Interview 1230 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

11/25/201634 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false."

Search: “Fake News”

‘Hemp for Victory’

Gulf of Tonkin: McNamara Admits It Didn't Happen

Nixon Tells Editors, 'I'm Not a Crook'

Bush Now Concedes a Need For Tax Revenue Increases to Reduce Deficit In Budget

Clinton Admits to Lewinsky Relationship

Whitman Admits She Was Wrong to Call Ground Zero Air Safe After 9/11 Attacks

Secret Document Shows CIA Reaction to Finding No WMD In Iraq

Nancy Grace, Ashleigh Banfield Hold Split-Screen Interview In Same Parking Lot

Conan O'Brien Proves American Media Is the Biggest Joke

Brian Williams Admits He Lied About Being Shot Down In Iraq

Hillary Clinton Under 'Sniper Fire' In Bosnia

Mom Who Bumped Into Hillary Says Hiking Photo Isn’t Fake

Obama Pardons Final Thanksgiving Turkeys; #DAPL Protesters? Not So Lucky

Sugar Lobby Manipulation Of Studies Compared to Tobacco industry

Coca-Cola, Pepsi Compared to Big Tobacco In Report About Lobbying

Jimmy Kimmel Admits ‘Twerking FAIL’ Video Was Hoax Set Up By His Show

Anthrax: The Forgotten Iraq War Lie

Faking It: How the Media Manipulates the World into War

Media Lies While Syrians Die: Media Disinformation and the Syrian War

Story #2: Finally Say Farewell to Corporate Media On #UnfollowFriday

Happy #UnfollowFriday! #DumpTheMSM

Facebook Will Curate News For Us With Snopes’ Help

Facebook Built Censorship Tool for China Expansion

Story #3: Purple Revolution - What If They™ Recount, Reinstall Hillary?

Jill Stein Wants Recount, But Clinton Stands to Benefit Most

“Y’all Been Lied To!”: Kanye West Claims Beyonce Awards Fixed, Jay Z’s Contract Killers ‘Coming For His Head'

Video: Final Kanye Rant Before Tour Cancelation, Hospital Visit

Note Kanye West's "King Kill" Motif

KING-KILL/33°: Masonic Symbolism in the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

#ProofOfLife: Timeline Details on Julian Assange’s Possible Disappearance

Reddit Bans #Pizzagate Investigation. The Corbett Report Continues It.

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  1. michael.b says:

    Fake news, phtffft…fake everything.

    “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”

    Yes indeed…but its seems it should and would read if spoken truthful…

    “We’ll know the disinformation program is complete when everything the World believes is false.”

    Pax Americana, it’s an American concern. Dependent on the American way of life; the American government; the American idea of peace. The very definition of peace. The American culture and American power reigning supreme amongst the vanquished of un-American worlds. And then…peace.

    I grew up a child of the sixties and seventies, an unadulterated American world of rock and roll, and Hollywood blazed across everything I knew or could know. Force feed those stifling ideas of culture, and having no room for anything or anyone else. The news, the world, everything was american; the ugly American was truly born in all of us. And that has been a purging we regimently perform ever since, like a de-worming.

    The best actors and musicians, and playwriter, and storytellers came from America; and I speak in modernist sense. Immigrants lost identity, even those of intellectual of artistic bend; and individualism dropped away upon entry. America has always been a melting pot. Art, life and love, the central theme of life, romance was hijacked into the American idea of that reality. The great explosion of wonder and enthusiasm for the new, and improved the real idea of enlightenment was to be felt only by those who embraced the American way. Mysticism, religion and ever form of human endeavour became…eventually, American. If an American didn’t do it wasn’t worth doing.

    Even those things that were born outside the continental United States of America, these too were quickly inoculated with that livid force. Technologies and cultural ideas; traditions and even new and improved religion had to be…an American thing.

    Old world ideas tempered by a long age, reduced in its knowledge to a fine wisdom, ‘Et tu’, had to be stamped with ‘Made in America’. Or improved in America, or better when seen from an American perspective. Otherwise it had no value at all. Incidentally it surprising how information has come forward on how things the CIA have had their probing fingers in; I found it interesting as an artist that the catalyst of American expressionism through Pollock and that ilk, were part of the cold war effort to denigrate even Soviet art. Was nothing sacred…?

    The braggart dominated world events possessed age-old traditions changing them to suit an avarice American public. Gladiators on a four-year cycle, topped the Olympic games, and won the most. Or contested and squabbled when they lost as being cheated. Ancient sporting events dear to the heart of those old worlders, changed and corrupted into something unrecognizable in the field of sport and fair competition. The idea of cheating, using steroids, secretly slanting the field all born from the Robber Baron ideas of, fair competition is a lie created by the weak.

    In the post Clinton/Trump world of elections, America is deaf, dumb and blind even still, on its slide into history and eventual collapse into a mushroom cloud of dis/misinformation and eventual internet oblivion. Un-repentant of it world sins, and begging to listen to another megalomania repeat incessantly the same old, same old, about making “America fucking great again.” Not realizing it has a terminal disease, a un-diagnosed and incurable mental illness. A self-centeredness that runs deep in its soulless and psychopathic body and mind. A corruption that runs so deeply, that, that cancer is eating alive each and ever American. And the sadness of it all is America does not realize it is sick. Does not realize that it has been the butt of world joke for a long time. Information coming to light reveals celebrations in other nations witnessing the American 911. No one reported this…maybe if they had, Iraq might not have happened.

    Pavements are cracking, bridges are rusting and failing the test of quality, and planes can bring a building down. And the cheapness of it all will soon bring us all down, if we listen to the crazy bastards.

    In their eagerness to live an American dream, become rich and famous for 15 minutes, the American substance, created to buy the world has become of little value, to anyone outside their doorstep. America has become a cheaper version of that 60’s seventies version of ‘made in Japan’. America has been finally eclipsed by quality, integrity, truth and real justice. America has been down by real creativity not that pastiche, that it has acquired a taste for, avantgarde they never were…and finally we find out that God, that man in sky that directs traffic north or south of the middle, is an American.

    America in the end is really, as the Saker says, “Rich on cheapo patriotism and otherwise poor”.

    • m.clare says:

      Art has always been a powerful tool of propaganda. This is nothing new and NOT an American invention. You and I have been subjected to a lifetime of brainwashing. Humanity has suffered thousands of years of propaganda. There have always been, and always will be, a small fraction in our school of fish who discover water. Fewer still will realize the water was always there. (Forgive my feeble metaphor)

      We were born into our glass bowl cages completely immersed in propaganda. Corbett and his pals are tapping on the glass, exploring the plastic castle and pointing out that the contents of the bubbling treasure chest include neither silver nor gold. Nothing has ever been sacred; the very belief in things sacred is the result of our conditioning.

      The printing press of the new millennium has lifted the curtain and exposed the evil bastards. Though propaganda evolves and attempts to stay ahead of the curve, they have been scrambling desperately to control this powerful new democratic technology. They are pulling rabbits out of their arses, playing every trick in the book, mixing metaphors to divert our attention away from the curtain that cannot be redrawn.

      Grieve, but do not despair. Ignorance, fear and apathy are their greatest allies…. that they are ramping up fear and apathy to such an extent is indicative that they are scrambling in the wake of our collective lost innocence.

      What is America? What is Canada? What is Japan? What is patriotism? What tribal instinct is manipulated by party colors, fashion, sporting team jerseys, hairstyles, art, music, flags…..?

      • michael.b says:

        No I thought it was a good metaphor; water? cave? Personally I prefer cave as it has walls that one can draw on …lol

        Some of us have actually walked out of the cave and have seen sunlight, and our feeble attempts to inform other, falls on ear that will not listen. This a is quasi-brave new world, and everything is much, much better…well…except music. Sure do miss Stevie Ray.

        The internet is their representation of that sun and so…they feel we are ancients behind “what is”…hah. And to the slightly inclined to be enlightened. Simply another cave/bowl.

        My wisdom if I have any is based on the premise that the secret to freedom is it is not in the fish bowl but in the imagination. And the thing about imagination, by doing it you create space, and the greater the imagination, the greater the space and the greater the energy created. And the whole process continues. And in that the ability one create a new reality. Their own reality.

        The internet is a sink full of bubbles, some big and some small, some are very tiny…microbubbles, and there in is a secret…but still bubbles, all made from the same catalyst. Another kind cave, and really the the creation of real global governance. It will fastly become a country.

        The idea is to find a different catalyst; art, imagination can help immensely in got a good head m.clare.

        Your right America didn’t invent art, but they did corrupt it, to the greatest extent. To an even greater extent than the catholic church did during 1500 years.
        And the thing about propaganda is that it’s gossip, gossip of the highest order.

  2. Nevertheless says:

    Ah Jill Stein leading the way for a recount, as if Jill Stein and Johnson were not all part of the plan. People’s greatest mistake is underestimating the levels of collusion and control certain individuals have over this nation.

    Here they just focus on the media, but Hollywood, Wall Street, Washington are all connected, and I believe it rests in the control of the “tribe”.

  3. Mark says:

    I’m all for a recount, because it could do exactly what James suggests, puts the whole thing in chaos (and this is exactly what I said here before the election). I was furious when Al Gore simply gave up in 2000 when he should have fought on to the bitter end, and if there really are “irregularities” which would put this election in question, the people need to know that, even if it doesn’t actually change anything. Chaos is a very revealing state, and anything that elevates awareness of the farce that is our “two faces of a single coin” political system is good.

    Of course if one believes the election was totally rigged start to finish, then no doubt they would believe that this is just another act in the play already written, so probably would downplay it entirely. So, ironically, the people who most believe the election was rigged are the ones who care least about that being explored. Because that exploration is just as false as the election, of course. That’s an unfortunate position, I think, and in this case may just go to serve the purposes of the criminal elite; that’s the trap in that sort of absolutist structuralist thinking.

    I say stir it up, even if in the end it only provides for interesting theater.

    • Aron says:

      Mark – I believe that is a irresponsible position to take just so you can enjoy watching some “interesting theater”. In my view, if they end up handing the presidency over to Hillary as a result (regardless as to whether the vote count is accurate or not as most people beleive the voting system is rigged), there will undoubtedly be violence. Do you not think there wouldn’t be physical violence resulting from this, and possibly marshall law as well? What do you mean by “interesting theater”?

      • Mark says:

        I can’t predict what might happen, because in large part that depends what the evidence is and how convincing its presentation is. But I have a hard time believing it would ever get to that point – that’s why the Democrats laid down like castrated old dogs in 2000. Remember the MSM reaction to Trump even suggesting he might fight the election result if he lost? The system wants nothing to do with that level of instability. But the run-up to that point would be a healthy thing for waking up this country.

        Now, was Clinton to actually be declared the winner somehow, I think more than anything that might come out of that is a revealing of the power behind her and the Democratic party, which is of course The Tribe Which Shall Not Be Named and is Loyal to Another Land. That doesn’t mean they stole the election; it may well be that the Republicans tried (harder) to steal it and failed. But the power is being able to actually make that stick, and a huge part of that is the media reaction, which of course is something they largely control.

        • Aron says:

          I agree, I don’t beleive the odds are in favour of the election results being overturned, but, I wouldn’t say it is out of the question and so I’m not interested in seeing this challlenge go any further. But yes, likely just another diversion.

          If something dramatic and acute is required to make serious positive changes in the world, perhaps pizzagate, even if only partially true, could be the spark needed for legitimate revolutionary change in our societies. Under such a scenario, the vast majority of the population could be a formidable force against the corrupt (relatively) few–a true revolution for the better.


    • michael.b says:


      That will never happen; point one both sides rigged the election. A new vote count is irrelevant to the electoral college anyway.

      Point two; the Clintons have have lost face with The CIA, as matter of fact they are drawing way to much publicity to much attention to their past ventures with the company.
      If anything the company needs to distance itself from the deadly duo.

      Bill was their golden boy, and he got to be president, off course he could’nt keep his pecker in his pants. And thats what screwed the pooch.

      The deal with the boys in the spook club was for not inclusive of Hillary becoming president.
      With Hillary comes Bill, and they don’t want Bill back in the whitehouse, the maids would’nt be,

      I have suspicions that it was not only the FBI, that was sabotaging her reputation, and run up to the whitehouse. I suspect the NSA and the CIA were involved also.
      The Clintons have become a pain in the ass to every body post election.

      Truly I believe, Snowden is still working for the NSA, and always has been. and with the FBI leaking to wikileaks…well you get it. It’s a cluster all around, and teh election is definitely a stage play for the bozos on the street.
      The company have moved on to greener pastures and I would’nt be surprised to see Trump relax and start to back peddle a bit. Compromises are in order.
      As they start to show their hand to him a bit. With so much public outcry about him, the easiest thing in the world is a CIA assassination. The streets are full of patsies and mad men. So I am sure he has made a deal especially taking on a zealot like Mike Pompeo; pro gun, pro GMO, connected to the Koch Brothers, house commitee on intelligence. He is pro McCrystal and against Snowden because he knows… The CIA and the NSA are at war. Mike Pompeo is a blue blood spook.

      Weiner’s emails has open a pandoras box, 650,000 emails; that could take a century to straighten out and follow all those leads.

      And Pizzagate really is only a public witch hunt.

      Weiner is a pedaphile, and the problem with pedaphiles is they won’t delete the pictures.
      His computers will hang the whole works of them, it has gotten too hot, if anything they need to wait and see and cool things down.

      Nobody wants a civil war, the public is far too hostile. The shit could hit the fan, and terrorism would finally come home to roost permanently. Cities could be burning by the new year.
      Cool it down over Christmas, and hopefully the Clintonistas will chill a bit.
      But then again a civil war could be in the plan…

  4. peace.froggs says:

    I think you guys are missing the point. It’s true that more and more people are getting their news from “alt media” news sites, however some of these sites are controlled by the same people that own the Corporate Media!

    In others words, the corporate media lost all credibility after 9/11, because lets face it, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out jet fuel doesn’t melt steel buildings, but that doesn’t mean the “alt media” is somehow credible.

    • Mark says:

      A little further along on your thought, I think the MSM has lost viewers and readers not because they’ve migrated to alternative news media sources, but because people have alternative things to do with their time, and that largely means non-news things. Remember that the network news model resulted from a government requirement that those using the limited public airwaves provide a public service, which was the evening news of yesteryear. Cable marginalized that and the internet did more of the same. But none of that means the masses really demand this sort of information, which is part of the reason that corporate news became another form of entertainment.

      If the MSM lost serious credibility in this century it was being so supportive of the Iraq war – what % of Americans actually believe that 9/11 was a false flag operation? It’s not like JFK in that regard you know…

    • Octium says:

      And thanks to Trump and the Selection process, I have a pretty long list of phony alt media sites that I now know are not credible.

      The Internet is not going to forget them quickly, they are only one search away if anyone wants to find them.

  5. Aron says:

    peace.froggs –

    All sorts of physical effects were observed on 9/11 but I have not found evidence to support the notion that melting of steel columns and beams resulted in the destruction of the towers. Do you literally mean “melt” (as in the melting point of iron at 1,535 degrees Celsius) or something else that may be difficult to describe in the conventional sense? I have not seen evidence there was sufficient heat generated in the towers to melt the steel columns and beams. Perhaps you could send along the information you have found in this regard?

    From what I found, there were a multitude of effects observed on 9/11 that were also observed in experiments conducted by John Hutchison starting in 1979. Mr. Hutchison has described in detail the experimental results he observed and noted the similarities in effects observed on 9/11. His account is included in a supporting affidavit to a Qui-Tam case filed by Dr. Judy Wood’s against Applied Research Associates, Inc. et al. (who submitted their findings/opinions to NIST as to how and why the World Trade Center buildings “collapsed” on 9/11).

    I have included a few short quotes below from that affidavit but you can find the entirety at the following link:

    The information in the affidavit is rather mind blowing, especially considering this information was filed in a US court of law. There are many more interesting nuggets of information in the affidavit worth having a look at as well.

    “I [John Hutchison] am familiar with the claims made by Dr. Wood in her complaint in this matter as well as with the broader factual and scientific underpinnings of her claims. As a result of the opportunity to familiarize myself with the content of Dr. Wood’s assertions, via research and via meetings with her, I here assert that information she has amassed and set forth in detail in her affidavit and in her complaint confirm her assertion that directed energy weapons were a causal factor in the destruction on 11 September 2001 (9/11) of the World Trade Center complex (WTC) in New York, NY.”

    “In the year 1979, I discovered a number of unusual phenomena, while seeking to duplicate experiments done by Nikola Tesla. The phenomena have been named “the Hutchison effect” .”

    “I have witnessed effects on aluminum blocks, which have turned to dust or, white powder has shot out and later settled on some of the samples.”

    “I have witnessed the tops of steel bars turn to dust and white powders as well as chrome plating being “blown off” other samples.”

    “I have also witnessed dissimilar materials fusing together into “globs”.”

    “I have witnessed, in about 80% of cases, the effects of lift and ballistic lifts, sometimes to an unknown height or movement to an unknown distance. These lift effects have been seen to occur with objects of only a few grams (ounces) in weight to approximately 750 kg (1500 lbs).”

    “I assert that the total energy input to my set of test equipment has been between 75 watts and 4000 watts (4kw), at 110 volts, depending on the equipment and the test being done.”

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      9/11 – Nano-thermitic material
      If you really want to know about the melting of steel and the dustification of the Towers and the quantity of stuff needed to do that…

      All this information is readily available. Nano-composite military grade thermitic material easily performs those functions. The quantity of information and the unimpeachable evidence is there… It is even in the EPA’s air analysis, much less government and independent reports and scientific papers concerning the dust, the steel, the residues, the incredible temperatures, etc.
      It explains ALL the phenomena observed on 9/11.

      I know you won’t research in depth on the nano-composite thermitic material.
      You don’t really want know. You demonstrate this time and again.
      You don’t want to know. Your agenda is NOT to entertain anything that could compromise your promotion of Judy Woods.

      Personally, I feel you have an agenda which is only to promote Judy Woods while negating hardcore scientific facts.
      You certainly do not have the history of how Judy Woods came on the scene…I watched it unfold at the time and it was obvious to many that she was utilized as part of a PsyOp. Since 2005, daily I strongly keep abreast of 9/11 news. I followed the Judy Woods scene as it came on the scene — it is a PsyOp. She may not knowingly be aware of it, but is used as a pawn in the PsyOp.

      If you want to continue to promote this Psy-Op of Judy Woods, go ahead. That is your choice. It often works for relative new-comers to 9/11. I guess you can dupe some.
      Say “hello” to Morgan Reynolds. …and any other CIA folks.

      I can predict your response will NOT include “Okay. Maybe I should investigate strongly all the information about the nano-composite material.”

      Say what you want…I am not going to get into a back-n-forth Judy Woods fire-fight with you or anyone.

      • Mark says:

        Thank you, kind sir – nothing destabilizes my breakfast quite like the mention of the name Judy Woods! Well, there is the name Deborah Lipstadt…

    • peace.froggs says:

      Aron, it appears some here don’t like Judy Wood, as for me, I think she might be on to something, especially when it comes to the hurricane that day just a few miles away from NYC, as she kinda alludes to a secret energy weapon being used that day.

      1- No doubt Jet fuel doesn’t burn hot enough to melt steel.
      2- The huge fire balls prove that most of the jet fuel was burnt upon impact.
      3- Molten steel!?

      Obviously something melted that steel + people weren’t jumping to there deaths, you can see they were being pushed out, it would seem by some sort of heat draft.

      • peace.froggs says:

        you can see they were being pushed out, it would seem by some sort of heat draft.

      • Aron says:

        Hi peace.froggs,

        Thanks for providing some evidence to spur a discussion.

        Andrew Johnson of provides an explanation to the video you’ve linked. He does not deny that the firefighters saw molten metal, however, he contends the following:

        “…the metal was made to melt and/or glow by a process other than heating (i.e. some kind of process similar to what happens in some of John Hutchison’s experiments).”

        Having reviewed a variety of sources including some of John Hutchison’s work, I would agree with Andrew’s conclusion. To back up my point further, here is one note made by Hutchison in a sworn affidavit (link to this quote provided in my comment above):

        “Also in 1985, Alex Pezzaro was present for some of the tests and Danny Bottemly was present for others. In these tests, we witnessed molten, yet cold, metals and we saw samples bend into weird shapes and on some occasions, whole samples disappeared and reappeared.”

        Further evidence can by found in Dr. Judy Wood’s book.

        An interesting point about molten metal and the thermite theory:

        “On March 16, 2007 NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Judy Wood. This RFC sets out the evidence of 1 or more Directed Energy Weapons being used to destroy most or all of the WTC Complex.”

        “On April 12 2007, NIST logged the receipt of a Request for Correction (RFC) to their WTC reports by Dr. Dr Steven Jones, Kevin Ryan, and Richard Gage. This video [which can be viewed at the link bellow] shows how you can search their documents for the word “Thermite” and “Molten” and you will find their original RFC does not mention Thermite or Molten Metal.” [interesting this was omitted if the evidence is that strong a case – Aron]

        “Their RFC appeal *does* mention Thermite, but NOT in the context of their research” and only as an arbitrary example of a hypothetical analogy.”


  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James and James,
    Thank you for this episode and the call to divorce ourselves from the “controlled media system” as best we can.

    And thank you for pointing out that we are winning the media war!!!
    It is a juggernaut!!
    JUGGERNAUT (Don’t miss these photos.)

  7. NES says:

    I’ve said it over and over and over again for several years to every alt news platform I listen to and with great push-back from some who I admire greatly. I support these same people monetarily. I’m not a slacker. I get that they need to survive and I want them to do more. I want them to thrive. How else are we going to rid ourselves of the MSM lies? Basically, I have ulterior motives. Not one of the sites would listened. My message? JUST WALK AWAY. That’s the answer. It’s always been the answer. My generation called it, “putting your money where your mouth is”. The social media sites noted herein and many others provide no real information. They depend on the public to carry their momentary narrative forward. They create angst and fear. And, they are Draconian (and getting more so) with their so-called “policies”. Youtube is one of the worse offenders. I receive 2 or 3 youtube links a day that I do not watch, EVER. If a site uses only youtube to deliver their message instead of their own site I do not support them. The corporate sector has created an addiction for the public and in that they exercise control. The KEY component forgotten by addicts in their happy daze is that the pusher needs them and their money to survive. I’ve said this over and over and over again as well. Yet, alt-news sites continued to yammer on about finding them on FB, Youtube, Twitter, 4chan and fill-in-the-blank addiction sites, even when they provide streaming from their own. Again, JUST WALK AWAY. It’s the “build it and they will come” scenario. Your subscribers will find you and eventually love you for it.

    So, I see it takes a national failure of the presstitutes so huge it’s beyond the addicts’ imagining to get any traction on the subject. So be it. I’ll take it anyway it comes down. (BTW–the election was co-opted by a separate and almost completely unknown party. That’s why the MSM news was so wrong. This party has the inside track, tenacles into everything.They knew the polls were coming back Trump. They threaded the false news through the MSM to create the believable story that Killary would win and reduce voting. That’s why Killary, the DNC and constituents were utterly surprised. They didn’t know the election had been co-opted, either. Now this party’s man Trump is in the POTUS seat. Wait and watch, folks.)

    Thank the gods the Jameses have seen fit to make a public statement about moving away from the corporate goons where possible. Don’t make your livelihood on their sites. Stop whining about what they do to you. Buck up, stand up and come together! They can do whatever they want. There are no laws that prevent them from making changes that will hurt your businesses and limit your freedom of speech, should you be under that misapprehension.

    It’s an addiction that can be managed if you want to manage it. Start NOW.

  8. Ukdavec says:

    Congratulations James, you have been officially recognised as a puppet of Putin – well done.

    I hope you wear this badge of infamy with the respect that it deserves.

  9. BuddhaForce says:

    Congrats James, you made it on the hot new list of Russian Propaganda outlets!

  10. minnie says:

    I am that moron! I shared a Jonathan Pie video on Facebook, where Pie, a British comedy character representing an angry news reporter who has political rants, ranted about the failings of the Left wing in the US presidential “election”.
    A couple of days later I was astonished to find that the video had disappeared from my Facebook profile! I looked at my friend’s profile where I’d originally seen the video – and lo and behold, it had also disappeared from his profile.
    I found the video on YouTube and shared it again. Then I noticed that in the comments, people were saying this video had apparently got 86 million views, and then Facebook decided to ban it.
    No doubt they would say this was because it had sweary words in it, or that it violated the producer’s copyright.
    You can watch the video here:

  11. PeasLuvandNRK says:

    I comsider myself fairly computer savvy but (luckily) I could never get twitter/facebook. I couldn’t figure who was talking to who. It just seemed like a mass of undirected and completely random communication.

    But I’m glad, at that time I was not exactly unenlightened but still thought there was hope for established institutions and didn’t think wrong with Facebook and the like.

  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Migrating towards more “open source” or liberty minded mediums of communication is the trend I see coming down the pike, while people divorce themselves from the controlling hijacking mediums (e.g. Facebook or Twitter or Google)

    This truth researcher (Pizzagate) mentions at the end of the video two alternatives he is migrating to.

    The two he mentions are…

    GAB (Twitter alternative)
    “Gab’s mission is to put people and free speech first. We believe that the only valid form of censorship is filtering options, an individual’s own choice to opt-out….”

    Goldmoney (this has been around awhile)

  13. Cu Chulainn says:

    no open source investigation thread on the Ohio State attacks? would be most interesting

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Russia’s Facebook
    The founder of Russia’s Facebook now lives in exile, because he refused to out activists.
    This Bloomberg 45 minute special gives some insight on Russia’s internet and its social media.
    Ha! Any social media platform must keep records for the state on those who join.

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