Interview 1551 - Jonathan Latham on Gene Drives and the Gates Foundation

06/09/202071 Comments

Jonathan Latham of Independent Science News joins us to discuss his 2017 article, "Gates Foundation Hired PR Firm to Manipulate UN Over Gene Drives." We talk about gene drives, the dangers inherent in this technology, how the UN is involved, and why the Gates Foundation and DARPA are so interested in introducing genetic modifications into various species.

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Independent Science News

Jonathan Latham on The Corbett Report

Gates Foundation Hired PR Firm to Manipulate UN Over Gene Drives

Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Are Breeding in Brazil, Despite Biotech Firm's Assurances to the Contrary

Gene Drive Files

The Case Is Building That COVID-19 Had a Lab Origin

The Weaponization of Science

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  1. Tin Lid says:

    Interesting interview. So will they get a mosquito that can inject a person with the male-baby only gene? I guess it’s already out there.

    Shame about the climate change comment though. I always find it disappointing when someone shows they are very clued up and can fully understand how science gets corrupted and weaponised for one agenda, eg the gene drives, but yet fully swallow the corrupted science on another, eg man-made climate change.

    Of course, another tick for the globalists with the corona shutdown, will be to corrupt the CO2 data to make it seem like its dropping and, hey presto, the temp will cool just at the time the grand solar minimum starts to show its strength.

    • wylie1 says:

      Yes, any discussion about climate change without mentioning the bogus data and bogus models AND GeoEngineering/Chemtrails/Haarp, is bogus.

      • Libertydan says:

        It is a “Scientific Fact” that the “Climate” Changes. Geoengineering has been sold as a Means to Prevent Climate Change.
        Indeed, spraying Aluminum and other toxic chemicals across the sky to block out the Sun has created untold negative health issues, and actually caused the Climate to change even more rapidly, but We must at least acknowledge that the environment is being damaged by pollution at an increasing rate. I have revised Rivers and Lakes that I recall were once pristine, and no longer are because they have become polluted by industry. The American Natives may have killed each other off, but they never would have destroyed the Rivers, the Lakes, and the Land. Beginning in 1492 with the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, their World Changed forever. (Some say, Natives predicted White Man would self-destruct in about 500 years)

        • I Shot Santa says:

          The natives weren’t any better, they simply weren’t advanced enough to do as much damage. Virginia would have been a desert, due to slash and burn farming, had Europeans not shown up. Once the natives acquired steel traps, they were just as guilty of overtrapping. And almost all commercial pemmican was made by a tribe who decimated the buffalo in their area. Sorry, the Noble Savage myth is a pet peeve of mine. It muddies up the already cloudy lens of history. In college, I hated all the generational guilt I was supposed to feel about the trail of tears. Blood is what makes the land yours. The natives certainly understood this as they practiced it. History is so much richer when we reveal the flaws of our ancestors. There were very good reasons why Jackson had no respect for the trail of tears cherokees. They had already worked with Jackson to do the same to other cherokees. Treacherous behavior isn’t limited to Europeans. It’s universal.

          • Jed says:

            That’s a fact, us near-hairless mutant primates can be some vicious animals. The winners are the ones with the best weapons — still learning what constitutes a weapon, looking more and more like it’s just about everything.
            That Bigfoot Wallace book is missing a lot of years, I’m wondering if most of the stories haven’t been edited, bleached out. Between that book and the other you recommended (Empire of the Summer Moon), I’m thinking the band “DEVO”,s belief on human de-evolution is perhaps true — I doubt many of us today would have the strength to survive a week or two back then.
            I’m reading a book now about Manson and all the shenanigans around those 1969 murders. I was drawn to it as I loathe that turd prosecutor Vince Bugliosi who wrote “Helier Skelter” and other books, one of which backs the Warren Commission findings , and this work has one a great job exposing him as the charlatan, bs artist, trader and all around piece of shit that he was. It’s turning out that the real culprits consist of the usual suspects. The book’s called “Chaos” by T O’Neill and I recommend it, the associations with what’s happening now are priceless.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              The Wallace book was a collection of stories told by Wallace to his friend. He was tough, though! I loved the stories about the author. Not easy for a dandy to earn the respect of those people, but he did. Will have to put the Manson book down for next month. Most of what I read isn’t that exciting. Blood and Thunder, a biography of Kit Carson, is on par with Summer Moon, though not nearly as encompassing. They make for a great break from the more academic books I tend to read. Nietzsche is fascinating, but he never missed a chance to use 20 archaic words when one normal word would do.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Chaos is now in my shopping cart for next month. Already have 11. Sounds interesting. At least more so than the chief works of Machiavelli and us army war college guide to national security issues! Yeah, I’m a nerd.

              • Jed says:

                Reading Nietzsche on a raft surrounded by alligators and water moccasins sounds like a regional security issue, not national.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                It definitely is! Which is why I only read Nietzsche when I’m stealing eggs out of Eagle nests.

            • lovetodust says:


              Joe Rogan did a 3 hour interview with O’Neill about this book.

              Fascinating. I highly recommend. O’Neill fell into this book, as you may know, quite by happenstance.

              You hear about the real nitty-gritty MKultra that played out back in the 60’s.

              Check online and I am sure you will find the episode. The 3 hours goes by fast. You’d love it to go on for more.

              • Jed says:

                Thank you Ltd, I will find it. They were doing a lot in the 60s for sure, it’s good thing they stopped. lol

                Still have more to go on the book

              • Jed says:

                I just thanked victoria for steering me there but it was you lovetodust, that was a really good interview — hit on all the major points. I hope he does do another book —is very thorough, reminds me of Robert Cairo, says the likes of : I’m not telling you such but, then he piles on evidence that screams such,and like Cario he takes a million years to write it. Thanks

      • katie77 says:

        Can someone explain HOW I can comment without replying to someone else’s. I am logged in obviously, but can’t figure this out. AnyWAY,Something was said about the SUNSHINE GROUP! That is the name of one of the groups giving military training to these teenagers that are involved in the riots.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

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          Scroll to the very, very bottom of the Thread (comment section).
          You will see Leave a Reply.

          That is where your comment will be placed, at the bottom of the comment thread.

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  2. paul1943 says:

    There is another way of looking at the Covid 19 release and the Wuhan Biosafety 4 Lab, and that is that it was a fairly sophisticated ‘set-up’. The French helped them build the lab, and the US and Gates funded it to study coronaviruses.
    In 2019 MSM reported that Chinese personnel had stolen coronavirus specimens from a Canadian lab. Then there were also MSM reports of the poor safety precautions at the Wuhan lab. All this before the virus spread in Wuhan. So, the stage was set.
    To me, a much more likely scenario, particularly as it is the US/NWO agendas which the ‘Pandemic’ is pushing forward (control, centralisation, RFID – or it’s partner vaccines – Mandatory or virtually Mandatory due to restrictions if you refuse – with their own built-in Smart-phone readable ID info. China, if it hasn’t got these technologies already in place, can install them without needing a pretext.
    Also, powerful people in the States, including T’rump, are talking about defaulting on US debts to China, and perhaps confiscating Chinese assets in the US. And the beauty of it is, they can blame a foreign bogey man, OBL (Sorry, Xi Jinping).
    Also, there was the near year long rolling Pandemic simulations in 2019, finishing with Event 201 on 18th October 2019 (the very same day the Wuhan World Military Games opened – surely just coincidental, like the Carlyle Group meeting on 9/11: ‘BUSH SR. MEETS WITH BIN LADEN FAMILY ON BEHALF OF CARLYLE GROUP ON 9/11’.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      I don’t care myself about how the corona cold came about. It’s not impressive enough. It’s what the state did with it that troubles me. Though the most troubling aspect is how the obvious fraud was/is so completely bought. That so many feel, rather than think for themselves, bothers me more than anything. In reality, those who knowingly promoted this fraud are less guilty than those who never questioned it. For they are the ones enforcing the destruction of civilization. We deserve the horrors we will reap by virtue of choosing to remain ignorant.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I Shot Santa (aka Jim Bob)says:
        I don’t care myself about how the corona cold came about…

        … It’s what the state did with it that troubles me.

        Though the most troubling aspect is how the obvious fraud was/is so completely bought.
        That so many feel, rather than think for themselves, bothers me more than anything.

        In reality, those who knowingly promoted this fraud are less guilty than those who never questioned it.
        For they are the ones enforcing the destruction of civilization.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I shot Santa I agree with you about not caring about how the corona fraud came about but rather more concerned about the reaction. We may never know with certainty and one thing I really love about the presentation of material JC’s he still views things logically. Though “logic is not enough “ as JC presented that in the past it is still important to look at evidence and not get stuck in details and let that divert attention from broader implications.

        What I think can be said factually at this point is the lockdowns are much more harmful than Covid 19 which has been overblown as a health risk to the general population. And people who don’t question the false narrative deserve what they get if they know it’s bullshit or chose to ignore evidence contrary to the narrative.

        That said since me and my husband who vocally opposed it at the risk of his career we deserve to survive and thrive in a free world. We are not responsible for the ignorance and obedience of the masses and it is them who will suffer because we were prepared and informed and spoke out. That is my personal opinion.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          It’s comforting knowing I’m not alone in my thoughts. Though we will all suffer the consequences of the ignorant to some degree. And obviously to a far greater degree than we think. I still have trouble understanding how people can be so blind to what’s going on.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I Shot Santa:

            I think mind control via MSM is very powerful for many people, like the “learned helplessness” experiments with dogs (torture essentially). I remember the documentary JC posted called “Human Resources” that showed just how malleable humans can be. Even fewer physical tactics like Edward Bernays used are very effective.

            Humans want to belong and avoid discomfort. They know what makes “us/them” tick and they use it against us. Some people fall for it others don’t. I don’t know exactly why that is, but it’s undeniable that the brainwashing is very effective to elicit compliance from the masses. Very disgusting and disturbing, that humans can be so similar to a lab rat.

  3. Cloudkicker says:

    I made a flyer for #ExposeBillGates day. It has QR code links to the CR docu series on Gates. I hope you guys like it.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The linked June 3rd article The Case Is Building That COVID-19 Had a Lab Origin is excellent. It gives a good timeline and linked sources throughout.

    Coincidently, on 6/8/2020 Zero Hedge cites and article which contains this statement:
    Norwegian and British vaccine scientists have published unequivocal evidence that SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, is man-made.

    It is an interesting read.

    • ccuthbert2001 says:

      Sorry HRS, but I’m not buying it. This whole bat thing and made-in-a-lab thing are just not supported by any real experimental data that I can see. Why do I say that? Because I’ve read several journal articles on the “coronavirus” and the experimental design used cannot elucidate a viral cause to this disease. The whole of modern virology is based on faulty science and cannot be relied upon for conclusions such as bat sourced or lab made.

      This guy may be totally sincere, and his stance on the Gates criminal enterprise I fully support, but as for the science behind the rest of what he said, he’s clueless.

      Just so there’s no misunderstanding: no virus has been purified therefore no virus has been analyzed and no virus has been shown to cause this plandemic. The most likely explanation for what has happened in terms of illness is that this was simply the seasonal “flu” mislabeled as corona-scam. The reason for doing so appears to be the obvious financial disaster that was upon China, Europe and the US. Other factions joined the party to push their agendas–global warming, forced vaccination, coup d’etat against Trump, bailout of state and municipal pensions, green new deal, kill off mankind, etc. Just like Sept 11, there are many factions going along for the ride.

      • CreativeLife says:

        cc: Good Call
        I need to walk and shake this one off. As a Natural Health Consultant and 30 yrs of educating myself, knowing James has investigated and reported on the Rockerfeller/Gates (Frederick Taylor) Hijacking of Medicine, today he noted weaponization of science and it was a decent report on scientism vs actual science and then this. I checked out J Latham and A Wilson from their sites, which in one list sites a John Hopkins editor. Independent Science News is a Food and Agriculture site. There’s more than one so called doctor that says they studied virology.

        Even Stefan Lanka as a virologist is embarrassed by the term and the education that went with it. Many great learned men and women have had their careers and lives destroyed trying to bring us the truth and dispel the lies about viruses, infectious disease and warn against vaccines and viral meds, there is no end to it. I would supply much more info to reference to but right now I am disgusted by this interview.
        We are busy compiling information to fight mandatory vaccines at the highest level and with insanity still prevailing, it makes one want to scream, so I will go outside and do that and walk at a crisp pace.

        There is no time to mess around with more lies. While everyone is distracted by companies hired to fuel and perpetuate racism and riots mixed in with peaceful people, and they get rid of local police and unleash the UN police military forces waiting and already mixed in and deployed. Geez, if you didn’t get with JFK or 9/11, you’ll never get it. That’s right media fakery is an insanely growing industry and whether Tell lie vision or internet there are operatives everywhere.
        So you better learn to discern and realize you’ve been totally deceived. This guy saying democracy, doctors and public health would work great…..buddy that’s exactly what you have criminals, murderers and their trained soldiers. They mostly don’t even realize it. Try and talk to a public health nurse as she sits doling out her vaccines at the local farmers market….geezzzz Tell your doctor you don’t want his retrograde (Rx) petroleum waste products. See what democracy does for you! Did you vote for any of these maniacs controlling your government, school, hospitals etc…..Let me know. Maybe when I’ve had some air, I’ll feel a little better. Finally, no rain for a few hours out of the last 10 days, and in case you haven’t noticed the food supply is shot too, check out ice age farmer. Blaming protesters now for trucks not moving in some places. GEEZZZ! What liars.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        COVID virus origination…
        “I don’t know” is my actual personal take about the origins of the COVID virus.

        That was a very well written, well sourced article which Corbett links to.
        It is well worth looking at.

        Corbett Report Member and Irish singer Lizzie links to an interview with Dr. Zach Bush, MD who points out that there are millions of viruses and microbial organisms, and these are not catalogued.
        Zach makes a valid statement when he questions “How do the experts even know that this is a new virus?”.

        Frankly, I do not really care about the origin of the COVID virus. I only have a mild curiosity.

        What I AM CONCERNED ABOUT…is the manipulation of genetic material.
        Hubris to the nth power (like the Greek tragedies)
        Excessive pride toward or defiance of the gods or natural order, leading to a downfall caused by an inescapable agent.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          The Dr. Zach Bush interview by Del Bigtree mentioned above by Lizzie.

          There is tremendous impact in the last 23 minutes of the video.
          Start around the one hour mark.

          • misfit says:

            I had listened to this interview with Dr Bush. His sincerity and compassion that came through was inspiring.
            As disgusted as I get with the blind subservience of the non-thinkers out there I have to CONSTANTLY remind myself to act with compassion. It’s a toughie because I do get so angry that the most basic common sense can’t be managed by them. I’ll text my snarkiness here tho’!

        • ccuthbert2001 says:

          “That was a very well written, well sourced article which Corbett links to. It is well worth looking at.”

          I disagree. If by well sourced you mean there are a lot of links, so what? The first link is to a journal article where they say they “isolated the virus” but they didn’t. This is the typical double talk from the pseudo-science of virology.

          Further, they tested seven people with flu-like symptoms, took samples from their lungs and checked for SARS with pcr and five supposedly were positive. Really? Five, count ’em, five people using a “test” that isn’t a diagnostic test and can’t id any virus, or anything else for that matter, from the cloudy soup they call “isolate”? And that’s a pandemic? FIVE PEOPLE???

          Sorry, HRS, anybody can write a few pages with a bunch of links. That does not make it well sourced. In fact, it makes it obvious the guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

          That article is a total waste of time.


      • wylie1 says:

        One has to consider that the coronaCon is also being used to provide cover for killing folks via 5G pseudo telecom tech and how that tech restricts oxygen uptake; especially dangerous for those, typically older folks who have respiratory issues, exacerbated by Chemtrail accumulation … which “may” be an adjuct item “helping” the 5G to cause harm; at least as a double whammy, if not more sinister.

        So, when they get more of 5G installed and begin to use it, all they have to do is claim another coronaCon wave is occurring.

        In small town usa where 5G is last to be implemented, I know of no one who got sick at all by coronaCon. Some of those asked far and wide and found no one either.

        • Libertydan says:

          The Novel “Mystery Illness” labeled “COVID19” is something new (according to the Doctors and Nurses that I know). Although I see a strong Correlation between the Illness and the existence of the latest version of the Corona Virus, Correlation does not prove causation.
          They likely could have tested for any number of Viruses and found them among the dead or dying of this “New Illness”.
          Indeed, most of the people that got this Novel Mystery Illness and died, died because the treatment was wrong, yet it was/is a real illness. Most of the Doctors and Nurses thought that they were doing the right things, however, just like in the case of the 1918-1919 Spanish Flu, the treatment killed more people than the disease.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Wylie1 and Libertydan,

            I agree with Libertydan,

            There appears to be a viral infection that is not influenza, does not come up positive for an influenza swab. I’ve seen “Covid 19” cases at my hospital and can attest to it being something that presents as infection, ie fever, and chills.

            As far as it being 5G related, I’m not so sure because of the presentation of fever and chills. Plus, my hospital performs a lab test now for “Covid 19”. It’s a small community hospital with no reason for fake tests.

            Also, weren’t there cases of “Covid 19” in areas that didn’t have 5G towers up?

            It’s important to note that correlation does not equal causation. Plus, there are some outliers of young folks who are getting sick (very small percentage) with no history of medical problems or immune deficiency.

            It’s also true to make this conclusion regarding symptoms and being positive for “Covid 19” on tests (that are unreliable).

            But I’m not sure because fever and chills indicate that the body is responding to a significant threat, not just a cold.

            Furthermore, I think it’s good to not allow differing opinions to prevent a unified response(s) to the tyranny of lockdowns and mandatory “vaccines” and “contact tracing”.

      • lovetodust says:

        Then I guess that makes Judy Mikovitz and her whole entire lab completely fabricated? Whether one believes her personal story or not, she explicity states that she was involved in gain-of-function research. She worked with viruses for 40 years. She states that the bat-to-human infection hypothesis is impossible so knocks that mainstream theory out the door. But she also states that there is a technique that teaches viruses how to infect.

        I believe it. I don’t believe the hype of this made-up nightmare we are living through or the hype of the new coincidental world wide race riots, but I have no doubt there has been research in gain of function.

        And I will hold out the possibility, and likelihood, that there was something going around this winter that was different than the flu or pneumonia.

        Unfortunately, like instances of real police brutality, or real racism (against any race) it will get swept up into the sickening and what would seem obvious maelstrom of the manipulative insane hype.

        Hence, nothing will be addressed constructively.

    • MagicBullet says:

      Thanks HRS, The Zero Hedge article is good but not so in-depth. This is a good explanation even for non-biologists: Evidence gathering that Covid was created in lab. From 21:30:

      The Corbett Report is not of the persuasion that there is no virus. This paper is one example of finding 99.9% homology and electron microscopy identification:

      • ccuthbert2001 says:

        MagicBullet, If you’re saying that James hasn’t said that there’s no virus, yes. James doesn’t have the background to state an informed opinion. Very admirable of him. Wondering what your point is.

        I, on the other hand, do have the background to hold an informed opinion. I read the journal article you linked. They, too, don’t isolate a virus. They take a sample from one person (?!?) to analyze. As usual, they don’t sample a healthy person as a control. There’s so little rna in the sample that they have to run the pcr for 40 cycles, essentially showing that they are starting with a low copy number sample which is problematic. That’s in addition to misusing pcr as a diagnostic test, which it is not. They do attempt to have a control by using a mock virus in the cell culture, but they don’t detail what this mock virus is so we can evaluate how that may effect their results. The 99.9% homology is based on a library of sequences of other improperly “isolated viruses,” in other words a mish mash of rna was compared to a whole library of mish mashed rnas and they found that the two mish mashes were the same. Since they didn’t properly isolate this “virus,” nor any of the other faux viruses, they have no way of knowing what these bits of rna are in their samples. It is much more likely that it’s mainly a whole lot of human rna than anything else.

        Finally, showing electron micrographs in no way identifies a virus. Anyone can take a picture, superimpose arrows and voila! call those little structures viruses. What do you proposed to do to prove it? Cut the little structures out of the pix with scissors and test them? This is ridiculous. And to top it all off, since they can’t isolate the virus, they have no material to test for it’s ability to cause disease. So they don’t. They just assume that this rna must be causing disease… because?…

        This is the sloppy nonsense that passes for science. It’s an embarrassment that anyone who calls himself a scientist would produce this kind of work. When I was a kid playing tennis, we used to say, “And the Russian line judge calls it in.” Now we should be saying, “And the Chinese scientists call it a virus.”

        Show me a paper where they have isolated a virus in quantity, purified it using a density gradient, taken electron micrographs of that purified sample to show that it is not simply cellular debris, but comprised of like structures, infected dozens if not hundreds of volunteers with this confirmed, purified sample through their respiratory systems, and some large percentage became sick. Then I’ll pay attention.

        • MagicBullet says:

          First, I would like to point out that your tone is more aggressive than the majority of persons who follow JC, who think quite alike and wish to share info with minimal abuse. This is not a youtube comment area, you must be polite.

          If you wish to argue that germ theory is false or, that the corona virus is an exosome etc., then that doesn’t really fit with the CR forum and I would say you are trying to taint the CR as being full of crazy conspiracists and get us to argue with each other or you.

          There are 2 parts to this discussion. 1. The clinical syndrome, and 2. The Biological and Chemical identification of a pathogen.

          On the clinical syndrome, there is a cold-like syndrome passing thru the world population, with fever, dry cough, and lethargy and in a minority of cases shortness of breath and rarely pneumonia. It is clearly passed by interaction with people, which suggests it is replicating. Dry cough suggests non-bacterial cause. Seems like a virus clinically.

          On the Bio-Chem ID, this article maybe a bit more intensive:

          A biologically active particle does not need to be cultured for the evidence to point to it being a virus. There are also dozens of articles on its receptor affinities, its RNA homology and thus viral phylogeny, protein sequence, and recent mutation strains, thus denoting it is a virus.

          However, as I noted in a prior post we don’t care if it is a virus, an exosome, an alien, or a piece of rat turd. It is a biologically active and infective particle causing cold and respiratory illness, there is ulterior political motive associated with it, it was likely made in a lab, but it is not a hoax.

          If you wish to argue germ theory or, that the corona virus is an exosome, you can read this, and argue with the author, not me.

          I request you don’t reply to me if you will not be polite, and suggest you get off the form if you can’t be polite to all our members.

          • CreativeLife says:

            I believe some of us are trying to get our opinions heard in a safe place. JC is not a statist, and I understand this is a forum where you are not required to wear a mask. We all have a right to be heard whether right or wrong. At times, like yourself stressors are added to make a point when you respond. I do not think it appropriate to assume “authority” and suggest anyone get off this forum. I do believe this is solely the forum of James Corbett and hope I would not have a fellow member tell me to get off. We need to organically resolve issues including one on one debate in the forum, but lets not pull out the authority card and start policing the site. Let James do that if need be please. There is enough censoring especially if truth raises up and tries to be heard…..

          • cu.h.j says:

            I agree with your opinion here MagicBullet about “the virus” in response to ccuthbert2001. Some people say that there is no HIV virus or that it doesn’t cause AIDS. But I have friends who have tested positive for something that has indeed lead to AIDS.

            I try not to get caught up in the idea that there is no virus and it’s all fake because I see a syndrome at work all the time and can’t ignore what I see in clinical practice.

            I think JC has made the point in the past that people can get stuck on the minutia and become divided and then stop working together.

            It’s good to stay polite because it’s important to hear other opinions. I think a diversity of opinion is important in a free society.

            • MagicBullet says:

              Thank you cu.h.j, yes clinical empiricism can sometimes be more valuable than a test. Classic example, you don’t need to see an infiltrate on CXR to diagnose pneumonia, you only need your 6th sense. I took a virology course in 1977, we did cultures. It’s hard not to believe in viruses. In the 80s I treated many people with AIDS and Toxoplasma, Cytomegalo etc. with low T cell counts. Its a war really, you either have to jam the T cells or blow them up.

              Now, there is a Dr. Kaufman, a psychiatrist, who makes videos purporting viruses don’t exist, that they are exosomes. Not just inside exosomes, but ARE exosomes (right, he doesn’t explain replication and transmission this way). He is a anti-germ theory kind of guy in that sense. But, This isn’t his end game. He clearly gets followers, some are real, some seem to be on his “team” from the start. They infiltrate Alt-Media sites and promote the “viruses don’t exist” story and may foment conflict on forums. The Intel people call this, “poisoning the well” by making all alternative thinking people seem like nutty conspiracists.

              It like the “9.11 planes crashing are really holograms” people, purposely planted on 9.11truth sites to interject their implausible story and hang the demolition experts out to dry. Once you see this tactic you get a sense for it, just like the pneumonia with no infiltrate, a 6th sense.

              • flammable says:

                Dr. Kaufman is not trying to poison the well. He doesn’t even have conspiracies so that article you provided was weird with the constant conspiracy theorist remarks. It is simply his own theories and opinions with no accusations of sinister actions by those is power. His statement is taken out of context regarding the “viruses don’t exist”.
                Kaufman uses an old school mentality on scientific proof. If it doesn’t meet the strict criteria of proof then it doesn’t exists. He says the burden of proof is on those who say virus exists to prove it.
                What he doesn’t get is that there are many things in science you can never solidly prove. Especially with viruses. We cannot witness what viruses do in a living person in real time. So yes the common method of experimenting in a Petri dish and using chemicals is flawed but so is his suggestion to test ONLY the virus against a cell.

          • B00ND0GGLE says:

            MagicBullet, the Japan study you cite uses engineered cells to run off copies of RNA. The RNA signal is amplified and detected by the same old methods. The RNA remains innocent of causing dry cough until proven guilty.

            The second article is a science-free hit piece. Against all “conspiracists” and “conspiracy theorists” – terms used in nearly every sentence, which is an earmark of an authoritarian author. Predictably, he has a perfectly calibrated u perception of everything, and smug condescending pity for the poor fools unlucky enough to fail to be smart and enlightened by reasonable mainstream idea as he. Then he exposes his startling stupidity attempting to debunk Dr. Kaufman’s video, employing such devastating arguments as:

            where Dr. Kaman claimed the exosomes and the virus envelopes measure 100nm he was wrong-the virus actually measure 60 to 130nm and the exosomes measure 80 to 140nm!


            Ccuthbert was right. His tone was appropriate.

            Respectfully, your argument is wrong. Politely, your feeling butt-hurt is irrelevant. Honestly, suggesting he doesn’t reply is absurd. Who’s forcing you to read it? I suspect you fear he’ll continue winning the debate.

          • ccuthbert2001 says:

            MagicBullet, this is probably the most amusing comment I’ve seen on CR, an ad hominem attack, followed by finger wagging, followed by Corbett Report policy, ending with a directive on how a total stranger on the interwebs is to behave, with junk science interspersed. You’re the one who should be polite, and just a tad less supercilious.

            If you haven’t noticed, this webpage that you have taken over is filled with all manner of crazy conspiracy theories from the former proprietor as well as many if not most of the commentators. James has flatly criticized junk science many times. It needs to be exposed. Therefore…

            “A biologically active particle does not need to be cultured for the evidence to point to it being a virus.” No kidding, that’s what was wrong with the article you linked, and all the other junk science articles supposedly showing a “coronavirus.”

            “It is a biologically active and infective (sic) particle causing cold and respiratory illness…” Give us the proof.

            Show us the evidence that the “virus” was taken from patients with symptoms, purified on a density gradient, viewed by electron microscope for homogeneity, given to several hundred volunteers and that a significant percentage of those volunteers became sick. Do the same for samples from healthy people, showing that they do not become sick. Then purify the “virus” again.

            You can’t. This work hasn’t been done. Neither has the “virus” been nucleic acid sequenced nor proteins purified and analyzed. Since they haven’t extracted and purified the protein(s), the receptor studies are pure nonsense. They are… are you ready?… computer models. Yes, that’s right. They cobble together a nucleic acid sequence from the junk out of somebody’s lungs and a whole library of junk from other peoples lungs over the years, pretend that they can predict the structure of the resulting made-up protein via COMPUTER MODELS and then look for a human receptor that the fake protein might fit.

            Hmmm, how else have they used computer models over the years. Could it be the global warming scam? Could it be the corona-scam epidemiology?

            Too bad your germ theory religion has been proven false.

            • flammable says:

              Obviously no one will try that. The virus is guaranteed to not do anything. A purified virus is unnatural. No living thing spreads purified viruses. Viruses must be in the same condition it is found to get accurate results which is in a living organism. Once you take the infected blood, sputum, or tissue out of the body the testing results will be flawed. Separate the virus from all other particles minus an inert solution to keep the virus alive and the virus will no longer function properly.

              You are right pointing out the current junk science but purifying viruses and testing them is not correct either. Maybe it still proves your the point that a virus by itself doesn’t infect. But no particle in the human body can act alone.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          Even if it is a virus, it’s wimpy beyond belief. With all the gaming of the numbers, they still can’t generate a fatality rate worth considering. Big Macs kill far more people.

    • robert.t says:

      Zero Hedge is the SERCO Newsletter. On certain subjects, ZH will be as thoroughly statist as CNN. On other subjects, not so much. The trick is to keep a bit of alternative edge so that an otherwise unreachable public is reached.

      The big pitch of most challenges to COVID orthodoxy is to criticise government reaction, imply cover-up of origins, hint at sinister involvement by alphabet agencies or Chicoms…anything that keeps the virus big and real.

      Because COVID’s a hoax, just like knee-on-neck. Hoaxes are cheaper, more controllable and easier to walk back. Right now, the burgeoning surveillance state wants control, above all. When it wants us dead, it will have us dead in a neater fashion. A wild virus is not neat. It will either fizzle or run riot. Hoax gives the same result for much less risk and it can be made to fit the conditioning perfectly. The script for the “real” event is already familiarised through zombie movies, contagion movies, TV shows (about zombies), drills, simulations, comics, novels etc etc.

      Of course there are real cases of epidemics, terror and state brutality. And all of these real cases will be ignored by media, under instructions. (Yemen make it to your headlines yet?) Wild events are not their thing. They won’t leave their new world order (Communism.2) to chance. They want a certain order out of a certain chaos, not just any old order out of any old chaos.

      How blatantly systematic do they have to be before we see a pattern and a program?

      • lovetodust says:

        I’m afraid I have to agree – in part. I still hold out that there was a virus stronger/different than regular flu that was going around this winter. And have read some interesting articles on the difference.

        But I do loathe the lockdown and the masque elite.

        And though I have never ever considered myself a hoaxer,from the minute it happened I called hoax on the George Floyd situation. I hate to say it because I respect the dead, but come on. After ALL the genuine trouble between police and people who’s skin color is black in the past few years- the WHOLE WORLD is right now, coincidentally, going to break the precious quarantine and march en mass against racism and police brutality????? In masks no less???? A true true kumbaya moment.

        I still held out a modicum of “well, maybe…” until I 1.) watched the video which just struck me as hinky, 2.) and more importantly, saw the photo of Nancy Pelosi et al, in masks (of course!) wearing African Kente scarves. Oh my Lord and savior.

        If the color of my skin was black that photo alone would just sicken me to the core.

        What the heck are people of color and police officers making of this entire farce?

        I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like it.

        • cu.h.j says:


          I know right, the Nancy Pelosi taking a knee was very weird and the foot washing rituals at some of the protests were quite bizarre. But I do think the whole “woke” movement is a thing, the “postmodernist” “neoliberal” movement is a thing on social media and college campuses here in the US anyway. I went to college prior to that time, ie, I’m not a millennial so we didn’t have a lot of that crap when I went to school.

          I know not many people on here follow the whole “left/right” paradigm stuff. I find it entertaining sometimes, so I do notice what is going on in the divide and conquer political scene.

          I think a vast majority of people, primarily in the neoliberal camp are followers, they go along with the latest trend and if there’s a BLM protest they will go to virtue signal to their followers on Instagram, primarily. This is my take anyway.

          I’m not saying racial injustice does not exist, or that it’s wrong to protest the death of Floyd. But the rioting and rituals were disturbing and bizarre.

          I think the vast majority of people are viewing this through the “right/left” lense, rather than it being a justification for the police state and a “second wave”.

          They probably expected more protesting from anti lockdown protesters and wouldn’t be able to blame a second wave on that so threw this into the mix. Who knows, but it does appear to be a farce, not sure what to make of it yet.

          I don’t mean to make light of Flyods death and think it was disgusting.

          • cu.h.j says:

            It also showed me how strong people can be when they come together. The many are a force to be reckoned with. Like Rosa Parks when she refused to give up her seat sparked a mass movement. With that said, I think this is different, unfortunately, the reason being is that I feel the outrage is somewhat misplaced to site only instances of police brutality against black individuals. Things are much more complex and deep than that, and I think transcend racial barriers.

            That is something I learned from the information here: eugenics is still alive and well and the elite do want to eliminate us and have a plan to do it. They will succeed if we don’t come together as human beings of all colors and ethnicities.

  5. Jed says:

    These gene-splicing/driving experts who’re looking to obtain title of whatever mutant crap they create (our children?!), they better hope they’re not breaking any copyrights themselves. Who or whatever holds that patient might soon be paying them a visit.

  6. asavetmd says:

    Instead of absurd, I would say terrifying. Fortunately for me at age 76, I don’t have very many years left but James and his family have 30+ Years left with Life changing decisions to make. They are in deep, deep Do-Do.

  7. CreativeLife says:

    Before I go back to my painstaking research I will leave this. If you are inclined to actually seek out some answers here are a few things you can do to help sort a few things out. It’s in the form of an article with a few videos, entitled:
    “It’s All Fake: Top 40 Pieces of Fakery in Our World” This will help clear some obstacles and clarify some of the damage done to our perceptions. It’s been a lifetime process, but quickly this gives hints to our dumbing down or ignorance. The doors will open wide for the knowledge train to pull in. So get ready for the ride!! You might want to do it in chunks, so just copy it and take a peak if so inclined. When you find out who you are in the eyes of the cult you will truly understand more.

    Now to learn a little about “virus” and “vaccine”: I have tried to write on this and got snipped as it was too long, so here goes references for you:
    James in Rockerfeller Medicine did an excellent work, mentioned the Flexner Report and influence of Frederick Taylor Gates as JD Rockerfellers advisor.

    History is difficult to put together at times as it has been “messed with” so much. Education was designed to create dependency and profit for the medical cartels and within the bounds of the newly formed American and Canadian Medical Association licensing and regulatory legislature put into place, by the Rockerfellers, Gates, Flexner et al earky 1900’s. Of course, if you wanted to practice natural methods of healing you were excluded from licensing, insurance schemes and scorned, destroyed and labeled with quackery. My Mom always said people will accuse you of what they are, so keep your antenna up. Sound familiar you so called conspiracy theorists. God help you if you actually stood for truth and had an opinion based on provable evidence.
    Geez I remember peacefully protesting the Viet Nam war in Stanley Park. Of course, there were guys that didn’t want to murder people and avoid the draft. They were called draft dodgers. The CIA always has a label waiting in their mind control arsenal. An individual with a thought, my we can’t be doin’ that now can we folks!
    The weaponized language given to us is quite amazing and there are triggers embedded everywhere. I haven’t watched TV for over 25 years and still the jingles ring.
    Most of what you see and hear has been disguised and redefined. Words and their meanings have been extorted, what you see especially since the advent of Helly Wood, well if you only knew. It’s not hard discern but people will think your nuts if you see something different than they do. Even if your eyes have been trained with very thorough techniques. Lots of Golden Calves. So you just carry on and have a few laughs. The world truly IS A STAGE.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • CreativeLife says:

      Two more books that you can find online in pdf, I prefer the books but when in a hurry …… 2007 Torsten Englebrecht and Claus Kohnlein wrote
      Virus Mania:
      How the Medical Industry continually invents epidemics, Making Billion-dollar profits at our expense and deals with Avian Flu(H5N1, Cervical Cancer (HPV)
      SARS, BSE Hepatitis C, Aids and Polio among others. the foreward is by Etienn de Harven, Pioneer in Virology CAN Joachim Mutter, Expert on Environmental Medicine and Robert F. Kennedy linking Mercury and Autism Extremely well written in depth research

      Remember they are calling this a SARS COV2 except James guest called it the other code 2019nCoV pay attention listen and read everything, believe nothing and research yourself over time…..operatives are everywhere and spill half truths and miss the big ones so look out especially for Judy’s and ones that keep showing up all over the place……
      It was written in 2007 folks so this isn’t the first time around the block. Far From it.. Eustace Mullins wrote Murder by Injection and was featured in James video from 2013 on Rockerfeller Medicine. WOW first watch James excellent video and then grab the PDF. Eustace did not have a happy ending, as have many other incredible scientist, doctors and natural health practitioners trying to get you to see the horror before you and your children.
      Andrew Moulden was incredible man who recognized the twisted faces and immediate changes in children being vaccinated. He was very hard to find for a while after his sudden death but people have been putting back together some of his works. That’s all I can offer for now. I am like James very exhausted and concerned about how we will get a productive garden in with this terrible weather we are having. Rain Wind Rain Rain.

      Jason Christoff as well is doing wonderful work and gives a look at the global cult that is operating. Be encouraged and keep working to find truth. Please don’t get side tracked with that insane media in whatever form you partake of it. I need another walk. They are trying to pull off the rioting everywhere, and will have their paid actors and scheduled performances steady so be aware, kneeling down (bowing down) is just another ritual to add to the coded displays of the slaves. Even in the far far north they are pulling out the racist card. Be strong…breathe deep and love one another. Won’t be around for a while. Need space and time in nature as long as the weather holds out.

    • CreativeLife says:

      Oops! Got snipped where an excellent resource was given. Book written by Dawn Lester and David Parker
      What Really Makes You Ill? Why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong. 778 pgs of incredible research 2019 Inspired by Voltaire’s quote: “Doctor’s are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.”
      Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth. Albert Einstein and;
      “An error does not become truth by reason of multiplied propagation, nor does truth become error because nobody sees it.” Mahatma Gandi
      Years of research on various topics: Dying to be healthy, Medicines, psychiatric too, Vaccinations: ineffective and dangerous, Germ Theory a Deadly Fallacy, viruses, bacteria, Medical Myths, Poisoning the planet, Non-infectious diseases (more medical misconceptions and on, and on. How to be Naturally Healthy, Public Relations and Propaganda, Philanthropy, Charity and the 3rd Sector, The Media. THE HISTORY OF THE MEDICAL CARTELS AND BIG PHARMA

      Just to give you an idea of the incredible dedication and research over years. That was the first book and I got snipped, sorry about that.

      Looks like by the many comments I have read here and elsewhere it really doesn’t matter. It has been this way for years and years for many of us. It likely will never change. We all have a lot to learn and freedom to be right or wrong, but at least heard. If you want to research remember gov documents are usually just a useful use for useless information. Remember who controls the narrative on any given day. Salute’ Happy trails, movin’on

  8. wylie1 says:

    If they cannot get you by forced voluntary vaccination, they will send the mosquitoes upon you!

    One wonders when they will be shoving a tiny tube into the homes of those who refuse vaccinations to blow in a few DNA altering mosquito (vaccinators).

    Who knows how far along they are but until folks create a nonpartisan voting block to vote the bums out, shut down their funding, dismantle most or all of govt, things will only get worse.

    Do the people of Russia want to attack us? No. Do the people of China want to attack us? No. They don’t need their govts dragging them into war either.

    I solute the Hong Kong people for standing up. However, they need to get a large support for succession and agreement for protection from some non-usa/uk non-backstabbing country/entity. The UK and China had no right of determination for those people, just as no govt or entity has a right to ef up your DNA or inject you with nefarious items.

    If TX or some other state like Florida, already loaded with a good arsenal, will dump the USA, to become an independent nation-state in favor of sanity. I would move there.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      The DOD already dumped a bunch of yellow fever skeeters on the Fluorida/Georgia line. As I’m about 40 miles from the okeefenoke swamp, this is the most likely area. Operation Itch. This was in the 60s I believe.

  9. nirvana says:

    Jacobina-BA is about 300 miles away from the atlantic coast in the NE of Brazil thats where the GMO mosquitos were released. I told my friends who are successful in life, and they laughed at me. I told my friends of low income and they all listened, they know the controllers do not have their/our best interests in mind.
    I don’t know any one who has come down with corona-virus, but i know two who came down with Dengue, and One who came down with Chikungunya.
    I have met a few women with children suffering from microcephaly, back during the zika scare. The first thing they said was, it was expired vaccines. I have heard of women who came down with zika while pregnant and didn’t get the vaccines and their children were born healthy. There is no microcephaly going around now. At the time everyone thought microcephaly from zika would be an extinction event, now where is it? Event 201 might have been a zika beta test that took place down here a few years ago.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thank you so much for the update about that area of Brazil.
      There are some others from Brazil on the Corbett Report Threads.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      There was also a Japanese company, their Monsanto, that was implicated right before zika news disappeared. Always a good clue ass to whom to investigate.

  10. Waterbear says:

    Mr President we have a gene drive gap.

  11. Dread Pirate Roberts says:

    Problem Reaction Solution , NWO need mass civil unrest in order to justify the military lockdown of the major cities. That will be complete just in time for Rona 2.O (which will probably be a deadlier strain ) . You thought the last lockdowns were bad? Childsplay! Also with this (new normal) it looks like out of necessity USA will have to settle mostly for mail in ballots. (No problems there I”m sure ) Also you can anticipate the root marxist ideology to come out to justify the rioting. After all Capitalism is the real deal when it comes to systemic racism and general oppression of all proletariats by those evil racist capitalist. (am I right ) You can also expect the Stock Market to crash at some point as well as this lend more credence to the marxists. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… What I wrote above you can take to the bank 100. Now here is where I put on my evil ruler grand chess champion hat on with the following hunch . Go with me …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….Now, ever since Trump got into office the media immediately started dog whistling that trump is a racist everyday all day therefore implying all the trumps supporters are racists or at the very least racist sympathizers . This most republicans and all trump supporters with the task of defending their presidents against these (to my knowledge , zero evidence based) Now what my hunch is , the deep state has always had some type of video or audio evidence of Trump saying something racist (most likely something against Black people) . This would be released right before the election and this would single-handedly destroy the republican party forever because the supporters went to bat for him since day one. Now every single one would have to hang their head in shame and silence . To the media, the left, to every person of color ; they would immediately be vindicated and the republicans and all their legitimate grievances and ideas would be thrown out with the bathwater. Now mix that in with a Stock market crash and a failure of “Capitalism” Donald J Trump will be the poster boy for everything that is wrong with Capitalism and the Republican right (RACISM ) . And there you have it . Two birds killed with one stone Ladies and Gentleman. It’s the perfect evil master plan to end Capitalism and start the ultimate boogeyman of the One World Gubment …..Racists….they could be in your family , they could be in your city , neighborhood etc etc They look like you , they sound like you , all the time those evil bastards are plotting their supremacy ! Snitch your evil Grandmaw! ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Sidenote if you’ve made it this far, One more thing you can anticipate is what follows next after taking down the Confederate Monuments. That will soon follow with the founding fathers because they were evil slave owners , and once you have killed the messengers then you go after the real Gold.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  12. rueckl1b says:

    A bit on a lighter note
    Just found this Bill Gates Summary.
    It should be a classic like your 911 in 5 minutes

    • CreativeLife says:

      Just got that last night myself, good on ya!

      Here’s a cute clip on “What’s in a flu Shot?”
      What’s in a flu shot?

      Corona Virus: The continuing story of Billionaire Bill by Cheswick
      Warning: one swear word in first segment of the song, on Bill being a son.
      Music by Cheswick to an old Beatles song….enjoy

      • CreativeLife says:

        Shoot I forgot the link to The Song About Bill Gates in the above reply.

        Sorry about that:
        Caution one swear word in first verse to being a son

        Corona Virus: The continuing story of Billionaire Bill

  13. zyxzevn says:

    Diverse Health Services on
    About virus and dangers of EMF
    Starts with the Laboratory origin of Covd-19 and the plans around it.
    “The second wave are the suicides and closed businesses.”

  14. BorisaMan says:

    So the utterly fake satanic stage show we are living in has copied this: Science is research, nothing more. The bankers are using it as the new religion, any rubbish that comes out of their paid for mouths has to be instantly believed. I am sick of the reich/rich messing with our lives like a sick sci-fi movie. Dont you think its about time we pulled the plug on THEM!

  15. Antonio says:

    One question that comes to mind, in light of the proposed idea that viruses don’t really exist, at least not in the conventional understanding, is what types of things are being played with in BSL-4 labs around the world, then, if they are not truly viruses?

    Has any virus truly been isolated? The tenor of the article linked here about the probable lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 is that viruses do exist, and they are being experimented with all the time.

    Does anybody have an answer to this basic question?

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