They Know What You Are (Now They're Haggling Over the Price)

02/22/202188 Comments

There's an old joke about a wealthy man talking to a famous actress. After he asks her if she would sleep with a stranger for a million dollars, she delivers an enthusiastic, "Yes!" He then inquires if she would do the same for five dollars. Offended, she fumes: "Five dollars? What kind of woman do you think I am?"

"We've already established that," the man rejoins. "Now we're just haggling over the price."

Although this joke probably doesn't fly in today's PC climate, we all get the point. The woman has already admitted that her principles are negotiable for the right sum. Determining the lower bounds of that sum, then, should not be inherently offensive.

This may seem like just a crude joke, but it's actually an insightful glimpse into the fundamental philosophical debate of our time—perhaps the fundamental philosophical debate of all time. And it helps us respond to the lockdowners, the anti-free speechers and other enemies of civilization with an answer that actually gets to the heart of the issue.

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  1. Pulpo says:

    This is a core point to make and also translates to many other realms of what we see happening. When exactly does it “get hot” on a temperature scale, it doesn’t. Hot and cold are extremes of the same function. Everyone will give a different answer. At what point will one pimp themselves/ 1 million? How about 990,000 dollars? Why, why not? Tyranny like mask mandates are worth dealing with but forced vaccine is too far, where is the breaking point within those dictates? 2 masks? 4 feet social distancing? One better be asking themselves these questions before they are answered for you because they will be. Thanks James

    • HEDGE110 says:

      Would you like another slice of salami?

      The government knows that most of us will never push ‘the button’. That’s why they’re driving us to Piccadilly.

    • Duck says:

      Your right that people should think BEFORE it arrives…There should be SOME thing that a person WONT pimp themselves for or cuck to… for example I bet that the majority of folks would not kill their kid for ANY amount of money.

      The counter point is that people are shamed and pressured socially into doing things THAT MAY HARM OR KILL their kid at some future date as long as they are able to hide that truth from themselves… dumping little babies in day care where they suffer attachment disorders…. sending them to schools (or PAYING for colleges) that they KNOW want to instill harmful ideas ….. all because ‘everyone does’ or ‘you need to’

      Mo one would accept any amount of money to let a pervert sit with and talk about perversions with their child…but they do buy those kids smart phones and let them watch TV because the results (a measurable increase in suicide being ONE) are in the future

      • Pulpo says:

        Good counter point Duck. Muddy the waters and make it incremental, the decision is much harder to distinguish that way. The “salami” approach.

      • lizzie says:

        Interesting Duck.
        The act of killing a kid is wrong, everyone would agree on that. It’s much harder to see when you are killing them slowly, i.e letting them have a smart phone and absorbing the crap off the telly. On the other hand it is not so obvious when our acts of defiance are saving a child’s life. Who knows maybe the affect of your message will have the overall positive affect of saving one whole life. Every time we stand up for freedoms no matter how small and insignificant it seems, we are saving lives.
        As uncomfortable as it is standing up for Liberty and being human, the act is sacred in itself and is priceless in it value.

  2. htin says:

    Thanks for a great article James.

  3. HEDGE110 says:

    I’m stuck in a daily ‘haggle’.
    Daughter was sick last week (yes kids still get colds!). Kept her home for a few days but of course school wants negative Covid test before returning. I had to tell a version of the truth that my daughter was having ‘rest day with her father’ – that way no test required.
    Then have to navigate other parents in the class who did take their kids for a Covid test. Then wife starts saying that she doesn’t want conflict if Covid tests ‘have to happen in the future’. I then find myself researching for blood tests for Covid (as an alternative to nasal swab) – maybe this could be where my line of resistance could end if push turns to shove.
    As for the vaccine / gene therapy, Australia’s PM just took the potion. My friend is a nurse and they are getting shamed into taking it. How long before the workplace or school yard demands it? What avenues are available in the fight – legal (letters and litigation), medical (exemption), resistance / hiding out…

    • Duck says:

      “… Then wife starts saying that she doesn’t want conflict if Covid tests ‘have to happen in the future’….”

      Hate to say it but thats why women getting more political power is so advantageous to oligarchs… as more men become like women (more risk adverse, more agreeable and more susceptible to social pressure) in thinking and behavior the things like “…they are getting shamed into taking it…” become very easy to do.

      • inanna says:

        @Duck,…as a female I not only concur with your comment, I would also like to amplify the significance of this …and very much appreciate your ‘Hate to say it…” bravery to say it.

      • scar9 says:

        As a woman I’d like to clarify how we talk about gender/sex. Females are as diverse in personality and conscience as males. However, social conditioning & gender performance often dictate the way the sexes relate to each other. Female conditioning is more socially aligned with the private domestic sphere and as such, will look at relational connections -to think of other people’s needs before themselves… Male conditioning may be more focused towards the public sphere – be encouraged to speak his mind, we all sit somewhere on the masculine and feminine scale, gender performance is difficult to get away from it’s so ingrained in most cultures. Nevertheless, many people do work towards being their own person and question the assumptions about gender directed toward their sex.

        I’ve observed in our current situation, just as many women as men are resisting the authoritarian tactics currently used. 5,000 plus people marched in Brisbane equal male female ratio. The vaccine questioning movement in Australia consists of primarily women, mothers that have witnessed injuries to their children and then been silenced and censored by the medical fraternity, these women are tireless social revolutionaries. I’ve also witnessed many women in leadership roles stand-up to the status quo, we have a few in Australia…

        • HEDGE110 says:

          scar9, Duck and inanna – I appreciate all of your thoughts. The dynamic between my wife and I re vaccines may be more driven by culture than gender. Australians like myself have a bit of anti-BS ‘convict’ embedded within us (although I think this is being weeded out as alluded to by Duck). My wife on the other hand comes from a more ‘collectivist’ part of the world.

          I’d like to hope that our women really start to kick arse once kids start experiencing adverse reactions to lockdowns, social distancing, masks, vaccine. That time is already now by the way!

        • Duck says:


          “..these women are tireless social revolutionaries…..”
          You make my point for me… women are instrumental in creating the super powered state apparatus that oligarchs want.

          “…The vaccine questioning movement in Australia consists of primarily women, mothers that have witnessed injuries to their children and then been silenced and censored by the medical fraternit…”

          DONT take this as me getting at you personally … Your language image of mothers fighting for children, being silenced by mean men (fraternity)…this itself is an example of how women shape behavior in others by eliciting emotional responses. THAT technique is used in the OPPOSITE direction too to generate mask compliance for example.
          Now I have PERSONALLY seen a (female) Dr trying to use shame and fear to pressure a mother into GIVING a baby a vaccine that she were hesitant of. It took a leap of anti-socialness to say NO despite the pressure.

          I agree that women have as much diversity in their personality as men do. One is always forced to speak in generalities, but I would point out that stereotypes exist for a reason….

          a) That females are more peer driven then men is CLEARLY shown by the way that teenage girls will form hysterical cults of behavior, even when they are harmful social contagions like bulimia, anorexia, or other self harm behaviors.
          b) That they vote for greater government intervention is also clearly visible from the record.
          c)That they use shame to bully each other FAR more then males do is a well known sociological fact
          d)That men are more violent and anti-social is pretty obvious if you look at the numbers

          “:.. gender performance is difficult to get away from it’s so ingrained in most cultures. …”

          Sex differences are rooted in hormonal and body type differences NOT culture.
          “Gender performance” is a stupid idea invented by bad people who wish to deny reality in order to create a world suited their own desires…there are no cultures where women ‘habitually’ go off to war and the men ‘habitually’ raise the kids and there never will be one.

          Different does not equate to better or worse and people have plenty of individual differences so please dont take this as me trying to be personally rude or anything like to women or men.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I agree on biological differences do strongly influence male and female behavior. Men do have a lower fear response and tend to be less agreeable. Evolutionary biology has shed light on a lot of reproductive strategies.

            Though I agree with this, I want to point out and I think that you have as well that there are variants in each sex. For myself personally, I have never wanted children even as a young girl, and still don’t want them now. I am not anti-social by any means but I am not drawn to them and have an instinctual mothering instinct even towards my own niece and nephew. I love them and will take care of them and would certainly take them under my care if needed but I don’t feel that extra emotionality toward children. In fact, I can say that I don’t have the patience for child-rearing.

            As a nurse, I don’t like caring for pediatric patients because I dislike the behavioral issues they have. To be frank, children get on my nerves. Yet, I am a heterosexual female and in other ways am traditionally female (except for cooking-I hate that too and most of my male partners have been more domestic than I have). I also am better at math and science (have more of an aptitude) than literature.

            I also like having similar opportunities as men and would hate to have that rolled back in a future society based on natural law. Thank goodness for guns in that case. I can see myself being able to compete with men in many situations with the right training. But body composition would leave me on the losing end of any fight but with weapons training, I think I could be just as tough as a man. No one is going to try to put me back in the kitchen without a fight to the death.

            • Duck says:

              “..I also am better at math and science (have more of an aptitude) than literature….
              Lol…I’m the exact opposite. I’m getting better but still suck at math 🙁

              “…I also like having similar opportunities as men…”
              I agree thats a good thing.
              I really dont think that is , or ever has been the root of social problems.
              The corporate propaganda that the only way a woman can be ‘successful’ is to act like a man (which is usually portrayed as taking on the worst male traits like selfishness,interpersonal aggression and sexual promiscuity) n the other hand is not good for people or for society.
              It IS good for the bosses that want to suck off that productivity.

              “… hate to have that rolled back in a future society based on natural law….”
              It not be following natural law to enslave people or limit what they could choose to do.

              Personally I have zero interest in forcing anyone to do anything, the urge to force women INTO the kitchen is the same destructive urge that forced them OUT of it.

              The less people interfere in nature the sooner harmful behavior is culled by results. We are sitting on a ticking time bomb now because our wealth has allowed everyone to externalize and delay the results of their choices… when there is no more diabetes med’s or welfare or credit people will naturally fall into healthy behavior… its a self correcting ecology

              “… Thank goodness for guns in that case….”
              True, but I expect your attitude is more useful then any tool.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I agree with you and that nature does have a way of self-correcting. I would like to have a society where people chose things that they are naturally inclined to do and that people aren’t forced or coerced into doing things they don’t want to do.

                My mom and sister love to cook and I wish I enjoyed it more. It’s a very useful skill. I do enjoy being around children when they are in a good mood and think parenting is very important and worthwile. I don’t mean to diminish the value of mothering children since it’s critical to the continuation of our species and being a good mom is very important for child development. Having a father is also very important and the lack of two-parent homes has caused a lot of societal problems (in my opinion). Though my childhood was pretty rough (lack of a good father), I am very lucky to have a mother who loved me and taught me important things.

    • lovetodust says:

      HEDGE110, go to Children’s Health Defense. It’a a great resource. Look at the weekly series with Polly Tommey and Mary Holland. They discuss vaccine injury and vaccine rights. Mary is the lawyer for CHD. Great stuff.

      I recommend Children’s Health Defense. Daily updates on what we are all experiencing today.

      • HEDGE110 says:

        Much appreciated lovetodust. I am on the Children’s Health Defense email list but need to dive into it. Knowledge enacted is power.

    • mkey says:

      I’m afraid none of this is going to go away without some heavy confrontations. I fully expect at some point in time in near future we will be segregated from the society for saying no. I don’t expect we’ll be “vaccinated” at gun point, there won’t be any need. Normalcy bias will do its thing, what’s left will be tackled by shaming and possibly confrontations within the populace. Look at any ex/retired police “officers” or military personnel to possibly propagate state violence for no gain and while undertaking all risks.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I agree.
        Normalcy bias will do its thing, what’s left will be tackled by shaming and possibly confrontations within the populace.

      • rgarr says:

        Can’t wait to meet ya at the segregated no vaccine side. Cheers

    • flammable says:

      Shamed into what? It doesn’t offer immunity, doesn’t stop transmission, and it’a a failed gene technology repackaged as a vaccine. All the shame should be those who DO take it. The Covid injection is medical fraud, deceptive medical labeling, and in violation of vaccine laws. Being complicit in a scam is nothing to be proud of.

      • mkey says:

        Shamed into compliance with what is considered to be normal, regardless of how abnormal it is.

      • cu.h.j says:

        These are excellent reasons to decline and important that people who know this do so.

    • wylie1 says:

      It seems haggling over price would be: No nasal swabs since None are necessary when inside the cheek swab is more than sufficient PLUS the cycle limit must be transparent(known) and low enough to be significant such as 24 maybe 27 PLUS proof that the covid19 virus has been isolated to compare it to, rather than just corona viruses in general (if you have a cold it could trigger a positive test result).
      — It is likely no govt would agree to those terms since all three subvert their purposes. Yet the Florida governor stated that all testers must publish their cycle rate. So it is not something that is simply out of the question.

      Better yet get with like minded parents, pool funds for a teacher (which could be one of the parents) and teach away from the Marxists evil order followers. Since it would be a private, not open to the public; defenders of the public are irrelevant(but only if you insist they are).

      There simply is no reason to jam such a swab deep into someones nasal passage unless it is a nefarious reason.

      Further, it seems the only reason for all this type of testing, which do not show what they claim, is to get the person’s DNA so they can be identified in the future. For what I don’t know. And/or deposit something high in the nasal cavity, such as drug delivery nanobots as some claim.

      Vaccine or pseudo-vaccine:
      I know that I am allergic to what is included in any vaccine, mentally allergic or otherwise. Accepting materials associated with alzheimers and other problems, such as cancer or future cytokine storm when exposed to another variant, is not something to compromise on. I will be making a necklace with some medical symbol and Allergic, Do Not Vaccinate.
      If people could not do same, having a problem with the honesty surrounding mental allergies …fighting dishonesty with honesty is great if one is dealing with honest reasonable people, we are not. I have seen honest people wiped out by dishonesty in court, corrupt judges.
      There are a number of instances in the Bible where deceptive measures were used to win battles, even threatening to cut a child in half to give to each mother claiming it as their child.
      — Not really an excuse just dealing with things as they are.

  4. james.w says:

    Great Article! Epictetus didn’t say “happiness lies in controlling one’s reaction”. Rather, disturbance comes from catastrophizing about what happens or doesn’t. Dr. Albert Ellis created his revolutionary psychotherapy, REBT/CBT, on Epictetus’ and Dr Albert Korzybski’s General Semantics, added techniques to change disturbing, irrational beliefs to rational, particularly disputing and replacing them with rational ones. He wrote over 70 books taking into account almost every disturbance (but not PTSD, psychosis, physical disorders of the mind). Korzybski laid waste to our “rulers” “(those engaged in the manipulation of symbols (politicians, ‘diplomats’, bankers, priests of every description, economists, lawyers, [media,] etc. some teachers and they all work together). If we did a psychiatric and scientific enquiry, mankind would be appalled at the disclosures. We are a symbolic class of life, cannot cease from being so… those who control the symbols rule us…. They do not produce any values but manipulate the values produced by others, often pass signs for no value… are ignorant of modern science, scientific methods, structural linguistic and semantic issues … without historical and anthropological background, making a sane orientation impossible… as long as their ignorance prevails, no solution of human problems is possible. Scientists and teachers produce the main values mankind has, but, do not realize this and are ruled by the cunning methods of the first class.

    • mik says:

      “Scientists and teachers produce the main values mankind has…”

      Science is incapable of producing values, this is domain of philosophy, but unfortunately philosophy astray mostly into analytical philosophy, that is not able to establish strong metaphysics, that is essential for ethics.
      The other branch of philosophy, continental philosophy, astray with postmodern bullshits. Don’t want to say nothing valuable is produced, just way to little and even that is of little consequence in an era of building fundamentals for transhumanism.
      Also, today people disdain philosophy, but they would be able to say in the same breath that critical thinking is very necessary. Philosophy and ethics are essential for critical thinking!!!!

      I would say values are not produced they are discovered and established.
      Teachers you said. Yes, good teachers can do something, still they are limited with curriculum, I didn’t have any philosophy in my whole schooling. I’m pretty sure it’s the same with many and that’s a crime against humanity.

      • james.w says:

        Alfred Korzybski (Core-schib-ski) 1879 – 1950
        The main difficulty is found in the old Aristotelian habits of speech, which do not allow the use of structure…

        … and [we] must abandon permanently the “is” of identity.

        We should not be surprised that we find meaningless noises in the foundation of many old ‘philosophies’, and that from them arise most of the old ‘philosophical’ fights and arguments.

        The main thesis of this non-Aristotelian system is that as yet we all (with extremely few exceptions) copy animals in our nervous processes, and that practically all human difficulties, mental ills … have this … component.

        If, in spite of all contrary evidence, or the lack of positive evidence, [a person] holds persistently … such affective beliefs is seriously ill, and, therefore, no amount of evidence can convince him.

        There seems only one thing certain, at present; namely, that the old theories and methods tended strongly to produce morons and ‘insane’ persons, while ‘geniuses’ were born only in spite of those handicaps. Perhaps in the future we shall be able to produce ‘geniuses’ while morons and ‘insane’ persons will be born only in spite of our precautions.

        It is now no mystery that some quite influential ‘philosophers’ were ‘mentally’ ill.

        …a few philosophers really do important work. This applies to the so called ‘critical philosophy’ and to the theory of knowledge or epistemology. This class of workers I call epistemologists to avoid the disagreeable implications of the term ‘philosopher’.

        …provided we could define all terms. But this is impossible… We thus see that all linguistic schemes, if analyzed far enough, would depend on undefined terms.

        • mik says:

          “….the old theories and methods tended strongly to produce morons and ‘insane’ persons, while ‘geniuses’ were born only in spite of those handicaps.”

          yo man, this sounds like crypto-eugenics to me.
          If you present correctly the guy you are promoting I wouldn’t touch him with six foot pole.

          You don’t have to like philosophy.

  5. james.w says:

    “Moral” derives from “Customary” [ad. L. mōrālis, f. mōr-, mōs custom (pl. mōrēs manners, morals, character). So the sense is that whatever “Morals” a society has have stood the test of time, caused, or at least helped, that society members survive. Of course, societies want their morals followed, practiced by all members, and most members are not geniuses, so their morals become “absolute” for the masses, but not necessarily the rulers: It is ok for our rulers to kill political opponents in other countries, even their own, but not for the masses to kill anyone.

    • Duck says:

      People want “the Prince” who rules them to be smart and ruthless so he can protect his tax cattle… but it was pro quid pro quo.

      Machiavelli if I recall right lists the things a Prince CAN NOT get away with doing without bad results…. (messing with subjects women being a big one…. that being how the last kings of Rome got kicked out) and to misquote Terry Pratchett “The people believed in Absolute Kings… and if the king did not do things right he ABSOLUTELY would not be king long…”

      The new tech of mass mind control via mass media and now PERSONALIZED media on the net has changed the balance of power

      • n4x5 says:

        As I recall, The Prince isn’t truly immoral but rather amoral; ethical considerations per se are absent from the analysis of how power is acquired and maintained. Power is paramount; ethical concerns only appear insofar as they matter for outcomes of power. (Naturally this can get very tricky very quickly when we consider that some schools of thought give their reasons for why might and right are not entirely independent concepts, but maybe this is one digression (among many others) to be avoided here.)

        One criticism of Machiavelli, especially as his work applies to those who are not amoral, is the idea that his guidance fails to take into account the future consequences of disregarding ethical matters. This is an ancient question and one that has unsurprisingly provided fertile ground for literature, theater, and film. Of course the central theme of the Godfather films — and one of the reasons why they are so compelling — is the examination of morally objectionable behavior in a context where it is seen as necessary to protect that which is loved and valued, destroying that which is loved and valued in the process.

        A crucial aspect of all this is epistemic, the idea that since actions come with consequences in the future (e.g. negative externalities, to borrow a term commonly used in economics), that which we are sure will happen may possibly be treated ethically differently than that which we are unsure will happen, and we can get into the justifications for holding degrees of belief about what may happen and so on.

        • Duck says:

          You are right that its written based on what (now I think of it) resembles ‘scientific’ ‘managerial’ results based thinking thats kinda like what the progressives wanted (reading Illiberal Reformers by Tom Leonard)

          “.. is the idea that his guidance fails to take into account the future consequences of disregarding ethical matters…”

          No… he he does go over that. He specifically says that a Prince should appear to be moral and should generally keep his promises even if it costs him in the short term because getting known as a liar HURTS your ability to do things. Kinda like how in “the Mask of sanity” the average psycopath was excluded from society if they got too badly out of line. On the other hand psycopaths might be very useful because society often needs such people to do the jobs that normal people cant stomach.

          Hmn… I really need to rewatch the Godfather series! Not seen it in years…. but “..destroying that which is loved and valued in the process…” does sound like how I remember it.

          • n4x5 says:

            When I mentioned future consequences of disregarding ethical matters, I intended it in the sense of ethical matters as pertaining to non-power-related consequences. I thought this would be evident from my statement that “ethical concerns only appear insofar as they matter for outcomes of power”, but maybe I should’ve said so again explicitly.

            You might want to skip the third movie or try to mentally compartmentalize it, viewing it on its own terms in isolation from the first two.

  6. robert.t says:

    I’m going to disagree a bit, or at least de-philosphize (since I’ve never cared for philosophy).

    If the pandemic were real I would be in favour of trying radical solutions, and bad luck if those solutions go too far or not far enough. I would forgive excess or shortfall in the “haggling”, because a real danger would require a punt of some sort. Who can know how high or far to punt in such a situation? You guess your best, then you punt.

    There’s a reason I shun all talk of herd immunity over vax, Chinese origins of Covid, US spook origins of COVID, withholding of Hydroxy-whatsy and other cures, building immunity through diet, natural remedies etc. Namely, all these “alternative” critiques and protests carry the implication that the pandemic is real. They are part of the hoax, building a case for the reality of COVID while merely taking a contrarian tone or stance.

    The reason to say NO to COVID measures is the reason to say NO to anti-terror measures after 9/11. It’s based on a single huge lie. If it were not based on a lie I would not mind the counter measures, even if they were exaggerated, any more than I would object to a stop sign on a street corner or a no-smoking sign in a hospital.

    Philosophy doesn’t come into it. There is no pandemic. It’s a hoax and a lie conceived with malevolent intent by the self-loathing goblins of our corporate state. If this were not so, I would happily haggle. Well, maybe not happily.

    • Duck says:

      robert t

      Sorry to be the ‘actushallllly…” guy but…
      YOU CANNOT ‘de-philosophize’ things… the nature of life is that you MUST choose actions based on predicted outcomes and you pick based on what you VALUE most.

      Abortion… your having to choose between a womans right to control her reproduction and a childs right to live. A womans right to control her body vs a childs life support system

      Crime is the same… IF we know what demographic groups do the most crime should we have police stop and search them more often then people of ‘low crime’ demographics? The answer depends on if you want low crime or if you want equal treatment.

      The stupidity of Technocracy is that it pretends that “experts” and “Science” can make judgments on what people value most- worse is People who do not get to choose what they value are NOT MORAL ACTORS… its a stretch to call them human beings since they are more like animals (maybe…cattle?) driven around by an owners will rather then their own will and THAT is exactly what our enemies THINK we are.

      If there were a pandemic illness cured by buggery its still NOT OK to rape people to make it go away…. no matter how many studies promise it would saves lives

      • noconsent says:

        Does the Ends, Justify the Means?
        Richard Nixon thought so, and got Impeached for it. Today I think most of the Commy Bastards in D.C. (that pretend to Represent the People), have fallen to Richard Nixon’s level of morality.
        How many years do people have to Vote for the leaser of two evils before there is only evil to Vote for?
        The answer my friend is blowing in the wind!
        How’s that for getting Philosophical?

      • rgarr says:


      • rgarr says:

        Actually guys are the sole problem of this world. Go away

    • Lucitanian says:

      Obviously you are anti-philosophy.
      What is a lie and what is truth? What is absolute fact and what is delusion?

      Let us take you and your life:
      Why do we live in such terror of death? Perhaps the deepest reason why we are afraid of death is that we do not know who we are. We believe in a personal, unique, and separate identity; but if we dare to examine it, we find that this identity depends entirely on an endless collection of things to prop it up: our name, our “biography,” our partners, family, home, job, friends, credit cards. . . . It is on their fragile and transient support that we rely for our security. So when they are all taken away, will we have any idea of who we really are?

      We live under an assumed identity, in a neurotic fairy-tale world with no more reality than the Mock Turtle in Alice in Wonderland. Hypnotized by the thrill of building, we have raised the houses of our lives on sand.
      This world can seem marvelously convincing until death collapses the illusion and evicts us from our hiding place. And what will happen to us then if we have no clue of any deeper reality?

  7. Paul says:

    There really isn’t much here to disagree with and it communicates important points so well.

    But I’ve had a question in regards to all of this that may only be tangential to this discussion, and that is how we choose to classify the largest technology and social media companies.

    I’ve found at least one video by Corbett and several other sources stating there is a tremendous amount of “dark” money that has flowed into to the top companies. In many cases this isn’t even hidden. In other cases a little bit of digging will reveal early stage investors and VC firms that made their money by being early stage investors or employees at organizations such as Oracle, Intel, HP, Apple, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Cisco Systems, etc., who all trace their roots back to dark money sources.

    Further, these companies often get an easy walk into an IPO, and many Wall Street and institutional investors buy their stocks to send them cash that itself is ill-gotten in a giant crony network of bad actors helping out the newest bad actor to cement a position as market leader.

    If these companies have been largely supported by non-free market derived funds, then the companies cannot be said to be “private” in the sense that if I were to start such a company and grow it without all that money, that company would be private.

    In fact, I have evaluated trying to start even one company to compete with any of these companies, and especially during the periods these companies rose to prominence, the cost is exorbitantly expensive. Note how Twitter did not replace any previous service and for a very long time had essentially zero competitors at least in “western” regions. Among the biggest problems faced is simply having the available bandwidth and servers to support everything, and that is what the money ultimately goes into. (Note I purely speculate here that they hire exceptional talent at very high salaries to prevent them from forming a competitor.)

    Notably, Whatsapp is a bit of an exception because they were able to take advantage of an operating system (FreeBSD) that the others were not using, allowing one server to process millions of messages per second, but Whatsapp is not the same as Twitter, and I actually haven’t researched their formation, but they did ultimately sell to facebook.

    Lately, numerous libertarian personalities are trying to wrestle with this problem of others claiming that the free market is not providing competition to these bad actors so it thus justifies regulation of private industry, because the free market is not able to provide it.

    But reclassifying the companies as something other than free market derived and being more akin to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, the Federal Reserve, Sallie Mae, etc. may help to demonstrate that these actors are not naturally evolved organizations – they are organizations created by and for the purpose of serving the government, not free market actors.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  8. GENDUN LAMA says:

    That ‘old joke’ is actually an incident involving Winston Churchill.

    • Jed says:

      I hear the same — Churchill — another one about him, when chastised at a social event for being a drunken insensitive slob, his reply to the lady: “You’re right, but tomorrow I’ll be sober, and you will still be an ugly used-up rag.” I’m not quoting directly but it was something to that effect. He was a real charmer (snake charmer).

      • Duck says:

        I read that story in the novel “Cludius the god” (or maybe the first book ‘Icludius”…?) where Robert Graves assigned it to Cato The Censor… lol, I guess Graves thought it did go back a ways…. AHH, that book was published in 1935, so before WW2. Not sure how well Churchils drunken behavior was known when that went to print.

    • Simon says:

      Maybe not, arributited to many people

  9. steveability says:

    Be just my luck, a socially distancing prostitute!

    • Jed says:

      Here’s a rant, the joke’s on the John too, whether he knows it or not. Id rather not compromise with this stuff — the pandemic is an action, a crime, a psy-op, and so obviously so. Different symptoms? Loss of taste and smell? Mostly respiratory but not always? How stupid are people?! No rise in the death rate and now the numbers are disappearing — come on!! maybe I’m the one asleep and having a nightmare. Think of the overwhelming majority of medical doctors, those among us whom we most looked up to for knowledge and wisdom and they’re in the state of being completely snowed, fooled, hoaxed, bullshitted, hypnotized cult-members. I’m having a tough time even talking about this stuff to any of the masses of numbnutted zombietards (family and friends) anymore. They’re imperious to reality, they’ve their own truth— Moral relativism and solipsism, yes but how do you go about trying to exist with that, less fix it? Al-anon for the untarded, maybe, rant’s over. Cheers

      • noconsent says:

        I get the same crap from people in my family who can’t wait to get one of the COVID-19 Injections. I have been asked when I am going to get, what they are calling, the COVID Vaccination. My reply is that I had the COVID disease and it didn’t kill me. As a result, I have more immunity to it, than they can get from any, or all, of those Experimental Injections.
        Anyway, I get little argument about needing the COVID-19 Injections when I claim to have Natural Immunity to it after getting sick for a while.
        Candy Asses, can’t handle getting sick, eh!

        So the “Fear” of getting sick is enough to cause them to get an Injection based on what the lying, deceitful, government and MSM has told them.
        I guess the Fluoride in the water, Aluminum dust in the air, Glysphate in the Food, and the constant High Frequency 5G Radiation is doing it’s job at numbing American Brain’s. Doesn’t effect me, effect me, effect me, though.

        • Jed says:

          It’ll make anyone a little nuts — gaslighting, gas lit?

        • Duck says:


          “… it’s job at numbing American Brain’s…”
          I know people who have a TV running every waking hour… I was there and heard the same lie (I showed it was not true on someones phone) in the same political advert repeated maybe 6 or 8 times in an hour.
          Even a person who takes time to find out the facts can not truly resist mental pollution like that 🙁

          “…The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous.[11]..”

      • cu.h.j says:

        They trust the “experts” and they think that if things are shut down and if the “experts” are concerned there must be a good reason. At least this is the lie they tell themselves.

        This has been the lightest flu season I have ever seen in the past 5 years working in the ER. Our ER has been operating at least 1/2 capacity for the past several months and yet these facts aren’t cutting through the propaganda.

        I think that there are people who just can’t understand that the “experts” and the government would ever do something like this-lie and deceive. It just doesn’t compute. We do get an occasional sick person with “Covid” but it’s really not much different in lethality than influenza b.

  10. mkey says:

    How to know what is right and what is wrong? I think the only way is to feel it, you have to feel it balls to bones. It is the internal compass that will drive us. But it becomes corrupted as we build up and calcify our world view; as our minds are made; as we grow into learned helplessness; as we lose our spirit.

    We also start confusing what is moral with what is legal, while the definition of legality changes with the tides. You look away briefly and what was “right” is no more, affecting our definition of what is right. Legalization will affect our rights greatly: the right to defend self by projecting force, the right to put food on the table, the right to build a shelter, the right to do with our property as we choose, the right to raise children as we choose, the right to choose how we live and how we die.

    What are our rights? There are many and we can’t possibly list them all. But we can define them by stating what are not our rights. It is not righteous to take from another, it is not a right to cause harm or injury against anther’s property, it is not our right to bestow rights we don’t and never could have onto others.

    Also interesting how we say “right and wrong” where “right” is collated with “correct”, while an antonym of “a right” would be “not a right”.

  11. NES says:

    Agreed. However, we would be asking people who admittedly get their ‘news’ from CNN, FB and TV shows to think. Doubtful it could be a success. (Still trying on a few myself, however.)

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett’s 2/22 article They Know What You Are (Now They’re Haggling Over the Price).
    I so appreciate Corbett’s sense of humor, and his ability to convey an idea without going into deep esoteric, hard to grasp, “nomenclatured” detail that would cause an ICU coma for a High Schooler.
    This was a great read.
    It well describes an approach, both as to one’s own viewpoint and as to a discussion with others.

  13. lizzie says:

    While we are here, did anybody see the Australian tennis open closing cer

    Better still did anyone enjoy the sound of the crowd’s booing as much as I did? What a difference a boo makes! The crowd said in a noise what I have been wanting to say to all those ignorant or malevolent people who are taking us to The Awful Prison of Doom.
    Low and behold lots of people in the real world do not want your vaccine propaganda, it’s quite simply not tennis.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Australian Open Tennis Crowd Boo The Mention Of Vaccines – The World Is Waking Up

      (One beautiful minute video)

      Glad to see that the Deputy Prime Minister was disgusted. He got a little payback.

      • HEDGE110 says:

        HomeRemedySupply, the Australian Open video made me smile with pride. The ‘boo’ is the birth place of resistance. A boo shifts the atmosphere and exposed the armor’s chink. Amazing how such a strange collective utterance can be so powerful. I wonder what other expressions will emerge to defy the predisposition to acquiescence.

  14. gauntlet33 says:

    James, I remember very well on March 19th when CA Gov. Newsom declared his “stay at home protective order”. I cursed, “WTF!! Son of a beeyatch!!” Etc. I couldn’t believe my eyes/ears. Shortly thereafter I discovered that the world was not what I thought it was and and that we were being ruled by the megalomaniacs around the world.

    If/when we defeat them, we need to reinstate laws based on first principles: we own our bodies, therefore the first Ten Amendments listed in the Bill of Rights. I could elaborate, but I think y’all get it. Any limitation that isn’t based on actually protecting another human being’s Bill of Rights is unconstitutional and contrary to natural law.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I’m going to the Drive-in Theatre this month thanks to Corbett’s
    Just For Fun.

    Free / Public domain films
    Feature films, shorts, silent films and trailers are available for viewing and downloading.

    Now, I can compare notes with Joe Bob Briggs.
    More on Joe Bob Briggs and that Mysterious Conspiracy Question…(and a “solution”)…

  16. mik says:

    James, I’m delighted. I think this is even better than last spring peripatetic by the river expose. That one was partly argued on the basis of history and that’s weak I think.

    inalienable human rights

    I think concept of rights should be discarded altogether. In a way it’s just another instance of haggling, rights were recognized/given by the state because of historical circumstances.

    Concept Freedom as Value is better than concept Freedom as Right.
    By re-conceptualizing we could solve two problems at the same time: we would get well founded what is now deemed as rights and we would get universal ethics instead of todays brothel ethics. And that’s just for first glimpse, actually it would be a paradigm shift.

    • gauntlet33 says:

      @mik, I respectfully wholeheartedly disagree.

      You’re right that inalienable “natural law” human rights don’t come from the state. However, any attempt to take them away should be prohibited and I further believe that although a Bill of Rights doesn’t grant these rights, it would again make clear that we are/were BORN with these rights.

      Do you believe it was a mistake for the Founders of the U.S. Constitution to draft the “Bill of Rights”. To me, it is perhaps the most important documents ever written!

      • mik says:

        Check out for better understanding what rights really are

        You can be amazed with that old piece paper and believe in it. Please don’t exaggerate, certainly it is not the most important paper ever written, that just smells on US indoctrination.
        In historical context founders didn’t make mistake, at that time this was excellent and noble idea. Since that time a lot has changed

  17. noconsent says:

    Well, it is all over the Radio today that half a million people died of COVID in the USA. ABC News, (if I can call it News) was saying that this was more Americans than died in nearly any of it’s Wars. They said, it is more than died in WWII. Wow, what a price , eh!
    Now let’s say that 94% of these people that are said to have died from COVID, actually died from something else, but appeared to have COVID when they died. Would 30,000 deaths from a new sickness be cause enough to shut down the economy? Obviously not, eh!
    The problem is that Politicians can be bought. They have a price and the Technocrats know how to fix the numbers so that that price is met. Perhaps if they knew (some of the more honest ones) that the actual deaths from COVID were a fraction of what is being reported, they would change there tune.
    I think they sold out to not wanting to be responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths. They sold Liberty out of fear, for a false Security. There is no Security. It is a lie.
    Now we have to work even harder to get back what freedom we once had.
    The truth will find a way, and the bad guys will pay.

  18. James:

    “After all, how many people would answer differently than the woman in the joke if the price named was sufficiently high? How many people really do stand on principle and are unwilling to negotiate away their rights? How popular would it be to say that there are certain positions that are not negotiable under any conceivable circumstance? These are not simple questions, and we must confront them head on and articulate our positions on them before engaging others on these points.”

    Excellent article James.

    I had similar thoughts on this a few months ago and more recently.
    I made a couple of posts to another alt-media site in the form of polls.

    The first poll was:
    Do you have a vaccine price? (Vaccine prostitute? 🙂 )
    Choices were (with current results):


    $1,000,000   11.7%
    No amount could change my mind   85.29%
    I’ll take it and I don’t need a bribe    2.94%

    The more recent poll was:
    Where do you draw your ‘line in the sand’?
    Choices were (with current results):

    Social distancing   6.6%
    Face masks           6.6%
    Temperature checks
    Contact tracing      26.6%
    Lock downs
    Vaccines /mRNA injections    26.6%
    Immunity passports
    Digital ID’s             13.3%
    Other 20%

  19. Steve Smith says:

    I know what I am. I have looked the threat of death in the face and kept going. And I have also been in so much pain that I have longed for the release of death.
    I will fight for my liberty to the death because if I fall into their hands they can cause me enough pain that I might become a coward.
    I would rather die.

  20. studiotwoseven says:

    James, my gut feeling is that you always have our back.

    Nuances of your article can be picked apart, missing the point.

    Put simply:

    “What do you accept?”

    “Do you have any boundaries?”

    “What can get past them?”

    …sounds like an immune system

  21. rgarr says:

    A lot of the same people commenting on all threads telling people on on how to live or how to tweek someone’s opinion into a better suggestion. Fuck off

  22. Aamir says:

    Nice to see your more philosophical side James.

  23. Magmon says:

    Hmmm, wasn’ t there a movie about such an offer… Indecent proposal… I think… Would you sleep with a stranger for a million dollars… Looking at it naivly,… Stranger,… Imagining a young hamdsome guy with nice eyes, charming and a kissable smile,… Um yeah,… No need to pay me… Unless he is a psycho serialkiller,… Then the payment would be danger quota and a defense attorney once things turn ugly. Would I sleep with the same guy for 5$ ?…Well both,…the sick guy making the offer and the stranger will have to find out what kind of a woman I am…
    Ok, ok, just having some fun with this little black and white trap,… But I do see the point and enjoyed reading all the above… No woman in her right mind would answer the first question, let alone the second that way…. Then again, she could be a ” Karen” …. ( to keep with current trends)

  24. suki.m says:

    Great article and one I shall definitely use when I get called a conspiracy theorist for saying no to the vaccine!
    Thanks James!

  25. Tina says:

    I’m so excited to be a “member” of the Corbett Report!! James, you’re awesome and do amazing work! AND I was excited to see Whitney Webb on yesterday!

  26. Ukdavec says:

    They are not even pretending anymore – latest from the WEF

    • mkey says:

      Seems gone.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        On this note about the TWITTER for the WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM…

        2/27/21 Saturday – Zero Hedge (IMAGE captures)
        Propaganda Crash: World Economic Forum Tweets “Lockdowns Improving Cities”, Then Deletes Admitting It Was Wrong

        If there was any doubt that economic lockdowns supposedly inspired by the Covid pandemic are the peak in globalist propaganda, it disappeared not so “quietly” once and for all at 5:48am ET on Saturday, when the globalist organization which recently unleashed such lunatics as Klaus Schwab, best known for revealing the endgame with his book COVID-19: The Great Reset, deleted a that “Lockdowns are quietly improving cities around the world.”
        Remarkably, the WEF’s propaganda tweet – which was was accompanied by a video showing deserted streets and silent factories, that noted a record drop in carbon emissions and linked to an article claiming that silent cities contributed to better detection of minor earthquakes (because millions of workers losing their jobs is clearly less important than being able to measure the next M2 quake to the 8th significant digit) – survived just a few hours following a barrage of mockery and outraged comments.

        Just before 6am ET on Saturday, the WEF finally deleted the tweet, admitting in a subsequent highly ratioed tweet that “lockdowns aren’t “quietly improving cities” around the world” despite still insisting that the restrictions have been “an important part of the public health response to Covid-19.”

        [– IMAGE and more IMAGES follow as the WEF digs itself into a deeper hole and gets ripped apart by the public –]

        …Hours later, as the WEF’s catastrophic fiasco spread virally across the world, the WEF decided to triple down on its peak idiocy, and instead of just forgetting all about the matter decided that it’s best to engage with random twitter economists, and blame it all on “a working human being who made a mistake.”

        • mkey says:

          That was one juicy order at the WEF. Chalking it up to fallible human worker drones. Just more reasons to get rid of these useless eating bastards.

  27. HomeRemedySupply says:

    March 1st – “BOLD” – Business Owners For Liberty

    A call for businesses around the country to reopen despite the globalist restrictions. Masks are a volitional voluntary choice.


    Oakes Farms – “Seed to Table” is one of the largest independently owned agribusiness operations in South Florida.
    Headquartered in Collier County, Florida, Oakes Farms maintains a diversified portfolio of services that reach a global market and include farming, packing, shipping, retail markets and food service and seafood distribution.

    Our business was founded on a promise to support friends and neighbors in their pursuit to live healthy lives…

    …Frank’s passion for 100 percent all organic farming consumed his focus and blossomed from a hobby into a profitable business with a very loyal client base. He sold his organic produce at several markets including Oakes Organics, Nature’s Garden and Pine Ridge. Frank’s amiable and passionate personality allowed him to quickly become a local personality and expert in organic and sustainable gardening. His knowledge and influence made him an advocate for better standards in nutrition and a much sought after speaker and organic gardening consultant.

    In 2005, Frank opened Food & Thought, a militantly organic produce market, juice bar, restaurant, and retail health food store in the heart of Naples. The store quickly became a hub for anyone looking for a healthy lifestyle in Naples…

    …The community’s heartbreak when Frank suddenly passed in 2013 helped Alfie recognize the true impact and value of his father’s work. He also realized that many of the same principles that compelled his father also drive him in life and business….

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I became aware of this Oakes Farms “Seed to Table” story via The Highwire with Del Bigtree.

      Mask-Free Store Goes Viral

      Florida grocery store owner, Alfie Oakes, made national headlines recently when a video of maskless employees and customers at his store went viral. Del talks to our “HighWire Hero of the Week” about what inspired him to stand up against Covid mandates, and how his opposition has put his thriving business in the spotlight.

      MY COMMENT – I like Del Bigtree, and he does more activism than I do.
      So, I shouldn’t be too critical.
      However, he needs to stop the bullshitting and interrupting of his guests, including Jefferey Jaxen during his shows.
      Bigtree is starting to sound like a used car salesman with too much bullshitting, blather and staging on the topic. More and more he detracts from the message, sometimes causing confusion.
      He needs to dial it back down.
      I love his passion, but he needs to regain some balance.

  28. pyoneer says:

    There is a guiding principle available for all human beings which is not based on mental acrobatics.
    you may call it “the heart”, “intuition”, “common sense” or give it a new label….it is accessible to people of any intellectual capacity, educational or cultural background.
    How is the development of this inherent quality of every human being supported to grow?
    By NOT conditioning, NOT molding the children into “good (or bad for that matter) citizens”.

  29. MortimerDuke says:

    great read
    i had something typed but my network crashed and that really makes a child of the 60s with one good eye and the other made of glass really mad
    anyway I think the Hooker setteles for two 1200$ checks and a UBI
    People need to start walking through life as nature intended the more people see that the more itll catch. monkey see monkey do.
    i try to talk to people about what they see infront of them and the numbers but they rufuse to see or aknowledge , or maybe theyre afraid of going againt the current we’re being told to follow.
    But the people aware of the lies out number the ..Cult of the Cootie Catchers.. we just need get tired enough . and take back everything we’ve given away.
    anyway I enjoy your work and very happy with my purchase

  30. cu.h.j says:

    I don’t think we need government to act in a moral way. If this was a real pandemic and it was killing healthy people and they were dropping like flies, it would be obvious and humanity would figure a way to work around it so that they could still live their lives and people could thrive.

    People still lived their lives during the bubonic plague. Economies weren’t shut down as far as I know. How much excess mortality would it take to make me accept totalitarianism and forced vaccines? I don’t think forced vaccines and lockdowns prevent excess mortality, so I can’t really answer that question. For thousands of years we have had diseases and continued to live our lives because people who aren’t affected by disease have a right to live their lives, period.

    People can also chose to prostitute themselves if they want to, accept money for sex if they want to. Isn’t prostitution “the worlds profession”?
    I wouldn’t want to do it, but to each his own.

    There are certain things that are worse harms than others, for example murder is worse stealing. Pick pocketing someone is less bad than robbing them at gun point. All of these things are wrong, but there are some acts that are more wrong, more evil. Rape, murder, and the vile things that TPTB do to us are much worse than cheating on a math test for example.

    Some things are negotiable and other things aren’t. Moral values, I believe are hard wired into “normal” ie non psychopathic people and encouraged by good parenting and lived experience. It doesn’t feel good to hurt others, it’s not natural. Empathy is healthy. These lockdowns are selfish and unhealthy and they feel wrong. People know this but are lying to themselves.

  31. HomeRemedySupply says:

    A host of Globalist Organizations Slammed by SkyNews

    I caught the YouTube video Friday or Saturday, but Zero Hedge has the full script written. It is a pretty good message for the masses.

    Sunday Feb 28 – Zero Hedge
    “Socialism On A Global Scale”:
    Sky News Host Demolishes Davos Elites And ‘Great Reset’ Scheme

    (7 minute video embedded)(Full script written)

    Sky News Australia host Cory Bernardi has just taken a flamethrower to the global elite, telling us we need to be mindful “of any organization with the term “world” in their name” in a monologue which would never see the light of day in most Western nations.

    After flaying the World Health Organization (WHO)…Bernardi demolishes the World Food Program, the World Meteorological Organization, the World Tourism Organization, and the World Trade Organization – for lies, misinformation and climate-related pretzel logic to justify policy…

    “The World Economic Forum (WEF) is the architect of the Great Reset, and the fourth industrial revolution.
    They coined the “build back better” hashtag, that is actually proving so popular with big government elites right across the globe,”
    says Bernardi.
    “Under the WEF vision, the Davos attendees will own what you’ll be renting. And trust me on this, it’s not gonna be a philanthropic enterprise.”….

  32. judyanne says:

    Thanks James, this is why George Carlins comments on “Groups” is more relevant today than ever…….” The larger the group, the more toxic, the more of your beauty as an individual you have to surrender for the sake of group thought, and when you suspend your individual beauty you also give up a lot of your humanity. YOU will do things in the name of a group that you would never do on your own. Injury, hurting, killing, drinking are all part of it, because you’ve lost your identity, because you now owe your allegiance to this thing that’s bigger than you are, and that controls you.” RIP George…..

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