2021: Year of the Apocalypse

12/22/2021124 Comments

I have some good news and some bad news for you.

The bad news is (as attentive Corbett Reporteers will know by now), 2021 was the beginning of the Apocalypse.

We are being dragged kicking and screaming into the Great Resetters' dark Vision of the Future.

We are being fed into the maw of The Great Convergence on the path to becoming Designer Humans.

The Markets Are (still) Rigged and we are inching closer to the CBDC nightmare as the War on Cash continues.

The Science Says gangsters, led by The Real Anthony Fauci, have continued the Pseudopandemic on their way to the construction of the Biosecurity State.

And, oh yeah, by the way, The Corbett Report is no longer on ThemTube (Phew!).

But here's the good news: 2021 was the beginning of the Apocalypse.

Confused? Don't be!

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Comments (124)

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  1. Fact Checker says:

    2 Rando Theories that Fact Checker just gonna throw out there for what the Ultimate Reveal might be:

    1.) The “Great Reset” is a technological “Great Flood” whereby some superior being has adjudged humanity too wicked to persist, and has deployed a “berserker-class” AI that is liquidating humanity by turning its own vices against it in the form of self-euthanasia. Perhaps all humans truly have succumbed irredeemably to wickedness and deserve to be wiped out! I mean really–look at us! (In this scenario, the human race gets exterminated…and that’s a good thing! Just like the naughty antediluvian Hebrews, we deserve it!)

    2.) This is all a hyper-speed, horror-comedy-absurdist simulation that began at some recent point for some subset of us who are the “players,” while the vast majority of the masses are just NPCs, and all of what we understand as “history” is just a planted “back-story.” I mean really, what good basis do we really have to say any of that stuff actually happened? Seems too cute by half that all these “ancient” prophesies, as well as old literary predictions, are so poetically aligned with the unfolding insanity. (This theory is related to, and compatible with, the “Great Challenge” thesis the article alludes to. However it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s some “right answer” to what to do. The simulation might simply be running an extrapolation based on a bunch of factors, to see what happens. My sense is that if it is all a simulation, the game-master is a malevolent and cruel cosmic child, rather than some righteous “Lord Creator” that will take the victors of the challenge into His good graces. It’s more likely a demiurge that will just “delete program,” tweak the settings, and run another dumb-ass, senseless simulation.)

    • cu.h.j says:

      “Superior being”? And what does that mean? Like a being that thinks they can impose their will on others, like a rapist?

      • Fact Checker says:

        Just like A god, but not necessarily THE God…

        Gods have often been depicted as rapists, I guess…

  2. mkey says:

    Q: Why hasn’t our government done a study on natural immunity?
    A: If I can be honest, rep. Jordan, I don’t think they want to know the answer. It would undermine the indiscriminate vaccination policy for every single human being, including extremely low risk people.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good clip.
      I like seeing the continuous push-back on the official narratives.
      I think some of those government authoritarians are getting anxious about their stance, because their mandates continuously fail to bring about beneficial results. The lies are obvious to those with eyesballs.

      This quote from Bill Sardi is a treasure:
      “Nobody is dying of vaccine deficiency, everyone who dies is dying of a weak immune system.”

      • seasons says:

        Weak immune systems are now being normalized and rewritten as a new fact of life. The mindset behind needing to vaccinate everyone is that the human immune system cannot handle a high viral load or adapt to new variants. So everyone needs to continuously vaccinate in order to lower the overall number of viruses being spread.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Dec. 16
      Biden warns: “winter of severe illness and death” for those who are still unvaccinated
      and implores Americans anew to get their shots and boosters.
      (2 minutes or less from the Associated Press)

      Notice how the Biden statements were a propaganda public statement set-up with a queue of the camera roll.

    • studiotwoseven says:

      Yes, that is a great clip. And thanks James for a great message in this article. We are constantly being bludgeoned with the “you are not good enough” meme. You body sucks – take a drug to fix it. You are gonna starve – suck at the CBDC teet. … and so on.

      So thanks again Mr. JC for daring to remind us that we can do it.

      Forge … or forget

  3. westerncivic says:

    I have been mulling this comment since the the Jameses put out New World Next Year last week…

    And here, Sir Corbett says it again:

    “It is becoming more and more apparent who is on our side of the line in this battlefield…”

    The billionaire civil war agenda, you mean?

    While in France in early 2019, well before any of this covid business, I was told by a GJ claiming to be in the know that in 5 years there will be global civil war.

    It struck me at the time, and still does, as a terrible idea fundamentally built on class deception.

    Indeed, the engineers of this crisis know, and knew, as links to their plans provided by Corbett and others show, that this covid business would create this division.

    It is precisely because of this civil war agenda that I incessantly focus on the billionaire problem (essentially everyone else is a victim of horrific deception).

    And here’s the rub…

    If this thing does devolve into us vs. them among regular people, as the oligarchs hope, the division, on the aggregate, will fall along their proscribed lines, i.e. all against the vax are capitalist Trumpers, and everyone else is an authoritarian post humanist, so either way, the billionaires win (and hopefully keep all this to themselves with a reduced, self immolating population).

    I will fight mandatory medical interventions to the death.

    But I will never be tricked into fighting for capitalism and “property”, which is a foundation of the elitist system that got us here in the first place.

    Is there room for humanity like me among the battle lines Corbett sees forming?

    continued in reply…

    • cu.h.j says:

      You don’t believe in private property? Please explain. Thank you.

      • cu.h.j says:

        People against forced expermination/gene therapy will have to come together to defeat the psychopathic parasite class. There is room for decentralized economies of different forms. I don’t want forced collectivism. I am cheated by government and by my corrupt uniin.

      • mik says:


        believe you said.
        I have nothing against belief, quite opposite. In our age of scientific materialism belief is unjustifiably smeared. Only proofs and arguments count.
        This sounds ok to people who had never been engaged with some metaphysical questions(god, free will, ethics, truth…), questions that are undecidable. A solution to this problem is to have a belief. That’s good, it reduces uncertainty, it provides point of reference instead of free floating in space. Metaphorically, belief is like axiom in maths, it’s true by definition, it prevents unfruitful infinite regress.

        But is it justifiable to use belief in the context of private property? Is it too hard nut to crack?

        Decisively no!
        Private property is human invention, social construct, there is nothing of a kind in nature. Therefore it’s possible to understand private property in its totality. But one has to overcome indoctrination, property is so entrenched in our society that it’s also present in ten commandments (what a mixture of holly and profane)!

        Fundamental problem of property is its non-scalability. Your collection of stuff and evil billy’s collection of stuff both undergo to the same concept of private property, but consequences of both are obviously very very different. Size matters no matter what you believe. Small property, the one necessary to maintain decent life is ok, but big property sky-high above necessity brings too much power, that should be seen by any decent human as obscenity and perversion (instead of being accused of envy, wtf).
        It’s not about property yes or no, black or white. Sooner or later property will have to be redefined.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Gates is a criminal and has not used fairness to acquire property. Yes the idea is a social contract.

          What exists now is people who maintain material wealth by exploitation. Theoretically if we remove government we can restore more fairness.

          Nothing will ever be completely fair though. Living life is dangerous and sometimes bad things happen to good people. And some people work harder than others.

          Bernays style marketing manipulate people to want things they don’t need. But if people can explore what will really fulfill them wouldn’t want to buy all the crap.

          • mik says:

            Fairness should be among fundamental values. We are hardwired for fairness (Ultimatum Game experiment). Sure, absolute fairness is not possible, but often this claim comes as an attempt to shun fairness altogether and also to provide a rationale/apology for our miserable state of affairs. Nowadays the notion of fairness is also hidden in false dilemma: equality of opportunity vs. equality of outcome. Both are needed, of course, both as a kind of beacon.
            While people are squabbling on the topic, I think way more important would be a discussion on Equality of Power. I wonder what kind of false dilemma, that would include equality of power, could an evil genius invent.

            “Theoretically if we remove government we can restore more fairness.”

            I’m sure the theory would necessarily be lame, weak. Here is a story.

            Lets go and change the world, we deserve better.
            Monetary system has to be changed, I agree. Abolish state, done, nullified. But that is not enough.

            Lets go further and declare a Year Zero: everybody on the world have the same amount of wealth, property. Let the game begin.
            Very soon some more talented or hard working would gain more wealth. The same would be with some unscrupulous individuals and some lucky individuals. Some people would employ others who have been unable/uninterested to provide means of subsistence independently and employers will take a commission from employees fair share for their generosity and payed them wages.
            In next generation some descendants of these people are wealthier just by a lottery of birth (inheritance). Some of them will increase wealth further, some will squander it. All possibilities from previous turn also affect outcome in next generation.
            And the game continues…
            After a while a noticeable disparity in wealth will occur, not only because of hard work or talent, but also unscrupulosity, luck, lottery of birth, commissions from employees fair share and also the sweetest sinecure of the wealthy, rent.

            Since wealth(property) = Power I hope you realize the game is a problem in the making. Wealth disparity is not so problematic in itself, but its consequence, disparity of Power is a huge problem that at the end brings about the shit we are facing today.

            The name of the game is capitalism.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I think equal opportunity is enough. I am wealthier than some by luck and hard work and talent as well. Some honest and also more talented people than me have more. I don’t hate them for it. Material wealth isn’t the end all be all. And there are quite a few wealthy people who are generous as well and not psychopathic. I think a society based on simple natural laws would be good, “do unto others as they would do unto you” essentially.

              I have experienced material poverty and middle class existence and it sucks to be poor. I also worked my butt off for what I have now which compared to Gates is pennies. I don’t think I should have to give up my assets to make it more equitable because I earned mine fair and square. And I have also been very generous with time and money.

              • mik says:

                “I think equal opportunity is enough. ”

                Ok, looks it worked for you. Tell this to millions of poor in your country and to billions around the world. Be aware, they are the proof, that there is a possibility that one day it won’t work for you anymore, maybe it won’t work for your children.

                I see no place for hate, psychopaths and other psychologizing, we discuss private property, don’t we. Natural law …I wonder what that would be, sounds good, but I doubt there is much nature there.

                You sound like an apologist. Why you have a need to emphasize you earned your stuff fair and square? Why you feel your stuff is in danger when we discuss property?

              • cu.h.j says:

                Having grown up in poverty, I can tell you that there is a self esteem issue that can get in the way of success on top of bad role models. I’m speaking of life in the inner city in the US. I was lucky to have my mom who has a very high IQ and comes from a highly educated family from Eastern Europe. My mom’s education was far superior to what I had, but her influence and teaching was enough to allow me to excel when I wanted to.

                Poor people aren’t necessarily stupid people. In fact my mom could have probably could have done anything she wanted to do if money or status was a goal for her, but she wanted to raise us kids and spend time with us, and cared little for stuff.

                With all of the programs available now for people from disadvantaged backgrounds, getting a head, up until Covid was possible. Some people will take the easy way out and live on welfare. We used to have manufacturing jobs and skilled trades that paid good wages here in the US, but that has been gutted. I happen to work in the medical field in the highest paid state in the country and if I work a bunch, I make what a doctor or attorney makes. My colleague is a work a hollic and pulls in over 400K per year as a nurse! Considering the fact that the educational cost is low, it’s a good deal.

                People don’t need free stuff, but they need to find something that gives them meaning and value. Welfare doesn’t do that. It can prevent you from starving, but your self worth will still be in the toilet. If people had the type of education that existed years ago, the population would be in much better shape.

              • cu.h.j says:

                “Why you feel your stuff is in danger when we discuss property?”

                Eminent domain, where the government takes private property. This is why I feel threatened. My maternal family owned a business in Austria, during WW2 their property was seized and they were lucky to escape alive, according to my grandmother. And they weren’t billionaires, but earned a good living and were comfortable. I fear that the US government will try to seize private property and we will become the property of the people who own China. I will fight this to the death!

              • mik says:


                what kind of dish you prepared now??? Everything and nothing into the bowl and… not for my taste.

                I started on your question:
                “You don’t believe in private property? Please explain. Thank you.”
                Where are we now??? Pretty much nowhere.

                I’ve done breathing exercises to calm down after reading your lamenting how things are in US. Are you aware there is a world outside US? Are you aware how things are there and does this have any meaning to you? (rhetorical questions)

                You think government will take your property…. :-), :-))
                Why would they do this, they are not stupid. Free market and inflation and some other minor things, that can be plausible denied, will do the job…nice and easy. You will still have your private toothbrush, you will choose among thousands of them and you will still be able to kill someone for trespassing.

              • cu.h.j says:


                Good point about inflation. Yep that’s a cleaver way to steal.

                I considered this at the start of this whole scam and set my self up pretty well for the coming storm. Too bad I didn’t travel when I had the chance. If course I know my understanding is based on the context of US city living which is why I mentioned it.

                I don’t think an authority making sure everything is fair will solve our problems though. And that is probably my american bias but it is nevertheless true.

              • mik says:

                It’s natural to first look at things from your current position. But understanding notions like property, equality of opportunity, etc. by looking just from one perspective is bound to fail.
                Can you know a mountain by looking at just one picture? No way, many pictures are needed from various angles, climbing up will bring another quality, let alone “becoming” a mountain…

                Let me perspectivize on what you said:

                “…if I work a bunch, I make what a doctor or attorney makes. My colleague is a work a hollic and pulls in over 400K per year as a nurse! Considering the fact that the educational cost is low, it’s a good deal.”

                Great for you and your colleague.
                But how comes she was able to earn eight times the average salary?
                Hard working and above the average demanding of a job cannot explain this phenomena. Important variable in equation is extraordinary expensiveness of medical branch in US, employers are able to pay extra.
                Medical industry in US is really a special case, a terrible ghastly joke. It’s an utter fuckup from it’s foundations, namely the only meaningful health system has to be based on solidarity, everybody pays to one bag, everybody gets necessary service. Well, I have a feeling that’s just no no for ‘mericans, I guess some would chamber their guns just for mentioning this commie-brainchild. In one way so much care for self-interest, on another way shooting themselves to leg, amazing, unbelievable.

              • cu.h.j says:


                My colleague is a man who I was referring to. He works 60-80 hrs per week and I’m sure pays a ton of taxes. There’s more men in nursing nowadays because the earning potential is quite good. Emergency medicine and health care is a rough job and does require a lot of skill particularly in a critical care area like emergency medicine. Nurses have a union in many states and are paid much higher than in non unionized states.

                Health care is a mess because it’s incentive is profit and keeping people sick and needing expensive medicine. However if a person does need western medicine our medical system is better than in Canada or the UK. The reason is that in order for low costs universal coverage you’ll have to wait longer and your procedure might not be covered. They want to keep things cheap like HMOs in America. In fact there’s a lot of Canadians who come to the US for complex procedures. Canadians and people from UK are marginally healthier than the population in the US so might not use as many services.

                In a healthy population that relies less on allopathic medicine the costs would be lower.

              • mik says:

                “…our medical system is better than in Canada or the UK.”

                What!!??!! Un-fucking-believable.

                Now you went over the top or below the bottom. You are really shortsighted. Are you really incapable to look at the big picture?

                How it can be better when it bankrupts people, many times literally? How to evaluate this fact?

                Even “technically” this is not always true, I know.

                And a nice profane Balkan saying for the end:
                It’s easy to shit when your butt is full.

              • cu.h.j says:

                When I say its better I mean overall quality. If I needed a heart transplant I would rather be in the US than Canada or UK. Have you ever been to a hospital in America versus Canada?

                If you need an important procedure wouldn’t you want it done as soon as possible? NHS sounds like it sucks.

                Another example of a “socialized” healthcare system is Italy. They wait until you’re on deaths door to treat you so I’ve been told.

                Ask actual citizens of these countries what they think rather than looking at the money. The issue is much more complex than what you think you know.

              • mik says:

                You know what…I won’t stop even if we break the record in comment exchange.

                Most of the time in our exchange you are like fish, you slip away. You are escaping to off-topic all the time. Do you think this is a proper way to conduct a discussion, a communication?

                I said what is the terrible fact about US health system. No response from you. You act as a salesman for US health, it’s the best, why talk about inconvenient “details”, it’s the best…ok, it’s better than others, we have excellent butchers, sorry surgeons, no waiting for just a small fee,….
                More or less all health systems are in trouble, more properly would be to use a terms medical mafia, medical blackmail/racket.

                Again, explain to me, show me a rationale, for no response to terrible fact about US health I pointed out. Politicians “communicate” this way.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ More or less all health systems are in trouble, more properly would be to use a terms medical mafia, medical blackmail/racket.”

                I completely concur with that.
                Its a rigged system that doesn’t have the patient’s best interest as their primary objective. The system exists to squeeze as much money from a victim and then allow them to die.
                The problem is that a lot of the people who work in the system are brainwashed. And even though there are lots of individuals who care about their charges. They can’t fight the system individually.
                Its always the system which with the help and encouragement of a illegitimate government that lies at the heart of the inhumanity. And its always the people’s willingness to comply and give up their autonomy that allows the evil to flourish.

            • cu.h.j says:


              You’re right about the costs being much too high and one of the reasons is due to the influence of insurance companies and pharma and government corruption. I think that if the government weren’t involved in health care, we would be better off.

              My point is that a free market that allows for innovation would probably provide a better system than the everyone having the same thing and everyone making the same wage, etc. Perhaps I am misinterpreting what you are trying to convey though.

              I think a health care system should be focused on actual health. Diet and exercise and avoiding harmful food and toxins are ways to improve and maintain health. This would reduce reliance on invasive drugs and procedures. Also, a population that is educated on ways to take care of themselves would also help. There are other health modalities that are better for primary care, such as homeopathy and arthroscopic medicine.

              As a relatively healthy person I do like to have choices as to what types of health care I can access and even in the crappy system we have now in the US, do have more choices that I might have if I lived in another country.

              • mik says:

                Agree, except…

                “You’re right about the costs being much too high and one of the reasons is due to the influence of insurance companies and pharma and government corruption. ”

                Is this your loyalty speaking instead of you? How did you forget to mention hospitals? Be sure they are taking their “fair” share too.

                “…even in the crappy system we have now in the US, do have more choices that I might have if I lived in another country.”

                I live in Croatia that is very low in food chain of capitalism. Our solidarity based health system is inexpensive towards free, it sucks, but they will fix you in case of urgency and more. In private clinics here you can get everything, also surgeons that work in best Swiss hospitals, but it costs serious money, still peanuts compared to US, I guess. A fried had heap replacement for €9.000. I can get any kind of good service for money. Few more prices, tooth filler €40, tooth implant €850, ceramic tooth €160, zircon tooth €250.

                “..My point is that a free market that allows for innovation would probably provide a better system than the everyone having the same thing and everyone making the same wage,”

                Probably you said…you can believe anything, but is it justifiable is another question.
                Who is advocating the same thing, the same wage? That’s just your imagination, your straw-man.

                I’ll give you an example of free market in action. Back in a day there were few pharmacies in town, but no drama. Now there is a pharmacy on every mf corner, probably close to the number of tobacco shop.
                Why??? Are we suddenly many times more sick? I doubt.
                But in the process drugs prices increased much much more than other prices.
                Prices went up, there is money to be made…free market. What about consumers…fuck them, be pervert why not…people will at the end just say: “that’s how things are”

                You still owe me feedback on my private property treatise. You want it, you got it, reply please.

              • cu.h.j says:


                “Is this your loyalty speaking instead of you? How did you forget to mention hospitals? Be sure they are taking their “fair” share too.”

                I’ve worked in hospitals my entire career and they are better than nursing homes (here in the US anyway).

                Before this Covid scam, I was pretty happy with my career working in ERs. Western medicine has some of the finest capabilities in critical care and though people do die from medical mistakes, many lives are also saved. This is particularly true for traumatic injuries and specialized surgeries and treatments, like organ transplants and prosthetic devices. There is so much good that can be done if the corruption did not exist. Even gene therapy could be used for benefit of humanity.

                Some of the technology is incredible when used to help people rather than hurt them. There was a documentary I watched about critical care of traumatic injuries out of Australia (or NewZealand) and it was amazing. Helping restore a persons use of their body and mind after traumatic injuries is a very rewarding endeavor. It’s not all bad, which is why things are harder to cope with now.

              • mik says:

                We have an achievement, you surpassed yourself. Beside quoting me there is zero relevance to our discussion.

                You can stop replying if you have nothing to say. It would be wise before you become pathetic.
                Yeah….but maybe your nature doesn’t allow you…

              • cu.h.j says:


                I’m not understanding your points and maybe that’s because I don’t speak Croation and you’re not a native speaker in English.

                And you are misinterpreting my intention. You want to discuss private property and fairness.

                Can you explain your vision of what you mean is by private property and fairness in simple terms?

                How would you do healthcare differently, say we got rid of government and central banking?

                Equity is not the same as fairness to me. Fairness is trying to do what is right based on natural law which is simple and does not change.

                Private property is an interesting idea. For example, a lions territory, is that his property? And why should human beings encroach on it? This is a rhetorical question.Private property is like an animals territory. Humans encroach on it sometimes and destroy habitats. This is wrong.

                You mention starving people down below. If we got rid of governments, these people could probably be able to recover, because you would dismantle the system the “elitists” use to steal.

              • cu.h.j says:

                “You can stop replying if you have nothing to say. It would be wise before you become pathetic.
                Yeah….but maybe your nature doesn’t allow you…”

                I’m trying to understand where your coming from and that’s not “pathetic”.

                I’m also trying to explain my thoughts on health care, private property and fairness. I’m not well versed in philosophy obviously, but am somewhat well versed in how to communicate with others without insulting them.

                The word pathetic implies that the one who is pitying is superior to the one who is “pathetic”. That is an insult. You are not superior to me. You may have superior skills in philosophic understanding of concepts, but that does not make you my superior.

              • mik says:


                First language issue. My English friend, philosophy comrade, says my English is good, I say is good enough. We have quite serious debates, currently existence of free will is examined, we disagree and tomorrow will be the fourth session. No, language certainly is not a problem.

                “…“pathetic”. That is an insult. You are not superior to me. ”

                I, as a person, am not superior to you! My thinking is superior without any doubt. But I exercise my thinking regularly, philosophy is my hobby. What you have exhibited during our conversation is occasionally really pathetic. I see no reason for you to be insulted when I say so, it’s a fact, but I’m aware facts means little when emotions are in question. You are kind of polite, I’m rude occasionally even for our standards, but I’m sincere in communication, you are not, about this later. What is more important look or substance?

                “Can you explain your vision of what you mean is by private property and fairness in simple terms?”
                “I’m trying to understand where your coming from”

                Now you are asking for explanation about things that have been written long ago? Did you read at all? You forgot to ask? Yeah…and I should take you as sincere…
                More simple than I already did seems to me impossible. You don’t try to understand me, that’s obvious from our exchange. You didn’t pose a single question on the topic, you barely engaged my writings, few times you were completely of topic. Saying you try to understand me are insincere empty words, they are not supported by your actions.
                Also, how can I explain to you things when you don’t understand basics, for example:
                “Private property is like an animals territory.”
                No, that is patently wrong. Notion of private property has its definition and it’s not about my or anybody’s “vision”.
                Following is just one among many many examples of superficially used language:
                “you are misinterpreting my intention”.
                I cannot do this, because there is no way for me to know your real intentions. I can speculate about it.

                Let me explain what is the situation with our “debate” with a story.

                Imagine me coming to ER: “Hi guys, I came to work here. Show me!”
                And I get reply: “Buzz off!!!”
                Should I be offended?

                There is some learning in front of you, until then you are only capable for bar-debating.

        • Steve Smith says:

          “Sooner or later property will have to be redefined.”

          By whom? And once redefined, what then? New rules to insure equity? And then who enforces the new rules?
          That slope looks slippery.

          • mik says:

            You would like solutions. But I’m sure we disagree what the problem is. Regarding this, I’ve put my cards down (not all of course 😉 ), go ahead, criticize, show where I’ve been wrong.
            Identifying what the problem is is big part of solution. When there is a will a solution is guaranteed.

            We certainly agree something is rotten in the state of Denmark. We are already on the slippery slope!! Why you then see a problem to step on some other slippery slope? Probably because the other one is unknown, therefore unpredictable.
            It’s so human that we are ready to change everything, but rarely ready to change something of substance, that would actually bring about a real change.

            • Steve Smith says:

              “ We certainly agree something is rotten in the state of Denmark. We are already on the slippery slope!! Why you then see a problem to step on some other slippery slope??”

              I apologize. I am pretty simplistic. Its just that in my mind the slippery slope that we need to be stepping on is the same one that we have been trying to get everyone to jump on even before this current BS.
              And I guess it just seems like we have lost sight of that. I thought the real problem in the world was that people didn’t realize that they are responsible for themselves and that they have the right to be left the hell alone as long as they aren’t violating another’s rights. And that no government that has ever existed has had any sort of divine or moral right to rule peaceful, autonomous individuals by force.
              I just feel like that should still be the focus.

              • mik says:

                “…slippery slope that we need to be stepping on is the same…”

                Not sure exactly what you mean, but by trying to assume, I would say no, not at all.

                “…people didn’t realize that they are responsible for themselves…”

                Yes and no. Try to say this to a guy born in Soweto. He is fucking aware of this much much more than we westeners, still I think you would be happy by getting just a punch to your face.

                You know what the real problem is…the problem you are not aware of, but still exists. To avoid this you must be able to get out of your comfort zone and try to get what people are trying to convey, even iconoclasts.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ You know what the real problem is…the problem you are not aware of, but still exists”

                I guess I am not aware of what the real problem is then. Please clue me in.

                I am still laboring under the impression that the real problem is authoritarians and tyrants and the mental disorder that causes people to believe that they must be ruled.

              • mik says:

                World today is pretty much upside down, like that Casey-bastard wanted. There are plenty of problems, but I think by solving few crucial ones world would become a good place to live and if one would be time-traveled from the past he would be shocked, positively.

                Basically I agree with you in identifying one of the crucial problems. I’m sure we could form together a satisfiable version for both of us.

                A problem you are not aware of is property. I’ve outlined it in a discussion with cu.h.j above. Check out if you want. For you this line of thinking might be like talking about conspiracy to a normie, an experience you are familiar with. To get one to abandon his beliefs is not a matter of excellent argumentation. Communication is always bi-directional thing.
                I guess for you property is sanctity. For me probably the only sanctity is flourishing of people.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ A problem you are not aware of is property.”

                Mik, have you lived on the street for months? Have you been hungry and broke?
                I have. I have also worked my entire adult life for just about poverty level wages.
                I have a pretty good idea what poverty is.
                But I still haven’t become a communist authoritarian.
                Have you mik?

              • mik says:

                First you quoted me.
                Then you continued with unrelated writing.
                Explain to me your formidable logic I can’t get?

              • Steve Smith says:

                “Explain to me your formidable logic I can’t get?”

                First you’ll have to explain what this means;

                “A problem you are not aware of is property.”

                I thought I knew what you were getting at but I guess I didn’t. I thought you were questioning my ability to empathize with the poor.

              • mik says:

                “First you’ll have to explain what this means;”

                It’s obvious I’m not native speaker.
                My English friend, philosophy comrade, has no problem understanding me. He says my English is good, but I will say is good enough.

                Would it be to hard to write few sentences and explain to me where is a problem?

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ Would it be to hard to write few sentences and explain to me where is a problem?”

                Here is what I see as the problem mik.
                While you are ultimately correct in that private property really doesn’t exist. Meaning that we didn’t bring anything into the world and we won’t be taking anything with us when we leave. Even the idea that our time is our own isn’t really accurate in that we have no real say in how much time we’re given. God owns everything in the end. Even us.
                You say that there is no private property in nature. I won’t argue about that but I have to point out that there isn’t any fairness in nature either.
                Should the lion be forced to wait to eat while the younger lions have their fill first out of fairness? Ridiculous of course. Thats not how nature works.
                Why do you think that fairness is something that humans should be guaranteed? Don’t you believe that humanity is part of nature? Why do you feel that people should be guaranteed health care or food or shelter.
                If you’re a Christian then you know that God promises to provide for His children just as He provides for the beasts of the field and birds of the air.
                If you aren’t a Christian then this idea of fairness is even more silly. For why should we expect more special treatment than the other creatures of earth?
                Fundamentally, it seems to me that the problem is that the idea of fairness is motivated by envy. And fairness can only ever be achieved by the use of authoritarianism measures which are the antithesis of fairness. Meaning, as you acknowledge above, that it is unachievable.

              • mkey says:

                Steve, let me try to cast away some of the general misunderstanding regarding property. People will often have this idea that property does not exist because it does not last forever.

                For something to be your property it basically means that you are using that something and that you are responsible for it. That is sufficent to establish a claim over it and to defend your propety rights if the need arises.

                To that same extent, your body is your property because you are making use of it and because it is your responsibility. That ownership will end at some point in time, but that does not have any bearing on your current claims to it. It is yours, balls to bones.

                There may be aditional layers to this in legal sense, but when you boil it down it’s pretty damn simple. For example, the society may choose to honor the passed away man’s wishes about what should be done with the body, but there obviusly aren’t and can’t be any claims on it any longer.

                Other than that, I would not say that you can own time, all that there is is the present moment in which your property rights are determined and as such are not are affected in the now by something that may happen down the line.

              • Steve Smith says:

                You explained it much more clearly and concisely than I did. Thanks.
                I really think much of the confusion comes from defining words differently.

              • mik says:


                thanks for reply.

                First we need to move god out of discussion. It just complicates already complicated things, but brings nothing, it’s redundant.
                Also, I want to be as much universal and general as possible. Not all people are religious, argumentation that includes god won’t work for them. With god is like with jazz, it resonates with you or not.

                “Don’t you believe that humanity is part of nature?”

                We are part of nature, but we are special, in some sense above the nature. Existence of people endorsing transhumanism shows this.
                If you compare us with other animals we are so weak. Still, we conquered the world. I think intelligence is just part of our success story, the way how we connect with each other in a community is another important part.

                I don’t believe in absolute fairness, but in fairness as a value. We talk a lot about freedom here, it’s a value for us, but I doubt anyone believe in absolute freedom. If you have kids, your freedom is limited with their existence, they define some of your choices, but of course not a one sane and decent person doesn’t have a feeling he is limited because of them.
                I don’t know about fairness in animals, but humans are hard-wired for fairness. This had been proven by Ultimatum Game experiments.
                The game goes like this(from wikipedia):
                One player, the proposer, is endowed with a sum of money. The proposer is tasked with splitting it with another player, the responder. Once the proposer communicates his decision, the responder may accept it or reject it. If the responder accepts, the money is split per the proposal; if the responder rejects, both players receive nothing. Both players know in advance the consequences of the responder accepting or rejecting the offer.

                Although it’s stupid for responder to reject an offer, because he will get nothing, results of experiment show huge majority of responders reject unfair offers. What wikipedia doesn’t tell, that comes from book Social Intelligence, responders had very strong emotional activity when offers were unfair (fMRI was used to watch brain activity ). That means our “old” brains are hard-wired for fairness and it is reasonable to believe this structure existed when we were hunter-gatherers.

                I think fairness is important part of our success story, it ensures participation. In a way we can say it enforces participation in community.
                And important, our success story started with hunter-gatherers, we managed to survive despite how weak “animals” we are.

              • mik says:

                continued for Steve

                “Why do you feel that people should be guaranteed health care or food or shelter”

                Guaranteed, I don’t believe in that.
                I want to say we are very far from the best possible world. Few people almost literally own the world. This happened also because of lack of fairness. By upholding fairness as a value things would solve by themself, because I believe there is enough for everyone, the problem is unfair distribution. When I mentioned the poor I was not looking for your empathy. No, they are just living proof how bad things are and we were just lucky on birth-lottery we haven’t been born somewhere in third world where hunger is endemic. We have a privilege to discuss this from our sofas.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ We are part of nature, but we are special,”

                I agree, but what is it that makes us special? Is it just our brain or our opposing thumbs?
                I don’t think so. What could it be then?
                I maintain that humans are special because we were created to be special. Thats why God cannot be left out of any conversation about human nature. But I do understand why many feel threatened by including Him. Because as soon as someone acknowledges that what makes them special is a special relationship with their creator they realize that they have a unique responsibility that isn’t shared by the rest of creation.

                Fairness is certainly a value. But what does that mean exactly? To me it means that fairness is tied directly to morality. Where does morality come from?
                Some might argue that humans evolved to be moral. They might say that people discovered that being moral and honest and fair with other made their own lives easier and better. That they learned to cooperate and negotiate rather than steal, and murder
                But if morality came from evolution why is there such a problem today with unfairness?
                It makes much more sense to me that our moral values came from our Creator as part of the package that makes us special. To whom much is given much is expected.

                “First we need to move god out of discussion. It just complicates already complicated things, but brings nothing”

                So, to summarize. From my perspective. If you move God out of the discussion. There can be no real discussion.
                To discuss morality without acknowledging God is like discussing respiratory function without acknowledging the existence of air.

                Merry Christmas friend and my prayer is that you might open your heart to the originator of fairness and every other positive value.

              • cu.h.j says:


                I agree with you when you say Humans are “special”. I see our species as caretakers of the earth and protectors of the natural order of our planet.

                But, animals and other living thing are also important to the balance that must be maintained. The predator class has caused an imbalance that we must now correct which will benefit the world and all living things on it.

                God has a different meaning to different people, but I think the essence is the same. I see God not as a male figure but a force that inhabits all life. I see God when I look at the sky and out into the stars and when I feel love. God to me is both male and female, the yin and the yang.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ But, animals and other living thing are also important to the balance that must be maintained.”

                I don’t have any idea what I could have written to cause you to think that I would disagree with that.

                “ God has a different meaning to different people, but I think the essence is the same.”

                God certainly does mean different things to different people. But the essence of those beliefs are certainly not the same.
                To the people that westerncivic and perhaps mik seem to think are the cause of most suffering on earth God means wealth and power.
                To you and many others God is manifested in nature. In His creation.
                To me God is unknowable. I am unable to picture God as a male or female or even a material being whatsoever. That is why I describe God in the terms that I have learned from the Bible. I experience and relate to God based on what He communicates to me through my conscience which I believe is the subtle voice of God within everyone who has not rejected Him for other gods.

                Sorry for my use of the Male designation. I do so because it was how I was taught and it simplifies communication.
                I’m pretty sure that He well understands that our mortal minds cannot apprehend Him in His fullness and forgives us our shortcuts.

              • mik says:

                ” But I do understand why many feel threatened by including Him.”

                I’m not the one. I don’t see god as necessary. Particularly when we discuss morality (I will use the word ethics) it is imperfect towards bad.
                I’ve already told you irreligious people won’t get you, they might discard you although you have a perfect idea.
                Ethics is a thing of all of us, religious and irreligious. What you will bully people to become religious? I guess no. Steve, ponder on this facts.
                Further on, using god in argumentation might lead to intellectual laziness. You don’t find a better argument…it’s god. God…god…god

                How religious philosophers do their work?
                Alasdair MacIntyre, was professor at Notre Dame in US, recognized in field of ethics, religious guy, I like him, he is accessible still profound. I read his book Short History of Ethics and I’ve watched many of his lectures. On lectures I’ve watched he barely mentions god, sometimes not at all.
                He doesn’t have to. His argumentation is still clear and sound. Until now I have no disagreement with him, ok, he overemphasizes virtue ethics I think. He opened my eyes for some other philosophers flaws. God is in his soul, he doesn’t need him for philosophy.
                What I’ve just said shows you are not right when you said:

                “If you move God out of the discussion. There can be no real discussion.”
                Alasdair, religious guy, shows it’s possible.
                But maybe he had also lectures where god is part of topic, I don’t know, because I haven’t been looking for this.

                “But if morality came from evolution why is there such a problem today with unfairness?”

                Human behavior is to huge extent defined by circumstances (Milgram, Zimbardo). The System is our circumstances, it allows and rewards unfairness.

              • mkey says:

                Steve, morality is coming from creation itself. You may refer to it as god, universe, undrelaying intelligence, the ordering force that cancels entropy; whatever it is refered to, it does not change what it is.

                The big bang theory paired with Darwin’s drivel says complexity comes from randomness. I don’t think that makes any sense, while the alternative does.

                Complexity is not born from randomness, but through guiding will power. The all pervasive force that binds everything and all.

                This force has some rules in store for us and for whichever reason men and women have come to a point where they can understand these rules, if they pay attention to the cause and effect.

                These rules are not man made rules, they are immutable and eternal. They do not deprive us of freedom, but empower us, if we understand and align our behavior to them.

                Do not forget that matter is just energy, we exist in this system and we are bound by it. Many may find this repugnant because it asserts that they are not in control; they think they can create their own reality and truth; they think they are god.

                You can break the rules, but there is going to be a consequence and it might occur only after an inordinate amount of time. This causes some confusion and people will often fail to see the relation, stumbling into same errors over and over again. But that probably sounds all too familiar.

                And yes is my comment to your prior comment, misunderstanding words and concepts only serves to further confusion. There are myriad examples of this in everyday life. People don’t understand the power of words are all too willing to relinquish their true meaning.

              • mik says:


                I forgot

                Merry Christmas

              • Steve Smith says:

                Well mik, I stand by it and I bet you wouldn’t have quite the same response if I were to substitute “higher power” for the name God. And He probably wouldn’t mind if I did. I just feel funny mincing my words.

                “Steve, morality is coming from creation itself. You may refer to it as god, universe, undrelaying intelligence, the ordering force that cancels entropy; whatever it is refered to, it does not change what it is.”


                Merry Christmas everyone. And if you have a moment to spare, pray.. I mean meditate or maybe send out some positive vibes for the healing of our beleaguered planet. God won’t care what you call it as long as you really care.

              • mik says:


                “…I bet you wouldn’t have quite the same response if I were to substitute “higher power” for the name God. ”

                You just lost your bet. Where and when can I collect? 😉
                I’m indifferent, uninterested about god. Surprise, I don’t consider myself being an atheist. I think I’m a good decent human being and if god really exist, I believe he will like me as I am.
                You’ve been able to see my comments where I’ve been arguing against scientific materialism, also where I’ve been upholding genuine belief.
                Important for me is that individual is a good and decent human being. Then, I prefer open minded people.

                I like following quote and I guess you’ll also:
                “If God is dead anything is possible” (Dostoevski)

                I’m aware that ethics without religion has an almost insurmountable obstacle, lack of power. Why should people abide to certain values, why it has to be like this and not like that? How to show in today’s subjectivized/relativized world that values must be universal otherwise they are meaningless? In religion it’s easy, it is God’s decree or will or whatever, period.
                Actually, you and I have similar problem, namely, how to persuade people that there is something above us, in your case god, in my case ethics.

                “Well mik, I stand by it….”

                Well, think about this in light of increasing division among people, a frequent topic here. I can go along with religious and irreligious people. You showed you have a problem operating outside of your primary domain.
                At the end, I concur, it’s about: “…healing of our beleaguered planet. God won’t care what you call it as long as you really care.”

          • cu.h.j says:


            I don’t think I disagree with you. I was just explaining my own thoughts.

            Perhaps people who are atheists or collectivist “communists” are also trying to find a way to do what they feel is right to help. Trying to help or morality to me is also part of how I define God.

            I agree with you that morals cannot exist in the absence of sacredness. Helping someone is a sacred act from the heart if you will.

            Trying to remove God or sacredness from morality does not make sense to me and your point is well made. You obviously connect with God and I am a bit envious but in a good way though. Merry Christmas!

    • westerncivic says:

      AAAHHH Les GJ! Of note as I see it:

      The GJ who told me about the coming civil war back in 2019 is someone I would not have agreed with on most political issues back in the old system (He remains a French nationalist), yet we both recognized the source of the problems coming from “above.”

      Weeks later I observed him and others of his beliefs, along with anti-capitalists, anarchists, workers and the poor construct a proclamation denouncing politics vested in individuals, parties, or identity in favor of a politics vested in specific practical ideas and concepts.

      I put my energy here. (2019 French Direct Democracy Proclamation)

      Further, given our relatively tiny microphone, we devised the 3 Tacks to guide our immediate actions in the face of the civil war agenda, to assure we focus on the true enemies, while minimizing human bloodshed.

      To wit:

      The 3 tacks:

      1) micro decentralized voluntary direct democracy assemblies, denying any outside authority;

      2) destroy surveillance apparatus; and

      3) publicly name, collectively find and attack individual billionaires one at a time.

      The notion that all of this has to drag out for years is THEIR narrative.

      We pinch a couple key billionaires, we could end this thing.

      • cu.h.j says:

        But are the billionaires really at the apex of this scheme? Are there unnamed players that are hidden from public view?

        • Steve Smith says:

          “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”

          • westerncivic says:

            Ahhh… placating religious dogma. Has kept the masses from the Gates for millennia.

            A billionaires best friend!

          • Rene Rose says:

            Steve Smith you are correct. Above the obvious billionaires are other forces at work. It always amazes me that the very people who call out those billionaires and their flock of sheep for having no truth. Who say that they simply revert to condescension and name calling, relegating those trying to wake others to the truth as “conspiracy theorist nut cases”, are often the very ones who do the same when one is trying to wake them to ultimate truth. All will out in the end. The lines are truly being drawn. Life or death.

            • Steve Smith says:

              Rene Rose, Good observation. It seems that too often either folks are too smart or too proud to admit that they don’t understand this existence and refuse to accept answers that don’t leave themselves as the supreme being.
              It also seems that many folks are perfectly willing to cede their autonomy to the state who oppresses and enslaves them but won’t consider surrendering to the God that created them and loves them.
              Many are called. Few listen. Even fewer answer.

        • westerncivic says:

          I dunno. Lets keep whacking billionaires til we find out!

          • vadoum says:

            what manner of “whacking” do you have in mind? and, back at you, “who will be the first?”

            Ive always come up short when it comes to imagining how to punish. Its not for being excessively meek; & I’m a parent, I’ve been through that ring of fire: the uncertainty of how to guide a childs willfullness without traumatizing them or being so light that one simply gets manipulated by the child. and thus we create monsters.

            but now, were talking of beyond the beyond scales of mass murder,, deciding how to respond should be childs play; and yet we have been putting up with the bad act for at least since the last flood, and still haven’t sorted the apokalyptein mystery: how to answer aggression with grace? is it the occlusion of abstract over the concrete, the slow bullet gradually slips from figurative to literal, but too slow to react properly, delayed resultant death keeps the response in limbo, paralyzed as some comment thread? or are we too morally/ethically bankrupt to be able to act? or shall we follow example, take a cross and head for the hill with the most centurians, so they can finish our jab, or job or?

            oligarchs lying, stealing and killing too much? Is the new social disorder cramping your style? Why not go all-in for that revelation dollar, thats a risky dollar but potentially,,, If only we could have an example of right way to proceed. I suppose this time we’re gonna have to figure out/play our individual parts alone. but of course in unison: Do we

            turn the cheek or
            pull the trigger?
            sign the jail order or
            steer clear and give it a miss?
            spiritually down-dress the impostors or save breath for singing hallelujah while dancing on their graves?

            I’d bet the galactic karma council works with all options, but ultimately, natural law keeps getting its job done, in the deep waters, the song is humming, regardless of what part humans think they’re playing.

          • Jed says:

            Whack a billionaire? Someone will get hurt, you’ll be handcuffed then paying lawyers, besides, the whole threat of violence thing is a big part of the problem. They taught this with the Iliad and Odyssey a couple thousand years ago. Brains, not brute force, that’s what wins.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Yeah, that will probably be the outcome. And I wonder if there are a few billionaires who aren’t fascists. Maybe trying to reach them, the non fascists, and get them to invest in our vision of the future would be a good idea.

              Another interesting thing to explore is when violence is appropriate. I understand the desire to eliminate the string pullers, but there’s so many going along. And then another person will just step in. I doubt this will get to the root of the problem. The whole system must be divested from. And people who are following along have to decide to stop doing that.

      • westerncivic says:


        The people have the natural right to form or abolish any government for the purpose of ensuring their own security and sustainability.
        On this July 14, 2019, National Day, We, the people of France, once again declare our inalienable sovereignty.
        With constancy and obstinacy, the people of France, with or without a vest, denounced the corruption of the republic and the illegitimacy of this false representative democracy.
        Access to information, induced by the advent of modern communication technologies, allowed us to make a lucid observation of the uselessness and even of the harmful character of the political representation set up as a system, almost always concussionnary, subservient to the big world bank and the military-industrial complex which enslave the peoples of the whole world.
        Everyone has the right to speak for themselves. Collective decision-making through citizen structures freed from the republican yoke can now be achieved.
        We hereby declare that we have the right to do so in every corner of France, in our districts, our municipalities, our cities and our provinces.
        In order to restore the destiny and sovereignty of the French people, we hereby proclaim the first direct democracy in France and we invite all the citizens of France who love justice and freedom to meet in constituent assemblies, new institutions which will see the light of day soon in each province of France. Everyone can thus bring their own skills and expertise to the established democratic structure in order to determine together the rules of our mutual ties.

        We will not go back.

        National Council of Vests meeting in Paris, July 14, 2019

        • westerncivic says:


          Le peuple a le droit naturel de constituer ou de supprimer tout gouvernement aux fins d’assurer sa propre sécurité et sa pérennité.
          En ce 14 juillet 2019, jour de Fête nationale, Nous, peuple de France, déclarons une nouvelle fois notre souveraineté inaliénable.
          Avec constance et opiniâtreté, le peuple de France, avec ou sans gilet, a dénoncé la corruption de la république et l’illégitimité de cette fausse démocratie représentative.
          L’accès à l’information, induit par l’avènement des technologies modernes de communication, nous a permis de faire le constat lucide de l’inutilité et même du caractère néfaste de la représentation politique érigée en système, presque toujours concussionnaire, inféodée à la grande banque mondiale et au complexe militaro-industriel qui asservissent les peuples du monde entier.
          Chaque personne a le droit de parler au nom d’elle-même. La prise de décision collective par le biais de structures citoyennes libérées du joug républicain peut maintenant être réalisée.
          Nous déclarons par la présente que nous avons le droit de le faire dans chaque recoin de France, dans nos quartiers, nos communes, nos villes et nos provinces.
          Afin de rendre aux Français un destin et une souveraineté, nous proclamons par la présente la première démocratie directe de France et nous invitons tous les citoyens de France épris de justice et de liberté à se réunir en assemblées constituantes, institutions nouvelles qui verront le jour prochainement dans chaque province de France. Chacun pourra ainsi apporter à l’édifice démocratique direct mis en place ses compétences et expertises propres afin de déterminer ensemble les règles de nos liens mutuels.

          Nous ne reviendrons pas en arrière.

          Conseil National des Gilets réuni à Paris, le 14 juillet 2019

          • mik says:

            You are fucking boring as diarrhea.
            Can you please post just a link in the future, PLEASE

            • westerncivic says:

              Good morning to you as well.

              Sorry, old habit. STAY ON MESSAGE.

              I presume you have better plans? Do tell.

              As for a link, I’m glad you raised that issue. There is only one remaining that I’m aware of. Other attempts at dedicated websites and the like get jammed.

              This, a facebook link, has a rather particular mistranslation to English that someone clearly introduced on purpose.


              I think the 2019 French Proclamation an important and useful text. Expect to see it posted on further threads.

              And if you’re board, I have an idea. Pick your favorite billionaire. Research the shit out of them. And best, locate them or learn their patterns of travel. When their number comes up, we’ll give you a ring.

              Otherwise, go yell truth bombs on a city bus or something.

              Or I’m certain I can find yellow vests in your area to work with…

              Where yat?

              • mik says:

                Make your own site on wordpress or whatever and spread the message with links, PLEASE. It won’t take you more than few hours if your are at least half computer-literate.
                There is no good excuse to continue your annoying practice. You will achieve nothing by pushing a thing ad nauseam, this tactic doesn’t work for corbetters. You are able to do this only because our host is an anarchist with very good nerves.

                Maybe the proclamation is important to some particular people, certainly I see no usefulness.

                Few months ago I put few concrete questions to you regarding “direct democracy” and I got nothing of substance beside slogans. I believe that when clarity of thought is missing any endeavor in material world is of questionable success. I believe it’s better to scratch your balls if good/proper idea is missing, you have a good chance boredom will bring you one.

                I have better plans and ideas, check my other comments here and you will see from which woods I’m coming.

                My contribution for better world is in the making. It’s taking and will take me quite some time, because it’s hard, it has to do with the war on people’s mind. One thing is certain, I will announce it here when it will be finished.

              • Steve Smith says:

                “ Make your own site on wordpress or whatever and spread the message”

                Substack is a good option too.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Take the protests to the central bank in France. The government is not giving the orders. They are owned by central bankers and billionaire organizations.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    2021: Year of the Apocalypse
    Excellent article!
    Feel the inspiring emotion gain as one nears the end.

    James Corbett says:
    “This is the great apokalyptein that we are living through: the uncovering of our true selves.
    What we are being offered is a chance to see who we really are and what we are capable of.”

    • HEDGE110 says:

      I concur HomeRemedySupply. As for me, I have been standing up in my own way in Sydney, Australia. I was earmarked for a Manager role at work but then the organisation has announced that the those who refuse the mandate will have their contracts cancelled subject to a review by the Professional Ethical Standards team. I have emailed my Director to advise that I will not put my hat in the ring for the Manager opportunity as the organisational is counter to my ‘professional ethical standards’. My own personal apocalypse.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        That’s intense.
        I tip my hat to your courage and stance.
        Not many would walk in your shoes.

        • HEDGE110 says:

          Thanks HomeRemedySupply. Meant to write ‘organisational direction’ but it was late. The lead in to 30 Jan will be interesting to say the least.

  5. Jeff says:

    If we are to draw the line in the sand between the folks who believe they are overlords and everyone else who believes they are slaves, by saying ‘we will not do what you tell us to do,’ then we need to draw with translation. In other words, what does that look like on the ground? I think this is the whole point of James’ excellent Solutions Watch, but as readers and people who wish to begin actively drawing that line, I ask only that in your own personal translation per your situation, to think strategically and show compassion for your neighbors and your community. Easier said than done, I know, but do try to resist the divide, or an actual line through your neighborhood. The line in the sand is an idea. A metaphor. It requires interpretation. It’s an important distinction. When understood, the divide dissolves, however, untranslated, heaven and earth are set infinitely apart. Divide and conquer.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I hope some of the dumbasses who took the jab and boosters come out unscathed. I have had some patients that just don’t know any better and a few strangers I have met that took it too that seem like good people. On the other hand the militant “pro vaxxers” they deserve the bad side effects.

      My sister in law took it like thinking it would be the only one. She doesn’t normally take vaccines.

      On the bright note I have spoken to quite a few jabbed folks who said they won’t take another one.

    • mik says:

      “….I ask only that in your own personal translation per your situation, to think strategically and show compassion…..”

      Too any times I’ve heard on CR about new division among people covid cult created. It’s an undeniable fact, still more important is how we think about it, how we act. In no way is prudent to us to empower this situation even more, for example by perceiving the other side as irretrievably lost. Many “covidians” are oblivious to what this shit is really about, their behavior is unconscious. To “punish” such people would be extremely cruel, therefore foremost… compassion.
      Our situation reminds me on the times of dinosaurs. How did mammals survive, what was their strategy? Be small, be fast, stay away from beasts and eat their eggs.

      “The line in the sand is an idea. A metaphor.”

      A metaphor, exactly.

      • Alchemist says:

        I’ve posted this before, but it’s very poignant and a beautiful way to approach those who are still stuck in the matrix.

        Holding Space For Others To Rise | Gigi Young

        • mik says:

          A bit too spiritual for my taste, but message is ok.
          But why the hell such people are so inclined to use the word love so inappropriately. I think this is a word reserved for your intimate circle. And too often I met such people totally immersed in their reality, devoid of the ugly-reality, and everything looks to me as escapism.

          • Alchemist says:

            I hear you. “Grace” and “forgiveness” could be used as well, but the point that it needs to come from your heart space was made. Sometimes, of course, this requires great patience and will power. It’s not always easy.

            Re: escapism, The trick to not lose your grip on reality is knowing when to escape and when to come back. If you focus on the heaviness all day, it’ll eat you up and that’s the end of you, but if you take a break every now and then to focus on something positive, when you come back you’ll feel recharged and stronger. Upon return you’ll be better equipped to handle the difficulty in each day.

            • mik says:

              “Re: escapism…”

              You speak wisely. My experience with “new-agers” doesn’t resemble on what you’ve said. People in general avoid diving into “negative”, “new-agers” are even more so in my recollection. But diving into is necessary for better understanding.
              Each of us is different. Some people just can’t avoid been emotionally affected when confronted with negative, they need “retreat&regrouping”. I’m not of that kind.
              This will be helpful to finish an escapism debate with my mindfulness friend (with him is more of “a problem” that he is Guardian-reader).

          • Alchemist says:

            I’ll add that the ugly side of reality is not the only real one. Both sides are real, but focusing on only one while denying the other, obfuscates the full picture of truth.

  6. mkey says:

    Hero calls at mask slaves on UK transit

    A lot of beeping, but the guy is making a good point.

    • westerncivic says:


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Give that guy a medal!
      2 minutes of whamming the truth hardcore at those idiots.

    • vadoum says:

      gloves are coming off, I’ve lately been caught in similar outbursts, though mine have been around personal stories, but the taking a stand rather than just waiting til the bad smell passes, I notice people being more clear about who’s martin or martha, conviction rising.

  7. thewarrior says:

    Thank you kindly James for all your hard work which leads to all the vital information that you share. You are truly one of my Heroes!
    In my humble opinion 2021 can be summed up as this. It was the year that basically said about numerous things. That if it makes no sense at all and there is absolutely not one iota of logic or reason to it and clearly diabolical and insidious then you can count on that’s what’s going to happen. And if it does make sense, well thought out with a great degree of intelligence, wisdom, and compassion coming from a just and loving space then you can count on it not happening.
    My crystal ball is still in the shop being fixed and when I keep calling and asking about is it fixed yet they finally told me quit calling it’s totally fucked off and we can’t fix it.
    Having said that I refuse to give up on hope and I will never become pessimistic and cynical.

    Thank you dearly for solutions watch😁 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

    P.S. James Evan Pilato kicks ass like you and you Dudes work great off each other.

    • awarner says:

      Nicely stated and I agree.

      Indeed Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to both James’s and their families (even the ones who disagree)!

      You both are heroes doing some fantastic work to shed the light, plant seeds and connect the dots. Peace and may 2022 not come true as JC would predicts. Fingers crossed.

  8. RickMcCarthy says:

    Another very astute observation, James. Kudos! I agree that this is a test of sorts and as much as it is a terrible thing to experience, especially for the young, it presents a great opportunity. In this regard, I would agree with Klaus Schwab in that the old world was unsustainable. Specifically, the post-911 world we’ve all been suffering under for 2 plus decades. But, what now?

    True, many of our family and friends have consumed the sugary elixir of Jonestown and gone beyond the pale as you point out, but do we excommunicate them? Really? Aren’t we merely playing into the divide and conquer game of the architects of this current paradigm, at that point? Surely we must take this opportunity by building our own parallel, break-away society that offers the type of life that we want. That we all want. Mustn’t we be welcoming and open to those who have scoffed at our warnings in the past and be the example, showing them to the end that there is an alternative to this bio-security hellscape and that they are welcome in it?

    Warm regards and blessings to you and yours this Christmas holiday season. Cheers!

    • cu.h.j says:

      A lot of the jabbed want to excommunicate the in jabbed not the other way around. In my city I can’t go to a bar without a vaxx card and I have to get bi weekly Covid testing to keep my job. I am moving but in the meantime this sucks! Part of the reason were in this situation was people obeying and bending over for the jab. I could have done more myself in the beginning but you’d have to be kind of a dumbass for taking the jab now or too obedient.

      I have always been too accommodating and ” nice” I’m saving my energy for people who earn my trust not people who I have been warning since this started. I’ve said all I’m going to say to regular obedient folk. They made their bed, now gotta lie in it.

    • Steve Smith says:

      “Mustn’t we be welcoming and open to those who have scoffed at our warnings in the past and be the example, showing them to the end that there is an alternative to this bio-security hellscape and that they are welcome in it?“

      Absolutely agree with this. I have forgiven and been forgiven for worse things than being willfully ignorant plenty of times.
      But I also completely agree with what I think James was trying to convey. We’ve tried and tried. I’ve begged people to open their minds and simply examine the information that I was offering. So many times that they get pissed off at me and avoid me.
      The hour is too late to keep trying to make stubborn horses drink. And because of their repeated rejection of my admittedly dogged attempts to help, many relationships have become strained and uncomfortable. But I am here if and when when they want me and they all know that. As long as they don’t wait much longer. There will be a day when the door gets barred.
      I’m simply resigned to the reality that they are most likely beyond reach and therefore I have emotionally already said goodbye.
      I have to focus my energy on preparing myself to survive what is coming.

      And lastly, I think that there also comes a time when ignorance, willful or not, becomes abetting. The same way that an attack dog or a war horse is not malicious. They are still dangerous. You can’t hesitate to kill them when they are serving murderers. Thats war. Thats what is coming.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Well said.

      • cu.h.j says:

        It’s in a way like giving money to a junkie, sometimes you have to cut them off. Not exactly, but similar.

        I think creating something cool with like minded people and spending energy in that space will be a better use of time at this point. Maybe your (ones) “normie” friends will be curious and take an interest.

        I know from experience that people will change when they want to and they will look at information when they are ready to do so. It can’t be forced. You can provide it and on some level they hear you, but won’t look until they are ready to do so.

        Also, this information and the challenge we face is not something that is not pleasant or easy.

  9. HaroldfromCanada says:

    For the first time in human history everything stands naked for all to see. The medical profession obeys the pharmaceutical empire. All political parties reacted the same. Humans showed everyone what their true nature is. No longer can we hide behind a fake smile. Lawyers showed us just how much they do not care about the law. The education system did what it was designed to do.

    The last time we were this naked was when we were born. That was the old start this is the new start. Let us see if we can do better this time.

  10. joseph says:

    Merry Christmas James! Godspeed to all of us moving forward into the Happy New Year!

  11. beaconterraone says:

    Indeed, we have witnessed a Revelation. ALL of humanity.

    ALL of the “trusted institutions” are exposed as our enemies. ALL of the “principles of ‘democracy'” exposed as a sham. We have seen the de facto World Government exposed for all to see, if people choose to see.

    All of humanity has been brought to full understanding, should they choose to accept it. Alas, most still won’t. We see this as the suckers line up for “boosters.”

    The BOOK of Revelation is also playing out. These are the birth pains of a New Era. The pain is just getting started, unfortunately. Great troubles and tribulation are increasing. And, sadly, a great body count is building.

    We have knowledge, we have truth, most of us even have guns. But none of that matters in the earthly realm, if the Mystery Babylon System is not brought down. No alternative system can flourish until that is eliminated. We are witnessing the weaponization of the mindless masses against us – they will be the biggest problem as “parallel structures” are created (“Hello, I’d like to report an ‘anti-vaxxer terrorist’!”).

    Hence, embrace of Jesus Christ is our ONLY real defense. They can kill our bodies, but they cannot kill our souls. Only the Almighty can do that, though the devils of this Earth would like to imagine they can, via psychological warfare and torture (literal and figurative). The supernatural realm is where The Great Reset was planned, and the supernatural realm is where God’s grace can spare us from direct assaults, if it His Will.

    [those of you who are anti-Christian, spare me the spew that Christ is a “myth” – you still play into the Babylon System’s lies]

    • Fact Checker says:

      You can put your culturally corrosive and mentally degrading Jewperstition right in the biohazard bin can where it belongs.

      Yours is a hilarious mindset to me: that there will be a Great Revelation! that will reveal….exactly what beaconterraone learned in Sunday school when he was four years old. Some “revelation,” that!

      Christinsanity is just first-generation rabbinical trauma-based mind-control for the goyim.

      Harry Vox has developed a concept to describe it, as well as all the later social and technological “predictions” of early globalists like HG Wells and so forth. He call it “projective ideation“. As he puts it, an idea is projected onto the public so as to shape the goals and expectations of the masses, who then become oriented to actualize those ideas to the benefit of the ruling class. It’s not quite “predictive programming,” because it relies on the masses themselves to do the R&D and the legwork toward the desired ends.

      This is how Jewish eschatology has long been imprinted onto the minds of the gentiles, like you, to create a self-fulfilling prophesy.

    • Fact Checker says:

      beacon, I strongly suspect that you are firm in your conviction not to get the injection. It is that conviction alone that will preserve your “soul”. But it is also that conviction that makes you essentially inconsequential to the final eschatological equation…when Holographic Mosiach appears to command the groveling goyish masses.

      This is because you will be liquidated long before that final deception. The vast, vast majority of Christians, on the other hand, are getting the injections, meaning the ones that don’t croak from myocarditis and accelerated cancer will be psychologically primed by perception-altering neurotronic “augmentations” so as to believe and accept the Holographic Mosiach as their commander and savior. They will “correctly” interpret the appearance of the “Messiah” only because of generations of the projective ideation that you call “Christianity”. That’s the true purpose of your “religion”.

      So I trust your soul is safe, but your regressive belief in “supernatural realms” (lol) has nothing to do with it. You are protected from damnation despite your messianic delusions, not because of them.

  12. Thank you so much James for linking our interview in this newsletter. Very humbling and I am honored. 2022 is my year and I am gonna be continuing to get inspiring people on my channel and to make a difference in my local area.

    Flash mobs
    Understanding what a right is
    Understanding right and wrong are objective
    Bartering my skills with others in my Freedom cell/solari group

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I enjoyed your interview with James Corbett.
      You asked some good questions.
      Corbett had also linked the interview on the “December Open Thread 2021” (at the top).

      By the way, I did reply to a query you had about radar…

      [I know that you are in the states, because I remember your past job at the supplement place. I put the phrase so that other readers might differentiate.]

    • westerncivic says:

      Oh, here it is… yeah. This is the interview where Corbett talks about the need to delegate in a complex society…

      Sort of where the rubber hits the road… This process of human specialization, we best democratize it before they technocracize it.


  13. reowen says:

    I’ll be 90 years old in 2046 if I live that long — after riding the last-best wave of this 12,000-year stretch of human civilization in the USA. Lucky me.
    Younger folk might want to acquire skills useful for service & survival in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) — whether you’re able to join one or create something similar with your prepper community.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    ”If life itself is a test of what we are made of, as some posit, then what greater test could we ask for than this?”James Corbett
    From “2021: Year of the Apocalypse”

    Glenn Greenwald recently said, “these days, there [is] no bravery and there are no heroes.”
    To which, Margaret Anna Alice replied:
    “I can name almost a million, including Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and everyone he and his Berlin Corona Investigative Committee have interviewed; all those I cited as examples in Letter to a Colluder; and RFK and everyone he listed in the Acknowledgments of The Real Anthony Fauci.…

    “Plus every ordinary human being who chooses not to comply in the face of astronomical pressure and especially those who are brave enough to speak out against tyranny.”

    Margaret Anna Alice writes more about her comment:
    I then cited nearly a hundred people off the top of my head, and that list scarcely grazes the iceberg. Contrary to the commenter’s statement, I have witnessed more gallant heroes rising up over the past two years than over the preceding half-century. But if people on the side of the resistance don’t even realize how many noble truth warriors we have fighting beside us, how can we expect normies to?

    Thus was born ”Profiles in Courage”, a new series celebrating whistleblowers; truth-tellers; and all who choose facts, scientific evidence, reality, human beings, and love over propaganda, disinformation, illusion, GloboCap, and fearful loathing.

    And then Margaret goes on to highlight a special hero.
    Meet the embodiment of integrity, Dr. Tess Lawrie, MBBCh, DFSRH, PhD
    Profiles in Courage: Dr. Tess Lawrie


    [Read how Dr. Lawrie fearlessly confronts Dr. Andrew Hill about his fraudulent meta-analysis on ivermectin, which she warns him will be responsible for “many, many deaths.”]

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ode to a Whistleblower
    by Margaret Anna Alice

    It starts as a whisper.
    A tickle in your throat.
    A glissando down your spine.
    A quiver in your stomach.

    The hairs on your arms rise up.
    A tremor pulses through your nervous system.
    Nausea washes over, engulfing you,
    Until you can no longer contain it.

    What you’ve seen cannot be un-seen.
    What you’ve heard cannot be un-heard.
    What you’ve felt cannot be un-felt.
    What you know cannot be un-known.

    To speak that knowledge,
    to sing that secret,
    to roar that truth
    is to risk all—
    career, reputation, security, relationships,

    And yet to stifle it,
    to tamp it down,
    to suffocate it
    is to sap your integrity,
    to stoke your guilt,
    to stab your soul.

    So you release it,
    let it fly,
    and it wings its way
    round the globe,
    waking, shaking,
    taking flight.

    You know your peace
    will be shattered.
    You know your days
    may be fewer.
    You know this could be
    your last song.

    But you belt it out
    You bellow it out
    You whistle it to the stars,
    and the stars echo it back.

    You’ve rippled the ocean.
    You’ve whipped the wind.
    You’ve sparked the volcano.

    And even if the Goliaths target you,
    even if their thugs assault you,
    even if their scientists spike you,
    your truth will swell to a seismic wave,
    traveling upon the sea of the awakened,
    swallowing up our tyrannizers.

    We will trill your truth.
    We will warble your song.
    We will whistle your secret
    to the world, until there are
    too many of us to silence


  16. TruthSeeker says:

    A song for the Season (3 min, 27 sec)
    Note that it wouldn’t last a day on Themtube


  17. mkey says:

    Crisis at Stockholm hospitals not triggered by Covid

    “There is someone who does not understand, who is playing monopoly with human life. In order to be able to make decisions that lead to savings in healthcare in the middle of a pandemic, one must have valid reasons. The regional budget should be examined and reviewed.”

    He continued: “What is happening now is a disaster. I’m worried about what’s to come with Christmas, New Year’s and the thirteenth day weekend which we know is the worst weekend of the whole year. It is extremely worrying.”

  18. mkey says:

    Prosecuting “Climate Change Deniers”

    “U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that not only has she discussed internally the possibility of pursuing civil actions against so-called “climate change deniers,” but she has “referred it to the FBI to consider whether or not it meets the criteria for which we could take action.”

    Lynch is the name of this person. A Lynch calling for (all intents and purposes) lynching people?

  19. mkey says:

    What was that saying about how history rhymes?

    Under Dr. Fauci’s leadership, the allergic, autoimmune, and chronic illnesses which Congress specifically charged NIAID to investigate and prevent, have mushroomed to afflict 54 percent of children, up from 12.8 percent when he took over NIAID in 1984.

    Of all the years, Fauci took over in 1984. Of all the years Orwell chose 1984 for the title of his visionary book. What are the odds?

  20. holmesmd2 says:

    Hey James and James and Brock,

    It’s impossible for me to tell you both how much I appreciate all you’ve done for all of us. It’s been probably 14-15 years that I’ve been tuned in, and you guys even helped me once or twice when I was going up against the “man” particularly as I recall the propagandists at flightaware when they were trying to start WWIII in the Ukraine.

    Anyway, nothing can repay or reflect the appreciation I’m sure many of us feel now and since the very beginning of your awakening and every week shining the light on the truth, which I will always believe is real, and not some relative, philosophical construct. Real is True and you guys are pillars of both. Thank You.

    JP, special reach to you….hearing your personal stories and feeling your reality…it’s completely understandable the conclusion to help those who help and stand with us. My personal approach is and has been to give not a whit what people think of me and operate something like Johnny Apple Truth….telling everyone I meet with the most empathetic fiber I can muster…that it’s time to wake up and spread the word….now not later and I’m open to suggestions, but together we will thrive.

    So….I’ll continue to make an Ox of myself into next year, and I don’t care…maybe one person hears something they can use or pass along could be the thing that saves their life or limb or that of another sometime.

    So…I’m doubling down on my monthly and checking to be sure it’s going to you both.

    Thanks again, and as I’ve said before….if there’s ever anything I can do for you, just ask.

    Thanks and Wishing Everything Good and True in Manifestation to You and Yours and to Us All,


    PS: If we BELIEVE there is something we can do, there IS. (Rule #3)

  21. Ukdavec says:

    Canadian medical staff have issued this guide to the Pfizer vaccine – very informative – conclusion “The Pfizer Inoculations Do More Harm Than Good”.

    Website https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/

    Video https://rumble.com/vqx3kb-the-pfizer-inoculations-do-more-harm-than-good.html

    PDF of slides and refs https://www.canadiancovidcarealliance.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/12/The-COVID-19-Inoculations-More-Harm-Than-Good-REV-Dec-16-2021.pdf

    • yellowie says:

      thank you for posting. This is an excellent paper and now they added a presentation with voice with the explanations. I believe Malone was permanently kicked off twitter for making reference to this.

  22. jack.a.m says:

    What people must understand is that the cult of elite we are up against are intelligent. The harder we push the harder they will make our peasant lives.

    If we successfully push back against health passports, there will be more restrictions. If we push back against restrictions, there will be fuel shortages and then there will be power outages. If we continue to push, there will be food shortages. Continue even further there will be cyber attacks.

    No one realises that we cannot win. We live in their world.
    Say we successfully remove the controllers from society. The cost of it will be billions of lives. Millions will be tortured. Humanity will have regressed 100 years.
    Depopulation will have occurred.

    Say the vast majority continue to comply.
    The human race is turned into a slave race that is combined with machine. Those who resist will be exterminated.

    We cannot win.

    This sounds extremely negative but I am a positive person and would encourage everyone who agrees with me to focus on improving yourself, follow a sound moral code and do not comply. Do not be a hypocrite. Accept and love your fate.

  23. Jeff says:

    Please repeat after me, ‘I am not a slave.’ Again. ‘I am not a slave.’ One more time for good measure, ‘I am not a slave.’ Very good, now that you’ve freed yourself, I encourage you to go forth and do something creative and productive and refrain all things destructive.

  24. bleak says:

    Theeeee Apocalypse? The Big One? No, it’s a secular, atheist, materialist minime apocalypse. And no doubt designed by man like JC says. And not even a very good one.

    1. We suspected it was coming, just not what delivery method would be used (they nailed it too).

    2. It’s not complete. Most people still have no clue about geoengineering and/or the harm 5G is causing and don’t want to know. Let them “ease into it” you say? Oh whoops too late I say.

    For the real meaning of Apocalypse is a tear in the Veil that hides our world from the unseen world. From beings both beneficent and malevolent. From the truth about the origin of the world, who it’s creators and rulers are and who and what we are. It is divine revelation; a revelation of the divine.

    For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places. -Ephesians 6:12

    There is another word for revelation which is Gnosis. Knowledge of the self and the divine. Knowing not believing.

    May your New Year be one of personal revelation and may you receive the Gnosis of the true God, Jesus Christ the Savior. For it is only through him that you will find peace and freedom from that which binds you.

  25. allcomm says:

    Love your commentary. I’m listening to JEP rant on the mind controlled and lost relatives. Got that t-shirt… and I share JEP’s desire to focus my energy on the folks who matter.

    My sister also told me back in 04/20 to never talk to her about Covid… and then she got the injection, so I will never see her again until she has detoxed 100%… and I don’t know how many other family members got the injection.

    We on the alt/truth side have steeped ourselves in the scamdemic for months, while the mind-controlled have pretended there is nothing wrong after they survived their shots… so far.

    I’m in a 5G fight where all of the government officials have been injected. I can’t meet with them indoors without getting massive musculoskeletal disorders. After the rudeness reached unprofessional levels – I had to stop for a minute and realize that these jokers probably won’t be here to try to educate in a year or two…

    Now I find out that Pfizer says 50% of it’s injections were placebos and “just saline.” On top of that I found ind out that Graphene Oxide was found in the “just saline” injections… so, even the placebos mean death.
    * * *

    I sent this note to the least bad of my County Commissioners:

    I want you to know that Glutathione supplementation is not optional anymore. Frontline doctors everywhere are finding progressive neurological damage in the injected… and they attribute it to the Graphene Oxide….which Glutathione will remove.

    And I’m willing to bet the rest of us are being impacted too from the geoengineering aerosols we endure every single day – which now contain Graphene Oxide… along with a ton of other commercial products. The globalists are working their asses off to get G.O. into every possible thing – even though it is HIGHLY TOXIC to humans and animals.

    Flu shot analysis is turning up G.O. in flu shots going back before Covid. The elderly in facilities were front loaded with G.O. before Covid. This may be why they have the highest incidence of their body’s skin sluffing off after the first or second injection.

    Dave Sorenson at Stop World Control.com has a health conscious investigative reporter compiling a detox reference for injected folks to provide everything that is known about how to get that lethal crap out of the human body. Get on his mailing list so you will know when it is done.

    * * *
    Newsbreak 132 | Dr. Ariyana Love and Ramola D on Graphene Oxide & Ethical Journalism

    Human Body’s Response – Post-Injection for Flu shots or Covid-19 shots:

    Fifteen minutes to 100% full cellular artificial genetic mRNA penetration after the injection…and patentability as a product of Big Pharma.
    Two days to having a new neural network operating system inside the body…
    Graphene Oxide hydrogel is on the TEST SWABS with microscopic hooks to puncture the membrane to speed up the transfer of it’s payload directly into the nerves for the blood brain barrier – which it will penetrate.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

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