What is the WHO? - Questions For Corbett #066

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John writes in to ask about the founding, the funding and the true intentions of the World Health Organization. Join James as he lays out some of the information connecting the WHO to big pharma, Bill Gates and the Covid World Order agenda.

Watch this video on BitChute / Odysee / Minds.com or Download the mp4

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

WHO Constitution and other basic documents

WHO Appoints H1N1 Cover-Up Committee

Newsweek reports on NATO intervention in PHEIC

Archive of WHO's "influenza pandemic" definition April 2009

Archive of WHO's "influenza pandemic" definition May 2009

The handling of the H1N1 pandemic: more transparency needed

WHO and the pandemic flu “conspiracies”

WHO ‘Swine Flu Pope’ under investigation for gross conflict of interest

WHO chief yet to be vaccinated against swine flu

Insult to Injury: Why We Must Oppose the WHO Global Tax Proposals

How is the World Health Organization funded?

Who Is Bill Gates?

WHO Results Report 2018-2019

Who is WHO’s Tedros Adhanom?

WHO declares coronavirus outbreak a global health emergency

Michael Ryan - Go into homes and remove sick family members

WHO's Chan: Public's Obedience to Health Officials "May Be Fading"

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  1. Manu says:

    The take over of the WHO is very well expressed in this interview to German Velasquez, who worked 20 years there.

    He talks about how Bill Gates seats his people in the committees in order for him to put the money. How the money is given only if it is used for Gates purposes, how there were people of big pharma who participated in declaring the pandemic, and how there has been threats about using the red book rights to avoid paying big pharma:


    (there are english subtitles available. I added a LBRY mirror in case youtube censors it)

    • CreativeLife says:

      Manu Manu! Profound Depth and Discovery

      Germain Velasquez is captivating. The nuggets that can be mined from this interview are amazing. I just had to take the time and transcribe it verbatim and set out to explore the vastness of this man’s experience and knowledge.

      The intricacies are masterfully interwoven, yet simply laid out. There is so much more to the diabolical nature of the WHO revealed here.

      WHO Essentials Medicines and Health Products
      World Trade Organization and the TRIPS Agreements

      Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
      The Red Book of the WHO
      The role of the US, a country at war for 40+ yrs coupled with big pharma
      withdrawing aid in peace time for leverage, so much more

      The complete control of all standards, licensing and compulsory control of all products

      Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus with Houlin Zhao at the AI for Good Global Summit is the photo on James notes re Tedros Adhanom 2018
      Ah but his name Ghebreyesus caught my eye immediately. It’s all right in front of us. If you cannot recognize the spiritual warfare,

      COVID – now proven is our Chromosome8 18character sequence DNA
      19 – is AI 1st letter and 9th letter
      WHO are you? You are COVID….

      Picture of AI for Good Global Summit 2018

      There is so so much to be gleaned from this interview, it’s incredible.
      I do hope James will open it up. It takes time to transcribe, effort is required. Not many will be interested in truth at this depth. You will have to leave some golden calves fall and fall away from the herd.

      There will never be a safe and effective poisoned injection to save you from a virus that does not exist. WHO has the golden standard line in the bag. Those advocating for such lies and the new version of a treatment for the cold, like Tamiflu marketed on the supply and demand spoof (now you see it now you don’t) Chloroquine potion mixed with Anti-biotics. The Secretary Generals you see are powerful, don’t doubt it. Their network of order followers are oath takers.
      When mined the spiritual nature of this beast system falls in your lap.
      Much life to live and prep to do. Manu thank you, ask and it will be given.
      It is wonderful to have so much more more than the predictable North American
      version of the side show. Society of Jesus is everywhere Tedros name even

  2. lauri.r says:

    20:30 is not true. Can someone explain?

  3. Fact Checker says:

    I have a related question:
    Who is the WHAT??

    Okay, okay…
    all jokes aside:


  4. PeteBKK says:

    2:26 FYI the Pacific island nation state of Niue is pronounced “nuu-ay”.

  5. padraig says:

    there is something particularly gross with the rot inside the old school European leech class. a reek. a horror show of maggots and stench barely under wraps or London fog flasher coats. instead of getting a glimpse of some sad old pecker i suspect you’ll find intestines and gore. i mean you can see it with a Pilosi or a Trudeau but it’s bush league when compared to their peers across the water. the Stink.

    • bestrod says:

      We are being controlled and influenced by organizations that have been taken over by ethically and morally bankrupt people. The stench is from them and the sickness and death they are creating. Predictions from Oxfam say up to 122 million people dying from starvation because of Covid lock down insanity migrant workers not being able to travel to harvest. We aint seen nothin yet! The stench will be getting much worse. Makes me wonder if the rumors of some of these power brokers involved with the WHO and UN are in fact practicing Luciferians and Satanists. A topic that has been fully investigated by James and others and is way more prevalent than most know. We are in war against humanity but the public is asleep and don’t see their nightmare unfolding.

  6. lauri.r says:

    23:30* It´s just plain out lying. Can someone explain?

    • flammable says:

      Probably a mistake in writing. There were proposed global taxes and estimates of how much those taxes would collect but to my knowledge nothing ever went through. The statement read said “was raising an estimated $20 billion” when it should have said “could have raised an estimated $20 billion”. The tax law could not have collected taxes then be voted down. It can only repealed or voted down before it was ever passed. Corbett was reading the statement as is and didn’t notice the error. To be fair it is not his mistake but the person delivering the statement.

  7. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    LOL there is so much in this video to make fun of. Case in point: It took paying people 14 MONTHS to come up with tax ideas! It would take the slowest minded person reading this 15 minutes to come up with those suggestions, and then some! >.<
    If you’re looking for things that you personally can do to scale back the influence/wealth of the powerful (In the US, Russia, China or anywhere else.), AND at the same time increase your own, start with these 3 things:
    1) Save at LEAST 10% of all you earn. If you are not saving at least that amount you are no better than a slave living for what your master gives you to eat! (Get yourself a free PDF copy of “The Richest Man in Babylon”: http://horizonspeakers.com/wp-content/uploads/ebooks/the-richest-man-in-babylon.pdf Easiest book you’ll ever read on personal finance and is taught in parable so enjoyable to read as well.)
    2) Keep your uninvested money in physical form. Either in Gold, Silver or, more pragmatically, physical currency (Remember in the most recent financial panics in the US (2008), Cyprus (2012), Greece (2015), etc. people were trying to get physical cash, not Gold or Silver.). If you must use the banking system only use Credit Unions or Savings and Loans. Keep only as much currency in it as you need for expenses over the course of a couple of weeks or a month tops (Business owners will need more because of tax and logistical reasons.).
    3) Read “The Politics of Obedience”. It will open your eyes to more possibilities of action than I couldn’t possibly list here. It is very easy to read (Half hour if you read REAL slow. 1 Hour, also if you read slow, if you include the forward by Rothbard).: https://cdn.mises.org/Politics%20of%20Obedience.pdf

  8. SuperMom Belle says:

    This is “The Who” to listen to: https://youtu.be/Un5oEdfrm_A ~ “Wont Get Fooled Again” (I pray) with lyrics

  9. Fawlty Towers says:

    I think the more important (but rhetorical) question is:
    Who is the WHO?

    An aside.
    I know there are a lot of computer savvy people here…
    A couple of days ago I was following a link to a controversial YT video.

    The video started playing. I switched tabs briefly and when I returned to the video it had stopped playing with a YT message saying the video had been removed for violating yada yada etc.

    Now here’s the thing.
    My browser is Firefox.
    I have two profiles I use. One main one and one occasional one.

    The YT video stopped on my main profile.
    Since that time I have been blacklisted from Youtube!
    I cannot see, let alone watch any YT video now.
    Even if I try following a YT link, it won’t show anything
    at YT. The entire page is greyed out. No videos show.

    However if I open my second FF profile I can watch YT videos.

    Anyone know what’s happening and how to fix it?
    I guess I could save all my settings, and create a new profile and go from there.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Fawlty Towers,
      That YouTube anecdote is worth noting.
      Very interesting.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Thanks HRS.
        Yes very interesting and also very troubling.

        To my mind it means that Google is not only censoring videos (the one I was watching and was taken down) but also messing with people’s computers!

        After working on this for a couple of days I’m inclined to think that one of the following is taking place:

        1. Google is somehow implanting an invisible cookie in Firefox that is profile-specific (or somewhere else on my computer) to remember to block me from YT.
        2. Google is implanting some other type of code on my computer that is profile-specific to remember to block me from YT.

        How else would they know to block me after a re-boot?
        I have my cookies set up to delete all cookies when I close FF.

        • It could have been triggered by a YouTube update or Firefox update that isn’t playing nice with a setting or add-on you have on your main profile.
          To see if it’s related to a normal cookie or temp file, press Ctrl+Shift+Del and clear everything.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            Thanks AAF.
            I tried the Ctrl-Shft-Del method but YT still blocked all of their videos.
            Nothing is functional at their site. All their videos are greyed out. Can’t see any images at all.
            Even the top left three-line menu doesn’t work.

            • After pressing Ctrl+Shift+Del, make sure you check all boxes and select ‘Everything’ from the drop-down menu), then reopen the browser.
              If you already did that, the next thing to try is disabling all add-ons (type about:addons in the address bar then disable all of the extensions listed).

              I run bots on YouTube for spreading truth so I know each of the shady methods they use for preventing/limiting access. The problem you’re having with your main profile doesn’t sound like something YouTube is doing. It certainly could be something brand spankin’ new but it doesn’t fit their M.O.

              They prefer to use methods that interfere with your use of the site without you knowing any interference is occurring.
              eg, omitting videos from search results, ignoring your up/down votes while making it appear as though your vote counted, making your comments appear for you only (no one else can see them), ordering the comments so that positive & politically correct comments appear near the top, etc, etc.

              Whatever the case, thanks letting us know about it.

        • suzt says:

          I don’t have any geek ideas. I use path of least resistance on my laptop. That includes
          1. I use several browsers: firefox and opera
          2. use various search engines… sleeping cows

          And if I were you, I would run a full scan, clean cookies, cache etc.

          But I find popping from opera to firefox and using different search engines on each has helped.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            Thanks for helping out suzt.
            I did try a virus scan as you suggested but it didn’t find anything.
            You will see that AAF above helped me solve the problem.
            In this instance Google was not the enemy, unless they own that add-on company. 🙂

  10. alexb says:

    I don’tknow if others have experienced the same issues as me when trying to stream James’ videos recently. I use Firefox as my browser and can watch James’ videos but I can not unmute them.

    A few weeks ago whilst watching these videos I would experience crackling and noise distortion but now not even that.

    I can still listen to the MP3 but I wonder for how long.

    I’m thinking of ditching windows and switching to linux, however I think this shows the measures the powers that shoudn’t be, will go to.

    • Simon says:


      I have been ok and also on Firefox on Windows.

      This embedded video is on lbry.tv so maybe lbry.tv have less resources so at times there might be delays in watching videos (we all got used to youtude that can throw billions at resources to host and play videos).

      Bitchute does mute videos by defaults from memory but I can unmute them fine.

      James also puts other video source links below the embedded so dare a I say you can always click the youtube link under the video and watch it on youtube.


      • alexb says:

        Thank you Simon. I’ve been following James’ work for a number of years and this is a fairly recent development for me. Ubuntu is the way forward for me.

    • mkey says:

      I doubt anyone is messing with your firefox installation. The first step is to clean the cache and disable the addons.

      Press CTRL+SHIFT+DEL and proceed as follows i.imgur.com/iIRl05a.png

      Press CTRL+SHIF+A to open the addon page. There you should disable all addons for starters and after figuring things out you can proceed to enable one by one, but only what you need. Ex. i.imgur.com/E7vjzfb.png

  11. donna.m says:

    Osterhaus reminds me of Bill Gates, even looks like him!

  12. lionkiller says:

    Hi James

    Slightly off topic but are you familiar with the work of Alison Hawver McDowell?

    She writes at http://www.wrenchinthegears.com and is a researcher par excellence.

    She is an expert in all things blockchain, EdTech, biometrics, social impact bonds and the digitisation and surveillance of humanity. Her work is amazing.

    I think your listeners would greatly benefit from an interview with her. I hope you consider it.

    Keep up the great work!

  13. zyxzevn says:

    Renowned EU Scientist: COVID-19 Was Engineered In China Lab, Effective Vaccine “Unlikely”

    Covid-19: Spanish doctor “there is no emergency” – Madrid

    Listen to THE WHO here

    Listen to THE HU here

    • Lynny says:

      Have you seen the recent plandemic documentary?

    • John Blaid says:

      Nothing was engineered and released from a lab because there is no scientific evidence for the “virus” since it has never been properly isolated and purified. In fact no “virus” in existence has because it’s all built on fraud and misunderstanding where they fill gaps in their understanding of things with assumptions. Kind of like when astrophysicists fill gaps in their models by inventing dark matter out of thin air without any shred of evidence for its existence.

      Research summary and debunk regarding the existence of “SARS-CoV-2” and “COVID-19”

      Should of course be noted that patents aren’t evidence since you can actually patent things that doesn’t exist.

      “Yes, You Can Patent an Invention that Doesn’t Exist”

      • suzy64 says:

        Very useful compilation of evidence showing non-existence of the Covid 19 virus. Thank you!

      • Yeah, this is something I think James might need to dig into in a big way.
        The more I look into viruses, the more possible it becomes that contagious viruses don’t even actually exist, and that something else has been responsible for the illnesses attributed to contagious viruses.

        It’s no good trying to determine the full truth about ‘covid’ and ‘vaccines’ if we’re starting with an assumption about a foundational element.

      • zyxzevn says:

        You can trace a lot of the viruses under the microscopes.
        Some are as big as a normal cell, but for most they use special
        tracers or a deadly electron microscope scan at different times.

        And with a lot of effort we can isolate them to see what they are made of. And how they work.
        With special laboratory experiments we can extract RNA, and rebuild the virus data. From this data, which takes a long time to build, we have a database of all kinds of viruses.

        Based on the database, the SARS-Cov2 virus has all kinds of features that are only possible when the virus is from a laboratory, like a bio-weapon.
        This should be known by all mainstream scientists. But the specialists that are writing in journals that this is NOT a lab-made bioweapon, are involved themselves in such laboratory experiments.

        I think that the natural viruses are the cancer versions of a natural communication system.
        A cancer can spread through the body, and in a similar way the virus can spread itself in and outside the body.

        To reach other bodies, the viruses must be compatible with them.
        So it often only transfers between species.

        The question in your post, is whether the virus actually causes the disease Covid-19. Or maybe it is the side-effect of something else. Or maybe it is only dangerous in certain rare conditions.

        And in a way I agree with that.
        I think that SARS-Cov2 is a FAILED BIO-WEAPON

        And this is important to know, because this means that the
        Dr Faustus at the hell Gates will work on a new more dangerous
        BIO-WEAPON to make us follow the technocratic dictatorship.

        • John Blaid says:

          “The question in your post, is whether the virus actually causes the disease Covid-19. Or maybe it is the side-effect of something else. Or maybe it is only dangerous in certain rare conditions.”

          There are no “viruses”, period. What “virologists” look at and think are “viruses” are cell fragments from damaged cells because of a bad environment that can be caused by poisons. Interestingly enough the latin word for Virus means poison. Nobody have done the proper scientific method to isolate and purify a “virus”, their definition of isolation is not the one you and I refers to which means the separation from everything else. As the late researcher David Crowe said: “How do you know a virologist is lying? His lips are moving”.

          How can something which you have not proven to exist cause anything? This is not just my opinion, it is backed up by statements of people like former “virologist” Dr Stefan Lanka who in 2016 proved in supreme court in Germany that the measles “virus” does not exist. He have challenged the entire scientific community to provide any evidence for the existence of any “virus” and so far nobody have been able to prove it, there are no studies proving it.

          Now that said, I am not saying that people do not fall ill and even die. What I am saying is that the CAUSE is not the “virus” but something else. So what affects health? Nutrition, chemicals, toxins, medicines, vaccines, pollution, stress, beliefs and thoughts(placebo/nocebo), sleep, EMF’s, sunshine and other environmental factors. We don’t require a “virus” to explain why people fall ill and even die, we got plenty of other reasons.

          I encourage you to take the time and go through the material I provided, especially the interviews with Dr Stefan Lanka, Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Robert Young.

          • CreativeLife says:

            Excellent post John. The root must be exposed so that Truth will separate the wheat from the chaff. It is a narrow path, no glitz no glamour just plain truth outside of Scientism. Giving your life to the point of being totally destroyed or even suicided (nice word play) to save the children and families, has no value compared to the seduction, sensationalizing, coercive tactics of the phony sorcerers wielding their magic wands in their disney land productions.
            It’s good for the newbies, they say to have these fear mongering, lying holly wood productions presenting half truths and outright lies. There is no time for playing games, this is for keeps and these holly wood productions are full of Crowd pleasing mind games and don’t kid yourself, in all wars both sides are funded to achieve the END GAME and easily exposed as frauds.

            The beast of reflexive ‘medicine’ has little if anything to do with health. It is a cult of death and do harm practices. They practice and practice and practice. Prescribe poison 1, to treat with poison 2, now we need poison 3 to correct what 2 did to 1 and so on $$$$$$. Some elderly friends have up to 9 different poisons to take daily. GOOD GOD, help us help them.

            The cult practices scientism, which is the lack of proper observation of cause and effect as well as, the biased hypothesis. The end result is the known factor, before the beginning; the conclusion is being written before the hypothesis. In Patrick Wood’s writing it is clearly a basis for Technocracy and the World Order. It’s nothing knew, it’s just now being revealed exponentially.

            And as with the insanity of War, the funding is fed to aid the scripting of both sides of all the actors in the theater. It’s not hard to follow the money, uncover the actors true nature and see through the tactics. Unfortunately, the Crowd organism operates on a subconscious level and is oblivious to any individual who travel on the outside of their group.

            I do hope as you that greater understanding and wisdom will prevail.
            Being on the outside of the Crowd organism is more authentic and purposeful. Much is being revealed. Be blessed on your journey, remember above all teach the children well. Enjoy an inspiring version of this beautiful song.

            Teach Your Children | Playing For Change Band | Live in Brazil

  14. padraig says:

    hey a favor. can anyone send me a link to the UN’s plannedopolus. it was a wee video from the UN. i may have the spelling wrong. i CANNOT find it. i know its in james archive but his search blows

  15. 8Gc58 says:

    Can you pretty please with sugar on top consider implementing SQRL support on corbettreport.com? It is the future when it comes to security. It’s a way to say goodbye to traditional usernames and passwords. I am sure some three-letter agencies are not happy about this technology as it’s impossible (?) to brute force. Another reason for more sites to start using this.

    Here is the WP plugin:

    Check out the technology here:

    I’ve been following Steve Gibson, the inventor, for years. He seems super solid, so I truly trust this. The technology/protocol is free and open source. However, please, do your own research 🙂

  16. Lynny says:

    Great video James ! I did some digging on Tedros,very evil man. Amazing how these so called health officials feel they have a say in our medical choices. Here in California , there are so many people asleep to what’s really going on it’s actually terrifying . Wearing masks in their cars , on the beach , it’s utterly ridiculous.

  17. Ian Davis says:

    Excellent stuff from James again.

    To see the direct link between the corruption and WHO decision making here’s some additional info on the H1N1 influenza pandemic.

    The only people who benefited from pointless vaccines and unnecessary medication were the manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline, Roche and Novartis. Each of these pharmaceutical corporations were among the largest voluntary contributors to the WHO in 2008/2009 financial year.


    With an $84 million investment, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche were the largest single corporate contributor into the WHO’s coffers that year, and second only to the BMGF as non government contributors. Luckily, as it turned out, they could afford it because sales of their unnecessary Tamiflu H1N1 medication rocketed to more than £3 billion following the WHO’s declared H1N1 pandemic. Which was just a coincidence.


    During the hearing held by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), investigating the issue of a “falsified pandemic,” the epidemiologist Dr Wolfgang Wobarg said:

    “The WHO basically held the trigger for the pandemic preparedness plans, they had a key role to play in deciding on the pandemic. Around 18 billion dollars was spent on this pandemic worldwide. Millions were vaccinated for no good reason. It is not even clear that the vaccine had a positive effect, because it was not clinically tested.”


    When the British Medical Journal and the Bureau of Investigative Journalism investigated the apparent conflict of interest they found that the WHO had prepared their Infuenza Preparedness Plan in collaboration with European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI). The ESWI were entirely funded by Roche and other influenza medication and vaccine manufacturers. None of which the WHO publicly declared.


    Nor did they declare that the lead author for the 2004 guidance issued to governments, Professor Fred Hayden, was in receipt of consultancy fees from Roche at the time. As were his co authors Dr. Arnold Monto and Professor Karl Nicholson. It seems the researchers acted in good faith and openly declared their conflicts of interest to the WHO, but the WHO forgot to record those declarations.

    When investigators asked if the WHO had privately informed purchasing governments of these conflicts of interest, they declined to answer. As James said, the WHO also refused to name the members of the “emergency committee” who had advised then Secretary General Margaret Chan to declare the H1N1 global pandemic in the first place.

  18. tescera.com says:

    What’s in a name?..
    The World Health Organisation is an ambivalent name, and maybe many such body names are but I think it important or interesting that the name WHO is not clearly aligned to good health or bad health.
    The name could have been the Healthy World Organisation (HWO) or the World Good Health Organisation (WGHO) but rather WHO relies on the optimistic presumptions of most that such bodies would promote positive outcomes.
    What if WHO is less interested in a healthy World and more interested in control through health related mechanisms?
    Today the answer to that question is outside your window…

    • manbearpig says:

      what’s in a name?

      like for one of the front-runner covid-19 vaccine manufacturers; Moderna

      Mod e RNA (modify RNA?) or Mode RNA…?

      Apparently they, (a guy named Rossi?) have just founded the company on this particular kind of new tech?

      Just saw that on this provocative video a Corbetteer linked:


      I haven’t taken a nanosecond to clue myself in on the basics of genetics and genetic engineering but a person commenting on the Chromosome 8 theory and the PCR test on still another website made this remark:

      People, the virus is an RNA virus, and chromosome 8 is DNA. It’s not going to be replicated by the RT-PCR, because this process starts with the Reverse Transcriptase (RT!), and therefore does not copy DNA.

      The remaining question is whether this snipped can exist as RNA in human cells, which is still possible, but not necessarily likely. “

      So, anyone else know anything about whether this kind of new RNA vaccine tech can effectively modify the human genome?

      Or have you guys already had this discussion maybe? If so, could someone point me to those comments? Thanking you in advance.

      • mkey says:

        Isn’t it assumed viruses alter our genetic makeup? I don’t see it as a giant leap from there to vaccines, containing all sorts of iffy crap, doing the same. Of course, understanding this matter is a completely different subject.

        • manbearpig says:

          Isn’t it assumed viruses alter our genetic makeup?


          “…When viruses infect us, they can embed small chunks of their genetic material in our DNA.

          Although infrequent, the incorporation of this material into the human genome has been occurring for millions of years.

          As a result of this ongoing process, viral genetic material comprises nearly 10 percent of the modern human genome.

          Over time, the vast majority of viral invaders populating our genome have mutated to the point that they no longer lead to active infections.

          But, as scientists funded by the National Institutes of Health have demonstrated, they are not entirely dormant.

          Sometimes, these stowaway sequences of viral genes, called “endogenous retroviruses” (ERVs), can contribute to the onset of diseases such as cancer. They can also make their hosts susceptible to infections from other viruses.

          However, scientists have identified numerous cases of viral hitchhikers bestowing crucial benefits to their human hosts — from protection against disease to shaping important aspects of human evolution, such as the ability to digest starch…”


          Interesting. I didn’t know that.

  19. Arby says:

    This is very good James. Thanks.

  20. Question for Corbett:

    You’ll have to set your modesty aside for a moment so we can address the fact that you’re no normal human.

    I started to list all of the ways in which you’re notably extraordinary but the list was getting ridiculously long.
    For the sake of brevity, let’s just say you’re cognitively superhuman.

    The only other person I know of who possesses a similar arsenal of extraordinary capabilities is Graham Hancock. No one else even comes close.

    My question is:
    Do you have any thoughts on the possible, or likely, source of — or major contributors to — your superhuman abilities?
    Have you always had them to some degree? Do you recall when they really started to kick in? Are any other people in your family similarly superhuman? Were you abducted by aliens? Have you struck any deals with horned supernatural beings?
    If we can get to the bottom of this, maybe there will be something that can help other conspiracy/truth researchers become more capable.

  21. corbeaux says:

    A good explanation of the kind of vaccine that is being developed:


  22. suzy64 says:

    People frequently reference the “way back machine.” Who controls it? My son has been using it to document statistics on hospital capacity here in Michigan, along with charting changes in COVID cases, deaths, other illnesses, etc. But several times he has found pages are vanishing. Past information on number of available ICU beds vanished. Then, recently, info from specific hospitals vanished. He has not reported a case of changing info, just vanishing entire pages. The vanishings always seem to involve manipulating or hiding statistics to puff the level of COVID fear. Never the other way.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “Way Back Machine” anecdote worth noting.
      Thanks suzy64.

    • That is definitely interesting.
      I have seen pages fail to save properly many times but not disappear after they’ve been saved properly.
      For really important pages, I’d recommend also saving on archive.is
      Additionally, you can try to save the page for offline viewing (File –> Save Page As) and you can install browser add-ons & virtual printers that will allow you to print the page to a PDF file or ‘screenshot’ the entire page to an image file (png, jpg) with a single click.
      The most reliable method is still manually taking a screenshot (using the PrScr key) then pasting it into Paint (or another image editor), then scrolling down & repeating the process, then, when done, piecing all of the screenshots together into a single image by enabling transparency and aligning them (note: make sure each screenshot you take contains a small piece of the prior screenshot or there will be nothing you can use for aligning).
      Obviously, with a page saved offline/locally, you won’t have that Wayback Machine (or archive.is) credibility when presenting your case to others in the future, but it’s better than nothing.

    • mkey says:

      As far as I’m aware, archive.org will delete stored pages on request.

  23. lizzie says:

    Wanted to give you my scoop from the Anti Mask/Lockdown protest outside customs house in Dublin today.
    It was a fantastic turn out, young and old. The vibe was relaxed and people were smiling, laughing and hugging.
    There were a few Antifa lads there acting the bollix, why do they all have those hungry ghost eyes? Where do they get these young lads from? And what drugs are they on? It’s coordinated for sure, I saw first hand an older bloke in the crowd who looked like a handler, the puffed up chump was trying to fit in while some of the young puffed up ones would greet him as they passed.
    The first few speakers were great but then A candidate for the Irish Freedom Party spoke and that was buzz killington for me.
    How I wish this wasn’t anything to do with any political party because we all know where that gets you.
    I was keen to see how the MSM portrayed this anti mask/lockdown protest. True to form they stated that there were 500 people there, it’s was more like 2k. They also noted that the protesters weren’t wearing masks and were not practicing social distancing, I don’t think they got the memo?
    One last thing Sinead O Connor song was played, she tweeted that the selfish protesters are not allowed to use her music.
    The good vibe of the protest is fading as the News creates an inaccurate narrative, here you can see carefully staged pictures of Antifa with tha caption ‘anti-mask protesters’ and the fun friendly respectful thousands of others that were there.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Ireland Protest – August 22nd Saturday 2pm

      Coincidentally, I was just reading about it and looking at pictures.
      Then I came to Corbett Report…and here ya are.

      Facebook VIDEO

      Evidently, YouTube deleted a video featuring Prof. Dolores Cahill of UCD and chairwoman of the IFP who was a speaker.

    • lovetodust says:

      Wow about Sinead.

      Thanks for the report lizzy.

      I plan to go to our protest next week. I expect the same shenanigans. Ours is against mandatory flu vaccines for every student/childcare from 6 mos – college by December 31.

      I think we might be the first state to mandate like this so I hope we get a good crowd as all eyes will be upon us.

      • lizzie says:

        Good old Sinead, she is generally thought of as a mentally unstable loose cannon speaking crazy but now she’s on the PTSB side of the debate she is the saintly voice of reason. Jedward are also against the lockdown protests, how will this movement survive without their blessing.
        Good luck with the protest, the world will be watching so go represent!

  24. lizzie says:

    I thought this was a jolly interview talking about integrity, confirmation bias and the demise of state sponsored news by two ex BBC journalists

  25. legendary says:

    I did some deep digging into the WHO earlier this year and ended up putting this report together (extensively referenced of course).


    • Mielia says:

      thank you for compiling that Logan!

      WHO Fueling the Opioid Epidemic
      The WHO is unambiguously recommending that highly addictive opioids should be
      available to children
      WHO whistleblowers
      conflicts of interest

      The Goal is Universal Vaccination
      The Immunization Agenda 2030 envisions “A world where everyone, everywhere, at
      every age, fully benefits from vaccines for good health and well-being.”

      many important points

  26. FreeThinker says:

    Is there a thread for general discussion of current events where we can share articles and videos? I’m a new commenter and only see threads related to specific stories, I’m on mobile though so I could just be missing it.

    • lizzie says:

      Hey Free Thinker. There are different threads you can comment on, like the summer open thread. I hope HRS
      or someone can provide the link to it because my way of doing it is a bit backwards. If I feel something is important I will post it on the most current thread even if it is off topic, because more people are likely to see it. Not sure if that is totally cool but I chance it.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Hey FreeThinker!
      We are glad you are on the comment boards.

      One can always post any type of news or information or personal opinion or anecdote or joke on the “Open Thread”.
      You can find the most recent “Open Thread” by typing that term in Corbett Report’s SEARCH BOX.

      On 7/11/2020, James started the “Summer 2020 Open Thread”.
      This “Open Thread” was again linked to under his very important article of August 8th, Why We Must #ExposeBillGates, which was the only article I have ever seen which did not have its own comment section.
      Rightly so.

      However, I want to point out that there are no carved-in-stone rules for what thread that you place news and information.
      If it is current, breaking news or information, most folks place it under Corbett’s recent works.
      If the information is most appropriate to a previous Thread topic or Sub-Thread, that might be a good place to put it because it references with other data better.

  27. andyalchemy says:

    BiLl and Mel
    BLM (what about vowels?)
    Its a stretch, but….

  28. tricky says:

    Hi James. In the “top 20” list you cite on page 82 of the PDF, we also find GAVI, which, of course, receives money from Gates, Rotary International, which also receives money from Gates ($1,285,210,000 in 2009 alone) and has partnered with his foundation. In addition, below quote taken from The Rotary website:

    “The grant challenges Rotary to raise $100 million, which the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will match. Two years later, the Gates Foundation pledges an additional $255 million and increases the amount Rotary must raise to $200 million. Rotary’s partnership with the Gates Foundation helps both organizations improve lives around the world”

    We also find the European Commission, which receives money from Gates ($45,178,000 in 2019 alone), the National Philanthropic Trust (which has received about $3.3 million 2013/2016 from Gates)

    Two different branches of the UN also feature in the list and the UN, of course, receives money from Gates too.
    In short, not only does Gates fund the WHO directly, he also funds other organisations that fund it.

    Regarding the individual countries, I did a bit more digging in the Gates grants historical DB to see how many Universities/public bodies in my home country had received money from Gates over the years and here are just the ones I could find. The number below are in $Millions (total is approx. $1.4BILLION)

    London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine 292.3
    Imperial College London 291.4
    University of Oxford 243
    Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine 177.1
    University of Greenwich 73.4
    University College London 65
    St George’s, University of London 45.4
    The University of Edinburgh 31.7
    University of Cambridge 29.7
    University of York 29.6
    University of Dundee 25
    University of Bristol 13.8
    University of Nottingham 12.8
    University of Birmingham 11
    Cardiff University 11
    The University of Southampton 8
    University of Warwick 5.8
    University of the West of England, Bristol 4.2
    University of Liverpool 4.1
    University of Glasgow 3.6
    University of Leeds 3.3
    University of Sheffield 2.4
    University of Newcastle Upon Tyne 2.3
    University of East Anglia 1.9
    University of Reading 1.1
    SOAS University of London 0.9
    Oxford University Press 0.89
    University of Manchester 0.6
    Middlesex University 0.3
    University of Strathclyde 0.2
    National University of Ireland Galway 0.2
    Trinity College Dublin 0.2
    University College Cork 0.1
    University College Dublin 0.1
    University of Kent 0.1
    University of Essex 0.1
    University of Surrey 0.1
    Royal Holloway, University of London 0.1
    Royal Holloway and Bedford New College 0.1

    Keep up the great work James!!

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Tricky.

      (By the way, your name is great! You sure are tricky.)

      • tricky says:

        Thanks HomeRemedy. It’s great to connect with like-minded people and James’ videos are one of the only things that are keeping me sane atm! 🙂

      • sameer says:

        Hi James and all. I want opinions on a timeline for these plans to start taking shape. Is there any evidence to suggest a Biden presidency in the US starting a chain of events to further the agenda? Also wonder best options to further schooling with this messed up system.


    • Jed says:

      Nice list, really confirms the hell out of Carol Quigley’s “Anglo American Establishment” as to where the foundation (pun intended) of these satanists sits. The heads of those places wear black robes, similar to judges and nuns.

      • Jed says:

        I’m surprised Gates gave to Trinity—their alumni includes some real rogues, sit stirrers and trouble makers, the likes of which are actively derailing their great-work.

    • lovetodust says:

      Wow, tricky, that is some report.

      And that’s just one country!

      It makes me think that Catherine Austin Fitts has to be on to something when she questions just who’s billions people like Soros and Gates, et al are spending.

      Thatsa lotta money!

  29. Silver Lining says:

    Interesting (at 23:30), the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is the 2nd biggest contributor to the WHO, after USA which has now halted funding.
    We should wonder how much of those funds were passed to/from Epstein’s financial enterprises, which included child sex trafficking. “Bill Gates Met With Jeffrey Epstein Many Times, Despite His Past”, New York Times, Oct 12, 2019. Very unhealthy situation for Bill, for WHO, and for the world.

    • Arby says:

      That Epstein-Gates connection is discussed in “Plandemic Indoctornation.” Notice that the title is riffing off of the word ‘indoctrination’. The documentary is free to view. I’ve already downloaded it and chopped it up into excerpts. I did that before noticing that the documentary producers had already done that for us. I will use mine, though, because I took ‘exactly’ what I wanted and will use, mainly on my blog. For example, while I’ve only uploaded a couple of those to my Bitchute channel (where there’s an official “Plandemic” channel already), I did upload one to YouTube, aka ThemTube. It simply disappeared! I had no notice or message of any kind from YouTube. So, I will upload that excerpt to my Bitchute channel. (I could use Plandemic’s own clip, but the service they use in order to provide the download for free wants approvals that I don’t want to give.) Regarding the WHO, see “The Powerful Scammers And Their Powerful Servants” / https://www.bitchute.com/video/9vcpKug8WkVH/

  30. Silver Lining says:

    Several weeks ago as I was opening a youtube video, a video ad came up showing a middle-aged man who was saying something like this (paraphrasing): ‘the world population is now the biggest investment market, because of vaccine sales. We’ll show you how to do this investment… blah, blah, blah’
    I was so grossed out that I terminated the ad right there and then. But now I regret not having taken a screen shot, or noted the name of the investment firm (if that’s what it was). I thought that ad would show up again, but haven’t seen it a second time in all those weeks, although I watch a lot of youtube videos. An internet search turned up nothing.
    If any of you saw that ad, could you remind me of who was involved? It might be helpful to investigate investment ‘proposals’ made during this covid situation.

  31. Steve Smith says:

    I have just heard that Chief Justice Roberts has been linked to Epstein and allegedly has been being blackmailed since prior to his confirmation.
    This circus keeps getting wackier and wackier.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Oh man!…”circus” is the right word.
      Mega-rich Leon Black’s Apollo stock price took a hit recently, because he had been in Epstein’s circle before.

    • Jed says:

      If justice is blind she wouldn’t need a blindfold. Watch what she’s gonna do with that scale right after she wipes that rag off her eyes.

    • lovetodust says:

      Thanks for the link, Steve.

      You have to wonder just how many in D.C. are in fact blackmailed.

      After hearing Attny Dan Sheehan talk about Federal judges and how they get appointed – it gives one pause.

  32. Jed says:

    Great piece JC. I noticed the WHO’s caduceus has only one snake just like the EMS symbol/brand here in the US. This is right in our face and it spells left-brained, male projecting energy very much like a needle pricking or worse, I won’t say, go ask my friends, Ben Dune and Philip McCavity. A true caduceus has two snakes equally entwined, like the one on the NYC Sanitation Dept’s symbol, and appropriately so as that org is truly for public health and well being.

  33. CreativeLife says:

    Hi Jed,
    Thought you might be interested in this just FYI.

    WHO Logo is the Staff of Aesculapius, the son of Corona “Crown” and Apollo “Destroyer” (Apollyon Rev 9:11) is the Theraputae, Cretan, Chaldean god of Plagues. (Mat 24:7; Lk 21:11 “Pestilence”) PCR Test Swabs target the Cribriform Plate a delicate sieve protecting the Olfactory Bulb affecting sense of Smell and Episodic (time and place) Memory. “

    Of course there is nothing occult going on, just coincidence. Right?

  34. Jed says:

    Howdy CL, It’s not occult anymore anyway. If ol’ snakestaff is the god of plagues, where’s the plague? or WHO’s the plague? WHO’s who is who, and Who’s Next is the image that represents the WHO if ywho ask me.

  35. Scott says:

    Ohayo gozaimasu James,

    I was reading some of the comments on a Jason Bermas video the other day and came across a comment that suggested that there was a link between the 2019 flu jab and Covid19. Unfortunately there was no link to any evidence of this.

    This got me thinking as I had the flu jab back at the end of November and my very next blood test in December showed that my tumour markers were elevated for the first time since my operation (I had bile duct cancer back in September 2017). The tumour markers have continued to rise despite no tumours showing in my CT or PET scans.

    I did ask my Doctor wife if the two could be related but she didn’t think this was possible.

    Have you heard anything on this link between the 2019 flu jab and Covid19? Do you have any thoughts on the matter?

    Ja mata

  36. Mislav says:

    Hello all,

    I wanted to share a video I made at the Berlin protest on 29.08.2020.
    This is not something I usually do, travel Europe to join protests and make videos, however, I feel the need to do most that I can in these troubling times.

    Hope you will enjoy it and please feel free to use any part of it.
    It was a great day for sure 🙂


  37. mrbarbecue says:

    James, I’m sure you likely pointed it out somewhere. But even if the Trump administration cuts its direct funding of the WHO and GAVI becomes the #1 funding body…the Trump Administration funds Gates’ GAVI…it’s just political theater from the gameshow host again.

    “And in a rare show of multilateralism, United States President Donald Trump sent a video message of support after Johnson personally reached out. Although Trump did not specify the US pledge amount in his message, the United States Agency for International Development had announced in February a pledge of US $1.16 billion.”



    The CNP and Le Cercle who manage the Trump administration are just a very right wing side of the NWO that hadn’t been in such power since Reagan, when the CNP was created likely from help from Le Cercle in Europe, the right wing counterpart to Bilderberg that’s a step up from the CFR. No surprise to me at all.

    Such showmanship that Donald…

    • mrbarbecue says:

      All through USAID if somebody didn’t make out how the US will still finance the WHO by financing GAVI, it’s the agency that was rarely written as a non-acronym when I read this, but of course, USAID = CIA, CIA will be giving the money that the White House Treasury or whatever more direct “Trump administration stoppage of funding to WHO”. Which is even scarier when you think about it.

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