How is Japan Reacting NOW? - Questions For Corbett #061

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Back in March, James answered a question about how Japan was reacting to the then-unfolding corona crisis. Now many people are asking for an update, so James takes you out to see how Japan has dealt with the viral panic and what it means for the future of the Japanese constitution.

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How is Japan Reacting to the Crisis? – Questions For Corbett #057

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Tokyo Olympics officially postponed to 2021

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Japan’s Abe Declares Nationwide State of Emergency

Japan's state of emergency is no lockdown. What's in it?

'Lockdown', Japan-style: Pressure to conform, not penalties for non-compliance

The Constitution of Japan

Abe renews call for constitutional revision, blasted over timing

All Is Not What It Seems In Sweden

Sweden’s COVID Death Rate Now Ten Times Higher than Norway’s

Did Japan Beat COVID-19 with a Decentralized Response?

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  1. marydh says:

    So much at play in Japan…social distancing (very little handshaking, physical greetings) and excellent hand hygiene compliance, masks etc. The population are much also healthier than in the west with far less obesity. In Tokyo most businesses have arranged for employees to work from home though as you say it isn’t mandatory. In fact I know of two companies who are moving to working from home for at least part of the work week going into the future. It’s very interesting though that ‘confirmed cases’ are extremely low and fatalities miniscule. More testing would expose the real extent of asymptomatic cases.

    And of course Abe wants to change the constitution to allow for an offensive army and then the US can then sell them more weapons too.

  2. smell says:

    I’m a bit surprised James hasn’t yet focused his efforts on the ongoing protests in the US.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I’m not surprised.
      This is not to say that he won’t discuss it in some future video.

      I have noticed that James follows his own path.
      I’m glad for it.
      It is independent thinking.

      Back when I first joined the Corbett Report Boards, I was puzzled sometimes when James wouldn’t cover a story or topic.
      And gosh!…Corbett would receive tons and tons of requests to do a segment on a specific topic. I’m sure he still does receive tons of requests.

    • Briar Fox says:

      He mentioned his video editor, Brock West, is on vacation. I’m sure much can be said about the civil war attempting to be cultivated, but as homeremedysupply said, I wouldn’t be surprised if James has bigger fish to fry.

      • MagicBullet says:

        The police in Japan are known to stop foreigners often for no real reason, but it’s not common for you to experience on a monthly or yearly basis. Getting stopped is quite annoying. Usually you just cooperate by showing them your residence card, tell them what you do in Japan, show them anything they want to see, and if you smile and cooperate they will let you go. If you have time and want to argue with them or even joke with them that there are more serious criminals to catch besides you, or try to get them to tell you what law you are breaking you can usually waste their time and yours if you like that, or you can tell them you want to go to the police station to complain…maybe they will even let you out of the station without looking at your stuff since you proposed the visit to the station.

        You can complain they shouldn’t stop foreigners for no reason if you want, it all depends on if you like to hang out and chat with the police to practice Japanese and if you have the time to do that. If you want to refuse to show them your stuff and get angry on the spot, it will arouse suspicion because a Japanese person would not likely refuse. If you get agitated they may try to hold you down like this guy, but it’s not common for physical violence like you might see on US police videos, and I don’t see brutality on the videos here. He’s clearly agitated and not cooperating with much at the time points seen in the videos.

        So there are 2 parts to the police stopping foreigners in Japan:
        1. Is there a real reason to stop you?, usually not. Is it “racial profiling”?, depends on your definition of race, they would likely say, “we need to confirm foreigners are following the law”. Is that discrimination, yes it definitely is.

        2. Is it likely for the Japanese police to rough you up?, no that is unlikely if you cooperate and/or are calm and negotiating in Japanese they will usually patiently listen to you…well as patient as a cop can be.

        What’s missing from the vids I can find about this guy is, 1. Did he actually make a traffic no-no?, 2. Was he adamant and agitated at showing them his car? That point is not available in these vids. He may not legally have to show them I don’t know, most Japanese and foreigners here with nothing to hide would just say ok. Personally I would joke with them while showing them my stuff that they need to spend our taxes taking on exciting criminals in the seedy parts of town not a boring guy like me and ask them if they really want to spend time making police reports. Eventually they will laugh.

        Here are the vids of the guy stopped the other day:

    • stephen says:

      James is a libertarian. If he were a Canadian living in multicultural paradises of the United States, he would be alt-right by now.
      It’s probably not a good time to be libertarian in the minds of many who are choosing sides in the racial and culture war in the U.S. right now. Those middle-grounders (or, dare I say, third positionists) will likely be viewed as an enemy combatant by one or both sides of that polarizing spectrum if things continue to Gay Op in the summer months and moving closer to the election (Soros and other actors funding and facilitating a coup in U.S. politics via weaponized mobs and their (((media))) monopoly and other psychological conditioning tools at their disposal).

      Get on the ball, here, James! It’s perfect for your worldview, and we would all benefit from your laser-focused insights onto ‘what’s really going on here’. Also, attack Israel and zionism more (through your political and open-source intelligence platform).

      P.S.: Coronavirus is fake & gay and was an op. Corbett Report was on top of that from the get-go, and likely helped convince a lot of people to that truth.

      • J-Smoove says:

        Hey Stephen,

        I will say that besides the “Dancing Israelis” and a few articles here and there, I haven’t seen much work from James pertaining to Israel and Zionism. But if I am incorrect and he has, then I will do more digging. Israel plays a huge role in what is going on, today.

    • Octium says:

      For those interested, Jeff Berwick has been doing almost daily updates recently regarding the protests and the Covid 19 connections. I do miss the hyperlinks and show notes however.

  3. MagicBullet says:

    HERE IN TOKYO there may be some differences from James in Kyoto mainly because of the larger (38 mil vs 2.8 mil) and denser population. We also had the “unenforced state of emergency” for about 2 months, just ended this week.

    1. People were strongly discouraged from riding the colossal rail system and they largely obeyed this order working from home, and the schools were all closed. I would say the trains had about 10% of the usual riders. Windows were open and everyone wore masks.

    2. Restaurants & bars did suffer and some folded. They and some gyms are reopened now, with staff assiduously wiping down everything in sight. There is some unemployment but no food lines. The supermarkets are crowded all day. Cash registers have a plastic screen to separate from customers who have social distance stickers to stand on while on line.

    3. For a while, lots of small parks were closed and the swings and slides taped up. This just made all the kids congregate in the large parks, basically climbing on top of each other-call it a kind of “kiddyland social distance”. Every day was like Sunday with families all out together at the parks and bike-paths near their homes. Shows of force in Japan are often just for show.

    4. Some large open spaces like university campuses, usually open, were closed to the public. When I asked at the gate why these infinite open spaces were closed now but not during the flu season the answer was, “covid is much more dangerous than the flu”. Another show of force for theatrical effect I thought.

    So I looked up the flu status IN JAPAN. As of yesterday, there were a total of 900 deaths from Corona Virus (case fatality of 0.05, even less because of the many positive people never tested), and 0.000007 of the population of 126.5 mil:

    IN JAPAN, the number of flu deaths for the 2019-2020 season in ONLY 21 cities were about 450 PER WEEK from Dec 2019 until mid March 2020, (scroll down a little to see the graph):

    SO THERE ARE ABOUT 10 TIMES THE NUMBER OF FLU DEATHS VS COVID DEATHS SO FAR (in spite of vaccines and treatments for the flu, not only because of lack of lockdown for the flu-and the next flu is returning in 20 weeks). Like most countries, the MSM here didn’t say much about the flu during the flu season. To their credit, the Japanese MSM don’t fear monger by showing hoards of coffins being buried in the ground and kids dying in hospitals.

  4. J-Smoove says:

    In NY, which was/is a “hot spot”, phase 1 of re-openings have begun and they plan on doing phase 2 soon. Social distancing, wearing masks, etc. are in full force over here. I personally do not wear a mask and some stores ask me to do so, but I refuse.

    With more and more people becoming wary of the lockdown, systematic racism, and the police state, protests have been rampant. Masks, social distancing, etc. have gone out of the window and some people just do not care anymore. They had a curfew in NY for the past few days but protesters do not care and still are going out there.

    There is just so much going on from so many different angles and unrest is happening a lot more than I have seen in previous years. It also seems that more people are aware and questioning things that just don’t make any sense.

    I’ve said this before, but much of what is going on was already planned from the Rockefeller’s and their ilk. Just look at their “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development” document from 2010.

    Lock Step:

    “A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback”

    People need to come together and not let that PR machine be used for division. But, that is difficult and there are also a great deal of people who really do not care about what is going on or some feel powerless and will just live their life in a systematic bubble.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks J-Smoove
      New York

    • I Shot Santa says:

      Congrats on refusing to wear a mask! I live in Greater New York, Fluorida. Haven’t been into town, or spoken to anyone for about a week and a half. So, all I can report on is the 3 ft gator who stalks my fishing float, and the gorgeous oak snake napping in a tree near me. Probably not helpful. But I seldom am.

      • Steve Smith says:

        You make me recall a character from the Carl Hiaasen novels. Bet you know the one too. 🙂

      • Steve Smith says:

        @ I Shot Santa
        You make me recall a character from the Carl Hiaasen novels. Bet you know the one too. 🙂

        Am I the only one who thought it odd that JC would describe the place he was recording from a rural area. Looked like a city to me.

        Went to the grocery store after work with my wife. It was a Winn Dixie. A fairly big chain here in Florida at least.
        Neither the wife or I wear masks and I think that my ballpark estimate of about 50% of people v sheeple in the general public is still holding.
        I was being amiable with the young lady cashier who was required by her employer to wear a mask and told her that I chose her line because I thought it was the mask free line when I saw the other couple in front of us. Whom I thanked for helping bring back a bit of sanity to the world.
        The cashier told me after pulling her mask down to her chin that she never wears it when on her own time.

        She also mentioned that they were closing the supermarket early. Because of the threat of riots.
        In Saint Petersburg Florida.

        • I Shot Santa says:

          I don’t actually read that much fiction anymore, but I’ll be checking him out! Riots in St. Petersburg? Reminds me of the Rodney King riots. Had a friend beaten because he was white. Racism works every direction. Surprised I was never attacked. I remember saying in class that I could see how a lawyer could call the beating justifiable as he always kept moving. Didn’t say it was right, but there was a lot of hostility displayed as you can imagine. Of course, back then I was in incredible shape and I’m 6’2″. Still am the same height, and will be 60 this year. Thought I was supposed to shrink into a midget. Any suggestions for a first book to read by him?

          • Steve Smith says:

            These are old novels. Too late in the evening to be able to remember the titles but they were amusing stories about corrupt Florida politics and stereotypical Florida characters. Often from a rather absurd environmental / anti development angle. I read them years ago.
            I am pretty sure that he still writes for a Miami paper.

            I certainly haven’t heard of any riots in Saint Petersburg. I just think the closings are just something for them to talk about on the six o’clock news. But I’m just guessing.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Sounds like he is definitely knowledgeable about Fluorida politics. Where the more corrupt you are, the more likely that people will vote you in as their master. Such a crazy state! But, at least it’s not boring.

            • I Shot Santa says:

              Just put his 4 books in 1 on my wishlist. Wanted to put his book on Disney in it as well,but my touchscreen was uncooperative. Probably time to buy a new dumbphone. I know, but it’s my only way to access the net out here. I pick up the cheapest ones I can find on the wally world plan. I know again, but they have better plans, cheaper phones, and better service than the telecom companies. Most of whom I boycott due to poor everything. Always helpful to read “tracphone” as it boots up. Putting it in my face like that and all.

          • harold says:

            you’re fucking funny bud!

    • idele says:

      Are you in the city? I ask because I am (not just for the sake of getting too personal!)

      I haven’t seen any evidence of Phase 1 reopening, and it seems all too convenient that this curfew was issued days before the first stages of reopening were to begin.

    • debra.b says:

      Where I live in Southwestern Connecticut is similar to what you described in NY in terms of phased reopening. Masks and social distancing are mandatory here. I know protests are going on, but I’m not out there to witness them. I believe the atmosphere or mood is similar to what you describe as well based on what my sister tells me. And, it is likely somewhat less intense and calmer where protests are concerned. With the exception of perhaps, the city of Bridgeport which borders my town to the south and possibly the other cities in Connecticut. But, again I’m not out there to witness.

      All I can report on for myself is, I had another visit with my daughter and my grandson today. We don’t wear masks, nor stay separate from each other. My mom has a glass porch in the front of her house. That’s where we visit. And, we started outside on the back deck, so progress. A few more steps and they’ll be in the front door. My grandson is nearly 4 months old and I sang him two songs that he loved. He’s a very happy, healthy baby. Thank goodness! My granddaughter, Emma was born in 2018. She was stillborn. And, my daughter has struggled for several years with infertility. She loves being a mom and she’s a wonderful one. And, my son in law is a wonderful Dad as well.

      I learned today that grandchildren are great for easing pain. But, once they’re gone….let’s just say I’m paying big for not checking myself.

      That’s not likely helpful to anyone, but figured I’ll share it anyway.

  5. mike17 says:

    The people of Japan are largely of the Shinto-Buddhist faith and thus perpetuate the high morality and code of ethics ascribed under Buddhist credo.

    The Japanese are good, decent people whom one can trust in matters of state and within the framework of legal code.

    Some anomalies to the above have long existed in Japan, however.

    One such, indeed an anachronism within an oxymoron, has been the Japanese conceptual image of women and the roles they should be made to play, both in familial and professional circumstance.

    . . . It’s not all good.

    Prostitution was operated as a standard business venue in Nippon Ginko throughout the past by wealthy bar owners who ‘farmed out’ their sub-geisha-grade girls (the term,’pimped’ would be impolite – since the Japanese dwell upon polity the term is best omitted) to business clients and customers, for a fee.

    During the Nineteen-Sixties prostitution was a common feature of the Japanese landscape, especially in the port cities, where a broad array of foreign entities, including the U.S. Navy, paid regular visits. Love was cheap in those days. . . averaging 1800 yen ($5.00 US at a time when the exchange rate of yen to dollars was 360 ~ 1) for a ‘short-time;’ slightly more for an ‘all-niter.’

    Back then the Japanese government regarded prostitution as illegal, therefore it DIDN’T EXIST. At least, this was the view taken.

    Today’s Japan, however is much streamlined from yesteryear, when the ‘geisha syndrome’ of human ownership was standard policy within a lingering framework of ancient ideology.

    Japanese women of today have attained a well deserved higher status as coeval with Japanese men, and the entire Nippon archipelago, including islands in the Ryukyu chain, have benefited.

    But still, ideological ramifications of the old tradition may be glimpsed at times, revealing the unique ‘deliberate blindness through polity’ of the gentility-oriented Japanese race.

    In dealing with recent fear tactics deployed by those who want to set the shackles of slavery on the global population, the Japanese government has waxed courageous in refusing complicity.

    It shall remain my hope that this trend on the part of the kind and benevolent people of Japan will endure forever.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I appreciate the fill-in Mike. Thanks.

    • debra.b says:

      Hi Mike17,
      You describe well the history and your heartfelt hope for the people of Japan. It was really interesting and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks very much for sharing what you know and how you’re feeling about the current crisis.

    • Alchemist says:

      Japan is beautiful; rich culture, good food, and such friendly, hospitable people. I had a great experience living in Tokyo some years back. It retrospect, I probably should have stayed! The grass there definitely looks greener… at the moment anyway.

      As for the oldest profession, every country has their own version. Can’t hold that against the Japan of today. According to the locals though, for whatever reason (to maintain a good reputation, maybe?), the Japanese tend to turn a blind eye on certain things and the low crime rates are due to lack of reporting. I will say though that I felt safer in Japan than in most every other country I’ve lived in or visited.

      I share your hope for the Japanese people; esp for the sake of our favorite Canadian transplant 🙂

      • mike17 says:

        Foooood! Yeah!

        I fell for the Japanese cuisine long ago when my ship was home-ported at Okinawa, now known as Okinawa Prefecture, Japan.

        Back then Okie was a somewhat desolate and unpopulated island with villages strung along the main highway that ran the length of the island, from White Beach at Buckner Bay to Taragawa and Kadina Air Base.

        There was a spot i favored in those days during the early-to-mid ’60’s known as Village 3, where a small restaurant, built from what looked like cinder blocks, stood in all its modest glory.

        It was my favorite place in the world at that time. Best sukiyaki on earth, IMHO, and i’ve missed it dearly every second of every hour since i was last privileged to sit at one of those meager tables.

        The little Na-san (Ruyukian dialectic of the Japanese word for young female, and i ain’t gonna try to remember how it’s spelled on Hokaido cuz’ i could get into trouble, since there are several versions and one equates to ‘old woman.’). . . would bring out my sukiyaki on a large, oval platter heaped high with all the wonderful things the orient can produce: Water chestnuts, bean sprouts, green onions, carrots, fried pork strips and other ingredients i have never known the names of.

        Hi, dozo, she would say, as she laid the platter down on my table and walked away.

        Not long ago i took a Google Earth voyage back to Okinawa hoping to locate my old haunts, but the place has changed so much that nothing looked familiar and the once beautiful, sub-tropical area at Buckner Bay had become a plethora of jumbled infrastructure, where once only the gin-clear aquamarine waters of the Bay were in evidence, with a Navy enlisted mens’ club set back against the base of the hill leading up from Pier One, posing as an anomaly against the otherwise austere waterfront.

        I guess they called it Pier One because it was the only pier at White Beach capable of mooring a large vessel.

        Okinawa as it used to be will always remain in my memory. I just wish it were still possible to get a plate of sukiyaki like they served at the Blue Ribbon.

        • Alchemist says:

          My goodness, thank you for transporting me to that beautiful place. Sounds heavenly. I needed that. Google street view vacations are always a big disappointment. Jumping into a time capsule Haruki Murakami style is much more satisfying… but now I am left with an insatiable craving for sukiyaki

          • mike17 says:

            Well, Alchemist, you’d just better go and find yerselph a good plateful before the world ends, which seems likelier every day!

            We all deserve at least one heavenly treat to quell the slings and arrows of otherwise drab existence.

            If you wanna go for the higher cadre, sukiyaki (pronounced, s’kyaki) is definitely the way to go!

            Here in Blairsville, Georgia we don’t have a Japanese restaurant. Several Chinese, but no authentic Japanese.


            . . . Hey, i just remembered buying some general Tso’s frozen Chicken last visit to Wally!

            Think i’ll just slide one into the MW.

            Bleah. Old age is not for the squeamish.


            “I’ve a neater sweeter maiden
            in a cleaner greener land.”

            Gone now, but never forgotten.

    • harold says:


      your zipper’s down mike!

  6. Briar Fox says:

    Despite 15 cases and 0 deaths my county is the only county in the Pacific Northwest to have written mask wearing within businesses as a law. Although the police said they will not enforce this law, due to lack of staff, those who refuse, find themselves the rage of their “community.” I was shown the other day a picture of someone not wearing a mask in the grocery store and they got chased out, heckled and flipped off in the parking lot. People were openly calling for their death and or punishment on Facebook with over 100 comments for and only 1 voice shedding light on the lunacy. As I hear from family around the country where things are loosening up, things are getting tighter here and there is no room for descenting voices. The extreme liberal forces that exist here have made this the new plight of political correctness. I moved to this island a decade ago, fully appreciating the free nature of the individuals who inhabited here, amazingly talented artists, past hippies and back to the Landers, but from what I’ve seen in recent years, sheep gone to pasture. Mr. Gates has a home in my county so I wonder how much sway people like him have over my council members and treating this island as an experiment in a vacuum chamber with it’s disassociation to loosening measure on the mainland.

    • Briar Fox says:

      Word of advice, don’t move to a small community populated by far left liberals.

    • debra.b says:

      Wow! That’s awful, Briar Fox. The Governors have really all shown themselves to be mindless psychopaths. Some definitely more so than others. Oh, gosh and Gates has a home in your county. Geez! Well, maybe while he’s helping to “reimagine” education in NYC, someone will take him out. I, mean sure he’s easily replaceable for the powers that shouldn’t be, but at least he won’t be in your county anymore.

      • Briar Fox says:

        Here is his home and the article correlates the Gates’ to heavens gate keeper. What a joke.

      • mike17 says:

        Hi, debra.b

        . . . My take on state governors is that most of them are gutless cowards exulted onto their petty thrones via despot money and power.

        . . . Stolen money and undeserved power.

        They (governors) lack the inner moxie to act in a truly human way, being mere puppets held in servitude to the vested interests.

        Remember back about eight years ago when all the broadcast media and Fourth Estate pubs were playing down the Mayan prophecy about the end of the world?

        I must have at least 10 DVDs in my collection, some with multiple movie features, dealing with end-of-the-world scenarios. . . all based on the Mayan prophecy.

        There are perhaps three that i enjoyed watching, but only because of the semantic of action-adventure; i never thought for even a second that the world would end.

        No – the ‘end of the world’ has ever been the catch phrase used by holy men and prophets to allegorize the end of a great, or even lesser, cycle of time and the incipience of a new civilization.

        It is well established in the occult world that there are Seven great cycles and that present-day humanity is caught up in the Fourth. The Doctrine of Cycles is a fascinating study that can paint a clear image of our current position for those who wish to study.

        Without going into further detail, let me just say that according to the Secret Doctrine of the East there are sidereal and human cycles, both of which operate concurrently and bear noticeable effects on human life.

        At the ends of old cycles and the beginnings of new, a roiling destruction takes place in which the old form construct of the past is destroyed to make way for what will eventually come.

        Recall the Phoenix idiom, where the winged seraph rises up from the dust and ashes and spreads her wings to fly!

        • mike17 says:

          As i see it, the world of today is reeling from the awesome power of the new sidereal year, which dawned in the early morning hours (depending on where you are located) of December 21, 2012.

          As i wrote above, all the media made light of, even ridiculed the Mayan and other, similar 2012 prophecies, so that the air waves fairly dripped with sarcasm on December 20, the eve of the great change.

          On the morning of December 21st the sun rose as usual and humanity returned to the usual, mundane routine, perhaps thinking the prophecy had been false. But just four short years later Donald Trump was ushered onto the catbird seat (after benefiting from Rothschild intervention against Hillary) and thus began the big upset.

          Now we see the whole world caught up in a roiling miasma of constant change, which in some ways threatens our very survival (especially if you’re a white person).

          But all change is unwelcome at the beginning, whereas it inevitably gains full acceptance in the fullness of time – and i’m not referring to dictatorship; such life stultifying circumstance as that always ends and the people emerge into a better world, now ‘educated’ in all the ways of avoiding the same hardship, ever again.

          There is every reason to be of good cheer.

          We are not alone; we have friends.

    • redrose says:

      Hi Briar Fox. I also live in NW. Curry County, bottom of Oregon on coast; we have had 6 cases, no deaths. Now, over 3/4 of us aren’t wearing masks in store. Quite a few of us never wore masks, or wore just a couple times to avoid a scene. Killing people left and right…..ha!

      Very right wing here, altho there is an extreme left contigent. Here I stand in middle…or above?

      Luckily Oregon left our beaches open, except one far north. looks like we will be allowed to go to Phase II this weekend.

      I lived in Snohomish County for 27 years. I wonder if your Island is in Sno-Isle Library district, where I worked. Probably not, tho, now that I think about it. Gates probably would not choose Island county to have a house in….

      • Briar Fox says:

        Hmm, sounds a little more civil. You literally can’t not wear one here without being heckled. I got kicked out of the hardware store the other day. The lady who I see, 4 times a week for over 2 years, suddenly flipped on me, pointing and yelling at me to go like someone shames their dog. And she claimed that people like me are trying to make her lose her job by not being a law abiding citizen. Postal employee claimed that I was so self righteous for not wearing a mask, that I might as well not wear cloths into public. I’ve sat down with this man, shared meals and given him sought advice. I’m just so sad that people will throw away their humanity under the pretense of fear… It is now very easy for me to see how attrocities happen. Not saying that this is one, but an example of the behavior / energy. I’m familiar with Snohomish. I’m in San Juan county. Gates is on Shaw. I’m not sure that it is 66000 sq ft like his home in Seattle, maybe just 6660 or something or the like.

  7. отец says:

    What’s it like in my neck of the woods? Well, James, what’s the most important thing you remember about Alberta?

    My wife and I went out for supper last night since the restaurants have begun opening up recently after being closed for the last couple of months. All of the staff were wearing masks, something never seen around here before, and at least every second table was kept empty. Playing on the big screen TV’s… what else but an old Smythe Division final between Edmonton and Calgary (since the NHL season was shutdown), which made us feel young again. Gretzky wasn’t playing, so that meant I couldn’t pretend I was a teenager. Fuhr was playing though, so we could pretend we were in out first year of marriage awaiting the arrival of our first child. I should have asked the waitress to ID us, but then I guess my wife couldn’t have order that Margarita since she would have been pregnant when that game was originally played. (I was never a hockey fan and thought the rivalry between Calgary and Edmonton, and everywhere else for that matter, was ridiculous, but it’s difficult to escape it in Alberta, as I’m sure you remember.)

    Last week, I was refused entry into a store because I didn’t have a face mask. This also happened to one of our daughters at another store. Both of us simply went to different stores. I refuse to wear a mask, at least at this point, because I refuse to encourage the hysteria that is causing an increase in mental health problems and apparently increased suicide attempts. Thus, for the safety of others, I’m not wearing a mask. I may reconsider this in the future if I need to avoid legal repercussions, but for now, this seems best for the safety of others.

    The buses and LRT have never been so clean inside. Luckily, I still have my March transit passes, which will be good for the last half of June when they start collecting fares again.

    PS: Next time you’re speaking with James Pilato, ask him if he’s heard of THE smalls.

  8. Cloudy says:

    German Basic Law (Grundgesetz) shares the same history than the Japanese Constitution, but unfortunately our current leaders are ignoring it – for our own safety of course… People protesting with nothing else in their hands than the book of the Grundgesetz where taken away by the police. Police in Berlin claimed having the Grundgesetz in the hands is a political statement – which is not allowed on the kind of protests they allow. Because none of the serious protesters wants violence, a lot of people protests by “Ignorance Meditation” (google it and you find videos) in front of the Reichstag. That led our government to fence in the green in front of the Reichstag. They should just install some signs: “Democracy unwanted”

    Germans who know their history, people who suffered in East Germany (DDR) are on high alert. But the vast majority likes the strong leaders (again) and wear their masks proudly. The stricter the measures, the higher the ratings. Everybody who asks questions is a fascist, tinfoil head, conspiracy Nazi.

    Where protests became too obvious, Antifa (some call them Merkel Youth) is on its way to ridicule peaceful protesters with the usual tactics. When in Stuttgart up to 7000 protesters showed up, Antifa used a little more force with bombs on trucks (assumption as so far unconfirmed) and beating people (confirmed) – one is almost dead. They accused him of being right wing.

    Although we have some very good senior Doctors and Politicians brave enough telling the truth (e.g. The powers (Mother Merkel, Health Minister Spahn who used to be a Pharma Lobbyist, and Prof. Drosten, the guy who developed THE PCR test, he is almost independent from the BMGF) are strong and the Media is payed either directly (2,3 Million by BMGF for the Spiegel) or indirectly (e.g. by

    Today the Antifa is announcing BLM protest, I believe we should rename it to MLM (Menschheitsfamilen Life Matters). Menschheitsfamilie = Human Family, a term coined by Dr. Daniele Ganser, Swiss Historian and Peace Researcher.

  9. Alchemist says:

    Day 90 of lockdown here in Cali. Restaurants only open for take-out. Grocery stores and pharmacies open. Pretty much everything else closed. Masks required. Just when people started awakening and feeling safe enough to leave their homes, the Floyd incident happened. Back to “group think”… nobody learned anything. It’s almost as if the lockdown never happened. Covid is a fading memory as rioters tear apart cities and threaten to burn down residential neighborhoods. Increased police presence. Swat gear, the works. Oh and if you point out that black people are being exploited through BLM, you will be labeled a cold-hearted racist. To prove you are not racist, you must fully support the protests; destruction and all.

    • J-Smoove says:

      “Oh and if you point out that black people are being exploited through BLM, you will be labeled a cold-hearted racist. To prove you are not racist, you must fully support the protests; destruction and all”

      That is unfortunate that you personally deal with that type of asinine and flawed logic. Pointing that out, doesn’t make someone racist at all.

      I am black and Puerto Rican and am fully aware that some of these groups have been infiltrated or created by intelligence agencies. Looting and violence is terrible, no matter how you slice it. But, I also have both a personal and logical understanding of how impoverished minorities are fed up with systematic racism, prejudice and the police state. I also know of eugenics and how the end goal for the elite is total control over all of us who aren’t apart of their bloodline. That doesn’t take away from the fact that minorities have been targeted through out American history (slavery, Jim Crow laws, war on drugs, planned parenthood, and the list goes on).

      But at the end of the day, we are all people and keeping us divided is what they want. Some may not see the full picture and are just fighting and pushing back the way they know how.

      • Alchemist says:

        Oh I know. I’m not black, but I’ve had close black friends and have seen them treated unfairly bc of their skin color. It’s a real issue; there’s no denying that. Violent protests certainly don’t help improve black stereotypes, but I can see how things escalated so quickly. A large percentage of the protesters are jobless and mentally vulnerable after being locked down for 3months; add the insane media circus to the mix and you have a recipe for disaster. Last week we were “all in this together” and now it’s black vs white all over again. It’s shocking how quickly everyone shifted gears. Isolation + TV + FB = full hypnosis. I wonder if the controllers are disappointed by how easy it’s been to control the masses. No challenge whatsoever. Takes all the fun out of it, right?

        • J-Smoove says:

          Agreed. It went from “Corona Virus Pandemic” to “Unrest in America”. The media just exploits the situation and will race bait everything. Race and classism are real issues. That is beyond clear, but they use it to divide people and promote hate. A lot of these protests have been peaceful. The protest in my neighboring areas have been peaceful but they want to focus on looting and rioting because it carries out their agenda.

          This article is pertaining to a town near me:

          Merrick Residents Confront Black Lives Matter Protesters:

          MERRICK, NY — A peaceful protest over the death of George Floyd was disrupted by a group of mostly white Merrick residents Tuesday night. The residents wanted Nassau County police to stop the protesters from marching down Merrick Road.

          The protesters were initially stopped by police, reports said. Residents were concerned about violence breaking out due to posts made on social media earlier in the day.

          Nassau County police marched around the protesters to separate them from the residents, many of whom were yelling at the protesters to go home. Some residents yelled “Go west!”, urging the protesters to head toward Freeport, which has a diverse population. Merrick is more than 90 percent white.

          Nassau County police Commissioner Patrick Ryder said his officers surrounded the protesters while they marched down Merrick Road to protect them from anti-protesters.

          “We surrounded the protesters because we protect all of the protesters, no matter what side of the argument they’re on,” he said. “The First Amendment was exercised, and then everybody went home peacefully.”

          • J-Smoove says:

            An article like the above causes anger from minorities because it is portrayed that all of the white residents were against the protests and that probably wasn’t even the case. Of course, some are against it and are afraid. Long Island is one of the most segregated places in America, and of course some may even be racists but that doesn’t account for all white people.

            I just hope that real change comes from this, honestly. Change that will bring us together to push back against the system and 1%, elite, or whatever we want to call it.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Good post.
              The “Karen” meme – My definition – privileged, entitled, typically affluent and white with “a spoiled adult demanding behavior”

              I had to look it up and watch some videos to grasp the concept after James and James mentioned it on New World Next Week.

              On my most recent grunt job of hard manual labor out in the weather all day for 2 years, my co-workers and I would deal with over 100 people per day.
              Occasionally, we would have a person fitting the “entitled, uppity, having special rights” description. (They could be male or female and any ethnic background).
              We never called them “Karen”.

              Sometimes, one of us would lose our temper at the demeaning attitude and lay into the person with rolling loud cursive street language.
              Their lack of empathy and understanding would bring on some fiery incidents.
              Some of us were as white looking as crackers can be, but probably much more verbally ferocious than co-workers who were of minority backgrounds.
              It was Jim Bob language at its finest.
              (Jim Bob is “I shot Santa”)

              • J-Smoove says:

                The “Karen”. Hahaha!! Great story, Homeremedy. I have certainly dealt with those who think they are God’s gift to the world and are above those of “inferior” class status. I usually get a kick out of that silly behavior and entitlement. I just don’t take people like that seriously. They are a joke to me.

              • debra.b says:

                I had heard that just prior to seeing it here. I had no idea what it was referring to. Just figured likely some absurd thing on social media I had no use for. I didn’t look it up. I’m glad you did, HRS. Great story! Love it.

                And, I too know exactly the type that’s referring to. Used to have to deal with them all the time at work, whether co-workers or customer. But, I’m a get along gal. The Smile you can always count on. Smile comes across my face when I’m nervous. Heck, I can’t control it. I don’t know how to be anyone other than who I am. And, now I can do what I wanted to do so many times with people like that. Avoid them at all costs. Illness has its’ perks! Lil joke.

                I happen to know from the very last job I tried to do before going the disability route. And, later some unpaid volunteer work I managed to do from home. That those types grew massively and their nasty behavior heightened thanks to the likes of American Idol and Fakebook. I had a front row seat to the “freak show.” As George Carlin said.

                HRS, I hope it’s okay to ask, is that work you do like on loading docks? I ask because I used to work for a trade show company. And, when I needed a break from those types or whomever. The loading docks was where I headed. Grabbed a hot dog for lunch back there. Hot chocolate in the morning. Anyway, that was like 15 years ago. Just curious.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            – Answering Debra –
            Before April 2020, I worked at a “Donation Drop” for used items about 5 minutes from my current cement floor, old duplex. The multi-national company which ran it did over a billion dollars a year in revenue. My donation drop spot was the busiest in the nation and in a very affluent area. I knew the area well, because I fully gifted my ex our nice house when we divorced. It also was 5 minutes away.
            Mostly, it would just be two of us grunts working, but sometimes 3 or 4 if we were lucky. Non-stop, all day like the drive thru at McD’s, but outside in a parking lot with a truck in any kind of weather. Daily, over a hundred car and pick-up truck loads of stuff which I had to ensure was safely packed and sorted, before accepting and/or loading.
            The recycling and reuse distribution networks are fascinating in themselves. The following video barely scratches the surface.
            (3 minutes)

            During the 80’s, when I was in the women’s apparel business, I became very familiar with Leftovers.
            Follow the “Leftover” SUB-THREAD which leads to interesting details.
            (Above and below this link are tidbits about other things like Books and miscellaneous)

            In the very early 80’s I sold jeans on the street corners of poor black neighborhoods in cities all around the country.
            The jeans evolved eventually into selling women’s apparel.
            The recent George Floyd protests remind me of the days when I sold jeans in the black ghetto…
            from Washington DC Black ghetto to Hollywood ,Terry, an old friend…
            Terry was great in the movie “Stuck on You”.

            Sometimes, we all probably think: “It is a wonder I am still alive.” Ya know those Floyd Protest videos where a mob beats the living crap out of someone. I once hit two dozen fists with my face in a Washington D.C. projects. I would not fall on the ground though, and in fact, when I backed away, I was so pissed that I was repeatedly yelling “I want the guys that hit me to come here” while a crowd of more than a hundred gathered around. Finally, after no one came, I left…thank God. My body hurt and I stayed in bed for about 3 days. I well remember Terry coming downstairs to check on me and trying to cheer me up. If you watch the videos at the above link, you can see how his eyes sparkle with humor.

  10. alexandre says:

    Brazil’s situation seems to be similar, with the exception that it’s Brazil, so there isn’t a lockdown and there is a lockdown at the same time. There’s “the law” and there is the people’s law, which curiously goes much further, in terms of restrictions and oppression, than the real law. For instance, I looked up the actual law that forces people to wear masks, and the law (actually a “law project”) specifically says that the law is only for “public workers or functionaries of commerce that deal with the public” etc, having a special paragraph reiterating that it is specifically for public workers, NOT for everyone. When I commented this with a friend, who didn’t read any law in his life, he immediately said “no, no, that law already changed and it’s now mandatory for everyone”.
    And wallah, a miracle, there’s a law in effect that is not written anywhere, but that everybody follows fanatically, leaving zealots in Judea looking like Zappa.

    Brazil reached a new ecumenical transcendental level, in which laws of oppression manifest spontaneously without any need for their real existence on paper, being already in effect before any ministerial meetings, to the amazement of every politician. Everyone instantaneously “know” what the laws must be at any given minute, so much that sometimes the police has to inform the person that he’s (she’s / it’s) actually not breaking any law, preventing people from handcuffing themselves and throwing themselves into jail, vigorously demanding “a fair trial” which must sentence them to yugas in prison. I’m thinking about a new gadget to make my fortune; the “self-taser”, a cool kind of iWatch looking wrist thing that discharges 50.000 volts at the press of a button. Oh, I’m gonna be the next Bezos with this thing. People doing triple McCormicks all over the place.

    At the end Brazil will win the fight against tyranny simply by being so incoherent that Ahriman, Lucifer and Iblis will call a ministerial meeting to try to decipher what the fuck is wrong with this country.

    • tsepati says:


      I am not sure to which other report(s) you refer to, Alexandre, when you state that “Brazil’s situation seems to be similar”. (Are you, and if so, where, in Brazil?)

      I can report from a larger capital city in the north, and from reports from friends elsewhere. There is some information herebelow which I think to be of general relevance.

      Of course, there is a lot of scaring and induced panic as elsewhere. But it is hard to contest that, for here, as far as I can tell, REALLY MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DYING. I am not referring to the official numbers, which are still comparable to other countries and, in the case of Brazil, seem rather to vastly undercount (although also here anybody dying WITH the virus is counted as a victim OF the virus; but, apparently, many die at home or for other reasons are not reported).

      But only by anecdotal evidence and own observation: several of my colleagues and friends have gotten seriously ill, some of them were hospitalized, and their lungs and sometimes hearts and other organs are diagnosed to have been seriously injured, perhaps lastingly. I do not know how to interpret that, this does not seem to be the Covid-19 that I have learned about in Europe or the US or other parts of the world.

      In particular, several of my friends have lost close people: uncles, colleagues, cousins, close friends. One friend of mine has lost 8 closer persons in two weeks. And many of these do not belong to the risk groups, but are under 60 and generally healthy. I believe this is NOT just an untypical exception and INDEED representative for what is going on at least in some cities. Again, very different from countries in the northern hemisphere.

      From friends in Rio, who are active in the poor townships, I hear that death is (or has been) everywhere; they are even using the word “genocide”. Again, very different from other places in the world, and not understood by me. This seems to be clearly not only the effect of scaremongering; there seems something else to be going on, as possibly has in some parts of New York and perhaps Italy (concerning the many doctors and nurses dying).

      So, when I state here that SARS-CoV-2 has proven to be not much more dangerous than a bad seasonal flu, I am immediately, and understandably, dismissed and discredited. Which makes any talk about a global coup-de-etat or hidden agenda almost impossible.

      I believe we really need to understand what is happening here, because the images from here can be used to spread panic elsewhere. Also, whatever is going on here can perhaps also be done/happening elsewhere in the “2nd wave”.

      So far, I see three possible explanations, or combinations of these; there may be other factors:

      1) here in Brazil we may have a different version of SARS-CoV-2 which actually IS more dangerous (or a different virus altogether, although the same –true, questionable– tests for the virus and antibodies are being used);

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • alexandre says:

        Well, hello, fellow Brazilian. I was referring to lockdowns being mandatory – and when I say Brazil I have São Paulo in mind, so I should make that correction. São Paulo is not Brazil (thank god).

        Now, what you say is what I have been hearing from friends as well – I’m near São Paulo – and my sister did a pol on facebook and collected 100 plus deaths of close up people (not statistics), people reporting friends or relatives dying. She’s convinced something is indeed killing people. Another friend sent email saying she has 4 people in the family working in health who had many reports of people dying, in UTI (IC) and so on. I raised this flag here before, but only got comments believing to be just propaganda etc. It checks out with what you report. Can’t be COVID, so probably some kind of bio-or-something-weapon? Targeted to specific countries? It seems different from other places indeed (except NY and Italy?). I was hoping it was just misunderstandings, false statistics, hysteria etc, but the reports of close people dying are coming from different sources, you being the latest. Does it have anything to do with Bolsonaro and how he seems to not be getting on the COVID bandwagon? My sister told me of a nurse she met on FB that told her she was seeing weird shit going on at the hospital – doctors fighting over death certificates, forcing people to mark down COVID etc, which fits with the “incentives” to raise the statistics, so I thought that was it, as in other countries, but the deaths seem to be real and above normal, so I don’t know what to think anymore. How can we investigate or know anything about this? I’m a recluse in the countryside practically in quarantine for the last 15 years, so I’m not exactly an activist, and I’m totally out of mainstream, so I really don’t know much. So, keep us informed.

        • cu.h.j says:

          It might be a more virulent strain in certain areas, though I have seen people get very ill from “COVID 19” where I live in California. However, there may be other factors at play, individual genetics, and immune response. Statistically, however, I still think that the overall risk of death is more akin to Flu. The flu can be very serious, life threatening.

          I have seen young people get very sick from that as well, even require hospitalization and intubation. Granted most of these individuals had some type of health problem like asthma.

          I have also seen people in their 80s with no symptoms (in the case of “Covid 19” anyway).

          The fact is that people still do die of the flu too, but nothing has been shut down for that “pandemic” that occurs every year. I do think “Covid 19” can in specific cases be orders of magnitude more dangerous than flu, but if the numbers weren’t fudged, it would likely indicate that “Covid-19” kills fewer people than the flu. This is my suspicion, at least what I see in California working in a high acuity emergency department.

          Perhaps the government is leaking a more deadly strain here and there, but I haven’t heard any conclusive evidence that they have. I wouldn’t put it past them, but I am more inclined to think that “Covid-19” started out in a bioweapons lab in China and the strain changed as it traveled and different people in different regions respond differently to it.

          I don’t think there’s much evidence to show that lockdowns help preserve life because of all the financial and health ramifications of doing that, ie the economic consequences and the health effects of lockdown. I have seen increases in people avoiding coming into the hospital for life-threatening emergencies and I have seen people lose health insurance and a decline in mental and physical health. The lockdown is more deadly than the virus and governments know this and that fact is why it is so suspicious and blatantly evil that they continue these restrictions despite that fact.

          • Alchemist says:

            I also think it’s real and the unpredictability makes me nervous. There could be an environmental factor making it worse or a more virulent strain… or the wrong treatment. I don’t know what treatments they’re using in Brazil, but it’s sounds like ventilators were killing Covid patients in US.

            Now they think it might be a blood vessel disease, which makes sense

            • Cloudy says:

              Dr. Wodarg, who was talking truth already about the swine flu,
              is pointing out that hydroxychloroquine is causing harms, whenever people have Favism (Favism or glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency). Favism is beneficial if you live in malaria areas. Therefore it is more prominent in males with ancestors coming from the malaria regions.

              It is a known fact – but somehow the WHO is not pointing it out (anymore). He is very upset about the fact, as he knows how ruthless the players are.

              Could that be a factor in Brazil as well?

              Details from

              “Chloroquine may kill many people in Africa, Chicago and elsewhere!18.4.2020
              WHO and many others advocate the use of hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) if the SARS-CoV-2 test is positive. HCQ is an old malaria drug, used also with autoimmune diseases but is not officially approved for Covid-19. Most of the recent studies with HCQ (more than 100 on 18.4.2020, 35 new ones last week), which have now been registered in rapid succession, also want to use HCQ alone or in combination with other drugs. HCQ is already being used like that even in completely healthy people „for the prevention of severe courses“. It is also used prophylactically for medical staff. The recommended dose is about 20 times as high as for malaria prophylaxis! (400-800mg per day). The „compassionate“ use and the production (e.g. in Cameroon) of HCQ is currently being ramped up especially in Africa
              But so far there is no sufficient evidence for a positive clinical effect of HCQ in SARS-CoV-2 positives, let alone in test negatives.

              However, HCQ is one of the drugs that causes severe damage to red blood cells in cases of hereditary glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (G6PD) deficiency.
              The erythrocytes then burst en masse. Their debris clogs the smallest blood vessels and damages sensible organs like kidneys and brain. In addition erythrocytes are then missing to transport oxygen throughout the body. This is one of the reasons why there is severe shortness of breath without typical signs of peumonia.
              The acute symptoms improve spontaneously after the dangerous medication is stopped, thanks to a rapid normalisation of the blood count.
              Other serious side effects of HCQ like arrhythmia or eye damage do not have this hereditary background.

              In WHO there is little attention to the fact, that in sub-Saharan Africa, for example, the hereditary G6PD deficiency is widespread among 20-30% of the population? But also in other Countries, where malaria was or still is endemic, there is a high prevalence of G6PD deficiency . It must also be remembered in families with a migration background e.g. in Chicago (10 to 12%), New York and elsewhere.
              Johns Hopkins University is warning not to use „Aspirin, certain antibiotics (which?),Fava beans and Moth balls“ but does not mention chloroquin derivates!

              If people with G6PD deficiency get this HCQ-prophylaxe or therapy the symptoms will appear soon.
              1-2 days after the start of treatment a very severe clinical picture with sudden weakness, dizziness, respiratory distress and signs of organ damage may end deadly, if the toxic medication is not stopped immediately.

              [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

            • alexandre says:

              Hi, Alchemist. I was gonna reply to tsepati that, to find out, indeed I would start by looking at what’s going on at the hospitals. If it’s not a frequency thing, something might be going on there, somehow. As I said, this super virus mega killer doesn’t make sense to me at all. There are so many trillions of viruses that we’d all be dead by now. It’s gotta be something else. And what’s happening at hospitals is suspicious. I’ll see if my sister does another pol asking for hospital people to report something. Holly shit, “qué momento” my grandmother would say. “What a moment”.

            • cu.h.j says:


              I’ve seen the following things happen in patients that get sick, elevated Liver enzymes, and elevated D dimer along with severely decreased oxygen saturation and the requirement of supplemental oxygen as part of the treatment. The elevated D dimer indicates clotting disorder/coagulopathy that can cause strokes and heart attacks potentially.

              I have seen this happen in a few young people, some in their 30s, but not often, this has been uncommon. My co-worker who got very sick was morbidly obese and worked night shift which is bad for the immune system, but only 32. She went to ICU, but did recover.

              My point is that there do appear to be some outliers who get sick from “Covid 19”. Because it presents as an infection, I feel confident in presuming it’s an infectious disease not an environmental exposure per se. This is because people come in with a fever, chills, cough, or diarrhea. The fever and chills in my understanding are unique to infection. However, I’m not a doctor and “expert”.

              While this is kinda scary to me, the risk of being one of these outliers and the fact that I work with people who actually test positive for “Covid 19” including people who are symptomatic and coughing, I think the risk of getting sick and dying from it is still overall relatively low. I do use PPE though, but I was coughed on before with minimal protection and never got sick.

              There are so many things that can kill us during the course of the day besides “Covid 19”. I think it’s good to keep in mind that everyone dies at some point, no getting around it, something is gonna get me eventually and I’m not worried about it. I go running to keep my body in shape and try to eat healthily and don’t smoke. I take zinc and lysine along with other vitamins. I think if other people improved their state of health the risk of any infectious disease killing them will be less likely.

              About the ventilators, I did notice my coworker was put one pretty early. I thought that was unusual. The rationale for ventilators is to reduce the work of breathing along with “prone positioning” face down to maximize oxygen exchange in the alveoli where the virus attacks and also where gas exchange occurs-oxygen is transferred from the air to the blood. The “cytokine storm” is what causes the inflammation and pulmonary edema making oxygen exchange very difficult in the alveoli. But ventilators can cause damage to the lungs in the process and they should only be used if eminent death will occur without it and the person or family wants it.

              • debra.b says:

                Hi c.u.h.j.
                Although your reply was to Alchemist. I just wanted to thank you for providing all of the medical knowledge that you have here and in many other comment threads. It’s been very helpful as I’m struggling to gain perspective. Being in poor health doesn’t help either.

                Doctors don’t know all that much more than you do from what I can tell. Either way, I regard everyone who treats me as a patient as important. Even those who answer the phone. Before CV19, I was seen regularly and often by several doctors. The whole experience matters, so everyone counts. 🙂

                I’ve had some video visits with my doctors. Others have postponed to this month. One has already been switched to a video visit, the other not yet. But, barring any emergencies on my part. I imagine it will be postponed due to the level of specialist she is. She’ll likely message me to check in. I’m presuming. I could be wrong.

                Anyway, thank you very much! I sincerely do appreciate the knowledge you share.

              • Alchemist says:

                Very interesting. I always appreciate your perspective and am grateful to hear about your experiences treating Covid patients. I read that those with Type A blood are at higher risk of complications. I haven’t had the chance to look into it yet, but I suspect that might also be true for those with a MTHFR mutation…

                Is there anything we can do to prevent a cytokine storm from occurring?

          • alexandre says:

            I’m pretty sure it’s not COVID or flu killing people – in the places deaths are indeed above normal. I’m guessing some frequency thing, HAARP, 5G, something like this. Or poison, I don’t know. But I have nothing to back up my intuitions and opinions after so much info. It’s my feeling. This talk of strands and bio-weapon for some reason doesn’t fit in the rest of the operation. David Icke, of the opinion that there is no virus, says something that makes sense, that if you release a real bio weapon, soon you don’t have control of the situation anymore. If you just manipulate the perception of the pandemic, on the other hand, you have full control – when it goes down then up again etc. And some real deaths here and there for credibility wouldn’t be too difficult to produce. Something along those lines sound more like it to me. With so much at stake for them – all the Global Warming / Technocracy Agenda 21 New World agenda they have been building up for so many years, they can’t take a chance of a real pandemic getting out of control. Never forget Event 201 and how all this is planned. Like in the sim they have to have full control. Something like that.

            Whatever the case may be, we are definitely screwed, it looks like.

            • cu.h.j says:


              I’ve seen very sick people at work with some kind of virus, they say it’s “COVID 19” but I’m sure it’s a virus because of the fever and chills. It looks a lot like bad flu. We don’t have a lot of 5G here in my city as far as I know and because of the symptoms I see of people coming into my work I’m inclined to think it’s a “legitimate” virus”

              Having said that, I can’t account for what other people might be experiencing where they live and I am not saying that you are wrong. All I can say for certain is that I don’t care what it is, I’m not afraid and am not going to live in fear and am going to do what I can to stop it.

              The lockdowns are most harmful to personal freedom and that’s enemy number 1 for me. Additionally, nothing every unfolds perfectly according to plan, therefore I do not think we are “definitely screwed” in fact I think we will win!

        • debra.b says:

          Hi Alex,
          I’m sorry to hear of what is happening where you are or where you are near and have first hand accounts from family and friends. I think if that’s your truth, then that’s your truth. I personally am in no position to contradict you or anyone else for that matter as far as what you’re experiencing. There’s so much happening so quickly I’m having a difficult time keeping it straight. Outside of what’s happening right around me which is not much because I stay home. Except, I now can go once per week to my sister’s house for a visit. I don’t know anything for certain. I have thoughts mostly of how will I help my family survive this. And, if their plan is to kill us with some bio weapon or psychologically traumatize everyone, some literally, to death. Then, I doubt I’ll make it out alive. I’ll try, but odds are stacked against me. I won’t be hauled off to some FEMA camp. I’ll go wherever my family goes though, That I do know. I know I’m likely not much help, but I share anyway.

          • alexandre says:

            Yeah, debra, I hear you. Since we are stuck with the majority that believes on TV, it doesn’t look good at all. My comment above serves as a reply to you also. I’m swamped in a job and have to be quick, unfortunately. Sorry about that, but what I think is more or less up there. We’re all doing what we can, and I can’t believe we’re talking in these terms. I never thought…

          • cu.h.j says:


            Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate it. I do enjoy providing my interpretations and thoughts on CV 19. My interpretations might be more based on “western medicine” just because that’s the only modality I know presently. I would like to expand my knowledge to be able to practice another modality in addition.

            I do think there are certain aspects of western medicine that are beneficial and for some diseases but it’s not the end all be all and I think that less is more in relying on it. I still enjoy biological science and the scientific method as a guiding principle. I obtained a bachelor’s degree in Molecular and Cell biology before going to nursing school. I do recognize the limitations of what I know though because I do not have a doctoral degree and expertise in research.

            I think there are always ways to improve health, diet, and exercise are very important in addition to stress reduction and getting enough r and r. The mind has a profound influence on the body.

            • debra.b says:

              I agree, there is value. My family physician oversees my care. He’s the best. My physician since I was 12. My mom, my kids see him too. He studied medicine in Italy. Not sure, but it’s something I think to point to in terms of his knowledge. We’ve discussed the differences. Not in great detail, but he humors me.

              I’ve been at this for 16 years. I know my various symptoms well. I’ve a good understanding of my health issues. For a patient. I try my best to know what I can whenever something new develops. I usually know if something is really off. But, my specialists don’t always listen to me.

              I used to treat with some non medicinal therapies. I chose to utilize physical therapy for longer periods than one might. There were benefits both mentally and physically. I was fortunate to find a highly skilled, specialized physical therapist. She was in Long Island, NY. I tried others closer to where I live, but they didn’t have her skill. It was costly, however. The more health issues I developed, the more medical bills. I’ve had to make that choice a few times. The other issue is that medicare doesn’t cover natural health physicians. Not in Connecticut. Their regular policy covers it, but not the Medicare advantage plan. Here’s a fun one. I was approved for medical marijuana. Legal here, but because it’s not legal federally my lawyer said they’d use it to kick me off disability. Disability does keep one entirely dependent on Western medicine. Plus, they track you and conduct reviews.

              My diet was better balanced before the lockdown. Now the goal is urgent to keep as much weight on as I can. I’m abnormally underweight due to a rare incurable esophageal motility disorder. I had surgery in 2018, a last resort treatment to manage symptoms. What’s been happening to me is my disorder, plus partial after effects of surgery. I also have a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth which they’ve been treating for a year. Finished my third round of double antibiotics in January. Follow up testing postponed. The overgrowth may start to use up nutrients. It has done so with iron. I had iron infusions to treat. It also may cause further weight loss. These are my most pressing issues. There’s more. My health history is a horror of details. Yes, the mind can wreak havoc. At times that’s the been the more difficult issue.

              Anyway, sounds to me as if you have it in you to go very far. No matter which direction you ultimately choose. You know what you love to do and that’s truly half the battle. Maybe under extreme, unnecessary, draconian measures such as lockdowns it’s gonna be 1/3 the battle or even 1/4. I still say you have it in you to go that extra distance. And, lots of super smart, totally cool people from all over the world here to help. 🙂

              • cu.h.j says:


                I’m sorry to hear about all your health problems. That’s awful. Definitely focus on maintaining a high-calorie diet rich in nutrients. Have you considered a G-tube or PPN/TPN? I’m sure your doctors are great so they probably suggested everything already. Take care!

      • debra.b says:

        Hi tsepati,
        I’m sorry to hear what’s happening where you are in Brazil. It must be very difficult. I live about 90 minutes outside of NYC and I am in what is considered a “hot spot” for CV19. I am in poor health, considered to be higher risk, so I stay home and haven’t seen anything for myself. I hear various things from my sisters and my daughter. I fear the effects of the lockdowns. No doubt, it’s done harm to a great many people in any number of different ways. And, I do think this was just the beginning, so I’m feeling afraid. Not all the time, but quite often enough. I have issues with anxiety and panic, so I try to keep that in check. Well, I appreciate you sharing the information. Thank you!

        • alexandre says:

          Just to add something, Alchemist and tsepati, I’m still considering that when AIDS came, we also heard a lot about “people are dying!”, and Ebola and all the rest, so still it could be some other “trick” making us scared and believing there are more deaths happening than normal. If you start counting something tomorrow, with a lot of people doing the same, probability is that you’re gonna see a lot of it, etcetera. I never counted deaths before, so how to know. I’m not saying I believe anything, I’m just considering everything. The reports from Brazil are indeed different from the rest, and much of it actually contradicts the rest, so it’s very weird. Off to bed.

          • tsepati says:

            I also have a few thoughts on the political side of it here in Brazil:

            There is an ongoing fight between two factions of the national ‘elite’.
            On the one side there is president Bolsonaro and a part of his federal ministers, who indeed are not getting on the pandemic-bandwagon and apparently try to keep the economy afloat (perhaps also because they know many informal and poor workers cannot afford to stay even a week at home, and the public health system is not able to cope with a real pandemic).
            On the other side there are most of the governors of the federal states, who order (per decree) the lockdowns, try to order tracing-apps from China etc.

            I have seen comments on alternative media hailing Bolsonaro for his anti-pandemic-scare position (similarly as with Bolsonaro’s idol, Trump). And indeed, some recently ‘leaked’ commentaries by Bolsonaro seem to indicate that he is afraid of a coup by the globalists (his impeachment), and that this would be a reason for him arming the people (again, following Trumps example).

            I just advise caution: make no mistake, the man continues to be a corrupt fascist who wants to bring Brazil as close to a military dictatorship as he possibly can. Also, it is him who is promoting Chloroquine in Brazil (again, as Trump), with possibly many deaths as consequence (see above). And during the pandemic, his agenda of advancing agribusiness, harmful mega-projects in detriment of the indigenous and other vulnerable populations as well as the environment and the Amazon rain forest is advancing at full speed.

            That does not mean, on the other hand, that him being replaced in an impeachment (this is in preparation; his stance on the pandemic and chloroquine being the specious motive for the fight) will necessarily bring someone “better” into power (in addition to power itself being the main problem, I agree with James on that).

            So, we here seem to have the choice between pest and cholera. The progressive/liberal/democratic/human rights defending opposition, as far as it exists and is visible (almost not), is all against Bolsonaro and mostly also against the corrupt elite, but completely unaware of the greater schemes of the globalists, falling completely into the pandemic trap – and as I said, here in Brazil it is difficult to argue against that.

            If someone can point to alternative research and media with info on Brazil, that would be helpful. Sources suggested in answer to an earlier similar question here in the CR reveal themselves not to be so alternative after all, following the pandemic narrative.

          • tsepati says:

            I agree, to be open-minded about this, several explanations are possible, including perception manipulation.

            Still, I feel that what happens around my friends is not atypical for what is generally going on now, and is differend from what was going on before, and not (only) due to a (certainly existing) observation bias (in German we say “Tunnelblick”, ‘view/look into/through a tunnel’, when you see only 1 degree out of 360).

      • tsepati says:

        Thanks all, alexandre, alchemist, debra.b, etc., and especially Cloudy.

        My report was too long and got cut (the “3000 characters available” doesn’t count down, unfortunately). I will try to finalize it, which will also answer some of your points.

        … [continuing the possible reasons I can think of for the deaths in Brazil] …

        2) the virus does act differently on different population groups, which is something that the US military has been talking about for some 20 years now, as James has also pointed out at some occasion ( — however, as far as I remember my biology lessons, the human ‘races’ are only phenotype, and there is almost no difference in the genotype, so it would be extremely difficult to find physiological differences to exploit

        3) the wrong medication, especially (hexa)chloroquine. I also saw Dr. Wodarg (a lonely whistle-blower on the swine-flu case 11 years ago) article:
        Indeed, I translated this article to Portuguese and even sent it to the Brazilian Medical Association (no response, and still no mentioning of the deadly incompatibility of chloroquine with favism / G6PD deficiency).
        Luckily, Chloroquine has now largely fallen in disgrace in the public perception, albeit due to other reasons.

        I now would add (4) something else, with electromagnetic waves, although G5 is not yet being rolled out in Brazil, at least not in my city, as far as I can tell.

        Still, even if only anecdotal, I believe that at least among my friends and colleagues there are many more cases of death (being claimed to be caused by Covid-10) than would be expected in the case of any flu season, and that this needs a different explanation than just manipulation of the perception. I have no access to the hospitals, that would indeed be interesting to check.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Hi tsepati:

          I have observed patients come through the hospital I work at with “Covid 19” and it appears to be more dangerous to certain individuals (most with health problems or elderly), but does have a few outliers of young people who get very sick, but most recover based on what I observed at my hospital.

          There was a good documentary by Journeyman pictures “Perspectives on the pandemic” that had Dr. Wittkowski talk about the SARS-COV 2 and other SARS viruses that I thought was very educational. His perspective is that coronaviruses are not uncommon and occur during most flu season. It’s hard for me to summarize, but I would recommend viewing it to see what he says.

          Even if this virus is more deadly than the flu (I think it might be worse for certain people), the lockdown measures are harmful and counterproductive. Humanity has dealt with other diseases in the past just fine without lockdowns. My point is even if it’s true that “Covid 19” is a few orders of magnitude more deadly to particular individuals should not make people less outraged about these draconian lockdowns and roll-out of mandatory experimental vaccines. The first SARS vaccine was not successful.

          • tsepati says:

            I totally agree. Even with more deaths going on as usual, I would always doubt the necessity of all and every of the measures, starting with the ridiculous masks which Alexandre so well dissected. And I am always pointing at the well-coordinated problem-reaction-solution, now on a global level.
            The same holds, by the way, for the weird AntiFa movement that is popping up everywhere, including in Brazil.

        • alexandre says:

          Thank you, tsepati, I’ll take a look. Meanwhile I thought we could mix our translations to spread more to people. My blog has some translations, probably not too well translated, but it’s something:

          And if you want I can put your translations in my blog as well. Not that I have a huge following or anything, in fact people avoid me like the pest (or cholera), but it’s one more “ponto de venda”.

          Just to add some spice to the more advanced conspiracy nuts out there, I heard from a guy that knows someone that worked at the Pentagon who told him that they can “trigger” the nano-bots already inside people (chem-trails etc) with whatever frequencies. So it doesn’t need to be 5G, I suppose. I know a car passing by playing “funk” with that unbearable loud bass already triggers many nano-bots in ME. A bit “out there”, but why not put it in the soup as well?

          I agree with cu.h.j regarding lockdowns etc. It’s an operation, a false-flag and a psyop and mind control, everything together with one goal – to install this idiotic new system on Earth, so that should be the focus indeed, despite what it is killing or not. And wearing a mask…..fuck me….I’m not handling it. I feel like wearing a “frilly tutu”, as ManBearPig says.

          • tsepati says:

            Thanks a lot, Alexandre.
            Translating Wodarg was the first time I actually translated sth. ‘political/journalistic’ into Portuguese. I have been thinking of translating James’ documentaries (subtitles) to Portuguese and German (my native language). (There was a guide or how-to about this some two years ago here which I cannot find any more.) If and when I do that, your channel will be very helpful!

            No idea about the more audacious hypotheses, much is possible, and certainly much more is the case than most of us know or believe. For instance the whole spiritual dimension (many ‘elitists’ do things which seem to be ‘satanist’). Before I trust, let alone spread, anything, I still require credible evidence, which is why I respect and value James and some very few similar voices so much.

            • alexandre says:

              Yes indeed. TCR is a good reference for me, so I can wonder about in strange worlds, but always check what’s going on here to put the feet on the ground again.

              One member here has subtitles for Gates series 1 and 2 (by now probably he has for 3 and 4) and he could tell you how to do it. Or if he has it, you just translate the text, the subtitles will be already in the right timecodes etc.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          G6PD deficiency & Effective Alternative Treatments for COVID and Viruses
          (Long THREAD with SUB-THREADS)

          I have strongly followed and logged many of the alternative treatments which have been shown to be effective in supporting a person’s immune system against COVID. Many patients thought they were going to die, but did not.

          The body mechanisms of the treatments are noted which helps a person gain understandings of why they work so well.

          I have had the G6PD blood test. Many informed Integrative Medicine Doctors run this test as a standard prior to different treatments. Dr. Wodarg and G6PD and other genetic data is mentioned on the thread.

          On March 16th, 2020 I did the “Ozone and Ultraviolet Light Blood Therapy” (again) to boost my immune system.
          It tends to quickly resolve the COVID, even in Brazil as was noted by a practitioner who used it on dying patients. But, of course, this practitioner was censored / suppressed.

          I do want to mention that YouTube, the media and government agencies have censored, suppressed and demonized some of these alternative treatments, primarily the ones which showed great results.
          I’ve grown tired of logging, because it becomes a broken record.

          • tsepati says:

            Thanks so much for pointing me at that thread.
            Yes, I believe there is an invested interest in preventing easy and effective healing methods, or prevent spreading the information on the G6PD deficiency problem. I have not heard back from the medical association, and did not find any information about this danger on the official webpages.

            Good when doctors are doing the G6PD test before prescribing anything. I have here heard of different cases, many people, following Bolsonaro, for instance, went and bought chloroquine in self-medication, even only on a suspicion or completely preventively.

  11. Arby says:

    I very much enjoyed this report. It was very, very thought-provoking. I agree with James’s take on Sweden and Japan. No wonder he’s popular. And thank goodness he is truly independent. We disagree on some things, but that’s okay.

  12. zyxzevn says:

    Virus weakening and from a clinical point of view, no longer exists.

    Seems like there is no second wave.

    The virus is from a lab, and not from nature. So it has no natural
    strength that is necessary to survive for a long time.

  13. Sonicsyringe says:

    Doesn’t declaring a national state of emergency allow a shift in rules/regulations and/or certain laws to come into effect? Compulsory vaccines, or suchlike?

    • flammable says:

      Yes but it is not a true shift in rule and laws. It is an emergency measure. An emergency is a state of needing to help to the people. And you are allowed to refuse help and not be punished as a result. However law enforcement and government employees do not know this and won’t be told this. So you will be denied rights and services if you don’t take the compulsory vaccine. It is illegal but because everyone in the government chain of command believes it is part of the law, punishment will be enforced anyways.

  14. I Shot Santa says:

    Yep. I’m not just White, but was raised as a redneck from South Georgia. Back when you didn’t have to put rural in front. I saw it from the other side (born 1960), and it never made any sense to me. Not that power would use it as a weapon, not that the concept entered my mind as a child. No, that people would believe it so deeply. It is still bad down south, though the lower-middle and down classes don’t segregate themselves much anymore. But Middle-class and above (which includes local and state governments) are the same, once you look past their virtue signalling. Though,to be fair, they do step on as many poor whites as they can. So there’s that. Progress!

    Oh yeah, the DEA has been assigned to the riots. Such a stellar organization. Actually know a few stories about them that highlight what a sorry excuse for humans they are, but I won’t bore you. Here’s the link. Wonder how many other wonderful agencies will be involved.

    • J-Smoove says:

      Thanks for posting that article.

      “The DEA is limited by statute to enforcing drug-related federal crimes. But on Sunday, Timothy Shea, a former US attorney and close confidant of Barr’s who was named acting administrator of the DEA last month, received approval from Associate Deputy Attorney General Bradley Weinsheimer to go beyond the agency’s mandate “to perform other law enforcement duties” that Barr may “deem appropriate.”

      “In order for DEA to assist to the maximum extent possible in the federal law enforcement response to protests which devolve into violations of federal law, DEA requests that it be designated to enforce any federal crime committed as a result of protests over the death of George Floyd,” Shea wrote in the memo. “DEA requests this authority on a nationwide basis for a period of fourteen days.”

      “Drug enforcement agents should not be conducting covert surveillance of protests and First Amendment protected speech,” said Hugh Handeyside, a senior attorney for the ACLU. “That kind of monitoring and information sharing may well constitute unwarranted investigation of people exercising their constitutional rights to seek justice. The executive branch continues to run headlong in the wrong direction.”

      The good ol’ DEA who have been targeting certain groups for decades. Yeah, let’s have the Drug Enforcement Administration be used to perform “other law enforcement duties they deem appropriate” for protests. This stuff is a joke.

      • I Shot Santa says:

        Your welcome. I can tell you for a fact that they were the sorriest excuse for lawdogs I’ve ever seen.

      • debra.b says:

        Hi J-Smoove,
        I’m posting this here because you quoted an excerpt from the article that I Shot Santa posted above, which referenced Bill Barr. And, his ever expanding current powers.

        In case anyone’s interested in learning how far these people, such as Bill Barr for one, go back. And, just how sick, twisted and extensive their ties were and are. I highly recommend Whitney Webb’s 3 part series, Too Big to Fail via Mint Press News.

        Please note, these are articles from 2019. Perhaps, some have already read them,
        but I have just been catching up with some of her earlier articles. I found this series to be extensive and difficult with the subject matter, yet fascinating to read a story that begins as far back as the 1920’s. And, continues to this day.

        Here is an excerpt from Part 2 with regards to Bill Barr:
        “ Prior to resigning from his post at the CIA, Gregg had worked directly under William Casey and, in the late 1970s, alongside a young William Barr in stonewalling the congressional Pike Committee and Church Committee, which investigated the CIA beginning in 1975. Among the things that they were tasked with investigating were the CIA’s “love traps,” or sexual blackmail operations used to lure foreign diplomats to bugged apartments, complete with recording equipment and two-way mirrors.

        “Barr would later become Bush’s Attorney General, rising to that post yet again under Trump. Furthermore, Barr’s father worked for the precursor to the CIA, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) and recruited a young Jeffrey Epstein, then a high school drop-out, to teach at the elite Dalton School, from which Epstein was later fired. A year prior to hiring Epstein, Donald Barr published a science fiction fantasy novel about sex slavery. Notably, the same year Donald Barr hired Epstein, his son was working for the CIA. Bill Barr has refused calls to recuse himself from the Epstein case, even though he worked at the same law firm that has represented Epstein in the past.”

        Continued with links to three part series….(awaiting moderation currently) 🙂

        • debra.b says:

          Links below to Whitney Webb’s Three Part Series: Too Big to Fail via Mint Press News:

          Part 1: Hidden in Plain Sight: The Shocking Origins of the Jeffrey Epstein Case
          Epstein is only the latest incarnation of a much older, more extensive and sophisticated operation that offers a frightening window into how deeply tied the U.S. government is to the modern-day equivalents of organized crime.

          Part 2: Government by Blackmail: Jeffrey Epstein, Trump’s Mentor and the Dark Secrets of the Reagan Era
          Appalling for both the villainous abuse of children itself and the chilling implications of government by blackmail, this tangled web of unsavory alliances casts a lurid light on the political history of the U.S. from the Prohibition Era right up through the Age of Trump.

          Part 3: These Scrubbed Reports Reveal New Secrets Into the Prince Andrew-Jeffrey Epstein Relationship

          Several now-censored reports from the 1990s and early 2000s reveal that Prince Andrew’s involvement with the minors exploited by Jeffrey Epstein is greater than previously believed.

          Excerpt from Part 3 to highlight the Gates and Trump connection:

          “For instance, the 2001 Evening Standard article introduces Epstein as an “immensely powerful New York property developer and financier” with an “intensively secret business life” who “owns properties all over the country [the U.S.].” It also states that Epstein had made millions from “his business links with the likes of Bill Gates, Donald Trump and Ohio billionaire Leslie Wexner” during the 1990s and beyond.“

          “Wexner, in addition to his other close financial ties to Epstein, was involved in several Manhattan real estate deals with Epstein and Epstein’s brother Mark while Donald Trump was then best known for his career as a New York property developer and real estate mogul. Trump is also cited in a separate article from January 2001 as being good friends with both Prince Andrew and his ex-wife. In addition, this article’s claim regarding Epstein’s most notable “business links” in 2001 contradicts Bill Gates’ recent assertions that he never had any business relationship with Epstein and did not meet with him until 2013. Notably, Gates’ former chief scientific adviser was recently named as an alternate executor for Epstein’s will and Gates appears on the flight logs of Epstein’s now-infamous private plane. Gates, one of the world’s richest men, has since claimed that he only had met with Epstein in order to meet other wealthy people and to discuss “philanthropy.”“

          • J-Smoove says:

            Hey Debra,

            I read a lot of Whitney’s work. She is a wonderful journalist. I am also familiar with this 3 part series. Thank you for sharing.

            She talks about connections to the mob, Israel (Zionists), etc. and how they use blackmail on everyone. I think Sibel Edmunds, who used to do videos with James on Boiling Frogs Posts used to talk about the same things pertaining to blackmail and pedophilia.

            • debra.b says:

              Yeah, I really like Whitney’s articles. I usually watch some of her interviews about these articles along with reading them because I do better with visuals and audio. When I read, I often have to re-read or read aloud for it to really message to my brain. I’ve got nerve issues which mess with the signals and of course prescription meds likely do worse than that. But, I manage.

              She dives deep. Talk about harsh truth. It makes me question even further. And, times before this were worse.

              At this point with all that’s happening. I’m only certain of what I actually experience happen directly to me or hear from someone very close to me. I handle trust far more carefully than I used to.

  15. debra.b says:

    Some humor. This is a funny one I thought. Clever too. 🙂

    “Why the Lockdown Should Last Longer” AwakenWithJP
    JP Sears:

  16. bladtheimpaler says:

    If all govts. are marching to the beat of the same drum, given differing scripts they are to follow based on the local psychology, then might we not conclude that this was a first testing of global governance? If we answer yes to this question then might we assume that the fast tracking of globalist agenda in the wake of CV 19 is in fact just the rool out of global institutions and trial run of a new already fait accompli governing structure and any predictions of coming events and structure really just guesses on the unveiling of already set in place bureaucracy and the method of its introduction to civil society?

    • Steve Smith says:

      I have to agree. The way things are happening seems to indicate that they are either really desperate and are being forced by events beyond their control to rush their plans. Or else they know exactly what they are doing and its going to get very, very bad sometime soon.
      Either way, I think that they would have made their plans and their fallback plans and you’re correct. It’s a fait accompli.
      I wonder if having a clue about what’s coming will make a difference.

  17. debra.b says:

    Damn! This is a freakin scary sight! Photo. Military lines in DC…..

    “He got his parade” via Hijo del Cuervo on Twitter.

  18. Fawlty Towers says:

    James you mentioned towards the end that:

    “there have also not been a tidal wave of deaths as the people who were saying, look you have to lock down, were predicting, oh in a week or two it’ll be flooded, we’ll be drowning in dead people. Well that has failed to transpire, so whatever the case may be, I think Japan might be more of an example of a country that did not lock down and did not suffer the disastrous tidal wave of consequences…”

    Speaking of predicted deaths that never came to fruition…

    Someone, somewhere, (I wonder WHO) is trying to push new, totally unfounded, mega fear-porn fake news on the public with respect to Africa and Yemen.


    Sunday, May 10th 2020
    UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).
    “UN predicts pandemic could kill between 300,000 and 3.3. million Africans”

    As of today, June 3, 2020 there are only 4,629 Covid-19 deaths in all of Africa.


    International Committee of the Red Cross
    23 April 2020
    “The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) threat is also on people’s minds, with one confirmed case in the country of almost 29 million.”

    Washington Times
    June 1, 2020
    “CAIRO (AP) – Aid organizations are making an urgent plea for funding to shore up their operations in war-torn Yemen, saying they have already been forced to stop some of their work even as the coronavirus rips through the country. ”

    As of June 3, 2020 there are 87 deaths in Yemen, population 29 million.

    • Cloudy says:

      GAVI wants more money. As the poor do not have the money, we, the ‘wealthy’ , need to fund their vaccines. And if you do not agree,, you are a racist.
      When Gates stated on German state TV prime time that “We will vaccine 7 billion people” I was not aware that I am part of the ‘We’ …

  19. colosseum says:

    In Hungary, the government is getting all geared up to militarize the schools and criminalize the kids:

    Under the vague excuse of “school violence”, Orban is planning ahead in view of repressing dissent for the forthcoming wave of resistance …. I bet a lot of students will not want to have things like “forced vaccinations” , things will flare up and the spectre of jail will make them think twice.

  20. Nick says:

    #QFC Hi James, not sure if this one has been asked but since delving into areas of science completely new to me in these crazy times, i have been intrigued by what i have heard from Dr Andrew Kaufman re Koch’s Postulates and Rivers variation on this, and the idea that no virus has EVER met these criteria. Id very much like to hear your opinion on this. Is there something im missing? If not, what has science been measuring with viruses and what have they been alleviating in cases where they say they can cure them? Cheers

  21. pill says:

    On Sweden. On the one hand, they have admitted they haven’t protected elderly people well enough (just like in most other affected countries, some have even moved people from care homes into hospitals out of fear). On the other hand, some are claiming that the number might be slightly exaggerated, though I’m not sure about that:

    As always, the truth is probably somewhere inbetween. Here’s an official site with official numbers that might be more meaningful than “435 per million is 10 times more than in some other country”:–the-whole-country/summary-of-population-statistics/

    In general, it’s interesting that some people are comparing this or other number from Jan-Mar with an “average” of multiple previous years or even with a different country. Even those who compare the numbers of one specific country often compare one year with the previous year instead of one flu season with the previous one. I think it would be more realistic to compare Oct-May 19/20 with the same timeframe in 18/19, 14/15 etc.

    Also, I’d like to point out that Belarus is another country which did not lock down and is not forcing its citizens to wear masks, which is their government is attacked by our press. Their numbers did go up after a WHO visit but as always, that’s a matter of testing and as usual, nobody talks about the number of patients which never reached a point that a hospital was full (like in the “photos from Italy” which are interpreted as both unique and representative for the whole country).

  22. HomeRemedySupply says:

    This is a good Thread.
    I’ve been reading the comments…all the anecdotes and also looking at some of the referenced links/information.

    Thanks Corbett Members.

  23. amenetusien says:

    Spain. We have been in the State of Alarm since March 14th. The so-called “desescalada” (de-escalation) is divided in 3 phases which allow citizens to do more or less things. Spain is divided in several regions (to summarize it: “Comunidades Autónomas” > “Provincias” > “Comarcas” > Cities -some cities are capitals of the previous areas-), but not all regions advance from one phase to the other at the same time. In order to carry out this process, Government have created another level of areas named “Áreas sanitarias”, which I am not even sure what they are. I happen to live in one of the most restrictive areas in Spain… so good for me.

    About the State of Alarm: most of the measures that the Government have applied are illegal because they are against the Spanish Constitution. In fact, the law says that the State of Alarm can only last for 14 days, which can be extended for another 14 days. The way that the article is written makes possible only ONE extension. At this moment it has been extended 5-6 times (I don’t even know anymore). There have been so many broken laws by the Government that I don’t know where to start. Take into account that police, under the pretext of these unconstitutional laws, have imposed more than 1 million fines (yesterday I heard 1.5 million, but I can’t verify it). Some lawyers, which have been sued by other lawyers, are saying that people won’t have to pay these fines because they are illegal, but we will see.

    Political parties are fighting each other, lying and all the things that they usually do, so no surprise here. I don’t pay any attention to Spanish politics because it is a pathetic circus.

    Like in other countries, citizens try to police others by telling them to wear gloves, masks or whatever, even in cases when they are not mandatory, because people don’t read the laws. In fact, some of them are asking to wear masks ALWAYS in public (even if you are walking alone). Just a week ago I saw twins in a baby stroller both with masks, so you can get the picture.

  24. mike17 says:

    I bought groceries at Walmart yesterday.

    They’re still forcing people arriving at the store to go down a long rail, at the end of which is a walkway leading to the store’s entrance. NOBODY goes in the OUT doors. It’s a big hassle, and for no legitimate reason.

    Then, once inside the hallowed space, one discovers the same circumstance as prevailed during the earliest days of the corona-v crisis: Depleted shelves and many items of old that are no longer available.

    Just down the main drag is an Ingles. Their shelves have remained stocked with every brand and type of food imaginable, for just a few pennies more.

    Walmart, i’d like to say it’s been a pleasure shopping you.

    . . . Yes, i’d like to say it, but it’s best to refrain from telling lies.

    Adios, Wally.

    Olla, Ingles!

  25. Question for Corbett:

    Throughout this plan-demic one of the statements oft repeated by governors and mindless pack followers — in condemnation for not staying home, not wearing a mask, not social distancing or not agreeing to accept the upcoming ‘vaccine’ — was that we “don’t have the right to infect someone else with a virus”.

    Is this a new concept? Stripping people of fundamental rights because they might unintentionally cause harm to someone else while going about their normal daily routine?

    Prior to this plan-demic, were there not other actions & behaviors that our society deemed completely acceptable even though there was a very real risk of unintentional harm to others?

    Did we not previously weigh the risk against the benefit when deciding whether or not an action or behavior was acceptable, rather than automatically deeming it unacceptable because some risk is claimed to be present at all?

    • And is it really my responsibility to lock myself away, or allow myself to be injected with extremely untrustworthy pharma substances, just because my body might transport a virus to someone else? Or should it be the responsibility of the person who is paranoid about contracting a virus?

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