Episode 363 – Truth Music 2019

09/27/201934 Comments

Need a break from the 24/7 news cycle? Want to kick back with some nice tunes? How about some music with a message? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sit back and let DJ James guide you through this year’s installment of the Truth Music playlist.

For those interested in audio quality, CLICK HERE for the highest-quality version of this episode (WARNING: very large download).

Out of respect for the artists and their music, there will be no low-quality version of this episode available for download.


Previous Truth Music episodes

Dayjob Orchestra

“IP Freely (Screw YouTube)” by KODOMOSAN

Video: BitChute / DTube / Minds.com / YouTube
Audio: BandCamp / Soundcloud



“Only One Here” by Ever The Impostor


“Boycott Time [radio mix]” by digital diaspora

“Conspiracy Nut” by Freaky OScar and the FarSounds

“Get Off the Fence” by Blakhatz

Blakhatz on The Corbett Report

“Sweet Sue — An Evening Under The Stars Series” V-Squared (featuring Vinnie Caggiano)

Vinnie Caggiano on The Corbett Report

Vinnie Caggiano on Facebook / YouTube

Vinnie Caggiano CDs: Loop Du Jour and Razzamatazz

Email Vinnie for Skype music/guitar lessons

“My Chemical Life” by Vince Quill

“Liar’s War” by LiarsBane

“#FTG” by XL

“Antisocial Engineering” by Final Flag

Chris T – T : Cutting a Longbow (MAO acid remix)

“Skeleton Convention” by Michael O’Neill

Dream Weayvur’s open source music on BitChute

“Poison” by Wasteband

“Along The Way” by Zarathustra

“The American Dream’s a Nightmare” by Joe Blundell


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  1. hugo.c says:

    Aaah, James. I can hear and see that you have been having a rockin’ good time.

    I love the bandified (new word?) chorus.

    Hats off!

    PS: and yeah, Truth Music should be audio only.

  2. candlelight says:



    Life’s a coma, coma machine, every day’s fucking same,

    Where’s my friends, where’s my phone,

    Where’s my girl, I’m all alone.

    And then there’s James rockin’ out in the hoodie! LMFAO

    Bravo, James!!!

    Until now, I did think I’d seen it all…. Until now. 🙂

    Question for Corbett: Could you present the lyrics to the “crabs up north” song. I’m very curious. A second question? What is your take regarding the accuracy of the official presentation, if you will, of the Apollo missions? I happen to be ultra curious about your views on this subject.

    Thanking you in advance for obliging my query, I am


    PS: Keep on rockin’ man!
    PPS: Keep this up and you’ll be giving fellow Canadian and singer/songwriter, Neil Young, a run for his money! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • candlelight says:

      Neil Young’s



    • AnimalsArentFood says:

      James never ceases to amaze. Here I was thinking he was still just practicing chords when he already moved on to playing & singing in a band, with some decent sounding music. Invisible Walls sounds especially polished to me and James on electric is one of the best elements.
      I like the band name too. Not only does it have a nice look & sound to it but it also has a good meaning (children).

      • candlelight says:

        AnimalsArentFood (agreed, they really shouldn’t be, unless, of course, one is an animal, then it’s rather natural, I would think)….

        James never ceases to amaze is somewhat of an understatement, and I believe what we witness here is an incredible example of a person expressing their alter ego. Unless….

        Unless, this rock’n’roller is not actually James, but James’ heretofore secret identical twin!

        Alas!!! 🙂

        On another note, at about 1:02.30 of the audio, James introduces a song called “Poison” by Wasteband. I swear at first I thought Wasteband was going to be doing Dylan’s “You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” to new lyrics. Listening to a recording of Dylan’s song by The Byrds, it does sound rather similar to Wasteband’s sound and vice versa.


        Ain’t that the truth? 🙂

        • AnimalsArentFood says:

          Jammin’ Julius “Screw YouTube” Corbett confirmed.
          We found him hiding out the slightly-less-sunny climes of Eastern Japan.

          • candlelight says:

            Haahhaaha – “We found him hiding out the slightly-less-sunny climes of Eastern Japan.

            Good one AnimalsArentFood, pretty funny!

    • n.riva1989 says:

      Hell ya James! Love it

  3. David says:

    This is the first time I’ve encountered this playlist. Brilliant!

  4. CRM114 says:

    [SNIP: All links in the comments section must have a title/description so people know what they’re clicking on. -JC]

  5. cooly says:


    Your band’s video was a treat. Quite amusing.

    Everyone definitely check out Building 7 by Blakhatz. That tune is (thought) criminally catchy.

    My preference is the studio version.

  6. AnimalsArentFood says:

    When you sit down with your band mates to trip out on crazy government conspiracies like every other band but one of your band mates turns out to be a top-tier galaxy-class tenth-degree-blackbelt freak-of-nature master truth researcher who’s spawning a global awakening.

  7. calibrator says:

    Here’s more /truth/ than you can handle:

    “Greta Thunberg sings Swedish Death Metal”



  8. n2abstract says:


    Gotta love the switch-ups that you pull, James!

    You’re my hero!

  9. pearl says:

    This episode was a big surprise! I’m thoroughly impressed by all that you set out to do, James, and which you do exceedingly well.

    So much talent here: “Conspiracy Nut” and “Get off the Fence” are really good; the former’s video was mesmerizing, just like the official narrative!

    Vinnie Caggiano’s video of the atkinesque “Sweet Sue” had me smiling – just one more beer and that couple would’ve been dancing toe-to-toe! You couldn’t have had a better instructor, James. I imagine he’s very proud too.

    “Only One Here”, “Boycott Time”, “Liar’s War” (followed by their “Move Like a River”), “Skeleton Convention”, “Poison”, “Along the Way”, “American Dream’s a Nightmare”: wow! What a mix and all so good!

    This episode goes down as another “Best of”!

    I was touched by Joe Blundell’s blurb for his video “The American Dream’s a Nightmare”, part of which I copy/paste here:

    In honor of reason, logic, and truth. I must share the following song, video, and story with you all. I want no one to think that I am in any way against the American people, or our troops. In fact, I should share the fact that I enlisted in the Navy when I was 16 years old, and will share that little story with you now. The first night I arrived at the Recruit Training Command in Great Lakes Illinois, we were issued duffel bags to put the clothes in we would later be issued. Our instructor, Master Chief Halsen, was giving us the rundown of how we were expected to act, and at the end of his speech, he said the most peculiar thing…

    “Inside your duffel bag, you will find a Communist sticker. You will rip this Communist sticker out of your duffel bag. Communism is the enemy of America and her ideals. Tear it out and throw it on the ground where trash like that belongs.” This was 1997 mind you, and there was no “ever-war” on terra, yet. So I opened the bag, and was thinking, “A communist sticker? What’s this guy talking about?” Upon opening the bag, there for my eyes to see was a little sewn in label that said “Made in China”. My first thought was of course, “If you didn’t want to support Communism, why is the Navy buying all their stuff from them?” Needless to say, this was but one of many hypocrisies I beheld in the Navy. Since those days I have learned the reality of the situation through the school of hard knocks, study, and simple observation. War is indeed a Racket, and the banks have been using us for generations, from time immemorial; our Great Grandparents, our Grandparents, our Mothers and Fathers, Sisters and Brothers, and everyone’s Children as a source of fodder and revenue for their fiendish schemes.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      pearl says:
      “This episode was a big surprise!… …So much talent here….”

      I enjoyed the whole shebang.

      That AfroFunk and woman’s voice of “Boycott Time” brought back memories.

  10. alucientes says:

    **Check out the song – Smile Empty Soul – This Is War https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PFk4SXpb-8 if you havent heard it. It’s from 2008, but it still plays well. Still depressing to listen to.

  11. Qno says:

    Here’s a development… BitChute now not blocked in Australia. No VPN required, at least on my provider. Not sure about the others (Telstra etc). Any thoughts as to what’s going on?

  12. kropotkin says:

    Rap from the 60’s


    Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention: Trouble everyday

  13. kropotkin says:


    Amon Düül II – Deutsch Nepal

    in General stand an meiner Wiege
    -A General stood by my cradle

    Sprach : “Es ist ein schönes Kind,
    -spoke : “It is a beautiful child,

    Es wird ein Mann wie ich ihn liebe:
    -He will be the kind of man I love:

    Gouverneur vielleicht, in Deutsch Nepal”
    -a governor perhaps, in German Nepal”

    Ich bin geboren im Land der Krieger
    -I was born in the land of warriors

    Bemühe mich, ein Held zu sein
    -I strive to become a hero

    Doch die Siege lassen auf sich warten
    -The victories however have remained elusive

    Vielleicht irrte sich der General
    -Perhaps the General was mistaken

  14. kropotkin says:

    Frank Zappa – Packard Goose


    Journalism’s kinda scary
    And of it we should be wary

    Oh no, you gotta go
    Who do you write for?
    I wanna know
    I believe you is the government’s whore
    And keeping peoples dumb
    (I’m really dumb)
    Is where you’re coming from

    Fuck all them writers with the pen in their hand
    I will be more specific so they might understand
    They can all kiss my ass but because it’s so grand
    They best just stay away

    Hey, Joe, who did you blow?
    Moe pushed the button boy
    And you went to the show
    Better suck a little harder or the shekels won’t flow
    And I don’t mean your thumb
    (Don’t mean your thumb)
    So on your knees you bum
    Just tell yourself it’s yum
    (Yourself it’s yum)
    And suck it till you’re numb


  15. generalbottlewasher says:

    American truth music. Hear what the composer had to say about
    ” compared to what”

    And the music itself:
    Compared to What https://g.co/kgs/4ueUAQ

    Hurray for D sus 2 !!!!

    And finally decades separating the two, the same, compared to what.

  16. n.riva1989 says:

    Hell ya James! Love it!

  17. kropotkin says:

    Kevin Ayers – Stop This Train

    On a railway train to anywhere,
    Something happened finally.
    The driver said he saw no station
    And we were riding aimlessly.
    The train was filled with sleeping passengers,
    Going nowhere for the ride;
    Spoken whispers filled the carriages
    No one cared to look outside.
    Conversation aimed at anyone
    Bouncing questions off the wall;
    All at once, I got quite frightened..
    Standing up, I gave a shout!
    “I see a station just in front of me ,
    Stop this train and let me out!”

    The driver smiled and shook his head for me,
    “this train don’t stop for anyone.
    And, if you want to leave this railway line,
    You’ll have to jump off on your own.

    Someone came and gave me sandwiches,
    Saying that I looked unwell.
    He took my pulse and he gave it back to me,
    And then he hit me with his bell.
    He made a speech to all the passengers,
    He said “I’ve been a place today;
    And anyone who’d care to come with me..
    Step outside and walk this way.”
    Inside the seats were warm and comfortable,
    Outside the train was wild and strange.
    I said, “yes, sir, I’d like to come with you,
    It’s really time I made a change.”
    I left my seat and walked up front with him,
    And he began to push the door.
    I looked outside, but it nearly blinded me..
    I’d never seen such light before.

  18. kropotkin says:

    Frank Zappa – Dumb All Over

    Whoever we are, wherever we’re from
    We shoulda noticed by now, our behavior is dumb
    And if our chances expect to improve
    It’s gonna take a lot more, than trying to remove the other race
    Or the other whatever, from the face
    Of the planet altogether

    They call it THE EARTH, which is a dumb kinda name
    But they named it right, cause we behave the same…
    We are dumb all over
    Dumb all over, yes we are
    Dumb all over, near an’ far
    Dumb all over, black an’ white
    People, we is not wrapped tight

    Nerds on the left, nerds on the right
    Religious fanatics on the air every night
    Saying the Bible tells the story
    Makes the details sound real gory
    About what to do if the geeks over there
    Don’t believe in the book we got over here

    You can’t run a race without no feet
    An’ pretty soon there won’t be no street
    For dummies to jog on or doggies to dog on
    Religious fanatics can make it be all gone
    It won’t blow up an’ disappear
    It’ll just look ugly for a thousand years…

    You can’t run a country by a book of religion
    Not by a heap or a lump or a smidgen
    Of foolish rules of ancient date
    Designed to make you all feel great
    While you fold, spindle and mutilate
    Those unbelievers from a neighboring state

    TO ARMS! TO ARMS! Hooray! That’s great
    Two legs ain’t bad unless there’s a crate
    They ship the parts to mama in
    For souvenirs: two ears – Get Down!
    Not his, not hers, but what the hey?
    The Good Book says: “It’s gotta be that way!”
    But their book says: “REVENGE THE CRUSADES!!!!…”

    With whips an’ chains an’ hand grenades…”
    TWO ARMS? TWO ARMS? Have another and another
    Our God says: “There ain’t no other!”
    Our God says: “It’s all okay!”
    Our God says: “This is the way!”
    It says in the book: “Burn and destroy…..”
    An’ repent, an’ redeem, an’ revenge, an’ deploy
    An’ rumble thee forth to the land of the unbelieving scum on the other side
    Cause they don’t go for what’s in the Book
    An’ that makes ’em BAD
    So All, verily we must choppeth them up
    Or stompeth them down
    Or rent a nice French bomb
    Ssssssssss…….. to poof them out of existence
    While leaving their real estate just where we need it
    To use again for temples in which to praise OUR GOD
    “Cause He can really take care of business!”

    And when His humble TV servant
    With humble white hair and humble glasses and a nice brown suit
    And maybe a blond wife who takes phone calls
    Tells us it’s okay to do this stuff, then we’re supposed do it
    Cause if we don’t do it, we ain’t gwine up to hebbin!
    (Depending on which book you’re using at the time…)
    Can’t use theirs… it’s all lies…… Gotta use mine… Ain’t that right?
    That’s what they say — Every night… Every day…
    Hey, we can’t really be dumb, if we’re just following God’s Orders
    After all, He wrote this book here an’ in the Book He says:
    “He made us all to be just like Him,”
    So… If we’re dumb… Then God is dumb…
    An’ maybe even a little bit ugly on the side

    DUMB ALL OVER – a little ugly on the side
    DUMB ALL OVER – a little ugly on the side
    DUMB ALL OVER – a little ugly on the side

  19. NES says:

    Excellent. Laughed a lot. Enjoyed too.

  20. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I love the video work of some of those songs!

    The sense of humor and joy is well relayed by this band.


  21. kropotkin says:

    With the tightening of the censorship on the internet, social media and so on it is hopeful that, if the majority of the people is weary about certain issues, one does not even need to address the issues directly.

    Take the libretti of Shakespeare in Verdi’s MacBeth created in times of rampant censorship and all.

    Seduced by witches, the powers behind the throne, Macbeth kills king Duncan.

    The perpetrators are calling on the gods to “shine through the veils to unveil the hidden”, ergo, these Scottish folks have created this (problem) by killing the king and are uniting the country behind them in order to become the new king (solution).


    Surely, many people can translate ancient Scottish folklore to current constellations, back then AND in the future.

    The final “victory” on MacBeth is in minor: Evil is not defeated but will be replaced by new and willing mouthpieces. The public remains unaware of the power behind the throne. Hence, these witches survive.


    This story is, however, so powerful that it will resonate many generations to come

  22. FatKat says:

    I like “Out of respect for the artists and their music, there will be no low-quality version.” Good idea!!

  23. generalbottlewasher says:

    There just is no truth on Saturday night with out Deluxe! The Deluxe acoustix mustache.


  24. kropotkin says:

    They got lies so big
    They don’t make a noise
    They tell ’em so well
    Like a secret disease
    That makes you go numb
    With a big ol’ lie
    And a flag and a pie
    And a mom and a bible
    Most folks are just liable
    To buy any line
    Any place, any time


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