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It is a sign of a sick society when people are told to stay indoors, avoid breathing fresh air and receive experimental medical interventions for their health. If the benefits of fresh air and natural sunlight for human health has to be debated, is their any hope left for our civilization? After watching me stand in the park in today's episode of #SolutionsWatch, I highly recommend you turn off your electronic device and try it for yourself.

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  1. This is lovely, in fact it’s excellent, and something we all need to remember, practise and enjoy. I have ignored all lockdown ‘rules’ for more than a year now, made sure to avoid the “health care” industry completely, and feel all the better for it. Great work as always, James, so thanks very much for this timely reminder for us all.

    • Cody says:

      Same here, I wear the mask in the train and in shops to be covert amongst the others. I do not like to stand out. But otherwise not much has changed and I defy every other measure. I hated the office so working from home is fine. I walk everyday in the park and have time offline time slots now. I avoid rverything the gov. Tells me like the plague

      • That’s great, but do bear in mind that being maskless amongst others in shops, public transport etc. is a very powerful way of showing people that there is an alternative to this insanity. It may also help folks to gather the courage to take off their face nappies – I think it’s called diapers in the US – and Smile! I have never worn a mask, always ignore anti-social distancing, and so far haven’t once been challenged on it. We need to stand up for truth, justice and liberty, dare to be different, and stop complying with tyranny. We need to stop acquiescing to the madness of all these diktats, none of which have anything to do with protecting our health. It won’t necessarily always be easy, but if our most inalienable rights and our freedom aren’t worth fighting for, then nothing is.

  2. Mama Liah says:

    Beautiful video, James, full of natural logic and truth. I showed it to my 7.5 year old daughter, now she wants to visit Japan 🙂

  3. bob387 says:

    Thank you, James. That was beautiful. I am seeing more and more people on my daily walk by the river. Walking near water, I have found, is especially invigorating. Thanks.

  4. RickMcCarthy says:

    This is exactly it. The family and I recently stayed at a hotel with an indoor water park. Signs to remind those to social distance and mask-up abounded everywhere, but no enforcement and only a tiny majority in compliance. It was wonderful! I’m hoping that gentle reminders like this video will cause TRUE normality to spill out across societies and our ranks will grow.

    Cheers, James! Remain well.

  5. gpars says:

    Spring is near upon us in Winnipeg. Will be equally as beautiful. I would eagerly attend a stand in the park if I knew of one. Is there anybody out there?

    • TruthSeeker says:

      Here in lower Michigan we are getting green grass and buds on the Trees. It appears that Japan is at least two weeks ahead, but I can see Spring coming as I was hiking in one of the local 6000 Acre State Parks this past Sunday. I have a least four State or Metro Parks within ten miles of where I live which are +/- 6000 Acres Each. It is hard for me to image that one can not find a nearby place to be with Nature in Winnipeg.
      By the way, I never wear a Mask when I am hiking and I see very few people that do, and even when I do see people wearing Masks, they don’t hassle me, and I don’t hassle them.
      Indeed, I am much more likely to converse with someone that is not wearing a Mask, which is likely the point of all this B.S., eh!

  6. puder says:

    James: How can you be so silly? For me, I’m going to follow the Spanish dictate and wear my mask when I swim in the ocean. After all, they have brought us such health giants as Tomas de Torquemada.

  7. SuperMom Belle says:

    We did #StandYourPlayground when moms were getting arrested last year.

  8. upuaut says:

    J(ames) Krishnamurti? 😀
    I loved that famous quote – “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” – even before this madness started, but now it has assumed a greater and even disturbing meaning. You are absolutely right: it’s an incredible twist of reality and common sense to forbid people to go and breath som clean air and catch some sun, under the pretence that all this is for their good and health.

  9. Jeff says:

    Thank you, James, for this crucial Corbett Report. So important. Stay grounded in real life. Life being the operative word. And when you step outside, into a park, or the woods of your home or town or whatever have you, try to listen with any or all of your senses, to the bugs, the trees, the rocks, the sand, even the obvious birds and water, the choir of something sacred. It is life, and it is abundantly outside of the computer.

  10. SilverBear says:

    Agree 100%. Time spent outdoors in the sunshine with birds singing is one of the few things that brings happiness to my life right now. It helps gets my thoughts away from the dystopian nightmare unfolding around us all. Thank you so very much for a beautiful video and for all the outstanding work you do James Corbett. You are appreciated more than you know!

    • cheria says:

      I ordered an inexpensive backyard swimming pool and am making my backyard a little paradise. It’s on a canyon in N. San Diego and great weather. I practically live in my backyard now. And snorkel swim in La Jolla, having to look down and away from the muzzled masses at the beaches here to jump in the ocean and hang out with the seals who seem to be much wiser than the humans on land muzzled. Being IN the ocean is very healing. Thank you James for your courage and wonderfully accurate reporting always. The Best in the World I always say.

  11. SuperMom Belle says:

    Outside the courthouse of the city near me has a literal revolving door statue (with historic events memorialized in it – INCLUDING 1918 Influenza, as my then 12-year-old pointed out).
    “What happens at the Courthouse when you close playgrounds, Gov Cooper of NC?”
    ~ The Figurative Future for Governor Coop’em of North Carolina as Exemplified by This Literal Courthouse Run-Around by Children at Play ~
    “What happens when you attack churches, small businesses owners, poor folks, children, and people who are struggling with NON-covid-1984 related illnesses: A Courthouse Run-Around, both figuratively AND literally!!!
    These little ones at the peaceful & family-friendly Memorial Day Freedom Rally in Greensboro, NC after honoring our fallen American heroes, play gleefully in front of the courthouse at its revolving art monument. Meanwhile, public playgrounds at parks funded by NC’s tax payers remain empty & bare, with their perimeters wrapped in yellow caution strips, the empty equipment soaking up disinfecting UV light that human bodies could be absorbing to convert to Vitamin D and boosting their immune systems.”
    #GetMadOrGoMad​, #ReOpenNC​, #StandYourPlayGround
    I added to comment:
    -> That’s why certain cities in NC are using their Federal funding (CARE$) on UV lights!!!! #StandYourPlayGround ’cause they’re just testing limits of what WE THE PEOPLE will tolerate!
    “… the Wilmington Police Department to buy equipment: ULTRAVIOLET LIGHTS FOR STERILIZATION, first aid kits, and eight (surveillance) DRONES (to add to the 3 they have).”
    [links to source]
    “(police department) purchase DRONES, enhanced radios, DECONTAMINATION LIGHTS, advanced medical equipment, defibrillators’ and cameras.”
    [links to source]
    -> Talk about hypocritical, to say ‘keeping playgrounds closed is not based in science’ is an understatement to say the least.”


    Almost a year ago now… I can’t believe moms were ticketed & dragged to court in my state. I can’t believe other mamas in others states got arrested & even less believable… people cheered this. smh. Still hopeful though:

    NC-> Canada connection (it seems):
    On 3/12/21, we went hiking in the county below the zombie city, & crossed a bridge to a playground where only one family donned masks. Graffiti on one section of the concrete bridge reads “They are Lying to US. Depopulation/control Agenda GLOBALRESEARCH(.)CA”

  12. Bova says:

    Hmm strange. My comment about ” stand

  13. Bova says:

    Anyways, in WA state at a bar playing live music wife of 40 years and I were hugging and swaying with masks on were told to stop or we would have to leave. NO dancing allowed. Going outside now to get some sun. Over and out…

  14. katk says:

    Thank you James. Even before Lockdowns were a thing, I tried to pull people from their electronically infested environments toward the great outdoors as remedy for much of what ails us. I began watching you when there were few to watch in March 2020 when the whole world succumbed to unnatural responses by staying indoors and wearing a mask. I never succumbed. Fortunately, I live in the South Island of New Zealand where nature rocks on my doorstep with a lake for one border and the South Pacific ocean for another with very few people to compete with the flocks of birds that remind me we were all designed to fly free. Your work has done so much for my wings! I am an American expat living in New Zealand since 9/11 so that I could raise my children somewhere where fight was not always the right thing to do. I was naïve and thought I had won the war upon my psyche by removing myself and my children from America. Let’s just say I had a honeymoon experience until March 2020 wherein I met your work and soon realized the depth and longevity of the master plan to control our world. The year 2020 and you have brought me a clarity that I now check into every morning as we all try to locate SOLUTIONS that work. One of the quickest solutions is ALWAYS to step outside into nature and reacquaint ourselves with reality before we respond to anything at all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  15. TimmyTaes says:

    Fascinating that the cherry trees in western Japan bloom at the same time as the trees here in Healdsburg, CA, an hour north of San Francisco. Our main street of Matheson is lined on both sides with cherry trees. It makes a lovely display every spring.
    We are “allowed” to go outside without masks here and play in our parks. I’m not sure if the beaches are open or not though. We don’t drive there (45 minutes) anymore because there is nowhere to pee going there or at the beach. All public restrooms run by the parks departments are closed. (Our city park restroom is open). Oh, it’s all madness.

  16. Stanglers says:

    One of your best, James! Please try and get it to as many platforms as you can. I am sure it would strike a chord even with those who meekly go along with all the tyranny.

  17. Duck says:

    Good to see Mr Corbett getting out. He’s been looking kinda stressed of late and I hope it makes him feel as good as it does me to be outside.

  18. Duck says:

    Kinda relevent when we talk about sick societies… this story from 2000 shows where things are heading… things are way way worse now.

    “..Date created: 2000
    Studies Show Normal Children Today Report More Anxiety than Child Psychiatric Patients in the 1950’s..”

    Anyone who does not disengage from the sickness of society is going to go the way of the Citizens of the Mouse Utopia…. Interestingly (think it was one of Jared Brocks “year of” books) read about one of the Religious Great Awakenings and how it transformed society (for the better) in some small pockets of the US. The high stress conditions that precede such movements and sudden shifts are getting ramped up but a huge amount of effort appears to be expended on directing it into things like politics and rioting until TPTB are ready to use it

  19. scpat says:

    James’ words and message reminded me of a segment of a talk by Alan Watts. The basic message of the talk is: life is the willingness to die.

    This is extremely applicable today, where people are hiding in their basements. If they are feeling adventurous, walking around in masks and face shields, incessantly sanitizing their hands and keeping their distance…incredibly afraid to die, and consequently, already dead.

    (15 min)

  20. thomas.j says:

    James, you should try the Japanese practice of forest bathing. It’s very healthy

  21. Ben Stone says:

    James; Thanks for this video! The beautiful cherry blossoms of Japan!
    I am in south Alabama, and my wife and I walk a couple miles on the beach almost every day. Here, defiance is the norm. Young and old fill the beaches and walk the boardwalks mask-less and wish each other a good morning or a good day. An elderly man rides his skateboard almost every day on the boardwalk, mask-less. The elderly locals share the many benches and chat, mask-less.
    A trip to the local Walmart reveals at least 60% mask-less and nobody following the 6 foot rule at the check-out stands.
    Keep up the great work James!

  22. Octium says:

    The only thing better than the #standinthepark movement is the #hangyouoverlordfromatreeinthepark movement!

    • mkey says:

      I don’t know if I would like to ruin the great outdoors by decorating the trees with members of the elite of a bottom of a trash can. We could certainly afford one SpaceX rocket fair and shoot them into the orbit.

      Just imagine, Billy’s teary face behind a rocket porthole as he tries to awkwardly gesticulate that the rocket is being launched before he was strapped in properly. Well, Billy boy, we ain’t billionaires, we couldn’t afford a rocket with all the amenities! Snap out if it, lad. Just latch on to something solid and hold tight. It’s not like you have a choice.

      • Octium says:

        I was thinking the tree idea would be more environmentally friendly especially if you put one on each end of the rope.

        Also aliens may not want us dumping our trash up there!

        • mkey says:

          That’s probably where the trash can elite came from anyhow so let aliens take them back. And there would be a certain synchronicity in doing so; back in the day, when they would drown a would-be-witch, it was assumed that if the woman were indeed a witch, she would escape before being drowned. If she indeed drowned, oh well, mea culpa.

          This is pretty much the same deal. We launch, they die, oh well.

  23. mkey says:

    I don’t agree that going into the open is a human right, but a need, a basic human need. Like the air that we breathe or water that we imbibe.

    I have personally made it a point to spend some 10h/week in the open, which is not that much really (not counting any actual obligations in the open), and also I try to walk at least 40km/week. Not only does one naturally get in shape by doing so, I also got quite addicted to spending time outdoors. Which, in this day and age, may be a lot easier said then done, depending on your area.

    The best moment to leave large cities is now in the past, probably.

  24. DogStar says:

    The fact that this video is actually relevant gives credence to JC’s comment that we have indeed reached a nadir in today’s society.

    Dr. Russell Blaylock speaks to the debilitating element of despair wrought about by these pathological lockdowns/masks. And the relentless, ruthless, continual onslaught of utter nonsense cannot help but take a toll on even the most robust of us who can clearly see that the emperor wears no clothes.

    btw, Doc Blaylock is the only natural doctor out there who I’ve seen to have recommended baicalin for inhibiting respiratory viruses and protecting the lungs. I can’t leave a link as it’s a paid prescription though somehow I ‘know’ that he won’t mind my sharing this information. I realize that one is not supposed to trust any one source, but somehow I’d trust Doc B. with my life, even though (similar to JC) I have the impression that – rather unbelievably in the face of the tragically insurmountable evidence, IMO – he cannot bring himself to acknowledge that climate change is oppressively and undeniably upon us…

  25. cu.h.j says:

    I love going outside into nature. It’s very restorative. This Covid-1984 nightmare is sick. I feel like I have walked into another dimension accidentally because I just didn’t see this happening in my lifetime.

    And it’s not just 1 “vaccine” these “experts” are dictating the public to take willingly EVERY YEAR and the elderly “may have to take a vaccine twice a year”. Are these people crazy? There’s no way I’m taking one “vaccine” and these people are saying I have to take a yearly “vaccine”. They can shove these “vaccines” and all of this bs up there you know where.

    • DogStar says:

      Exactly — And, why is the medical establishment always pushing flu vaccines on the elderly, who may well have compromised immune systems… why would anyone think that it’s a good thing to add yet more work to an elderly individual’s already stressed-out immune system?

  26. Duck says:

    If you guys dont believe your in Mouse Utopia you should listen to a Professional Narcissist…..if THIS guy is concerned normal people should be panicking

    Something is going to change very suddenly… or maybe its just a slide into societal death

  27. MagicBullet says:

    I wonder what time James did his walk because no one is around. Here in Tokyo, the locals are not shy about going to a park but few adults take their mask off. Kids run around with no masks.

    The TV and news sites though are full to the brim with pro-biosecurity PR, they call positive PCR tests “confirmed infections”, there is a full-court press on virulent mutations, there is NO dissent on TV about any aspect of Covid, and they’ve just introduced “masked dining” in some cities where you have to pull your mask up between bites.

    98% of Japanese are totally Stockholmed. This doesn’t mean they are liberal, it’s a non-partisan hive behavior. But fear goes both ways, almost 50% are said to be vaccine hesitant, probably until some % are vaxed with “no adverse effects” noted on TV, then 90% will likely get vaxed here.

    76% of hospital beds were full last year in Japan. About 5% LESS than 2019, but the TV has been selling fear of medical system collapse for over a year now. (only Japanese)

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