The Carbon Bubble Cometh (and Open Thread)

10/09/2018207 Comments

by James Corbett
October 9, 2018

So as I (p)reported this weekend, all the usual suspects in the lying, fake news-promoting, bankster-funded corporate mouthpiece media have responded to the latest hot air from the IPCC by dutifully repeating the line that we only have 12 YEARS TO AVERT CLIMATE ARMAGEDDON!!1! And how will we avert this disaster, precisely? By raising carbon taxes and blowing the trillion-dollar carbon trading bubble, of course. Yay.

For those who are confused by the fact that we had only 3 YEARS TO AVERT DISASTER!!1! last year, don't fret too much over the discrepancy. As I detailed at the time, we've been getting different X YEARS TO AVERT DISASTER!!1! warnings for the last 30+ years now, all of which set a different, completely arbitrary timeline for the end of the world. To which the global warming true believers respond: "Details shmeetails, it's Settled Science™! End of argument!"

So while I'm off this week working on my next major project (coming to The Corbett Report in the very near future), I'll take the liberty of reposting some of my previous work on the climate issue. These include reports exposing the IPCC; drilling down on the actual science behind the doomporn platitudes; interviewing actual climate scientists; exposing the data fabrication which the climate cult regularly engages in; and explaining the carbon eugenics philosophy which (aside from the obvious financial incentives) motivates the whole scheme. Stay tuned to the front page of for a different "featured video" from the climate change archives every day.

In the meantime, as I mentioned at the tail end of last week's New World Next Week, I am taking this week off from new productions while I'm busy working on my next project, so Corbett Report members are invited to use this space to comment on these developments or whatever else is on your mind. It's an open thread, so feel free to discuss all the latest news or open up discussion on more esoteric matters. Links, resources, insightful commentary and respectful disagreement always welcomed, of course.

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  1. revan says:

    Regarding the idea that man can change the climate or can influence the weather I am worried about HAARP and EISCAT. These are two huge installiations not to study weather and climate but to experiment and tinker with it.
    HAARP is in Alaska and EISCAT in Norway. Both close to the North Pole. Now think about this. Climatechange want us to believe the ice on the North Pole is melting. If it happens the North Pole will be the Northern Pole sea. Accesible for ships. Who’s navy rules the waves?
    What can we think of this? The nation with the superior navy is tinkering with the climate in the Nort Pole region. A coincidence? At the same time we have to believe that industrial produced CO2 is the cause of global warming. I would like to see both installations dismantled.

    • FlyingAxblade says:

      you make want to check out WeatherWar101.
      I predict for Hurricane Michael: Elgin, AAFB landfall then it will move to Robins, AFB then to Greer, SC (& possibly stall over Charlotte) then move to KRAX in Raleigh, NC then move in a fairly straight line to Norfolk, VA to be pushed into the ocean just above “Nags Head”.
      If you see the radar & satellite of the storm, just as it passed the tip of Cuba, it had a tremendous influx of hot water vapor rising through it’s core and that plume was the “event” needed to stabilize the vortex. Watched that on “Tropical Tidbits”.
      Just remember all those Water Cooling apparatus are shooting up thousands of tons of hot water vapor which will fuel storms.
      Cherish is the new love, be well!

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Saudi Arabia sells Canadian assets as dispute escalates
    The Saudi central bank and state pension funds have instructed their overseas asset managers to dispose of their Canadian equities, bonds and cash holdings “no matter the cost”,…
    Expelled the country’s ambassador
    Frozen new trade and investment with Ottawa
    Suspended a student exchange programme to Canada
    Halted Saudi Arabian Airlines flights to the North American country….

    • patrickdetches says:

      Why send a link that will cost $100 to read? Who are you shilling for?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        ? Patrick, Lower the shotgun for a moment…
        Originally, I read it free with no hassle. I caught a headline somewhere, searched it for more news articles, and took this one which gave me access right away. Now, Financial Times won’t give me access unless I sign up – which I won’t do.

        However, now YouTube and other media have stories about it.
        Here is one video…

  3. calibrator says:

    The most interesting headline/news on the “financial doom porn website” ZeroHedge today (in my humble opinion):

    “Bullet Holes Discovered In Pilot’s Body After Mysterious Helicopter Crash That Killed Russian Prosecutor”


    The official version is that the ‘overloaded’ helicopter crashed after clipping trees in Kostroma region, killing Karapetyan, his nephew Areg Arutyunyan, 47, pilot Stanislav Mikhnov, and another passenger Viktor Kopteev, 54.

    But respected Moscow journalist Sergei Dorenko has bluntly accused the investigating authorities of a cover-up in seeking hide two bullet wounds to highly experienced 54-year-old pilot – and gun shot damage to the copter’s blade.


    My theorem:

    “The smaller the crashed plane and the more prominent the passengers the likelier it is that the crash of the plane was not an accident.”

    • m.clare says:

      After 43 years of Conservative government in Oil Rich Alberta, The Environmental NDP do the impossible and win the 2015 election. Now we have a Carbon Tax to pay for our environmental sins. What became of the Conservative leader shortly after this historical upset…?

      Why, his small plane went STRAIGHT down killing all on board, naturally.

      • calibrator says:

        Thanks for mentioning this confirmation of my theorem ;), wasn’t aware of this.

        It’s totally beyond me how people in higher positions (and therefore always making enemies) are still keen on having a private plane.

        Of course: The higher you are the likelier you have a private plane in the first place but I bet that planes of “regular people” crash less often. Perhaps even dramatically so.

        While the majority of “plane accidents” were surely in the 60s/70s they are still a “tool in the shed”.

        Others “tools” are:
        – If the person has a history of heart problems then he will get a heart attack while “alone” at home. See the movie “Michael Clayton”.
        – If the person has a DUI history then he will be found in a crashed car at a tree or in a river.
        – If he is working on his home and has a nailgun around…
        – If he likes fly fishing his boat will be found first.
        – If under police protection a surprising case of “lightning diabetes” is also in the realm of possibility (don’t laugh, happened here in Germany a few years ago).


        Pro tip: If you run a crime cartel and have to get rid of many people then make sure you have some variety.
        People hanging or shooting themselves gets old quickly. Especially when they shoot themselves two times in the back of the head.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          That is a pretty good tool list.

          Personally, I speculate that there exists a very, very large number of “accidents” caused by corporations and businessmen,(relative to ‘government accidents’) in the United States.
          But these fly under the radar and don’t draw much credible attention.

          Karen Silkwood is an example of someone who had an ‘accident’ when working in Oklahoma for a corporation. (Made famous by the movie).

          Also in Oklahoma is the ‘accident’ of Aubrey McClendon a few years back.

          In many cases, a corporation doesn’t need to perform a fatal accident.
          Another set of tools for the businessman includes data, technology, financial means, etc. to ruin, stress, make ill, or otherwise cause turmoil within the target’s household.

          Weaken the target with stresses, and then the target becomes ineffective.
          …After all, the government does this to everyone all the time.

  4. calibrator says:

    Here’s another interesting one, this time from the gold standard of news reporting, CNN:

    “Suspect in Maduro assassination plot dies in mysterious fall from window”


    My take on this:

    We didn’t have such a clear case of suicide since James Forrestal and Frank Olson…

    • zyxzevn says:

      Let me describe my side of the story that I based upon the data
      from Abby Martin.
      The country is full with criminals and CIA.
      Both use the “socialism did this”-propaganda to try to get a majority.
      The “opposition” is causing most violence from the reports that I have seen.
      The neutral media is under attack by criminals directly (people get shot if they report the positive side).
      The international market is blocked, so it generates no income.
      The state-less companies are hijacking the market and raising prices
      using monopoly tactics.
      The US media is continuously presenting faked reports of hunger and such to create an urgency. It is to push a need for war.

      So there is a continuous coupe going on, in their media,
      in their finance and in the streets (violence).

      So the situation is a mixture of:
      phoenix project – controlled violence in the state,
      controlled media – just like in the US
      economic hitman – the usual business
      extreme sanctions – stopped the international trade/ oil-sale


      I disagree with any violent action, especially a war or intervention.
      This would create a new Libia with their own slave-trade.

      The idea that they should sell their oil-sources is actually what
      started the trade-ware. The state reclaimed the oil-sources
      when the owners started using it as a pressure tool.
      There is too much violence to get capitalism back, unless
      you arm the whole population.

      Some people propose that their problems might be solved by going more socialistic. Which is fair as the US companies still have far too
      much influence in the system.
      It would become more like in western Europe.
      Yes, we have a far more socialistic state here in Europe.
      But the corruption is a bit too high. So you will not get a
      (former) Sweden, but a Greece.

      Trading oil and goods with China and other “free” countries.
      This can bypass the trade-blockage that the US has setup.
      The IMF is just a puppet of the US banking system.

      I think the real solution would to go the anarchy way,
      as in anarchapulko.
      This would give the power back to the people themselves
      and not to corporations (which is what the US wants).
      The income of oil can be shared.
      But I don’t think the people need to sell much oil when
      they have their power back.
      They need to defend it against the states, though, as they
      will certainly try to claim it.
      It is probably sold to some US company already.
      So the oil could be used to finance a small defense army
      (with local people included).

      But as it looks now, due to the US interventionism,
      China might become the protector.

      • calibrator says:

        The US banking system doesn’t exist.
        You mean the “international banking system” which is controlled by very few people – but executed by many.
        The IMF is part of it.
        The World Bank is part of it.
        As are all central banks.
        And of course the BIS in Basel.

        If banking stood for itself the problem would be only half as big.
        But banks always invested in the big industries.
        In the mid to late 19th century it was railroads – which means coal and steel had to be controlled, too.
        This is why Carnegie sold to JP Morgan (=Rothschild).

        Then came oil.
        Hence Rockefeller & Royal Dutch Shell (=Rothschild).

        After this came electricity.
        This is why JP Morgan controlled General Electric.

        Then came the military with its demands – thanks to the World Wars(tm).

        Then came airlines (both civil and military).
        Care to know why 5 Rockefeller men sat on the board of Pan Am?

        Now we have “data as the new oil”.
        Why should we believe that it would be different?
        Who gave Google money?
        Who originally made Google Maps and Google World? (yes, a rhethoric question, too)
        Who made sure that Amazon survived despite being a money-losing establishment in the first years?
        Who pays Amazon hundreds of millions a year for “cloud storage”?

        etc. etc.

        As for Venezuela: It reminds me a bit of Operation PBSuccess.
        Except for the bombing, but that may come later.

        And no, China won’t become a protector.

        • manbearpig says:

          sounds like a pretty good recap to me…

          yea, for a long time, when I was even more naive than I am today, the “End the Fed” slogan left me a little perplexed – as I wondered why folks drew the line in Washington D.C. instead of heading straight up to Basel.

          And no indeed, China won’t become a protector.

          But the binary mentality machine probably will, and to a certain extent already is in certain ways, presenting the western-groomed Dragon as the “good guy”… along with most anyone else pitted against the remarkably well-performed arch-vilain, tyrannical Twitter-terrorist Trump.

          …Perhaps just as in the Syrian conflict, Putin is playing the diplomat and strategist hors pair, along with poised victim of unjust election-tampering accusations, and dignified leader of the BRICS power-ranger super-gang …

          ultimately serving as the underdog anti-thesis for the NWO synthesis…

          if that makes any sense…

          sorry long day…

          • calibrator says:

            Don’t worry: You make perfect sense.

            It’s the world that doesn’t – and you have to dig further and further down to find any.

            If you then talk about that you are getting shunned by those influenced by the “binary mentality machine” as you call it.

            Today everything is either black or white. But white is of course the new black…

            Most people love simple things, simple stories and simple solutions.

            So a crime movie must come to a satisfying end. Often with explosions and car chases as distractions and “show values”.
            But the baddie gets it in the end more often than not.

            The difference is: In the real world the baddie gets everything, keeps it and can turn around the narrative to become the good guy.

            Some can even bend the law of physics and become invisible – at least with the coerced (or owned) media…

  5. FlyingAxblade says:

    It’s like all those Radio preachers: Jesus is coming back in two years, in 10 years, etc.

  6. weech says:

    What’s happening in Turkey? The Khassoggi “event” whatever really happened inside KSA consulate has eerie parallels with the recent UK Skripals in Salisbury adventure – with its one (accidental?) fatality. There’s a much bigger picture
    It seems contrived. Who’d weaponise this mysterious situation?

  7. ddude says:

    I personally entered the whole conspiracy rabbit hole through the UFO subject and related government cover up – then 9/11. Just wanted to let the community know that recently Richard Dolan has become very active on YouTube ( Like Corbett, I like Richard Dolan a lot, and think that members here might like him as well. Two of my very favorite truth guys. Meaningful criticism encouraged.

    • zyxzevn says:

      You may like the direct relation between UFO-waves and Nukes..

      It appears that the aliens are very interested in the nukes.
      Sometimes disabling them, on both sides.
      Maybe they stop us from destroying ourselves?

      • ddude says:

        Yes, I’ve often thought that the apparent increase in UFO activity after WWII seemed related to nukes. And the fact that UFO’s have directly interacted with nuclear facilities in very in-your-face ways leads me to wonder the same as you state.

        It also occurs to me that these nuclear explosions may be damaging a part of reality unknown/unseen to our senses, perhaps in the realm of these “others” and their UFO’s. It certainly isn’t helping out *our* environment any.

  8. paul2 says:

    Here is a good resource that actually relies on evidence rather than the religious scaremongering×9.pdf

    • ddude says:

      Not sure about this particular article, but I’m not too crazy about its author, Andrew Johnson. He says this “It is nonetheless difficult to comprehend the number of people that seem to be involved in this cover up. There seem to be a disturbing number of people who are willing to lie about and misrepresent the truth of what Dr Wood has said and shown. People such as Alex Jones, Richard Gage and his AE911 group – and a raft of other authors, presenters and reporters such as James Corbett.” on page.

      To suggest that James Corbett seems to be involved in the cover up of this information is a crock of shit. Period. To claim some sort of cover up from Corbett is damaging to Johnson’s credibility in my opinion. His backup evidence for this claim, at least what I’ve found, in (page 86-87) does not support his assertion at all in my opinion. I’ve been listening to Corbett for many years. Butt hurt seems more likely what happened with Corbett’s comments, not a cover up ffs.

      Johnson’s “no nano-thermite” stance is not only at least seemingly unnecessary, but does nothing but divide and turn the truth movement against itself for no apparent reason that I can discern. Now who’d want to do a thing like that?

      So, long story short version, I’d be a little extra wary of anything put out by this guy. He’s at best very careless about what he says, but it seems quite a bit worse than that to me. Just my 2 cents.

    • Leslie says:

      An excellent book, I just posted a link to that myself before i seen your comment, Andrew Johnson is a fantastic researcher.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Goldfinger & Warburg

    Mike Malone has an interesting recent (4 minutes) video…
    The Real GoldFinger – Who Was This Secretive Banker?

    Mike references this article entitled…
    The real Goldfinger: the London banker who broke the world.
    The true story of how the City of London invented offshore banking – and set the rich free

    by Oliver Bullough

    For you young tikes, Goldfinger is a 1964 James Bond film.
    It was rated ‘R’, so my Dad bought my ticket insisting that I see it. He loved the Ian Fleming books.

    The film’s plot has Bond investigating gold smuggling by gold magnate Auric Goldfinger and eventually uncovering Goldfinger’s plans to contaminate the United States Bullion Depository at Fort Knox.
    ~~ “Oddjob” shows off – (90 seconds)
    ~~ The Golden Girl (very risqué for the era)(90 seconds)

  10. calibrator says:

    It gets better and better and better:

    “James Murdoch Slated To Replace Elon Musk As Tesla Chairman”

    “Media mogul James Murdoch is at the top of the list to replace Elon Musk as the chairman of Tesla, according to the Financial Times, citing two people briefed on the discussions. Murdoch has reportedly signaled that he wants the job.”

    Yes, /the/ James Murdoch, son of Rupert Murdoch, media moloch extraordinaire thanks to the graciousness of the Rothschild empire.

    Right now he “only” sits on the board of Tesla…

    Remember the brilliant 2017 article “The Brain Chip Cometh” from James?
    Especially this paragraph here?:

    “The real question to ask is how this PhD dropout from nowhere in particular was able to found a financial service company in the late 1990s that received FDIC insurance. Or how he worked out the exceptionally low financing from the government for his SpaceX venture. Or how he then managed to bilk another $5 billion out of Uncle Sam to underwrite his (unprofitable) Tesla venture.”

    *Now* you know who this pot-smoking, hair-implanting, bullshit-talking, taxpayer-money-slurping fraudster really works for!

    Apparantly they are unimpressed by his performance and now want him out. They are simply afraid that this clown is running their precious Tesla venture into the ground so they are grabbing the steering wheel.

    They’ll probably let Musk fly with one of his rockets…

    • manbearpig says:

      he may be running Tesla into the ground, he’s still a powerfully charismatic propaganda pundit…with a marketing side-kick like Sam Harris he may not have outlived his usefulness…

      • ddude says:

        I must say that this whole thing looked like some sort of setup to me. I mean, first of all, he goes on Joe Rogan’s show, so he has to know that these guys smoke pot on the show regularly. And he just casually takes the blunt and takes a puff without thinking of any consequences of that action? Anyone that has ever smoked pot and watches this video knows that this guy didn’t even inhale the one puff that he did take, so it had no real effect on him. I’ve watched a lot of Joe Rogan and he’s not trustworthy to the truth at all for quite some time. I just found myself looking fascinated at the whole scene thinking that there just has to be some plan behind this craziness.

        I saw that Musk was on-board with the whole climate change narrative and tuned him out as far as anyone worth listening to for any kind of truth, but this is very interesting to see just how this whole scenario works itself out. So here’s a Murdoch puzzle piece…

  11. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Derrick Broze What a stellar activist!

    On Tuesday October 9, Derrick Broze spoke to Houston City Council about the dangers of blindly supporting the 5G technology roll out.
    Derrick Broze Educates Houston City Council on 5G Tech

    • ddude says:

      Thanks for the heads up and link. Derrick did a great job and appeared to actually have some effect, at least from appearances.

    • mkey says:

      Reflections on “Can Voters and Non-Voters See Eye to Eye?”

      Derrick’s been doing more gods work. I don’t know what he changed in his diet lately, but it’s working out great for the lad.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Homey, you are so correct in your opinion of this man. Blindly we go into that place where all great schemes are hatched. DDT, Glysophate, Hexiflouride, SRM, Coal fly ash…ect.ect.
      A very interesting basket of eggs gathered here today. All very worthy of our attention. I have prioritized the geo-engineering military industrial banking/financial complex as the largest and most crazy deadly threat to all life on earth.
      I encourage you to read the peer review paper by Herndon. Published September 2018. It is at the bottom of the page on Claudia@Cabin Talk as a linked reference. Claudia is interviewing Ian Baldwin on the subject


  12. justine.k says:

    BREAKING NEWS!! It was announced today: The winner of the Nobel Prize for Economics goes to?…….wait…..holding breath with excitement (and irony)

    The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2018 was divided equally between William D. Nordhaus “for integrating climate change into long-run macroeconomic analysis” and Paul M. Romer “for integrating technological innovations into long-run macroeconomic analysis.”

    More Hot Air!!!

  13. benab says: is a site dedicated to debunking “AGW deniers”.

    Wikipedia gives this site a very positive and IMO very biased article for this website.

    I wanted to draw attention to what I think is very valid criticism of the main article on wiki in the talk section:
    Please take a look at this link:

    I found this part in particular interesting:

    “Out of 28 sources, 15+ are Cook’s words or own site. 7+ are favorable reviews of the site, some which don’t include Wiki article assertions. The remaining are the only acceptable sources, because they specifically note origins, policy, and/or creation of the site. This giant, waving, red promotional banner is unacceptable.

    There is a massive amount of vague wording, “primarily”, “mostly”, “may be”, “mainly”, et al. These are all subjective comments and are rife in the article. One or two would be understandable to describe the site. These quantifiers are being used to describe everything from the creation, application, function, development, use and content.

    In addition, another conflict occurs with “trained as a solar physicist”, when Cook has had no formal training, education or employment other than a “year of study” post graduation ( for physics alone, and he did not receive any degree or certification. This claim is dubious, since according to Postgraduate_education#Australia, twelve months would grant an additional certification of some sort, so if it’s a year, would it not then have given him something tangible rather than “a year’s study”? (Honest question, as I’m unfamiliar with Australian education system and can only refer to internet sourcing and this needs proper attribution and addressing in the article.) In addition, he never worked in this field (same source), let alone research in it. While his specific path should be part of this article, then it should be clarified that his degree is ONLY in physics, no additional branches, and is an undergraduate degree with no employer, study, or scientific research was completed by him in this field. To prevent confusion due to this murky situation, it should be clarified his recent doctorate is in psychology, not physics or other climatology related fields, since the ordering and description in the current article is confusing in this situation (intent by editors is obviously unclear, but I believe this jumbled chronology is intentional, in looking in past edits/reverts). Also, it should be added to his information, any various other positions he holds and where, such as and This will clarify his standing and list achievements and associations for his work. Ironically, the lede refers to the founding to his current employment site, but then shifts to SS to source claims of the sites purpose, systems, etc.”

    • ddude says:

      Wikipedia is such a great concept, and works extremely well for non-controversial subjects. I’ve found it completely unreliable for anything controversial, and it seems that many things are (unfortunately for Wikipedia users) increasingly controversial these days. It’s good to see that folks are still there who are at least forcing them work for it.

  14. urban says:

    Hey Y’All,
    The truth is that despite the apparent so called evidence, there actually is a lot more to science that is not taught in schools. Research the works of John Worrel Keely, Stubblefield, Tesla, Oliver Heaviside, T Henry Moray, Ron Brandt, Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleyev, Lester Hendershot and a number of others. This is all to say what James and a number of you already know deep down in your spirits: The world we’ve been presented rather amounts to a “Matrix”. Any crisis of energy, and scarcity for that matter, is fiction.

    • urban says:

      ^This is all to say that the whole fossil fuel paradigm and hence false alternative energy “solutions” of wind nuclear solar etc. are all shams. There are real solutions with zero harmful effects and or have baked efficiencies but we like mushrooms are kept in the dark and fed (bull)sh*t. I encourage all to seek out the writings of the above scientists to shed light on what actually is real.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Corbett says:
    “…so feel free to discuss…and respectful disagreement always welcomed, of course.”

    I am calling attention to…
    Interview 1388 – Emma Fiala on the Women’s March on the Pentagon
    Read “why” the title “Women’s March” was chosen.
    …and how the 9/11 Truth Action Project supports the march.(comment above the link)

    I recommend watching Cindy Sheehan in this video.

  16. ashley says:

    I decided to continue living today
    A feat worth celebrating
    In this world of men
    To continue breathing
    Stillness of mind discovers
    The real work has only begun
    To find the Power and the Glory
    The part of the heart
    That will conquer death

  17. Eltervag says:

    Here is a link to an old article from 1989.
    U.N. Predicts Disaster if Global Warming Not Checked

    Quote “The most conservative scientific estimate that the Earth’s temperature will rise 1 to 7 degrees in the next 30 years, said Brown.”
    Brown “said even the most conservative scientists ″already tell us there’s nothing we can do now to stop a … change″ of about 3 degrees.”

    Some things never change, eh? I was 21 years old at that time. And I do not buy the scare propaganda

  18. mkey says:

    Why you have (probably) already bought your last car

    You’ve probably seen headlines about accidents involving self-driving cars but the truth is they will be far safer than ones driven by you and me – they won’t get regulatory approval if they are not. That means tens of thousands of lives – perhaps hundreds of thousands – will be saved as accident rates plummet.

    That will generate yet another cost saving for our fleets of robo-taxis. The price of insurance will tumble, while at the same time those of us who insist on continuing to drive our own vehicles will face higher charges.

    The logical next step will be for human beings to be banned from driving cars at all because they pose such a risk to other road users.

    Thanks, Pocket. I’ll refrain from commenting as it’s really nothing we haven’t heard before.

  19. mkey says:

    ‘THE GOOD CENSOR’: Leaked Google Briefing Admits Abandonment of Free Speech for ‘Safety And Civility’

    One of the reasons Google identifies for allegedly widespread public disillusionment with internet free speech is that it “breeds conspiracy theories.” The example Google uses? A 2016 tweet from then-candidate Donald Trump, alleging that Google search suppressed negative results about Hillary Clinton.

    The document also bemoans that the internet allows “have a go commenters” (in other words, ordinary people) to compete on a level playing field with “authoritative sources” like the New York Times. Google-owned YouTube now promotes so-called “authoritative sources” in its algorithm. The company did not specifically name which sources it would promote.

    Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. To quote Alan B’stard.

  20. dennis.m says:

    I am too lazy/preoccupied/or whatever to research climate change. I would like to see two preeminent 9/11 Truthers, David Ray Griffin, and James Corbett, who are on opposite sides of the climate change issue, have a climate change debate.

  21. mkey says:

    Facebook purged over 800 accounts and pages pushing political messages for profit

    Derrick Broze pointed out the link. (I archived the page for EU prisoners)

    The accounts and pages, with names like Reasonable People Unite and Reverb Press, were likely domestic actors using clickbait headlines and other spammy tactics to drive users to websites where they could target them with ads, the company said. Some had hundreds of thousands of followers and expressed a range of political viewpoints, including a page which billed itself as the first publication to endorse President Trump. They did not appear to have ties to Russia, company officials said.

    How dare they use …. ads? Oh, won’t you think of the children?

  22. Camille says:

    Something that I find helpful when watching YouTube…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Tidbits like this can come in handy.

      • Camille says:

        It really is helpful for me. That’s my youtube video. I’m just getting started doing this video thing.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Camille says: “That’s my youtube video. I’m just getting started doing this video thing.”
          Oh cool!
          I love seeing this!

          Great name for a YouTube Channel! “PLEASE STOP THE RIDE”


        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          You hit my bailiwick with your video…

          Erie City Council Fluoride Debate

          The Fluoride fight continues in the Dallas area…

          I detest “authority mandates”.
          For example, Houston, TX (Derrick Broze stomping grounds).
          In the early 1980’s citizens filed a lawsuit to end fluoridation.
          The Judge found that fluoridation “may cause or contribute to the cause of cancer, genetic damage, intolerant reactions, and chronic toxicity, including dental mottling,…”.

          This went to a higher court which basically said that even though the Houston City Council might harm the public’s health, they can do it anyways. The courts can not stop them. (i.e. that such proof of harm was not enough to arrest an exercise of police power.)

          • Camille says:

            Thank you, HomeRemedySupply!

            That is quite the treasure trove of fluoride information! I came across this history of fluoride thing recently. Is it in there?

            Isn’t that an interesting interaction there with the city council? The councilwoman who spoke of conspiracy theories has worked her whole career at the “local” paper and she won her seat on the council just days after joining the #MeToo club saying George Bush Sr grabbed her butt once. I see the media and hollywood campaign of #MeToo as a big psyop to further divide us. Do you know of the Canadian youtuber Jeff C who is currently operating under the channel Jeff Censored Live? He has lost so many channels as I’ve followed him over the years. His most recent channel Jeff Censored is still up but has been having videos pulled lately. While horrible things are pushed on Youtube, Jeff is repeatedly taken down for questioning the media.

            I was on his recent Jeff C and Friends show actually! I chimed in around the 2:49:30 mark, should you want to hear me talk about some things I’ve not yet got to making videos on.

            One thing I mention in there briefly, and in the video you’ve seen, is Firstnet. I need to get on putting things together on that to share with people like Derrick Broze. I saw him stand up against 5G at the council meeting. He did great! The thing is that all of the states and territories have already signed on to Firstnet which is being rolled out by AT&T (with their deep government ties) and it will be the backbone of their 5G rollout. I don’t know that the local governments will defy that.

            I did a data dump on what I was looking at months back on Firstnet and a follow up post with a little more.



            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              You have a nice voice. It is soothing and caring, yet professional with credibility. The voice is certainly appealing for videos or podcasts.

              Those are good resource notes about Firstnet and 5G.

              I enjoyed listening to you about how food is being co-opted. What insanity exists in the Corporate world!

              • Camille says:

                HomeRemedySupply, you are too kind. Thank you!

                I’ll link to one more thing I’ve done just because you enjoyed the food part. As I mentioned on the show, I posted on my steemit blog the transcript to a presentation I gave locally in May, The Importance of Knowing Your Farmer. Since then I have seen how much bigger the situation is. What I presented is but a taste of the insanity.


              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                FOOD – American Style
                Camille, You really did your research. Incredible stuff.

                I am going to have to read this again, but with more focused attention. There is a lot to take away.


              • manbearpig says:

                Hey Camille!

                Funny, seems I just mentioned recently washing down Australian SuperMeat with synthetic beer… the other day…

                And funnier still, ahem, my daughter has since announced she’s gone vegan (I’m trying to, uhhh, process this fact for our family “thanksgiving” gathering this year… (no we’re not celebrating large-scale bio-warfare in the form of small pox blankets et al and the massacre of indigenous peoples). I’ve never had to prepare textured soy protein chunks before…have to check they’re not GMOs…an’ stuff…

                Reading your steemit article conjured images of Cronenberg Jr.’s movie Antiviral:

                (at 1 minute and 20 seconds into the trailer, “cultured” superstar meat ready for consumption…):


                Also the Soylant Green eating scene where the characters partake of a “real food” meal in a world fed exclusively by variations on a suspiciously processed food:


                Bon appétit!

                now time to get the hamsterwheel creaking…

                and thanks for the info!!

              • candlelight says:


                Saw this article(linked below)this morning on Yahoo. Had I not read through your report on what’s going on in the food industry and the extent to what is being developed and planned for the near future, the article would have hardly registered. I think I would have thought it some real quirky, unrealistic, isolated development by some little start up. But, that’s not the case. It’s actually part of a monumental shift in a food industry that plans to utilize every facet of artificial biological engineering!


                And speaking of Soylent Green (thank you mbp), I was imagining these developments might make that green stuff so very old school of an idea, unless of course, it’s ultimately planned that they’ll use it as their nutrient base to grow their “clean meat”, making it the perfect bio-“feed”back loop with minimal animal exploitation.

                However unfunny that is, I thank you, Camille, for enlightening this board.

              • Camille says:

                HomeRemedySupply, manbearpig, and candlelight, thank you for reading my post and for your comments!

                I put my presentation to video and I linked it to a post with all of the sources. Perhaps it can reach more people this way.

                If You Eat Food You Don’t Want To Miss This!

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                – Bump –
                If You Eat Food You Don’t Want To Miss This!

              • manbearpig says:

                “…unless of course, it’s ultimately planned that they’ll use it as their nutrient base to grow their “clean meat”, making it the perfect bio-“feed”back loop with minimal animal exploitation…”
                – candlelight

                …reality is always stranger than fiction…and often a whole lot creepier…

                Just discovered that the CleanMeat growing serum is outrageously expensive and they’re looking for some alternative…

                they wouldn’t…

                would they…?


                at 6 minutes and 30 seconds…

              • Camille says:

                Here is a presentation the CEO of JUST gave in Hong Kong. He covers a lot of what they are doing. At this part I have cued up he is talking about their “cellular agriculture” and the media required to grow the “meat”.

                Josh Tetrick at the GREENovation Forum: A Bold Vision for the Future of Food

              • Camille says:

                I got some more videos done on the food subject. I thought I should put them here. There’s more to come. It’s a mess.

                Do You Really Know What You Are Eating??

                Tracking All The Livestock

                They both have a link to the sources in the notes.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Camille, thanks for putting all this together.
                This food topic is so under-the-radar.

              • Camille says:

                HomeRemedySupply, when you watched the “Do You Really Know What You Are Eating??” video, did you see the Fluoride in the mix?! I just did a steemit post about it. There’s a picture.


              • mkey says:

                Talk about easter eggs. Fluoride ought be on that list thanks to its nutritional vlaues.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                “Fluoride” on the nutritional list!?!

                Thanks for noting that.
                I will use that.

  23. ddude says:

    Pulled up James’ “How Bad Global Warming Science Hurts the Environmental Movement” on GooTube ( and was a bit startled to discover this message underneath the video – appearing as if the video creator put it there: “Global warming is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth’s climate system and its related effects, as part of climate change. Multiple Lines of scientific evidence show that the climate system is warming.”, and points to this Wikipedia page:

    Same place as the Russian Government warning that appears along with RT videos.

    Just reminds me of what James has been saying for a very long time: one of these days, these videos will no longer be allowed on the platform.

  24. scpat says:

    Today, 11 October 2018, WikiLeaks publishes a “Highly Confidential” internal document from the cloud computing provider Amazon.

    Wikileaks publishes #AmazonAtlas, the location of Amazon’s hidden data centres

  25. UseLogic says:

    All this Climate Change propaganda results from handing out bogus degrees via the educational system.

    No one should be able to get anything above a Bachelors Degree when their field of study is one giant opinion unsupported by scientific fact. Political Science, Economics, Climate Science, Paleontology, Archaeology, Law, etc are made up fields of study that can’t prove anything past common sense and for the most part spread misinformation that actually damages the society. Look no further than Keynesian Economics for the damage it’s done.

    If “college” were the domain of only real science – STEM – then the degrees handed out to a much more limited number of really intelligent people would have real value. A degree in any of the Humanities / Social Sciences can all fall under the umbrella of a degree in Basket Weaving.

    We have Climate Scientists that rely on consensus to determine fact. There are no “Climate Scientists”. There are climate data gatherers, climate modelers, climate priests, but no Climate Scientists. They have yet to produce an even remotely accurate model of the climate and yet demand that we take them seriously. They are part of a fraudulent “profession” that was invented by the educational system to bilk students that were propagandized into believe that humanity KNOWS enough about the climate to create a legitimate area of study. The climate is too chaotic for us to understand and therefore should be relegated to further study at the maximum Bachelors level since the real knowledge base is so sparse.

  26. Fawlty Towers says:

    Open thread…

    Amy McGrath is a Kentucky candidate for the Democrats in the U.S. congressional race.

    She is reportedly a U.S. marine fighter pilot who flew 89 combat missions in Afghanistan and Iraq before retiring with the rank of lieutenant-colonel.

    “If Amy McGrath wins this race, the Democrats will take the House of Representatives,” says Ben Chandler, the former Democrat who represented the district from 2004 until he lost to Barr in 2012.

    “Amy McGrath is a war hero. Amy McGrath is a mother of three who has killed terrorists,” he said. “Now, I don’t know too many people who have that profile.”

    Made me feel sick when I heard this story on the radio today.
    War hero? Terrorists? …

  27. zyxzevn says:

    Solar science= Bullshit

    I will repeat it here again, and go a bit further:
    The mainstream science of the sun is filled with bullshit.
    It breaks with established physical laws of thermodynamics and

    And because the sun is directly related to Earth’s temperature,
    we get bullshit for our climate science.

    I found 8 major errors in the model.


    1) Magnetic reconnection
    is a fantasy that has no relation with physics or reality. It is about field-lines that release energy when they connect. Never observed, and based on false ideas. It is like free energy. It would break with all physics that we know. And we would see it every day around us,
    because field-lines of very strong radio-waves bump into each
    other all the time. They should explode if we follow this theory.
    Still wikipedia and Nasa use it in their “explanations”.

    2) Magnetohydrodynamics
    Only works in situations that never happen in reality, not even on the sun. The Lorentz force is often seen as evidence for it, but it is the Lorenz force instead. (Electrical field due to change of magnetic field).
    Combined with it we have “frozen magnetic fields” that can not exist
    in the real world.
    They invented this to also ignore all electric currents that are necessary (by laws of physics) to produce magnetic fields.

    3) Electrical fields do not exist according to astronomers. But in experiments and in space we see electrical fields all the time.

    4) Mainstream: Sun has no condensed matter. Like a Fluid. But we see fluid-like behavior and radiation that corresponds with fluids or solids.

    5) Mainstream: Sun does have a surface. Only true when you close your eyes.

    6) Mainstream Sun model breaks with basic thermodynamics:
    a- Mainstream: outside of the sun is millions of degrees.
    This breaks with basic physics, the sun is much cooler inside.
    Is the outside of a fire so much hotter than the fire itself?
    Reality: Surface temperature is different and based on false measurements.
    b- Mainstream: heat spreads very slowly inside the sun.
    This breaks with thermodynamics.

    7) Mainstream: Pressure outside the sun is extremely low
    This breaks with the normal expansion of gas and plasma around an object.
    a – Reality: The sun is surrounded by gas and plasma, following a curve like around a planet. Which we can also observe.
    b- Mainstream uses pressure radiation as a significant force.
    Reality: pressure radiation does not do much.

    8) Chemical reactions on the Sun are fully ignored.
    They are clearly happening, and likely in combination with electro-chemistry.

    On the wiki I also explain how they should be replaced.

    What does all this mean?

    Most of “established science” contain major errors!
    This is about the sun that is visible every day.

    This means that even smart scientists are not likely to see
    through theoretical bullshit even when it is in front of their eyes.

    On universities smart people are trained to follow instructions and
    not to have their own ideas.
    “Obey the expert’. “Doubt free thoughts”.

    Because I was trained physics with applied techniques, not just
    with theories, I could see through this bullshit.
    And that even took me a lot of years.

    But people that are trained in this field are hard to talk with. They just
    refer to books or people that repeat the old errors. They have
    been brainwashed into this nonsense. Never to think for themselves.
    Or point to “straw-man alternatives” to make their bullshit seem better.

    But just look at my list.
    Using just basic applied physics, you can already see
    that these subjects are at least very problematic.
    1-> Radio-waves that bump into each other causing explosions.
    6-> A fire that is cold inside, but extremely hot on the outside.
    8-> No chemical reactions. Did they just forget it?

    I think this is a good subject to talk with your friends about,
    before talking about more political things.

    • mkey says:

      I read and reread this, that I could explain it anyone with a straight face on is very doubtful. Interesting subject but not very intuitive.

      • zyxzevn says:

        …not very intuitive

        I think this is the problem with a lot of bullshit science.
        The theories have run wild without real evidence.

        Therefore I added the last 3 as simple examples.
        Like -6- Ever seen a fire that burns deep inside, but is only hot
        on the outside?
        I don’t think anyone has ever seen such a thing.

        When observations show that these theories are wrong:
        1) most people do not understand the problems.
        2) specialists in the area try to keep the theories and bend the
        observations so they fit the theory.
        3) PHD students graduate when they do not oppose the theories, and invent invisible stuff to explain the differences.
        4) scientists from other fields ignore the problem, can’t believe that something is wrong, and let the specialists deal with it.
        5) scientists that do see that something is wrong are treated as (1) or as lunatics / heretics. “how can you even believe that we make errors in science?”

        I could only find those errors because I actually understood what they were doing and dived deep into the fundamental theories behind it.
        I did not assume that they were right, because their conclusions were opposite of what I have learned in proven basic physics.

  28. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Lately, I have noticed something regarding The Corbett Report and Google.
    When I use Google to find The Corbett Report, I just type in “Corbett Report“.

    In the past, the Home page would be one of the very first entries. At the top.

    Within the last week or so, both on my computer and on my phone, the “Contact” page is one of the first entries, followed by “About” or “Membership” pages, then followed by “Corbett Report YouTube”, then…get this… “The Corbett Report – Home Facebook”.

    No longer is the “Home” page even on the first page of entries for a Google search.

    And, there are some other oddities which I had never seen before when doing the Google search using the words “Corbett Report”, such as books on the first Google search page with pages citing a historical Mr. Corbett or historical ‘Corbett Report’.

  29. ddude says:

    Israel fines New Zealand Women $18,000 for damage to “”artistic welfare””

    In other words, shut the f*** up.

  30. heartruth says:

    The politics behind ‘man made’ climate change… summarized in rap!

    • manbearpig says:


      Great music!

      8 years ago already!

    • ddude says:

      Nice one. I looked it up on GooTube hoping for lyrics. Found a part 1 which I noticed also contains the attached global warming “fake news” warning.

      • heartruth says:

        Interesting intro! For the lyrics, you can go to:
        Top row, 4th image – click to zoom in. Still very small text so to read it you’ll need good eyesight or a large monitor 🙂

      • manbearpig says:

        Awesome video.

        The thing I find a little discouraging, even as I realize that we can’t all agree on everything, is that folks like Tim Ball and “Lord Monckton”, categorically poo poo the chemtrail issue while whipping out the old manipulative epithet “conspiracy theorist”…

        Here’s a Tim Ball quote:

        “…The conspiracy theorists exploit people’s lack of knowledge of clouds and cloud formation. Sadly, most of them don’t know what they are talking about but select information through the tunnel vision of their political ideology that includes hostility to progress and development.
        The Chemtrail Conspiracy in Scientific Context
        I am not going to examine all the claims and evidence presented by chemtrail conspiracy theorists. It includes a variety of internal and external photographs of aircraft all purportedly showing spraying equipment and modifications for spraying. There are a few scientifically and mechanically based web pages that completely dismantle the claims and show the extent to which conspiracy theorists will go…”

        and a video with “Lord Monckton” who at 5:01 minutes, in response to the following question about evidence of spraying being collected: “how do you know that it hasn’t and that it isn’t being censored” explains that

        he isn’t a conspiracy theorist

        and proclaims that if there was spraying going on relevant scientists would’ve collected info about it and published it in peer-reviewed journals…


        • ddude says:

          I’m not familiar with Tim Ball or Lord Monckton, but what you’re saying reminds me of Noam Chompsky regarding 9/11. I don’t care for that type of talk. Perhaps a gatekeeper for the chemtrail secret? Admittedly pure speculation here on my part, but I can’t help at least consider it based upon what they said.

  31. ddude says:

    Unabashed climate change narrative support stand-alone commercial? on RT, complete with proper shaming. This is the 2nd one I’ve bumped into there recently. I only watch RT from time to time, so I don’t know if this is a new thing there or not.

    Encouraging to note that a lot of people are commenting negatively on the video and getting quite a number of likes.

    #ICYMI: Climate change, who cares?

    • manbearpig says:

      always wondered why no one ever insisted on the murder of the 96 Polish government figures in that 2010 airplane crash…

        • manbearpig says:

          Thanks for this mik! Really looking forward to watching it asap!

          It’s crazy… people around me, when I ask them what they think about this tragedy respond with variations on:

          “well you can see a conspiracy in ANYTHING!” …and stop there.

          It’s clearly a mentality that, probably very pragmatically, refuses, for even the space of a second, to entertain the idea of anything but normality…it’s all normal…everything’s normal…move along…nothing to see here…killing 96 government leaders is unheard of so it’s obviously an accident…why try to see anything else in it?…you just wanna see conspiracies in everything… but everything’s normal…

          Maybe that’s why Mr Corbett uses the term “normies”…

          the masses hooked on normality…disney/football/repub-dem normality…

          I know I’m kicking a dead horse here but… can’t quite wrap my mind around this phenomenon…

          the emphatic, pragmatic embrace of ‘ignorance is bliss’…curiosity represents uncouth excess…it’s fundamentally antisocial…?

          Ok, I feel better now, time for some morning coffee…

          • mkey says:

            People are lazy and vain.

          • ddude says:

            Reminds me of Jordan Peterson’s discussion of “chaos” and people’s need to keep chaos at bay. And Jack Nicholson’s “you can’t handle the truth”.

            I think that this is likely literally the truth for some people, especially older people – they just couldn’t/can’t handle it. Uncovering this material for real can be very shocking – it certainly was to me.

            I’m 60 and started looking into this endless rabbit hole 10-15 years ago via UFO’s and 9/11, and it is one ugly ass rabbit hole. Horrific. I used to think that my country (U.S.) was a force for good in the world until then, but now I know that it’s actually pretty much the biggest bully and murderer of the world. This is not easy to take. I had to stop myself from looking at it so much because I could see that it was damaging me to do so.

            I guess I’ve sort of gotten used to it somewhat, and I don’t stay buried in it all the time. Need more coffee…

          • mik says:

            Kaczynski wasn’t a team player and all sides could have a motive to do him.

            Last times I’m challenging normies with a fact that normality is changing to worse. Most of them were not aware, they agree mostly with my observations, but they don’t want to be bothered because…come on, that’s just how things are.

            Conformity is good for society (to some extent), it reduces tensions.
            On the other side I believe even normies prefer a dish with spices, not without.

            • ddude says:

              I’m grateful to have whatever was required in order to not be completely ignorant of our situation. It took me 45 years or so to catch a real clue in that direction.

            • manbearpig says:

              If I read you right about even normies preferring spicy dishes, I’d say Trump for example is the equivalent of monosodium glutate… tittytainment for the taste buds… anything but his institutionalized political incorrectness would be politically incorrect…

              he’s the circus in bread and circus

              • mik says:

                trump_creature hahaha….

                He reminds me on galactic president from Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy.
                When he was asked how is possible that such a notorious person could be galactic president, he replied that a real mandate is to distract and divert attention from real powers.

    • mik says:

      RT always disseminated climate scare religion.

      Even Redacted Tonight, comedy show that many times used topics that just appeared on CR (I’m pretty sure they follow James’ work), is preaching climate bible.

  32. Leslie says:

    A very good free book (PDF format) by Andrew Johnson – Book: Climate Change and Global Warming – Exposed: Hidden Evidence, Disguised Plans –×9.pdf

  33. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Facebook now knows how many users were hacked last month: 29 million
    The company had previously said as many as 90 million accounts could have been compromised…

    … In nearly half of the cases, hackers were able to see details like their users’ relationship status, the area they live in and part of their search history…
    …According to the most recent details, hackers could see the phone numbers and email addresses of 29 million users, and additional biographical information — including self-reported current city, education, work, people they follow, the last 10 places they were tagged in and the last 15 searches — of 14 million of those….

  34. zyxzevn says:

    Dr. Mark Skidmore – $21 Trillion “Missing” Money Huge Implications for Dollar

    Michigan State Economics Professor Mark Dr. Skidmore says there is a limit to money printing even when all the global central banks are doing it. Skidmore says, “What does it mean when a central bank is buying equities, or buying debt with printed money in order to suppress interest rates and keep this game going? I think, overall, the whole world is awash in debt, and it’s expanding at a rate that is unsustainable. The only way it has been sustained is that interest rates have been falling for 30 years. Now, interest rates are no longer falling, and we are running up against a constraint. Now, if this $21 trillion in “missing” federal money really represents spending above and beyond what the official records indicate, then that has huge financial implications and huge implications for confidence in the dollar as the reserve currency. This is an enormous priority to address and not just cover up and say we are all good.” In closing, Dr. Skidmore says, “How can you have a democracy if you don’t have any transparency whatsoever? Having integrity and confidence is so essential to the whole system, and this just puts everything in question. . . . We should clean this up and show we are legitimate. If we don’t, we are just shooting ourselves in the foot.” Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. Mark Skidmore, Professor of Economics at Michigan State University.

    Also on Redacted Tonight:
    Truth About $21 Trillion Missing At The Pentagón w/ David Degraw

    Who stole the money?

  35. irose says:

    I wonder why when we (!) are literally drowning,  up to our collective necks in garbage, we are obsessing over ‘climate’ — what was gained and what was lost by having shifted the discourse away from pollution, emissions, toxic spills, the war machine, big Pharma/Argo, the polluters, pillagers, extractors… to ‘climate’?!
    Who profits? 
    And who profits from having an ‘Immigration Crisis’ instead of a ’War on the people, on the earth Crisis’?

    • manbearpig says:

      well put!

    • ddude says:

      Couldn’t agree more. I just made the following comment recently because I was triggered by this comment: “Human-caused climate change is reality. It doesn’t care about your feelings.”

      I say: Continuous earthly climate change is reality. It doesn’t care about human opinions. There are plenty of horrible things that people (corporations with governments) are doing to badly damage the earth and its people, completely outside the realm of co2 emissions – co2 emissions which actually feed plant life and green the earth.

      This climate change narrative is a steaming pile of distraction, taxes, and making people feel bad for being alive and breathing. And it’s a major cog in the desired one world government to rule all countries wheel. Wake up people, you’ve been scammed – again!

      Some of the really bad things that actually are happening: Fukushima, Deepwater Horizon (with Correxit application), fracking, corporate ownership of the U.S. and other governments, Federal Reserve & central banks all over the world and the wars and enemies that strangely and regularly align with those not under that central bank control.

      Human generated co2 is the very least of our worries folks.

  36. Fawlty Towers says:

    Another story about the trustworthiness of scientific studies.

    We’ve all heard about fake news. How about fake science news?

  37. Hotfoot says:

    ‘Trouble brewing: climate change to cause ‘dramatic’ beer shortages’

    The heady combination of The Guardian and The University of East Anglia (ring any bells?) was always going to produce an interesting headline. Here it is. Wave bye-bye to your beloved beer, gentlemen..

    Clearly they want us all down the pub, brandishing pitchforks and vowing to pay more carbon taxes in a valiant attempt to halt this nightmare.

    Blah blah blah….

    • manbearpig says:

      Ha! Reminds me of this I saw the other day…yesterday? Can’t remember where or why:

    • pearl says:

      I caught the very end of that report last night on our local Texas news channel and knew I’d see it here today! A beer shortage?! We gotta do something! This is a danger to our democracy!!

    • Hotfoot says:

      Digging a little further into the aforementioned article, we see that the spokesman for the ‘research’ is one Prof Dabo Guan, who is a Chair Professor in Climate Change Economics (at School of International Development, University of East Anglia) and, wait for it….

      “a Lead Author for the 5th Assessment Report of Working Group III, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. ”


      • manbearpig says:

        A lead author for the IPCC?! NO!! Say it isn’t so!! Then it Must Be True and not pure assenine hype!!!

        Well then I guess we’ll be washing down our SuperMeat with lab-synthesized beer from stem cells!!:

        Anybody seen Cronenberg junior’s Antivirale?

        (now after that pertinent and highly informative comment I’m late for hamstering…)

    • mkey says:

      Interesting how these “news” travel very quickly around the globe. Must be a coincidence, of course, to have it published in the local “media” on the same day. It was even on TeeVee.

      • manbearpig says:

        I’ll confirm that. A sample of the umpteen French media outlets that’ve been harping on this over the last 48 hours:

        Il nous saoulent avec leur crise brassicole climatique!

        (stupid pun in French)

        • manbearpig says:

          something vaguely akin to:

          “We’re getting hammered with their ailing beer industry!”

          or something…sorta… like that…



  38. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 15, 2018 – Shoestring
    Why Did the Secret Service Report That a Plane Had Crashed into the White House on 9/11?

  39. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 18 2018 – Barron’s
    Basically, this article shows where large amounts of Saudi Arabian money is invested in Tech Companies around the globe.

    ‘The Dirtiest Money on Earth.’ Silicon Valley Has a Saudi Arabia Problem

    Uber Technologies, which landed a staggering $3.5 billion from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund in 2016.

    (Tesla mentioned)

    Tech’s connection to Saudi Arabia extends deeper, indirectly, through SoftBank of Japan’s $93 billion technology investment fund. The Vision Fund gleans nearly half of its money—$45 billion—from Saudi Arabia, in an attempt by the country to diversify its holding beyond oil. Softbank’s investments include Slack, reportedly in line for a mega-IPO in early 2019; food-delivery service DoorDash; and WeWork, a co-working space company.

  40. manbearpig says:

    Just felt like recycling this:

    “…UK’s Department for International Development in 2010 cited the need to fight climate change as one of the key reasons for pressing ahead with such programmes…”

    UK aid helps to fund forced sterilisation of India’s poor

    “… With officials and doctors paid a bonus for every operation, poor and little-educated men and women in rural areas are routinely rounded up and sterilised without having a chance to object…

    …Yet a working paper published by the UK’s Department for International Development in 2010 cited

    the need to fight climate change as one of the key reasons for pressing ahead with such programmes.

    The document argued that reducing population numbers would cut greenhouse gases, although it warned that there were “complex human rights and ethical issues” involved in forced population control…”

    • FIW says:

      This is pure nazism, my blood is boiling while reading this article, everyone of those thickheaded green clowns out there should be forced to read this outcome of their degenerated agenda

  41. pearl says:

    China To Launch Artificial Moon Into Orbit And Replace Street Lights By 2020

    “[…]the artificial moon, which has been undergoing testing for several years, will provide at least eight times extra light than the real moon.”

  42. manbearpig says:

    In a layman’s attempt to grasp the basic dynamics underlying the notion of “saturation” I eventually came across texts concerning a certain “Miskolczi” whose name I’d seen but not explored in the past). His work, born of a very new and unexplored astrophysicist’s perspective, and thus defining and describing the Greenhouse effect differently, seems very exciting considering his various types of expertise, his impressive experience, his apparent rigour, principles and perspicaciousness.

    However Judith Curry remarks:

    “…He concludes the greenhouse effect from anthropogenic emissions is impossible. Sounded bizarre to me, but then I noticed how he defines the greenhouse effect: The planetary greenhouse effect (GE) may be defined or quantified in different ways. In astrophysics the all sky GE is defined via the total available solar radiation interacting with the system. He states: In steady state, the planetary surface (as seen from space) shows no greenhouse effect: the all-sky surface upward radiation is equal to the available solar radiation. His ‘greenhouse effect’ is ‘all sky’, including clouds and is directly related to the top of atmosphere radiation balance (including solar radiation). This is not the definition of ‘greenhouse effect’ that is commonly used in climate science, whereby it relates to the atmospheric emission and absorption of infrared radiation.

    To define the greenhouse effect out of existence because it balances the TOA solar radiation is not very useful, to say the least…”

    I’m surprised by Judith Curry’s off-hand dismissal of Miskolczi’s work and findings.

    Though, unfortunately, the discussion thread that she nonetheless opened mostly did Not treat Miskolczi’s work, David in TX pointed out:

    “…Curry’s understanding is incorrect. Miskolczi’s hypothesis is that the greenhouse effect is saturated. It is such that any potential warming by increasing CO2 is negated by changes in water vapor…”

    and as Miskolczi supporter, Arno Arak explains:

    “…In [1] he [Miskolczi] introduces the important concept of the quasi-all-sky protocol which considers the fact that the global average vertical atmospheric temperature and humidity structures are implicitly affected by the actual global average cloud cover…”

    which has me conclude that Miskolczi, like Svensmark and his work on the importance of cosmic rays in the creation of cloud cover, is another misunderstood and unsung hero of climate science.

    Tallbloke posted a short interview with Miskolczi:

    “…I’ve looked at clouds from both sides now…”

  43. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Late October 2018 – Mike Maloney – Hidden Secrets Of Money 9 & 10 Almost Here

    Just for the record, recently the markets have been in a tussle trying to figure out which way to go.

  44. FIW says:

    Sitting here, getting increasingly cheesed off by the lunacy going on around me, in the name of “settled science” and “democracy” and “fighting inequality and poverty” something has occured to me, perhaps I spend too much time on this these days, but……why hasn’t anyone tried to sue these people? I mean, you have THEIR side with a group of teenagers trying to sue the US government for inactivity against “climate change” or the cute little 15 year old Swedish girl who is on “climate strike” because she thinks that her efforts are not worth it since we’ll all die because of climate change yada yada yada….

    With all of these laws they’ve been so busy making through the last decades isn’t there one or some of them that could be used against themselves? What about national security? When a smackhead like Al Gore hypes up a lot of hysteria and creates taxes out of thin air isn’t that a threat to the economy and thereby national security? Isn’t his group of paid, professional scare mongers a danger to his surroundings when they make people seal themselves up in a plastic cube and nearly die from lack of oxygen….not that I care about that particular one, but anyway….had this been the result of the doings of a famous heavy metal band, for example, they would have been banned long time ago, does anyone remember the 80s for example when people were outraged because heavy metal music encouraged suicide?
    What about the above mentioned forced sterilization in the came of preventing man made climate change? Isn’t that actually a crime against humanity?
    Or what about the endless nonsense about hate speech and discrimination? What if I identify myself as a carbon molecule and thereby feel offended by this witch hunt? i.e. California style counter attack….okay that was a joke, but honestly isn’t banning people’s property that they aquired fully legitimately discrimination and a violation and all in the name of a science they can’t prove. Isn’t claiming that people, who deny this hype should be jailed, hate speech?

    What ever! As long as it would make it to court and maneuver them to a point where they ACTUALLY would be forced to prove something thereby creating attention to this BS even though it wouldn’t be possible to win the actual claim. This seems to be the way they’re going about it, claim anything, sue anyone as long as it produces propaganda value.

  45. FIW says:

    Ah well, it was only a matter of time:

    Now, of course, the refugee caravan, heading to the US, is also caused by climate change

    • mkey says:

      This writing has been on the wall for a while now. They claim most of these migrant crisis are caused by climate change, ignoring the bombs flying over head thing.

  46. manbearpig says:

    I don’t know to what extent conditions in the upper atmosphere reflect temperature evolution at the Earth’s surface but thought this was interesting:

    The Chill of Solar Minimum

    Sept. 27, 2018: The sun is entering one of the deepest Solar Minima of the Space Age. Sunspots have been absent for most of 2018, and the sun’s ultraviolet output has sharply dropped. New research shows that Earth’s upper atmosphere is responding.

    “We see a cooling trend,” says Martin Mlynczak of NASA’s Langley Research Center. “High above Earth’s surface, near the edge of space, our atmosphere is losing heat energy. If current trends continue, it could soon set a Space Age record for cold.”

    • manbearpig says:

      “…the phasing is such that the frequency of volcanic eruptions increases (decreases) slightly around the times of solar minimum (maximum).

      Solar flares are believed to cause changes in atmospheric circulation patterns that abruptly alter the earth’s spin. The resulting jolt probably triggers small earthquakes which may temporarily relieve some of the stress in volcanic magma chambers, thereby weakening, postponing, or even aborting imminent large eruptions. In addition, decreased atmospheric precipitation around the years of solar maximum may cause a relative deficit of phreatomagmatic eruptions at those times…

      Feedback on the atmosphere from the two cycles is expected to come from enhanced sulphur loading in the stratosphere in the years of solar minimum. When the sun is least active volcanogenic aerosols should be present in the stratosphere in greater numbers temporarily overwhelming the tiny aerosol background (which itself has been observed to decrease around the time of solar minimum”

      So, though the incidence of strong volcanic eruptions does not seem to correspond to solar maximums or minimums

      there is a correlation between a higher frequency of volcanic eruptions during solar minimums and lower frequency of volcanic eruptions during solar maximums…

      Interesting. And what about this tiny aerosol background… would that motivate stratospheric aerosol injection so as to minimize the possibility of “overwhelming” and triggering cold-inducing volcanic eruptions?

      hee hee…talk about eruptive acitiviy… I know I’m farting higher than my butt here (as the French would say 😎 )

      • manbearpig says:

        29 years later came this article:

        and 4 years before that, this study predicting the volcanic eruptions described in the above article:

        “…We affirm therefore that the occurrence of a major volcanic eruption, greater or equal to VEI4 index, during the weak solar cycles, is statistically significant and justifies the hypothesis of large volcanic eruptions in the next decade, with reference not only to the weakness of the current solar cycle SC24, but the probable entrance, in a long and deep solar minimum, during the transition to the next solar cycle SC25. Assumption formulated by many solar physicists…”

        [Ahluwalia,2013][Goelzer;Smith;Schwadron;McCracken,2013][Livingston;Penn;Svalgaard,2012][Steinhilber;Beer,20 13

        From the same study:

        “…Chart 1 – Volcanic eruptions occurred with SSN < 46 The yellow area represent the period from 1610 to the present and includes 30 of the 37 volcanic eruptions equal to or greater than VEI5 index. Chart 2 – Deep solar minimum and large volcanic eruptions equal to or greater index VEI6 Seven of the eight major volcanic eruptions equal to or greater than VEI6 index have occurred during three well-known historical periods: Maunder, Dalton and the period of solar minimum occurred from 1880 to 1920. All these periods are characterized by a very low solar electromagnetic activity…"

        So I misinterpreted the very first article: in fact, not only are there more frequent volcanic eruptions, there IS a correlation between great volcanic eruptions, very low solar activity and much cooler temperatures.

        (PDF) Significant statistically relationship between the great volcanic eruptions and the count of sunspots from 1610 to the present. Available from: [accessed Oct 31 2018].

        • manbearpig says:

          Saw this fascinating and provocative tidbit in the comment section of Tallbloke’s talkshop in an article satirically entitled “Leif Svalgaard reveals his Solar Cycle 25 prediction “at last””
          Posted: June 9, 2018 by tallbloke :

          Where “Salvatore del Prete” quotes Theodore White:

          “Over the last several decades scientific papers began to appear that clearly show correlations between galactic cosmic ray and low solar activity with a rise of destructive geological events like earthquakes & volcanic eruptions…

          The correlation for volcanic activity was larger than 80 percent and 100% for the greatest magnitude earthquakes measured with Solar activity lows.

          Moreover, the findings concluded that there was proof of strong correlations between global volcanic activity among the largest of classes of eruptions and solar activity lows; with 80.6% occurrence of large scale global volcanic eruptions taking place during the Sun’s minimums and 87.5% occurring for the very largest volcanic eruptions during times of major solar minimums.
          We are entering such a period of a Grand Solar Minimum with the start of solar cycle #25 – due to begin anytime between now and the year 2020…

          These are climatic events which feature seismic activity connected to atmospheric disturbances caused by celestial bodies and the Sun’s quiescent phase, which is underway.
          During times when the Earth’s axis rotation slows, in concert with the Sun’s minimum output and weakened heliosphere allows cosmic rays to enter our solar system and straight into the Earth’s atmosphere.

          Planetary modulation relative to the Earth and the condition of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field (IMF) of outer space where our planet lives and transits – all play significant roles.
          The fluxes of cosmic and solar radiation charges the Earth’s ionosphere.
          The result means a rise in anomalies of the Earth’s geomagnetic field which produces Foucault currents – also called ‘Eddy Currents.’

          Eddy currents are essentially loops of electrical currents that are induced within conductors by a changing magnetic field in the conductor. This is due to Faraday’s law of induction.
          Anyway, eddy currents flow in closed loops within conductors, in planes that are perpendicular to the magnetic field.

          The eddy current heats the rocks inside faults as the shear resistant intensity and static friction limit of the rocks decrease.
          This is the physical mechanism that triggers earthquakes and volcanic eruption, but it is an ‘effect’ of what is happening where the Earth lives – and that is in outer space.
          You see, during eras of solar minimums high energy cosmic radiation can and does penetrate deep below the Earth’s surface.

          It is the reason why most earthquakes that occur during solar minimum are deep earthquakes.
          The stress on the Earth’s Magnetosphere during solar minimum is higher because the Sun’s Heliosphere is weaker which allows the high-energy charged particles of cosmic rays to flood into our solar system.

          For instance, on average, the flux of cosmic rays is 20 percent or more – higher during solar minimums…”

          (which reminded me of Henrik Svensmark’s work on cloud formation and cosmic rays)

          • manbearpig says:

            It’s the Cosmic Rays Stupid!

            Interesting article entitled:

            “On the relationship between cosmic rays, solar
            activity and powerful earthquakes.”

            that draws strong correlations between cosmic ray intensity on earth and seismic activity (earthquakes and volcanic eruptions)

            Specifically that

            “…the seismic activity seems to show better
            correlation with cosmic rays, as measured by cosmic ray intensity and abbreviated by CRI, rather than with solar activity as measured by sunspot numbers and abbreviated by SSN…”

            while recognizing solar-cosmic ray interplay;

            “…Recent work [6], however, suggests that not only SSN modulates CRI but also CRI affects solar activity and SSN. The authors of [6] looked at the records of geomagnetic activity stretching back almost 150 years and noticed that the geomagnetic activity precedes the solar cycle by about 6-8 years…”

            and that

            “…A number of similar correlations is described in [7, 8, 13], of all such correlations according to [7], three may serve as the most reliable predictors; all three are based on geomagnetic activity near solar minima when the solar cosmic rays are at their maximum….”

            A suggestion of secondary solar cycles emerges:

            “…The 114.25271-year length of secondary solar cycles is
            supported by [17] which discusses an evidence of the existence of 60-year (about half of 114.25271 years) long cycles in nature…”

            with an interesting aside:

            “…The 114.25271-year length of the secondary solar cycle might also be the reason why the Chinese Zodiac is comprised of 12 (about one tenth of 114.25271) years/signs
            and why the Chinese time counting involves 60-year cycles…”

            Superimposing graphs reveals: “…The earthquakes are much less frequent when SSN increases and CRI decays…”

            yet sharp short-lived drops in CRI see an incidence of high magnitude earthquakes with apparently corresponding subsequent quakes with almost antipodal epicenters…??


            …reading the future in the configuration of cosmic radiation particles at the bottom of solar minima curves…

      • manbearpig says:

        Eruption of Anak Krakatau believed to have caused tsunamis Killing 222 and injuring 800…

    • manbearpig says:

      Commenter Brad Keyes formulated precisely what I was trying to point out recently about this whole false “debate” between “warmists” and “skeptics”. “Skeptics” keep walking into Public Relations exercises as if they were debates armed only with science thus immediately losing the Perception Management game. In lieu of science Warmists have always won this debate armed with the proper tools: sophistry, emotional manipulation and utter disregard for the scientific method. About the IPCC “assessment reports”…gag…themselves Mr. Keyes points out:


      The only proper response is ridicule; sneers; condescending dismissal.

      Deride and conquer, people. Al Gore gets this. Naomi Oreskes gets this. Rajendra “World’s Most Hands-on Boss” Pachauri got this. Bob Ward gets this.

      Think about it, guys. WWTAD (what would the alarmists do)? Can you seriously imagine they’d waste time coming up with a rigorous scientific rebuttal to the arguments we make? Have they ever done so? No. Because the alarmists get it. They know how to fight a war of perceptions. We, painfully obviously, do not.

      The more science we hurl back at the enemy, the more we play into their hands by confirming the perception (among politicians and the scientifically-naive public) that the enemy IS science…”

      the enemy IS science… jeepers…

      I don’t know if we should employ “the only proper response” but there’s got to be a more strategic course of action than constantly losing the perception management game at the expense of those most vulnerable to resulting “climate change policies”…

      As outspoken “skeptics” grow in numbers (or maybe it’s only an impression), as nature refuses to corroborate erroneous CM predictions

      perception management operations at the grass roots level seem to be mushrooming at an alarming rate…

      more light must be shone upon this “AGW fungus”…

    • manbearpig says:

      Fascinating this new Brazilian “Climate Skeptic” president phenomenon…

      One might be tempted to see him as an opponent to and victim of such international bullying measures as described below:

      “…The stance of other nations could be crucial. Some European countries have suggested that they will not buy agricultural products from nations or companies that continue to clear land.

      If the whole European Union adopted this position, it could have a major impact: the EU is one of the biggest importers of Brazilian soya and beef, the very products driving deforestation…”


      he could be a sort of “Trump of the Tropics”… serving to stigmatize “man-made Climate Change skepticism” and hasten the consolidation of “one world government” as he is portrayed as being dangerous for the entire planet:

      “Scientists are terrified that Brazil’s new president will destroy the ‘lungs of the planet’

      …Bolsonaro has indicated he wants to plow through Brazil’s Amazon, the Earth’s biggest and most diverse tropical rainforest, which helps cool the planet…

      …Bolsonaro has said he’s thinking about opening up a highway through the Amazon and barring environmental nongovernmental organizations like Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund from the country…” (GASP!)

      …Bolsonaro plans to cut down more of the world’s largest tropical rainforest, and critics fear he’ll ‘institutionalize genocide’ in the Amazon…

      …Eric Holthaus argued that a forest-privatization scheme that the new president has in mind is essentially “planetary suicide.”

      …if Bolsonaro “carries through on his rhetoric we can expect tribal genocide, torture of dissidents, and climate altering destruction of Amazon forest.”

      hmmm, institutionalized genocide, torture and destruction… sounds familiar…

      Perhaps “they’ll” give him just enough time to destroy the forest mitigating cooling and then place the Amazon (if it isn’t already) under UNESCO control.

      I can already hear the indignant cries:

      “Why should one irresponsible neo-liberal capitalist leader have almost entire control of the world’s most precious treasure vital to all life on Earth just because it falls within his “national borders”??”

      Looks like, stylishly young, green and telegenic French Macron-omics will lead us straight into the loving arms of one world government…

      Whatever role Bolsonaro plays, the genocidal globalist banksters win again.

  47. manbearpig says:

    Remember George Monbiot with his attacks on “conspiracy morons and idiots” and his

    “9/11 fantasists pose a mortal danger to popular oppositional campaigns”

    in which he stated “These conspiracy idiots are a boon for Bush and Blair as they destroy the movements some of us have spent years building”…


    Well now, 11 years later, he might recycle this title by simply replacing 9/11 with

    “Climate Skeptic fantasists pose a mortal danger to popular oppositional campaigns”

    Indeed he’s part of a new popular pseudo-oppositional group called:


    “…which describes itself as an international movement using mass civil disobedience to force governments to enter World War Two-level mobilisation mode, in response to climate breakdown and ecological crisis.

    The group is launching a Declaration of Rebellion against the UK government “for criminal inaction in the face of climate change catastrophe and ecological collapse” at the Houses of Parliament in central London…

    …The group’s demands include the declaration by the UK government of a state of emergency, action to create a zero carbon economy by 2025, and the establishment of a national assembly of “ordinary people” to decide what the zero carbon future will look like…

    …“Children alive today in the UK will face unimaginable horrors as a result of floods, wildfires, extreme weather, crop failures and the inevitable breakdown of society when the pressures are so great. We are unprepared for the danger our future holds.”…” etc etc…

    pseudo opponants to pseudo problems created by pseudo science…

    morons, idiots and conspiracy and climate fantasists indeed…

    • manbearpig says:

      Who was holding the red button??

      The second half of George Monbiot’s rallying cry on Halloween where he pronounces ExtinctionRebellion’s mission statement and demands:

      “…We are here to defend the living world that others have not defended!

      We are here to support the life support systems that defend us!

      We are here to keep the fossil fuels in the ground!

      – to get the mass livestock industry off the land!

      – to stop the ripping apart of the oceans by super trawlers and other forms of destruction pushed by profit!

      – to shut down airport space! (a little less clapping…)

      – to get a sensible transport Policy that put people and planet first and fossil fuels last!

      – Above all, to dethrone economic growth as the objective of government (much cheering) to replace it with the only thing that counts which is the well-being of all the species on Earth, ourselves and the other glorious creatures with which we share this wonderful planet, the only planet known to support life though the “intelligent bit” has yet to be demonstrated!

      – We want not just to protect what we already have, but to restore what we have lost!

      – to bring the trees back to the barren hills

      – to let the rivers run freely once more

      – to allow the seas to surge with whales and dolphins again

      – to see the great profusion, the wonders of life our ancestors knew and our great grandchildren could know again!!

      We are here my friends for the once and future planet!

      No one else will deliver it for us!

      No one is left but us! (much cheering)…

      Where does the ExtinctionRebellion begin?

      Crowd: HERE!

      With whom does the ExtinctionRebellion begin?

      Crowd: US!

      We have waited long enough! We are waiting no longer!

      The only time that people know it’s serious is when people are prepared to sacrifice their liberty in defense of their beliefs! We are those people!

      WE PUT OUR HANDS UP in defense of Mother Earth! (hands of the crowd go up)

      WE PUT OUR HANDS UP in defense of humanity!

      WE PUT OUR HANDS UP against extinction and for life!…”

      (a show of hands…

      but No Pressure! 😎 )

      • mkey says:

        That’s an actual quote, I thought you were messing about. Smh

        The guy holding the speaker has a very telling facial expression.

        • manbearpig says:

          ah mierda! I forgot the link… sigh…..arrrggghgrrrrhhhhhhhhh

          “to let the rivers run freely once more…”

          you can’t make this stuff up!

          and you’re right about his facial expression! I thought the same thing watching him…

          • manbearpig says:

            oh wait, false alert – I’d included the link truncated, phew…

            but when they started putting their hands up I really wondered for a moment if at the end of his speech a couple of dissenters wouldn’t splatter the assistance with their blood and mortal remains…

            just as an indication of how easy I am to condition…

            and for anyone who’d been lucky enough to have missed this previously I’ll pander to the AGW campaign’s “bad attention is better than no attention” strategy by posting the 10:10 No Pressure video:


            The real message of course is not about reducing emissions. The real message is clearly

            “Even if you don’t buy the CO2 man-made climate change crap, best raise your hand anyway and keep quiet about it”

            Consensus science in action.

            • heartruth says:

              Thanks MBP for bringing this to our attention. I couldn’t stomach the prospect of watching the video, but reading through the quotes, it strikes me as nothing short of Evangelical. There seems to be little difference in terms of the dogmatism, hysteria, irrationality, and righteousness – not to mention the implied unquestioning obedience to The Word (doctrine) and those self-appointed as its ‘Prophets’.

              I find it frustrating when genuine environmental issues are twisted in such a way as to ram us toward totalitarianism.

              On a lighter note the ‘logic’ of this type of enviro-zealotry reminds me of a classic 3rd Rock from the Sun episode: Dick and Harry fall down a hole, S5, Ep18.

              Dick: “Harry, listen to me. There’s only so much air down here. So before you take a breath, think about whether you’re doing it out of habit or if you really need the oxygen.”

              Full episode here:

              • heartruth says:

                re: ‘genuine environmental issues’ – by this I’m referring specifically to my ‘pet peeve’ of ubiquitous herbicide/pesticide use. (And many other practices and technologies which have created toxic environments, including use of non-ionizing radiation by the telecom industry – 5G anyone?).

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Known Brain Drainers…
                …”Now, the biggest group were the pesticides….” — Philippe Grandjean

                Philippe Grandjean is one of the world’s top scientists regarding toxicity of different substances, especially known for his work on mercury.
                He recognizes that Fluoride is neurotoxic, especially to the Fetus.


              • manbearpig says:

                “…this type of enviro-zealotry reminds me of a classic 3rd Rock from the Sun episode: Dick and Harry fall down a hole, S5, Ep18…”

                Yea! and when Harry concludes that Dick dislodged a boulder blocking the shaft, trapping them in the hole was in fact a clever maneuver

                “to keep the air supply from getting out!”

                reminds me of the simplistic way the GHG AGW theorists reason…

                …Never heard of this quirky sitcom…might have to watch the first episode of the first season as the Wiki description of the plot is enticing…So thanks for that!

                and, of course, I totally agree that the obsession with reducing CO2 is not only prejudicial for plant life, it distracts from “genuine environmental issues” such as herbicide/pesticide use…

                conjuring the eternal the question;

                cui bono…?

                and moreover:

                how can “they” get away with it so easily…? media ok but… herd instinct ok… but…??

              • heartruth says:

                Yea! and when Harry concludes that Dick dislodged a boulder blocking the shaft, trapping them in the hole was in fact a clever maneuver
                “to keep the air supply from getting out!”

                LOL MPB! Good to see another 3rd Rock convert 😉

                Come to think of it, that scene is also a perfect allegory for geoengineering – just replace a couple of words:

                “to keep the sunlight from getting in!”

                Hmmm.. and plants need what for photosynthesis? Oh yeah…sunlight.
                And remind me again why the Brazilian rainforest and ocean phytoplankton are so important to mitigate man-made GW?
                Ohhh that’s right, they’re a… carbon sink
                Genius, pure bloody genius. I can totally see why you technocrats are the “High Commanders” of this mission!

                Philippe Grandjean is one of the world’s top scientists regarding toxicity

                Hey HRS, I’d not heard of him! Thanks for the link 🙂

      • manbearpig says:

        ”Predatory propaganda”

        Commenter Russ R, I believe, coined this term and had the following to to say about the article linked below making reference to the “No Pressure” campaign that blows kids up who don’t agree with the AGW hysteria:

        “A sure sign your science is not solid, when you try to find an audience that does not have the mental maturity to evaluate whether they are being sold the scientific equivalent of “meth on the street corner”.
        Children are not allowed to vote, buy alcohol, tobacco, or firearms, drive a car, truck, or join the military. They are not allowed to enter into a binding contract, or have a medical procedure without the consent of a legal guardian. They are given a separate legal status, when charged with a crime, which grants them court leniency based on their limited “cognitive development”, which limits how much “free will” they maintain over their own actions.
        Predatory propaganda exposure to children is despicable behavior, and should be condemned…”

        SHAME: @350 is Turning children into climate activists by encouraging school strikes
        Anthony Watts / 16 hours ago December 12, 2018’s Bill McKibben supports campaign of school-strikes over climate alarm this Friday 12/14/18

        No Pressure…

      • manbearpig says:

        So Truthstreammedia has put out a new documentary about the pagan Extinction Rebellion religion. I wonder if they will refer to the horror movie Midsommar and the embroidered runes on Dani Ardor’s dress that are the mirror image of Mr “Moron” Monbiot’s climate cult: XR ?

  48. manbearpig says:

    Just paid 4 euros 90 cts to watch a Dutch documentary called

    “The Science Has Settled” by Marijn Poels

    about the journey of his questioning the veracity and impacts of man-made Climate Change via CO2 emissions.

    “I’m an average guy,” he says “overwhelmed by a labyrinth of information, whether it’s left-wing or right-wing, but all are claiming a monopoly on the truth;

    “How can I as an average guy sort of choose my own truth?”

    and Freeman Dyson responds by evoking the politicization of climate change science concluding that : “it’s still more important to belong to the tribe than to speak the truth”

    explaining that the herd instinct is a built-in survival one…

    He also explains that between 1970 and 1980 University teams began studying the impacts of CO2 on the environment and a team in Colorado started using Climate Models. It became a political contest for government money determining who would be able to continue and he says: “well, Colorado won.”

    It reminded me that it was in the 1970s that Maurice Strong bought land and made big projects for Colorado…

    Another moment that struck me was at 47 minutes and 55 seconds when Piers Corbyn states:

    “If you do wanna try and change climate I would say it’s pretty difficult ’cause you’re gonna to have to change solar activity or prevent particles coming from the sun which uhhhh…mmm (long pause then quietly:) can’t be done…”

    I have to wonder if his mind filled that pause with visions of chemtrails…

    And the remaining message was one of a campaign for the massive deindustrialization of the west

    which reminded me of George Monbiot’s rallying cry above…

    “We are here, above all, to dethrone economic growth as the objective of government” …

    • manbearpig says:

      sch%sse!!! I meant

      The Uncertainty has Settled!!!

      (not the science has settled 8-\)

      My apologies Mr Poels!!

      …when will I stop trying to do too many things too quickly!!! pu£%ana bordello! the TITLE for heavens sakes!!! 8-((

    • manbearpig says:

      Here’s a review (enthousiastic endorsement) of


      by Marijn Poels

      “…Marijn contacted as many as 53 scientists who defend the so-called consensus on the climate. You know, the people who adamantly insist “the debate is over and the science is settled”. Only two of them were willing to talk to him. That was a shock for the filmmaker…

      …The human factor is ever present; the painful exposure of failed politics aimed at reducing human CO₂, the devastating consequences for the landscape and nature, the income of entire populations that disappears and farmers who are busy producing energy instead of food…

      …I’ve seen all the climate change documentaries – New Ice Age with Leonard Nimoy from 1976, The Greenhouse Conspiracy, broadcast in 1990 by Channel 4, The Inconvenient Truth, The Great Global Warming Swindle, The Boy That Cried Warming, Climate Hustle, The Year Of Living Dangerously, Blue – but what Marijn has created beats them all, at least in my opinion. Only Blue comes close…”—filmreview-contrib.html

  49. manbearpig says:



    Press extract from the guest essay:

    “…Microsoft’s Gates, one of the top donors to the Yes on 1631 campaign, has said that it is not easy to be out in front on an issue. But, in his official endorsement of the measure, he said that leading the nation on taxing carbon pollution will make any sacrifice “worth it.”

    [why does Madeleine Albright flash before my eyes…?]

    The proponents of the measure have said it’s unclear what, if any, of the taxes levied on oil refineries and other polluters will be passed on to the public.

    A Seattle Times review of the measure found it initially could cost a suburban family with two cars about $240 a year, mostly from an increase in gas prices and in home cooling and heating expenses. The Washington Policy Center, a free-market think tank, found that the cost could climb to as much as $877 a year after 10 years….”

    Guest essayist Eric Worrall concludes:

    “…You couldn’t make it up – billionaires and left wing greens spitting the dummy because the 2016 attempt to introduce a punitive regressive energy tax would have used revenue raised from the tax to try to soften the impact on poor people, unlike the current 2018 plan to channel the tax revenue to green special interest groups…”

  50. manbearpig says:

    A gratifying little opinion piece for us laymenbearpigs:

    A story of radiant courage in the face of dark and heavy atmospheric peer pressure…

  51. manbearpig says:

    Boy, thought this was rich!:

    “According to Psychology Today contributors Sara Gorman, Ph.D., MPH, and Jack M. Gorman, MD,

    psychologists are united in their determination to help climate “deniers” face the need for urgent climate action to prevent imminent human extinction,

    though they are uncertain about how to deliver group therapy to millions of people in the same session.

    “…Climate change denial is in some ways a new mental process for psychologists to understand. Of course, the concept of denial itself is well understood. Psychologists consider denial—the refusal to accept facts in order to protect us from uncomfortable truths—to be a primitive defense mechanism…

    …The fact is that many people born this year will not survive global warming if it continues at the current pace and exceeds 3.50C by 2050…. [and these psychologists expect to be taken seriously!-mbp]

    But despite the fact that psychologists know a lot about denial, they have never had to face denial on this scale before. Millions of people share the phenomenon of climate denial…””

    Massive scale, MILLIONS in so-called “climate denial”…

    and this does not give them pause…

    …uh so to speak…

  52. manbearpig says:

    And the (almost) universally unquestioned mass brainwashing of our children continues!

    “Connecticut to make Climate Change a Mandatory School Subject
    Eric Worrall / 7 hours ago January 18, 2019

    “A lot of schools make the study of climate change an elective, and I don’t believe it should be an elective,” said state Rep. Christine Palm, a Democrat from Chester who proposed the bill. “I think it should be mandatory, and I think it should be early so there’s no excuse for kids to grow up ignorant of what’s at stake.”

    Palm, who represents towns along the Connecticut River in southeast Connecticut, said climate change deserves a more prominent place in children’s education because of the urgency of the threat posed by global warming….”

    Yup! The earlier the better!! Just like the Disney lemming lore!!

    • mkey says:

      Those kids are going to grow into a self hating bunch extraordinaire.

      • manbearpig says:

        I’ve recently “corrected” a gazillion short stories (dictated by someone else’s fixed program for the first time in my career) written by first year Uni students of various majors ranging from psychology and sociology to environmental and political science

        and they’re all much darker and more imaginitive and politicized than I ever would’ve expected.

        Having done a class debate with them on the subject of climate change, I can tell you they do indeed, hold very bleak visions of the future and feel exceedingly angry at multinationals and climate sceptics. They are absolutely certain that humans are causing the climate change. Their certainty on that point is surpassed only by their emotion and lack of curiosity for the scientific details surrounding their faith. And so it is invincible. It is truly no less powerful or pervasive than Original Sin.

        This situation is both profoundly poignant and infinitely frustrating to behold.

        I can say nothing to comfort them as in their eyes I’m but a closet Trump-fan climate denialist.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          MBP , my step son teaches at an old OSS AMERICAN School across the border. He is willfully blind to all but the basic English as a second language within a strick environment devoid of any outside thought. Saudi, Russian , ect,around 100 countries represented. Having meet a few ,on the surface are normal pimple faced high school kids. One time I asked to see their work product. No! It was forbidden!
          Can you share some of your students writings.
          I wish James would do a subscriber 100- 300 word short story for fun on some random topic of fiction. Probably corny, but might be fun and a break from the gloom of reality.

        • mkey says:

          Home schooling is the only way out of that, if only the parents would start getting their asses out of their heads. Or is it the other way around?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for all the updates on climate change.
      Like ya’ll point out, the trend is getting worse. Ubiquitous…found even in the alternative health arena.

  53. manbearpig says:

    Climate Change Trillions…

    An “eye-watering” article entitled:

    “Understanding the Climate Movement Part 3: Follow the Money”

    Guest post by Dr Paul Rossiter

    “…I became quite despondent while putting this together as I started to understand the huge, eye-watering amount of money that is dependent upon the unproven notion that atmospheric CO2 arising from the use of fossil fuels is causing catastrophic global warming/climate change/ pestilence and doom. Some headline numbers: the capitalisation of the renewable energy industry is over $1 trillion; the funding of the NGOs being used as alarmist publicity and lobbying agencies exceeds $2 billion; and the amount of government research funding committed to the issue exceeds $1billion. Good luck expecting that the resolution of some matter of scientific importance will cause these agencies to admit that their business is based upon a lie and that they will go away quietly, or at least scale back to a size more commensurate with the real market needs…”

    Under the pretext that:

    “…Life on earth is under severe threat from catastrophic climate change, which is being caused by humans through our constant production of greenhouse gases.

    CAN is working to promote government and individual action to limit human-induced climate change to ecologically sustainable levels…

    Climate Action Network International

    NGOs with an interest in climate change are coordinated internationally through the Climate Action Network International (CAN), a body registered in Germany and boasting 1300 NGO member organisations in over 120 countries. The home page also provides links to the member NGOs…

    The number of NGOs from the main countries participating in CAN are:

    USA 193
    Canada 103
    Australia 69
    India 46
    UK 30
    Denmark 25
    France 23
    New Zealand 16
    China 9
    Russia 9
    Norway 9
    Sweden 5
    Germany 7
    Finland 7
    Hungary 4
    Austria 3
    Italy 3…


    The total amount of money invested in businesses and organisations that are dependent upon the myth that CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuels is causing dangerous global warming (and all the follows) is probably between $1 trillion and $2 trillion. That is about the same size as the total GDP of Australia or Canada. With that comes enormous incentive to maintain the myth, to lobby government and disparage or destroy any opinion to the contrary…

    …Whichever way it goes, the Climate Industrial Complex and all that supports it is now probably too big to fail.”

    now back to my regularly scheduled embroidery…

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