An Arrow Through the Brain - Questions for Corbett #001

01/08/20135 Comments

James Corbett launches a new podcast series to answer questions and queries from his listeners and viewers. Questions covered include James' waking up story, how to use live bookmark feeds in FireFox, recommended reading, environmental concerns, and much more. To get your question in for the next edition of this series, send it in via the contact form on or tweet it @corbettreport

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  1. brent.b says:

    weird that no comments are listed for this podcast. enjoyed your discussion on judy wood. i totally agree that how the buildings were brought down is more or less a distraction. kind of like all the focus on exactly who was the trigger man for jfk assassination. more important to find out who masterminded the plot rather than which thug carried it out.

  2. Mark K. P. says:

    Toasted cars in the parking lot are quite important evidence because they prove that the WTC buildings were not brought down by controlled demolition ; or at very least not solely by explosives within the buildings.

    Yet this is how James addresses such an important topic :
    “Also I should mention the toasted cars, for example, have repeatedly been shown to have, for example, the toasted cars on FDR Drive which people have gone to absurd lengths to try to explain away ; all of this is by way of background of saying there is absolutely nothing convincing I have seen in her arguments.”

    An unusual piece of nonsense from the normally articulate James Corbett. Judy Wood isn’t one of those who attempt to “explain away” the toasted cars on FDR Drive. On the contrary she discusses them in some detail, pointing out their unusual common characteristics and trying to find their proper context in the chronology of the tower collapses. However she concedes that claims that they were towed to their location could be right ; she cannot prove otherwise.
    The importance of the toasted cars in the parking lot is that the chronology is fixed by the footage ; there is footage of them in their normal condition, footage of them in process of toasting and footage of them toasted, all in situ in the parking lot half a mile distant from the towers.

    Now here’s Judy Wood’s reply to this video by James;

    Well this is nothing so slick as a Corbett video, indeed such a poor technical production that it is difficult to watch. But also nothing perjorative a la the vicious Sibel/Spiro team. Indeed the radio host comments on James’ intelligence, while Wood surmises that he has not read her work or seriously looked at her evidence but simply taken on board and regurged the biased and misleading summaries of her work by malicious critics.

    Since James uses the term “space beams” which is absent from Wood’s work but an invention of Steven Jones in order to ridicule (akin to his “cold fusion” drivel from the Pons & Flesichmann epoch), I get the impression that James has drunk the Steve Jones cool-aid (a pretty toxic brew) without doing any fact checking on Wood or Jones for himself.

    Basically Judy Wood claims that the WTC buildings were turned into dust before they hit the ground by a new and exotic energy weapon. This is an extraordinary claim which requires extraordinary evidence, and she duly provides that, namely ;
    the recorded seismic impact of the twin towers is in each case equivalent to that of a 20-story building collapsing, not 110-stories ;

    the photographic evidence of the general lack of debris after the towers disappeared (in the period when building 7 was still standing) ;

    the survival of the “bathtub” dyke built around the base of the towers to keep out the Hudson River — Manhattan should have been flooded by the bursting of this dyke if the full weight of debris from controlled demolition had fallen on it ;

    footage of huge chunks of falling debris dissolving into dust in mid air ;

    the recorded extreme disturbance of the earth’s magnetic field from the time of the collapse/disappearance of the twin towers until the collapse of building 7, after which a return to normality.

    James makes it perfectly plain that he is interested in specific 911 topics other than the details of the destroyed buildings, and that’s perfectly fine. Likewise Wood concentrates on what interests her most. It’s certainly within her professional competence, and James’ sneering at her professional competence in the manner he does in this video is hardly less disgusting than the repulsive Sibel/Spiro onslaught on Beeley and Bartlett

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Mark K.P. excellent observations, from the future it still mystifies me. However, my own experience of being a little quick on the draw has been profoundly educational and corrective too my future behavior.I can only speculate James had a similar affect and has only improved all ways round in every aspect since. Dr.Wood may have played an important part in James’s development as he has demonstrated recently, as you reference News Bud, on Beeley and Bartlett debauchal. We learn, we grow. My question for Corbett. Now that Elana Freeland has explained Bernard J. Eastlunds apparatus in her book
      ‘ “Chemtrails,HAARP,and the Full Spectrum Dominance of Planet Earth ” . Does it validate the importance of Dr.Wood’s work and act as the smoking gun of the conspirators for their prosecutions.? Or an accuracy for the historical record?

  3. Nick Weech says:

    Here’s the interview where “Dustification” goes “poof!”

    Dr Greg Jenkins

    • m.mark says:

      What part of that interview proves dustifucation doesn’t happen?

      1600 toilets, 600 urinals and 1200 sinks that’s tons of porcelain where did it go No bodies no blood no desks chairs desks nothing how did that get disproven?

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