grade diatomaceous earth (dietary clay that is pure silica) to remove toxic heavy metals and glutathione to flush the graphen oxide.

  2. hercules says:

    I have just been asking questions of the vaccine passport supports. Why are you so afraid of unvaccinated people. Everyone can still get and spread.

    My thoughts are that they don’t trust the vaccine that they received to protect them. Rightly so, according to page 17 of the Epidemiological summary – link below. In Canada as of July 14 – 3417 fully vaccinated people got Covid and 92 people died with it. Rate of death is .0269…. much higher than the unvaccinated. 97.31% survival rate for the fully vaccinated as of July 14, 2021.

    My age group of reported cases 210,833 and 344 died with it. .00163…”death rate” or 98.837 survival rate.

    Total reported in Canada 1,441,497 of which 26,632 died with it – As of August 13, 2021, .0016316 death rate or survival rate of 99.836.

    I try to always say died with it as I don’t believe it is always the cause of the death. I believe the percentages of survival are much higher as asymptotic people never got tested.

    Here are my show notes: 🙂

    • shaz says:

      My thoughts are, they can not think clearly anymore, that’s why.

      • weilunion says:

        Agreed. So,for example this post was about meeting people but that is not what the comments portray.

        The system has engineered its own collapse.

        I would recommend reading Tainer’s ‘How Civilizations Collapse’.

        Over complexity is his answer to why systems collapse.

        And as to meeting friends, founding communities — fragmentation and alienation are the order of the day. Anomie.

        The system is designed to drive you crazy; ‘menticide’ they call it.

        We are now within the manufacture of mass psychosis.

        Not too user friendly.

        Friends are found in the foundry of struggle. Withdraw from society is a death knell.

        As Orwell stated so well:

        “Pacifism is objectively pro-Fascist. This is elementary common sense. If you hamper the war effort of one side you automatically help that of the other. Nor is there any real way of remaining outside such a war as the present one.… others imagine that one can somehow “overcome” the German army by lying on one’s back, let them go on imagining it, but let them also wonder occasionally whether this is not an illusion due to security, too much money and a simple ignorance of the way in which things actually happen.… Despotic governments can stand “moral force” till the cows come home; what they fear is physical force.”

        —George Orwell, author and journalist

        See you at the barricades

        • Deni says:

          As much as I love Orwell, I have to disagree with the quote above; I feel it is an oxymoron to say that pacifism is pro-fascist. One being that you choose not to participate in violence and the other is forceful violence. I do see the necessity of fighting for one’s rights especially when it infringes on your personal freedoms but physical force would be vigilante like which I doubt would produce a good outcome.Maybe I need it put into a different perspective.

          See you at the barricades anyway or the Fema camps whichever comes first.

          • Duck says:

            “… but physical force would be vigilante like which I doubt would produce a good outcome….”

            If you are not prepared to use physical force you are prepared to be a victim. A victim only lives at the sufferance of their master.

            You are alive because someone in your ancestry chose to bash the head open of some person that wanted to do the same to them. Those people that don’t understand that only live because they can out source their violence to the police and military, who are happy to take on the role of Sheep Dogs…. until they turn into wolves

            • Deni says:

              Good point you make; I will try to get used to this idea; it does not come naturally to me so I’ll have to work on that victim mentality a bit..

    • wave.watcher says:

      What is your age group?

      So if I’m reading that correctly (and I love how you include the math), the vaccinated have a higher death rate than unvaxxed even though from what Dr Peter Mcullough has said all the cases are now Delta and it’s more infectious but LESS deadly.* Is it fair to conclude therefore, that a less deadly strain is causing a higher death rate in vaxxed than it is in unvaxxed and than the initial strain caused? That’s pretty much what we expected, only worse. And of course it would be fair to assume that the numbers we have to work with are a fraction of the real numbers.

      * This of course is the story from the medical perspective that thinks viruses are infectious cause disease. I don’t necessarily adhere to that theory. I’m still weighing up the arguments of both sides compared with what I see IRL

    • VieuxOrdinaire says:

      Sorry bud, you’re telling ‘half truths’.

      You cannot ‘spread’ a virus. Sure, you can cough the germs out on me, but you can NOT transmit a disease.

      Viruses come from WITHIN the body and are nothing but detox paricles with rna/dna cell info (exosomes). It is not possible to ‘infect’ others with your detoxing.

      That’s the whole point of this scam. There’s no virus. Nothing you can catch or transmit. You can only get sick by starvation/deficiencies or toxification. Virology has been a corrupt pseudo science since 150+ yrs.

      As Pasteur admitted himself eventually; “the terrain is everything’.
      The toxic environment and jabs are the cause of illness, if there is any excess to speak of at all.

      • Hi VieuxOrdinaire, you seem to be an expert on this so let me ask you a few questions about it.

        Forget all the ‘other’ symptoms of SARS-CoV2, by ‘other’ I mean the typical cold/flu symptoms.

        Let’s just focus on the severe breathing difficulty symptom that leads many to seek hospital treatment.

        Could you give us a reasonable/plausible explanation for why/how people across the globe are coming down with this symptom and more in particular, in clusters and ‘hot spots’?

        Your explanation for the existence of internal ‘virus’ particles is detoxification. What would cause clusters of people to detox at the same time and come down with this particular symptom?

        • VieuxOrdinaire says:

          Hi FT, not a problem!

          The clusters of raspitory diseases seem to have multiple explanations;

          – The buildup of toxins (such as EMF radiation in Wuhan and Italy)

          – The sudden focus on these issues alone leads ppl to believe there is a scary virus going around. Imagine we all lay a magnifying glass on all…say…pancreatic cancer cases the coming year. Including number gauges on the bottom right of the TV channels, media coverage all day long, etc. People would be scared sh*tless.

          – Watch a few clips of nurses and how they were told to operate the oxygen devices lately.

          – The toxification (environment, water/food, 5G & other EMF, masks, bacterial pneumonia, jabs, not fasting) will likely trigger a seasonal detox reaction.

          – watch;
          – Read The Contagion Myth by T. Cowan
          – Read;

          The body is on a cycle, everything is. Due to cyclical changes in climate, food, seasons etc the body clears out once every so often (depending on the level of built up cell toxicity).

          Viruses (or exosomes rather) come from within, we have thousands of kinds, all assigned to a specific detox job that bacteria can’t handle. Viruses – which are not alive – act like dissolvants and flush out the junk.

          Remember; you can spread germs (I can sneeze on you) but you can NOT spread disease! My ‘virus’ isnt recognized by your dna structure, and why would it?! That would be a pretty dumb thing in evolution. Viruses aren’t parasitic or even alive.

          Excuse my English – have a nice day

          • Thanks VieuxOrdinaire for your response.

            “The buildup of toxins (such as EMF radiation in Wuhan and Italy)”

            This explanation could work for Wuhan and Italy but not the rest of the world. Therefore it’s not a reasonable one.

            “The sudden focus on these issues alone leads ppl to believe there is a scary virus going around. Imagine we all lay a magnifying glass on all…say…pancreatic cancer cases the coming year. Including number gauges on the bottom right of the TV channels, media coverage all day long, etc. People would be scared sh*tless.”

            To an extent this could be an explanation for overall cases, but it doesn’t work for clusters in an area.

            “Watch a few clips of nurses and how they were told to operate the oxygen devices lately.”

            Again this wouldn’t be a reasonable explanation for cluster cases all around the world.

            “The toxification (environment, water/food, 5G & other EMF, masks, bacterial pneumonia, jabs, not fasting) will likely trigger a seasonal detox reaction.”

            Sure I could understand this, but again it will not explain cluster cases and that’s the reason I asked you about them.

            ” – watch; virusesarenotcontagious
            – Read The Contagion Myth by T. Cowan
            – Read; dr-stefan-lanka”

            I have a lot of respect for Dr. Cowan, Dr. Kaufman and Stefan Lanka and have watched numerous videos with them discussing Covid, germ and terrain theory. I haven’t seen any of them present a reasonable explanation for Covid clusters.

            “The body is on a cycle, everything is. Due to cyclical changes in climate, food, seasons etc the body clears out once every so often (depending on the level of built up cell toxicity).”

            Sure I believe this, but again it will not explain the existence of Covid clusters in an area. The statistical chances that a group of people in close proximity will undergo their detox cycle at the same time and all of them will exhibit the same symptoms and several of them will die shortly after doesn’t sound like the body’s normal detox cycle to me.

            Please use your exosome-detox theory to explain a recent cluster case that occurred in an Okinawa hospital that resulted in 64 deaths.

            Don’t get me wrong. I like the exosome/terrain theory and would be very happy to jump on board with it. But unless/until someone can come up with a convincing reasonable explanation for cluster cases, I will continue to sit on the exosome/terrain theory fence. 🙂

            • wylie1 says:

              Seems like a long time ago now, watched my first intro to exosome-detox supposedly being actual versus viral theory.

              It would be nice to have a definitive answer but it seems to me both could be true depending on the constituents of the expelled matter.

              If one did a little homework it [may] be possible to find those leaning towards exosome theory citing historic world wide technological so called advancements, causing sickness across the world. Did every last individual get sick from exposure to the new-fangled man made radio waves? No. Some people are cleaner/healthier inside.

              Current Clusters? How about those who got the jab? Past clusters could be a simple as new tech plus a localized condition or pollutant amplifying or adding to toxicity?

              Am I convinced of exosomes? It seems they exist. Do viruses? I have no idea. My jury is still out.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ Don’t get me wrong. I like the exosome/terrain theory and would be very happy to jump on board with it. But unless/until someone can come up with a convincing reasonable explanation for cluster cases, I will continue to sit on the exosome/terrain theory fence. ”

                “ Am I convinced of exosomes? It seems they exist. Do viruses? I have no idea. My jury is still out.”

                Exactly my position also.

            • cvh says:

              A plausible explanation to clusters of cases: consider a direct toxin release. This could be any number of substances or biological agents that cause respiratory problems. Could parasites be released some places? I was wondering about this after finding out the dewormer medication is being used by some. Then someone mentioned taking their dog to vet because of probable heart worms (because of a lot of coughing). Read an article today – Releases happen.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks! Very interesting.

  3. lovetodust says:

    Has anyone attended “Sunday Stand in the Park” in their area?

    They have a website that lists the parks that participate so far

    On Sundays from 10 – 11 people gather at a designated spot in the Park.

    I am going to try and visit one here in Massachusetts this Sunday.

    • zsazsa says:

      I am trying to start one such group at my local park. (Scottish highlands) I contacted the website team and they welcomed me on board and sent me details on how to go about advertising and promoting it locally. Very nice people.

  4. thomas.j says:

    New edit to wikipedia. White people doesn’t exist anymore:

    That’s great news no such thing as white privilege anymore.

  5. cu.h.j says:

    Thanks for this episode of solutions watch! Online meeting or introductions are helpful for people who are shy or introverts, like myself.

    Here’s a few links I found about the jab and the possible harms from it that were pretty concise. With these links below, I would also investigate the studies that suggest these injections might be deadly in multiple ways. It sounds like the three ways of harm are the spike protein itself, antibody dependent enhancement, and autoimmunity. I’m sure there are some people who will avoid these effects even if they have had the injection because the body is so complex some people may not react in predictable ways because of their individual genetic and biochemical make up. Nevertheless, it’s certainly not a risk I would take with my own health.

    1.Eight ways the jab may kill you:

    2. Also, another one I found that has a lot of useful information in one spot about the possible dangers of the jab:

    • MagicBullet says:

      Good info. Let me ask you, the ER covid like cases you saw in 2020, do you know if they consistently had high or low WBC counts?

      • cu.h.j says:

        I recall a normal WBC count which is found in both flu and other viral pneumonias. But I don’t know the trends of the WBC counts because we don’t keep patients in the ER, so I will usually only see one set of labs.

        • MagicBullet says:

          Well that rules out the bacterial pneumos from masks pretty much…

          Do you think lockdowns with decreased nutrition (like just eating junk food) and low vit D levels in winter was an issue in that area? Even Rhino viruses can cause pneumo in the environmentally induced immunocompromised. I dont think looking out a window on sunny days is enough, you need to get the sun on the skin to make Vit D.

          It’s a “who dun it” detective story. Wuhan survived just fine after lockdown, with nearly no cases, no mask mandates, and open season for tourists for months now. You have surely seen the state of Chinese apt complex density. Even Tokyo is like first class seating compared to China.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I remember similar presentations before mask mandates and after masks. It seems like masks had little effect, except that they are probably harmful because they limit natural immunity. One of the doctors said masks are harmful to nasal immunity sine you aren’t as exposed to others. He may be wrong though.

            To be honest, I haven’t researched the studies on masks. I don’t think they do much though unless a person that is coughing and sneezing has a mask on, which may limit droplets expelled into the air.

            • MagicBullet says:

              Yes, masks have large bacterial flora building up on their inside, see this analysis of the inside of kids’ masks:

              About the droplets, if it’s a new mask, some will stay inside but most go thru and around the edges. But that’s just on one-breath, over the next few breaths which act like a dryer, the droplets dry and smaller droplets will fly out thru and around the mask. So a new mask offers a few seconds of lower droplet spread and allows you to escape.

              A mask that’s on for some time will saturate with droplets and the newer wet and older drying droplets will come to some equilibrium so that a person sneezing will shoot out a mix of new wet and old dry droplets so that the mask has little effect. See this Japanese supercomputer droplet mask simulation top right:

              You can put some saliva on the inside and then the outside of your mask. Use a magnifying glass and see how many breaths it takes for this saliva (a droplet) to dry. You can easily understand that masks are good for pollen, dust, soot (when your cleaning your AC unit), or hair (when getting a haircut), maybe to some degree for larger bacteria, but will do nothing for a virus, in fact make your risk worse because now your whole face is a target as the whole wide space under your mask is now connected to your breath and you can suck in a drying droplet from the outside on your cheeks whereas without the mask it wouldn’t get into you.

              • A57 says:

                With all due respect, the mask wearing has never been about protection of anything and all about control of the masses.

              • MagicBullet says:

                A57, I didn’t specify about “the mask wearing” which you mean from this pandemic? vs “mask wearing” which I would mean in total.

                A mask will help you keep hair out of your mouth at the barber, and will help you if you are cleaning soot out of a machine. My post was very clear that a mask would not help with a virus and would cause you to breath in bacteria, (and increase your inhaled CO2 levels greatly and inhale mask fibers). All contributing to increased respiratory illnesses-which is part of the plandemic.

                If you read the thread, we are discussing Cu.h.j’s experience seeing sick persons in an ER and the possibility of bacterial pneumonia. We’re not talking about, nor did we deny, control of the masses. We’re on the Corbett report, do you think we don’t know that?

        • cu.h.j says:

          Having said that I wasn’t examining the differential of the types of WBCs. I was only looking at whole WBC counts, not at neutrophil counts or band neutrophil counts. These may have been abnormal as well, but I recall in many cases total WBC count was within normal limits.

        • MagicBullet says:

          Here in this Wuhan study in Lancet. 2020 15-21 February: Clinical features of patients infected with 2019 novel coronavirus in Wuhan, China

          “There is a tendency to low wbc counts: leucopenia (white blood cell count less than 4 × 109/L; ten [25%] of 40 patients) and lymphopenia (lymphocyte count <1·0 × 109/L; 26 [63%]" It's not proof, but if your patients all (?) had normal WBC may not fit exactly with "Covid". Still, what was it?

          On the China papers, I think just about any publication on this topic out of China is BS propaganda. These are the same Chinese researchers bringing to us strange SC-2 discovery of in-silico genome, all working under the CCP, and thru our beloved Lancet which a few months later gave us the shockingly fraudulent and forced-retracted Sugisphere HGQ study after give a petition by dozens of Drs. As the guys at Lancet didn't even look to find there were NO actual clinical trial sites out of the many listed around the world. There is so much circular-logic bullshit going on with all of this, it's just gross.

    • mutig says:

      Thank you for posting the nojabforme link. It is just what I’ve been looking for — clearly articulated/organized and thoroughly documented information about covid issues to send to people who don’t have enough English to follow most videos and articles, and without excessive cultural baggage such as irony, innuendo, figurative language, allusions to North American political and social issues unfamiliar to much of the world. Most of the information we read and watch daily is only partially intelligible to most speakers of European languages, and not at all to speakers of Asian languages, unless they have very high proficiency in English and considerable cultural knowledge.

      And I discovered Lingvanex. I am sending a Japanese translation of the article, along with a link to the English original, to a couple of Japanese friends.

      Most videos on YouTube have an autotranslate option, but there is almost no information there. Aside from nojabforme, the only useful site I know of that provides a translation option is Global Research. James at least provides a transcript of some of his documentaries, so a Japanese translation can be sent with the video.

      My frustrating (hundreds of hours’) searches have made me realize that the alternative media is directed almost exclusively to the English speaking world and to some Europeans. We are urged to share what we watch and read — with the self congratulatory members of cozy, online salons frequented by people like ourselves. We need communities of like minded people, but do we want only to shelter in place?

      I am looking into how to add subtitles in various languages to videos on various subjects and post them to a web site (other than YouTube, since they would immediately be taken down). But the alternative platforms I know of don’t seem designed for my purpose. On another site I would post translations of key articles. I’m not sure yet how this will be done.

      Thank you for the link!

  6. mkey says:

    Completely unrelated, but have you guys and gals seen the number on the (last) plane leaving Kaboul? What are the odds?

  7. silvy says:

    I get a ‘user denied geolocation’ on
    Not people in Mexico I guess.

  8. peterh says:

    Activate Humanity is a group like facebook –

    and Librti for canadians only –

    I am a member of both of them and they both seem good, Im not big into social media so I don’t use them that much.

  9. Conspiracy theory: The scripted Kabul narrative was launched to make it harder for James to complete his 20th anniversary 9/11 report.

  10. Laura K. says:

    There are only 20something people on Unjekted in the ange range 24-35… ?! 🙁

    • wylie1 says:

      1. Maybe they all have tracking blockers/etc and like [silvy] above, took that User Denied Geo location message pop up to mean they were denied access rather than just ignoring and proceeding onward…?
      2. Newish website most have never heard of.

    • jonnyk says:

      that age group is too busy out partying

  11. wylie1 says:

    If I were wanting to put the unvaxxed into concentration camps as the weasel powers’ desired plan. I would want to hack Unjected as well as infiltrate large local groups.

    So heed James’ warning to use caution. It it were me, and coincidentally it is, I will be using next town over as location, alt email address, and nothing that would cause me to be identified.

    For local in person groups, there are a few ways to go:
    1. Keep them small enough to where everyone is known by others to be who they claim. Network with other such groups as desired.
    2. Assume you will be infiltrated/hacked, not worry about it and act accordingly by keeping most of your thoughts to yourself so the loudmouth/s in the group cannot divulge all that much to the infil-traitors. This is difficult since some people like to talk too much.
    3. Figure some people refuse to junk or sell their fancy smart phones and everything will be recorded by the weasel powers anyway. Salt what you say if you say much.
    4. Don’t worry about it, Only work on and do perfectly legal things such as Notice of Liability and/or Affidavit/Constitutional methods of bringing the minion politicians, judges, etc. to heel and boot out those in the group who disrupt that … or find something else for them to do if they have other value.
    5. If you can without a doubt identify the enemy in your midst, no need to get upset with them. They may come in handy to feed them bad info, if such a need arises.

    In the past, in fighting corp-govt-media complex, I chose 4. because the group info was leaking like a radiator full of bullet holes. Used that to our advantage on a few occasions. Even when no public announcement was made outside the group, corporate and govt reps would magically show up to unrestricted(non steering committee) meetings. We were monitored like a stopwatch …and yet they were unable to prevail.

    Since numbers matter when fighting govt. might as well get as big as you can and fight legally right up until you have no choice to do something else. Do not elect a president for the weasels to focus on or ruin. Share and/or rotate such duties regularly. You can always change the group structure as needed. If you want a group only made up of doers, it will be small, and that is okay too.
    –Good luck!

    • shaz says:

      Thank you! An incredible voice of reason.

    • Duck says:

      “… I would want to hack Unjected…”

      Zero need to do that. They ALREADY KNOW what you look at online, if you have a Kindle connected to the web they know what book you are reading and page you lingered over, if you have a phone they know where you go.

      If your not doing illegal things you’ll be fine… if they just round you, a regular person, up for being of an Opinion your already fKked anyway

      • Deni says:

        I agree; I have nothing to hide that would incriminate me; I assume that we are always hacked and infiltrated in every on line gathering and venue and I say the same things there that I would to someone’s face in person. If I wanted to organize or plan something there would be no trace of me anywhere and I would not use technology at all, live off the grid and so on but that is not for most people. I want to live a free life and when that gets taken away from me by force then it will be time for that sadly but to run and hide and pretend is something that would not be practical for me. For those who can do that more power to you and I admire it.

      • wylie1 says:

        ” zero need to do that ”
        Apparently for you. No one I know uses a Kindle. As far as phone tracking. Some yes some no. Some have an anonymous tracfone type phones and add minutes with cash for those cards. Ever heard of SearX?

        Further if [they] want to know everything, then they are going to want to know who is a member at Unjected or similar. And for those of us who are not AS easily tracked, traced, and IDed it would behoove them to use caution …as with everything online; for more than just one reason.

        “If your not doing illegal things you’ll be fine… if they just round you, a regular person, up for being of an Opinion your already fKked anyway”

        You seem to have missed who is considered and labelled a terrorist by el govt now a days …and also during Obummer prez. And to some extent during the great BSer Trump.

        …Illegal things like wanting to breathe without face mask hazard? Wanting to travel without being injected? Go ahead, stay legal. I’ll skip that and some of the other coming horse shyte.

        The whole point is to get unf*kt before it really is too late.
        Not saying you do, but if you happen to think it is hopeless and or too late already (like most do nothings who prefer to be victims than to have to lift a finger to prevent it);
        — until you are in a concentration camp or in the ground, its not too late. Unfortunately far too many people are almost ALWAYS slow to wake up.

        Nit picking over this opinion or that, accomplishes what? in regard to what is coming? Out of all of it this is THE question. I’ve been guilty of same from time to time. Time to move on from that don’t you think?

        Maybe we should all start our own BLM chapters, be considered working for the globalist cause so not targeted, and use some of Soros’ money against him and his superiors. It is war and it is not going to be won by being mice.

  12. shaz says:

    Would anyone be able to tell me what Mexican community James was referring to in the above video? I am in Mexico with my camper van and will be back on the road in November…looking for the proverbial like minded people.

    • Gabriel_C_Lara says:

      hello, shaz, my name is gabriel, i am in mexico too and i too would like to join that community, did you ever found out the name of that community? i find myself in dire need of like-minded local people whom to get together with, thank you very much in advance

  13. bleak says:

    I have a problem logging into unjected dot com with Brave and hope Shelby or support staff or CR member can help. No way to reach the Community page and I don’t see any “support” or “contact” listed so I’m at a loss. I can login with Firefox however.

    Whenever I try to login with Brave, I get a message saying “Mandatory fields cannot be left blank.”

    There are only two fields visible; Email/Phone and Password, plus a “Remember Me” checkbox (either checked or unchecked has no effect on my problem) and I’ve obviously got those filled in.

    I’m using Brave with privacy plugins disabled for unjected. This happens in a normal window and in a Private window or tab.

    I allow “location” and tried without VPN connection. I closed Brave, cleared cache and cookies (CCleaner !!!, just to be sure).

    I don’t see any captcha-related sites listed in the handy dandy uMatrix plugin; only unjected, stripe dot com and stripe dot net. But it’s all disabled anyway (ie not blocked) for unjected dot com.

    Anyway just sayin. It appears to be a bug Brave/uMatrix bug but I don’t want to delete uMatrix and really want to use it with Brave. Oh, I’ve got uMatrix installed with Firefox so it’s not tha plugin, must be Brave ha ha.

  14. slurry says:

    I’m set up amongst a bunch of small rural communities and farms. Right now it seems like most of the people around me are still buying the narrative, so I’m just keeping quiet, but I have the feeling a lot of them will stop buying it as this progresses. I don’t trust any of those internet sites, though I support what they’re doing. I just feel like that’s going to be used to round people up eventually. I’m surrounded by productive, nice, hardworking people….. I’m just going to wait it out and hope the universe brings “us” together when the pressure mounts from “them”.

    • jonnyk says:

      i also don’t trust most anything online as being secure. in some ways regard sites like telegram where discussion is very unrestricted as honeypots to easily concentrate unbelievers. otoh that doesn’t mean i don’t use any, just be cautious and add salt. fan of irl meeting folks where can see so much from bidy language and of course get much more context via history and association.

  15. MEFF says:

    Thanks for your program. Sadly, it’s so sad this topic…. I honestly would prefer not to meet or talk to people around my community, as if you think covid does not exist and if you say vax are not good, the people can hurt you…. Maybe not now, maybe later will be like P2P police in China, I mean people will spread the word to the police and they´ll catch you…. So sad this topic. And when I see the social media, and start reading just some news and you see by coincidence a comment to the news or a stupid news, I really get angry or sad or disappointed or desperate about how the hell this stupíd people CANNOT think by themselves…..

    I even do not wanna work, I´m not working better as I don’t wanna get the jab neither the tests…. I hate most of people, as I can’t tolerate their stupidity….. I became an hermit… I can´t trust anyone at all.

    I just keep translating videos that hopefully can open a little bit the minds of the people…

    For sure this UNJECTED new social media of the peole rejecting the jab will be targeted by police. I prefer not to talk to this people.

    Cheers everybody, I´m sure the good will win and the evil will fail one day. And this day there´ll be a kind of judgement, even I´m not religious, I believe there’ll be a judgement for us and a punishment for those bad people and for the sheeple that let it happen. I don’t know how or who, but maybe one day we all will meet to celebrate the fail of the mafia.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    One day following ”Event 201” and the ”7th Military World Games in Wuhan China” of October 18th, 2019, James Corbett released ”Episode 365 – Lies, Damned Lies, and Government Nutrition Advice” on October 19th, 2019 which he describes:
    ”Nutrition science is almost always a hot, steaming pile of contradictory nonsense. How much worse, then, that our eating habits and dietary guidelines are shaped by the government (and its corporate string-pullers)? Join James for this extra tasty, sugar-free, all organic, non-GMO edition of The Corbett Report.”
    [For YouTube footage of the two October 18th Globalist Events and also James Evan Pilato’s remark during that week of 2019, see this: ]

    The Vision of The Anointed
    •The Anointed identify a problem in society
    •The Anointed propose a Grand Plan to fix the problem
    •Because they are so supremely confident in their ideas, The Anointed don’t bother with proof or evidence that the Grand Plan will actually work
    •If possible, The Anointed will impose the Grand Plan on other people (for their own good, of course)
    •The Anointed assume anyone who opposes the Grand Plan is either evil or stupid
    •If the Grand Plan fails, The Anointed will never, ever, ever admit the Grand Plan was wrong

    The above “Anointed” comes from a fantastic 5 STAR VIDEO recommended by a Corbett Member.
    Presentation via a “Weston A. Price Foundation”
    “Diet, Health and the Wisdom of Crowds” by Tom Naughton of FatHeadMovie. I kid you not, the video will have you smiling!

    Weston A. Price Foundation – Many Corbett Report Members have mentioned this organization.
    A Corbett Member explains what it is:

    The Weston A. Price Foundation helps to sponsor other endeavors.
    For example: The Health Freedom Defense Fund (HFDF)
    An EXCERPT from HDDF:
    Below you will find resources such as
    Frequently Asked Questions about mandates for masks,
    COVID-19 tests,
    and COVID-19 vaccines
    as well letters to provide an employer, school, or other entity regarding federal law.
    If the document you are looking for is not yet posted below, please check back as we will be posting more asap.

  17. MEFF says:

    I recommend you an Article: “There is More to BlackRock Than You Might Imagine”.

    I tried tO post in Twitter and this site is blocked by them….CENSORED

    MEDIA: NEO, New Eastern Outlook
    DATE: 18.06.2021
    Author: F. William Engdahl


    Of course nobody knows that here in Mexico, here in Mexico most of the people seems only know about political parties, about football and stupid media and they trust all about covid and vaxx.

    • Gabriel_C_Lara says:

      hello, meef , my name is gabriel, i am in mexico too, i’m from guanajuato, where do you live? i’m interested in knowing more like-minded local people whom to get together with and sometimes it’s pretty hard to find people here

  18. MEFF says:

    So dangerous, I prefer to keep alone and not talk with other people, I´m sure in the end, we´ll win and we´ll find the good people when the mafia will be dead. I don´t know if that will happen or not, but, I won´t take risks. specially now when people don´t have money, and basedon my experiencie there are many bad people in the world, and just abuse and try to get money or benefits from others. BE CAREFUL GUYS.



    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Let me give you a hug.
      I won’t come on to ya. Let me give you a reassuring, caring hug online.
      We’ll get through all this.

      And a peck on the cheek for all the translations and posts that you do.

  19. Duck says:

    Hmn… check out this tool for checking up if your new Meet Up friend is who they say they are!

    Creepiness is not just for the NSA these days

    Grab a snap shot and check their face against the internet… facial recognition meets web search, I guess if your new buddy shows up in photo with cops he’s not trust worthy

    • Torus says:

      This PimEyes face-search is unbelievable!!! The privacy violations are obscene.
      Check out this article

      “An investigation by shows the potential for abuse of PimEyes, a free search engine for 900 million faces. Whoever’s photos have been published on the Internet could already be part of their database.”

      “A search engine like PimEyes becomes powerful when it can analyse photos from social media. And indeed: content from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and vKontakte also appear on PimEyes. We made screenshots of these search results, including direct links. When we asked the company about it, the answer was: “We don’t scrape any social media sites“.

      “PimEyes was still publicly trying to win law enforcement agencies as new clients at the beginning of June. The FAQ on the PimEyes website stated that investigators could use the search engine to find matching faces on the so-called darknet. But two days after One Zero reported this, the text disappeared.”

      A long, but interesting report. I will NOT be adding my face to its database…
      Maybe a good reason to wear a mask? Hahaha…

      • Duck says:

        True its pretty horrible… I recall when all those adds were asking us to send photo’s in to see what you’d look like “as A werewolf” or a fairy or whatever back in the early 2000’s. I recall thinking it was sketchy back then.
        Still… if you live in a horrible world you might as well use the tools that help you.

        “..A long, but interesting report. I will NOT be adding my face to its database…..”
        I saw Richard Stallman being spergy and asking people not to upload photo’s of him to the internet… its pretty likely that you and I have out pics on SOME website. I’, also sure the NSA have better tech scraping every social media site

        “..Maybe a good reason to wear a mask? Hahaha…”
        Think they are ahead of us on that , watch the video, lol, but THIS
        MIGHT work, a little. I saw one with lots of face parts to confuse the machines… meh

  20. MEFF says:

    I honestly think this APP was made on purpose to catch the anti-vaxers and close it. So obvious. A Psyop, like when they closed Parler….

  21. MEFF says:

    It´s like the Taliban news, I think it´s a false flag, fake news, just to DISTRACT THE PEOPLE WITH THIS SHITTY PROPAGANDA.


    It’s proved that going outside to protest does not work.


    • Duck says:

      “…It’s proved that going outside to protest does not work..”

      Well… its pretty much the only thing you have unless you just want to wait for them to come kill you. Its also the only thing the leadership actually worries about you doing …ehich is why they want you to “..NOT TRUST ANYBODY..” and spend so much time screwing with normal social structures like churches and social clubs where you can know people and see whos a scumbag and whos trustworthy

      They want us in out “cell” phone , lol

      • cu.h.j says:

        Protesting can definitely help, but I also think economic boycotts work too. Refuse to support companies who are trying to enforce vaccine passes. Some of these smaller companies depend on us to survive.

        Also picketing businesses who are using vaccine passes is also good. Shame them to see what they are supporting. It doesn’t matter what the reason in, having to show papers in a free country is wrong. Having to wear a “health bracelet” is also wrong. Who the hell wants to live in a world like that? It’s sickening to me. People should be ashamed of themselves and they need to be told what they are doing and why it’s wrong.

  22. studiotwoseven says:

    Haven’t tried it yet, but Del Bigtree at the Highwire has a new website that supposedly facilitates an online community.

    Also, I subscribe to Catherine Austin Fitts’ Solari website. They are creating something called “Solari Circles” – where you can connect with local folk.

  23. studiotwoseven says:

    …I also think we, the unvaxxed, are the targets of a psyop to convince us that we have small numbers.

    Just sayin’

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think you are right. There are more than the government is telling us, which is why there’s the new delta variant. They want everyone to take the injection, which makes it even more unappealing.

      I hope people who have second thoughts take the extra step to look more closely at the studies about the “gene based” injections and what possible damage they can cause in addition to supporting an “Apartheid” like system and legitimizing it. Even fraudulent documents legitimizes this paradigm. People must oppose the idea of a biosecurity state if they value freedom.

      People must make this “new normal” appear uncool and fascist like it actually is, not how the media is portraying it.

      But, yeah you are completely right that the numbers of people who are un vaxxed are much higher than they are telling people.

  24. padraig says:

    off topic. what happened with jeffery tucker at AIER? haven’t read an article in a long time. he isn’t listed as even being on staff. was there a falling out? I’ve found his website so he’s still writing.


  25. bleak says:

    experiment in AU. robotic cops and “medical” ghosts. extremely hard to watch.

    Australia Now the Disgrace of the World: Police Attacking and Pepper-Spraying Young Children for not Wearing Masks!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I watched the video.
      I get really pissed when I see stuff like that. Kids standing around without masks being pepper sprayed!

      One “case” of Covid in New Zealand (the first in six months), and the wormy b**ch tyrant locks down the entire country.
      Kiwi Crushed As Single Case Of COVID Sparks Nationwide New Zealand Lockdown

    • bleak says:

      It’s easy to see what’s coming this FALL (see how I did that?). So easy that I don’t need to say it but wat does it matter at this point.

      Recent “Saigon”-like play in Afghanistan plus decades old push for “red flag” gun confiscation and disavowing from life for anti-vax “terrorists.”

      Afghanistan was done to reintroduce Vietnam war era trauma and reactivate repressed memories which, amongst the deep shit ocean of events that took place during that time, included killings on campuses and mass imprisonment. That the recent Afghan drama is so far removed from the fall of Saigon in 1975 doesn’t matter. Too late, CIA cat out of bag.

      Skipping ahead, multiple major false-flag shooting events (either staged or dead people) blamed on you know who with door-to-door searches off their lists of “terrorists” to follow. Those who “protest” will be shot. The rest go to prisons.

      Unlike Viet Cong or ARVN who had decades of guerrilla warfare training and experience fighting the French and Japanese BEFORE usa intervention, most so-called “patriots” here have training in ogatz. Masses of people will soon be bloody stumps.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Media Monarchy played the “No Parents Allowed” segment audio from New South Wales yesterday. Creepiest shit ever.

      They’re conditioning young people for a time, in the very near future, where their parents will be gone (thanks to lethal injection) and it will just be a routine part of life to be rounded up periodically to receive mystery shots delivered by the Military that will make most very sick, and will kill some percentage.

      On the pepper-spray clip, just look at the dull, bovine eyes of those masked, fat “cops”. There is no humanity there. They will enforce any order, until they are put down like the mindless animals they are. Straight up. That’s just reality.

      • vadoum says:

        it is a culture of box tickers

        Tuesday am, I stopped for coffee at the usual spot, just like the last 7yrs straight. But this time a security guard blocked my approach and asked for a mask. I claimed while I was on the sidewalk that wasn’t his business by NSW “rules”, he didn’t give a rats ass what I said and very quickly scaled up his stance to, loud angry, threatening & one whisker shy of physical contact; he ordered the people in the shop (who are all my mates) not to serve me,, I told him I had an “exemption” (a NSW box tick form), but he was too worked up, and with no way to express it, just a dull gaze and clenching fists. My coffee came with apologies and for free, while the guard growled in disgust.

        The next day he was ready for me. He stood in full block-mode. I had no mask on. “show me your papers”, I handed him the “statutory declaration” statement, properly witnessed, claiming reduced 02/recirculating bacteria/traumatizing children/and trauma from near death due to a faulty mask (true/while spray painting epoxy paint in a steel hull on ahot day,,), a second page listed links to mask studies that prove harm. He didnt read any of it but his whole demeanor relaxed, he was almost giddy,, tick

        The prison guard heritage here is real. when the goons are present, peop are generally very careful because the hornets sting hard.

        But everyone I know is experiencing heightened levels of anger, “I had a wave of rage wash over me”. I keep wondering if that kind of mood swing, which used to get blamed on hormones or even traumatic memory demons,, could be provoked by a frequency, piggy backed (lilly wave) on the continuous microwave smog that were now trying to float in?

        and on another topic:
        I’m looking for any good references for internment camps that exist or are being built in the USA.

        • Fact Checker says:

          Wow holy cow thanks for that report. Incredibly telling!
          Papers to get coffee! Goon-ticks!

          Now, let me stress: the waves of rage on your part are perfectly natural and anticipated effects of the domestication process.

          In the infamous Lockstep scenario, one of the foreseen “technologies” of the post-pandemic world is as follows:

          Scanners using advanced functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) technology become the norm at airports and other public areas to detect abnormal behavior that may indicate ‘antisocial intent.’” [P. 23.]

          Notice this predicted tech has nothing to do with “disease” or “pathogen detection.” THEY always knew that the transition into totalitarian micromanagement would induce rage and frustration in those of us who are less adaptable to the livestock treatment and wall-to-wall degradation, which is the fundamental aspect of the Pandemic Agenda. When you feel that wave of rage grip you, that’s your natural, feral, human spirit surging up against the unnatural restraints being tightened on all of us. No secret mind-beams necessary. That’s your true spirit.

          We wild types are no good to the New World Order, so you better believe their biosecurity technology is a lot more concerned with identifying and liquidating us than some “virus”!

          • DogStar says:

            vadoum and FC: re: ‘the heightened level of anger’ syndrome induced by the increasing fascism: I find it of comfort to remind myself that others feel the same way.

            I’m not all too happy with the person I am these days, yet at the same time, when ‘officials’ F with you – over and again – and you begin to feel like your back’s always shoved against the wall, well, now… that’s a recipe for militarizing someone. IMO, under these conditions one either crawls into the corner like an amoeba or starts morphing into a raging bull.

            They haven’t won yet and I’m starting to feel that there are a lot more than 30% of us who aren’t buying what they’re selling. I’m not a large person but I work out daily and have started adding some martial arts into the mix… Paraphrasing Churchill: “we will continue to fight until the last of us is rolling senseless on the ground.”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          vadoum says:
          “I’m looking for any good references for internment camps that exist or are being built in the USA.”

          Here is an article from August 13, 2021
          Army National Guard Recruits For ‘Internment’ And ‘Resettlement’ Specialist, Military Documents Lay Out Procedure For ‘Civilian Internees’ by Patrick Howley
          What Is A ‘Civilian Internee’?

          The Army National Guard is actively recruiting for a job position called “Internment/Resettlement Specialist.” People as young as seventeen years old are eligible for the gig, which includes “Search/Restraint” as “Some of the Skills You’ll Learn,” according to an Army National Guard job posting with a job location listed as Washington, D.C. Meanwhile, military documents show that the military can detain civilians here in America, including U.S. citizens. A leaked U.S. Headquarters of the Army document entitled “INTERNMENT AND RESETTLEMENT OPERATIONS” describes an official category of detained person called “civilian internee.” A Department of Defense Directive published below discussed “civilian internees” and made it clear that military detainees can be U.S. citizens.

          “In the Army National Guard, you will learn these valuable job skills while earning a regular paycheck and qualifying for tuition assistance. Job training for an Internment Resettlement Specialist requires 10 weeks of Basic Combat Training, where you’ll learn basic Soldiering skills, and seven weeks of Advanced Individual Training with on-the-job instruction. Part of this time is spent in the classroom and part of the time in the field,”
          states this Army National Guard job posting. Note the location for the job: Washington, D.C.
          [PS – I am sure people will meet Like-Minded folks in one of these camps.]

          • Steve Smith says:

            “ [PS – I am sure people will meet Like-Minded folks in one of these camps.]”

            A dark sense of humor you got there buddy. 😉

          • Jed says:

            That’s great, I hope this isn’t why my 40 yo nephew just joined the National Guard. I didn’t even think a 40 year old could enlist, he said he signed on the last day he was 39. It’s a little strange for sure.
            I’ve been labeled a conspiracy nut for decades, from before 9/11. I can thank Roman Catholicism and a front row seat to Ft. 800 for that. My part time gig as an EMS educator for the last sixteen years has been a great platform for planting seeds and I’m well known for it. If it comes down to it I don’t think I’ll be put in any kind of camp, I think it’ll be more like a box, or a ditch, or the bay. At least I hope so because anything less means I’m not fighting these scumbags hard enough.

        • mkey says:

          Anger is good, the trouble is that people don’t understand where is it coming from.

          The guard, as mentally deprived as he is, thinks those who don’t abide by the rules are to blane for his anger. Masks are exactly what this sort needs, so that they can see the enemy.

          For others, anger may indicate the just about had enough. But again they don’t understand the source nor why they feel the anger, what’s the reason behind it.

  26. shaz says:

    Can anyone please tell me what group in Mexico James was referring to? I am in Mexico and looking for a community of real people.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      If no one replies, you may want to contact James Corbett.
      There is probably a reason that the group’s location was not public.

    • Gabriel_C_Lara says:

      hello, shaz, my name is gabriel, i am in mexico too, i’m from guanajuato, where do you live? i’m interested in knowing more like-minded local people whom to get together with and sometimes it’s pretty hard to find people here

  27. Steve Smith says:

    It kinda pains me to say it, but perhaps just attending a city council or board of supervisors meeting might be a good way to meet like minded folks.

    “San Diego Residents and Community Business Owners Withdraw their Consent and Confront Board of Supervisors Over Vaccine Passport Proposal”

    Some pretty pissed off folks speaking their minds. A good sign.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Steve Smith says:
      “perhaps just attending a city council or board of supervisors meeting might be a good way to meet like minded folks.”

      What a great turnout of speakers there in San Diego! Some excellent presentations.
      Like Steve said, “A good sign.”

  28. westerncivic says:

    Antifa is mobilizing against mandatory medical anything in Portland. Stand by.

    • Deni says:

      What’s changed ? I thought they were pretend anarchists promoting medical tyranny.Didn’t they come into conflict with freedom against medical tyranny people recently ? Regardless of what they stand for , I could not be supportive of any group that has destroyed the cities in the last year and caused so much chaos.

    • Duck says:


      Antifa are the same kind of paid agents as the Bolsheviks were… they are tools of the Elite and if they are coming out against medical tyranny then you can bet that either its gonna be a false flag or the Elite are ready to move their “revolution” into a new stage…. a big resource grab by the rich, just like the 2nd Russian revolution which over threw the Duma..

    • Deni says:

      I hear they will be going against the Proud Boys in Portland, which in my opinion only one of them groups is violent and the other is not but the skinny little bitches that belong to antifa would not have a chance against the Proud boys if we were to measure up, however sadly, in Portland Antifa seems to be backed and protected by possible government groups because they never seem to get in trouble and even get paid for destruction; meanwhile they will put in jail any associate of the proud Boys for some made up reason. These confrontations are useless and destroy businesses. The way to protest is silently disobey the government’s directives in regards to the covid rules until they go away.

  29. Deni says:

    I wanted to make sure to clarify something that it is an easy mistake to make if you are like myself. After watching the meet like minded people , I went to instead of freedomcells,org. They happen to be two very different websites even if at first glance it will sound like what you were looking for. The latter is more about agorist lifestyle as a libertarian mindset and the .com website is a conservative and purely republican politically motivated website which will also sound very much like something you’d want to be a part of however not the one meant by the corbett show. So they are both very good websites but very different in philosophy. A perfectly easy mistake to make and wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention. Hope you have a laugh at the honest mistake I made. Cheers to a better world where we can be likeminded more often.

  30. Raphaelle Islip says:

    We have a thriving freedom network in the US North East. If you live in this area and are looking to connect in real life with like minded people, send an email to and give us your location, email and/or phone number. We will do our best to connect you with someone in your area.

    Be prepared to be vetted in person before being invited to join a freedom group.

    Alternatively, you could come and meet us in person at our Festival in Field – this Saturday, August 21 from noon to 7 in Hudson, NY. Live music, speakers, awesome vendors and organic food!

    More info on our website:

  31. nosoapradio says:

    To meet like-minded people, the ever-stylish French have found a fashionable solution; a bracelet!

    “Health pass: Gironde will test a bracelet for bars and restaurants

    If you want to go to a restaurant or a bar in Gironde in the coming days, a bracelet could make your life easier. Provided that you can prove that you have a complete vaccination scheme against Covid-19. Starting Thursday, the department of Gironde is experimenting with “a bracelet” acting as a health pass to facilitate the entry into bars and restaurants. A total of 20,000 bracelets will be made available to establishments at the most popular tourist locations in the Gironde region, including Bordeaux, the Arcachon Basin and Saint-Emilion, according to the departmental UMIH (Union of Hotel Trades and Industry), which has received the approval of the authorities.

    The idea of this test operation was “worked out with the Prefecture to make it conform to rules and regulations”, said AFP Martin Guespereau on Wednesday, delegate prefect for defense and security. “The principle is the following: the customer, probably a regular of the establishment, volunteers to present to the operator the proof of his complete vaccination scheme and his identity. From then on, he will receive an irremovable bracelet as a sesame, allowing him to access the establishment without having to be checked again thereafter,” details the UMIH.

    “The police will continue to control the pass”
    This is to “facilitate access to customers,” stressed to AFP the president of the UMIH-33, Laurent Tournier, arguing that “the health pass has significantly, even very significantly lowered the activity” of restaurateurs. The bracelets, marked “health pass UIMH 33” in gray letters on a white background, will also have to bear the first three letters of the name of the establishment and the city where they will have been allocated. But “the police will continue to control the pass and not the bracelet. We’ll judge: if it works, great, if it doesn’t, we’ll stop everything. We have the control,” says Martin Guespereau…”

    • nosoapradio says:

      You think it’s just a psychological experiment to see how many people will request to wear an irremovable bracelet to prove that “they belong”??

  32. keithk says:

    Look at how blatant it’s getting, “booster shot” advocacy from Biden’s Twitter acct:

  33. allcomm says:

    What I would like to see is a group for my dear injected friends who had no idea what they were doing – and now regret it big time. On my network in one town, I know of three deaths and one severe adverse reaction due to the injection. In the other city I live in, my neighbor had a severe reaction and is a cancer survivor who didn’t know that the injection is bringing cancers back by stripping out the genetic material inside the cells that protects against it (Sloan Kettering Research 2021).

    It is hell to tell someone for the first time that they are now participating in an FDA Phase III Open Human Field Trial under Emergency Use Authorization that has an element of contagiousness to it. Worse still to tell them that for the Pfizer injection, the last lab animals were pregnant rats and they all died. I’ve had to live through doing this several times now, and while the words I choose evolve, the experience of letting someone know that they are in physical trouble now and there is no cure – that never get’s easier. I am not insulted by belligerence when it appears. This is horrible news.

    The Moderna and Pfizer injectees are shedding spike proteins that make me get severe musculoskeletal disorders and fibromyalgia. I can’t be with my injected friends. I simply can’t. Masks don’t help over a couple of hours of time. I will meet with injected folks (like relatives where I have to meet them for legal reasons) for 10 – 15 minutes if we both wear a mask.

    We now have the reports that prove Pfizer has known of the risk of “shedding” since this type of clinical research began… Us non-injected people will find each other for sure… my hope is that the key professionals I have relationships with haven’t made this mistake… I will find out soon.

    The darkest outcome is all of these injected people die in the next 2-3 years as their debilitated immune systems fail against wild viruses – and then the un injected will be the only people left standing. So the satanists will have to find another way to divide that group…

    Like James says, we have to try…

    • mutig says:

      Actually, there seems to be an antidote for the bioweapon injections. In an interview Judy Mikovitz has recommended suramin, an extract from pine needles. It inhibits coagulation and the enzymes that alter RNA/DNA.

      Suramin is available only as an injection, but pine needle tea is being recommended as very likely effective. Here is an article (also see comments):

    • cu.h.j says:

      I agree that many people may get very sick and die, but I don’t think everyone will die who took the injection. This is because human biology and biology in general is highly complex. Also some people probably got duds if the “vaccine” wasn’t at the right temperature.

      However, I do think large numbers of people will become ill and it would be wise to focus on solutions. There are many people who took the injection because they were completely ignorant and aren’t bad people. They might give a person the shirt off their back. Some people just don’t know and may have actually believed that if they take this the “pandemic” will end or that they won’t infect their fragile grandparents or parents. For those people who were just ignorant and aren’t bad people a treatment would be nice to have.

      Regarding shedding, this is concerning. I have close contact with patients and colleagues who have been vaxxed, but do wear a N95 mask, though this may be completely worthless. I wear gloves with procedures that involve the possibility of blood contact or another obvious condition I might want to avoid.

      But I wonder how much spike comes out of the lungs? Was it even found in respiratory droplets? What do the actual studies show? I try not to worry about it too much because I am not the kind of person who is fearful about things I can’t control. I can’t isolate myself from the vaxxed and don’t want to shun people or treat them like lepers. I think that is unkind. When I say “vaxxed” I mean the people who took it and aren’t acting like assholes. I avoid the militant “vaxxers” who want to force others to take this toxic crap.

  34. atma says:

    I live in Mexico and am working with The Goloka Project to create Intentional Communities for spiritual people (interested in meditation and Enlightenment). We are creating a Community just south of Ensenada, Mexico. In the report James mentions a group of 90 have or are forming a Community in Mexico. Does anyone know how I can make contact with that group?

    • Gabriel_C_Lara says:

      hello,atma , my name is gabriel, i am in mexico too, i’m from guanajuato, where do you live? i’m interested in knowing more like-minded local people whom to get together with and sometimes it’s pretty hard to find people here. did you managed to find out the contact information on that group?

  35. Nick says:

    Interesting if slightly off topic question…I would assume over the years the percentage of people awake to whatever extent is somewhere in the 10 percent or below bracket worldwide. If 50 percent of the USA don’t want the vaccine, what does this say about that? Is it possible for the vast majority of these people to see this as an isolated conspiracy and still be stuck in the 2 party paradigm, still seeing nothing bigger going on, or is this saying something a bit more prophetic about the state of people awake in the world?

  36. chrro says:

    Created a forum, where resistance measures can be discussed.
    It is in German though.

    • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

      Ich habe mich in deinem Forum zu registrieren versucht. Leider ohne Erfolg. Schade.

      Zuerst mit TOR und VPN, dann nur mit VPN. Nogo. So ganz ohne VPN bewege ich mich auf dem Internet eigentlich nicht mehr.

      Your details match those of a known spammer from, therefore you have been disallowed registration. Details: Spammer IP

      • SomeoneInGermany says:

        Ok, interessant zu wissen. Ehrlich gesagt habe ich keinerlei Kontrolle über diesen Vorgang. Das Forum ist irgendwo in den USA gehostet und ich kann im Wesentlichen nur Boards usw erzeugen. Ich habe keinen Einblick in die Technik und keine Möglichkeit, da was zu drehen. Denke ich jedenfalls. Ich schau trotzdem mal rein.

        Sorry. Falls Du fit in dem Kram bist und die Zeit aufbringen willst, mach doch ein eigenes Forum. Ich würde mich sehr freuen, darin zu posten.

      • SomeoneInGermany says:

        Wenn ich mir die error- message durchlese, dann scheint das Forum auf eine Datenbank mit Spammer-IPs oder anderen Daten zuzugreifen und deshalb die Registrierung zu verweigern. Das hiesse dann, dass dein VPN- Anbieter wohl auf dieser Liste steht.

        Hast Du in der letzten Zeit mal versucht, woanders einen Foren- Account anzulegen? Falls das Problem in anderen Foren auftaucht, könnte man vllt auf mal nachfragen oder den VPN- Anbieter dazu anregen.

        • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

          Leider ist dieses Vorgehen gegen VPN/TOR bei gewissen Dienstleistern verbreitet. Es sind Steine, die Privacy-Befürwortern von Kontrollfreaks wie Big Data &Co gezielt in den Weg gelegt werden, um den Usern den Umgang mit Anonymisiertechnik zu erschweren.

          Mein VPN Anbieter ist kein unbekannter (Protonmail/VPN) und das Blockieren dessen sicher kein Versehen (und hat mit Spam nichts zu tun). Protonmail setzt sich stark für Online Privacy ein und wird darum von den üblichen Verdächtigen angefeindet.

          Ich kann dir darum nur von der Verwendung des Dienstes von abraten. Leider…

          • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

            Das Forum ist ja noch ‘neugeboren’.
            Dürfte jetzt noch kein so grosser Aufwand sein, dieses zu migrieren. Wäre schade drum…

            • SomeoneInGermany says:

              Interessiert sich offensichtlich sowieso keiner dafür. Schade. Vllt ist das Forum- Format auch aus der Zeit gefallen. Ich hab versucht, mich mit Telegram anzufreunden, aber das ist Unterhaltung wie youtube. Es zieht so an einem vorbei wie ein Film. Empfinde es als nutzlos.

              Kennst Du vllt einen Ort im Internet ausserhalb der üblichen Verdächtigen, der mehr Tiefgang und bessere Diskussionsmöglichkeiten bietet? Ich finde viel zuviele Prediger und wenig Austausch.

              • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

                Leider kann ich deine Erfahrung nur bestätigen. Es ist mit Internetforen wie mit so vielem auf der Welt: Je grösser der Erfolg und das Steigen der Benutzerzahlen, desto sicherer ist ein baldiger Angriff der Trollhorden d.h. diejeningen die sich auch auf Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp etc. tummeln und dann folgt unweigerlich der Absturz in die seichte Mittelmässigkeit der Massen.

                Ich habe im Moment auch keine ‘Forenheimat’. Vielleicht ist es besser so und ich bin eigentlich auch nicht auf der Suche.
                Wenn, dann wäre es etwas kleines, feines, unbekanntes. Eben nicht Telegram.

  37. Arby says:

    The Vice article rants at the “anti-vaxxer/lockdown movement.” That’s real good writing that. That should have been ‘anti-vaxxer/anti-lockdown movement’.

  38. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    It’s not accurate to see it as black&white as James did at the start of this video.
    There is not just those for and those against. Of course there is a continuum of assent and dissent in all people and I think it is important to see this difference.

    • cu.h.j says:

      You’re correct. However, the vaccine passport issue and vaccine mandates are rolling out pretty quickly in the US. I think we will have to start being more vocal or organize a boycott and form communities where we can exchange goods and services. People have to decide if they are for or against. The mandate and passport is a black and white decision, or needs to be. Either you believe in forced injection and showing papers to move freely and survive, or you don’t want to live that way and you do something about it. There are people on the fence or perseverating and now is the time.

      I’m preparing to move and withdraw support for the city I was living in and build something where I’m moving too. It has a very low vaccine uptake rate. If you look at where this is going which is trans-humanism that is the end of our species, people need to commit.

      The “vaccines” are experimental, no long term studies showing they are safe, fertility effects unknown and they are being used en masse with not informed consent. This is a violation of the nuremberg code regarding medical experimentation. And governments are now talking about booster shots. What’s next? It is a black and white issue to be honest. If someone is half in half out, then they might as well just get out because they aren’t helping.

      • cu.h.j says:

        When I first started watching JC, I enjoyed learning about this kind of stuff, but didn’t really believe it was going to happen here in the US and affect me directly. Now it is and my old life is over and will never be the same. I just wanted to travel and do fun things and continue working my job and building wealth, but now I am being told to take a jab and show papers to go into a gym in my city. I’m not doing that. Why should I pay taxes here anymore to support a system that does this?

        Even if a person takes the jab, it’s not over. There’s another jab, and another. Then what? What other bodily violations are required for this nightmare to end?

  39. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    Was meant as reply to cu.h.j:
    I do not want to live that way either but “start being more vocal and organize” does not contradict the need to assess the situation realistically i.e. not B&W. On the contrary: it is a necessary precondition for every kind of action. Im absolutely with you that action is what is called for.

    The fact that for you and me the picture is pitch black does not alter the fact that for many others it is still light or dark grey. But THIS CAN CHANGE and we should not miss the opportunity! We can bring them only to the rather uncomfortable black view if we do not push too hard – and above all, never be violent. Be vocal, not violent.

    While I do have great difficulties to accept blue pillers’ sleepy view ‘colored’ in different shades of grey… should we ever forget that it is them WEF-banksters who resort to and instill chaos and violence, the cause is lost. It is a difficult topic but I have a strong gut feeling that dissent should always stay non-violent except maybe in those very rare self-defense life and death situations. It has always been difficult to win the hearts & minds of the majority of ppl violently.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think financial resistance will probably be the most effective. Also, developing something that will be self sustaining, like a garden. Being an example of someone who lives independently and doesn’t comply.

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