What Happened to Libya's Gold? - Questions For Corbett #036

06/24/201790 Comments

Libya had 144 tons of gold in the vaults when NATO's humanitarian love bombs began raining down in 2011. So now that the company has been utterly destroyed and discarded like yesterday's newspaper, what happened to all that gold, anyway? Join James for this month's #Q4C as he delves into the topic of Libya's gold and fields your questions on Skull & Bones, CIA art, open borders, education in Japan and much more.

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Skull & Bones membership list to 2006 (of questionable origin)

Another Skull & Bones membership list (of questionable origin)

Paul Giamatti confirmed Skull and Bones in Guardian profile

Anderson Cooper confirmed member of Manuscript Society

These 100 Secret Societies Prove Who Really Rules America

Episode 314 – How Trump Filled the Swamp (Mnuchin Skull and Bones)

Leaked email from Sidney Blumenthal to Hillary Clinton on Libya, April 2011

Hillary Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

Libya's Central Bank Has $184 Million In Gold In Its Vault... It Just Doesn't Know The Combination

Governer of CBL: Al-Serraj wanted to sell Libya’s gold reserves

9/11 Trillions

The WTC Leaseholder and His Associates That Cheated Death on 9/11: Was it Coincidence or Foreknowledge?

Modern art was CIA 'weapon'

5 People You Won't Believe Worked With the CIA

US agency infiltrated Cuban hip-hop scene to spark youth unrest

NGOs as Trojan Horses

CIA's Intelligence Art Collection

Derrick Broze on The Theory and Practice of Agorism

The Manifesto of the Free Humans (free download or purchase a copy)

James Corbett on the School Sucks Podcast

Children Full of Life

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  1. paul6 says:

    The Link for “Hillary Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency” seems broken. (Instead of a hyperlink I get the text repeated in the address field.) Thanks.

    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for pointing that out, paul6. The link has been fixed.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        James,Today I came across a Robert David Steel video wherein he stated that ” Podesta was in Europe this week laundering money by buying art work”. Sorry I can’t remember which show he was on, I must of watched 8 to 10 shows. Also I can’t remember him mentioning what source of money Podesta was to be laundering. Don’t you have Steels number? I would enjoy your perspectives on #unrig. Is it a statist , collective hive mind move as some critics suggest? What do you feel about Steels alternative agenda if there is one or a hundred. I’m to the point of over-saturation of listed problems and ready to move to the action stage of solutions. My community has had several high profile murders of people of color by law enforcement and the restraint of the black community is admirable. I want a summer of peace not violence however law enforcement seems to be deliberately inflaming the situation. Steel said Soros has paid demo-activists (like Berkley)to riot this summer when ever possibility araises. The restraint shown by my community is remarkable given the circumstances. We have George Kaiser vs George Soros here in Joklahoma. Mothra vs Godzilla. Heaven help us.

  2. Richard Ran says:

    Thank you JC,

    Because this post has a link, it’ll probably be awaiting moderation in due course. Therefore, I’ll submit it right away so that it may serve as kind of a background to and elaboration of my Q4C (thnx for tackling that one).

    There have been some very interesting discussions on Mises.org about this subject, specifically with regard to Ludwig von Mises’ own views (“nation” as culture for instance, not the state).

    Here’s the link to the Mises.org article “Mises on Nationalism, the Right of Self-Determination, and the Problem of Immigration”

    And here’s an interesting quote (from the article) by Mises himself, that today would undoubtedly earn him the NWO-sponsored label of “populist”:

    “These fears may perhaps be exaggerated with regard to the United States. As regards Australia, they certainly are not. [..] If Australia is thrown open to immigration, it can be assumed with great probability that its population would in a few years consist of Japanese, Chinese and Malayans. [..] The entire nation [not just workers] is unanimous, however, in fearing inundation by foreigners. The present inhabitants of those favored lands [the U.S. and Australia] fear that some day they could be reduced to a minority in their own country and that they would then have to suffer all horrors of national persecution to which, for instance, the Germans today [1927] are exposed in Czechoslovakia, Italy, and Poland.”

    Kind regs from Amsterdam,

  3. Neo says:

    I would suggest watching this documentary in the context of Kaczynski and other very interesting things related to the story.


    • whateverittakes2 says:

      This is a superb documentary. Thanks for posting the link. The contours of Kaczynski’s dilemma become much clearer now in these days of unending imperial warfare (especially with drones), climate change and other hoaxes intended to hopefully drive us off the cliff so the NWO clerks can save themselves some trouble. Really really appreciated this.

  4. bas says:

    I recently wrote an article in which I put Gaddafi’s plan at creating a pan-African currency into more perspective. The plan is decades old and the powers-that-be certainly knew about it before French intelligence noticed it as revealed by the Clinton e-mail. It does not deal with what happened to the gold after Gaddafi’s death, however.


  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    A high profile terrorist or assassin who wasn’t connected in some way to government…

    The “Texas Tower Sniper”, Charles Whitman – August 1, 1966
    As far as I know, this guy was not connected with a government agency.(90 second video) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ShlbXlfQlkU

    I remember it. It was a major shock; he did the unthinkable. It was very big news and impacted the Nation. This type of behavior rarely, if ever, occurred. Society during this era could not even imagine such a thing.

    In 1966, many Texas High School kids had a rifle on the back window rack in their pickup.
    In my near-west Texas town during the late 60’s and early 70’s, there were the occasional High School, big group fist fights with the goat-ropers versus the Blacks in the parking lot. Sometimes 20 to 60 people got into a big scrap with many biting gravel. The parking lot had a large number of pickup trucks with visible rifles. Many students had guns in the trunk of their cars.
    I am in the designated student smoking section with friends watching one of these scenes play out. No student even considered the idea of grabbing a gun or knife or tire iron. Just boots and fists and “derogatories”.

  6. okgardener says:

    It would seem that all of the people that should have been in Building 7 were told to evacuate. There really is no way they would have known it would collapse.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good point. Very good point.

    • scpat says:

      The building was on fire for several hours spanning multiple floors, so everyone would have been told to evacuate long before the collapse so fire fighters could assess the building. But, Barry Jennings in an interview said that when he entered the building that it appeared to have been very recently evacuated. When he left he said he thinks they stepped over dead bodies on the floor and that the lobby had been blown out and was burned, which had not happened when he entered the building. So you do raise a good question, because some people in the building obviously were told to evacuate prior to any major damage.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In the moderators’ approval queue at 911blogger…
    Susan’s WTC Question: “Which individuals were targeted to be killed?” …and unlikely survivors?

  8. n4x5 says:

    A very open-ended Q4C:
    James, do you have anything interesting to say on Aum Shinrikyo? I don’t believe you’ve ever mentioned it. As a transplant into Japanese society, your perspective might be valuable.

  9. Doug.l says:

    Here’s a fun hypothetical Q4C – how do you think a march on raven rock would go down? While most, ahem, consumers of American media might not bat an eye at the outright Outright slaughter of a few unruly domestic terrorists, what do you predict the outcome would be for a large peaceful demonstration mounted in today’s social climate?

    I can think of many institutions (the fed, Langley, hell, even congress) that are loathed by the public, but would the citizens, being acclimated to tyranny and fearful of one another, recognize acts of civil disobedience directed against these institutions as being aligned with their own interests?

    Thanks James !!

  10. erichard says:

    I started the video “Children full of Life” several times and it kept giving me two identical audio tracks. When I paused the video, one track kept playing.

    But I found a version of the video without this problem:


  11. Pablo de Boer says:

    Hermoso (beautifully) is the documentary Children Full of Life, mi corazon estaba llorando de felicidad / my heart was crying of happiness. Muchas gracias for sharing this beautiful documentary estimado señor James. Humanity can learn a lot of these children and their magnificent teacher. And of course also of your podcasts 🙂

    Your podcast is as usually awesome, especially the part on imaginary borders, which are for my person always fake just like the fake news of MSM. But there a lot of fellow humans who identify themselves with those fake lines due to their education and herd mentality.

    Fake countries like the the US of A and which are founded on stolen land, there live now descendants of European illegals and they are worried to lose their identity, which they self not have created, but their own murderous government. In the past I wondered who are more dangerous for liberty, the governments or the sheeple people…. These days I consider them both as ….., but also as my fellow humans and I adore the freedom of choice for everybody, otherwise I would behave like them….. Nunca voy a ser como ellos, por que ya paso esto conmigo en el pasado.

    And señor James you said on the School Sucks Podcast that you like Stefan Molyneux… I self think totally different about Stefan. Pero siempre viva la libertad para todos

    Pedro Soriano – EL ANARQUISTA (The Anarchist)

    Saludos y abrazos para todos,

    Pablo de Boer

  12. Zodiac was a fictional newspaper invention for sensational sales = fake news.

    This is a good Zodiac exposé – thkelly67 “Thomas Henry Horan on the Zodiac Myth, the Seth Rich Murder and Pedogate” (2017-06-11): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_hYEXu0GC4

    Please invite Thomas Henry Horan on – or – get him _and_ “Criminal Investigator” John Cameron (who claims Edward Edwards was the Zodiac and more) at the same time to duke it out !

    Also, when you say “the bastion of truthiness itself, Wikipedia” PLEASE use more sarcasm.

  13. herrqlys says:

    On Libya’s gold. I personally think it was stolen, and that the vault lock thing is a delaying ploy so that the trail gets colder with time.

    No gold = no chance to resurrect the gold-backed dinar scheme if a counter-revolution should ever come into force.

    Tunisia and Egypt, among other African states, were apparently also parties to the idea of a gold-backed African Dinar. The Arab Spring was supposed to bring them all down, but Gaddhafi took steps that prevented such a thing in Libya at the time.

    One point that could refute my belief the gold was spirited away (to provide the LBMA and COMEX with bullion reserves) was the prompt creation of a Libyan central bank after Gaddhafi’s death.

    “Adding credence to the theory about why Gadhafi had to be overthrown…was the rebels’ odd decision to create a central bank to replace Gadhafi’s state-owned monetary authority. The decision was broadcast to the world in the early weeks of the conflict.”


    Fiat currencies don’t need gold backing, but perhaps Libya’s foreign exchange reserves did need a sizeable gold component, to enable external trading transactions after their currency immolated.

    If and when the Libyan gold vault is opened, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was another Giraldo Rivera moment (Al Capone’s unopened safe in Chicago). The Titanic purser’s safes are another interesting story but not quite so relevant.

  14. taoss says:

    I just finished watching Children Full of Life. You are right, James. This film is full of compassion, and what a terrific teacher he is. I wonder how those 35 children are doing today, how they applied their lessons to their young adult lives now. Thank you for the suggestion.

  15. Pablo de Boer says:

    Larken Rose vs Victor Pross – EPIC Anarchist Debate on Open Borders/Trump Travel Ban

  16. Pablo de Boer says:

    It is so funny and also unbelievable to hear fellow humans with the border(line) syndrome aka nationalist who advocate fearmongering stories about Muslims and their unfounded believe that Muslims will destroy their culture. When I observe our world and the human behavior, I notice that the western countries bombs and kills on daily basis a big amount of people in Muslim regions like Iraq and Syria.

    Today I visited Amsterdam with a friend from Kenia. We took a canal cruise so he could explore a little bit of Amsterdam. The captain of the canal boat (born in Surinam and a descendant of African slaves from the Dutch colony) told a lot of lies about the history of Amsterdam during the cruise and I explained that to my friend. I told my African brotha that Amsterdam became so rich in the golden age due to their mass involvement in the slave merchandise, poppies dealing and the robbery of natural resources in foreign countries, which the Dutch call euphemistic “trading”. And to become much richer, the Dutch kakistocracy established The Amsterdam Stock Exchange in 1602 for dealings in its printed stocks and bonds. Mi amigo Africano smiled and winked at me, because he understood me immediately due to his own experiences with western imperialism. Subsequently my friend asked me, why western civilizations try to impose their barbaric behavior on other countries by bombing and killing them…. I said to my friend, that is a tradition for them and a lot of them are afraid to lose this tradition.

    Today I also saw for the second time an anarchist who advocated for closed borders and estimado señor James according to this confused anarchist with the border(line) syndrome you and I as immigrants are victims of a state / government program. Ai ai ai ai caramba I never heard so much BS / mierde del torro coming out from a human mouth (ass)…

    Governments also exist because of borders and former American Presidential Puppet Obama even justified to kill people and Obama’s Top Adviser Robert Gibbs justifies murder of 16 year old American citizen

    Or Hitlery Clinton’s godmother Madeleine A. was also a big promoter of the western peaceful tradition to keep the world safe by

    Madeleine Albright says 500,000 dead Iraqi Children was “worth it” wins Medal of Freedom

    And Donnie T. continues and preserves this western tradition

    U.S. Drops “Mother Of All Bombs” In Afghanistan

    And here are more memorable actions for the state supporters aka fellow humans with the border(line) syndrome

    Which Countries Has The U.S. Invaded?

    But there are still a lot of fellow human who are afraid to lose this tradition….. Okay the western global hegemony is in decline, but I think that the coming decades the US and their allies will still bomb and kill millions of fellow humans as usual……

    • mkey says:

      Dear Pablo, the amount of bombs dropped will be reversely proportional to the decline in control. As an added bonus, more people you kill, less you have to control.

    • mkey says:

      Link correction.

      Which Countries Has The U.S. Invaded?

      • Pablo de Boer says:

        Hola aloha estimado mkey,

        Muchas gracias for the link correction

        And we both know that governments are tools of the powers that shouldn’t be and they will try everything to preserve their power and one of their favorite actions is the use of violence against our fellow humans. That’s why I can’t understand that other (sheeple) people are so proud about this kind of the western tradition, because bombing and killing fellow humans is a very long existing part of the western imperialistic culture. And in the age of the internet people can’t say anymore, I never was aware of the behaviour of the globkaki and their obediently herd of sheeple people.

        A lot of “adult” members of the sheeple herd are afraid to lose their western culture. People who identify themselves with a history in which they didn’t take part in and even brag about it. Or they hang a national flag on the front part or in the yard of their house. Americanos, especially the European Americanos, are a good example how easy people can be brainwashed and let them think that they are a part of an illusion aka nation with imaginary borders. Due to this nationalistic hallucination the sheeple people serve obediently and dedicated the globkaki interest. The sheeple people even freely will sacrifice their own life for it by joining the army, which will have devastating consequences for other fellow humans and even for themselves, see all the soldiers / veterans with Posttraumatic stress disorder or who are killed in banksters wars. Europe is also full with this kind of sheeple people and I notice the same behavior in South America.

        As you already know, I was born in Bogota – Colombia and I lived the major part of my youth in South America. My parents (Rip) were Dutch and that’s why I later immigrated to Holland. My Dutch father behaved more like a Texan Americano, he was against monarchies, but he was a big supporter of Reagan and the Republican party. My mother was a typical Dutch lady and she supported monarchies. And I always was and still am the black sheep of the family

        When I came in Holland I never felt that I was a Dutch. But I will be honest with you estimado mkey, when I was young I wanted to be part of a group, yes Pablo suffered also a form of the herd mentality in my youth and I behaved like the sheeple people, but I never wanted be a Dutch, because I never felt I’m a Dutch. In the past I wanted identify myself more with the Latin culture, which is also sheeple people behavior of me. When I became older and travelled to South America, the most latin people identified me as gringo (white male) because of my Caucasian skin color. Even my Peruvian ex wife said that in the beginning due to her ignorance. When I told other latinos that I was born in South America, they became a little bit confused and they got more confused when they experienced how I behave and think. Most of them afterward said to me, you don’t behave like a gringo and I always answer to them, your preconceived idea about me are like the behavior of lot of gringos and gringas .. And then they become more astonished
        This kind of experience amongst the behavior of all the governments helped me to realize that identifying myself with a nation is BS / mierda del torro. This also liberated my person from a lot of stupidity like elections, national sports and other sheeple behavior.

        I adore dancing and listening to latin music, but I also like heavy music like the number of Rage Against The Machine – Killing In The Name of

        The use force to make you do what the deciders have decided you must do
        The use force to make you do what the deciders have decided you must do
        The use force to make you do what the deciders have decided you must do

        Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses
        Some of those that work forces, are the same that burn crosses

        Killing in the name of!
        Killing in the name of

        And now you do what they told ya
        And now you do what they told ya
        And now you do what they told ya

        Live @ Holland in 1993

        F U, I won’t do what you tell me 🙂 🙂
        F U, I won’t do what you tell me 🙂 🙂

        And amigo mkey F U is in Spanish “La Pinga” (middle finger) 🙂 🙂

        Saludos and abrazos,


        • Pablo de Boer says:

          self correction

          TheY use force to make you do what the deciders have decided you must do

        • mkey says:

          I was there is Modena in 2008, their last, kind of revival tour. Felt great even if it was a very strenuous day start to finish.


          Probably nobody who grew under the influence of 24/7 propaganda coverage was left completely immune to the alluring effects of poisons ideologies, such as is nationalism, partisanship and the most common tribalism. Practically everything we’re ever taught is about us versus them, it’s at the core of narration structure. To the list of mind control mechanisms I’d also add (extreme) infatuation propped up by Hollywood propaganda movies which finds its basis in emotional instability and lack of emotional intelligence.

          • Pablo de Boer says:

            Buenos dias amigo digital mkey,

            Here in Holland I don’t eat meat anymore, due to the circumstances how they treat and farm animals is for me cruel and disgusting. Here they inject the animals full with hormones and vaccinations. Pigs lie the whole day in their own dung and when I ate Dutch pork in the past it smelled and tasted like mierda / feces.

            Testimonial – Gijsbers, Nederland – Nedap Varkens Voerstation, Kraamstal- en Dekstal Voeren (NL) /
            Testimonial – Gijsbers, Nederland – Nedap Pork Feed Station, Maternity Stool and Dealer Feed (NL)

            Ps. You don’t need to understand Dutch for understanding and feeling how disgusting they treat pork in the Netherlands just like in a lot of other countries.

            Chicken are also kept in horrible circumstances and you taste it and when I see this images, I lose my appetite.

            45 Days: The Life and Death of a Broiler Chicken


            — We Are Being Farmed Like the Animals We Eat —
            A satanic cult such as is Western society makes its members sick and then sells them a phoney “cure.” Our animal-and-dairy-based diet is fuelling a trillion dollar food, healthcare and pharmaceutical boondoggle that is gradually bankrupting and killing us all.

            And the Burgers of McDeath appear also very preservable…..

            Man Keeps 14 Year-old Hamburger*

            * Try self this at home, before you criticize and never depend on others

            Saludos y abrazos,

            Pablo de Boer

  17. Nancy.m says:

    CIA + fine art – The National Endowment for the Arts was formed as an act of Congress in 1965 and the CIA art-as-propaganda program (called Long Leash) shut down in 1967 (I think). Looks like a hand-off. Even while the CIA was funding the New York Moderns, it did a lot of that from behind the State Department. Contemporary art as money laundering has been admitted to by the head of the Tate Gallery and others. Thank you for the collection link!

  18. blakeslee says:

    Question for Corbett: When Trump hit the primaries, my long time hero Alex Jones jumped on the bandwagon and nearly deified him with praise, while simultaneously overlooking his many flaws. From then on he embarked on a downward spiral that caused me to unfollow him in all formats and warn others of this staunch change. Why do you think he betrayed his cynical outlook of almost all politicians, and fell head over heals in love with a man that didn’t have that much to offer? Controlled opposition? If so, when do you think he became controlled? In addition, this phenomenon doesn’t seem to reside solely with the folks at Infowars, but also other former heroes like Mark Dice. What is you opinion of why the Alt media made this turn?

    • Pablo de Boer says:

      Hola aloha estimado blakeslee,

      I noticed that especially the independent journalist from the ALT RIGHT became grande amigos / big buddies with the new Deep State Presidential Puppet Donnie T, because they believed his political lies during the running for president campaign. Now it is very obviously that Donnie T is the same piece of political dung as all American presidents and I think that the supporters of Donnie T from the ALT RIGHT have a big ego just like their big hero Donnie T. Due to their big ego it is hard for them to admit that they were wrong and that they behaved like the sheeple people which they always criticize.

      But there are also exceptions and one of them is James Perloff. Because as he self said, he hated Hitlery Clinton so much, that he believed Donnie T’s political BS / mierda del torro on Hitllery and that the real estate gangsta Donnie T would prosecute her. But nowadays James Perloff admits self that Donnie T is also a Political Puppet of the Deep State just like each president.

      James Perloff: Bombing Syria UnMasked Trump BIGTIME

      Hate is a bad advisor and your best teacher is your last mistake, but for a lot of fellow humans their guide is their own EGO and politicians……..

      And the only persons who really can answer your question are Alex J and Mark D, but both have a big EGO, so……. Ask them self why the support Donnie T 🙂 🙂

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I like that phrase “mierda del torro”.

        You pose a question which probably many thousands of “truthers” are asking.

        I too am puzzled and you got me to pondering…
        Perhaps “hope” is a factor.
        Perhaps even more fundamental is a false foundational concept which some of these well known truth leaders have…“a belief that the system can be fixed from within the system”.

        “A belief that the system can be fixed from within the system” is actually a pretty silly idea when one steps back to view it.
        After all, ‘The Powers That Shouldn’t Be’ own the system. It is their board game, their rules. And they can change the rules anytime they want.
        They have fun by trapping us on the board game.

        In a more ideal world, everyone would just say: “I’m not playing your game…and oh, by the way, all that property and wealth you say you own, those pieces of paper are worthless. Me and Sara are going to take this Chalet, relax for a while and watch everyone else split up stuff….”

    • mkey says:

      While these guys are not your everyday people, people in general have a tendency to latch on to something that looks (or sounds or feels or whatever) promising while completely ignoring independent, critical thinking.

      To believe that the person which is ALLOWED to run for president can single handedly change the system from WITHIN, the very same system which allowed their ascent and makes all the rules, is beyond ridiculous. But people want change and they don’t want to work hard for it, so they vote for the president and then bitch and moan about all of the false promises. And that’s only if they have the temerity to notice the broken promises.

      Another alt media person, Michael Riverro, whom I appreciate and who has made some solid content, totally fell for Trump. I don’t think Michael is controlled opposition, he simply took the bait, like many others have. One would expect from a reasonable, experienced, open minded media person to be vary of such false promises, but nah. It all boils down to intricacy of the lie and the targeted audience.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The following episode helped me to sort out “…why the Alt media made this turn?” (supporting Trump)
      Episode 319 – Psychographics 101

  19. VoltaicDude says:

    I was surprised about Giamatti – am I a fool?

    When I had first heard about Anderson Cooper’s CIA connection, I was less surprised since I already knew about the Vanderbilt connection, but it does make me wonder more about his brother’s demise.

    But there’s another Cooper, Bradley (B.C.).

    He has a Midas touch in Hollywood, including special status via the Oscars, which are of course, as we all know, legit beyond reproach – just ask Warren Beatty as of the last ceremony.

    B.C. was the star of “the Academy’s” super-hyped American Sniper (which in itself should raise some suspicion as far as I’m concerned), but I originally knew of him as host on the most popular TV travel-guide series in the world – Globe Trekker, a spin-off from the popular Lonely Planet branded travel-guide books.

    Both the Lonely Planet and the Globe Trekker series were notably (and I use that word intentionally) Left on inception, again, whatever one can make of that (I happen to believe that there’s Left – even if sometimes misguided – and then there’s “Left” – and I would venture the same about the Right). Perhaps in this case Labour is a better label over Left.

    Anyway, while Cooper’s contributions to the series seem to be mostly politically neutral in any kind of direct didactic fashion (although I can’t say I’m familiar with all the episodes he’s hosted) since Cooper’s arrival (and a few other newbies) there has likewise been a notable shift in leanings.

    Sampling of older shows that illustrate the Left point:

    Globe Trekker – Costa Rica and Nicaragua Trailer
    Globe Trekker Shorts
    Neil Gibson

    GT13 Transatlantic Slave Trade Trailer
    Globe Trekker Shorts
    Zoe Palmer

    An episode illustrating the newer leaning:

    Globe Trekker | Rust Belt Part 2 | Trailer
    Globe Trekker Shorts
    (As I remember it McCormick considerably predates Cooper at Globe Trekker, but this show is relatively recent.)

    (Sorry, these are trailers – I couldn’t find free access to whole programs for the episodes I wanted to cite.)

    In either the episode above or in Part 1 of this Rust Belt show, Megan McCormick actually praises the monopoly arrangements between Standard Oil and the Robber Baron rail-road interests of over a century ago as the clear reason America became great back then!

    This historical-rewrite meme (about the justifiable business-sense and societally-beneficial aspects of the Standard Oil/South Improvement Co. monopoly/collusion) has been getting a lot of resources and traction as of late, but I’m not sure exactly from where. (It’s always nice to follow the money, but somewhat like the Pentagon’s budget, it’s often an obscure matter.)

    As of 2017Jun25, 111:00AM EST, B.C.’s Globe Trekker connection has been entirely scrubbed from his Wikipedia entry.

    Bradley Cooper (Wikipedia)

    Bradley Cooper Globe Trekker Bio

    Bradley Cooper Joins Board of Directors for Paul Newman-Founded Charity

    I am a fan of the late Paul Newman, including his charity work, but it’s impossible to keep institutions like this from being contaminated.

  20. doublek321 says:

    Always good to see Richard Grove clips. I feel like he should be a regular on Corbett Report. Also, this might be an “off-limits topic” but he (Grove) mentioned a Marsh executive who made sure his personnel were in the office bright and early on the morning of 9/11 (while he attended the call via telephone). Did he ever pursue anything against this person? Or would that be far too dangerous (plus pointless because if this guy was “in the know”, he’d certainly be protected from prosecution)?

  21. doublek321 says:

    Regarding the people around Silverstein who all “coincidentally” weren’t in the WTC (like they normally would be), would Silverstein really tell his kids in advance what was actually about to happen? That seems like it would be risky because what if they were morally outraged? Possibly he figured out how to make sure they missed their meetings without explicitly telling them details in advance? It would be interesting to get their stories of that day (I might pass along this idea to WeAreChange).

    Also, at 27:15 you said: “Silverstein’s top aide – Geoffrey Wharton – was actually at an 8:30AM meeting at Windows on the World – the meeting that Silverstein missed. He was meeting Liz Thompson, the Executive director of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council to discuss the Council’s relationship with Silverstein Properties. According to the Engineering News, he decided to escort his guest down to the lobby. He cut the meeting short and then escorted his guest down to the lobby. And he got on an elevator at 8:44AM, ie 2 minutes before flight 11 hit. So they were in the elevator and managed to get down before everything went crazy.”

    The fact that he cut the meeting short definitely raises an eyebrow. But it’s even more fascinating to me that he cut things THAT close (2 minutes prior?!). Does this mean they had this planned down to the minute?? That seems like it would be insanely risky! Possibly he got a phone call telling him to “leave right away” (or something along those lines)? Again, it would be interesting to hear his story of that day.

  22. phillip says:

    Thank you for the pointer to the excellent video – Children Full of Light. What an inspiration!! Superb video of a wonderful human being and mentor.

  23. Redracam says:

    Hi James,

    Just a cursory calculation shows that 138.2 tons(US) are missing.
    Price of an ounce of gold = $1201
    (184M/1201)/32000 = 4.79 tons
    And it wathat 20 tons disappeared during the destruction.

    • Redracam says:

      … And it was reported that 20 tons disappeared during the conflict. Some have suggested that the gold went to pay off Venezuela who had demanded the repatriation of their gold from the US.
      So that leaves 118.2 tons(US) missing. However, when you realize that HSBC took control of the Libyan central bank during an “interim” period I think things start to add up. I am betting that a large portion has gone to USA/UK/FR to pay for all their military efforts.
      Finally, Dominique Strauss-Khan then head of the IMF was purportedly set to meet M. Qaddafi in (March?) 2011. D. Strauss-Khan had talked of ending the hegemony of the dollar as the only currency of reference and including a “basket of currencies”. Well his reputation was ruined (although he was found not guilty of sexual assault on a hotel maid who appeared to have been payed to set him up) and the Libyan gold has all but entirely vanished; if the figure of 184M dollars is correct.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Gold tidbit
    A cubic foot of gold weighs approximately 1,206 pounds.
    A cubic inch of gold weighs approximately 0.7 pounds.
    Gold is a dense, heavy metal, and if a 1-gallon milk container was filled with gold, it would weigh about 161 pounds.

    It is about 19 times heavier than water (which is why panning for gold works well).

  25. Nick Sikorski says:


    Hi James, been meaning to ask a few questions for a while but, with the new Conspiracy Law now in effect, and your recent interview with Graham Smith of Voluntary Japan last month, I felt I should hurry up and ask them now:

    1. As an outspoken foreign resident in Japan, do you feel the need to avoid certain subjects for fear of incurring the wrath of the Japanese government, are you aware of any interest the Japanese authorities may have in your work, and how do you feel the recent law will affect your work?

    2. Are you aware of any Japanese networks, groups etc. in Japan sympathetic to your views and opinions and whom you might want to recommend other foreign residents in Japan to get in touch with? As a fellow foreign resident in Japan and a follower of yourself and Graham Smith’s over at Voluntary Japan (with whom I’m working on a project or two), I would love to reach out to some Japanese who share our views but have so far found none. Would love to know if you have had better luck.

    3. Are any of your videos/essays available in Japanese?

    Thanks again for all the hard work, and looking forward to the next ten years!

  26. VoltaicDude says:

    Andy Warhol was prominent in posing the question “what is art” and “what is the value of art” but he didn’t do it literally. He did it through his choices of subject matter vis-à-vis his choices in presentation, form, style and production methods.

    As with all lucky great artists, his novel aesthetic reverberated with the zeitgeist of his time. His Mona Lisa’s were the likenesses of Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe, presented in repetitive form, not painted per se, but printed, as in silkscreen printing.

    The allusions are multiple: film, industry posters (Lautrec!); promotional photographs (which, were sometimes signed by hand by Hollywood stars at sittings in which hundreds would be produced for staff to mail out to fans); Ford’s assembly line; the Arts and Crafts movement – in short, modern and postmodern times.

    There’s a long list of other “lucky” modern greats: Monet; Picasso; you mentioned Pollock; etc. They were considered great in their own time and that status has so far withstood the test of time – it doesn’t always.

    On the other hand, for instance, Van Gogh’s paintings were almost worthless during his lifetime (no one willing to buy one), but have since become almost priceless. What makes a Van Gogh worth millions today? What makes any object worth that much – in what context?

    In Michelangelo’s, Da Vinci’s, Mantegna’s times (the ones we still remember from back then) artists required direct patronage, often by the Catholic Church, and their art served the purposes of exalting God and the State Church – it was propaganda. The Borgia’s paid the bills.

    But these greats also rebelled (maybe not always consciously) about Church authority, going back to ancient Greece and Rome for inspiration. They were neo-classicists sparking a Renaissance.

    Today’s Intelligence Agencies GO WHERE THE ACTION IS. As far as actually generating great movements, they seem to have greater success with technologies. It’s hard to create great art insincerely, which doesn’t mean they can’t still tap-into and exploit a scene.

    (There’s a great book called Captains of Consciousness by Stuart Ewen – a future book review?)

    When Shepard Fairey created his OBEY meme, it was a revolutionary act. It was high dissidence (shhhhhh).

    Every day, in walking any of the world’s city streets one sees people wearing t-shirts as billboards: Coca Cola; Nike; GAP; Harley Davison; even things like Human Rights Watch; or other NGO.s; etc.

    Sometimes, from the right vantage point one can sit at a café with stationary billboards in the far background while these “mobiles” pass along in the foreground – it’s kind of funny. But it does have the propensity to make the passersby look as zombies, zoned out, often ignoring each other even when coupled, with their eyes locked onto their smart screens, occasionally bumping into each other – “oh, excuse me,” without looking up.

    The other day, sitting alone at a café I saw a walking t-shirt. It said “DON’T OBEY” and, embarrassingly, I laughed out loud before I could stifle myself.

  27. Flatspokes says:

    I have a question for Corbett after watching Is Government Immoral? Stefan Molyneux vs. Tom Willcutts.

    If the definition of government is that they are initiators of force and that is the biggest reason to oppose government, doesn’t the original intent of the UNited States Constitution solve that problem?

    No army was supposed to exist. Only a militia for the purposes of defense. No police were to encroach on citizens rights and had no right to arrest a citizen without a warrant attained after sufficient evidence was presented to suspect illegal activity. In both cases the initiation of force comes from another government or the citizen and not from the government.

    Taxes were only supposed to be imposed if they were used to directly benefit the people being taxed.

    Obviously this went down hill from the first day but the system was set up so that freedom was to be maintained by the people just like an anarchist society. The people apparently didn’t have the will to enforce their own authority and gave it over to criminals who corrupted the system.

    So another question would be; it seems that the US constitution address many of the anarchist’s concerns. What would allow the anarchist society not to fall to the same corruption America has fallen to?

    I think the only valid point that Tom Willcutts made was that it’s not the US system of government that was inherently evil. It is the corporations who corrupted that system and took advantage of the laziness of the population. What would prevent that from happening in any other system which has money that can be used as leverage?

    • mkey says:

      Regarding the constitution, I’d say the rabbit hole goes deep on that one:

      The Constitution of No Authority

      So it was with those who originally adopted the Constitution. Whatever may have been their personal intentions, the legal meaning of their language, so far as their “posterity” was concerned, simply was, that their hopes and motives, in entering into the agreement, were that it might prove useful and acceptable to their posterity; that it might promote their union, safety, tranquility, and welfare; and that it might tend “to secure to them the blessings of liberty.” The language does not assert nor at all imply, any right, power, or disposition, on the part of the original parties to the agreement, to compel their “posterity” to live under it. If they had intended to bind their posterity to live under it, they should have said that their objective was, not “to secure to them the blessings of liberty,” but to make slaves of them; for if their “posterity” are bound to live under it, they are nothing less than the slaves of their foolish, tyrannical, and dead grandfathers.

      We seem to assume a lot.

      Regarding your last paragraph, I’d say the crux of the matter is the fact these “enemies” of the people have a very strong generational transfer of knowledge, wealth and ideology while the “common” folk do not.

    • wingsuitfreak says:

      The Constitution set up a representative government. That is one in which others (landowning white men at the time) represented the people. That is hardly the same as anarchy. And it is not the corporation who corrupted the system. The system was inherently corrupt. Corporations are not inherently corrupt, just inherently opportunistic. They can’t survive if the market doesn’t buy their products. Government can make you buy their whatever it is they offer.

  28. Flatspokes says:

    it seems that if we want to make a claim that some people where not in the twin towers because they knew of the attacks we need to do an alysis of the whereabouts of every person who stood to benefit. If four or five key figures happened to be in the right place at the right time while 100s weren’t it seems likely they just got “lucky”. But if 100s (or whatever the number is) where conveniently absent then it stands to reason they knew.

    I tend to believe they knew and were intentionally detained or made better plans for that time. But it doesn’t seem like proof to say someone knew just because they weren’t there.

  29. Ukdavec says:

    #Q4C Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies in general. Just another attempt by the powers that should not be to implement the vision of Technocracy Incorporated of an energy related economic system, in particular a monetary system that is inherently deflationary? Another by product being the Orwellian wet dream of trace ability offered by block chain technology.

    Would appreciate your thoughts.

    Question influenced by pages 42 – 44 of Myths Lies and Oil Wars by FW Engdahl and this article


    Keep up the great work James.

  30. Hans Verbeek says:

    It seems that yesterday’s North Korean rocket was more powerful than the rocket Elon Musks SpaceX builds. Maybe we should give North Korea the contract to supply the International Space Station.

    My question is:
    Could the whole North Korean rocket program be an elaborate fabrication of the media and the military industrial complex, just like the Ieaqi weapons-of-mass-destruction?
    Is it just another “they-threw-the-babies-out-of-the-incubators”-excuse to start a war?

  31. Not This Little Frog says:

    Hi James,
    I don’t often watch MSM news, however chose to watch tonite and a question that has been lurking in my mind for a long time resurfaced; the vexed issue of freedom of movement vs the sovereignty of current long term residents and inhabitants. The news segment that pushed this thought back to the forefront of my mind was the Italian Governments reported actions of moving refugees into towns and regions without/ against the permission or approval of residents. How do we respond as free and voluntary individuals?

    • mkey says:

      At the same time, in Italy there is a substantial formation of live-in-the-car type of camps around Rome (I’d wager other cities as well) where people who have been kept back economically go to … live? I don’t know what would be the correct expression here, but we’re talking about whole middle class families losing pretty much everything they had living in their cars. Many of them still having jobs but are unable to afford anything better than a 3 door sedan parked in a suburbia somewhere.

      Fast forward to your point and you see these people living in car camps looking at refugees (whom I also consider mostly to be decent people, just to be certain about this point) being brought from outside, placed in decent housing and maintained fed and clean. I have to imagine there would be quite a lot of resentment going on.

      There’s also quite a lot of room for self reflection, people living in car camps probably have a lot of spare time, which can be invested into contemplation. I doubt they’re doing it, though. They (we) could be asking themselves questions such as, how did I allow this to happen? The fact they are among people who are in the same predicament only amplifies induced emotions.

      I just wanted to comment on your question, I don’t have anything resembling a coherent answer. The only thing coming to mind on how to deal with a situation where government agents, those who enforce the will of the common enemy, do stuff you don’t want them to be doing includes arms and decisive decent people doing the right thing and saying enough is enough. Of course, such an unruly bunch would probably make it very difficult for the situation to become so dire in the first place, which would greatly minimize the explosive potential of the whole ordeal.

      It’s either that or storming politicians with protests, harsh banners and signed petitions.

      • Not This Little Frog says:

        Hi mkey,
        Thanks for your thoughts. I agree that most of the individuals involved in such camps, as well as most of the immigrants are most probably decent people. It’s tragic that they are pawns, mostly unwitting, of TPTSB. In the end both “sides” are screwed by the elite, whilst those of us who express concerns about migration are likely to be labelled racist. This then feeds into the politically correct culture that pervades so much of the developed world. Although the numbers of people arriving here in Australia are fewer than what Europe is experiencing, the PC thinking is alive and well, with governments not seeming to give a hoot about what many Australians want.

        • Richard Ran says:

          Hi NTLF,

          Me thinks that the all pervading PC/MC culture is a globalist sponsored product/invention, just like the predictable reaction to it, labeled “populism”, carries many signs of it being controlled and managed, quite possibly by the same globalist forces. The game that’s being played, especially in the MSM but also in the alternative media, pitting self-righteous PC/MC virtue signalling against “racist” populism, can thus be seen as your typical pre-NWO game to occupy ourselves (instead of occupying e.g. the FED).

          As to your Q4C. I asked if the libertarian NAP logically implies “open borders” (whatever that means today). The answer could be a “yes, however..”, the however pointing to the situation on the ground, so to speak. And when a welfare state of sorts is part of the equation, that’s a very big however.

          I’ll provide you with a link to an article and subsequent discussion (the comments are very interesting) that just might address your questions about the subject. It even carries a quote from Ludwig von Mises about the situation in Australia (some 90 years ago, so nothing changes really ;):

          From the article, “Mises on Nationalism, the Right of Self-Determination, and the Problem of Immigration”:


          Mises emphasizes the political problems that would arise in a mixed-nation-state created overnight by mass immigration:

          “These fears may perhaps be exaggerated with regard to the United States. As regards Australia, they certainly are not. [..] If Australia is thrown open to immigration, it can be assumed with great probability that its population would in a few years consist of Japanese, Chinese and Malayans. [..] The entire nation [not just workers] is unanimous, however, in fearing inundation by foreigners. The present inhabitants of those favored lands [the U.S. and Australia] fear that some day they could be reduced to a minority in their own country and that they would then have to suffer all horrors of national persecution to which, for instance, the Germans today [1927] are exposed in Czechoslovakia, Italy, and Poland.

          While Mises does not take an explicit position on the desirability of a policy curbing massive immigration flows that are induced by economic opportunity, he acknowledges that “these fears” of the nationality inhabiting the receiving country “are justified,” especially in a world of interventionist states. Mises, who for many years observed first-hand the egregious maltreatment of national minorities in Central and Eastern Europe, vividly expresses the basis of the majority nation’s fear of being transformed into a national minority.

          Just my 2 eurocts (sorry to interrupt, go ahead mkey 😉 )

          Kind regs from Amsterdam,

          • Not This Little Frog says:

            Thanks Richard Ran,

            Thanks for your reply (the more thoughtful, consideredr responses the better). In between building a raised garden berry bed and other pursuits at home tomorrow I hope to read through your response more closely.



    • Pretend you’re an elitist scumbag.
      Pretend the hoards of sheeple zombies are after your gold.
      Pretend you only have so many cops and extras in red shirts between you and the zombie mob who want to rip out your throat with their teeth.
      Pretend you’re also winning wars against neighboring tribes.

      What do you do?

      Import the refugees to divide and disenfranchise and dilute the rage of advancing sheeple zombies before they discover an antidote.

  32. Not This Little Frog says:

    HI James (This is a QFC)


  33. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Question for Corbett
    What is your take regarding Japan and the Benjamin Fulford interview?

    In late July 2017, Zerohedge via “The Mind Unleashed” had this article interview: Former Mainstream Media Journalist Blows Whistle on 9/11 & Fukushima.

    I would love to get your take on it. It contains many interesting tidbits, such as a cousin of the Emperor giving Fulford a 9/11 Truth video or the Citibank-Japan money laundering or an anti-virus company making viruses.

    The credit for this goes to Corbett Report member “nawk”. He posted the link in the comment section.

    • Corbett says:

      Fulford? Really?

      In 2006, Fulford issued an ultimatum on behalf of his super secret ninjas to the Illuminati to cease and desist their destruction of the world. (http://www.savethemales.ca/002056.html) Oddly, the fundamental power structure of society failed to change overnight.

      In 2007, he predicted that Bush would resign to be replaced by Al Gore, and that the secret government that runs the US and EU was conceding to his secret ninjas plans (http://benjaminfulford.com/secretgoverment.html). Oddly, no such thing happened.

      Also in 2007, Fulford revealed that he was communicating with the ghost of his great-frandfather, who was writing letters to Rockefeller and revealing how the “matrix was about to collapse.” (http://www.rense.com/general79/benjk.htm) Oddly, his great-grandfather’s ghostly letter to Rockefeller inviting him to meet Fulford in Ontario resulted in no response whatsoever (http://www.rense.com/general79/fulf.htm)

      In 2008, Fulford predicted the complete failure of the US economy on Sept. 30, 2008. (http://forum.prisonplanet.com/index.php?topic=55392.0) Oddly, the economy failed to stop functioning and the US currency failed to disappear by October 1st of that year.

      In 2009, he claimed to have had a strange creature removed from his spinal cord during surgery which was apparently causing him to have “weird visions.” (http://www.rense.com/general84/abso.htm).

      I could go on. And on. And on and on. But if it is not evident that this man is either delusional or spreading deliberate disinformation by now, then I shudder to think what will become of a society whose powers of logic and reasoning have fallen to such a low level.

  34. Can you please comment on the cover-up that has been taking place regarding the Fukushima disaster. I recently came across a researcher that obtained FOIA documents which establish that a catastrophic nuclear fallout has been occurring, with much of the western United States affected.


  35. john.o says:

    In my country it is simple.

    Liberals understand the necessity of bombing other countries, torturing thousands, killing millions and displacing more, but strongly believe in inviting the people they have bombed and tortured to come live as their neighbors, particularly if they have university degrees, will open cheap restaurants or don’t live too nearby. I mean they are open to new ideas, or at least new restaurants. And I don’t know about Libyan, but I have heard good things about Syrian food.

    Conservatives understand the same necessity of bombing other countries, torturing thousands, killing millions and displacing more. But they do seem to take unseemly public pleasure in war and the money made off it and they come off kinda bigoted when they discriminate against the people they torture bomb, kill and displace. And I mean, how many times can you eat at Applebees?

    It sure is confusing. Some times I think, this one has a point, but then…I don’t know…

    Luckily, they all agree on essentials.

  36. Richard Ran says:


    How about (working towards) a tax revolt/tax rebellion?

    All the best from Woodenshoesland,

  37. scpat says:


    What book(s) or blogs would you recommend to understand all the intricacies of the 9/11 cover-up?

  38. Patrick.S says:

    Hello James & Community,

    I’m a recurring guest lecturer at my university since I graduated in 2014. I have followed James’ work for many years and have, in my own small way, tried to spread knowledge and insight with some of the content provided here and by his guests. Thank you so much for all that you have done over the years, James, community, & guests.

    I’ve been asked to return to speak recently and I would like to narrow my scope down to the ‘military conflicts’ (wars) that the US has been entangled in since 9.11. I have a plethora of information on Afghanistan and Iraq, but could use more with respects to Libya, Syria, Yemen, Pakistan, & ???.

    Can anyone help point me toward their favorite or go-to content I could share with the students? Anything helps, especially insightful perspectives that helps Americans understand the true nature of US foreign policy and history–especially summations of conflicts with references to dig deeper.

    Thank you so very much.

  39. The_Dude23 says:

    Hi James,

    As you often point out, one of the major problems is the private ownership of the FED and the whole central banking system in general.

    I find that it is quite well documented thanks to you how the FED was established and who the actors were and likely shareholders are. For European banks however this is not very clear and I am not finding much about the ownership of their central banks historically and how this feeds into the European Central Bank.

    I hope you can shed some light on that, I know that many Europeans would be so much more interested in this and it would help immensely to open some eyes over here as well, as many of the Europeans do not care as much about US-related issues as they do about their own systems obviously.

    Thanks a lot in advance and keep up the great work!

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