April Open Thread (2022)

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April is upon us, so it's time for this month's open thread.

Whether you want to discuss the latest breaking news, spread ideas for solutions to the problems that we face, commiserate with other Corbett Report members or merely ponder why The Corbett Report Extras GooTube channel was suddenly and mysteriously un-deleted with no notice or explanation, you can do so in the comment thread below.

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  1. n4x5 says:

    Given the issues with fuel cost and availability, constructing a gasifier might be a worthwhile project. Years go FEMA actually published instructions. There are various other plans and walkthroughs available online. I haven’t built one myself, but please share your experience if you have. I’m also considering acquiring a diesel vehicle and doing the vegetable oil conversion. Unfortunately the majority of diesel vehicles in the States are larger trucks and heavy vehicles. There are a handful of older Volvos and Mercedes around but not much else.

    • n4x5 says:

      I did find this from 2018. However I’m not sure how suitable these newer passenger cars are for conversion.
      11 Diesel Passenger Cars You Can Still Buy In The USA

    • ? says:

      Older VW Rabbits have small diesel engines.

      • CQ says:

        Spider’s Web, I was hoping someone would mention the older VW Rabbit. I drove a white Rabbit in Connecticut, and on below-freezing days it wouldn’t always start–or at least not right away. I don’t recall how I finally got it running–or hopping–when I needed to go somewhere.

        These days my two feet serve as four tires. My “engine” never freezes where I live now, though sometimes it gets a little overheated on a humid, hundred degree Fahrenheit August day in Houston!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Homemade Alcohol as a Fuel to run your car, heat your home, and cook your food
      (It can be very cheap to make, and it burns very clean unlike other fuels.)

      I encourage people to watch this video clip (and follow the other links).
      ALCOHOL – Archer-Daniels-Midland – CO2 and plants – David Blume

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        5 minute Video
        I thought that this guy had a cool, large scale set-up.
        Alternative Fuel-Ethanol Distillation

      • n4x5 says:

        Thanks, I’ve considered alcohol as well, and I’ve read some of the Blume book. Gasifiers seem to be usually quite dirty and bulky, so that is a consideration. Clearly there’s no single best solution, given different applications (e.g. passenger vehicle vs. electrical generator) and people’s different abilities and preferences, but the process of producing alcohol and modifying a gasoline engine to burn it properly looks a bit more involved than what I would be willing to do if simpler alternatives are available.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Actually, most modern cars do not need “adjustments” to run ethanol mixed with gasoline. …if I am not mistaken, I think most modern cars can perform on a 50/50 mix with no problem because of sensors, while some cars are made to run on a much higher mix of alcohol.

          Lawnmowers and small engines will clog if run on alcohol, because the alcohol will loosen the tars and gums which are found in gasoline.

          Personally, I don’t like the sulfur in diesal.
          I’ve talked to guys who did the vegetable oil for diesal. One guy used an old water heater. It seems like a good way to also make soap.
          Even used vegetable oil from restaurants seems pricey to me.
          Vegetable oils have gone up in price quite a bit;, some with supply chain issues. The underlying crops have also risen.

          • n4x5 says:

            Thanks, admittedly my knowledge of running on ethanol is quite limited, and it’s been some time since I’ve looked into it. I’ll research more.

            • brad.s says:

              My friend is building a neighborhood scale distillery based off Blume’s book, Alcohol can be a Gas. Apparently when the book came out, the oil barons chipped in a huge amount to spread the lingering propaganda that ethanol burns dirty.

              • Duck says:


                They also were big on prohibition….which was one of the worst presidents the nation ever set for police state powers

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Brad, Thanks for the post!
                I bought David Blume‘s hardcover book Alcohol Can Be A Gas around 2007-2008.
                You are correct in what you say. Blume talked about the experience in a video, but here it is in print. The incident set him back financially because his book was tied into the Public Broadcasting series and he had to fight to get the book rights.

                “When the energy crisis of 1978-79 struck, Dave started the American Homegrown Fuel Co., an educational organization that taught upwards of 7000 people how to produce and use low-cost alcohol fuel at home or on the farm.”

                “KQED, San Francisco’s Public Broadcasting System station, asked Dave to put his alcohol workshop on television, and together they spent two years making the ten-part series, Alcohol as Fuel. To accompany the series, Dave wrote the comprehensive manual on the subject, the original Alcohol Can Be A Gas! Shortly after the first show aired, in 1983, oil companies threatened to pull out their funding if the series was continued. KQED halted the distribution of the series and book (see this current book’s Introduction for the whole story).”

                Brad, Power to your friend!…that is part of us moving towards a more decentralized future.

              • GreaterIsrahell says:

                I am sure I’m not alone here as far as knowing the reason for the prohibition of alcohol a century ago.

                John D. Rockefeller wanted to expand the market for his oil, and gave the CWTU five million dollars to lobby for the prohibition.

                This way it became illegal to run your car on home made fuel (read: alcohol), and his gasoline sold like hotcakes.

                After four or five generations of having relatively cheap gasoline most people are unaware that alcohol and just about any liquid that burns fast can be used as fuel for an automobile.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Energy – Solutions

      Every person in the world utlizes energy.
      Without a doubt, energy sources can be a viable, exchangeable commodity.
      Whether it be firewood or other forms of energy, I think there is a lot of opportunity for those who have a decentralized mindset.

    • I have heard of concerns about the health effects of breathing in the exhaust of biodiesel made from genetically modified oil … or maybe it was the pesticide residues. Sorry… I can’t remember the source or the details (it didn’t apply to my life), but it was somewhat recently (within the past few months or so). It’s something to keep in mind and to be aware of.

    • samlo says:

      I had an old Mercedes diesel which I ran on filtered oil from local restaurants. The conversion had already been made when I got it. That was 11 years ago, not long after I first moved into my off-the-grid home. It was quite a chore to filter the oil and to pick it up locally. I sold it in 2014, as a pickup truck or SUV is more practical out here on rural dirt roads.

    • mik says:

      Biodiesel might degrade rubber. There is a lot of rubber parts in a car. In case of a problem they will have to be replaced with substitutes made of silicon rubber.
      Find an old Mercedes 190d, engine is unbreakable. I guess it was made before they introduced planned obsolescence.

  2. ztaco says:

    Saw Dr. Strangelove, loved it. Didn’t expect to laugh that much at the movie. After learning the truths of the past by researchers like Corbett, Grove, and more, I feel it made the humor hit extra hard. It really shows just how fucked up the system is and how stupid the people working to keep the system afloat are. Also now I can finally understand the connection between Dr. Strangelove and current political personas that Corbett constantly made over time. The operation paperclip reference is fun, the fluoride is hilarious and truthful at the same time in the movie, and the pure stupidity of everything is brilliant. Fun stuff.

    Does anybody know how to view the “pie ending” to Dr. Strangelove? That’s the original ending for the movie before Kubrick scrapped it after JFK got shot.

    • HollyHoo says:

      I’m on an off obsessed with Kubrick and have just got Dr Strangelove to rewatch, partially as it’s so relevant to current events. I found this video about the ending which is useful and describes how you can see it – (which is not easily). https://youtu.be/09GzTO6cFvI interesting also because I’m also on and off obsessed with the jfk assassination and this is what provoked the change in ending.

  3. Jen says:

    Hi James,

    What do you say to folks who suspect that you, yourself, may be controlled opposition? Someone recently brought this up in a chat room online that they question how independent journalists like yourself are making money doing this for work. Also, where do you get your information for your videos, just from monitoring news sites or do you have people that send you information? I appreciate your videos and podcasts, but get pushback from randoms online when I share your material and they claim “controlled opposition”.


    • Steve Smith says:

      The person in that chat room couldn’t be too good at math. If a fraction of the subscribers that James Corbett had on gootube alone supported his work at the minimum dollar a month he could have earned a fairly decent living. I expect and fervently hope that he has done substantially better than that.
      As to his content. I know that he has addressed that very thing in a video somewhere in the past but it would take someone like HRS or Corbett himself to come up with a link.
      But if memory serves. James explained that he doesn’t have any so-called sources. He relies on what is available to anyone online.
      James puts in a a lot of time and effort into connecting the dots. And he is pretty damn good at it.

      • Chuckles Humphrey says:

        I agree, I give a buck a month and I have never watched let alone subscribed to him on gaytube. He may have help with his research but every single thing he reports is referenced in his show notes. And yes people send him info all the time, he constantly refers to members pointing out stuff and asking questions. He has even devoted entire episodes on how to effectively research. How is he “controlled” do you think he’s holding back info? If he is controlled I bet his handlers are pissed.

    • Duck says:

      “….but get pushback from randoms online when I share your material and they claim “controlled opposition”…”

      Ask them what they have done to expose the truth or alert people to what’s going on.
      You will probably hear crickets or a FlatEarth screed…..at the end of the day it does not matter unless your putting your faith in a person rather than hearing, checking and judging what they say

    • VieuxOrdinaire says:

      If they can’t come up with a decent argument as to why James would be ContrOpp, ignore them. The burden of proof lies with them. It’s usually the ContrOpp that accuses ACTUAL opposition of being controlled.

      I have had to go through my fair share of cognitive dissonance over the past years, discovering some people were contropp, however I dare to bet my left leg JC isn’t one of them.

      Catching flak from a nobody in a chatroom is usually a sign of James being over the target.

      • Jen says:

        I agree. The very first thing I asked for was evidence to back up their claim. They had none other than “just a feeling”.

        I haven’t seen anything questionable here since I’ve been a follower for the past year, so I was surprised to see someone make the claim in the first place. I think the words “controlled opposition” are used too often when it may just be a case of someone not liking a person’s personality or style.

    • sjones says:

      It’s crossed my mind that if James was offered an ungodly amount of money and fame from team controllers with the stipulation to support the team, he’d consider it. My hope in humanity is that he’d reject it.

      The current situation here in the USA is that we don’t have rights when emergency powers are created. These powers are created just like our money, out of thin air. It’s pretty obvious that the “team” is trashing the world to build consensus for the new system of total population control.

  4. 2-D Chess Dweller says:

    Dear Corbetters,

    I hope you are doing well given the level of worldwide insanity which we are being forced to witness. JC’s jaunt out of “news” and into an artistic space is a lovely example of maintaining mental/emotional health in these times.

    I too am shortly to give a pause to the Ukraine situation. Its pretty clear where it goes from here, with the terms of settlement now the only unresolved matter. (i.e the USA/Globalist community are now so alarmed by the geoeconomic ramifications of what they’ve done that they are wholeheartedly looking at the 3-D space and could not give two gnats arses about what happens in Ukraine).

    I’ll be publishing an extended piece on Tor, of all things, in about two days hence. Why? Well, given the censorship and extreme level of opinion corralling happening in “the west”, I think the time is opportune. As a Tor advocate, JC and I disagree on some matters of “Tor” and this will be a nice opportunity for you to take differing perspectives into account. On this, JC and I are in unison: read widely, consider, make your own choices!

    The article will feature and provide source links to an eclectic collection of little known but very important characters from the last quarter of the 20th century. Communities of cryptographers, software “freedom” advocates and a new generation of programmers armed with increasingly powerful computers loosely interact, culminating in Crypto-War I, in which the radical cryptographers and coders win a Pyrrhic victory. The name drops will include, David Chaum, Matt Blaze, Richard Stallman, Moxie Marlinspike, Whitfield Diffie, Martin Hellman, Ron Rivest Adel Shamir and Ian Goldberg along with other even *lesser known* people like James Ellis, Clifford Cocks and Malcolm Williamson.

    So, that article is coming, but it is really a preface to a couple more articles in which Tor will play a role, and these next articles are about community care. This first will describe the level of surveillance being used by substack, to inform my readership of it. Its not that bad compared to the nasties like Google/Amazon, but I feel its important to inform the readership. The article after that will actually be a “solutions” type episode in which I’ll be offering some command-line tools for GNU/Linux people. Yes, I’ll be offering my own code/tooling.

    I’m looking forward to all of the above, following what JC will be up to, and what you all have to say in this month’s Open Thread.

    Be aware, investigate and inform!

    (And water your plants; its spring in the Northern Hemisphere)

    In solidarity,

    2-D / YesXorNo

    PS: I shall “reply” to this post with a link to the Tor article when it is published. Feel free to disagree and shoot down all errors I make. 🙂

    • weilunion says:

      When you cover Tor cover Jacob Appelbaum. Tor is a military operation started by Naval Intelligence.

      Appelbaum was a military contractor for Tor and their spokesperson.

      I do hope you will take a critical look at Surveillance Valley and the good work done on the Pando website.

      Tor more and more looks like a kettling psyop and if it is and was, how many people were drastically affected by it?

      • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

        Hi weilunion,

        Part 1 does not cover Jacob Appelbaum. His ejection from TorProject is a controversial topic involving claims of sexual abuse. This diverts from the purpose of the article, though I personally find the topic interesting. One of Jacob’s advocates has been Suzie Dawson, who herself was hounded by the New Zealand secret police, before fleeing to Russia.

        Surveillance Valley does not feature directly (Hi In-Q-Tel!).

        Again, the topic is Tor and to help people understand what it is (that will be part 3, a technical deep-dive), what its ideals and purpose are, and from where it comes. Most of these topics are addressed in Part 1.

        • weilunion says:

          If the topic is Tor, then the topic is the US military and Board of Governors that is a CIA front organization that backs and funds Tor. Among others.

          I read part one and the following:

          “The question of who uses Tor invites an important question. Imagine that you are the USA’s Naval Research Lab attempting to develop a covert communications channel between soldiers/operatives “in the field” and services provided on-line by the USA’s military. If this “covert channel” is only used by USA military/spy personnel then as soon as it is discovered, everybody using it is immediately fingered as such.

          This problem is solved by opening the tool to the wider public. Now the “covert channel” is a “public channel” and is composed of military, civilians, and all walks of persons making the job of “fingering” much, much harder. The observers need to actually do work to sort the unimportant from their intended targets.

          One could jump to conclusions and say “that is why the Naval Research Lab’s open sourced the project”, which may be true. It does not, however, refute the observation. An effective covert channel is far better protected if it is suffused with “innocent” traffic, placing the burden on the observer to distinguish.”

          This is Dingledine’s rap since Yasha outted him and it has not changed. It is nothing new.

          The fact is that Tor was started by the military and remains a military contractor.

          Appelbaum was paid $90K per year from the Board of Governors to pitch it.

          Anyone who uses it must go into it with the idea that they probably are being monitored.

          And again, the matchstick men who promoted the network have many, many questions to answer and play a grand part in the story as you allude to with Cypher Punks.

          I will await part two where you deconstruct many fears held by millions around the world.

          Thanks for your work.

          • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

            Hi weilunion,

            Thank you for reading the article, and identifying areas that you found of interest. I am most pleased.

            The article is “in defence” of Tor, and I use my editorial ability to give this slant to the article. However, I am interested in well founded accusations to question the legitimacy of the project organisation. You identity one which I raise, and well done. It is a valid concern. I minimize it by argument, but it is not erased. I hope you can see that I am attempting, despite my editorial influence, to be somewhat balanced.

            As for your remarks, I would first like to ask exactly who this “Board of Governors” is. Please provide a reference. I am NOT asserting that what your claim is false. I would like to learn more. So, thank you in advance for any details of source documentation on this body and particularly its actions.

            You state:

            “The fact is that Tor was started by the military and remains a military contractor.”

            which is a fact. I will be addressing this common criticism of Tor in Part 2.

            You also state:

            “Anyone who uses it must go into it with the idea that they probably are being monitored.”

            I disagree with your implication, not its absolute truth. The “absolute truth” is that every single network, globally, is being monitored. The question is which are more difficult to monitor? This will become explored in parts 2 and especially, 3. I am sorry to make you wait and I hope it is worth your while.

            Again, thank you for your engagement, and I am sorry to make you wait for parts 2 and 3. 2 should be out late next week. Its actually ready to go, but it is important for me to let part 1 breathe a little, before the follow up is published. By the publication of 2, 3 will be ready, and again I’ll give a little air to 2. So, it’ll be out around Sat next week when 3 comes out.

            Then we can really get down to business and argue about technology. The political considerations are important and relevant. In the end, its the technology that either conforms to TorProject’s stated political goals or not. The tech is the bottom line.

            So, thank you for engaging with the article.

            Did you watch the first 26 minutes of the video source?


            2-D / YesXorNo

            • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

              Whether we can argue about technology will be a test of my writing skills. I am attempting to explain all of the complexity of Tor’s network operations for a non-technical audience.

              I am enjoying the challenge, and in the end my readership will be the judge.

              Again, thank you for your engagement. I look forward to your future comments, and will respond.

            • weilunion says:

              “THERE’S BEEN A LOT OF SPECULATION—and no small amount of hysteria—about what President Trump may do with Voice of America and its parent federal agency, the Broadcasting Board of Governors. Reports in Politico and The Washington Post implied a takeover plot is afoot for Trump to mold VOA to his own purposes, as if POTUS has no other channels with which to communicate to global audiences.”


              I will let you take the time,2-D, to investigate the Broadcasting Board of Governors ties to the CIA.

              It has little to do with Trump and more to do with psyops here and abroad.

              It is they that give money to Tor. And that is extremely dangerous but accounts for much of what was done on behalf of Tor.

              Always follow the money.

              Even before that, 2005, Tor was busy setting up their system in Iraq. And they were funded then by the military industrial complex.

              Sure, Soros is all over. He too works with the CIA. That is fact. That he was a Nazi is fact too,but I digress.

              Soros is like NED. He is the private philanthropic part of the global transnational corporate system. Working for the CIA can be done in the capacity of a appendage. But no one as powerful as Soros can fall far from the CIA tree.

              The CIA is the praetorian guard for the global transnational corporate system.

              • 2-D Chess Dweller says:


                Aaaah, the Broadcasting Board of Governors. I am familiar with them (VOA, RFE/RL, etc.). They seem to form a triumvirate with NED and USAID as publicly declared civilian organisations to help the CIA operations people, with the BBG leading the propaganda arm to promote colour revolutions.

                Of course, the CIA is allowed to run foreign influence operations. However, domestic operations are strictly prohibi… Oh, Operation Mockingbird. The Church Committee investigations were quite revealing.

                The not-so-funny thing about CIA operations people is that they’re so compartmentalized or full of cool-aid that they consider themselves patriots rather than minions for the trans-nationalists. Or maybe they don’t care and are drunk on power.

                You are quite right to point out that BBG and Soros are all over the funding for TorProject. Addressing this fact in my narrative on Tor is a challenge. I shall revisit it and unify the funding bodies under this BBG umbrella (Soros + State Dept + VOA etc.). It is a useful collective identifier.

                Thank you again for your input.


                2-D / YesXorNo

            • weilunion says:

              “Anyone who uses it must go into it with the idea that they probably are being monitored.”

              Sure,like substack people kettle themselves for they get de-platformed and there is always some in the front or back alley waiting.

              Tor is voluntary. If one needs privacy why play around? Don’t use the computer.

              But most need a computer.

              Nothing on the computer will ever provide privacy. If one wants to get the best there is, understand that it is not fool proof.

        • weilunion says:

          If part two is out, and I cannot find it, please post it for us to see.

          • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

            To quote the last two sentences of the article itself:

            “This article will continue in Part 2 where common arguments to not use Tor are deconstructed, and a testimonial from the author outlines why he uses Tor.

            This will be published in the coming days.”

            2-D / YesXorNo

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      Part 1 of what will be a 3 part article is published:


      Part 2 will address the usual arguments to doubt the technology of Tor, or its funding or its staff and/or background. That will be out in a few days.

      Please feel free to check my sourcing. If you can spot any errors, I would be most grateful to hear about them.

      Investigate, and make up your own mind!

      • weilunion says:

        No errors in sourcing.D-Chess. What many want to know is the history of its funding, year by year and by specifically whom.

        Some of us know.

        Most do not.

        We need a published forensic audit.

        But without a full disclosure of who funds Tor, its connections to the military, what Tor promises to deliver remains out of context.

        I will await part two as you mention.

        I will say: Everything is known and there is no encryption in the world that cannot be untangled and broken.

        The answer is not to look for anonymity on line; that is fighting Windmills.

        We must clearly admit what you said the Cypherpunks understood, that the internet,like a hammer can be used to build a house or break your head.

        Thus, the internet, as a tool in the tool chest of the means of production, is owned by the ruling class.

        To play cat and mouse with them seems to me a waste of time.

        They must be expropriated. How, remains to be seen. But the Cypherpunks proved to be right.


        • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

          Hi weilunion,

          “No errors in sourcing.D-Chess.” Given your comments to date, including the above, I gather that you have knowledge on this wider topic. Thus, I take that statement as a very high compliment, and thank you for it.

          “What many want to know is the history of its funding, year by year and by specifically whom. Some of us know. Most do not. We need a published forensic audit.”

          This is referenced in part 2. But, you can be Jonny on the Spot, if you wish. As a 501(c) TorProject is required to publish its funding. It is here:


          Go create the forensic report you desire and PUBLISH it!!! You get editorial control. Make your argument!!

          “I will say: Everything is known and there is no encryption in the world that cannot be untangled and broken.”

          Bruce Schneier (another “insider”) has stated that military intelligence is generally about 30 years ahead of public tech. I think he’s over stating just a little; 10 to 20 years seems more likely. But, this implies that the USA military have operational quantum computing which can instantly break Diffie-Hellman type encryption. Daniel Bernstein and others are working on “Post-Quantum” (PQ) cryptography, and they know what the NSA (operation Bullrun) has done to weaken standards published by NIST. However, the current public tech for PQ requires masses of resources to run and is still early in development. Thus, Tor aren’t using it yet as it will pretty much bring the network to a halt.

          “The answer is not to look for anonymity on line; that is fighting Windmills.”

          Okay. I’m not going to die on this hill, but I’m happy to make an effort. There is no “civil society” when the overlords know everything about everyone. There are other strategies than trying to preserve what little promise the Internet had in its early days.

          But, we’re both using it. Right now.

          So, I am going to keep fighting this windmill, which is entirely the purpose of this article. In the end, its tech. Let’s have fun once part 3 comes out.

          “… How, remains to be seen. But the Cypherpunks proved to be right.”

          No. The CypherPunks got some things right, and others wildly wrong. Watch the Marlinspike video.

          Again, it is a pleasure exchanging ideas and discussing the article with you, weilunion. I look forward to the next installment.


          2-D / YesXorNo

        • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

          Hi weilunion,

          I have included a limited funding report in part 2, as you requested.

          US govt agencies, including Soros, are all over the place. I still dont think it tells one much, but data reporting is useful.

          If you wish to do this yourself, I’ve given you the link. Total funding is near the top of each of the 990 reports. Funding sources are in Section “O”.

          Have at it.


          • weilunion says:

            Thank you first of all, for your civility. Secondly, for the subject matter and debate.

            Yes, I have immersed myself pretty well in this subject.

            As an activist from the 1960’s, we always knew we were spied on and informed on.

            This went with the job and nothing has changed other than the stakes.

            The ruling elite own all the means of production globally and this of course means communication.

            I would venture you are right that intelligence, be it private or public, is light years ahead.

            Again, I do not blame the ‘hammer’ or the technology I blame the use of the hammer, who owns it and who controls decisions surrounding it.

            Technocratic fascism, the stage of late stage fascism which I believe we are in, will continue to produce technology far beyond human comprehension.

            Five G is just one example.

            And it does not look like there are any world wide or even national movements worth their salt.

            Reminds me of one of those old electric ping pong machines with the silver ball bearing.

            Eventually I see nation states as mere vassal states in the transnational global capitalist order that is being served and prepared as we speak.

            No, there is no public commons if everything is known.

            I am afraid the enclosure movement in England in the 17th century that gave rise to industrial capitalism and the neo-enclosure movement, still ongoing, have rendered the public commons extinct or soon to be.

            Without the public commons we have private market man and the privatization of every aspect of daily life to the point each movement, subtle or non, is nothing more than an exchange value.

            It means the end of say, the library where I send me e-mail from, will be boarded up or replaced with a private cyber cafe.

            Do let us know when part three reveals itself and be well.

            • 2-D Chess Dweller says:


              I emerged from a recent medical emergency with some new understandings. One of these was that life is too short to be spent arguing with people. Very little product comes from it, apart from stroking one’s own ego. I have committed myself to constructive debate, where disagreements are welcome and one may learn from one’s interlocutor.

              There are two key elements: respect and compassion. Respect for those who engage in constructive debate, and respect for oneself to disengage from non-constructive debate. Compassion is one of our species most powerful capacities, and is to be widely employed in social interaction. It checks emotional stupidity and facilitates wider understanding.

              It is exchanges like ours that motivate me to write, and to strive to improve.

              Thank you for divulging some personal information. It helps me to understand the world view which you offered. If you were “an activist from the 60s” you’ve had a few more decades to develop wisdom than I. I have just begun my 6th decade and hope that I am now sufficiently developed to be able to hear the wisdom on offer.

              I share your concern for transnational power structures. I am particularly concerned about the loss of the commons. For this I do have some power, and since my “9/11 : A Limited Theory” article (2021-08-31) all pieces are published under CC-BY-SA 4.0. The move to declaring creative commons and it coinciding with this article is, coincidence. In retrospect, it seems appropriate. Serendipity at work.

              I spent some time yesterday revisiting part 2 or the Tor piece. I have added a brief funding analysis, as mentioned. I have also added a section on “Threat Modeling” or “Threat Assessment” to explain my usage of Tor, its purpose and limitations. I very much look forward to your comments on any aspect of the article, though especially this section.

              I expect to publish part 2 on Wednesday or Thursday, and will update this discussion as soon as it is published.

              With thanks for the respect you have shown me,

              2-D / YesXorNo

              • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

                Sadly, Part 2 has reached about 4500 words, which I’ve learned is a bit too much for many. Thus, the article will now have 4 parts, separating part 2 into parts 2 and 3. However, I will publish 3 rapidly after 2, as it is quite short.

                This is all a consequence of my revisit to part 2 to incorporate the financial analysis and adjustments to the “Why not use a VPN?” argument. It required more clarity.

                Lastly, will come the technical annex, part 4. As promised, I will update this comment sequence upon each publication.

                Regards, 2-D

              • weilunion says:

                Mark Twain said, “Never argue with a fool. Onlookers may not be able to tell the difference.”

                You have one quite a bit of work and should be quite happy it.

                There is so much more we do not know.

                I would recommend Dave Emory and Spitfirelist.com for a nuanced commentary.

                One does not have to agree with Dave in order to appreciate the 43 years of work he has done.

                I am like you, I have no interest in Facebook arguments or online banter.

                I am glad I could be of help and will look or your work!

              • weilunion says:

                I have written seven books and millions of words on the internet. No more. The repeal of the Enlightenment, underway, and the return to serfdom and pre-literacy has left me undercut by history.

                But I am happy that there are those of you that are finding your voice and encourage you to continue.

                Now, they even tell the reader how long it will take to read and article and if it is more than a minute or two, we are out of luck.

              • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

                Note weilunion, we have reached the “indent” limit, and no more “reply” buttons are forthcoming. We have broken corebettreport!


                Thank you for the Mark Twain quote. His one-liners are piercing.

                As for sites, like Medium, informing me of reading time, I get the idea that they think they’re being helpful. But, it merely re-inforces the sense of helplessness and “no time”. Its all crap. You have whatever time you make (to paraphrase Withnail from the classic film).

                New discussions need be made as we’ve hit the wall here!

      • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

        Dear Corbetteers,

        It is gratifying to see an increased interest from this community in my “laying out the background” Part 1 article on Tor. The history presented with its references would, I hope, be enough to engage your interest. The article is essential to what will be more contentious in parts 2 and 3.

        For now, the surveillance goons at shitstack inform me that the Corbetteers are being outdone in excess of 9/1 by direct contact.

        There are no battle lines drawn. There is just a discussion awaiting your engagement.


        As you may see above, I respond to comments respectfully.

        Peace be with you,

        2-D Chess Dweller / YesXorNo

        • weilunion says:

          I think Einstein was right.

          OpEdNews Op Eds 12/22/2014 at 2:58 PM EST H3’ed 12/22/14

          A Generation of Idiots and the Tools We Worship
          By Danny Weil

          Worshiping the ‘tools’ we as humans have been able to manufacture within a framework of ‘predatory capitalism’ will have far reaching results that the world cannot really even imagine, although Einstein tried:

          “I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones” (ibid).

          Oligarchies and the forces of production in the hands of a few

          The superiority of the forces of production and their concentration in the hands of a few predatory oligarchs out to make nothing but money under the auspices that property is wealth, has now arrived.

          The pictures tell a thousand words and as we see the destruction of human interaction in favor of artificial intelligence we witness the rise of the “idiot” that Einstein so clearly warned us about.


          • 2-D Chess Dweller says:


            “”Private capital tends to become concentrated in few hands, partly because of competition among the capitalists, and partly because technological development and the increasing division of labor encourage the formation of larger units of production at the expense of smaller ones. The result of these developments is an oligarchy of private capital the enormous power of which cannot be effectively checked even by a democratically organized political society. This is true since the members of legislative bodies are selected by political parties, largely financed or otherwise influenced by private capitalists who, for all practical purposes, separate the electorate from the legislature. The consequence is that the representatives of the people do not in fact sufficiently protect the interests of the underprivileged sections of the population. Moreover, under existing conditions, private capitalists inevitably control, directly or indirectly, the main sources of information (press, radio, education). It is thus extremely difficult, and indeed in most cases quite impossible, for the individual citizen to come to objective conclusions and to make intelligent use of his political rights”.

            Thanks for the link.

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      Part 2 of the “About Tor” series “Refutations: Deconstructing Arguments Against Tor” has been published:


      Its a little earlier than I was anticipating. However, I was so encouraged by weilunion’s engagement that extra effort was applied. The major part of that effort, with weilunion’s nudging, has produced a much better article, with more nuance and better sourcing. I found sourcing that I had no idea about!

      I thank weilunion again for his encouragement.

      I hope you find the article stimulating. I can inform you that my final conclusions were not where I expected them to be, which is quite refreshing.

      As with the last article, I am most happy to engage in constructive dialogue regarding the article’s contents.

      Lastly, I feel that this was an article I was meant to write. I have the historical understanding and field knowledge to be able to engage the topic. This combination of attributes is quite rare. I hope I have made the topic comprehensible and interesting. If I have failed, I would very much like to know where it can be improved. I will be paying close attention to comments here, and thank you in advance for any to come.

      Part 3, my testimonial on why I use Tor, will be coming out in a few days. That will complete the non-technical sections of the greater article. Then its down to brass tacks.

      Peace be with you and your communities,

      2-D / YesXorNo

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      Dear Corbetteers,

      Part 3 of the “About Tor” series “About Tor: Testimonial: Why do I use Tor?”, a Testimonial and political opinion section, has been published.

      The piece moves from summarizing what has been discovered to a personal testimonial in which Mr. Limited Hangout “Snowden” makes an appearance. My knives are briefly directed towards Omidyar. Some more personal history ends with some principled positions.

      From there, the article concludes with a view of the Internet from a Tor “user” perspective, and moves on to more political topics like information control.

      All 10 000 odd words of all three parts of this polemic, or analysis, are there for you to use over the coming Easter Weekend to avoid your painful Aunt, or Uncle, or Brother or whatever.

      Don’t do that.

      Choose social engagement, instead. The articles will still be there later.

      Have a lovely break,

      2-D / YesXorNo

      1: https://yesxorno.substack.com/p/society-and-technology-what-why-how
      2: https://yesxorno.substack.com/p/about-tor-refutations-deconstructing
      3: https://yesxorno.substack.com/p/about-tor-testimonial-why-do-i-use

    • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

      Dear Corbetteers,

      I hope you have all gained as I have from my social interactions during the Easter break.

      The last component, part 4, of the Tor series has been published. There is very little politics here. Its a technical article delivered for a non-technical audience.


      I hope you find the article informative. My advice is to read it, but also watch for updates. I have already directly contacted the lead architect of Tor and asking him for correction of any errors in the article. Should there be any, they will be clearly noted in the Publication/Update history and as updates the text. I preserve my errors, and add updates around them to correct them. The same process will be used. Author accountability.

      The intention of this article is to provide a deep description of how Tor works for a non-technical audience, and I value more than anything else its technical accuracy. It has taken weeks to produce, and I am proud of it.

      I stake my claim that this is the most comprehensive article written on Tor’s operations for a non technical audience, ever.

      Peace be with you,


  5. Kati says:

    To current ukraine events i was surprised about Scott Ritter´s neutral view,
    good listen with Alex Thomson, a former GCHQ sowjet focused, this talk was at Fuellmichs friday session which he still does to fight the lies about covid etc


    • taxSlave says:

      The Ritter interview was very interesting. Thanks for that.

    • klhop777 says:

      A really good interview with Scott Ritter. Interesting. Was glad to hear the information about cell phone use behind ‘enemy lines’ talked about. A few videos I saw of Ukraine soldiers removing phones from the pockets of dead Russians and calling their families, was pretty bad…until now we know it was a farce.

    • weilunion says:

      Scott Ritter is not neutral. He claims that under Article 51 of the UN Charter Russia had a right to ‘invade’ Ukraine.

      He has made this argument many times.

      • WalkWithVan says:

        Scott has a big ego, but he’s probably correct.

        • weilunion says:

          Yes, agreed he is arrogant and full of himself.

          It is hard to judge.

          Purposeful censorship and rally round the nation state flag.

          Economically it will back fire.

          That the U is supporting and training and arming Nazis is already known throughout the world: Azov Battalion, C14, Right Party, Sleboda etc.All Bandera fascists.

          More than half the world,including China and India will pay for oil in rubles. That is like half the world. Africa and perhaps Latin America may follow.

          Sanctions only heightened the fall, and perhaps this is what a controlled economic demolition looks like.

          Hard to tell.

          But Russia must den-Nazify as must the US.

          March 24,2022 was the end of Bretton Woods.

          What emerges,of course, is a stronger Yuan and Rupee.

          For Empires there is grasp and there is over reach.

          Here, it is obviously the latter.

          • 2-D Chess Dweller says:

            Yes. Most of this, with a zillion references, is covered in my article of a few weeks ago.


            Ritter is basically quoting the Russian President who invoked Article 51. I agree that Ritter is a little egotistical. He is, however, attempting to provide a counter-narrative to the idiocy being produced by western politicians and the media. There is some value in this.

            The BEST article I’ve read is by an ex-NATO military analyst:

            “Former NATO Military Analyst Blows the Whistle on West’s Ukraine Invasion Narrative”, Jacques Baud, Scheer Post, 2022-04-09

            This does not cover the financial aspects, which IMHO, are the really big picture. These are covered in the second half my piece and supported by many a reference, including both articles and interviews.

            Of recent note is the removal of Imran Khan as Pakistan’s Prime Minister as the USA continues its attempted “peeling away” of the SCO / BRI / Eurasian Economic Union. The public outpouring of support for Khan in Pakistan was quite a sight to behold. The game is not over.


            2-D / YesXorNo

    • canbeen says:

      On the flip side, Scott Ritter might have pedophilia tendencies for more than a decade if this article is true. The fact that he was recruited into intelligence more than a decade before he was arrested for masturbating online to what he thought was a child fits into a normal pattern of recruiting people which sexual disorders into intelligence so that they can be compromised and controlled.
      To be fair, even with this article’s negative reporting, it still shows he has a consistent history of being anti-war. It’s just that he is an easily compromisable person. So I won’t want to put too much trust in his words, unless he matches each fact he presents with evidence.

  6. Tina says:

    Good morning, Corbett fans (and maybe James himself). A public school district in Wisconsin has recently presented its “Furry Protocol” for elementary school children. Yes, our Bizarro World has gotten even weirder. A parent of children in this district describes the matter:
    “Children have been instructed not to take pictures of, make fun of, stare at, or in any way call out the behavior of their classmates who identify as Furries. The Furries get to choose whether or not they want to speak in class. They can choose whether or not they want to run or participate in gym class and are permitted to sit at the feet of their teachers while licking their paws. Barking, growling, and hissing noises are commonplace in school hallways and classrooms. Other children have been warned to treat Furries as normal, as teachers and administrators have normalized the behavior.”
    I hadn’t heard of “Furries” before, however, my guess is that this bizarre phenomenon is likely connected to the transgender agenda. I remember James recently did a video connecting the transgender movement to transhumanism, but haven’t been able to locate it this morning. If anyone happens to have the link handy, I’d appreciate it!

    • Duck says:

      THIS is the link…

      If you have not heard of furries before I kinda envy you… Biden was apointing a gay dog play pervert to clean up atomic waste

      If you want to know the social side of the trans craze you should read abigale shriers book
      “Irreversible damage” they have been spreading this into schools for a long time but she talks about the mechanisms of social contagion from a suprised leftie viewpoint.

      If you want to know the funding path in minute detail Scott Howards book is a text book level work… it will make you throw it down in anger if you actually read it.

      If you want to see a study of the Media campaign that laid the ground work in its early days (warning on occasional uncouth/racist language) You might want to fast forward over the weird Grover vs Terminator intro
      INsomnia Stream, dont say Gay edition

      Trust me when I say that the HUGE MAJORITY of adults have zero idea how much their children have been groomed for perversion acceptance… if we should somehow last another generation without a collapse expect cannibalism, necrophilia and pedophilia to be normalized almost as easily as homosexuality was

      Just for Lols… Silence of the Lambs MUSICAL! With Lego!!!(they just age restricted it…)

    • Not This Little Frog says:

      This strange phenomena you refer to is completely new to me. As a dad of a homeschooled child I am curious even if understandably out of the loop. Do you have a link that gives more information in a balanced “unwoke” way? If there is an article that is balanced about such an issue, that is. Or is it just a matter of searching the internet and reading anything no matter the source or perspective given the topic?

      I haven’t had a chance to find aforementioned link, however I think it was probably a Q4C episode 🙂

      • Duck says:

        Not this little frog

        If your interest is purely as a dad you can’t go to wrong with Abigail Shrier who is very normie friendly.

        You can see her do talks on YouTube, and if I recall she was on Joe Rogan and conservative think tanks… she knows the nuts and bolts of how this stuff goes in real life and families.

        She is passing herself off as a conservative, and being Jewish will understandably go into the background funding or politics.

        Do NOT underestimate the power of social media… I do not care how smart it good your kid is the mobile phone that has internet allowed is a weapon of mass destruction. There are literally hundreds of groomers leading kids into this online.

        As a former atheist libertarian I can assure you the worst warnings the most nutjob religious right wingers put out in the 90s has come to pass.

        Stuff I was lol’ing about is PUBLIC POLICY…most people really do not understand that its already too late to fix.

        I know teachers who won’t put their kids in public school

    • mkey says:

      In at least somewhat sane world “furry protocol” would be the title of a porno movie.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Marin County is a wealthy county outside of San Francisco. Watch the expressions on the faces of the Authoritarians.

      Alex Stein March 8th
      Marin County School Board Needs to Support my Lizard Daughter
      (4 minutes)

    • Duck says:

      Do you have a link to this story on a news site?

      I did a search and found no actual news coverage of that story. If that is true then I would expect at least some dinosaur media coverage and did not find any.

      • garden says:

        Duck – i did a search on brave for “wisconsin school district furry protocol” This is the first I’ve heard of furries rights. omg really???? lol multiple items popped up – not the dinasaur medias you may be looking for, a couple from garien.com; couple from twitter & gootube; even one from the daily beast; even a nytimes search engine blip that states the furries dont get their glass boxes….no, I didn’t click on any and read them. still in a state of wft w this one….

        HRS – the alex stein link was hilarious! Thanks.

        the general referances to lizard kids makes me think of theories from David Icke…..

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      — Students walking around like dogs and cats —

      QUEUED at the 1:29:55 minute mark
      Midland Public Schools October 2021 Board of Education Meeting – 10/25/2021
      MPS Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Vision: Lead with respect, trust and courage.
      Ensure an equitable collaborative and inclusive culture. Enable all to achieve success.

      EXCERPT from article…
      At an October Midland school board meeting, an eighth-grader said she was “confused, as a student, why kids are walking around acting like cats and dogs.”
      Speaking at about the 1:30-minute mark, she described a student who walked around the school with a long cat tail, cat ears and little bells that jingled everywhere she went.”
      “I was also walking down the hallway three weeks ago when a boy wearing dog ears barked at me and my friend as we passed,” she said, adding the boy left the school building on all fours.
      “I don’t understand why these kids are acting so un-human and not happy with themselves,” she said. “These things just made me feel uncomfortable and so unnecessary as to why they’re barking at me, and it’s very distracting during school days.

      ~~WWW msn.com/en-us/news/us/no-litter-boxes-for-students-who-identify-as-cats-superintendent/ar-AAT8C7Y

      • Duck says:

        Home remedy Supply

        He has allegedly WITHDRAWN those claims… the rumor is allegedly denied by the district and has popped up in a few places.


        The video of the girl is quite possibly a joke, like THIS guy and his lizard daughter
        Trolling school boards are kinda his thing

        We should always be careful of DISinfomation…. tell people this kind of BS story and when they find out it’s not true they won’t believe you when you tell them true stories like the dad arrested for calling out the school board for covering up how a trans raped his daughter in the schhool bathroom or how a woman was raped by a transwoman in a UK hospital women’s ward and was gaslight for a year after police were told No Men were on that ward so no rape was possible.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I posted Alex Stein and his lizard daughter up above days ago, prior to your post about Alex. So, I guess you are not paying attention.

          On the girl, you can see her at the Midland Public School school board meeting in the video. People clapped.
          Many people before and after her talked about diversity and inclusiveness which is Midland Public School’s “vision”. See their vision statement which I posted.
          Thus, diversity and inclusiveness are an emphasized aspect of this school district…probably to the weird end of the spectrum.
          (Masks were also a big issue by speakers.)

          It is silly to think that the girl’s talk before the school board was a hoax. The audience certainly was on-board with her. She was an 8th grader who told about incidents at her school. Her parents had to drive her to the school board meeting.
          (It should be noted the time-stamp of 2021.)

          Duck, Don’t give me this “We should always be careful of DISinfomation”.
          What I posted was a well sourced and easily viewed piece of information, along with quotes.
          It was a news piece(s) that I posted.
          I did not interject my opinionated ascertainment as a statment of fact (which, by the way, you yourself often do as a reply to people’s comments, and many times without sources.)

          • Duck says:

            “…opinionated ascertainment as a statment of fact (which, by the way, you yourself often do as a reply to people’s….,”

            Yes, I am opinionated.
            However i will certainly give sources when asked and I gave them here.

            I know you posted the Stein stuff, though TBH I only remembered after after I posted the link. I would have mentioned it had I thought sooner.

            Either way the point is that doing such hoaxes is now a thing people can see and copy from the net…as to the reaction of the people ?
            People reacted to “Incubator Babies” too but that did not make it real…and what about that Holly greig story which also turned out to be a nothing…? Or the Hamstead hoax? Plenty of People got plenty upset over that pile of nothing so yeah, people lie all the time

            As to the perverse desires of the average school board sure I can imagine them doing such things HOWEVER
            The lawmaker who MADE THE CLAIM PUBLICLY and the district BOTH DENY that it is happening

            In my shallow search there is NO news outlet reporting it as fact

            I COULD BE UTTERLY WRONG but right now it looks like pile of BullShit designed to make the repeating person look like like a crazy.

            You post a lot of good stuff, btw, but the furry story is neither well sourced nor easy to find proof of and its main creator appears to have retracted it…. hoax or DISinfomation

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              You completely missed the point.

              You, in your “authoritative demeanor” of “…opinionated ascertainment as a statment of fact” insinuated the claim that I had posted “DISinfomation”.

              That is a bunch of crap, and you know it. I posted a MSM article excerpt with the verifying video footage sourced from the school board.
              That is all it was…Information. Duh?!

              I am not talking about the generality of “furry claims” in that comment. I had posted an article with information,
              …and here you are making a strawman argument. Geez!

              I’m done on this topic with you.
              Many times on some of these threads your comments are useless blather.

              • Duck says:

                Home remedy supply
                “….insinuated the claim that I had posted “DISinfomation”…..”

                If you though I was saying that you were deliberately posting disinformation I UNDESERVEDLY apologize for not making my point clearly which is that this kind of story which sounded plausible is a weapon used to keep normies rejecting any truth you might tell them

                It was not directed at you personally and I have gotten fooled and repeated such BS stories myself.

                “…Many times on some of these threads your comments are useless blather….”

                Feel free to ignore me or call me out if I am wrong on something.

                I don’t take it personally and if I hurt your feelings I again apologize for my clumsiness

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Okay. Thanks.

                I’ve cooled down.

  7. wessel says:

    IMDB says Oliver Stone created a documentary called “Castro in Winter”. I’ve tried several search engines but I can’t find a way to view or download it.

    How can I obtain “Castro in Winter” ?

    • Duck says:

      Have you tried pirate bay ?
      I think it’s still up and there is terabytes of junk up there, though I kinda avoid it for fear of getting malware

    • HollyHoo says:

      I found some unedited bits on gooTube but struggling to find it in it’s final form. Longest bit I’ve found in 34mins. Interesting nonetheless. It looks like OliverStone.com is down or gone completely. I wonder if that was by his choice. Seems unlikely especially with recent attention over the Ukraine film.

  8. James,

    Just fyi after waking up in 2007 to the 9/11 scam, the 2001 weaponized anthrax scam starting seven days after, the USS Liberty scam and the “Federal” Reserve scam I started researching many things. I put these channels together best I could when I saw that censorship was growing. Some of the basic information contained herein is about as hard to get people to acknowledge as it is to get them to acknowledge the chemical analysis and other easy-to-understand work done in “Experts Speak Out” by AE911Truth. I would love for anyone to help me correct any of this information. People are waking up but there still seems to be a good bit of psyops employed whether it’s intentional or just from people who haven’t figured it out yet. Don’t forget to click “MORE” below each video to see the additional information.

    Share WW I & II Truth for Peace
    Click “MORE” below each video to see the additional information.

    Note: If this bitchute channel is restricted to you like it is to some because of their location, use some VPN like https://www.privateinternetaccess.com/ to access the internet where you can change your location to one that works and you can view the channel.

    Here are my other two bitchute channels:

    TruthUp Channel
    Click “MORE” below each video to see the additional information.

    Truth Advocates for Justice and Peace
    Click “MORE” below each video to see the additional information.

  9. Lumen says:

    Just wondering what others think about the Zeitgeist Series and the zeitgeistmovement.com, which pops up when I am watching a video. I just watched the second zeitgeist movie, possibly of 2009, and found it eerily similar to the WEF 2030 Agenda. It seems a precursor of what is happening today, regarding social reset and technocracy as the solution. There are about four zeitgeist movies in all and the bloggers’ comments are that they are awakened by them. Quite recently, I watched an expensive, lengthy, free online summit of 7 -10 days which talked about world issues, need of social justice etc. and then unexpectedly, out of context, on the second last day, brought up the WEF 2030 Agenda as the solution. Also, we have been receiving numerous free, lengthy summits with good subject matter and some advertising at the end. However, since hosting services are expensive, I wonder if third parties are offering subsidies etc. to encourage online services and courses and the closure of small businesses. I wonder if others have also experienced this onslaught of free summits. T.Y.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      – Zeitgeist –

      In late February 2022, James Corbett briefly discussed the Zeitgeist Series.
      Interview 1701 – Resistance and the Future on Revelations Radio News

      I personally liked the very first Zeitgeist film as a dissemination piece, but I did not care for the stuff that followed.

    • Duck says:


      Zeitgeist is pro Technocratic propaganda, with a good dash of New Age satanism thrown in.
      Not surprised it’s pushimg NWO solutions since NWO types and fellow travelers have been behind most cults and social movements of the past hundred years…its just that most fizzle out or stay fringe. The hippy moment, sexual revolution, music industry, generations of TV programming, even some of the in internet subcultures are all manufactured.

      It’s just the usual PROBLEM REACTION SOLUTION.

      • Lumen says:

        We’ve been their puppets all along. Thnx for the info.

        • Duck says:

          Blackpilled said something along g the lines of the people who were NPC followers before are getting to be actual NPC level puppets what with the electric propaganda of today.

          Normal people just need to work harder to keep our minds clear…

  10. VieuxOrdinaire says:

    What’s the necessity for a technocratic system to the parasite class?
    Why is technocracy – and a set amount of energy credits allocated to the cattle – a prerequisite for global governance?
    They seem to be able to control the masses through monetary fiat nonsense just fine, so I don’t get why TPTSB have been getting their nickers in a twist for their vision of a ‘technate’ for almost a century now.

    Is it just to sell the idea of TOTAL control through the SDG agenda? Is it so they can have the choice to starve off a group of non-compliant dissidents, which would today at least be able to scramble together a few bucks by mowing the neighbour’s lawn? “sorry, no credits for you – so no way to sustain or feed yourself”?

    A digital currency (which WILL come anyway) would achieve all this too, right? So why the technocratic energy crap, built on Anthr.Climate Change lies?

  11. Jason says:

    Hello everyone,

    I thought after all these years I would do some shameless plugging of my art over here. Was fortunate to be part of the Corbett Report Truth Music back in 2015, and would like to present my music : https://jasonkohnen.bandcamp.com/
    There is a selected works compilation offering a free/pay as you like introduction. Enjoy and be safe!

    • mkey says:

      Jason, being a metalhead I don’t know much about electronic music, but Amzha is a work of art bones to balls. The truth is silent and as such it needs its messengers.

      • ChairmanDrew says:

        mkey, being a metalhead can you recommend any anti-agenda truth music to have come out in the last couple of years? As a genre, metal has been pathetically woke and spineless in latter years, it would be good to know if there is anyone out there willing to stick out.

        • mkey says:

          Hey, Mr. Chairman. I have kept adding various bits and pieces over the years to the last truth music podcast.


          Not many authors willing to stick their neck out, it seems. Eric Clapton, Ian Brown and I think the neinzih nein luft baloon woman are the only ones that come to my mind when we’re talking about countering the covid mass paranoid psychosis.

      • HollyHoo says:

        His stuff is not all electronic, it’s very varied, you might enjoy some of it.

        • mkey says:

          If it wasn’t obvious from my comment, yes I very much like the compositions from this author. At least those that I have perused, can’t comment on the rest, obviously.

          • HollyHoo says:

            Ah is Amzha one of his too? I didn’t see that one. I was really impressed with some of the electronic ones being more into that than some of the doomcore doomjazz stuff even though I used to be in a noise outfit and various other bands Im a bit more chill now. Like that there are other people out there doing diverse or eclectic music and genres. Something for everyone almost. ??

    • HollyHoo says:

      Hi! Really like your mixed works – it gives an overview of all the different styles and genres you do, you’re really prolific. Love that first one on there, meduxae? And the glowstix and the dubby ragga stuff is relatable being a 90s teen in uk.
      I started a band camp recently bc I was planning to put my new work about current events there, I was halfway through an album and my old Mac died completely. I’m hoping to retrieve the data. Got my old work on soundcloud, it used to be good on there.

      My truth music plug… a pretty old song (don’t like to think how old) about technocracy Kinda inspired by terminator and mashed with the Iraq war which we had just protested against, it has samples from the news around then in it.

      GrimWar (a play on Grimoire)

      And a song about Divide and Rule also from a while back has real instruments in which is weird for me.

      Divide and Rule/keep it together

      These are simple or minimal electronic songs made on very basic equipment in my cellar probs before I even had internet and it’s probably a bit lossy and needs turning up. It is what it is now. It’s not all like this. Some of my work is very daft and all definitely more art therapy than music.

  12. Anciana says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m wondering if the “vaccine” makers have stopped putting graphene in the “vaccines.” I haven’t seen any info on that, or if they’ve presented their excuses for putting it in there in the first place. Same questions about AIDS virus in the “vaccines.”

    Thanks for info on this subject.


    • ChairmanDrew says:

      There’s no such thing as an “AIDS virus”. Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, in essence, is a real thing. However HIV, the supposed virus that causes AIDS, is as phoney as everything that came after it, including the current miasma scamdemic.

      There is plenty of info documenting this, but Jon Rappoport would be a good place to start with his AIDS Inc. book written at the height of that particular scam.

      • Anciana says:

        Yes, thanks. I’ve seen that HIV is unrelated to AIDS. AIDS itself is real, though. I was living in San Francisco when AIDS hit the city very hard. Whether it’s a virus or something else, I don’t know, but whatever it is, reports are saying it’s in the scamdemic “vaccine.”

        I’m still wondering about the graphene — the killer ingredient in the scamdemic “vaccine.”

        • ChairmanDrew says:

          All AIDS really means is that the immune system has been degraded by something. In the 80’s in the US, especially among the gay community, it was excessive drug use. But in Africa (because they had to have an origin story) it was all the conditions typical of poverty and malnutrition. Despite the polarity between these unconnected scapegoat causes (and effects) it was all blamed on the same phoney virus; HIV. The end goal predictably was to stoke irrational fear and promote and sell the use of toxic drug “treatments”.

          If this sounds familiar, it should. It’s the same playbook, used over and over again throughout the history of big pharma and viral scams.

        • robster says:

          Take whatever “reports” are saying with a large grain of salt, whether it’s “mainstream” or “alternative”. Most of both sides is controlled.

          Like ChairmanDrew said, it doesn’t really matter what label you give a “disease”, or better “symptoms”. People suffering from “AIDS” have been malnourished or poisoned, perhaps by vaccines, perhaps by EMF, perhaps by other chemicals – in the AIDS case quite often intravenous drugs.

          Point is: there is no virus, and a label for a condition is just that: a label.

          A great docu on HIV/AIDS is https://odysee.com/@ReneScherger:a/The-Emperors-New-Virus—-An-Analysis-of-the-Evidence-for-the-Existence-of-HIV-(Documentary):2.

      • ztaco says:

        Miasma scamdemic? What is that, if i may ask?

  13. Truth seeker says:

    Jeff Berwick thinks the financial chaos will happen in the Shemitah year–Sept 2022. https://dollarvigilante.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Shemitah-Trends.pdf . Perhaps, their cyber atk will happen then–cyber polygon.

    I don’t know if you heard about what the EU is going to do–must use QR codes to use ATMS. Also push for digital IDs and VX passport end of 2022/2023: https://www.globalresearch.ca/mandatory-vaccination-eu-just-went-through-under-radar/5776115. So cash will lose its value so you will be forced to use the digital currency. That is what happened in the EU. Currencies like Lira, Franc lost their value. They had to exchange their cash to the Euro in a certain time frame. If they didn’t, they lost their value.

    Meat will be banned in USSA in 2024. It makes sense as they want to get us off meat so we will eat their lab grown meat:https://www.globalresearch.ca/united-states-ban-real-meat/5776170

    Food shortages are being engineered now example using “bird flu” to kill chickens. “When you control the food, you control the people.” Ice Age Farmer who you can find on Bitchute and on Telegram discusses this.

    In regards to Cryptos, Catherine Austin Fits doesn’t advice for it. See Planet Lockdown video. Said said they stand for “crypt.” She also said, your $ is on THEIR servers. How are they different than our fiat dollars? Not backed by anything. When they do their cyber atk(cyber polygon), they will use that as excuse to have internet IDs. How will you use cryptos then? Max Igan said due to these, he recommends getting out of them by end of 2024.

    • Duck says:

      “….Meat will be banned in USSA in 2024….”

      PRETTY SURE thats a prank 🙂
      “….The U.S. ban is slated to take effect April 1, 2024..”
      Though I bet they WISH they could do that 🙁
      Maybe if we have a big enough war they could but short of that the public chimp out would dwarf anti-lockdown or BLM protests and meat producers are still a decent sized lobby not easily kicked to teh curb that fast.

      I found a ton of almost word for word the same article but no gov source that I could find for the announcement…..hmn now I think about it I bet that article got auto copied “dead Internet” style

      I downloaded the pdf on the EU vaccine passports and got google translate to convert it to English… I only had time to scan it but it just looks like regular the regular E-passport junk

    • pearl says:

      Truth Seeker, at the end of the USA banning meat article, there’s this:


      This is an April Fool’s article and the FDA ban on real meat is a fictional scenario. A primary reason why we post April Fool’s articles is to act as warnings. We want to wake people up to see what could happen if actions aren’t taken to protect and preserve freedom.

      Over the years, many of our April Fool’s “jokes” have come true, including our fictional prediction of adult vaccine mandates and internment camps. This isn’t a coincidence. This is planned, and you can see it happening around you. The future of your personal and medical freedoms has not yet been decided. The ending will depend on you.

      What a relief! No mandated happy cricket meals yet. But the links therein pointing to local food sources are essential all the same.

    • Caerla says:

      I wish James would do a post on creating local currencies (or maybe he’s already done that and I missed it?). I saw a brief interview awhile ago he did with someone who had helped to create the local currency in Ithaca, NY, based on one hour of work. I also found this interesting article (http://www.wakeupfromyourslumber.com/node/6720) about Hitler breaking away from the International bankers and creating his own currency based on an hour of labor, which dragged Germany out of the horrible financial situation it was in. It’s very interesting to think about….could this be implemented on a smaller scale if a local currency was needed?

    • weilunion says:

      She is right. No personal escape from the hideous social nightmare. Only organizing with others do we stand a chance.

      Everyone is looking for the recipe whereby they do not have to ad the egg.

      Doesn’t work like that. Hard work is needed to bake a new cake; or in the alternative you will have a new cake with the same frosting.

  14. Duck says:

    For anyone who is looking into getting a bit more online privacy, rather beginner friendly this ep of Higherside Chats discusses the matter


    • jo-ann says:

      Thanks for sharing. Gabriel Custodiet also hosts The Watchman Privacy Podcast.
      For those who would benefit from taking an online privacy course, “Privacy Action Plan” is offered by Glenn Meder. It is a stepwise method of implementing privacy that is designed to help even those technically challenged.

      I wonder what we will do when a digital ID or biometric ID is required to go online. Has anyone looked into the P2P network option? How private will that be?

      • weilunion says:

        Everything is known. they know everything about us and we nothing much about them. You do not escape the monopoly capitalist panopticon by using encryption.

        There is no privacy and no mechanisms to assure privacy.

        It is a dream.

        • Duck says:

          “..they know everything about us and we nothing much about them…”

          If we know nothing about THEM it’s because we don’t look….most of what and who they are is public information.

          If they know everything about US it’s because we put everything out into public in return for convenience and services…. you can keep most of your info private and make it mostly useless.

  15. randallsnyderjr says:

    Keeping up with the material James cites is a challenge which makes me appreciate his coverage of the material even more. However, when James emphasizes a particular article to read I try to set aside the time to peruse. I have just discovered a way that I can do this slightly easier and wanted to share the results of my discovery.

    Brave browser has become my default and the reader feature does an acceptable job with several voices to choose from.

    I suspect others also face a similar challenge so I opened OBS Studio and recorded the reading of a recommended article by Ian Davis while I was tending to chores. The read took 1h5m.

    Here’s the article: Technocracy: The Operating System For The New International Rules-Based Order https://unlimitedhangout.com/2022/02/investigative-reports/technocracy-the-operating-system-for-the-new-international-rules-based-order-1/)

    I have uploaded the video to Bastyon.com.


    I’ve also “read” Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare – The Corbett Report and uploaded it to Bastyon as well.(24m9s)


    Take care,

  16. posol says:

    I’m still not buying Russia and China being part of the WEF plan to rule the world. Real power comes from the military or the militarization of things that should never be used to kill, such as CBR. Russia and China have the world’s strongest conventional militaries and considering their restraint toward the Ukraine and Taiwan, I don’t see them using their militaries recklessly for the glorification of Klaus Schwab.

    • Duck says:


      Its probably more like The Godfather or the Sopranos… they will go along with the WEF as long as the people running those countries benefit from it.

      The second that it doesn’t benefit them AND they can act without getting smushed they will backstab each other…. its lucky for us that a House Divided cant stand for long

    • mkey says:

      Lewrockwell.com uses https://volcast.com/ for user submitted reading of various articles.

      I haven’t determined how one can access/browse audio directly on volcast, maybe a signup is required.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      posol says:
      I’m still not buying Russia and China being part of the WEF plan to rule the world.

      I thought that the concepts relayed in the following interview put things into perspective.
      Interview 1714 – Iain Davis on the New World Order and How to Oppose It

      For example:
      Russia, China, Opec and other nations Moving Towards a MULTIPOLAR ‘Fair World Order’

    • weilunion says:

      We live in a synarchy. Do look it up.

      And that synarchy is global and represents concentrated wealth and power.

    • canbeen says:

      A strategic reason for Putin not wanting Russian military to invade Ukraine recklessly is because there is a need to drag out the show. There are so many NWO policies to implement, both by the West and by Russia, u can’t just finish the show too fast. There is only so much changes the people can stomach in their lives. Also, they need to wait for the slow bureaucracy to play out, especially in Europe, and for markets to respond.
      Also, as a former superpower, if it were to use full force, the Nazi troops will be decimated and the show would look very fake as there will then be no one to fight against. Hence it became more of an onus for the Nazi troops to kill their own population to keep up the impression of a large scale war rather than the fact that only small scale conflicts are really allowed to take place.

  17. barryv says:

    Greetings fellow Corbett Report members,

    I’m brand new to this site and I’m really enjoying the content.
    I’m a South African lawyer and part-time author/social commentator.
    I write a satire/black comedy piece now and again for a local legal website.
    I would like to share the latest I wrote with everyone.

    Here’s the link: https://www.tech4law.co.za/humour/text-funnies/i-fact-checker/

    Have a nice evening and best wishes from a wintry Cape Town.

  18. garden says:

    from AE911Truth in this morning’s emails…..

    ‘Born on 9/11’ graphic novel is here and ON SALE through Friday!

    More than four years in the making — and a six-month shipping delay along the way — the epic graphic novel Born on 9/11 is finally here!

    This remarkable 380-page book, filled with thousands of captivating images and dozens of dynamic characters, is the creation of Andy Steele, the operations manager of AE911Truth and host of the podcast 9/11 Free Fall.

    Born on 9/11 tells the fictional tale of Kevin Langdon, a young man born on September 11, 2001 — the same day his father, a firefighter, dies in the World Trade Center. As Kevin comes of age, he begins to question the official story of 9/11 and wages a battle to expose the truth about his father’s murder.

    Through this Friday, Born on 9/11 is available at a 20% to 33% discount.

  19. s511 says:

    Anciana: Just off the press. They are developing a GQD’s for prevention of future Covid variants. Line up now!
    Graphene Quantum Dots Help Block SARS-CoV-2 Variant from Entering Cells March 1, 2022
    “…The development of graphene quantum dots is a novel innovation that comprises a graphene lattice as well as graphene sheets that exhibit size-dependent luminescence properties due to quantum confinement and edge effects. These GQDs consist of surface groups including, carboxy, epoxy, and hydroxyl which illustrate high water solubility, high surface area as well as high photostability…”
    I am pretty sure the Luciferase bioluminescent enzyme will be a part if int.

  20. Caerla says:

    I just wanted to put it out there – lots of biggish parcels of farmland suddenly went up for sale in my area. I live in North Central Florida. I keep seeing 30 or 40, or even a 160 acre stretch too with for sale signs, all within about a 5-mile radius. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could get a little Corbetteer community going instead of suburban shanty towns? I already have a little sustainable homestead here going on.

  21. mik says:



    Not just Romania:

    “Last month, the European Commission encouraged EU members to begin stockpiling iodide tablets.”

  22. jo-ann says:

    Got Crypto? I don’t know if this is good or bad news…

    Summary from Children’s Health Defense; original article in Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/ninabambysheva/2022/04/05/elizabeth-starks-lightning-labs-raises-70-million-to-bitcoinize-the-us-dollar/?sh=28e3d9817e25

    Elizabeth Stark’s Lightning Labs Raises $70 Million to ‘Bitcoinize’ the U.S. Dollar

    Bitcoin developer Lightning Labs raised $70 million from early investors in Tesla and SpaceX to help turn the first major blockchain into a network capable of transacting trillions of dollars in volume annually, making it a competitor to the likes of Visa.

    While bitcoin is conducting $50 billion in volume daily, the public network is only capable of handling a few transactions per second, compared to Visa’s 65,000. Since 2016, Lightning Labs has been working to fix that problem by developing the Lightning Network, a so-called layer-2 solution that sits on top of the bitcoin blockchain.

    With the investment, the California-based Lightning Labs plans to build out Taro, a protocol that, it hopes, will open Lightning Network to assets other than bitcoin, including stablecoins and fiat currencies. “That’s really significant because the potential here is for all the world’s currencies to route through Bitcoin over the Lightning Network,” Elizabeth Stark, CEO and co-founder of Lightning Labs, told Forbes ahead of the announcement.

  23. alexb says:

    Hi all,
    I’ve had a few difficult conversations over increasing authoritarian control with people I work with over the last few years, to the point that I just don’t bother discussing things like cv19 vaxx with them anymore. However, I was talking to a colleague who mentioned that getting her young children vaxxed was going to be a difficult decision. Both her children have already had the convid virus. I couldn’t help advising her by saying that I wouldn’t if I were in her place and shared my thoughts.

    It obviously wasn’t what she wanted to hear and I think that although, she seemed to shrug it off almost, she was pissed off with me for adding to the doubts that she was obviously having. I think she was seeking reassurance to allay her doubts. I’m glad I got the opportunity to speak openly just hope we can continue having a good working relationship.

    I don’t watch the programming box at home but I can imagine the propaganda dial is turned up full on getting children vaxx ed at the moment.

    Best wishes,

    • mkey says:

      Hi Alex. We all have experience talking to people who basically decide that they will do something but then run into an inner conflict (due to not really wanting to do it) which results in anger/confusion (due to a lack of understanding).

      This time just the topic changed.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I appreciate you sharing that anecdote Alex.
      It is worthwhile to record these personal stories.

    • robster says:

      Many of us have similar experiences nowadays. There is a very clear distinction becoming visible between the mind-controlled masses and the – not enough yet – people who see through the veils in some way or form. Yes, the propaganda dial is in full force and to me this kind of shows that “they” know they are running out of time, as the masses are slow, but surely, waking up. In my country various WEF whores in the government have already stepped down, looks like the rats are leaving the sinking ship.

      Perhaps you’ve already seen it: https://odysee.com/TERRAIN_The_Film_Final_1080p:c. Worth sharing. Tip: it’s funny to watch this with “normies”, and watch them get angry and toss all kinds of “scientific” nonsense around to justify their own beliefs. 😉

  24. alexb says:

    Hi Mkey,
    I’ve spoken to her years ago about 911 and various other topics and she just smiled and probably thought I was a gullible conspiracy nut. I think she feels the “pandemic” was something that occurred organically and an event to bring everyone together.

    She’s fairly conventional and doesn’t stray far from mainstream thinking. I feel that, because of my silence about the scam demi, and that I was ill last year and diagnosed with convid, she must have thought that I accepted the official narrative.

  25. mik says:

    from Zoltan Pozsar, CreditSuisse

    ” if you believe that the West can craft sanctions that maximize pain for Russia while minimizing financial stability risks and price stability risks in the West, you could also believe in unicorns.”

    ” This crisis is not like anything we have seen since President Nixon took the U.S. dollar off gold in 1971 – the end of the era of commodity-based money. When this crisis (and war) is over, the U.S. dollar should be much weaker and, on the flipside, the renminbi much stronger, backed by a basket of commodities.
    From the Bretton Woods era backed by gold bullion, to Bretton Woods II backed by inside money (Treasuries with un-hedgeable confiscation risks), to Bretton Woods III backed by outside money (gold bullion and other commodities).
    After this war is over, “money” will never be the same again…”


    The last article from Zoltan.

    “…..it reminds us of J.P. Morgan lending its last penny in the o/n repo market in September 2019 and then nothing. The Fed had to top up the banking system with reserves, but that was easy. As we said in our last dispatch, it’s easy to
    print money, but impossible to print gas and oil to fuel industry, transport goods, or heat homes, or to print wheat to eat.”

    And some more from him.
    Money, Commodities, and Bretton Woods III

    What Zoltan predicted already happened on small nickel market. Still it was unprecedented, LME cancelled one day of trading!! Nietzsche said god is dead, LME said market is dead.

  26. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Week ending March 26, 2022…

    42,507 DEAD
    3,984,978 Injured
    Following COVID Vaccines in European Database of Adverse Reactions


    • alexb says:

      Thanks for the link HRS, truly heart breaking and upsetting. I really hope my work colleague does not have her children vaxxed. Too many put their faith in the MSM as a safe guard. The reality is that the MSM and social media are suppressing the truth and pushing vax agenda despite the deaths and serious injuries.

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    See this SUB-THREAD of related news stories about shutdowns in China
    Sunday March 13, 2022
    Meanwhile In China, All Hell Is Breaking Loose

    At that SUB-THREAD, I also made this comment:
    “I wonder if this is part of World War 3. I wonder if this is a ploy to deceptively snarl supply chains across the globe.”

    Remember back at the beginning of 2020 when China released all these weird videos of people falling flat faced in the streets from Covid along with draconian lockdown enforcement actions and spraying foggers in the streets?
    China set itself as a role model for the world which most nations mimicked in some way.

    It is my opinion that China is deliberately trying to shape behaviors and economies around the planet. It is World War 3. I believe that “Art of War” type tactics and strategies are being used. But on their face, these strategies are not recognized for what they really are.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The following article is loaded with video clips and images which really tell a story.

      Wed April 6, 2022 – Health Impact News
      Horror Show in Shanghai:
      Babies Taken from Parents to Quarantine Centers,
      Drones and Police Dogs Patrol Deserted Streets in China’s Largest City


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Saturday April 9th – Zero Hedge
      Calm Before The Storm? Transpacific Sea-Freight Rates Fall Amid China COVID Lockdowns

      …A 40-foot container from Shanghai to Los Angeles slumped 3.2%, from $9,112 a week ago to $8,824 this week.
      The benchmark transpacific route is down more than 30% from the September peak of $12,424 but still five times higher than in April 2019. [GRAPH]

      The market for ocean freight is cooling because of the disruptions in China. Ahead of the lockdowns, we described demand would sink for container ships. We outlined once factories reopened, another shipping crisis would materialize:…

      …What comes next is a giant backlog of Chinese products that will need to be shipped to the US. Once China reopens, US importers will be racing to secure containers, which will drive shipping rates higher. That should result in a tsunami of freight that will clog up US West Coast ports and may induce even more supply chain-related inflation.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      See my POSTULATE at the top of this SUB-THREAD.
      i.e. China is deliberately snarling supply chains and trying to further shape international behaviors and economies.
      [NOTE: Michael Senger has been repeatedly mentioned on the comment threads.]

      By Eugyppius on Wed April 13th
      Michael Senger’s Snake Oil: A Review

      …There was, without a doubt and in the earliest stages, a kind of lockdown cabal, a small group of people in different countries who worked to bring some simulacrum of the Hubei response first to Italy and then to most of the globe. An insidious, coordinated information campaign accompanied their efforts, and this should warn us against easy assumptions that they had good intentions.

      On social media, a swarm of manipulative pro-lockdown accounts promoted containment and attacked any prominent politician who tried to steer a moderate course. Michael Senger was among the first to point out that this campaign was operated, in part, out of China. His crucial September 2020 article on the Chinese promotion of lockdowns on social media for Tablet Magazine won him wide renown…

      …Xi fed the world bogus medical advice calibrated to increase SARS-2 mortality…

      …(Senger:)”Lockdown was never about a virus. It was about sending a message: That stripped of all disguise, the illusion of virtue, competence, and commitment to human rights among the western political class was nothing but conformity with easily-subvertible norms and institutions passed down by prior generations.”…

      …Senger is surely right about the extensive influence China wields across western political, media and academic institutions – much of it hidden or unexplored. For many key lockdowners, though, precise China ties remain obscure, and I think we will have to consider that at least some of them had other motivations…
      …modellers like Neil Ferguson, on the other hand, have personal and professional motivations. Virus panic is how scientists like them get funding and become important. Of course, Senger would counter that China knew this and exploited these professional concerns, and he’d be right….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Friday April 15, 2022
      ‘A Beautiful Mosaic Of Commodity Market Manipulation’ – Kyle Bass Questions China’s COVID Lockdown Motives
      [Link to Kyle Bass Twitter feed in article.]

      Having suddenly and ultra-aggressively turned on it people with the most draconian restrictions of any nation in the world so far since COVID arrived on the scene in some Wuhan bat-soup, this week has seen the proletariat starting to fight back as food shortages hit and life inside their apartment prison cells becomes unbearable.

      The CCP demanded “Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open your window or sing,” after Shanghaians began to scream for help.

      Bear in mind that COVID deaths, according to official CCP sources, remain non-existent – even as case-counts soar (and there are few headlines about over-crowded hospitals). [CHART]

      So why did Xi go full Fauci-tard? Why, after two years of ‘control’ did the politically-troubled leader of the un-free world suddenly decide to unleash hell on its citizens (and at the same time promise RRR cuts to prop up asset markets)?

      Outspoken China hawk Kyle Bass has some thoughts that are worth considering…

      …Everything China desperately needs to acquire is trading down in price as a result of the lockdowns…
      …A comprehensive review of China’s actions begins to look like a beautiful mosaic of controlled manipulation of global commodity markets….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Some disturbing video coming out of China…

      Thursday April 14th – Health Impact News
      Shanghai Descends into Chaos as Taiwan Military Distributes Survival Handbook to Citizens in Preparation for China Invasion

      Reports coming out of Shanghai show riots now breaking out among desperate people fighting back against police forcing people into quarantine concentration camps, and horrible side effects from the Sinovac COVID-19 vaccines where people are reportedly dropping dead soon after the shots.

      In nearby Taiwan, the military is taking unprecedented measures by distributing a 28-page public emergency handbook to prepare their citizens to handle an imminent Chinese invasion. (Source.)

      Meanwhile, here in the U.S. the corporate media continues to focus on Ukraine, while many in the Alternative Media have been distracted for the past few days on “snake venom” that is allegedly infecting municipal water supplies.

      Many people have emailed me asking me to cover this story, but not only am I not going to cover that story, I am not even going to bother watching the videos because it is nothing more than a huge distraction right now, as everyone should be stocking up on food and preparing for what comes next in the implementation of the Great Reset and New World Order that is unfolding before our very eyes in China.

      And if you think I am exaggerating, this was the headline earlier this week in a major German publication boasting 23 million readers and 417 million page views a month. Notice the point size of their headline and use of the word “Apokalypse.”…

      • JayaJeff says:

        ignoring the idea that snake venom is a risk isn’t advised. Synthesized snake venom is already in drugs! Mike Adams is a credible scientist worth listening to.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Via Zero Hedge – QTR’s Fringe Finance on April 12th

      Something Is Rotten In The State Of Shanghai’s Latest Covid Lockdowns

      …The actions China has taken to implement this round of lockdowns have been dystopian and Orwellian, to say the least.

      For example, according to the NY Times:
      ~~~ all international flights to and from Shanghai have been halted
      ~~~ many roads to the city’s two airports have also been closed
      ~~~ the government performed P.C.R. tests on 25.67 million people
      ~~~ the government has not allowed residents to go to grocery stores
      ~~~ the government has put together tens of thousands of cots in two convention centers as quarantine centers – but they don’t have showering facilities

      China is also, once again, sealing people in their homes. Videos on social media “show trapped residents howling and screaming from inside high-rise buildings at night,” The Independent wrote this week.
      According to social media posts, the city is even using drones to try and calm the nerves of angry residents.
      “Please comply [with] covid restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open the window or sing,” this drone is reported to be saying…
      [VIDEO clip]

      There are a innumerable disturbing things about the dystopian way this alleged outbreak is being handled, but none more pressing is the question of why it is being handled the way it is…

      …So, why such a drastic overreaction by China? Why continue the country’s completely irrational and inane “Covid Zero” policy at this point?
      It’s simply doesn’t make any sense – even for China…

      …But a third wild idea popped into my head yesterday afternoon that I wanted to also bring up.
      What if China is purposely shutting down its country to wreak havoc on the global supply chain even further and to exert its power over the quality of lives of the western world?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        See my POSTULATE at the top of this SUB-THREAD.
        i.e. China is deliberately snarling supply chains and trying to further shape international behaviors and economies.

    • mkey says:

      The biggest risk to the global economy no one is talking about

      Similar conclusions from the horse’s mind.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Excellent post!

        Nearly 400 million people across 45 cities in China are under full or partial lockdown as part of China’s strict zero-Covid policy. Together they represent 40%, or $7.2 trillion, of annual gross domestic product for the world’s second-largest economy, according to data from Nomura Holdings.
        Analysts are ringing warning bells, but say investors aren’t properly assessing how serious the global economic fallout might be from these prolonged isolation orders…

        …In a report released last week, the World Trade Organization warned of a worst-case scenario involving decoupling global economies, spurred on by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, could reduce long-term global GDP by 5%.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      April 15, 2022 – FreightWaves By Eric Kulisch
      Get Ready For The Next Supply Chain Shockwave

      Cargo backlogs in Shanghai a precursor to global port congestion as COVID crisis drags on…

      …most goods booked on outbound vessels are stranded at warehouses because shuttle trucks can’t make pickups or deliveries.

      Truckers require special permits, which are only good for 24 hours, as well as negative COVID tests to get in and out of the city or enter certain zones, according to logistics providers. Checking COVID certificates has led to huge traffic jams at the port.

      The French logistics provider Geodis reports that truck drivers in the Shanghai area are being forced to wait up to 40 hours at certain highway entrances. Trucking rates have soared because of the limited supply, and shippers are waiting three to five days for cargo to get picked up, according to San Francisco-based Flexport.

      Reduced manufacturing output, along with limited truck access to the port and airport, are causing a significant drop in air and ocean export volumes. Less demand is translating to lower freight rates.

      In response to the lack of labor and cargo, air carriers have announced widespread cancellations, and some ocean carriers are skipping Shanghai port calls.

      Several shipping lines have also begun offloading refrigerated containers at other ports along their voyage because the storage area with electric plugs is too crowded in Shanghai. Customers face extra port fees and delays routing the cargo to its intended destination. Maersk, the second-largest container vessel operator, said Thursday it has stopped accepting bookings to Shanghai for refrigerated cargo, some types of gas and flammable liquids.

      More omissions are expected and liner companies may temporarily idle vessels or cancel some outbound Asia sailings altogether, according to Crane Worldwide Logistics and other service providers….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Sunday April 24, 2022 – [SEE IMAGES in article]
      Global Shipping Update: China Is About To Wreck Your Summer

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      IMAGE – These Are The World’s Biggest Shipping Hubs

      Asia has some huge hubs.
      Los Angeles looks very small on the world view.

  28. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Derrick Broze article is featured on ZERO HEDGE…

    Wed April 6, 2022
    While You Were Distracted By Will Smith, The International Elitists Met At The World Government Summit

    Derrick’s article was previously mentioned here on a Corbett Member Torus SUB-THREAD…

  29. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Thursday March 31, 2022 – By Craig Fuller – The CEO of FreightWaves.com
    Why I believe a freight recession is imminent

    Last week, I published an article entitled “Just 3 years after 2019’s trucking bloodbath, another is on the way.”

    For anyone who lived through the trucking debacle of 2019 – when carrier after carrier suddenly shut their doors – the thought of experiencing that again is truly frightening. After all, we lost some very large carriers during that period , including Celadon, Falcon and NEMF, just to name a few. In addition, we lost thousands of small and mid-sized trucking companies. In addition, major 3PLs conducted aggressive reductions in force.

    The article stoked controversy. Some disagreed with my call and voiced it directly to FreightWaves or on social media.

    First off, different opinions and disagreements are part of a healthy market. When I started FreightWaves in 2017, the goal was to create transparency in the freight market, much like you see in the financial markets. In order to accomplish transparency, there needs to be an open dialogue between those of us interested in the direction of the freight market…

    …Trucking has always been volatile. It is one of the most fragmented markets on the planet, with few barriers to entry. Carriers come and go. Booms are followed by busts. The typical trucking cycle is three years and usually what kills it is oversupply – too many trucks chasing high-paying spot freight and high load volumes.

    The problem is that capacity expansion always continues well past the peak and can even continue for a time after the market has entered a recession. In the bloodbath of 2019, the peak of the market took place during the second quarter of 2018. However, it wasn’t until September 2019 that the number of new entrants into the trucking market peaked.

    FreightWaves always calls market moves early
    At FreightWaves, our business is benchmarking, analyzing, monitoring and forecasting freight markets. And much like financial market information services providers, having the freshest insights into the market is incredibly important to our success.

    FreightWaves tends to call inflection points much earlier than other industry observers. It’s a big part of the value we provide our audience and clients.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      On Feb. 27, 2020, we warned that the freight market was about to see a massive disruption due to COVID, and that it wasn’t factored into historical data or market sentiment. This was two weeks before the “NBA and NHL moments,” when those sports leagues called off their seasons. At that point, most believed that the U.S. would avoid disruptions from COVID. Unfortunately, two weeks later, the worst health crisis in modern American history began.

      That’s the disadvantage of looking strictly at historical data and shows why having the most up-to-date data in the market is critical, particularly in a market as volatile as the trucking freight market.

      As I wrote back then: “The coronavirus is a black swan event not reflected in historical data. These unforeseen events make it clear why near-time data is crucial for freight operations.”
      It turned out that FreightWaves’ analysis was correct and anyone relying on historical data or data without context was going to be wrong.

      Throughout the COVID disruption, FreightWaves continued to provide real-time data and to analyze the trucking market with the freshest perspective on what was happening. This real-time analysis provided insights that were unmatched and unlike any in the history of the freight industry – government agencies, financial institutions, multinational corporations, and transportation providers all relied on FreightWaves to keep them informed during a confusing, dynamic situation.

      In the trough of the COVID shutdown, we called for a freight bull market – and nailed it…
      …This is exactly what happened. Almost to a ‘T.’

      …But I have confidence in our analysis. I wish the answers were different. I would prefer to say the U.S. trucking market was robust and the expansion will continue throughout 2022. But I can’t. Since I wrote the piece about the bloodbath, FreightWaves SONAR’s tender data continues to reinforce the perspective of a declining freight market.

      Tender rejections are the best indicator into real-time supply/demand in the truckload sector. The data comes from actual electronic load requests – “tenders” in the truckload contract market.

      A high rejection rate means that trucking companies have more options to choose from. A low rejection rate means carriers have fewer options in freight to pick from. Since this measures actual load activity and not load board posts or searches, it tells us what the market is actually doing.


      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        And since it measures the willingness of carriers that are contracted to accept or to reject a load they have a contracted rate for, if the rejection rate declines, it suggests capacity is loosening.

        At the start of March, the rejection rate was 18.7% – today it sits at 13.90%. Even though it has only been a week since I wrote the “bloodbath” article, the rejection rate has fallen another 1.3%. The last week of March is normally one of the best weeks of the year for carriers, but this year it has been one of the worst.

        Just wait for April… [SEE GRAPH]…
        [Article continues with Trucking Firms anecdotes.]

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Wed April 6 – By Craig Fuller CEO FreghtWaves
      Trucking industry will be in trouble if demand drops to pre-COVID levels

      …even more worrisome is that the operating expenses of carriers are at much higher levels than before COVID. FreightWaves estimates that operating expenses for nearly all carriers have surged by as much as $0.38 per mile over pre-COVID levels. This calculation only includes maintenance, insurance and fuel costs.

      The calculation does not include driver wages or equipment purchase/finance, which could nearly double the increased amount of operating expenses.

      If a trucking fleet were to start up today with an employee driver, its operating cash expenses would be as much as $0.72 per mile higher than a trucking fleet that was started in 2019….

      [GRAPHS and many details follow.]

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thursday April 7 – YahooFinance
      Walmart offers $110,000 salary to new drivers amid trucker shortage

      FULL article
      Walmart (WMT) is driving up pay for its truckers.

      In a blog post Thursday, the nation’s largest retailer announced it will be increasing starting salaries for its freight drivers to between $95,000 and $110,000 a year, up from an average starting salary of $87,500, according to a Walmart spokesperson.

      “Drivers who have been with Walmart longer can earn even more, based on factors like tenure and location,” the blog noted.

      The push comes as supply-chain problems further exacerbate an already troubled trucking industry. The American Trucking Association estimates the nation is short about 80,000 drivers.

      Walmart has hired 7,000 drivers for its internal fleet during the past two years, while last year hiring 4,500, which is the most in the company’s history, said a spokesperson.

      Walmart has also launched a “Private Fleet Development Program,” a 12-week program taught by established Walmart truckers to train new drivers.

      The company is also paying for supply chain associates in the Dallas, Texas, and Dover, Delaware, areas to earn commercial driver’s licenses (CDL), which typically cost between $4,000 to $5,000, in order to become professional Walmart drivers.

      So far, Walmart has moved 17 workers from its warehouse operations to its training program, with aims to add “400-800 new drivers this year.”

      The White House is also trying to address the driver shortage. The Biden administration recently hosted truck operators, drivers, economists, and other experts at the White House to raise awareness about the challenges facing the industry and to tout the administration’s “Trucking Action Plan,” a 90-day effort to help bring more truck drivers into the industry.

      “Trucking moves about 70% of all the goods in this country, and truck drivers are facing real challenges,” said Biden.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Video from:
      AFT Dispatch, Inc. and A2C Logistics Co – Truck Dispatch & Leasing on Owner Operators

      Freight Market Crash Indicators – What’s Happening to the Trucking Industry?
      (7 minutes)

      Is the freight market crashing? What are the most reliable freight market indicators of market demand? In this video we’ll explore the possibility of a freight market crash by looking at tender volume, tonnage, and tender rejection rates.

      Having just closed out the 1st quarter of 2022, we had a pretty disappointing month of March. Normally, March is a very strong month, especially toward the end of the month because of the generally anticipated volume boost, sales, and inventory reductions with shippers stocking shelves for the summer.

      Instead, this year we saw spot rates falling and volume dropping. There are several reasons for the trucking market crash being experienced by truckers all over the country. One reason is the spot market oversupply of trucking capacity, otherwise known as having too many trucks and not enough freight.

      Consumer spending is also shifting from products and goods to services, travel, and entertainment. We saw this a couple of years ago as well and it also the freight market crashing. Something else that we have this year that we didn’t have in the past is extremely expensive gas which is leaving a whole lot less discretionary income that consumer can spend on products.

      Inventories are simply too high and purchasing is slowing down on both the consumer and institutional levels. This leaves the freight market with too many trucks and not enough freight. This might seem counterintuitive but it actually make sense. If people aren’t buying products, then inventories don’t need to be replaced and will remain high. There is product available but it doesn’t need shipping and this is why our rates are plummeting.

      Something that many new truckers are dealing with, are very high operating costs. I’ve spoken with truck drivers who have operating costs of $2.50 per mile which in my opinion is way too high…
      …Furthermore, the surge of new entrants continues which drives rates further down. New companies don’t have much of a choice and brokers know this so they push these truckers to take their cheap freight…
      Declining freight rates, tender volume, and high fuel cost plus large loans taken out by new trucking companies does not help one make money or even just stay afloat….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Wed April 13, 2022 – Zero Hedge
      Freight Recession Confirmed? Crashing Truck Sales Show US Growth In Jeoaprdy

      The recent Op-Ed by FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller warning about an imminent freight recession sparked a tidal wave of selling, but in retrospect, Fuller was spot on. As Bloomberg’s Simon White writes, real economic activity in the U.S. is slowing sharply, and “this is showing up in lower demand for new trucks and autos, and a tailing off in freight volumes, leaving transport stocks facing more downside.”

      As White picks up where Fuller left off, heavy truck sales in the U.S. are a “very good leading indicator of economic activity, with 65% of the dollar value of North American freight moved by trucks. But new truck sales have been falling sharply, now at -23% on an annual basis. New auto sales are falling at a similar rate. Truck and auto sales combined are falling at a rate previously only associated with recessions. [GRAPH]

      That said, White cautions readers that “before you enter your equity sell orders, this is not a recession prediction. Recessions are signaled by a rapid regime shift across many areas of the economy and markets, and there is no sign we are in the process of this happening.” Nonetheless, this sharp decline in vehicle sales shows slowing growth is in the mail.

      There’s more: freight volume growth has also been slowing….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thursday, April 14, 2022 – Rachel Premack at FreightWaves
      Truck drivers are facing another bloodbath
      A key trucking rate has tumbled by 37%


      … The indicators are worrisome

      Demand for freight has undeniably slowed. And, at FreightWaves, we believe a recession in trucking might be next…Dry van rates have tanked by 37% from Dec. 31…Another indicator of a downturn is the drop in contracted loads rejected by carriers…

      … Demand for random crap softening amid influx of driving capacity

      If your high school economics education was as prestigious as mine, you know that high supply or low demand leads to decreased prices. Right now, there’s both an increase of supply (truck drivers) and decrease of demand (loads for drivers to move).
      The supply of truckers is way up. Thousands of new fleets are registered each month in the U.S., and it’s reached a fever pitch in recent months. In February alone, a record 20,166 trucking companies entered the market. (Keep in mind, the typical trucking company is very small; 89% have one to five trucks.) …

      …Meanwhile, demand for truckers has softened. Consumers are slashing their spending – particularly when it comes to buying more and more stuff…And those who are still spending are increasingly going to restaurants and concerts instead of, say, buying lots of stuff from Amazon…

      …Return of the bloodbath?…
      …It’s all reminiscent of the 2019 trucking bloodbath (which I wrote about quite a bit at my old gig at Business Insider). In 2018, trucking was booming. Drivers were receiving record-high raises amid a capacity shortage that year. Many joined the industry. Unfortunately, demand for trucking services sank at the same time. That’s a very short explanation for why 1,100 trucking companies went out of business in one year….

  30. Duck says:

    Weird news story about some dudes impersonating DHS agents and “lavishing” gifts on Jill Bidens Secret Service people.

    Who thinks getting a free apartment is normal…? Lol

    Maybe it’s just me but does that gun in the photo look like it’s a spray painted toy with rust???


  31. HomeRemedySupply says:


    Tuesday April 5th – Farmers Forum
    TRUCKERS WERE RIGHT: Freedom Convoy protest was legal, judge says, and Ottawa is now being sued

    FULL article
    MONTREAL — The Canadian government trampled on fundamental human rights with its COVID restrictions, then overreached on dealing with the Freedom Convoy and must now answer to numerous lawsuits, including one by a former premier, says a well-respected constitutional lawyer.

    Speaking on Montreal lawyer Viva Frei’s Youtube channel on March 25, Keith Wilson noted that the mischief charges against his client and convoy leader Tamara Lich, will not be successful. She counselled truckers to move in order to comply with police demands, not to block emergency lanes, he said.

    Wilson is also a lawyer for former Newfoundland Premier Brian Peckford, who is suing the federal government for breaching the charter of rights by preventing unvaccinated people from leaving the country or getting on a bus, train or ship.
    “Obviously we are going to be able to establish Charter breaches,” Wilson said, adding that the government restricted mobility, security of the person and freedom of conscience.”

    Wilson said he would not be able to live with himself if he hadn’t helped the Freedom Convoy when he got the call for help from the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms on Feb. 1.

    “I have been so concerned about the direction of our country,” he said. “I have been so fundamentally concerned about the trampling of civil liberties and the lost of rights and the overreacting to COVID. I have been so concerned about the future for my children, deeply, deeply concerned, and was inspired by what the truckers were doing.”

    Wilson also clarified that the Freedom Convoy protest was not illegal at any point, even though Prime Minister Trudeau called it illegal, and big media went along with it.

    In fact, an Ontario supreme court judge sided with the convoy. When an injunction against honking horns was declared, the court also stated that “provided the terms of this Order are complied with, the defendents and other persons remain at liberty to engage in a peaceful, lawful and safe protest.”


    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Reality on the ground was often not being reported. While Ottawa police often announced they had made a number of arrests during the Freedom Convoy protests, they never mentioned that many incidents were called in by truckers after people slit their tires or cut gas lines, Wilson said. Police also negotiated with truckers as to which streets they would be allowed to block during the protest. When things heated up, the police blocked off Laurier Avenue to prevent east-west traffic flow even though there was not one truck or protest vehicle on that street.

      The attorney general’s reason for freezing bank accounts was based on an affidavit by a police officer who based his testimony on what he read in the news, Wilson said, adding that courts don’t rely on third-party hearsay.

      “It’s that ridiculous. We ran into this problem of circularity all the time, of media saying something, police then saying, well the news is saying it, then the media saying, well the police said it.”

      Wilson is already seeing some early confirmation that the truckers and their supporters have been slandered. Barry MacKillop, deputy-director of FINTRAC, the federal organization that goes after terrorism funds and criminal money-laundering, told the Commons finance committee that there was not a shred of illegal activity associated with the trucker convoy.

      Said MacKillop: “There were people around the world who were fed up with COVID and were upset and saw the demonstrations. I believe they just wanted to support the cause. It was their own money. It wasn’t money that funded terrorism or was in any way money laundering.”

      Wilson said that there was nothing to justify using the Federal Emergencies Act. “This is government writing a blank cheque over your rights and your life… this was a retaliatory measure by an authoritarian petulant child prime minster lashing out.” [END]
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~

      “Clyde Do Something” YouTube | Rumble Channel
      TRUCKERS WERE RIGHT: Freedom Convoy Protest was Legal a Judge Says – Ottawa Being Sued
      (9 minutes)

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — Cowboys —
    “How accurate is the Hollywood image of the cowboy?” asks Neenah Payne.
    An interesting exploration in Neenah’s article which contains a variety of videos and explores the African roots in America, including “Was The Real Lone Ranger A Black Man?”.

    Who Were The REAL Cowboys?

    • brad.s says:

      Since it was industrialists writing history, who knows how advanced and prosperous African-Americans and Native Americans really were. And who built those crazy roman-style buildings that were torn down by settlers who poop in the street traveling by horse and buggy.

  33. reciprocity says:

    I have witnessed a notable increase in concerns in those close to me (and many acquaintances) regarding people feeling helpless in the face of the hazards posed by the proliferation (and unpredictable nature) of sources of ionizing radiation and artificial EMFs (given the precarious situation in Europe and the proliferation of 5G tech in urban areas). As someone that also sees the inherent dangers of these realities (and someone that is always seeking to facilitate people being able to access increased levels of health sovereignty) I decided to do a deep dive into what solutions Nature offers us in this plight (from a dietary approach). This substack post (linked below) is focused on a solutions based approach to these hazards that can empower individuals to be able to look to ‘nature’s medicine cabinet’ and make choices to protect themselves and their loved ones from forms of radiation that can harm the human body in this time of uncertainty. https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/turning-to-mother-natures-medicine?s=w&fbclid=IwAR2oXLco5ylbfxvTNsp0l3FiOI0AwIpLTLEMDXgisgMhh0N7eWUflXSk2EI

    I will also share another post when I have time regarding techniques for cultivating medicinal and nutrient dense foods (in a range of different living situations/climates) so that those who are motivated to take action can break away from depending on centralized systems, starve out the corporate parasites in Big Ag/Big Pharma and also be in a better place to weather the storm ahead.

  34. randallsnyderjr says:

    Good coverage.

    • mkey says:

      I’m assuming you wanted to link this 15 minute Rebel new coverage of the matter

      The lawyer seems to be surprised by the “slow courts” yielding “slow justice”. Slow justice is no justice at all, one does not need a law degree to know that.

      Have a separate “constitutional court” isn’t a resolution of that issue, either. In my neck of the woods that type that type of a court is full of ex politicians, for example, becuase politicians choose the composition of the court.

      While in the Austrian example we have seen judgements of such courts completely ignored. When they play ball their decisions are used to reinforce the narrative. When they do not they get memoryholed.

      Another important aspect they touch upon in the interview: lack of responsibility in the collectivist mindset. Everyone and noone made the decision. Various gumbent entities are responsible for various actions and nobody is responsible. Claims can and are made without proof and there is no need for proof, feeling and believing is enough.

      All of that works great, untill it gets to any sort of a reasonable court.

  35. robster says:

    Interesting article on the strangeness surrounding DNA:


    I see a lot of similarities with the strangeness related to germ theory and virology.

  36. RickD says:

    News from Switzerland: the “Swiss vaccination boss” had been kidnapped “by a corona skeptic”. The kidnapper released his victim on the same day. Last Wednesday, the kidnapper was killed in a shootout with the police:

    James warned us in September about false flags, based on a warning of the Swiss intelligence service that vaccine infrastructure might become a target of terror attacks:

    Whether this is a false flag or not, the purported connections of the perpetrator to the “conspiracy scene” is the perfect opportunity to treat anybody not in line with the covid narrative as a potential terrorist:
    “The motive for the kidnapping is apparently unclear. However, the newspaper reports on connections to the conspiracy scene. According to this, the German founded a company in February 2020 together with a man who appears publicly as a supporter of the “Flat Earth” theory.” (quoted from the first article above)

    As expected, mainstream media commentaries blame anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theorists for the incident:

  37. robster says:

    Oh look what the bastion of truth says about germ theory denialism… LOL!


    • Steve Smith says:

      I wouldn’t worry about Wikipedia. No serious person would put much credence in it.
      But Rob, I just watched a Ice Age Farmer video where Christian is talking about the push to eradicate backyard chicken farming and he goes on to reveal that a scientist is getting a lot of attention for modifying the so-called H1N1 bird flu virus so that it is much deadlier to people. All with the funding of The B and M Gates foundation of course.
      What’s your take on this?

      Here’s the video

      • Steve Smith says:

        Just noticed that Christian posted a follow up to yesterday’s video.



      • mkey says:

        Do they need an actual virus to make this hapen? I don’t think they do. They can research, they can yap about researching and when the time comes they can just choose some common symptopms and declare people diseased or dying of whatever. We have been there 10 years ago and I would notbbe surprised if we go back. PCR, mass bird execution, injections et all.

        • robster says:

          Yep, most people are still ignorant enough to believe that paathogenic viruses actually exist.

          • mkey: “Do they need an actual virus to make this hapen? I don’t think they do.”…

            robster: “Yep, most people are still ignorant enough to believe that paathogenic viruses actually exist.”

            OK let’s open up this can of worms again, because I for one have not got it all sorted out yet.

            1) Why have the CDC, the NIAID, Ralph Baric, Shi Zhengli et al been falling over each other to do virus research and patent their findings for more than 20 years, on SARS viruses? I mean what are they ‘wasting their time’ on it for if there is nothing to see?

            2) Why are companies such as Arbutus Pharmaceuticals and Acuitas Therapeutics ‘wasting their time’ inventing, marketing and selling a product that allows mRNA vaccines to function?

            3) Why is everyone talking about Spike protein, cleavage sites, ACE-2 receptor, ADE, gain of function etc.?

            4) Is there such thing as a bio-weapon? If not, why are there so many bio-weapons labs cropping up all over the world? Are they just playing games there and wasting their time, or pretending to do something important?

            • robster says:

              Ah, so you still haven’t made up your mind on pathogenic viruses? 😉

              1) It makes good money, doesn’t it? Virology is also a fundamental building block for eugenics, as this is the reason vaccines exist – and we know vaccines kill, they do not heal or protect.

              2) Again, good money and prestige. They do not see it as wasting resources, since most of their employees actually believe in dna dogma, virus theory, germ theory and so on. They are well-programmed and indoctrinated useful idiots. Great example is “dr” malone. mccullough is another poster child for these idiots.

              3) Because they parrot eachother and don’t take the time to dig into the information available. I’ve posted gain of function gaslighting videos before.

              4) I guess it depends on your definition. The media carefully constructs an image of such labs being related to virus research. Yet it has been proven numerous times that pathogenic viruses do not exist. Then again, if you define a bioweapon in a broader context, as being anti-life weapons (perhaps they should be called antibioweapon, derived from Greek “bios”, life), then chemicals like DDT and chemotherapy are also bioweapon – which they are, since they are created to kill anything that lives. Vaccines then also classify, since these to only have one purpose: slow or fast kill of human beings.

              Perhaps you’ll find https://criticalcheck.wordpress.com/2021/12/15/dna-discovery-extraction-and-structure-a-critical-review/ interesting, though I doubt you have the openness to even ponder and consider the critiques mentioned here. Let’s see.

              Note: you are asking “why” questions assuming that if the topics questions are not true, otherwise things would be different. That’s a bit like asking “if there is a cure for cancer, then why is it not in all the media?”. Eugenics is the answer to many of your questions. Perhaps it’s time for you to research the dark and sinister forces that come after the money and power/control motives, even after eugenics. Those forces are fundamentally ant-human, or even anti-life. Have you looked into that topic yet?

              • “Ah, so you still haven’t made up your mind on pathogenic viruses? 😉         ”

                 Correct. I’ve mentioned this a number of times here, I’m still sitting on the fence about it. However I admit I am very much seduced by the terrain theory and would like to jump off the fence onto their side. 🙂

                “1) It makes good money, doesn’t it? Virology is also a fundamental building block for eugenics, as this is the reason vaccines exist – and we know vaccines kill, they do not heal or protect.”

                 It makes good money in the sense that governments are more than willing to spend taxpayer’s money to fund this ‘research’ and create bogus ‘vaccines’ to fend off these ‘viruses’.

                “2) Again, good money and prestige…”

                The reason I mentioned those two companies is that a) they speak the same language as Moderna, Pfizer etc.          
                b) Moderna and Pfizer admit that they weren’t able to deliver their ‘vaccines’ into our cells with the technology they had. The two Canadian companies I mentioned developed technology that allowed the ‘vaccines’ to function as desired.         

                I wouldn’t say their employees are useful idiots. They are each doing their part to develop technology that serves a certain purpose.

                “4) I guess it depends on your definition. The media carefully constructs an image of such labs being related to virus research…”

                I hear ya’ about the definition of a bio-weapon. You are right. It’s very important how we define it.         
                I would like to limit them for the purposes of our discussion to the following:         

                ‘Any combination of man-made component PLUS natural (biological) component that is capable of being transmitted from person to person and causes illness/disease or death in those people.’         

                Notice I DID NOT MENTION VIRUSES!

                “Perhaps you’ll find criticalcheck wordpress com/2021/12/15/dna-discovery-extraction-and-structure-a-critical-review/ interesting, though I doubt you have the openness to even ponder and consider the critiques mentioned here. Let’s see.”

                I do have an open mind as I mentioned at the start. I did read the article you referenced above. Although in my first degree, B.Sc. I majored in Biology (genetics) and studied the subjects of DNA, RNA and chromosomes etc., I don’t believe that they are necessarily the structures and mechanisms that make up the building blocks of life.

                “Note: you are asking “why” questions assuming that if the topics questions are not true, otherwise things would be different…
                Perhaps it’s time for you to research the dark and sinister forces that come after the money and power/control motives, even after eugenics. Those forces are fundamentally ant-human, or even anti-life. Have you looked into that topic yet? “  

                Yes I most certainly have looked into eugenics!

  38. Gavinm says:

    We live in times when developing a reciprocal relationship with the land where we live is of paramount importance. There is no elected official, institution, guru, priest or any other external force or individual who can do this for you.

    When we engage in Reciprocity with Mother Earth and then pass on the gifts she shares with us (in nutritious food, knowledge and heirloom seeds) we nurture the cycle of gifts to flow and grow exponentially. In doing so, we not only increase the resilience and health of our households and communities in the present, we also ensure a brighter future for those who will call this place home after we are gone.

    Another one of the beautiful things about investing in the Earth (through gardening and saving seed) is that we are always gifted more than we need for ourselves. Thus, an investment in the Earth compels us to share the abundance with our neighbors and the communities we are a part of. This means increasing the resilience and prosperity of the communities we live in through creating decentralized regenerative food systems.

    The need for a decentralized movement aligned with truth, integrity, symbiosis, compassion, courage and the regenerative capacity of the Earth is Dire. Look around you, fascistic censorship of pertinent scientific data runs rampant on the internet, the consolidation of wealth, farm land and seed companies into the hands of a tiny minority has exponentially accelerated in the past year, propaganda is being prolifically disseminated through news media, “entertainment” programs, the government and all over the internet, lockdowns are forcing/intimidating many to live in stagnant ‘bubbles’ (which is crippling their innate immunity and health through atrophy on many levels) and forcing countless small businesses to go bankrupt, the central banks are pushing for a “cashless” globally centralized economy and our national governments (working in collaboration with trans-national corporations) exerted pressure on countless millions to take dangerous experimental injections (made for profit and funded by mentally unhinged psychotic humans).

    Do not despair my friends, the night is always darkest right before the dawn and these behavior patterns I described above are those of mentally unstable humans desperate to maintain their crumbling empire. Even though they stop us from boarding planes, going to concerts, shopping at local stores (and perhaps will even even block the highways) we will never submit to their intended tyranny over our bodies. We can embrace the wisdom of the way of the Satyagraha warrior and apply it to our modern day ‘victory gardens’.

    (continued in another comment)…

    • Gavinm says:

      We will peacefully and joyfully resist their desperate move to justify the existence of their corrupt empire through creating regenerative oasis’s in each of the communities where we live. We will accomplish this through planting regenerative gardens, creating natural medicines with plants/fungi, creating regenerative initiatives (that offer outreach programs to help the young and vulnerable in our communities find their footing) setting up “food is free project(s)”, “seeds are free projects”, helping each other through challenging times through compassion, kindness, understanding, love, collaboration, symbiosis and moral courage. We will show the oligarchs that we can thrive and exist in peaceful symbiosis with Mother Earth, each other and our fellow non-human beings without their corporations and corrupt degenerative government systems.

      We will create such abundance and emergent resilience that it will spill over into the neighborhoods and communities around us, sending ripples out that shift the tide from fear to hope and render their toxic centralized systems of dependence and oppression obsolete to one day leave them behind.

      It is for times such as these that Gandhi used Satyagraha – the force of truth to resist unjust laws and empires peacefully and non violently. In nature one of her most innate truths and constants is her irrepressible capacity for regeneration. We can align with this innate facet of the living planet that sustains us and become irrepressible as well.
      In order to see a new civilization and way of living take hold and begin to become the norm we must cut our ties to the old ways and begin to live a new way. We must remember what our ancestors were wise enough to understand and forge a close knit relationship with the land we live on. Mother Earth can provide us food, medicine and wisdom on our path to create a brighter future. And it can begin with something as simple as humility and a handful of seeds.

      (continued in another comment)..

      • Gavinm says:

        In truth, even if “Sustainability” was not a term and set of institutionalized practices that is being weaponized in 4IR/”Great Reset” psychological warfare campaigns and oppressive laws, being “sustainable” is not enough. If we want to leave a world worth living in for future generations we have to move beyond sustaining ecosystems with current practices and into ways of living that regenerate.

        Over the past 5 years I have been working to create a ‘toolkit’ that can offer empowering knowledge, techniques and perspectives which can help people to embark upon the path to resist and dissolve the “NWO” described in the comments above.

        I sought to learn from historical examples of regenerative cultures and aspects of societies (such as the Edo period of Japanese culture, the pre-colonial ways of living of some peoples in what is now called Canada and the Aborigines of what is now called Australia) and then apply the viable solutions those examples offer in a way that is augmented by modern science and techniques.

        In my book “Recipes For Reciprocity: The Regenerative Way From Seed To Table” I will be offering helpful tips and techniques for beginners (as well as advanced gardeners) that can help you build good soil with onsite materials, cultivate resilient and productive crops through companion planting, preserve your bountiful harvests through low tech and reliable ancient food preservation methods (such as lactic-acid fermentation) and save seed so you can perpetuate the cycle of abundance.

        Recipes For Reciprocity is a distillation of a wide range of topics I have studied and techniques I have practiced in the garden for years concentrated into a single book. I created it so people can benefit from having a holistic and practical gardening/recipe book on hand that will help them be prepared for challenging times and also increase their quality of life in the best of times (while simultaneously enabling them to give back to the Earth).

        I will be providing instructions so that each reader can engage in the sacred (and practical) act of Reciprocity (by learning to use kitchen waste and yard debris to build valuable living soil through composting). As we use our time to give back to the Earth in this way and sow seeds in the rich earth we are in turn gifted an abundance of delicious and nutritious food that serves to increase our longevity, resilience and quality of life.

        This is the regenerative way from seed to table… and I invite you all to take this adventure with me. We can make this world a more beautiful, honest and free place one regenerative garden (decentralized food production system) at a time. You can learn more about my soon to be published book here: https://recipesforreciprocity.com/

  39. Steve Smith says:

    I like how you think and thank you for your work!

    For decades I’ve been going down the trial and error road with my gardening and medicinal herb education with bits of information gleaned here and there from others and realize now how much time I could have saved by learning more and experimenting less.
    Of course I suppose that applies to just about everything I’ve ever done.
    Nevertheless, I’m glad you’re compiling the knowledge in a book. Volume one I presume.
    I’m also glad to see such a resurgence in interest in getting back to the wisdom of our ancestors lately. Its encouraging.

    I wish you the greatest success and blessings in your endeavors.

    • Gavinm says:

      Hi Steve

      I appreciate the thoughtful comment sorry it took me so long to respond.

      I would be happy to share what I have learned if it can help, if you have any specific challenges you are trying to solve (in your gardening endeavors) feel free to reach out and i`ll share what has helped me along the way (if I feel I know of relevant solutions).

      I like to experiment and dive in ‘hands first’ my self too, it results in some fantastic failures sometimes but I embrace the learning curve and then augment the direct experience with some reading/communicating with experts and then forge ahead.

      Yes, I am very excited about my soon be published book. It is about 444 pages long and packed full of techniques for optimizing efficiency and productivity in existing gardens as well as setting up new ones from scratch. I do intend on writing other books on related topics (such as applying permaculture design mentality to herbalism/natural medicine and off grid survival techniques) but this book is intended to be a holistic ‘seed’ that contains everything required to scale up and perpetuate the abundance that can result from putting the ideas, techniques and perspectives shared in it’s pages into action (so I do not think I will make an official second volume).

      Thank you very much for your well wishes, if you would like to stay in touch via email you can get ahold of me at recipes4reciprocity@gmail.com or you can sign up for my new newsletter on substack here: https://substack.com/profile/43807786-gavin-mounsey (I will create a post when my book is published on there).

  40. father george says:

    Impervious Browser, announced at Bitcoin Conference. P2P, decentralised web browser over the (bitcoin layer 2) Lightning Network with no middleman.

    A nothing, or a something?


    Before you say it, yes, I know nobody likes going to YT.

    • Duck says:

      “…Before you say it, yes, I know nobody likes going to YT….”

      People should have one browser just for Youtube to keep at least SOME of the tracking isolated.

      I like to run several virtual machines and change them out frequently.

  41. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Does killing Bad Guys solve the System?

    The International – 2009 action thriller film
    (2 hours) via ClassicMoviesSeries at Odysee

    Inspired by the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal of the 1980s, the film raises concerns about how global finance affects international politics across the world. Production began in Berlin in September 2008, including the construction of a life-size replica of New York’s Guggenheim Museum for the film’s central shootout scene. The film opened the 59th Berlin International Film Festival on 5 February 2009.
    The film follows an Interpol agent and an American district attorney who jointly investigate corruption within the IBBC, a fictional merchant bank based in Luxembourg. It serves organized crime and corrupt governments as a banker and as an arms broker. The bank’s ruthless managers assassinate potential threats, including their own employees.


    — The International (2009) – Plot Summary – IMDb –
    (Lengthy article with details)

    ~~~ During the very ending credits, one finds the answer to the top question.

    The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, often referred to as The Guggenheim, is an art museum on the Upper East Side of Manhattan in New York City. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, the cylindrical building, wider at the top than at the bottom, was conceived as a “temple of the spirit”.
    More about the design: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Solomon_R._Guggenheim_Museum

    I gotta admit: the showdown at The Guggenheim was something else. It fits the bill of an “action” film overdose.
    If you want to cut to The Guggenheim, start around 1:07:00 as the “good guys” tail a top-grade assassin. (It is interesting to note that Chase Bank and Citibank are in the background during the tail.)

    • mkey says:

      Here are some excerpts from this fine film.

      The IBBC is a bank. Their objective isn’t to control the conflict…
      it’s to control the debt that the conflict produces.
      You see, the real value of a conflict, the true value is in the debt that it creates.
      You control the debt you control everything. You find this upsetting, yes?
      But this is the very essence of the banking industry.
      To make us all, whether we be nations or individuals slaves to debt.

      You need to remember there’s what people wanna hear,
      wanna believe, there’s everything else, then there’s the truth.

      And since when is that okay? I can’t believe you’re saying this to me.
      The truth means responsibility, Arnie.

      Exactly, which is why everyone dreads it.

      Cassian, what does one do when there’s no way out of a situation?

      If there’s no way out the best thing is to find a way further in.

      The system guarantees the IBBC’s safety because everyone is involved.

      What do you mean, “everyone”?

      Hezbollah. CIA. The Columbian drug cartels.Russian organized crime.
      Governments of Iran, Germany, China, your government.
      Every multinational corporation, every one.
      They all need banks like the IBBC so that they can operate
      within the black and gray latitudes.
      And this is why your investigative efforts have either been ignored
      or undermined and why you and I will be quietly disposed of
      before any case against the bank ever reaches a court of law.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        mkey, Thanks so much for putting those QUOTES out there!
        When watching the film, they raised my eyebrows.

        The IBBC is a bank. Their objective isn’t to control the conflict…
        it’s to control the debt that the conflict produces.
        You see, the real value of a conflict, the true value is in the debt that it creates.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      – Truth Stream Media –

      Her online excercise of searching Google and also Bing for “Climate Change” was very revealing.
      “Search” has been weaponized.

      This could slide alongside Corbett’s recent FLASHBACK on Tuesday April 11, 2022.
      From March 2018
      FLASHBACK Episode 332 – The Weaponization of Social Media
      (16 minutes – great visual)

  42. HomeRemedySupply says:

    IMAGE – Map of Ukraine imposed over Texas

    Austin American Statesman via YahooNews – Monday April 11th
    “What if Austin were Kyiv? Map shows how Russian invasion of Ukraine, war zones can hit close to home”

    1. Moscow is about 470 miles away
    Russian President Vladimir Putin, and his seat of power in the Kremlin capital, sits only 470 miles away from Kyiv. If Austin were Kyiv, the distance between the two capitals would like driving to northern Arkansas…

    2. Odessa to Odesa
    If Texas were overlaid onto Ukraine with Austin and Kyiv as the common point, Odessa in West Texas, a key shipping point for livestock and oil production, would be about 480 miles away from its namesake on the Black Sea coast.
    According to the Odessa chamber of commerce, the origins of the Texas oil town’s name has multiple legends attached to it but “there is one record … that the founding promoters named Odessa in 1884 for Odessa, Russia, wheat distribution center of the world, because the local terrain looked like good wheat country.”
    Odessa is Ector County is about 293 miles west-northwest of Austin, while the port city in southern Ukraine is about 272 miles due south of Kyiv…

    5. Texas vs. Ukraine
    Austin and Kyiv share some similarities beyond being seats of government. Both were founded on rivers: Austin on the Colorado, Kyiv on the Dnieper — one of the longest rivers in Europe. Both are nearly the same size in area: Austin is about 326.5 square miles, and Kyiv is about 324 square miles.
    But before the Russian invasion, Kyiv was home to about 3 million people, compared to the almost 1 million that live in Austin…

    8. Battle for the East
    The Donbas is a region in eastern Ukraine that has been home to Moscow-backed separatist groups, mostly Russian speakers who have been waging an insurgency since 2014. Donetsk and Luhansk are the main cities in two breakaway regions within the Donbas.
    If Austin were Kyiv, the breakaway regions would be in the Gulf of Mexico, but on land about as close as Baton Rouge, La., about 390 miles away, or as near as Oklahoma City, which is about 360 miles away….

  43. brad.s says:

    Hi James. I appreciate your dedication and your sense of humor.

    I want to mention a group I am in. the Agrarian Sharing Network.
    Mostly we assist communities to level up their basic seed swap into Propagation Fairs, and collecting high quality food-plant material and distributing it for free at these events.
    A Propagation Fair is:
    seed swap
    scion exchange, rootstock sale and free grafting service
    plant swap

    That is on the surface very nice. The magic (or technology), it turns out, is how the plants bring people together to make a space for local townsfolk to be in the same place at the same time, united around something good. Communications of all sorts can happen here. What a novel and underestimated, at-risk (but growing) phenomena. This is in Oregon, ussa. Thank you.

    • jo-ann says:

      Thank you for posting. This idea might work in my community. I will try to get something similar going. We already have a farmers’ market, which offers only conventionally raised produce and meats. How often or which seasons are the fairs held?

  44. What would cause a post that is less than 500 words and does not contain
    a web address nor obscenities, to be put into the moderation queue?

    Anyone know?

    • mkey says:

      If you were close to 3000 characters and had a lot of formatting, thaf might have done it.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      On my Word document I target about 425 words at a max level (not 500 words).

      If a post of mine looks like it might be in the gray zone, I copy and paste it to Word. Then edit.

      Typically, if the post is over the 3000 character limit, there will be a notice at the top after hitting submit. If that is the case, I delete my comment after copying the text. I then edit it on the Word document.

  45. n4x5 says:

    Bryan Ardis makes various claims about the composition and effects of remdesivir and the delivery mechanism of toxins to create symptoms of the “virus”. We should be skeptical of the statements made here, but if nothing else the CDC “water monitoring” program he mentions deserves higher scrutiny.

    • garden says:

      Dr Ardis has a lot of very good reasons to go down the remdesivir rabbit hole and I have an elder friend who was given this without informed consent – thankfully she recovered from her respiratory infection – so I do pay attention to new ‘news’ about this EUA drug and watch for long term side effects in my friend. I do honor his mission, tho have had skepticism around going from a D.C. to capitalist. I do remember Bing Lui (being suicided?) The link was provided to me by a ‘reputable source’. I watched with amazement, wonder and a good bit of “yeah, we’ll see where this goes…” Certainly was interesting to follow his trail…..

  46. Tychos Black says:

    i-911 Easter Numerology
    Christine Lagarde gave a coded speech to the National Press Club on the 15th January 2014, in it she revealed the date for Brexit (28/9/08 + 7 Years, 7 Months, 7 Weeks and 7 Days) to arrive at the 23 June 2016. I believe she later gave the date for the end of economic growth when she invokes the G7 and G20 for that year, 2014. Get your calendars out! 20/7/2014 + 7 years, 7 months, 7 weeks and 7 days gives Easter Sunday 2014. I pray I am wrong, but we are all aware how devoted the Elitists are to the goddess Ishtar (from the polar configuration of the planets). Is this the date for i-911?

  47. Fact Checker says:

    Mask mandates are returning, starting with Philly:


    The new twist is the “one week educational [grace] period”. It would seem the behavior-modelling oracle has deemed that compliance will be better achieved with a gradual ease-in instead of an abrupt start-date.

    At some long-forgotten point in history, humans went from their natural, naked state, to a clothed state. Presumably, it had to do with the intrepid push by early humans into territory where the temperature dipped below that which is compatible with the comfort and safety of the gangly primate body. But, eventually, clothing became a cultural practice far more powerful than the nip of a chill wind. Eventually, the psychodrome enforced the norm through notions of “modesty,” through legislation, and—most powerfully of all—through shame.

    Now, humans stereotypically have nightmares of being caught out naked in public. The shame they feel at their naked body is better described as gripping anxiety. As body horror. As terror.

    The Machine is now cultivating that same reflexive terror-shame in humans, with respect not to their genitals, but to their faces. The mask-normalization will not be complete until humans are as ashamed of their faces as they are of their reproductive organs. Today’s children will, by the time they reach bodily maturity, consider their own noses and mouths to be “private parts,” and they will have nightmares about having their faces exposed in public.

    The Machine demands that humans see themselves through Its optical lenses: as filthy, diseased, icky, gooey pigpens of toxic breath, hazardous mucous, and rank excrement. Humanity 2.0 will indeed see itself that way.

    You’ll know the “mask mandates” are gone for good when they’re no longer needed. The entire global mask-relaxation, which really began with Boris Johnson’s out-of-the-blue announcement to Parliament in January (if I recall correctly) was strictly desinged to test how much “unmandated compliance” is out there. The data has now been collected on how many monkeys already feel face-shame. This allowed the Machine to calibrate how much force the next wave of mandates should employ, and which narrative themes will work on the monkeys who are not yet fully shattered psychologically. Its algorithms are evidently “New & Improved,” what with “educational periods” to ease the monkeys back into the ritualized hypnosis of the masquerade.

  48. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – Louis Vuitton sunglasses or frames –

    Saturday April 9th – Bloomberg
    LVMH Eyewear Virtual ‘Try-on’ Tool Draws Biometric Privacy Suit

    FULL article
    Luxury giant LVMH’s North America unit was accused in a lawsuit of unlawfully collecting biometric data about shoppers who use its online tool to virtually “try on” sunglasses and frames.

    The company “collects detailed and sensitive biometric identifiers and information, including complete facial scans, of its users through the Virtual Try-On tool, and it does this without first obtaining their consent, or informing them that this data is being collected,”
    according to the proposed class-action lawsuit filed Friday in Manhattan.
    Representatives of Louis Vuitton North America Inc. didn’t immediately respond to requests for comment.

    Shoppers looking at sunglasses or frames on LVMH’s website are offered the option of using the Virtual Try-On tool.
    The tool turns on the customer’s webcams and creates a live video of the person wearing the eyewear they selected.
    The data collected by the tool is translated into computer code and sent to an outside server, where it is collected and stored, according to the suit.

    The complaint cites the Illinois Biometric Privacy Protection Act, which prohibits collecting and storing biometric data without consent and carries fines of $1,000 to $5,000 per violation.
    The case is Theriot v v. Louis Vuitton North America Inc., 22-cv-02944, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York (Manhattan).

  49. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Tuesday April 12, 2022 – Zero Hedge
    EU Investment Groups Worth $140 Trillion Urge For Stricter Corporate Climate Change Disclosures

    Investors managing a combined $140 trillion have come together to put pressure on corporations to disclose their plans on how to deal with climate change in the future.

    Investment groups have combined not only to seek out more disclosure about adaptations to climate change, but also to demand that companies meet pledges to become carbon neutral by 2050, Bloomberg reported Monday morning.

    The groups, called Responsible Investment and the European Sustainable Investment Forum (sigh), are urging that the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive require companies to prepare “transition plans”.

    They made their request known “in a letter to Mairead McGuinness, the top financial services official at the European Commission,” Bloomberg reported.
    The letter says these plans will provide investors “with the tools they need to finance the net-zero transition” and that they should extend “as a bare minimum” to companies who have said they would be carbon neutral by 2050, the report says.

    The EU parliament is currently working on legislation to provide investors with more transparency as to environmental, social and governance risks that companies may face. Coming disclosures will identify what climate scenarios company plans are based on and assumptions that companies are making.

    Recall, back in February, we published a piece from contributors at The Epoch Times called “ESG Investing – The Great Wall Street Money Heist”.[LINK]

    ESG refers to the Environmental, Social, and Governance risk theoretically embedded in a business. However, while ESG investing is about taking these risks into account in investment decisions, these are all the things NOT on a company’s balance sheet or earnings statements. Such is the inherent problem…

    …Following the financial crisis, ESG funds had roughly a ZERO market share of total assets under management. Today, ESG-labelled funds in the United States exceed $16 trillion.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      CLICKBAIT using the term “New World Order”

      Tuesday April 12th – YahooFinance interview
      A new world order for the stock market is coming, explains BlackRock CIO

      [I suffered through listening to this brief interview. The Blackrock person did not mention “new world order”. Basically, he is pushing people to buy “chosen” stocks, despite all types of indicators that the general stock market will burn pretty hard in the future.]

  50. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Love Field Airport is in the middle of Dallas.

    Dallas Morning News – YouTube description
    The 7-foot tall kiosks called SCOT use artificial intelligence to detect passenger behavior, give audible warnings and can even call police or security.
    Dallas Love Field robots are watching passengers, checking for masks and loitering cars
    (27 seconds) [NOTE the verbal enunciation.]

    This is not like the old days with the State Fair and “Big Tex” would greet everyone with a deep voiced “Howdy!”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      1961 – Big Tex at the State Fair
      (one minute – Deep Voice)

      I remember the era and the State Fair.
      One evening with my family, there was going to be a donkey with rider jumping from a high platform into a pool.
      I was watching intently with the crowd.
      There was a drumroll and then ‘Bang’ with a clash of cymbols.
      The lady in front of me fainted on top of me, knocking me flat onto the grimy asphalt.
      My Mom starts griping at me: “Get up off the ground!”
      I missed the whole jump, but my brother filled me in on the details.

      My brother and I each spent about $1.50 with a dime per play on the Midway.
      It was a “turn the crank handle crane” enclosed in a glass box. We wanted the pocket knife which was among the treasures. Never got the knife…just lots of “almosts”.
      It took a lot of empty coke bottles being returned to the store at 2 or 3 cents each to make $1.50. We would collect them while walking along the side of the road where people had thrown them out the car window.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      [See 27 sec VIDEO above]
      Activist Post – article snipped from Dallas Morning News
      Giant Robot Catches Unmasked Travelers At Dallas Airport

      EXCERPTS [IMAGE in article]
      Yes, those 7-foot-tall machines at Dallas Love Field are watching you. They want to make sure you’re wearing a mask if you’re boarding a flight or not parking too long at the curb if you’re picking up a returning traveler.

      Love Field is testing two Security Control Observation Towers at the airport, one near baggage claim and another near security checkpoints, to figure out whether robotic assistants can both help customers get around and warn passengers who are breaking rules. The robots can also call airport security and operations in case more help is needed.

      While not quite RoboCop, the machines, nicknamed SCOT, were installed a month ago to “determine if they are capable of efficiently supplementing current airport operations,” said Love Field spokesperson Lauren Rounds.

      The robots look like many other kiosks at the airport with a touch screen, including way-finding information, maps of parking garages and directions to ride-hailing and shuttle pickup. But SCOT is much smarter, capable of detecting what people are wearing and even whether they’ve got on a face mask.

      Airports have been at the forefront of technology, including facial recognition and other biometrics, for years, a trend that worries privacy advocates who say there are few, if any, laws or guidelines about how emerging technology should be used. Amazon took criticism in 2019 after testing its Rekognition technology with police departments before deciding to ban law enforcement from using it two years later.

      But private businesses and airports have been more aggressive, and the COVID-19 pandemic has spurred more emphasis on touchless interactions using computers. Fort Worth-based American Airlines uses facial recognition for some customers to check bags and airports such as DFW International Airport partner with the U.S. State Department for facial recognition technology for incoming passengers.

      Surveillance technology hasn’t stopped progressing because the rest of the world was in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. In fact, more and more institutions and companies are using artificial intelligence to monitor spaces, said Adam Schwartz, an attorney for digital privacy rights group Electronic Frontier Foundation.

      “It is concerning that an airport has installed a new system of artificial intelligence,” Schwartz said. “It raises a lot of questions about what that technology is doing.”…. [story continues at MSN Dallas Morning News ]

  51. Duck says:

    I read in the papers some years ago that somewhere in California had deployed a robot to deter homeless people…. the homeless smashed it and dumped it in a pond.

    I guess wild people are harder to corral then tame ones, lol.

    “…Within one week of its deployment, the SPCA reported attacks on the robot, saying people had “put a tarp over it, knocked it over and put barbecue sauce on all the sensors.” O….”

  52. Duck says:

    “…White Helmets group shares tips with Ukrainians – media
    Syrian ‘first respondents’ film video guides on how to rescue people and document war crimes, the Times newspaper reports….”

    They are doing Instructables for Ukraine.


  53. Truth seeker says:

    I think what is going on is like an onion. You got to peel back the different layers to see what is really going on with USSA losing its petrodollar/reserve currency status. Why is Europe sabotaging itself by getting rid of nuke energy thus being more dependent on Russian energy/gas–thus destroying our petrodollar system?” Bans on nuclear energy and natural gas development are hindering Europe’s ability to become energy independent. Europe does not depend on Russian gas due to a coincidence, but because of a chain of mistaken policies: banning nuclear in Germany, prohibiting the development of domestic natural gas resources throughout the European Union, added to a massive and expensive renewable rollout without building a reliable backup. Solar and wind do not reduce dependency on Russian natural gas. They are necessary but volatile and intermittent. They need backup from nuclear, hydro, and natural gas for the security of the energy supply. Dependency on these backup sources rises in periods of low wind and little sun, just when prices are highest…..If Russia sees that European governments ban nuclear power, prohibit the development of indigenous gas reserves, intervene in imports, and add massive CO2 taxes, Russian authorities will know that there is no competitive alternative and that European industry and consumers will collapse due to the rising cost of energy” https://oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Environmentalists-Are-Crushing-Europes-Energy-Independence-Ambitions.html

    It is clear that USSA and West are sabotaging their countries by taking the experimental MRNA vax. I include Israel in this as that country is the highest vax country, but Palestians don’t have to take it there. Similarly, in the USSA, thousands of illegals are entering the USSA untested and unvaxxed. If you walk from Mexico to USSA, no tests or vax required–different if you fly! If this was really a pandemic, they wouldn’t have this policy. What these policies indicate is get rid of people in the West who know freedom and replace them with dependent immigrant population who dont know freedom or our Constitution.

    If the Biden administration carries through on its plans to revoke Title 42 next month, illegal immigrants from countries around the world will have drastically unfettered access to the United States. Thus furthering destroying USSA.

    Look at the Green agenda. This will sabotage the West by limiting carbon. China has corner on raw earth materials–so we will be dependent on them.

    China isnt requiring their population to take dangerous MRNA vax. Why? So West has to take this poison, but not China? https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/02/know-dont-china-not-administered-single-mrna-vaccine-1-45-billion-citizens/

  54. mkey says:

    What’s he face’s take on abortion

    This one is going to get a bunch of knickers in a twist.

    • Duck says:

      Interesting story but it’s just window dressing… the fake right is designed to fail to protect society, just slowly enough that no one notices. Look at Dr Oz, the kiddie transition propagandist, running as a Republican… extensive clips below

      The system can not survive if a significant minority of people withdraw their support – gov really does need the “mandate of heaven”, if you like, so the true Rulers will give the Right a few fake victories so they keep buying into the system while the Left panics and stays in line.

      Abortion, Guns and Grooming are all hot issues to get people exited over but any victoriesare likely to be transitory unless people actua6stay on topic and hold politicalfeet to the fire.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      She did a superb, rapid-fire job of hitting that topic!

  55. pill says:

    Let’s talk about SWIFT. This is hilarious (from Wikipedia):

    It was set up out of fear of what might happen if a single private and fully American entity controlled global financial flows – which before was First National City Bank (FNCB) of New York – later Citibank.

    And today, it is EXACTLY that – a centralized banking system, which is obviously controlled by Wall St. even though it’s officially based in Belgium.

    And why is it that swift transfers are usually the only option to move money directly from one bank account to another bank account (at another bank), not counting Visa and Mastercard and certainly not counting “Wild West” digital solutions like Paypal which just randomly freeze accounts and have no human support staff?
    Has anyone asked his/her bank how swift transfers work internally, especially in case a swift transfer did not go through, and received a response? I haven’t.

  56. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This short 90 second video of Biden has been circulating.

    Bloomberg video
    Biden Says Putin Committed Genocide in Ukraine
    (90 seconds)

    Biden is trying to blame high oil and gas prices on Putin. Repeatedly in his speeches. Everyone who has been following prices knows that oil and gas and food prices were sky high well before February 24th, 2022 when Putin invaded Ukraine. And Biden has been wrestling with the supply chains since he came into office.
    But now, suddenly, Putin caused all this trouble.

  57. robster says:

    After reading and listening The Invisible Rainbow, one question keeps going through my head: why?

    As EMFs are destructive to all that lives on this planet, especially with the advent of 5G and the upcoming 6G and 7G, how is it that the “elites” think they can escape this? When push comes to shove, their children will be infertile as well, they will get Alzheimer’s as well, they will get nasty cancers as well…

    Looking at this from a more esoteric/spiritual side: electricity and EMFs at (very) high frequencies have long been associated with demonic/alien/interdimensional entities and activities. Is it that the fundamentally anti-human force that drives the “elites” wants to “terraform” this planet so they can enter it and live on it?


    PDF: https://odysee.com/@AgentOfChange:e/The-Invisible-Rainbow-575757:b
    Audio: https://odysee.com/The-Invisible-Rainbow:5

    • pkadams says:

      From a Christian viewpoint, Satan is the ruler of this world and much of the evil that is done is by people that are demonically controlled. The Bible says that Satan was cast out of heaven, he hates that God created mankind, and his only Goal is to destroy us. Also, he knows that God has said he will destroy this world with fire when Jesus returns, after the judgment of all people, and then replace it with a new heaven and earth. Satan is not all-knowing, or all-powering, or in all places at once, like God. So he makes mistakes. But he is powerful. The evil that you see happening, it will culminate in a one world government with one allowed non-Christian religion. After the Anti-Christ takes power, he will proclaim peace and safety for three years, then he will change his mind and declare himself God. Before this happens, a new Jewish temple will be built in Jerusalem because that is necessary for the prophecy to be fulfilled in which he sets up an abomination in the temple. Hope this helps explain why they are willing to set up such dangerous technology. By the way, destroying the family is the first step and as you can see that is well on it’s way.

      • s511 says:

        Pkadams, you might enjoy the book I just finished.
        THE STORY of the FAMILY; GK Chesterton on the Only State That Creates and Loves It’s Own Citizens by Dale Ahlquist. Chesterton is so incisive, succinct and right on.

    • Duck says:

      “…Looking at this from a more esoteric/spiritual side: electricity and EMFs at (very) high frequencies have long been associated with demonic/alien/interdimensional entities and activities. Is it that the fundamentally anti-human force that drives the “elites” wants to “terraform” this planet so they can enter it and live on it?….”

      You should look at Chris Knowles blog, TheSecretSun.

      His take on MKUltra is that it was about Entity Possession rather then mind control and he makes an argument that at least portion of the Trans thing is about that, Angelic and demonic beings are most often considered genderless or gender fluid(succubus/incubus) … his take on how Jung was the true source of the MK projects to reshape the world from the ground up is also pretty interesting.

      The Lucifer’s technology series is worth a site search.


      About 50 min in he starts on that.

      He is kinda weird and rambles a lot, but if you have the time he can be very interesting and he has a huge store of knowledge in his mind.

    • As EMFs are destructive to all that lives on this planet, especially with the advent of 5G and the upcoming 6G and 7G, how is it that the “elites” think they can escape this? When push comes to shove, their children will be infertile as well, they will get Alzheimer’s as well, they will get nasty cancers as well…

      One element of this discussion that I have never seen mentioned before is this.
      Folks like Schwab and Soros and Gates aren’t exactly spring chickens.
      They know their days are getting more and more limited.

      Inside their satanic DNA and blood I’m sure they’d love to see most of the population of the world eliminated before they go themselves!

  58. pkadams says:

    Now that I’m a Corbett follower, I can read an article like this and all the red flags jump out at me. It’s early, and I can’t think of the right words to describe it, so take a look at this. https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/in-wake-of-brooklyn-subway-shooting-mayor-adams-says-nyc-has-been-exploring-technologies-to-keep-people-safe-in-subway-system/ It’s interesting how they even include ‘opposition’ to the idea of secret metal detectors and tons of cameras .We know that this is not just going to happen, it’s already happening. Also, have a look at a company called Purple. Their website is quite educational about all the ways they are gathering data from us legally without us even knowing it.

    • Torus says:

      Pkadams, thanks for sharing.
      “We’re going to explore new technology to make New Yorkers safe, and we believe we have a technology that we can use in a subway system that many passengers are not even going to be aware that they’re walking past. A device that can could detect weapons and we’re excited about the possibilities,” Adams said.

      ‘Excited’ is not the word I would have chosen.

      However, It sounds like NYC needs to address the current tech issues. The article concludes…
      “Meanwhile, there are still lingering questions about why the cameras at the three stations on the N line were on the fritz and not transmitting video. Lieber said there was apparently a server problem, which technicians had been working on the day before.”

      Seems just A LITTLE suspicious, huh? What a convenient coincidence! This was the first I heard about faulty cameras on the N line.

      There’s a lot of bizarre, distracting stories floating around lately. Normally I wouldn’t suggest conspiracies here that have such little documentation and evidence, but given the NYC headlines over the last week, perhaps there’s something to this. Prepping the population with predictive programming? Maybe the deep state really is planning something terrifying? I’m always suspicious when future dates are given. But I’m going to share this anyway because supposedly a false flag is predicted for this Monday, 4-18 in NY.
      Be warned, it’s likely dis-information. Feels a little Q ish to me.

      There are three videos on the Guardians of the Looking Glass bitchute page

  59. pkadams says:

    https://www.project-syndicate.org/commentary/ukraine-war-how-to-avoid-global-food-crisis-by-ngozi-okonjo-iweala-2022-03? Since we know that this is not ‘new information’, as in they didn’t suddenly discover that Russia and Ukraine are big producers of wheat and sunflower oil, I can’t help but think that by NOT doing anything about Putin’s explicitly stated plans to invade Ukraine, they WANTED this to happen. In other words, since the WTO and other world leaders knew that this would happen, but didn’t try to stop it, it’s hard not to think that they want mass starvation in poor countries OR a reason to massively intervene in more countries to ‘save’ them. Just one step closer to a global govt.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      pkadams says:
      “they WANTED this to happen.”

      I agree completley.
      “They” want to wreck society.
      All this chaos and turmoil for the average person is by design.
      It is intentional.
      Once a person recognizes this, then “Their” nonsensical actions, policies and “official narratives” become more clear and crystalize their real agenda.

    • Duck says:

      “…hard not to think that they want mass starvation in poor countries OR a …”

      Instant Refugee Crisis… which strengthens the Ruling Class in 2 ways.

      1) The flight of the best workers leaves the Home country weaker and easier to buy up cheap

      2) Mass migration is good at weakening receiving nations since it lowers the price of low skill labor and diverse populations are far less political or socially involved …far easier to rule over.


      “……Harvard political scientist Robert Putnam—famous for “Bowling Alone,” his 2000 book on declining civic engagement—has found that the greater the diversity in a community, the fewer people vote and the less they volunteer, the less they give to charity and work on community projects.
      In the most diverse communities, neighbors trust one another about half as much as they do in the most homogenous settings.
      The study, the largest ever on civic engagement in America, found that virtually all measures of civic health are lower in more diverse settings…………”

      This is known and used since
      Employers monitor risk of unionization which was measurabley reduced by diversity in the workforce

      “…Whole Foods employs roughly 95,000….. suggest that stores with low racial and ethnic diversity, especially those located in poor communities, are more likely to unionize. …”

  60. HomeRemedySupply says:

    5 1/2 minutes

    August 2014
    NATO is the Greatest Threat to Peace on the Planet – James Corbett on RT

  61. mkey says:

    6 Double Standards Public Health Officials Used to Justify COVID Vaccines

    1. COVID deaths are ‘presumed,’ but vaccine deaths must be ‘proven’
    2. CDC uses VAERS data to investigate myocarditis yet claims VAERS data on vaccine deaths is unreliable
    3. CDC pushes ‘relative risk’ for determining vaccine efficacy, but uses ‘absolute risk’ to downplay risk of adverse events
    4. FDA requires randomized control studies for early treatment medications — but not for boosters
    5. FDA uses immunobridging to justify Pfizer shots for young kids, but rejects antibodies as indicative of immune protection from COVID
    6. Causation must be proven for vaccine injuries, but correlation suffices for proving vaccine efficacy

  62. debra.b says:

    Hi all. I feel like I’m starting to ask myself….You didn’t die yet?! So, don’t feel bad if you’re pondering the same question. Somewhat freshly back from my latest hospital stint. Oh what a joy it was. Creepiest stay by far I think. And that is saying something.

    Another semi-conscious Covid test. Waking to hear them tell you your negative. Always fun. I think they only saw two heads when I said I was not vaxxed this time. But, I can’t be sure. Alexa in your hospital room to summon the nurse for assistance anyone?! Masks outside the room, but not in the room. Although, I was allowed to forgo muzzles without argument because I had oxygen for most of my stay. At least they couldn’t try to force me to sleep with it on this time. Anyway, I made it out and I’m home, but somehow it still feels like the vultures are circling. There’s a definite creepier than usual vibe going on and I don’t like it one bit. What else is new? Right?

    As far as the world as we know it, I’m not up on any latest. Not even close. I hear bits and pieces. But, I’m still in no shape to process much. Spending my time and energy with my children and grandchildren. Every once in a while I say what needs to be said, but I’ve no energy for fighting any fights. Staying alive is plenty. Sometimes I wish it were done already. Sometimes I think it would be a relief not only for myself, but for everyone around me because it’s difficult to keep holding my breath so to speak. And I don’t know how traumatized everyone around me feels each time we think we’re there and I somehow pull through. I try to not overthink it, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think these thoughts. Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for the time. Doesn’t make it simple or easy though. One moment at a time….

    Well, I just wanted to stop by the Corbett community, give my little rant and say hello. Hope you all are doing well as can be. As always thinking of you and wishing you love. ?

    P.S. Anyone got any ideas for keeping blood pressure from plummeting without medications? I’d like to not return to the hospital for a bit and keep the cardiologists away for a time. I need a breather without artificial oxygen that is. ? I know, not funny. But, sometimes I gotta joke. Also, tips on keeping dehydration at bay may help too. I try, but it’s getting more difficult. Thanks!

    • Duck says:

      Best wishes 🙂

      “….P.S. Anyone got any ideas for keeping blood pressure from plummeting without medications..”

      NOT a doctor but drinking more tea or coffee, eating more salt and wearing compression socks are all recommended by “the internet” 🙂
      Also says drink more water, which is the least likely to do any harm I guess.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Debra! I laughed on your last paragraph when I read it!

      I’ve been wondering about you…not knowing if you left us.
      Thanks for checking in.
      Enjoy your family time. I like hearing that aspect.

      When drinking water, minerals are extremely important. Especially salt and magnesium.

    • Torus says:

      Hi Debra.b

      Regarding blood pressure- lemon essential oil will regulate blood pressure as needed. Also rosemary essential oil to treat low blood pressure. Avoid lavender and ylang ylang (they lower blood pressure and heart rate inducing relaxation).

      Regarding oxygen- sandalwood and frankincense essential oils are oxygenating. Eucalyptus, peppermint and cinnamon oils aid the respiratory system and reduce inflammation.

      Electrolytes in water for dehydration.

      Hope that helps. I’m a big believer in natural remedies. I like DoTerra oils best because they are pure and therapeutic grade, though can be a bit pricey.

      Keep up that sense of humor. May you have happiness, healing, and peace during your recovery.

    • debra.b says:

      Thanks all very much for the info. Appreciate it!

      This is a wonderful and supportive community. It’s not perfect because people aren’t perfect. People are flawed, beautifully so.

      Even though I cannot partake in the discussion as before, it does my heart good to know this CR community is still here going strong. I’d say try to take heart in knowing that as well. Try not to take for it granted.

      Miss you all! Warmest wishes. ?❤️

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        An after thought from my comment about minerals: “Especially salt and magnesium.”

        I know that you have various body issues, including swallowing.

        Sea salt (or somewhat toxic refined table salt) is mostly sodium chloride.
        The body uses chloride for hydrochloric acid in the stomach to aid with digestion.
        Hydrochloric acid is very acidic (pH level 1-2).
        For most people with ordinary conditions, this is part of the normal, healthy body functions. In fact, Doctor David Brownstein has a book “Salt Your Way to Health”, and encourages people to eat a lot of salt. (Iodine also)

        I wanted to mention this data, because I am not your Doctor nor anyone’s Doctor (except for me personally.) You have some unique conditions which only you have insight on, and so I wanted to be sure you had this data.

        • debra.b says:

          Thanks HRS! Got ya. My Dad used to salt every bite. Literally. With the regular table salt mind you, but still. He rarely ever got sick. When he did he let it run its course as he used to say…sans any meds of any sort. He’d probably still be alive were it not for agent orange and working the hvac industry. For his whole nearly 66 years there were 3 times illness took him out of commission….He slipped a disc, had appendicitis when he was 50 and the fatal blow… colon cancer. I truly feel he is pulling me back from the brink each time. I’ve seen him and I’ve heard his voice. I saw my granddaughter with him a month or so before she passed back in 2018. She was beautiful.

          Anyhow, me & my stories. But, my stories, my memories are what I have left of myself. I know you understand. ?

          Hey, I listened to the new Van Morrison song yesterday from his new album. My son played it for me. I thought to come here after that when/if I felt up to it. If you or anyone cares to hear it. It’s called Dangerous.


          Take care HRS and thank you! ❤️

          P.S. I do have a dizzying array of conditions still. Even more now, if you can believe it. But, they finally told me some time back that a fatal blood disorder is underlying it all.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Hi Debra. Great to hear from you.
      I have mentioned the machine that George Wiseman makes that produces gas from water that I purchased after hearing about it on a Higher Side Chats podcast about a year ago. There wasn’t much response from folks but I thought it might be worth mentioning again in case you haven’t heard of it.

      To be honest, I initially thought that there was no way it could be as good as the claims made it out to be so I set about trying to find anything that debunked them. I couldn’t. So I decided to try it for a year and return it for a no questions asked full refund if it didn’t pan out.
      Well, the year is over and I’m keeping it.
      It’s not cheap. Though I think that you can get a five hundred dollar coupon code from the recent podcast that Freeman Fly did with Wiseman. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-free-zone-w-freeman-fly/id536781652?i=1000556839860

      I can’t really diagnose my healing process other than judging by my symptoms and the way I feel generally because I refuse to use the allopathic system.
      I am only taking herbs, vitamins and supplements that were recommended/prescribed by my naturopathic doctor.
      But based on the fact that I am still able to work full time and take care of all my other responsibilities and the improvement of the obvious symptoms. I am very confident that I am getting better and I attribute it in large part to breathing the Brown’s gas and drinking the water that it was bubbled through.

      If you haven’t, I would strongly urge you to research this and learn more about it. Remove the spaces before the word eagle and the dot com in the below link. (Trying to evade the moderation monster)
      I wish you the best.

      https:// eagle-research .com/q-what-is-browns-gas-bg/?doing_wp_cron=1627514702.7194681167602539062500

  63. Mal says:

    Happy Easter to all. Largish post follows as two ‘replies’…..

    • Mal says:

      Humanity is under attack on many fronts and has been for decades for the purpose of transforming global society from being nation-oriented to a global, uni-polar, top-down governing structure. In order to achieve this goal all elements that make up a healthy society, such as spirituality, culture, economy, family and identity have been under sustained attack for decades, targeted for destruction to make way for the new global regime. This process is currently in train and is now well advanced such that now humanity itself is in grave danger. For the sake of future generations I suggest that the source of power for these attacks be removed.

      Here are some links that explain the global financial system. IMO these links also describe that source of power:





      We need to extinguish the power that energises bad actors to perpetrate their crimes against humanity. To do this I am convinced that we need to ditch the current financial system. I feel sure that once this has been accomplished and a new people-oriented system is in place seemingly unrelated problems, denied their power source, will simply evaporate without intervention.

    • Mal says:

      Here are some thoughts regarding a new financial system:

      • current financial system allows expression of power of ruling class to the detriment of humanity
      • creation of nations’ currency as debt by private actors is immoral and insane and is tantamount to a nation RENTING its money supply
      • the people should OWN their money supply not RENT it
      • financial power has corrupted all corners of global society and all governing structures therefore change has to come from the people and not from “authority”
      • this problem is very urgent – the very existence of humanity and what it means to be human is now in great and immediate danger
      • many if not all problems facing the world originate from the ruling class expressing their power through the financial system
      • we need to research and try to improve on attempts in history to claim financial sovereignty
      • we must make the old system redundant
      • new system not owned by any one entity – belongs to the people – no figurehead to target
      • aim to become universally accepted in as short a time as possible so as not to give the enemy time to mobilise
      • should be scaleable
      • must be stable
      • should be protected from contamination by the current system (manipulation by big players to destabilise etc.)

      I know! Easy from my armchair, not so easy in real life, but I had to say something in the hope I will stimulate conversation. Hopefully more to come. Good wishes all….

      • mkey says:

        Scrip or self issued credit checks almost all the boxes as you layed them out.

        I disagree that we need one universal/global system. When the time comes, exchanges will take care of interoperability. Fragmentation is good.

        I also don’t think the new system has to obsolete the old one. It just needs to work in parallel with it and be as compatible as possible. It should also augment it where need be; for example, it would by its nature be sanction proof.

        The most important aspects of instituting such new systems are two: guns and balls. Balls to use guns when the new system is declared illegal as it surely will be.

  64. HomeRemedySupply says:

    People are listed in the following article. The number will increase and be reflected at this website.

    On April 15, 2022
    930 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues, 614 Dead, After COVID Shot

  65. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On Wednesday April 13th, 2022
    Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen delivered a speech outlining “the future of the international order”

    [Use your Ctrl + F keys to search for keywords like “international”]

    Second, we should implement last year’s global tax deal. Some 137 countries—representing nearly 95 percent of the world’s GDP—have agreed to rewrite the international tax rules to impose a global minimum tax on corporate foreign earnings and to partially reallocate taxing rights from countries where companies are headquartered to those where they sell goods and services. This tax deal is necessary to end the race to the bottom in corporate taxes and to reform profit reallocation rules that, by demanding a physical nexus to a taxing jurisdiction, no longer reflect modern economic realities. By ensuring that profitable corporations pay their fair share and operate on a level playing field, the deal will provide governments around the world the resources they need to invest in their people and economies.

    Third, we must ensure the IMF has the tools to fulfill its role of financial firefighter in the face of modern, potentially more frequent, global crises….

  66. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Why the Vaccinated Are MUCH More Likely To Support a No-Fly Zone in Ukraine…
    By Joe Jarvis at TheDaily Bell- April 13, 2022 [GRAPHs]
    VIDEO in article
    You might think the number of COVID vaccines a person has taken has nothing to do with their support for NATO military intervention in Ukraine…
    UNLESS something else is going on.
    Could it be the same people susceptible to media fear propaganda about COVID are just as taken in by the propaganda that says the US should be involved militarily in Ukraine?

  67. s511 says:

    mkey, Ditto to your reply to Mal on ideas for a new monetary system, “Fragmentation is good.” And “must be sanction proof”.
    Re: needing guns and balls, I don’t have any balls but I do have some hefty breasts. Does that count?

    • mkey says:

      In a pinch, hefty breasts will do just fine.

      • Fact Checker says:

        Yes, I agree. In addition to photographic evidence, some amount of pinching will also be necessary to verify the naturality of these alleged hefties.

    • Fact Checker says:

      In the spirit of rigorous open-source intelligence, I think we’re all going to need pic-links to substantiate this claim.

      C’mon, S511, we here in the Corbettariat uphold higher standards of documentation and substantiation than your average run-of-the-mill chatboard.

      So let’s see them hefties.

      You know.

      For journalistic integrity.

  68. Jed says:

    New York State still hasn’t dropped the mandate that ended my teaching job. It’s ok to play pro sports unvaxed, panting sweating and bleeding on each other but teaching’s not allowed, even over Zoom. They live.
    Just one more reason among thousands proving there is indeed a planet-wide genocide happening right now.

  69. zyxzevn says:

    You suck at Photoshop
    Small educational videos about photoshopping.
    While in the background there is a weird broken relationship story.

    It is a good idea to make educational videos about something,
    while telling a different story.
    It does not need much acting nor much research. Just one topic at a time.
    It could be anything, like: “you suck at piano”.

    It gave me some ideas about my own series:
    “You suck at science”, where I explain the different ways
    you can fraud in science.
    “You suck in psychology”, to explain manipulation and gaslighting.
    Using different titles of course.
    Another funny series would be: “Bill Gates working on the new stuff”.

    I hope it inspires some people to make their own funny series.

  70. Don’t worry James you didn’t miss it because there was nothing to miss!
    Vinnie is spreading a bit of misinformation in the ‘This Boy’ post.

    You caught his goof on John’s age.
    He also goofed on producer Martin’s dropping the sound level at the start of each verse.

    There is no clash between John’s chords (Maj) and the vocals (Maj7) !
    You can clearly hear both the guitar and the vocals.

    A Maj7 chord and Maj chord go together perfectly. It is used all the time in music,
    especially classical music.

    What WILL clash is a Min 3rd and a Maj 3rd as well as a Dom7 and a Maj7.

    Vinnie isolated the Maj7 note and the Maj note (root) and played them together to demonstrate
    their clashing (D note and C# note). When you play those two notes in isolation they will clash.
    But that’s not what happens in the song. Full chords are being played and sung.

    All is good (at least in this song). 🙂

  71. Duck says:

    Chria Knowles talking to William Ramsey Investigates…. pretty nice conversation ranging over MKoften, MKultra , where the first modern zombie movie was shown to children in Chicago,


  72. OneKnightErrant says:

    I’m not going to sugar coat this. I’ll come right out and say it. If you have cardiovascular problems, prone to strokes, are syncopic and experiencing respiratory distress after the jab, you may want to close your eyes while reading this. Here it is: Everything we’ve been told is a lie. EXCEPT, the James Corbett documentaries, articles, reports and lectures. Oh yeah, and taxes. They weren’t kidding about that.

    A shocker, huh. Except for Corbett Report subscribers. Of course, James would always caution everyone to do their own research because there might be a one million squared chance he made a mistake. For those new to the CR, the best investment you could make, in addition to precious metals, farmland, plenty of food/water, a bunker, body armor, weapons, ammunition, and a few rocket launchers, is to become a paid Corbett Report member. James will undoubtedly deny it, but not only does he have an eidetic memory, when he is not being an ideal father and husband, in his limited spare time, he travels the globe astrally. He knows when you’ve been sleeping, knows when you’re awake. If you’ve been watching porno he won’t tell anyone. He’s not here to judge. That’s the kind of guy he is.

    Once a subscriber you can post to the forum and read informative contributions from people not like me all over the globe. A dollar a month doesn’t sound like much, and it isn’t, but James is still accepting worthless fiat currency for a wealth of information one rarely finds in one convenient location. If you’re a cheapskate/hoarder, you can still download all of James’s documentaries for free. There is no pay wall. James doesn’t believe in walls. If you have a wall, don’t tell James because he will tear it down. Except if it’s being used to enclose exotic wild animals. Which you shouldn’t have anyway. Find a place with room to roam like the Rothschild estate and set them free. Or truck them over to the Bank of International Settlements and turn them loose.

    I hope this information has been useful and you have decided to subscribe, buy or make a Corbett Report T-shirt, order some CDs, or if you’re a senior such as myself, have found a specialty shop that will make a Corbett Report bib to wear when dining out. I wish you all well, which won’t make a damn bit of difference if you continue eating sugar, white flour and vegetable oil. But do the best you can with what you’ve got. Remember: The Corbett Report community is alway here to provide a false sense of security. Try to be happy. If you feel miserable, take off the mask, find a Freedom Cell near you, hug everyone, meditate, write a book, start your own website, and if all else fails, if you’re near the Amazon, ask around about a safe and effective ayahuasca ceremony. That’s all I have to say. Oh yeah, one more thing…junk your TV.

  73. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett Report FLASHBACKS – List

    James Corbett will sometimes feature a FLASHBACK (re-visit) to a previous Corbett Report episode. Around March 2022, he started posting a Flashback on Sundays, and one week in mid April he posted a Flashback almost daily.
    Although incomplete, here is a LIST OF FLASHBACKS…

    On Saturday April 16 (in U.S.), the Corbett Report home page featured
    JUST FOR FUN – The Beatles’ Singles: This Boy with Vin Cognito (recent)

    Friday April 15th
    FLASHBACK – Interview 1551 – Jonathan Latham on Gene Drives and the Gates Foundation 2020

    Thursday April 14th
    FLASHBACK – Soylent Green – FLNWO #04 2013

    Wednesday April 13th
    FLASHBACK – Why is the MSM (Finally) Reporting on the Petrodollar? 2016

    Tuesday April 12th
    FLASHBACK – Episode 332 – The Weaponization of Social Media 2018

    Sunday March 27, 2022…
    FLASHBACK: How Will WWIII Be Fought? – Questions For Corbett (2020)
    …which syncs well with…
    Corbett’s 3/28/2022 article
    Your Guide to Fifth-Generation Warfare

    Sunday March 20th, 2022
    FLASHBACK: Globalization is Dead. Long Live the New World Order! (2019)
    (39 minutes)
    President Joe Biden says:
    ”…there’s gonna be a NEW WORLD ORDER out there and we’ve got to lead it and we’ve got to unite the rest of the free world in doing it.”
    …which syncs well with…
    …The Multi-polar New World Order…
    Interview 1714 – Iain Davis on the New World Order and How to Oppose It

    Sunday March 6th
    FLASHBACK NATO and Anti-NATO: Two Sides of the Same Coin? 2017

    Not a “Flashback”, but worth a 5 minute video RE-VISIT..
    August 2014
    NATO is the Greatest Threat to Peace on the Planet – James Corbett on RT
    ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

    If you know of any “missing” FLASHBACKS, please add to the list.

  74. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Tuesday April 12th – Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com
    “The West Needs WWIII” – Martin Armstrong Warns
    “There’s No Return To Normal Here”

    (One hour interview)
    WWW zerohedge.com/geopolitical/west-needs-wwiii-martin-armstrong-warns-theres-no-return-normal-here

    [This is an easy-to-grasp listening podcast as one does chores.]

    Armstrong brings up May 9, known as Victory Day for Russians for their remembrance of their defeat of Nazi Germany. An event could be triggered in light of this date.
    Armstrong explains, “What they are trying to do is deliberately poke the bear…”
    “They want Russia to do something. . . . This thing with Russia is the same thing all over again. Unfortunately, we are headed for war.”
    “They are increasing the pressure on just about everything under the sun. The West needs World War III. They just need it.”

    Martin Armstrong discusses the economic scene:
    “The real problem here is they went to negative interest rates in 2014 in Europe. They have been unable to stimulate the economy, and Keynesian economics have completely failed…”

    “I would say this is mismanagement of government on a global scale. The problem is that central banks have no control over the economy.”

    “Add to this, this type of inflation is substantially different than a speculative boom. This inflation is based upon shortages. These morons with covid… with lockdowns, ended up destroying the supply chains…”

    “So, what we have with Europe, with its negative interest rates, they have wiped out all the pension funds. They need 8% to break even, not negative rates. There is not a pension fund in Europe that is solvent at this stage of the game. . . . The European government is collapsing. If they end up defaulting, you are going to have millions of people down there with pitch forks storming the parliament. So, to avoid that, they need war…”

    “U.S. dollar will get stronger initially and not weaker”
    “This is all deliberate.”

  75. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Baseball in Japan

    Sunday April 17, 2022 – New York Post
    Japanese phenom Roki Sasaki pulled after 8 innings with chance at back-to-back perfect games

    Four days after Clayton Kershaw being pulled following seven perfect innings caused an uproar, a 20-year-old Japanese phenom who pitched a perfect game in his last start was removed after pitching eight perfect innings.

    Roki Sasaki, who struck out 19 while achieving perfection in his previous outing, struck out 14 on Sunday while incredibly pitching another eight perfect innings. But his day ended with a 101 mph fastball for his final strikeout at the end of the eighth, as he was pulled after 102 pitches with his Chiba Lotte Marines and the Nippon-Ham Fighters tied 0-0. The Fighters ultimately won 1-0 in 10 innings.

    Sasaki, whose perfect game last week was the first in Nippon Professional Baseball since 1994, has 56 strikeouts against only two walks in 31 innings this season.

    “This was so exciting, I don’t have words,” the Fighters’ Chusei Mannami, who hit the winning homer in the 10th inning, said of Sasaki, according to The Japan Times. “Our guys just hung in there, and we kept saying on the bench let’s get something going.”

    “[Sasaki] is just too tough. The way that forkball drops? Forget about it.”…

    …Foreign-born players who are younger than 25 years old and have fewer than six years of experience are subjected to international bonus pool restrictions. So until Sasaki reaches those thresholds, he’d have to settle for a relatively small contract if Chiba Lotte were to post him….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      4 minute video
      Roki rocks the baseball world again | Today’s Special (04/17/22)

      Chiba Lotte star Roki Sasaki comes three outs away from firing unprecedented back-to-back perfect games as he torments the Hokkaido Nippon Ham Fighters over eight innings in an April 17 game his Marines ultimately lost 1-0 in 10 innings at Zozo Marine Stadium. Sasaki fans 14 to help his budding legend grow.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Tuesday April 19th – USA Today via Yahoo News
      Monmouth University law class tries to save Armando Galarraga’s (almost) perfect game [circa 2010]

      It’s one of the most infamous mistakes in sports history.

      Detroit Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga was denied a perfect game in 2010 when an umpire erroneously ruled that the 27th batter, with two outs in the ninth inning, had beaten a throw to first base.

      The umpire and the batter both admitted the call was wrong, but Major League Baseball’s commissioner refused to overturn the umpire’s decision and award Galarraga the 21st perfect game in the sport’s 134-year history.
      Support to overturn came from the White House, the governor of Michigan and all corners of the media.

      Add a new group to that list: 16 members of a Monmouth University “Law and Society” course and their professor, retired New Jersey Superior Court judge Lawrence Jones, have submitted an 82-page document to current MLB commissioner Rob Manfred that makes a case for Galarraga’s addition to the list of perfect games.

      Galarraga, who is now retired from baseball and living in Texas, was so touched by the effort that he conducted a Zoom meeting with the students to tell his story and express appreciation…

      The perfect game is one of the most hallowed achievements in sports — there hasn’t been one in 10 years, although Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw was on his way there last week before his manager pulled him after seven innings out of concern for his arm.
      In Galarraga’s situation, the classy way he and umpire Jim Joyce handled the mistake provided an enduring lesson in sportsmanship…

      …“It’s a great job by them,” he [Armando Galarraga] told the Asbury Park Press. “They saw something not right and they want to prove a point. I think that’s good. That’s what leads to progress.”

  76. MrANorth. says:

    Hey all.
    AngryNorth here. Freedom Songwriter. Please check out my new tune AGORIST ME.

    It’s a catchy and energetic anarchy anthem.

    I’ll get it on odysee and bitchute very shortly too.


  77. jo-ann says:

    Solutions – Communication training (including free offerings)

    Check out Reaching People, a resource to aid in skillful and effective communication with folks that bought the official (i.e., false) narrative:

    “The Reaching People Project was borne out of extensive investigation into why many conversations were becoming strained and more polarized in current times.

    “Why are some people not listening to logic, reason or evidence and making decisions based on emotions or media gossip.

    “We analyse all the elements involved in reaching people from cognitive dissonance to story telling. We explore how we absorb information, how our perceptions can be altered (with or without our consent) and how we can best protect ourselves from unwanted outside influences.

    “We all need a foundation knowledge on these subjects to protect our identities and communities.”

  78. Fact Checker says:

    Before he was a dorky-ass fake-news anchor, Stew Peters was the gay-ass geek-rapper “Fokkis”!


    Hahahahahahahaha! Another pansy-ass stage-whore like Zelenskyy, duping the masses for a paycheck!

    It’s all a big scripted TeeVee show, and the “Truth Community” is just a target demographic like any other, consuming scripted, engineered-narrative hogwash from the central Ministry of Propaganda.

  79. HomeRemedySupply says:

    After traveling the world, this lady loves living in Mexico City.
    This is a wonderful anecdotal story…

    Tuesday April 19, 2022
    Here’s a place where supply chain problems don’t exist

    About the author: Viktorija Simulynaite
    Viktorija, AKA the Sovereign Woman, is a prolific writer, covering topics ranging from offshore strategies and portfolio diversification to global mobility and Plan B thinking.
    Born in Vilnius, Lithuania, she studied economics at Vilnius University, and completed a course in Executive Leadership at Cornell University in 2014. She is fluent in English, German, Lithuanian, Russian and Spanish. She is mostly nomadic, and frequently writes about her experiences and business opportunities in a range of overseas locations – including a recent boots-on-the-ground exploration of the Turkish Citizenship By Investment Program.

  80. mkey says:

    George Soros was apparently set to be cast as emperor in the new Start wars movie, but they found he was looking too evil for the role.

    I may have ruined this joke, but there are plenty more where that one came from.

  81. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This is pretty good. I revisited it the other day.

    Jan 8, 2013
    AlienScientist and Aidan Monaghan debunk 9/11 POD theory and Judy Wood
    (One hour 16 minutes VIDEO)(Nice visuals for that era)

    9/11 Researcher Aidan Monaghan helps me to debunk the POD/Missile/drone swap theory, and discusses other 9/11 misinfo and disinfo, some of which is covered in his new book “Declassifying 9/11” (an excellent compilation of Government Documents regarding 9/11 obtained from FOIA inquiries and revealing the holes in the official theory). We also discuss other disinformation that has been persistent within the 9/11 Truth Movement such as “No Plane” / “Hologram” theories and the DEW Demolition Theory of Judy Wood.

    This newer version was uploaded to correct some mistaken attributions to Pilots for 9/11 Truth as the original source of the POD misinfo. P4T have never endorsed the POD theory, and this mistaken attribution was the result of a film by Dave von Kleist which falsely labelled Glen Stanish as a “Founder of Pilots for 9/11 Truth”. Also Glen MacDonald was never a member of Pilots for 9/11 Truth.
    I was not aware of the original source of this information, and could not find that information through my own research prior to the original release of this video. Only after Rob Balsamo of Pilots for 9/11 Truth brought this to my attention, was I made aware of these facts. I apologize for the confusion and mistakes as well as any unintended blame I may have directed at the P4T organization.
    It is now my belief that this original film promoting the POD theory by Dave von Kleist was a disinformation propaganda piece, and I unfortunately swallowed that poison pill… I am hoping that in 2013 we can purge more of these “poison pills” from our system, including the Judy Wood disinfo, and lead the 9/11 truth movement closer to Truth and Justice for the 9/11 victims and their families.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~
    Aidan Monaghan is a well-respected researcher with an expertise on planes.
    He did a lot of FOIA requests. A search on 911blogger will bring up some stuff.

    The conversation mentions the slime-ball Morgan Reynolds. A person cannot discuss Judy Wood without knowing about Morgan Reynolds, his background and what he eventually did in the movement.
    In the very earliest days, the North Texans for 9/11 Truth group had him speak at an event. The rearview mirror of that event was like ugly roadkill as Reynolds later caused all kinds of grief with his disinfo-infiltration.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      AlienScientist and Aidan Monaghan debunk 9/11 POD theory and Judy Wood

    • mkey says:

      That was an interesting conversation, but I found they glossed over and completely missed some of the most salient points:

      – roadrunner effect, disappering wing: no mention

      – possibility of missiles being used: no mention of many early witnesses, even reporters, stating they saw missiles. Stuff like that speaks volumes against a monolithic conspiracy, a subject often tackled by our host here

      There are TV news recordings of such reports, hopefully not all memoryholed. After a while on that day, the TV news show anchors “corrected” reporters calling in about the missiles with the “consensus” version of the story, “confirming” that planes were in fact used

      – plane speed: how fast could the planes fly to be still sufficiently manouverable AND to be speedy enough to penetrate a steel encased building? These two are diammetrically opposed conditions.

      The point made about how we don’t really know how fast was this something cruising is well taken, but, again, how fast does this plane need to go to suspend disbelief?

      I remember TV people “explaining” how the plane could do what it did because of the speed. That was avery strong motive to up the speed. How fast did it fly?

      If one were to swing a steel encased building toward a stationary, levitating plane, how fast would the building need to be swung at the collision point for the plane to be swallowed whole? Physics says these two things are basically the same, a plane hitting a building or the other way around, thanks to the conservation of movement

      – “energy” weapons: it’s very naive at best to think that we know about techologies the gubment has under its belt. Be it advanced weapons systems or visual obfuscation devices. We ought to err on the side of caution and assume they are running circles around us, as usual

      – “free energy”: this is just more naivety on display from the show host. The ONLY thing that’s keeping us in the oil paradigm is the slave mentality. It’s all about keeping people boxed up, in constant fight or flight, kill or starve mode.

      Continued reliance on oil has no relation to available technologies. None, and no relation should be assumed.

      From a more esoteric, ritualistic perpsective, a parallel could be drawn to mindless leeches sucking the lifeforce out of their mother.

      An unwitting ritual participant is still a participant.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        There is a lot of background information surrounding most of the aspects which you bring up. A vast number of hours have been spent addressing those issues, and the information is available.

      • Ditto what HRS said in his reply to you.

        “– roadrunner effect, disappering wing: no mention” <sic>

        I’m surprised that after 21 years you haven’t been able to solve that part of the 9/11 puzzle.
        Here’s a hint: perspective.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      UPDATE – May 2022 –
      Richard Gage & Aidan Monaghan

      This is Richard Gage’s WEBSITE.
      At the beginning of the video, the list of alternative video platforms is given.
      Aidan Monaghan is a tireless 9/11 researcher of almost 2 decades. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and had a career in “Electrostatics”!
      He’s been conducting data collection from the government via the Freedom of Information Act requests that have yielded the 9/11 Truth Community a treasure trove of valuable data proving the official narrative of 9/11 can’t possibly be true.

      Aidan Monaghan: Were the Planes Remotely Guided on 9/11?

      Electrical Engineer tracks down the answers to questions that most of us wouldn’t even think to ask:
      ~~ What were the capabilities of the GPS guided autopilot flight control systems on Boeing 757/767’s navigation prior to 9/11? How about its performance on 9/11?
      ~~ What was the capability to remotely deliver flight plan waypoints to aircraft flight management systems before 9/11? And what was the history of remote “backdoor” accessibility to Boeing flight control computers?
      ~~ What was the significance of 9/11 flight transponder activity of the highjacked aircraft on 9/11?
      ~~ What is the significance of United Airline flight 175’s observed and measured performance prior to impacting WTC 2?
      ~~ What is the significance of the extreme and low-visibility weather the day before 9/11 on the alleged hijacker’s hoped-for outcome?
      ~~ Is the publicly released American Airlines #77 Flight Data Recorder an accurate record of the flight that hit the Pentagon?
      ~~ What was the flying capability of the alleged hijackers? Could they have flown the profiles on 9/11?

  82. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Tuesday April 19, 2022 – Bloomberg via YahooFinance
    Russia Touts SWIFT Alternative, But Will Keep Its Members Secret

    FULL article
    (Bloomberg) — A day after Bank of Russia Governor Elvira Nabiullina touted the country’s alternative to the SWIFT financial-messaging service, the regulator said it will no longer publicly disclose who participates.

    U.S. and European sanctions over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have cut several major banks off from SWIFT.
    But Nabiullina told parliament Monday that 52 institutions from 12 countries are participating.
    Until recently, the list was posted on the central bank’s website.
    “Under the current circumstances we decided not to disclose on the website the list of companies connected to the system,” the press service said. “The users of the system can still see the list.”

    Russia set up the system in 2014 after the first waves of sanctions over Ukraine. Nabiullina told legislators Tuesday that the central bank will continue its push to add new members, according to Interfax.
    “Until there was such a threat of being cut off from SWIFT, foreign partners weren’t in much of a rush to join, but now we expect their readiness to be greater,” she said.

    The list of participants is only one of several items that have disappeared from the central bank’s website in the weeks since the invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24, which triggered sanctions on the Bank of Russia itself.
    On Tuesday, the central bank said that it will no longer publish quarterly data on the schedule for repayments of foreign debt. Previously, it suspended release of some detailed information on its reserves.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thursday April 21st – Reuters via YahooFinance
      Russia makes ‘digital’ rouble, home-grown credit card push

      (Reuters) – Russia said on Thursday it plans to have a “digital” rouble capable of making international payments ready by next year and also wants to expand the number of countries that accept its Visa- and Mastercard-style banking cards that are administrated by the central bank.
      With Western sanctions cutting off Russia from large parts of the global financial system, Moscow is looking for alternative ways to make key payments both at home and abroad.

      The country’s central bank governor, Elvira Nabiullina, said the bank plans for real-world “digital” rouble transactions to be possible next year, and that the digital currency could be used in some international settlements.
      “The digital rouble is among the priority projects,” Nabiullina told Russia’s lower House of Parliament. “We have fairly quickly created a prototype … now we are holding tests with banks and next year we will gradually have pilot transactions.”..

      …Some central bank experts have also suggested the new technologies mean countries would be able to deal more directly with each other, making them less dependent on Western-dominated payment channels such as the SWIFT system…

      …Nabiullina also said Russia aims to extend the number of countries that accept the central bank’s MIR banking cards, an alternative to Visa Inc and MasterCard Inc which have joined other Western firms and suspended operations in Russia.
      MIR and China’s UnionPay are among the few options left for Russians to make payments abroad since Russian banks were isolated from the global financial system in response to what Moscow calls its “special military operation” in Ukraine.

      Efforts by the West to close possible routes for circumventing sanctions continued on Thursday.
      The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, Binance, said it was deactivating the accounts of Russian nationals and companies based there that hold the equivalent of more than 10,000 euros ($10,900)….

  83. Torus says:

    Love him or hate him, James O’Keefe at Project Veritas is exposing corruption, providing documented evidence, and setting legal precedent in the courts, time and again.


    I love this rally cry
    Be Brave, Do Something!

  84. Duck says:

    S2 has a new report up on world events, linked below.
    They have a pretty decent report on 5th generation war just prior


    Or on yt

  85. Duck says:

    Dr EM Jones singing “The NeoCon Song” , good for a snigger.


    Its part of his talk on Modern Music which I’m just listening to now, pretty interesting though I’ve not read the book


    • Fact Checker says:

      I would not typically subject myself to the Lurch-like, deformed visage of that cretin Jones, but since you brought him up, Duck, I thought I’d let you know that he is slated to debate Adam Green of Know More News tomorrow (Saturday April 23) on Ethan Ralph’s circus-like “Killstream” marathon webcam show on Odysee.

      The topic is, as far as I understand, just how much of a pathetic Christ-cuck Jones is, and why in the world he worships the Jew god YHWH, despite giving feeble lip-service to having antipathy toward Jews.

      It will certainly be a shitshow. But it might also be interesting…

  86. mik says:

    New episode of insanity in the upside-down world.

    Indonesia palm oil export ban

    The article is written for propaganda believers and brain dead, for others it makes no sense whatsoever.

    “…[the ban] was necessary to bring down the domestic price of cooking oil as demand exceeds supplies.”

    What??!!…the largest world producer of palm oil doesn’t have enough oil for domestic market?? Ok, let’s assume this is journalist’s error and it’s about world market shortage.

    “Indonesia’s government had previously required producers to reserve stocks for domestic use, but this did not succeed in bringing prices down to an affordable level for the country’s households.”

    Some have been asleep in high school when The Law of Communicating Vessels was on schedule.

    “We know that this is not going to be the best result,” Indrawati [finance minister!!!] said. “If we are not going to export, that’s definitely going to hit the other countries.”

    And what about Indonesia, he should supposedly care the most??
    They are just fucking swimming in pools of cash and they will be just nice and dandy.

    Some countries, Moldova, Hungary, Serbia put ban on some grain exports.
    This makes some sense, feed your own peons first.
    But what will Indonesia do with all that excess palm oil? Feed its peons? Oil from breakfast to dinner? And there will still be enough to lube them to be sodomized by their government.

    In the mean time globalists are so good and reasonable (again), you have to love them.

    “At this week’s International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank meetings in Washington, policymakers expressed concern about possible food shortages due to the war in Ukraine.”
    A myriad of sanctions are just precision weapons that will hit just damn russkies, actually Putin’s third eye. Why talk about insane tits for tats while there are kardashians, love islands, smiths…

    “World Bank president David Malpass urged countries to avoid hoarding food stocks or implementing export controls.”
    Thank you david, you are the light at the end of tunnel.

  87. HomeRemedySupply says:

    If Aaron Russo was around, he’d probably say: “I told you so.”

    April 11, 2022 – BBC News
    The microchip implants that let you pay with your hand

    Patrick Paumen causes a stir whenever he pays for something in a shop or restaurant.
    This is because the 37-year-old doesn’t need to use a bank card or his mobile phone to pay. Instead, he simply places his left hand near the contactless card reader, and the payment goes through.
    “The reactions I get from cashiers are priceless!” says Mr Paumen, a security guard from the Netherlands.
    He is able to pay using his hand because back in 2019 he had a contactless payment microchip injected under his skin.
    “The procedure hurts as much as when someone pinches your skin,” says Mr Paumen.

    A microchip was first implanted into a human back in 1998, but it is only during the past decade that the technology has been available commercially.
    And when it comes to implantable payment chips, British-Polish firm, Walletmor, says that last year it became the first company to offer them for sale.
    “The implant can be used to pay for a drink on the beach in Rio, a coffee in New York, a haircut in Paris – or at your local grocery store,” says founder and chief executive Wojtek Paprota. “It can be used wherever contactless payments are accepted.”
    Walletmor’s chip, which weighs less than a gram and is little bigger than a grain of rice, is comprised of a tiny microchip and an antenna encased in a biopolymer – a naturally sourced material, similar to plastic.
    Mr Paprota adds that it is entirely safe, has regulatory approval, works immediately after being implanted, and will stay firmly in place. It also does not require a battery, or other power source. The firm says it has now sold more than 500 of the chips.
    The technology Walletmor uses is near-field communication or NFC, the contactless payment system in smartphones. Other payment implants are based on radio-frequency identification (RFID), which is the similar technology typically found in physical contactless debit and credit cards…

    …[Book author]She says that implanted payment chips are just “an extension of the internet of things”…

    …[Nada Kakabadse] “There is a dark side to the technology that has a potential for abuse,” she says. “To those with no love of individual freedom, it opens up seductive new vistas for control, manipulation and oppression.
    “And who owns the data? Who has access to the data? ….

  88. CRM (Celtic Ricardo Montalbán) says:

    What in the ever-loving fuck is going on in the Ukraine? I just browse /pol/ threads all day, and then I post that content on the Media Monarchy discord server. There’s so much goddamned dis and misinfo re: Russia, there tank losses, there casualties, the state of the Ukrainian forces, Javelin and other material support from Western nations to the Ukrainian military. What the fuck is going on over there, James, or anyone? For realz…
    Is it in the bag for Russia? Was this a devastating blow in many respects to their military and troop morale? My feeling with both of those questions is a somewhat hesitant ‘yes’, however I could also be being influenced by propaganda (which is the story of my life, I suppose).

  89. nosoapradio says:

    So, like

    my son and his father arrived on the 20th from France to visit me for 7 days.

    They brought with them a TV series called Station Eleven.

    Yes, ok, as you may know, it’s all about a flu pandemic that kills off 99% of the human population. Everyone, running around in masks, new civilization and all, nothing surprising there.

    But what was odd to me was that they found nothing interesting or comment-worthy about the fact that such a book, (that my ex reportedly had read during the first lockdowns), was adapted as a series and broadcast during the last months…

    The idea that Hollywood might be working to impact people’s perceptions for social engineering or political reasons,

    is just not worth discussing and belongs to the realm of uncouth, eye-rolling paranoid conspiracy theory,

    no longer impacts me the way it used to with fiery indignation, fascination, exasperation and wide-eyed bewilderment.

    But I still do find it…I’ll confess, a tad worrisome and annoying. A bit isolating, as well.

    Nothing to see here folks, move along…


    • Duck says:

      They have been on that kick for a while….

      “..Sue Hogg, an executive producer at the BBC, was inspired to remake Survivors following the recent increase in concerns about future pandemics and diseases such as SARS.[7] It was decided that the show would be a re-imagining of the 1970s material made by BBC …”

      Sorry if you feel isolated, that’s what they want people to feel so we shut up and there is never an example of non compliance for the normies.


      • nosoapradio says:

        Yes, you’re right of course Duck, there’re tons of series and movies about viruses decimating the human population… It’s just entertaining to wonder about things like predictive programming and the impact media has on “the recent increase in concerns about future pandemics and diseases such as SARS” rather than just the other way around. And it’s occasionally satisfying, if not a little embarassing after the fact, to publicly whine.

        So, tell me: how did you get two full links posted so quickly without loitering a little in the moderation queue first?

        • Duck says:

          “..And it’s occasionally satisfying…to publicly whine…”

          Don’t be embarrassed, I whine all the time in real life. No One with a TV is happy when I’m around snarking at the show.

          On moderation, don’t know…. I suspect that the system is more picky about certain domains like YT or something?

    • mkey says:

      Infectious disease is a rather common theme and I’d say part of zeitgeist, but the part I find interesting is the reason as to why would someone read such a book during lockdown.

      • nosoapradio says:

        yes, my reaction as well but the explanation I received was that it was a book that was being discussed online in the comments section of a popular French online programme about media, so more and more people began reading it to participate in the discussion.
        So there’s an obvious example of how media orients people’s preoccupations rather than the opposite. Constant symbiotic back-and-forth flow between … the conscious and the subconcious…
        I remember asking anyone who would listen a few years back if they thought it was weird there were so many zombie movies about infectious, apocalyptic viruses … what it would reveal about society… how preoccupations emerge…
        Must be fortuitously convenient for the upcoming bio-medical police state being slotted into place to have all these terrifying images of virus-ridden zombies lurking, ever present in the corner of our collective subconscious…
        I woulda thought the creation of a zeitgeist bears occasional examination… dunno…
        I loved asking my poor uni students these cliché questions and then contradicting them…
        miss it…

        • Duck says:


          “….remember asking anyone who would listen a few years back if they thought it was weird there were so many zombie movies about infectious, apocalyptic viruses … what it would reveal about society…”

          True, Viral Video by Blackpilled discussed that, with a segways off at the end into Larry Brilliant, the man who invented ecommerce, cured smallpox and rode the hippy bus then planned the pandemic surveillance system

      • nosoapradio says:

        Have you seen any Hollywood movies about HAARP technology or chemtrails?
        I don’t believe I have…

        • Fact Checker says:

          HAARP and Chem-trails aren’t the plot—they’re the behind-the-scenes magic. They’re not the story but the special effects.

          The movies are about global-warming-waterworld and mass-pandemic-apocalypse. Then, in “real life,” these narratives are brought to life with the “Hollywood magic” of chem-trails and so forth. Expecting a movie “about” chem-trails is like expecting a movie “about” motion-control cameras, CGI digital effects and pyrotechnic craft.

        • mkey says:

          None that I know of mention these but in passing. Maybe some x files episodes covered these topics in more detail, they covered pretty much everything.

        • nosoapradio says:

          The effect of massive implementation of 5G is a preoccupation that exceeds the boundries of conspiracy minds… and yet I don’t see lots of movies about that… can’t even think of one actually… there must be at least one…

          and going back to chemtrails… there could be a cool Three Days of the Condor-style thriller that unfolds… the guy who works at the airline company, little by little, discovers that tanks are being affixed to the planes or starts noticing the streaks in the skies, the tic tac toe grids, the weird fibrous fluff that falls to the ground and fills tree branches (I have photos of this), the clandestine lab tests revealing toxic levels of barium, strontium etc and since we’re preoccupied with diseases, Morgellons that starts forming on people’s skin, inside their bodies…

          gotta go make breakfast now

        • mkey says:

          This is only a notable issue because surface to air missiles are not doable as DIY projects.

          • Duck says:


            That tech is from ww2…. I totally expect some nutjob or (more probably a Fed) to take down an airliner on take off or landing within the next decade.

  90. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Saturday April 23, 2022 – MERCOLA
    Why Has Early Puberty Skyrocketed During the Pandemic?

  91. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Walgreens Covid VAX Tracker Exposes the Vaccination Fallacy
    [Walgreens is a major, prolific drugstore chain in the U.S.]

    Dr. Paul Alexander shows GRAPHS in this short substack article.
    Notice the Covid-19 positivity rate in the Unvaccinated (6.9%) compared to those who had a third shot (17.1%).
    Thus, this could demonstrate that a person is almost 2 1/2 times more likely to get Covid-19 if they had a booster shot.
    Walgreens COVID-19 Index; new data and it mirrors the UK data; one week data; but shows what we have been arguing, those vaccinated and by increased dose, are at increased risk of infection

    At the 45:23 minute mark, Jefferey Jaxen walks viewers through the Walmart data (and more) on “The Highwire” of April 21st…

  92. Duck says:


    Asking everyone….. do you notice actual shortages where you are?

    Are we getting faked like with the Great Toilet Paper Psyop? (Every shot on TV talking about it had a person walk by with a cart piled high)

    Food shortage should start in about 3 months,not yet.

    North Texas
    We have no shortage of actual basic food….there are spaces in the aisles and weird specific items like brands of cat food or brands of clothes soap can’t be found.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Duck says:
      ”North Texas
      We have no shortage of actual basic food….there are spaces in the aisles and weird specific items like brands of cat food or brands of clothes soap can’t be found.”

      I notice the same in North Texas grocery stores.
      Of course, prices have been edging up over the past few years.

      Very, very rarely do I shop for things other than food. A couple months ago, I finally broke down and bought a new ‘basic’ coffee maker and the price was in-line.
      Of course, I have all kinds of stuff…especially hardware, tools and gardening things.

      This year, I refused to buy the potted small nursery plants. The nursery plants are a much, much higher cost. At $5 for the smallest tomato starter, I ain’t gonna do it.
      I have old seed stock, and plus I am using grocery store vegetables (their clearance in produce) for seeds.
      I may break down and buy some organic potting soil for my stack of old pots when I get to that point in my list of projects. Maybe buy a butterfly bush as the season progresses.

      The North Texas intermittent rains have been good for my yard and garden areas. I rent a small duplex.
      A few years ago, from 12″ cuttings-twigs, I started some Mulberry trees. They are 6 feet tall now. I recently transplanted one to the front and it took nicely. I will do the other in the back soon. The peach tree already has ‘baby’ peaches. I have a plum, pear, apple and pomegranate tree also. I’m hoping my olive trees will come back after the freeze. …all this on a very small plot. Blackberry vines are coming up now. The garlic keeps propagating (use it to deter pests). Strawberries and Onions are fine. Ate some asparagus last week. I plan to do some cuttings on a goji berry plant this year, and cuttings from some other plants. Lots of herbs. The peppermint and oregano are going to town right now. Lots of alfalfa in the back yard for the soil health.
      I’m a “minimum maintenance labor” type gardener, especially in the back. You won’t see neatly tilled rows at my place.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Late winter, I put up some more bird houses. Very near my front door, the bluebirds are extremely busy with their young. It is amazing to see their acrobatic flying. I try to keep the sparrows away because they are an invasive species and antagonistic to native birds.
        At sunrise every morning, 20 feet from my desk which is near the back porch screen door, a male red headed house finch repeats its song over and over.
        Sometimes when I play this, the finch will fly over and do its tune.

        I’m glad I don’t have a Mockingbird nesting near my windows. Sometimes, they can go on a tirade of tunes way before sunrise.
        The catnip near my back door attracts the neighbor’s cat. We are friends and ‘talk’. Sometimes, it follows me like a dog around the yard.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          – Sparrows –
          Just like I mentioned above, sparrows are an invasive species and antagonistic to native birds.
          They killed the young bluebirds this weekend, and also took over another bluebird nest on my property.
          I am concerned about the red headed house finch family. I think they are living in another birdhouse on my property. But sometimes I hear the sparrows flocking over and giving them grief.
          I got my BB gun cocked.

  93. lekp says:

    Do some research on Igor Berkut and the Chabad Kazarian Heavenly Jerusalem Project of plans to make Ukraine “greater Israel” and is the reason for the war there. It says it was the deal brokered by Jared Kushner…with the now obvious reason they never told anyone. I first heard about it on the April 12 show on TruNews. Then I heard Jeff Rense quote Zelensky in the beginning of his 3rd hour on the April 21 show, saying he (Zelensky) was going to make Ukraine into greater Israel after the war.

  94. HomeRemedySupply says:

    An interesting choice for a mainstream headline…

    Tuesday April 26, 2022 – YahooFinance
    High-fructose corn syrup is also unhealthy for Coca-Cola’s bottom line right now
    A cheap raw material no more.
    High-fructose corn syrup — long a cost-effective sweetener for sugary drinks — appears to also be unhealthy for the bottom line of soda giant Coca-Cola (KO).

    “We are closely monitoring further pressure in some inputs such as high fructose corn syrup, PET, and metals, along with wages and transportation as they impact us, as well as our bottling partners,” Coca-Cola CEO James Quincey said on the company’s first quarter earnings call Monday.

    The inflationary group of important raw materials caused Coke’s non-GAAP gross profit margins to drop 90 basis points in the quarter compared to a year earlier….

  95. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This post is not about Elon Musk buying Twitter. Rather, it demonstrates some of the mindset that goes on behind the scenes on these type of censoring platforms…

    Tuesday April 26, 2022
    Twitter’s Top Lawyer Breaks Down In Tears During Musk Takeover Meeting

    Twitter’s top lawyer, Vijaya Gadde, reportedly broke down in tears during a virtual meeting with the company’s policy and legal teams to discuss the ramifications of Elon Musk’s purchase of the social media platform.
    According to Politico, “Gadde cried during the meeting as she expressed concerns about how the company could change,” and “acknowledged that there are significant uncertainties about what the company will look like under Musk’s leadership.”

    Having been with Twitter since 2011, Gadde was the key executive in charge of ‘trust and safety, legal and public policy functions’ – described by Politico as the company’s “moral authority.”

    Gadde holds one of the most controversial positions at Twitter: Her teams decide how to moderate content. That’s made her a target of right-wing criticism, particularly when Twitter blocked the distribution of a New York Post article about President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, in 2020. She faced a renewed wave of criticism after multiple reports confirmed she was behind the decision to ban Trump from Twitter. —Politico

    In other words, Gadde is likely the exec who signed off on ZeroHedge’s February 2020 ban for speculating that Covid-19 may have emerged from a Wuhan Lab, and President Trump’s January 2021 ban in connection with the capitol riot.

    She has shepherded Twitter through some of its most contentious political battles, including the decisions to remove all political advertising and to boot former President Donald Trump from the platform in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on Capitol Hill — a position that has earned her devoted fans within Twitter, as well as a large contingent of right-wing critics.

    But as news of Musk’s official takeover broke, policy and legal employees fretted at the meeting about what his leadership could mean for Twitter’s carefully crafted online speech rules, including its policies against hate speech, misinformation and even political advertising. —Politico

    She played a ‘leading role’ in the negotiation between Twitter and Musk, according to the report….

    • Duck says:

      The people running Twitter are nothing but the slave class… like t he Janissary slave army or the straps of the Persian empire they have nothing without the system-only they are weaker, more disgusting and less useful.

      That said, the Twitter fight is probably just billionaires fighting over who’s gonna program the normies. Won’t help truth minded folks either way, I suspect

  96. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Good news…

    April 26th
    Alphabet Plummets 7% After Missing On Earnings, YouTube Revenues, Despite New $70BN Stock Buyback

  97. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Wed April 27 – OilPrice.com
    Russian Hackers Are Targeting Europe’s Renewable Energy Infrastructure

    ~~~ Putin’s war in Ukraine has forced much of Europe to look for alternatives to Russian fossil fuels.
    ~~~ German wind power firms are now being targeted by Russian cyberattacks.
    ~~~ Reports of attacks on U.S. and international organizations by Russian-backed ransomware group Conti are on the rise…

    …Earlier this month, Conti, a group that declared support for Russia at the start of the war in Ukraine, claimed responsibility for the attack on Nordex.

    The cyberattacks on Germany-based wind power companies began on the day on which Russia invaded Ukraine—February 24.

    Turbine maker Enercon GmbH announced a massive disruption of the satellite communication following a cyberattack on a satellite that day.

    “Communication services provided via the satellite went down at almost exactly the same time that Russian troops invaded Ukraine,” Enercon said last week in its latest update on the cyber incident. Around 30,000 satellite terminals used by companies and organizations from various sectors were affected across Europe, including 5,800 Enercon wind energy converters (WECs) in central Europe with a total installed power of more than 10 gigawatts.

    “The incident is suspected to have happened in connection with the Russian war of aggression, the disruption of the communication to the WECs is collateral damage,” Enercon said, noting that “There is no risk to the WECs and never has been.” …

    …In late February, the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said in an alert that “Conti cyber threat actors remain active and reported Conti ransomware attacks against U.S. and international organizations have risen to more than 1,000.”

    “A portion of actors involved with Conti ransomware are based in Russia and some criminals operating from there already have documented ties with Russian intelligence apparatus,”….

  98. Duck says:

    Jay Dyer did a talk on the Phoenix Program and how it leads into DHS and the modern security state.
    You might need to ff thru the into song, lol.


  99. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Fort Worth is just west of Dallas at around 50 Kilometers.
    It once had a “Texas small town” feel for being a big city, and in many ways still does.

    April 26, 2022 – Bitcoin Magazine – by Shawn Amick
    Fort Worth, Texas Becomes First City Government In The U.S To Mine Bitcoin
    The Texas Blockchain Council has donated three S9 bitcoin miners to Fort Worth, Texas for a six-month trial allowing the city to experience mining from within.

    Fort Worth, Texas has become the first city government in the U.S. to mine bitcoin.
    The city has accepted a donation of three S9 miners from the Texas Blockchain Council, in partnership with Luxor Technologies and Rhodium Enterprises.
    Fort Worth will run a trial period of six-months as they learn the industry in hopes to become a leading hub for mining.

    Fort Worth, Texas has officially become the first city government in the U.S. to mine bitcoin today. Three S9 bitcoin mining rigs will be deployed to run 24/7 in a closed environment on a private network operated by the Information Technology Solutions Department Data Center located at Fort Worth City Hall.

    The S9 bitcoin miners were donated by the bitcoin and blockchain advocacy group, Texas Blockchain Council. The donation has formally been accepted today.

    “With blockchain technology and cryptocurrency revolutionizing the financial landscape, we want to transform Fort Worth into a tech-friendly city,” said Mayor of Fort Worth, Mattie Parker.

    “Today, with the support and partnership of the Texas Blockchain Council, we’re stepping into that world on a small scale while sending a big message – Fort Worth is where the future begins,” Parker continued.

    The program starts with only the three machines so the city of Fort Worth can monitor performance, energy requirements, and familiarize itself with the process of bitcoin mining over a six-month period.

    Fort Worth estimates that the individual energy required to mine bitcoin from each of the mining rigs will be equal to that of a household vacuum cleaner, according to the release. This nominal energy-usage is expected to be offset by the profits obtained from mining bitcoin….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Two Texans…

      23-year-olds Brent Whitehead and Matt Lohstroh made $4 million mining bitcoin off flare gas from oil
      (7 minute video – Educational story on Natural Gas)
      The Ignorant Entrepreneur YouTube Channel

      Incredible story about 23-year-old Texans who made $4 million last year and projected to make $20 million this year. How? – By mining Bitcoin from flare gas off of oil drilling.

      From side gigs in lawn care and landscaping to the startup, Giga Energy Solutions, a company that mints bitcoin from stranded natural gas. Oil ad gas companies have typically struggled in the past when they’ve hit natural gas formation while drilling for oil.

      They have a truly incredible story in my opinion when it comes to finding allies in Upstream Data with the founder, Steve Barbour, and Adam Ortolf.

      Lee Bratcher, president of the Texas Blockchain Council, sees the environmental advantages along with the efficiency of mining what would be otherwise wasted material.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      April 27, 2022 – By Brian Womack – Staff Writer, Dallas Business Journal
      Colorado firm investing over $300 million for bitcoin mining, hosting site south of Dallas

      A public company focused on bitcoin mining and hosting plans to invest over $300 million in a site south of Dallas.

      Colorado-based Riot Blockchain (Nasdaq: RIOT) has unveiled a development in Navarro County, located about one hour south of Dallas. It would add to another site in Texas.
      This first phase of the new effort in Navarro County will be for $333 million and is scheduled to be invested over this year and into the first quarter of 2024. It includes land acquisition, site preparation and construction of buildings…

      …The company, which will use immersion-cooling infrastructure and technology, said the initial effort would be for 400 megawatts of power with room for up to about 1 gigawatt, in the statement. The initial phase is anticipated to bring about 270 “direct jobs,” it said.

      There are other efforts with crypto and mining around North Texas. In October, Core Scientific, a blockchain infrastructure and software provider in Austin, announced an agreement with the City of Denton and energy company Tenaska to create a cryptocurrency mining operation. It opened some of its capacity earlier this year. And this week, the city of Fort Worth is launching a pilot program to mine bitcoin.

      Riot already has a site in Rockdale, located south of Waco. It’s a few hours from Navarro County, allowing the company to leverage its existing employee base, it said.

      With the new addition, “Riot’s developed capacity will total 1.7 GW, establishing the company among the largest bitcoin mining operations globally,” Jason Les, CEO of Riot, said in a statement.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Sideways news in Texas…

        April 26
        Austin area man offers Elon Musk free land to move Twitter’s headquarters to his cattle ranch
        [PHOTO in article]

        After Twitter accepted Elon Musk’s deal to buy the social platform for $44 billion, Jim Schwertner made his own offer to Musk: 100 acres in Schwertner, Texas at no cost.

        As President and CEO of Schwertner Farms, he oversees farming and ranching on 20,000 acres of land just north of Georgetown, in Williamson and Bell County [Near Jerrell, TX off I-35]. He told Austonia he thinks Musk is the best thing to ever happen to Texas. He added that a business like Twitter would add a lot of jobs and boost the economy, so giving the land, which is about 75 football fields, to Musk would be a “win-win for everybody.”

        “We think it’s a good idea, especially when you’ve got Samsung coming to Taylor,” Schwertner said. “I mean, this area is exploding and we want to be part of this explosive growth.”

        Austin’s tech boom has reached just outside city limits with Austin suburbs offering handsome incentives to attract companies. Just recently, data centers have been announced from Meta and Sabey in Temple and Round Rock.

        But when it comes to the social media giants in Central Texas, offices like those of Meta and TikTok have been selected in downtown Austin, about a 50-minute drive from Schwertner.

        Twitter currently has its headquarters on Market Street, a major thoroughfare in San Francisco near lots of food and entertainment. And while the company reopened in March, CEO Parag Agrawal told employees they’re welcome to work from wherever they’d like, whether it’s in the office every day, at home or hybrid.

        Schwertner, who lives in Austin, has watched Musk’s moves with Tesla, SpaceX and the Boring Company locally.

        “I just think with all the stuff he’s done, he evidently likes Texas, right or he wouldn’t have moved from California,” Schwertner said. “And I want to be part of his plan if he’ll come visit with us.”…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          See above about Georgetown and Jarrell, Texas.

          Back in 1972, I was at college in Georgetown for awhile.
          I had some good friends from Chile, South America.
          Paul had very long dark hair and kind of looked like Che Guevara, especially when he wore that trademark like cap.

          One day, we two decided to go on a short adventure. We hitchiked up north on the interstate about 20 miles to the truckstop at Jarrell, Texas for a late breakfast.
          We deliberately sat down next to an old dusty, wild-eyed codger at the counter. We introduced ourselves.
          His name was Hugh RidingArrow. He told us stories. Now, I’m a bit skeptical about his Texas silver mine story, but we enjoyed the tales.
          We all talked for quite awhile with coffee overload. Then hitchhiked back to campus.

          My son’s wife’s family has a huge cattleranch just south of Georgetown.

      • Duck says:

        Makes sense for them to set up their own infrastructure-Texas has everything it needs to be a decently survivable country and the DFW area is such a major transport hub, with plenty of people and potential energy,a FED, bankers setting up shop and a eruv. I would not be surprised if the Texas elites break it off into some kind of interdependent area if things go too wonkey in the bigger national scene… I kinda think maybe the elites want a “patchwork” of small, banker controllable mini-states since they spend so much money stoking ethnic tension in the US and bringing non compatible immigrants to Europe.

        ‘…The great bank migration into Dallas-Fort Worth is directly tied to the general influx of people to the area, bank executives say. D-FW had the largest population increase in the past decade of any metro area in the U.S., with a 19% boost that added 1.2 million people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau…..’
        anyone wanting to see this should click Print this to PDF before the pay thing comes up 😉

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          You got that right about the huge migration of people coming to Texas. I don’t much care for it, because it changes the native culture of “traditional Texas”.

          My son is the overseeing Supervisor of a huge construction project for an investment bank’s new office complex in the north Dallas area. It is pretty massive.

          One day, he was outside talking with some of the banking Execs.
          One says: “Look at the license plates.” as he pointed out towards the acres of parked cars.
          They were all out-of-state plates.

          • Duck says:

            Home remedy supply

            I think, if things dont descend faster, that Texas is going to be as much of a cesspit as California is now in 10 to 20 years.
            California is getting ethnic cleansing of blacks by Latinos and I expect we will see Similar ethnic violence all over by then if not before.
            It’s detailed in #11 “Gods socialist prologue” which
            Is only showing up on the app rather the. The website….. pretty grim report 🙁

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Your article is from the Dallas Morning News.
          Here is their statement:

          Build the News upon the Rock of Truth and Righteousness.
          Conduct it always upon the lines of Fairness and Integrity.
          Acknowledge the Right of the People to get from the Newspaper both sides of every important question.
          — Dealey

          IMAGE – Mega huge inscription April 8, 2008

  100. HomeRemedySupply says:

    True Crime – Deutsche Bank Conspiracy

    Thursday April 28, 2022 – NBC News via Yahoo
    Reputed federal informant, whistleblower found dead in L.A. after he’s reported missing
    [ – – – Slight changes in script between archive and original Yahoo]

    A reputed federal informant and whistleblower who went missing after he was reported to have turned over a trove of secret files about Deutsche Bank was found dead at a Los Angeles school this week, a police official said Wednesday.

    The body of Valentin Broeksmit, 46, was found Monday at Woodrow Wilson High School shortly before 7 a.m., Sgt. Rudy Perez of the Los Angeles School Police Department said in an email.

    Records of the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner do not list a cause of death. Los Angeles Police Capt. Kenneth Cabrera told the Los Angeles Times that authorities do not suspect foul play.
    [ – – – ]

    Broeksmit was last seen driving a red Mini Cooper on the afternoon of April 6, 2021, on Riverside Drive and was later reported missing by relatives, Los Angeles police said.

    His vehicle was found, the department said, but Broeksmit remained missing.

    Perez said Wednesday that he appeared to be homeless.

    According to a 2019 profile in The New York Times, Broeksmit was a musician and the son of a Deutsche Bank executive who died by suicide in 2014.

    After his father’s death, Broeksmit gained access to his father’s email account and found hundreds of files related to the bank, including board meeting minutes, financial plans, spreadsheets and password-protected presentations, the newspaper reported…

    …According to The Times, Broeksmit supplied the documents to journalists and others, including Fusion GPS, the research firm linked to an unverified dossier about Trump, and investigators with the FBI’s New York office.

    After a meeting with FBI agents in Los Angeles, the agency permitted Broeksmit to publicly identify himself as a cooperating witness in a federal criminal investigation, the paper reported…

    …David Enrich, the Times reporter who wrote the profile, said Tuesday on Twitter that Broeksmit was a central character in his 2020 book, “Dark Towers: Deutsche Bank, Donald Trump, and an Epic Trail of Destruction,” and that news of his death was “terrible.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Related MOVIE… FREE to watch…

      The International – 2009 action thriller film

      Inspired by the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI) scandal of the 1980s, the film raises concerns about how global finance affects international politics across the world.

      The film follows an Interpol agent and an American district attorney who jointly investigate corruption within the IBBC, a fictional merchant bank based in Luxembourg. It serves organized crime and corrupt governments as a banker and as an arms broker. The bank’s ruthless managers assassinate potential threats, including their own employees.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      …and just like the Movie “The International”…

      Saturday April 30th – Zero Hedge
      Deutsche Bank Offices Raided By Police On Money Laundering Concerns

      It looks as though Chief Executive Christian Sewing could actually be making an attempt to clean things up at Deutsche Bank, after years of regulatory issues at the bank. In fact, Deutsche Bank headquarters is reportedly being searched at this moment as part of an ongoing money laundering case that it appears the bank tipped off regulators to.

      The bank’s offices in Frankfurt are being searched by law enforcement authorities “after the lender flagged potential money laundering,” Bloomberg wrote on Friday morning.

      The raid includes officials from the Frankfurt prosecutors office and Germany’s BKA federal police, the report continues. The searches are taking place following the decision by a Frankfurt court, the report says.
      Additionally, representatives of financial regulator BaFin were also involved in the search, Reuters reported.

      Deutsche Bank said in a statement that the search relates to “reports made by the bank of suspected money laundering” and the bank said it is “cooperation [sic] fully with authorities”. Reuters confirmed that the search was due to a tip from the bank, stating “the search involved suspicious transactions it had itself passed on to authorities”.

      “Police officers are present in and around Deutsche Bank’s Frankfurt headquarters”, Bloomberg confirmed Friday morning. However, one witness told Reuters “there was no sign of authorities outside the bank’s headquarters on Friday”…

      …Meanwhile, Deutsche has been under the microscope for potential money laundering for years, facing nearly $700 million in fines for trades that authorities said were used to illegally launder money.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        Wed May 4th
        Morgan Stanley’s Frankfurt Offices Raided As Part Of Cum-Ex Tax Fraud Probe

        German regulators have been staying busy over the last few weeks.

        Just days after we noted that Deutsche Bank offices in Frankfurt were being raided as part of a money laundering probe the bank reportedly tipped regulators off to, it now looks like Morgan Stanley is also dealing with a regulatory raid by German prosecutors.

        The Morgan Stanley raid is related to the “rapidly widening” Cum-Ex scandal, which is centered on cross-border tax fraud.

        “Authorities are searching a bank and the homes of two suspects in a probe over Cum-Ex and related strategies,” Bloomberg reported Tuesday morning, stating that more than 75 officers were on hand to take part in the raid.

        The same report notes that Morgan Stanley confirmed that it had been targeted and said that the investigation relates to a “historic activity” and that the bank is “continuing to cooperate with the German authorities.”

        The probe encompasses about 1,500 people from the financial industry and similar raids have been carried out at Barclay’s and Bank of America/Merrill Lynch. Deutsche Bank is also said to face “major repercussions”.

        Cum-ex reportedly diverted “at least 10 billion euros” in government revenue by exploiting German tax laws that allowed multiple investors to claim refunds of a tax on dividends that was paid only once, Bloomberg reported.

        The practice was abolished in 2012, but the probe continues.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      – ESG –

      Bloomberg – final days of May
      Deutsche Bank, DWS Raided Over Allegations of Greenwashing
      Deutsche Bank Replaces DWS’s Woehrmann After Greenwash Raid

      2nd link …The greenwashing probes also underscore the growing scrutiny of money managers and their sustainability claims as demand for ESG investments soars. Assets tied to environmental, social and governance issues are expected to surge to more than $50 trillion by 2025, or about a third of global assets under management, according to Bloomberg Intelligence…

      1st link …Law enforcement officials on Tuesday morning entered the twin towers where Germany’s largest lender is headquartered, as well as the nearby premises of DWS Group, according to a statement from the prosecutor that confirmed an earlier Bloomberg report. The search is related to accusations of greenwashing against the asset manager…

      …DWS has faced regulatory probes in the US and Germany after its former chief sustainability officer, Desiree Fixler, alleged last year that the company inflated its ESG credentials. As well as adding to the list of regulatory and legal issues for Deutsche Bank Chief Executive Officer Christian Sewing, the raid is a high-profile early example of lenders facing legal consequences for greenwashing…

      …Fixler has said that DWS’s claims that hundreds of billions of its assets under management were “ESG integrated” were misleading because the label didn’t translate into meaningful action by relevant fund managers….

  101. nosoapradio says:

    If I may engage in a little fear-mongering by passing on some fear-mongering in the interest of posterity:

    Didier Raoult, the doctor who gained world wide renown by generating controversy and ostensibly receiving a lot of grief for championing Hydroxychloroquine to combat Covid

    has now been filmed (on April 20th) saying that he’s very worried about epidemics and/or pandemics of deadly louse-transmitted diseases such as typhus arising due to the Ukraine “war” and the expatriation of countless Ukrainians to other countries, as was seen during WW2. He’s urging governments to stock up on two particular types of medecine that escaped ears and comprehension:


    One of my Saturday morning students just informed me of that as she’s now quite concerned about it.

    Now time for my last Saturday morning student of the week…

    • nosoapradio says:

      sorry: “…that escaped MY ears and comprehension…”

      Title of link in English (as translated by deepl)

      “Professor DIDIER RAOULT on the next epidemic coming from Ukraine: “I really fear an epidemic of LICE and the diseases (typhus) that go with it”…”

  102. Steve Smith says:

    This quotation is from another thread. It gives me the opportunity to reiterate my point.

    “ Cu.h.j

    “…Making arguments about ideas is a good idea….”

    Not always… if the person your you’re discussing ideas with has a goal of causing you harm any idea they bring to the table (even true ones) will be designed to hurt you.”

    I know that I don’t write well. I don’t use words well. I suck with punctuation. But does that affect the quality of my thoughts? Is my personhood of lesser worth because the circumstances of my life forced me into work instead of continuing formal education?

    If I am told explicitly by someone that they consider themselves to be “my better”, isn’t it a safe assumption that that person would wish to cause me harm? Especially when the same person espouses ideas that would very quickly bring about the end of the human species were they adopted.
    Don’t all the eugenics proponents believe that they have been given the right to determine who is who’s “better “? (Or is that whom is who’s better? I dunno)
    Isn’t determining the value of another’s life the job of, if not God then that individual themself?

    If I have correctly concluded that this person who feels that I am of lesser value than himself because of my life circumstances and has stated that they believe that people should not exist actually does wish me harm. Why would I not also conclude that he feels the same way about a great many others?
    Why would I not try to counter that person’s rhetoric in my own clumsy way?

    I have never been able to ignore evil when I recognize it. I agree that it doesn’t make sense to repeatedly attempt to engage in polite and civil conversation with those who wish you harm. (Einstein was said to have remarked on the stupidity of repeating one’s mistakes.)
    But I also think it is dangerous to ignore them. And I don’t intend to.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think the way you write is just fine. I am also not a technical writer. Perhaps I am wrong but I do think there is a way to challenge ideas with different ideas.

      For example the idea that existence is wrong because of suffering that is a normal part of life even in the best circumstances. I think this is false because it is a denial of nature. Life came about and I suspect that life also exists elsewhere in our universe. I tend to think that nature has a wisdom that cannot be fully understood. Maybe this wisdom is “God” but I can’t prove this.

      When people use their ideas to harm others is when there is a problem. For example, how the MSM lies to the public. That is harm. Discussion of ideas to me if that is the intent is not dangerous. What I’m starting to think is that humanity needs to fight back if we are to survive. The psychopaths need to be put in their place, which should be prison or somewhere where they can’t hurt people anymore. This will probably require a significant number of people who are sick of this.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I have been fortunate during my life to be relatively free from suffering to a degree that I would rather not exist. I am glad to exist and live. I have had food, shelter, friends, and relatively good health and I am glad to wake up in the morning.

        I realize that not everyone has been as fortunate as myself and perhaps this is not fair. I can understand why a person would be bitter if their existence was more suffering than joy even if this is subjective. But to make the claim that existence in general is wrong because it entails suffering is a narrow point of view. This may be the case in some situations, but not everyone’s situation.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Also, if someone refers to themselves as “better” I would try not to pay attention to it since it’s false. Someone may be a “better” writer or whatever or have knowledge that another person doesn’t have but it doesn’t make them better in a general sense. Perhaps a more skilled writer, but not better. English and literature and analytical writing is not my strong point and neither is philosophy, but I don’t think anyone on here is my “better.” It’s not a precise word to use and comes off as an insult and weakens the persons position IMO.

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