Interview 1592 - Brainstorming Solutions Live on Air

11/07/202092 Comments

James joins Ernest Hancock once again for his regular weekly appearance on Declare Your Independence. This week they discuss the pre-planned (s)election chaos leading into the darkest winter of the great reset and what we can actually do to break people's mental dependence on the system of their enslavement. Stay tuned to the end where we brainstorm a specific idea for a new campaign to be launched this month.

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“Bipartisan” Washington Insiders Reveal Their Plan for Chaos if Trump Wins the Election

Brzezinski Warns Senate Foreign Relations Committee That False Flag Event Might Kick Off War With Iran

Why schools probably aren’t COVID hotspots

Libertarianism and Boycotts

Black Market Friday


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  1. Libertydan says:

    I listened to this Interview by way of a link in a comment in the latest “New World Next Week”, and I am happy to see it posted here.
    Perhaps the best thing to come out of this interview is the promotion of “Agorist.Market” by way of “Black Market Friday”.
    The idea is that we can take one day “Black Friday” to exchange goods and services outside of the World Bankster’s system, and I think this is a good place to start.
    We have to break the Fiat Monetary system, and the only way to do it, is to trade good and services outside of their system.

  2. Al Saleh says:

    What you have done here is Amazing. Great job all of you.

    For me, decentralization means creating technologies that can be replicated easilty. It is good to have agorist.merket, but I think it is even better to have the technology that any community can use to have their own agorist market, or airbnb or uber or …

    • Libertydan says: is an exchange that can be used to trade person to person. Indeed, it is Centralized, however I think it provides a good example of what “Agorist.Market” should be trying to accomplish by way of a Decentralized Market.
      For example; I can find “Fresh Eggs” within driving distance on Criagslist. I will likely have to pay in Fiat Money, or trade some Service, but it is a start.
      A Local Agorist.Market could provide much of the same Services and Items as Craigslist only it would offer ways to Trade outside of the Fiat Monetary system. Having Items/Services listed that people want and/or need is the key to making a Market work. Craigslist is a great example of a Market place that works.

  3. Libertydan says:

    In this Interview JC points out that we need a Community to work with if we are going to make it through this. Indeed, “The Corbett Report” does provide a bit of an On-line Community, and it helps to know that others are on the same page, however, we need to find local people to physically interact with. Any Trade that does not involve Fiat Money is going to help build a Community outside of the Control Freaking System.

    One can start by talking to their neighbors about the Mask B.S., and go from there, eh!

    • debkan says:

      Hi Libertydan
      I agree we need to be honest with ourselves and our neighbors. To make our own choices, to take the right path and find the tools to help you achieve the solution you want. You might find this movement offers an interesting tool box and may even link you with like minded folk in you own area.

      This will get you much further than just the mask thing…

      Jump in the water’s fine.

  4. TheGuyver says:


    I’m an older guy looking to get into crypto and total noob on this subject. I’ve tried looking at video on YT but they are not at my level. I’m not interested in mining and making profit, just looking for alternative method of payment to sell and buy goods. Can anyone point to a starter guide so I don’t make too many mistakes?


    • Nivek S says:

      I’m in the exact same position! Anyone have a guide for geezers to crypto?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Crypto for Codgers

      Good question ya’ll. I’m an old codger too.
      You may want to try
      It wasn’t my first place to purchase, but many people find it simple.

      Today, one Bitcoin is valued at about $15,000.
      In February 2017, James Corbett gave away FREE 0.01 bitcoin to any Corbett Report Member who requested it. Today, it has a value of $150.

      As I note in the link’s comment, the IRS is tabulating transactions with bitcoin. I had to report my crypto purchase on my 2019 return.
      As Corbett often advises with alternative forms of currency, it is wise to approach alternatives in a ‘balanced’ perspective — not all-in on one form of alternative currency.

      Personally, I think physical silver is good for local alternative trade in counter-economics.
      Sidenote to stock market – Silver stocks will probably do very well in the upcoming months and years. (‘Your silver’ is buried in the ground.)

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        James Corbett says:
        …Can a cryptocurrency that lives up to the “pirate money” ideal be created, or is the idea destined to be neutered, co-opted and wrestled back into the service of the banksters?

        Now that is the question that matters….

        Taken from his 12/2/2017 article: Bitcoin $10,000: What Does It Mean?

        ANECDOTE – My first Bitcoin Buying Experience
        (Copy-n-paste from 8/16/2018)

        A credit card ban prompted me to purchase bitcoin around 2015.

        One night I was trying to place an ad on in the “Events” section, because our 9/11 Group had an upcoming event. Ads were fairly cheap and photos could be posted. I had run event ads on Backpage before. After setting up the script/photos for the ad, I get to the checkout ready with a credit card to pay about $25, but…

        …I find out that Backpage could no longer take credit cards. The credit card companies stopped doing business with Backpage, because Backpage had an escort ad section which suddenly got national press. With the bad PR, the credit card companies withdrew from Backpage. However, Backpage could take Bitcoin.

        Dang! I was up all night, learning about Bitcoin and then trying to buy some. It was a struggle back then, having to send photos of myself holding a piece of paper with the date, along with my checkbook and drivers license to some guy who I think was in Russia or eastern Europe. The bitcoin seller was very cautious and there was a lot of back-n-forth emailing and verification. I was very hesitant about putting my personal info out there, but gambled that it would be copacetic.
        I think one Bitcoin was around $350 back then. I spent about $200, paying the guy a premium price for the bitcoin.

        Backpage eventually started taking credit cards again.
        In fact, about a year or so ago, I had run some “Event” ads on Backpage which promoted the CorbettReport’s “How Big Oil Conquered the World” YouTube video with links. It ran in the North Texas area for about 6 months I think.

        Some months ago, I think the Feds came in and took down Backpage. I believe it was because of allegations that some of the escort ad section involved girls under age 18.

        Years ago, Backpage got its start from The Dallas Observer newspaper which had backpage ads.


      • wave.watcher says:

        I have only been buying cryptocurrencies since 2020. When I heard about the IRS demanding that we declare it I was wondering about that. When you say, “…the IRS is tabulating transactions with bitcoin. I had to report my crypto purchase on my 2019 return.”

        So you report it, but do they tax you on it? Because at this point almost everyone who buys it is buying it with fiat. If it’s something that I am doing with my personal money that I have earned and already being taxed on, just like I buy silver with fiat I have already been taxed on. So if they tax you on it they are double taxing you.

        Are they going to track it and then try to tax you on it’s value if the price goes up? Do they give you a rebate if the price goes down? It sounds like they are just trying to make things even more miserably complicated for us to dissuade people from using it. Is it just an invasive form of track and trace? I really hate this government condoned extortion.

        • mkey says:

          Multiple taxation is nothing new worldwide.

          Income “tax” -> Sales “tax” -> Property “tax”. It’s a wonder you are left anything of what you earned at the end of the day.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Capital Gains Tax

          We all know that governments want to monitor and control our money. That is the real agenda.
          The IRS is using Capital Gains as a pretext regarding crypto.
          All U.S. based crypto exchanges are required to give the IRS access to their records.

          “Capital Gains”
          When a person buys an asset, such as a stock, and sells it for a profit, then they realize a “gain” from their “capital” investment.
          Assets could be such things as property, mineral rights, stocks, crypto, art, collectibles, etc.

          The “gain” only counts when the asset is sold at a profit.
          They use the term “realized”.

          I had bought (MTA) Metalla Royalty stock at $5 per share months back. Sold it for $9.50 per share last week. I made a capital gain of $4.50 per share. I realized that profit.
          I will be taxed at the “Capital Gains Tax Rate” per the IRS codes.
          When a person loses money from selling a stock at a loss, it can help offset the capital gain.

          Trump had lowered the tax rate on Capital Gains.
          Wall Street was happy.

          Crypto trading can reap some big profits (or losses).
          If a person buys crypto for a low price, then sells it for a higher price, that person has a Capital Gain. But the “Gain” only happens when you sell it for a profit, when you “realize” the profit.
          If the price of crypto which you own goes up or down, it has no affect on your capital gains (or loss) unless you sell it.

          A person really needs an accountant to figure Capital Gains.

          With the Robinhood App, crypto and stock trading have become very popular for the younger generations.

          I wouldn’t be concerned, if you just buy your crypto and sit on it or use it to purchase items at a place like Corbett Report or Agorist.Market or OVERSTOCK.COM

          I don’t have much crypto. But I rarely use it. It just sits. Mostly, I use it to give Corbett an annual payment.

          Don’t worry about the IRS.
          Well…unless you are making bookoo money with crypto, or making unreported substantial money with any digitally traceable income.

          I have been audited twice by the IRS. Once had agents coming to my business repeatedly trying to find me there.
          There were several times and many years where I was on a payment plan to pay past due taxes.

          If you have committed a minor “sin” in the eyes of the IRS, I wouldn’t worry.
          They will send you a notice if something hits their radar.

          • PollenPusher says:

            Usually I love you but volunteering any info to the irs is inviting them in to audit you. You will get into less trouble for failing to tell them anything than telling them something and making a tiny mistake. Don’t volunteer any info. They will continually fish (phish?) for more things they can extort you on but will rarely investigate without an opening. Classic tactic is sending an outlandish tax bill – if you pay it they will definitely come after you. In their minds, if you pay the bill it’s because you were expecting a worse one! They won’t stop til they’ve got every last available cent. The day you get audited, as you well know, is the day you’re f*$ked anyway so until that time, tell them nothing, be poor on paper, be rich in love, family and community and boycott the man!

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Art of War – “Don’t get caught.”

              Pollen Pusher,
              I agree with you about NOT volunteering information, but it should be noted that many transactions are monitored by the IRS, including U.S. based Crypto exchanges. Many companies send a statement to the IRS if that company has your SS#.

              “Don’t get caught in a blatant lie” is my mantra.
              It pisses the IRS off and throws up the red flag when they have direct evidence that you lied to them.
              My first audit details how pissed off they were. (See LINK)

              I served on a Federal Grand Jury IRS Tax Case.

              It is important to be aware of what documents and information that the government has on a person. (e.g. Social Security has your entire life’s year by year income.)

              All that said, a POSITIVE note:
              #1 ~~Government agencies are incompetent and most Federal workers are in the game for an easy ride to retirement of paper pushing — not to aggressively seek out extra work.
              #2 ~~The IRS only prosecutes and/or audits a very small percentage of cases compared to their Red Flag list. Their Red Flag list is so long that the IRS does not have the staff nor funds to go after everyone. Each and every year, it is a mammoth list.

    • scpat says:

      Step 1: Register with a crypto currency online exchange, or visit a website like ( ) if you want to buy with cash anonymously directly from another person in real life or via mail. But if you are a noob, and also don’t mind paying taxes on the ‘interest’ you earn, then just go through an exchange because it is very easy. If you use an exchange, do a bit of research, but I would suggest using a large, well established and reputable exchange.

      Step 2: Get a cryptocurrency wallet. I would suggest buying a hardware wallet like Ledger Nano or Trezor. Those are the two best as far as I am aware. ( ); ( ). If you don’t want to do that, use a cryptocurrency app for your smart phone, such a BRD wallet ( )

      Step 3: Purchase your cryptocurrency. It will appear in the wallet that the cryptocurrency online exchange provides for you. Do not keep it here, because exchanges can get hacked. You also do not have full control of it until it is in your own personal wallet.

      Step 4: Transfer your newly bought cryptocurrency from the exchange to your hardware wallet.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Hardware Wallet ANECDOTE

        About 6 years ago when I was married, my wife put a bunch of cryptocurrency on a hardware wallet. It was an assortment of currencies (bitcoin, Ethereum, and a few others) She had a total of more than $10,000 in crypto. It may had been closer to 20k or even 30k. I don’t remember the exact total.

        One day, she went to check her crypto amounts via the hardware, but one of the cryptocurrencies was completely gone.

        I passed on helping her with it, because I don’t know squat about it…and I certainly would be blamed if something didn’t turn out right.
        She called her son-in-law to come over and mess with it. He is tech savvy. Many full days were spent trying to ‘find’ the currency. No luck.

        I think she lost around $5,000.
        For me, during that time period & now, 5k is a LOT of money.
        She just kind of yawned, similar to how she would when she throws out 5-10k remodeling the same home space to a different theme every two years.

    • southamerica says:

      I could suggest the Cointelegraph channel on gootoob and the Pomp Podcast.
      I’d also be careful of coinbase and all exchanges with excessive KYC
      Check out bitcoin ATM if you have one close – also

    • Duck says:

      I have a pal who did cryto mining… it was expensive to get the graphics cards (which were good ones) but the actual PC mother boards (pretty rubbish ones at that) he mounted on a PVC pipe rack.
      He bought himself a couple of rifles with the proceeds but it was only good for ‘pocket money’, not a livelihood. He did not make much after set up costs and he gave up after his electric went back to normal price and whatever he was mining dropped in value.
      His setup was UBER HOT when running

    • myra says:

      I can’t listen to this Ernest Hancock guy. His thinking and speaking is so chaotic and disordered, and he interupts James so much, that there’s no forward momentum or coherent narrative to the conversation.

  5. darby_m says:

    If everyone could let it soak in that we had a coup d’etat in November of 1963 where the CIA under Bush Sr. captured the White House.

    He and It (CIA) have controlled the White House since then and have been steadily using the banks and military and other public institutions to loot and demoralize not only this country but the rest of the world.

    Both parties Presidents have been and are his (Sr’s) employees and are CIA. If everyone knew this, there would not be uproar about which employee gets to sit in the office. It would be an entirely different picture and we would not be divided. Bush Sr.’s comment, “‘If the American People ever find out what we have done, they will chase us down the street and lynch us’ – H.W. Bush June 1992 to Sarah McClendon (White House Press Corps)” can be more clearly understood in this context.

    If any would doubt this, I would ask them to consider what it would look like if the CIA did in fact overthrow our government?

    What would it look like if an organization built on it’s ability to lie and steal and cheat and murder was running the country but they didn’t want people to know it?

    Would the agenda ever deviate if they control all the candidates and create the appearance of a 2 party system?

    How many governments have the CIA overthrown to date?

    Our entire system makes perfect sense if one understands that a literal gang of professional thugs is in charge and are calling all the shots. If enough people can get their head around this, we might just know where to point all of this frustration and that would be to let our neighbors know what we are really dealing with. They only get away with it because they keep us too busy fighting and struggling to notice that gangsters have steadily taken over.

  6. Nivek S says:

    I call bull! I see James to me, like Exidor was to Mork from Ork! Get yourself a robe, buddy, where you lead we will follow!😂
    Anyone know where to acquire our leader a Julius Caesar style wig?

  7. james.w says:

    Rutan: ‘clear fraud’ “My 55-year, post-college testing career has made me an expert in analyzing data. A few samples of data (among 100s) that show the Tuesday vote count has been tampered. November 4th: As the Michigan vote result tabulation goes from 4,261,878 to 4,400,217, Biden got EVERY ONE of the138,339 new votes, NONE went to the 4 other candidates ! A statistical impossibility.”

  8. scpat says:

    @41:37 James talks about gym and store owners refusing to close. I got my hair cut at a new barber shop the other day and none of the barbers or patrons were wearing masks. I live in California where masks are mandatory. Near the end of my haircut I asked the barber if they ever shut down their shop. He said at first they did, and then after a month or two of being shut down they decided to open up. I asked him if the County/City told them to close. He said they received a couple letters asking them to but they refused. He said no official ever came around in person and after those couple letters they haven’t heard anything since. I asked him what he thought about that and he essentially said that their barber shop called the County’s/City’s bluff and they haven’t pursued it further. Their threats were just for show, at least in this case.

    This is a good example of how defiance of an order can turn out. You just say, no I’m not going to do it. Do your worst to me. I refuse to comply. When enough people get sick of it, there is not enough government staff to enforce the shutdown orders, mask orders, etc.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think this is the only way now. Non compliance. Thanks for sharing.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      scpat! Great ANECDOTE!
      I love hearing this.

      The other day, on THE HIGHWIRE, Del Bigtree interviewed Kevin Kiley .

      93.1 KFBK – November 3, 2020
      Court Declares Governor Newsom Executive Order Unconstitutional


      Monday, a Northern California judge tentatively ruled in favor of state Assemblymembers James Gallagher and Kevin Kiley regarding their lawsuit against Governor Gavin Newsom.
      The two Republicans are claiming the Democratic governor has abused his power during the COVID-19 pandemic.
      They have been arguing that the California Emergency Services Act does not provide for one-man rule.

      Sutter County Superior Court Judge Sarah Heckman ruled as unconstitutional Governor Newsom’s statewide vote-by-mail executive order. The directive required that all registered voters in California receive mail-in ballots to avoid having large numbers of people gathered at polling places. It also mandated one voting place per 10,000 residents be open from October 31st to November 2nd for at least 8 hours.

      In addition, the judge’s tentative ruling places an injunction on any unilateral attempts by the Governor to make or change state law in the immediate future.

      Assemblyman Gallagher represents the 3rd Assembly District, which encompasses all of Glenn, Sutter, Tehama and Yuba counties as well as portions of Butte and Colusa counties.

      “This is a victory for separation of powers. The Governor has continued to create and change state law without public input and without the deliberative process provided by the Legislature,” said Kiley.
      “The judicial branch again gave him the check that was needed and that the Constitution requires.”

      Assemblyman Kiley represents the 6th Assembly District, which includes the Sacramento, Placer, and El Dorado County communities of Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Fair Oaks, Folsom, Granite Bay, Lincoln, Loomis, Orangevale, Penryn, Rocklin, Roseville, and Sheridan.

      “Nobody disputes that there are actions that should be taken to keep people safe during an emergency,” (sic)add Kiley.
      “But that doesn’t mean that we put our Constitution and free society on hold by centralizing all power in the hands of one man.”

      (more in article with video)

    • wave.watcher says:

      It’s great to hear these stories. It gives me great hope to know that there are people out there willing to stand to up the tyrants. Peggy Hall is one such person and she is posting a lot and taking legal action against the tyrants in California. There is a restaurant called Basilicos in Huntington Beach if I remember correctly. They have never closed, no social distancing, no masks.

      Did you hear about the legal action taken against Gov Newsom? Del Bigtree did an interview (it’s on Bitchute) with one of the attorneys who brought the charges against Newsom, and the judge agreed with them.

      • scpat says:

        I like to support any defiant businesses. That is part of my activism–I will patronize businesses that I know are going against the rules, and will boycott or limit my shopping at other businesses that are Gung Ho about the rules. There is a gas station in my town where the owner and employees don’t wear masks, they have no mask signs on their doors and they obviously do not require any customer to wear one. I buy my gas from them. Those are my type of people.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        California Restaurant – NO MASKS ALLOWED
        Basilico’s Pasta e Vino, an Italian restaurant in Huntington Beach, Calif., recently put up a “Godfather”-themed billboard to show its opposition to masks.

        The billboard — which uses font similar to the iconic 1972 film poster — says “Leave the mask, take the cannoli,” according to a photo from KTLA taken on Monday.

        The line is derived from a famous quote in “The Godfather,” which says: “Leave the gun, take the cannoli.”

        Here is the Del Bigtree interview with Tony Roman
        (17 minutes)

  9. Duck says:

    Doing ANYTHING will make people feel better… some cheep ideas.

    Eat the weeds… You could plant flower pots or an old waste lot, best thing is most people wont know what they are looking at
    Purslane..junk you can eat. Seeds are cheep.

    Sprouting… more nutrients then the seed itself. You can (allegedly) live
    on Alfalfa sprouts. Goodness knows how much you’d need to eat for energy…but full of vitamins and almost zero storage and lasts for years as seed if stored well in cool, dry and dark

  10. Duck says:

    As a Psychopath I really DONT want to censor people online…I want them to all to hang out online and rage about all the people they are going to kill and all the things they are going to do… AS LONG as they do it without knowing th people they rage with in the real world
    I might even invent the internet JUST for that reason (The “Innovators” by Walter Issacson) and get my pal Larry Brilliant in on it too…

    even if it makes some of the peons more powerful and knowledgeable.
    I want the cattle to be entertained and swiping their phones, and the more aggressive to be growling and hissing IN THEIR PENS. Then I can come around with my humane killer and pop each one singly by themselves rather then in a mob.

    WHEN i start to censor big time it means that I have either lost control OR I want to do something big

    Get right with God and Jesus.

  11. Big-_-Brother says:

    I wish James could expand more the Transition Integrity Project. From reading the document( We are currently on “Game Four: Narrow Biden Win” on page 18 as they have predicted. As of now Trump is legally fighting the election results in court and Biden is “uniting the country” by acting presidential. In the coming weeks ahead the actions we see in real life will probably mirror whats in the project. So I don’t think there will be chaos and destruction especially with the conservatives side, I was more worried about the leftist who were looting and rioting all summer. As James said there needs to be chaos in order to apply the Great Reset. I don’t think that happening with this scenario what are your guys thoughts?

    • cu.h.j says:

      The great reset is underway with the Biden/Haris “build back better” platform. Biden has just been selected with voting fraud. I think they try to stir chaos possibly to declare martial law.

      I think the conservatives need to re-group and find alternatives outside of the grid. There is strength in numbers. I think hatred is toxic, so instead of using anger for violence, channel this to find solutions. Perhaps some of the “liberals” will dislike the new agenda and will want to be part of freedom-oriented economies and societies.

      I think this may definitely show some of the conservatives that the state apparatus and elections are a fraud, and they may embrace a more libertarian or agorist philosophy.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I agree with your Game Four and take… i.e. “So I don’t think there will be chaos and destruction especially with the conservatives side, I was more worried about the leftist who were looting and rioting all summer.”

      If James does expand on the “Transition Integrity Project”, my only interest is to see the Video Footage of John Podesta during one of the War Games.
      Does he mention pizza and sick child-porn art during the exercise?

      I’ve only followed the election on occasional idle curiosity, mostly to see how the different media were framing things, and to see the many subversive efforts to rig the vote counts.
      I had no dog in this race. I don’t even visit the racetrack.

      There certainly was a lot of passion by the Left to win the election, no matter how unethical.
      Of course, we all know that voter fraud exists, and has gone on many times in history.
      On late election night, I scrolled to different media “Live Coverages”. The anti-Trump media bias was notable. Even NPR had statements like “We might not win” when Trump had the early lead.

      Anyway, all-in-all, I feel like the election is a dead horse.
      We can kick it around all we want, but it ain’t going to move.

    • Mungjam says:

      Qanon was readying US population for a “poll” also called ‘election’. They just flushed out what percentage of each State’s residents are going to be nononconformist to the Reset and are awake, and where/how much strong-handling and ‘convincing’ plus resources will be needed. In my books, that was Trump’s main script and I believe both candidates play in the same sandbox. Seeing that the Canadian government is openly soliciting quotes for the building/management of ‘quarantine’ camps, one may extrapolate to other places,. It makes sense to target a larger concentration of facilities and resources to areas of known resistance. They now have a very clear view of how many are firmly asleep and where. From here we go to continued lockdowns, waterfalls of social aid cheques to the progressively maimed and willingly accepting populace, eventually bankrupting countries. Finally, the conditional bail-out where beggars can’t be choosers. I wouldn’t expect they let us see the real numbers of awakening. What does give me some hope it is that I work in the natural resource sector and historically bureaucrats have poor predictability of natural processes.

      • cu.h.j says:

        This is certainly what they want. I’m hoping that American’s who are better armed than most citizens of various European Countries will stand up to this. Even if we die fighting, it is really better than to live as a slave. This is why Americans must never disarm themselves. That’s always a mistake. Sometimes violent revolt, as a last resort is necessary.

        • PollenPusher says:

          i agree, look how the us military complex disarmed iraq and libya before desstroying them. They would gave done the same to iran and syria (Russia and China too?) but fortunately they resisted.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Indeed, good to remember that. Never make yourself an easy target. Sometimes we have to stand up and fight and take the ultimate risk and lose our lives.

        • anonymint says:

          I posited after analyzing the situation in the USA is some detail, that there will be armed resistance in the USA but too late to stop the Demonrats from retaking control of the U.S. military:

          It will be hell for resistance fighters to deal with the USAF employing highly accurate bombing from drones and bombers so far up in the sky that you can’t see them as the video leaked by Bradley Manning showed in Iraq.

        • anonymint says:

          But why should we fight to protect Americans who have enabled this morass? They took out 30 year mortgages thus pulling income forward by 30 years making houses 30X more expensive than they should be. They took out student loans making education much more expensive than it should be. They cheered on a huge military that swings its big dick all over the world. They cheered the War on Terror which was initiated with the 9/11 false flag. Why attempt to reward these idiots by fighting for them?

          Much better to let them reap what they have sowed and profit on the economic collapse.

          • cu.h.j says:

            People are capable of making mistakes due to being misinformed and also many American’s have been against the wars and the false flags. I think the ones who will win are the “elites” if we don’t fight.

            • anonymint says:

              Nature is culling the herd. It’s just a natural phenomenon. Nature doesn’t give a pass for ignorance.

              The elite are just giving the people what they sowed. The elite are created by our weaknesses. Fighting to reward weaknesses is faggotry and failure.

              Stand in front of a steaming locomotive and you will get plowed over. Fighting nature is futile.

              When society enters a period of egregious excess, then of course there will be a correction. That’s just nature. The elite are just doing what has to be done to punish people so they can learn.

    • Stewart Howe says:

      I think they will play an as yet unknown wild card to justify kicking the tyranny up, quickly and by orders of magnitude. The “mission creep” pace is now working against them. Main target: USA, due to capacity for viable blowback. When multiple key swamp players go missing from the grid simultaneously, that is the tipoff, that they’re bugged out to D.U.M.Bs or some Southern Hemisphere rat nest. Then SHTF. Like the plot of the movie “Miracle Mile”. Or not.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Big-_-Brother says:
      I wish James could expand more the Transition Integrity Project.

      Hot dang Brother!
      You got the magic touch!

      Corbett sure did talk about TIP with his 11/08/2020 article
      The Chaos IS The Plan

      I am glad that he did, because I sure missed some key aspects to the Transition Integrity Project.

      I’ll wager that James Corbett will talk about this topic in a video or make reference to his article.

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ernest Hancock does a good job of directing the conversation and trying to find positive notes.

    Keynotes are at the 26:30 mark when James Corbett talks about Solutions on his website’s “TAGS” menu.
    James Corbett QUOTE
    “First and foremost, the absolute bedrock of all of the SOLUTIONS is building COMMUNITY. Without community, you can come up with whatever… …it has to be based on community.”

    And again at 43 minutes, Ernest talks about Community.

    I want to mention something here about community.
    Some folks whine that they can’t find “community”.

    There are many ways, sources and methods to find and build community, to find like-minded people.

    • OneKnightErrant says:

      HRS – Always appreciate your input. The building community portion was a subject I hoped would be addressed and perked up when James jumped on it. Loud mouth Ernie is always difficult to endure, and frankly, I want to slap him every time he interrupts James. But that’s Ernie. It’s genetic I suppose. The Loudmouth gene. Reminded me of your ex-wife; her spendthrift gene (laughed at that post a while back). What concerns me is the AI monitoring/collating/analyzing of all electronic correspondence. A couple of friends of mine in the states won’t discuss anything meaningful via email. I agree. That’s why I was pleased there was discussion of “meet ups”, physical get togethers to discuss problems, strategies, solutions. Thumbs up on that one.

      Moved to Thailand middle of April 2019 with the intention of staying a year. Still here. Got another visa. Had booked a flight back in April but cancelled when everything turned to shit with my girlfriend, who is on the opposite side of the plandemic. As are my family and friends. So there is no longer a reason to return. I’m here to stay. Besides, I would never fly wearing a mask. And they can put their social distancing where the sun doesn’t shine.

      Was a bit mystified when Ernie said: “Look what’s happening in Thailand!” As I have a pretty good view; looking out the window, it appeared to be no different from where I sit. Perhaps he was talking about the south. I live in the north so don’t pay much attention to what’s happening down there (anything south of Chiangmai is south to me). Military coups rarely affect the farangs. Haven’t had a TV in decades so the mind hasn’t turned to jello. Most mainstream news I get once a week from JEP and NWNW.

      To everyone reading this, thank you for being a part of the CR community and your contribution to finding solutions. Before signing in here, I watched the latest post of Claudia at Cabin Talk on Bitchute. With this pugnacious purposeful veritable gladiator for truth and justice on our side, the pernicious psychopathic purveyors of plandemic porn haven’t got a chance.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        THAILAND anecdote

        Gosh…I enjoyed your comment, and the update on how things are outside your window.
        I laughed at the ex-wife thing you remembered.
        A few months back, another person living in Thailand commented here.

  13. Octium says:


    Make Agorism Great Again!!

    (I Figure the previous guy who used that slogan is too preoccupied at the moment to worry about me steeling it)

  14. CreativeLife says:

    Do you think there might be something spiritual going on?
    So what might the solutions be if:

    Donald Trump’s Scottish slogan MAGA means Magus “Sorcerer” aka Black Magician.

    3/11/2020 was Purim. Pur “Lots” means “Cast lots for Marduk” the Golden Calf of the Exodus; Vaccine means “Of the Cow“. Jesuits “Militia of Zeus” are managing the Coronavirus with the Pharmaceutical Industry

    The US is a “Debtor’s Prison” surrounded by a 150 mile wide Constitution Free Zone all US Citizens are Chattel Slaves.
    Check it out

    India is part of the British Commonwealth Kamala Harris “Mistress of Qadesh” is the real President Select. Mail in Ballots have the British Commonwealth Crown; Biden’s SS name is Celtic (Barbarian) the Celtic Trinity is the same as the Hindu Trinity Kamala’s SS name is “Pioneer”. Kama in Japanese “Land of the Rising Sun”
    (Eze 8; Saturn) means Sickle or Scythe, the weapon of the Grim Reaper “Saturn” is also seen in Fauci, the Jesuit face of Coronavirus; the Sickle is the asterism of Leo worn by Pharaoh’s as the Ureaus Crown.

    Maybe, just maybe the most circulated book on the earth has a few clues to possible solutions. As long as you leave religion and politics out of it, like the Messiah said to and stay away from denominations and those that call themselves Jews that are not, you might find a little truth.

    The Ecclesiastical Conspiracy will clue you in as to why The Book since the printing press has been so mysteriously kneaded, reshaped and leavened. Ah! Dare to listen to this story be read, that touches lightly but profoundly on the influence of the right of kings that the masonic King James so cleverly had contrived. Precisely, why we are where we are at in such a time as this. And why are there 3 predominant city states, Washington, London City proper, and Vatican City.

    The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy narrated by Doug Perry

    The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy
    By George Davis and Michael Clark
    This article was written as an expose’ of an 1800 year old conspiracy. It is intended to define the conspiracy, leaving you to judge for yourself. Consider it a primer, covering only the basic elements of the subject.

    This is an very beautifully written work by two very dear friends in spirit.
    To understand something of spirituality as opposed to religion one must set aside all preconceived notions and just get by with a little help from our friends. True friends are few and far between these days. Enjoy.

    • Stewart Howe says:

      Thank you.

      • CreativeLife says:

        You’re very welcome Stewart. Here is the link to Michael and George’s work at Wilderness Voice.

        It is not a long read but vibrant with brilliant clarity about many misconceptions that have been introduced into this world since the Leviathan Virus contagion. Job 41 and 42 See all definitions

        James has an incredible link in his written article Isaiah’s Job that I read once late last night and now in solitude will study oh Elijah thank you for your question, the Remnant is waiting

        I am also studying Deitrich Bonhoeffer’s work Life in Community life in Nazi Germany, the Ekklesia appears Shall we give up our soul or build strength in hope. I’m on the journey to seek some answers, that journey never will end and the balance of time I spend in quite reflection is vital. And in community I believe is an essential service to my fellow sojourners. What I care in my heart will stand, with a few close friends and it better be in real life not on a screen. Quiet reflection, it’s time.

  15. Alchemist says:

    JC 2.0 😉

    It was fun to watch the organic development of your plans to promote Agorist.Market through Black Market Friday. Very cool.

  16. TheGuyver says:

    Thanks for all your replies! I’ll take a few days to read through all of them and ponder again some 🙂

  17. PollenPusher says:

    1to1 market in France leboncoin. You can choose to search by post code, departmentally or nationally. Use it often especially for livestock etc. Lots of free stuff people want to give away even my daughter’s pony 50 € delivered – she’s perfect x . Very much p2p. There are commercial ads but they remain inferior to the main bulk of (agoric) activity. Everything from cars to butterchurns to Cockerels. Because it can be very local if you wish i have actually met good friends through this site. No i don’t have shares !

  18. anonymint says:

    Unfortunately you all may not realize that there’s very little hope for succeeding at anything you are proposing.

    Read all my (@anonymint’s) comments from the linked comment all the way to the bottom of the linked page then you will understand in detail the unavoidable, horrific fate that awaits us. THIS IS NOT HYPERBOLE:

    I will be following up about crypto. I am an expert and you all (including @jonno) do NOT understand what is really going on with crypto. I do and you can begin with my comments linked below about crypto:

    I have been a programmer since I was 13 years old in 1978.

    • anonymint says:

      A relevant discussion from my email and I replied:

      BTC hit the top of its cup for the $15.9k high thus far, then declined to apparently to form the handle. Still bullish. ETH did make a run to $477.

      Somewhat related to this thread, but KYC/AML is now infecting Bitcoin mining:

      We knew this was coming, but maybe sooner than I expected.

      I’m trying to incorporate P2Pool into my new design for a blackmarket cryptocurrency to avert the coming (~2022?) difficulty cycling attacks which will destroy all proof-of-work altcoins (other than Bitcoin because there can only be one reserve currency). The main issues with is are:

      1) Latency is more of a problem.

      2) A big mining farm can stomp on (i.e. participate in) your P2Pool making the variance too high for small miners; thus defeating the entire raison d’être of a mining pool.

      As I wrote many times, I am an expert. I wish people would believe me when I state this.

    • anonymint says:

      Following up on my rebuttal to Armstrong on JC’s Great Reset report where I wrote…

      […] Armstrong either didn’t read carefully the text of the Chinese edict or he doesn’t understand that Bitcoin is not an entity (i.e. not a ‘unit’, ‘individual’ nor an ‘organization’). Thus the law does not apply to decentralized cryptocurrencies which are not issued by any entity. There is no way to ban decentralized cryptocurrencies, other than turning off the Internet and that seems impossible to do (we even have shortwave radio if needed) […]

      I will clarify Armstrong’s latest myopias about decentralized cryptocurrency…

      The Fate of Cryptocurrencies

      […] cryptocurrency […] is not a safe alternative to the dollar, central banks, or anything else. It has been subject to confiscation as in the latest $1 billion seizure […] Bitcoin is an extremely trackable method of exchange […] You will find countries outlawing cryptocurrencies […] they will most likely seize everything and then put it into whatever digital currency the government has created […]

      The government can’t seize the private keys if they can’t find them. Roosevelt’s gold seizure order didn’t go into every home and dig up every back yard. What is Armstrong smoking that makes him so delusional about cryptocurrency?

      The governments can only seize the individual they suspect of being the owner of cryptocurrency and attempt to that individual to provide the alleged private keys. It”s true the government can discourage usage by regulating the conversion to/from fiat.

      Nobody can spend Bitcoins or seize them from the blockchain w/o the private keys, unless of those Bitcoins were sent to ANYONECANSPEND addresses that begin with 3 or bc1 instead of legacy addresses which begin with 1. ANYONECANSPEND means anyone (e.g. the miner who mines the block) can spend those funds regardless of who erroneously thinks they own the BTC. All Bitcoins which were obtained after the fraudulent soft fork in 2017 typically have a non-legacy address in their lineage and thus can (eventually) be spent by anyone when the posited donations restoration attack comes (perhaps ~2022), i.e. most will lose their Bitcoins as donations to the miners.

      Interestingly that recent $1 billion Bitcoin transaction was spent from a legacy to a non-legacy address. So the idiot USG has just gifted those Bitcoins to the miners in the upcoming donations restoration attack, lol. Rothschild now has reclaimed those $1 billion of BTC. The USG will think it owns them until evaporate as donations on the blockchain “poof its gone” perhaps in ~2022.

      Armstrong is correct that Bitcoin is highly traceable but the Bitcoin was not designed for use by the plebs, as we will all be kicked off by the aforementioned eventual donations, restoration attack. Bitcoin multibillionaires such as the Trilema dude who has 0.5+ million BTC, tell the USG to go fuck itself because they’re sovereign not under the jurisdiction of any government.

      Untraceable alternative cryptocurrencies (aka “altcoins”) exist and better ones are under development.

      • anonymint says:

        Providing more detail about this:

        Interestingly that recent $1 billion Bitcoin transaction was spent from a legacy to a non-legacy address. So the idiot USG has just gifted those Bitcoins to the miners in the upcoming donations restoration attack, lol. Rothschild now has reclaimed those $1 billion of BTC.

        Here is the transaction so you can see for yourself it spends from an address that begins with 1 (i.e. legacy or the real Bitcoin) to non-legacy bc1 (i.e. the fraudulent Blockstream Corp Bitcoin “Core” soft fork that everyone erroneously thinks is the “official” Bitcoin).

        Correcting a typo:

        […] and attempt to [coerce] that individual to provide the alleged private keys […]

        Also I posted a follow-up.

      • mkey says:

        Is it still possible to obtain legacy addresses? I do know I have some rather old wallets with a few PPMs of bitcoin on there, but finding that is probably out of the question. I’m mostly intrigued to see if that’s a legacy one.

        • anonymint says:

          Is it still possible to obtain legacy addresses?

          Not unless you know someone with some. If you had a huge $100 million mining farm you mine outside of a pool at a huge loss (due to the high variance) to mine some. But all the pools are paying out in non-legacy.

          You could try to find someone with legacy Bitcoins to spend some to you perhaps for some service you provide to them in return. But I doubt they would spend much of their stash, as they know that 1 legacy BTC will be worth $millions within this decade (whereas non-legacy BTC will become worthless as the legacy part of it will be forked off and donated to the miners and the non-legacy will be proof-of-work difficulty adjustment attacked into the abyss). They presumably have other sources of income which they spend instead.

          I was explaining to @jonno that all the extant altcoins (that I’m aware of) are going to be destroyed. I will make some time today to respond to his replies to correct his layman’s misunderstandings of the issues.

          So I am trying to devise an altcoin that can survive, so that the underground movement will not be totally impoverished and destroyed. If I fail, we’re toast.

          All the exchanges are using non-legacy, so they will all be destroyed!

          • anonymint says:

            I remember emailing and posting to Kelly Loeffler’s Medium blog about Bakkt using non-legacy addresses and the risk this poses for institutional investors to lose everything they invested in Bitcoin. She didn’t reply. Now she’s a Republican Senator in Georgia.

            You can thusly imagine the devastation the posited Bitcoin donations restoration “attack” is going to cause at some crucial juncture (~2022?). Institutional investors are diving headfirst now into Bitcoin. Microstrategy recently invested $100s of millions in Bitcoin. None of them are storing in legacy addresses. None of them know this information I am telling you. They will lose their entire investment. Bitcoin is $16k now, perhaps to drop to $9k one more time before heading to $100+k in 2022 before the attack. Microstrategy’s hodlings would be worth $billions by then.

            Armstrong explains as they ban cash using the hoax virus as the pretext, we must have some form of cash-equivalent, because barter doesn’t scale. Barter would result in severe economic collapse into probably another 600 year Dark Age.

            The Future with Many Doors Open:

            The very reason paper money began in the USA was that the king prohibited payment to the colonies in silver or gold only copper.

            • mkey says:

              Barter does not scale, but self issued credit does. While it is a more complex system than fiat currency it is firmly grounded in reality and very much resistant to centralized control.

          • anonymint says:

            Is it still possible to obtain legacy addresses?

            All the exchanges are using non-legacy, so they will all be destroyed!

            I noticed that the exchange use btc address start with 1, but i don’t know whether their address was before 2007.
            The exchange also doesn’t have USDT yet.

            If one can successfully send BTC to that exchange which has non-legacy lineage, then it follows that exchange can’t guarantee legacy-only lineage in their BTC wallet.

        • anonymint says:

          I replied in great detail (← MUST READ) to @jonno’s layman misconceptions about cryptocurrency.

          (Not intended to be derogatory to @jonno, just hope he will learn to be more circumspect from now on because the technology is more complex that the hyped promotional soundbites he is ostensibly consuming)

  19. mkey says:

    Hopes rise for end of pandemic as Pfizer says vaccine is 90% effective
    Guardian ->

    Hopes are soaring that a Covid vaccine is within reach, following news that an interim analysis has shown Pfizer/BioNTech’s candidate was 90% effective in protecting people from transmission of the virus in global trials.

    The vaccine performed much better than most experts had hoped for, according to the companies’ analysis, and brings into view a potential end to a pandemic that has killed more than a million people, battered economies and upended daily life worldwide.

    The data is from an interim analysis and the trial continues into December but the headline results were emphatic. Regulators will be looking to process an emergency licence application at record speed.

    90% effective at preventing infections. Can you read “90%”, conspiracy kooks?

    • anonymint says:

      90% effective at preventing infections. Can you read “90%”, conspiracy kooks?

      The CDC cites research that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is incapable of infecting humans. So we now have a vaccine that is 90% effective at curing something which humans never contract.

      Wake up sheepeople.

      I predict Trump will be the only world leader who will rush this mRNA vaccine into use and when it causes widespread autoimmunity illness and deaths, he will be blamed for rushing it too fast.

      mRNA vaccines are highly experimental and cause genetic changes to our immune system. This could potentially be devastating. Long-term trials are needed first.

      This is all scripted by Rothschild.

      • anonymint says:

        I want to duplicate what I posted in the Great Reset thread to hopefully get readers to understand that a normalcy confirmation bias is your Achilles heel at this late juncture. Western civilization is beginning a waterfall collapse. When this happened to Rome the population of the city fell from 1.3 million to 0.03 million. There were only cows grazing in the former great city.

        The power that the media wields is indicative of where the power now lies and who controls the next empire. Remember priests hold all the real power, because humans are sheep with vacuous minds that must be filled with instructions.

        “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, TIME Magazineand other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.”


        “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” — David Rockefeller, Speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberg meeting

        Regarding my theory that the Demonrats are being forced to escalate probably to assassinations by 2022 (the leftist holiness spiral always must move further radical, else it implodes), they’re even losing control of their own party so they will have no other option but to escalate…

        The Prospects of Trump & Will Democrats Split:

        We are starting to witness the moderate Democrats trying to pin the blame for losses in the House on controversial far-left members such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Besides coming out and advocating lists of Trump supporters for retaliation, on Sunday 11/8 she defended her extreme faction was not the root of the problem but leadership’s campaigning “as though it’s 2005.”


        Historically […] the split became to become much more intensified in 1848 and that is the year we saw communist revolutions around the globe.

        […click the link to view the posited 172 year cycle of Communist Revolution…]

        One component which is why the split will begin here in 2020 as I have warned between the moderate Democrats and the far-left which seems to be led by AOC, is right on target. We are at 172 years from the 1848 Communist Revolutions (8.6 x 2 = 17.2). All of this intensity is right on target. Two years later on September 18th, 1850, the Democrats pushed through the Fugitive Slave Act which provided for the return of slaves brought to free states. The North was then ordered to return any fugitive slave and ironically, California became the 31st state of the United States of America also in 1850. Where we begin is where we end.

        • anonymint says:

          The Communist Revolution is underway…

          Jake Trapper threatens Americans will be blacklisted from employment if they resist the Biden victory:

        • anonymint says:

          Discussion from email:

          The real pandemic Martin predicts in 2022 is being speculated as to when they might release a real deadly virus to cause the deaths. I’m back to the same conclusion that this scenario is very unlikely. The reasoning I had back when this COVID19 started that this virus cannot be dangerous is the same reasoning I have for 2022.

          A real lab modified deadly virus released on purpose to infect and kill people might be caught by the Warburgs and Rothscilds as well. There is absolutely no justification for them to put their own ass on the line in order to fulfill their goals. Besides, there has not been a single deadly virus ever identified causing any deaths in large numbers. There has been viruses speculated to have caused enormous casualties just like how SARS COV2 is taking so many lives this year. It’s all a fantasy parroted around until all the useful and useless idiots believe is the truth.

          I had a discussion with my mother about how clever this virus is. It’s dangerous at our standing heights but the moment we sit down to eat, we avoid this virus because we are at lower altitude and this virus is also kind enough to let us eat without the muzzle. She had no meaningful response other than “everybody is doing it”. There you have it. My mother is not low IQ but obviously not high enough to think for herself.

          I think the 2022 pandemic is the result of food shortage, weak immune system, mental health and more lies.

          That entirely concurs with my thoughts. Yeah we may get a real pandemic and if viruses are even real then because all this social distancing presumably reduces ephemeral herd immunity and coming together in mass protests in 2021 could spread a killer infection, in addition to the other factors you mentioned.

          No human has the power to release a bioweapon that can spread across the planet. Nature is not that lacking of antifragility.

          Martin Armstrong and his bioweapon nonsense, all because he refuses to admit China is willfully complicit because they want to weaken the USA so they can take back Taiwan.

          The powerful weapon against humanity is the control over mass and social media. That’s how they’re controlling the minds of enough people to keep us sheep all following the ass of the sheep in front of us. Because that is what sheepeople do. And humans are sheepeople.

  20. James’ patience is astronomical.

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