The Year Ahead - Part 3: Geopolitics

01/31/202153 Comments

I don't need to tell you that we are living through world-historical times right now. The frequency of world-changing events is accelerating even as the impact of these events on our day-to-day lives is increasing.

As Lenin rightly observed: "There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen." Perhaps there are years in which centuries happen.

With that in mind, I am taking my annual look at the year ahead and splitting it into three parts.

The first week I looked at the tectonic shifts that are taking place in the global monetary space and considered what these changes portend for the future of the world economy.

Last week I examined the ongoing (generated) COVID crisis and what we can expect as the Era of Biosecurity continues to unfold.

This week I will turn my attention to world geopolitics, analyzing the types of conflicts that we can expect to see over the course of this year and explaining how these conflicts will set the stage for even more dramatic events over the course of the decade.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    On the eve of February 1st, 2021 The Year Ahead – Part 3: Geopolitics was one hell of a read!

    Like in Japan where they got your number or with the eventual rollout of a “Drivers License for the Internet”, neither pudding nor sandwich make me look forward to the next meal.

    I’m with James.
    I ain’t gonna eat this crap.

    James Corbett says:
    The War on You that constitutes the real Third World War takes many forms.
    Understanding these forms is essential to understanding the real nature of the threat facing free humanity…

    …Yes, we have entered into a new phase of global geopolitics…
    The narrative of the “New Cold War” is only going to be picking up steam from here. But that narrative is largely designed to hide the fact that the war is already engaged, and that you are the designated enemy combatants that the globalist technocrats are setting their sights on…

    …It is absolutely imperative that we do not lose sight of who the real enemy is in all of this is.
    It’s not the average Chinese citizen living under the yoke of the Chinese government, or the average Russian living under the yoke of the Kremlin, or the average American living under the yoke of Washington or any other average person.

    The real enemies are the technocrats themselves who are steering their respective countries into the same ditch….

    These are important words, especially Corbett’s point about the “New Cold War” narrative.

    I know what to expect on these comment boards…

    Pray to God that I may be gentle.
    We will have some enthusiastic newcomers to the Corbett Report who are sold on the “New Cold War” narrative.
    We saw it with the “Flat Earth” narrative, but see…these folks did not know about
    “The Law of 7 Eleven”

    • Duck says:

      “…The real enemies are the technocrats themselves who are steering their respective countries into the same ditch….”
      The Technocrats are just middle management for the ‘Magic’People who can buy anything in the world with the Magic Money they create out of literally nothing…(its no wonder they are so obsessed with magic numbers and junk like that) …
      but even THEY are just stooges for the real mastermind, Satan.

  2. spider says:

    Yes, that’s the globalist’s plan, but the people are striking back. This weekend in Vienna there are protests against lockdowns. Even in my sleepy little conservative town the people are disobeying the State. Macron has decided against angering the people with another lockdown. There’s a sizable vaccine hesitancy that will break their plan of a universal vaccination. I think the Klaus Schwab’s in their ivory towers will feel the people’s roar of freedom.

  3. robert.t says:

    A couple of thoughts on diversion…

    I’ve been conditioned, like most, to react to “Gates”, “Soros”, “Musk” etc as if these people were actual agents at the head of massive ops. My suspicion is that they are, in fact, Betty Crocker or Emmanuel Goldstein characters, except that the characters are played by living individuals.

    As I’ve mentioned before, it helps to spend a few minutes imagining an average Elon Musk day, as dropout kid morphs from Henry Ford sleeping on the factory floor to George Westinghouse to Kingdom Brunel to Werner von Braun to AI transhumanism pioneer (and simultaneously critic thereof) to media star to party boy. Quite a day!

    Most people, however educated and intelligent, will not spend those few minutes, but anyone who does might suspect that while the private sphere has been surrendered to the permanent state, the permanent state has outsourced its functions to the pretend private. The goal has been to confuse and diminish responsibility. It’s working.

    I’m also doubtful that much money at all is spent on “space”. You don’t have to go to the moon, bright or dark side, to soak a space budget. An actual space program, if possible, would chew up far too much of the money and resources intended for syphoning.

    While they’ve got us moon-gazing I’d be inclined to look at things like straits, geo-strategic land and watersheds. Think of water alone. If the old power balances change, China’s hold on Tibet, Ethiopia’s hold on the Blue Nile and Turkey’s hold on the headwaters of Mespotamia will matter much more than moon-bases, real or Disney.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “My suspicion is that they are, in fact, Betty Crocker or Emmanuel Goldstein characters”

      Yes. And moreover, they are carefully framed fall guys, set up to take the blame for certain aspects of the Plan.

      In the 2010 Rockefeller “Scenarios” report (the one that includes “Lock Step”), one of the other scenarios is “HACK ATTACK” which is premised as follows:

      “[T]ainted vaccines entered the public health systems of several African countries. In 2021, 600 children in Cote d’Ivoire died from a bogus Hepatitis B vaccine, which paled in comparison to the scandal sparked by mass deaths from a tainted anti-malarial drug years later. The deaths and resulting scandals sharply affected public confidence in vaccine delivery; parents not just in Africa but elsewhere began to avoid vaccinating their children, and it wasn’t long before infant and child mortality rates rose to levels not seen since the 1970s.”

      Who (or, should I say, ‘WHO’) might be an easy scapegoat for such a ‘scandal’? [HINT: ]

  4. vadoum says:

    “And if you are reading these words, then you are the target of these cyber soldiers.” jc

    that reads two ways:
    In one way, it says,, because you doubt the integrity of the misleaders, you are here reading this unveiling of the nefarious actions they’ve made; we are detectives exposing the evil players, and so become one of their obvious targets. That sounds logical, though it requires inference and supposition.

    It can also mean,

    jc’s position/site is a cognitive oasis for those that prefer this explanation, but “these words” may be what is actually being fired at you, “the target”.

    a subconscious Freudian slip? an admission of being a cog in some social engineering maneuver? A collecting/group forming of like minds for later harvest? surely this site is being aloud to continue for reasons other than “free speech”?

    Maybe a social engineering intheknowster could sort me out on this?

    • cu.h.j says:

      Interesting point. I would hope that they would start using their energy for something that is actually good for humanity rather than negative and destructive. After all, having a healthy gene pool is good for them too. Many of these players also have families and I would assume they care about their descendants and would want a normal existence for them.

      What if the children of these “elites” want to just live a normal life and do normal things, like have a job and work and have regular friends and go to the movies and concerts and travel. The idea of controlling everything and hurting people and causing suffering is pathological. I would presume that not all of these people who have the power to direct misery at people would want to do it and would rather use their influence to do good.

      For people with regular consciences, it feels better to do good and feel pride in doing good rather than cause suffering.

      I assume that JC is also trying to educate them that there is no need in trying to take everything for themselves, that there is an “expanding pie” and that leaving people alone may be in their own best interest and be more rewarding for them. Being able to share is a good thing.

      • vadoum says:

        “For people with regular consciences, it feels better to do good and feel pride in doing good rather than cause suffering.”

        True, but,
        what conscience is regular? perhaps “regular” is that piece of the machine that had a long successful life? I digress, all mechanistic metaphors flop when generalizing about humanity. Our best physics still pales next to body/mind cutting edge complexity/sophistication within the apparent environment, yet we still are vulnerably-empowered to crash & burn, or soar with vivid lucidity, or sit idling with a dull buzz on.. I suppose thats a choice, or represents ones navigational skill, often learned or impaired through hard knocks.

        But I’ve lost the original thread: If there is a nazi style criminalizing of anyone who doubts “the state” (manipulative narrative), and therefore we on this thread are lowest of social credit scum, the very dumpster juice. Then perhaps trumpeting the terrible truth of the nefarium is not the most clever way to remain meek and standby to inherit the planet?

        I guess the high ground is in line with what auntie Catherine said “death may not be the worst option”. so, yes I’m ok with canarying away,lets figure this f’ing thing out already.

        Are we prewired to care and share? I think so. I’ve, live and direct, watched kids go from brilliant innocence to dullard nihilistic narcissism, like flowers that are given artificial light and a weird steroid cocktail rather than sunshine and spring water. (between the lines: dissonant parents + excessive screen time + bully/dull buzz culture),, the good news is that we can reconstitute sensitivity through resonant acts.

        from the refuge of old Tibetan teachings: (adapted not quoted)
        Model for “the 5 archetypal energies”, each has positive & negative aspects.
        The antidote to negative acts is their positive counter part,
        when I ignore the cure is to look to the horizon
        when I anger the remedy is “diamond like clarity” (comes with compassion
        when Im greedy its time to start giving generously
        when I’m vain, its a push to serve someone/thing else
        (the first 4 summarize in the 5th)
        when I’m jealous, better take a chance on love

    • Duck says:


      “…jc’s position/site is a cognitive oasis for those that prefer this explanaton, but “these words” may be what is actually being fired at you, “the target”…..”

      It would be amazing if the people engineering society DID NOT have an AI or two wargaming how to guide Mr Corbett into thinking, and then saying, things that benefit the rulers.

      These days I’m starting to wonder at how Podcasts I listen to tend to come up on topics I’ve been thinking about already….either I am just soooo tuned into whats happening OR (more likely) the information environment is being shaped to lead us all down paths paths pre-determined.

      However, picking anything that makes you LESS dependent on the system is ALWAYS going to be a winning strategy…and spending more time reading and doing stuff offline is probably wise too….and its important to DENY Technocrats as much personal information as to what your reading and listening to and thinking about and doing. That means less open use of the web
      I’m trying to treat the internet more like I used to… a place to go get stuff from rather then a place to hang out on. Gates Jobs and the Facebook staff all keep their children OFF the net most of the time.

      • vadoum says:


        my oldest friend grew up with the first apple (1976?), then the apple plus, then mac’s, always the latest etc, he ended up working as a cgi producer (using the likes of Silicone Graphics etc). When I chuck him the best examples of how the geopolitical narrative is a con, likely to enslave, and damn dangerous. He answers exactly what you did: our interaction with the web is tracked/mapped and tailored to suit,, and but lighten up and dont get too sucked in,,, but to suit what?

        perhaps the essence is pure attention regardless of the content (which seems to keep coming, and rarely resolves. sure there’s buyers of products, and buyers of politics, and buyers of hope porn, and I suppose here Im buying a speculative thread that may be sincere investigative journalism as much as it can be a way to own my time? I’m an independent designer/builder (odd job workshop) and my jobs are suffering for the fact that answering all the concerns often takes more than half of every day, Im so hooked on the cliff hanger nature of a societal cull, that I give in, make that “dive in” in hopes that fore warned is fore armed.. Perhaps we’re just birthing or nursing an infant AI, or worse.

        I’m with you on veering back towards choosing the actual over the virtual, though I will still try to stay informed, its a miraculous tool, if we can only remember that its working for us rather than us for it,,

  5. scpat says:

    Really enjoyed reading IrResponsible by Sarah L. That was a badass poem and really thoughtfully touched on the problems and the solutions.

    • Sarah.L says:

      Thankyou scpat! I really appreciate your appreciation. Ive written many poems since the scamdemic broke so if you’d like to read more let me know and I’ll gladly send them your way.

  6. Great piece James! This one is a keeper.
    It covers so many bases.
    Spot on with the Russia and China government summary.
    I’ve visited both countries several times and can attest to their
    iron grip on their citizens.

    BTW I was in Wuhan more than a decade before it became ‘infamous’. 😉
    In case anyone doesn’t know Wuhan means five lakes, which the city is built around.

    The ‘problem’ as I see it (until someone can explain this to me)
    is that if a One World government ever comes into being
    MIC’s will become redundant.
    MIC’s of course would not go down without a fight 🙂

    Only police/militia would be required to quell local unrest.
    But country vs. country wars would by become a thing of the past.

  7. joe.h says:

    Definitely got to avoid those endocrine disrupting chemicals. It’s literally insanity they in everything

  8. noconsent says:

    Yep, it’s time for a New Game. The Jew Banker’s Fiat Debt Money has run it’s coarse, and they are looking for new ways to control others. Of coarse, all of their plans are for even greater Top-down Centralized Authoritarian control of the unchosen ones.
    That said, “The New Game” should be a Bottom-up Decentralized Localized Money System where we people don’t accept Fiat Money anymore.

    I think a good way to make these Governments that exist for the Preservation of the themselves, as well as the Money Kings, obsolete, is to deny them Consent by not using their Fake Money.

    I like the idea of Food as Money. Everyone needs Food and it goes bad, so it needs to be traded while it is still good. In a sense it has “Negative Interest” associated with it.
    The Worgl Story ( showed how a Mayor of a City saved his City from a Great Recession by Leveraging the Cities Schillings (real money in those days) to Back Script at a Negative Interest Rate. Today I would think the same could be done in most Cities with a modest amount of Silver serving as the Backing for Local Script.
    This should be even more Commonsensical in the States seeing as the U.S. Constitution claims that only Gold and Silver can be used as Money, and Federal Reserve Notes are not even linked to either commodity metal.

    I think that honest Silver backed local Money, would quickly replace the corrupt Centralized Fiat Money (which is backed by Force and coercion), If were adopted in many places at once.

    Once it is established that “We,the people” will not work for Fiat Money, and our local Taxes are not paid in it, and we refuse to pay State or Federal Governments in it, then they are done for.
    We are many, they are few. All they have is control over stupid people who will do as they want for fake Money, and these stupid people can be educated, eh!

    • Duck says:

      The thing is that people have been lazy…. Doing things when they are Easy makes for a quiet life and no one thinks anything happened, to paraphrase a wise man.

      Now people have been trained to be immoral, weak and selfish its no longer EASY to fix. A couple of generations of fatherless households have created men so feminized that they need to listen to Jorden Peterson in order to hear the BASIC things about manhood that they should have from their dad and girls are currently suffering a hysterical outbreak of F-T-M Transgenderism (‘Irreversible Damage’ is the easy read book on that, though “The Transgender industrial Complex’ by Scott Howard is way more detailed on the huge amount of money funding the “Cloud-Roots” revolution)
      There is no way that the majority of feminized men or broken women are going to be able to do anything. You cant educate such people who dont care to learn….we are approaching a genetic bottleneck.

      Returning to the first point… had the western world NOT let a tiny bunch of Jewish men in Hollywood (See “an Empire Of Their Own”) define its culture and later porn-ify its boys then the Bankers would have been limited to steeling the value of money rather then the things they actually have done.
      I think even their own grandfathers would have been horrified and ashamed.

    • ledhead1789 says:

      I agree, nonconsent. The greatest source of their power is fiat money, and thus it’s their greatest weakness. I think that once people start seeing inflation in a serious way, they’ll start to realize its intrinsic worth, zero. My only fear is that they try to use some crisis to catalyze us into the digitally tracked system before the massive hyperinflation or deflationary event can occur.

      I also agree that precious metals offer the best solution that we know works historically. I just hope we can get from A to B before it’s too late.

  9. Ukdavec says:

    Re The Year Ahead – Part 1: Currency

    Plaza Accord II: Currency a catalyst for US-China deal? – Asia Times

    “We conclude that on all three of these issues – yuan appreciation, import tariffs and technology export controls – Joe Biden and Xi Jinping have overlapping if not identical interests.”

  10. paul823 says:

    So if they do munt the internets can we still get around via the dark web/whonix/tor etc? I mean will they just lock up the popular sites (banking, shopping, alt news sites etc) until we hand over our biometrics?

    • Duck says:

      You may be able to IF YOU CAN GET ACCESS to the internet… your ISP will be onboard with the Drivers Licence thing
      I guess you could hack your neighbours router with kali linux but I’m pretty sure thats some kind of federal crime, Null Byte probably has a video on it.

      You could try something like
      instead but the real question is WHO your planning to talk to on the dark web? If you dont know them in real life I’d be pretty careful

  11. zyxzevn says:

    Zero Covid Island Enigmas:
    Addressing the New Zealand Question! – Ivor Cummins

  12. kaya3 says:

    A fascinating if frightening time to be alive. I have great faith that “good” will eventually prevail but these scum war criminal -that’s what they are – are going to destroy many lives in the process. That needs to be remembered when it is over and those behind it suitably dealt with.

  13. vadoum says:

    I hadnt come across this til this morning. Anyone with further fact-check references please share them. In the short clip Dr Rashid Buttar shows evidence that the PCR test may actually be the vaccine. in short the “test” process may implant nano fibers,,

    this would fall under the cyber war/info war/bio security war categories
    the implications are enormous. So big that I’m hoping this light weight look through a magnifying glass may be a clue that its more fear mongering than real?

    “High-octane” musing: what hooked my interest, is that it may give some basis as to why people can be so diametrically apposed over the inane? could this simply be a designed mood enhancement, triggered for those who’ve been implanted,, oh uh I mean tested,,, oh uh I mean genomically ampli-modified,,, driven by a cerebral nano-tech invasion empowered and directed via microwave,,,?

    • cu.h.j says:

      I don’t have sources but I doubt it. I work in a hospital and conduct Covid tests and have actually had to have a test for a medical procedure. The swabs are pretty standard that we have used in the past for flu testing. In fact we can also test for flu and rsv with the same swab. I have no proof but my inclination is to doubt it. Why spend money and time on a “vaccine “.

      • vadoum says:

        thanks cuhj
        at least you’re optimistic.
        when you “conduct covid tests”, do you have access to what the cycle thresholds employed are? do those administering the test prescribe to palpetaucci’s “CT over 34 is non-repeatable” (yields useless info; most anyone can be shown to be positive, because most carry trace amounts of thousands of versions of viral matter, which is junk DNA)

        I find people who say the nano thread video is fake news. No one I’ve found has more than an opinion, but the topic of clandestinely implanting us is too hot to drop the speculation until I find better evidence.

        “Why spend money and time on a “vaccine “.”

        as far as I can see, “spending money is never much of an issue for those who are willful enough to dominate while exploiting, and pushing for ever greater scales of it” Ive met a few of these jokers, its just how they function (not to mention what they may do in the shadows),,
        if an implant is the biggest enslavement tool ever, why not have as many delivery vehicles as possible, who cares what cost: the narrative has to be bought by enough people,,, imagine if they could implant a nano vehicle that was remotely activatable to release whatever toxin that had a delayed but deadly effect.. sounds like b grade si-fi, but having listened to nano tech engineers, it sounds do-able? righto every body line-up for an ijectable kill switch

        • cu.h.j says:

          If you have a lab I can send a swab to for analysis I will take some and send them for analysis. Nanoparticles can be detected.

          • vadoum says:

            fair enough,
            but I aint got no stinkin’ lab. nor microscopy. But you work in that world; I’d a thought even just seeding the following question should at least flush out some of the vermin on the spot:

            so whats about the PCR / CT question?

            Now that the WHO is back stepping on this issue (ooops), arent all the doctors and lab bosses who absolutely knew better liable for malpractice?

            Here’s a American Bar association page listing (some?) of the suits currently pending around the issue of “the rona”.


            I didnt see mention of the one thats been the most visable?: Reiner Fuellmich vs german and US govts,,, Is he hope porn (might not even know it yet)?

  14. Tea says:

    Here’s an upsetting event & heart breaking example from Vancouver WA Jan 29-31:
    “They are situations where accusations made without evidence can serve as the basis for increased aggression”

    “Daughter entered the hospital 1x on Thursday and 2x on Friday WITH A MASK and was told on Friday, with her mask on, that she could not see her mom, whom she is the full time caregiver for. Why didn’t Clark County Sheriff verify that before putting out a false testimony?

    This was NOT an ANTI MASK PROTEST! The daughter was told the night before, her mom would NOT be covid tested, and that she could come be with her the next day as long as it was the same visitor each day. The supporters did NOT show up heavily armed. Prior to the police coming, there was not ONE gun present. The supporters did NOT come with gas masks.
    Children were present because this didnt start as a protest, it started as friends coming to help a friend get to her mom. Clark County Sheriff’s dept and Legacy Salmon Creek need to retract their statements and stop defaming the character of the group and the victims (Victims were the daughter and mother who were essentially in a hostage situation with the hospital). We the people have NO representation!”

    Emotional video of eyewitness:

    “According to a statement issued by the Sheriff’s Office late Saturday afternoon, a caller to 911 requested a deputy at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center at around 4:50 p.m. Friday January 30. The caller reported that her mother, who had been admitted the previous day for medical reasons, was being held against her will. The caller claimed Medical Power of Attorney but was being prevented from being allowed in to see her mother.”


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Caring Moms are labeled radical “Domestic Terrorists” by grossly fabricated lies via law enforcement and media
      What a sad story surrounding something which should had been very simple.

      Reason & common sense doesn’t matter to the mental insanity of this era.

      • Tea says:

        As a follow up, the hospital “EVENT” I shared above has also caused an entire communication texting system to go down used by the supporters of the daughter/mother community to reach out for help quickly. The texting system magically is broken.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Remember the California & recent European Blackouts?
    January 31st – OILPRICE.COM – By Irina Slav (who is a professional writer)

    Europe’s Unforeseen Renewables Problem

    Earlier this month, something happened in Europe. It didn’t get as much media attention as the EU’s massive funding plans for its energy transition, but it was arguably as important, if not more. A fault occurred at a substation in Croatia and caused an overload in parts of the grid, which spread beyond the country’s borders. This created a domino effect that caused a blackout and prompted electricity supply reductions as far as France and Italy. The problem was dealt with, but it’s only a matter of time before more problems like this occur—the reason: the rise of renewables in the energy mix.

    Bloomberg reported on the incident citing several sources from Europe’s utility sector. While no one would directly blame the blackout and the increased risk of more blackouts on renewables, it is evident that Europe’s change in the energy mix is raising this risk.

    The problem has to do with grid frequency. Normally, it is 50 hertz, Bloomberg’s Jesper Starn, Brian Parkin, and Irina Vilcu explain. If the frequency deviates from this level, connected equipment gets damaged, and power outages follow…

    … But the problem is not being publicized enough to spur those in charge of decision-making into action…

    …Yet solar and wind have been touted as a silver bullet solution to the emissions problem the planet is having, and they are not a silver bullet. There is no silver bullet solution. The sooner decision-makers realize this, the sooner they can start working on ways to reconcile renewables with grid reliability. Otherwise, we might see an unwelcome repeat of what many Soviet bloc countries experienced in the 1980s—timed blackouts lasting months and even years….

  16. vadoum says:

    is this evidence of artificial stupidity interference? my topics above have been incriminating, more than usual, and suddenly, only on this site, the mouse begins to not work,, intermittently, all screen functions stop for a time, then partially start? I can work the browser bar to switch to another site, and but then when I switch back here it crashes again,, I’ve repeated this 3 times,, ok here goes a 4th,,, yup scroll function good on gmail, no good on corbett,, though I can keep this whinge going,, oh dear, maybe time to give it a rest.
    n’importe quois

  17. rtech says:

    I’m with you, James. You really outdid yourself with this article. Thank you.

  18. mikayla says:

    Hey I’m a new member to this platform, really enjoying it.
    Does James elaborate on his viewpoint of the Flat Earth topic anywhere?

    • ryancast says:

      Mikayla, welcome to the party.

      To elaborate on Flat Earth, it is very simple. It is a false flag psyop, a totally irrelevant smokescreen, and a complete waste of time.

      The Earth is round. Now back to the real matters of importance.

    • MinistryOfFumble says:

      Yeah it’s to illegitimise anything the fringe say or question -they can point to us and say “flat earthers.”

  19. HomeRemedySupply says:

    February 6th – OILPRICE.COM by Alex Kimani

    China Has Just Launched The World’s Largest Carbon Market

    …Last year, the president reiterated his environmentally friendly stance after he announced that the country had set a firm goal to become carbon neutral by 2060.

    And now China has just launched a nationwide carbon trading marketplace in what could become one of its most significant steps taken to lower GHG emissions and achieve its climate goals.

    China, which accounts for 28% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, has become the world’s first major economy to launch a national carbon emissions trading market.

    China’s carbon market

    Many countries across Europe, as well as some parts of the U.S., have implemented carbon markets that force companies to offset their carbon emissions by investing in green projects that neutralize their emissions.

    For now, China’s emissions trading system will cover its extensive power industry, including ~2,000 power generation facilities, which represent about 30% of the nation’s total emissions. However, over time, the platform will expand to encompass heavy industries like oil, gas, steel, aluminum, cement, and chemicals.

    Though undoubtedly ambitious, questions are already being asked about China’s new carbon marketplace….

  20. Roy says:

    “Meanwhile, those who would be best situated to understand and call out this massive charade are being psyoped into believing that the earth is flat and that space doesn’t exist. Chalk up another victory for the information warriors who are playing the online conspiracy reality community like a lute.”

    Sorry James ! I have fallen for this psyop !
    For me this psyop is more real, than the theory, that we have gone to mars, and that Musk has sent a tesla car there.

    So if you have any evidense that the earth is like a ball, i would realy appreciate, if you could give me these evidenses.
    If you take this challange, please, dont fall into the standard evidenses, like a photo from nasa, the earth photo.
    Also take a look at this : :
    ” A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Moon ”
    From :

    But here you, james are falling into a strawman argument, that ” we know better, so it must be a psyop” move along nothing to see here.

    A warning! If you dig into the flat earth psyop! You soon, will have real doubt in the ball theory. I am 54 years old, and thought this was a joke, most of my life, until i started to debunk the flat earth theory – i ended up to swollow my pride. But maybe the psyop is so good, that it is ment to take the piss out of some of us, maybe it is ment to waste a lot of time, on something unimportant. Well, i am a good target for this psyop. So if i am wrong, I hope somebodey, can convince me, that this is just a joke, and that i was right for the most of my life.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      It is interesting to see “Flat Earth” reappear in the comments on this Thread. There have been previous discussions about this topic.

      “The Law of 7 Eleven” and a Flat Earth

      • Roy says:

        Hi HomeRemedy!

        Did you read this article ?
        If you did, you will see that I quoted “” from James here !
        It did not ” reappear ” as a comment.
        It was a reaction to what James wrote as an statement here !
        James did not, strengthen his statement in any way here, he just told us, that this is a psyop, and no more argument about that. Things are what they are, does not matter if you belive it or not. The truth is written in stone, so to say.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Oh! so sorry Roy! I completely misunderstood what you were saying in the comment. Sorry about that.
          My head is fuzzy from eating pizza the other night.

          Yes, I absolutely read the article and my comment appears first at the top of this Thread. I picked up on Corbett’s mention of “Flat Earth” in the article, and mentioned it sideways in my comment at the top.

  21. MinistryOfFumble says:

    I suspect our new government heads from the new republic are lining up as we speak.

    Former central wanker Mario Draghi asked to form a coalition government in Italy. Boris about to make way for his replacement in the UK. Anyone else been replaced in the last few months for a questionable replacement?

    • MinistryOfFumble says:

      And isn’t old Angela M on her way out this year too. Now I wonder if she’ll be replaced by a former central banker too.

  22. anniees says:

    Don’t forget those trillions of dollars that were given to NASA but suddenly disappeared…

    • anniees says:

      Or was it the Pentagon? I just got that video in my Goo-Tube feed…. So, I will watch it with a slight chill running down my back because… well, ‘they’ knew I was talking about that topic here. Yikes.

  23. Katsavidiz says:

    I’m with you!

  24. Joseph says:

    2021 is the year when the curtain is torn down and the real nature of the hiding faces is revealed!

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