Episode 372 - The 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards!

01/25/202040 Comments

And now, from the palatial Corbett Report studios in western Japan, it's time for The 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards. Which media organization will take home the most Dinos for their dishonest reporting? Who will bear the shame of the biggest fake news story of the year? Find out in this year's exciting gala broadcast!!

For those with limited bandwidth, CLICK HERE to download a smaller, lower file size version of this episode.

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  • ABC News for their "dramatic coverage" of "Turkey's" military bombing "Kurd civilians" in a "Syrian border town":
  • Dishonorable mentions go to Emannuelle Macron, Leo Dicaprio, Madonna and other Twitterati who posted there own fake news about the Amazon fire (h/t manbearpig)


  • The Japanese government, for their admission that 40% of the 56 key government economic releases are in fact fake, fudged or completely made up!


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  1. zyxzevn says:

    Blocked on youtube: “copyright” strike.

    • el Gallinazo says:

      Well, it managed to stay stay up on gootube for at least 14 seconds but was taken down within a few minutes.

    • cstrouss1 says:

      Indeed. I noticed a few minutes in that James had decided “fuck it” on copyright. No way to document those lying bastards without showing the clips. Of course, that should legitimately be Fair Use.

  2. RobinHood77 says:

    This video, which has been blocked on YouTube, has 4 views and 30 likes

    • alucientes says:

      It’s up now. But still better to view and comment here. I go out of my way not to use YT now. Everyone should do that, -hat’s where their power comes from. If enough people do it, it sends a very clear message: You are the online version of the dinomedia.

      Even if its not always obvious bc the talking heads on TV continue with false narratives, more and more people watching know theyre being lied to. We, by talking and sharing have literally changed the narrative on some major events, including 9/11, Syria and Libya, etc.

      Principled people dont like being lied to about major world affairs and the actions of our supposed leaders. we’re going to take a more proactive approach getting informed. The problem is that, even as they say “I know the media lies”, most people will never take the time and effort to look at alternative information. Most people seem unable to care about the truth of “Upsetting issues I have no control over & dont want to be called a conspiracy theorist.” Thats’sad. Like how under-subbed corbettreport is on YT is sad in what it says about our society. . –anyway, pardon my rant to what was going to be a one line reply. cheers

  3. FatKat says:

    I wonder if PRISM and XKEY SCORE is targeting every Murcan Sheeple? And I wonder if NDAAs still authorize the indefinite detention of US citizens without even Article III trials? But it’s the Ayatollah we gotta worry about??

    Wish I had got this submission in for Fake News awards.


  4. Ukdavec says:

    Great work – and still on youtube when accessed from New Zealand – 3385 views

  5. alucientes says:

    Look what The Atlantic article ‘How the Epstein Case Explains the Rise of Conspiracy Theorists’ uses as examples of conspiracy theories,-two [obvious imo] psyops: ‘pizzagate’ and ‘Qanon’.

  6. bladtheimpaler says:

    Well done James and Brock. Must be a difficult task choosing who to ‘award’ for what as there is so many news stories to fill the bill.

    One item that would a least make the runner up category was the Maldive’s foreign minister lamenting that his nation will soon be submerged (again and again) from rising human created CO2 emissions and subsequent rising sea levels. This must be at least the third speculative date for the end of the Maldives even while five new airports and massive ocean front tourist investments (Sauds have ponied up 10 billion to build tourist resorts) on what is supposed to be a nation having already gone or now again going to a watery ending.

  7. generalbottlewasher says:

    Like the head of the W.H.O. says its not the vaccine but the psychosomatic reaction to the vaccination experience.
    What if I have a reaction to the fake news like I would have a reaction to … The Dino fake news award. Is there a fake news injury court? Is there a fake news anti reaction pill being developed?
    W.H.O. hinting at a new paradigm ( or parody ) of new medical condition( psychiatric) and billion $ market for new big pharma response.
    Check it out. The U.N. is the true new funny farm .
    From the Highwire.


    • manbearpig says:

      Gardasil!? Guard Us Ill??

      as in Keep Us Sick??

      now that you mention it… I’m feeling a little psychosomatic… this evening…


  8. manbearpig says:

    HOnestly! All Douma gloom you conspiracy theorists! If you folks can’t understand why mr Trump needs to launch missiles and terrorists on middle eastern countries it’s ’cause you haven’t understood this song!!


    We have a RIGHT
    to FIGHT
    and keep
    our country

    or as Mark Knopfler helpfully explains:

    “Now you can do the Watusi
    You can do it if you try
    Any puppy Dog or pussy
    Can do the jerk or do the fly
    Now you can do the Woolly Bully
    But can you pull the Woolly Woolly?
    Can you wag, can you wag the dog?…

    …So make him sit, make him stay
    Come to heel, go play
    Roll him over, lie still
    Make him go kill, atta boy
    Wag that dog, baby”


    So!? Easy to criticize! But can You pull the wooly wooly??

    (c’mon! it’s Friday night!)

    now go bow, wow wow wow

    now go woof, woof woof woof…

    That’s the Bug and that’s the Frog
    Yeah, but can you wag
    Wag the dog, can you wag the dog
    Wag the dog, can you wag the dog?…”

  9. zyxzevn says:

    Great show.
    Like in the list that I posted,
    it is what is NOT reported that shows how fake the official news is.

  10. wylie1 says:

    Thanks. Great video to send friends and former friends and relatives every year to remind them they choose to watch fake news.

    QUESTIONS for Corbett:
    Is it true that the Canadian govt is still targeting the Indians/First Nations/Indigenous peoples for elimination? In part to remove them from resource rich lands the Chinese are willing to pay for?


  11. Broc West says:

    Hello everyone!

    As some of you have noticed the first attempted upload on GooTube was blocked worldwide due a B.S. copyright claim. James has since removed the small clip causing the issue & re-uploaded it.

    However, should you wish to watch The 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards in all it’s uncensored glory, please watch and/or download the mp4.


    Thank you all again for watching & supporting The Corbett Report and thanks to our amazing sponsor Learn 2 Code! 😉


    • hugo.c says:

      Hi Broc,

      Great work on the video editing.

      /People in the background also matter, else the thing does not happen.

    • Libertydan says:

      Would your above comment even show up for the GooTube viewers?
      I always go to the CorbetReport.com version and make my comments there.
      PS I expect to see less Trolls in the paying member comments than on Gootube. The manipulators who control the money supply can buy a lot of mischief with an unlimited amount of fiat money, and they do.

  12. hugo.c says:

    Hmmm. Lots of good and a few oops’es. (Live by the feather, die by the feather).

    The ABC “News” fake video of the “attack in northern Syria, by Turkey” is to me the most flagrant, idiotic, “stock footage will do, but, hey let’s arc things up” abuse of broadcast news in the year. However, James claims that ABC is reporting on “bombings” when that verb is not mentioned in the included footage. Ooops. Nonetheless, this shows how “news” organisations will use whatever footage (irrespective of its veracity, and their doctoring thereof) most enrages the viewers; non-click clickbait?

    ABC editors and managers covered up the Epstein scandal (atrocities), not the reporters. C’mon James.

    Actually, the “cover up” award should go to the entire MSM for the US influence to alter the interim and final reports by the OPCW on Douma, not the Epstein thing. (Mil Intel will run influence operations, and be-damned the young girls and/or boys involved).

    After note: I really liked the reference to and abuse of the “holywood” awards style. Sarcasm and satire are a necessary psychological bulwark in this age.

  13. Very “Entertaining” James -and equally cringe worthy! Another tour-de-force, exposing just how ridiculous our Mass media is.

    And, yet another instance where one of my favorite quotes comes to mind:

    At any street corner, the feeling of absurdity can strike any man [*or woman] in the face”.


  14. dooglio says:

    Every time I watch your stuff, James, I’m always left speechless. And the MSM continues to ignore real news and peddles garbage their political masters want spewed out. And I know so many people who are in flat out denial of this.

  15. manbearpig says:

    I actually listened to these dinos, like in the good ol’ days, as the video wasn’t yet up when I caught it; It was very funny and effective as a soundcast. Sound is so… intimately evocative and a powerful stimulant to the imagination. Like hyper-real.

    And on that note, it’s Saturday night so I’ll just post one of my favs for when I’m working, as constructive company:


    you can skip to the middle if you’re in a hurry, of course.

  16. cstrouss1 says:

    I was at least a little sad to see Amy Goodman, that nice old hippie lady, on National Endowment for Democracy Now, included as an example of Fake News.

    But while Amy Goodman is often on the side of globalist propagandists. Even some of the best “alternative” media outlets seem to fall for Thunbergism.

    • weilunion says:

      Well, Ms. Goodman lives off of charity from philanthropists (funding), liberals, for whatever that means. Certainly not radical. She is now the ‘old PBS’ gussied up as radical news.

      The hippie woman on PBS you mention, is Judy Woodruff. She is hardly a hippie: she is a bloated corporate stenographer for power married to Al Hunt, a former member of the Crossfire team, an old news show from the 1990’s.

      Woodruff has had multiple face lifts to continue her sojourn lying on P “BS.

      You might not know that PBS is now a for-profit organization and you can read about the hostile takeover of the sullen and former public airwaves by members of the Washington Post.

      As I wrote 8 years ago in Truthout:

      “What PBS, like the Post, failed to report was that The Washington Post executive Boisfeuillet (Bo) Jones Jr. became president and CEO of MacNeil/Lehrer Productions back at the end of 2011. Jones now produces the “PBS Newshour.” Jones was the chairman of The Washington Post for three decades (“Longtime Washington Post exec Bo Jones to MacNeil/Lehrer,” October 27, 2011). They also fail to report that PBS’ nightly business report was purchased by Atalaya Capital Management, the owner of Washington City Paper, which charges $150 for prostitution ads.

      All of this suggests that “Newshour” was never a public news program in the first place. The line between the corporate world of media and the so-called public news hour is not blurry; it is virtually nonexistent.”

      You can find the article at Truthout.

  17. calibrator says:

    There’s so much sh*t going on in the media right now that it’s hardly readable at all…

    And speaking about errors:

    > Dishonorable mentions go to Emannuelle Macron,

    Was this unintentional or a play on

    Both basically being whores? 😉

    • manbearpig says:


      mkey could do a most gratifying composite image of Jupiter in pearls!

      (macron (vs micron) is such a technocratic mantle, isn’t it??)

      • manbearpig says:

        So I just realized how offended at least one of my transgender students would’ve been by that gratuitous remark.

        So nothing against transgender folks.

        But the juxtaposition of the Rothschild protegée president Macron with steamy Emmanuelle’s wicker chair, pearls and pouting lips

        seemed somehow… incongruously comical… and yet…


  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Episode 372 – The 3rd Annual REAL Fake News Awards!
    was an incredibly stellar production!
    The video, the script, the music, the effects, the topics (dino awards), the humor…the entire gamut.

    I was sooo impressed!
    It makes a person proud to be a Corbett Report Member.

    And the acting! Gosh!
    The actor in the Corporate Sponsor ad, “Learn 2 Code” was fabulous.
    I need to get an autograph!
    I bet that actor’s wife carries a baseball bat to keep the fawning women away.

  19. mik says:


    Thanks very much for resource http://www.wrongkindofgreen.org ( “The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg”).
    Man, what a resource.
    Also very refreshing way of thinking.

    From volume I, act I:

    (climate change at the highest level is)

    “What is going on – is a rebooting of a stagnant capitalist economy, that needs new markets – new growth – in order to save itself.”

    More than less markets are saturated, new has to be invented, climate change, space race, human dumb-down, certainly-you-don’t-need market,…

  20. Mintaka says:

    These poor dinosaurs.
    Now they’re all going to sit on the desk of the head of the ADL that gave us most – if not all – of the fake news stories mentioned in these awards.
    At least they’ll still be together, able to keep each other company.
    Let us hope the ADL capo will be so busy playing with them that he’s going to neglect his Fake News duties. Then maybe – just maybe – there won’t be any need for a Fake News Awards next year, just as James wished at the end.
    We – James & Broc included – could actually get on with our real lives then.

  21. The Greta Thunberg circus is amazing and glad for Corbett to point it out. It was the great Nassim Taleb that coined the phrase “pedophrasty” to describe this effect of using children as political props.


  22. kropotkin says:


    Bus driving infected patients – dutch state news

  23. Gavinm says:

    Man that was good! Was that Broc West doing that whole thumbs up for learning to code for getting a job running AI fake news bots segment? haha I love it.

    Thanks James 🙂

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