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It's the first weekend of the month and it's a busy one for my family here in Japan so let's start the monthly members open thread.

Corbett Report members are invited to log in and discuss anything happening in the world right now, ask any burning questions you may have, or share your latest research with the community in the comments below.

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  1. wolfgang says:

    Just as a short hopeful update. The proceedings of the “Corona-Ausschuss” (Corona commission, webpage: https://corona-ausschuss.de/) in Germany are looking quite hopeful and the lawsuits in Canada and the USA will proceed (with the PCR Tests as the main target to bring down this house of cards). Very interesting in my eyes is the fact, that they continue to look for the whole picture and invite more and more guests outside of the medical/biological/virological field (philosophers, economists, psychologists, jurists, etc.) and also include many guests, which are seen on the Corbett Report (e.g. very recently Prof. Cahill, Catherine Austin Fitts…) and they put together the complete picture.
    One very important legal action (action for annulment against the vaccine authorization) is taking place on the EU level, where Renate Holzeisen is finalizing the documents. I think with the vast amount of expertise and very high level attorneys, this looks very promising to lead to some major wins for the scamdemic-skeptics!
    The resistance seems to reticulate very effectively now and information all over the world is shared and collected and solutions are being put on the table!

    • spider says:

      Enshuligen Sie aber ich kann Deutch nicht mich errinene.

      • wolfgang says:

        Dr. Füllmich (one of the leading attourney, who does most of the interviewing) said in one segment, that somewhere (I think on youtube), there are summaries of all the sessions in English (I don’t know if they are only subtitled or even dubbed) – maybe you can look for those. However whenever they have an English-speaking guest (like i.e. Catherine Austin Fitts joins the newest session #38 starting at 3h41m30s), they do the interview completely in English (as e.g. R. Füllmich is also practicing law in the US, not only in Germany).

      • johnandd says:

        There’s a choice for an English version if you scroll down to the bottom of the page but as I was there the site was on maintenance.

    • spider says:

      There’s an interview with Robert Kennedy Jr. at the bottom of the sitzungen page.

    • n4x5 says:

      Thank you for that. In your estimation, what have been the lasting consequences of the mass demonstrations from last year? If nothing else, has there at least been a substantial rise in the level of awareness in the German-speaking world as compared to before?

      • wolfgang says:

        Since the penalties for violating many of the Corona restrictions put into place can been really extremely substantial (thousands of euros to tens of thousands of euros) and the second lockdown is really harsh in many places (i.e. night curfews in many states), many people on the “resistance” side have been slowing down to some extent. The political pushback and division is really enormous, but so many people are experiencing such harsh personal misery, that they feel, there is not much to lose anymore. And organizers of the past large demonstrations promised it is going to be a very fervent spring, with many new demonstrations on the horizon. I think the “second wave/season” of protests is going to be even more massive and people are seeing the holes in the story. Contrary to all the fabricated statistics about people being content with all the lockdown measures and government policies, you can see a substantial vaccination hesitancy, which is an indirect measure of people not trusting the government and mainstream health official statements. I think the large awakening is coming – more and more people are starting to turn.

    • Anke says:

      Thanks for the update! I have also seen this news, and seen Reiner Fuellmich speak in the interview in lockdownplanetfilm.com. I think pronably because the German initiation the Dutch extraparliamentary process is also on the way, see bpoc2020.nl (in dutch). The same people also campaign against the coming elections as well. They plan to come with a bigger campaign this month, not sure about lawsuits. In Holland there are loads of protests. Also some nice news I have seen on Catherine Austin Fitts’ website, in Switzerland there is a possibility to collect a certain amount of signatures to overturn the government and bring up an election. So they did it and they will vote about this whole scamdemic in some months. Also there is proof that the ‘leaders’ who took the vaccine on TV did not actually take those, as predicted, no surprise there. Sorry I did not save the link..

    • Mielia says:

      lawsuits that I bookmarked from the fuellmich website
      US, NY (not class action)
      (with Kennedy Children’s Health Defense)

      Canada (Her Majesty etc)
      https://www.fuellmich.com/wp-content/uploads/content/newsletter/download/20210110/FINAL_statement-of-claim-A.pdf (this is a class action (??))

      also those folks are doing lawsuits in the US:
      maybe known from https://www.ohiostandsup.org/
      an attorney of them has also been in interview with the Solari Report (Catherine Austine Fitts)

    • NAF says:

      Nice one Wolfgang! Please keep us informed on this. Thank you.

    • NAF says:

      Strangely, the videos published by this commission are hosted at Youtube… Last published video – from a 4 hours live session – “only” has 65K views, but if the numbers goes 10 times, I believe the channel would be shut down.

    • wolfgang says:

      Wow – there is a new fantastic update from the last sitting of the Corona Ausschuss. This is an essential part, uncovering the long-term preparations for the whole Scamdemic scenario including the basically extortive legal backgrounds put in place by the WHO (the so called “international health regulations”, 1st edition of the IHR put into place in 2005, the 3rd edition put together 2014 and implemented in 2016 – which all the member countries are legally bound to!): They dictate all member countries, which diagnostics (e.g. PCR testing) are relevant for a specific health emergency and which “fighting strategy” is implemented (e.g. the vaccination primacy) – that means any scientific pushback or correction is irrelevant, the member countries are BOUND to those regulations set by the WHO. She also shows how Bill Gates/GAVI play a central role in this: Gates, as a private person, become part of the executive board of the WHO (around probably 2017, she was unsure about the exact time), just like each member state (he is not only influencing via money, he is really sitting there and steering this stupid corrupt organization).
      The part of the interview is in English and starts at 2h20m30s (the more relevant part starts from 2:34:57 on).
      Dr. Astrid Stückelberger explains the backgrounds in great detail.
      A few side notes: Bill Gates in his functions within GAVI seems to be included in the contractwork between WHO and member countries as a legal partner and GAVI has complete legal immunity as a NGO in Switzerland – they are completely untouchable (and also don’t pay any taxes)…
      one quick return to the International Health Regulations (IHR): a lawyer already wrote a publication about those massive far-reaching changes in international law: In his (David Fidler’s) opinion (already back in 2005), those new rules pose the basis for a global health governance (https://www.repository.law.indiana.edu/facpub/397/)

      • wolfgang says:

        P.S. The link to this episode of the Corona Ausschuss is here (https://youtu.be/tUMvCOtOHJI, all episodes here: https://corona-ausschuss.de/sitzungen/)
        P.P.S. on a different note: Beginning at 4:20:20 in this sitting, there is an interview with a whistleblower from a nursing home in Berlin, who tells his harrowing story about the vaccination proceedings there.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          The 4:20:20 mark from a nursing home was insightful for me.
          There is no doubt that these vaccines can cause traumatic reactions.
          The uniformed military soldiers presence, masks, propaganda social pressures and ‘safety guidelines’ certainly induce more fear into these folks.

  2. tommy609 says:


    Has anyone else seen this Time article?

    They are applauding censorship?


    • studiotwoseven says:

      …uh, it is pretty damn creepy!


      “it sounds like a paranoid fever dream–a well-funded cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies, working together behind the scenes to influence perceptions, change rules and laws, steer media coverage and control the flow of information. They were not rigging the election; they were fortifying it.”

      • Octium says:

        Sounds very much like a spiracy of the con type.

        • josth says:

          Can I steal this? At this point they’re being very brazen about their fabricated web of deceit.. I am so shocked though that the more obvious it is, the less people seem to see it- it’s a classic case of hidden in plain sight. I’m interested to know how dangerous it is in other parts of the world to openly speak out against what’s happening- in the UK a lot of very well known figures including scientists such as Mike Yeadon have had social media accounts taken down but what about for the ordinary person- is it the same?

          • vadoum says:

            ” ,,accounts taken down but what about for the ordinary person-?”

            feelin pretty ordinary down here, but not taken, yet.
            (ordinary in aus. means “low grade”),

            hey its monday am., and us muso’s can get worked hard on weekends. I think its not illegal anymore? but man are people keen to dance.

            That Time mag. piece reads like a tsunami of propaganda. Lets see copy of those famous zoom calls where the whole agenda was organized. show us how the big playerswield their persuassiveness to interfere with other peoples business no matter what price, bloody brutal humans, are they human?

            “how dangerous it is in other parts of the world to openly speak out”

            The danger is when one decides not to speak because an idiot said so. But the dominator game is way past reasonableness. I’ve got friends who still wont speak truth concerning the events 20yrs ago because either they agreed to nondisclosure or theyve been optogeneticly dumb-wired on certain topics (I cant figure them out?). Masks are about not speaking, distancing is about not speaking, censorship is about not speaking,

            all of those are bad, so speaking, especially that which connects, must be good, keep doing it while you’ve got the chance.

            Transparency is what keeps the flow of life in top form. The pandemic, the raging infectious disease that so many are suffering from,, is the lying. That is the law we all break by degrees every day. some more some less.

            “some think the world is made of protons and quarks, but others understand the world is made of words; and , if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it what you wish” (adapted from T.Mckenna)

          • tommy609 says:

            Vfor sure… Nothing is mine… We’re all in this together…

          • tommy609 says:

            I know that Australia has had some ridiculous cases of people being arrested for speaking out against the Scamdemic

        • Octium says:

          Yes, go for it ?

          Don’t know about ordinary people as I don’t use social media. However they did target celebrity chef Peter Evens after he spoke out.

    • Kelly says:

      Yes, they’re not even hiding any more. I could not believe my eyes!

    • Duck says:

      Why would that surprise you?
      First off Time is, if i recall right, a CIA rag anyway… aside from Operation Mockingbird I think they were also big in getting the 60’s drug culture going https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seeking_the_Magic_Mushroom
      The guy who did it has actual paper trail of the CIA paying him if I recall the Article at Logos media right.
      2nd These people HAVE NO SHAME… you can not expect them to act like normal human beings and at least try to act like any standards matter to them. Free speech is good when it serves them, bad when it hurts them.

      • kbh says:

        I have watched alot of Jans work and I recommend factchecking yourself. Tread carefully when following Jan Irwin, Gnostic Media, Logos Media. While he is a very sharp brain and promotes the trivium method, his ego often seams to take over and result in namecalling if you question his results. Lately he has worked closely with another guy, trying hard to blame the muslims for a lot of stuff – lots of red flags. That being said, he promotes the Trivium, which is good – everyone should study and apply trivium methods, also to Jans work and conclusions.
        Have a great day

        • n4x5 says:

          For anyone interested in this, here is a Jan Irvin interview James did in 2013.
          Interview 672 – Jan Irvin on the CIA, MK-ULTRA, and the Creation of the Drug Culture

          • Duck says:

            Thanks for the link- I will watch later.
            My eye opener on that was Dave Mcgowans weird sceans from laurel canyon though I am pretty sure even as far back as Walter Bowart I’d read about the CIA being involved in the distribution of LSD… BEST book though is Tom O’Neils ‘Chaos’ which covers the whole thing thru the lenses of the Manson murders.

            • n4x5 says:

              Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon is a fascinating exploration of the military and intelligence links to the counterculture and would make a fine introduction for someone approaching the subject with little or no preexisting knowledge. I plan to read the Tom O’Neill book later at some point when I have time. Tim Kelly discussed the book with Kevin Barrett in an episode in 2019. Dave McGowan did his own study of the serial killer phenomenon, Programmed to Kill: The Politics of Serial Murder.

              The 2011 film Martha Marcy May Marlene is based loosely on the Manson family. Worth watching if you get a chance.

        • Duck says:

          I agree… he is kinda weird, and I dont really follow him much but his sourcing of info on the history of the drug revolution is pretty good so I do trust he’s right n that… esp since others cover it too.
          I dont know if its ego with him or if his world view is just weird…. I do like his Brain database though
          Have great day too 🙂

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Weather Tidbit

    With the Grand Solar Minimum, this year’s weather has been interesting.
    For those who don’t know, parts of Asia have had some major cold fronts, then along with Europe, and now the U.S. is slated for some deep Canadian cold.

    Natural Gas (Liquid Natural Gas – LNG) has been the talk of the energy sector for weeks and weeks. LNG demand in Asia has prompted some inflated super-high prices and high shipping costs.

    This caught my attention:
    “…Prices on the Japan Electric Power Exchange (JEPX) hit a record high of 251 yen ($2.39) per kilowatt hour in January, equating to $2,390 per megawatt hour of electricity, the highest on record anywhere in the world.
    One megawatt hour is roughly what an average home in the U.S. would consume over 35 days….”

    Geez! I would be aghast to suddenly find on my monthly electric bill a charge for $2,000.

    From Reuters Feb 5th
    Analysis: Out in the cold – how Japan’s electricity grid came close to blackouts

    • Mielia says:

      “…parts of Asia have had some major cold fronts…”

      currently (today, 08 feb but some days ago already too) in Central Europe too.
      Snowfall has been compared to 2010
      but probably not yet comparable to 1967/68

      IF it really has to to do with Grand Solar Minimum and jetstream shift or is just a cold snowy February, I remain reserved. But I thought of that immediately too!
      Nothing totally out of the ordinary.

      video footage

  4. Roy says:

    Bee scared ! A new mutation, has been discovered, and it is : The Norwegian / luxembourg strain ! It is so new, that we here in norway newer has heard about it. But it is deadly, and, you get really sick, fast.
    Here you can read about it : https://www.aninews.in/news/world/europe/germany-detects-new-coronavirus-variant-linked-to-norway-luxembourg-in-halle20210205001621/

    So, the rattus norwegious , gave the plague, now ! the corvidsus norwegious, is going to kill you for shure. Take my word for it !!!


  5. Roy says:

    Here is a good article from Silver Doctors ( some golden nuggets happening on SD too ) It is about shorting stocks ! Take a look !



    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’ve been trumpeting that article.
      The article is by the EDITOR of OILPRICE.COM, James Stafford.
      This type of writing is highly unusual for a mainstream financial publication.

      ARTICLE Title
      “Naked Short Selling:
      The Truth Is Much Worse Than You Have Been Told”

      I linked the article to a
      SUB-THREAD – Reddit WallStreetBets GameStop Event and Physical Silver Short Squeeze

      On the 1/30/2021 9:15am comment of that SUB-THREAD is a link to…
      Everyone should hear this interview segment (or read the transcript) with Andy Schectman, President of “Miles Franklin” :
      Recent activity – Gold and Silver – Central Banks, BIS, “The Elite Others”

      Fascinating interview. Schectman talks about Elite people buying up massive quantities of physical silver. He also lays out the ‘unusual’ timeline of how Central Banks and the BIS played physical gold.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Premiered Feb 5, 2021 – Richard Grove – “Grand Theft Auto” with James Corbett

    Insights into Corbett’s Creative Process | Special Guest on Grand Theft World 005
    (1:36 Min)(This clip is a shorter segment from the full GTW episode 005)

    If you must GooTube…
    ~WWW youtu.be/mIZqdpQX0ZU

  7. Roy says:

    Solutions !

    I am trying to get my neighbors to join a mesh, network. The idea, is to use Ubiquiti Nanobeam over distances, and ordinary wireless routers / extenders where the distanse is short. The problem is, that I am a ordinary private person, not a big company, so the people I want to join me, say no, they trust big corp, and they dont want to waste any money on a private adventure. But I think this is the future of internet, if we want it. If on top, we add a “pirate bay ” torrent db into this network, we would be able to save important data. If somebody here has suggestions, for how to do this in a practical / cheep way, please tell me !


    • mkey says:

      Building cantennas is a one way to keep networking equipment on the cheap side.

      Maybe one way to make the idea more appealing to … common people, would be to offer broadband access (fiber) for a fraction of the price it would cost otherwise by having several users share the bandwidth. That would make it necessary to have a good QoS solution so that the bandwidth is shared well between users.

      • Roy says:

        Hi mkey !

        I am also pondering about using ham radios, in my mesh net, it is a slow way to transfer data, but it is robust.
        The fiber access is what we have here around, so the net i am talking about does not have anything to do with speed, it has all to do with security.
        The cantenna, is an option in the use of the nanobeam system, so that idea is covered, that is for long distances, and is a great system.
        I have nanobeam system at home.
        What i think is important is a slow backbone mesh system, that is regulated by the users, with the option, to have a kind of piratebay type server, with some kind of bbs built into it.
        I have invested in a lot of solar cells, and a lot of batteries, so that is going to be the “current” backbone, for the system.
        I have some Rasberry PI mini computers, that i was thinking of using to control the whole system with. I want a system that is redundant, that can be used on the side of the “normal” connection, provided by the big corp.

  8. travis.h.bray says:


    “Nevada bill would allow tech companies to create governments“

    The most in-your-face example of technocracy policy being implemented I’ve yet seen.

    • urthp says:

      Corbett’s site is one of the more liberal nodes in the techocratic communications web.
      The Technocracy is a self evident reality for everyone here at Corbett.
      Were talking here (the Nevada proposal) about Autonomous Techno Fiefdoms.
      You subscribe yourself to an autonomous municipal corporation as a paid employee (or serf if you like).
      Benefits might include mask mandate exemptions and better schools for your kids. Serfs may be voting members of their chosen corporations.
      Standing up for our human rights individually is becoming harder. Find a corporation that supports these rights if you want to keep them.

    • travis.h.bray says:

      Nevada governor touts proposal to allow tech companies to create local governments – The Hill


      According to the draft obtained by the Review-Journal, companies would be able to form governments that would have the same authority as a county, including imposing taxes, forming school districts and justice courts, and providing government services.

      The Governor’s Office of Economic Development would handle applications for the zones, which are limited to specific “innovative technology” such as blockchain, autonomous technology, robotics and renewable resource technology, the newspaper reported.

      According to the newspaper, applicants for the zone must own 50,000 acres of undeveloped and uninhabited land within a county that’s not a part of a city or town. An applicant will need to have $250 million and a plan to invest an additional $1 billion in the zone over 10 years.

  9. Roy says:

    Anybody ?
    Here is the radio equipment I have :
    1. Niorfnio – broadcasting pirate radio FM ( voice )
    2.Yaesu FT-2900 Sending / receiving – (Voice + data )
    3. RIGblaster Blue with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology ( data transmission )
    4. usb rtl-sdr – SDR.

    So this is the idea, to transfer data trough ham radio.
    And also be able to broadcast, that this system is online, and ready for use. This system is for long and short distances, and can be used together with the mesh system I have been writing about.
    So anybody, have any comment ?


  10. studiotwoseven says:

    Hey there. So I have decided to not keep posting comments here at Corbett Report any more on optogenetic stuff. I figure I’ve made my point. So I decided to put together a rough framework of my thoughts on it elsewhere (taught myself how to put a WordPress site together) I’ll share it with you all now. This is the first stab, so keep that in mind.


    • vadoum says:

      another worm hole? but whats the gist here? I looked at yours and others,, but what is the specific suspicion that you have as to what is being done with optogentics? (apologies I haven’t seen any of your other posts).

      • studiotwoseven says:

        …the link I provided above is a visual artist’s attempt to tell the story of finding a thread. Whether or not it actually leads to anything is yet to be seen. Honestly I hope it is all creative fancy.
        In short, optogenetics uses manufactured viruses to control brains. They have been doing it for a long time in rodents. That is usually the practice for humans. Most people in this forum might think that some of our masters would like to control the general populace by whatever means necessary. If optogenetics could do that for them, they would just need an excuse to get the tailored virus into the people.
        Who knows if this framework is in any of the current gene therapies being called vaccines? Maybe it could be in the next ones … or the next … or the next

        Perhaps my visual poetry is too obscure. The site has many links embedded to more detailed information, that would take some time to fully digest. That’s okay, sometimes the ineffable things are felt over time.

    • Roy says:

      Hi! I dont know so much about optogenetic stuff. But I have bought and tested a royal rife machine. I bought it to help my father, who died of stomach cancer. I have tried it in different settings, one time I had it set up in a healing senter for one year, but the healer died too, and I did not get his research notes of his pasients.
      Here is where I got my machine : https://rifemachinebuilder.com/
      Think this is a brother of optogenetics ?
      So you are not alone, trying to figure out how to help others, without the “normal” practice. I think this thinking goes under James solution theme.

      • studiotwoseven says:

        Hi Roy. Thanks for the info about the Rife machine. I am sorry to hear about your dad.
        No, I would say that optogenetics is the new darling of the science world. The leader of the field, Edward Boyden, is rumored to be a favorite for a Nobel prize. That is if his hanging out with Jeffrey Epstein does not get held against him.

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “The Fourth Industrial – Great Reset” rising…

    Absolute-Zero Is The New Net-Zero For Emissions
    Feb 7th – OIPRICE.COM by Irina Slav who often writes some good articles.

    The net-zero emissions goal of many governments… …Now, a report from a UK research group is taking things a lot further: it has called for the country to aim for not net, but absolute zero in emissions by 2050.
    “UK FIRES”, a research program involving scientists from several reputable universities and businesses from resource-intensive sectors, says that net-zero is not enough.
    What’s more, waiting for breakthrough technologies to enable this net-zero scenario is not good enough.

    According to a new report, today’s technology is sufficient for achieving absolute zero by 2050. At a cost, of course.

    The plan that the authors of the report outline starts with moving to a 100-percent reliance on electricity as a source of energy…
    …Naturally, critics would be quick to point out that a complete reliance on one form of energy may not be particularly smart, for which there is more than enough evidence from the fossil fuel era. Still, one of the tenets of the absolute-zero plan is an economy 100 percent powered by electricity generated by renewable sources…

    …the report prescribes that the UK must reduce its energy consumption—and reduce it substantially—in order for the absolute zero plan to work…

    …we’ll only have to cut our use of energy to 60% of today’s levels,” the authors wrote. “We can achieve this with incremental changes to the way we use energy…”

    …Making people buy certain products and not others would be difficult, but the UK government has already signaled it was ready to remove the option of choice to hit its climate targets…

    …They will also have time to get used to the idea of beef and lamb disappearing from supermarkets because, according to the authors of the report, eating ruminants contributes unacceptably high levels of emissions to the global total…

    …While far from impossible, these changes are contingent on the goodwill of enough people—or on several successive governments’ willingness to prescribe behaviors through bans….

    • mik says:

      60% ???!!!!

      Amazing how much ivory towers mental-masturbators are detached from real life.

      Put aside meat consumption and minor stuff and think about what is their plan for reducing the main energy consumption in the household: Heating.

      I can reduce my heating by half, but I would prefer not to. For years I lived in an old bourgeois house(ceilings 4 meter), very demanding for heating in any way (money, wood, ash,..), most of the time it was cold during the winter. Friends visits during the winter reduced considerably, when they came they were glued to the stove.

      Many things are possible after ‘rona madness, still I can’t imagine joe&diana sixpack will give up to heating and warm water. That would be literal meaning for many people in case of reduction by half.

    • mkey says:

      I have to aasume absolute zero will require mass exterminations. Got to get that poisionous CO2 under control.

  12. Steve Smith says:

    I am more bothered by my fellow citizens than I am by the psychos in charge. I am still trying to maintain a little hope in my fellow citizens.
    Why do people comply so easily? Why don’t more of us get angry and and say hell no!
    In the past week I have had the following experiences in the supposedly “free” state of Florida where there are no state mask mandates.
    On Wednesday, as we have done occasionally for years, we ordered pizzas for the three of us at work from domino’s. As I have done twice since the great delusion began, I went to pick them up. The last two times we did this, I was able to walk into the domino’s store, pay and walk out after a friendly exchange and a tip for not bitching at me for not wearing a mask. This time however, for whatever reason, the twenty something yo masked borg drone decided to teach an old man a lesson by refusing service. He didn’t seem to have any problem with me standing at the counter vociferously expressing my displeasure for minutes when I could have paid and been gone in sixty seconds. Proving that he is not worried in the least about a virus. Only about conforming and using his position of limited pizza power to attempt to force others to conform too.
    Then on Friday I loaded up my pickup with the scrap stainless steel wire from the previous months rerigs and headed down to the local metal recycling yard where the lone employee just kept backing away from me when he saw my naked face. This guy who spends his days handling filthy used aluminum cans brought in for recycling by homeless people told me that he was afraid of taking a chance with an unmasked customer. Because of germs.
    I ended up going to the scrap yard which was further away and probably got paid better for the trouble. But the number of businesses that I have added to my “never patronize again” list is adding up.
    It seems like its getting worse.

    • spider says:

      Hey Steve, I feel the same. I’m not sure if it’s closer to an episode of the Twilight Zone or the Invasion of the Body Snatchers. I’ve seen the beliefs of the masses controlled after the assassination of JFK, the Vietnam war and 9/11, but this is bizarre to the extreme. People stare at me and avoid my maskless face with fear. I write letters to the paper that explain the science but it doesn’t seem to be effective. I guess the money poured into MKULTRA was worth it.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I think some people have an irrational fear of contagion. The biological disgust mechanism has been triggered by the propaganda and they become irrational. I had a man cuss me out when I was walking my dog because I didn’t have a mask on while I was outside. He called me a “selfish bitch”.

        This guy was older, probably in his 60s, overweight, and appeared unhealthy and my tax dollars are probably supporting him, and yet I am selfish because I want to breathe fresh air? And on top of that, it’s unhealthy not to exchange “germs” to build up the immune system and to wear masks all the time. And I am healthy and am not a threat to his safety but he felt the need to try to degrade me in public. I felt like kicking him in the balls but restrained myself.

        • spider says:

          OOF! Maybe less litigable to use a squirt gun.

        • flammable says:

          Definitely irrational. You can look at other harmful particles and they don’t get treated the same. Transmission of any particle from one source to another is a function large enough particle concentration in the air and time exposed to that concentration. There are so many harmful particles in the air but nearly everyone is okay because it is not concentrated. Exhaled human breath from a health person is already too diluted with water, bacteria, dust particles, gases and other waste. You add on meeting people in open air or well ventilated areas then the risk is miniscule. But somehow Sars-Cov-2 defies all logic and physics.

          • Steve Smith says:

            The sad thing is that DeSantis is well informed, and has eliminated all state mandates or penalties and the freaking role playing borg drones are still playing the game.
            I am reading stories about people traveling to this state under the impression that things are normal and when they get here they go to private vacation destinations run by mindless mask zombies. They are certainly responsible for doing their own due diligence but I can understand how many could get the impression that things are semi normal around here from news coverage. And in some ways things are pretty normal for guys like me who don’t shy away from confrontation and aren’t as willing to burn bridges. But in truth, the television watching smartphone hypnotized masses are doing their best to make sure the assimilation process is successful.
            They’re giving Florida a bad name…oh wait..
            Never mind.

        • Duck says:

          “..nd on top of that, it’s unhealthy not to exchange “germs” to build up the immune system..”
          Assuming this scamdemic mask thing ever ends there will be a huge die off from people catching all the colds they have missed out on…. think first year at school or college level of people catching everything

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Steve Smith says:
      It seems like its getting worse.

      I’ve noticed that with a few occasional people. They are locked in hard to an Authoritarian prescription of living.

      Well, the SuperBowl was Sunday (Feb7th) there in Florida.
      I guess it really upset some people that Tom Brady didn’t wear a mask.
      TWITTER – brief 15 second video

      Tom Brady has a pass.

    • mkey says:

      What ended up happening with the pizza?

      I absolutely agree about the abject disregard for “health”. These people don’t care about health at all and are ready to initiate discussions that could, by their supposed standards, be very dangerous.

      Another thing that is a dead giveaway: if people really believed the masks were required or needed, they would duck tape that sucker to their yapper and put on some goggles. But they don’t, so they don’t. They know it’s a scam and they know you know they know it’s a scam. But they are invested in it and are ready to double down on stupid. And that can never be good.

      • Steve Smith says:

        I hope that they donated the pizza to the plentiful local homeless population but I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the little punk tossed it in the trash.

        • mkey says:

          100% certain that they trashed it. Hopefully one of the slave workers got it out while it was still fresh.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I’ve been employed by well over 100 different employers during the past decades.
            Working at Domino’s Pizza as a delivery driver was one of those jobs. It was in the rich neighborhood where George & Laura Bush now live.

            Typically, if there is a “homeless pizza”, the Manager and crew get to eat it.
            The Manager has to account for his inventory of “dough balls” in the cooler. It looks bad on his books if he keeps having “homeless pizzas”.

    • willnyu says:

      Hi Steve

      Wow does this comment ever resonate with me

      I have people around me that I really don’t understand anymore.

      I was earlier today trying to discuss this Tom Brady thing with my once bestie who is, now to me, mysteriously, and fully indoctrinated in this what seems to be rather obvious “Opportunity Wave” (i.e. never let a crisis go to waste with New World Order Overtones)

      My point: has everyone around me changed or have I?

      It certainly seems that one or the other is True.

      I once identified as being Leftist before the Great COVID onslaught of 2020 – the first year people stopped dying of “old age / natural causes”.

      I was Born the child of a Hungarian immigrant escaping the tyranny of his Russian occupied homeland in ’57. I feel that I may have a unique perspective imparted by my late father who once told me when I asked: “Dad, why are other countries shitty and ours awesome in comparison?” (probably not in those exact words). He laughed and told me that in this type of governance is (he was referring to Free Enterprise Capitalism) a supply and demand system that relies on a consumer base – which is currently “us” in the West – and more ominously: that could change.

      Well Fast Forward a few decades, and the consumer class in China has risen to a population exceeding that populations of USA and Canada combined. Further The state of automation and robotics / Artificial Intelligence / and Quantum Computing are on on the edge of convergence (2030?)… not a healthy outlook for us 99%.
      Especially as we seem to (by and large) act enthusiastically as apologists for these new heavy handed restrictions – bolstering each new “cancellation” as progress against inconvenient truths – without a care in the world they may become our new norm.
      that’s me pontificating… I’ll sit down now

  13. Duck says:

    Hey everyone… just a heads up for those with kids to watch their internet use.
    I just read “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” by Abigail Shrier and someone I discussed it with checked her daughters phone and found them instagram chatting with various weirdos talking with a pre-teen girl about transgenderism and sexual matters. Social media is Poison for teenage girls.

    Thats a great book, BTW, not as Good as “transgender industrial complex’ but Irreversible Damage is MUCH more normie friendly and easy to read.

    Remember that your enemies want you dead and your kids brainwashed and neutered or dead… and they think its funny.
    Not Joking

  14. zombo says:

    Hello to one and all. I am relatively new to the Corbett community. I have been binge watching videos from The Corbett report for several weeks now. It hasn’t taken me long to realize James identifies with Agorism /Anarchy. As I know very little on that subject, a question arises. Hypothetically let’s just say all people around the world decide to throw off their governments, abolish the established monetary system, adopt a decentralized approach to everything and form open free communities all across the globe. What happens in the event that even one super state remains? What happens when the one nation that resisted the movement, maintained it’s national sovereignty and borders and still had a huge military, decides to start attacking, capturing, enslaving or destroying everyone?

    • vancil says:

      Hey there, I am also new. Still trying to figure out this stuff. You bring up a good point that I’d like to reply to, not that I have the answer. Generally, there’s a fear of something bigger or stronger that can bring about the end of our times, our lives. Whether that be the state or something more organic.

      One thing that I have learned in my time here is that the solutions are not one size fits all. The theory of Agorism is helpful and provides a potential way of freeing ourselves from centralized control. However, and speaking personally, it comes down to how I engage with my surrounding community. What are my relationships like? Who can I talk with? Who can I make mistakes around with getting completely chopped off? With who can I become increasingly anti-fragile? These relationships are essential, regardless of their difficulty.

      The next is in relation with my environment. What am I doing to grow food or become more self-sufficient? Am I listening to the land where I live? Am I taking the time to tune in beyond the social media waves? The relationship with the Earth runs deep and it requires that I be in relative harmony to enter into this dialogue. Without this foundation, I may be causing unintended harm to the generations after me.

      These are my two core solutions at this moment: Grow closer with people – Grow closer with the land –

      From this place, I plan on working to develop the skills that are necessary based on observations from these places. What does the community need? What does the land need? What am I capable of doing? This will determine my action.

      I appreciate the experts and it’s one of the reasons why I show up here so frequently these days. I see James as someone who has been prying the iron door open with bloody knuckles to present some of the truth which resides behind it. It’s gruesome business. It’s sacred business. But, it’s not my specialized skill set. I work in different ways. And this is where those solutions come from: within.

      I can do my best to prepare myself for what may come, but I’ve accepted the fate of being hopelessly late on enacting any grave and lasting change. However, this doesn’t stop me from showing up fully and doing my damnedest to lead a revolutionary life.

    • Roy says:

      Hi there !
      The problem with Agorism /Anarchy, is :people !
      The problem with people, is that they want to be rouled.
      So, if you want Agorism /Anarchy, then you want people that is able to decide over them self. I think Jeff brewick has a point, when he say, let those who want the vaccine take it. Let those who want the mask use it. The next problem with Agorism /Anarchy, is the ability to earn a living, without being hired by a corp. Or put an other way ( from Gregory Mannarino ) to be your own sentral bank. People must get skilled in something, and that is hard working for the most of the time. Most people do not want that, they want to be ordered around, by a boss. They may hate the boss, and find a new one, but they really want a boss.
      In some way I dont think anarchy will ever happen, it is not in our genes, we are a sosial club, and adopted to this way of life for a very long time ago. Off course I want anarchy to be an option, but I think the rest of the population, and the top shadow people will put a stop to that soon. It is like telling the truth, it is good, but most people do not want to hear it. In a lemming flock, be the slowest, and latest one, miss the path all the time, and ask for forgiveness, since you are a bit slow in mind. Act stupid, and do a lot of stupid things, so nobody cares, then you have a chance to be left alone. Say yes to all things, but do not act on anything, just act on the things that you have decided on to begin with. ( this is my way to anarchy ! ). Tell people that you do not belive in the globe model – that will surely have people to avoid you, but they will forgive you, since a big psyop, has twisted your slow mind.

      • mik says:

        “…Jeff brewick has a point, when he say, let those who want the vaccine take it.”
        “Say yes to all things, but do not act on anything,…”

        I don’t have a good opinion about Jeff.
        About ‘rona vaccines, we prefer people not taking them. It’s not good for them, it’s not good for us, we prefer vaccine hesitancy.

        I see duplicity, lack of sincerity in your statements.

        Don’t you think we should endorse sincerity?

        • Roy says:

          “the quality or state of being sincere : “honesty of mind” : freedom from hypocrisy”
          Where did I go wrong ?
          If you want to be an anarchist, then you belive in only honesty to your self ( your mind !!! is inside you I hope ) ? Because that is the only person you really know, and can trust. “No” is the most dangerous word in this world, so it is better to say yes, and not act on it !. It is your freedom from hypocrisy, that is real, not of the others. Like if you meet a robber, and he ask you where your money is, say yes, they are over there, but that is not sincere, because you point the robber to, your 5 cents, and if he asks you if that is all, say yes again. Like Mahatma Gandhi, “yes master, I will”, but then I will something else, what are you going to do about it ?.
          Think there is some problems with understanding the word sincerity, like if I tell you the truth ( my truth ) , and you dissa gre, then I am not sincere, or trying to miss lead you ?.
          If i tell you not to drink fluoride water, and you think I want to ruin your dental health, then i am not sincere. So my friend, it is from what prospective you look at an idea. And I wrote from my prospective.


          • mik says:

            “If you want to be an anarchist, then you belive in only honesty to your self …”
            “Because that is the only person you really know, and can trust.”

            Sure, honesty to one’s self is essential, hope you realize that might be very very hard.

            An anarchist is aware he is not alone on this world, he wants, he needs other people in his life, therefore he have to trust them and be sincere to them, he knows this is the only way to get the same back. This way he is vulnerable, but also powerful at the same time. Only a person with high ethical standards can be a real anarchist.
            Of course, real life brings all kinds of circumstances and a very ethical person might be forced into something he despise. There is no need for concrete examples, most important, they should not be seen as an excuse/proof for moral relativism.

            ““No” is the most dangerous word in this world, so it is better to say yes, and not act on it”

            Agree, in today yes-world saying no is awkward.
            I see this statement as buying into the yes-world, most people do exactly how you proposed, it’s “better” this way.

            As a result we get this skewed world, people not telling everything of concern, people lying to each other and making excuses to themselves as, is better this way, I didn’t want to hurt and didn’t want to be confrontational. Behind all that is another probable reason they don’t want to admit to themselves, they want to be likeable, they want to be accepted and they are not aware of high price that is paid for this pitiful feelings they get.

            Anarchism should foremost be seen as life philosophy and not as being without state, taxes and rulers. How things will be “ruled” in the absence of the latter?
            You can’t approach this with particularities like fluoridated water, thieves and similar. You must look for universality, for example study ethics of Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas, Kant…

            You can start here.

            Hegelian Recognition and Incels

            • Roy says:

              Whow !

              “You —-can’t —– approach this with particularities like fluoridated water, thieves and similar. You —- must —– look for universality, ”

              Thank you for nothing.
              Maybe som more reading is good for mik ?

              • mik says:


                kitty eat your tongue??
                single out one sentence without proper comment is all you are capable of???

        • cu.h.j says:


          What is your opinion about Jeff? Curious what people think of him. I’ve watched some of his videos and he doesn’t seem incensere.

          • mik says:

            Maybe he is not insincere in videos you watched. Probably you missed some harsh words about him no so long ago here in the comments (I don’t want to repeat). His hubris is too much for me.
            He as a thinker doesn’t have much to offer, for me very close to nothing.

    • mik says:

      Many times I got similar question from statists.
      You can always make a ‘what if’ question that is not answerable.

      Certainly, short answer is impossible, still long answer is never compelling enough for statists. At the end it’s about one belief against the other.
      Yes, anarchism is at the end about a belief, we can provide good, for us compelling, arguments for it, but we cannot provide bulletproof proof. Rational method doesn’t work well in a realm of individual/society, intuition is very helpful, but if we use it, we cross into irrational domain….oh man, this domain is literally fucked up nowadays.

      One thing is certain, people prefer known system, always refrain from unknowable, uncertainty. Although they know the system is a big pile of stinking shit they found ways to navigate through, they feel safer, closer to certainty.

      • Roy says:

        Well, dont know what to say here !
        Am I a statists ?
        Have I made a “what if’ question that is not answerable” ?
        Where do you get this strange idea from :
        “Rational method doesn’t work well in a realm of individual/society, intuition is very helpful, but if we use it, we cross into irrational domain….oh man, this domain is literally fucked up nowadays. ”

        Like saying, to row a boat over a water is not rational, if you are in a irrational domain, it is better to swim over, because that is irrational too ?


        • mik says:

          Cool down man!!

          That was not a reply to you.
          You have to be more careful next time, one might have some thoughts about you….

          If you find my ideas strange, maybe you want to say wrong, than be more elaborate and specific about it.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Good insights about certainty being more comfortable. The unknown is frightening to people and they will often prefer “security” over freedom.

      • flammable says:

        I support anyone’s decision if they want to stay in a known system but the issue is currently that system is becoming unknowable. That is my frustration with what has happened for a year now. I know certain people don’t want freedom, they just want comfort but they are not realizing they are about to lose everything.

        • cooly says:


          In the film Rollerball from the 70’s this came up in the dialogue between James Caan and Maud Adams. It’s a great action film, but more than that. Very prescient. Director Norman Jewison saw things coming like 50 years ago.

    • mkey says:

      Look at the Middle east. You would have a bunch of anarchists blown to smithereens, with a good portion of their relatives radicalized to the extreme. So, not a big difference, just a change in the point of view.

      • I agree mkey.

        And yet if we do look to the Middle east we find another example:
        These successful agorist communities have been going strong for more than 100 years in Israel.
        They are truly remarkable in their structure and efficiency.

        It certainly helps to reside in a country that has support from a big bad super power such as the U.S. 🙂

        • mkey says:

          Is it just support? Does a puppet master support its puppet?

        • Duck says:

          Fawlty Towers
          Since ‘European” jews are basically all blood cousins https://www.nbcnews.com/science/science-news/who-knew-all-european-jews-are-30th-cousins-or-closer-n199641 they have a greater incentive to work together… the failure of pretty much every commune and separatist cult happens because at some point your genes decide they will do better by NOT sacrificing for the community.
          No community that is not held together by blood, religion, or ideology will work…. and only blood appears durable.

          Isreal has no issue with driving out the locals or secretly sterilizing fellow jews THAT ARE NOT of the same genetic branch as themselves….

          • You are mixing up two separate issues: agorism and blood lines.

            If communities in China set up successful agorist communities (assuming they were allowed to) could you argue they were successful because they were all Chinese (blood line)?
            If communities in Cameroon set up successful agorist communities could you argue they were successful because they were all black (blood line)?

            • Duck says:

              Fawlty Towers

              NO, I am not.
              Politics grow directly from the people, their culture and also attitudes towards each other.
              The reason Africa mostly is a mess is because you Imperialists exited and tried to leave behind western ‘civil-nationalist’ style states in places that ran on Tribalism. A civil nation of “India” had to break off Pakistan (at a large cost in blood) because the people could not cooperate in one nation…. agorist communities are not special in that regard- you will always cooperatre better with people you have a bond with… religious, ideological or genetic and GENETIC or RELIGIOUS are pretty much the only ones that last.

            • Duck says:

              Fawlty Towers

              No shooting intended.
              The western way of life has been wealthy enough to push some of those things to the side but they snap back when things get rough or competitive

    • lizzie says:

      Know your enemy and know yourself and all battles will be won.
      G Edward Griffin goes into this in some detail.
      I’m on my third listen because I want to really try and understand this road map.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think you would have to have some members of the military become allies. An unarmed population that is a threat to the state is easy to subdue especially if the government has a history of extreme violence and corruption. Look at the Philipines.

      I suppose that possibility is going to be “cross that bridge when I get to it” kind of thing. People have to try and hopefully, people will desire freedom versus state control and the state wouldn’t have enough people to enforce rules. I think that changing public consciousness is critical.

      I think Asian countries (perhaps I am wrong) have a culture of obedience particularly in places like China. I think it would be very hard for them to change, but in western countries, agorism may catch on.

  15. ddplmr says:

    This series is excellent. And it suggests something that is far more sinister than this single war. It suggests the question of how deep the rabbit hole really goes. We have been taught the erroneous “causes” and “facts” of this war. Now the curtain is drawn back and we see the real story behind this false narrative. Or do we? Are there even more curtains behind this one? And if so, where does it end?

    I contend there are and that this war and all its horror, replayed over and over in the 20 Century is just part of a single, much deeper cabal that spans not just centuries but millennia. Why is there an obelisk dominating the great plaza in front of the Vatican? The obelisk is a symbol of the penis of the Egyptian god Osiris. The cross is the symbol of Christianity. The womb is represented by an oval. And this penis of Osiris stands in the middle of a giant oval formed by the colonnade of the plaza. But it was Julius Caesar who brought an obelisk back from Egypt and erected it the Circus Maximus, another oval. It stood there for 1500 years before being moved to the Piazza del Populo, another oval. And there are more obelisks in Rome in front of other great churches. There’s the biggest obelisk of all in Washington D.C. in the middle of another great oval. There’s the weird pyramid on the back of the Great Seal of the United States. What is that about?

    I contend that to understand what has run our world involves looking not just at centuries, but at millennia.

    • vancil says:

      Seems like you’re interested in ritual and symbols. I highly recommend the authors Malidoma Patrice Somé and Joseph Campbell.

      These are vital parts of human mythology and can always do with some more explanation. I hope you continue to pursue your investigation!

    • Duck says:

      short answer… its the devil.
      Longer answer…Its gnostic weirdos working for the devil
      🙂 You should take a look at Jay Dyers stuff if you like symbolism in movies and stuff like that

    • vikingraider says:

      While waiting in a railway station in the UK, I was surprised to find a book called “The Secret History of the World”, by Jonathon Black prominently displayed in WH Smiths.

      I was immediately wondering why such a book would take up valuable retail space in such a small retail space and considering such shops only sell a few hundred different titles at most. A warning, or that rule they seem to follow of telling us what’s about to happen so we acquiesce to it?

      Anyway, I bought a copy and it presents all of the “alternative” history about how we have a soul and the final chapter even goes into whether the antichrist is among us now. Strong stuff, considering this book is from 2010 and this a reprint.

      You only need to look at the recent presidential inauguration as an example of the symbology. Yes, they will say that Purple was the colour of unity, but in my view, they were really presenting the new leader, dressed in Tyrian Purple for all those in the know to see. I believe that even if we don’t consciously see it, we too pick up the significance of these symbols subconsciously. It left such a strong impression on me, that I actually felt compelled to write it down.


  16. Roy says:

    Here, from a idiotic norwegian news paper : “Disobedient land”
    Researchers have found an explanation — they always do, and it always tend to be in the shoes of the oligarchy.
    But read for your self, from one of the “main” newspaper in norway:
    ( translated by google translate )


  17. Roy says:

    An other gold nugget from Silver Doctors ” The Globalists Are Gonna Need A Bigger Virus As Economic Fraud Is Exposed ” :


  18. Roy says:

    Here is a nugget for the techno nerds !
    Have it my self, and it is good value for money.
    Easy to use.

    Take a look :

    I do not promote any products here, just telling you what i have experience with.


  19. lizzie says:

    How did I miss this?? After months of keeping an ear open for Dylan Avery’s movie Seven, it had been released on Dec 8th in Google Play and such. I thought I would have seen it posted everywhere.
    I found a copy on Bitchute


  20. mkey says:

    Vatican Vaccine Hotline, How Can I Help You?

    A worthwhile 5 minute read. Father Capone is a wise man of god.

  21. nigel says:

    This is creepy, especially with almost half the Australian population tested!

    Is there time for a pushback when likely we are already surrounded by COVID zombies?


  22. Mielia says:


    Macron, Merkel and others
    with an excellent example of buzzword talk, always signaling (as in virtue signaling)

    special note to
    “… special drawing rights (SDRs).”

    key word:

    not worth a read

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    WhatsHerFace gets clever on slamming vaccines
    Title “The Moral Case Against Lockdowns”
    (6 minutes)

    WhatsHerFace has already had one video removed. She approaches vaccines from another angle. She gives sources in show notes.
    Is it moral to sacrifice the lives of a few to save the lives of many? If so, who has the moral authority to choose who lives or dies? This moral dilemma was answered in the aftermath of the second World War, when the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights where “it forbids government from sacrificing some people for the benefits of others.”. Unfortunately, this lesson from history has been forgotten as we see governments completely disregard the human rights of people around the world with lockdowns. Governments have given themselves the power to play God with our lives.

    Governments, doctors and scientists have been encouraging people to sacrifice themselves for an alleged greater good. One egregious example of this is the dismissal of VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System). Doctors are lying and suppressing information about the effects of the covid-19 vaccine in order to decrease vaccine hesitancy. These people are slandering both their professional colleagues and victims of vaccine injuries for their own moral superiority. No one is infallible, neither government or health professionals. For this reason we must educate ourselves, for we alone are the bearers of the consequences of our choices.

    • Duck says:

      Dont expect anyone to take a right granted by the “UN” seriously….
      Considering that the UN HQ is built on a blood soaked slaughter house donated by Rockefellers and they have Luciferians (Lucis Trust) sitting on the World council of Churches I’d say their not gonna do much about protecting us

  24. samueld says:

    Does anyone know if Indira Singh is still out there? I hope she just went into seclusion, she seems like such a brave person, someone i wish I could have been friends with. Anyhow I just became aware of her last interview with Michael Corbin, I’m about 30 minutes into my first listen. Thanks James and everyone here, long-time listener first time subscriber

    • lizzie says:

      Hello Samueld, welcome. I couldn’t find the video I think you are referring to on any other site than Googletube

      When I searched on bitchute I got a message saying that the moderators have deemed the content illegal in my country, I’ve never seen that message before.

      Micheal Corbin’s sudden death looks suspicious anyhow.

  25. biek says:

    A propos YouTube censoring disinformation. The PTB give enough of the truth to be quotable….

  26. vadoum says:

    Here’s the CDC saying:
    “the mRNA cannot affect or interact with our DNA in any way.””also called mRNA vaccines”


    Now here’s (been posted here before) many doctors giving short statements of their position on the pandemic/the virus/the vaccine etc,, (15mins)


    They completely contradict the CDC statement above (along with other points made),

    whoever writes for the CDC gets a whoopy cushion. and perhaps multiple life sentences for inciting euthanasia or perhaps encouraging Russian roulette.

    may be a handy pair of links to share? to demonstrate stark open contrast amongst “the authorities”.

    1001 ways to save a mind, mind by mind. stark, not so cool and normal illogic like a sudden pie in the face or pants pulled down,, may encourage people to draw that sandy line

  27. flammable says:

    Avoid like the plague

    I’ve been thinking about the origins of that phrase. In previous plagues people avoided areas of reported widespread illness and other people in fear of contagion. And I see parallels in this crisis. All that has changed in the technology but the mindset remains the same.

    Did a disease spread around and wiped out so many people leading to millions of deaths? Did it killed enough to the point where trade of goods and services can no longer continue then many died as a result? Or did people’s fear cut off supplies and starved millions to death?

  28. Van says:

    I’m trying to find an old Corbett episode that I don’t know the year or title of. I’m pretty sure that it opens with Eisenhower’s military industrial complex farewell speech. The point being made was about the importance of revealing the conspiracy to the public to condition it to accept it. If memory serves, Aldous is Huxley had a very relevant quote in it. Anyway, there’s a lot of this going on these days, but the Time mag piece made me want to find it. If anyone knows the episode I’m talking about, let me know.

    • flammable says:

      I believe it is the information industrial complex. But I remember multiple episodes and videos with that speech by Eisenhower.


      Good that you bring up revealing the conspiracy to the public. People such as myself are frustrated why other cannot see it. Perhaps the revealing of the conspiracy helps reframe the sinister nature into merely a huge plan or project for the greater good. Revealing conspiracies years later also help convince the public that conspiracies are of the past and should not be worried about now.

      • Van says:

        Thanks dude, this is a good link but not the one I’m looking for. I found an old email I sent someone with a link to the video I’m talking about, but the channel was removed of course. James was talking to Jan Irvin. And the quote I was thinking of was actually Julian (not Aldous) Huxley. I put the quote in the email I sent and I found the source right here. Check it out.

        https://unesdoc.unesco.org/ark:/48223/pf0000068197 go to page 50 of the pdf/ 54 at bottom of page

        “The public must be informed of the problem and what is in the government’s mind. Read the whole paragraph. I would still love to see the video if anyone can find the one I’m talking about.

  29. Ukdavec says:

    The Thirty Tyrants

    The deal that the American elite chose to make with China has a precedent in the history of Athens and Sparta.


  30. timwherry says:

    So as a bit of a solutions watch I have just found this: https://kinesis.money/ Seems like a pretty sweet idea.

    “Kinesis is a revolutionary monetary system, based 1:1 on allocated physical gold and silver, bringing back a true store of value to the global economy and rewarding all who participate…Since its inception, Kinesis has achieved that which was assumed unachievable. Not least the technological feat of digitalising the timeless value of gold into spendable currency, integrating seamlessly with all financial infrastructure, old and new.”

    Worth looking into, I think something like this is the kick which PM’s need to encourage uptake. Exciting times!

  31. matt.mewis says:

    James, I have an idea for your solutions series.

    It’s a huge area but most of the English speaking world have a basis of common law.

    In effect using an understanding of common law to interlecfually say NO to the powers that be.

    I fear it may be too limited in its usefulness for users.

    This is a great ongoing series that I put forward to the people of the Corbett Report. It’s called A Dissident’s Guide to the Constitution.

    Before we understand how to break free we need to understand the chains that limit us.

    Podcast 1: https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/dissidents-guide-constitution-episode-1

    Podcast 2: https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/dissidents-guide-constitution-episode-2-common-law

    Podcast 3: https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/dissident%E2%80%99s-guide-constitution-episode-3-%E2%80%94-rights

    Podcast 4: https://www.ukcolumn.org/article/dissidents-guide-constitution-episode-4-%E2%80%94-democracy-books

  32. wolfgang says:

    Holy crap – I have found a JEWEL of absurdity – something that is by far the most ridiculous thing I have read in a while (and this is quite a statement with the past year in mind…).
    The following German “study” by two “researchers” from Berlin and Mannheim claims to have found evidence linking the large anti-Corona-demonstrations to higher infection rates in Germany. By itself, this study subject can raise an eyebrow if you read this headline as some kind of propaganda vehicle for pro-restriction policies, but I thought maybe some real informatics people and epidemiologists put together some more or less credible research investigation into the topic. But as real as the media handles/utilizes this text on and spreads it around as serious news (and as real as this fake study is meant to influence people into believing this), the sheer points of investigation in this study are SO ridiculous I really could not stop laughing… please enjoy:
    They really use “Covid-19 deniers” as a technical term, and include such great factors as AfD voting results (the not really support-worthy, right leaning, useless, opportunistic party, which just happens to be the only anti-Covid-party in Germany atm.), measles vaccination and bus stops (that transport people to the large demonstrations) as serious study variables. Such a hoot and so tragic at the same time… who takes this stuff seriously anymore?!?! Come on Germany…

    • brent.e.r says:

      This reminds me of (and parallels) the multiple times I’ve asked people who source epidemiological research as “ScIeNTiFiC EvIDeNce” to support their claim that masks hinder the spread of infectious diseases. It only takes a little bit of reading into that “evidence” to cite the plain and obvious fact – not one of those epidemiological studies had any way of determining and recording who was, or was not, wearing a mask. It was all pure speculation and statistical gobbledygook based on an admitted lack of evidence regarding the very issue they were forming conclusions and opinions about – the very opposite of science.

      If you ask any mask proponents what evidence they rely upon to determine whether hoards of people touching their filthy masks and touching other objects is or is not the prime method of disease transmission – you’ll get the same blank stares, or the same emotionally triggered slandering like “COVID-Denier(TM)”.

      As you said – tragic to the point of hilarity. The general population in the movie Idiocracy would take it seriously. It’s what plants crave.

    • n4x5 says:

      We know we’re in trouble when the absurdities of “reality” rival or surpass The Onion on a seemingly daily basis. At this point, the scam has reached such Kafkaesque levels of surreal insanity that I’m expecting a public health announcement declaring that the virus has been found to be transmitted through flatulence, and the wearing of activated charcoal diapers is mandated for all persons in all public spaces. Electronic sniffers are to be installed in airport terminals, bus stations, and other critical essential facilities. Teams of police with specially trained scent dogs will patrol and deal appropriately with those who selfishly release deadly viral particles into the atmosphere through their unfiltered expulsions.

      It’s as if the elites are effectively telling us, “This is blatantly preposterous, and if you don’t see it for what it is, you deserve what we are doing to you.” It seems that the degree of frustration in our own ranks has increased to the point where a large fraction of the truth community is adopting a similar sentiment.

  33. CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

    More “fun” and “uplifting” news from the largest school system in the state of Virginia (in the United States): Students will begin to return to in-person learning next Tuesday, February 16th. I am including links to two short, related videos. The first video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?utm_content=&utm_medium=email&utm_name=&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term=&v=TQK7C_fYaOk) shows how prepared the school system is to receive the returning students. The 2nd video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&utm_content&utm_medium=email&utm_name&utm_source=govdelivery&utm_term&v=SD1Pf-c4fFI) is an Elementary School Staff musical which instructs (or should I use the word “indoctrinates”?) kids, in a “delightful” manner, on all of the “necessary” measures for returning to school. Though very short in duration, I could barely get to the end of these videos. I am sad & want to scream in frustration at what they are portraying as “necessary” and “normal” and “safe” and “fun” and “for the social well-being” of the children. I wonder just how just how much COVID-1984 is going to damage our poor children. Finally, I think they are going to have to come up with some new DSM diagnoses to categorize some of the new psychological impacts of this ongoing scamdemic (“Homo Sapien Phobia”, “Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) with Hand-Sanitizer Compulsion”, “Sociopath”, “OCD with Compulsion to Stand Inside Circles and Behind Lines 6 Feet Apart on the Ground”, “Anti-Social Personality Disorder”, “OCD with Mask-Wearing Compulsion”, “Stockholm Syndrome”, “Greta Syndrome”, “Germophobia”, “Brain Reason Disappearance Disorder”, “OCD with Compulsion to Follow Everything Heard/Watched from the Mainstream Media, Movie Stars and Other Non-Law Making, Non-Scientific Sources”, “Freedom Demonization Syndrome “, “Delusions of ‘Science’ Disorder”). Oh, wait… I mean these things will now need to be REMOVED from (or never entered into) the DSM (because now they are now the “New Normal”… *sigh*).

  34. Roy says:

    Take a look !!!!

    From Silver Doctors :


    Intresting read !


  35. Kim-Searches says:

    Looking for discussion on this. Read the legal work of Dr.David Martin in exposing the CRIMES committed in this #COVID #Fauci #CDC #BigPharma #SCAMdemic
    Download The Fauci Covid-19 Dossier: https://sendfox.com/lp/1rl8j9

    It’s very powerful truth to share.

  36. Kim-Searches says:

    Important hear this: https://www.cspoaclass.com/questionsforyoursheriff

    “Sheriff Mack Shares The Questions You Can Ask Your Sheriff To Find Out If They Are A Constitutional Sheriff”
    #CSPOA | Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association “Solution starts with citizens asking their Sheriff questions.”

  37. W.Smith says:

    I realize there isn’t much point in spending a lot of time on American (s)elections, but does anyone have thoughts on the whole Leonardo SPA/Italian involvement theory?


    It’s probably impossible for proles like me to know what actually happened at this point in history. Just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the matter.

    Thanks for the great reports, James. I’ve been following you for a years now.

  38. TimmyTaes says:

    I have forgotten many things, but not Belem. The Amazon hasn’t forgotten me. 69th birthday

    I am 69 years old today. It was a beautiful full sun, blue sky 67F day. My wife and I drove out to Preston Farm and Winery. Was a fun afternoon drive. We picked up our wine shipment. The tasting room and the picnic grounds have been closed for a year. Probably never to open again. The cats are still there, but the grounds look neglected. It’s all very sad.

    We stopped at The Gardener on the west side of town on the way home. Debra bought some cards. It was nice walking around the gardens in the sun. No one was there but us and the caretaker.

    There was a lot of traffic today in town and in the countryside. Maybe it was the nice weather. Going through the roundabout in Hburg was a zoo. Traffic was all backed up like a toilet. People were getting upset waiting to get into the traffic circle.

    Our town is dying from this virus panic madness. I saw and had worse diseases in Belem. No, Belem never leaves the human soul once a person has experienced it. Americans need to get out more.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Timmy !
      Congratulation !

      Here is some comfort for you:
      If you had been living in norway, and had driven out to a winery, and ordered some wine there and taken it with you, — ha ha !
      Then the police would had stopped you, confiscated your wine, given you a fine, and the winery, would be shut down, and given the owners a huge fine. In norway, we have a monopoly. Called ” vin monopolet” , the only thing you can bay outside this monopoly is beer, not stronger than 4.7 %. Same in Sweden. So at least you have had your time, to go and taste wine, and order it from a local producer. Much more, than here. Here we are not aloud, even to bay meat from a local farmer. So, i hope that cheered you up ! ( the cheepest bottle of wine around here starts at about 10-12 dollars )

      • TimmyTaes says:

        Hi Roy,
        Thanks for your reply. I had no idea things were that crazy in Norway. My Great Uncle Ole spoke Norwegian and visited Norway often. He lived in Minnesota. Why do Norwegians want these “vin monopolets”? Are the middle men that strong in Norway? Reminds me of the strength of the public unions here in California. Thanks for the info.

        • Roy says:

          Hi Tim !
          We here in norway, is what Biden dream of !
          A socialistic paradise,
          And things are not crazy over here, no, here it is normal.
          We love our state, and our king.
          Do we want any monopol over here ? Yes we do ! We want our state to think for us.
          To be an anarchist over here, is like talking in the woods, silent, and non aggressive, like a sheep in a field. ( you get some funny looks, but they dont harm you, they ignore you, the other people )
          People are cheating in the line here to get the vaccine before others… So it is funny !
          2 masks are soon standard. And Fauci is a hero – almost like I belive he has norwegian ancestors here in some way.
          The middle man is strong in norway, because it is just middle men here. For me ! well I am a stranger ( not alien ), and there is no place to run to. Have tried to live in Sweden, but it is the same as norway, a bit more socialistic, but very much the same. The vikings are long dead, now we are a people counting on that the state will take care of us. So welcome after, you will love it too in the end.

    • mkey says:

      All the best for yout birthday. Sounds like you and your wife had a nice day, in stark contrast to abject insanity present all around.

  39. Roy says:

    Elton john vaccine :
    He he, would you know !


    Who, or maybe Dr.Who is the next professor in the pipe line, coming to educate us ?

    I would love if Greta, could come out, and say : how dear you NOT, and if you not take the vacc, you would kill us all. In her own charming style off-course, from the icy – snowy cold north. And off-course, some dying ice bears behind her. With at least 2 masks on her, and on the bear too.
    I would love that so much, that i even maybe would think of sending her a hand sign of a heart.


  40. nicolasn says:

    Boris Johnson and his team have found a new variant, from Botswana! They found tiny little passports in the cells, that’s how they can pin-point the origin! I’m making lots of little silly video’s from here in the UK, share if any of them made you smile :-). I’m going for humor as my contribution to fight https://www.bitchute.com/video/64JQHNvH1391/

    • mkey says:

      Good. Very reminiscent of a certain passport gaffe from a few decades ago, lol. I somehow doubt the public would be unwilling to suspend beleif to gulp down something as silly as this.

      If I may provide some feedback: for my taste the white noise sound is a bit too loud when compared with the rest of the content.

  41. jeremy.s says:

    Don’t like wearing a mask? Well you may want to change your mind about that. Recent research shows wearing a mask can actually make you more attractive. So perhaps you can finally snag that hot date you’ve been waiting for…

  42. travis.h.bray says:


    “White House looks at domestic travel restrictions as COVID mutation surges in Florida”

    This wishy-washy article published on 2 February in the Miami Herald folds back and forth on itself as to whether or not domestic travel restrictions in FL are coming due to the appearance and prevalence of the “new” SARS-COV-2 strain down here:

    “The Biden administration is considering whether to impose domestic travel restrictions, including on Florida, fearful that coronavirus mutations are threatening to reverse hard-fought progress on the pandemic.”

    And two paragraphs later…

    “Discussions in the administration over potential travel restrictions do not target a specific state but focus on how to prevent the spread of variants that appear to be surging in a number of states, including Florida and California.”

    Of the three authors, one of them, MICHAEL WILNER, “is a White House correspondent for McClatchy and leads coverage of the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic.”

    Is this, as a friend calls it, a “trial balloon so they can see how the public reacts” or are the oligarchs offering a ‘worse-case scenario’ of sorts so that we are relieved when the increased restrictions are less than this?

    “Whether modern-day courts would uphold broad federal restrictions on domestic travel is an open question…

    “The courts would likely look more favorably on measures that apply to specific people suspected or confirmed to have the disease, or an easy-to-identify group of travelers, [Cheryl Chertoff, an adjunct professor at Georgetown Law and executive director of the Georgetown Project on State and Local Government Policy and Law] said…

    “Legal justification for a travel shutdown for residents of an entire state — something known in legal and epidemiological circles as a “cordon sanitaire” — would have to meet an extremely high bar.

    “That’s a very severe restriction on personal liberty,” Chertoff said…

    “If one took that to court, the question would be: Isn’t there a less restrictive means to accomplish that objective?”

  43. studiotwoseven says:

    Just watched a video with Dr. Tenpenny. In the middle of the discussion an odd statement was made by the host. They said that people getting rent forgiveness (or more accurately, postponement) are having this administered by the CDC – and when the rent needs to be paid back, the CDC calls the shots … pardon the pun.


    The host then speculates about what kind of conditions the CDC will impose on the debtors … no jab, no place to live?

  44. ron says:

    I think Ammon Bundy’s People’s Rights organization ( https://www.peoplesrights.org/ ) has provided a solution for some people caught up in the BioTerror state. It is basically a call tree that is activated when someone thinks their rights are being violated and who wants to come to the location to help. They also advocate for setting up ham radio infrastructure as an alternate communication platform. I would love to see James Corbette and Ammon Bundy in an interview.

    One week ago a person took their mother to a hospital for a urinary tract infection. The hospital did not allow the daughter back into the hospital to pickup her mother (essentially kidnapping her mother). The daughter called the local sheriff who refused to come out. Peoples Rights in her local are was activated and apparently about 300 people showed up. The sheriffs protected the hospital and yet the hospital released the mother. This and other videos are on the Ammon Bundy GooTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8Jcjg5wuBAzYhFRF3jpE5A/videos .

    I signed up after I heard that People’s Right’s helped re-unite a mother with her newborn in Olympia, Washington state, USA. I was also impressed with Cliven Bundy’s successful fight against the United States Bureau of Land Management harrasment to try and drive Cliven off his Spanish land grant ranch in an apparent scheme dealing with Uranium One. James has podcasts dealing with the Bundy’s.

    Ammond recently outlined a process call NOD (Neighbor Organized Defense) which outlines a process where 10 neighbors can get to the aid of a neighbor within 10 minutes, a 100 within 100 minutes, and 1000 within 1000 minutes. I like the self organizing method of helping to protect rights within our own communities.

    • Roy says:

      Hi Ron !

      I had hope that more people would discuss ham radio platform here, and then with the data option. I think it is a good idea. And it could be made in a cheep way. It could also include a kind of block chain, so it would be a secure way to transform data. Here where i live, the power company, uses mesh technology ( radios ) to collect the ” intelligent” meters data, so they know how much of the current has been used. I think they use a form for MAC address, to separate the different meters.


    • mkey says:

      That’a very impressive organization. It’s a boon to find that many people who have had enough and can get together to do something about it.

  45. Roy says:

    Solutions !

    More on ham radios !

    Found this article, when i was looking around :
    ” No Internet, No Problem: How to Send Bitcoin by Amateur Radio ”

    From : https://news.bitcoin.com/no-internet-no-problem-how-to-send-bitcoin-by-amateur-radio/

    Take a look, if you are interested in this kind of technology …


  46. travis.h.bray says:

    CDC doubles down on masking, literally:


    “Fit matters when it comes to your mask protecting you against the virus that causes COVID-19, and layering a well-fitting cloth mask over a surgical mask is likely to prove beneficial, according to new findings released Wednesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.”

    “The research suggests that when a person “double masks” — wearing a polypropylene surgical mask with a cloth mask on top — and the people around them did the same, the risk of transmitting the virus falls more than 95%.”

    • travis.h.bray says:

      As you would expect from an ABC article, they vaguely reference ‘researchers’ and an ‘experiment’ without listing who the researchers are, where they are, the research methods used, results, or a link to the published results.

  47. Roy says:

    Even more Ham Radio stuff !

    APRSdroid – APRS for Android



  48. Mama Liah says:

    Propaganda by omission (does that concept even exist?), it’s worse than you think. On all of the most important Belgian mainstream media (the State propaganda news site and the newspapers and magazines for “intellectuals”) there is as good as no talk about the World Economic Forum, the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab, not even the 2021 Davos meeting. Other years they would report on the Davos meetings & WEF.
    I just realized this now (realizing I had not seen articles in their headlines about this and then did a search on their websites and found as good as nothing about it, except one or two brief mentions in opinion pieces) and start to understand the dynamics behind the refusal of my relatives to not want to discuss topics like the Fourth Industrial Revolution etc: they simply do not appear in their information bubble, so to them they really must seem very outlandish.
    I am curious: do people in other countries find the same thing about their mainstream media & the Great Reset topic?

  49. Roy says:

    Wise words for to day :

    “If you can’t spot the sucker in the first half hour at the poker table, then you are the sucker.” – a quote attributable to several sources.


  50. pearl says:

    Dark Winter 2021:

    …Over 100 million Americans are currently under winter-related watches,warnings, or advisories as extensive impacts transpire from coast-to-coast this weekend…

    …Icy weather and slick travel conditions in the Mid-Atlantic later today…

    …Major winter storm to blanket the West and Plains in heavy snow and significant ice accumulations…

    …Frigid Arctic air and dangerously cold wind chills to persist in the Heartland…

    An intrusion of bitterly cold temperatures combined with an active storm track emerging out of the Pacific and Gulf of Mexico will lead to a myriad of winter weather hazards across the continental U.S. this weekend.


    Here in South Texas, we are in the midst of a very rare, prolonged deep-freeze, soon to reach the gulf coast. Lows in the single digits Sunday and Monday night. Is this another geo-engineered wave against humanity and creation? It’s heartbreaking.

    As regards WWIII and its various prongs of attack, I think it’s time to re-visit this topic and interview Dane Wigington:


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Grand Solar Minimum

      Personally, I think this Texas hard freeze weather has a lot to do with the Grand Solar Minimum.
      Ice Age Farmer (Christian Westbrook) gives a good overview of the Grand Solar Minimum in this 30 minute video entitled:
      “SOLAR LOCKDOWN: Plandemic & Grand Solar Minimum”
      (At the 10 minute mark, Christian list the SYMPTOMS of a Grand Solar Minimum)
      LINKS and website in show notes.

      The Polar Vortex finally split and moved south over North America. This is why we are finally getting an Arctic blast in Texas. Up to now, the winter here in Texas has been mild.

      Previously, Asia and Europe had been getting hit hard with Arctic cold.
      Parts of Japan had some incredibly high electric rates, because they import LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) which was in outrageous demand. Northern China really had some hard cold.
      For the longest time during the Texas early winter, the wind belt circling the globe nearer the equator kept the Polar Vortex to the north.

      During the past few months, I have been following the weather patterns closely, especially as it related to natural gas prices in the Finance sections. Natural Gas storage quantities had been almost maxxed out and prices were in the bucket for an extended time, and they just would flare it away because it cost more to pipe it.

      Tidbit – Something most folks don’t know about Electric rates and Natural Gas rates in the U.S. There are local “commodity exchanges” which trade these energy sectors. It can get extremely volatile during periods of high demand. Bidding and selling frenzies minute by minute, while local utilities try to source their energy supplies.
      I’m no expert and this sector is above my pay grade, but I hear the stories.

      Right now in Texas and Oklahoma, sourcing natural gas for heat in local communities is a mad scramble. In some places, prices are going through the roof. Zero Hedge has had some articles on it.
      I enjoyed reading this Feb 12th Bloomberg article…
      As Freeze Grips U.S., One Gas Producer Rushes to ‘Open the Taps’
      ~~WWW finance.yahoo.com/news/freeze-grips-u-one-gas-050001188.html

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Comments at CorbettReport about Asia and Europe winter & Japan electric energy costs

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The SYMPTOMS of a Grand Solar Minimum highlight the volatility of weather. For April and May in Texas, the forecast is to be warmer than average.

        Here in North Texas, we should see snow within the next 24 hours.
        Snow is rare, especially if it stays for a few days.
        I’ve been feeding my neighborhood birds daily so they will have enough carbs/fats to power them through the deep freeze.

        Zero Hedge – Saturday evening Feb 13th
        “Power Bills To The Moon”: Chaos, Shock As Electricity Prices Across US Explode

        First part of the article talks about the rocket high prices on Natural Gas in some areas, along with distribution issues.
        Then, how the gas and cold reflect on electric energy, (including all the wind turbines out west which freeze up).

        ERCOT next-day prices reached record highs on the Intercontinental Exchange as temperatures throughout Texas were forecast to tumble double digits on Feb. 15. Dallas temperatures were forecast to drop to 8 degrees Fahrenheit, and Houston was forecast down to 34 F, according to CustomWeather.

        The brutally cold temperatures also affected wind supply in ERCOT, generation for Feb. 15 was forecast to tumble down 52.5% to 27.8 GWh of generation as cold temperatures impacted wind turbines. DeAnn Walker, chairman of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, said at a meeting on Feb. 11 that there were some “issues with some gas generation plants being curtailed” and that “wind turbines are all frozen,” further placing upward pressure on already sky-high prices.

        ERCOT North Hub real-time next-day Feb. 15 on-peak power prices skyrocketed to trade above $3000, up from its previous settlement of $325/MWh. Next-day prices broke high records, and they had not seen similar four-digit prices since Aug. 15 2019, when prices settled around $1848/MWh…

        …Bloomberg’s Javier Blas said, “Texas utilities are asking citizens to conserve electricity if possible as ERCOT prices surge across the board above $5,000 Per MWh (!!!) and hit the $9,000 cap in many nodes. Texas electricity grid is facing massive demand as cold weather hits southern and central U.S. states.”

        • mkey says:

          These prices are incredible. I just payed my bill, it amounts to some 144,56$ per MWh (the bill was for 0.324MWh). Of course, the official average monthly toil pittance is about 1050$.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Typically, for residents in Texas, they sign up to their choice of a “billing agent for electricity”. ERCOT & Oncor are the guys who own/manage the power lines and distribution network.

            With my “billing agent” (Discount Power), I have a contract where I pay an average of about 9 cents per kWh (kilowatt hour).
            Although, Discount Power is Houston, Texas based, a major portion of their customer service team is near Mexico City, Mexico. (Puebla). Great folks. I really enjoy talking to them. Their English and American accent is better than mine.

            I also have natural gas piped to the duplex. Hot water and heat. Winters the gas bill goes up, but electric goes down. Summer, the A/C can really spike the electric bill with months of 100 degree F days.

            I am sure that the Big Energy suppliers hedge in the Futures market to help guard against times like this.

      • pearl says:

        Thanks, HRS. I’ll will definitely have a look. Though I’ve been well aware of geoengineering, it’s not been a topic I’ve delved into but merely kept at the back of my mind. The timing and brutal duration of this front (certainly for south Texas) has at last got me questioning and looking into its claims.

        Interestingly, I just discovered that Mr. Wigington also addresses the solar minimum topic. I’m very much put off by what appears to be his man-made global warming stance (in addition to geo-engineering?). But as to the rest of it, it’s going to be an interesting journey, learning more about these two perspectives.

        “A Grand Solar Minimum Would Barely Make a Dent in Human-Caused Global Warming”


        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Thanks Pearl!
          Dane Wigington hasn’t done his homework.
          I can’t believe that Dane would say things like “Human Influence on Climate Change is Bigger than the Sun’s” or “The science is quite clear that the human influence on climate change has become bigger than the sun’s. “
          Geez! Disappointing. Just like RFK, Jr. about the topic. Disappointing.

          To me, it seems obvious that as a person pulls the string of the agendas during one’s Climate Change investigation, it leads back to the deliberate deceptions/lies which were spread through the mainstream media by Elite Powerful Interests.

          Corbett has an arsenal of great information about “Manmade Climate Change”.
          Recently I re-watched some of his videos on the topic, because ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance) is the new rage in Finance and “The Great Reset”.
          In fact, just prior to the Covid era, Dec 9th, 2019, Corbett Report had
          Interview 1500 – Marc Morano Debunks a Decade of Climategate Lies
          (47 minutes well spent)

          This is a good “starter” video for anyone who is unfamiliar with the Climate Change trope.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Grand Solar Minimum SYMPTOMS

            The way I look at this decade of “The Grand Solar Minimum” (referring to “SYMPTOMS”) is that we will see more volatility in weather patterns.
            That’s all.

            Pearl, you and I both have seen some wild times of weather patterns in Texas throughout the decades.

            In North Texas…
            ~~ As a kid, I once remember a light snow on the school grounds when it was late April or early May, but by afternoon the temperature was in the 80’s F.
            ~~ I remember swimming with my brother and friend in the Brazos River during Christmas break.
            ~~ In 1980, Dallas saw 42 consecutive 100 F days (38 degrees Celsius), from June 23 to Aug. 3rd. Ha! …They were showing sensational, alarmist news videos in Europe showing firemen hosing down people. This was during the era of the “Dallas TV series” & JR Ewing.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Dallas Ice Storm of 1977 / 1978 (New Years Eve)
              At the 49 second mark of this NBC News archive video is a red brick apartment building. I was living on the 3rd floor of that building at the time this news video was shot.

              • studiotwoseven says:

                Hang in there HRS!

                Here in Portland we just got freezing rain on top of the 5 inches of snow.

                Still have power for now.

                Ready to go with the woodstove…

            • pearl says:

              Just found this: February 12th 1899’s “Great Arctic Outbreak” when the San Antonio River actually froze and folks ice skated on Woodlawn Lake: https://archive.vn/rTf9D

              Truly a once-in-a-lifetime event for us, and it’s very hard on the wildlife, farmers and ranchers. So, whether it’s Mother Nature or geo-engineering, who knows. But one thing I do know for sure: tall buildings don’t collapse due to office fires. 😉

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                That San Antonio thing was cool to see.
                Amazing for that part of Texas.
                The small amount of snow here today is unique and nice to see. The birds are busy going at my feed.

                I think that you might get some snow.
                That’ll be novel.

              • pearl says:

                We had a lovely snowfall December 2017 – the first winter-wonderland kind we’d had since ’85. It was beautiful. This front has coated everything with ice, tree branches snapping all over the place and yes, we’ll get snow as well. Seven degrees tonight; tomorrow, six.

                Glad to hear you’re looking out for the birds. Me too! One ice storm we got about ten years ago froze a bunch of caterpillars I had on one of my butterfly host plants (the black swallowtail). The morning after, they had fallen to the ground, frozen and covered with ice. I brought them inside and warmed them next to a lamp. They thawed and moved around ravenous as usual!

                Bundle up and be careful out there!

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Monday morning 7:30am – Feb 15th
                North Texas

                It is 5 degrees F (-15 C) with major windchills from a hefty north wind. Snow stopped falling last night. With the full moon, seeing a blanket of white was a pretty sight. Snow for me is an occasional unique happening.

                My electric power went off at 2:30am. When electric goes off, so does the gas heat. Things came back on at 7:30am. It got cold inside.

                The entire Texas power grid is stressed to the max.
                Evidently, they will be rotating sectors and shutting down electric power. This may go on for a few days.

              • mkey says:

                Pearl, would you say those catterpillars were alive while frozen?

              • pearl says:

                Yep, HRS, power rationing in effect.

                Mkey, no question about it. They’re equipped with a kind of anti-freeze. It really happened…honest! Reminds me of this classic Loony Toons – don’t call the white coats on me just yet!


            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              3.368 million Texans Without Power

              3pm Central time Monday Feb 15th – Our neighborhood power just came on, while I was getting my car warmed up so I could get some heat for myself. Currently 14 degrees F (-10 C). Tonight it will go down to 2 degrees F (-17 C) or lower.
              Some neighbors have been playing in the snow. The kids are having a ball.

              Texas Deploys National Guard As ‘Grid Chaos’ Leaves Millions Freezing In Darkness

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              UPDATE – TEXAS Wednesday evening February 17, 2021

              In North Texas, it is 27 degree F. Tonight is supposed to get down to 20F (-6 or 7 C). So, we are warming up. About 5 or 6 inches of snow mixed with some sleet on the ground. In the coming days, we will get warmer.
              My internet connection has been extremely slow all day.

              PHOTOS and many brief VIDEOS
              Is Texas Facing A Humanitarian Crisis?

              Texas Bans NatGas Exports Out Of State, 7 Million Under ‘Boil-Water’ Notice
              Update (1730ET): In a lengthy press conference, Tex as Governor Greg Abbott said that he has issued an order forbidding Texas gas producers from selling to power producers outside of its borders through Feb. 21.
              [one minute video]
              This action comes after TCEQ warned that the water crisis will worsen in coming days, which is shocking since almost 7 million Texans are currently under a “boil-water”-order notice….

              Technical Explanations about Natural Gas & Freezing by REAL Experts (not the fake kind of “Experts” with Covid)
              2/16/21Terminal Frost – Extreme Cold Wreaks Havoc with Natural Gas Producers, Power Generators, and Everybody in Between

              I feel for the folks in Northern Mexico near the southern part of Texas (The Valley). They are not used to long hard freezes and a lot of Texas natural gas is ‘supposed’ to pipe to them.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Wed Feb 17 – Bill Gates interview on Yahoo Finance
                Bill Gates says Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s explanation for power outages is ‘actually wrong’

                Bill Gates, author of ‘How to Avoid a Climate Disaster’, joins Yahoo Finance’s Andy Serwer to discuss the freezing temperatures hitting the state of Texas.
                Video Transcript

                …BILL GATES: Well, these events become more likely because of climate change because the normal wind patterns are broken down. And so a cold front can go further south more often than we would expect. So yeah, the extreme events are coming more often and with more force, including hurricanes, than before we started warming the earth.

                ANDY SERWER: This recent storm has caused massive power outages in Texas. And the state’s governor, Greg Abbott, blamed frozen wind turbines and said it shows the Green New Deal would “be a deadly deal for the United States.” How would you respond to that, Bill?

                BILL GATES: Well, in terms of the current situation, you know, he’s actually wrong. The wind turbines– you can make sure they can deal with the cold. It probably wasn’t anticipated for the wind turbines that far south. But, you know, the ones up in Iowa and North Dakota are– do have the ability to not freeze up.

                Actually, the main capacity that’s gone out in Texas is not the wind. It’s actually some of the natural gas plants….

              • mkey says:

                Dear lord, good ole Bill knows everything. And we all better listen to him.

        • mkey says:

          A Grand Solar Minimum Would Barely Make a Dent in Human-Caused Global Warming

          One really needs time to let this one sink in. Sun, source of practically all heat on Earth. And life. And light. Compared to people, source of farts. Mind blowing.

        • Mielia says:

          Hey pearl,
          I doubt you and I have the time to really look into this (I don’t these days but I read in the past years),
          but for geo-engineering or climate engineering or whatever they call it nowadays I highly recommend instead of Wigington
          Jim Lee of climateviewer . com and . org (as well as weathermodificationhistory . com)
          He has the papers from the institutes and universities etc. When he got the chance, he interviewed people.
          He mapped all the institutions, buildings etc he can find, including the Ionospheric Heaters (those which are stationary and not mobile) which people mostly only heard of as HAARP and much more.
          And other great maps geographic and weather.

          He totally looks outside the box too and is definitely his own thinker.

          I concur with HRS on the GSM.
          The way I look at this decade of “The Grand Solar Minimum” (referring to “SYMPTOMS”) is that we will see more volatility in weather patterns.

          • pearl says:

            Thank you, Mielia! So good to know! Going to check him out now. But first… Sometime back, someone here (mkey, maybe?) posted a link to a video where a man was monitoring radar for that sort of thing, apparently that activity leaves signatures. I have no idea who’s video I saw, but it was very interesting. This past Thursday, I was looking at our local forecast and radar tracking rain. One spot nearby had ripples radiating outward, like a pebble dropped in a pond. Never seen that before, and honestly, I don’t know squat about such things, but it immediately reminded me of that man’s analysis. I took a screenshot too. So thank you again. Until I get a reasonable explanation that I’m much ado about nothing on that radar, I’m still highly suspicious.

            This morning, it looks like Canada outside – the great, white north.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        “Grand Solar Minimum” Paper at NIH.gov (National Institute of Health)

        Irina Slav is a writer by love and trade. She has authored some fiction works, but often writes for OILPRICE.COM.
        In her Feb 16th OilPrice.com article, Texas Winter Storm Highlights The Importance Of Fossil Fuels, the last paragraph states:
        Incidentally, a report from last year forecast that the Earth was entering a cooling period because of a phenomenon called a Grand Solar Minimum that could last until 2053 and lead to a “noticeable reduction of terrestrial temperature.”
        ~~WWW oilprice.com/Energy/Energy-General/Texas-Winter-Storm-Highlights-The-Importance-Of-Fossil-Fuels.html

        Here is the LINK she provided…
        Published online 2020 Aug 4th by Valentina Zharkova
        Modern Grand Solar Minimum will lead to terrestrial cooling

        In this editorial I will demonstrate with newly discovered solar activity proxy-magnetic field that the Sun has entered into the modern Grand Solar Minimum (2020–2053) that will lead to a significant reduction of solar magnetic field and activity like during Maunder minimum leading to noticeable reduction of terrestrial temperature…

        …During the periods of low solar activity, such as the modern grand solar minimum, the Sun will often be devoid of sunspots. This is what is observed now at the start of this minimum…


        …It is expected that during the modern grand solar minimum, the solar activity will be reduced significantly as this happened during Maunder minimum…
        … can lead to a drop of the terrestrial temperature by up to 1.0°C from the current temperature during the next three cycles (25–27) of grand minimum #1 (2020-2053)…

        …The reduction of a terrestrial temperature during the next 30 years can have important implications for different parts of the planet on growing vegetation, agriculture, food supplies, and heating needs in both Northern and Southern hemispheres….

    • Alchemist says:

      Adapt 2030 video series on YouTube & mini ice age conversations podcast cover potential disruptions from the grand solar minimum and solutions:

      Here’s why food prices will double, then triple. Are you ready?

      • pearl says:

        Thank you, Alchemist. I’d love to watch this video but can’t since our utility company is rotating managed power outages. Since this morning, power is off for about an hour and 15 minutes, on again for under an hour and will continue the remainder of the week as this front simultaneously devastates Texas. So…

        • Alchemist says:

          Oh goodness, I hope you have a fireplace and warm blanket! If this is the beginning of an ice age, there are ways to survive. Extra home insulation, underground living spaces, greenhouse, indoor grow system, etc.

  51. lizzie says:

    Thought I’d throw a Just For Fun out there.
    I’m writing a song at the moment called Elephant. I’m asking asking those around to write a line, so far I have two contributions. Any have a one liner?

    It’s going to be crazy
    I’m in a dizzy pile of rubbish

    • lizzie says:


      It’s going to be crazy.
      I’m in a dizzy pile of rubbish . (Sophie)
      Everything is hazy

      You asking me ? Must be desperate!
      I’ll take specialist advice tomorrow when she wakes up!!

      • lizzie says:

        But I can feel it, there’s a silver lining.

        • lizzie says:

          Here is the latest version. About 8 people have contributed to the song so far.
          Has anyone got a verse/line to add before it is immortalised into a song?


          It’s going to be crazy.
          I’m in a dizzy pile of rubbish .
          Everything is hazy .

          You asking me ? Must be desperate!
          I’ll take specialist advice tomorrow when she wakes up!!
          Messy hair, still in her 12 hole lace ups.

          But I can feel it, there’s a silver lining.
          Stop licking the floor.
          Oh yeah ramp up the face to face.. Higher higher stakes, catch these kids they re gonna fall

  52. sample.b says:

    Hi everyone

    Stuff I’ve been thinking about lately.

    Frame rates – There is a great truthstream video I watched awhile ago about that Douglas Trumbull film Brainstorm. The parts about how they developed a new type of film projection and tried using faster frame rates that weren’t usually used in cinema at the time were very interesting. That 60fps stuff was just for that news stuff and sports.;)

    They talked about how faster frame rates like 60fps and 120fps effect us. Claiming video seen at 60fps or higher is stored deeper in memory than lower frame rates that were used for cinema. I tried finding the articles interviewing Trumbull about this and couldn’t find anything. The vague references on the spookipedia page for the film that elude to the research are gone as well.

    The reason I bring it up is that I bought a new xbox series s off Billy genes over Christmas. I know, I know, I just got it to play monster hunter! I swear!:D. It’s hard finding stuff that makes me relax that aren’t really unhealthy for you… Now that I’m looking at a screen playing 60fps video a lot more than I would have before. I’m noticing how captivating it is. Even falling from a great height in the game gives me that driving over a hill, butterflies in your stomach feeling.

    At the time, people didn’t respond well to the film being at higher frame rates. But now, isn’t pretty much everything filmed at 60fps for film, tv and online? I don’t know how you could captivate people anymore than they already are right now to be honest.

    I’m gonna keep researching this stuff. Anyone more knowledgeable about this? It is common industry knowledge at this point? Is it like how we are supposed to “nudge people” to do things now in many disciplines?

    The vaccine – I’ve been think about this for awhile now and heard one or two people talk about it. I’m sure I’m not the alone thinking this. I can’t remember if James brought it up in a video or not. Is this vaccine setting a new precedence for what a human being is? Are you still a human being once you’ve taken it? If it’s changing your dna, are you still a human being after that?

    You hear the Musks and the other lads that sit in skull shaped volcanos talk about how “we’re already cyborgs.” It makes me sick when I hear that. It’s so fucking crazy to me that people will listen to that bullshit. Is this the first step of initiation?

    When thinking about this and the future, it just makes me think. Did some poor ancient Egyptian take a bunch of some mad drug and work himself up into such a state that he saw the future where the dumbigents community pop animal genes like it’s going to the supermarket?:D

    What if all the sci-fi fantasy of blue people and people with goldfish heads are just our projections of the future?

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • mkey says:

      The vast majority of recorded video is still on 25 and approximately 30 FPS. 60 FPS movies are not taking off because of the “soap opera effect” which makes such material rather inconvenient for consumption. But this is certainly an interesting topic.

      • sample.b says:

        Thanks mkey, it was more the games that made me think about fame rates than Brainstorm. I think all that stuff Trumbull did ended up in those coin operated rollercoaster rides…

        When you play a major role in making 2001 a space odyssey. The only way is down.

        Sorry for the needed snip James. I was typing on my phone.

  53. ross.s says:

    Hey, everyone.

    Glad to be here with y’all. I’m a new member, and have decided to post something after lurking for a bit. I’m a librarian by training and am fascinated by issues surrounding intellectual freedom and freedom of speech. If you search my name on the internets (Ross Sempek) you’ll most likely find my crazy blog posts for the ALA. As such, “cancel culture” has been a stick in my craw for some time and while the recent Mandalorian fiasco is nothing new as far as people losing livelihoods as a result of an offended vocal minority, it seems to be a accepted, the more it keeps happening, that this is the natural result of broadcasting unpopular ideas.

    This is alarming to me because of the paradox of hate speech as covered in the book “The First” by Stanley Fish. As is guaranteed by our US constitution, speech is separate from action. If speech turns into a justiciable action then it is no longer speech, it becomes an action. But it seems that speech and action are being conceptually conflated in popular discourse. Commit wrongthink on social media and you’ll be harangued. In Oregon we even have a hotline you can call to report “bias incidents,” i.e. instances of hate speech that can’t be legally addressed. With law enforcement encouraging citizens to report extralegal speech incidents, I wonder that if we continue along this path, more and more people will start to associate speech with action, therefore making the cognitive leap from one to the other minuscule enough to etch it into law. Slurs will be a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine, etc. Speech = Speech Incident = Incident = Action.

    Mandalorian story: https://deadline.com/2021/02/new-york-magazine-writer-compares-mandalorian_actress-gina-carano-treatment-to-hollywood-blacklist-1950s-1234693567

    The First, by Stanley Fish: https://www.simonandschuster.com/books/The-First/Stanley-Fish/9781982115258

    Oregon Bias Incident Hotline: https://www.doj.state.or.us/oregon-department-of-justice/bias-crimes/about-the-law/

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Hey Ross,
      I’m sure that I speak for everyone on the comment boards: “Welcome!”

      We got some librarians here on the comment boards. They don’t talk much Dewey, but are fun to have around.

      That Gina Carano thing kind of sets the stage for 2021.
      On Oregon… Gosh! I guess I would be in violation of the law for my hate crimes. I hate Authoritarian Controls.

      • ross.s says:

        Thanks, HomeRemedySupply 🙂

        Glad to know I’m not the only one! No Dewey, huh? Maybe some Ranganathan colon classification then? Gotta drop a bad librarian joke.

        The hate speech stuff is interesting, too, because here you can be charged with a crime if it a slur is used to intimidate someone – the intimidation (to me) being the meat of the crime. But yeah, can I call the hotline for Kate Brown’s latest virtual city-hall? 😛

    • Duck says:

      Hi 🙂
      The mistake is to expect a constant standard… Free speech matters when IT SUITS the people with power or trying to gain it. Now they have power they no longer need it.

      When good people realize that they are dealing with elites that do not care about principle (but ONLY power) they may will begin to make headway.

      • ross.s says:

        Duck – what a great comment. I remember thinking about standards of speech as a constantly changing coastline. Being pushed forward, or back based on (as you aptly put) the people who control the discourse.

        I hope soon, more people realize they don’t have to ask permission from elites to do what they want. They can just do it.


      • ross.s says:

        I was thinking about your thought that “free speech matters when it suits the people with power” and I can actually speak to that from personal experience. I mentioned that I wrote for the ALA blog, but when I left and asked them to publish a piece critical of antiracism, they balked and said they wouldn’t publish it. Totally their call as publishers, but it falls in line with your observation. It made no sense to me because it wasn’t a racist polemic; it appealed to empathy and the fact that you can’t assume things about people because of their skin color. But those ideas have gone out of style, and I was told it would be a “disservice to staff” for them to publish my piece that was merely an opposing viewpoint. Based on ALA’s own library bill of rights, they should have at least offered its readership an alternate point of view, but chose not to because of the power behind prevailing public opinion. Truth had nothing to do with it, it was about silencing thoughts that countered their narrative.

  54. Mielia says:

    Note to another demonstration concerning open up, this time in the Czech Republic, around January 10th
    Demonstrace “Otevřme Česko!” proti lockdownu a obecně proti státním opatřením. Mezi iniciátory patří Daniel Landa a Václav Klaus st.

    Demonstration “Let’s open up Czechia!” against lockdown and generally against state sanctions. Among the initiators count Daniel Landa and Václav Klaus senior.

    you see Vaclav Claus at 1:25:00

  55. Sunny says:

    Some real shit going on here in Israel. (Excuse my language, but really feels like the right description)
    They are actually for real going for imposing on us the covid vaccine.
    The health minster said it.
    Netanyahu and more prominent figures…

    Each said it in his own way.
    Stuff like the unvaccinated want be able to go anywhere.
    And I am not talking about travelling aboard.
    Not being able to go to a shopping mall (Not that I care about shopping malls but the discrimination is chilling).
    One big shopping mall already disallows unvaccinated people to enter it.
    There were also suggestions like we will have to pay for a PCR test every week.

    They are intending to pass a law that will allow employees to disallow you to go back to your job unless you are vaccinated.

    Lots of soldiers and other people took the vaccine under immense pressure. (Many soldiers were not allowed to go home on weekends if unvaccinated)

    I personally am in a real danger of losing my job (Prefer not to mention what it is, I love it but prefer to give few personal details).

    Some lawyers are helping those who wish to to fight back. In some cases successfully. But if the law that allows forcing vaccines passes (Essentially forcing, by limiting basic daily actions for the unvaccinated) maybe they will not be able to do much.

  56. Mielia says:

    In a video that was originally taken on Dec. 9, 2019, three weeks before…
    …virologist Vincent Racaniello interviewed British zoologist and president of EcoHealth Alliance Peter Daszak…
    Since 2014, Daszak’s organization has received millions of dollars of funding from the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH),…
    The second, more dangerous phase, which started in 2019, involved gain-of-function (GoF) research on coronaviruses…
    (you may remember GoF from the Whitney Webb articles on lastamericanvagabond)
    and some interesting links.

  57. Duck says:

    Weird times we live in… a very solid minded friend of mine just told me that Trump will be president next month…. this guy is normally a conspiracy denying button up type who thinks to this day that Iraq was full of WMD…. he has drunk the Q-Aide.
    While one part of me find this funny, (he always thought I was a bit crazy), and another part sad, its also pretty alarming because if the Lockdown and Election have finely tipped even the normiest mcNormal over the edge and and even after years of priming they only wake up into a new dream its hard to see the problems getting fixed.

  58. scpat says:

    Building the Beast System: FDA wants GPS on crops – Spinich sends email – Cow registration mandates


    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing a system of IoT tracking of every piece of food brought to market. This is literally what is required for Technocracy to function.

    This proposed FDA system is nearly identical to the system proposed in the ‘Technocracy Study Course’, published in 1934, which James brought to our attention in Why Big Oil Conquered The World

    For Technocracy to function, according to the author, the system of distribution of goods and services must meet the following requirements:

    1. Register on a continuous 24-hour time period basis the total net conversion of energy, which would determine (a) the availability of energy for Continental plant construction and maintenance, (b) the amount of physical wealth available in the form of consumable goods and services for consumption by the total population during the balanced load period.

    2. By means of the registration of energy converted and consumed, make possible a balanced load.

    3. Provide a continuous 24-hour inventory of all production and consumption.

    4. Provide a specific registration of the type, kind, etc., of all goods and services, where produced, and where used.

    5. Provide specific registration of the consumption of each individual, plus a record and description of the individual.

    6. Allow the citizen the widest latitude of choice in consuming his individual share of Continental physical wealth.

    7. Distribute goods and services to every member of the population.

    • scpat says:

      Requirements for Additional Traceability Records for Certain Foods

      The Food and Drug Administration (FDA, the Agency, or we) is proposing to establish additional traceability recordkeeping requirements for persons that manufacture, process, pack, or hold foods the Agency has designated for inclusion on the Food Traceability List. The proposed rule would require these entities to establish and maintain records containing information on critical tracking events in the supply chain for these designated foods, such as growing, shipping, receiving, creating, and transforming the foods. The proposed requirements are intended to help the Agency rapidly and effectively identify recipients of foods to prevent or mitigate foodborne illness outbreaks and address credible threats of serious adverse health consequences or death resulting from foods being adulterated or misbranded. We are issuing this proposed rule in accordance with the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

      • Mielia says:

        I can totally see them to wanna have that.
        What better illusion of control to attempt to give everything a number/code and to attempt to register everything.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Holy Cow!… This is right out of the Hardcore Technocracy manual…

        The proposed rule would require these entities to establish and maintain records containing information on critical tracking events in the supply chain for these designated foods, such as growing, shipping, receiving, creating, and transforming the foods.

  59. Mielia says:

    I have mentioned her here before.
    I wanna encourage people from the USSA who don’t fully wanna live outside the tax system to take a look at Pam Popper and her organisation(s).
    Pre Convid looks promising and post Convid work will likely be too.
    You’ll know why after watching this interview.


    – (!) informed medical decision making (!)
    – medical tyranny, dumbing down schooling (creating irresponsible costumers and medical professionals) and press that will not report important/relevant facts
    – they train costumers but also health professionals
    – non-obedience to the medical system (no blind belief)
    – we knew about Fauci and his criminal deeds (AIDS and AZT)
    – when you work for the Federal government you can do almost anything

    – I fix this or die trying

    I am not sure yet, if I will read the whole 300 page book but gonna definitely take a look
    Deborah Birx covered in there too


  60. trky says:

    Hey all, just some practical advice that has worked for me since I stopped wearing a mask back in September:
    -shop in the evening/ night when there are less customers and less managers
    -if confronted I usually take the legal loophole (here in maryland, US) that I have asthma, doesn’t matter if it’s true or not
    -use self checkout if available
    -Stores with less friction, in order from best to worst: Aldi, Food Lion, Shoppers, Weis, Giant

    I have been threatened to have police called by an ignorant night manager & I told him to go ahead, I know my rights. It was a total bluff- he watched me go through self check out and another clerk even helped me. I dislike having to pull the asthma card, but it takes more effort and causes more problems to try to preach to someone who doesn’t understand what’s going on… I just need groceries!
    Please reply if you have any other simple advice. I stated to go maskless because it is of course arbitrary, but I also WANTED to see who said something and what they said, you know- with this thing being an experiment, why not experiment yourself?
    For me it has been 50/ 50 people who are actually afraid, and those just “doing their job”. The better educated ones will back off immediately after mentioning asthma. Peace…

    • ross.s says:

      Trky – thank you for this!

      I’ve been removing my mask in grocery stores immediately after I’ve done my business. But I’ve been afraid of being banned and having nowhere to go if I choose to not wear one, especially since I rely on the grocery store for my wife’s medications.

      My solution thus far has been to use my mask as a protest. Writing messages on tape and whatnot. However going maskless is a much stronger statement. Cheers and more power to you


      • trky says:

        Hi Ross,
        Glad my post was informative. Before I went mask-less everywhere I saw a person or 2 doing it and it was inspirational- because from a distance, you don’t know if the person has a health issue or whatever the BS loophole may be, they just seem normal and free. This is another big reason I do it, to remind people, at least visually, that it’s OK!

        I’m typically shy, and will admit this does take courage & there is inherent stress with almost every visit I wish wasn’t so.

        You shouldn’t get banned (not sure where you’re at in the world), it all depends on how you respond. First, find out exactly what the “law” or “orders” are in your area. I found mine easily on the state’s website. Then develop a plan around it. Several times I have just said “I can’t breathe with it on”. Most people will cite the “mandate” and as much as I would love to ask them if they really care or are they just doing their job, you can usually tell. I had an Aldi employee offer me a mask “for my shopping experience” and I just smiled (I thought the wording was funny) and said “no thanks” and that was the end of it. I wasn’t bothered for the next 30 min in the store.

        For the most part in my region (where suburbs meet more rural areas), people just want to be good citizens, but I would say at LEAST half don’t care/ know it’s BS. Always keep in mind that they are us, and not the enemy. The enemy is the overreaching tyrannical government. And always keep a positive/ friendly attitude and KNOW you are not doing anything wrong.

        What has been a delight is seeing the elderly smile at me, I can see it through the mask 🙂

  61. spider says:

    Masks forever nationwide – vaccinate everyone – forced vaccinations in prisons
    Here cometh the Great Reset!


    • ross.s says:

      “The Administration will lead with science and scientists with a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and National Institutes of Health that are free from political influence”

      Ah hahahaha ha…oh they’re serious.

  62. Ben Stone says:

    Rolling power outages in 14 American states.
    CNN and The Daily Mail are reporting that natural gas lines and wind turbines in Texas are freezing, causing a shortage of electricity.
    Very interesting.
    Because the wind turbines in Wisconsin, Indiana and Ohio, seem fine every winter. Oh, and natural gas doesn’t freeze until about -300 degrees F.
    Also, momentarily a NOLA “news”paper was reporting that the rolling power outages were scheduled months ago so the power grid could be prepared and upgraded for the record high heat expected this summer. Then that article vanished. I can’t even find it on The Way Back Machine.
    Oh well. Nothing here to see.
    Move along citizen.
    Continue fearing your neighbor and continue trusting your overlords.

  63. CantBelieveEverythingIHear says:

    Today, I thought I’d share a relatively short video from Vernon Coleman (“Old Man in a Chair”). Though not an expert on anything specific, I find his “ramblings” quite lucid (and his “musings” are usually related to articles in major medical journals or things that can be found easily on government websites). The video I’m sharing today (though also quite scary in some ways) made me laugh (in particular with his play on words between the COVID-19 swab and Charles Schwab of the WEC… LOL): https://www.bitchute.com/video/C8Ddr2Bbx5IO/

  64. Ben Stone says:

    Today I heard, for the first time, about the great American propane shortage. Agriculture.com warned of it back in July 2020, then largely retracted that story (without actually retracting it) in August 2020.
    I learned of it today and with a little research I became enlightened and quickly connected it to the ongoing “rolling blackouts”, which oddly hit here in Alabama last night.
    But again, nothing here to see.
    Move along citizen!
    Get back in line for your cabbage allowance.

  65. NAF says:

    To consider for the February thread:

    Rovers from three different countries (China, India and USA), reached Mars, almost at the same time.

  66. Alchemist says:

    A poem from Wilderness
    by Jim Morrison

    What are you doing here?
    What do you want?
    Is it music?
    We can play music.
    But you want more.
    You want something & someone new.
    Am I right?
    Of course I am.
    I know what you want.
    You want ecstasy
    Desire & dreams.
    Things not exactly what they seem.
    I lead you this way, he pulls that way.
    I’m not singing to an imaginary girl.
    I’m talking to you, my self.
    Let’s recreate the world.
    The palace of conception is burning.

    Look. See it burn.
    Bask in the warm hot coals.

    You’re too young to be old.
    You don’t need to be told
    You want to see things as they are.
    You know exactly what I do

  67. travis.h.bray says:

    UN Secretary General Guterres: The World Faces a Pandemic of Human Rights Abuses in the Wake of COVID-19


    Mr. Guterres truly cares about the horrors faced by the commoners in the wake of the COVID response. But now how you think:

    “The virus is … infecting political and civil rights, and further shrinking civic space. Using the pandemic as a pretext, authorities in some countries have deployed heavy-handed security responses and emergency measures to crush dissent, criminalise basic freedoms, silence independent reporting and restrict the activities of nongovernmental organisations.

    “Human rights defenders, journalists, lawyers, political activists – even medical professionals – have been detained, prosecuted and subjected to intimidation and surveillance for criticising government responses to the pandemic. Pandemic-related restrictions have been used to subvert electoral processes and weaken opposition voices.

    “At times, access to life-saving Covid-19 information has been concealed while deadly misinformation has been amplified – even by those in power.

    “Extremists – including white supremacists and neo-Nazis – have exploited the pandemic to boost their ranks through social polarisation and political and cultural manipulation.

    “The pandemic has also made peace efforts more difficult, constraining the ability to conduct negotiations, exacerbating humanitarian needs and undermining progress on other conflict-related human rights challenges.”

    How do we answer these challenges? Not through authoritarianism and nationalism. No. Through solidarity and cooperation and, of course, sustainable development:

    An effective response to the pandemic must be based on solidarity and cooperation. Divisive approaches, authoritarianism and nationalism make no sense against a global threat. With the pandemic shining a spotlight on human rights, recovery provides an opportunity to generate momentum for transformation. To succeed, our approaches must have a human rights lens.

    The sustainable development goals – which are underpinned by human rights – provide the framework for more inclusive and sustainable economies and societies, including the imperative of healthcare for everyone.

    The recovery must also respect the rights of future generations, enhancing climate action to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050 and protecting biodiversity. My Call to Action for Human Rights spells out the central role of human rights in crisis response, gender equality, public participation, climate justice and sustainable development.

    We’re all in this together, right?

  68. Jed says:

    Really good book: “The Woman who Smashed Codes” about the birth of Merka’s intelligence agencies, its well written and has more than a few pieces to this puzzle.

  69. wolfgang says:

    Here is some new fearmongering news from Congo (source AFP) about a new “unknown disease”… if COVID does not do the trick anymore, we need the next one… https://thesaxon.org/fifteen-elderly-people-killed-by-unknown-disease-in-africa/29800/

    P.S. a very frightening article (in German) about the death rates attributed to COVID in Germany (only filtered for the elderly people >80y age, which are eligible for vaccination) in the time before the vaccination started and afterwards:
    The raw data can be downloaded as a xlsx file here: https://corona-blog.net/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/Altenheime_Version_2.xlsx
    Please note the following two points: the data shown for the different counties is not normalized per time-period (yes, that means in the ~8 weeks after vaccination, in many of those counties way more people died with/from COVID than in the whole year 2020 before vaccination!). If you would take a similar time frame, e.g. during the current flu-season Nov+Dec vs. Jan+Feb, you would get a much more horrendous death rate after the start of the vaccination! Of course you cannot compare the vaccinated people with the non-vaccinated people, as this data is not available, but as a general overview, this is really scary nonetheless!

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