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It’s the first weekend of the month and it’s a busy one for my family here in Japan so let’s start the monthly members open thread.

Corbett Report members are invited to log in and discuss anything happening in the world right now, ask any burning questions you may have, or share your latest research with the community in the comments below.

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  1. s511 says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Christian Westbrook of iceagefarmer.com.? I have not seen his online presence for months.

    • Fact Checker says:

      James Evan Pilato brought this up on Media Monarchy this week. Apparently, there is some suggestion Westbrook is going to adopt the “Mercola Model” of only making guerrilla blink-and-you-miss-’em posts, that he takes down after 24 hours, to like “avoid censorship” or some absolute illogical nonsense.

      Just like Mercola, to me this bizarre silliness only proves he’s some kind of asset, playing ridiculous mind games with his audience.

      Never did much like his whole thick-whispered delivery-shtick of, “There, there. Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. There, there,” like a rancher taming a skittish colt. Very manipulative. Very put-on. Weird.

      This whole fake withdrawal is just more weirdness.

      • FlyingAxblade says:

        it’s 48 hours. Mercola is one of my hero’s. Like James.
        Different viewpoint.

        • mishochu says:

          I like Mercola too. Never purchased a thing from him but have benefitted from his free content.

          Is his 48 hour window related to his still having a medical license and being embattled by the FCC?

      • themex says:

        Oh MAN! I am so glad I am not the only one thinking this way. I could never put my finger on it, but I never quite trusted him (or Mercola).

        Then again, I like to listen to CAF and believe she is sincere, however, when she keeps recommending solutions that include actions that require us to trust the system, I start to wonder.

      • Unmasked says:

        Mercola is an asset, for truth and freedom. You, on the other hand, have always impressed me a transparent shill for distraction and obfuscation. “Fact Checker”, what a giveaway. Ridiculous mind games are your specialty.

      • kirm says:

        I heard that Mercola was threatened, even to the point of violence, losing his life. He was feeling a lot of pressure and short of shutting his whole site down figured the 48 hour thing was the only way out. BTW, I have never actually visited his site so have no dog in the fight.

        I can’t imagine the pressure that these people are feeling. I couldn’t do it myself.

        The ones crying “controlled opposition” all the time are paranoid to the 9th degree. They spend their nights with both eyes open. One watching their wife in case she rises up and stabs them and one watching the dog in case he jumps up on the bed and tears their throat out. They are really to be pitied as they can’t trust anyone and are truly alone.

        • cu.h.j says:

          The drug cartel, Big Pharma, felt threatened and probably made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. They probably threatened his family, is my guess.

          These “people” are vile psychopathic criminals and they are dangerous if a person poses a risk to their enterprise and agenda.

          The problem with that is you’ll never have real loyalty, so can never really rest at ease.

          I like Dr. Mercola. I bought one of his books to help him out. He’s got some incredible information to share that can improve the health and longevity of regular people.

    • yellowie says:

      Greetings s511,
      Yes I too was worried when i didn’t see him for a while. He explains at this link from September 23 2021

      A stunning video that I have shared many times since viewing. I am always impressed with him and the fact that he is so young (but that goes for anyone under 45).

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Ice Age Farmer

        – Sept 23rd, 2021 (10 minutes)
        “No Soul, No Free Will.” – The End of Humanity?

        • LastHumanist says:

          Yeah, I saw his return there, too.
          The solar minimum he’s all about is, as all types of climate change, not that problematic if addressed properly.

          It certainly cannot be used to explain all declines in all societies that ever existed in history, either. Decline is a complex and multicausal event.

          At any rate, learning how to farm is a worthwhile enterprise. If he is one of the Sunstein boys, he’s certainly not the worst.

          That is all I have to say on the subject of the Ice Age Farmer.

          • nosoapradio says:

            You got it right LastHumanist !

            It’s about the info and not about the person.

            If a person doesn’t like Caitlin Johnstone’s work for example, or Noam Chomsky’s, or Julian Assange’s,

            Deconstruct the discourse, not the discourser.

            Then you can decide whether to engage further with them

            or move on to more credible pastures.

            The admittedly few times I listened to or read Christian Westbrook’s work, as I was exploring information about the Grand Solar Minimum, I found it constructive, compelling and thought-provoking. And the person, thoroughly amiable, articulate and committed.

            It’s about what a person says, not who they are.

            Dunno exactly what Sunstein has to gain from anything Christian Westbrook has presented?

            • LastHumanist says:

              There is a certain tendency for the natural disaster community at large to derail into panic and fear mongering.

              Greta and her WEF overlords do it with “ze global warming” to quote my unpleasant compatriot Schwab.

              Some similarly obvious shills do it with “geomagnetic reversal”.

              The grand solar minimum discussion has indeed, from what I have seen, mostly adopted a more reasonable stance with only the implicit doom and gloom that is explicitly front and center elsewhere.

              There were plenty of doomsday cults throughout history, too.

              Sabbatai Zevi comes to mind. And pretty much all Christian cults that ever gave a damn about Eschatology.

              What is to be gained from all of them? What can they be used for? Well, reversing people into the lizard brain survival mode to make them more pliable for psyops, of course. A fearful populace is a populace easy to control. The desperate will follow whatever path is sold to them as salvation. They will even whip themselves to pacify god and end the plague, like the flagellants tried to do.

              Just give them the rope, tell them to pull themselves out of the swamp with it and watch them hang themselves in a blind frenzy. Doomsday cults in a nutshell.

              We should have reasonable doubt about all predictions involving the near future. However, we have utter certainty that everything that is will end. I have always found comfort in that truth. There is a gentle calm in the ruins of Antiquity.
              There will be one in the ruins of our current world, too.

              Hopefully not too soon, though!

              • arbuckle says:

                There is a Buddhist concept that everything is as it should be, and the bad or good is only in our own view, actions, and intentions, and the only things that are “absolute” are the constancy of change itself, impermanence, and Karma (as in newtons third law). Everything is totally interdependent,

                I can see the global totalitarian tyranny is just like a temporary hypnosis or like a spell as clearly explained by Dr. Mattias Desmet, a “mass formation”, a psyop which depends on fear, isolation, and insecurity, which was manufactured by intent and our own grasping in a materially dominant world. We are permanently needing more, afraid of not having enough, no matter what or how much we have:


                But like a pendulum, eventually it has to change direction and swing the other way. Even in Germany, Savoy, and Switzerland they eventually had to stop burning witches.

                So, the point I wanted to make here, is my agreement with you, and JC, and that the “spiritual” dynamic is perhaps the most important and at all levels too often ignored and least appreciated:

                All the spiritual teachers of humanity have told us the same thing, that the purpose of life on earth is to achieve union with our fundamental, enlightened nature. It says in the Upanishads, for example:

                “There is the path of wisdom and the path of ignorance. They are far apart and lead to different ends. . . . Abiding in the midst of ignorance, thinking themselves wise and learned, fools go aimlessly hither and thither like the blind led by the blind. What lies beyond life shines not to those who are childish, or careless, or deluded by wealth.”

                This says a lot about “Eugenics” and “Trans-humanism”, and the lack of a strongly rooted spiritual foundation.

                So, as you say, “There is a gentle calm in the ruins of Antiquity.
                There will be one in the ruins of our current world, too.”

                So, as a Tibetan saying goes: “Tomorrow or the next life—which comes first, we never know.”

              • nosoapradio says:

                Humans should be able to deal with a grand solar minimum.

                Does a “gentle calm” exist if there’s no one around to appreciate it?

                And are there christian cults that don’t “give a damn” about eschatology??

                Is your moniker a sort of oxymoron?

                These are not meant to be insulting questions but the word “moron” at the end maybe makes it seem so.

                And thanks for teaching me the word “eschatology”!

              • LastHumanist says:

                I’d define existence as a state of being that manifests itself regardless of human will and perception. In that sense, the calm will exist and some living creature will surely populate it. The Roman Forum was greatly appreciated by grazing cattle after the city had fallen apart.

                A surprisingly large number of Christian groups throughout history were more concerned about secular life and their immediate needs than the end of days. Numerous monastic communities, for example, were filled with unwilling initiates who could not land a better position within the hierarchy.

                I really am one of the last classically educated Humanists of this age. Latin, Greek, ancient history, classical archaeology; I did it all and watched society cast it away more and more with every passing year.

                The NWO can’t have people read the classics and think about how life could be so different in this day and age. The subject of the global state must be a drone without knowledge of the past and without any desire for the future. A malleable mass to shape in whatever cruel ways social and genetic engineering may allow.

              • nosoapradio says:

                Thanks for your unexpected reply.

                “Humanism is a progressive philosophy of life that, without theism or other supernatural beliefs, affirms our ability and responsibility to lead ethical lives of personal fulfillment that aspire to the greater good.”

                Can a humanist be spiritual (I don’t mean necessarily religious)? Or are humanists materialists?
                (the greater “good” and “bad” become purely subjective in a universe devoid of the notion of divinity or the sacred, no?)

                Does being the last humanist tarnish one’s humanism (seeing humans destroy humans who allow themselves to be destroyed)?

                In respect for your time, should you choose to reply again, I would accept monosyllabic yes/no answers.

                There does seem to be a sort of spiritual nature to the battle being fought worldwide today as certain things hitherto taken for granted now seem to be sacred, such as the mere fact of being human (as opposed to forcibly trans-humanism, for example) with all that that entails: an implicit right to privacy, dignity, bodily self-possession…

                But as one articulate Corbett subscriber once made clear to me: pragmatically speaking, the only rights you have are the ones you can defend.

                I confess my mind is muddled this morning… Or else it’s always muddled and today I have the clarity to see it…? sigh. Hamsterwheel time.

              • LastHumanist says:

                Scientific materialism has failed to explain what humans are, to some extent. A purely mechanistic approach that defines us as bio machines is dogmatic and generally self serving for the factions that propose it.

                Protagoras and similar sophists are among of the oldest examples of that.

                Spirituality is, however, a part of what we are, just like the material world also shapes us. It is logical to admit the boundaries of logic and therefore refrain from forcing any totalitarian concept on a fellow human being.

                The greater good can only be drawn from respect of ourselves and the shared bond we have with all of our species past, present and future.

                That entails, to some extent, respect for the ambivalence of human nature. Those who seek to gene edit themselves into something other than human are not more right or wrong than those who wish to preserve purity. I believe that balance is essential and that the individual freedom to choose whatever path, be it one of sublimation or degeneration, is paramount.

                It is of no consequence whether we are divine creations or ourselves merely inventors of gods and mythologies. What matters is the fact of our shared existence in this universe and our ability to either perceive a naturally right way to act or our inherent drive towards inventing one. The reality of human suffering is enough to feel compassion. It is a mammalian instinct to protect the young and avert the demise of members of the species.

                There are plenty of objective approaches to dismantling the post-humanist goal of a population indoctrinated to pursue its own destruction.

      • Fact Checker says:

        Total troll. When he laughs at 9:29 (“[a revolution]…that’s what we need snort! chuckle! right now.”), it’s just like Matt Hancock laughing when the vaxxes got rolled out.

        Wow. I just don’t know wtf is going on.

        • Nick says:

          Certainly interesting. More interesting that i didnt see it when i was watching without a critical eye. But a chuckle mid speech is hardly evidence in and of itself. Do you have anything more solid? Genuinely interested to know.

          • Fact Checker says:

            “Do you have anything more solid?”

            Certainly not. Like I said, I am at a loss as to wtf is going on.

            That being said, I was always suspicious about the fact that his advice/theories were all derived from this “imminent grand solar minimum”–something that nobody could ever reasonably “predict” with any precision. Such apocalyptic prediction-based models always tend to work backward from some desired reaction in the audience, be it “global warming” or “peak oil” or “spread-of-infection.” Second, I never liked his whispery shtick. Very condescending and put-on.

            And finally, I understand what you’re saying that a single chuckle doesn’t prove any particular thing–and I agree it doesn’t prove any specific thing–but there is no mistaking the derisive snort of mockery when I see it. Watch it again. Somebody off-camera does something that makes him break character and crack up laughing. He then just plows through without a pause, like he wants the audience to know it’s all a show he’s putting on and one that he is not interested in maintaining anymore. It would seem they’re already breaking down the “Ice Age Farmer” set, and he’s just phoning in one last lazy performance.

            And think about the message in this video, which is a very strange note for Westbrook to end on. I completely agree with his interpretation of Harari, but he really doesn’t offer an alternative view of “free will” or even distance himself from Harari’s view. He sort of says, “Maybe we’ve already lost our souls…” and trails off with a bunch of rhetorical questions. Bear in mind I think I agree with him by and large in substance. However, I just find it a very weird note, played in such an ambivalent way that I feel the intent is to troll and mock. Westbrook doesn’t seem interested in the themes that are his trademarks: farming, permaculture, solar minimums. (What Corbett would call “Solutions”.) Westbrook also doesn’t seem to take the question of “free will” seriously at all. He just serves up this odd parting shot that amounts to, “Hey are you guys hackable animals? Okay bye.”

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I like Ice Age Farmer.

        • xtuartb says:

          You are misinterpreting – he’s just laughing dismissively at the idea that some Great Leader can come along and rescue us, in the traditional model of overthrow of oppressive regimes. He’s agreeing with Harari to the extent that these are uncharted waters, but I don’t think he agrees that the notion of freedom of will, spirit or soul are now just outmoded, debunked notions.

          There’s an interesting philosophical work by Mortimer Taube from 1936 but available in facsimile reprint, ‘Causation Freedom and Determinism’ where he discusses the Enlightenment roots of this issue. He knows what he is talking about – he was the one who originally saw through the fallacy at the heart of the original AI claims about thinking machines in the 1960’s, writing another book which is sadly neglected, ‘Computers and Common Sense, The Myth of Thinking Machines’ (1961). *pacem* the brilliant Judaea Pearl and Causal Reasoning, Taube knew what he was talking about.

          People are overly impressed by the claims of those proponents of AI, which is in fact nothing more than a sophisticated mechanism of cybernetic control a la Norbert Wiener et al. I do not believe we are anywhere near attaining true intelligence in mechanical form. My own training was in experimental psychology at a time when the old behaviourist paradigm was being thrown out in favour of the next great hope, of cognitive science. I transitioned (!) to AI at a time when it was largely thought of as a conceptual tool for understanding the mind, a promise that has progressively been largely abandoned in favour of more lucrative directions, following the rehabilitation of neural networks, and so-called deep learning, which is unconnected with true learning, and is another linguistic, scientific and cognitive fraud.

          These technologies are going to blow-back on their creators big-time. Unfortunately, they will likely blow-back on us as well. It’s going to be a rough ride.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Hey Yellowie!

        Thanks for posting that iceagefarmer video!

        First, it has revealed to me clearly who Yuval Harari is which is a relief because I didn’t know when a Corbett subscriber evoked him in a recent reply to one of my comments.

        Secondly, I quite agree that we, the human race, are currently in a game for all the marbles, bodily autonomy and ultimately our very existence etc., whether or not we agree on the solution.


        Thirdly, it was moving and a little unnerving to see someone who has been bullied by TPTSB to a point where he’s quite riled up, almost shivering, between tears at the injustice and violence he’s been victim to and laughter at the absurdity of the situation, his livelihood on the line, like so many others’.

        I’m always uneasy when thinking about the safety of the Corbetts and Westbrooks and Cristians et al…

        • nosoapradio says:

          An interesting conversation between Whitney Webb and Christian Westbrook about grain shortages, supply chain issues, food and frankenfood management by megacorps, microbiome surveillance, crispr and… smart sewers???



        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          RE: …the Corbetts and Westbrooks and Cristians et al…

          I really admire these type of folks.

          For these Messengers, it is almost like wearing a “target”. It takes some pretty thick skin to bear the onslaught of slings and arrows by those useless typewriter-sofa-sitters who strain terribly hard with hyper-critical barbs.

          To those folks who are unbalanced and lopsided in their strained hyper-critical attacks, I want to say: “Okay. You do it. You perform the same type of activity.”
          They won’t do it.
          The real reason they won’t do it is because of their own incompetence.

          Online, we can always expect some wild, crazy-eyed baseless attacks, rumors and sabotage.
          But I have seen this in real life in the truth movement. It’s ugly, disruptive and creates a mess. I could tell some anecdotal stories which rival the gossip column of The Daily Mirror.

          When hyper-criticalness becomes extremely strained towards a particular person, I raise an eyebrow.

          It is the Message which interests me, not the Messenger. Although, there are some Messengers who I really admire.

      • zacaway says:

        Hi, there is a new video from Ice Age Farmer here: Energy Crisis becomes a Food Crisis – Grow Food and Build Local Food Systems Now!:

        Worth a watch.

    • mlous says:

      He’s on Telegram. .

    • nutmeg says:

      Christian posted this video recently, I came across it last week.


    • Briar Fox says:

      Yeah, as @mlous said he is on Telegram. He posts most days if not several times a day.

  2. s511 says:

    I have been meaning to share what I am doing in my part of the woods to prepare. I live in Alabama. I live cheap. I live on one acre in a small FEMA trailer. And it is beautiful. Turns out living below the federal poverty line whilst raising seven children in a small house was good training for being an outlier in the time Covid. So. 1. Raise only what you truly like to eat. The rest you will waste. You don’t need a lot to live. But storage is paramount. Get a couple of hundred pounds of organic red winter wheaten 50 pound bags. Leave in bags and put in metal barrels. Store in cool area. Get a wheat mill. Mine is manual. Grind your own wheat and make your own bread every few days.(I bought my yeast from Walmart online in 5 pounds). I throw in one cup of warm water, (from my Berkey filter)one teaspoon of salt one Tablespoon of sugar and oh, 4 Tablespoons of organic oil. Stir.Then stir in flour slowly. Knead 30 minutes. Rise it twice. Bake. 2. Sprout stuff for fresh greens and mineralized fermented water. Get wide mouth mason jars with stainless steel screen lids (Amazon has lids) Put wheat seeds in jar full of water let stand 3 days or so till fermented. Drink. Rejuvelac Thank you Dr. Ann Wigmore whom I heard speak in the 1960’s. Then take the wheat seeds and put them in a lasagna sized pan with dirt, cover with newspaper or saran wrap for three days lifting to water them and keep them wet. Take off and let the grass grow. Scissor it off when about 5-7 inches high. Grind in a wheatgrass juicer drink. Liquid sunshine. Good for your blood.
    3. Buy organic dried beans in bulk.4.And I buy non GMO corn meal or grits. What is written heretofore you can live on. Learn what weeds or grasses you can graze. here we have wild blackberries and poke sallet jumping everywhere. Also you can eat and cook dandelion greens and clover. Check out AZURE.COM in U.S. for other organic bulk items. 5. Buy Stephen Harrod Buhner books on herbal Antivirals and Antibiotics. Stock up on medical supplies, like dental tools, medicines you use. I buy herbal tinctures like Alchonea and https://woodlandessence.com/products/cryptolepis-root-extract?variant=2175884754968 for infections. works better than antibiotics to kill staph on my hand. I do have Ivermectin from the farm store. Get hot water bottles (put around throat and neck glands when onset of feeling sick or sick) 6. REST so many people keep pushing themselves when they should stop and lay it all down. 7. Get regular massages, even if you. have too rain a friend and exchange. Gee, there was I lot a wanted to say but gotta go. I have no Internet at home. Don’t want it. Oh, yes, you cannot do this alone or meet the coming times without God. If you have no idea who or what Jesus is and did read MERE CHRISTIANITY by C.S. Lewis as a primer. Or read the Bible for yourself.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Fact Checker says:

      “I live on one acre in a small FEMA trailer.”

      What? DaFuq? Is this a joke?

      “Oh, yes, you cannot do this alone or meet the coming times without God.”

      Oh I get it it’s a joke. Good one.

      “If you have no idea who or what Jesus is and did read MERE CHRISTIANITY by C.S. Lewis as a primer.”

      Can’t you just give us a hint of “what” Jesis is, without the homework assignment? Just a hint would do.

      “Or read the Bible for yourself.”

      Yuck.. More homework. No thanks.

      • Duck says:

        “…“I live on one acre in a small FEMA trailer.”
        What? DaFuq? Is this a joke?…..”

        I don’t know… a cheep trailer on a bit of land thats somewhat away from the areas your enemies want to control sounds pretty good compared to a nice big house in an area slated for lockdown or transformation into a Smart City.

        So many people are like the monkey with his hand in the hole… cant stand the idea of not being wealthy enough to have an easy life and grab hold until its too late

      • LastHumanist says:

        Nothing worthwhile in life is achieved without effort. Reading the bible conveys to us plenty of human experiences from times of upheaval like our present day. Do I prefer Greek philosophers to the Koiné Evangelists?

        Yes, I do. Both in style and substance.

        Ultimately, it is better to continuously search for truth than to settle on a lie, even if it makes the masses less ferocious and instills a more humane code of ethics in them.

        At any rate, when the fact checker movement came into my field of view in 2015, I certainly missed the times of Christian ethics when people would at least feel bad about taking “philanthropy” money to lie about facts and manufacture narratives.

        “Fact Checker” today is a term I would love to see dropped into a hole, buried and swiftly forgotten. Or remembered in infamy.

        • Robert Smith says:

          I’d rather be in favor of Greek Philosophy, especially Diogenes, Epicurious, & Epictetus.

          • LastHumanist says:

            My Greek teacher used to praise Diogenes for showing society a better way to live. However, he did not follow that example himself, either.

            He preferred to get the jabs than to be called a dog and driven to the pithos life.

            Shame, really. There were but a handful of Greek teachers left in my country when plandemic started. There will be none when it is over, I suppose.

            Transhumanism is quite the opposite of Humanism, just like neoliberalism was the opposite of classical liberalism.

            No respect for tradition, no respect for human life.
            I am not surprised that it has turned out this way…

            Πολλά τα δεινά κουδέν ανθρώπου δεινότερον πέλει

            • Duck says:

              “..My Greek teacher used to praise Diogenes for showing society a better way to live. However, he did not follow that example himself, either….”

              Considering that Diogenes was well known for Jacking off in public thats like as not a good thing, LOl

              Pretty sure if you go to a big city you can see his disciples to this day 😉

              • LastHumanist says:

                Well, they called him a cynic (a dog, literally) but were the greatest bitches themselves.

                I can respect a man who is honest.
                The homeless today similarly understand society’s true nature much better than the masses who look down on them.

            • Robert Smith says:

              those are some very wise words especially regarding the obvious bad side of Transhumanism (I’m not against the idea BTW, but fully aware that it’s going down a bad path) & how heinous Neoliberalism really is, which is spot on.

          • Sabex says:

            Epictetus and Marcus Aurelius are my jam.

      • peggy100 says:

        Wonderful post. Really great info. We live on one acre too. Grow a lot but not enough. Thanks for the tips! Blessings, p

      • s511 says:

        Hi Factchecker, Yes, A FEMA trailer.The government sold a slew of them because of the formaldehyde lawsuits. Congressmen and their buddies brought them for $100 a piece, little by little they get sold around the country in an “AS IS” condition. I bought mine from a mobile home company in Georgia. They have a salvage title. Mine is a 12X30 trailer, never lived in. Brand new appliances, clean. After years the formaldehyde fades. I paid $20,000 for it. Owning my own place, be it ever so humble, is important to me.

        Okay, Cliff Note answer to your question about WHO Jesus is. The only begotten Son of God.
        Cliff Note Answer to WHAT he is.
        He is the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament.
        He is the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world.
        He is the sacrifice given to redeem sinful man back to God. So essentially, he embodied in human form to live a sinless life, keeping the law and commandments, then willingly laid down his life, and shed his blood for the remission of sins of men, in order to reconcile man back to God, the Judge of the whole earth.
        “But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus his Son cleanses us from all sin.” Many askedJesus “What must I do to inherit eternal life. And the answer is said in so many ways and verses, is to simply believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and his redemptive work.

    • yellowie says:

      Greetings again, s511,
      Thank you for your suggestions. My husband bought a manual wheat mill years ago and until covid times, I had no idea what to do with it. Raising 7 children, what a great feat, and growing your own food is fabulous. My father was a farmer and would be ashamed of my gardening skills. My son tried to pick dandelions for a salad, but I think we live too far north because they were very bitter. Our yard is covered with dandelions and I am always amazed that our neighbours, with their well manicured lawns, have never shown up with pitch forks.
      “Mere Christianity” was my big reintroduction. I was a cradle catholic and didn’t return until a few years ago. The battle that is going on is a spiritual one. I have the Douay-Rheims version of the bible and splurged on The Great Commentary by Cornelius A Lapide, written in the 17th century, who provides insight to the NT bible through the church fathers. Here is a link to find it in its entirety it on-line. http://www.catholicapologetics.info/scripture/newtestament/Lapide.htm You said that you don’t have the internet, but perhaps on your trips out.

      • Duck says:

        Not a catholic myself but do admire the work of Dr EM Jones over at
        https://culturewars.com/ do you read his stuff?

        • yellowie says:

          What I like most about JC is the suggestions and commentary folks like yourself make in this section. I have learned a lot. While I have not heard of Jones, I did look him up quickly and he looks interesting. There is something eerie about Vatican II. I have listened to some of the Malachi Martin interviews, as he left the Vatican during this time. I have his book, Windswept House, sitting on a pile of many other books I have not read (yet).

          I know that you have said you are not Catholic but I also like Fr. Chad Ripperger, an exorcist. Many of his talks are on his website and youtube. One of the best ever is:Four Last Things: Heaven

          In 2018 he wrote The Principle of the Integral Good and I have borrowed a number of his vaccination arguments in my numerous protest letters to bishops and 1 cardinal.

    • Duck says:

      CS Lewis is the best… here is a link to Lewis Doodle where they have a doodle while you listen 🙂

      Mere Christianity is pretty good, but ‘The Abolition of Man’ is much more descriptive of the times… LewisDoodle had it up but its not there now AFAIK.

    • pearl says:

      Good post, s511. And thank you for pointing us toward an organic wheat source. The website you typed goes to, of all things, a microsoft program! But I found it and they look like a great company. Many thanks for your valuable information and wise suggestions!

      Azure Standard:

    • Caerla says:

      It’s great to stock up on stuff (and I love Stephen Harrod Buhner’s books – although he is a bit misanthropic and influenced by de-population ideas at his core philosophy. They are very practical and well-researched. Extremely useful! Also, I’ve treated a very bad staph infection for my daughter that did not respond to any herbal treatments with fresh milk – straight from the udder -from my goats. Breastmilk also clears up infections very well!)

      But what about when you run out? I’ve had that in my mind this year. I’ve been doing what I call “research” (though not very scientific) on growing staple crops in my area (North Florida) for the past 6 years. Everyone says you “can’t grow grains except dent corn”, which I’ve found to be very untrue. There are many staples, like millet, oats, sorghum, barley, buckwheat, pigeon peas, winged beans, lima beans and cow peas that grow well. I still have yet to figure out the planting times here for rice and wheat (early summer rains have always spoiled the crop). There are other staples, as well, like arrowroot, sweet potatoes, malanga, true yams and such too.

      You can actually grow quite a lot of food in a small space – even shady spaces you can grow malanga, arrowroot, and yams, as well as ginger and turmeric. In northern climates, I imagine it’s even easier to grow wheat and barley – and even the old varieties of einkorn and rye that have too long of a season to grow in my climate. The threshing and processing is work – but it’s not too terrible. A corona mill outfitted with a rubber ring instead of the grinding plate will easily thresh the wheat, oats, and barley if it’s an easy to thresh kind. A front yard could grow 50 lbs of grain.

      My next thing to try to figure out is how to grow all the medicinal plants I know and use. But there are still things we simply can’t be independent with – for example I use copper sulfate to keep my animals healthy in a place very deficient in copper. They have to have it to stay healthy and not die from parasites (I never use chemical wormers. I know everyone likes Ivermectin at the moment, and a friend of mine used it when she supposedly got Covid and was very sick and it helped a lot, but Pat Colbey in Natural Goat Care says it is quite toxic, and they relaxed the standards for it because it is one of the last effective chemical wormers).

      Or salt. We need salt to preserve food without refrigeration (and to stay healthy), or the kelp we use to correct the lack of trace minerals here. We can stock pile, but we could never really be independent.

      • Duck says:

        In Florida surely you can get sea water and evaporate it for Salt?

      • s511 says:

        Thank you Caerla for your post. We seem about in the same space. I do not know what to do when supplies run out. I guess we will find out then. It depends on where you live and how turbulent will be the time. I am NOT self sufficient, though more so than many I see, however I can’t even get the seeds to the medicinal plants that have worked wonders for me. Bidens grows everywhere in South Florida , ( those weeds with the pretty white flowers and yellow centers that growbetween sidewalks everywhere)so maybe North Florida too. It is supposed to be a good antibiotic. It does not grow in north Alabama that I have seen.
        I have about 15 gallons of Celtic salt from Azurestandard.com.
        No we can never be really independent, and who would want to be? A lot of the things I have stockpiled here I intend to share should the need arise.

        • Caerla says:

          True! In any case, it’s nice to have supplies while you figure stuff out. We get the 50 lb bags of livestock salt, which works well for curing meat (though I like the smaller grain and better human grade salt for brine for salt pickling).

          Bidens are a great plant – they grow prolifically here for most of the year. Buhner says it has anti-viral and antibiotic properties. It’s very edible. I use the greens in soups and stuff.

          As for medicinal plant seeds – which herbs do you generally use? I’ve been trying to make a list. I think for just medicine herbs I don’t already have growing it’s things like loquat, angelica, scutellaria, isatis, goldenseal Have you seen this site? https://strictlymedicinalseeds.com/

          • Steve Smith says:

            If you ever make it down to the Saint Petersburg area, look me up. I can share some Kratom cuttings with you. Also have Okinawa spinach and sweet potatoes which roots easily. And Moringa seeds or branches if you’re not already growing it.

            • Caerla says:

              I have family in St. Pete area, so I’m sure at some point I will be down there! What do you use the Kratom for? (Other than the psychotropic effects – I had to look it up). I would love to try the sweet potatoes – I root some of my own slips in the spring, but also buy some, as I tend to plant a lot. They store well and are easy to grow.

              Likewise, if you are ever in the Gainesville area, be in touch! You can contact me through my blog here: https://toadstoolsfairyrings.com/

              I have a bunch of (North Florida) adapted seed varieties I’ve been working on, like a one-season carrot variety that I’ve been saving seed from for 5 years, and a sorghum that makes 2 harvests per summer. I also work with the Southern Heritage Seed Collective for selections and testing grow-outs.

              • Steve Smith says:

                I use the Kratom as an analgesic. Not for getting high. It works great for my occasional lower back aches.
                If you click on my name, my business website comes up. Give us a call when you are in the area. My wife usually answers until late afternoon when I take phone duty.

      • n4x5 says:

        A resource for survival gardening. Mainly tailored to Florida but obviously of use to anyone in a similar climate zone.

    • wellzy says:

      I recall reading that C.S Lewis book. A little blue hardback thing it was. I gave it too my mum afterwards because she is into that kinda stuff. I learnt only the other day about John Friedrich who was assasinated for his role in the National Safety Council of Australia, a militia front funded by bankers for nwo mercenary tasks, and this was before the state sanctioned slaughter that was Port Arthur! Now they run the show but im still suprised I had never heard of that fiasco.

  3. hanky says:

    If you stand up, you will surely suffer and die.
    If you are a coward, you will surely suffer and die.

    Life has a 100% fatality rate.

    My addendum: If you let your mind be affected by pernicious lies, it will lead to the corruption and loss of power of that mind in many areas of your life. And of course lead us over painful cliffs we may have seen otherwise.
    My understanding of the spiritual aspect of our current challenges centers around simple reflection of the truth. The less intellectual gymnastics the better. Especially twisting things to fit into dogmas and groupthink. Rationalizing our lies and cowardice is what we must overcome, should we care to advance in truth.

  4. FlyingAxblade says:

    Interesting responses.
    Neighbors not communities.
    Everyone, get a dog.

  5. Mitchell J. says:

    “46% of people died within 14 days of the Remdesivir Treatment. The Remdesivir Treatment was established in U.S. Hospitals at the direction of Dr. Anthony Fauci.” This is what killed my sister, she was not jabbed. Here is the deal, once she was admitted, they would not listen to any family members at all. They drugged her, and basically killed her for profit. The hospitals have become killing machines.

    I personally have not use allopathic medicine for years, I like being healthy. But I have been seeing more and more stories of this kind of thing happening. Not just with Covid. Anyone else seeing this or hearing about it?

    Mitch – http://crn.hopto.org

  6. HEDGE110 says:

    Sydney, Australia update. My daughter is 6 years old and loves ballet. I just received an email stating that when face-to-face classes return on 11 October, only those from fully ‘vaccinated’ households will be able to participate.

    My daughter can’t attend ballet like others.

    I am unsure what ‘rules’ they are relying on but it is disappointing considering we have supported online-based classes throughout the lockdown.

    • Caerla says:

      We have had a similar ballet situation! My daughter is on her 3rd year of pointe, and up until now her dance school allowed the children to dance with no masks, but they had to wear them into the building. Well, that’s changed, and they forced her to put a mask on last class. She tried to argue with them, and they made fun of her in front of the class. She tried wearing it below her nose, and they fussed about it. After class she was gasping for breath and it took an hour for her breathing to get back to normal. I’m sure it’s only a matter of time before they require vaccines too. There are lots of parents there who work in public health at the local university.

      Needless to say, we immediately quit that school of dance, and looked around a little and found a great dance school that does not require masks, and is actually much closer to our house. So don’t give up! There might be a better school out there run by sane people!

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Thanks for sharing these anecdotes about dance | ballet.

        Fortuantely, we have a historical record here at CorbettReport.
        These type of anecdotes are important to log.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Good for you Caerla!

        A vigorous pas-de-bourrée bien fait in the Bovid butts of those child-abusing bozos!

      • hanky says:

        Meanwhile, you can learn enough from books, DVDs, and the internet to continue with beginning level sessions. Yay YouTube! You and your like-minded friends will have to be the teachers. It is not as ideal or fun as the ‘old world’ way, but it is something for now.
        It also may lead to more fruitful efforts involving your child, such as improvising in a quickly changing world in other areas of life. Also, that may open a path to deeper interaction and accomplishment with the parent and the child.

  7. HEDGE110 says:

    Check out the work of Stuffed Beagle on Bitchute. I particularly appreciate short film ‘The Grudge against the Runaway Elite’, featuring a Tool backing track – Here is the link https://www.bitchute.com/video/qs1RbW8Gf6VP/ to the clip (just under 10 minutes)

  8. 8Gc58 says:

    The artist Lars Vilks died in a traffic accident

    Machine translated excerpts:

    The artist Lars Vilks died together with two police officers when the car they were in collided with a truck in Sweden on Sunday, the cohabitant confirms to Dagens Nyheter.

    The Swedish artist Lars Vilks is best known for a drawing in which he in 2007, two years after the so-called caricature dispute, placed the head of the Prophet Muhammad on a dog, an animal that according to Islam is unclean.

    He became an object of hatred for Muslims all over the world and has since lived with police protection.

    Al-Qaeda called this blasphemy and promised a $ 100,000 reward to the person who killed him. An al-Qaeda leader in Iraq, Abu Omar al-Baghdadi, also promised bounty to the assassin of editor Ulf Johansson, and he threatened Swedish companies such as Ikea and Volvo.


    He confirms that the police car has come over the wire fence, but points out that the car weighs 4.5 tons and is extremely heavy in performance.

    – It may explain that you can drive through a fence, launches the police chief as a possible theory, but at the same time adds:

    – We still do not know how the bodyguard car came over in the opposite lane.


    https://archive.ph/K4qaw | https://www.nettavisen.no/nyheter/utenriks/kunstneren-lars-vilks-omkom-i-trafikkulykke-sa-utrolig-trist/s/12-95-3424186797
    https://archive.ph/xc5W9 | https://www.nettavisen.no/nyheter/politiet-ingenting-tyder-pa-ytre-pavirkning-bak-vilks-ulykken/s/12-95-3424186856

  9. dansta says:

    Thanks to James for the opportunity to post!

    Solari Report’s (Catherine Austin Fitts) link to Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long M.D.’s affidavit on Vaccine injuries…
    more cracks in the official narrative.


    Dr Long’s affidavit@

  10. zacaway says:

    Hello, I live in the UK and I work for a “Beast” company (a subsidiary of Hearst Communications, a media/financial/training conglomerate). Obviously not ideal (given I’m following this site) but I’m trying to work out what I can do to resist the fascist coup:

    Some potentially interesting info about the company:
    – The area I’m in provides training to investment bankers and the like. One of the tutors has been promoting this blog as part of the courses he teaches:
    As you can see, the tag line is “Do we need to be free to be innovative, prosperous, or even happy?”. Say no more.
    – They are heavily into ESG, both on the one hand providing training on ESG and on the other hand, implementing ESG ratings for listed companies, which you can read all about here:
    – They rolled out their own in-house “COVID status app” on June 2020 (yes only 3 months after the start of the scamdemic). All it supposedly requires (for now) is you to answer 3 questions every day (have you had a recent positive test, have you any symptoms or been near anyone with either the above). Tick no to all of these and you get a friendly green tick, yes to any and a red cross. It has been required to go through this charade every day to be allowed to enter the office since then. Obviously, this is just to condition staff to needing to show a status pass. However, going to the office has been voluntary since March 2020 so most people just work from home.

    Anyway, they keep setting a deadline to mandate returning to the office and I’ve been gearing up to resist this app, just on principle (they have no legal basis to collect this kind of personal health data, as far as I can see). However, they keep pushing back the date, so I assume they know what the grand plan is and are content to keep their staff mollycoddled at home for now.

    I’ve been contemplating whether to quit (but most of the alternatives I can see at the moment are just with other globalists) or resist and “make’em make ya” but they seem to be backing away from forcing the issue. Maybe I should just keep my powder dry until they roll out the Green Pass here.

    In the meantime, I’ve dialed back my work from home effort to less than 100% and instead putting effort into prepping in various ways as best I can, and joined some local resistance groups.

    As far as I can tell, everyone I work with has had a lobotomy and subscribes to the mainstream narrative. Good to find this site, thanks for your efforts!

    • jo-ann says:

      Hi zacaway. Thank you for sharing. My brother’s firm had set a date for returning to the office, then reversed their decision at the last minute. They informed office staff they would not be returning to the office and had employees come into the office to get their other office items (e.g. office chairs). Maybe they finally realized that the jab cannot prevent transmission, so there would be more disruption due to sick employees. Just my opinion. Maybe your firm will change their mind if the number of “cases” starts rising again. Good luck!

      • zacaway says:

        Thanks! Actually we just got an update from HR, who interestingly disclosed that their H&S consultant is a chemist who dabbles in virology as a hobby :-O

        – Now supposed to return to the office Nov 8 (but still tentative, depending on “the numbers” and other runes etc, so still may not actually happen).
        – Masks required in the office (except when alone at your socially-distanced desk).
        – Still required to complete their “health-screening” app before being allowed entry to the office.
        – Contact tracing & testing per Gov guidelines.
        – Over 90% of staff self-reported as fully jabbed!
        – The US office will be (enthusiastically) implementing Biden’s no jab, no job policy. Mr HR was quite sniffy towards the low jabbing rate in the US, therefore this policy was obviously necessary.
        – Got the impression they’d be happy to do that here, if the Gov told them to (i.e. they had legal cover).

        I reckon if the company told everyone to wear a swastika armband a do a daily Heil salute there would be 90%+ compliance. I’m starting to feel like August Landmesser.

        • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

          It’s a mad world. Apropos Swastika: If it worked 90 years ago, why would it not work today? Humans have not changed that much. Technology has.

    • hugo.c says:

      Welcome zacaway.

      May I suggest that you have a look at James’ “back catalogue”. Ya know, 15 years of work. You’re welcome to ask around for suggestions. I suggest the WWI and Big Oil series documentaries as a place to start.

      • zacaway says:

        Thanks for the suggestions Hugo, sorry I’m a bit late to this scene, there is definitely a lot of good material. I discovered CR last summer (“Who Is Bill Gates?”) and having been catching up since. I can see the various pieces of the current scamdemic falling into place, which James has clearly explained – hence I thought I’d share my window on the world as it seems to tie in with some of these themes.

        I love to spend the time catching up on James’ last 15 years of work, but time’s short, so at the moment I’m focused on the future: what’s likely to be coming up next, trying to resist it and solutions, which I’ve found James’ #SolutionsWatch series very interesting for.

        • hugo.c says:

          Yes, time. I have been advocating developing a more nuanced understanding of the 20th century (actually, really since the industrial revolution of the mid-19th century) as a key foundation for pushing into the more esoteric aspects of history. Things like Rhodes and his kindergarten, and Carrol Quigely’s commentary on the Anglo-American empire fit into the later. My advice is based on my own failings. I believe that I could have better integrated these topics had I at the time had a better historical understanding.

          I agree entirely with the Solutions Watch series. I was most happy when James declared it. After studying these all to depressing topics for a decade or so, I too wanted a more uplifting and forward thinking view. So, have at it!

          Enjoy the journey.

  11. Caerla says:

    This was a really interesting read I found recently:


    It’s an old book complaining about how bad and ineffective the small pox vaccines were. There are, unfortunately, many parallels to now. And the irony that I am seeing memes on the rare occasion I actually look at Facebook (I usually only go on to see what CJ Hopkins posts!) that say stupid things like, “Small Pox and Polio weren’t erradicated by freedom!”

    Another interesting link to share (I might have shared it last month. I don’t remember), where there are also, unfortunately, many parallels to our current times (the history of another New World Order we’ve all gotten used to over the centuries):


  12. cj14 says:

    Any one from Canada ( Ontario ) should look at Dan Dicks latest, seems like the fat idiot from Toronto’s daughter is way ahead of him. She may be a Corbetteer.

  13. bobel says:


    Great article by Laura Dodsworth about the potential nudges coming our way this winter.

  14. jo-ann says:

    Some good news from Australia’s Fair Works Commission – see a recent episode from The Crowhouse and the document discussed (links below). The second part of the document provides logical rationale for rejecting mandatory vaccination. I downloaded it for my personal reference.

  15. Bilejones says:

    Here’s a nice piece, and nicely sourced about one of events that precipitated what’s now the 20 year push to finally get the technocracy in place,


    I think the plan is to get done before it’s old enough to drink.

  16. ge.le says:

    Hello James, Bill Still is reporting that Chinese military aircraft have landed at Bagram airbase in Afghanistan. Can you confirm this ? If true what does this mean ?

    Thanks, Gerry

    • Duck says:


      I had not heard that, but if its true its probably just them setting up aid links and diplomacy. I would doubt it means much other then a desire to bring Afghanistan into their sphere of influence.

      They share a boarder that looks like its ‘near’ the Uygur area so I guess since they look to be getting ready for the coming conflict they really want to be sure no aid gets snuck into there to help the uygurs resist???

      I hear that they trade with Afganistan via truck traffic its pretty late (mybe part 2 if your watching rather then getting the podcast) where they talk on that

      I doubt that they would want to have much military presence there eat this time

  17. westerncivic says:

    Just logging my observation of rural Wyoming radio and it’s 2 to 3 minute “Ag Report” in which the only thing discussed are vaccines.

    Last Friday it was the “good news” of a new regimen of swine vaccines being approved by the FDA

    Today it’s vaccines for the calves.

    These are clearly ads for livestock vaccines, not “news.” 🤷‍♂️

  18. bleak says:

    Found on tw*tter…

    The Rulers

    The rulers wanted to fool people, since they saw that people have a kinship with what is truly good. They took the names of the good and assigned them to what is not good, to fool people with names and link the names to what is not good. So, as if they were doing people a favor, they took names from what is not good and transferred them to the good, in their own way of thinking. For they wished to take free people and enslave them forever.

    Someone is very keen on how they worked the plandemonic.

    Through decades of assigning names like “medicine” and “health” to varieties of toxic cocktails (not all but many of them) while simultaneously embedding/implanting a “science is God” mentality through TV spells (which they named “programs”) like Doctor Kildare, ER, Star Trek, Doogie Houser… the list is long… and here we are.

    People wonder why the others are so dogmatically pro “science” and unable to hold an opposing viewpoint in their heads. This is why.

    In case you are wondering, the above quote is from the Gospel of Philip which was written approximately 1700 years ago. A thinktank called the Council of Nicaea determined that it was antithetical to their purpose and so named it “heretical.” Mandates were issued to destroy all copies which was largely successful. It remained missing for centuries until it was accidently rediscovered in 1945 in the collection of banned books now known as the Nag Hammadi Scriptures.

    Yes, it is on tw*tter. See my profile @bleak. I was a little unforthcoming to make a point. People name, label, twist, rock n roll through everything except one of the most important discoveries in the history of this age. Why? Read the quote again.

    • Duck says:

      You know… that those ‘gosples’ showed up about the same time as the Transistor was invented and the west began to ready itself for massive social engineering


      He has a few articles on Star Trek and the influence the deep state and the weird Channeling Cult of the 9 Egyptian gods had on it… I think the Bronfman family were in on that too

      • bleak says:

        what is with “‘gosples'”? Is this your way of being adversarial?

        Many of the books in the the Nag Hammadi collection were extant throughout the 19th century and before within the writings of apologists like Athanasius and earlier Platonists. Your fishing trip is a waste of my time.

        Not only were they extant but the scholars of the NHS used them as cross-reference to fill in lacunae from the NHS. Not only that but the NHS has been carbon dated to approximately the 4th century CE.

        I have to go. picking this up later.

        • Duck says:

          “..what is with “‘gosples’”? Is this your way of being adversarial?..”

          Not really, you know already I don’t consider then actual gospels. THAT is a pointless discussion for us to have anyway… I DO think you would enjoy SecretSun and the Lucifers tech series however, which is why I posted.

  19. Ukdavec says:

    A useful read from Citi – “Holistic Digital Policy – Nation States Must Lead in Building Equitable Human-Centric Digital Economies

    Gives a useful insight into the globalist moves for the digital id


    the pdf on this page is well worth downloading

    • nosoapradio says:

      “…we believe government should develop a holistic digital policy that both: (1) realizes the full economic potential of digital, and (2) ensures the equitable distribution of benefits…

      …“digital policy also requires a unified global response from multiple stakeholders — not only from governments, but from financial institutions, corporations, and also civil society.”…

      …In the Holistic Digital Policy report, we provide recommendations for governments to help them embrace the digital economy as well as develop their own digital policy.”


      interesting doc in light of the germinating global tax system…

  20. n4x5 says:

    Interview with psychologist Mattias Desmet on the phenomenon of mass formation as applied to the present situation. Like all such models, it has limitations, and surely some meaningful differences exist between the current technocracy being implemented and “classical” totalitarian regimes, but I think there is some explanatory power here. I believe that there is validity to the idea that individuals leading lives of ennui and meaninglessness — often poorly rooted in familial and community ties, I would add — are generally more susceptible to the insertion of a threat, however false, to give form to their anxiety.

    • bleak says:

      This is a very good interview. I was compelled to watch because of the brief summary.

      “My guest tonight is Mattias Desmet, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Ghent University in Belgium, and his observations over the past 18 months have led him to conclude that the overwhelming majority have indeed fallen under a kind of spell.

      Except it’s not actually a spell, of course: the term for it is ‘mass formation’ and right now it’s manifesting as a psychological response — not unlike hypnosis — to the unrelenting, single-focus campaign of fear to which we have all been subjected.”

      Of course they are spells. ‘By any other name would smell…’ Psychobabbleists have their names. They always had.

      What psychology doesn’t explain is the deep rooted, indelible flaw in humanity. We are all born with it. It’s part of the engineering. The ancient Christians named it counterfeit spirit. The modern atheist secular name is ‘ego.’ We are bound to our egos even after death. Not because they are useful after death but because of ignorance (the true spirit doesn’t know how to unbind itself from its counterfeit). Psychology accepts the ego because egolessness doesn’t pay the bills.

      Totalitarian regimes are a pattern throughout history. One fades over time only to have yet another form or permutation rise again. The great totalitarian changeling of earth. Are they the cause of their own demise? Good luck with this one. It’s a motherfucker. The question is how long?

  21. nosoapradio says:

    It’s revvin’ up folks!:

    Nobel Physics Prize to two climate experts and Italian theorist

    Stockholm, Oct 5 (AFP) Oct 05, 2021
    US-Japanese scientist Syukuro Manabe, Klaus Hasselmann of Germany and Giorgio Parisi of Italy on Tuesday won the Nobel Physics Prize for climate models and the understanding of physical systems, the jury said.
    The announcement came a month ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, where global warming will top the world agenda.

    “Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann laid the foundation of our knowledge of the Earth’s climate and how humanity influences it,” the Nobel Committee said in a statement…”


  22. robster says:

    Phew, good thing that graphene as antennas is only something consipracy wackos talk about! Or…


  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I thought this was interesting…

    September 30, 2021
    …but note bottom of article phrase…
    “This post was originally published on June 24, 2021.”

    Texas Company Offers Truckers $14K a Week During Tough Times for the Trucking Industry
    (2 minute VIDEO embedded)

    FULL article
    All you truck drivers in need of work out there need to take a second to look into this: A company called Sisu Energy has been paying experienced drivers up to $14,000 per week. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s actually the real deal.

    When the COVID-19 pandemic started, many truck drivers left the industry, due to a lack of product to haul and reduced rates for loads. The trucking industry was already facing a driver shortage prior to 2020, and this only made things even more severe. Once the demand for products came back up, those former drivers had already settled into a new industry. Essentially, this left demand hig, and supply low. As you may have been able to tell, goods such as gasoline and wood have drastically increased in price over the last few months, and this is certainly a factor in that.

    That said, businesses still had to operate, and Sisu Energy CEO Jim Grundy had to find a way to keep things moving. His solution was to offer experienced drivers in South Texas a rate of pay that was too good to pass up. This company has been paying drivers $14,000 each week, which equates to $60,000 a month, and over $650,000 a year. No matter what freight you’re hauling, it’s practically impossible to find another job that pays in the same realm as this.

    With pay this high, there’s bound to be skeptics, but it’s been confirmed by both the CEO and others who have worked there as a driver. In fact, I happened to be listening to the radio the other day when one of the newer drivers for Sisu Energy called the station to tell them it was very much real. On top of that, he claimed he didn’t even need his own truck and trailer, but just some experience as a commercial driver.

    I’d love to see more companies hop on this train, because these drivers truly deserve to be rewarded for the work they put in. It’s estimated that 1.1 million truck drivers will be needed over the next 10 years, and it’d be much easier to recruit them with a more reasonable rate of pay.

    This post was originally published on June 24, 2021.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    [NEW YORK – Oct. 4, 2021]
    Project Veritas released the fourth video in its COVID vaccine investigative series today which exposed three Pfizer officials saying that antibodies lead to equal, if not better, protection against the virus compared to the vaccine.

  25. slurry says:

    There are some great conversations and lots of good links in here! However, I’m going to give my 2 cents based on the actual reality I’m experiencing around me.

    I live rurally, and believed since the start of this that there would be less people drinking the kool-aid in my surrounding communities. That hope/belief was absolutely wrong. My wife’s a hairdresser with about 800 clients, most from the surrounding area, and 98% (not exaggerating) of the people sitting in their chair can’t stop talking about how much they hate the unvaccinated. A large portion outright state that they want to see the unvaccinated put in jail. I like to have hope….. and I do believe there is hope for the future, but for now, I’m absolutely certain that we’re about to see a 1940’s German style round up. I promise I’m not a doomer, it’s just hard to ignore actual reality. This has been a super contentious topic between my wife and I over the last 2 weeks. She made the truthful observation that the community would be coming after us with pitchforks and I resisted it trying to focus of finding the very few people in my surrounding communities who weren’t drinking the kool-aid… I found a total of 5 people, out of literally thousands. My wife was right. I also had confirmation from a Grand Master of the freemasonry, who actually doesn’t like what’s happening, that this will escalate with a new variant being blamed on the unvaccinated and then the unvaccinated being used as an example to everyone who doesn’t want to comply with the third booster. I’ve deducted that that likely means they’ll be giving the public what they’re asking for. They’ll round up the unvaccinated and put them in camps. I think we all saw that coming eventually, but this guy said it will likely be coming to a head in early 2022.

    So I’m going to comply. It kills me, but I have to do it. I was so dedicated to not getting the shots that it almost ended my marriage. Nobody in my household wants them, but the truth is that they know who and where we are and that we don’t have our shots. The surrounding community is starting to go from bitching about the unvaccinated to outright asking if we’re vaccinated. My wife had her first client text and ask the other day and unbooked all of her future appointments when my wife told her the truth. It’s escalating and much quicker than I expected. We talked about moving as far away from society as we can, but they’ll come for us there too. We can’t just go run and hide in the forest at this point either. Best of luck to those who resist… I want to hold my ground too, but they’ll do much worse to me than two shots in the camps…… I can’t let my family starve, and I’m just gonna pray that I either get someone who’s willing to fake the shot for me or that I luck out and get a placebo or that the shot brings me a quick death.

    Sorry to be a Debbie-downer

    • cu.h.j says:

      Do you mind if I ask what state you live in?

      • slurry says:

        I’m in Saskatchewan Canada

        • cu.h.j says:

          Can you get out of there? Out of Canada? I understand your concerns though, especially if you have kids. But, this injection is not the only one. It’s a system of slavery, rather an expansion of exploitation by the state to include loss of bodily freedom.

          Personally, that would infuriate me to hear people talking like that and I would open my mouth if I could.

          Maybe you can try to educate them. If the “vaccine” works and they took it why do they care if other people take it? Makes no sense.

          • cu.h.j says:

            For me the decision is a spiritual one. I believe in a soul and that we are more than biochemical robots. Thus to me, it would cost me my soul to comply and I won’t do it.

            You could take a leadership roll in your community and try to change some minds.

            What I think is that it won’t matter if you comply or not, you’ll starve anyway and they will kill you anyway. Many Jews complied with all the requirements, wore the yellow star, etc…

            You’re dammed if you do dammed if you don’t, but you will retain your honor if you refuse and your soul.

            • slurry says:

              I’m just trying to pick my battles and face the dragon. I won’t be making a habit out of complying. I already know a portion of my future will be spent on the run…. It’s just not feasible with 16 and 13 year old kids and our biggest fear is them coming to take our kids….. that’s already starting to manifest in other parts of the world.

        • Torus says:

          I feel for you right now. Peer pressure can be difficult to resist, especially when you stand alone and feel like a target.

          Can you please enlighten us to the new emergency orders in Saskatchewan? I was shocked and horrified when I saw what the government is “allowed” to do in the name of a “health emergency”. By any chance did this influence your decision? Are you aware of any confiscation, isolation, or destruction of property, livestock or crops? Did you feel that maybe those un-vaxxed would be targeted first?

          For reference, the official document from the minister

          To be honest, I am shocked this didn’t receive more attention, as it is a complete violation of our rights!! So I’m posting it again.
          Sending you strength and peace.

          • slurry says:

            You said it exactly. There are new emergency orders enacted here that basically now gives the government the ability to do and take whatever they want. They can force people to go wherever they say, take property, and basically make up rules on the fly. This was a giant part of our decision making process. Our initial thought was to try to escape it, but the other provinces will be following suit soon.

            There is nowhere to run. This will eventually be in every country. It’s not about peer pressure at this point. Things are about to get legitimately bad and military will be turned on citizens. I wish it was just “my neighbours don’t like me”, but it’s much bigger than that now and I don’t think ignoring it will serve me or my family. It is a violation of our rights, but that hasn’t stopped this scamdemic train, yet.

            Thanks Torus! I absolutely appreciate your comment!

            • Torus says:

              The implications are frightening and the many “what if scenarios” are enough to drive one into paranoia.
              But let us see this emergency dictate for what it is. This is a weapon of fear, intimidation, and coercion. Real action may indeed follow, but this is a threat. Unfortunately, it appears to be effective.

              Best to you and yours. I truly empathize with your situation. But do not make this decision from a place of FEAR, find courage in your principles.
              For me and mine, We Will Not Comply.
              The good fight is the most difficult, there will be loss, but I remain optimistic when I see the small victories.
              Long live humanity!

            • Torus says:

              I just saw this quick report from Rebel News and thought you might like to know. There was a peaceful protest in Saskatoon by a Group called Unified Grassroots on October 2. (A lot of yellow shirts in the crowd, maybe from Stand in the Park?) They were standing united against proof of vaccination and mandates. Maybe get in touch with some of these people? Maybe go to their next event? Best of luck!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’m sorry to hear about your situation.
      I won’t tell you how to live your life. It is your life and your family.

      In Texas, there is a different public attitude.
      What part of the world are you in?

    • jo-ann says:

      I am in a similar situation, except that I am retired and live alone, and all my friends and family live hours away (which is okay because they drank the Kool-Aid).

      We each have to decide based on our circumstance. Have you considered whether forced vaccines is the only infringement on your liberty that will be made in the coming years, and whether the proposed technocracy and transhumanism is the world you want your children to inherit? I wish you all the best and without judgement because I am not in your shoes.

      “We Didn’t Love Freedom Enough To Fight” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

      • slurry says:

        I’m fully aware that compliance just brings more tyranny and the plans of the technocrats. Unfortunately that world has already been aloud into existence by the greater portion of the population. My focus is now on teaching my kids how to fight within it rather than ignoring the reality that it now exists and IS going to escalate. I’m very familiar with the work of Solzhenitsyn as well. Even my 16 year old step son who takes a lot of his queues from me was shocked when we had the talk about this and said “are you gonna do the same with the 3rd and 4th? Are you gonna get the brain chip?”…. Our family understands all of this, but where I am, most people have complied and just believe the government and media. I could easily resist if I saw a little more support, but that just doesn’t exist out here.

        I’m also balancing my views on the other future planned crises like the food shortages and black outs. Though the people around me are drinking the scamdemic kool-aid, they are all still productive, kind, and a tight knit community that seems to believe in self sufficient concepts. I’m sacrificing my body in hopes that avoiding being outcast from the community now, will help me speak to them in the future when more people are willing to listen. When governments go from “we’re all in this together pleas get fully vaccinated” to watching them brutally round the unvaccinated up and saying “if you don’t comply with the third shot you will be considered unvaccinated just like the people in the camps”, especially during food shortages…. It’s absolutely going to wake more people up. I do have hope for the future, but as for now, everyone around me slumbers and don’t understand what they’re going along with. As much as I understand you and thank you for your viewpoint, we are just at the start of this and I believe that a lot of people on the resistance side, though I love them, think that they’re just going to be left alone to live how they choose and we both know that this global cult won’t let that happen. I’ve definitely been humbled over the last 2 weeks, but I haven’t given up.

        • Duck says:

          “… during food shortages…. It’s absolutely going to wake more people up…”

          No, it will drive them faster down the road of obedience

          I would expect that there are many people who feel as you do RIGHT NOW, and are as awake as you are, but when it comes down to it they will comply because if they did not resist when it was easy why would they do so when it brings actual starvation?

          • slurry says:

            I have met 3 cattle ranchers, 4 large scale green house owners, and a number of other productive people in my immediate area in the last 6 months since my wife and I started our businesses out here. On top of that, there are a ton of skilled trades people even just in my small lakeside village. We buy our eggs from a nice lady in the town where our businesses are and know of at least 5 other families that also sell eggs. I’m surrounded by millions of acres of farmland. It’s not black and white, and humans can’t be reduced to a single set of beliefs. I don’t blame them for falling for the sophisticated behavioural psychology being deployed on every citizen right now. They don’t see it, but more and more will…. or at least it’s my hope that they will as this escalates. Sure, they believe in the scamdemic, but unlike the people in the cities who will be happy to murder their unproductive neighbours for their stash of ravioli, the people out here are far more likely to help their neighbours because most people produce things and most people out here have a prepper mentality. It’s legitimately a tight knit community where everyone knows everyone and they all seem to love us, they just won’t if they think we’re putting them in harms way by being unvaccinated.

            • Duck says:


              “… In this vein, Mao insisted that the people themselves, not the secret police’s security organs, should become involved in enacting the Land Reform Law and killing the landlords who had oppressed them, which was quite different from the Soviet practice of dekulakization.[1] Mao thought that peasants who killed landlords would become permanently linked to the revolutionary process in a way that passive spectators could not be.[1]…”

              The Ukraine was super productive of food until the forced starvation..its easy to engineer


              “..Survival was a moral as well as a physical struggle. A woman doctor wrote to a friend in June 1933 that she had not yet become a cannibal, but was “not sure that I shall not be one by the time my letter reaches you.” The good people died first. Those who refused to steal or to prostitute themselves died. Those who gave food to others died. Those who refused to eat corpses died. Those who refused to kill their fellow man died. Parents who resisted cannibalism died before their children did.[49]..”

              Do not expect to be allowed to just function as a town without outside influence

              • slurry says:

                I’m familiar with both. I know these are absolute psycho control freaks. But the technocracy totalitarian scientific dictatorship is absolutely unfold. I just think it’s also going present other opportunities. Maybe I’m wrong. I guess we’ll see

    • Jed says:

      Please reconsider, it’s poison. If you’re that outnumbered consider moving. Even here on Long Island there are many anti-vaxers, there has to be a place for you to go. This is life and death, they are trying to exterminate 14 out of 15 of us, written in stone! Please

      • Duck says:

        “..Please reconsider, it’s poison. If you’re that outnumbered consider moving…”

        People who take the shot do not believe that… the majority will NEVER believe it as long as the kill is gentle enough.

        Having sold themselves and their loved ones for the sake of avoiding trouble, many will turn on violently on anyone who makes them see what they have done hence the ‘pitchforks’… one can only hope that this is not the actual kill shot though TBH it would at least clear the field a bit

        • slurry says:


          One of the worst things that’s changed in me is going from wanting the best for all humanity to hoping with all my heart that more people start dying from the shots to create the chaos needed to flip the pressure off of me and my family to get it. The predator class know this too, so they’ll wait to start the hard kill and get as many complaint people as possible. I’m praying that I either get a person with a conscience that can tell I don’t want the shot or that I get a placebo shot that they had to put out so too many people didn’t die right away. I guess we’ll see. I’m gonna face my fear and hope for a good outcome.

        • Jed says:

          Something will kill all of us someday anyway, so fuck it. Don’t do it please. In the mean time I will tell everyone I can what’s going on. I do not condone violence but I will protect myself. Cheer up everyone, have fun making it impossible for these round-shouldered shadow dwellers to win.

      • slurry says:

        Trust me, I know that! I watched a guy I know get a permanent pacemaker put in at the age of 30 after his second shot. I know that this is part of the depopulation agenda. This is my own fault for assuming that I’d be alright if I just got away from the city. At this point my wife and I have heavily considered moving, but it just won’t work and we run the risk of just ending up somewhere else surrounded by corona zombies. I’m hoping that now that the people who administer the shots are getting worn down by people who are visibly horrified and scared because they’ve been coerced into the jabs that the humanity in them will just dump the shot, fill out the paperwork like it was given, then let the person go. It may not workout like that for me, but at this point I gotta face my fears.

    • Duck says:

      “.. I was so dedicated to not getting the shots that it almost ended my marriage…”

      That is why most people will fail, they have given up on being men and let women rule over them, or have become like women and scared of public disapproval.

      “… So I’m going to comply. It kills me….”

      I hope it does NOT kill you 🙂

      • slurry says:

        You’d be surprised at how strong my wife is, but that doesn’t make me more weak. We make decisions together and nobody forces anyone else on anything. She just helped snap me out of the fantasy world I was living in. I’m so immersed in resisting and what I see on the internet that I wasn’t paying attention to my actual surroundings. Up until a few weeks ago my reality was still fairly normal, but the second the government’s and media decided to flip that “everything is the unvaccinated people fault” switch, it very quickly changed. There’s nothing I can do about that. Though I absolutely agree with you that there are almost no real men left, I can’t go change the way society exists and thinks around me with my ultimate manliness. I can’t do this on my own. I need my family and as food shortages start happening, I will need my surrounding communities. They may be scamdemic believers, but on the other side of that coin they are a productive and tight knit community of people that seem to believe in self sufficiency. I’m just trying to find the good in the bad.

        • Duck says:


          I’m not a in person who can judge you or your behavior, so feel free to ignore what I say. At the end of the day you are the one who has to decide what your going to do.

          However, when you say “..I can’t go change the way society exists and thinks around me with my ultimate manliness…” it shows that you are thinking about OUTCOMES rather then principles.

          As long as you think OUTCOMES that you will be as easy to control as a woman because the people with power will ALWAYS be able to make it hurt less if you obey. The thing about being ‘man’-ly is not that you WIN but that you do the right thing even if you have to die.

          You should stop worrying about how the community will flip and awaken, it wont happen. They will all just take the next step and then the next after that.

          Just enjoy your life and be happy while you are allowed to

          • cu.h.j says:

            I am a woman and this is how I feel too and how my mother taught me. She is strong and brave and I want to be like her. Women can be strong and brave and die just as honorable as men. I think though women tend to be more fearful, you should not generalize.

            • slurry says:

              Agreed. My wife and I can be and are powerful because of our complimentary strengths.

            • Duck says:


              Its just genetics, breeding age women have value to those that come in and kill everyone else… those that were less compliant to the new rulers were skimmed out of the gene pool in the dark times.

              Women tend to be more fearful and more focused on material comfort because they needed to to keep children alive. Neither traits are moral failings except when they get out of control

              Its just another handle to steer us… like they use men’s over fixation with sex or focus us on stupid pursuits like computer games or sports

              As to generalization I’d say Human nature has been shaped by our environment, plenty of behavior is genetic… the puppy I just hand raised has never been near her mom but has taken up a number of the same quirks in behavior. Lol, not saying we’re as simple as dogs though. 🙂

          • slurry says:

            I have been enjoying life and I still plan to find joy in life….. the last 18 month have actually been great to my family and I, but play time is over lol. I inevitably knew that this was going to get militarized and far more brutal, so I’m not going to ignore the signs of that. As an example, I want, also to be one of the people who helps the ones suffering. People may have complied in 1940’s Germany, but some of those people helped hide and save the lives of many Jews. Once again I don’t think it’s just black and white…. Nor do I think everyone will wake up. This is going to be a long long struggle/battle that I believe will not be resolved for at least a couple thousand years. I think that humanity is going to split in 2 directions and I’m at least grateful that I’ve been given the ability to be conscious of that. Being conscious of what the outcomes are that the predator class want will help guide me and see the journey. Focusing on the the outcome that I know I’m destined for, which is going the other direction from this system in that split helps me to have hope. If I didn’t have that, I’d likely just want to off myself rather than be a member of the borg collective.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Can you get out of there? I wouldn’t want to be around those idiots, no matter how skilled they are. If they are a bunch of conformists who would throw their neighbor under the bus, I would take my family out of there.

              I would try to get out before things get worse.

              • Fact Checker says:

                EDIT: meant to hang this on slurry’s comment above. Sorry CeeYoo.

                Focusing on the the outcome that I know I’m destined for, which is going the other direction from this system in that split helps me to have hope.

                But! If You Take The Shot You Will Not Be Going In the “Other Direction”!

                You will be joining yourself to evil right at the hip, and forever after you will just be along for the ride. You will not be cognizant of the moment your own unique mental processes are replaced by the Mind of the Machine, because it will happen gradually, and once the process is complete, You won’t be You anymore.

                This is truly the living Hell worse than Death that awaits everyone who takes the Mark of the Beast. Living Gehenna. We are entering an era where it will be increasingly difficult to distinguish reality from illusion, precisely because people’s minds are being linked into a MATRIX that does not need you to jack in! It will be transmitted into the nano-bio-implants that are in the shots, over WiFi. To choose the shot is to choose the Illusion-to-come, over the hidden Truths that are going to be revealed. And you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

                So as a strictly practical matter of rational objectives, taking the shot will not serve the interests you are claiming to want to serve by taking it.

              • slurry says:

                You’re preaching to the choir! I had fully decided to separate from society as I saw the masses of normies as having the potential to be extremely dangerous…. I talked myself into not doing that and chose to have faith that most people were good. I am grateful for some parts of that decision as I wouldn’t have met my wife and learned some valuable lessons from other people over the last 8 years.

                However, I do see the consequences of that decision. My intuition was right. I knew I had to get as self sustaining as possible and away from heavily populated areas, and though I am a little self sufficient and out in a less populated area, half assing it has now left me in a bad spot. To be fair though… I thought I was just going to have to escape or resist the climate change cult. The idea of the scamdemic slipped by me in all my research. I still remember having conversations with friends and they’d have all kinds of “what if this or that happens” and I usually had good answers for all of them, except “what do you do if the government sends the military out to get you?”. I’ve never had an answer for that and I think we’re on the cusp of that exact situation to make an example of the “conspiracy theory science denying anti vaxxers” that are “putting everyone in danger”. And there’s nowhere I can “move” to that will shield my family from it. Everywhere will have conformists who will throw their neighbours, friends, and family under the bus.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                cu.h.j. says:
                If you decide to get the shot. Make sure they do a proper IM injection, a small gauge needle 25-27 gauge and that they aspirate back to make sure there’s no blood in the syringe. This will help make sure the material isn’t injected into the blood stream. Then you should be observed for 20-30 minutes afterward

                This article/video reaffirms your point.
                On the latest episode of “The Jimmy Dore Show,” Dore questioned if COVID-19 vaccines are being administered incorrectly. Vaccine Expert John Campbell, Ph.D. says that when COVID vaccines are injected into a blood vessel, instead of a muscle, it can lead to serious heart problems.
                Studies are cited

            • Fact Checker says:

              Wow, slurry, I admire your openness, but I must rebuke the decision you have made.
              (Actually, I think you are still deliberating, and haven’t made a final decision yet, and that’s why you’ve opened yourself up on this forum. Which is good.) IF you choose to take the shot–which you haven’t yet done, so you can always change your mind right up until the moment needle pierces flesh–then not only will that decision be bad in principle, but it also won’t accomplish the practical ends you are seeking to accomplish.

              Just as a couple of for-instances:

              “I think that humanity is going to split in 2 directions and I’m at least grateful that I’ve been given the ability to be conscious of that. Being conscious of what the outcomes are that the predator class want will help guide me and see the journey.”

              The ongoing REVELATION (which is what this all is) IS ONLY GOING TO BE VISIBLE/PERCEPTIBLE TO THOSE WHO HAVE NOT BEEN TURNED. So if your main interest is the curiosity to see what happens next and to see the TRUTH of the matter as much as possible (much like Yours Truly Fact Checker’s primary interest!), taking the shots will only interfere with that. Each shot will weaken your resolve, your attentiveness, and your physical spirit. It will not stop with two shots. The Triple-Stabbers will turn on the Double-Stabbers, only to be then vilified by the QUADDERS. If you bow to social pressure now, the pressure will only INCREASE. Gradually, the shots will produce massive interference with your bio-cognitive perceptual apparatus, as your own nervous system is steadily integrated with the WiFi Will of the Machine emanating from the Multi-Input-Multi-Output-array masts being erected everywhere.


            • Fact Checker says:

              One last thought: I don’t mean to take anything away from your concern over your children. I can’t say anything about that, and it is a genuine countervailing consideration.

              You will need to make a critical choice: Do I want to remain ME during my short time on this Earth, and devote myself to seeing what unfolds with unclouded eyes; OR do I want to devote myself to a survivalist compromise in order to provide Earthly material support to my children?

              In no way do I intend that that is an easy or light decision, and in no way would I minimize your justified concern for your children.

              But then again, how will you “teach them to fight” if you don’t even provide an example?

              • cu.h.j says:

                Excellent point about being a good example. Is succumbing to peer pressure a good example? Isn’t being a good parent more than providing material comfort, but rather being brave and standing up for what is right?

                And then if a person betrays themselves out of loyalty to another, is there not contempt in the relationship later on?

                If a loved one tried to pressure me to undergo an unnecessary procedure so that they could feel more comfortable, I would be resentful, especially if I went through with it. A part of me would hate them and detach from them.

              • slurry says:

                I’ve tried to be the best example I can be to them. They are technically my step kids, so there is a huge amount of pressure in that, if I choose to remain stubborn in my principals, which match directly to what you’ve said, then I have a real risk of them being taken and in losing them I may lose my wife. I wouldn’t blame her for hating me if I cost her her children. This was not a light discussion for us. This is very real, now.

                That being said, my stepson said the exact same thing about the third and fourth shots and the never ending things that there will be. I have spent literally hundreds of hours over the last 18 months talking with him, watching Corbett videos and other content with him, sending him on his own research journeys and watching him start his own. We are all aware of this and my wife and I have only made this decision to buy some time. There’s much more that I can explain around this, but it’ll sound crazy to the majority of people as it’s based spiritual/psychic stuff. As I said in earlier comments, I believe that facing this fear for us will actually help but us time to get to wherever we need to be and won’t result in all the bad things that come with the injections. We’ll just have to see I guess.

              • slurry says:


                We made the decision together. I was not pressured nor did I pressure anyone with my beliefs that death is better than the jabs. And we have not ever taught our kids to give into peer pressure. This is beyond the concept of peer pressure. We’re (the bulk of the people in the western world who have been coddled in comparison to every human culture in history and never seen true authoritarianism) are about to have the hammer of the military dropped on us, and the peer pressurers out there are gladly going to point out where that hammer should smash.

                We feel now is not the time to paint a giant target on us. Honestly, if it was just being unaccepted by our surrounding community, we could work around that, but that’s not the case. They’re coming to round people up. They didn’t build all those camps to sit empty and once you’re in the camp…. Much like they’re currently doing in regular prison, they’ll just force the injections on people in there…. And probably much worse.

                I know where you guys are coming from and I could easily see myself trying to help talk others out of it if the situation was reversed. I am so appreciative that you and everyone else are taking the time out of your lives to comment here and help me. Thank you!!! I do understand how backwards what I’m saying sounds.

              • cu.h.j says:


                Can you tell them that a nurse recommended you wait for the Novovax vaccine that is coming out this fall?

                Tell them that you have a friend in the US who advised you not to get it but to wait for the Novovax. Tell them that your friend has seen a lot of really bad side effects and adverse reactions and a better vaccine is coming out??

                That way you won’t sound like an “anti vaxxer”.

              • cu.h.j says:


                I had a patient tonight that had thrombocytopenia, recently diagnosed due to an autoimmune condition that she felt was related to the Covid shot. She told me that she had heard the Covid shot can cause it and I told her that this is true, that autoimmune diseases can be triggered by it. I told her she should make a report with VARES.

                The gene based injections are pretty risky. Your odds in the short term are okay, but if you got one of the weird reactions, the consequences could be severe. This lady tonight can’t work now, she came in for a blood product transfusion.

                I think your wife might be overreacting to the social pressure. Most people, even people who are relatively normal in their beliefs, will understand a persons desire to avoid harm. I think you should really re consider and wait for a safer alternative.

              • slurry says:


                It’s getting pretty bad here. I want to try and wait and I know about tons of adverse reactions. On top of that I understand the gmo aspect of it in the long run. This absolutely scares the shit out of me, but even today more people have been point blank if my wife has had her shots. At this point we’re outright lying and if we get caught people are genuinely going to want us hung. I don’t want this. Every ounce of my being wants to reject this. Nobody cares if I know a doctor, my wife had a doctor in her chair who is part of a group of doctors trying to convince our provincial government to do antibody testing and he said that the doctors that make up the government panel they’re trying to reason with are outright ignoring it. He said that he’s retiring early because of all of this and he knows there’s something bigger behind this. If people won’t listen to him, they sure as hell won’t care what I have to say. I wish I could wait this out, but I can’t ignore that everyone around me is going full nazi and it’s only a matter of time before they start asking for proof of the vaxx.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Who is asking you these private questions, neighbors? Is it any of their business? Maybe they should get their nose out of your business.

                Do you have the means of self defense? I am having a hard time picturing what is happening where you are in a rural setting. In the rural setting I will be most people are armed and don’t put their nose in others business.

                I thought this was similar in most places, where people kept to themselves and minded their own business, but perhaps Canada is different than the rural US.

                These people have no right to know what you do with your body and I would tell them. But there are these types of folks everywhere who want to pry into the lives of others. This is private health information and unless they are your doctor, I don’t think you should feel compelled to disclose this. It seems like who ever is asking you these private questions needs to be re educated on civilized behavior.

              • slurry says:

                Just curious, but what is it about Novavax that’s different from the others? I’m trying to look it up, but keep coming to dead ends. Got a link that says what’s in it?

              • slurry says:

                And I completely agree that these people shouldn’t be able to ask these questions. It’s all because of the media push to blame the unvaccinated and make everyone believe we’re a danger to them. Unfortunately most of the people around here have completely bought into it. I figured the same thing about rural people and honestly it was mostly like that, but the media and government are weaponizing their sheep and they’re all becoming nazis. Unfortunately we’re completely surrounded by them and our livelihood depends on them.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Presumably Novovax is a protein subunit vaccine, similar to other vaccine used in the past. It takes the spike protein plus an ajuvant to stimulate an immune response. The concerning thing about it is that the ajuvant is proprietary and the ingredients aren’t disclosed. The novovax uses nanotech in the development, which is a little sketchy to me. I don’t like using products with nano sized particles. Many sunscreens have nano sized UV blockers, which I tend to avoid.

                You can do a search on the internet and find out more about the Covid novovax vaccine. Or, the website:


              • Fact Checker says:

                c u h j:

                Are you really that easy to trick?

                Government: TAKE THIS mRNA SHOT!

                c u hj : NO!

                G: TAKE IT!!!!

                c u hj : NO!

                G: TAKE the mRNA SHOT NOW!!!!

                c u hj: NO!

                G: Alright fine then take this other shot. Totally not mRNA.

                c u hj: Well that’s better! [Takes mystery shot]

                Good lord, it’s like a damned cartoon.

              • cu.h.j says:


                I am not taking any shot. But if Slurry wants to take a Covid shot, this one seems better than the mRNA shot, if the manufacturer is being honest about the ingredients. I would want to know what’s in the ajuvant though. But traditional subunit vaccines are less harmful than the gene based “vaccines” being forced on the public. I have had all the usual childhood vaccines, plus Hep B, and tetanus and so far haven’t had much of a problem. If a Covid vaccine was developed using old technology, and I was in poor health, I might take it.

                If the clinical trials are accurate, the Novovax seems less likely to produce side effects than the gene therapy shots.

              • cu.h.j says:


                If you decide to get the shot. Make sure they do a proper IM injection, a small gauge needle 25-27 gauge and that they aspirate back to make sure there’s no blood in the syringe. This will help make sure the material isn’t injected into the blood stream. Then you should be observed for 20-30 minutes afterward.

              • Fact Checker says:

                c u hj: “the Novovax seems less likely to produce side effects than the gene therapy shots.”

                It’s all the same sludge. In fact, there is no reason to believe that there is any “mRNA” in any of the injections. That’s just an engineered sci-fi narrative they cooked up as a sales pitch, and repeated endlessly on TeeVee, just like “coronavirus pandemic.” They are liars, and everything They say is a lie.

                They’ve just got a bunch of sludge that was manufactured in the bowels of DARPA over the course of Bill Gates’s “Decade of Vaccines,” which they are now forcibly injecting into the masses using whatever means necessary. This obviously would include saying it’s one thing, and then when people decline based on what you told them it is, you just say it’s something else!

                This is not rocket science. It’s primate husbandry.
                All the shots are poison, and neither you nor I have no idea what kind. The point is not whether they are “mRNA” or “adenovirus vector” or “DNA plasmid” or “protein sub-unit.” The point is to brand and track humans like cattle, and to make them progressively, chronically ill by poison titration. The point is to institute an entire society centered around mandatory, periodic inoculations with exotic technology. You don’t escape that by choosing one exotic technology over another. THAT’S JUST ANOTHER TRICK. (And a facile, simplistic one at that.) Every. Single. Thing. They say. Is a lie. Everything.

              • slurry says:


                Thank you for taking the time to explain that!

        • cu.h.j says:

          You could try to change it with talking to people and trying to educate them and explain what’s going on. People respect courage and skill rather than compliance and perceived weakness.

          Duck has a point (sort of), is that in general men have decreased fear response and are stronger physically and fear confrontation less.

          But, there are lot’s of strong women who don’t “rule” over men. The elitists are men and their psychopathology has nothing to do with women.

          If my husband told me he was going to bend over and get the vaccine, I would kick him out of the house. We know where this is going…compliance is a trap. People who comply with killers thinking they will be spared won’t. Don’t fall for the trap. If I were a psychopath, I might like to trick people into taking poison and then starve them anyway. This is how these people think and this is what they will do IF we let them.

          • slurry says:

            I’ve been “awake” for nearly a decade. The first five years of that I spent trying to show others and “educate” them…… I had hundreds of hours of conversations and was able to “educate” not a single person. Currently I have an older brother who just started waking up to some of this and he’s trying to go around and put it everyone he knows face and I’m watching his relationships with his own family deteriorating because of it. I believe that is the purpose of people like Mr Corbett. When a person is ready to wake up, they’ll seek the knowledge, but if I send Corbett links or anything else to people hoping to “educate” them, they either ignore it or only look for something to “debunk” it.

            I can’t help that my own experience and instinct tells me to wait, but I firmly believe that there will be a time in the not too distant future that people will want to hear what I have to say. Just not yet. They’re still living under the belief that things will “go back to normal”, so It’ll be real easy to ignore a crazy guy like me lol

          • slurry says:

            I was the same… if you tried to “educate” me before I woke up, I would have either ignored you or looked for ways to prove you wrong, but I know that I only got to where I am through a chain of events taking place and a path that I chose to walk on my own. When I was ready, though, there was a whole world of knowledge to absorb.

          • Duck says:

            “..But, there are lot’s of strong women who don’t “rule” over men. The elitists are men and their psychopathology has nothing to do with women….”

            They have the handle on controlling the majority of women, via social pressure, these women then control the majority of men.

            The idea of the “liberation” of women has generally meant liberating them so that their labor can serve the ruling class rather then benefiting their own family…. its a systemic failure that has been building for a long time and we’re reaching the point where the latest generation is having trouble even having sex with each other, let alone a relationship.

            • Jed says:

              Humanity can’t even handle the masculine and feminine sides inside ourselves. Gender is just another natural law the tecnopaths love breaking.

    • Steve Smith says:

      This speech by Andrew Napolitano immediately brought this conversation to mind. But specifically the final minute.

      • slurry says:

        Thanks for sharing that!

        • Steve Smith says:

          You’re welcome. And though I am sure you are familiar with the following quote, it’s still good to read from time to time.
          But please don’t think that I am judging you in any way. In my weird way I am trying to encourage.

          “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

          Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn

    • westerncivic says:

      We quite easily win any debate on mandated medical interventions.

      We have to stand our ground (says man with no children).

      We cannot concede urban areas. We cannot concede anything to this madness.

      We MUST stand our human ground. Concessions only make it worse.

      The debate must be had, so have it. The fascism descibed coming from the barber chair should never be tolerated.

      Point out the fascism and shame it. Dont take the jab.

      This is the gutcheck of a lifetime.

      Also, humanity needs good people in Saskatchewan. Fight!

      • slurry says:

        I can’t disagree with you. I also can’t deny that this has been part of the end goal that’s been worked towards in secret for hundreds and maybe thousands of years. Predicted in the bible as the last days. I think this was inevitable and unfortunately so is the degradation of most of humanity.

        • taxpayer says:

          One possibility if you’re able to delay the shot a little more might be the Novavax version. From what I’ve read here and there, they are approved in some countries, likely to get US approval before end of this year, and seeking approval elsewhere including Canada. Their shot is said to use an older technology and may be both safer and more effective.

          The best source I’ve found for this sort of information is https://trialsitenews.com/. (Much of their stuff is free but I find it worth the $5/mo to subscribe.) Unfortunately their search engine is atrocious so I cannot immediately provide more specifics.

          I also found a CBC report from February that seems relevant at https://www.cbc.ca/news/health/novavax-explainer-1.5897946
          I am in the US and so far able to avoid the shots.

          • Fact Checker says:

            It’s just going to be the same sludge in a different package, with a different sales pitch based on different pseudo-scientific technobabble flimflam.

  26. Nelson says:

    I was very dismayed to find out today that Richard Gage has been kicked out of “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth”, the group he founded and had been serving as CEO until recently.

    Apparently the board forced his resignation because of comments he made in public regarding the SCAMdemic and related topics. How ironic that a group whose raison d’etre is to tell an uncomfortable truth took such drastic action when Richard told another uncomfortable truth.

    I have supported AE911Truth in the past, but now I am forced to question the integrity of the remaining group and reconsider the extent to which I’d support them going forward.

    P.S. Also surprised I haven’t heard James mention this occurrence, as he’s interviewed Richard many times over the years.

  27. nosoapradio says:

    What on Earth happened here??

    The most exquisite 10 seconds I’ve experienced in a long time (starting 30 seconds into this jewel) :

    “I would just tell him to tell the situation as it is. Since the climate crisis doesn’t exist, how can we tell people to want climate action?”

    well, like DUHHH!


    The interviewer’s facial expression… omg… this is a keeper…

    • nosoapradio says:

      well ok, NORMALLY taking statements out of context is reprehensible. But, but…

      but couldn’t we just make an exception just this once, pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase?????

    • nosoapradio says:

      come to think of it… just the formulation:

      how can we tell people to want

      is revealing of the mindset…

  28. Greenbean950 says:

    Here is an idea that anyone with a vehicle can do:

  29. HomeRemedySupply says:

    We ain’t seen nothing yet…

    Hedge Funds Scramble To Buy Crude Oil Futures As Market Tightens
    By Irina Slav – Oct 05, 2021, 6:00 PM CDT OILPRICE.COM
    ~~ Hedge fund speculators are having a heyday in oil markets, betting big on even higher crude prices in the short-to-medium term.
    ~~ Demand for oil is set to continue rising in the months to come.
    ~~ Supply, meanwhile, remains constrained, and it’s not just OPEC+’s fault…

    …It’s true that Britain’s PM has declared that all electricity in the country would be generated from clean energy sources by 2035 and that the European Parliament has urged the Commission to reduce the EU’s dependence on Russian gas, but for now, these are both in the realm of wishful thinking rather than reality….

  30. troymc says:

    There are limitations to the following analysis, but it is all going by official data.

    From the PHE Technical Briefing 23, Table 5, using the >50 age group as uptake had stabilized before the onset of the delta variant, https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/1018547/Technical_Briefing_23_21_09_16.pdf

    unvaccinated people make up 27% of the deaths (within 28 days…..), and are approximately 10% of the vacc+unvacc group, so are over-represented by a factor of 2.7. So an unvacc person is 2.7 times more likely to die within 28 days.

    If you apply this factor to the vaccinated deaths, then you’ll see that 2813 lives saved by the vaccinations. (one limitation to the analysis is treatment availability, anyway).

    21 M Brits >50 yrs, 90% double vaccinated = 19.2 M double jabbed over-50’s.

    US CDC reports the vaccine fatality ratio, per shot, at 0.00002 or 0.002%. So, 0.00004 for double dose.

    19.2 M x 0.00004 = 768 theoretical vaccine fatalities.

    2813/768 = 3.6. Round that up to 4, for every 4 lives saved, there is 1 vaccine fatality? That’s some pretty extreme collectivism.

    One could assume the US CDC vaccine fatality ratio of 0.00002 is skewed toward the older demographic, but there is, of course, no detailed information. If you just take the 0.00002 figure, and apply it to younger demographics, the result is startling.

    For under-18s, last I checked, the CDC IFR for this group was 0.000006, 6 deaths per million infections. https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/hcp/planning-scenarios.html So double-vaxxing a teenager, seven times more likely to die from vacc than covid? If you then consider the absolute risk from covid, that you have to catch it first, and assume that to be on the order of 1 in 10 or 1 in 100 over the course of a year, then a child would be 70 to 700 times more likely to die from the vaccine than from covid for the time frame in question, before boosters are needed? Can this be true?

    If you apply the same logic to middle aged people, considering absolute risk from covid, the IFR times the odds of catching it, then the vaccines again appear riskier. “I’m keeping you safe and you’re keeping me safe, but we are both worse off!”

    Unrelated, if you take the CDC under-18 IFR, 300,000,000 children would have to catch covid for deaths to equal daily global diarrhea deaths.

    Or, 1 out of 2 of every child who ever lived in the past 100,000 years would have to catch covid for the fatalities to equal those reported to have died globally on account of the 2020 lockdowns.

    There are limitations to the above analysis, I present it as food for thought.

    • troymc says:

      The flaws:
      1. The PHE data is specific to the delta variant, from February to September, but the onset of the delta was mid-summer, so it’s ‘lives saved from the delta’ not ‘lived saved’.

      2. PHE is for England, I took the population data for UK. 55 Million vs 68 Million, so it would round to a 5 to 1 ratio instead of 4 to 1. Sorry to use this as a scribble pad.

  31. westerncivic says:

    I still haven’t heard what these speaker looking electronic sensors of some sort going up at all the intersections in America are.

    Have you? Do tell…

    Seem to always be white in color, looking like a rectangular speaker always in the landscape position, but pointing into traffic from various angles.

    What are they???

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Spend two minutes and WATCH this video with Dr. Fauci from October 2019.

    October 5, 2021
    BOMBSHELL: Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine” Which Became the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” Because People were not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus

    Last night Alex Jones of Infowars.com did a special broadcast regarding an October, 2019 video that they had just become aware of that was a panel discussion hosted by the Milken Institute discussing the need for a Universal Flu Vaccine.

    The video clip that they played of this event was a 1 minute and 51 second dialogue between the moderator, Michael Specter, a journalist who is a New Yorker staff writer and also an adjunct professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Rick Bright, the director of HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA).

    In this short clip, which was extracted from the hour-long panel discussion, Anthony Fauci explains that bringing a new, untested kind of vaccine like an mRNA vaccine, would take at least a decade (“if everything goes perfectly”) to go through proper trials and be approved by the FDA.

    He would know, because he had been trying to do it for about a decade already by then (October, 2019), trying to develop an mRNA based vaccine for HIV.

    But now they were discussing something much bigger than just a vaccine for AIDS patients. They are talking about a “Universal Flu Vaccine” that everyone would have to take – a huge market for Big Pharma!

    Rick Bright, the director of HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), then speaks and states that what could happen is that “an entity of excitement that is completely disruptive and is not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes” could change that.

    Here is the short clip which I put on our Bitchute and Rumble channels last night:….

  33. nosoapradio says:

    A world taxation system or global tax is a proposed system for the collection of taxes by a central international revenue service. The idea has garnered currency as a means of compelling institutions to pay, rather than avoid, taxes; it has also aroused the ire of nationalists as an infringement upon national sovereignty…


    Today, however, three important phenomena facilitated by digitalisation – scale without mass, reliance on intangible assets, and the centrality of data – pose serious challenges to elements of the foundations of the global tax system.

    the foundations of THE global tax system”

    not “the foundations of A global tax system”…

    as if it already existed.


    130 countries and jurisdictions join bold new framework for international tax reform

    “… to ensure that large Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) pay tax where they operate and earn profits, while adding much-needed certainty and stability to the international tax system

    The two-pillar package will provide much-needed support to governments needing to raise necessary revenues to repair their budgets and their balance sheets while investing in essential public services, infrastructure and the measures necessary to help optimise the strength and the quality of the post-COVID recovery.

    Participants in the negotiation have set an ambitious timeline for conclusion of the negotiations. This includes an October 2021 deadline for finalising the remaining technical work on the two-pillar approach, as well as a plan for effective implementation in 2023.

    Single user identity (via so-called “health pass”) and global taxation system coming fast.

  34. davidbmcbain says:

    I don’t know how genuine this is but, apart from his choice of vernacular, it might be an interesting contribution to “Solutions Watch”: https://brandnewtube.com/watch/to-avoid-closing-down-his-business-he-fired-the-jabed-workers_IaEsykjLTBcHvtz.html

  35. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 6th – Wed
    Video: Australians Being Mandated To Provide Police With Geo-Trackable Selfies To Prove They’re Quarantining

    “If they don’t answer within the five minutes that’s when health ministers come knocking.”
    (30 second video)

  36. Ukdavec says:

    Elizabeth Holmes and the Theranos fraud – analysis and links to Deep state actors, Bill Gates and the covid scamdemic.

    “Theranos was intended as an information weapon

    This agenda could explain why during its first 11 years, Theranos board of directors consisted almost exclusively of deep state actors”

    3 part article or video overview





  37. westerncivic says:

    #HideAndHoard #UselessAnCaps.

    I am not one. Yellow vests give up nothing.

    We concede nothing.

    We concede no place.

    Humanity first.

    On lache rien.

    ✊💛 #The3Tacks #RiC

  38. debra.b says:

    Hi all. Dropping a quick note before my fade out, which is happening ever more rapidly and more often. I won’t waste time explaining. Guess wasn’t such a bad thing after all that I rambled on about my personal health woes in the past up here, so those of you who know me know the deal. 🙂 Anyway, as always I’m wishing you all moments of calm where/when you can find them, Talk about precious.

    And, I’ll leave with a good ole heart on my sleeve anecdote…. Some months back when I was slipping away, so was everything else. Everything was falling away. Except love. Love is what held fast and it was all that mattered in what I honestly thought was my end. I keep that in mind in what remains of my time. I know I’ll die and I know I’m not far from it, but I won’t go with anything but love and light in my heart. I feel fortunate for that. And, I find strength from that. Corny, mushy, unrealistic… call it what you will, but it’s still true. 😉

    Again, all my best thoughts to all. 😊

  39. seasons says:

    Many people who realize the major social media platforms are a problem fail to notice that they are holding onto mental baggage and false narratives they picked up from their social media addiction.

    To the social media companies, it doesn’t matter if someone walks away so long as they can implant a manufactured idea in the minds of their former users.

    People have forgotten that before social media they never had paranoia about misinformation, obsession with meaningless social justice, obsession with the left/right paradigm, or obsession with vaccines.

    Dropping social media is an important step but what is more important is dropping the bad habits and mindsets acquired from it.

    • westerncivic says:

      Yes. Ignorance is bliss.

      • seasons says:

        Pure ignorance is somewhat acceptable. The majority of ignorance we have now is the Dunning-Kruger type of ignorance where people get overly arrogant and aggressive about things they think they know but really don’t know.

        Maybe I’m the ignorant one because I still remember the time before social media really took off. It is crazy having former and unaware social media addicts accusing me of being influenced by social media or conspiracy theories.

        I knew masks, isolation, and vaccinating the whole population doesn’t work before Twitter, Facebook, or even Youtube existed. I know corruption and conspiracy happens, not by paranoia from offhand stories on the internet, but from years of experience.

  40. stephen says:

    Will James ever opine on eschatology and End Times narratives regarding current, global dilemmas? I know James is a Detective Friday, ‘just the facts’ kind of Canadian ex-pat, but it’s okay to speculate and encompassing one’s worldview to include the religious and prophetic contexts is a valid analytical process, I submit. I listen to guys like SkyWatchTV and I’m convinced we’re entering into this Petrus Romanus, Beast System, Antichrist, et al environment. I also have kept an ear to alt-right content, and a lot of their JQ-themed content has much to do with global Zionism and the Middle East being a hotbed for holy war and other regional conflagrations (the Temple Mount, Third Temple building, etc.). I imagine James wants to stay away from religious discussion for the most part because it’s probably not high on his interest list and not in his wheelhouse per his journalistic focuses, but maybe one of these days just go for broke (maybe with James Evan P. or include Brock in a roundtable discussion) and talk about the religious dimensions to our current geo-political climate. I think that would be an interesting listen.

    • nosoapradio says:

      Interesting for sure but given the explosive and utterly subjective nature of the topic and the value of the sources, and in lieu of any truly compelling answers, it would probably just be, if not professional suicide, then simply not at all constructive.

    • stephen says:

      Also, while on the topic of speculative doom, has James ever discussed Carol Rosin (Werner Von Braun protégé, or close associate) and her talks regarding the global catalyzing events such as asteroid strike, then UFO’s/alien threat? The predictive programming of films such as Armageddon and Deep Impact (among many other examples, surely) indicating this will be rolled out perhaps within the decade (99942 Apophis). As long as you guys are talking about the Antichrist and End Times, why not throw in some of this conspiratorial woo while you’re at it. Then you never have to acknowledge any of this tinfoil stuff ever again…

    • LastHumanist says:

      A pattern I have observed is that people who claim to know unknowable things care not about reality, as in the nature of our universe, but wish to create “reality” as in the social consensus of what we consider the nature of our universe without actually investigating for ourselves whether it is or isn’t real.

      Have you ever read Lucian’s description of Alexander, the lying prophet of the snake deity Glycon who used special effects to sell the public the esoteric mysterious he was peddling? Christians were competing with a lot of similar groups that also employed recurring themes and tropes. Saul/Paul, especially, is a highly problematic figure who usurped much of what Jesus was doing and went on the mission to expand the cult and include the whole world in what was an inner Judean conflict. Did Herod really kill the kids? No contemporary primary source on that is found anywhere. Only the biblical story exists and is very much at odds with what Roman authorities would allow their client state to do. Herod, did, however, have some pagan idols (and a pool) in his palaces that the religious zealots of the era hated. Another example is that Paul claims to be a Roman citizen of Tarsus. Yet archaeological evidence of Roman citizenship in the town all pop up after his times.

      Did you ever hear of the positive image demons, such as the agathos daimon, had until late antiquity?

      People have always been lying to get what they want and oftentimes what they wanted was power over others. I think the elites know no more of our silent universe than any of us do. They simply know that Martians are effective in radio plays. They do not believe in any Abrahamitic religion, either, considering that they would otherwise fear divine wrath, like some medieval kings actually did. However, Alex Jones can reach a large audience with his fiery psyop sermons.

  41. nosoapradio says:

    Famous sports commentator in France promoting existence of alien UFOs:

    “We are not alone”: Nelson Monfort wonders about UFOs in Perpignan
    By Alexandre Seba

    “UFOs: are we alone?” This is both the title of Nelson Monfort’s book (published in 2019 by Michel Lafon) and the title of his conference this Thursday, October 7 in Le Soler, near Perpignan. As part of the Rendez-vous de la connaissance, the famous sports journalist will come to present his book and provide testimonials on this subject, starting with his own.

    “It was in 1983 in the Alps, but I remember it as if it were yesterday,” he says. There was a rectangular object in the sky, very, very bright, which did not look like anything known. It was moving very slowly, without any noise, and then oscillated at 45 degrees before shooting off at breakneck speed into the cosmos.”


    Reminds me that I accidentally took a few unusual photos this year, back in February… The same day that hundreds of my fellow city dwellers reported seeing UFOs, sending videos of them to the local TV stations and University.
    I’m thinking they were maybe a form of drone…? Though the few people who have seen them say they don’t look like drones. They don’t appear to be lens flares as a couple of them hide halfway behind clouds… anyhow…

    ps: Yes I know we’re probably being psycho-prepped for alien invasions by TPTSB.

    • hugo.c says:

      Correction: TPTS+N+B.

      Yes, its a psyop. But, its also quite true. Interesting that. The key researcher on the topic is Richard Dolan who asked the question “Does the USA military (or other militaries) take the topic/threat seriously”. The answer is yes, and has been yes since the 1950’s.

      Understand that “Alien Invasion” is a very nice way to get a unified global government, or at least military.

      Nonetheless, it is a very interesting topic to delve into. Many an interesting question can be asked. For example, lets assume there are a collection of space faring civs out there that have solved the “energy problem” and can travel faster than the speed of light. Are we a threat to them? No. To this rather lovely planet? Yes. Do they care? Maybe. It depends on the frequency of planets with complex biomes. If they are extremely rare, perhaps the aliens are like high tech natural park rangers? Or, these planets are not so rare and its just a few of them fucking with us? Who knows? But, its quite fun to think about, as have sci-fi writers for at least 70 years.

  42. LastHumanist says:

    TLAV rightfully points out a number of deadlines converging on the 15th of the month. Something worth keeping an eye on considering the palpable rush in the injection drive and technocratic takeover.

    The virus narrative has gone limp like Schwab and Kissinger. More psyops and false flags are on the horizon.

    I wish you all resilience on this journey.

  43. hugo.c says:

    Hi Corbetteers!

    I have been watching recent tensions around Taiwan and got so annoyed that I had to write and article on it.


    The article weaves in a hyper-brief history of Taiwan, references to PRC and USA diplomatic statements, and moves to including the events in Ukraine since 2014. These are related, as it seems that the US/NATO dupes dont understand other nation’s non-negotiable issues.

    I did watch JC’s interview with WW on China. I’m talking at the nation level, rather than the network of technocratic rich psychopaths at the 3-D level. But, the 2-D level does exist.

    The best analysis is by an USA Col. Davis (ret) which is linked in the article. The TL;DR version is that there are 4 outcomes.

    Conventional War:

    1. USA wins a war and is then saddled with a many 10’s of billions a year burden to defend Taiwan. This “win” is highly unlikely.

    2. China wins the conventional war and the USA/UK lose many planes and ships (including aircraft carrier(s)) and thousands of soldiers.

    Nuclear War:

    The war goes nuclear and we’re all screwed.

    No War:

    Tell the Taiwanese separatists to pull their head in, and maintain the status quo. If Xi follows his desire for re-unification but via military means, then they get pariah status and the USA/NATO is undamaged militarily and holds the high moral ground.

    One a wider level, I watched the first few episodes of Oliver Stone/Peter Kuznick’s The Untold History of the United States last night. Its quite good, and I like Stone’s voice as a narrator. Add to it JC’s work on WWI and the Big Oil series and you get a useful layered analysis of history. Make sure to throw in the odd good analysis of key events, like William Pepper on the MLK assassination. It is in these events that you see the 2.5 D layer of relations between the CIA, the mob, the military, the banks etc.. But, all of these “higher layers” make more sense if you have a decent 2-D understanding to begin with.

    The Untold History can be viewed for free at:


    In the early parts I like the repeated return to Wallace, and how he has been scrubbed from history.

    No single program or series can give a complete picture of anything. So, keep hunting and enjoy the journey!

    Have fun!

    • Fact Checker says:

      I think the most likely outcome, by far, is none of the four you list, but is rather a fake war. (I actually disagree that the “2-D does exist.” At this point, I believe it’s all a scripted show for the dumb masses.)

      What’s going on right now is that the US civil and military bureaucracies are being subsumed and subordinated to the Chinese government. This is the resolution of the long-unserviceable national debt the US owes to China, that has resulted from a well-known and decades-long trade imbalance that reached such a level, even pre-9ll, that it could only be resolved by the either 1.) US reneging on its debt by “shooting the creditor” (that is, by ginning up a real war against China to escape its obligations); or 2.) by making good on its debt by going into a Receivership program. Just like when a corporation goes into “Chapter 11 Bankruptcy” in order to “reorganize” and “tighten its belt” and liquidate its collateral in order to settle its unserviceable debts, the US has agreed to reorganize, impose severe austerity and totalitarian control on its people, and deliver its resources (including the children) to the CCP in an orderly fashion. This process was explained and sold to the dull masses with the “coronavirus” narrative, which was finalized at Event 201 between George Gao (head of China’s CDC) and the corporate and intelligence elite of the US superstructure. At Event 201 Gao was basically acting as the quarterback, calling the play. As soon as he got home, he sent the “long pass” that was the pre-decided “novel coronavirus” finding, along with the cartoonish “people-dying-in-the-street” propaganda videos. The US Military-Intelligence-Industrial Complex caught that pass and ran with it toward the ever-receding goalposts of the Biosecurity State.

      The next phase of the handover will be accomplished by a fake war. It will be an entirely theatrical affair, with algorithmically-engineered “news” given to the masses to describe a fanciful “war” with China that will just so happen to further and intensify the austerity measures begun with “corobavirus” and will just so happen to “require” the increasing yoking of the masses to the electro-mechanical enslavement apparatus. Whether the US is claimed to “win” or to “lose” the “war” will be immaterial to the transformation. In the end, the masses will be completely entrapped by a totalitarian electro-mechanical control grid that they have been persuaded to accept on the pretext of the “war” that never actually happened. (I’m not saying They won’t sacrifice one or two US cities in order to put on a convincing show, but that will just be the US Military following the orders of the CCP and Israeli Intelligence, who are acting as Trustee in this Receivership-Reorganization process.)

      • LastHumanist says:

        Debt is an illusion, though.

        Both the US and modern China owe it all to the Rockefellers, if anything.
        China did not move your job to China, so no need to follow along the ChiComAnon psyop about some secret Chinese world conquest.

        The most likely outcome is that Kissinger was always bluffing about everyone either going along with what the money power wants or getting nuked.

        Xi could not even save his own family from the cultural revolution. He won’t stand up to the actual powers that be who will continue to both exploit China and try to build it into the model technocracy that they want every country to become to compete with China. He will go along with the agenda and so will the US. The China hawks and China doves are equally irrelevant.

        The actual NWO global state would never be Chinese or rooted in any national tradition and culture. It would not even be human.

        • Fact Checker says:

          Absolutely agree with everything you just said. The Rockefeller/Kissinger set engineered the arrangement by which the American project would be transitioned into the Chinese project in a careful controlled fashion. This was done by means of a legalistic sleight-of-hand with illusory debt and the encouragement of reckless consumption on the part of the US Herd. The Chinese have always been and are being made to believe they are having World domination delivered to them on a silver platter, but that too is a trick and a Trojan Horse.

          This is all for the ultimate benefit of the cryptocracy, which is like a tapeworm that is sucking the last bits of congealed plasma from the corpse of the US even as its tail is sliming into the alimentary tract of China. Eventually, it will fully corrupt, contaminate, and consume China too. After that comes full Bio-Digital Convergence, assimilation and instrumentalization of the human race, and the triumph of the inhuman system that Dmitry Orlov calls the “Technosphere,” Neil Postman called “Technopoly,” and I call simply: the Machine.

      • hugo.c says:

        Fact Checker! Thanks for taking interest in my comment. Discussion is what an open thread is all about.

        Please provide me with an example of a fake war. The Brits certainly deployed a fake army during WWII, but I do not know of a fake war.

        Your point about the level of US debt owned by China is a good one. Add to that China (and Russia’s) diversification of their central bank assets away from the USD. This makes that debt holding quite dangerous. This position is largely reached because of US action, starting with the conversion of the US economy into “financialisation” and “globalizing” away its manufacturing economy. Yes, money is fiction, but goods are not. Ya know, people gotta eat.

        I agree about the evolving technocracy, and it is this which alarms me the most. I’d just like that a few nations/economies which actually profess some of the ideas expressed in the US’s bill of rights to be around when the potentially devastating success of technocracy emerges to help argue against it.

        As for your “2-D doesn’t exist”, bollocks. There is an influence competition between varying actors and groups of actors on different levels, and some of them are quite etho-nationalist sitting squarely in the 2-D space. They dont have complete freedom of movement, like any other force, but do exert some influence that needs to be countered/ignored/cajoled/sidelined etc.. Ignoring this level of the field weakens your analysis.

        • hugo.c says:

          I do accept that I am perhaps placing too much hope at the national level, and note that JC’s Solutions Watch series is directly focused at the human/community level.

          • Fact Checker says:

            [Hey hugo, Part I is in moderation limbo. Here’s part 2]

            “There is an influence competition between varying actors and groups of actors on different levels, and some of them are quite etho-nationalist sitting squarely in the 2-D space.”

            Even if this is true, neither you nor I is in a position to know anything true about such contests, since everything we receive from the media is an engineered narrative, carefully curated and delivered to us to evoke specific responses, or to justify specific oppressive measures by the government. There’s simply no reason to believe any of the “news” about China is true in the least. All we can say is what the government is telling us, and try to work back from there why we are being told that and where we are being taken. Any attempts to glean “The Truth” about geopolitical affairs is futile. We might as well be brains in vats at this point.

            • hugo.c says:

              Truth in politics is unmeasurable, yes. But, I dont read the fawning corporate media. I have published recently the geopolitical analysts that I place some measure in, though I disagree with each of them from issue to issue. I like surveying different opinions and sources and making up my own mind. The list is, of course, incomplete, but is a decent sampling.


              I am not interested in domestic politics, but international politics. For that one needs to listen to statements by all governments involved and can benefit from listening to various other parties. I like ex-diplomats, like Tony Kevin or Chas Freeman. They’ve been around long enough to understand the strategems and methods used at the 2-D layer to make useful comment. Plus, independent policy analysts are interesting, as they can comment on what the next silly policy will be.

              You may have no interest in this field of analysis, or even find it irrelevant. Fair enough. I quite like it.

              Have fun!

        • Fact Checker says:

          “Please provide me with an example of a fake war.”

          Well, Dunkirk was pretty much a fake battle but the fake war I’m describing I think will be a more-or-less novel phenomenon, much like Cootiesvirus-1984 is pretty much new territory, what with a completely illusory narrative being imposed on the world solely through the power of mass media deception. The fake war I’m envisioning will be very similar. Just a tailor-made audio-visual narrative, algorithmically generated and transmitted into people’s brains through TeeVee and HandScreen. (I think Their success with the 100%-fake “virus” has been so spectacular, that They know that engineered narrative need no longer have any relation to material reality whatsoever. Now, weaponized narratives may be deployed at will, based on nothing but the government action they are designed to justify.

          Now that “lockdown” has become the default mode of society, moreover, different regions can be given different audio-visual narratives, in order to evoke or justify specific regional responses or “measures.” This tailoring of narrative can go all the way down to the individual household level, since under strict martial law (“lockdown”) people’s sole means of receiving information will be the TeeVee and fondleslab.

          For instance, the State of Ohio could be given a narrative that “Cincinnati has been nuked!” This would come with impressive high-def, 60fps CGI of mushroom clouds and everything. This would allow the military to lock down the state “for your protection from the fallout” and then “evacuate.” The level of terror would assure that all but a tiny few would frantically BEG to be put on trains and transports, and taken to “safety centers.” Of course, some new “variant virus” would necessitate a new “vaxxine” injection because “social distance” is not possible at the “safety center.” So the “safety center” would really just be lethal-injection liquidation abattoir.

          Any tiny number of resistors would just be executed on the spot by the military under such conditions, and their neighbors and families would never know, and would never care, because they would be too hysterical in their efforts to get to the “safety center.”

          This could be done literally in every state simultaneously, with each state getting algorithmically-customized versions of the “nuke” scenario beamed into the brains by TeeVee. Or, it could be done in limited regions, and then once all the plebs in (say) Ohio were liquidated, the rest of the country could be told those “dirty Chinese nuked the Heartland!” This would justify conscripting people into fake turkey-shoot battles, where masked Americans in variant uniforms could just be pitted against each other until they wipe each other out. Meanwhile, the US Military brass would be sipping adrenochrome-and-brandy with their CCP counterparts, talking about how they will split up the rich natural beauty of North American after the dumb masses are gone.

          • hugo.c says:

            Hi FC,

            Dunkirk was an emergency haphazard military withdrawal. It was not a battle, except for rear guard defence to facilitate the withdrawal. It is a very interesting moment in the European theatre of WWII, and worth some time to investigate.

            Poor coordination between the british expeditionary force and their french, belgian and dutch allies, based on a defensive plan that was limited by political factors resulted in the newly released german “blitzkreig” tactics completely defeating them. One could ask questions as to why the germans did not more effectively prevent the withdrawal, but that is answered by Rommel (and other commanders) essentially gaining supplies from the conquered field. They had no effective logistical support and could not have captured and maintained the hundreds of thousands of soldiers holed up around Dunkirk. On the other side, you have quite an amazing rescue effort supported strongly by civilian craft; fishing boats, yachts, small to medium maritime craft etc. all while under fire from the luftwaffe.

            Personally, I think that Dunkirk is possibly the greatest moment in the UK’s part in WWII, with the sole exception of the code breakers at Bletchley Park, including one Alan Turing.

            But, as you admit, you cannot identify a fake war. And this was not a fake battle either but a heavily civilian supported emergency rescue mission; a retreat after defeat. And defeat is was, because the UK lost most of its motorized armor, but saved many soldiers, both british and french.

            • hugo.c says:

              PS: You may note that I do not engage any of your argumentation based on COVID. I have elected to not inform myself on specifics on this front due to the highly polarized and extreme opinion expressed. I do understand the “bio-security state” argument, and think it links very nicely with the surveillance state and should alarm us all. This links back to the technocracy to which I alluded earlier. But, I’m not interested in debating different countries responses to the pandemic/scamdemic. The only article I have published on the matter encourages people to look at Ron Unz’s delving into military research in bioweapons.


              I do not “believe” his position, but maintain that it is well argued and worthy of consideration. I would even say “quite likely”. The zoonotic origins case is also a reasonable position.

              The national handling of the *demic influenced by various national and international pressure groups, not least financial, is interesting and the “control grid” which can be implemented by “green pass” identity cards/biometric tracker is alarming.

  44. mkey says:

    Can I Dr. Fauci?

    Be warned, this is one sickening video.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I just love that!

      It is so important that we check with our Authoritarian gods before acting or thinking.

    • LastHumanist says:

      Never forget that Saint Fauci of Scientism has decreed to not wear a mask and then wear not one but two masks. Such infallible omnipotence!

      When this nonsense was rolled out, I actually thought to myself it might not get so bad… After all, swine flu was shot down in 2009 and the scientific consensus on mask wearing being wrong was still in place. There was some discussion of the heavy price on the public that government measures such as lockdowns were bound to lead to as well.

      We all know what happened next. Logic is now heresy while we are locked in place for more controlled demolition. Yay…

  45. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    as usual.. late for the party…

    My waking up epiphany of today morning: After all this accumulated knowledge of mine about modern and ancient philosophy, religion and history, I seem to still take this world, and above all its inhabitants, much too seriously, because I still get very mad at them. Have to work on it. Good morning clownworld.

    • scpat says:

      That is a great realization. I need to remind myself of that as well.

    • darrell says:

      You forgot to mention medieval philosophy, when philosophy reached its pinnacle, since it was utilized (especially that of Aristotle, but Plato and others as well) in the service of theology. St Thomas Aquinas put together the greatest synthesis of natural and supernatural truth of all time. But if one doesn’t believe in divine revelation, then knowledge about the highest truths, especially about God, can only be known, as Aquinas says, “by few, after much time, and with the admixture of many errors.” His Summa Theologiae is his magnum opus.


      I believe Etienne Gilson (d.1978) is his greatest expositor and interpreter. See Faith and Reason in St Thomas Aquinas According to Etienne Gilson.

    • hugo.c says:

      Engineerd powers onwards with further deep analysis. I was listening:

      “My waking up epiphany of today morning: After all this accumulated knowledge of mine about modern and ancient philosophy, religion and history, I seem to still take this world, and above all its inhabitants, much too seriously, because I still get very mad at them. Have to work on it. Good morning clownworld.”

      My Russian computer is still calculating his intent, but the output is in Farsi! Maybe its a transmogrification of the spatial dimensions of Chinese pictrography? Inspired by a subtle inspiration, I feed Egyptian heiroglyphics into the crazy Soviet derived calculational network to find …! Its the aliens!!!!!!

  46. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Europe and Asia will probably notice that utility bills are going higher.

    Oil, Natural Gas, and Coal prices are continuing to rise. Different localities will feel the pain differently. Over the past weeks, there have been a myriad of news stories… (even coal miner labor shortages with some company offers of 100k yearly for new hires.)

    This is a nice brief article by Irina Slav at OilPrice.com
    There is a 90 second VIDEO embedded which gives an excellent summary.
    Record High Natural Gas Prices Will Send Oil Demand Even Higher

    In my opinion, it is the shortsightedness of Authoritarian Technocrats and their ESG agenda which has escalated these prices. At the end of last winter, they were extremely lax about replenishing their NatGas LNG stockpiles. Now, they are in a panic buying spree which pushes up these carbon commodity prices…which will have a ripple effect upon other sectors such as transportation, distribution and manufacturing.

    • nosoapradio says:

      shortsightedness of Authoritarian Technocrats

      you think?

      I really respect your opinion HRS so why do you think it’s shortsightedness (or incompetence)

      and not part of the plan leading to rationing?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      While the out-of-control Energy prices could be by design, then I would think that it would be by the Designers at the top of the pyramid who predicted the outcome of the stupid Technocrats making policy. Most of the Policy Players on the field don’t have 2-cents worth of sense. They waited until the last minute to say, “Oops! We’re almost out of gas.”
      There are a slew of factors for the higher prices. Daily, I watched prices climb this past year, because I’ve been following the markets for years. https://tradingeconomics.com/commodity/natural-gas There are all kinds of things behind the scenes which most of us don’t see, but I read a lot of finance and energy stories.

      The following gives us a clue to the Policy Players’ mindset…
      JAPAN – “Japan’s Strategic Plan For LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) May Be Unrealistic”
      For comparison, I also reveal what I pay for electric. Gasoline in north Texas is under $3 per gallon currently.

      I wanna “spruik” Irina Slav (spruik is Australian slang “To promote a thing.”) She writes for a mainstream Energy sector. She has the courage to speak out and not follow this “Green Narrative”. Recently she wrote this which gives us the short story of the whole sandwich…

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        “A Very Predictable Global Energy Crisis”
        by Irina Slav on October 6th, 2021
        …Gas prices in Europe are breaking record after record. The UK is facing supply shortages reminiscent of the late 1970s winter of discontent. Chinese factories are shutting down because of power shortages, and the outlook is grim. In fact, it may be the first crisis of many.

        When gas prices in Europe started rising faster and faster last month as the continent prepared for winter and found out it was not the only one, gas suddenly became important. That’s after being excluded from the list of low-carbon energy sources and after the EU’s green transition chief Frans Timmermans said gas had no place in the transition. It now appears Timmermans and his fellow Brussels bureaucrats could not have been more wrong.

        For years Europe has been retiring coal plants and building solar and wind farms as it strived to become the greenest continent on earth and lead the energy transition on the premise that emissions of carbon dioxide are the planet’s single biggest problem because they lead to unfavorable climate changes. This has been coupled with investment declines in oil and gas production, as this only made sense. Now, the EU has got the first bill for its low-carbon feast…

        …It is, in fact, entirely accurate and fair to explain the high energy prices as a result of clean energy transition policies. It was these policies that discouraged investment in new oil, gas, and coal production. It was also these policies that led to the shutdowns of coal and nuclear plants that reduced generating capacity that simply cannot be replaced by wind or solar on a MW for MW basis because wind and solar do not generate power continuously. And it is these policies, in Europe, China, North America, and elsewhere that, unless revised to reflect reality a bit better, will condemn billions of people to blackouts, energy shortages, and higher electricity bills.[END]
        Latest OILPRICE.COM articles from Irina Slav


      • nosoapradio says:

        …It is, in fact, entirely accurate and fair to explain the high energy prices as a result of clean energy transition policies. It was these policies that discouraged investment in new oil, gas, and coal production. It was also these policies that led to the shutdowns of coal and nuclear plants that reduced generating capacity that simply cannot be replaced by wind or solar on a MW for MW basis because wind and solar do not generate power continuously. -Irina Slav

        Well, my understanding and knowledge of this matter is superficial, even simplistic, but as this massive shortage is precisely what the architects of the SDGs set out to accomplish, this whole “ooops! What incompetence!” number reminds me of the official version of 9/11 and now the so-called “pandemic” management and vaccination campaigns. When the incompetence card keeps being played, systematically moving the world step-by-step towards some sort of Great Reset, it starts looking, well, planned.

        That is to say, of course not everyone is in on the project of being deliberately incompetent. You just need a few well-placed globalists to lead the rest of the network of sometimes well meaning but more often simply obedient, conformist/ambitious and/or corrupt bureaucrats to produce some really surrealistic situations strongly resembling a technocratic NWO.

        But maybe it’s mostly just incompetence…

        Really convenient incompetence then…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I’m with ya.
          I’m sure that many folks at the top who were pushing the Climate Change narrative and Great Reset could easily predict the consequences of governmental policies.
          Globalists love disruptive chaos.
          The current hardships certainly move forward a globalist agenda.

          In a lot of ways, I am reminded of the commodity and energy crisis of the 1970’s and early 80’s.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      — A Corbett CLIMATE CHANGE List of Videos —
      These mostly are only the video links which have ShowNotes. NOTE the year. Search Corbett Report for related episodes or articles. This is not a complete list, so feel free to add.

      How & Why Big Oil Conquered The World with transcripts
      Episode 310 – How Big Oil Conquered The World – 12/28/2015
      Episode 321 – Why Big Oil Conquered the World – 10/06/2017

      Coronavirus and Climate Change – #PropagandaWatch – March 16th, 2020
      (18 minutes)

      Meet Maurice Strong – January 30th, 2016
      (3 minutes – Article referenced) (Also see “Why Big Oil Conquered the World”)

      Big Oil “Environmentalism” – Why Big Oil Conquered The World – October 15th, 2017
      (5 minutes – Maurice Strong, Rockefeller and Population are mentioned)

      Maurice Strong is Dead – November 30th, 2015
      (21 minutes)

      10 Climate Myths Debunked (in 60 seconds!) – 12/10/2013
      (90 second video)

      Must Watch: Climatologist Breaks the Silence on Global Warming Groupthink – December 12th, 2015
      (5 minutes – transcript link)

      Climate Change is Unfalsifiable Woo-Woo Pseudoscience – December 7th, 2015
      (5 minutes)

      What Is The Average Global Temperature? – December 6th, 2015
      (23 minutes)

      The Global Warming Pause Explained – December 20th, 2015
      (26 minutes)

      Won’t Someone Think of the Polar Bears?!? – November 29th, 2015
      (19 minutes)

      Take the $100,000 Global Warming Believer Challenge! – November 28th, 2015
      (10 minutes)

      Lies, Damned Lies, and Global Warming Statistics – November 24th, 2015
      (21 minutes)

      A Message to the Environmental Movement [REUPLOAD] – November 22nd, 2015
      First published on November 25, 2009 (7 minutes with transcript)

      The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics – November 12th, 2015
      (33 minutes)

      Open Source Ecology Could Change Everything – #NewWorldNextWeek
      – November 4th, 2015
      (17 minutes) Corbett explains the Game Plan. Pilato brings up Bill Gates.

      Exposing the Dark Agenda Behind the “Resource-Based Economy” – May 27th, 2015
      (57 minutes with Patrick Wood – i.e. Technocracy)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Tuesday October 12, 2021 – Yahoo News – U.S.
      Gas stoves and water heaters face a climate change reckoning

      In 2019, Berkeley became the first city in the country to ban gas stoves and water heaters in all new construction in order to cut down greenhouse gas emissions that are causing climate change. Since then, dozens of others, including Seattle, San Francisco and New York, have followed suit with similar restrictions and President Biden has laid out an ambitious plan to help Americans ditch gas appliances and heaters in favor of electric ones.

      “The United States can create good-paying jobs and cut emissions and energy costs for families by supporting efficiency upgrades and electrification in buildings through support for job-creating retrofit programs and sustainable affordable housing, wider use of heat pumps and induction stoves, and adoption of modern energy codes for new buildings,” the White House said of the plan on its website.

      Mike Henchen, a principal at RMI, a nonprofit working to decarbonize energy systems, sees switching to electric stoves and water heaters as a key climate solution.

      “The gas that we use in stoves, water heaters and furnaces is a fossil fuel that causes climate change and harms our health,” Henchen told Yahoo News. “There are options and alternatives to keep us warm, cook our food and take a hot shower that can be powered with cleaner energy sources.”

      The natural gas industry, however, is vigorously fighting these proposed changes, and after it mounted lobbying and social media campaigns, states such as Arizona, Kansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas have all recently passed prohibitions on local ordinances banning new gas hookups…

      …“But long term, if cities are serious about their climate goals, electric buildings are inevitable.”

      Carbon and methane emissions from buildings account for roughly 12 percent of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions, with the bulk of that coming from heating. As more Americans look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, some have begun by replacing gas stoves and water heaters, which is much less expensive than swapping out gas-powered furnaces…

      …While it is true that the use of natural gas heaters and appliances results in approximately 30 to 45 percent lower emissions than those that run on oil or coal, that’s hardly proof that it doesn’t contribute to the problem.

      Swapping out a gas stove for an electric one amounts to a small first step. Only 2.8 percent of all natural gas burned in U.S. homes is used for cooking….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The Whitehouse – Briefing Room – April 2021
        FACT SHEET: President Biden Sets 2030 Greenhouse Gas Pollution Reduction Target Aimed at Creating Good-Paying Union Jobs and Securing U.S. Leadership on Clean Energy Technologies

        Today, President Biden will announce a new target for the United States to achieve a 50-52 percent reduction from 2005 levels in economy-wide net greenhouse gas pollution in 2030 – building on progress to-date and by positioning American workers and industry to tackle the climate crisis.

        The announcement – made during the Leaders Summit on Climate that President Biden is holding to challenge the world on increased ambition in combatting climate change – is part of the President’s focus on building back better in a way that will create millions of good-paying, union jobs, ensure economic competitiveness, advance environmental justice, and improve the health and security of communities across America.

        On Day One, President Biden fulfilled his promise to rejoin the Paris Agreement and set a course for the United States to tackle the climate crisis at home and abroad, reaching net zero emissions economy-wide by no later than 2050. As part of re-entering the Paris Agreement, he also launched a whole-of-government process, organized through his National Climate Task Force, to establish this new 2030 emissions target – known as the “nationally determined contribution” or “NDC,” a formal submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Today’s announcement is the product of this government-wide assessment of how to make the most of the opportunity combatting climate change presents….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Tie-in to another ENERGY SUBTHREAD which starts with an Oct 13th post…

      “The Green Agenda or How This Energy Crisis is Different from All Others”
      by F. William Engdahl

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Oct 18th – By Irina Slav for OilPrice.com
      Conspiracy Or Incompetence? Why Fossil Fuels Are Flying
      [Good article with examples! 🙂 I grin with the last lines …]
      However, with the European Commission and Washington still unable to influence wind speeds and the Earth’s spin around the Sun, chances are even the long-term outlook for fossil fuels is brighter than many might expect. Unless, of course, we manage to slash global energy demand by a sizeable chunk in short order. But that’s another conspiracy theory entirely.

      Oct 18th – By Irina Slav for OilPrice.com
      Peak Meat, EVs, and Solar: The World in 2030
      …According to Principles for Responsible Investment, the next five years will see “sweeping” changes to government policies in the energy, transport, and food sectors that would lead to peak meat consumption by 2030, and greater carbon dioxide emission absorption by the soil as land use patterns change, Reuters reports, citing the report…
      …“BlackRock believes climate risk is investment risk and assessing climate risk on the path to net zero requires credible scenarios outlining not only what is possible but what is likely,” said the head of ESG Investment, Global Fixed Income at BlackRock, Ashley Schulten.
      BlackRock is among the strategic partners of the Inevitable Policy Response, the climate forecast division of the Principles for Responsible Investment….

      Oct 18 – By Tsvetana Paraskova for OilPrice.com
      Oil And Gas Companies Will Never Truly Be Carbon Neutral
      … Oil and gas firms have started to offer those so-called carbon neutral oil and gas shipments. And buyers are lapping them up as they themselves are also pressured by investors and their own carbon reduction pledges to procure lower-emission energy supply… … Currently, ‘carbon neutral’ oil and gas are being ‘emission-neutralized’ by carbon offsets, in which buyers and sellers pay for participation in emissions-reduction projects elsewhere (actually anywhere) in the world. In this case, ‘carbon neutral’ implies that the seller or buyer, or both, have paid to reduce emissions by investing in projects to save forests or to support a renewable energy project somewhere. As-is, ‘carbon neutral’ does not mean that the emissions generated from the production, liquefaction, and transportation of the gas have been offset during those processes with technologies such as carbon capture, for example… … The Carbon Neutral Oil & Gas Trend….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Oct 19th – Zero Hedge [Long article(s)]
        One Bank Reveals The Dismal Truth About The $150 Trillion Crusade Against Climate Change
        … Bank of America [published report]… The bottom line: no less than a stunning $150 trillion in new capital investment would be required to reach a “net zero” world over 30 years – equating to some $5 trillion in annual investments – and amounting to twice current global GDP… …
        … Translation: the “net zero” crusade against climate change really is…. the necessary and sufficient condition to trigger the hyperinflation that the world’s massively indebted nations need to inflate away their debt…
        … while inflation is set to soar, climate mitigation is “also likely to slow the supply side of the economy, particularly in the ramping up phase.” …

        RELATED — Oct 13th – Zero Hedge [GRAPHICS in article]

        UN Climate Change Conference Reportedly Using Diesel Generators To Charge Teslas Being Used As Shuttles Oct 16th

        New York Times via Yahoo – Oct 16
        Plant-Based Food Companies Face Critics: Environmental Advocates
        … neither Beyond Meat nor Impossible Foods discloses the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from its operations, supply chains or consumer waste. They also do not disclose the effects of their operations on forests or how much water they use….

        The Global Concrete Industry Is Aiming To Achieve Net-Zero By 2050 Oct 16

        Fri Oct 15 – STAR TREK and “Earth’s Final Frontier?”
        William Shatner ‘overwhelmed by sadness’ while discussing spaceflight
        [Short Video in article]
        WWW yahoo.com/entertainment/william-shatner-overwhelmed-with-sadness-while-discussing-space-flight-053339115.html
        … “We’re at the tipping point, we haven’t got time to wait 30 years and argue about a few billion dollars,” Shatner said. “Burying your head in the sand another instant about global warming and the destruction of the planet is suicide for all of us.”…

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        October 21st – The Washington Post
        Inaction on climate change imperils millions of lives, doctors say
        Top medical journal warns that rising temperatures will worsen heat and respiratory illness and spread infectious disease

        Climate change is set to become the “defining narrative of human health,” a top medical journal warned Wednesday — triggering food shortages, deadly disasters and disease outbreaks that would dwarf the toll of the coronavirus. But aggressive efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions from human activities could avert millions of unnecessary deaths, according to the analysis from more than 100 doctors and health experts.

        In its annual “Countdown on health and climate change,” the Lancet provides a sobering assessment of the dangers posed by a warming planet….
        [BE AFRAID ! ]

        Oct 22 – Reuters Video (transcript at Yahoo)
        Climate change leaves youth fearing for the future
        ~~WWW reuters.com/video/watch/climate-change-leaves-youth-fearing-for-id737187917?chan=8gwsyvzx
        …Research into climate anxiety has stacked up to measure its prevalence ahead of the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.
        A study funded by Avaaz, an online campaign network, surveyed 10,000 young people aged 16-25 in ten different countries.
        Around three quarters of those surveyed said they considered the future frightening….

        Oct 21 – OilPrice.com
        Doc Leak Reveals Countries Lobby For Milder Climate Commitments
        A massive document leak has revealed efforts by Saudi Arabia, Japan, and Australia, among others, were lobbying the United Nations to downplay the urgency of the energy transition as presented in the latest report by the International Panel on Climate Change.
        The BBC reports [LINK] that the leak also reveals an unwillingness of wealthy nations to shoulder part of the burden that the energy transition would put on poorer nations….

        Oct 21 – Yahoo News
        Biden administration report foresees ‘tens of millions’ of climate change refugees in the coming decades

        Thursday Oct 21 – Zero Hedge
        JPM: “We Could Be Just Weeks Away From Cushing Effectively Running Out Of Crude”
        …Cushing crude storage fell to 31.2 mb last week as noted in the chart above. And because operational tank bottoms are likely 20-25% of capacity- or about 20 mb – JPM predicts that “we could be just weeks away from Cushing being effectively out of crude” and adds that “if nothing were to change in the Cushing balance over the next two months, we might expect front WTI spreads to spike to record highs—a “super backwardation” scenario.”….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I was surprised to see this article on the Robert F Kennedy, Jr website.

        Oct 21, 2021 – Children’s Health Defense – The Defender
        Personal Carbon Allowances: Who Determines ‘Good’ and ‘Bad’ Consumption, and Who Regulates the Regulators?
        The desire to preserve the environment and protect future generations is largely universal, but are Personal Carbon Allowances and a system of surveillance capitalism, with tremendous controls over human behavior, the way to accomplish this objective?

        …The impetus for the “no hamburger for you” scenario stems from proposals, increasingly popular in scientific and policymaking circles, for the implementation of “personal carbon allowances” (PCAs).

        The PCA concept itself is not new. In 2008, for example, the UK government examined a proposal for PCAs as a means of reducing emissions.

        However, the COVID pandemic, and the extraordinary measures implemented in response to it, may have helped lay the groundwork for public acceptance of the PCA scheme.

        An August 2021 article in Nature, “Personal Carbon Allowances Revisited,” made precisely this point. The article directly connected the measures imposed during the pandemic with the argument in favor of PCAs.

        The authors emphasized the “need for a low-carbon recovery from the COVID-19 crisis” via the use of PCAs, noting that during the pandemic, “restrictions on individuals for the sake of public health, and forms of individual accountability and responsibility that were unthinkable only one year before, have been adopted by millions of people.”

        According to the article, “people may be more prepared to accept the tracking and limitations related to PCAs to achieve a safer climate and the many other benefits … associated with addressing the climate crisis.”

        The authors also argued that “other lessons that could be drawn [from the pandemic] relate to the public acceptance in some countries of additional surveillance and control in exchange for greater safety.”…

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Oct 24
        Deleted UK Government Report Celebrates How Public Loves To “Conform”
        Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,
        A deleted government report exploring how to make the public alter its behavior to accept the new ‘green economy’ reveals how COVID-19 restrictions have created a population with a “deep set reverence” for authority and a “powerful tendency to conform.”

        The report was inadvertently published by the British government before being hastily pulled down, but numerous journalists were able to retrieve its contents.

        The document explored how to weaponize behavioral psychology to ‘nudge’ the public into supporting measures and adopting behavior without them explicitly knowing they’re being manipulated.

        The investigation found that the same techniques the government used to force people into accepting lockdown could be used to make them change their lifestyles in the name of preventing climate change….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Monday October 25th – By the “Senior Climate Editor” at Yahoo News
        Everything you need to know about COP26, the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow

        …the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow, Scotland, which gets underway on Oct. 31.
        The outcome of this summit, which is also referred to as COP26, may be the single most important factor in determining whether humanity suffers the worst consequences of climate change.

        Even by the standards of the United Nations, however, the conference promises to be confusing and complicated to follow. But understanding what is happening in Glasgow is key to knowing what the future may hold for life on earth. To demystify the proceedings, Yahoo News has answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about COP26.

        What is climate change and why does it matter?
        So what is happening in Glasgow?
        Almost every country in the world, 197 nations in total, will go to Glasgow to try to negotiate an updated agreement under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), which was created in 1992.
        There has been a Conference of Parties to the UNFCCC, or COP, every year since 1995…

        When is it happening?
        The conference will be held from Oct. 31 to Nov. 12. ..
        Who is going to be there?
        Why did the Paris agreement need to be updated and strengthened?
        Didn’t former President Donald Trump withdraw the U.S. from the Paris agreement?….

        [More FAQ in article]

  47. gundy11 says:


    “flawlessly predicted Covid” lol. What a sage! How could he have known?! What comes next Master Gates?

    The blue pill is a hell of a drug.

    • scpat says:

      What’s next? Climate lockdowns, he will say. How could he have known that too???! What a smartypants he is. It’s almost like he is part of these plans. But nooooo way only a conspiracy theorist would dare suggest that.

    • seasons says:

      Bill got it wrong though. It was not a virus but policy and fear that has starved victims in all types of ways that will kill tens of millions and cause global catastrophe.

      Gates also has predicted we must act before it would be too late multiple times and we passed those deadlines repeatedly so why are we instituting any of these policies for prevention if it is in fact too late and he never retracted his prediction?

      He has moved the goalposts of his predictions to simply epidemics and pandemics which always happens especially with the 2009 definition change. Had we not taken every step to rewrite the rules, procedures, and science on diagnosing and dealing with disease outbreaks, Gates wouldn’t have never been correct.

      • nosoapradio says:

        It was not a virus but policy and fear that has starved victims in all types of ways that will kill tens of millions and cause global catastrophe.

        Important point.

  48. darrell says:

    Pfizer admits to using aborted fetal tissue in developing its vaccines.

    “No one will be part of the New World Order unless he carries out an act of worship to Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he receives Luciferian initiation.” — David Spangler, Director of the United Nations Planetary Initiative Project, Findhorn, 1978

    Does “Luciferian initiation” according to our Satan-serving elites occur when one receives one of the various “vaccines” that have been created with the use of aborted babies — a sacrificial offering to their “god”?

    The 1917 Message of Fatima (and subsequent revelations to the seers Jacinta Marto and Sr Lucia) sheds much light on the present world crisis:
    Fatima Documentary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RxZBxEJz1v8&t=2s (28 min)

    See also Sr Lucia, Conversation with Fr Augustin Fuentes, December 26, 1957, her last public words before being “disappeared.” (proof, not just theory)
    http://www.traditioninaction.org/HotTopics/g23ht_Interview.html; http://www.sisterlucytruth.org

    • nosoapradio says:

      Well this is what they’re saying officially:

      When it comes to the Pfizer and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines, fetal cell line HEK 293 was used during the research and development phase. All HEK 293 cells are descended from tissue taken from a 1973 abortion that took place in the Netherlands. Using fetal cell lines to test the effectiveness and safety of medications is common practice, because they provide a consistent and well-documented standard.


      • nosoapradio says:

        in fact if I hadn’t been running into a class I would have noticed that the next paragraph was more interesting:

        For the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, fetal cell lines were used in the production and manufacturing stage. To make the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, scientists infect PER.C6 fetal cell lines to grow the adenovirus vector. (Learn more about how viral vector vaccines work.) All PER.C6 cells used to manufacture the Johnson & Johnson vaccine are descended from tissue taken from a 1985 abortion that took place in the Netherlands. This cell line is used because it is a well-studied industry standard for safe and reliable production of viral vector vaccines.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I didn’t know about the use of fetal cell lines in vaccines or drug development prior to the Covid shot.

          This fact presents a strong religious case against them because abortion is a sin according to the Christian Bible and probably other religions as well.

          • nosoapradio says:

            To be honest, I didn’t either until Darrell’s post. But it does’nt appear to be an RT scoop.

          • darrell says:

            “…abortion is a sin according to the Christian Bible and probably other religions as well.”

            Abortion is a serious sin not just according to almost all religions, but according to Natural Law, knowable by human reason. The existence of God is able to be known by unaided human reason. “If there is no God, everything is permissible,” as Ivan Karamazov stated. If there is a God (and there is), abortion is willful murder. BTW, according to the Bible, willful murder is one of the four sins that “cry to heaven for vengeance.” The others are oppression of the poor, depriving the laborer of his wages, and sodomy. It just so happens that the Tribe/Cabal that rules over us are the biggest promoters of all four.

            • Fact Checker says:

              “The existence of God is able to be known by unaided human reason.”

              O do tell, darrell.

              Everybody! Shush! Darrell’s about to prove the existence of “God” by “unaided human reason”! Shhhhh!

              Ok go ahead!

              • darrell says:

                St Thomas Aquinas in his Summa Theologiae, in which he synthesizes both philosophy (primarily Aristotle but Plato and others as well) and divine revelation and the theology which is deduced from it, gives his famous “Five Ways” of philosophically proving the existence of God. It’s in Part 1, Q. 2, art. 3:


                Forgive me for not explaining it myself. I wouldn’t do as good a job as he, and besides, I like to get a little extra R&R on Sundays 😉

                The strongest argument against God’s existence is the existence of evil. For Christians at least (I’m a traditional Catholic, as in pre-1958 takeover of the papacy), the Original Sin of our first parents helps explain that, although it is a mystery which can’t be fully understood in this life, like other revealed mysteries such as the Holy Trinity and the Incarnation. There is also the incommensurate relation between even the longest life of enduring suffering and/or other evils, and eternity.

                There’s also St Augustine who, from a moral perspective said very profoundly, I believe,

                “No one denies God without having reasons for wanting Him not to exist.”

                I don’t think anyone should go through life without reading his Confessions, the first and arguably the greatest autobiography ever written. I edited a new (and the best 🙂 translation of it in 2017, which is on Amazon.

              • Fact Checker says:


                [/sad trombone]

          • wolfgang says:

            HEK cell lines (and other embryonal or adult human cell lines) are in use for tons of basic and translational research – and pharmaceutical testing/use) actually.
            Similarly, lots of primary cells (cells isolated directly/freshly from on organism) or immortalized cell lines (which can proliferate indefinitely) are cultured either with human (usually sourced from adult and more or less consenting humans during blood donations) or animal serum (this is sourced in a not so ethically agreeable way, cf. e.g. here: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/10.1177/026119290203000208?url_ver=Z39.88-2003&rfr_id=ori%3Arid%3Acrossref.org&rfr_dat=cr_pub++0pubmed&). However many vendors are trying to establish serum-free, chemically defined culture media and protocols currently (while still relying on well-established testing systems like HEK cells, which have been around for half a century). I agree, that the ethics of such research systems are relevant for discussion, however they are nothing new or exceptional for this vaccine.

    • LastHumanist says:

      You should not fall for the “satanic panic” that psychopaths deployed to make their tyrannical ways seem like the thing of metaphysical prophecy.

      As unpleasant as HEK research is, it has nothing to do with a literal Satan speaking to a possessed cabal.

      It’s a metaphor. The Satanic principle springs from the Gnostic belief that god, i.e. the natural order of things, is evil and that humanity must overcome by any means necessary. It is a belief that feeds imperial conquest, extermination of “savage” populations and transhumanism.

      This is the “light” that Luciferians wish to bring. It is a secular religion without any actual divinity. Hence they make fun of you with the “satanic panic” and distract from the real activities of the NWO which are more appalling than anything from Dante’s Inferno.

      Did you never notice that you can replace Satan with alien lizards and have functionally the same narrative, the same distortion of what is actually happening? All this really does is make the public turn away and conflate conspiracy realism with unproven, indeed unprovable, theories that the Susnteins of this world are seeding and gatekeeping.

      I’m not saying that your Christian mythology is all made up. I’m not saying the alien lizards are all made up. I certainly think so, based on what I know but I would never claim to know the unknowable. However, it should be obvious to everyone that taking the NWO bait will not do any good. The truth should never be a minority position. Reflect on how it became that way and steer clear of the traps.

      • darrell says:

        “The Satanic principle springs from the Gnostic belief that god, i.e. the natural order of things, is evil and that humanity must overcome by any means necessary.”

        You sound like you’re making a statement of fact rather than expressing an opinion or belief, when it is in the fact the latter that you are doing.

        Gnosticism is a man-made belief, a mythology, as are all religions which are not based on the certainty of divine revelation. I’m a traditional Catholic, i.e. not associated with apostate and NWO-subjugated and aligned Rome and the rest of the counterfeit church established after the Catholic Church’s visible structures were taken over, definitively at the 1958 papal conclave, as http://www.whitesmoke1958.com documents. If there is no credible divine revelation, everything beyond the empirically verifiable is just a matter of opinion. The great Oxford scholar John Henry Newman gives an impressive description (and in eloquent prose) of the human condition and what he sees as the best and only intellectually and morally satisfying explanation for it in his intellectual autobiography, Apologia Pro Vita Sua, especially in Chapter 8: “General Answer to Mr Kingsley”:

        • darrell says:

          We live in an age of widespread error, and the ultimate reason for that is original sin. Aside from the supernatural means of grace, there are also natural ways to prevent and remedy ignorance, self-deception, and fallacious reasoning.

          Public opinion holds a great sway over men’s minds. How insignificant the number of those who, having settled principles and sufficient strength of character, can go their own way both in thought and practice. The vast majority prefer to err with the mob. It is much easier.

          The chief reason for error is the imperfection of human nature: the dullness of our intellect and the strength of human passions. We cannot alter the nature of our intellect. But since every error is due to some disordered passion, the solution can only be: A pure and disinterested love of truth, no matter the temporal consequences.


        • LastHumanist says:

          Oh, my.
          Every generation of Catholics has been truer than the other, hasn’t it?
          From “holy satan” Gregory VII and his counter popes and the other great inventions of true faith from the 11th century like crusades and celibacy all the way to the Borgias and the Rothschild owned popes of the modern era.

          Maybe the original sin you really seek is the foundation of this institution of the Catholic church? That is more of a fall of man than the act of simply being born into the human family like generations have been before this cult ever existed.

          Maybe Jesus never wanted Paul to spread the cult to the peoples?
          Sure looks that way to me. Everyone who tells his followers to not listen to anyone else but only to the ultimate truth that he himself is in possession of seems a rather stark contrast to the message associated with Jesus.

          The power structure that was spread “across the world” (Kath holen ten gen, to transcribe the Greek. Calling yourself Catholic literally lays out a globalist agenda) is nothing I would want to associate myself with.

          There was good in this tradition, sure, but the bad has greatly outweighed that good for centuries, if not millennia.

          • darrell says:

            In case readers may be persuaded by what you say in your comment, “the message associated with Jesus” was taught by His apostles, including St Paul, with the authority and inerrancy given to them by the Holy Spirit (the 3rd Person of the Blessed Trinity), first received by them 10 days after Jesus ascended into heaven, as described in Acts 2. They and their successors were never promised to be exempt from sin but exempt from teaching doctrinal or moral error when teaching together in union with the successor of St Peter, the first pope. Gregory VII was a saint and a great pope, the Borgias were not saints but only taught and handed on what they had received. The Crusades were a good and noble endeavor, as was the Inquisition a good and noble institution, about which many lies are told, as are many lies told about Catholic history in general. Such is to be expected by those who reject and oftentimes hate Christ or have come to believe that the “Bible alone” and “faith alone” is sufficient. The papacy was taken over at the 1958 conclave, thus beginning “the Rothschild owned popes of the modern era,” as you put it, or more precisely, “antipopes,” as http://www.whitesmoke1958.com documents. The traditional Catholic Church exists today independent of apostate Rome, the Vatican having been colonized over many years, especially by means of “foot soldiers” in the cause of destroying the Church entering seminaries, and in great numbers after Stalin in the early 1920s ordered all the communist parties around the world to recruit young men to do so. Bella Dodd, involved in the recruiting in the US, gives a good account of the very successful operation in her book, School of Darkness, which is described also in a video on youtube and elsewhere.

            “Catholic” does mean “universal,” but it involves a “globalist agenda” only in a supernatural sense. The Apostles Creed includes the words, “I believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.”

            To see what the apostles taught and handed on to their successors, The Penny Catechism is a good and succinct online source. See also Seven Lies About Catholic History by Diane Moczar. For those with an aptitude for theology and philosophy, the Summa Theologiae of St Thomas Aquinas is unparalleled: http://www.newadvent.org/summa. His greatest student and interpreter, I believe, is Etienne Gilson.

            • LastHumanist says:

              If crusades and inquisitions are your thing, you must be positively delighted these days.

              Or is it only fun when the right pope blesses the hands that carried out the bloody deeds on all who dared being different?

              I have read that history’s primary sources. Your beloved saints perverted the message of love into one of hatred. There is no sugarcoating that.

              It seems you didn’t read the Latin. If you love Thomas so much, you should have at least studied the language he wrote in.

              You would also get to read the actual stuff from the 11th century such as this Liber ad amicum by Bonizo of Sutri with its resounding call for violence:

              “si licuit vel licet christiano pro dogmate armis decertare”

              Then again, you probably need to stay as far away from actual history as possible, lest your worldview be shattered. I’ve made my peace with the fact that people like you will always be around. There will always be groups and individuals to defend atrocities for what they want to be true because it’s helpful to their own agenda.

              I trust any reader to come to his or her own conclusions.

              • darrell says:

                First of all, Bonizo of Sutri is not an authoritative Catholic theologian. Secondly, there is no “resounding call for violence” by asking the question: “si licuit vel licet christiano pro dogmate armis decertare.” If you don’t know that it is not a statement but rather a proposition under consideration, maybe you’re the one needing to study your Latin. I studied Latin and even taught it. The quote presents a question, “Whether it was licit or is licit for a Christian to take up arms for the dogma of the faith.” I haven’t read him. He is of little importance. St Thomas would say it is sometimes licit, and you would strongly disagree because you apparently place no value on religious truth or even think there is any, or place much value on the Christian social and political order of the Middle Ages, about which you apparently have a Judeo-Masonic-Protestant distorted view and apparent hatred of.

                What you call atrocities, someone else will call defense of the Christian social order. You don’t know it, but that Christian social order is the source of almost all that is good in your life. People like you are like a man sick with a fever, lashing out at his physician in his delirium, having internalized the categories, and often the commands of our oppressors.

                You may find some enlightenment in William Thomas Walsh’s books, Isabella of Spain and also The Inquisition. Also E Michael Jones, The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and Its Impact on World History. Try archive.org first. Cheers!

              • LastHumanist says:

                You haven’t read Bonizo and haven’t read the papal letters praising the crusaders for wading in the blood of non-Christians they slaughtered in Jerusalem, either.

                Since you know Latin, you could get started on that and see that the question Bonizo posed he answered later on:


                His answer was yes, by the way. A good Catholic from the 11th century on was free to murder other people.

                Pro “veritate”, pro dogmate.

                I owe more to the spirit of classical antiquity than the dark ages that followed when temples, libraries and academies were raided by the pious new cult.

                It is an indefensible position to align yourself with the Great Reset of Late Antiquity.

                Do you really oppose totalitarianism if you merely wish to replace one persuasion of it with another?

                The neo-feudal society that is being built now is as unjust as its predecessor. Whether the divine order of Crusader Christ or the divine order of Fauci is the lie at the heart of it makes no difference to me.

                Jesus did not go up on that mountain and have a sermon about how you are better off being attacked than attacking others only for the following generations to pervert that message into the opposite.

                Human freedom is more precious to me than any mythology.
                Are you so scared of death that you need us all to pretend Jesus will take you to heaven? Well, nobody knows how that will go.

                Why not be an Epicurean instead and understand that even death as a state of non-existence is not to be feared?
                As long as we are, death is not and when death comes, then we are no more. That is not so scary, is it?

              • nosoapradio says:


                “As long as we are, death is not and when death comes, then we are no more. That is not so scary, is it?”

                “All virtue lies in moderation”

                Is humanism to exist merely for the sake of humanism?

                If the answer to this is “yes”. Then “why”?

                If at the end of a human lifetime a human dies and that’s the end of consciousness (being), then what is the virtue in virtue? To make life more pleasant for yourself and for future generations? To bring the notion of virtue into practical existence? along with Fairness and other human concepts?

                If humans have the notion of virtue and fairness is it because the practice of these concepts make individual and collective life more pleasant, do they enhance survival? Is an epicurean someone who does the utmost to enhance pleasure and survival?

                What about the humans who enjoy immoderation, hurting, killing and unfairness? Is it fair to prevent them from procuring this pleasure for themselves?

                Is virtue a virtue if it is not part of the “DNA” of creation itself?

                What makes humans savour and wonder at beauty (gazing at stars, flowers, other humans?) Is this merely a trait acquired from natural selection, in other words, that doing so has enhanced survival among the species?

                Were the forces that brought pleasure into existence virtuous? Are animals virtuous? My kittens do not hurt each other when they’re playing or stop hurting each other when one squeals.

                (I’m basing my questioning here on the assumption (presumption) that the “death” you are referring to is the death of the human body at the end of a human lifetime.)

              • nosoapradio says:



                Bear with me please, I’m really not trying to make you laugh. Perhaps I’m trying to be a double agent by acting as the devil’s advocate… or some such thing…

                Is Humanism the concept of trying to bring the Human into existence out of an animal kingdom through the practice of certain ideals?

              • LastHumanist says:

                Virtue is its own reward.
                We plant a tree now so that posterity may someday harvest it. That is fun for everyone involved.

                Imagine traveling through the hills of Asia Minor (Turkey, these days) and finding fragments of a monument strewn about that used to be at the center of a town whose inhabitants are long gone and even their coffins have been ground to chalk by the migrants that resettled the place.

                On those fragments, there’s an inscription with a message to posterity. However, it’s not some anti-human drivel like the Georgia Guidestones. Instead, it’s a warm and loving embrace that reminds us that we are connected to those who came before us, those who are with us now and those who will come after us.

                It’s not self-deception and Hopium but an honest account of what we can and cannot know. It’s an offer to us to improve on it and improve ourselves in the process. Sublimation is the greatest of all pleasures.


              • LastHumanist says:

                All answers I could give you to your questions, Οἰνόανδα has already given us.

                “But, as I have said before, the majority of people suffer from a common disease, as in a plague, with their false notions about things, and their number is increasing (for in mutual emulation they catch the disease from one another, like sheep) moreover, [it is] right to help [also] generations to come (for they too belong to us, though they are still unborn) and, besides, love of humanity prompts us to aid also the foreigners who come here. Now, since the remedies of the inscription reach a larger number of people, I wished to use this stoa to advertise publicly the [medicines] that bring salvation. These medicines we have put [fully] to the test; for we have dispelled the fears [that grip] us without justification, and, as for pains, those that are groundless we have completely excised, while those that are natural we have reduced to an absolute minimum, making their magnitude minute.”

                “[So it is obvious that wrong-doers, given that they do not fear the penalties imposed by the laws, are not] afraid of [the gods.] This [has to be] conceded. For if they were [afraid, they] would not [do wrong]. As for [all] the others, [it is my opinion] that the [wise] are not [(reasoning indicates) righteous] on account of the gods, but on account of [thinking] correctly and the [opinions] they hold [regarding] certain things [and especially] pains and death (for indeed invariably and without exception human beings do wrong either on account of fear or on account of pleasures), and that ordinary people on the other hand are righteous, in so far as they are righteous, on account of the laws and the penalties, imposed by the laws, hanging over them. But even if some of their number are conscientious on account of the laws, they are few: only just two or three individuals are to be found among great segments of multitudes, and not even these are steadfast in acting righteously; for they are not soundly persuaded about providence. A clear indication of the complete inability of the gods to prevent wrong-doings is provided by the nations of the Jews and Egyptians, who, as well as being the most superstitious of all peoples, are the vilest of all peoples.On account of what kind of gods, then, will human beings be righteous? For they are not righteous on account of the real ones or on account of Plato’s and Socrates’ Judges in Hades. We are left with this conclusion; otherwise, why should not those who disregard the laws scorn fables much more?”

              • LastHumanist says:

                “So, with regard to righteousness, neither does our doctrine do harm [not does] the opposite [doctrine help], while, with regard to the other condition, the opposite doctrine not only does not help, but on the contrary also does harm, whereas our doctrine not only does not harm, but also helps. For the one removes disturbances, while the other adds them, as has already been made clear to you before.”

                “The sum of happiness consists in our disposition, of which we are master. Military service is dangerous and one is subordinate to others. Public speaking is full of agitation and nervousness as to whether one can convince. Why then do we pursue an occupation like this, which is under control of others?”

                “Nothing is so conductive to contentment as not being occupied with much business, not tackling distasteful matters, and not being forced at all beyond one’s own capability. For all these things provoke disturbances in our nature.”

                “[Death is nothing to us; for our soul, as soon as we reach the immovable] and [firm boundaries], which [are the limit] of natural [life, is dissolved]. … [both to you and] to those who [will come] after you … reason … inasmuch as [you will be persuaded that it] is ………. with feeling and continual exercise of virtues. For the means of salvation is there. It is in case you have not yet [attained any] knowledge of these matters that we turned so many letters to stone for you.”

              • nosoapradio says:


                That was a true gift that I am currently assimilating and ruminating on.

                So thanks for your time and effort.


  49. Hare says:

    So happy to finally be able to support. Thank you James for everything you do.

    These open threads are just getting better and better. Thanks for sharing everyone.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Glad that you are on the comment boards. I’m sure I speak for all of us here with a “Welcome!”.

      • LastHumanist says:

        Welcome! +1

        If everyone took action today, this would all be over tomorrow.
        Enough steps in the right direction by enough people will surely turn this around.

        It’s only a matter of time, considering the self-destructive nature of totalitarian systems and ,more broadly, the atrophic nature of systems in general.

        So, welcome everyone! Good to be on the right side of history ~~~

  50. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    Today morning, lying awake in bed (alas, as opposed to HomeRemedySupplies, I do need sleep from time to time ;), I was pondering a question which puzzles me endlessly. The question came up (again) when viewing this ‘new bombshell video’ of late which is practically a confession (look for the keyword ‘bombshell’ in this thread for the link).
    The question is simple on the first look: Why do such unleaked(!) documents exist? I mean, they knew it was filmed right? Ergo: they want it to become public. It was the same with the PNAC paper (unleaked!). It is as if they actually do want some portion of the people to be ‘in on it’. The big question is: WHY?!
    Came to some not so convincing results, am interested in yours…

    • Hare says:

      Concerning this particular “bombshell” perhaps:

      – Fauci did not know his plan would pan out.

      – Fauci is a stupid egotistical pawn and gets lost in the moment easily.

      – it is as Truman said, I am not sure of exact quote but, “If you can’t control them, confuse them”.

      I do not have a definite answer but I do wonder about the reasons behind some of these “leaks”.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That would be a very good Question For Corbett.

      Heck if I know regarding that aspect.
      I think it would be an important topic to explore.

      Here is the link to
      “BOMBSHELL: Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine”…. “

      😉 ha!…I do sleep and really love an afternoon nap if it works…
      …but like you:
      there are those times just prior to rising or when in the shower that the mental juices flow well.

      • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

        I’d love for Corbett to share his mind with us over this specific topic. Is there some ‘official way’ how to hand in such a ‘QFC’ aka question for Corbett?

        Also: I am relieved to hear that you are still in the possession of the habit to get some sleep at times… I was worried there for a moment 😉

    • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

      Possible answers of mine so far, most convincing to the least (IMHO):

      -Power needs an anti-power. What is the point of surveillance and control if there is no dissent and no war? The military, the police, the agencies and probably many other quite profitable branches of businesses would ultimately become obsolete after a long period of starvation.
      -The crisis is paramount: in order for the media and the narrative to work, they need to agitate people, as dissent is a constituent part of the staged crisis (kind of connected to the first point on this list).
      -They want a religious war just for the kick of it and because they are bored (see Huizinga: everything is play for them, even war).
      -This is another carefully constructed narrative, this time tailored for the investigative minds to make them think that those are the real villains (but who would fall for that? On the other hand, Fauci certainly succeeds in drawing some heat…).
      -The evil imperator thing is actually just a humanitarian and philanthropic role they play to accelerate scientific progress in absence of a real villain (quite warped, rather unlikely thinking of all the collateral damage).
      -It is the normal chaos. They just mean well and do their best even though it sometimes goes horribly wrong.
      -They are plain stupid (kind of connected to the point above).

      • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

        Still, even the top answers seem kind of lacking to me. Also, it brings up one serious problem:
        If the most convincing answer on top really is the case, then we are majorly f****d. Because we are damned if we do and damned if we don’t.
        Then they do not really care about us demonstrating on the streets. We even play into their hands doing it. They will always try and often succeed to escalate the situation. Only one abandoning the power game in the most complete fashion would avoid being part of it.

        • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

          I guess Corbett has already alluded to this “damned if we do, damned if we don’t” situation. Perhaps this is why he reacted by pushing the solutions watch videos.

          • hugo.c says:

            “Possible answers of mine so far, most convincing to the least (IMHO):

            -Power needs an anti-power.”

            Engineered, may I calmly suggest that you do your best to construct your text/argument.

            I “fly off the handle” now and then, but try to at least proof read my comments. Yes, I fail now and then, but I try to ensure that they can be read, and make sense.

            I presume that you are aware that “we” have funded adversaries, various military intelligence groups from the west to the east.

            Making clear points is what they do NOT do. Thus, making clear points is what we CAN do to preserve clarity in this space.

            What does “power needs anti-power” mean? Its a nice line, but it needs to leads to a conclusion.

            You move to:

            “What is the point of surveillance and control if there is no dissent and no war?”

            Are you advocating war? What is the point of repressing civil liberties (as controlled by the government) if the repression doesn’t lead to civil war? WTF?

            “The evil imperator thing is actually just a humanitarian and philanthropic role they play to accelerate scientific progress in absence of a real villain (quite warped, rather unlikely thinking of all the collateral damage)”.


            You are wandering deeply into the territory of “scientific” articles published in very dubious journals that have been acknowledged as machine generated.

            • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

              I am sorry but I’d like to keep my writing as short and concise as possible because the attention span tends to get shorter and shorter with each generation. I just adapt to that phenomenon. However, if you do not understand simple and basic concepts such as ‘power needs an anti-power’, because it is not dressed in words that you have already read somewhere and supposedly understood, it might be you that is in the wrong place here. I mean, how can you understand what a ‘false flag’ operation is, if you do not understand such simple concepts which do for this very reason not need any references? Maybe you’d prefer a picture book?

              Honestly, I am at a loss what I did to rub your ego the wrong way. Why are you antagonizing me out of the blue? Am I encroaching your turf somehow? I can give you the same bit of advice that you just gave someone else here in this very thread: “If you don’t like it, do not read it.”

          • hugo.c says:

            “Guess” all you want. Around here, we look for references.

            • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

              Oh, you are one of those who clearly understand what ‘people around here’ want. What a feat. Good to know that you are past ‘guessing’. Then you must be a ‘knower’ right?
              I am sorry but facing arrogance and self-conceit, my temper usually gets the better of me. Have you ever considered the possibility that you are not the one universal point of reference for what is understandable, clear and true? Have you ever considered the possibility that maybe somebody else than you actually does get the gist of what I am writing? Do you think of anybody else than yourself? If you do not understand, you just do not, that is not the end of the world. At least not for me. Just go wherever you think ‘clarity’ resides. I bet you are one of those who bash everybody using the word ‘god’ just because it lacks clarity and reference.

              Understanding is a process that has no end. Never think you have actually arrived or you will inevitably stop growing.

              • hugo.c says:

                I apologize for the personal nature of my comments.

              • EngineeredPhilosopher says:

                Apology accepted. My advice is that next time, just write what you do not understand and why, if possible, without the addition of ‘because of what you write is gobbledygook’. Because this way someone might actually feel compelled to take the effort to try to spell out what he means.

  51. coronahoax says:

    Hello, does anyone know how to unsubscribe from Corbett report?

  52. Mitchell J. says:

    Back in 2013 there was a movie made, you most likely never heard of it. It was a very dangerous movie. It was animated, and was titled: “Silver Circle” (you can find it on IMDB, even a clip)

    The plot summary
    At the center of corruption is the Federal Reserve, who has gained enormous amounts of control over America’s economy, with disastrous effects beginning to show. Standing opposite, is the band of Rebels, who have vowed to take back the freedom they once knew…and they won’t go down without a fight. Monetary mayhem. Explosions. Romance. Silver Circle plans to take liberty film-making to a whole other level.

    It was about people tired of being controlled by the “system”. So they started using silver coins, and making them themselves. They started an underground economy outside the system. Anonymous transactions, food, drugs, medicine, services, and goods of any kind.

    So what happened to the movie? Search for it, you won’t find it. They completed it, and it was taken down by the real puppet masters. Before it was ever seen. Way too dangerous an idea.

    Mitch – http://crn.hopto.org/

  53. wolfgang says:

    Very interesting item: the former president of the Vatican Bank basically comes to the same conclusions as many people around here as to what the Covid smokescreen is used for (although he sees it as a good thing it seems, as a “correction”, which is horrendous, of course):
    Covid is a vehicle for the Great Reset and ultimately ties into population reduction:
    Some background to important players like good ol’ Henry Kissinger can be heard in Corbett’s “unauthorized biography of David Rockefeller”, which I recently revisited:

  54. ClintTorrez says:

    James here’s a heads up on the Palantir deal to deliver the DCGS(Distributed Common Ground Solution) for the US military.

    “Palantir now says that it has been selected to provide “the data fabric and analytics foundation” for the program.”
    This is huge given that Palantir has been well positioned and notorious data aggregator in the public sector, putting it mildly. This is another huge Silicon Valley /military merger blurring the lines between the two and bringing full circle the DARPA funding to seed tech behemoths.


  55. John Blaid says:

    There is still no evidence for the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 “virus”.

    “As of October 7, 2021: 116 institutions and offices in well over 20 countries have responded thus far, as well as some “SARS-COV-2 isolation” study authors, and none have provided or cited any record describing actual “SARS-COV-2” isolation/purification.

    Numerous institutions have also made it explicitly clear that isolation/purification is simply never done in virology, and that “isolation” in virology means the exact opposite of what it means in everyday English. This is also evidenced in every “virus isolation” paper we have ever seen, for any alleged “virus”.”

    In this article I present information that refutes the existence of the SARS-CoV-2 “virus” but it also include information that challenge all alleged “viruses”. I don’t expect people to go through it all because this has taken me over a year to research. I will continue to update this article as my research continues so I would recommend people to bookmark it.

  56. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “The system is lying to you
    Don’t believe a word they say
    This life is a battle from the moment of birth until the grave
    So rise up now”

    WATCH the 3 minute Music Video here…

    • LastHumanist says:

      The system is built on a paradigm of political economy.
      How much does a tyrant need to spend to control the masses?

      Less and less, unfortunately. It has become utterly cheap for the state -for this system- to control and manipulate and should it succeed in training AI replacements then it will proceed to murder the masses like never before and achieve that golden bottom line of political economy.

      When all dissent turns silent, the real monsters come out to play.

  57. 8Gc58 says:

    The networks that created the pandemic

    A few days ago a video was published on YouTube about the networks behind the pandemic. Since I am now receiving a lot of emails about this, I will share here that (and what exactly) I have known about this for months and that we are already working on a book about it.

    On 22 September, a video was uploaded to the YouTube channel Langemann-Medien that is currently causing a furore and has already been viewed 170,000 times in two days as I write these lines. The video is about a 169-page document that shows the networks of NGOs, corporations, universities, government agencies and international organisations involved with Covid-19. The document was produced by an IT specialist who wishes to remain anonymous, which is why I will refer to him simplistically as “Mr. X” in this article.

    In the video, Mr. X explains how the different organisations are interconnected and work together towards a common goal. Most importantly, he follows the money trail and shows who paid whom how much money and when.

    Since I have received many emails since the release of the video with references to the video and the document, I will tell here for the first time that I have known Mr. X and his work and especially the findings from it for several months. I will tell here how we met and what we are working on together (honestly, so far mostly he is working, my part of the work is still to come). And I will explain what he does, how his work is structured and then I will use a recent example to show how explosive the information is that we already have.

    So you should have the patience to read this article attentively to the end, even though it is quite long – I promise it is worth it!

    I recommend that you read this article first for a better understanding, which is why I link the video only at the end of the article. Watch it afterwards and you will see why this order makes sense.




  58. HomeRemedySupply says:


    Via “The Washington Examiner” YouTube Channel
    October 8, 2021
    Google’s Climate Crackdown: A conversation with Marc Morano
    (11 minutes)
    Google and YouTube announced this week that beginning next month its advertisers and publishers will be prohibited from monetizing content that contradicts “scientific consensus around the existence and causes of climate change.” In this interview, ClimateDepot.com founder Marc Morano tells Doug McKelway, the tactic is another step that big tech and its progressive allies have borrowed from the People’s Republic of China to stifle dissent.

    Taken from “The Washington Examiner” article via Yahoo News
    October 10, 2021
    California law bans small off-road gas engines, including lawnmowers and chainsaws
    ~~WWW yahoo.com/news/california-law-bans-small-off-174600432.html

  59. westerncivic says:

    The timing of this tho… slow government response, you say? 🤔

    Oil spill in Orange County.

    I wonder if we’ll ever get to see the real analysis of this length of pipe. Of course just in time for the massive anti-fossil fuel protest in DC this week (to which a few AYVs are going in support, but fully armed with knowledge of pending #AutomatedFascism).


  60. J.P. Wheeler says:

    I was thinking about this the other day, where did modern day “woke culture” come from? The more I thought about it, I can’t trace it back to any one source. Obviously governments have policed language throughout history, but where did this modern day social justice warrior, woke cancel culture garbage come from? If I remember correctly it started springing up around 2013 or ‘14, governments, corporations, universities, Hollywood, and the MSM enforcing it. But who gave out the order to start pushing this crap? I did some reading, may have something to do with the Frankfurt school. I don’t know, just some word salad for the October Open thread, and very little time to hash it out 😁

    Have an awesome day, cheers!!!

    • LastHumanist says:

      It’s a long story, really. On the surface, the keen observer would perceive “wokeness” as it presents itself today as a war on reality itself. Digging deeper, it becomes evident that after WW2 the sinister forces of imperialism gradually shifted towards a more covert approach of exterminating the “useless eaters”, to put it in a Malthusian way.

      Society became more aware of human suffering and thus less divided. Racism was no longer a majority opinion after witnessing the abyss of our shared humanity. The minorities were therefore built up to become vessels of their own and society’s destruction through “wokeness”. It starts by coopting popular movements for human rights and ends with the oxymoronic “no tolerance for intolerance” and “critical race theory” which is the return of racism under a new label.

      Ultimately, “wokeness” is not that new at all. It is simply the newest guise that a majority will deploy to act out the most vile deeds humans are capable of.

  61. J.P. Wheeler says:

    Oh, one more! This is a question for the Corbett Report audience. Why do you think they’re pushing this vaccination so hard? Infertility for example? Fill in the blank. There is no right or wrong answer, it’s your opinion.

    Thank you, I’ll be interested to see what people think!?

    • Fact Checker says:

      The injections are a hydrogel platform for the delivery of biotechnology that will progressively enable an inseverable link between every surviving human body and the 5-/6G EMF field that bathes the plant Earth. This is alternately called the “Spatial Web” or the “Internet of Nano-Bio Things.” Once all humans are linked to the spatial web, and monitored down to the mitochondrial level, the Sentient World Simulation will be perfectly synchronized to the meat-space realm of material reality. Then, the Machine can begin to operate its meat-puppet bio-slaves directly by manipulating their bodies by configuring the hydrogel that will suffuse them. At that point, all the bio-slaves will be merely organic components–like cells–in the Cyb-Org meta-body of the true form the the Beast Machine. At the center will be the Deep Mind AI, with all the damned, soulless bio-slaves to act as Its eyes, ears, and hands (with opposable thumbs!) in a grisly Hell that makes mechanized farming look like a bucolic pasture.

      • LastHumanist says:

        That is agenda, not working technology.
        The singularity might never happen because scientific materialism is not the be all, end all to explain the universe.

        Maybe Klaus Schwab will simply be sitting on a mountain of corpses and sent to jail instead of becoming a cyborg overlord.

        There are advanced technologies we don’t know of, sure.
        However, looking at the utter mess in AI research, CRISPR gene editing and most other futurist talking points, I am not very confident in the feasibility of all this.

        • Fact Checker says:

          The Singularity does not need to “explain the universe.” In fact, an interesting point made by (slimy) Tristan Harris in The Social Dilemma is that AI doesn’t need to surpass humanity’s greatest strengths in order to dominate humans. All it needs to do is exceed and exploit humanity’s weaknesses.

          That is already a fait accompli. It really doesn’t matter whether the AI has solved the binding problem (achieving unitary consciousness, as opposed to manifold independent, parallel algorithms and routines), or “self-awareness” (a very wooly concept that really isn’t meaningfully important to AI at all). All that matters is that the Machine is able to predict aggregate responses to stimuli by the Herd, and to generate those stimuli to the Herd. Both are in the bag.

          • LastHumanist says:

            Are they, though? Humans are not cattle but superorganisms that are neither fully understood nor completely predictable, even with aggregated data.

            “Garbage in, garbage out” has been true for all the algos, databases and AI projects. Human intelligence is much more complex and adaptable than anything I have seen replicated in silico. All in all, these AI projects are as dysfunctional as the lazy tyrants that wish to use them to have an easy time controlling the whole world.

            Stanford people like Harris successfully exploit the weakness of such tyrants but ultimately do not pursue scientific truth.

            I am not saying that AI is impossible. I am saying it is impossible under the paradigm that it has been attempted under.

            • Fact Checker says:

              “Humans are not cattle but superorganisms that are neither fully understood nor completely predictable…”

              I see you don’t have much interest in current events…

              • LastHumanist says:

                What, you became a “hackable animal” because Harari said so?

                Mass psychosis does not change the fundamental nature of man, either. Have recent events not given you incentive to research the human microbiome and the limits of our understanding thereof?

                Can you actually falsify my statement that humans are superorganisms that are neither fully understood nor completely predictable?

              • Fact Checker says:

                What is a “superorganism”? A human is an organism, just like any other.

                “Mass psychosis does not change the fundamental nature of man.”

                Mass psychosis IS the fundamental nature of man.

              • LastHumanist says:

                When grouping up together, humans can achieve what individuals could not by themselves.

                Similarly, the human body only functions through symbiosis with myriad microbes. Humans are therefore superorganisms. If you remain indoctrinated by germ theory’s axioms then you must find that icky.

                However, the evidence does not support your negative image of humanity.

                The first lesson from immunology is that the makeup of every human immune system is unique.

                It is shaped by our environment, shaped by our own actions and by the microbes that live symbiotically inside of us.

                Cooperation, rather than competition, is the natural foundation of our biology. That does not mean that there is no competition and that there are no dangerous microbes, of course.

                It simply means, among other things, that you cannot possibly pfizer people into transhumanism.

                There are valid questions to be raised about the “virus isolates” ,what really made people sick during the “spanish flu pandemic” and why animals in a fully sterile environment die.

                But a more simple question to start with is why there are well-documented placebo and nocebo effects if the axiom of allopathic medicine and scientific materialism in general were actually true.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Cows have a microbiome, too.

                Yet humans have been able to predict and manipulate bovine behavior with ample precision to keep cows in inescapable slavery for many more generations than humans have even been aware of the concept of a “microbiome”. With ease. This is because the microbiome is of marginal consequence, at most, to the nervous-system-determined behavior of the beasts.

                “the makeup of every human immune system is…shaped by our environment, shaped by our own actions and by the microbes that live symbiotically inside of us.”

                Yes, just like cows. But a rancher doesn’t need to give a fleeting flugelhorn about any of that, in order to succeed in his application of basic husbandry principles. This is because cows all act the same in the aggregate, notwithstanding trivial in-herd biodiversity. Any inconveniences posed by in-herd biodiversity is strictly a technical issue that can easily be solved by culling the outliers, as a final resort. The first resort would be…you guessed it: forced medication. Also, why do you think the WEF wants to homogenize human diet worldwide with standardized, lab-grown “food”? Think real hard. Again, this ain’t rocket science. It’s primate husbandry.

                The divide between humans and the Intelligence that is currently corralling and domesticating us is even greater than the divide between humans and cattle. That Intelligence doesn’t need to know “everything” in order to perfect the principles of primate husbandry.

                You need to stop thinking in anthropocentric terms, because at this point, man is neither at the pinnacle nor the center of the processes presently playing out on Earth. Man is now livestock.

              • LastHumanist says:

                I strongly disagree with everything you said.
                Sentience is simply not a trait found in any other creature on this planet and industrial farming has been rather detrimental to all of the animals and plants involved.
                Life cannot be explained in a purely technocratic and mathematical way. There is much more to it than any of us can ever know.

                The further you stray from nature, the more corrupt you become. The more artificial a system is, the easier it breaks. These are the patterns observed throughout history.

                You are simply regurgitating WEF talking points and stating them as facts. It’s all rather unconvincing.

                Besides, no human can even have a non-anthropocentric perspective on anything.

                We are and will only ever be human. A painting of a pipe is not a pipe and a Klaus Schwab copied and uploaded to the cloud is not a Klaus Schwab.

                You could have saved us all some time here by simply answering my initial question whether you thought you became a hackable animal because Harari said so with yes.

                In a world of the strong doing what they can and the weak suffering what they must, all life is bred into derangement and distortion. The more you harm the cows, the more you end up harming yourself, too.

              • Fact Checker says:

                “I strongly disagree with everything you said.”

                You can agree or disagree. I’m just telling it like it is.

                “Sentience is simply not a trait found in any other creature”

                More anthropocentric chauvinism. No empirical basis. Humans’ nervous-system specifications are only quantitatively different than a cow’s–not qualitatively. Refusal to appreciate that is mere intellectual petulance.

                “industrial farming has been rather detrimental to all of the animals and plants involved.

                Did I suggest otherwise? Of course it has been detrimental to them, just like the lockdowns and forced injections are detrimental to humanity. Yet, it all persists. (One might say that the Herd of Humanity is getting a taste of its own medicine, but that sounds too much like “justice“. There is no justice. Only physical and economic laws that always impel events toward mirror-image outcomes.)

                “Life cannot be explained in a purely technocratic and mathematical way. There is much more to it than any of us can ever know.”

                Humans don’t know shit. But even they can manage cattle with ease, and still have enough free time to ride dirtbikes and watch pornography and hour upon hour of senseless television. By the same token, humans can be easily managed as well, notwithstanding imperfect knowledge on the part of their handlers. The Masai tribe of Africa has herded cattle for innumerable generations, despite knowing nothing of microbiomes, macroeconomics, or microprocessors. Such gaps in knowledge, that you might consider vast, are immaterial to their ability to dominate hoofed mammals as a matter of course.

                “The further you stray from nature, the more corrupt you become.”

                Everything is nature. Every phenomenon and noumenon arises from the mindless Will of the Cosmos, and will eventually disappear back into that Will.

                “The more artificial a system is, the easier it breaks. These are the patterns observed throughout history.”

                Nah. History has always just been “one damn thing after another.”

                “You are simply regurgitating WEF talking points and stating them as facts.”

                REALLY? I call shenanigans. Sure, I can see the parallels with Harari’s (approving) assessment of matters, but I do not approve, defend, or advocate any of this. I am merely making objective observations.

                “Besides, no human can even have a non-anthropocentric perspective on anything.”

                You’re just empirically erroneous. I would surmise that at least a bare majority of people on this planet have a theocentric worldview. Most materialist progressives have an ecocentric worldview. The secret societies and Mystery Babylon cult that have driven world events espouse all manner and varieties of Lucifer-centric, extraterrestrial-centric, and techno-centric worldviews.

                “We are and will only ever be human.”

                Semantics. “We” will be…until “we” aren’t. What about all the GMO mudbloods who have accepted the Injections? Human or not? What about the wire-heads who have modified their central nervous system architecture? Human or not? The Herd of Humanity will, one way or another, be transformed into something else, like it or not.

                [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

        • wolfgang says:

          I agree – this is not working technology. Parts of what you mentioned (although I don’t think anywhere nearly precise and sophisticated enough atm) might however be the fabric of the wet dreams of those technocratic NWO psychopaths.

          In my opinion the vaccination pressure is a trial balloon for (1) testing popular compliance through mass media propaganda and social engineering methods and for (2) creating a precedent for a broad gene engineering utilization (which has up until now been subject to very stringent case-by-case medical expert supervision and permission – e.g. as the last resort cancer therapy), which paves the way for the technocratic and transhumanist reinvention of our species (or eventually enables the cladogenesis of their immortalized “master race” after perfecting the tools). (3) Also, they are the vehicle of choice for the broad rollout of personalized digital certification (CBDC as the next agenda point), which takes a big step towards technocratic mass population control. And don’t forget: (4) It is just a simple means for making big bucks for some big pharma managers and their investors – which have a firm lobbying-grip on politicians and decision makers (remember the interlocking wheels within wheels/circles within circles concept, working towards an overlapping outcome from partially different motivations: some “old school” people trying to make money, coming toghether in a pragmatic way with the WEF people trying to redesign and reshape the whole planet). Etc. etc.

          In my opinion this particular shot(s) is (are) PROBABLY not the injection to depopulate the earth in a major way. I think they tried to make a decent (more or less effective) vaccination with a new technology, which turned out to have major side effects (many of which are still unknown in extent and quality). However: Why would they be so eager to slaughter us now if they can manipulate the majority of people to believe all the bullshit of the last >1.5 years. Everyone will be happy to receive whatever shots come next: useless vaccinations, medications, microchips, sensors, body-modifications, sterilization or death injections… just by swallowing their cheap psychological warfare spewings, nudging and incrementalism.

          • wolfgang says:

            P.S. and if you wonder why are all the puppets (like Drosten, Ferguson, Fauci) and politicians all over the world are going along with it? Blackmail, extortion, corruption and greed, incentivisation, stupidity and blindness, ideology, personal trauma and revenge, sadism, masochism, combinations of those and more…

            • LastHumanist says:

              Did you tune in to the 100th episode of the Drosten Podcast?
              Drosten says he successfully “informed” the public. I am sure Bill and Melinda were very pleased indeed.

    • LastHumanist says:

      An agenda like this only comes together because it’s a little bit of everything.
      A “free for all” with depopulation and eugenics, sure, but much more than that.

      The upcoming control grid needs this push. The transhumanist agenda needs it for another shot at usurping creation. The Banksters need it to preserve the chokehold the money power has on the world.

      Every jab is another step towards the NWO. The conclusion and grand endgame of a conspiracy at least a century in the making. Generations of anti human psychos have come and gone to enable this. It’s a hill for many factions to die on.

      Do or die for Big Pharma, too. Either they can make the mRNA and whatever else they are actually injecting platform they forced millions on work or it’s game over.

      Vested interests aligned. Interests that men, women and children were murdered over. It’s NWO total tyranny or bust by 2030. Blue beams to the wall.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think one of the reasons is testing new technology on a large sample size. I think these slimy critters want to develop some life extension technology and want to see what issues might come up. Maybe also conditioning the public to accept weird untested technology for manufactured crises.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I’m sure immortality and physical beauty are one of the things the “elites” want that so far are not attainable despite all the wealth and power they have. Everybody dies, even them. Everyone’s youth and strength eventually fades with time.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      J.P. Wheeler says:
      This is a question for the Corbett Report audience. Why do you think they’re pushing this vaccination so hard?

      That’s a very good question.
      I look forward to hearing people’s feedback. Perhaps Corbett will also discuss this.
      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

      As for me, here are a few “motive” aspects…

      For many people, vaccines are a religion and these people are the zealot priest class.
      October 2019 – Discussing vaccine marketing:
      “Do we need lots of people to die for that sense of urgency to occur?”
      “I think it is also because we haven’t had a sense of urgency.”
      “It’s time to stop talking, and it’s time to act.”

      …and how FEAR can be used to push the agenda.
      From ” Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine””

      In addition, I think that “They” realize that the Covid vaccine’s magic wanes in about 6 months. Also, “They” probably recognize that the vaccines can have long-term and short-term adverse health affects.
      “They” need to push this thing as much as they can before the luster wears off.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Why do you think they’re pushing this vaccination so hard?

        What’s the purpose of any free sample?
        To attract a loyal customer base. To transform unwary testers into addicts if possible.

        Also as an injection precedent. Now no one can say they have bodily autonomy. People can be shot up, injected, implanted with anything now. As with facial recognition, the ethical question’s been bypassed and rendered obsolete. “Well we did it for Covid so… why not for this quantum dot tattoo? This profusa blood lab for medical teleconsultations? This contraceptive nano-capsule injected into newborn babies’ feet. If it’s for the collective good, what’s the problem?”

        The frog’s being boiled.

        • cu.h.j says:


          I think you may be right, excellent points.

          • nosoapradio says:

            Hey cu.h.j!

            When one of the first things Macron did when he became Jupiter, I mean president, was mandate more childhood vaccinesit was pretty clear something was up (besides big pharma profits):

            On 4 December 2017, French parliamentarians passed a law extending the vaccination mandates for children up to 2 years of age from three vaccinations (against diphtheria, tetanus and poliomyelitis) to 11 by adding vaccinations against pertussis, Haemophilus influenza b (Hib), hepatitis B, pneumococcal diseases, meningococcal C diseases, measles, mumps and rubella. This vote follows a recommendation made by the Steering Committee of the Citizen Consultation on Vaccination that took place in 2016. The law applies to all children born after 1 January 2018. Parents who do not fulfil the mandate will not be fined but non-vaccinated children will not be admitted to any collective child services such as nurseries or schools. No exemption other than for medical reasons will be considered.


            • LastHumanist says:

              The link between the MMR shots and autism, especially in male black children, and the link between Hepatitis B jabs and SIDS alongside the decline of mortality from measles and other such diseases before “vaccinations” ever started suggest that eugenics and human experimentation were always the goal of these campaigns.
              The immediate financial benefit to Big Rockefeller Pharma from creating sick children is obvious, too.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Now no one can say they have bodily autonomy.


      • cu.h.j says:

        I would love to hear JC’s analysis as to why they are pushing the injections so hard, like wanting every man, woman and child to receive it. This would be a good question for Corbett.

        We can speculate about it, but I don’t know exactly why. So far, people are getting sick from the injection, but not “dropping like flies”. In the US flu season is just beginning, so we’ll see if antibody dependent enhancement is occurring, or rather I will see it first hand because I’ll be working in the ER. But we might not know what consequences the gene therapy are having on health for some time.

        People have speculated about the 5g/EMF activation of the possible material in the injections. But, what does the science show about 5g/EMFs and how would that affect the material in the injection.

        I watched one of Rob Braxman’s videos on 5g, and according to him, 5g may be harmful but the data is not sufficient to form definitive conclusions. I’m sorry for the youtube link but couldn’t find this on another platform:


        I just don’t think we have the data to say that 5g will be used to remote control people with the material in the injections, or that it’s going to beam thoughts into people’s minds. Does that tech really exist? I can’t imagine the scientific mechanism by which that would occur.

        This is similar to the magnetic arms after the jab. My hunch is that this is not present in everyone who gets the jab, or that these videos were fake and there was some kind of glue or magnet used.

        Maybe it’s conditioning to accept more intrusive technologies so that humanity willingly goes along with trans-humanism. I just don’t know.

        I would love to hear from trustworthy scientists who can back up their claims with research and data to shed light on these speculations. 5g seems to be an intrusion into privacy that is very dangerous, but I’m not convinced it will turn us into obedient robots. When I say us, I mean people who are free thinkers and aren’t highly suggestible.

        • Fact Checker says:

          You can’t rely on James Corbett to serve up a narrative on every issue. The fact is, Corbett is not particularly interested in the vaxx issue, or blockchain, or the digital-twinning agenda. Sometimes, you have to look at other sources. Alison McDowell is the one following this issue. Her stuff is always just as well sourced as Corbett’s, even if it is always poorly organized compared to the masterful structure Corbett always brings to bear on his topics.


          Actually, to be fair, as a matter of raw sourcing, I would say McDowell’s stuff tends to be better sourced than Corbett’s, because she is far more focussed and drills far more deeply into primary source materials. Corbett’s “cone-of-attention” is vast-and-moderately-deep, whereas McDowell’s is more narrow-and-penetrating-down-to-the-core. Meanwhile, McDowell has only marginal composition and organizational chops. But as with everything in life, you’ve got to take the good with the bad. And man does not live on Corbett Report alone.

          Stop being a consumer, and start being an explorer.

        • Fact Checker says:

          Another note on the Corbett/McDowell divide, c u h j:

          Corbett is, by temperament, method, and ethic, a historian. He is scrupulous and fastidious in “showing his work” to an extreme degree. (I might say “to a fault,” but my point is not to criticize him here, but only to draw a distinction.) Corbett bends over backward to avoid drawing any criticisms of “speculation” or “conjecture.” Therefore, you’re never going to get a systematic speculative presentation from Corbett on this, or any other, issue. That’s just not his shtick. It’s not what he does, so if you’re waiting for an in-depth “Vision of Tomorrow!” from him, you’re going to be waiting until long after you have already been transformed into a mind-wiped bio-slave by the Machine. (I mean, seriously, his latest major work was like a million-man-hour examination of the minutiae of “Al Qaeda” starting from the fucking Balfour Declaration, which he toiled over even as the governments of the world are enslaving the people with forced mutagenic injections! One recalls the line from Jurassic Park: “You’ll never get him outta Montana! He’s like me: a digger.”)

          McDowell, on the other hand, by temperament, method, and ethic, is a futurist. She has an immense power to imaginatively assimilate primary source materials into a rich and coherent predictive framework. She has been proven astonishingly perceptive in her foresight, since her intuition has propelled her research with laser-like purpose to the discovery of abundant documentation of everything she intuited from long, long ago, and it has led her so deep into the Agenda that one almost feels he can “see the other side” when engaging with her findings.

  62. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 8, 2021 – Video
    Dr. Botha Finds Foreign Particles, Black Matter and Particles Moving Mechanically in Vaxxed Blood
    (14 minutes)

    Dr. Zandré Botha (South Africa) walks a person through blood images, from unhealthy to healthy to post-vaccinated. She also walks a person through microscopic images of vaccine vial samples (Pfizer and J&J).
    It was an excellent, understandable presentation.

    Dr Botha is not a medical Doctor but an academic Doctor (Ph.D Alt. Med). Her qualification is recognized in 194 countries including America and Europe but not in South Africa. Dr Botha does not diagnose or treat any illness but supports health through complementary medicine, lifestyle management.

    (H/t to Jerry S.)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Here is the website for Dr. Zandré Botha which gives more details and also links to another video(s).

      Dr. Botha utlizes Ozone Therapy and other alternative therapies.
      I suggest that folks take a look at her Post Covid Injection Protocol.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      In North Texas, on a variety of occasions, I have taken some ladies to see this Doctor who offers Ozone and IV Therapies, along with other alternative therapies. https://goninowellness.com/iv-therapy

      The place is very busy and has a lot of staff. There is a large room which has a wide wall of windows overlooking a pond. The room is filled with recliners facing the window where patients are receiving their IV therapies.

      I call it somewhat of a “sales pitch”, but when a person first arrives their blood is tested. The blood is shown on a large screen, much like we see in Dr. Zandré Botha’s video. The marketing ‘registrar’ person then shows the prospective patient what their blood should look like, and also checks off a list of ailments that the prospective patient needs to address. The idea is to get the prospect to sign up for a regimen of health protocols. I am not saying that this routine is necessarily a ‘bad’ thing…I’m just saying what happens. It does take a commitment on the patient’s part in order to remedy situations.
      On repeated visits, the patient is again shown their blood samples on the screen. Progress in the healthy blood can be visualized, just as Dr. Botha pointed out.

    • nosoapradio says:

      The “comments have been disabled by the owner”. Why?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I don’t know why.
        But I resent these type of videos which don’t source information with links (including Stew Peters).
        I do not know who the original interviewer is. He did a good job, and “listened” while she gave the presentation.

        • LastHumanist says:

          If it were common practice to source information and have an audience that follows along and dives deep into the topic then society would be much more open and free.

          Instead, we have shallow government agency propaganda directly shoved down the media’s throat and fluoridated masses with attention spans shorter than the list of philanthropies’ benevolent acts.

          Resenting what is harmful and loving what is helpful is a fine home remedy to many ills of our age, for sure.

          Over the past couple of years, I have seen more and more people who embraced more and more things that were harmful to them and others.
          I do not see any happy endings for them down the line.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        At this time, I tend to believe that the video above (which has the first part edited out) originated from Jerm Warefare which has links to a website in this Odysee rendition.

        October 1st, 2021
        “I’ve never seen anything like this” – Dr Zandre Botha
        (14:14 minutes) with previous footage showing Lawyer Riekie Erasmus which is NOT shown in my first posted video. It is edited out.
        This website is linked from the Odysee video.
        ~~WWW covidcarealliance.com

        This website also came up during my search…
        ~~WWW vaccinesandmicroscopes.wordpress.com/
        ~~WWW vaccinesandmicroscopes.mydiscussion.net/?i=1

  63. lamma says:

    Can we say the ‘elites’ are a group of people with a specific ethnicity and religion? They own economies of nations, controls the money supply, directs government policies, selects leaders? Well it’s them, their creations and ideas, fulfilling the next phase of their prophesy.

    • LastHumanist says:

      Psychotic worship of power and control over others is a secular religion, I suppose. It only works when there are rings within rings and enough of those rings work towards the agenda.

      I would be surprised if the Kissingers of this world can still tie their own shoelaces at this point.

  64. nosoapradio says:

    This seems important:



    Researchers are now studying the details of how microglia may be able to destroy prions in the brain. The scientists note that microglia could have a similar beneficial effect on other neurodegenerative diseases associated with protein aggregation, such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.


    Microglia has emerged not only as an essential inflammatory cell but also as a major player in the development of the adult brain. Microglia phagocytize extra-numerical synapses during postnatal development, maintain and strengthen the remaining subset of synapses, remodel synaptic circuits and clearing apoptotic newborn neurons. Thereby, microglia plays a crucial role for the establishment, plasticity and function of adult neural circuits. In addition to the key role in normal brain function, any imbalance in microglia activity has been associated with neurodegenerative diseases. Microglial cells respond rapidly to smallest pathological changes, this being a vital aspect in many tissue scaring and the local confinement of focal lesions. It is assumed that the high motility of microglial cells represents an important requirement to fulfill the numerous functions. In this review will highlight the role of microglial motility in the healthy and the injured brain, and discuss how impairment of microglia motility can affect normal brain function.


    • LastHumanist says:

      Yeah, the prion diseases are apparently mounting again…
      Maybe this time, BSE will finish the job!
      Last time, It seemed to me that it was mostly a scare tactic to keep people from eating beef and crack down on farmers by culling the cattle.

      Are deadly neurodegenerative diseases transmissible? Well, it has been observed in cultures that practice cannibalism that consumption of human brains can lead to such outcomes.

      However, should a significant increase in prion diseases occur in the near future, I’d bet on Big Pharma’s injection drive being the cause.

      • nosoapradio says:

        I’d bet on Big Pharma’s injection drive being the cause.

        Yes, that’s what motivated me to post.

        Apparently prion diseases have proven to be transmissable among bovine and ovine species in much the same way viruses are thought to be; via skin, saliva, feces etc.

  65. s511 says:

    A Man Unsullied: Gluboco Lietuva -This man and his pregnant wife and 2 children are unvaxxed and committed to staying that way despite the oppression they face. ” My wife and I have lost our rights as citizens.
    We are not allowed to shop, eat out, get our hair cut, or go to the bank, gym, or library. We were both suspended from our jobs. This is deeply wrong ”
    I took note on how they survived for future reference.
    I had no idea Lithuania is worse than Canada.

    I appreciate and agree with so many of the comments. Thank you all.
    “Also as an injection precedent. Now no one can say they have bodily autonomy.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I remember reading this. So sad.
      This era is beyond what I ever imagined back in March 2020.

      • LastHumanist says:

        Operation Condor was always going to come home to roost.
        Full spectrum domination of the public is in full swing.

        What do you imagine will happen next to advance the agenda on schedule?
        I do not like those continuity of government protocols at all…

  66. s511 says:

    Good article by Charles Eisenstein, THE REHEARSAL IS OVER
    “A friend wrote me about her dilemma. She owns a company employing hundreds of people and is a staunch critic of that-which-shall-not-be-named. She said she has been trying to fly under the radar until sanity is restored, but with looming mandates for large employers, the radar will soon turn on her. What will she do?”

    “…Sanity will not be restored for us by others. We are the ones that must restore it. We cannot wait for others to be brave on our behalf. We are here in this initiatory moment to choose who we are. The choice of whether to capitulate or to act is a declaration: Who am I to be? What is the world to be? Am I serious enough about my vision for the world to risk my security for it? That is not a challenge meant to goad myself into action. It is simply true. Through my choice, I will know myself as I am. I will become as I choose. The rehearsal is over.

    “…Maybe, I think, maybe now is not the time to be brave. Maybe now is not the time to speak out. I’ll wait until it is a little safer.

    But it will never be safe to be brave. Never.

    If not now, when? If not I, who?

    Shall I wait for others to do what I dare not do? We are ready. We’ve been preparing and being prepared for a long time. The rehearsal is over….”


  67. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 10, 2021
    Canadian ER Doctor: At Least 80% of Patients Double Vaxxed – Quits Job Over Vaccine Mandate
    [Brief article and nice interview]

  68. HomeRemedySupply says:

    pdf of STUDY “CDC lied”

    October 12, 2021 Tuesday – via Zero Hedge – Eposch Times
    Oregon Senators Call For Investigation Into Alleged COVID-19 Statistical Manipulation

    Oregon state Sens. Kim Thatcher and Dennis Linthicum, both Republicans, have petitioned Acting U.S. Attorney Scott E. Asphaug to launch a grand jury investigation into the measurement of COVID-19 statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    …In the petition, the senators expressed concerns over the measurement and reporting of COVID-19 vaccine adverse reactions including fatalities and injuries.

    The lawmakers stated that a whistleblower, under sworn testimony, said the data reported under the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System may have been underreported by a factor of five.

    Regarding the diagnosis of COVID-19 through widely-used PCR tests, the senators said that the CDC and the FDA’s setting of one particular test parameter—the cycle threshold—generated “false positives resulting in inflated numbers of COVID cases, hospitalizations, and deaths.”

    Harvard epidemiologist Dr. Michael Mina told The New York Times in August 2020 that tests with too high of a threshold may detect not just live viruses but also genetic fragments. Mina suggested setting the cut-off at 30 cycles or less.

    Thatcher expressed concern over the cycle threshold of 28 when testing vaccinated individuals. According to the petition, a low cut-off is likely to “eliminate false positive results and thereby reduce the number of vaccine ‘breakthrough’ cases.”

    Thatcher and Linthicum said that they consulted large groups of doctors, epidemiologists, and virologists on the subject of COVID-19 statistical reporting.

    “Additionally, we are profoundly concerned that the scientific literature continues to provide empirical evidence that safe and effective treatments and management strategies for COVID infections exist but are not being made available to Americans most in need,” continued the letter.

    Stand for Health Freedom (SHF), a non-profit organization that helped with the petition, said in a statement that the petition was submitted one month before public release to “protect those involved.”

    SHF also cited a March 2020 study (pdf) alleging that the CDC over-emphasized COVID-19 as the cause of death in compiling its statistics while “circumvent[ing] multiple federal laws” in the process.

  69. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Oct 12
    Large Canadian Town Bars Unvaccinated Couples From Getting Married

    After Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government imposed one of the most restrictive vaccine mandates in the developed world, one Canadian town has taken medical tyranny to the next level by refusing to grant marriage licenses to couples that aren’t fully vaccinated.

    The Town of Oakville, Ontario, a small city with more than 200,000 residents, will not allow a couple to apply for a marriage license unless they both show proof of full vaccination.

    In a statement, the town acknowledges that this requirement exceeds that of the Province of Ontario, but the new requirement is an effort “to provide added protection to our community and town staff from COVID-19.” We thought that’s what the vaccine was supposed to do?

    But it’s not just marriage: the unvaccinated in Oakville will be effectively barred from a number of public services outlined in the statement below:

    Indoor use of recreation and culture facilities, including arenas, community centres, pools, senior centres, the Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, and Oakville Museum at Erchless Estate
    ServiceOakville counter at Town Hall
    Any new appointments for marriage licences and ceremonies. (Appointments for marriage licenses and ceremonies that have already been pre-booked do not require proof of full vaccination.) Ceremonies will be held inside town hall as of November 4, 2021.

    Oakville isn’t alone in trying to push more people to get vaccinated. President Trudeau adopted one of the most restrictive mandates around in part to try and force stalled vaccination rates highee. Trudeau and his government are demanding that all public servants either get vaccinated, or face unpaid leave. This includes all federal workers “in the core public administration” and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Federal contractors including cleaning staff must be vaccinated to gain access to government buildings. The government is also asking all employees in federally regulated air, rail and marine transportation sectors must establish vaccination policies for their employees that effectively require vaccination…

    …It’s just the latest reminder that this isn’t really about “safety” – it’s about control.

  70. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Baton Rouge EVENT – October 9th
    Come get Vaccinated and your criminal record will be expunged
    [See poster]

  71. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This is well worth giving a look over. Watch the first video.

    Elite’s Depopulation Agenda Is Now Irrefutable

  72. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Oct 13th
    Video: Has Justin Trudeau Been Duly Vaccinated? Registered Nurse Expresses Doubt on Authenticity of Trudeau’s Vaccine Jab

    …A Registered Nurse (RN) has carefully reviewed the first video of Prime Minister Trudeau and his wife’s vaccination jab which was broadcast on network TV.

    Reporters were present. It was a carefully planned public relations event.

    The Registered Nurse (RN) expressed doubts on the authenticity of Trudeau’s vaccination.

    Specific and routine procedures pertaining to inoculation including Landmarking are normally applied. The inoculation of Trudeau and his wife did not conform to regular procedures.

    “Nobody does it that way” with one hand, says the registered nurse. Watch the video below ….

  73. Lance says:

    Can I please recommend a fantastic video for people to share with friends & family?


    I have had the question before: “How can they all be lying?” i.e. the ‘someone would have whistleblown’ argument. Which, incidentally, I point out that someone, in fact many people, often whistleblow but they are suppressed, silenced, assassinated, discredited and downright ignored.

    But, I digress.

    This is a great ‘red pill’ video. Enjoy.

  74. peter.l says:

    Hello James

    I have been thinking for some time now how appropriate a number of things have magically slotted, or have been slotted into place, over the last year a a half. This seem to be the case on a number of levels, starting with the political. How convenient is it that we have Macron (the more I learn about how he met his wife and pursued her, his meteoric rise to political office), the more alarmed I get. Then we have Johnson in UK, and we have Trudeau in Canada, and finally Biden in US. This configuration seems to be the perfect storm as it were when you think about an agenda that has to be rammed through. How long ago do you think the global political stage was being prepared for this specific event?

    Another thing that has surfaced in my recent thoughts is the mysterious vanishing of Malaysia Airlines flight 370 that was supposed to be carrying a number of persons who held a joint patent on some part of 5g technology with one of the Rothchilds. Isn´t this odd and convenient given 5g is one of the main planks that will be used to implement this reset?

    Or are these all haphazard coincidences?

  75. nosoapradio says:

    Speaking of Covid precedents:

    This reporting from the town I fled last year after 33 years:

    “It’s excessive but it would be the ideal solution”: should the population be confined on peak pollution days?
    Nicolas Traino with Guillaume Dussourt 10 hours ago

    Every year, 6300 people die from pollution in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes alone. The causes are multiple

    On the occasion of the national day of air quality this Thursday, Santé Publique France publishes for the first time the results of a study on the impact of air pollution on a whole region, in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.

    The results of the study in this region where the majority of the population is exposed to dangerous thresholds are eloquent: 2000 deaths per year are linked to exposure to nitrogen dioxide alone and nearly 4300 deaths are linked each year to fine particles. “This is related to industrial pollution. The fine particles, it is a very complex subject, there are several types of emissions, we have extremely varied sources, sometimes from the farm, “explains this Thursday on RMC Jean-Baptiste Renard, cardiologist and research director at the CNRS.

    6300 deaths, that represents 7% of the annual deaths in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, all related to these invisible pollutants that penetrate the body. Each year, they also cause 780 strokes, nearly 200 lung cancers and more than 500 asthma attacks in children who have been to the emergency room. Some people in Lyon breathe nitrogen dioxide levels 6 times higher than the norm. And in rural areas like in the Drôme, ozone is more and more concentrated.

  76. robster says:

    And again in https://odysee.com/@corbettreport:0/nwnw20211014-720p:8 James perpetuates the “transmission” hoax and thus the virus theory hoax. Why?

  77. LastHumanist says:

    “Beata persecutio”, the blessed persecution has never really ended.

    Enlightenment put it on hold for a bit. Reason and natural law shone a light on the evil of institutions that harass people for their own interests.

    Now we are right back in the darkness. Get your jab, because we say it’s good for you. Take your green pass, because we know best. Go to the quarantine camp, you plague vector.

    Where have I heard that tune before?
    Right, that’s Bonizio of Sutri with his inversion of the idea that the persecuted are blessed. Starting there, the persecutors were considered the blessed ones instead.

    It’s pope Urban II’s call for the 1st crusade, too:

    “All who die by the way, whether by land or by sea, or
    in battle against the pagans, shall have immediate
    remission of sins. This I grant them through the power
    of God with which I am invested. O what a disgrace if
    such a despised and base race, which worships demons,
    should conquer a people which has the faith of
    omnipotent God and is made glorious with the name
    of Christ! With what reproaches will the Lord
    overwhelm us if you do not aid those who, with us,
    profess the Christian religion! Let those who have
    been accustomed unjustly to wage private warfare
    against the faithful now go against the infidels and end
    with victory this war which should have been begun
    long ago. Let those who for a long time, have been
    robbers, now become knights. Let those who have
    been fighting against their brothers and relatives now
    fight in a proper way against the barbarians”


    What ensued was the slaughter of Jerusalem in 1099 “where the slaughter was so great that our men waded in blood up to their ankles”.


    Violence against the foreign barbarian always turns inward against dissidents, too. Pope Innocent IV decided that heretics needed to be tortured.


    The seed of all this was already planted in the 4th century. It blossomed into senseless violence in the high middle ages and it continued to grow its record of misdeeds until people finally stopped believing in its legitimacy, thus stripping it of its power over them.

    Even today, some groups will defend this violent history, though. Just like some will defend what is happening today, 1000 years from now. The Technocrats were all blessed persecutors of those damned free thinkers, after all.

    It’s rather sad and a needless waste of human potential.
    No war is holy. All wars are mass murder.

    When the early Christians decided that the spirits their ancestors had worshipped for generations were now evil demons, they did not actually start believing that the spirits had become nothing. Fearing their power, they smashed the idols to pieces and buried them in the ground. In a way, the “demonic” power was quite real. It facilitated a social order and productive world view. Severing themselves from this tradition to a point of forgetting over time that it ever existed made people vulnerable to abuse and deception. In the end, their violence had not created a world of salvation for posterity but one of damnation.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • LastHumanist says:

      Sorry for the long post. This is not a seminar on medieval studies.
      However, we must not repeat such history. We must be better.

      We learn from theocracies like the one Savonarola established in Florence that they end up policing the town with brigades of indoctrinated children who mercilessly hunt down all signs of “vanities” like mirrors and paintings and destroy them and those who were in possession of such items.

      We learn that the cult utterly destroyed an artists like Botticelli who had painted such a fine Venus Anadyomene ready to spread her love again on the shores of Cyprus and many more ancient myths.

      We will never know how much of that beauty was thrown into the fire…
      We do know that Savonarola himself was soon deposed and burned himself, however.

      People want to be free. They want to live life. They want to express themselves by painting nude goddesses.

      I want to travel to Italy again. It breaks my heart to watch places I hold so dear descend into green pass madness today. Totalitarian tyrants never go away, do they? The Savonarolas always lurk in the shadows and wait for another go.

      • nosoapradio says:

        Could it be the outward expression of a war being waged within the individual and/or collective Human subconscious?

        good morning! maybe I need a cup of coffee first?

        • LastHumanist says:

          A collectivist “utopia” is naturally at war with human freedom, isn’t it?
          I’m sure Savonarola, for example, thought all of this was necessary for the greater good and that the Borgia pope was the real tyrant here.

          If the world has to be a certain way then it simply cannot just be as it is. So, everyone is forced down the path of a salvation that is not coming (crusade, theocracy, jabs) to make the blind believers happier about their inability to see anything. In fact, seeing things for what they are destroys the stability of social constructs based on lies.

          What we know about our political order today would utterly destroy the oligarchy if it became common knowledge.

  78. taxpayer says:

    As has been reported previously, medical professionals are being threatened with cancellation of their licenses for prescribing or even just endorsing hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin for prevention or treatment of Covid. Some of us will find it encouraging that the Attorney General of the US State of Nebraska has issued a well-written opinion opposing this, which appears to protect people in that state against such reprisals. AP carries a report, and the (rather readable) 48-page opinion is at https://ago.nebraska.gov/sites/ago.nebraska.gov/files/docs/opinions/21-017_0.pdf

  79. Fact Checker says:

    Anti-Mandate British Member of Parliament brutally assassinated by stabbing, at church.


    As the editor of the above notes, “What better way to send a graphic message to every other elected representative and government official, president and prime minister in the world that ALL are fully expected to support the rapidly manifesting global vaccine passport regime.”

    Looks like the Machine is getting diminishing returns on bribery and blackmail, and is moving into the wetwork phase…

    • LastHumanist says:

      Wait for it.
      The new jabbing protocol will be an injection straight into the heart.
      Can’t wait for the slow myocarditis anymore.

      The WHO already made steps in that direction when they stopped aspiration to check whether the injection was hitting the muscle rather than a vein.
      They said it’s all to reduce pain (and, in this case, it probably increases myocarditis risk).

      Technically, it is true that murdering people will reduce their pain.
      It’s the negative approach to ending human suffering. Increasing happiness instead would be too positive for Malthusians.

      “Aspiration before injection of vaccines or toxoids (i.e., pulling back on the syringe plunger after needle insertion but before injection) is not necessary because no large blood vessels are present at the recommended injection sites, and a process that includes aspiration might be more painful for infants”

      Clearly, the government cares greatly about infants. How to increase their mortality rate, for example.


  80. westerncivic says:

    Double jabbed Colin Powell dies of covid complications?

    I haven’t heard anyone mention he actually received electoral votes in the 2016 electoral college for potus.

  81. westerncivic says:

    It is now my sneaking suspicion the Texas abortion law was passed when it was to assure bodily autonomy would be a point of contention, instead of unity, in vaccine world.

  82. westerncivic says:

    I am going to make more of a point of posting livestrwam video links to French Yellow Vest protests.

    Here is a stream from Saturday…


    Sorry its youtube, not sure what the better way to get these feeds will be.

  83. westerncivic says:

    We now know what the Panama Papers were for…

    See the pending “Enabler Act” in the U.S. requiring cash tracking etc.

  84. spider says:

    July 10, 2021
    2 killed when small aircraft crashes in Oregon

    July 15, 2021
    ‘Multiple fatalities’ possible in Humboldt County plane crash

    October 11, 2021
    Small plane crashes into neighborhood near San Diego

    Oct 11, 2021
    Identities of DeKalb plane crash victims released

    Two people died after a single-engine plane crashed into a residential area in the Village of Waukesha

    Oct 15, 2021
    Retired Air Force pilot killed in plane crash in Titusville, officials say

    Oct 15, 2021
    Sacramento County plane crash victims expected to recover from injuries, officials say

    Oct. 18, 2021
    UND student pilot dies in plane crash near Buxton

  85. nosoapradio says:

    So there I was trying to use my “crédits CPF” which are hours of training supposedly earned when you work in France. (I wanted to learn how to build a website and learn Spanish)

    The problem, I discovered, for using those hours is the following:

    You are forced, by the government via their website, to use a platform called “FranceConnect”.

    FranceConnect is the platform that is (along with facial recognition) the basis for Macron’s ALICEM application that made some noise on these boards shortly before gain-of-function enhanced viroid entities were injected into the public space offering an ideal pretext for bringing down the global economic order and destroying many people’s lives and making them dependent on…state-financed training for example?

    FranceConnect is a single user identity code with a password connected to an (or several) pre-existing French social services account(s), (i.e. health, taxes). I would imagine that practically speaking, all of your “services”, state subsidies, phone company, main bank etc. will quickly be accessible with your FranceConnect single user identity code and password. And all of that will very quickly be connected to biometric info and probably already is if you have a biometric passport (which is my case: fingerprints).

    So essentially, if I don’t want to use FranceConnect I must forfait the 2,725 euros and 97 hours of training acquired these past couple of years.

    Which is perfectly feasible for me, a die-hard conspiracy theorist.

    But the idea is that this is how, during this period of engineered (professional) turmoil and reorientation, the government is luring people onto this single user identity platform.

    So anyway, just another ordinary day in the technocratic city…

    • LastHumanist says:

      You do not deserve the social stigma that comes with the term “conspiracy theorist”. You’re merely asking the right questions and looking for the real answers. It’s the right thing to do and an example others should follow.

      Perhaps being among the “outcasts” of society offered some protection in the past. As long as there are enough lunatics roaming the forum, nobody needs to send a kill squad our way because the general public will recoil as soon as they see the flat earthers, Nazis, religious zealots, doomers, etc.

      However, “be smart and don’t even talk to these people” has turned into “do not ask any questions”. The best thing we can put against that is purity of purpose. Open and unbiased evidence based discussion of what we do and don’t know. The public will not support the current agenda when it is fully exposed.

      Sunlight will once again be the best disinfectant.

      We can offer a much better narrative with much more to gain for the average person: This was never about health, technocracy is not inevitable and the end of psychopathic rule can come within days.

    • themex says:

      Hi NSR,

      “But the idea is that this is how, during this period of engineered (professional) turmoil and reorientation, the government is luring people onto this single user identity platform.”

      Indeed, it seems we’re being increasingly pushed into a corner. I currently teach Spanish and tutor HS students. As a former advertising “executive” -radio and tv- I got so disenchanted with the industry and its corruption. With a background in biology and nutrition, I left the ad biz and got into the weight loss and health industry where I thought I could make a difference, only to find out the hypocrisy, greed and corruption (no time to mention specifics now, but you can imagine) was just as bad, or worse, given the fact that I worked at clinical centers whose supposed only purpose was to help prevent diabetes, teach healthier eating habits, etc.

      Disenchanted, again, I thought, hmm, how about my own hair and spa salon? I mean, what could go wrong, since everyone needs hair cuts, etc …Surprise! The greed and corruption never ends. From the hair stylist pushing to upsell the client with a new and trendy hair style-even if crazy- and the newest miracle hair gel (courtesy of the advice of the cosmetology sales rep, promising miracle hair growth or the end of split ends) to the fancy skin treatments pushed by the ’skin specialists”, also trained by the cosmetology “experts” , the whole time I was thinking, how ludicrous!… I mean, all those fancy shampoos, and facials treatments…ultimately, soap is soap, and for the most part, healthy hair and skin is the result of good nutrition.

      So, after a few years I sold the business without a plan in mind, I thought, OK, now what?..How about I teach Spanish? Maybe I can make a living speaking my native language? So, applied at a local language school and trained in their method, worked for them for a few years, and have been doing that independently, via an online platform who gives referrals for in person teaching and tutoring for several years…and guess what?

      They are pushing heavily towards online teaching only -so they can monitor conversations and who knows what else- When I try exploring other options to avoid this online -only trap, I get the impression that without social media exposure nothing is possible- and I abhor it- Oh, and another surprise, the assignments my HS students receive are loaded with Unicef, and UN stories and messages about all the good they do around the world, not to mention stories about feminism, gender equality, etc, etc.

      Upon reflection, I realized how we are all complicit in this corruption cycle. The people making money directly or indirectly -I called them the providers or enablers- and the consumers- the greedy and egocentric clients I sold advertising to, the vain people believing the BS the cosmetology industry feeds them, the vain (and ignorant) people trying to lose weight or the “pre-diabetic” swallowing the hopium offered by Pharma.

      Just wanted to share this with you, and like you say…now gotta go to the hamster wheel ..or something like that!

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        This really paints “the story”. Thanks.

        • nosoapradio says:

          Mornin’ Themex,

          Quite the professional roller coaster you’ve been on! A tribute to your capacities of adaptation and taste for adventure! Eerie how corruption or at least cynicism seems to seep into every system we try to integrate or create…

          I’ve been working for the same language school since 1998 (while doing other rather wide-ranging jobs). I’ve had a few isolated disagreements with the owners over the years but on the whole the set up works out well: they do the prospecting and administrative/fiscal paperwork and I do the teaching. They’ve been pretty good, despite the economic ups and downs, at keeping my schedule as full as I want it depending on my other professional activities. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, they’re not breathing down my neck about how to teach and the systematic “reporting” on class content is not stiflingly long-winded. They’ve nevertheless acquired “prestigious” Quality-guarantee state labeling and certification. And the cherry on the cake is that our professional relationship on just the human side is pretty good which is saying a lot because I’m not necessarily easy to put up with and I have always had a little trouble with authority for some reason. It had occurred to me that perhaps they could monitor the online classes but A: I don’t really see how and B: I don’t think they would do that without letting me know. Long story short, we pretty much stay out of each other’s hair and their continued trust has facilitated my transnational change in lifestyle.

          So imagine how surprised I was to discover last January that I had a digital teaching score calculated through the satisfaction questionnaires filled out by students at the end of training periods.

          This fact seems banal and reasonable enough standing alone… but as an indication of how things will function in the future, it gave me the shivers…

          And worse yet, though I vowed not to do so, I’ve noticed that this fact has come to mind occasionally while teaching and certainly impacted how I behave with my students. We’ve always had evaluations from students so I don’t see why exactly, but the digital number… with the idea of scrambling to up that score by fractions of points with a fake smile or refraining from mentioning some conspiracy theory tidbit or whatever…

          I feel a little like my mind has been colonized by that innocuous-looking number…

          • LastHumanist says:

            Taught a class some years back with a student in it who was strictly against eating fish because he considered the sea to be “an uncontrolled environment” and only wanted food that the government approved for him.

            Was I really surprised society has ended up this way?
            Maybe not. Maybe we’ve all seen where this was going.

            Why do they want to record everything now and gather data that can be fed to AI?

            Teachers are obsolete in the world they want to build. Sterile and controlled environments in every sense are the goal.

            Induction of the drone into the hive mind, not education of free humans.

            • nosoapradio says:

              reminds me of the evolution in the word “communication”…

              I grew up thinking “communication” was a two-way street

              until I found myself on Madison avenue…

              Now my students all talk to me about “communication” but what they really mean is persuasion, PR and propaganda…

              so as my job currently walks a two-way street

              I guess teachers will indeed soon be obsolete

              in accordance with the evolution of the concept of “communication”

              and with images of Huxlian/Skinnerian conditioning seeping in, supplanting education…

              • Alchemist says:

                If “they” get their way, students will view pre-recorded lessons from isolated prison cells.

          • nosoapradio says:

            …which reminds me that some time way back, Mr Corbett had installed (unwittingly I believe as part of a total package; I’m no techie) the classic system of adding a “+” to approve a comment… and maybe even “-” s… to disapprove… can’t quite remember…

            there were even jokes about it as I recall vaguely where commenter “wingsuitfreak” was attaining some sort of e-nirvana or higher
            cosmic e-plane acquired by amassing astronomical numbers of +s allowing his e-soul to e-volve to its next e-thereal incarnation…

            But I’m glad that the webmaster dispensed with this system for the reason I tried to describe in my comment above… this tendency to score everything, using the natural desire to express enthousiasm for someone’s idea in an easy way (or “punish” a commenter from the cowardly cover of anonymity) : a +! (or -) with the perverse effect, the result of creating a sort of score, a number which for some reason tittilates the competitive nature, a concrete number that offers an easy target to surpass…

            carrot rewards… “I loooooooooooooove tracking my points…”


            woof woof…

            • LastHumanist says:

              That system is for Reddit, I suppose.
              Quite the spectacle and easy to manipulate, at that.

              Maybe this place here needs a sanity gauge instead?

              I’d rather not score a human being but there are some people in dark, schizophrenic places where the light of reason does not shine.

              The psyops old and new work on a huge number of people. Most never even acquired the solid foundations that can carry them through what is now the “new normal”.

          • themex says:


            Referring to being evaluated by the students, you said “I’ve noticed that this fact has come to mind occasionally while teaching and certainly impacted how I behave with my students.

            My sentiments, exactly. My online classes are recorded- for our benefit- they say, in case we need to watch them in the future, and “for our protection”, in case the students complain about something. Overall, like in your school, the setup works well too, they handle the marketing and the admin work.

            As for your comment about my professional roller coaster, yes, I used to love the adventure of starting something new, but as it happens sometimes, looking back, I was such an workaholic, immersing in my “adventures’ so much instead of spending more time with my daughters.

            Asi, es la vida!

            • nosoapradio says:

              immersing in my “adventures’ so much instead of spending more time with my daughters

              ouch. I’m familiar with that regret…

              Concerning the observer effect, I reassure myself with the thought that if my bosses recorded my classes, they would certainly have contacted me by now concerning covid content etc… etc…

              que tengas un buen lunes themexican.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for that write-up.
      I’m sure that we’ll be seeing similiar scenarios in the U.S.

    • westerncivic says:

      Rappel :

      Le peuple a le droit naturel de constituer ou de supprimer tout gouvernement aux fins d’assurer sa propre sécurité et sa pérennité.
      En ce 14 juillet 2019, jour de Fête nationale, Nous, peuple de France, déclarons une nouvelle fois notre souveraineté inaliénable.
      Avec constance et opiniâtreté, le peuple de France, avec ou sans gilet, a dénoncé la corruption de la république et l’illégitimité de cette fausse démocratie représentative.
      L’accès à l’information, induit par l’avènement des technologies modernes de communication, nous a permis de faire le constat lucide de l’inutilité et même du caractère néfaste de la représentation politique érigée en système, presque toujours concussionnaire, inféodée à la grande banque mondiale et au complexe militaro-industriel qui asservissent les peuples du monde entier.
      Chaque personne a le droit de parler au nom d’elle-même. La prise de décision collective par le biais de structures citoyennes libérées du joug républicain peut maintenant être réalisée.
      Nous déclarons par la présente que nous avons le droit de le faire dans chaque recoin de France, dans nos quartiers, nos communes, nos villes et nos provinces.
      Afin de rendre aux Français un destin et une souveraineté, nous proclamons par la présente la première démocratie directe de France et nous invitons tous les citoyens de France épris de justice et de liberté à se réunir en assemblées constituantes, institutions nouvelles qui verront le jour prochainement dans chaque province de France. Chacun pourra ainsi apporter à l’édifice démocratique direct mis en place ses compétences et expertises propres afin de déterminer ensemble les règles de nos liens mutuels.

      Nous ne reviendrons pas en arrière.

      Conseil National des Gilets réuni à Paris, le 14 juillet 2019

  86. Flipping a Switch Inside the Head

    How about Rockefeller funded research describing how to literally flip a switch inside the head,
    published in 2017?

    “…biologists can turn neurons on or off in a live animal at will—quickly, repeatedly, and without implants—by engineering the cells to make them receptive to radio waves or a magnetic field
    all delivered and installed by a genetically engineered virus.”

    Sound too good to be true? 🙂
    Check it out here (with my highlights) and a link to the original article.


  87. Torus says:

    Good News!! European Union press conference and stand against vaxx mandates!!!


    • LastHumanist says:

      The EU is a vessel of hybrid warfare against Europeans like me.
      I do not trust anything the EU says and does at this point and neither should you.

      Unless the news is that the EU was dissolved, it’s not really good news.

  88. Steve Smith says:

    I have a favor to ask of anyone interested in helping me with an opportunity to share some credible, concise information with a young man.
    This young man is a brand new lawyer who is the significant other of a long term client of my business and who volunteered to help me with a legal issue and did. We have known them for years and are fond of them both but they are as normie as they come.
    While speaking with the new counselor today, I was bringing up the mandates and asking his opinion about the constitutionality of the idea and such. I was able to slide some of the medical stuff in and then mentioned Yeadon and the German lawyer Reiner something.
    I was encouraged because he genuinely seemed interested and listened intently to what I was clumsily trying to convey. But I was especially encouraged when he asked me to send him some links.

    So I would like to come up with three or four really good articles, videos, whatever, and I couldn’t think of a better group of people to seek help from than the Corbett crowd.

    Its difficult for me to put myself in the mind of a twenty something young hipster lawyer and I really don’t want to squander this opportunity to help someone change their future. I think that he, like his partner have taken the injection but I haven’t asked him.
    But possibly if he gets the right information he can avoid future jabs and maybe even consider detoxing.
    Please give me advice if you are so inclined.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I really don’t have any advice.
      However, I thought that I would mention Steve Kirsch who recently spoke in Maui. I caught some of his speech. I was impressed.
      Dr. Robert Malone, Steve Kirsch, Frontline Doctors Ryan Cole and Richard Urso, and Whistleblower Dr. Li-Meng Yan were there.

      Here is his website.

      • Steve Smith says:

        Thanks HomeRemedy, I have a wealth of information right here in the Corbett Report too. There is almost too much to choose from.
        I’ll narrow it down by Monday I figure.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Steve Kirsh is a good reference. His website has lots of well balanced information.

          For me, even if no one was having these kinds of side effects, I would still not feel comfortable taking something without long term safety data. I just wouldn’t do it. I’m so shocked so many people are taking it. I suppose it’s because they think everyone else is. You know the saying “if everyone jumped off a cliff, would you do too?” I guess there’s something to that.

          • Steve Smith says:

            Thanks cu.h., its funny that tonight is the first time that I heard of Steve Kirsh.
            And I thought I was keeping up.
            Thats my problem. I want to find information that a young guy who is smart enough to pass the bar would be receptive to but there is so much!
            I don’t think that it would make sense to send him to a long video. But I don’t really know. I was thinking that an article might be best. Perhaps one of Corbett’s newsletters.
            Something like James’s legendary 5 minute 911 video but about the scamdemic would be great.

            • cu.h.j says:

              If you are trying to give him information about vaccines, perhaps send him the video on the “future of vaccines” I thought that one was good.

              The “lies, damn lies and statistics” or something like that was good to regarding the manipulation of the numbers to mislead the public about the threat of Covid.

              I thought both of those ones were good as far as logical videos that a “normie” would be receptive to.

              I have spoken to a few people who took the jab and don’t want to take another one because they got pretty sick from the first two. Even if someone doesn’t have a stroke or other severe adverse reaction, many people get pretty sick from them. This really isn’t the norm for most vaccines.

    • Alchemist says:

      Healthy American (by lawyer, Peggy Hall)

      America’s frontline doctors

      Swiss policy research

      Here is a short video (6min) that breaks down the scam:

      You might also want to direct him to the Nuremberg trials. Hope that helps!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Lawyer segue…
      Just throwing this out there, because the following 25 minute Del Bigtree interview is with Amy Bohn, Co-founder of PERK (perk-group.com). PERK actively pursues lawsuits in California.


      There is a wealth of information in this video which tags keywords like
      Microsoft, WEF WorldEconomyForum, Profusa, DARPA, Moderna, NIH, Google, The Rockefeller Foundation, The Commons Passport, The Commons Project, Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Global Health Trust, Azure Microsoft APP, AI, SMART health APP, and more.

      The above video is a clip from Thursday October 21st “The Highwire with Del Bigtree” Episode 238: AMERICAN EXODUS

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Protection of the Educational Rights of Kids

        WEBSITE – https://www.perk-group.com/

        2 hour 13 minute video
        Looking Under the Hood of Vaccine Passports – PERK-Group.com

        56 page pdf
        A Resource Guide with almost 550 sources and links all in one place. “A Shot Heard Around the World,” is a compilation of information predominately coming from original sources, scientific journals, medical journals, peer reviewed studies, lawsuit filings, original letters, and includes direct links to the CDC, FDA, clinical trials, and manufactures own reports. In some categories, experts are warning there may be devastating problems with the mass inoculation policies. Because children are likely to be the next group authorized under the EUA, this stands as a warning to parents to be informed in your decision. It is extremely concerning for children to be next on the list for mass inoculation. For all medical decisions, informed consent is critical.

        Let this compilation of hundreds of links, sources, and references, serve as a summary and launching pad for everyone’s own thorough investigation and research into the covid injections. Regardless, if someone has gotten one shot, two, or none, this information matters for all. In a time where information is being deleted, censored, banned, canceled, and withheld, many do not know where to find information to answer their questions. This summary is an essential resource.

        A “SHOT” heard around the world is symbolic for a historic global moment. A careful evaluation may give credence to the thousands of experts who have been censored, removed from online, targeted, as they lay it all on the line to get this information to the public. May we hear the “SHOT heard around the word” before our children are unnecessarily harmed.

        • Steve Smith says:

          You guys are great. Thanks for the help.
          I got to thinking this morning that I should probably send him something today instead of waiting till Monday when he’s likely to be preoccupied with work issues. So I sent him the recent newsletter about the twelve most wanted for misinformation. Then the Future of vaccines video that c.u. suggested.
          If I were a wise person, I would have stopped there. But no. Next I sent him the interview with Iain Davis and a few bitchute links and a Lew Rockwell article to top it off. (Told you I needed advice).

          Anyway, I am hoping that I didn’t overload or overwhelm him but I feel pretty good about it.
          I know that I will see him soon as the legal stuff is still ongoing and I will be able to see if there was any impact from the information.
          I really do hope so because he is such a kind hearted person.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          The Australian Government Is Set To Pass A Digital ID Law…

          Draft Digital Identity legislation
          Australia’s draft Digital Identity legislation is available for public consultation until 27 October 2021

          You can use it on the go, at any time of day.
          Set it up once, and then reuse it whenever you are asked to prove who you are.

          ~~Is Digital Identity linked to vaccination certificates?
          No, there is no link between Digital Identity and vaccination certificates. You can choose to log into myGov using your Digital Identity, but Digital Identity is not needed to access or share a COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate.
          Digital Identity is not used to track your vaccination status either. There is no link between Digital Identity and vaccination certificates.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          Oct 23, 2021 – By Jeremy LOFFREDO, Max BLUMENTHAL at Strategic Culture
          Public Health or Private Wealth? How Digital Vaccine Passports Pave Way for Unprecedented Surveillance Capitalism
          (H/t Activist Post for the story link)

          ***** 5 STAR ARTICLE
          This article (with images and videos) touches so very many bases. It can be a good dissemination piece.

  89. westerncivic says:

    Gilet Jaune/Yellow Vest protests again all over France today…

    Anti-pass sanitaire…


  90. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Oct 21 – The National Review
    Remembering Those Journalists Who Helped Cover for Anthony Fauci’s ‘Gain-of-Function’ Misdirection

    A Wednesday letter from top NIH official Lawrence Tabak revealed that Dr. Anthony Fauci was wrong — and Senator Rand Paul was right: The NIH did fund gain-of-function viral research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology through the U.S. research non-profit EcoHealth Alliance…

    …many in the media who reflexively sided with Fauci:
    [LIST of media follows]

  91. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Oct 22, 2021 – The National Review
    CDC Director: ‘We May Need to Update our Definition of Fully Vaccinated’ as Booster Eligibility Increases

    CDC Director Rochelle Walensky said Friday that the U.S. may need to amend its definition of “fully vaccinated” against COVID-19 as more Americans become eligible to receive booster shots.

    “Right now we don’t have booster eligibility for all people currently,” she said during a White House COVID-19 response team press briefing. “So we have not yet changed the definition of fully vaccinated. We will continue to look at this. We may need to update our definition of fully vaccinated in the future.”

    Walensky’s comment comes after the Food and Drug Administration authorized booster shots for the Moderna and Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines on Wednesday. The agency also authorized mixing and matching COVID-19 vaccines, allowing Americans to receive a different vaccine for their booster shot than their original vaccine.

    The agency had already authorized booster shots of the Pfizer vaccine last month….

    • LastHumanist says:

      Even the German MSM had to admit already that injecting the elderly with “boosters” has had immediate lethal consequences:


      I don’t need to see whatever documents from the Covid equivalent of the Wannseekonferenz exist in secret today to understand what is going on here. Maybe we’ll take those from the Bilderbergers when this is finally over. Bill and his “final solution” are, at any rate, already visible from the surface of this whole mess.

      They haven’t built the crematoria with capacities to burn tens of thousands of bodies a week yet, as far as I know. Maybe they won’t need them this time. Maybe they can liquify the bodies and pour them into the sewers or turn them into soylent green. Was this all for “ze global warming”, Klaus?

      Or maybe they remain in control of this and only kill off a small enough number of people who have nobody left to help them. It takes a generation at least to see the impact on fertility, too.

    • candlelight says:


      You know, the other day when I read the headline you posted about changing the definition of what “fully vaccinated” may mean in light of the advent of the now approved booster shots – even though we could see this coming from a mile away – still, the eeriness of it; the fact that, yes, we knew such a statement would be in the works, yet it’s the manifestation of it seen and heard in real time, knowing that the pieces of the puzzle, one by one, are being checked off, a plan of action falling into place…. It is very unnerving. And, it’s enough to make one seethe….

      And truly, this recent, somewhat innocuous “announcement” – belying its meaning and true import – by the CDC, designed purposely to prepare us for redefining – or rather – nullifying the concept of ever being fully vaccinated, is part and parcel of the agenda, one more successive, consequential and predetermined turn of the gears, the threading of a fabric being newly woven, and slated to bound humanity for literally all of eternity; the fairy-tale where no incantation can place the genie back in his bottle.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        “…knowing that the pieces of the puzzle, one by one, are being checked off, a plan of action falling into place…. It is very unnerving.”

        I find it very unnerving, exactly like you said.
        In a respect, it’s like being caught “without armor in a savage land.”

        I’m actually amazed at the acceleration of the agenda.
        They are quickly laying the infrastructure for global control…vaccine passports, climate change, ripping apart the economy, etc.

        Corbett Members should really watch…
        …because Corbett Members savvy the significance.

        For me, watching the video made it more real on how rapidly they are pushing the agenda. Globally, it is very far along.
        Like it is pointed out in the video on “Exposing Vaccine Passports”, the Authoritarians state that the passport is ONLY about compliance of a vaccine event. It is NOT ABOUT worries of spreading Covid or being infected. Natural Immunity is of no value to the passport.
        They just want a populace signed up.
        Once signed on, “you can never leave”.

        • candlelight says:

          Thanks for suggesting The Highwire’s “Exposing Vaccine Passports” clip.

          Though, I must admit I was rather taken aback just short of the 3 minute mark…. Rather pleasantly, I should add. Amy Bohn is not only very well informed, a good communicator, and sweetly dispositioned, she’s also very pretty! Had a bit of a “woah” moment…. And, is it just me, or did Del spend half the time flirting his ass off? :-))

          Okay, let me get serious here – it’s late, and I’m a bit groggy….

          Seriously, though, I think Bohn was a great guest for Del to have on. She pulled significant pieces of information together to form the large picture, that ordinarily one wouldn’t know to connect, or even be aware of the information in the first place, in order to properly connect it. I mean, you’d have to be an ardent listener of The Corbett Report to know better. But, even so, I think Bohn conveyed some information and connections I had previously missed.

          When the pieces of the puzzle are pulled together in this manner, together with the timeline involved in the development thereof, it becomes so wildly obvious the intricate foreknowledge and planning of what we’re seeing and living through today.

          Yet, the thought of a duel purpose crosses my mind as to the reasoning behind the onslaught of this unparalleled bio-data collection and surveillance monitoring system unfolding before our eyes. Not only is it a form of ultimate societal control, but could it be a necessity! in this age when a completely feasible and potentially probable, genealogically-based biological war can occur, whereby such a bio monitoring system constitutes a method of first defense? And, when fully developed and implemented, would by default, act to create a stalemate during what could aptly be termed the world’s Second Cold War.

          I don’t know this guy, laowhy86, but he makes some seemingly very valid points concerning China…. Of course, there are any number of rabbit holes to jump down if one is so inclined. But, what he’s discussing here ties into what I expressed above:


        • cu.h.j says:

          It is scary. I notice more QR code stuff, even my doctors office was going to start using one to get into the building. I said, “what if I don’t have a cell phone? what if I don’t want to carry one?”

          They haven’t moved forward with this yet after that. Not sure that has anything to do with that though.

          I think there could be some lawsuits around discrimination, but it seems those aren’t being pursued yet. People should not have to cary anything around on their person, nor inject anything into their bodies.

          I think there may be a civil conflict coming between those who want to go along and those who don’t in the US. I also hear there are a lot of people flooding our border in the US. I’m not a bigot or anything, but these people coming in may just go along with everything.

          I have noticed that there are more immigrants who just comply. They come here because their country was worse and they can actually live above the poverty level here, but real freedom is not a value many of them possess.

          Perhaps that’s an assumption. I don’t speak another language, so what do I know. I think there should be an economic boycott. The farmers could shut this country down and refuse to sell food to anyone who is going along. Force people to wake up. It may have to come to that. For now I am stuck, but in a real fight, my alliance is with the resistance. I think there are many people just waiting for someone to step forward and have a good plan in the flesh.

          There must be some smart people in the resistance who are thinking about this…

          • cu.h.j says:

            I was watching a Ron Paul liberty report and “a soft secession” was mentioned. I think this is happening in the US.

            • Duck says:

              I am starting to think that succession is just a way to get us to “patchwork” … a mess of small, weak nations who are under the thumb of the banking elite.

              Powerful nation States are too much of a threat to the money power while a world filled with tiny states that need banker money to protect themselves from their hated neighbors is super easy to control… kinda like a tame post Yugoslavia.

          • candlelight says:


            I’m with you – “People should not have to cary anything around on their person…” – especially a goddamned smartphone!

            Before the “new norm” of the pandemic era, there was established the pre-pandemic norm of the constant presence of the cellphone, come smartphone, brilliantly marketed and sold as being as essential to possess as life, itself; there’s now food, water, shelter and a fucking smartphone – the four necessities of living on the planet….

            ….as our lives are lost to the cloud.

            But, here we go – viola! – the digital passport! Don’t you dare leave home without it, baby, or else!

            The wonderful thing, of course, is that eventually nobody will leave their home without it. No need to carry around a passport via a smartphone that can be lost, stolen, dropped in a toilet bowl, or otherwise damaged. The buried-under-the-skin medical passport chip will one day become the latest, easiest, cheapest, and greatest way of all to get around, because it will become the only! way to get around, mandated by default on a 24/7 basis. And, there’s also the very real threat of medical apartheid. Was it not just the other day the Prime Minister, or some other high-up government lackey, in Austria threatened lock down for the unvaccinated?

            Par for the course.

            But, why? Why is there an overarching drive for real time bio-data surveillance? We know surveillance equals police state control, and that the advent of electromagnetic bio-data monitoring with implanted bio-sensors capable of remotely manipulating ones biology, will be the ultimate in control. But, will it also serve another insidious purpose, in this new, unleashed age of bio-warfare deployment?

            • candlelight says:

              As a future deterrence to bio warfare, I used the term “stalemate” as a possible explanation for what’s now being sequentially implemented. But, to be more accurate, such an all out, over-the-top medical surveillance system we see coming, could actually be utilized as an “early warning monitoring system” to immediately detect emerging biological threats around the world at any given time. Such a comprehensive bio-system would serve as an essential tool to counteract any perceived acts of bio warfare as swiftly as possible.

              With such incredibly comprehensive bio-data input as proposed, by virtue of a “chipped” populace, imagine for a moment a system capable of detecting any number of threats, anywhere in the world in real time, where specific adverse biological agents used in aggressive acts of bio warfare are rapidly analyzed, and ensuing contagion tracked in real time, thus assuring the triggering of compensatory countermeasures in response, all in real time, encumbered only by the speed by which satellite grid transmissions encircling the earth can travel to their end points.

              Lest we forget, this is the military’s baby, after all. As mentioned in Del Bigtree’s podcast, all of these various projects that are now blossoming were originally funded by the military.

              So, is bio-deterrence the new nuclear-deterrence of our evermore, crazy fucked-up world we now live in?

              Seems, so.

              Resistance, though, is a very tough nut. With bio-surveillance, digital surveillance, QR codes, vaccine passports, boosters, implanted chips, bio-weapons research/deployment, satellite networks, 5G, Internet censorship, media control, propaganda and brainwashing, etc., etc.,etc., it’s quite a lot to push back against.

              I hate to be so damned cynical and pessimistic, but I really don’t think we’re looking at a very pretty picture going forward. To this end, I believe the moment the human genome was fully mapped – or was it the development of the micro-chip? – we entered a potently sinister era. Even though such knowledge in terms of medical advances poses an amazing potential for good, it is firstly outweighed by pure hubris, followed secondly by the propensity for greed, and every other inescapable mortal sin owned by our species.

              • Duck says:

                “…I hate to be so damned cynical and pessimistic, but I really don’t think we’re looking at a very pretty picture going forward…”

                As long as people just want to use the system and wont accept either the difficulty of using less useful, full feature tools, or personal poverty there is no hope for them.

                People addicted to comfort and ease are basically free range slaves waiting for the round up

              • LastHumanist says:

                Entering a sinister era suggests we were previously in bright eras. That’s not really the case for most parts of society. Jules Verne didn’t write about getting gassed to death in a trench in the near future but that is what the “bright and optimistic” era of industrial progress brought for the masses.

                We need to ask ourselves for whom an era is sinister. Our prospects may have worsened but someone else’s surely improved. Technological progress cannot be stopped and tyrants will always use it for their own agenda. That goes back to ancient Mesopotamia already where reliefs show us that the great kind used irrigation to increase the wealth of his town and also flood the town of his enemy.

                There’s no point in being either pessimistic or optimistic. Be realistic instead.

              • candlelight says:


                I did qualify my statement somewhat by describing the era we’ve entered as being “potently” sinister. I was thinking in terms of it being exceptionally sinister, which I believe it is, or can become. I didn’t mean to infer prior epochs as being rosy. I agree wholeheartedly with you when you say that “Technological advancement cannot be stopped and tyrants will always use it for their own agenda.” So, true! These particular facts, which I believe they are, support precisely why we have entered an exceptionally sinister period of human history; potentially, like none other.

                And, on the surface, you’re probably right about simply being realistic, rather than being pessimistic or optimistic. Except for one thing; is it really within us – are we really capable of being realistic? Does that not imply a full and complete understanding of reality? As human beings we have plenty of opinions and conjecture, thoughts and theories, though I’m not sure if we have reality down, just yet.
                As human beings, we may have to stick with optimism and pessimism, for the time being. No?

            • Duck says:

              “…But, why? Why is there an overarching drive for real time bio-data surveillance?..”

              Because “they” know that they are in charge of an unstable system that is about ready to collapse.

              As Chris Knowles (over at the SecretSun blog) has often said people in power dont get so wild in their ritualism and control freakery unless they fear things are about to fall apart

              • candlelight says:


                According to The Corbett Report theory of the hidden agenda of the Great Reset, the plan is for things to fall apart, for the economy to implode.

                So far, it would seem that those at the helm of the Great Reset are doing an admirable job. The economy at the moment is faltering with supply chain issues, there’s higher than normal inflation, there’s medical apartheid/martial law and lot’s of unrest. The surveillance state will soon be acquiring new invasive tools to monitor and alter your person, your biology – not just your location.

                The pieces of the puzzle are falling into place, per the planned Reset.

                I don’t know about Chris Knowles, but I’ll check him out. But, as far as I’m concerned, the effect of great power has always produced wild ritualism and control freakery. I don’t think intensity has to do with fear, but with ability.

              • LastHumanist says:

                “Hidden” agenda?


                What is hidden? Nothing at all. There’s a bit of spin, at most. They say the technocracy is fun and inevitable.

                It’s neither of these things.

              • candlelight says:

                Where in the WEF literature do they come anywhere close to revealing economic implosion by design?

                Also, you say technocracy is neither fun or inevitable; yet you also say that technological progress is unstoppable and tyrants will always use it for their own agenda.

                These two ideas above seem contradictory, so I’m a bit confused.

                All I know is that I believe that every technological advancement that we have been shown to be in development, will one day be completely commonplace. Every single bit of it, including implanted biological data collecting analytical systems connected to the grid, capable of both sensing and modifying ones biology remotely, and God knows what else that’s only on the drawing boards that we have yet to be shown….All commonplace one day in the future.

                Technocratic tyrants will find use for these advancements to advance their own agendas.

                To the extent anything is inevitable, this storyline is.

              • LastHumanist says:

                HOW will we own nothing by 2030? The official line is full of transparent implications of bringing about collapse.

                We can use technology to free rather than enslave humanity. Why do you think there’s got to be a tyrant in control?

                If people learn the right lesson from even the past 2 years they’ve been subjected to, the mental revolution will usher in a new age of freedom. There has been no need for poverty ever since industrial surplus became available. With functional AI and automation, every individual could run enough production for a fully sustainable life without much effort at all.

                Power in the hands of all creates a balance that safeguards against tyrants.

                Monopolies and central powers lead to the negative outcomes.

              • candlelight says:

                Me thinks you’re an optimist, Last Humanist!!

                And I think that’s great.

              • LastHumanist says:

                I try to be a realist.
                When it comes to making my bets, I’ll always bet on humanity. People have survived all sorts of things up to this point. They will survive what’s next, too.

                All in all, humanity is really great. It’s not something to “overcome” and shed but something to fully embrace. I know nothing greater in this world than human beings.

              • candlelight says:

                I’ve known a few dogs in my life who have made the grade, and even more so.

                But, then again, I may be biased because they were the greatest of friends at the time.

              • LastHumanist says:

                Friendship can only exist among equals.
                Animals are companions of a different kind.

              • candlelight says:

                What about love?

  92. Fact Checker says:

    Revelation of the Method moves into open mockery territory: Netflix’s inside job cartoon:


    Complete with robot president being filmed in a fake White House. But you, know, for laughs…

    That is, Them laughing at us.

  93. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Worldcoin Offers Free Crypto To Scan Your Eyeballs
    What’s the best way to build a biometric database? Well, you can steal fingerprints, faces, irises, and voice scans of millions of Americans, like US intelligence agencies, have done, or you can go the more ethical route and give people free cryptocurrency for their unique biometric data.

    That’s precisely what several Silicon Valley entrepreneurs are doing with their new start-up, Worldcoin, using orb-shaped devices to scan people’s eyes in exchange for free cryptocurrency….
    [See image and links]

    • westerncivic says:

      Wow. I recently got a new eyeglasses prescription and was suprised to find I was given a full eyeball mapping. I immediately asked questions the tech assistant didn’t answer as the Optometrist overheard and came in to assure me the eyeball data goes nowhere past his office.

      I asked if the data was connected to the internet, and without specifics he again assured me it would go nowhere. 🤷‍♂️

      Lol. Its getting really spooky.

  94. westerncivic says:

    I have often mused that all it took was 50 years of James Bond movies to pacify the American public into letting an unaccountable super government run amok.

    Currently in the U.S. “No Time To Die” is almost the only Hollywood movie of mass distribution out right now. NPR has done whole segments promoting it. Local newspapers run analysis of it… so last night I played the sucker and gave 8 bucks to inhale the propaganda.

    The most important function James Bond movies serve is to normalize the concept of government secrets, and secret actions. To that end, this edition serves perfectly.

    High production values and ready identification with the human superhero protagonist draws one into the plot better than most hollywood productions I remember (I almost never go to or watch Hollywood movies), even with the usual over-the-top physical stunts.

    The media will tell you the big deal here is that 007 is now a black woman (or at least in the next blockbuster she will be), following the much ballyhooed (though based in real problems) identity politics solution to all that is wrong with the world.
    (If only more people of color would get involved in American global conquest all will be well!)

    But Corbetteers will see the real messages in the movie: the term “bio security” is used throughout; nano bots released on specific targets infect them and make them deadly toxic to others by even a small touch; and glaringly, both James Bond and the new 007 are unceremoniously and without even so much as notice, violently jabbed in the neck with some magic elixir designed to protect them, and its seen as a quasi funny heroic moment.

    But guess what… no masks. Not a single mask in this movie. Not even a passing reference that I remember. Nothing. No masks.

    Here is where the analysis takes an insidious turn. As the plot thickens, freedom and autonomy become the rallying cry of our heros. We won’t allow the evil totalitarian dreams of the nanobot control freak schemers to proceed! And James Bond destroys the nanobot factory for us all at the cost of his own life!

    See! The government is full of heros!

    While its clear, given the marketing on NPR and the like, that they hope all Americans dip their minds once again into this constructed icon of “culture,” it is also readily apparent this movie is especially targeted (in a subtle way) to those with covid suspicions, but who also have a resonant “patriotic” streak.

    The key indoctrination effect of this flick as I see it is to get those with covid suspicions to continue to support government authorities, such as police.

    As I have said many times, even among some yellow vests, continuing to support the enforcement class is an Achilles heel that will neuter any human based cause. While we remain super conscious of the technocratic #AutomatedFascism agenda, -no we don’t want machine cops either- people need to look at BLM more closely. They are right on this issue. And they are increasingly right on the vaccine passport issue.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • westerncivic says:

      And I almost forgot to mention…

      the quirky computer/tech genius supporting role character is none too subtly named “Q.”

      -an obvious connection and simple uncontradicted role convergence with our trumpian psy op character.

      With a wee bit of “sophistication” and sympathetic character development for the neolibs, I can safely say the propaganda here conveyed was directed at those who, even targentially, could be persuaded by the Q phenonenon.

      And to continue further with the political scientist in me, we can see the value, indeed the dependence, the ruling class places on maintaining the “patriotism” of regular westerners (Americans).

      It is critical to the establishment that we continue to waive the flag, and to equate that flag in some way with government institutions (esp. military and police).

      I can personally attest as one spending much time across the western U S., that indeed this “patriotic” class will be determinative, if not dispositive to any new arrangements.

      To my revolutionary friends in the northwest, once one gets 50 miles east of the Cascades, the CHUD are DEEP everywhere.

      (Also, we should all quit using dehumanizing terms. This is always done to try and dehumanize people before doing horrible things like killing them.)

      I ask “patrioric” Americans to first take Black Lives Matter on its face, before some white you-tuber tells us all how much Soros money is everywhere.

      Have you been to the scene of a police killing? Have you stood with family nembers of those murdered by the state? Have you been to a BLM march?

      Do you believe Black Lives Matter?

      Then listen. Listen first. Listen to regular Black people in the streets for a minute.

      Some AYVs marched all last year in Portland and Seattle and greater Cascadia (don’t like the idea of any new borders, but understand the Cascadian sentiment) in support of reducing police and prison budgets. (I never wore a mask).

      Please consider:

      In addition to the moral imperative of adressing race based brutality in America, there is a key tactical reason to allow people of color to lead in many things right now. The deadly dictates of the imperial machine are only recently coming into view for many gen x white folk like myself. But Black folk in America have been fighting the machine for generations.

      As a great example, note the nearly instinctual resistance to vaccines by many in the Black community.

      Unlike me, many folks of color didn’t require hours of study with the good Sir Corbett to understand the deadly intentions involved with government bodily intrusions.

      As as a white guy born to some upper middle class privilege, and who has also been to prison, I can personally attest that BLM is basically 100% correct about police and prisons and courts. Also, there really is no rule of law.

      But please rest assured, we AYVs understand (just as Corbett has reminded us) how the control freak billionaires twist the greatest of human goodwill to their autocratic ends. NO MACHINE COPS EITHER. Stop #AutomatedFascism!

      Thanks for reading.

      A top priority of AYVs I know is prevention of civil war.

      #The3Tacks #RiC #AmericanYellowVests #AYV #GJ #GiletsJaunes

      • LastHumanist says:

        Klaus Schwab is my favourite Bond villain.
        I don’t mind being barred from the cinema, considering the suspense and drama of the numerous Schwab appearances that I am given access to.

        Well, I do mind being stripped of personal freedom. Even though I never went to the movies in years. We know how this thing goes. Klaus Schwab’s techno-Auschwitz will probably have a slogan about the “4th industrial revolution” or “ze global warming” or whatever. Well, maybe they won’t need camps this time. The Nazis probably wouldn’t have shifted to industrial death camps without the war in the east. We’ll never know or, actually, we’re about to find out.

        “WW 3: Return of the Paperclipped”
        Come on, guys, last time you considered me part of the “master race”.
        Why the apartheid?

        BLM is always burning down the part of town that BlackRock buys up, as far as I know.
        Looks like a co-opted movement to me rather than a source of hope and human decency.

        No life matters is the real slogan there, isn’t it?

        • westerncivic says:

          See this is what I mean… (nothing personal) but people looking from behind a screen and presuming something is co-opted without ever showing up.

          There is a lot of good there. And I suggest people looking to find reason to disqualify it without looking at it is problematic in some fundamental ways.

          And I ‘m not aware of BLM burning down “parts of town”. -police stations and police union buildings, yes.

          (Sorry for my poor proofreading/spelling on here)

          • cu.h.j says:

            What about all the black owned business that were burned and looted? BLM had nothing to do with that, right?

            Burning police stations and stuff also isn’t going to win popular support. Look how MLK did things. His leadership appealed to the human spirit that is within most of us.

            Compare that to the riots in the US. The difference is night and day.

            • westerncivic says:

              Having been in Portland the first 2 weeks since George Floyd, CHOP thereafter, and connected since, 3 things:
              1) In essentially every case, violence was initiated by the police, not protestors. 2) the police are protecting a completely purchased government structure to which no conventional redress is available. And 3) white folk behind a screen telling black folk how they ought to behave is a recipe for disaster.

              • LastHumanist says:

                White/Black is not a paradigm I follow.

                If you burn down the town, you are doing wrong.
                It’s plain and simple and I do not care about any political or historical excuses to justify criminal actions.

            • westerncivic says:

              Just a final thought on this thread. Thanks for the responses, I’ll try not to repeat myself.

              Please consider this, LH, c.u.hj, Duck (who I’m certain knows more history), and all others:

              The very #AutomatedFascism we are all trying to prevent right now, is a sort of fulfillment of European colonialism that poc are complaining about.

              This British fetish of putting everything and everybody in a box with a number on it is something that would never have crossed an American Indian mind. -and probably wasnt a big plan out of Africa either…

              It is precisely this colonialism that makes the covid nightmare possible, and that has brought many BLM protestors around to their senses on the same covid nonsense.

              So that’s all. There are good reasons to listen to folks who have been fighting this deceptive colonialism long before folks like me even recognized it.

              To end, I’ll quote c.u.hj,

              “I just don’t like being lumped into a category based on characteristics and genetics I can’t control, that’s all.”


          • LastHumanist says:

            If you’re unaware then you’re not really in a position to be dismissive. Violent riots are violent riots. A store plundered is a store plundered and a destroyed police station will not help the community improve. I do not approve of any political movement that engages in violent action. Every human life matters to me. For that, I need no Soros funded movement.

            • westerncivic says:

              Did you know that for the first time, like ever, the Portland police went an entire calendar year without killing anyone? Yep. 2020. Because the people kept them busy every night instead.

              BLM have attacked property. Police protect property. BLM and mutual aid groups protect human beings.

              • LastHumanist says:

                Not really. Attacking private property also attacks people’s livelihoods and “busy” burning towns are going to end up dead and ruined. Police are still people until replaced by Boston Dynamics robot dogs. If you exclude them from your concept of protection then you’re not coming from a good place.

              • cu.h.j says:

                “BLM have attacked property” and some people, average working people who own small business go under because of this. There were black owned business that were destroyed because of the riots. They worked hard to build the business. It provided independence from the state and a sense of worth and meaning. Then it is gone because people could not control themselves and vented their anger and hate towards a person who had nothing to do with it.

                This is wrong and if we are to survive as a species must start to examine our moral values. The ends don’t justify the means, not when innocent people and their livelihoods are destroyed. There is no honor in that.

        • westerncivic says:

          To LH: not following the white/black paradigm doesn’t cut it, as white folks benefit materially, directly and indirectly from a white designed society.

          Being able to “not follow” the problem is the very definition of relative privilege in this case.

          When the cops shoot your kid in the back, you don’t have that privilege. #JFPK

          • LastHumanist says:

            CRT is racist BS.
            Not all white people benefit and not all black people are victims.

            • Duck says:


              When a white person tells you that ‘whites benefit from a white designed society’ they are either

              1)Racists who think blacks can not function in a civilized society
              2)Virtue signaling in just the same way once popular in christian denominations to pretend to be “more-humble-then-thou”
              3)Well off upper class people who are using race baiting to effect an attack on lower class whites they see wish to make themselves distinct from.

              This is what happens when regular religion goes out of society… something else Science-tism, wokeness, New Age or weirdness like the Extinction Rebellion rushes in to fill the vacuum.

              • westerncivic says:

                Duck, your response implies a vast ignorance of the race based history of the U.S.

                This is precisely the problem I’m asking people to address.

                Listen first. Take the time and listen to folks who have been victims of racism, and disproportionately against poc actions of the American state.

                Proceeding as if there is nothing to see here, or that its all nonsense reflects a dangerous ignorance, pray that it not be willful.

                These are not simple matters, and simply lumping them into an opposition trash heap only furthers the billionaires’ civil war agenda.

                And this isn’t a past matter that can be dismissed. The ramifications are real and can be seen everywhere today.

                All I’m asking is that folks listen and see what’s happening on the ground before criticizing. Its laughable to rely on media reports of the same as they are almost without exception “incorrect.”

              • LastHumanist says:

                Slavery by definition means that someone else has autonomy over your body. Today, most people are slaves.

                I will therefore not have any nonsense about histories of criminals and victimhood. I demand bodily autonomy for every individual and will not engage in any discussion about watering down the legitimacy of my demand.

                It is legitimate through the natural law laid out by the Enlightenment. It is legitimate by the Humanist tradition and Greek philosophy.

                If you do not stand on the side of human freedom then you have chosen the wrong side of history.

              • cu.h.j says:


                Your point about going to protests is a good one and to listen to what people are saying.

                Communication is a two way street however and at this time I think the term “white privilege” in America being directed at your average working stiff white person is not only insulting but misplaced and does not describe what’s going on in this country.

                What identity politics does is divide and conquer and is exactly what the true “owners” want people to do.

                Having conversations is good, honest conversations and persons who align with BLM also listen to what other people are saying.

                I resent someone telling me because I am white that I owe a person of color an apology or something. I do not. I had a very rough life, grew up in poverty and worked my butt off to get where I am today. None of my more wealthy family members gave me anything.

              • cu.h.j says:


                I do think it’s cool you are going to protests though and listening to what people are saying.

                It’s good to actually do something in the real world with real people!! I hope that a more diverse group of people gets involved in stopping this agenda. Since black folks have been historically target by eugenicists and some of their ancestors have been experimented on, I would hope many of them take issue with this whole thing.

                What’s emerging is a slavery system that includes all of the regular people across the globe.

                I just don’t like being lumped into a category based on characteristics and genetics I can’t control, that’s all.

      • Duck says:

        “..Do you believe Black Lives Matter?..”

        At all times, and equally at all times, and as much as anyone else matters.
        BLM, soros, Tech Overlords and the hipster/future-slave-class, however only think black lives matter when they are politically useful.

        Only a fool thinks that any organization of marxists cares a fig for the lives of any minority except in so far as they are useful politically…TBF that goes for most political groups, but marxists especially

      • s511 says:

        Westerncivic, I agree with all you say about the police and the lack of rule of law to the blacks and poor, well mainly poor because the rich black folks don’t suffer in the courts. People with no money or social standing suffer. I have not been to jail but have worked closely with a few who have been. I can attest to the unfairness.
        But I also believe that BLM movement has now been co-opted to a large degree.
        I also want to add that the move to deny families into the jails is complete bulls**t. It is so difficult to visit prisoners now. In fact the move in Florida is to just have televisits!

        • westerncivic says:

          Thanks for the response, s511.

          See the thing is, a movement of any size is, in the least, infiltrated in America. Look how many cops and state actors were involved in January 6.

          The head of the proud boys is a known FBI operative.

          And this is what I’m talking about. I see far too many looking for excuses to dodge the real problems with these excuses. If people support humanity when she comes together, we can help prevent the more twisted parts.

          I support in person protests almost anywhere they take place. Something happens at large protests that seem to exceed the sum of the apparent. There is a freedom there like no other.

    • westerncivic says:

      When I say no masks, that’s true as I recall, at least in terms of anything hooked on the ears.

      But there is much action taking place in “off books” secret bioweapon labs and such where many extras wore full body bio hazard suits.

      The plausibility of engineered bioweapons was fully incorporated in the plot along with lines of dialogue assuming the necessity of keeping up such bioweapon facilities.

      One could probably do an analysis of soft (afraid to be racist) war-with-China preparation propaganda on this movie as well.

  95. westerncivic says:

    I would love to see Corbett get together with this Darren Beattie fellow from revolver.news. I expect the mutual benefit to them both could be game changing.

    Here is an amazing interview with him by Greenwald on the FBI subterfuge on January 6.

    Do you need anymore proof to know the police are not your friends?


    • westerncivic says:

      Of course both of these folks are a little too close to power to be fully trusted. Both operate in reference to electoral politics. Both likely converse with billionaires.


  96. nosoapradio says:

    Things are getting even Merckier in France just in time for Halloween!:

    Coronavirus: France has ordered 50,000 doses of anti-Covid pills from Merck laboratory
    M.F with AFP 16 hours ago

    “…Complementary to the vaccine, the treatment could be crucial in the fight against the epidemic…

    …700 dollars per dose
    However, Olivier Véran reminded the audience that this treatment would not be the only answer to the epidemic, insisting on the importance of vaccination against Covid-19. The cost of the treatment is expected to be high. The minister did not specify the amount of the order, but as an example, the United States ordered this year 1.7 million doses for 1.2 billion dollars, or about 700 dollars for each.

    “Vaccination, plus antiviral treatment, plus monoclonal antibodies, equals much less health impact,” he insisted. This regimen “would also protect us (…) in the event of an epidemic wave linked to a new variant whose damage it is still unknown”, he concluded.

    Of course, should you want this expensive poison, given the price, you’ll certainly have to provide proof of so-called “vaccination”…


  97. s511 says:

    I just love reading the commenters here. I learn, I laugh, I am grateful for the information, and the links, (Home RemedySupply supplies so many, and he exhibits warm welcomes to new posters), the droll wit of some, the longsuffering patience of others, the painstaking explanations given by many in expounding their position, the over arching concern for humanity in most posts.
    My stand to J.P.Wheeler’s question is most closely aligned with nosoapradio’s “Well we did it for Covid so… why not for this quantum dot tattoo?” and Fact Checkers’s “
The injections are a hydrogel platform for the delivery of biotechnology that will progressively enable an inseverable link between every surviving human body and the 5-/6G EMF field that bathes the plant Earth….though being a follower of Christ I see a different ultimate outcome; Jesus Christ returning and all things being put under his feet, including the ultimate puppet master, Satan, the ‘god’ of this world. known also as “The Prince of Darkness” and the “Prince of the Air” (Have fun reading C.S. Lewis’s THE SCREWTAPE LETTERS) I agree with beaconterraone:” I have pretty much reconciled my outlook on the world with the reality that St. John’s visions appear to be coming true in totality, and the “End Times” prophesied about for over 1900 years are now here.” And Last Humanist that “Every jab is another step towards the NWO. The conclusion and grand endgame of a conspiracy at least a century in the making. Generations of anti human psychos have come and gone to enable this. It’s a hill for many factions to die on..” Vested interests aligned. Interests that men, women and children were murdered over… It’s NWO total tyranny or bust by 2030..”
    I have always loved biographies and I love reading here peoples life stories.. like Steve Smith cont.

  98. s511 says:

    Before I moved back to Alabama, I was a massage therapist in Palm Beach from 2002-2020, (first at the Palm Beach Bath & Tennis Club (which has the distinction of denying Trump membership TWICE! LOL and then as a private mobile contractor ) been able to talk at length with very powerful people.(When we invaded Iraq I complained to one client that we were just going there for their oil! He said, “No,no. no, we are there because we were looking to knock off a third world country for a military base in Central Asia. We wil go in there, establish military bases (we did, 14 in the first two years) then we will pull out.) and super rich people. How rich? Another of my clients told me how is neighbor was bragging at the Christmas party how much he had netted that year. I asked him “How much?” he replied, “Well to put in it your terms, Tricia, if he had worked a 40 hour week for 50 weeks he made $56,000 an hour.” Not to worry, we plebes are the grateful recipients of his Kravis Center in downtown West Palm Beach.
    Though a follower of Jesus Christ now I was raised in a home of eclectic spiritual teachings. My parents worked with Ron Hubbard in the late 40’s and fifties, but left Scientology citing him a paranoid schizophrenic. I had read the Urantia book, the Miracle Courses, the Seth books, Edgar Cayce, the Nag Hammadi in my teens and young twenties. My Dad used to say that was an old Chinese Curse, “May you live in changing times.” And here we are now, in changing times. I am glad to be here with you all for the ride.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Oh Wow!
      What a wealth of exposure, insight and experience!
      …the early days of L Ron Hubbard and so much more.

      s511 says:
      “And here we are now, in changing times.
      I am glad to be here with you all for the ride.”

    • Steve Smith says:

      What a great post! I agree completely. Reading the thoughts of the members here is usually a highlight of my day.

  99. westerncivic says:

    I caught Bill McKibbon on a twitter hook… anyone want to join in?


  100. westerncivic says:

    Making progress.

    Max Blumenthal of the Greyzone appears to be on track. The Jimmy Dore show:


  101. Torus says:

    Craig Kelly from NSW Australia speaking out against Net Zero by 2050 agenda in a simple but well articulated cost/benefit analysis.
    I wish there were more like him worldwide who would call out this virtue-signaling agenda for the theft that it is.


  102. s511 says:

    Wall Street’s New Asset Class Will Put Natural World ‘Up for Sale’
    Cory Morningstar:
    “Rockefeller et al. letting the markets dictate what in nature has value — and what does not. Yet, it’s not for capitalist institutions and global finance to decide what life has value. Ecosystems are not ‘assets.’ Biological communities exist for their own purposes, not ours.”

    • Torus says:

      After reading this, I am somewhere between hysteria and nausea.

      What kind of demented control freaks think they have the right (or capability) to monetize the natural cycles of life on earth? How can one even attempt to find a sum or value in the evapotraspiration of a tree? Or decomposition of plants and animal waste adding to soil fertility? The interconnectedness of ecosystems cannot be broken down into assets or shares. No formula or amount of data could ever encompass the “value” of nature’s many systems. Such audacity!!

      This “Natural Asset Class” is, without any exaggeration, beyond value. That is to say, UNQUANTIFIABLE. Natural, life sustaining processes cannot be monetized, traded, or speculated on. I am outraged and standing in stunned disbelief!!

  103. s511 says:

    Please check this out. Rollout plan.
    This is the pdf of the digital ID plan to seamlessly get EVERYBODY on the planet to have a GLOBAL IDENTIFIER (their words) you can download the pdf for future reference.
    So people will have two things, (but we aren’t called people in here…)
    the DDCC:VS: Digital Documentation of COVID-19 Certificates which tracks your Vaccination Status;
    And the HCID: Health certificate identifier; which they want as your global identifier.
    A pox on them all. However “The best laid plans of mice and men often go astray.”

  104. LastHumanist says:

    FAGMAN will now be MAGMAN:


    How much money did Meta Mark make shorting his company when he pulled the plug the other day?
    Only the deep state may know.

    Will they finally make VR that doesn’t make people vomit? Time will tell.

    • LastHumanist says:

      “The metaverse will feel like a hybrid of today’s online social experiences, sometimes expanded into three dimensions or projected into the physical world. It will let you share immersive experiences with other people even when you can’t be together [because you are imprisoned in your home] — and do things together you couldn’t do in the physical world.
      [Finally become an anime avatar and have VR sex, I suppose]”

      The future is now.

  105. Jed says:

    Nation wide strike November 3rd. I read it on “Instagram” but I’m still going with it. I know it’s not fake news because I will be on strike on the 3rd, so there you go, please join me. The post comes from nyfreedomrally2 and is calling for all police, fire, ems, retail, dr s lawyers, labors, hospitality, ect , everyone, to strike for no masks, no testing, no vaccine. They’re asking for a coast to coast strike in the USA, but I’m inviting the rest of the world, so, tell your friends….

  106. nosoapradio says:

    Feels like the calm before the storm…

    • LastHumanist says:

      It’s been decades already of this quiet war with silent weapons.
      It might just end with a whimper, rather than a bang.

      I used to wonder why so many ancient cultures just stopped.
      Take the Minoans on Crete, for example. They had a monarch in a palace and a city built around it. They practiced many trades and advanced their writing skills.

      Eventually, they abandoned the city and left it all behind. We don’t really hear from them anymore in the following centuries but this “dark age” was, as the archeological evidence shows, an era of returning to nature.

      They traded the city for a simpler bucolic lifestyle and the monarch in the palace was eventually forgotten and transformed into myth.

      The labyrinth they vaguely remembered was, perhaps, not only the palace they had once built but also a state of mind that accompanied it. Monsters roam where tyrants dwell. Maybe tending the sheep is not so bad, all things considered. I would easily leave behind most of what remains today for green Greek pastures.

      • LastHumanist says:

        Much has been said about the volcano eruption and invading peoples as reasons for the collapse back then. However, the palaces were clearly repaired. The city was still inhabited. I think what ultimately shattered the social order was not the destruction of the material world of these people…

        I think that the events they had witnessed upset the mental world they had crafted to make sense of the universe and the way it should be.

        Perhaps the god-king had told them they needed only obey him to avoid the eruption and so the evidence of their own eyes ended up showing them the world they had believed in was built on lies.

        Eventually, they just walked away from it and the whole cosmos of god-kings ceased existing. For a while, at least.

  107. nosoapradio says:

    Now brain implants implanted in mainstream conversation.


    Then, in 2018, at age 57, Gomez made a brave decision. She volunteered to be the very first person to have a tiny electrode with a hundred microneedles implanted into the visual region of her brain.


    Should Big Tech’s Plan for a Metaverse Scare Us?
    Tech companies seek to create far more immersive digital environments, possibly mediated by brain implants…

    Happy Halloween 2021!

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