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In this inaugural edition of #SolutionsWatch, James talks to John Bush, the host of Live Free Now with John Bush and an activist who founded the Freedom Cell Network to help like-minded solutions-oriented freedom lovers meet, organize and collaborate. Now, he is co-organizing The Greater Reset Activation conference which is due to take place later this month. We talk to him about these different projects and how people can get involved to start taking back power into their own hands.

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Episode 387 - Your Guide to The Great Reset

The Greater Reset

Interview 1609 – James Corbett on Resisting the Great Reset

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  1. spider says:

    Corbetteers that want to join a Members of Corbett Report freedom cell. Go to, search for corbetteers and mention Corbett in your request.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Love the new show, James, and John was a super choice as your inaugural guest. Already on thanks to you introducing me to Derrick months ago, but was not aware that a Corbetteers group had formed as I’ve been busy with my own little cell which, although we’ve only been able to meet weekly on Jitsi thus far, has proved to be invaluable to me these last few months. Forming a watch party for The Greater Reset will definitely be on our agenda this week. We had planned an in-person gathering after the holidays anyway, so this is the perfect excuse to get together in the flesh.

    Take care of yourself, brother, you are doing yeoman’s work.

  3. padraig says:

    hey suddenly all kinds sprouting near and in toronto! good stuff. i’ve started one just east of the city. i’ve likely fucked up all the settings! nice!

  4. pfunk says:

    I’d like to share one effort I’ve been involved with over the past few months within my Bay Area freedom cell. We’ve been developing flyers about the pandemic, lockdowns, and most recently the vaccine. Our initial debut of the first two flyers was handing them out near a transit center. The vaccine flyer has both a slick one-sided version and longer-form flyer. The former can be shared online and leads to a blog page with all of the flyers that have more detailed discussions and references. Bottom line is that we need to figure out ways to disseminate information that is being buried by the MSM. Feel free to download and use within your local communities:

    • spider says:

      The problem I see with the pdf flyer Problems with the Pandemic is that it might be too much for many to read. I always try to be succinct. Also it helps to target the message towards a 6th grade education.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        That is how I try to format my flyers also.
        Mostly, I try to give links…places to go for info.

        Now I do front and back on the flyer.

        My next print batch will be re-designed and simpler.
        I will take off some script and a link or two, but maybe add a few more buttons.

      • pfunk says:

        Fair point. It’s always a balance act between not sharing enough information and saying too much. All of the flyers contain thought provoking discussion and links to find citations for further exploration. Everyone’s approach will be different in how we spread the truth. The point is that we have to all do our parts in getting the word out there. Well thought out arguments that are researched will open the minds of some and add numbers to our cause.

        On a side note, if anyone wants the Word documents to modify for their own purposes I’m happy to share. This is very much an open source effort.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          pfunk says:
          Everyone’s approach will be different in how we spread the truth.
          The point is that we have to all do our parts in getting the word out there.

          Spot on. Amen to that!

        • vadoum says:

          excellent. thank you.

          I suggest trying to get those fliers into the hands of law enforcement (and I’ll be trying too). The barrier to seeing the fraud is hard but thin; once the shell is cracked, by one big example of lying, of which there are countless, then the rest of the spell will crack and crumble with it. When law enforcement is on-side with these facts, humpty gonna dumpty

          • vadoum says:

            pfunk, yes please, send the word doc’s to [SNIP – no email addresses in the comments section please. People can get in touch with me if they need to email you. – JC]
            as bootsy said, “nothings fun unless you play with it”

    • gauntlet33 says:

      Great flyers! I especially like that the open-ended questions so that people can come to their own conclusions.

  5. Al Saleh says:

    This is a great initiative, and John is a wonderful guest (and host).

    here is my contribution to the greater reset initiative:

    • suzt says:

      Al Saleh… this is the FIRST time I’ve seen what looks like a doable local internet. Please tell us more.
      1. Is this up and running and if so how many users?
      2. Approx. how many hours to set this up, including email and user accounts?
      3. How many hours a week of maintenance?
      4. Approximate cost for total set up: hardware versus labor
      anything else I forgot to ask?

      Thank you!

      • Al Saleh says:

        The software is available and proven to work since more than 10 years. What’s new is that the hardware to compete with google is now available to everybody.
        for any of the mentioned application, you would need:
        – A Ryzen 9 3900 or better.
        – 64GB RAM or better. faster RAM is better.
        – a motherboard that supports raid and at least 2 NVME chips and 6 Sata drives.
        – Storage for the data you want to host.
        – at least 100mbps internet connection. faster is better.

        Regarding software, there are many options. for example, I am working on a search solution ( but there are others. Work is designed for a small community to be able to aggregate data and repackage it. This was inspired by “Library of Alexandria under fire”. My estimate is that a single gradient server with the above specs can index 50 million pages, serve more than 1000 unique searches per minute, and allow repackaging the data.

        Setting up the software for production requires a few hours, then you need to tell it what to index, which is the hard part. You can also work on the ranking algorithm. it comes with multiple transparent ranking options.

        If you want to offer email services, you would need either a custom email server, or some experience with Linux. Linux has free tools to offer an email service out of the box.

        If you want to build a social network, you can use Drupal (free and open source). BTW, Drupal is used for internal communities by the world bank, Reuters, Google, Cisco, and many others. I understand that this is a quantum leap for the WordPress community.

        SSO comes last, it is a nice option and it can help you compete on a different level.

        regarding operation and maintenance, it depends on the applications, some applications are highly secure and do not require much maintenance.

        Regarding the total cost, it also depends on the application. I can tell you now that I have built hundreds of similar solutions in the past. I am a developer, not an activist, and I work daily on such systems. I can tell from experience that any of the above projects is feasible by a single person or a small “freedom cell”.

        • suzt says:

          Al Saleh…thank you for providing details…this is very useful information.

          Catherine Austin Fitts once mentioned that we should teach our kids to program so they can create community specific encryption. That is such a great idea.

          So I would list a unique encryption application and a volatic power system (or ?) to keep the server up and running and independent of the grid.

    • Octium says:

      Before I read your post I was going to suggest that people make alternatives to the Internet a very high priority in terms of finding solutions.

      The take home I get from all this Whitehouse insurrection shit is that they will be rapidly accelerating internet censorship this year.

      I expect a similar jump in level in internet restrictions this year as we experienced with personal freedom last year: one day you were basically free to walk around, the next day you are being held as a prisoner in a hotel or worse.

      I don’t think counting on alternatives like bitchute will be much help. If you don’t already have it on your own hard drive, you don’t have it!

      • Al Saleh says:

        There is a huge difference between
        “Alternatives to centralized services”
        “decentralized services”
        Bitchute, Odysee, minds, and the others are centralized alternatives. They are not decentralized services in the meaning that James promotes, but they are what we have now.

        Decentralized services do not need to scale for the entire human population, they need to scale for their target community. Which makes them easier to build and operate.

        The disruption is coming because it will make sense for communities to decentralize. I am sure some early adopters are working on that right now.

        I want to build real decentralized services, and I am willing to work until we have 10000 similar services. then I would sit back and see how google’s AI will compete with the collective human intelligence of the operators and users of these services.

    • Control Savvy says:

      Looks great, but I would need my hand held throughout the process of going alternative internet. I couldn’t do it on my own. I wouldn’t even know where to begin or what steps take. But please keep working on this with people at your level of knowledge and understanding.

  6. Peripatêtikos says:

    Ugh. “The mother of my children” is just plain wince-inducing. Not outright hyper-ventilation, mind you, but a tart, eye-watering wince.

    Pause. Consider the prospect of further wincing. Look at show notes. Okay. Enough.

    Life is just too dad-gum short. Millennials and younger ones need to learn the English language, and see pretentiousness for the dead and deadly thing it is.

  7. bladtheimpaler says:

    While building community with like minded individuals is a great idea to act upon I question if these groups will be left to their own ways by a reset that states ‘No one left behind’. I think the idea of small cells without a designated leader is a superb idea. As in ‘We are are an unaffiliated group of citizens concerned with the lack of democracy in this community’ to then take back the narrative from the change agents that infest all levels and departments of govt. Acting locally while thinking globally is the exact opposite of what is now taking place in our communities.

    I say this with some knowledge of what the WEF’s ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ economy will look like and how it will operate. Life long learning and behavior modification as continual hoops one will have to jump through to keep their status blemish free and allowed to jump through the next hoop or be relegated to a universal condition of managed poverty.

    If individuals are not armed with this knowledge they are just asking to sit out on the sideline as uninvolved observers until the forces arrayed come for them. While Allison McDowell’s truth may upset the ‘we’ll build our own community as the answer’ adherents it is still a truth we all need to come to grips with as that is what is coming at us disguised as community and people fixing.

    • suzt says:

      bladtheimpaler the WEF’s plan may not succeed.
      While the plan is ugly and is certainly being rolled out, none of us really know how this will unfurl.

      If all we do is focus on their plan, many of us fall into despair. We each have to take our power back. And it feels so good and is uplifting!

      I want to pass on two links on this:
      1. This focuses on how we need to separate ourselves psychologically from the corrupt system that exists. We need to become independent of it.

      2. Just Because The System Is Stacked Against You Doesn’t Mean The Universe Is

    • Control Savvy says:

      Thanks for this very interesting link. I watched about ten minutes and will return to finish it. I had never heard of Allison McDowell, but will also watch more of her videos. Everything she is saying about the Evil Plan for the education of our children resonates because I am a retired public school teacher and I witnessed exactly what she is saying in the interview. I was completely flummoxed because I couldn’t understand what the hell was going on. My big picture wasn’t their big picture. I was constantly reminded that those who were “resistant to change” should find another job, but I didn’t understand what the change was or how one could or couldn’t be resistant to it. It was a very bad time in my life.

  8. seth.w.h says:

    they are doing it in Zihuatanejo, I hope to see Red and Andy there!

  9. Fact Checker says:

    Freedom Cells …DOT org. “It’s totally private. We run the website. It’s not ‘big tech.'”

    Uh huh…

    If it’s on the internet, it is fully transparent to the NSA/Unit 8200 superstructure. (Yes, including “Crypto” “currencies”.)

    If it’s on the internet, it’s necessarily at the mercy of the ISPs, mega-“cloud” servers and telecom companies.

    If it’s on the internet, it necessarily must be completely innocuous toward the power structure, or it will inevitably become a target for “law enforcement.”

    If it’s on the internet, it is harmless.

    If it’s on the internet, it is not resistance. It is merely a form of “virtue-signaling.”

    If it’s on the internet, it is not a community. It is merely a hobby. A phantom fantasy, and a granfalloon. It will disappear without a trace, and without warning, sooner rather than later.

    There is no freedom from the Machine until people abandon the computers, smart-phones and internet communication that have ensnared and enslaved us. Everything done by internet only strengthens and teaches the Machine. Everything you say on the internet is being rendered up to the Machine, integrated and assimilated into Its program, and used to hasten your enslavement, engineering, and disposal.

    Sorry to be like a party-pooping-debbie-downer, but Digital Technology IS the Enemy. The more you use it, the deeper into the quicksand you will be.

    • Control Savvy says:

      I believe you. Everything that can be digitized will be fed into AI, and AI will learn from it and everything that AI learns will used against us.

      However, we have to start somewhere, and right now many people are trapped into the little pigeon holes they have constructed for us. We are surrounded by people who think we are crazy, who are wearing masks, getting tested, and waiting breathlessly for the vaccine. The internet is where we can connect, associate, and assemble.

      But, we can’t forget that the internet is transparent while we communicate on the internet and we must find alternative forms of communication and encryption.

      Also, history is a great teacher. What methods were used in the past to escape surveillance and control? Can we modify them for a world with the constant presence of AI?

    • Antidoxidant says:

      Agree. Also, Freedom Cells look good online and may be good sources for meeting like-minded people and sharing skills. But when it comes to opting out of the system, who the hell is going to buy up some land and live off the grid with strangers they met on the Internet? It would be difficult enough with people you’ve known for awhile, including family. Derrick and his dudes have been pushing these Cells for a long time, and it would be interesting to see how many are flourishing and self-sufficient at this time. My guess is not many.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Freedom Cells may not be for everyone.
        We are Voluntaryists. We can choose our associates, or not.

        In almost every community (online and in-person), there will be a few assholes…people with whom you really don’t want to invite to your home.

        The intent of Freedom Cells is to find like-minded people with common values and goals.

        Since 2007, I have met hundreds of great people during my actions with our local North Texans for Truth Group. With these physical interactions, a person finds out about another’s character.
        I’ll repeat that: “With these physical interactions, a person finds out about another’s character.”
        Here is the group

        Example: I know a handful of great folks who have a spot of land out east of Dallas. Here is one family out that way who have carved a niche with deliveries of great food around the Dallas – Ft Worth area. When their place got hit by a wind storm / tornado, all kinds of folks went to help rebuild.

        Heck, one fellow in the middle of Dallas has a large worm farm in an old warehouse.
        There are many, many potential solutions for people. Getting together physically, one can build a trustworthy network of mutual information and help.

    • s511 says:

      I too agree with what you point out. However, desperate times call for desperate measures. I am pretty isolated, so…I did join the Corbetteers hoping within the next six months or so to find a few like minded souls in my geographical area.

    • suzt says:

      Fact Checker… I agree Technocracy is the tool of the enemy as we all are using it right now and dependent on it.

      What do you think of the creation of independent servers using voltaic power? or other options.

      It’s time to tap into our collective creativity.
      Reminder: Big Tech started in garages all over the world.

      • manbearpig says:

        Big Tech started in garages…?

        A romantic and perhaps inspiring notion but are you sure about that suzt?

        Have you seen this little gem?:

        • suzt says:

          manbearpig…this reminds me of navigating between this virus and the use of it.

          I was a system’s engineer assigned to a project team to automate big banking (first) in the late 1970’s in San Francisco. And the goal was to create a cashless society by the year 2000.

          I was fortunate to qualify for early retirement and became an independent consultant in 1992 and a part of Silicon Valley. And yes in both positions I worked with programmers creating amazing applications, operating systems etc. in their garages. I also watched the Global Corporations come in and buy the technology either to use it or kill it.

          Also the Valley was so decentralized in the early days. Everyone was working on a different PC and nothing “talked” to each other. Remember when there were over 30 different types of pc’s and operating systems? And THEN there were 2?

          My humble point is we humans are capable of creating new
          solutions. And we have a long history of it being

          My humble belief: if all we do is focus on them, their plan etc. we just increase their power and throw ourselves into despair.

          A benefit I see in Freedom Cells is to focus on decentralizing and pooling our talents to come up with solutions to surviving.

  10. hugo.c says:

    Hi All,

    Thanks James, for this series. We all need some inspiring optimism, and basing that on things we can DO is wonderful.

  11. Funky Reggae says:

    Very cool. Loved this guy and his message.

  12. Roy says:

    James ?
    When does the point come ? when you say ! It is enough ? Just wondering. For me the point is about here.
    Love you, but the solution is no longer to hide, it is a fight in the open. And it is a fight that all of us have to to take, me included.
    Been waiting for a long time, and now is fighting time. It does not mean to fight every idiot along your way, it means get arrested, for not compiling. Hinder the system, and be an asshole to them, they can not take us all. The Gandi way, and we should use it. I am going to do it on my own soon. And make a lot of noise, when it happens, so others see it.

    • Control Savvy says:

      If the noise has anything to do with something illegal, I would advise against it. No matter how much noise you make, they will flip it and use it against everybody but them. In fact, they (FBI, CIA, etc. etc.) use people like you to create noise and then justify millions of dollars in more allocations to their agencies. Check out how they have done this before. #cointelpro, #psyops. There are more, but search engines are being extremely unhelpful lately. I wonder why…I’ll get back to you later. Do your research before “making noise”.

    • Jeff says:

      I’m with Savvy on this one, Roy. To be an ‘asshole’ to anyone, even the proverbial enemy, is not the solution. It solves no problems, and only provides fuel for their fire. It is destructive, and diffueses nothing. It changes the hearts and minds of nobody. It only creates a bigger divide between people.
      It is time, more than ever, to hug thy neighbor, not fight. Turn to the forces of creation and production. Make something and give it to somebody. Create a new monetary solution. Build some furniture. Create a new internet if thats your thing, if not, that’s ok, don’t need to. Be kind to people. Please, i beg you. Teach by doing. Kindness can impress upon even the vilest of monsters. At the very least it puts the fire out. And when the numbers have reached some sort of tipping point, let us not overtake the ‘idiots’ with force and voilence, psychological or physical, but rather teach peace with a handshake, or simply walk away, and get back to breaking bread on that table you just made.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I always treat others how I would like to be treated. I have done this for decades now. I find that being “kind” sometimes backfires because people take advantage. But fairness and respect have never backfired. I think it’s good to be fair in interactions with people and give them the benefit of the doubt and not make assumptions or try to take advantage. I think it’s also good to be authentic and tell people how you really feel if you think they are worthy of knowing you.

        • Jeff says:

          Agreed. It’s an important point you raise. The ‘nice’ people are 100% pure bait for exploiters. I failed to mention it in my going on about kindness, that is if one is to show kindness, one ought to be able to say ‘no’ to a person. Reject people. This took a lot of work for me personally, but I believe this is critical. The road to success here, at least for me, was ‘self’ stuff/work. Self confidence, loving thyself, etc. Critical for sure.

  13. Control Savvy says:

    One of my concerns as I see you organizing “The Greater Reset” is that history has shown that the authoritarian push back is a bitch. Not saying it isn’t a great idea and I plan to watch as much of the live stream as I can during that week, but I hate to see past disasters repeated just because people (some of them very young and naive) aren’t even aware of the history of antiauthoritarian movements. I am not an expert in this at all, but I became interested during the Occupy Wallstreet Movement. I read as much as I could abut anarchism and I was attracted to the ideals, but heartbroken at the disasters caused by police trickery. Because of a comment by “Roy”, I have gone back and started making a list of cases that I remember. I have to take a break, because I have promised myself to limit my time online. I. will post more tomorrow.

    Boyfriend of environmental activist

    “In 2010, Lisa Jones was on holiday in Italy with her boyfriend of six years, Mark Stone. The couple were popular environmentalists from the UK: Mark had played a key role in the 2005 anti-G8 protests in Scotland, assisted political movements in over a dozen countries, and was involved in an activist logistics company, the Activist Tat Collective. The pair had traveled together, gone to festivals together, and mourned the death of Lisa’s father together.

    During that holiday, Lisa unsuspectingly pulled Mark’s passport out of the glovebox. The passport showed that Mark Stone was actually Mark Kennedy, father of two, and would help Lisa discover that Kennedy had been in the police force for two decades, deployed by the state to penetrate political threats to the status quo.”

    Lisa claimed that she had been raped. I agree.

    Cleveland 5

    “The paid informant who helped orchestrate the FBI sting that resulted in the arrest of five anarchists for allegedly plotting to blow up an Ohio bridge is a convicted felon who was arrested on bad check and theft charges in the midst of his cooperation with federal investigators, The Smoking Gun has learned.”

    This case was very sad. These young men participated in Occupy Cleveland. They were then convinced by the FBI con man to work for him. They were isolated from friends and family for an extended period of time and brainwashed into doing something they would probably never have done otherwise. I’m pretty sure they are all still in prison.

    Nato 3

    “Unlike the Boston bombers, the NATO 3 hadn’t set off any bombs prior to their arrests. Unlike the Fort Hood shooter, they hadn’t shot anyone. They hadn’t thrown molotov cocktails. They hadn’t even activated dummy detonators, as was the case with five Cleveland activists in a similar domestic terrorism investigation last year.
    They just ran their mouths. They just talked about revolution…”

    This was soooo sad. They all went to prison for doing absolutely nothing. What a waste of young lives.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • cu.h.j says:

      I can see infiltration being a problem with any political or social movement. I feel like this is different because the stakes are much higher. What the great reset is is essentially a slavery system. I would presume that even FBI and CIA agents if they aren’t psychopaths would want to resist it. Perhaps they would learn something and actually help. Plus, what the greater reset proposes is not violent or immoral.

      The destruction of the world economy and trying to force experimental drugs on people is wrong. Perhaps there are many agents of the government who are psychopaths, but I would also hope that there are many who are not.

    • s511 says:

      Thank you for all of the work you are doing. I am familiar with this cases, and others also. Very diabolical ways of entrapment. They spend huge amounts of money and time to justify their operations. Don’t take the bait to commit acts of violence. But you do not have to go along with every ridiculous directive either. In the end I think Helen Keller has it right.
      “Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing at all.”
      All I can add is follow the ‘golden threads’ of your intuition in each situation. And stay quiet enough so that you can hear yourself think.

    • Control Savvy says:

      I promised more examples of FBI sting operations “tomorrow”, and a promise made is a debt unpaid. I will give you two more cases. A documentary movie was made about each case.

      Brandon Darby posed as an anarchist during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans (2007). He served as Director of Operatons of Common Ground Relief. Even though anarchists don’t believe in top-down management, he held a certain amount of prestige because of his position. In 2008, before the Republican National Convention, he continued his service to the FBI by again posing as an anarchist and he conned two young men into making Molotov cocktails and planning an attack. In the end, the young men refused to carry out the attack, but the FBI arrested them anyway. In the documentary, “Better This World”, Darby’s tactics are exposed very nicely.

      After Darby was exposed as an FBI snitch, Lisa Fithian, an anarchist who also worked in Common Ground Relief, wrote about the warning signs that everybody (including herself) ignored while Darby was in New Orleans.

      2. Another interesting documentary about another FBI sting was

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    If you have not seen it, there is a nice VIDEO at The Greater Reset WEBPAGE.

  15. dyerstrates says:

    Thank you James and John, as a contributor to Food Not Bombs in Asbury Park, NJ, i’ve witnessed the OUTWARD
    growth of the effort over the past two to three years. There continues to be no hierarchy as we know it and I’m gratified that you have brought john’s work to us James!

  16. I wonder if James’ YouTube videos aren’t being deleted because, back before YouTube was so brazenly striking & deleting channels, someone at YouTube put Corbett Report on a secret “too dangerous for fact checkers” list that isolates his channel from factcheckers to keep them from being awakened.

    That or the new generation of technocrats are using James’ videos for ideas cuz James is more familiar than they are with the minds of the previous generation (and he has more intelligence & imagination than they do).

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      It’s anybody’s guess on “why”. In fact, surprisingly, none of his videos are age restricted. YouTube has been doing that quite a bit recently.

      Here is one thought:
      Corbett Report watchers typically have a “high interest level”; they are very curious; they are a very diverse group with a wide range of interests, and also they prefer subjects with substance, while yet enjoying playful humor.

      I would think that YouTube understands the “value” of that type of consumer. That type of consumer helps to feed their platform.

      Without that type of consumer, YouTube would be left with “Trash Watchers” as consumers.
      A few weeks ago, I watched some of the videos of the #1 Highest-Paid YouTube earners | Ryan Kaji. (over 29 million dollars) For me, it was vomit material. They live down north of Houston in a rich suburb. They really belong in a trailer with a tattered sofa, empty beer cans, broken down cars & old tires on the front lawn. Ryan’s Mother is a shop lifting hazard.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Maybe taking him off would draw too much attention? He has a large following on YT. It’s all speculative. I wonder if Bill Gates watched the documentary. Maybe he enjoys the attention. It would be great if Gates could have an awakening and use his wealth and influence for the benefit of humanity rather than pushing for a slavery system. But maybe Gates is a sociopath and actually does not care for the survival of his own species. If the technocrats go forward with what they are doing will actually harm themselves in the process. It’s like how inbreeding in dogs make them weaker and more susceptible to disease. They are creating conditions that weaken our species and may cause a mass extinction in my opinion.

      • AB says:

        You know you can look at all this from a completely different perspective and you’ll be surprised how logical it could all seem.

        We look at Bill Gates as an evil psychopath that wants all the glory, power and control for himself, but that’s because we have the view that all of humanity are brothers and sisters on the same level. From his point of view, he may see us as lower life forms like we may think of insects as and therefore acts accordingly.

        So the question we may have to ask ourselves is:
        Would insects think of us as evil psychopaths that want all the glory, power and control for ourselves?

        Just a thought to open your mind to unconsidered scenarios…

      • Kantaja says:

        Bill Gates is a thoroughbred eugenicist. His daddy taught him everything. There’s no fixing someone like him. And even by some miracle he developed a conscience and empathy, he’d be taken out by those above him in the pyramid.

  17. TobiasT says:

    Very great Video, very great project! In Germany, we are starting now a very similar project. We call it “Freie Linke” (Free Left), We don’t want to leave this word to the enemies of freedom and Mankind. Last weekend we had our first meeting person by person in real life. It was so good. My first “political” (sorry!) meeting since March 2020 and my first meeting in a group since October. Until then I used to be a Sacred Harp Singer in Cologne. This was forbidden, of course, to “fight the pandemic”. I miss singing very much.
    Thank you all for your great work!

  18. AB says:

    This was a fantastic idea! Thanks James and John. It seems that a stack of people have joined (Like me) since this video was aired. I’ve been craving for someone else to be able to physically talk to about all this and now I should be able to.

  19. victoria says:

    good research at new year open thread on greater reset org speakers, & in subthread i commented on derrick broze interview in which he states vandana shiva is “pretty awesome”. methinks quite the opposite, club of rome member & much more, there’s also other questionable ppl, troubling to say the least. on that note, im like why not add a couple more high profile agents, step up uber creep factor, invite nwo assets noam chomksy & the dalai lama … hv a reunion party with vandana shiva, all three puppets interviewed in circle of poison documentary!! tho im all for listening to the enemy on occasion, i hvnt seen that particular film but i do believe the title’s an apt descriptor for the trio, the latter two i remember all too well from childhood, mkultra perps.
    back to club of rome, totally despicable organisation & what a sick irony, in the early 70’s “predicted” worldwide collapse for the year 2020 — link incl related personal history… more detail in june last year’s commentary, i shared memory around my 11th b-day (1973) ~ antichrist programming, global earthquake metaphor embedded & scripted 2020 “prophecy”, remembered in 2002 with 40th b-day.

  20. pipeman says:

    Hey does anyone know what happened to the freedom cell website? I just signed up three or four days ago and was having some good conversations with people and now the website has been down for 2 days any information would help. Thanks

  21. Storm Coast says:

    Hi, first post here, been lurking for a while.

    I live around Portland, OR; so naturally I’m interested.

    I tried to open the site just now on Brave, and it was blocked by an add-on. Disabled the add-on and got a service unavailable error. Here is my link from the “wayback machine” on DuckDuckGo. You can log in from a link on the page:

    Going forward I have a hunch that anything running on AWS will not be dependable, but I may be wrong.

  22. Kantaja says:

    Does any European have some kind of a rough oversight how many non-US residents have found Freedom Cells already?

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