Episode 363 - Truth Music 2019

09/27/201971 Comments

Need a break from the 24/7 news cycle? Want to kick back with some nice tunes? How about some music with a message? Well, you've come to the right place. Sit back and let DJ James guide you through this year's installment of the Truth Music playlist.

For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).

Out of respect for the artists and their music, there will be no low-quality version of this episode available for download.


Previous Truth Music episodes

Dayjob Orchestra

"IP Freely (Screw YouTube)" by KODOMOSAN

Video: BitChute / DTube / Minds.com / YouTube
Audio: BandCamp / Soundcloud



"Only One Here" by Ever The Impostor


"Boycott Time [radio mix]" by digital diaspora

"Conspiracy Nut" by Freaky OScar and the FarSounds

"Get Off the Fence" by Blakhatz

Blakhatz on The Corbett Report

"Sweet Sue -- An Evening Under The Stars Series" V-Squared (featuring Vinnie Caggiano)

Vinnie Caggiano on The Corbett Report

Vinnie Caggiano on Facebook / YouTube

Vinnie Caggiano CDs: Loop Du Jour and Razzamatazz

Email Vinnie for Skype music/guitar lessons

"My Chemical Life" by Vince Quill

"Liar's War" by LiarsBane

"#FTG" by XL

"Antisocial Engineering" by Final Flag

Chris T – T : Cutting a Longbow (MAO acid remix)

"Skeleton Convention" by Michael O'Neill

Dream Weayvur's open source music on BitChute

"Poison" by Wasteband

"Along The Way" by Zarathustra

"The American Dream's a Nightmare" by Joe Blundell

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  1. hugo.c says:

    Aaah, James. I can hear and see that you have been having a rockin’ good time.

    I love the bandified (new word?) chorus.

    Hats off!

    PS: and yeah, Truth Music should be audio only.

  2. candlelight says:



    Life’s a coma, coma machine, every day’s fucking same,

    Where’s my friends, where’s my phone,

    Where’s my girl, I’m all alone.

    And then there’s James rockin’ out in the hoodie! LMFAO

    Bravo, James!!!

    Until now, I did think I’d seen it all…. Until now. 🙂

    Question for Corbett: Could you present the lyrics to the “crabs up north” song. I’m very curious. A second question? What is your take regarding the accuracy of the official presentation, if you will, of the Apollo missions? I happen to be ultra curious about your views on this subject.

    Thanking you in advance for obliging my query, I am


    PS: Keep on rockin’ man!
    PPS: Keep this up and you’ll be giving fellow Canadian and singer/songwriter, Neil Young, a run for his money! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • candlelight says:

      Neil Young’s



    • AnimalsArentFood says:

      James never ceases to amaze. Here I was thinking he was still just practicing chords when he already moved on to playing & singing in a band, with some decent sounding music. Invisible Walls sounds especially polished to me and James on electric is one of the best elements.
      I like the band name too. Not only does it have a nice look & sound to it but it also has a good meaning (children).

      • candlelight says:

        AnimalsArentFood (agreed, they really shouldn’t be, unless, of course, one is an animal, then it’s rather natural, I would think)….

        James never ceases to amaze is somewhat of an understatement, and I believe what we witness here is an incredible example of a person expressing their alter ego. Unless….

        Unless, this rock’n’roller is not actually James, but James’ heretofore secret identical twin!

        Alas!!! 🙂

        On another note, at about 1:02.30 of the audio, James introduces a song called “Poison” by Wasteband. I swear at first I thought Wasteband was going to be doing Dylan’s “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” to new lyrics. Listening to a recording of Dylan’s song by The Byrds, it does sound rather similar to Wasteband’s sound and vice versa.


        Ain’t that the truth? 🙂

        • AnimalsArentFood says:

          Jammin’ Julius “Screw YouTube” Corbett confirmed.
          We found him hiding out the slightly-less-sunny climes of Eastern Japan.

          • candlelight says:

            Haahhaaha – “We found him hiding out the slightly-less-sunny climes of Eastern Japan.

            Good one AnimalsArentFood, pretty funny!

    • n.riva1989 says:

      Hell ya James! Love it

  3. David says:

    This is the first time I’ve encountered this playlist. Brilliant!

  4. CRM114 says:

    [SNIP: All links in the comments section must have a title/description so people know what they’re clicking on. -JC]

  5. cooly says:


    Your band’s video was a treat. Quite amusing.

    Everyone definitely check out Building 7 by Blakhatz. That tune is (thought) criminally catchy.

    My preference is the studio version.

  6. AnimalsArentFood says:

    When you sit down with your band mates to trip out on crazy government conspiracies like every other band but one of your band mates turns out to be a top-tier galaxy-class tenth-degree-blackbelt freak-of-nature master truth researcher who’s spawning a global awakening.

  7. calibrator says:

    Here’s more /truth/ than you can handle:

    “Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal”



  8. n2abstract says:


    Gotta love the switch-ups that you pull, James!

    You’re my hero!

  9. pearl says:

    This episode was a big surprise! I’m thoroughly impressed by all that you set out to do, James, and which you do exceedingly well.

    So much talent here: “Conspiracy Nut” and “Get off the Fence” are really good; the former’s video was mesmerizing, just like the official narrative!

    Vinnie Caggiano’s video of the atkinesque “Sweet Sue” had me smiling – just one more beer and that couple would’ve been dancing toe-to-toe! You couldn’t have had a better instructor, James. I imagine he’s very proud too.

    “Only One Here”, “Boycott Time”, “Liar’s War” (followed by their “Move Like a River”), “Skeleton Convention”, “Poison”, “Along the Way”, “American Dream’s a Nightmare”: wow! What a mix and all so good!

    This episode goes down as another “Best of”!

    I was touched by Joe Blundell’s blurb for his video “The American Dream’s a Nightmare”, part of which I copy/paste here:

    In honor of reason, logic, and truth. I must share the following song, video, and story with you all. I want no one to think that I am in any way against the American people, or our troops. In fact, I should share the fact that I enlisted in the Navy when I was 16 years old, and will share that little story with you now. The first night I arrived at the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes Illinois, we were issued duffel bags to put the clothes in we would later be issued. Our instructor, Master Chief Halsen, was giving us the rundown of how we were expected to act, and at the end of his speech, he said the most peculiar thing…

    “Inside your duffel bag, you will find a Communist sticker. You will rip this Communist sticker out of your duffel bag. Communism is the enemy of America and her ideals. Tear it out and throw it on the ground where trash like that belongs.” This was 1997 mind you, and there was no “ever-war” on terra, yet. So I opened the bag, and was thinking, “A communist sticker? What’s this guy talking about?” Upon opening the bag, there for my eyes to see was a little sewn in label that said “Made in China”. My first thought was of course, “If you didn’t want to support Communism, why is the Navy buying all their stuff from them?” Needless to say, this was but one of many hypocrisies I beheld in the Navy. Since those days I have learned the reality of the situation through the school of hard knocks, study, and simple observation. War is indeed a Racket, and the banks have been using us for generations, from time immemorial; our Great Grandparents, our Grandparents, our Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, and everyone’s Children as a source of fodder and revenue for their fiendish schemes.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      pearl says:
      “This episode was a big surprise!… …So much talent here….”

      I enjoyed the whole shebang.

      That AfroFunk and woman’s voice of “Boycott Time” brought back memories.

  10. alucientes says:

    **Check out the song – Smile Empty Soul – This Is War https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PFk4SXpb-8 if you havent heard it. It’s from 2008, but it still plays well. Still depressing to listen to.

  11. Qno says:

    Here’s a development… BitChute now not blocked in Australia. No VPN required, at least on my provider. Not sure about the others (Telstra etc). Any thoughts as to what’s going on?

  12. kropotkin says:

    Rap from the 60’s


    Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention: Trouble everyday

  13. kropotkin says:


    Amon Düül II – Deutsch Nepal

    in General stand an meiner Wiege
    -A General stood by my cradle

    Sprach : “Es ist ein schönes Kind,
    -spoke : “It is a beautiful child,

    Es wird ein Mann wie ich ihn liebe:
    -He will be the kind of man I love:

    Gouverneur vielleicht, in Deutsch Nepal”
    -a governor perhaps, in German Nepal”

    Ich bin geboren im Land der Krieger
    -I was born in the land of warriors

    Bemühe mich, ein Held zu sein
    -I strive to become a hero

    Doch die Siege lassen auf sich warten
    -The victories however have remained elusive

    Vielleicht irrte sich der General
    -Perhaps the General was mistaken

  14. kropotkin says:

    Frank Zappa – Packard Goose


    Journalism’s kinda scary
    And of it we should be wary

    Oh no, you gotta go
    Who do you write for?
    I wanna know
    I believe you is the government’s whore
    And keeping peoples dumb
    (I’m really dumb)
    Is where you’re coming from

    Fuck all them writers with the pen in their hand
    I will be more specific so they might understand
    They can all kiss my ass but because it’s so grand
    They best just stay away

    Hey, Joe, who did you blow?
    Moe pushed the button boy
    And you went to the show
    Better suck a little harder or the shekels won’t flow
    And I don’t mean your thumb
    (Don’t mean your thumb)
    So on your knees you bum
    Just tell yourself it’s yum
    (Yourself it’s yum)
    And suck it till you’re numb


  15. generalbottlewasher says:

    American truth music. Hear what the composer had to say about
    ” compared to what”

    And the music itself:
    Compared to What https://g.co/kgs/4ueUAQ

    Hurray for D sus 2 !!!!

    And finally decades separating the two, the same, compared to what.

  16. n.riva1989 says:

    Hell ya James! Love it!

  17. kropotkin says:

    Kevin Ayers – Stop This Train

    On a railway train to anywhere,
    Something happened finally.
    The driver said he saw no station
    And we were riding aimlessly.
    The train was filled with sleeping passengers,
    Going nowhere for the ride;
    Spoken whispers filled the carriages
    No one cared to look outside.
    Conversation aimed at anyone
    Bouncing questions off the wall;
    All at once, I got quite frightened..
    Standing up, I gave a shout!
    “I see a station just in front of me ,
    Stop this train and let me out!”

    The driver smiled and shook his head for me,
    “this train don’t stop for anyone.
    And, if you want to leave this railway line,
    You’ll have to jump off on your own.

    Someone came and gave me sandwiches,
    Saying that I looked unwell.
    He took my pulse and he gave it back to me,
    And then he hit me with his bell.
    He made a speech to all the passengers,
    He said “I’ve been a place today;
    And anyone who’d care to come with me..
    Step outside and walk this way.”
    Inside the seats were warm and comfortable,
    Outside the train was wild and strange.
    I said, “yes, sir, I’d like to come with you,
    It’s really time I made a change.”
    I left my seat and walked up front with him,
    And he began to push the door.
    I looked outside, but it nearly blinded me..
    I’d never seen such light before.

  18. kropotkin says:

    Frank Zappa – Dumb All Over

    Whoever we are, wherever we’re from
    We shoulda noticed by now, our behavior is dumb
    And if our chances expect to improve
    It’s gonna take a lot more, than trying to remove the other race
    Or the other whatever, from the face
    Of the planet altogether

    They call it THE EARTH, which is a dumb kinda name
    But they named it right, cause we behave the same…
    We are dumb all over
    Dumb all over, yes we are
    Dumb all over, near an’ far
    Dumb all over, black an’ white
    People, we is not wrapped tight

    Nerds on the left, nerds on the right
    Religious fanatics on the air every night
    Saying the Bible tells the story
    Makes the details sound real gory
    About what to do if the geeks over there
    Don’t believe in the book we got over here

    You can’t run a race without no feet
    An’ pretty soon there won’t be no street
    For dummies to jog on or doggies to dog on
    Religious fanatics can make it be all gone
    It won’t blow up an’ disappear
    It’ll just look ugly for a thousand years…

    You can’t run a country by a book of religion
    Not by a heap or a lump or a smidgen
    Of foolish rules of ancient date
    Designed to make you all feel great
    While you fold, spindle and mutilate
    Those unbelievers from a neighboring state

    TO ARMS! TO ARMS! Hooray! That’s great
    Two legs ain’t bad unless there’s a crate
    They ship the parts to mama in
    For souvenirs: two ears – Get Down!
    Not his, not hers, but what the hey?
    The Good Book says: “It’s gotta be that way!”
    But their book says: “REVENGE THE CRUSADES!!!!…”

    With whips an’ chains an’ hand grenades…”
    TWO ARMS? TWO ARMS? Have another and another
    Our God says: “There ain’t no other!”
    Our God says: “It’s all okay!”
    Our God says: “This is the way!”
    It says in the book: “Burn and destroy…..”
    An’ repent, an’ redeem, an’ revenge, an’ deploy
    An’ rumble thee forth to the land of the unbelieving scum on the other side
    Cause they don’t go for what’s in the Book
    An’ that makes ’em BAD
    So All, verily we must choppeth them up
    Or stompeth them down
    Or rent a nice French bomb
    Ssssssssss…….. to poof them out of existence
    While leaving their real estate just where we need it
    To use again for temples in which to praise OUR GOD
    “Cause He can really take care of business!”

    And when His humble TV servant
    With humble white hair and humble glasses and a nice brown suit
    And maybe a blond wife who takes phone calls
    Tells us it’s okay to do this stuff, then we’re supposed do it
    Cause if we don’t do it, we ain’t gwine up to hebbin!
    (Depending on which book you’re using at the time…)
    Can’t use theirs… it’s all lies…… Gotta use mine… Ain’t that right?
    That’s what they say — Every night… Every day…
    Hey, we can’t really be dumb, if we’re just following God’s Orders
    After all, He wrote this book here an’ in the Book He says:
    “He made us all to be just like Him,”
    So… If we’re dumb… Then God is dumb…
    An’ maybe even a little bit ugly on the side

    DUMB ALL OVER – a little ugly on the side
    DUMB ALL OVER – a little ugly on the side
    DUMB ALL OVER – a little ugly on the side

  19. NES says:

    Excellent. Laughed a lot. Enjoyed too.

  20. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I love the video work of some of those songs!

    The sense of humor and joy is well relayed by this band.


  21. kropotkin says:

    With the tightening of the censorship on the internet, social media and so on it is hopeful that, if the majority of the people is weary about certain issues, one does not even need to address the issues directly.

    Take the libretti of Shakespeare in Verdi’s MacBeth created in times of rampant censorship and all.

    Seduced by witches, the powers behind the throne, Macbeth kills king Duncan.

    The perpetrators are calling on the gods to “shine through the veils to unveil the hidden”, ergo, these Scottish folks have created this (problem) by killing the king and are uniting the country behind them in order to become the new king (solution).


    Surely, many people can translate ancient Scottish folklore to current constellations, back then AND in the future.

    The final “victory” on MacBeth is in minor: Evil is not defeated but will be replaced by new and willing mouthpieces. The public remains unaware of the power behind the throne. Hence, these witches survive.


    This story is, however, so powerful that it will resonate many generations to come

  22. FatKat says:

    I like “Out of respect for the artists and their music, there will be no low-quality version.” Good idea!!

  23. generalbottlewasher says:

    There just is no truth on Saturday night with out Deluxe! The Deluxe acoustix mustache.


  24. kropotkin says:

    They got lies so big
    They don’t make a noise
    They tell ’em so well
    Like a secret disease
    That makes you go numb
    With a big ol’ lie
    And a flag and a pie
    And a mom and a bible
    Most folks are just liable
    To buy any line
    Any place, any time


  25. Alchemist says:

    Hi friends,

    On the weekend of 8/8/2020, musicians and artists around the world will stand together in strength and unity to protest lockdowns and reclaim freedom. There will be singing, dancing, and good vibes to go around. Want to get involved? Great!

    If you would like more information, let me know how best to contact you. We are a group of volunteers and welcome like-minded members to the team. We want this to go global and need many hands on deck to make that happen.

    Join us to save concerts and reclaim our natural freedom!

    We do not support:


    -business closures

    -government stalking

    -mandatory injections


    We strongly support:

    -opening the economy


    -bodily autonomy

    -freedom of speech

    -freedom to assemble

    The Show Must Go On

    Rain, shine, zombie apocalypse, alien invasion, asteroids hitting Earth 🧟‍♂️🌪⚡️☄️👽…. The show WILL go on!

    2020 is the year we take back our freedom 🙌

  26. mkey says:

    Muse – Uprising

    Paranoia is in bloom
    The PR transmissions will resume
    They’ll try to, push drugs that keep us all dumbed down
    And hope that, we will never see the truth around
    (So come on)

    Another promise, another scene
    Another, packaged lie to keep us trapped in greed
    And all the green belts wrapped around our minds
    And endless red tape to keep the truth confined
    (So come on)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    (So come on)

    Interchanging mind control
    Come let the, revolution take its toll
    If you could flick the switch and open your third eye
    You’d see that
    We should never be afraid to die
    (So come on)

    Rise up and take the power back
    It’s time the fat cats had a heart attack
    You know that their time’s coming to an end
    We have to unify and watch our flag ascend
    (So come on)

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    (So come on)

    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey, hey
    Hey, hey, hey, hey

    They will not force us
    They will stop degrading us
    They will not control us
    We will be victorious
    (So come on)

    Hey, hey, hey, hey

  27. mkey says:

    Remy: Fed Asst’d Printing (WAP Parody)

    Lets show Remy some love.

  28. mkey says:

    Five Finger Death Punch – Living The Dream (Official Music Video)

    A bit on the mainstream side, but still good.

  29. mkey says:

    One Hour of Bill Gates Getting Creampied Set to Relaxing Music

    Not so much truth music, but an excellent therapy.

  30. mkey says:

    No Masters, No Slaves (E.P., 2017)

    Here are the lyrics for one song of my choice, this is some really hard stuff.

    Stand And Fight

    No surrender, no retreat, no quarter, no prisoners (x4)

    We reject your brave new world of death and tyranny
    Our souls we will not sell, we embrace our sovereignty
    We will not surrender our freedom and our rights
    We will not go quietly into the night – stand and fight

    Stand and fight (x4)

    We will speak the truth to all we meet both near and far
    We will not be silenced and we will not be disarmed
    We will not stand down, we’re active and we care
    We will not comply, we’re awake and aware – stand and fight

    Stand and fight (x4)

    No surrender, no retreat, no quarter, no prisoners (x4)
    We bring to all who hear our words one philosophy
    No masters and no slaves, death to all authority
    Tyranny threatens everyone, we’ve run out of time
    It all comes down to one decision, join us or die – stand and fight

    Stand and fight (x4)
    Stand and fight (x4)

  31. mkey says:

    Beogradski sindikat – Sistem te laže

    This is a Belgrade rapper group/firm/something. 42 million views, for the Balkans and when considering the language barrier, that’s a whole LOT.

    • mkey says:

      I remember when there were only two TV channels
      “Politika” was read and we drank “C Kafa”
      News were being watched every day at half past eight
      Only to hear the same story from the same bandits

      It was easy to spread propaganda back then
      People believed the words coming from the screen
      There was no way to hear the other side
      Until there was a change of plan somewhere abroad

      Today, after wars, protests and changes
      Democracy, internet and new technologies
      Fight for rights and freedom of speech
      After all of that everything is the same as it used to be

      Liars and marionette are still in power
      Following orders and plundering everything for themselves
      Thousands of channels and social networks are worthless
      When everyone is burying their head in the sand and fleeing from the fight

      The system is lying to you
      Don’t believe a word they say
      This life is a battle from the moment of birth until the grave
      So rise up now


      They are lying to me and exploiting me since I was little
      Telling me that Joza has sled using trough
      They gave me a scarf, flag and an oath
      Like: “you don’t sell out your friends for anything”

      But they planted their asses in villas on Dedinje
      “All are equal” but pigs are still in power
      Then we wanted democracy, went out to the streets
      Spent our energy, sucked a d**k

      Foreign agencies have baited me like an ape
      So i could be blasted with tear gas, so they could destroy our country
      Now we are listening to bullshit coming from the mouths of bad actors
      But they are not authority, they are a puppet show

      I know who is lying to me and who has walked all over me
      Banks, MMF, corporations are important
      And the system does exist to make money for them
      And there will be justice only when this empire falls

      chorus x2

      The man believes what he sees, the man believes what he hears
      He doesn’t realize that his brain is being poisoned since birth
      With propaganda of the system, whatever the system may be
      Tabloids, television, spinned reality

      Which is working tirelessly to make you lose your identity
      So you could only be a servant, rotten mediocrity
      So you blame others and take your anger out on the innocent
      Angry because you are blind, angry because you have been deceived again

      You were fired, such are reforms, it had to be done
      No salary? Payments are late? They cut your electricity immediately
      And you are waiting for policemen and executors to come
      Like your ancestors waited Turks on the first wedding night

      But you were quiet, you believed, hoped, voted
      So now you can’t believe how you managed to fall to the bottom
      So make a move on time, when it hurts, say it out loud
      You don’t owe that to your bank, but you do owe that to your children

      chorus x2

    • nosoapradio says:

      I confess I was a little worried before the last scene. Vive Saturday night! First time I ever listened to a Belgrade rapper group!

    • mkey says:

      Just for the record, these guys apparently swapped their integrity for covid goodies. Still this is one great composition.

  32. mkey says:

    Samson’s opinion on Covid-19

    Misinformation, stimulus payments
    Bitching and complaining
    It pretty much sums up Covid-19 in a nutshell
    Shit, I’m just saying.

    Already made a video about it
    But I’m gonna make another one
    Because my thoughts have changed

    ‘Cus the more it plays out and the more it unfolds
    The more that I think all of it is awfully strange
    But I won’t, I won’t get into that, because if I do
    This video is going to get flagged and get removed

    Because if you ain’t getting your information from the news
    And if you did because it isn’t fact, it isn’t true
    I looked at the stats and now I’m “why are we bugging out?!”
    I know this is a subject we don’t really know much about

    But it made you wonder when you get into the numbers
    And you do some digging of your own
    But I’m not a doctor so I should shut my mouth
    But fuck that

    I looked on web md
    And you know they give it to you straight, they don’t play games
    You tell them that you got a little headache and you feeling funny
    Look it up and you’re like “holly shit, I have AIDS!?” Anyways …

    I was looking shit up and reading stuff
    Trying to see what I can find on the net
    They said that the recovery rate was between 97 and 99.975%
    125 of the whole population!?

    That’s not that big
    That’s a small congregation
    And I show sympathy for the ones that were lost
    I really do, but come on, let’s have a talk

    3.5 is what they said in the beginning
    But they should have shut their mouth before they fed you what to thinking
    Because they started making guesses way too mother fucking early
    And now they are talking in circles, like a record spinning

    It’s probably even lower
    Nobody knows the actual number
    But people are getting infected in the cities
    Because they are asymptomatic

    And they don’t think that they have it
    So they take the time to go and get tested
    And it’s shitty, I know

    But take that figure
    And add it to the numbers they are pumping up the hospitals
    You will have a way lower ratio then before
    I mean, goddamn, this shit is fucking impossible!

    Fuck the media!
    No, really, I’m getting sick of it
    You can get in a car crash and die on impact
    And still get covid on your death certificate 

    I can choke on a piece of steak
    Fat and suffocate to death on my fucking sofa
    The coroner will look at his colleagues and be like
    “Hey watch this… ‘rona!'”

    Hey, we are stuck in this, though heading back
    I don’t give a fuck if you’re republican or democrat
    I got a lot to say about this shit we gonna do
    When I hold it down ? I got a stomach full of ?

    You can hit them with votes, pal
    Your friends, if you see them ?
    Better send the drones out, get them in
    Shit is really turning so foul that every germ feel like, I don’t know… totalitarian?

    • mkey says:

      We don’t know what to believe
      We don’t know if what we are seeing is right
      Or what we are reading is wrong
      But there is one thing that I think us normal people can get together and agree upon…

      Fuck the celebrities!
      I mean seriously, all of you are acting like you are goddamn heroes!
      Anybody can tell me to stay inside…
      Except… Robert De Niro!

      Fuck you and Steph Curry too!
      Ben Stiller, and you too, Trevor Noah
      Untalented idiot that inherited the daily show
      And that otherwise we would never know of

      Send me a cheque for 500 a week
      And then maybe we can talk about staying inside
      But until then I gotta go to work
      Because we all got bills and I don’t see you paying mine!

      I’m not saying that it’s not real
      I’m not saying that at all, chill
      Man, I don’t know!
      I’m just really fucking starting to think that it’s overblown

      Like a tornado when it hits a fucking mobile home
      No matter how it unfolds in the upcoming months
      And no matter what peril happens…

      I think I know who’s behind all this
      Fucking Cale Baskin!

      Quite incredible what this guy can fit in less than 3 minutes. Couldn’t make it out all, don’t know who Cale Basking is, but this is one hell of a journey.

  33. mkey says:

    Chris Webby – Raw Thoughts V (Official Video)

    Shots, vaccines, things getting stuck up the ass, Gates gets shot… this video has it all.

  34. mkey says:


    This track is not an attack upon the American people
    It is an attack upon the system within which they live
    Since 1945 the United States has attempted to overthrow more than 50 foreign governments
    In the process the U.S. has caused the end of life for several million people, and condemned many millions more to a life of agony and despair

    [Verse 1]
    The strength of your dreamin’ prevents you from reason
    The American dream only makes sense if you’re sleepin’
    It’s just a cruel fantasy,
    Their politics took my voice away but their music gave it back to me
    The land where their lumpen are consumed by consumption
    Killing themselves to shovel down food in abundance
    I guess a rapper from Britain is a rare voice
    America is capitalism on steroids
    Natives kept in casinos and reservations
    Displaced slaves never given reparations
    Take everything from Native Americans
    And wonder why I call it the racist experiment
    Afraid of your melanin, the same as it’s ever been
    That ain’t gonna change with the race of the president
    I see imperialism under your skin tone
    You could call it Christopher Columbus syndrome

    O! Say can you see by the dawn’s early light
    (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
    (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
    What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming
    (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
    (Doesn’t make any difference when they bomb your nation)
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars through perilous fight
    (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
    (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
    O’er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming
    (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
    (Doesn’t make any difference when they bomb your nation)

    [Verse 2]
    The world’s entertainer, the world’s devastator
    From Venezuela to Mesopotamia
    Your cameras lie ’cause they have to hide the savage crimes
    Committed on leaders that happen to try and nationalize
    Eating competitions while the worlds been starvin’
    Beat up communism with the help of bin Laden
    Where would your war of terror be without that man?
    Every day you create more Nidal Hassans
    Kill a man from the military, you’re a weirdo
    But kill a wog from the Middle East you’re a hero
    Your country is causing screams that are never reaching ear holes
    America inflicted a million ground zeros
    Follow the dollar and swallow your humanity
    Soldiers committing savagery you never even have to see
    Those mad at me, writing in emails angrily
    I’m not anti-America, America is anti-me

    • mkey says:

      And the rocket’s red glare, the bombs bursting in air
      (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
      (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
      Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there
      (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
      (Doesn’t make any difference when they bomb your nation)
      O! Does that star spangled banner yet wave
      (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
      (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
      O’er land of the free and the home of the brave
      (Is it Obama’s nation or an abomination?)
      (Doesn’t make any difference when they bomb your nation)

      [Verse 3]
      I don’t care if him and Cheney are long lost relations
      What matters more is the policies, I lost my patience
      Stop debating, bringing race into conversation
      Occupation and cooperation equals profit makin
      It’s over – people wake up from the dream now
      Nobel peace prize, Jay-Z on speed dial
      It’s the substance within, not the colour of your skin
      Are you the puppeteer or the puppet on the string?
      So many believed it was instantly gonna change
      There was still Dennis Ross
      Brzezinski and Robert Gates
      What happened to Chas Freeman? (AIPAC)
      What happened to Tristan Anderson?
      It’s a machine that keeps that man breathing
      I have the heart to say what all the other rappers aren’t
      Words like Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan
      The war’s on, and you morons were all wrong
      I call Obama a bomber ’cause those are your bombs

  35. mkey says:

    Otep – Warhead

    The king of lies
    Is alive
    Look around
    Look inside
    Infidel [x3]
    It begins here, it ends now
    The prince must pay
    His head or the crown
    Rob the poor, slaughter the weak
    Distort the law, perfect deceit

    Do I need a gas mask?
    Should I get inoculated?
    Will this war last?
    Will we be incinerated?
    False gods
    Death squads

    This is a catastrophe
    Weapon systems activated
    Puritans have invaded
    This is a catastrophe
    To protect against the threat
    Order must be kept [x3]

    Do I need a gas mask?
    Should I get inoculated?
    Will this war last?
    Will we be incinerated?
    False gods
    Death squads

    The elephants march to war
    Deny the big lie
    My tribe
    Join me
    An alliance of defiance, in the warhead [x3]
    An alliance of defiance
    All are welcome here
    Give me your tired, give me your sick, give me your indulgence and decadence [x3]
    He lied, they died, keep the peasants terrified [x2]
    This is a catastrophe
    You must lead if they get me
    On my command
    Break free [x4]

  36. mkey says:

    Black Sabbath ~ War Pigs

    Generals gathered in their masses
    Just like witches at black masses
    Evil minds that plot destruction
    Sorcerer of death’s construction
    In the fields the bodies burning
    As the war machine keeps turning
    Death and hatred to Mankind
    Poisoning their brainwashed minds…
    Oh Lord yeah!

    Politicians hide themselves away
    They only started the war
    Why should they go out to fight?
    They leave that role to the poor

    Time will tell on their power minds
    Making war just for fun
    Treating people just like pawns in chess
    Wait ’till their judgment day comes, yeah!

    Now in darkness, world stops turning
    Ashes where the bodies burning
    No more war pigs have the power
    Hand of God has struck the hour
    Day of Judgment, God is calling
    On their knees the war pigs crawling
    Begging mercy for their sins
    Satan, laughing, spreads his wings…
    Oh Lord, yeah!

  37. mkey says:

    BackWordz- Self Ownership (Ft. Fronz of Attila)

    From the willfully ignorant the knowledge you won’t get none.
    But Don’t get it twisted I too was dumb and then some.
    Support a politician, sit back and then twiddle his thumbs.
    Not understanding that you have Stockholm Syndrome.

    They have no desire to save you
    It’s not because the folks serving are not fit.
    It’s not because we don’t have the right people in office.
    It’s not because a certain bracket is taxed a lot less
    It’s more because y’all fools don’t understand the process. This is all just a game bro.
    Y’all supported Bernie, that didn’t work to well, did it though? Funneling millions to his campaign. 
    Swore he wasn’t a crook until he endorsed the same thing.
    Then you support the lesser of the evil fakers but it just repeats and we revisit this 4 years later
    The State itself is based on theft and can’t be fixed, so realize you own yourself & no one else.

    Here we are again feeling stuck in this lie we’re living. Singing the same ol song. Are we wrong to break free from the chains we’re in?
    Of course you see, I do speak cordially not metaphorically. I like to speak informally with honesty but horribly y’all often like to appeal to all of the authority. A step ahead of y’all that’s the reason I brought my boy with me.
    I know that promises of politicians are hollow so I know I’m better off ruling over myself no lie though, I know. Will never rest until we all are free at last and every person will see that every person is free. There is no half stepping. With peace, you need non-aggression. Slavery’s not the best and self ownership is what we’re lacking. Freedom will be the course no matter if you’re reach or poor. Self-defense is the only way that you should be using force. 
    And let me give a shout out to the people who only oppose government when it’s convenient to. You’re like an edgy teenager who hates authority. You’ll stay in shackles so as long as you get a longer leash. Liberty is not trendy. It’s an everyday thing to see that you’re not a slave. Let the people go and be free.
    Start making sense when you realize the lies. I hate to say it, but your protesting is ill-advised.
    You put your life into the hands of a bunch of silly guys. It’s a contradiction if freedom has to be legalized.
    For example, when a cop’s shooting a black man you focus on the racism, ignoring all the statism. Holding signs, rioting is not about to save him. ‘Cause you must’ve forgot that that’s the power that you gave them. Criminal justice reform is a euphemism. For a bunch of dumb, foolish slaves with Stockholm Syndrome. Thinking they’ll be held to the same standard, don’t do it.
    What? So they can investigate themselves and find no wrongdoing? Bro, sit and think about this foolishness. You hit the ballot box supporting fools that don’t know you exist. Warfare, healthcare, and your minimum wage. Call it progressive man, but you’re an obedient slave. Dang

  38. mkey says:

    Iron Maiden – Virus (Official Video)

    There’s an evil virus that’s threatening mankind
    Not state of the art, a serious state of the mind
    The muggers, the back-stabbers, the two faced elite
    A menace to society, a social disease

    Rape of the mind is a social disorder
    The cynics, the apathy one-upmanship order

    Watching beginnings of social decay
    Gloating or sneering at life’s disarray
    Eating away at your own self esteem
    Pouncing on every word that you might be saying

    Rape of the mind is a social disorder
    The cynics, the apathy one-upmanship order

    Superficially smiling a shake of the hand
    As soon as the back is turned treachery is planned

    Rape of the mind is a social disorder
    The cynics, the apathy one-upmanship order

    Watching beginnings of social decay
    Gloating or sneering…at life’s disarray

    When every good thing’s laid to waste
    By all the jealousy and hate
    By all the acid wit and rapier lies

    And every time you think you’re safe
    And when you go to turn away
    You know they’re sharpening all their paper knives

    All in your mind
    All in your head
    Try to relate it

    All in your mind
    All in your head
    Try to escape it

    Without a conscience they destroy
    And that’s thing that they enjoy
    They’re a sickness that’s in all our minds

    They want to sink the ship and leave
    The way they laugh at you and me
    You know it happens all the time

    All in your mind
    All in your head
    Try to relate it

    All in your mind
    All in your head
    Try to escape it

    The rats in the cellar you know who you are
    Or do you?

    Watching beginnings of social decay

  39. mkey says:

    Flashmob: Cape Town Opera say NO

    and the living ain’t easy
    Apartheid, and the Wall is so high
    Oh, the World stands by
    and the US in funding
    So it’s time for us people 
    to shout out and cry
    Cape town Opera say NO
    It ain’t necessarily so
    Apartheid could end  
    If you comprehend
    and not just go on with the show
    Boycott Apartheid, Boycott Apartheid
    It’s time to tell Israel NO
    Boycott Apartheid, Boycott Apartheid
    It’s time to tell Israel NO!

  40. mkey says:

    Fliptrix – Problem, Reaction, Solution (Prod. Illinformed)

    Yo, it’s twenty twenty(twenty twenty) the end of the world as we know it
    Let me drop some realness right now, listen

    I’m bunnin weed like nothing really matters
    I’m going mad like i’m running with the [trackers?]
    But I’m not I’m on the knowledge ’till I’m shook like maracas going so deep wife thinks I’m turning crackers
    Burning midnight oil plus all the candles
    See riches coming with the sickest scandals
    Twisted rituals, masonic sacrifice, depopulate make room for their appetite
    Bloods on their hands as they handcuff your ankles
    Swab your mouth and take DNA samples
    Install the app on the phone so they track you
    Mark of the beast they’ll plant chips in your hand soon
    Modern face is masked that’s the sad truth
    Place is changing like sand dunes left
    A lot of people feeling under lots of stress cos the worlds in a mess but turns nonetheless
    Plus fucked up feds killing heads for the colour its a mess yes systematic racism utter disgrace, listen
    Don’t listen to the thoughts starting manufactured race war united we stand and divided we fall
    So i’m praying for the day that maybe that one day we unite as one and find source
    Right now son i’m losing sight of what we’ve all become lock down’s murdering the people yeah its glum
    Problem, reaction, solution
    They all cause the trouble trying to make moves on humans i’m sat in the room with a pen trying to make my own movement, cruisin’
    Problem, reaction, solution
    They all cause the trouble trying to make moves on humans i’m sat in the room with a pen trying to make my own movement, zooted

    • mkey says:

      Bad infiltrate the good good can infiltrate the bad shit has gotta change and nothings too bad to make it right
      Man in power always actin so violently take away our rights start a cashless society they wanna control the globe entirely
      Health, education, wealth
      I won’t stand here silently but they’re trying to silence us
      Oh God, the irony. oh God, the irony
      They wanna vaccinate and inject toxins in your flesh It’s Bill Gates and 5G with doctors of death shits getting kind of wild i wonder what they come with next they’re monopolising humans with no love or respect
      See a second wave coming man’ll surf it like a vet cos the pandemic they staged dramatised to death and they’re still trying to do it even though they know we know they’re chatting s-
      Tryin tell me “stay safe” shut your fucking face(Prick)
      They pre-program ’nuff lies in your head so you dun know [] it comes to it I rep ain’t playin’ no games because the world is the stage and we’re stuck in a play that’s getting madder by the day
      So i gotta break away hit ganja in the rain watch it wash away the pain
      Got love in my heart i want hugs no gloves no masks no 5G masts Digi-ID cards when i fly it’s a farce so i gotta get high and write bars take mind off the matter but it matters so i craft with a piece of the mind unite grammar yeah it’s art so i’m looking to future and i’m heading to the stars

      Problem, reaction, solution
      They all cause the trouble trying to make moves on humans i’m sat in the room with a pen trying to make my own movement, cruisin’
      Problem, reaction, solution
      They all cause the trouble trying to make moves on humans i’m sat in the room with a pen trying to make my own movement, zooted

      The plan-demic. Biggest scam in human history(scam!) scamdemic fuck the mainstream media
      Fuck the lies
      Fuck the new world order
      One love. I represent that peace, that love, that unity, that higher vibration for the mother ucking nation. Fliptrix and Illinformed that’s the statement

  41. HollyHoo says:

    Killing Joke – I am the Virus.
    Jaz is a truther

  42. HollyHoo says:

    M.I.A. – Control
    She sustains a lot of flack on Twitter for her opinions

  43. HollyHoo says:

    Meat Beat Manifesto – Cetch Da monkey (loads of samples of people saying New World Order etc.)
    Released 2009 but Jack’s been around a lot longer than that


  44. HollyHoo says:

    Matt Johnson of The The speaks out on Twitter often and gets flack from the woke brigade. This song is pretty music about them and they don’t even know


    His music is Truth music from time.
    Best example is
    Armageddon days https://youtu.be/ozzUkVr7ndk

  45. mkey says:

    Those safe and effective blues – with Jerry Day

  46. mkey says:

    “Fight For You” by Five Times August (Official Lyric Video) Bob Moran Illustration – 2022

    Both the song and the illustration are quite epic.

  47. Brian says:

    Hello Mr. Corbett,
    I truly appreciate you and your freedom fighter message.
    I hope you see this comment on such an old post.
    Perhaps you are aware of this style of music. California Reggie music is very much in tune with alot of the conversation on your site. Perhaps the most vocal about freedom fighting is Mike Love. I would first recommend listening to his lyrics in Permanent Holiday. This is the song that made me listen to every song he has on Spotify. Which Spotify strongly enough is where I found you. I do hope you enjoy.

  48. reformednormie says:

    Maybe a little more on the obscure side but wanted to share an old fav band of mine, The Bananas, pop/punk from Sacramento, CA. They are probably still active but these are older tracks. Melancholic underpinning to most of their work with interesting chord choices for their genre (minor 7ths abound). I find these songs to be relatable to those already awake – no need to click on any of these if you are looking for something dense lyrically. In lieu of typing out the lyrics I just put a brief description of each.

    1. “Another Ominous Warning About the End of the World” (2003)

    Waking up, realizing you’re part of the empire and nobody around you wants anything changed


    2. “Things Will Get Worse” (2008)

    Getting ridiculed for trying to spread truth; last part of song switches to Big Brother


    3. “The Sundering Sea” (2008)

    Divide and conquer blues. I just love the chorus on this one. Definitely feeling the separation from former allies the past couple years.


    Bonus track: “The Beginning of the End” (1998)

    Managed to make end times sound fun somehow with some pop hooks


  49. mkey says:

    Amanda & Larken Rose: Dawn of the Free

    Open your eyes
    This is tyranny waning
    We are the light
    We are more than alive

    In the dark we fought
    The thousand years
    Be the light we watch
    Our deepest fear retreat

    Do you hear that sound
    Feel the trembling sound
    Hear the sound of the world
    As we spread our wings

    Call your infantry
    Bring your war machine
    You will not stop
    The dawn of humanity

    Caught in your fire
    Of wretched desire
    Down to the wire
    And aware to the liar
    Dawn of the free

    Nowhere to run
    Six feed under you’re falling
    Into the grave
    By the ones you enslaved
    In the night
    On Battleground we tread
    Reignite the fire
    Of all undead we breathe

    Call your infantry
    Bring your war machine
    You cannot not stop
    The dawn of humanity

    Can you hear us
    We are singing
    Can you see us
    We are flying
    The dawn of the free

    Vying for power
    Dying to control
    Campaigning so desperately
    To fill in that hole
    Where once was a soul
    Too bad you don’t know it
    Die the day you gave away
    Your conscience to pride

    So many millennia
    Humanity wrapped in your game
    Systems of control
    No matter their name
    Control of information
    Extended your Reign
    Until we freed the truth to hide
    To see the lie in all authority’s claim

    Call your infantry
    Bring your war machine
    You cannot not stop
    The dawn of humanity

    Can you hear us
    We are singing
    Can you see us
    We are flying
    The dawn of the free

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