Interview 1684 - James Corbett on the Perceptual Shift to Solutions

01/12/2022109 Comments

James Corbett joins Ricky Varandas of The Ripple Effect podcast to discuss the perceptual shift that is necessary to change the conversation from "what are THEY doing to us?" to "what can we do for ourselves?"



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  1. J.P. Wheeler says:

    1st!!! My god I’ve never been first before!! 😄

    Cheers to a great interview fellas!

    • J.P. Wheeler says:

      Just an update here in the US. It was announced the Supreme Court blocked the Blow Jiden vaccine mandate with a vote of 6-3 for large businesses, upholds the mandate for health care workers. So if you aren’t working in health care, the mandate is blocked, for now.

      I feel for the HC workers. On a positive note, Spectrum Health a HC company here in west Michigan had to walk back their mandate because everyone walked off the job and they couldn’t find new employees. If you can prove natural immunity, they’ll hire you.


  2. Fact Checker says:

    INTRO TOO LOOOOOOOOOOOONGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    [EDIT: I mean specifically the annoying techno-laser show. The ten-minute throat-clearing preamble is another thing still!]

  3. volley says:

    James, Since Covid started I’ve been trying to find solutions. I believe I am concluding that using the court system in the ways that Randy Kelton, Rule of Law Radio and Dr. Graves, How to win in Court suggest are at the top of the list. I’ve searched your site for anything recent on legal, court related, Randy or Graves and I’m not finding anything within Covid timeframe. Can you point me in the right direction or do an episode to cover this approach? Seems to me that if many more people (probably not attorneys) do not start filing more papers to battle within the corrupt court system, then we will be fighting in the streets. Love to hear your thoughts on these two heroic people I’ve listed.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Starting around the 26:30 minute mark, and then throughout the podcast, James Corbett went over some Mental Handicaps which some people may have.
    I thought that this was an important discussion, because these type of mental handicaps can be barriers towards a greater understanding and conscious awareness.

    For example, Corbett discussed the “inability to differentiate”.
    Later in the podcast, he pointed at a fundamental…that many folks find it difficult to “recognize that some men have ill-intent and evil motivations”.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Corbett has a lot of cognitive dissonance on this issue, and it causes him to lapse into uncharacteristic argumentative bad form. He cannot argue rationally against the fact that all technology is inherently threatening, so he has taken to throwing around thought-stop epithets like “Luddite” and “mental illness”. Indeed, he is backed into such a corner that he insists that both groups, those suspicious of technology per se and those trusting of technology per se have a “mental illness”. So he seems to be locked into a “Goldilocks standard” of perspective-on-technology, where if your perception isn’t juuuuuuuuuuuuust right (i.e., where he personally stands!), you are “mentally ill”.

      Frankly, I find this crass psychologization beneath Mr. Corbett’s generally consistent objectivity. However, I know exactly where it comes from.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Well, I guess you are in your “normal characteristic argumentative bad form.”

        • mik says:

          Bigger problem with him is his Intent. Annoying part is his verbosity…like he is payed by character.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I didn’t realize that there was a video game tied to Corbett Report comments which gave you “typed character” points as you complete steps which become redeemable with blockchain based cyrptocurrency.

            I wonder if the video game originated in Croatia, developed by Mislav Kolakušić and Ivan Vilibor Sinčić, who both strongly advocate for the peoples’ inherent, fundamental rights and liberty to make their own choices.

            • mik says:

              I believe there is such a game somewhere out there, but I will refrain from speculating further.

              Regarding Croatian characters… Mislav Kolakušić is quite a newbie, but Ivan Vilibor Sinčić was such a murky creature.
              He started some ten years ago, came out of nowhere and became a leader of new, quite successful political party. They had unbelievable a lot of media support, all of their “grass root” actions were covered by media. Other small political parties could only dream about this. They had a lot of local branches, money was not a problem for them, I’ve heard from a guy from some other party that they operated with cash, too. Another veteran from Sinčić’s party was at the forefront of some via-facebook organized protests, that were so reminiscent on Arab-spring. All in all, very smelly.
              Well, what does that mean for today’s Sinčić….make up your mind.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                That’s interesting. Thanks mik.
                I’m glad you gave me some local info about Ivan, because all I know is the videos of the EU Parliment press conferences.

              • mik says:

                as always, before even considering to trust a politician, lube your butthole, you’ll probably be served.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                You express things well when it comes to politicians. You Croatians have a way with words.

              • mik says:

                Slovenian living in Croatia, to be precise.

    • Fact Checker says:

      The cognitive dissonance comes to a head where he discusses Neil Postman, who rightly observed that human society was powerless to reverse the trend toward technologization; but was equally powerless to moderate the progressive adoption of technology so as to avoid a totalitarian techno-tyranny.

      Corbett shrugs his shoulders at this and says, in effect, “Well, let’s all just have a bunch of babies and hope for the best!” This is because Neil Postman’s prognosis is intractably pessimistic…and also indisputable.

      If Corbett were consistent, though, he would have to characterize Neil Postman as suffering from “mental illness”…from both directions!

      The fact is, Neil Postman outright defended the historical Luddites, arguing from a humanist perspective that indeed all technology is inherently anti-human, and the adoption of technology every step of the way is folly. (“[T]he historical Luddites were neither childish nor naive.” Technopoly, p. 43.)

      This is exactly the mentality Corbett now declares “mental illness.” Bad, bad form.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Then, Corbett inadvertently ends up hurting Broze’s case, while trying indirectly to defend it, when he goes into the bit about, “We’ll all be okay as long as we’re mindful of the fact that evil people are trying to get us hooked on this tech,” etc., because being conscious and mindful of the clear and present threat is exactly what Alison McDowell is doing when she points out that Broze is facilitating the Machine’s child-catching by training them to perform tasks for digital tokens. He wants us to “stop these things before they happen.” That’s what McDowell is trying to do, while Broze pimps the Machine.

      Corbett even rails at length (starting around 55min) against human nature being misdirected toward “synthetic controlled alternatives” to the real world…which is exactly what Broze is selling to poor little Mexican kids.

      Again, it’s a point of internal conflict that Corbett is going to have a lot of trouble working through, since he is deeply invested in technology, for his livelihood and his vocation, which is all dependent on the global network of the Machine.

    • Fact Checker says:

      The bottom line is:

      Digital technology is a weapon by its very nature, and It has won. The entrapment of humanity is a fait accompli. Corbett contradicts himself by suggesting on one hand that the technology can still yet be harnessed for the future of humanity, while on the other hand acknowledging routinely that the “Logic of the Technology” is unidirectionally totalitarian.

      The brutal, awful, ugly truth is that only those who reject DigiTech entirely will survive the Cyber-Storm currently ravaging Earth…if anybody does. The road to that survival will be unbearably tortuous, a necessarily tiny number of people will navigate that survival-process, and the reality of that survival will be brutish and miserable: subsistence farming in a post-apocalyptic decimated wasteland. Corbett does not want to accept this, which is understandable, but childish. But at some point, every person who survives the ongoing Rain of Needles (a very small number), and hopes to survive the onslaught that is going to follow—of autonomous swarms of armed drones, robo-dogs and hive-mind-enabled super-soldiers—will have to accept that DigiTech Itself is a Faustian curse. It will be a bitter pill to swallow, but it will either be swallowed or every last human will be grafted onto the Mainframe.

      Corbett can’t have it both ways forever. He (and everyone else) will need to wake up, wise up, man up, and face up to the fact that the Machine is not our friend. It is the Enemy manifest, and It is devouring us.

      • Duck says:

        The logical end result of life is death.. thre is no long term solution or safety beyond struggle.

        There is only the continuation push back or surrender, kind like there is only keeping fighting to breath or just dying…. no way is everyone going to give up tech so if staying alive depends on them doing so you may as well give up.

        • Fact Checker says:

          I would agree, as a matter of objective probability.

          That being said, just because “everyone” isn’t going to give up tech, doesn’t mean that someone won’t. You and Corbett both need to dispense with the fanciful abstractions of “collective action” or “mass resistance”. The collective mass is already dead. (We are now in the “mopping-up” phase of the Great Reset.)

          The tiny number of the remnant that bite the bullet and do give up tech are the only ones who have even an infinitesimal chance of surviving. (Although even if they survive, their existence “on the other side” will be a grueling, agonizing hellscape.)

          • Duck says:

            Fact checker

            There won’t be mass resistance… most people will be like you and give up.
            Most people don’t matter, and have never mattered to the outcomeof anything.

            • Fact Checker says:

              “There won’t be mass resistance…”

              Isn’t that exactly what I just said?

              “most people will be like you and give up.”

              “Give up”? “Give up” doing what, exactly? I’m not “giving up” anything.
              There’s nothing for anybody to give up…except all technology. (Which, I agree, almost nobody will do. But if anybody does, they will do it independent of the mythical “mass resistance” which, yes, will never happen.)

              “Most people don’t matter, and have never mattered to the outcomeof anything.”

              Well, that’s just, like, your opinion, man.

              • Duck says:

                I’m not “giving up” anything….”

                You have repeatedly said that you think there is no chance of humans winning…to the point you think people should NOT have kids.

                That’s totally giving up dude…. people who give up are by definition people who don’t matter.

              • Fact Checker says:

                “You have repeatedly said that … people should NOT have kids. That’s totally giving up dude…”

                No it isn’t. I can’t “give up” a mission that I never agreed to take on in the first place. I never took up “the cause” of perpetuation of the human race. All I’m trying to do is point out to others that they don’t have to make it their cause either…and that it’s morally misguided for people to bootstrap more people still into that hopeless and tortuous “cause”.

              • Duck says:

                Fact Checker
                “… I never took up “the cause” of perpetuation of the human race…”

                Which is why you fail at life…. 😉

              • Fact Checker says:

                Yeah, and i guess you “win” because you completed the oh-so-amazing task of knocking up your “marriage partner” with a messy injection of your spawn-jelly.

                Congratulations. Your prize is…your life. I trust it’s wonderful.

              • Duck says:

                Fact Checker

                “..Congratulations. Your prize is…your life…”

                Because you think that you loose.

                Your a link, not a whole in yourself.

                A person wrapped up in themselves makes a small package that ultimately becomes forgotten trash

        • Steve Smith says:

          “There is only the continuation push back or surrender, kind like there is only keeping fighting to breath or just dying…. no way is everyone going to give up tech so if staying alive depends on them doing so you may as well give up.”

          Crappy days are here my friend. There is no hope just fear my friend. Don’t stand up for good just lay down and die my friend. Crappy days until the end.
          ⛈ 🧻

      • Zzzap says:

        !! wake up, wise up, man up, and face up !!

        !! wake up, wise up, man up, and face up !!

    • OneKnightErrant says:

      HRS – I don’t visit the CR forum often but you appear to be, from what I’ve read, one of the more sane among us. I believe we might be close to the same age. I’ll turn 79 in a couple months. You live in Texas, I’ve been in Thailand since mid April 2019. I just watched a Ted talk by Michael Lindfield on “Experiments in communication with the morphogenetic field” given at Findhorn about 4 years ago – Perhaps you know it. I visited Findhorn, Scotland, in 2000. I read Peter and Eileen Caddy’s story back in the early 70s. David Spangler was one of the co-founders along with Peter, Eileen and Dorothy Maclean. Eileen’s “God Spoke To Me” and David Spangler’s “Apprenticed to Spirit: The Education of a Soul” moved me. Spangler’s revelation that the earth is a sentient being had a profound effect on the mind. The late 60s, early 70s was when my consciousness began a radical shift, beginning with my one and only LSD trip in the Haight Ashbury late 1966. It opened me up; spiritually/psychologically. This relates, tangentially, to Michael Lindfield’s talk and the discussion with James on The Ripple Effect.

      I think “psy-op” may be the one word which best describes not only what we are currently living through, but the subtle process of cultural conditioning we’ve been subjected to our entire lives. Not only in the US, but virtually every culture. However, in the US, the mind control is more pronounced. For me, waking up began with the acid trip in SF. Then books by Paramahansa Yogananda, Castaneda, Ouspensky, Gurdjieff, Jane Robert/Seth began coming into my life. But the one event which I remember jarring me the most happened after leaving the US in 1985 to travel the world. I was in Milan walking down the street, turned the corner, and directly in front of me at the cul de sac loomed the Communist Party Headquarters. Hammer and sickle fluttering in the breeze from the rooftop. I was dumbfounded. I immediately thought of a TV show in the early 50s called “I Led 3 Lives” about Herbert Philbrick, played by Richard Carlson, who agreed to spy on communists (most often portrayed living in shadow) for the FBI. The series ran from 1953-’56. And here they were in Milan operating in broad daylight! Later, in France, I found the CP was common place and candidates ran for office. “I knew who I was this morning,” said Alice, “but I’ve changed a few times since then.”

      The strategy of the would be controllers is to force us to identify with our shadow selves. Keep us securely locked into the five sense arena. Convince us that our electronic devices are our sole means of communication. There are more subtle ways to connect which require effort and practice. As the vaxxers line up for their next booster, it has accelerated exploration by others on the other side of the ever deepening perceptual divide to go within. Quiet the mind. Explore the interior landscape. That’s where we’re ultimately going with this. “But I know,” said Martin, “it’s only when it’s dark enough you can see the stars”.

      • Duck says:

        Findhorn and all that new age stuff was funded by the CIA and the Rockefellers like the psychedelia and the 1960s ‘counter’ culture in general. You should read Dave McGowan ‘weird scenes’ book or look over at chris knowles secret sun blog. Visup thefarm has plenty of good reach on the New Age thinking being oligarchical in origin

        If you think they changed minds in the past what will they do when people are locked to their personal TV phone and tripping balls?

        • openlens says:

          I just keep getting the picture that all these power brokers are kinda dumb. Anyway…speaking of Findhorn…
          Within a 20 yr. stretch living in Mt. Shasta Ca, Peter Caddy showed up as a resident suddenly, with a woman named Paula.
          A strange couple for sure.
          As Peter immediately put large advertising signs up everywhere announcing your chance to “Feel the Power of Mt. Shasta”, for god only knows how much mula, the story moving through town was that Paula was a call girl in San Francisco, which was not in the least hard to believe.
          Concurrently, the town folk had added an addendum to Peter’s ad….”Feel the Power of Mt. Shasta!! Fifty Bucks A Feel!!”
          It’s so hard to be reverent sometimes. Twenty years in “new agey” Mt. Shasta was a curious education, to say the least.
          That’s probably the least scary weirdo scene I witnessed there. That one was pure entertainment.

      • westerncivic says:

        Whether this line of innate communication abilities can truly be expanded or if we are just living out the Star Wars narrative, I don’t know.  But I am intrigued.

        Use the force, Luke!

        For multiple reasons, today I embark on a personal experiment. I’m shutting down my cell phone for a self promised “at least 30 days.” (Likely cancelling it, such that if I come back, it will be a different number.)

        As such, and perhaps to the relief of some, I may be absent from these boards. ✌🤠✌

        Given my lifestyle these days the phone is by far the most convenient interface…  with it gone, perhaps books can help ease the blow.  But my hope is to see more human faces.

        I’m initially skeptical in that most science around remote viewing, for example, seems to come from the CIA.  See my prior exploration of this topic:

        The implications of that science, if real, are staggering.

        There is an elderly woman I know who practices trying to see me during my travels… its hit and miss, but twice she appeared to be on accurate footing. 🤷‍♂️

        Experiments as those described in OKE’s video link above are also quite intriguing.

        I’m not certain how this will go, and I have no formal training plan in these areas, but I’m certainly going to be much more conscious of all apparent biology around me.

        Does cannabis help or hurt these abilities?

        Anyway, I’m keeping an email address and my laptop, but that will make my interface a much more conscious and limited endeavor as I continue my campaign in the western U.S.

        • Duck says:

          I heard Chris Knowles over at secret sun blog talking g about remote viewing on someone’s podcast…. as I recall he mentioned that it appeared to work but practitioners have a tendency to come down with cancer.

          I recall hearing that those guys who made the Tulpa style ghost experiment (the phillip one??) also had a high cancer rate. Though I can offer no firm reasoning as to exactly why either might be the case or if it is indeed so

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        It is good to hear from you again! It’s been awhile.
        When you mentioned “Thailand”, it clicked…

        Thanks for the info/links about morphogenetic fields. When time allows, I plan to look into it.
        I’ve had some personal experiences and memories which aren’t with the mainstream which I haven’t really discussed on these threads. So, I’ll definitely check it out.

        Interesting anecdotes you’ve had.
        I never did try acid, but I had a fair number of friends (and my ex-wife) who had. I heard a host of stories from them. Mostly, I stayed with weed, but I stopped smoking pot in 1976.

        Enjoy your new home of Thailand and the lush greenery which comes with it.

      • candlelight says:


        When you mentioned Findhorn, and the idea that we tend to be locked in our five senses, you reminded me of the movie “My Dinner with Andre”.

        You may be familiar with it, but, if you’re not, I guarantee you’ll love it.

        It’s been years and years since I last watched it, and your post inspires another viewing! Thanks!

        PS: I guess HRS’s reputation precedes him. 🙂

        • candlelight says:

          Having now watched “My Dinner with Andre” again, there was a part in the movie that seemed to reflect some of what we talk about here on The Corbett Report (for the last 10 years, at least). I was going to single it out for people to see it, but apparently someone had already made a clip of it, labeling it “My Dinner with Andre Conspiracy”. It’s a little over 3 minutes:

  5. HomeRemedySupply says:

    At about the 20 minute mark, Ricky was talking about the masks in schools and other weird school policies.
    (Remember all the school board protests in August 2021?)

    The Biden administration incentivized schools to continue with masks and distancing policies.
    Massive amounts of money (about $170 billion) was offered towards all American local schools if they chose to continue with masks and distancing. School Boards could turn down some of the extra money if they chose to not implement the masks and other criteria.

    The incentivization was also used at Hospitals.
    Some Hospitals were getting over a quarter million dollars per patient who was classified as “Covid”.
    Billions of Extra Dollars used to influence School Policies and Hospital Covid Case Numbers

    • SuperMom Belle says:

      Thanks for including that info (follow the money – advocacy group showed how the federal gov’t has been incentivizing school masking AND deadly hospital protocols, all for profit).
      I too commented below, on “Mass Mask Madness” (@20:45) on the real-life experiences I’ve encountered and the disconnect from reality and all the illogical thinking – and how it continues to persists [something I’m having difficulty wrapping my head around, still]. In the story below, the child goes to a private, religious school. They do not get funds from the government, nor are they required to submit or follow the NC Education “Playbook” yet they are as strict (or stricter) than what I hear the public school students describe! The parents PAY for the privilege of this abuse! It’s confounding.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        SuperMom Belle,
        Thanks for directing me to your comment below about MASKS.
        I read the whole webpage.
        The story encapsulates just how Mentally Ill and Weak many people in our society are.
        It is such a large chasm of different realities for us who aren’t drinking the coolaide. As common as this Mental Illness is, I am still amazed at the stupidity I sometimes see.

        With interpersonal discussions in the past, on occasions, I’ve relayed the following concept:
        There are ONLY TWO DIRECTIONS one can go in life.
        Either towards greater awareness or towards less awareness. “Sitting on the fence” is actually less awareness.
        I think that many people have volitionally chosen to go towards less awareness. And now they are wearing masks to prove it. 😉

        An aside:
        I mentioned SuperMom Belle on a SUB-THREAD
        Aspects of COMMENTS at Corbett Report

        • SuperMom Belle says:

          I’ve heard the expression, “The Devil owns the fence.” Thanks for taking the time to read what most people consider ramblings. It’s nice to know someone out there understands them.

      • seasons says:

        Private religious schools receive a majority of their funding from wealthy private donors. The days where tuition costs cover the school budget is long gone. Nowadays parents are suppose to feel grateful they are not paying the real tuition costs.

  6. Duck says:


    People should definitely limit themselves to tech they can actually understand at least in principle. ..the issue of tech is that most people want to use the magic box rather than know what they are doing…. that makes power flow away from them into those that do understand

    • Fact Checker says:

      Since the tech is continually being rolled out from a bottomless reservoir of cumulative alien advancement, the outflow of which is controlled by a superintelligent Singleton, at some point it will exceed every person’s comprehension. (I suspect it already has, since I have never gotten a sense that anybody really understands the Bitcoin ledger, for instance, or quantum computing…including its salesmen, like Geordie Rose, in the case of quantum computing, or Broze-Bro Einstein Boi, in the case of crypto.)

      I think even the highest-level humans on Earth have, for decades, been operating under the “JG Principle,” as stated by the “JG” character in the “News-Benders”:

      “We feed the Machine data…and it gives us back…decisions.”

  7. DeepSeekARRR says:

    Fact Checker:
    “at some point it will exceed every person’s comprehension. (I suspect it already has, since I have never gotten a sense that anybody really understands the Bitcoin ledger, for instance, or quantum computing…including its salesmen, like Geordie Rose, in the case of quantum computing, or Broze-Bro Einstein Boi, in the case of crypto.)”

    that is a great observation.
    I understand a lot more about technology than I ever thought I could, but only because of 2020.

    you can build your own internet, it just won’t be a worldwide web of wires and “active” vs “inactive” charges going through metal machines…

    don’t you all let them convince you it is high-tech, you’ll start to think it is “otherworldly [alien]” or “Magic”…

    1’s = electric charge passing through a little metal piece
    0’s = no charge going through a little metal piece

    WWW = huge computer bases (mostly amazon-owned) in the north and south most parts of the planet (because of the extreme heat produced) which are connected worldwide by huge wires which send 1’s and 0’s back and forth to each other and to smaller devices in between

    WiFi/Bluetooth = radiation sent out from a device that corresponds to 1’s and 0’s requested and received from WWW that permeates that (air/aether) and is picked up by a piece of metal that turns it into 1’s and 0’s again.

    • DeepSeekARRR says:

      bitcoin is similar, it is a bunch of smaller computer bases that are distributed over more landmass, but it does the same thing and uses the WWW to do it.
      without the WWW bitcoin is nothing.
      quantum computing adds a 1-0 and a 0-1 to the 1’s and 0’s
      pretty much, is electricity exiting (1-0) or entering (0-1), is it there (1), or is it not (0)?
      I believe they tell you it “adds a 1-0 basepair to the equation but that is double speak, you cannot have 1-0 without 0-1, anyway, it makes it super fast and so much more can be done with it in such a short time that it would be useless to humans, we just can’t absorb information that fast- it is only useful to AI, IA(the future of AI), and The Hive Mind.

      • DeepSeekARRR says:

        IA omg i found the page OMG YESSSSS
        God kill the queen!~

        • DeepSeekARRR says:

          AI has a counterpart, known as intelligence augmentation, or IA

          • Fact Checker says:

            Thanks DSARRR:

            Hugo de Garis has long explained that what is called “IA” there, which he describes as human + “Artilect” (Artificial Intellect) will always end up amounting to effectively “pure Artilect” because the processing speed and storage capacity of the artificial “component” will quantitatively overwhelm the organic brain, rendering the human brain inconsequential to the final equation.

            The whole narrative, pushed by the WEF in the article you link, is just preparation for the trick where the Machine persuades people to “upgrade” their natural brains…when really they will just be surrendering their bodies to the Mainframe, leaving their unique individuated consciousness either trapped helplessly or simply wiped.

  8. nosoapradio says:

    Thanks to this comment thread I can now better imagine what people were saying about the type-set printing press when they’d heard of its invention. How it must be the instrument of the devil making demonic messages available on a mass scale. The printing press in the hands of the enemy… And then the steam engine that lead to the disfigurement of Mother Nature’s rolling hills, valleys and crop-parcelled plains, smashing poor animals in its path to a pulp. And the subsequent combustion engine, that loud, dirty, polluting and foreign entity also belching blackness into the pure atmosphere that led to children toiling away in factories rather than in open-air fields. And then of course electricity wired into homes… It was all obviously leading to the enslavement of humanity as becomes obvious when we see the advent of the electric or fossil fuel-powered car not to mention the debasing and propaganda-ridden cinema and the television and the telephone…

    But while we’re at it, we might as well have begun at the beginning: can you imagine the terror in the hearts of those prehistoric humans watching the other clan wielding fire?? What must’ve gone through their minds at that surrealistic and formidable sight when at that point the flint-arrow was the most powerful technology for human survival. Or was it a weapon used to kill other humans?

    As has been copiously stated, it is the use of technology that seems to be the problem. I will avoid being force-injected with emergency-use authorized so-called Covid-19 mRNA injections like the plague they are, but make copious use of electricity and the internet to work and play. Nuclear power annihilated the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki but is currently powering the life-support systems in hospitals across the world. I won’t be abandoning my nuclear-powered comforts any time soon if I can avoid it. Perhaps it will be my personal undoing. And as I haven’t chosen to raise my children on an Amish plantation, I suppose they may be doomed as well. I’ve heard the most orthodox Amish are allowed to ride in cars!! Gasp!! Don’t they realize that by doing so they are effectively condoning and promoting the use of potentially lethal technology??!! How many car accidents are reported daily in just Pennsylvania alone!!??

    But come to think of it… If man has succeeded in transforming any element, or capacity to harness energy, into increasingly lethal weapons…

    then perhaps Man himself is the enemy? Now, where have I heard that before?

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think greed and fear and hate, etc. are the enemy of humanity. All of these extremely wealthy elitists could have used their resources to improve the lives of others rather than trying to kill people off and harm them. The technological advancement has surpassed the level of enlightenment of humanity as a whole and that is a problem.

      I think humans could have figured out how to travel to other planets by now if they weren’t busy with wars and all of this weirdness going on now. All of the deception and manipulation is a waste of time, in my opinion. It’s a shame. The sun will go nova eventually and all life on the planet will end. To bad these psychopaths are wasting time trying to kill their own species rather than trying to explore other worlds. Imagine if they could try to build something helpful rather than harmful and people who go along with nonsense because they are too afraid to say something.

    • Duck says:

      The unabomber did point out correctly that any technology does push toward totalitarianism simply because the functionaries of any society will always use the tool that makes their life easier…so maybe your right.

      I kinda think that technology has disempowered at least as many people as it empowered…mainly because people are lazy and stupid and just want to use tech without understanding….. that the internet has enslaved more young people than it frees I have no doubt. If you doubt that ask if you could made people stay home for months even in 2000?
      Being able to know things and do things becomes surveilled passivity for most people. The stainless steel rat can do well but most of us are just the fuzzy kind

    • mik says:


      I agree with James that going to a shed in the woods is not a solution for majority of people. Even those who might entertain this thought would probably take with them modern tools that on the other hand would be impossible, or even when possible would be prohibitive expensive, without very big organizations like corporations and finally states, that provides current operational framework.
      Going local and small communities will provide us with a framework for survival, but on the long run such solutions don’t solve fundamental problems of big organizations. I’m sure our ideas would have bigger traction if we were able to show normies that we have at least a glimpse of solution for big organizations that are necessary for modern way of life.

      But I think you should reconsider your stance regarding nuclear power plants. They are really bad, sooner they go to graveyard the better. All supposed solutions for nucs are only green-wash. Btw., while writing I became fully aware, damn, at least half of power that is consumed in my city literally comes from nuc.
      There is a brilliant french documentary Déchets le cauchemar du nucléaire I strongly recommend to you. It’s available on internet, for non-french speakers there might be a problem with availability of good dubbing or subtitles.
      Here is one “impossible” instance of the documentary, german dubbed with english subtitles.

    • “It was all obviously leading to the enslavement of humanity as becomes obvious when we see the advent of the electric or fossil fuel-powered car not to mention the debasing and propaganda-ridden cinema and the television and the telephone…”

      The more I read the papers
      The less I comprehend
      The world and all its capers
      And how it all will end
      Nothing seems to be lasting
      But that isn’t our affair
      We’ve got something permanent
      I mean in the way we care

      It’s very clear
      Our love is here
      to stay ;
      Not for a year
      But ever and a day
      The radio and the telephone
      And the movies that we know
      May just be passing fancies
      And in time may go!

      But, oh my dear
      Our love is here to stay
      Together we’re
      Going a long, long way
      In time the Rockies may crumble
      Gibraltar may tumble
      They’re only made of clay
      But our love is here to stay

    • nosoapradio says:

      What interesting and provocative replies to such a badly written comment! I wish I could respond in kind with fascinating and pithy remarks but… all I can do this morning is offer my off-the-cuff reactions as a token of thanks for your thoughts before stepping into the hamsterwheel for my 4-hour Saturday morning marathon.

      “…The technological advancement has surpassed the level of enlightenment of humanity as a whole and that is a problem…” -cu.h.j.
      This is a scary idea that seems irrefutable… In addition to the technological and scientific experiments that we “know about”, I shudder to imagine what’s going on “behind the scenes”. Seems like such a miracle that we’re still here at all considering the powerful tech in existence, the internet, a pervasive anti-human sentiment and the volatile side of human nature… but for the moment we are still here…

      “…that the internet has enslaved more young people than it frees I have no doubt. If you doubt that ask if you could made people stay home for months even in 2000?…” – Duck yes…wow… without actual boots on the ground everywhere would it have been possible…? Such an interesting perspective on the http://www.web panopticon…

      “…I’m sure our ideas would have bigger traction if we were able to show normies that we have at least a glimpse of solution for big organizations that are necessary for modern way of life…” – mik Yes, hence the blockchain debate. I don’t suppose many people are anxious to return to life without the basic comforts of modernity that, say, an international monetary system can provide…
      However, for the record, I’m neither condoning nor condemning nuclear power. Just making the point that it, 1: like almost everything, is a tool that can be used for life-enhancing purposes or indiscriminate destruction, and 2: that any electricity that I use today has been created through this tech. As I’m still too (shamefully) ignorant to take a definitive stance for or against it, I thank you for the documentary that I will try to look at this week-end.

      And with song in my heart I thank you for your thought-provoking reflections.

      ps: wow, so if you don’t put the http:// “they” add it for you now…! hmmmmmm….and as it isn’t in my message, I can’t remove this “http://”!

      • nosoapradio says:

        -upon a moment’s reflection (something I’m incapable of during the 5-minute editing countdown) all I needed to do, I guess, is remove one of the three “w”s.

        still, I hadn’t fully realized the automatic “http://” mechanism existed.

    • openlens says:

      Good Luck with that.
      All Things Fall.

  9. robert.t says:

    I’m tuning out from this site, though I have a high regard for James’ work through the years.

    As for this latest video, I won’t be listening. So why comment without listening?

    I won’t be prompted again to “move on” or become “solutions oriented” as an alternative to exposing and condemning the NWO (particularly if the “positivity” is coming from the likes of Derrick Broze). As with the peculiar call to “move on” from 9/11, there is no “where” to move toward. Go harder at the 9/11 lie, go harder at the deceptions of the Great Reset. Bring others along. What might seem stale to you could be brand-new to them.

    I’ve no problem with solutions or positive ideas regarding best life choices, but gardens, crypto, local markets, alt-tech etc are no defence against an attack which is intensifying by the day, even the hour. By the time the radishes are up the Vandals will be burning the city.

    Stay negative about evil. Call it out loudly or softly, depending on the nature of who you are talking to, but call it out. Stay on the main subject: evil. Evil is in a hurry right now. It’s grown planet-sized, but it’s also bloated, nervous. Has it grown too fast?

    Stay hard on evil’s track and it might trip. Talk about the radishes later.

    • Zzzap says:

      My sentiments exactly.

      James does a great job at trying to wake up the masses, but the alarm went long ago and we’re all late for work.

      I will only subscribe to activists who empower people to take control of as much of their daily lives as possible.

      It’s not difficult to see who the true keyboard warriors are on this forum. There are a select few of individuals who are constantly online, quickly posting trying to control narrative.

      HomeRemedySupply, Steve Smith:

      You both have attempted to change the script. These threads were about Broze introducing a specific piece of technology that has yet to be proven can empower children or people for that matter. We have systems in place now that work, but these priests are all suggesting we use something even more difficult to handle. A trap that simply does not empower the one’s forced to use it.
      Shame on you both for trying to spin this.

      Not here to encourage infighting, but this is the crux of how I feel :

      “Stay negative about evil. Call it out loudly or softly, depending on the nature of who you are talking to, but call it out. Stay on the main subject: evil. Evil is in a hurry right now “

      • Steve Smith says:

        Do you have and use a smart phone? Do you own and watch a television set? I could go on and on but I don’t think I need to.
        If you are in favor of controlling the actions of others that you have yet to control in yourself. Doesn’t that make you a hypocrite?
        That is what this is all about. People self righteously and hypocritically calling out someone who has proven to me to be honorable for doing, or promoting something little different than the things that they are willing to participate in constantly.

        Your comment about me being constantly online is kinda funny too. I can only be online when I am near wifi. At home or at my business as I don’t have and have never had a smartphone connected to cellular. I use a iPad that someone gave me as a gift because I wouldn’t take their money for doing them a favor. Otherwise I would probably still be using the laptop that I’ve had since 2000.
        Work has been slow around the holidays so I have been spending more time online than usual. But constantly? No. Maybe it just seems like that because I don’t watch television or post to Twitter all day long.

        You can disparage me personally though you know virtually nothing about me or my life if you wish. But I would be happy to wager real money that you are much more caught up in the world’s entrapments than this old freedom lover. I haven’t got anything to hide.
        Care to put your money where your mouth is?

        • Steve Smith says:

          I’m really kind of shocked and saddened. People are “tuning out” of the Corbett Report and condemning people who simply believe that others have the right to make their own decisions. Mistakes included.
          All because they didn’t join the virtual mob whipped up by perhaps the most nihilistic and negative personality I have ever had the misfortune of encountering.
          Even James himself is guilty and should now be shunned. Really?
          Can you people hear yourselves?
          Is it that big lump of pride in your throats that is keeping you from objectively evaluating what’s happening here?

          • cu.h.j says:

            And I think “they” want discord and division. It’s easier to rule over people who are divided.

            Tolerance for people who have different opinions and the ability to communicate with others in a respectful way are important when building community.

            They don’t want community building. They also don’t want people to have children. Maybe doing the opposite is the key.

            The work Broze has done to build community is exceptional. Community building with real life interactions is what they seem to fear the most and we should not stop building community.

        • openlens says:

          Interesting you bring up honor.
          Research shows that this is male’s primary excuse for warring. Their “honor”.
          Curiouser and curiouser.

      • Zzzap says:

        Thank you SteveSmith for so perfectly illustrating my point, however, the voice I wanted to hear more from about this specific topic is HRS. His absence on this matter has me questioning the motivation.

        HRS, you are constantly online here.
        I, and possibly others, consider you a type of Wallmart “greeter” here. YOU definitely add A LOT here. Give anyone access to the logs here, and we can clearly determine who has the most presence. I’m sure that there are not many user submissions that you do not see.

        I’m disheartened by the lack of response yet by HomeRemedySupply.

        Can you please clarify your position?

        I’m curious if it stands in line with what this website is all about.
        What motivates you to be here HomeRemedySupply??

        This fan is awaiting a response.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          I saw your comment(s) the other day shortly after you posted them.

          Look, I am not going to get into a back-n-forth.
          It is nothing against you.
          I’m just not interested in spending time on back-n-forth.
          People have every right to have their perspectives, and I won’t dictate to you or anyone else how to run your life.

        • Steve Smith says:

          “ Thank you SteveSmith for so perfectly illustrating my point,”

          For the sake of this old fool. Please explain how I illustrated your point. I’m just not smart enough to figure it out.

          • openlens says:

            If you ain’t smart enough to figure it out, you ain’t smart enough to figure out what he figures.

            • Steve Smith says:

              Thank you so much for your helpful comment.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I don’t understand the point. I think its about certain technology hindering freedom.

              • Steve Smith says:

                Thanks, I don’t feel so dumb.
                I was thinking that I must have illustrated his or her point by exceeding their approved quota of being here to read the comment by being among the “ individuals who are constantly online”.

                Hard to guess which way to feel insulted when people just fling their crap and refuse to elaborate.

                And how can I learn to be less irritating if people don’t have the patience to explain the problem they have with me?
                Letting someone know that you don’t like what they’re saying isn’t the same thing as telling them why.

              • DeepSeekARRR says:

                Steve Smith, that last part requires dignity and respect brought about by empathy and love… people also call me irritating, and I have learned that all that means is they are smaller minded than I am and have no ability to debate me, so they “fling their crap” like a monkey and “oO-Ooo Ahh-AAhh” off into their comfort zones.
                i have a nice document i am posting on my door as soon as i can get it printed up- here is the headline:
                In order to be recognized, respected, and have a civil conversation with the man in this house, type or scan and watch this.
                NO TRESSPASSING

                it is followed by a qr code and short link to a youtube video by max igan.

  10. puder says:

    When Ricky says that “…what they are telling us makes no sense”, or words to that effect, he is totally in error. It makes perfect sense! From the many morons to a few marginally intelligent people (politicians, agency heads such as Fauci, etc.) there spews forth wrong, unintelligent, contradtory information, misinformation and/or out and out lies, all of which is done so by design. It is part of a very well understood and exercised operation of cult indoctrination. The plan has been brilliantly conceived, introduced and implemented by the, shall we say, “dark hats”.’ The insidious nature of their success is epitomized by the virtual impossibility of breaking through to the “normées”. When confronted with information that contradicts their mindset, they shut down and retreat to their “safe space”. To think that this is happening by anything other than design is both self deception and self delusion.

    • DeepSeekARRR says:

      i actually wrote something similar just now on the comment above this one lol
      “I have learned that all that means is they are smaller-minded than I am and have no ability to debate me, so they “fling their crap” like a monkey and “oO-Ooo Ahh-AAhh” off into their comfort zones.”

      great, enlightened, and uplifted minds think alike, as they say…

  11. mik says:

    About the Evil thing.

    Nietzsche in all his brutality and disgustness is sometimes so insightful I almost respect him. He said something like, good vs. evil distinction is a sign of slave morality, while good vs. bad is a sign of master morality. This is deep and deserves some pondering.

    Is naughty Billy a bad person or an evil person? It might sound like nitpicking, but is not.
    Most probably Billy is doing his things with him and his ilk on his mind. We are at best just an object to him, something that has a potential to be bad for him. I doubt he is perceiving us as evil, why would he.
    Nietzsche gives an example of eagles and lambs. Lambs think eagles are evil and lambs are good. Eagles think eagles are good and lambs are good, too (oh, tasty roasted lamb, mmmmm).

    So, next time when you hear Bastiat or some would-be-thinker preaching you about self-interest as the ultimate driving force, think about Billy and eagles and lambs (and send him to the place of his inception).
    And, Billy is just bad for me, I don’t want to perceive him as evil and therefore to be in a way closer to me.

  12. SuperMom Belle says:

    @19:30-ish mins (@20:45 “The whole mask thing just drives me up a wall”) I agree. Here’s an example of real-life exchange of #MassMaskMadness at the beginning of the 2021 school year. Sadly, to date (1/13/2022), not only has nothing changed for this 7-year-old regarding masks, he now one of only two students in his class who has not had at least one dose of some kind of the injection. At this point, I just don’t get how the parent(s) keep going along, especially with so many alternative solutions. I see so many folks locally, who say they DON’T BELIEVE the narrative, yet they still DO what they’re TOLD. I do not understand that behavior.
    “I tell [her] ‘We The People’ must to ‘Rise like lions after slumber;
    We The People Are Many, They the Controllers are FEW’ [pic/link]”
    ~ The only mask we’ve ever needed is right here; a united & peaceful front of resistance ~
    “The Masque of Anarchy”

  13. mik says:

    Condom sales are 40% down, check links to a study of sexual behavior, too.

    What does that MEAN ????

    I hope you will contemplate about the above by yourself and I just give a conclusion that this is a sign how bad things are.

    Search for meaning is not easy today, when chaos is about to prevail. Common excuse for not searching for meaning is that there are so many possible meanings that a quest for meaning is a waste of time (and time is money, bastard). At the end you’ll be left with several possibilities and how to know which one is ok.
    Since cooking is also wasting of time since there is mcdonalds, people are eating fast-food-meanings from experts. Believe in science, yeah. Never mind that grey substance has its inherent purpose, Thinking, and that it would benefit from some exercise. At the same time experts are foulmouthed of necessity of body exercise. Spending hours in gym is not wasting of time. But grey matter is so unimportant that it can be leaved to transform into redundant protoplasm.

    I’ll leave aside a necessity of ethics in a quest for meaning and put forward another thing that is virtually missing today: according to Aristotle all things have its final cause, i.e Purpose. Science reject this notion all together. Since prevailing religion today is scientism, people simply believe there is no inherent purpose in anything. Since Aristotle’s position is very metaphysical and cannot be proven in any way, it’s unscientific, and as such is discarded as nonsense. Unfortunately, it is very “useful” in a quest for meaning.

    • openlens says:

      Matches the 40% rise in deaths in 18-62 yr. olds, reported by the insurance ceo’s, in the past year….rather neatly, doesn’t it?
      Dead people don’t need condoms.

      • mik says:

        Do your homework. You missed to read

        In the article is a link to the study if you want it from the horses mouth.

        Sure, some of condom sales drop could be attributed to excessive mortality, still worrying trend in decrease of sex is preexisting. It is reasonable to assume that increased fear-porn, prevailing uncertainty of everyday life, resulted in a further decrease in sexual activity overall, of every sexual activity.

        Romans said: Bonus penis pax in domus
        Sex is also about bonding. And we have a huge problem with bonding today. Some study found average American had two and something friends in 70′, recently that dropped to one comma something. What is happening to social animal, human being.

  14. cu.h.j says:

    Great interview! I agree that black and white thinking can be a form of mental illness if a person isn’t able to get out of this common flaw in consciousness. Then it becomes a type of mental pathology. I know a few people with OCD and depression that can’t see beyond their own narrow point of view.

    But I have had black and white thinking if I don’t know enough about a subject and it isn’t necessarily a mental illness, but ignorance of the subject. And there are techniques to shift perception like meditation and going out and talking to people with different points of view. I don’t think this is necessary for everyone to get out of their narrow world view, but for me I found psychedelics helpful for me in particular. But I do have an actual mental illness, severe major depression that has actually been formerly diagnosed. The inability to see things from another persons point of view or to not even make the attempt is a mental pathology, but often can be overcome, and I would encourage people to try to do it.

    And I do agree with JC when he said most people are not psychopaths and if they can see how their actions can be harmful could chose to act in ways that are helpful rather than harmful.

    In my opinion there is absolutely no replacement for real world experiences and interactions. You would have to be literally plugged into the matrix to trick the brain and even then, I think the body would discern the real from the simulation. When I think of peek experiences I have had of pure bliss, they have been real life experiences. Like falling in love and enjoying a concert or camping in a beautiful location, or visiting a different country. There is no replacement for these things, these unique human experiences.

    DARPA working on controlling peoples thoughts with implantable devices, I think are years and years away, if that can ever be achieved, I am very skeptical. I know that they only have a basic understanding on the molecular biology and function of different parts of the brain. Just look at some scientific articles in neurology and brain biochemistry in particular to see how complicated this material is. I think understanding the human brain on a molecular level is in it’s infancy.

    But understanding the mind particularly mass psychology is understood and clearly the propaganda and psychological operations have been very successful. They don’t need a brain chip to influence behavior. I think “they” want us to think we are powerless to stop them, that they are omnipotent, that the machine has already won and I don’t believe them.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Quantum computing is another thing that is being researched now, but do they really have a handle on quantum mechanics? How much do they really know? And perhaps the brilliant minds out there like Albert Einstein can decide to join the movement to free humanity rather than enslave it, because it is more rewarding. There are more people who have a conscience than those that don’t.

      • cu.h.j says:

        And real life taking action is superior to sitting at home and thinking, or researching. I think focusing on solutions and implementing ideas are critical to changing things. Studying the darkness is similar to the “black and white mental” pathology. There is more to living than staying in ones own mind.

        • DeepSeekARRR says:

          I actually just did a short brainstorm on the subject of quantum computing… it’s able to do Octary calculations vs binary…
          While brainstorming I also discovered the idea of Quantum-Entangled Communications, which is still blowing my mind… you only have to have a few entangled particles in a device to have 2 way complex communication from (as far as we know) any distance, even galaxies away (if such things exist)

        • DeepSeekARRR says:

          ch.h.j … I want to blow your mind now- I hope I may…
          you cannot have grey, of any shade… without black and white pigment…
          so yeah, it’s all black and white, it’s just realizing that they work together, and are not opposing forces…
          when you look at a “black-and-white” photo the proper wording is “grey-scale” but really, it’s like saying “their heart stopped beating and their neurons stopped firing” and saying “they are dead”
          dead is dead, but it is also many other things
          “spelling” sux and I hate written language but I am so good at “Spelling” that I tend to make people think I’m absolutely crazy…
          “the wisdom of God is as foolishness to man”
          is the same as saying
          “the wisdom of man is brought to nothingness by God”

      • openlens says:

        Our natural minds do “quantum computing” …and far more, far more easily…every single day.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:


    Some months ago, James Corbett had discussed an element which we have recently seen in the comment sections (e.g. Open Holiday Thread and here.) I’m not talking about who is right nor who is wrong on their perspective; Nor is it about pointing fingers shooting out blame and shame.

    James discussed this element with three different presentations:
    ~~~ Sunstein Won: Cognitive Infiltration of the “Alternative” Media [Article]
    ~~~ Episode 408 – 9/11 Truth: Lessons Learned?
    ~~~ Interview 1661 – James Corbett Talks 9/11 and Biosecurity on the Global Research News Hour

    LINK to all 3 –

    A excerpt from James Corbett’s article:
    This entire case study in infighting is well summarized by one user who writes:
    [User’s QUOTE]”… There are such precious FEW among us who have anything real to contribute in terms of books and films and community organizing. But one thing can be certain: anyone who DOES [contribute] immediately get [sic] criticized and attacked simply for trying….”[End QUOTE]

    Later in the article James Corbett writes:
    …As someone who works as a conspiracy analyst for a living, I’m all too familiar with how the spirit of the investigations that are taking place online has shifted in recent years. People who otherwise would be spending their time critiquing and analyzing the moves of the deep state are now spending more and more of their time engaging others in purity tests and loudly denouncing each other for not holding to this or that orthodoxy or for spending their time on this subject instead of some other subject.

    Increasingly, everything is a purity test. And when everything is a purity test, eventually everyone fails that test. No one will ever hold all of the same beliefs as you on every subject of importance (let alone prioritize those subjects in the same way that you do)

    …And, somewhere off in the distance, Sunstein is laughing.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Actively hooking little kids on crypto-pay-for-play video games is not merely a lapse in ideological “purity”.

      It is an active affront to all these natural and good, and a real-time harvesting of souls.

      If the “resistance” is not going to denounce the grooming of children to become bio-slaves to the Machine, then there’s absolutely no resistance to speak of.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Fact Checker,
        Evidently, you don’t read very well, and then become able to grasp the concepts presented.

      • cu.h.j says:

        “Actively hooking little kids on pay for play”? How is that accomplished precisely? A parent should monitor what their kid is doing.

        And are the pay for play game makers trying to make people into bioslaves? Or are they promoting crypto and trying to make a buck? I think it’s probably the latter.

        I admit that social media and video games are addictive, at least they certainly seem to be. But doesn’t the addict have agency to decide to stop? I think they do.

        I haven’t played splinterlands yet, so can’t make solid well considered opinion about it, “right or wrong”.

        I find it interesting that JC does realize that tools can be used for both good and bad. And I think that sometimes “moral relativism” applies to other choices as well.

        For example, the article that alluded to prostitution, and compromising values, or something like that, seemed to take a position against moral relativism under any circumstance.

        But the comparison was flawed because even prostitutes can chose what they do with their bodies and maybe in some cases it is not wrong. It’s not a choice I would make, but I won’t judge people who do make this choice. And I am referring to adults.

        There are grey areas, not everything is black and white, while certainly some things are like murder and rape and slavery. Natural law can be a guide.

        But is “pay for play” video games really child exploitation, akin to turning a youngster onto a drug? Is social media and gaming essentially the same as heroin or meth? I’m not so sure about that and it requires more thought out arguments that what I have read.

        Forcing kids to play video games to earn money is different. Is this type of work worse than working for Mexican drug cartels? Cartels do force kids to work for them, or at least try to.

        • cu.h.j says:

          A drug user, or addict, a prostitute (who is not a literal sex slave), or a porn addict or gaming addict has agency over their behavior. And I say this as a former addict. It can be extremely difficult to stop, but in the end if a person wants to stop doing something and are not an actual physical prisoner, can do so in the majority of instances. At least they can in America at the present time.

          And I do know how addictions modify brain chemistry, but the cortex can still override the instinctual brain in most individuals. We are not rats.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Here’s the article I was referring to about prostitution or rather moral relativism and compromising ones sense of right and wrong:


            • cu.h.j says:

              I think that there are instances where moral values are dependent on the situation at hand, and there are some moral values that are always absolute.

              Stealing to eat because a person is starving is sometimes justified. Playing video games for money might sometimes be justified if the alternative is worse, like working for a drug Cartel or robbing tourists. Context matters, the details matter.

              • cu.h.j says:

                And perhaps, I misinterpreted JC’s position on moral relativism. If I have done so, please forgive my misinterpretation. I think that misinterpreting and condemning people is wrong. It is against my moral values, to make assumptions about people’s motives.

        • openlens says:

          You may want to listen to Andrea Dworkin’s interview’s with prostitutes in Portland, Oregon. “Choice”. Right.

          The ease of unstudied opinions keeps systems of oppression in place.
          What’s the difference between marriage and prostitution? The terms of the contract.
          Prostitution is “illegal, immoral, and against Allah” in Iran.
          Yet men may marry a woman for a night, a day, a week, whatever. They just have to pay, and may end the contract anytime.
          It’s not prostitution, it’s marriage, see?

    • Zzzap says:


      You’re doing it again. You are attempting control the narrative instead of allowing a natural discussion to take place. You are starting to seem like a protestor with a rock in his hand.

      You say you won’t start a “back and forth”, but you do. And not with the one who called you on it.

      “People who otherwise would be spending their time critiquing and analyzing the moves of the deep state are now spending more and more of their time engaging others in purity tests and loudly denouncing each other for not holding to this or that orthodoxy or for spending their time on this subject instead of some other subject.”

      There is nothing wrong with criticizing the work of your activists, especially if they are enslaving people.

      My perspective:

      Seems like you want us to excuse the fact the Broze is doing the work for the deep state, by encouraging a technology that benefits only the persons in power.
      You have yet to state how it can even help them – but your full-on board – turning on keyboard warrior who don’t sail their own ship.

      FYI – I do sail my own ship – and it empowers – not enslaves children!

      The discussion is about giving children only the technology the empowers them. Strengthen personal and decentralized empowerment.

      We CAN and we WILL criticize when it does the opposite.

      I’ll ask again, what motivates you to post so often? What’s your end goal? To find out the whole truth, or half-truths?

      Note: JC can figure out a way to limit persons posting ability to a fixed number per month. That way we can limit the amount of ‘effort’ a group of rock wielding protestors can do to push their own narrative on a truth site.
      The comment section is a powerful tool, Maybe JC had to give up control of that part of the site to some rock wielding protestors to appease the state for his truth telling?

      Anyway, the push for your own narrative, limiting natural discussion has me very wary about you now HRS.

    • openlens says:

      The idea that “there are such precious (sic) few among us who have anything real to contribute…”
      that’s the nitty gritty of all of it right there.
      What arrogance!! What hubris!!

  16. HyperSimian says:

    Put your tech down, get off your high horse. Walk down the street and make eye contact with people and say “hi, how are you?” . Put yourself out there. If a conversation starts let it be if not, oh well. Connect personally. I did this in a grocery store and ended up giving that person a ride home. I never saw that person again but our conversation during the ride was fulfilling about music. Mindfulness, awareness, good Samaritanism is always a good start to connecting and understanding others. This spontaneous action may have caused an avalanche effect of altruism. I don’t know. Keep trying without concern of effect or consequences. Sorry to be so positive but it always has done me better than being a negative Nancy.

    • openlens says:

      Damn Right!!!
      I had the funnest time last summer in a grocery store…the only one of two in a coast town, the local one, with long long lines always due to tourism, but especially around 5 pm, you know?

      It was simply awesome. Got to play games racing up the line, kept telling people this store would provide a great weekly column in the newspaper, an available interview pool with only time on their hands.
      Made a fool of myself I’m sure to some, but many of us had a good time, and left smiling.
      I remember that.
      Go walking through some town or city or suburban neighborhood in the early evening. You’ll meet children, teens, well…used to…folks mowing their lawns.

  17. You see that’s just one of the problems with this comment section.
    We know James does read quite a few of these comments, but rarely if ever gets into a dialogue with anyone here.

    In this case, he made assumptions about some comments, but because he didn’t share his view with us, we couldn’t elaborate on exactly what we had in mind.

    That 3-5 minute plandemic video I was suggesting was not to turn on a switch in all the normie’s heads so they could all INSTANTLY understand who the evil people are and what they are trying to achieve.

    But it could very well plant a small seed in their heads which gets them to at least START thinking of things they were truly not aware of up until now.

    • openlens says:

      I hate to burst any bubble, but your ability to communicate with a site owner depends on the amount of money you contribute to the site. Pardon me for saying it so crudely, but I take heart/courage from another comment pointing this out yesterday..not here.

      However, we are here to learn from one another, when possible. At least I am, I don’t follow “leaders”. That’s dangerous.
      Many times I read the comments first to see if it’s worth my time paying attention…I think I’ve got James’ orientation pretty clear.
      I’m here for the two way reality. I spend plenty time in my one way canal here at “home base”, working working working.
      At the point where there is just no reception here, I won’t come back. Pretty close to that. Last Humanist was run out a while ago now. It’s a mosh pit, frankly. Same old same old need to dominate. Insecurity marked BIG.

  18. DeepSeekARRR says:

    Happy Day 671 TNN everyone!!!
    (day six hundred seventy-one of the new normal)
    this is a very pertinent message for those of you still reading this thread, and I do hope you all will take note of the part mentioning other people

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