"Graveyard of Empires" Claims Another Victim

08/15/2021144 Comments

The war in Afghanistan is over! Long live the war in Afghanistan!

Yes, in case you haven't heard, the US Armed Forces are withdrawing from Afghanistan at the end of the month, and NATO's "Resolute Support" mission—which took over from the NATO combat mission that ended in 2014—will wind up at the same time. And now, exactly as predicted, everything is chaos.

And by "everything," I mean everything.

The Taliban are quickly taking over the country. This story is developing by the hour so it will doubtless have moved on by the time you read this, but as of press time the Taliban have already seized half of Afghanistan's provincial capitals—including Kandahar and Herat, the second and third largest cities in the country respectively—and are on their way (inevitably, we are told) to capturing Kabul itself. The US military has given up defending the country and is now launching "over-the-horizon" strikes from Qatar and the Persian Gulf and using drone strikes to destroy its own artillery and armoured vehicles, which are increasingly falling into Taliban hands.

In response, everyone is getting the hell out of Dodge. Denmark is evacuating Afghan citizens who worked at its embassy. Canada is deploying its special forces to evacuate its own embassy staff. The US military is doing likewise and begging the Taliban to pretty please don't hurt us as we run away. (No word yet on whether people will be hanging from helicopters as they make their last-minute escape.)

And, oh yeah, by the way, Al CIAda is regrouping.

Are you scared yet? Well, you should be. Not because the scary turbaned bogeymen are coming to get you again, of course, but because the government-media-military-industrial-technological complex want you to be scared, meaning that they doubtless have something up their sleeve.

So what's really happening in Afghanistan?

Buckle in, everyone. This is a doozy of an editorial and it takes an unexpected turn into the preparation for the next wave of false flag attacks to be blamed on "domestic extremists." If you can't spring the $1/month to become a member of the site and access this edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber then I strongly suggest you read the full editorial for free at the link below.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I like that term…

    Corbett’s Law: Major deep state events do not take place for one and only one reason.
    They take place because they serve the varied interests of the many deep state players involved.

    JFK was not shot for one and only one reason,
    9/11 did not take place for one and only one reason,
    the COVID scamdemic is not taking place for one and only one reason,
    and Afghanistan was not invaded for one and only one reason.

  2. mkey says:

    Larry & Carstens’ Excellent Pandemic

    Another one knocked out of the park.

    • Step says:

      Thanks mkey, that is a very interesting perspective on the current situation. Listening to Larry Fink, CEO of Black Rock, is a reminder that the truth is often presented in the financial media through a financial lens.

    • Lobstar says:

      Hey dude, I am a Corbett member but have never commented. Now that I have pushed away all my Facebook friends with merely attempting to point the hypnotized toward the truth (without being a d*ck about it! Lol) I realize the place I need to share my ideas are not corporate sites but here. But I can’t seem to figure out how to post an original comment. It seems I can only reply. Can you help me here? I am logged in. (I bother you because you just happened to be at the top of the comments) Thanks in advance if you can tell me what to do to be able to post a unique comment. -M

      • Duck says:

        1) Be logged in or the box won’t be there…NOTE sign in WHEN YOU ARRIVE at Corbettreport.com (see why below)

        2) Scroll to the VERY BOTTOM of the comments at the bottom of the page

        3)The Box will be there to “Leave a Reply”

        NOTE that if you are NOT logged in WHEN you go to the page you want to Comment at you CAN NOT see the Comment Box even if you sign in… you must SIGN IN BEFORE you NAVIGATE TO THE PAGE YOU WANT TO COMMENT

        LOG IN when you arrive at the Home page 🙂

  3. mkey says:

    Somewhat related to the “inside the testing site” recommended viewing:

    Yesterday, there was this concert going in a city near me. It’s a local band with a very small potential attendance. “vaccine certification” was required for entry. Or one could get “test”. I’m not sure what kind of testing they were doing, but people were unfortunately lining up to have that stick showed up their nose. The interesting bit was that the three people working on the “testing site” basically had a computer and a printer. One needed to wait a half an hour to get their results, but these people weren’t actually doing anything at the site, 95% of the time they were just idly standing by. After a while, the results were “in”.

    Anyhow, I skipped attending the event, no big deal really. But this is kind of the alternative scene and people didn’t seem to be even mildly affected by the ridiculousness of the affair. Lines in the sand and all that. I guess the fact there were relatively many who got “tested” means as many didn’t get “vaccinated”.

    • Fact Checker says:

      “I guess the fact there were relatively many who got “tested” means as many didn’t get “vaccinated”.”

      I wouldn’t be so sure. In my experience, the monkeys simply enjoy being “tested.” It’s just like a little game to them. Like going to a coin-operated psychic booth. Put a coin in, and find out the name of the curse that afflicts you. I am aware of patients who have made a routine of getting tested weekly since the Pandemic! show premiered on TeeVee. Pre- and post-vaxxx. It’s like church. You don’t stop going after having your First Communion.

      But the test at the club you described is freeeeee! No quarter necessary! So I think most were probably just monkeys availing themselves of the little side-game available to them. They got the test for the same reason they got the Vaxx.

      It was there.

      • mkey says:

        “Testing” in this case was not free, but I see your point. Due to extremly bad organization some who took the shot won’t be able to prove that they did, so that’s another reason to get some deep sinus penetration.

        The interesting bit, these guys were delivering into both nostrils, usually what I have seen on the web is one sinus only. I guess this is a different technique. Maybe the next step is to shove it up the third hole of authentification, in which case the shoving order will become important.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I thought that the “next step” was only done in prison showers.

        • royb says:

          Most likely it was an antigen rapid nasal test where samples are taken just a couple of cm into the nostrils, which is a lot less troublesome than the nasopharynx test that was the common antigen test earlier.

  4. allister says:

    “Grave yard of empires”
    I sometimes think about the role of Jews within the British empire perhaps only 50 years before Cécile Rhodes and the role of Jews in the Russian empire after the Bolshevick Revolution and the influence on Jews within the US today. Just for arguments sake would the Jews wish for anything in that area that might supercede even geopolitical aspirations including minerals or oil? Just hypothetically for example just imagine if there was truth to the claim that Pashtuns were descended from the lost tribes of Israel and even more importantly if they could prove it, what would this mean for the state of Israel or even the US. We should not close our mind to the possibilities for fear we become the victims of misdirection. That said I believe James summation of the geopolitical machinations being played out and its connections with this sector of the world are spot on.

    • bleak says:

      That is a very plausible angle.

      After Biden got on his knees to kiss the ring of some Israeli chief of staff (really), I thought wow my heroine Alison Weir who fights for Palestinian freedom (israelpalestinenews dot org), and who naively thought Biden was going to actually help Palestine after the election on twitter, must certainly get it now. And she does. Everyone makes mistakes and she was only hoping for the best for Palestine.

      Because, IMO, the Palestinians, and especially Bedouins, must be descendants of ancient Hebrews and modern Jews are not. There were many DNA studies…

      A substantial prehistoric European ancestry amongst Ashkenazi maternal lineages

      followed by “rebuttals” of course (just trust this non-science Jew’s opinion)…

      New genetic study: More evidence for modern Ashkenazi Jews’ ancient Hebrew patrimony

      So why not Pashtuns as direct descendants?

      Is US feigning to give Isis Ra Hell a signal? Will they want to eradicate Pashtuns like they’ve been slowly trying to eradicate Palestinians?

      Only time will tell for sure but you’ve got me intrigued.

      • bleak says:

        I feel ashamed for saying “intrigued.” It’s not some movie or TV series. It’s not a game. People suffering at the hands of dirt bags, whether zionist jew dirt bags or CIA dirt bags, is not intriguing, it’s unspeakable madness and insanity. I need to choose my words more carefully.

  5. peggy100 says:

    My doctor asked me to get a covid test. I asked him about the cycle threshold. He had no idea what I was talking about. I declined.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Good for you to ask a very important question. You could have also asked him how many people he knows who have actually died or is disabled from Covid. I wish people would ask this more often because there is no need for all this waste of resources of testing and “vaccines” for a disease with such a low lethality rate. It’s stupid actually. People are ignoring their own eyes and ears and common sense that is telling them there’s no extreme risk of death or disability among healthy people from Covid. Most people get mild symptoms. But people are getting tested and feeding this psyop and they are going to cause another lockdown by indulging it.

      I am starting to hate people and it’s a very negative emotion. But most people won’t listen when you question their beliefs. I have tried and I’m done trying to convince people of anything. Let them get some weird side effect from the injection and shorten their lifespan and when they get that side effect they will recall the conversation they ignored when someone told them this was all a scam. People who ignore their instincts and align themselves with totalitarianism deserve the consequences. They will be the first to be thrown under the bus.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “ I am starting to hate people and it’s a very negative emotion. ”

        I feel you. Just about the only thing that makes me smile these days is my dog.

      • vadoum says:

        cuhj ,,”I am starting to hate people and it’s a very negative emotion. But most people won’t listen when you question their beliefs.”

        entertaining hatred while bucking this spell, can be just swallowing someone else’s poison.

        I’ve also experienced increased levels of guile as this con has progressed, especially as the mask/lockdown mandates have just now severely swept our area;

        I’ll make a prediction based on my “false flag bingo card” being full: NSW aus. has been in a sudden snap lockdown with large fines being dished out fast and alot ($500 for no mask + any resistance,,), that suddenly happened over the past 7 days; but thats been the wedge entry point: look for military style measures across the state (all based on one guy that was “sick” and “traveled around for a couple weeks before going to the hospital”: 1 guy shut down 8 milion people?); I bet that law enforcement combines civilian police with military and dragnets for anyone not doing as theyre told: stay home, or buy food with a mask on.

        I think clif high was smart to advise about the upcoming accelleration of dominance “observe but do nothing” not partaking in the folly may be the smartest way to diffuse it.

        the hornet prison guard/rent’a mercenaries are swarming; rubber hitting road flicks the reptilian survival mind switch, and suddenly the surly redneck dude is nod-winking “live and let live”, while the groovy fully tatooed dreads to the ground flower-power hipster turns out to be a mocking bird masked monkey.

        I’m betting most people are holding civility just as long as they can hold their breath. One trick to measure what people think they are hiding this is to see how long they can comfortably share eye contact. But once the captured finally let go of the cool & normal pretense, the tension from cognitive dissonance of trying to be happy while complicit in the harm done/disappointment created, of not just other humans but the demise and sadness of the very ground from whence we came; its our actual psychosis laid bare: shouting, panic and eventually burning scapegoats at the stake ensues;

        So, before the mold-monster ties anyone to the pyre we need either a. a way to instantly expose the maniacal to the many, which can provide the required down-dressing or b. an escape route. I suggest both a & b and to have practiced both because this “thing”, (I see globe girdling blooms of slime mold whose growth depends on our decaying psyches), is big, smart, aggressive, and the better one is at slicing through the bullshit, the more slime it will send. discernment as to “choosing ones battles” (in the interest of the effort actually having a meaningful impact) can be a life saver.

        guess all’s i wanted to say was “try not to let the anger have you”.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Thank you for your thoughtful response. I will try not to let the anger have me, or rather I will try to use it for good purposes. Anger is actually a natural emotion and though it narrows focus is very powerful.

          The “people” who deserve the blame for this are the ones running this scam and are profiting from it like Dr. Faucci for example. He should be in jail and so should these criminal bankers. They have already paid the spiritual price with their soul, but they deserve to be in prison for their crimes. They wouldn’t last long in that setting. People need to stop defending these types of people. At some point someone who has a lot of power and authority in this matrix system needs to do the right thing.

          • DogStar says:

            Yes, cu.h.j, let’s face it, anger is a natural emotion, and it’s included in the human toolbox for a reason. I don’t intend to apply everything to the Buddhist perspective ad nauseum, but (OK, I’ve read that) if one is disciplined enough to capture anger’s energy just as it is arising, that energy can then be used upon one’s spiritual pathway.

            Of course, this takes a great deal of discipline and practice… I certainly can’t do this yet… I already had plenty to be angry about before covid-F’ing-1984, and frankly, being outraged about it may not be such a bad trait these days. One of the lawyers in Reiner Fuellmich’s group made the comment that many who are not fooled by this covid psyop are not exactly the most ‘agreeable.’ Ha! – IMO, it’s always best to ‘question authority.’ – In fact, I may purchase a t-shirt with that slogan for my darling little grand-niece, who I’ll not be able to meet in person anytime soon since I’m one of the unclean, the unvaxxed.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Anger can be used to stop this. Have you even felt angry enough that when someone tries to violate your rights and your whole being just says “NO”. I am actually relatively agreeable when it comes to other peoples boundaries and feelings and trying to be respectful. But if my boundaries and freedom are blatantly violated, I will say NO with every thing at my disposal.

              This doesn’t have to be physical aggression and can first take the form of spiritual energy setting boundaries. I have found that when I am angry and my energy is directed I have usually got what I ask for. I do need to work on being less agreeable because I have a harder time when I’m not angry. My fuse is too long but once it’s lit, it’s hard to contain once it goes off.

              • DogStar says:

                I agree that it’s important to feel respectful about others opinions, but we also need to feel OK about saying, “No!” – Too many people are so worried about ‘fitting in’ that they will ‘go along, to get along,’ and this may well be why this covid BS has gotten so out of control.

                I have 2 lovely sisters, but unfortunately 1 who displays the characteristics of a sociopath… this is probably why I have no problem understanding what we’re up against, people who truly have zero capacity for empathy for others… One can only give a person the benefit of the doubt for so long before eventually understanding that some people lie, by default, because they enjoy the pretense that they are in control…

                There is an old saying, “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.” – Yes we should be angry about what’s happening and use that rightous energy to resist it and to stop it…

              • DogStar says:

                I feel compelled to amend my aforementioned post as my portrayal of the family’s ‘black sheep,’ was overstated, especially as she spent 10 years with a partner who treated her disparagingly.

                I’m going to give the label of sociopath a bit of a rest because it’s almost like I’m starting to look for those traits in others – sometimes we do need to cut others some slack and just give them the benefit of the doubt.

      • FIW says:

        This is how I’ve fealt from day one of this crap. Yeah sure, the degenerated psychoes behind this deserve to be locked up, or preferebly to end up 6 feet under, but without the hordes of ignorants just following blindly they would never have been able to pull it off, would they? And as they’re gladly walking off the edge they’re pushing the rest of us with them…until this day I still cannot decide which I hate the most.

        • Duck says:

          “……until this day I still cannot decide which I hate the most….”

          THAT is kinda the point…. when you don’t care about other human beings and AGREE THAT THEY DESERVE DESTRUCTION you are taking on the mindset of the Elite.

          The Elite are colonized by ideas and zeitgeists.. maybe ACTUAL geists..as much as anyone else. That spirit is whats going to kill them and anyone else it can inhabit

          • vadoum says:

            “That spirit is whats going to kill them and anyone else it can inhabit”

            spot-on, thankyou.

            Its not the just the neighbor, its the habits of the neighbor (choices that accrued to a specific capacity for tuning; our tuning is what colors our perceptions, like tuning to various radio stations,,), plus the ingression of the hungry ghost realm, especially over the past 20yrs, into this terra firma dimension3 realm.

            Hungry ghosts are actual entities that form through or are attracted by suffering. it seems to briefly feed their desperation with vindication (“my suffering was worth it,,”), but the continued push to destroy is a slippery slope. Native Turtle islander tradition is that by the seventh generation of hopping from one host to the next (the usual model is along a family line, we call it “inheritance”) the ghost will have grown powerful enough to inspire the ultimate anti-creation act: murder or suicide (“consenting to death”). This maybe what shakspere was trying to portray in Hamlet.

            These ghosts can exposed and gotten rid of through various means (shamanic type healers of this world are the masters of that work but theyre rare, and often faked), its dangerous business without having succeeded initiations that prepare the psyche to be able to automaticly transmute ones own fear (of annihilation); “dont try this in your own home”).

            It may help, when confronting a pro-obey-at-any-cost-narrator to watch the level of guile, and steer clear of it like it was a grizzly bear, simply walk or think another way, because to try to convince it to not want what it wants, would be less than a waste of time. and if I feel angry even after the encounter, I know Ive been hit and make moves to discharge the scourge

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That’s CLASSIC !
      Peggy says:
      “My doctor asked me to get a covid test.
      I asked him about the cycle threshold.
      He had no idea what I was talking about.
      I declined.”

      • vadoum says:

        In the same vein:
        where i live, I went to the place where they take blood samples. one gets a blood or swab or urine test request from the many doctor’s clinics in town, but then everyone has to trundle on down to the “lab-outlet”, that mob in the old free masons building, in order to give a sample. I dropped in “just looking for technical info”, and asked the seasoned nurse what sort of CT values they were running the PCR’s at? She claimed ignorance. I pressed a bit, giving an explanation of what I meant, and how all of the stats based on use of PCR were meaningless without knowledge of the amplification used. She did the usual shirking of responsibility “thats for the lab techs to decide, not my job,,” Though my inner ear intuition was hooning like an air raid siren . I avoided wasting further effort in pointing at the Portuguese case, or the usa/german class action cases, or the Florida gov’s precedent, faucci’s plausible guilt for claiming “34ct max” but then presiding over mandates based on undisclosed but recommended levels of 40-45 CT,, kary Mullis’s own words,, or the cdc itself disclaiming 94.6% of its claimed “cases”, and back-tracking on its promoting the PCR process.

        Over all of recorded history, The Pre-battle field shuffle has always required some appearance of public compliance. But this time The domination narrative was done without much brute force nor many bullets; it was accomplished with a weakening of the field that we tune to with “moral compass” (its said smart phones are “water destructuring devices”), and in fact so weak that a physiological/psychic polar shift occurred so that many could not see good nor evil because of the density of the dissonant fog.

    • WalkWithVan says:

      The level of willful ignorance in the medical profession is baffling. Why does the general public trust these charlatans in the Age of Information ?

      • paul823 says:

        In Australia the doctors are being threatened by government. If they say anything to their patients that is not a glowing endorsement of the governments vaccination,mask and lockdown policies they could lose their license to practice.


        “Any promotion of anti-vaccination statements or health advice which contradicts the best available
        scientific evidence or seeks to actively undermine the national immunisation campaign (including via
        social media) is not supported by National Boards and may be in breach of the codes of conduct and
        subject to investigation and possible regulatory action.
        National Boards have developed social media guidance to help registered health practitioners
        understand and meet their obligations when using social media. The guidance explains that
        registered health practitioners must make sure that their social media activity is consistent with the
        regulatory framework for their profession and does not contradict or counter public health campaigns
        or messaging, such as the Australian COVID-19 Vaccination Policy.
        Health practitioners are reminded that it is an offence under the National Law to advertise a regulated
        health service4 (including via social media) in a way that is false, misleading or deceptive. Advertising
        that includes false, misleading or deceptive claims about COVID-19, including anti-vaccination
        material, may result in prosecution by Ahpra.”

      • Duck says:


        “..Why does the general public trust these charlatans in the Age of Information ?..”

        How much smarter normal people BEFORE the mass adoption of the Info Super-Distraction Highway…? I’d say about 20% more switched on brainpower then today for most.

        For every 1 person who gets more informed 99 get dumber thru the endless stream of entertainment and dopamine hits. Its useful to be abo=le to access all the info, but mostly it destroys normies minds

  6. ejdoyle says:

    Just the “Q” nonsense was a distraction, just like Trump was a do nothing distraction, just like all of it is, I really don’t care what happens anywhere else in the world cuz’ I can’t do a damn thing about it.

    We have been played by absolutely brilliant sociopathic/psychotic controllers for so long now we don’t reccognize living life on a longer leash doesn’t mean we are free.

    We are mostly a nation of self absorbed, lazy, clowns who dance to the tune of the piper for SUV’s and Off road trucks and cool clothes and all the other nonsense of being trained like lab rats.

    If the 2nd Amendment was so important to the survivalists then when Trump had the election stolen SOMETHING would have gone down SOMEWHERE but it is much easier for a couple of generations brought up on computer games to talk shit on blogs but no activism.

    I am glad I am old, healthy and had a VERY full life cuz it is all about to be over. No more nickle packs of Doublemint or camping out, etc. As predicted, it will be the boot on the face forever.

  7. Steve Smith says:

    I probably missed the discussion here where this guy was discredited and trashed so I will post this link in order to catch up.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      There are some good nuggets in this June interview with Dr. Peter McCullough.
      The listener has to pay attention, and then here and there, some very interesting tidbits are mentioned.

  8. Aamir says:

    James is the news about the Taliban eradicating the poppy in 1999-2000 accurate? I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the Taliban leaders themselves were controlled opposition. I have heard from various people I know in the region that at least some elements of the Taliban today are involved in selling opium.

    Also we should remember that PMCs don’t count as official troops. So while America might claim it has withdrawn its forces, tens of thousands of private contractors are all over the country.

    May God help the people of Afghanistan who are suffering from all this.

    • candlelight says:

      Hmm, excellent point, Aamir. You could be right about the Taliban as some sort of controlled opposition. Not sure if that’s the correct term in this instance, but it reminded me of the events shortly after the United States initially invaded the country, whereby Taliban leaders and bin Laden, himself, so easily evaded capture. Also, it does seem to me that Taliban “co-operation” can be bought at a price. Maybe the Chinese these days have the right numbers?


      A Guardian article from 2001 – “Former minister says fugitive Taliban leaders living life of luxury in Pakistan”:

      “Secret deals with tribal leaders and Northern Alliance commanders appear to have paved an escape route for Taliban leaders ahead of US special forces.”


      Well, “secret deals” my foot.

      I happened to have gotten a kick out of a huge double-paged photo in the New York Times a couple of days ago showing Taliban fighters driving through the desert packed into a king cab Ford pick-up…. Reminded me of another photo a few years ago of Sunni Iraqis hell bent on retaking Iraq, streaming out of Turkey heading east in a convey of shiny brand new Toyota pick-ups…. Truly hysterical. And, it was soon thereafter that the city of Mosul fell into these same Sunni’s hands as the American trained Iraqi military units defending Mosul dropped their weapons and fled.

      Sounds familiar.

      Though, reflecting on JC’s article, it’s going to be quite a stretch for the propaganda machine to seriously condition the public to believe that an Al-CIAda directive to influence MAGA Trumpers, et al, is possible, or even plausible. It’s one thing for the FBI to conduct phony Al Qaeda stings to set up unwitting Muslims after 9/11; it’s another thing to attempt the recruitment of right-wing MAGA Trumpers with Al Qeada rhetoric. The twain just don’t mix.

      I mean, good luck. But, it ain’t gonna happen. Attempting such stings will require a whole lot of splainin’ and very imaginative back story, etc., etc., etc., to the point that such ploys would be completely senseless, as well as revelatory; that is, it may create a lot of unwanted blow-back.

      • FIW says:

        “Though, reflecting on JC’s article, it’s going to be quite a stretch for the propaganda machine to seriously condition the public to believe that an Al-CIAda directive to influence MAGA Trumpers, et al, is possible, or even plausible”

        Yeah, this thought crossed my mind as well. Isn’t the MAGA crowd supposed to be amungst some of the most anti muslim, pro Middle East war out there? At least according to lamestream media’s list of characters. How are they going to persuade people that this crowd is now sympathizing with jihadist and Russian propaganda? But then again judging by the state of the increasingly ididotic global population, maybe they won’t even have to…does it even matter anymore if it makes sense, is anyone even trying to make sense out of this lunacy, they just obey.

      • Steve Smith says:

        “ Though, reflecting on JC’s article, it’s going to be quite a stretch for the propaganda machine to seriously condition the public to believe that an Al-CIAda directive to influence MAGA Trumpers, et al, is possible, or even plausible.”

        I don’t think they need to “seriously condition the public”. I think they just need to insert the idea into the narrative. They just need to say it. Then they can blame anything they want on those evil foreigners and impressionable domestic insurrectionists and have an excuse to roll out whatever draconian measures they choose to combat it.

        • candlelight says:

          Yeah, I know what you’re saying. Just insert the narrative, and their will be done – or their excuse to exercise their will, will be done.

          I don’t know. I still think it’s a stretch. The Al Qaeda terrorist propaganda con is worn pretty thin.

          I’ve hardly seen any media at all focusing on the potential rise of Al Qaeda coupled with the fall of Afghanistan angle…at least not yet. Of course, I’m sure we’ll be seeing contrived blurbs coming out of MSM about such potentialities, but it won’t be based on fact…. Er, not that facts particularly matter in the age of idiocy and doublethink, but, I believe there is just so much bullshit you can throw at people before they’re overloaded and begin to reject it. Even still, if they do try to insert the Al Qaeda threat narrative – especially if it features a MAGA linkage, it will be interesting to see how they manage it, which talking heads will be spreading it, etc. News anchors, politicians, ex-generals? A who’s who on the Company’s payroll?

          Oh, and the FBI stings…. Let’s just see how far they can further dumb down the gullible….

          • Steve Smith says:

            “Let’s just see how far they can further dumb down the gullible….“

            Thats the thing. I’m not sure that they need, or feel they need to further dumb down the people.
            Look how fed up and vocal a lot of people are about the crazy bullshit being imposed on them because of the fake pandemic.
            The many credible sources decrying the scam, the protests, nothing seems to be able to slow down the flood of lies or have the slightest effect on the ones who are implementing the agenda.

            It seems to me that they have decided its all or nothing. They’ve put it all out there this time. They are betting that enough people are willingly ignorant and can be bought off. Enough are gullible and believe the deception and that they can cow the rest with the threat of violence. And if that doesn’t work, I believe that they will try to kill the rest.
            Thats when we will find out how many of the enforcers will sacrifice their conscience by obeying orders they know are wrong and how many of them refuse and stand with the resisters who choose to fight to the end.
            There will be a few of us.

            • Steve Smith says:

              From Lew Rockwell


              “Writes a friend:


              The media won’t report on any of it, but the anger at Biden from the entrenched military class over the fall of Afghanistan will be profound.

              Of course, half the mini-mansions built in Northern Virginia were from federal contractors who profited mightily from the whole fiasco.

              What this means for Biden in the long-run is anyone’s guess.

              When the Deep State is done with him, a well-placed banana peel may change history.

              I sound like Fred Reed. “

            • candlelight says:

              Not so much the threat of violence as the threat of restrictions, isolation, etc. That seems to be the game card here. There’s not going to be outright killing and fighting to the end. Restricting access, fines, culminating in court appearances, potential arrests… That sort of thing.

              But, there’s a fair amount of resistance to mandates across the board. It’s not a slam dunk by any means.

              It’s also conceivable that as time goes on, this vast vaccine experiment will noticeably – and to those pushing the mandates – undeniably become so ineffective, that a sizable amount of medical professionals and other influencers now promoting the vaccines might start to have second thoughts. Hopefully, inefficacy won’t be coupled with widespread medical injury showing up in the coming months ahead, that is, injury that statistically can be tied to the vaccine, itself.

              If that were to be the case, it would be a nail in Mr. Gates’ coffin.

              • Fact Checker says:

                “It’s also conceivable that as time goes on, this vast vaccine experiment will noticeably …undeniably become so ineffective, that a sizable amount of medical professionals and other influencers now promoting the vaccines might start to have second thoughts.”

                Absolutely not. Inconceivable. Whatever happens real-world-wise with the vaxxes, the Signal from the TeeVee will be: “safe and effective.” If you had occasion to interact with doctors on a daily basis, you would realize that they are impervious to personal, empirical observation, and make decisions strictly based on television narratives and “peer-reviewed evidence” (a/k/a pseudo-medical propaganda in the NEJM and JAMA). Doctors within earshot of me routinely make comments like, “I’m seeing so many vaccinated Covid patients! This really show why we need everyone vaccinated! These unvaccinated are really so crazy they’re dangerous at this point!”

                There is no reasoning with these people, let alone waiting in hopes that they will “see the light.”

                That mimetic Signal will always trump real-world observation, no matter how strong or widespread the real-world data might be. The “medical professionals and other influencers” will always follow the Signal from the TeeVee and Pharma-captured periodicals, regardless of their own real-world experiences, which they actively compartmentalize and rationalize away as a matter of course. Real-world phenomena are completely inconsequential at this point, to the medical profession. Any hopes to the contrary are strictly in the realm of wishful fantasy. Only the Signal remains.

                “Hopefully, inefficacy won’t be coupled with widespread medical injury…that statistically can be tied to the vaccine, itself.”

                Again, such a connection will never be drawn no matter how much death and maiming these poison shots wreak because They dictate the “statistics”. They will never “tie” anything to the shots, statistically, except “safe-and-effective”. To believe there might be any other outcome is pure fantasy. “Statistics” are not going to emerge from the heavens and save us all, because “statistics” are the very weapon of the Enemy.

                Mr. Gates isn’t in a coffin. He’s in a castle. Every death from the shots only makes him safer in his castle, because it’s one less pleb begging for crumbs at the gates.

                You and I, on the other hand, won’t even get a coffin. It’s a mass grave for us.

              • candlelight says:

                I will agree with you that doctors do tend to follow the dictates of the CDC. I know my doctor does. He goes by the guidelines of their esteemed experts. It can be, and is annoying.

                If the “statistics” aren’t strong enough, I agree that it won’t hit home, but if vaccine injuries become overwhelmingly ubiquitous and obvious, which is a possibility going forward, that is the scenario I’m talking about. Who knows how many problems may start cropping up 8 months from now, and how fast?

                Gates does differ from us, living in a castle, even after divorce…. Unlike we, the Droogs, crashing on our friend’s couches. 🙂

          • Steve Smith says:

            Well that didn’t take long.



            BREAKING: Man Threatening To Bomb D.C. Releases Video Ranting About Biden’s Afghanistan Withdrawal
            “I don’t want to die Joe, I want to go home, just like the people in Afghanistan want to go home,” he ranted. “Afghanistan I’m standing for you strong.”

            • candlelight says:

              Well that didn’t take long.

              Yup, it hasn’t taken very long, indeed. In fact, when I had said earlier that I had hardly seen any media attention focusing on the rise of Al Qaeda due to the Taliban victory, it was shortly thereafter that an article in the New York Times discussed just that, implications on a rebounding Al Qaeda…. And now your bitchute link with the crazy red neck rant complete with bomb threat and standing with Afghanistan.

              Whatever the hell that means?

              Apparently, though, the dude in the pick-up is clearly anti Taliban, hence anti Al Qaeda. So, if the video is set up to introduce a false flag legitimacy of right-wing terrorism, it’s based on right-wing reaction to Democratic/liberal policy, not Al Qaeda support.

              In any event, it does look like a fine time for intelligence to dust off their false flag terror play book and start the ball rolling again. However thinly veiled it may now be, it still offers a degree of distraction and manipulation by those who endeavor to shape public sentiment, or in some circles, better known as mind control.

    • weilunion says:

      America’s failure in Afghanistan reveals once again that the US has not won one war since the end of WWII. The trillions of dollars lost in the bone yard of Afghanistan and the hundreds of thousands of people show once again that the American Empire is crumbling.

      Another day in overreaching imperialism.

      The heroin trade will be moved by the US, this we know. No doubt to Mexico and Colombia for this part of the region is where the cartels are and where the US has even more troops.

      One might wish to read the book: The Great Heroin Coup to see how the US intelligent services used Chiang Hai Chek and the heroin trade to bump the Corsicans, French connection and move profit centers to E. Asia where they and the National Crime Syndicate processed and sold the drugs. 20% of all GI’s returning after Vietnam were hooked on heroin. We might see the same with these poor lumpens who are returning.

      And we will certainly see a rise in drug use, as America falls, and drug production, as heroin production is now to be moved.

      Heroin and geo-political politics were why the US was in Afghanistan.

  9. vadoum says:

    Re “the place where empires finish”,
    Ive read that ghengis, and alexander finished in Samarkand, which is Uzbek but hey, in that neighorhood. and atilla’s grave was there(or someone? equally bloodthirsty) and was dug up against orders (by a naughty russian archeologist) the day before a big blood bath in europe started (ww1 or 2?). sorry my details are flaky, I read it 15-20yrs ago. excellent book about acknowledging and accessing realms of lucid dreaming (by a siberian psychiatrist, but the english is top drawer) that includes some esoteric history

    (book by Olga Kharitidi “Master of Lucid dreaming”)

  10. mkey says:

    The channel that was hosting the Charlie Wilson’s war (I’m assuming, the actual move) has been disabled due to hatred. Seems there’s a lot of hatred going on these days. I found a Russian dubbed version here 😀


    • CQ says:

      mkey, I just now started watching the movie “Charlie Wilson’s War” on BitChute, and it’s not disabled here in the US, I’m happy to say.

      • mkey says:

        The parent channel of this video is unavailable at your location due to the following restrictions:
        Contains Incitement to Hatred

        Only now I have read the first part. I guess the incitement to hatered is a big no-no in my area lol

        Enjoy the movie.

        • CQ says:

          Thanks, mkey. I didn’t enjoy “Charlie Wilson’s War” at all. The only characters in it whom I cared for were Joanne’s dogs (who live in the lap of luxury in Houston) and the horses, mules, and camels (who live in the dismal war zone that is Afghanistan). 🙁

          I have yet to listen to Corbett’s analysis of the movie. When I do, it’ll hopefully be more to my liking! 🙂

      • HEDGE110 says:

        Easy to watch on Bitchute in Australia also. To me it’s a propaganda piece that paints an altruistic vision of US involvement in Afghanistan. As Corbett, says, there’s more than one reason for doing a thing…

  11. HEDGE110 says:

    ‘Mob Morality and the Unvaxxed’ recommended reading is epic. Reminds me of ‘Discipline and Punish -The birth of the prison’ by Michel Foucault.

  12. Octium says:

    Damn. I was hoping to run off join the Tellyban and not have to worry about this vaccine passport shit again!

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Related to geo-politics, the following article may be of interest to many…

    Mercator Misconceptions:
    Clever Map Shows The True Size Of Countries


    • Alchemist says:

      Cool motion graphic. Everything is set to scale on Gleason’s map 🤷‍♀️

  14. Davewave says:


    As former misguided veteran of same, 58,000+ lives of my fellow humans were killed there, hundreds maimed for life, and for what objective? To stop communism, as the US Military & Nixon claimed?
    NO!, it was to secure yet another large human source of CHEAP LABOR, to produce clothing & shoes for NIKE and other corporate members of the oligarchy that rule over Congress and against the will of WE THE PEOPLE. Don’t think so, then check the labels on shoes or clothes you may have recently purchased to see if it reads “MADE IN VIETNAM”. OH, did I mention the vast offshore oil reserves of Vietnam? Could that be one of the hidden reasons WHY the US Navy (& China) maintains a heavy presence in that region? The corporate oligarchy FOR PROFIT and exploitation of all resources and cheap human capital see the world as “their oyster” to “have and to hold until DEATH” do us part.

    Only now in my Mid 70’s do I understand what the world conversion to 100% traceable digital currency means: the permanent establishment of a TWO CLASS system of human beings, from which revolution will be next to impossible (resistance will be futile), as THEY will know everything at the speed of light about the minute-by-minute movement and thinking of WE THE PEOPLE.
    Yes, the human Spirit is unconquerable in its desire for Liberty, UNTIL enough generations have passed under the new FLAG of DIGITAL, CORPORATE CONSCIOUSNESS, that it will have been forgotten forever, as written of by Orwell in “1984”. As Jared Diamond wrote of in “GUNS, GERMS & STEEL” waves of STATE/CORPORATE imperialism swept over indigenous cultures for centuries. Timely spoken at the end of the movie “THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE UGLY” were the words, “You see my friend, there are two kinds of people in the world: those with loaded guns and those who dig. You dig.”
    Now, next in line and last, it will be “GUNS, GERMS (covid?), STEEL and DIGITAL CURRENCY”; The impossibility of future evolution: a dream come true for the author of ‘DICTATORS & DISCIPLES”

    • spider says:

      The Tungsten Connection

      During the Second World War, Hitler’s scientists developed a new metal that was harder than any known up to that point. The Allied Powers first became aware of this alloy when the Panzer tank division rolled over all opposition and the bullets just bounced off. When the metal on these tanks was analyzed, it was found to contain the element tungsten. This metal with the highest melting point of any metal was used as filaments in light bulbs and was not available in large quantities, at least not large enough to fuel the new demand for war machinery. The search for tungsten in the world brought bitter disappointment to the Allies. Japan had occupied the countries that had the largest and most productive mines. One such country was Vietnam. After the war, when the Japanese were forced to leave Vietnam the French were poised and ready to secure this strategic area. In the interim before the Japanese left and the French took over, a large cargo ship from the United States slipped into Haiphong harbor, loaded tungsten from the warehouses and skirted away. The French chased in pursuit but to no avail. The French held this country in their colonial grasp until the Vietnamese defeated them at Dien Bien Phu. The Geneva Accords that were accepted by the French stated that elections would be held to unify the country in 1954. When the time came for the elections, then President Eisenhower said in a White Letter that we cannot allow elections in Vietnam to transpire because Ho Chi Minh would be elected and the tin and tungsten mines were too important to us to allow them to fall into Communist hands.

      spider 1990

      • spider says:

        I’m sorry. When I wrote this it was already from 30 year old memories. Now with the Internet I can remedy this error.
        During the Second World War, Hitler’s scientists developed a new metal
        that was harder than any known up to that point. Germany used this element to make
        tools that lasted longer and could take more heat.
        This metal with the highest melting point of any metal was used as
        filaments in light bulbs and was not available in large quantities, at
        least not large enough to fuel the new demand for war machinery. The
        search for tungsten in the world brought bitter disappointment to the
        Allies. Before Japan was able to secure Indochina, a large cargo ship from the United States
        slipped into Haiphong harbor, loaded tungsten from the warehouses and
        skirted away. The Japanese chased in pursuit but to no avail. After the war, the French
        held this country in their colonial grasp until the Vietnamese defeated
        them at Dien Bien Phu. The Geneva Accords that were accepted by the
        French stated that elections would be held to unify the country in
        1954. When the time came for the elections, then President Eisenhower
        said in a White Letter that we cannot allow elections in Vietnam to
        transpire because Ho Chi Minh would be elected and the tin and tungsten
        mines were too important to us to allow them to fall into Communist

  15. Fact Checker says:

    “And we already know that the Chinese are swooping in to cut deals with the Taliban.”

    This sentence suffers from a lack of clarity that I feel is emblematic of the lack of clarity of the article overall.

    The phrasing in context suggests that the Chinese are swooping in now that the “troops are withdrawing”.

    However, as one could glean from the date in the hyperlinked article (July 28), the Sino-Taliban confab took place immediately before this reconfiguration of political-military dynamics. (The confab was, of course, mentioned on NWNW too, and I think the image they linked to in the show notes really says it all: https://cdn.substack.com/image/fetch/w_1456,c_limit,f_auto,q_auto:good,fl_progressive:steep/https%3A%2F%2Fbucketeer-e05bbc84-baa3-437e-9518-adb32be77984.s3.amazonaws.com%2Fpublic%2Fimages%2F46679352-5a90-49a7-8dfd-93619f2b4ef7_1200x778.jpeg )

    The timing of the Sino-Taliban confab shows clearly that diplomatic preparations were being made with foreknowledge of exactly what’s happening now. So, What’s happening now? you ask. Nothing more exciting or critical than China is asserting its untrammeled dominance on the world stage. And the way China does business is…well, by doing business. (Not by military occupation.)

    Foreign Minister Wang Yi was assuring the Taliban that the rabid dog U.S. force was being instructed to withdraw. Of course, there will be enough whizz-bang pyrotechnics to convince the brain-dead U.S. public and rank-and-file military bureaucracy that there was some element of “battle” or “engagement” involved in this reconfiguration. This will allow the military brass and the civilian administration to save face. But, make no mistake about it. The U.S. is now under Chinese stewardship, and the Chinese are not interested in the destructive methods of “American Hegemony.” The Taliban are going to be granted limited, local sovereignty, and conduct the region’s internal affairs in a way that is suitable to the culture of the people. (The Chinese tend to be humble enough to know that local authorities are much better equipped to know and manage the cultural peculiarities of their masses.) In exchange, China will continue building out its infrastructure of the post-Reset world, where China is the techno-bureaucratic center of the data colonies of the world. (Until, of course, the Israelis destroy them from within, too–but that won’t be for several decades yet. Let’s not get sidetracked.)

    Remember, the United States is in Receivership, for the benefit of its longtime, amiable creditor, China. The U.S. will no longer be permitted to harry the world with its sadistic and profligate military adventurism. It’s time for their troops to go home…

    and enforce the injection mandates that will perfect the integration of the mass of American bio-slaves into the waiting Social Credit matrix…

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Reporter: “Is a Taliban takeover of Afghanistan now inevitable?”
    The President: “No, it is not.”

    Corbett’s article: ““Graveyard of Empires” Claims Another Victim” certainly was timely.
    While I’m sure that many Corbett Report Members are well aware of the updates, I will post this news piece for the record:

    Sunday August 15th, 2021 – Zero Hedge
    Watch: 100s Of US Citizens Scramble Aboard C-17 As Taliban Ready To Declare “Islamic Emirate Of Afghanistan”
    (A variety of videos and updates follow)

    Update (1310ET): The situation is Kabul (well all of Afghanistan) has gone from bad to worst case scenario as a Taliban official says they will soon declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from the presidential palace in Kabul, the Associated Press reported, after reports of the insurgents entering the premises and taking control of it.

    [Alex Berenson says: “Build Back Better”]
    … As this is unfolding, 100s of US citizens are scrambling aboard C-17s as the Biden admin evacuates the country…
    …One thing of note – which we are sure Fauci and Biden will quickly clamp down on – none of the evacuees appear to be wearing masks!!…

    Update (1200ET): The Taliban are now in charge.
    Meanwhile the US embassy in Kabul is also about to fall to the Taliban who are set to return to power after 20 years…


    Security Alert – U. S. Embassy Kabul, Afghanistan (August 15, 2021)
    Location: Kabul
    Event: The security situation in Kabul is changing quickly and the situation at the airport is deteriorating rapidly. There are reports of the airport taking fire and we are instructing U.S. citizens to shelter in place. The U.S. Embassy in Afghanistan has suspended consular operations effective immediately. Do not come to the Embassy or airport at this time….

  17. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Besides “The Powers That Should Not Be” and various national & local officials, I am of the opinion that a significant segment of the Pro-Vaccine population want to see scary high Covid numbers and deaths, especially in the non-vaxxed community.
    They want to see their virtue substantiated…that masks must be worn by all and that all persons must be vaccinated…and any bad outcome is entirely the result of the un-masked and un-vaccinated.
    This segment of the population wants schadenfreude against the un-vaxxed & un-masked.
    They want to say a Dr. Brytney Cobia statement:
    “One of the last things they do before they’re intubated is beg me for the vaccine.
    I hold their hand and tell them that I’m sorry, but it’s too late.”

    I am of the opinion that this population segment would strain so hard to demonize their “opponents” that they would lie, deceive or sabotage in order to manipulate outcomes.
    (The last election holds many examples.)

    Sarasota Memorial Hospital – Several Incidents of “Covid Patient?” Abuse and Intentional Life-Threatening Neglect…even restraining a patient wanting to exit the hospital legally

    — American Media Periscope Published August 12, 2021 —
    Dr. Stephen Guffanti tells his story as a patient and that of his patient roommate.
    (VIDEO 11 1/2 minutes)

    Executive Director of Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s organization tries to help her Father who was admitted to Sarasota Memorial Hospital.
    (VIDEO – 18 minutes)

    When a person observes how passionate both sides of the Mask & Vaxx communities are, I would not be surprised that many of the virtuous left would love to see high numbers of Covid cases and deaths. They would strain for it.
    The recent Williamson County School Board meeting encapsulates this aspect. The School Board knowingly violated their own state law in order to mandate masks on children.
    Watch the passion here…

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think you are right about this pathological behavior. It’s a type of sociopathy or other psychological pathology that is revealing itself from this massive fraud.

      But I think that there are some people who will see soon enough that the “vaccinated” are the people who will get sick and die more often this fall and winter and it might even be themselves who end up sick, the stupid doctors and nurses who took this toxic chemical. They deserve all the misery they will receive and I believe they will receive it!!

      • joseph says:

        Whoah. Easy on the wish for harm. That is what is supposed to separate this comment section from all the others.

      • Duck says:


        “..They deserve all the misery they will receive and I believe they will receive it!!..”

        If you take on the mindset that the stupid DESERVE to be preyed upon your accepting the worldview of the Elite, saying that what they do is “OK”. The Elite WANT YOU TO FEEL THAT WAY just as the psychopath wants to look down on their prey

        Just because someone is disgustingly stupid and weak minded does not make it OK for even more disgusting people with power to prey on them.

        • cu.h.j says:

          You are probably right that it’s wrong to wish harm. I should clarify my statement. There are people taking the poison who want to force others to take it. This is wrong to force or coerce people to take drugs they refuse even if the person believes the treatment is beneficial. It’s called autonomy and is an ethical standard in medicine.

          Doctors and nurses who violate this principle deserve the karmic repercussions. That’s what I meant to say.

          • Fact Checker says:

            You back down too easily, cu.h.j!

            These retarded monkeys are dragging us down into Hell with them! They are every bit as blameworthy as the monsters pulling their strings. They have all become accomplices to mass human sacrifice, and ignorance is no defense.

            In fact, the nurses and doctors dying en masse is the only thing that might disrupt the demonic Agenda even a little bit, since it might damage the chain-of-command hierarchy of the medical industry by which the Military is implementing its injection-attack. In other words, those doctors’ and nurses’ only potential contribution to humanity would be to up and die pronto! They are instrumental to the ongoing orderly mass-murder of their fellows, and their deaths would be entirely salutary.

            I don’t hesitate for a moment to hope they come to harm for their own venality and foolishness, as soon as possible. Let ’em die. Watch ’em burn.

            • Duck says:

              Fact Checker
              “..I don’t hesitate for a moment to hope they come to harm for their own venality and foolishness, as soon as possible. Let ’em die. Watch ’em burn….”

              Considering that you have said you think there is NO hope anyway your just wallowing in evil. If you TRULY feel that way They have already won, and colonized your mind.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Nah, I simply let the dead bury the dead.

                I refuse to sit here forcing myself to get weepy about the idea that the very techno-fascist technicians and functionaries of the biosecurity state who are calling for Fact Checker to be forcibly injected with space-venom are going to get a taste of their own medicine…literally!

                Their souls are already forfeit. The deaths of their physical bodies at this point will be a mercy to the broken animals blindly scratching around in their skulls, and if those deaths can serve the purposes of the dwindling remnant of the living, then I will not hesitate to hope they just go ahead and die already with all due dispatch.

                Sorry not sorry. You can’t shame me into pretending that their lives are worth one whit.

            • Duck says:

              ‘…Sorry not sorry. You can’t shame me into pretending that their lives are worth one whit…”

              I never said they WERE… I don’t personally care much about them either way TBH but You SHOULD be ashamed at getting off on other people suffering.

              Their death won’t matter to the big plan, IMO, because the propaganda will be that the UN-vaccinated, (rather then the asymptomatic vaccinated who will be the real problem) are the cause.

              • Fact Checker says:

                I’m saying, the only thing that might help is that so many of them die, quickly and especially in the middle-management echelons of the medical hierarchy, that the supply lines and the chain of command break down so that the kill-and-maim operation is stymied, propaganda notwithstanding. I’m not saying I would relish such an outcome, but I would welcome it as an advantageous development. I would certainly prefer they die quickly than that they suffer.

                Unfortunately, I suspect that DARPA’s research during the “Decade of Vaccines” (2010-2019) showed exactly what percentage will die with each round of shots, and that the number of deaths in each wave will undershoot the destabilizing threshold that I’m saying might be there.

                (Notice that I said, unfortunately)

              • cu.h.j says:

                I don’t think they will be able to cover it up, but will try. It will be obvious, if we do get the effects this fall and winter of severe illness in the vaccinated. They can blame whomever but it will be obvious the vaccines aren’t going to do anything beneficial.

                From a tactical standpoint if you are in some kind of war, you benefit from the opposing party to be weakened. People took the injections at their own risk. They were given a form that says very clearly that these injections are experimental. If they had any doubts, they should have said no, in my opinion. It’s never wise to go against ones first instinct, which is usually correct.

                Who knows, maybe some of the shots were less toxic to different sets of people and we won’t know what the effects will be on long term health for years to come. If the ADE effect is real, we will know this fall and winter.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Also, there are some people who CANNOT think for themselves or function in a free society. It’s like some prisoners who are institutionalized who can no longer function on the outside. This phenomenon is real.

                If we do get a shit hit the fan, grid going down kind of thing, the people who rely on CNN to guide them will be SOL.

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Evan Pilato ReTweeted Ae911Truth
    Interesting predictive find, a bit of retro causality or tapping into the zeitgeist for writer Chris Claremont.
    Uncanny X-Men #189
    “Two Girls Out to Have Fun”
    Cover date: Jan, 1985


    QUOTE from the Comic Graphic
    “In her mind’s eye, she sees lower Manhattan burning. … The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center lie in ruins. Thousands are dead, many more injured.”

    If you like this kind of stuff, check out the research of Shoestring
    Hollywood and 9/11: The Movies and TV Dramas Resembling the Terrorist Attacks That Were Being Produced in September 2001

    (Someone should add this comic to the comment thread at 911blogger.)

  19. Joseph says:

    Great article! I would like to add one side-note.

    When analyzing why US withdraws troops from Afghanistan, lets not overlook the fact that in case a military conflict breaks out between US and China, those US armies stationed in Afghanistan could be easily trapped inside the country facing two separate enemies at once. While completely surrounded by China and its allies they got to worry about the Taliban retaliation as well. In my opinion, that would be a complete impossible mission for the US troops there.

    • Duck says:

      “…In my opinion, that would be a complete impossible mission for the US troops there….”

      The whole thing was always an impossible mission… as I recall the USSR was lured into the same dead end trap, perhaps the REAL point was to bleed the USA of wealth, military power and patriotism so that taking it down a peg and integrating it into the World System was possible?

      IDK, but I dount that you could have got the Hyper-Power USA of 2000 to take 2nd place in such a system and few other nations would have wanted to join the Empire Of America…. TBH I think the Big NWO is going to become the PatchWork NWO of weak States kissing Private Central Banker backside so they get enough Cryto Credits to keep afloat

    • bleak says:

      Since when did the us gov care about their troops?

  20. MagicBullet says:

    I just saw this, sorry its not about our dear friends the Afghanis, but,
    JC should be aware of what his leader is saying:

    In the vid in the link, the Prime Minister of Japan is asked by a reporter「what’s your analysis of the number of cases now?」and he replies「The population is decreasing, I think this effect is [clearly] starting now」. You guys can online translate the content of the page if you are so inclined.

  21. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Over the weekend, there were demonstrations all around the world.
    Montreal Canada was no exception.

    Chris Sky gives a brief 5 Star speech during the Montreal demonstration

    (5 ½ minutes)
    Chris Sky says:
    ”There is no political solution to this problem. I don’t care what you WANT to believe. If you believe there is: Look me in the eye and name one time in human history where the people have voted their way out of tyranny.”

    Chris Sky will be in Edmonton, Alberta at a huge event on August 20th.

  22. digisoul says:

    “claims another victim”? NOT. “claims another DESERVING FOOL? YES.

  23. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I think that the following video is a nice “share” to someone who is unaware.
    Nicole is a ICU Nurse and a former Covid travel Nurse, she shares her thoughts on what is really going on. She does a very good job of covering the bases.
    (Credit to America First with Dr. Sebastian Gorka.)

    NIcole A ICU Nurse Says: ‘’You’re Being Lied to About COVID.’’ Some Things You Need to Know
    (49 minutes)

    • MagicBullet says:

      She gives good info thanks! However, at 39:10 she says, “if you still think conspiracies are a thing you are not paying attention!”

      She just spent the whole video telling us about a medical conspiracy that is “criminal”. Hiding meds like Iver and HCQ because they don’t make money, inflating cases and hospital use, making false research in the Lancet, hiding spike protein body distribution, the WHO changing the PCR cycle on inauguration day, hiding vax injuries and deaths. Later she says, “The vaccines are not safe or effective…but don’t think anything nefarious is going on…this is breaking the Nurenburg Code. Big Pharma, Big Tech, & Govt is all against us.”

      How can she say nothing nefarious is going on when she keeps describing something terrible others are doing to us?

      • cu.h.j says:

        I didn’t watch it yet, but she probably doesn’t want to believe it, that these psychopaths want to actually maim and kill us and steal our resources. They also seem to enjoy tormenting us psychologically as well. It’s almost unbelievable.

        When I watched Dr. Bhadki and Dr. Yeadon talk about the possible harm of the mRNA jab and then Dr. Yeadon say that he thought they were trying to kill us sent a chill up my spine. Dr. Yeadon worked for Pfizer and isn’t the kind of person that you would call a “conspiracy theorist” and if he is saying that this injection could actually kill us off, people should listen.

        Even now, I say to myself “are they really trying to kill us?” and a small part is still doubtful but then the logical part of my mind with the facts says “oh yeah it sure seems like it”. It’s mind blowing really, to me anyway. This is unprecedented and overwhelming and people want to hold on to what they used to believe to anchor them.

        • nosoapradio says:

          “Even now, I say to myself “are they really trying to kill us?” and a small part is still doubtful but then the logical part of my mind with the facts says “oh yeah it sure seems like it”…

          Yea, I totally identify with this dilemma of dizzying dystopian deliberation, of wavering back and forth between more or less disturbing possibilities, yet trying to keep perspective, understand the mentality of the majority, of our friends and family. And, of course, the implications of the unjustified worldwide injection of dangerous tech are so enormous that they’re impossible to fully accept and apprehend.

          And maybe it’s remotely conceivable that this historical crusade to jab every man, woman and child on the planet is not aimed at directly harming vast swathes of the human population, maybe there’s another intention? For example, to create a precedent establishing the normality of mandating injections of all sorts. Or to exacerbate and underline a collectivist sentiment, the notion of the collective taking precedence over the individual? But then why not use a real vaccine? What’s with this allegedly experimental mRNA tech? Why did they advertise that it’s experimental in the first place?

          Whether or not this campaign is designed to reduce the population or create gazillions of future clients for Big Pharma,

          what’s curious is that TPTSB seem to WANT people to see the absurd illegality and immorality of injecting humans, children even babies with what they themselves have announced as being experimental technology, to fight a virus that is clearly not deadly for the vast majority of the population.

          Without even having to delve into conspiracy research, just listening to the daily MSM reports, profound inconsistencies shine through for ALL to see, including the abrupt “about-faces” concerning mask-wearing …

          Short of answering affirmatively to your question “are they really trying to kill us?” it’s as if they want people to sense that something is not quite above board, the authorities are keeping something from us… that many are happy to brush off as being mere incompetence or human error in the face of an unprecedented situation.

          Yet it seems like TPTSB are deliberately taunting certain more discerning people with obvious, undeniable and pervasive incoherence, inconsistencies and over-the-top propaganda such as tempting children to go behind their parents’ backs to get vaccinated for french fries, donuts and ice cream, goading a percentage of justifiably revolted citizens to rise up and rebel…

          Why has the whole thing been so messy?

          At any rate, you said it!:

          ” It’s mind blowing really, to me anyway. This is unprecedented and overwhelming…

          • nosoapradio says:

            Come to think of it, (to state the obvious in an effort to make it crystal clear for myself),

            the collectivist cloud does seem to have settled over the world population

            with vaccinations being carried out in public K-12 schools (the school knows better than individual parents), in universities, companies (collectives know better than individuals) etc.

            The whole “do it for the others” ethos, with the Pope now exclaiming that getting vaccinated is “an act of love”.

            It does seem that this whole Covid craze has brought collectivist, “we’re all in this together” sentiment to new heights that are, I’d say, unprecedented in the modern Western world…

            Perhaps covid and so-called man-made climate change are profoundly designed for just that purpose: to create a new very collectivist mentality, more particularly amongst the younger elements of the world population.

            Maybe we’re being injected with acute and chronic collectivism designed to proliferate in our brain overwhelm our cognitive functions?

            • cu.h.j says:

              That is certainly another possibility:

              “…being injected with acute and chronic collectivism designed to proliferate in our brain and overwhelm our cognitive functions.”

              I hope the people who are refusing remain strong and oppose it. The concern of bodily injury is enough to keep me from doing what is easier. The principle of bodily autonomy and individual liberty is equally important.

              I understand the cognitive dissonance defense mechanism more now though.

  24. beaconterraone says:

    Remember, you have NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER of defeating Empire America unless you have F-16s and nukes.

    • Duck says:

      “..remember, you have NO CHANCE WHATSOEVER of defeating Empire America..”

      But to be fair, they DID win the first round.
      As the western population declines in fitness, focus, education and IQ the military will get less and less effective and more dependent on complex,expensive toys. When those tools are too expensive for the coming 3rd world level economy the ability to project power will slide very fast. I still recall seeing masses of Soviet gear on sale in Germany back when the russians went belly up

    • Steve Smith says:

      They will defeat themselves. We just need to survive and rebuild.

    • A57 says:

      American Empire is destroying itself from the inside out. Globalists and technocrats are selling us out and grabbing as much money as they can on a race to the bottom.
      Rome and all other empires before it went in this way. It’s a slow painful process but there are to many going along with it I believe to do anything about it.

  25. David William Pear says:

    What will the CIA do with all the unemployed terrorists err Mujahedin 2.0

  26. FlyingAxblade says:

    for all you “lazy” black sheep, with no real skill set but dealing drugs or delivery or stock boy…you will shine, flare even, for a best moment.
    Just don’t be a coward when you die.
    Brothers, offend the adversary.

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Wednesday August 18, 2021 – Associated Press
    US health officials call for booster shots against COVID-19

    NEW YORK (AP) — U.S. health officials Wednesday announced plans to dispense COVID-19 booster shots to all Americans to shore up their protection amid the surging delta variant and evidence that the vaccines’ effectiveness is falling.

    The plan, as outlined by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other top authorities, calls for an extra dose eight months after people get their second shot of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. The doses could begin the week of Sept. 20.
    “Our plan is to protect the American people, to stay ahead of this virus,” CDC Director Dr. Rochelle Walensky said in a statement.

    Health officials said people who received the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine will also probably need extra shots. But they said they are waiting for more data.

    The overall plan is subject to a Food and Drug Administration evaluation of the safety and effectiveness of a third dose, the officials said.

    In a statement, officials said it is “very clear” that the vaccines’ protection against infection wanes over time, and now, with the highly contagious delta variant spreading rapidly, “we are starting to see evidence of reduced protection against mild and moderate disease.”
    “Based on our latest assessment, the current protection against severe disease, hospitalization and death could diminish in the months ahead,” they said.

    Top scientists at the World Health Organization bitterly objected to the U.S. plan, noting that poor countries are not getting enough vaccine for their initial rounds of shots…

    …But White House press secretary Jen Psaki this week said the question of whether to distribute boosters or help other nations “is a false choice. We can do both.”

    …Israel is already offering booster shots to people over 50 to control its delta surge. And European medical regulators said they are talking with vaccine developers about the idea…

    …Some experts have expressed concern that calling for boosters would undermine the public health message — and reinforce opposition to the vaccine — by raising more doubts in the minds of people who have been skeptical about the shots’ effectiveness….

  28. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Put Palantir into The Corbett Report’s “SEARCH BAR” before you read further.

    Wednesday August 18th – Zero Hedge (citing Bloomberg)
    Palantir Buys Over $50 Million Of Gold Bars:
    “Preparing For A Future With More Black Swans”

    (Note: U.S. Stock Indexes have been very weak recently.)

    Anyone watching Tuesday’s US market cash session sees red across the board. One of the strongest sell programs in months dumped stocks at the start of trading on Tuesday, and equity volatility spiked to the upside. As Nomura warned looking the arcane gamma topology underpinning the market, this could be the beginning of a market storm. And ahead of what could be further market turmoil, Palantir Technologies warned about an upcoming “black swan event,” according to Bloomberg.

    The software company, co-founded by the technology billionaire Peter Thiel and CEO Alex Karp, wrote in a filing last week that it stockpiled $50.7 million in gold bars earlier this month. The filing also said it acquired technology startups, blank-check companies, and even cryptocurrencies.

    Palantir had previously said it would accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for its services, along with payment in precious metals (however Bloomberg quoted a spokeswoman from Palantir who said no clients have paid in Bitcoin or gold yet).

    Shyam Sankar, the COO of Palantir, said accepting nontraditional forms of payment “reflects more of a worldview,” adding: “you have to be prepared for a future with more black swan events.”

    Palantir’s 100-ounce gold bars are expected to be stored in an undisclosed vault in the US Northeast.

    “The company can take physical possession of the gold bars stored at the facility at any time with reasonable notice,” Palantir wrote.

    None of this comes as a surprise that the loss of faith in those “who control the money” [Federal Reserve] – cryptocurrencies and precious physical metals are becoming a popular hedge for when the system implodes.

    Palantir co-founder Joe Lonsdale was quoted not too long ago, saying, “idiots are running the Fed.” Lonsdale was referencing the unconventional monetary policy that has helped balloon the national debt by over $5 trillion since early March 2020, to $28.4 trillion and set the US dollar on collision course with loss of reserve status….

  29. VigneshA says:

    Very insightful article, ever so grateful to you James. I am a grad student who doesn’t earn for a living yet. But I am so glad that I subscribed to your mailing list with that 1$/mo subscription. I cant thank you enough for opening my eyes in a myriad of ways, but allowing people to support you with what they can is truly a noble way to live. I salute you for that.

    I do have one question regarding this Afghan mayehm. I understand the unjust behind US’s meddling with Afghanistan. But I am unable to understand why so many are trying to flee the country. Did US really do a good job of ‘maintaining order/peace’ there? So the taliban are really the worst? Do their infringement of rights far exceed US’s?? Were the Afghan people happy to have US meddling with their affairs? Do they prefer the US over taliban? If thats the case, was it all that wrong for US to interfere? Of course the primary reason of invasion was AL-CIAda, which is propaganda on another level, but were the Afghan people better for it? Considering the hope they have for the Taliban.

    • Steve Smith says:

      I think that its likely that the vast majority of those desperate to escape are worried that their cooperation with the invaders will be held against them by the new tyrants in charge. But thats just speculation.

      • Fact Checker says:

        No it isn’t “speculation.”

        It may be a wishy-washy and appallingly ill-informed and nonspecific restatement of half-understood circumstances, but it’s not speculative. It’s generally accurate.

    • Fact Checker says:

      The ones trying to flee are the collaborationists. The ones who worked in the puppet-government run by the foreign occupiers. The quisling government under Pres. Ashraf Ghani, U.S. stooge and corrupt scumbag.

      It is natural that the Ghani government cretins should fear for their lives due to their deep treason and betrayal of their kin. They are now simply trying to escape the consequences of their crimes against their own people. Think of the Vichy government in Nazi-occupied France, or the South Vietnamese military junta that were lackeys for the U.S. until the Fall of Saigon. These are the equivalents.

      You should really start reading the text of articles, rather than just watching video and looking at pictures.

      Welcome to the Corbettariat!

      • Ezio says:

        I guess I misled you with my thanking note to James. I have been following James since 2019 and a subscriber since then. I don’t like to comment on things unless I absolutely must, I just read and watch most if not all that James uploads.

        Either ways, thank you for sharing your insight to my question. Most of what you said makes sense, but it doesn’t like its just the lackeys running for their life. The women seem to be genuinely scared and are fleeing the country followed by families of all religion. They really do seem more scared of the Taliban than the US military, or am I the only one seeing it that way?

        • Fact Checker says:

          “The women seem to be genuinely scared and are fleeing the country…”

          Wives of collaborationists and ruined consorts of the invaders (invaders who already fled, leaving their helpless consorts behind, as a final lesson in fraternizing with the Great Satan).

          All the cock ‘n bull about “women’s rights” and “feminism” is just vile propaganda.

          You’re certainly not “the only one seeing it that way” because that is of course the false Narrative being pushed in unison by the chorus of the Western Presstitute, to “pull on the heart-strings” and manipulate the masses back home. Tune that out. The Western Presstitute is the mendacious manifestation of the Whore of Babylon on this present, falling Earth.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Ezio says:
          “The women seem to be genuinely scared and are fleeing the country followed by families of all religion. They really do seem more scared of the Taliban than the US military, or am I the only one seeing it that way?”

          Ezio, I share your impression.
          If I was over there, I would try extremely hard to exit the country too, although I wouldn’t try riding a plane on the outside.
          One thing is certain, and that is a global axiom, home and abroad, “Anything the U.S. government touches, turns to shit.”

          Just so you know, I ignore “Fact Checker”.
          There are a variety of reasons.

  30. Thom 9 says:

    There is way more going on here than we are hearing and seeing.
    The evil that is, is playing more 3D chess n’est-ce pas?!
    Nobody screws up this bad…
    Leaving arms, aircraft and artillery for the outnumbered opposing forces.
    The Afghan military surrenders without firing a real shot.
    The Afghan President takes the cash and splits.
    Every move that the Biden admin has made has compounded this situation.
    Cutting off the Taliban’s cashflow while thousands are left stranded to the Taliban to be used as bargaining chips and leverage or worse just one recent example.
    The US Military and CIA’s apparent inability to forsee these events and to not have any contingency in place reaks of a deliberate act to further disgrace the US and bring it closer to a complete collapse.
    Add this to the damage COVID scamdemic has already done, the recent trillions of dollars of Biden admin is planning on spending and the cultural/societal attacks perpetrated by the left on Americans etc etc and we have already arrived at the point where the piece of straw breaks the camel’s back.
    All eyes on China and Taiwan.

    • Fact Checker says:

      It is a blatant military stand-down, commanded by the Chinese shot-callers.

      The entire U.S. body politic has been expertly butchered and dressed, Kosher-style, and served up to the CCP on a ceremonial platter. We are witnessing the feast.

      • vadoum says:

        “we are witnessing the feast”
        of the ouroboros

        • Fact Checker says:

          Well…everyone is always and always has been witnessing the Feast of Ouroboros!

      • Thom 9 says:

        Yep once again the media and the government agency pundits are calling the situation a “failure”. When the say “failure” what they really mean is this is a “controlled demolition” with the Deep State operating the plunger.
        Curious to see if this event has been coordinated to have the extra effect of causing Biden to step down and replacing him with their real candidate Kamala Harris. Either way Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Ratpack career politicos along with their Deep State handlers are fast at work driving the USS American Empire on to the reef of no return.

  31. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Monday August 16 – AUSTRALIA

    Andrews bans people from removing masks to drink outdoors

    Premier Daniel Andrews is “angry” after what occurred over the weekend and has announced people will not be permitted to remove their masks to drink alcohol outdoors.

    “There will be no removal of masks to consume alcohol outdoors, you will no longer be able to remove your mask to drink a cocktail at a pop-up beer garden on a footpath as part of a pub crawl,” he said….
    [He continues talking with specific details of complicated rules about permits and working.]

  32. A57 says:

    To me the pulling out of Afghanistan’s timing is just a little to convenient and makes a nice diversion from , like say what the Gov. of New York is doing. Since the bullshit wedge issue on masks is running out of fuel the need anything to distract our attention away from their massive land grabs about to happen.
    I thought it would be under the guise of climate change but now I got a sneaky feeling that so many people are just doing what their to they might just be bold enough to say I’m taking your land, what you going to do about it.

  33. reowen says:

    Another shoe lace in the totalitarian boots marching our way. Excellent insights as usual!

  34. Duck says:

    I’m just 40 min into this but Blackpilled has dug up some pretty good footage to compare and contrast the Soviet and US pull out from Afghanistan… He is uber right wing but the commentary on the politics is pretty interesting if you can ignore the odd rant and the weird live streem intro animation… skip ahead a few min to the footage and prob drop out after it stops

    So far he’s not mentioned that the Soviets were lured INTO Afghanistan by the USA… I think there is a Corbett Report on that in FLNWO on Rambo (…3?)


  35. “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players”. It is the planetary game.

    • bleak says:

      “It is quite evident that William Shakspere [sic] could not, unaided, have produced the immortal writings bearing his name. He did not possess the necessary literary culture, for the town of Stratford where he was reared contained no school capable of imparting the higher forms of learning reflected in the writings ascribed to him. His parents were illiterate, and in his early life he evinced a total disregard for study. There are in existence but six known examples of Shakspere’s handwriting. All are signatures, and three of them are in his will. The scrawling, uncertain method of the execution stamps Shakspere as unfamiliar with the use of a pen, and it is obvious either that he copied a signature prepared for him or that his hand was guided while he wrote…

      It was in recognition of [Sir Francis] Bacon’s [Shakespeare’s ghostwriter] intellectual accomplishments that King James turned over to him the translators’ manuscripts of what is now known as the King James Bible for the presumable purpose of checking, editing, and revising them…” -Manly P Hall (master freemason), The Secret Teachings of All Ages, Chapter CLXV: Bacon, Shakspere, and the Rosicrucians

      What else is new?

  36. alecpalek says:

    “If you have a “False Flag” bingo card on you, please note that every square on your card has now been punched.“


  37. Ukdavec says:

    Intelligent analysis of the Afghan debacle is worthy of your attention


  38. Ukdavec says:

    What did “90% efficacy” really mean?

    Financal analysis of market impact of realisation of Covid19 and the effectiveness ( lack of ) of the vaccine solution


  39. Tryin2BWise&Profound says:

    Twitter blue-check Arne Duncan (?) tweets 8-29-21: “Have you noticed how strikingly similar both the mindsets and actions are between the suicide bombers at Kabul’s airport, and the anti-mask and anti-vax people here? They both blow themselves up, inflict harm on those around them, and are convinced they are fighting for freedom.”

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