I See GREEN Light!

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The social engineers will tell you that green lights are blue or there are five lights when there are only four. They want you to repeat their lies. They want to break you down. Don't let them. Say it with me: That is a GREEN light!

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  1. rumykynd says:

    Damn. Now each and every time I pass by a green (blue) light, I’ll hear James say, “That’s greeeennnn lights!”.
    Thanks for that.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Back in the early 1980’s when women wore dresses to work, I was one of three owners of a women’s wholesale apparel place. One guy was the buyer, one guy would sell the goods to other retail stores, and one guy (me) would liquidate the inventory which the retail stores would not buy from our wholesale place.

    For three years I traveled continuously putting on women’s dress sales in different cities around the United States. Every week, I would be in a different city and set up a large three day “Fashion Sale” in a convention center or Hotel ballroom. On opening day, often a hundred women would be waiting outside the doors for us to open. They would rush in and grab stuff in a panic before someone else grabbed it. Like the movies. In fact, I shot footage of this frenzy buying to use for my TV ads.

    For a period of time, I traveled with a petite lady who helped me manage things. Prior to rolling into a city, I placed a “Help Wanted” ad in the newspaper for people to help with the dress sale and set up the racks. Usually 20-40 people would show up on the day prior to the sale. I would hire maybe 10-20. Then we would go to work setting things up and doing promotion.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      CHICAGO – This is a true story. Money for Nothing
      In downtown Chicago I had booked the Penthouse Ballroom of a very upscale Hotel. So, the morning prior to the sale, my helper the petite lady and I are walking into the Hotel. The Hotel Manager is all bug eyed panicky. When I reach the Penthouse Ballroom it is filled with more than 300 people wanting to work (not 20-40 people). Most of the 300 people were from the rough neighborhoods. If you understand that Chicago has a very, very rough side, you will know what I am talking about. The upscale Hotel was having a tizzy with all these rough looking people riding up and down the elevators with the suit & tie guests.

      I had to get this mob out of there. I told the petite lady with me to pick 20 or 30 quickly and we’ll let the rest go. As she was pointing to people picking them, the crowd of 300 closed in and engulfed her.
      I yelled “Hold it! Hold it!” Everyone stopped.
      I had to think fast. Trying to stall, I just made up a silly statement.
      #1 – “Okay. All the people who think that they should be paid money even though they don’t work for it, even though they do nothing, stand over there on that side of the room.”
      #2 – “And all the people who think that they should be paid money only if they earn it, only if they work for it, stand on this side of the room.”
      I rephrased the statements in simple terms several times so there would not be a misunderstanding, plus I was stalling anyway.
      Two choices…
      #1 – Get paid money, but you don’t have to earn it.
      #2 – Get paid money if you earn it.

      I kid you not. The room split in two. 150 folks went to one side and 150 went to the other. I couldn’t believe it.

      My think…I mean…come on…even if a job candidate really believed that they should get money for nothing, you never tell the boss or hiring manager that concept. At least be smart enough to lie and say: “Oh yea Boss. I should only get paid money if I earn it.”

      Of course I told the folks on that side of the room (get money for no work camp) that they could leave.
      I further whittled the remaining 150 down by doing other questions with two choices.

      What struck me on this scenario was how embedded a weird concept can be with an individual. …and an inability for them to recognize things.

      • mkey says:

        That’s certainly interesting how the left crowd reacted. I’m willing to bet there was some herding mentality at play, I’d dare to venture majority waited for someone to break the ice before deciding to follow suit.

        If this 50% ratio translates globally, we’re in deep deep trouble.

        • If this wasn’t a first hand story I’d say it sounds like propaganda.

          It even has a (not) convincing, “This is a true story.”

          If it is true, then it only proves one of my favourite sayings that I think I made up:

          The average person is stupider than average, or stupidly close.

          Is that mean? No, just average.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I agree.
            My jaw dropped.
            I literally could not believe what I was seeing.
            That is why I kept rephrasing the two choices.
            I was just making up something to DO (an action to perform) in order to stall. This was a huge mob. Normally, just women show up for these temporary type Fashion Sale jobs. But this time, it seemed like the pimps came too. A lot of big guys.

            On the stall technique… Primarily, despite what I thought were silly statements, my objective at the time was to “control bodies”. A person can gain more influence and control on another individual by gradually introducing steps of control. Especially effective is getting someone else to move their body or change location at the direction of the “controller”. Start with easily accepted directives and work up from there.

            The bad guys do it all the time in society.

            But there is “good control”.
            When the girlfriend takes your hand and leads you somewhere.
            When you pick up the baby and do this and that with the baby, maybe changing a diaper.
            Good control can also increase affinity or liking of someone…certainly it can increase trust.

            Doing a “Simon Says” type exercise (a mimic my actions type thing) where everyone wins and no trickery is involved will help the individuals. Having each individual take turns “controlling” the group body movements will produce improvements within the individual.

            Once when I was visiting a “Special Ed” classroom, I sat down with a kid who had a hard time controlling himself (ADHD style). I had him sit quiet across from me and play the game of “mimic my arm movements” mirror image style. I made it where he could easily accomplish the actions. Then I did a turn-about & let him do it to me.
            After that, he was much more calm. And more friendly.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              I should mention something about “Self-Determined”.

              A mentally healthy individual who is self-determined, actually doesn’t mind being controlled by others (if it is good control). He or she is self-determined enough to know that he is in control of himself, and makes that choice. A self-determined individual will protest poor control or control by people/entities he doesn’t like.

              Gaining more ability on the topic of control helps one become more self-determined.

              On those personal areas in life which we have a hard time controlling (such as disciplining oneself to finish a task, or a drug addict getting off drugs), an individual is less self-determined. Being weak at control with certain areas correlates with one’s self-determinism in those areas.
              I may not have expressed things well.
              Basically, there is a direct association with control and self-determinism.

            • The part that sounds most like propaganda is the conservative racist republican talking point “lazy people just want free stuff and services.” But maybe they do after all?

              About good control:

              At Burning Man, rather than have police everywhere, volunteer rangers are trained to assist people and de-escalate problems – something police should be trained more to do.

              For example, if you come across a person who is perhaps drunk but certainly furious and at the end of their rope, you don’t talk to them eye-to-eye or face-to-face confrontationally – you keep to the side of them at an angle which is more passive and safer for everyone. You also diffuse the situation by asking questions, not just about the situation, but other details more and more about what they had for breakfast or what good things they did or were looking forward to and before you know it you’ve calmed them down. Also asking them to do physical things of little importance while you “organize” yourself preparing to help them. ie. Hold this while I get my pen and paper, let’s walk over there, what’s this over here…

              I only got a brief glimpse of their amazing training and it’s easy to see how we’re all so easily manipulated.

          • mkey says:

            I (think I) invented “crowd is as stupid as the most stupid individuals in it.”

            Holds water.

  3. gregory says:

    There is a form of color blindness which makes green appear blue. It could be possible that Japanese people in positions of power have had this color blindness and, because of the “verticality” (oya/ko) of their culture, this interpretation was easily pushed down and embedded itself in socially-constructed reality.

  4. matagordagreg says:

    I enjoyed that.

  5. taxpayer says:

    It seems that the “green” in U S traffic signals includes a blue component, according to several sources including https://www.quora.com/How-do-red-green-colorblind-people-determine-which-colors-are-which-on-a-horizontal-traffic-light. Also, Wikipedia refers to an article from Japan Times (http://www.japantimes.co.jp/life/2013/02/25/language/the-japanese-traffic-light-blues-stop-on-red-go-on-what/#.WRmAuuWGNPZ) which states that “in 1973 a decree was issued according to which the ‘go’ light should be changed to the bluest possible hue of green.”

  6. rob32367 says:

    How often does the MSM repeat Assad is a monster who gassed his own people – but that is not what is reported by independent journalist who have been there (Eva Bruntlett and Vanessa Beeley). But when I bring this up, I am a crazy conspiracy theorist and/or Russian puppet.

    The powers that shouldn’t be convinced people there was nothing wrong with a bullet that zig zags … and when the public finally caught on and changed the story to well, if we move Connolly to here and turn him this way, a computer says it works. Well, if a computer program says it’s true, it must be true, right?

    The examples are endless of how the elites convince us of things that just aren’t true. Iran is the biggest exporter of terrorism and the greatest cause of instability in the Middle East. Guess when Saudi Arabia is propping up the petrodollar, it would be inconvenient to admit the truth.

    If you speak out against a war, you are not being patriotic b/c you are not supporting the troops. Well, if I really support the troops, do I want to put them in danger to fight an unjust and unnecessary war? But that is silly thinking.

    When you stop to think about it, it can make you dizzy thinking of all the things you are being manipulated into thinking.

  7. Not Another Not-Bot! says:

    Okay (putting on my Sophist’s hat), so it is a green light. Very well. We concede the point. But one MUST inquire as to what SHADE of green it is – there are 40, after all, so they say.

    Perhaps one might perceive in it a sort of bluey green? Or, maybe a tad more greeny-bluey green? In any event, it is, broadly speaking, undeniable that there is a distinct air of liminality wherein the shades of dark green feather into those of light blue. It cannot be denied! Which leads to the conclusion that one can, broadly speaking, reasonably assert that the light is blueish. And if blueish, then blue.

    But by all means hold to the claim that the light is green, if you wish. After all, what is true for me might not necessarily be true for you. Is not all reality subjectively perceived? Which raises the issue as to the validity of discussing the concept of reality as a given in the first place. And if one cannot even be confident of the soundness of the notions one holds on the matter of reality as the field of essences and existents, how can one talk about accidental attributes of essences, such as colour (not color)?

    Ah – the little matter of context: THEY WHO WOULD CONDITION US! Yes. Very good.

    One would need to delve into the meta-context of transcendent, dynamic, truth in order to adequately address that issue. Just to say, as an opener: what is the dynamic behind the twisted motive of those who are driven to deceive on such a massive scale, the entire race of humans? At such vast expense and labour to perfect the strategy, and to have been driven to achieve such an odious, unnatural task for such an extended period of time – millennia!

    Time to raise one’s eyes and consider the bigger picture, fellows.

    Once upon a time, there was a Frenchman by the name of Alphonse Ratisbonne, who was, whilst strolling through an unimpressive old Roman church, miraculously drawn from the darkness of error to the light of perfect knowledge of metaphysical reality in an instant of time. And his story, of the journey from a Jewish banking family to becoming a Catholic convert – and (O NO!) a priest and missionary among the Jews, is no fairy tale.

    Not relevant to the question of whether the light is green or blue? Ah, and I suppose there is no relation between the practice of gaslighting and the demoralization of society either.

    An interesting idea for examination would be the strategy of moral destruction THEY devised and put into action as the means of achieving dominion over “the masses”.

    E. Michael Jones has written widely on this issue; his books and articles can be found at his Culture Wars website.

  8. nosoapradio says:

    The one I enjoy repeating to myself every single day is:

    “Those airplane trails in the sky are perfectly normal. They have always, always been there and it’s always been like that. Do you see anyone else gawking at them?!”

    Even though I know perfectly well growing up in Manhattan and for the majority of my adult life that there were almost never any airplane trails in the sky unless someone was deliberately “drawing” a heart. Which was an extremely rare phenomenon.

    The trails are there and nobody around me sees them. Even people my age.

    In the not so distant future all the people who grew up and were adults in a world with very vew airplane trails in the sky will be pushing up daisies… And people will think the sky’s always been checkerboard-grey since the dawn of …airplanes…?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Coincidentally, someone asked me about chemtrails the other day.

      This is cool…
      LIVE Radar

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Yeah, I’ve had pilots and even meteorologists tell me those were contrails! Their eyes just glaze over when you ask how that super-cooled air insulates itself in the most dissipative environment on the planet. Much like those morons who, after you answer their question, but they didn’t have the brains to understand (or even hear) what you say, so they say “okay, but what about” and then ask the same damn question. I generally just look at those and then just turn my back on them and walk away. I’ll let the state have them.

  9. zyxzevn says:

    We have all been “Gaslighted”

    We have all been gaslighted in the technocratic idea that science
    is infallible. Usually mixed with with a believe in authorities.
    Sites like this make it clear that there are many reasons for
    us not to believe in authorities.

    What has Corbett been gaslighted on?

    Well, Corbett has been gaslighted into the denial of all/most of
    the paranormal. And that is against my own direct observations,
    which have confirmed certain paranormal phenomena. The common
    idea that people observing paranormal phenomena are crazy or
    drugged is gaslighting in its pure form.

    This denial, which is very common, is related to the idea
    that the scientific method can be used in non-physical phenomena
    and consciousness.
    It is the same as saying there is nothing under the surface of
    water, because we can only see its surface.
    The scientific method can not tell what is under the water’s surface,
    because we can not model or control the fish and life that might
    be living in the water. We can tell that there might be something,
    but it is easier to just deny everything,
    and call the observers crazy.

    There is also the problem that people who used drugs, had near-death-
    experiences or have psychiatric problems, often observe
    paranormal phenomena. So this gives some people the idea that these
    observations are somehow created by errors in neurons.
    But this is all just a denial of the non-physical reality, that
    everyone can observe inside, like… love.
    And this results in non-working psychiatry, misunderstanding of the
    psyche, crazy religions, and false ideas of how neural
    networks actually work.

    So this materialistic approach is a big failure.
    But almost every scientist will deny this,
    because they all have been gaslighted.
    (I used to be one of them too).

    We need a change in the paradigm of science:

    The most important change is that we have to learn to observe
    without prejudice and without trying to label things.

    • dwayner says:

      Another thing James refuses to accept is that being “Pollyanna-ish” is unrealistic. He says this often, like playing the “glad game” and seeing the world optimistically and positively is naive and “crazy”. Pollyanna was my very first movie (I was about 10 or so) when you only saw movies in theatres. I loved how that beautiful little orphan girl who came to live with a rich aunt (just lucky I guess) changed everyone with her positive attitude. The Glad Game was something her father had given her to survive in a harsh world. It went like this: no matter how bad things get, you can always find something to be glad about. I took this to heart, and now in my 60’s it is more useful than ever. I think the movie was a huge gift to me and everyone who has seen so many really great things go by the wayside or down the tubes. Freedom, especially, is our greatest loss. So find something to be glad about as the Empire falls? All bad things come to an end, too!
      –Pollyanna Wannabe
      ps. I would be willing to do a Pollyanna commentary for FLNWO, James

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      zyxzevn and dwayner,
      I don’t get your impressions from my perspective of James Corbett.
      Of course, I can’t speak for him.

      My impression is…
      While James probably has personal deep thoughts on religion or out-of-body experiences or paranormal activities, James Corbett has decided that he is not going to delve into these topics in a public forum.

      It is as simple as that.
      If I was wearing his shoes, I wouldn’t either.

      And as a sidenote: I have had out-of-body experiences. I have friends who also have had out-of-body experiences.
      Also, I remember being born and even described the hospital to my Mother who verified it. (By the way, it is nasty stuff they put in your eyes which really stings as a newborn during the early 1950’s.) I remember picking my parents as they were driving. And more….

      As far as “Pollyanna-ish”…
      My impression is that Corbett personally doesn’t care for the “gleeful, all will be sweet, light and airy fairy wonderful if we just have positive thoughts”.
      Personally, I don’t care for that.
      I have known people who had this “always gleefully sunshiny lightness, always synthetically airy fairy joyous” type demeanor”. It is not real world to me, because there is some dark stuff going on.

      I guess a person could have that airy fairy attitude as the guards march the individual into the Nazi Camp furnace.

      There is nothing wrong with having a positive attitude. Nor with putting attention on good things. Nor joy.
      A positive attitude alone won’t dig the dirt to make a garden.

      But really, I can’t speak for Corbett.
      I don’t know.
      I just think that ya’ll have a wrong evaluation.

      In fact, I will tell you something about “evaluating others”.
      It can’t be done. (done correctly)

      If someone wants to cause a fight with the spouse, just “evaluate” the spouse. Tell the spouse: “You did that because you are this way.” If you want to introvert someone and make that person less capable, start to tell them “how they are” or “why they do what they do” or “how their character is”.

      • zyxzevn says:

        I do think that everyone has paranormal experiences.
        We call in paranormal, because we can not model it in our current
        scientific theories, and it breaks with the models that our science
        has of the world.
        The scientific method has its value, but starts with a theory, based
        on existing theories from which the experiments are built and the
        observations are judged.

        But this is all wrong. We should start with the observations first.
        This way we do not shoot the messenger, or do not
        gaslight the observers.
        In my experience the reality is much stranger than we think.
        So to deal with that reality, we should not neglect it,
        otherwise we are telling ourselves lies.

        A similar problem is in many conspiracies.
        Usually there is a cover up, so we have limited amount
        of pure observational evidence that we can work with.
        But there are some observations anyway, otherwise we should
        not talk about them.
        If we would start with the theory-first approach, based on
        established theories, we can never spot the crimes.
        We often can proof cover-ups. The fact that there is no
        clear 911-pentagon video, is proof of a cover-up.
        The fact that most UFO materials are locked away, or filled with
        black lines, is proof of a cover-up.

        If I would follow the scientific method, I would have to stop there.
        Because I would need to introduce new theories that would not match
        with previous theories, and I would have no proof of it.
        Like the theory that the government works together with criminals,
        or that they are afraid of them too. I have no idea.

        But if I would start with observation first, I can just add it to my
        list of observations. Like the observation that a lot of money
        disappeared at the pentagon that day. And the observation that
        the plane was not flying normally.

        All these observations together form a case. Not a theory.
        And with the case, we can try to apply certain theories that
        match with what we see.

        This change in methodology is necessary to change the
        paradigms in science.

        In my research, I also found many things in pure physical sciences
        that are plain wrong. Like the idea that magnetic field lines are
        real entities.
        But also many observations make a good case, that we have gone
        into the wrong direction with science.

        At http://www.reddit.com/r/paradigmchange I am collecting many
        such cases.

        On a global level, I think this change in science can
        change the way we live together.
        Because if we can accept that we are more than just bodies
        that need sex and food, we can work together in spirit.

        For example, meditation has already a great effect in schools and
        psychology/ psychiatry and in prisons. It can reduce or remove
        the need for drugs and violence.
        It can also help people with power to change their way of living,
        and start sharing their (usually inherited) wealth with others.
        It is a way we can “combat” the need for power and also help us
        to see through the sociopathic behaviours.
        And it may stop the religious wars, because if people can experience
        their spirit, there is no difference between religions.

        It is a simple solution, but I think it can just work if we
        do it together.

        And if you think that I am crazy, you have not checked my link yet.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I track with what you are saying.
          I really do.
          I am no stranger to this subject matter and like I mentioned previously, I have had my personal observations and experiences (many of which I won’t put on this forum).

          Keep following your path of interests.
          After all, it is your path.

    • mkey says:

      Science depends on observation, not control, just a quick thought.

      • Pablo de Boer says:

        Hola aloha mckey,

        It’s very unfortunate that you are in this kind of situation now at your work. It is a pity that people are so greedy like the IT company you mentioned. Their greed always impede developments. While technical progress is often beneficial for everyone if people don’t use these kind of progress to wage war or to benefit only the rich at the expense of the rest as now happens in our society.

        And wooooow what is the software you talk about very obsolete, because when you can’t zoom for details and also not undo, this sounds as the old skool technique, drafting an designing with an ink pen (rotring) and tracing paper on a big drafting table.

        Did you never consider to work somewhere else in your country or retrain. Here in Western Europe there is a lack of technical staff and they can’t find qualified technical staff.

        In Holland they built and engineer also a lot of boats. Maybe you can check out on the internet or somewhere else. And your knowledge of the English language is excellent and that will benefit you a lot here in Holland and also in countries like Germany.

        If you ever decide or are interested to explore and inform you self about the Dutch Yacht and Boat market, I always can help you with translation or other kind of support and if you want that of course. If you ever consider this, we can ask señor James for help to get in touch.

        I’m against socialism, but I fully support the idea, to collaborate voluntarily to help each other and always without state involvement, to create a future without serving and benefiting the kakistocracy and their political puppets.

        Last I saw the documentary “The Light Bulb Conspiracy”. This is the story of companies who engineered their products to fail. Planned Obsolescence is the deliberate shortening of product life spans to guarantee consumer demand.

        The Light Bulb Conspiracy combines investigative research and rare archive footage to trace the untold story of Planned Obsolescence, from its beginnings in the 1920s with a secret cartel, set up expressly to limit the life span of light bulbs, to present-day stories involving cutting edge electronics (such as the iPod) and the growing spirit of resistance amongst ordinary consumers.

        The Light Bulb Conspiracy – Extended Version

        Saludos & we keep in touch here on señor Jams webpage,


    • danmanultra says:

      Philosophical Materialism is what this is. Scientists today start with the assumption that there can only be natural causes, so that is all they will look for and the only thing they will accept. Despite the fact that even the origin of our own universe points to something outside our natural world taking place. The world is frankly much more complicated then most people give it credit for, and we should be willing to be open minded about everything; especially those who have seen how much of our preconceived notions are in fact lies propagated by men at the top.

      • If we’re just a simulation the apocalypse should be a cakewalk.

        But only if you believe…

      • zyxzevn says:

        The change in science that I am proposing, is to start with observations,
        and not with “theories”.
        This prevents us from gaslighting the observers, when it does
        not match our world views.
        This is what is happening now, and it is affecting my life, and
        everyone’s lives in a negative way.

        In short: Do not shoot the messenger.

        • Triangulate! And not like some Illuminati pyramid.

          Like the chicken and egg, dinosaurs had eggs before chickens existed so the egg came first. Observation came first but it’s a cycle.

          By our observations we’d never know about radio to radiation except by observations with theories that get proved, solidified and are adapted as extra-sensory awareness that is then observed an further theorized upon.

          Corporate news, conspiracy news, infiltrator news, fake news, truther news, well meaning but often mixed up news, are all perspectives that when processed logically can triangulate well and lead to some truths as the Corbett Report often illustrates.

          Nature AND nurture, parents and school and community, genetics and epigenetics and dynamical genetics. Balance is the key. Koyaanisqatsi means “life out of balance”. We’re on the edge of the greatest extinction ever known.

          We need a revolution of the mind and openness, transparency, and de-privatized proprietary knowledge, back in the sciences, education, media, politics, banking, corporations, society, and the world at large or we will drown in all of the toxic secrets we can’t even see coming.

    • I Shot Santa says:

      When I was in college, I was asked in a discussion if I believed in psychic powers. When I replied that I had experienced events which I couldn’t explain any other way, the whole class (to include the professor) grew uncomfortable and changed the subject. Of course, college mostly solidifies most people’s opinions in a large degree. Of those that study, anyway. I’ve always found it interesting how we are so insistent on putting people at the peaks of their youthful beauty and sexual desire together and expect them to study some boring (to them) textbook. I was 32 when I started. Had I been 18 I would have flunked out. Takes time to both study and “socialize.”

      • Jed says:

        Same here, my wife (at the time) worked at a local college giving me full tuition remission, I ended up taking classes for eight years. I enjoyed it much to my surprise as I always hated school before. Felt like a grandpa — It wasn’t ‘till the 300 or 400 series classes that they stopped rolling their eyes and moaning whenever I participated which was always. I took whatever classes I wanted; art, history, photo, psyc, then started contracting for a lot of the professors, many of whom ended up my friends, took students to the museums in nyc, drove writers and actors to the summer conferences, and even ended up with a degree in English, summa cum whateverthefuck! The degree itself wouldn’t even serve well to wipe one’s own ass with, but I learned a lot and it ain’t what they were teaching. Most of them left addicted to alcohol and depravity, with loans that indebted them for ever, and I think the same fate awaited the graduating students as well. The state took the place over after the university tried to sell off the property for ocean view condos, they needed the money for their mismanaged other campuses. That was Long Island University’s Southampton College,
        or as I call it the South Hampton Institute of Technology (SHIT).

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I went to Valdosta State University in Georgia. It was a college when I started, but changed (in name only as I was a grad student and it takes a minute to make such a drastic change) to a university while I was enrolled. I had started as an economics student, but changed my major after taking a history class. I could have taken 1 more business class for my minor, but I hated the field. Accounting classes taught you how to fill a slot in corporate accounting, and economics just cheered tax cuts for the rich. I’m for the elimination of taxes myself. So I got my minor in law. I loved reading the old court cases. We actually had 2 practical legal systems at one time. More if you count people like judge Roy Bean and the like. Not to mention Louisiana’s Napoleonic law. North and South saw things differently. The North (with their newfangled, uppity large scale industry) and the South (with its time honored traditions of being broke ass farmers) had their biases placed on opposite sides. Many court cases on pigs hit by trains, with the verdict depending upon geography. Yeah, I nerded out. My last year I worked (supposedly) as an assistant for my history classes. Those conversations were my real education. Some truly spectacular professors, who could have taught anywhere, but chose to teach there because it was their home. Funny. I wanted the economic degree so I could become a stock analyst. Got my MLA in history and became a broker (made it to branch manager in a small firm) and then a financial advisor for American Express. And now I live on a river.

          • Jed says:

            American Express, from the swamp to the river, you moved up big time. Collage professor, what a great job that’d be. I can’t understand why so many hate each other so much.
            Southampton College had no endowment, no real champion shoveling money into it, but lended its credibility to that system itself — and some of these places control billions (Harvard) and considering the straight line history back to the Middle Ages (Oxford), perhaps some of the puppeteers, the “Theys” are hiding out at these institutions. I never liked those weird stripes on the sleeves of some of those black robes, some have hats out of the 15th century, creepy. I never walked either, I know a spackle-hawk when I see one.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Yes I did move up! Oh yeah, that’s how you can tell the second rate professors; by their academic jealousy. College is mostly petty politics for them. They could teach Machiavelli a few things, but their purpose was always laughably petty. I walked for my bachelor’s, as I was the first to graduate college, but I didn’t for my Master’s. As if I had even learned the right questions at that point. They wanted me to become a professor, but I wanted to make history, not teach it. Also, PC and feminazis ruled in the 90s on the campuses, and they both disgusted me. Plus, all the worries about being accused of sexism, harassment, and the temptations of the flesh (which I rarely resisted), sort of detracted it from my pursuit of my doctorate. Also, they like to funnel your knowledge into a tiny speck of time. My studies would have taken me to Chapel Hill to study Jackson’s killing of the bank. But I’m more of a generalist at heart. Oh well, I blather on.

              • Jed says:

                I’m an instructor now, although at a state university my BA degree means absolutely nothing, the hs diploma along with ems certs are all that’s required. Few care about ems, its budgets are preyed on by all sorts of other agencies,
                just as its patients are preyed on by the system we deliver them to. It’s like the “Island of misfit toys”
                Now they want me to sit in front of my iPad and instruct, the university will be able to look in. This is very quickly turning into total control, just like the AHA completely removed the instructor’s knowledge from their CPR certs. No surprise though, this is the allopathic system. The bunch I’m in with and the man who runs the program are very close to retiring and I’ll be heading out with them. I will miss telling emt and paramedic students every conspiracy I know about though, and over the last fifteen years that’s been a lot of ‘em — blather back at ya.

              • I Shot Santa says:

                I had a friend in a similar situation. He was one of the flight controllers fired by Reagan. He said the real problem was the government wanted a monkey system that any dummy could operate. The only problem was that it wasn’t safe. Guess what they use. Try not to think of that the next time you fly!
                Hey, after you leave, you could form your own ems company and I could take you public. Just set you up offshore and keep the take under 10 million. Wanna keep your scams small.

  10. mkey says:

    Honestly, that light does look bluish to me. I wouldn’t call it green, maybe cyan.

    Color picker tools says: 11% RED, 100% GREEN, 78% BLUE

    This is making it cyan, almost by definition

    What’s more startling to me is that it’s blinking. Why does it blink? I’m fairly confident it’s due to global warming, eh climate change alarmist agenda.

  11. PeaceFroggs says:

    Haha funny that you can make “light” of the situation (pun intended), kinda like Kentucky bluegrass I guess, but at the same time, pretty serious stuff how we’re all being brainwashed gas-lightning style, and how we need to scrutinize every little aspect of our lives constantly in order to undue any brainwashing.

  12. stephen.p says:

    Love your ‘banter’ and humour James – Keep up the good work!

  13. geof.h says:

    To be sure, my Gimp dip stick gives an RGB value of {43,255,211}–so it’s full throttle on the G but it’s got a hefty does of B.

    • mkey says:

      It’s practically cyan. We’d need a higher quality picture to confirm, but that ain’t no green. I’d go as far as to state claiming this is green is proof of being brainwashed 😛

      “It’s green because we know it’s green”

  14. mtflaxman says:

    thanks for posting yt version . . . i have limited bandwidth, and can download as mp3

  15. = ORANGE is the “new” colour. =

    The colour orange used to be labeled and considered a shade of “red”. (People with “red” hair, etc.)


    Less easy to Google cite, as I recall from documentaries, historians talking about the crucifixion and the Shroud of Turn stated that back in the old days they used to label our “wrists” as “hands” because they weren’t specific enough or hadn’t invented the word “wrist” yet. They also crucified corpses through the hands which could rip through the hand and fail, as well as spiked through the wrists which held up the body weight, as is illustrated on the shroud. This was relevant because the bible said they nailed his hands but may have meant wrists.


    My favourite ST:TNG episode was the high ground where hottie Dr. Crusher is kidnapped by terrorists and sympathizes with them.


    Also, I wrote two new Steemit articles where I’d appreciate votes and feedback:

    Is Bitcoin Another Establishment Trap?

    OSAPAP 001 – A New Open Source Anti Propaganda Animation Project

    • herrqlys says:

      Is Bitcoin Another Establishment Trap? You make a lot of good observations in that article, Jason. Coincidentally, today, I received another article that addresses some of your points:

      The following is an excerpt from a co-authored article by Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler. I have found that over time each of them, individually, have a lot of good, insightful thoughts.


      “Recently, the price of a Bitcoin has skyrocketed, rising in a few weeks from $1,000 to $2,200. Two explanations suggest themselves. One is that the Federal Reserve has decided to rid itself of a competing currency and is driving up the price with purchases while accumulating a large position, which then will be suddenly dumped in order to crash the market and scare away potential users from Bitcoins. Remember, the Fed can create all the money it wishes and, thereby, doesn’t have to worry about losses.

      Another explanation is that people concerned about the fiat currencies but frustrated in their attempts to take refuge in bullion have recognized that the supply of Bitcoin is fixed and Bitcoin futures must be covered. It is strictly impossible for any central bank to increase the supply of Bitcoins. Thus Bitcoin is standing in for the suppressed function of gold and silver.

      The problem with cryptocurrencies is that whereas Bitcoin cannot increase in supply, other cryptocurrencies can be created. In order to be trusted, each cryptocurrency would have to have a limited supply. However, an endless number of cryptocurrencies could be created that would greatly increase the supply of cryptocurrencies. If entrepreneurs don’t bring about this result, the Federal Reserve itself could organize it.”

      The article also includes a lucid description of how bullion prices are being manipulated.

      I personally feel that if there *is* a kill-switch for the internet, or that the power grid gets scrambled, then Bitcoin is a ghost and the value can be denied to the owners. The internet was, after all, created by the usual ghouls, and remains under their control.

      • mkey says:

        This reflects very well my thoughts on this issue I expressed elsewhere on this site.

        The problem as I see it is that bitcoin is touted as government free while it’s nothing of the likes. It does have some important security and core features making it a good currency, but there are several glaring issues built in. How does one prevent monopoly?

        • For over a year now I’ve been hearing that everything is about to hit the fan.

          I thought it was strange that the X22 Report and SGT Report were saying this so much while there was an election that would be effected. Also the media was ignoring it. Kinda like 2008.

          Some have said that they are intentionally doing a controlled collapse and that we won’t know about it until it’s already happened.

          That said, perhaps investing in Bitcoin before a dollar crash is like investing in American Airlines before 9/11.

  16. I think everyone here would agree that James Corbett, you should announce, link, and promote your appearances on other channels, forums, media, etc.

    Freeman Fly ‘Resistance Without Anger – James Corbett’ (2017-05-28):

    If you already do, I apologize and wish to know where I can go for that.

  17. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Hey James… Lay off the stuff or pass it around 🙁 …

    Truly entertaining and deep segment.. thank you…

  18. VoltaicDude says:

    Wow, really?

    Light, color and culture – these are good (and healthy) subjects on which to blow your mind.

    Differentiating between “blue” and “green” is fairly new to Western culture as well. I believe the ancient Greeks did not differentiate between “blue” and “green.”

    Also, a significant percentage of the general human population is what is called “colorblind” (there are a few different types). It is thus theorized by some that the full-spectrum of visible light for humans is a fairly modern evolutionary trait.

    And also, “blue,” “red” and “green” are considered primary colors when dealing with “additive” color systems: the manipulation of actual light waves. In additive systems mixing “red” and “green” results in “yellow.” Adding “blue” to that “yellow” mix results in “white.” Removing all three light waves results in darkness commonly referenced as “black.”

    In “subtractive” color systems, such as painters use, “blue,” “red” and “yellow” are generally called the primaries, since mixing “blue and “yellow” results in “green.” In fact no manipulation of these three primaries will result in true “black” or “white,” so they are also necessary as two of the “five primary colors” from which theoretically all other colors can be mamifest.

    I also noticed that the light fixture you have pictured is placed horizontally as opposed to vertically – does that suggest a different cultural/psychological sense of hierarchies to these colors, or to the “commands” they represent in this situation: “stop” and “go?”

    Dude, don’t sweat it, the light is “blue-green” – just like the algae. Actually that is precisely, spectrometrically measurable.

    I hope it really is “blue-green” as opposed to true “blue” or true “green,” which would more easily lend itself to the scientism of facilely dismissing one or the other of the cultural systems in question – but it is what it is, and scientism is invalid either way.

    (By the way, it does look “bluer” than western traffic lights to me. Didn’t you once cover that experiment in which people were flashed objects to view and then questioned about the objects? When flashed quickly most people “saw” – “remembered” – “blue” apples as “red.”)

    All the world is a playground – have fun!

    So wait, you’re saying there are only three lights?! What exactly do you mean by “three.” – Ba-rump-pump.

  19. herrqlys says:

    I don’t want to weigh in on blue-green lights as our vision is as variable in the population as other features in our anatomy. But today I did see a red light..

    “This week, the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, claimed he wasn’t aware of the president’s thoughts on whether humans have contributed to a global change in climate, something nearly the entire scientific community agrees is happening.”

    Let me clearly repeat the offending part: “something nearly the entire scientific community agrees is happening”

    Proof again of the Big Lie being endlessly repeated. Sean Spicer sells his soul.

  20. Jed says:

    Looks like a green light to me. What’s with the green sky?

  21. nosoapradio says:

    in addition to mkey’s most thought-provoking comment posted during the BI gone days of the last eon of BI (Bodily Integrity), in the year 3 BC (3 years before Covid) where he stated:

    “I’d go as far as to state claiming this is green is proof of being brainwashed 😛

    “It’s green because we know it’s green”

    my egocentric impression upon seeing this video today would inspire the following, as an echo to what both mkey and herrqlys already alluded to long ago:

    …I’ll give you one last chance! Look carefully and just tell the 97% truth and all will be well for you, the pain will stop and the gaslight will be turned off: JUST SAY IT!! MAN IS CAUSING THE CLIMATE TO CHANGE!! TODAY’s WEATHER IS THE HOTTEST IN RECORDED HISTORY BECAUSE OF MAN-MADE CO2 AND COW FARTS!!! LOOK UP CAREFULLY AT THAT CLIMATE, (NO NO! NOT OVER THERE AT THAT CLIMATEGATE!!) OVER THERE AT THE MELTING ICECAPS! BE A MANN AND JUST SAY IT!!!!”

    fascinating to ponder just what visual, audio, semantic and other cues combine with our cognitive faculties and our emotions to form our perception of reality…

    • mkey says:

      Melting ice caps, haven’t heard that since way way back a few days ago when RFK mentioned it in his interview with that guy about the thing. And the other 0.0005% thing.

      Melting ice caps, he said. That reminded me of the polar ice thickness graphs Mr. T has brought on on so many occasions that its graphical facsimile is permanently etched into the tissue in my eye sockets, making it so that I can see intermittent flashes of it as I roll my eyes.

      The only hurdle being it’s upside down when I see it. But so is the world these days, so I guess ot evens out.

  22. jeandavid says:

    There is a problem, that really has nothing much to do with the deeper meaning of James Corbett’s essay. It is this:
    The spectrum of visible light is, essentially, continuous from deep red to a purplish blue. That is it appears to the average human eye. Now it is possible to divide this spectrum into pieces, and give each piece a name. In a past life, I had to memorize a whole book of these colors (The Munsell Book of Colors). They are named by Hue, Lightness, and Saturation. Hue was given a name, and in the edition of the book I have, each name is of the form 2.5 Red, 5 Red, 7.5 Red, and 10 Red. The next color is 2.5 Yellow-Red, 5 Yellow-red, etc. all the way around in a circle. The physical reality is that the colors are in a line, not a circle. The lightness is given a number from 0 to 10, where 0 will look black no matter what hue it is. And something that reflects all the incident light would be given a lightness of 10; ie., very bright. Saturation is the purity of the color. So a red with a low saturation would appear pink. and an American Stop sign has a quite high saturation, perhaps 9. Most saturations are in the range of 0 to 10, but higher saturations do occur sometimes. The book I have has about 4000 color chips in it. It takes a while to memorize it, but for the work I was participating in, it was necessary to do that. And I disagreed with the names of some of the colors (the hues). But that does not matter. I disagreed about many of the hues between Blue and Purple-Blue. I could learn that. And if I were going order paint, I could give the Munsell name of the color I wanted and presumably get it. (Probably not at my local paint store).

    The point is that the names of the colors is arbitrary, so if the Japanese call the most permissive indication Blue and the Americans call it green, it is not important, provided the drivers do the right thing. It is a little worse in railroading where in some countries, signals use blue, green, yellow, and red signal colors. As far as I know, though, railroads do not allow color-blind locomotive engineers where colored lights are used for signals.

  23. butch says:

    On the green thing, in the RR industry in which I worked calling out advance signals was required by operating rules for those occupying the head end of any train. Although the signals were ‘green’ tradition passed down was changed to ‘high blue’ and that’s what was stated and repeated, as a means of confirming all ahead clear. From a distance they did indeed appear more blue, than green, and I suspect it’s also why so many mountains, green in color, were called ‘blue mountains’, for how they appeared in the distance.
    An old video from YouTube reminds me of the theme of this short video.

  24. I must admit that Japanese green light is not as green as the ones here in Canada.
    Dare I say there may even be a slight tint of blue in it!

    This harkens back to the ol’ Laurel vs. Yanny debate. 🙂

    • HEDGE110 says:

      Someone once told me that traffic signals are just suggestions. Not sure how that turned out for him. For the record, definitely a tinge blue in there. BTW, is the red / green (blue) traffic walk signal a man or woman? Who has right of way in relation to parallel white lines on roadway – pedestrian or vehicle? (hint – different between Japan and Australia). Finally. depending on how you pronounce ‘hashi’, you are referring to a bridge or chopsticks…

  25. justin_r says:

    I don’t care what anybody says… that light is a single shade of plum, Floating in Perfume, Served In a Man’s Hat! hahaha! FOr all you Simpson lovers out there

  26. loggin says:

    I did a psychology experiment at university in which we had to look at a light and describe how it moved – three along, two up and so on. I was the very last to see it move but I really did see it move. Turns out it never moved at all..

    and that ladies and gentleman was how I discovered I was a conspiracy theorist. Peer pressure means nothing to me and I simply will not go along with things.

    Richard Feynman made a controversial but crucial discovery in physics. Physicists almost all went along with it apart from Paul Dirac … who was autistic.

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