Episode 282 - The IPCC Exposed

09/28/201314 Comments

The IPCC has released its latest assessment of the state of climate science, and this time it's even more dire than their 2007 assessment. Global warming is "unequivocal" and humans are the "dominant cause" to a certainty of 95%. But how are these uncertainties calculated? And how does the IPCC process work anyway? Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we dissect the latest IPCC hype and examine the organizations processes and conclusions.

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Climategate is Still the Issue
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Crimatologists Found Guilty of Hiding Data
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The Delinquent Teenager Who Was Mistaken for the World’s Top Climate Expert
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  1. mkey says:

    (Always) Ten Years Left To Save The Planet

    A historical record of the lie.

    • mkey says:

      A golden comment from the comments section on youtube.

      When I was stopped by a Green Party recruiter I said I didn’t believe in climate change he asked why not and I said well as I remember in basic science Co2 is kinda good for plants so how is it a problem? His answer… that’s a different kind of Co2 ??I told him to get some research done he might find out otherwise ??

      • manbearpig says:

        a different kind of CO2, yes, of course, referring to the infinitely wide range of CO2 varieties, sizes, shapes and colours etc…

        kudos to him but

        I wish he’d stipulated he doesn’t believe in ‘man-made climate change’…

        The climate bullies draw considerable fuel from such statements as “I don’t believe in climate change”…

        • mkey says:

          To be completely honest, if you’re stopped on the street by someone talking about “climate change” they almost certainly infer that it is “man (and woman) made” and very probably don’t even see the distinction themselves.

          But otherwise, if it may lead to a serious discussion terminology used should be as specific as possible.

          • manbearpig says:

            You’re right that when we say “we must fight Climate Change” the tacit understanding is “man-made climate change”.

            But, for some reason, when we say “I don’t believe in climate change” it’s seized upon as meaning “I don’t believe the climate is changing”…

            and with all due respect for inference

            I just did an English class about climate change with third-year university students from a variety of majors and one of my first questions was “What is a climate change skeptic”?

            and rolling their eyes most of them began by explaining that it is someone who doesn’t believe the climate is changing. And to be fair, that’s what the epithet suggests. With prodding, they went on to admit that some skeptics didn’t believe the warming was very significant and that others didn’t think humans were responsible.

            They all bought the “funded by Exxon” canard.

            Emotions were high and the students were profoundly indignant and raring for a fight even though a quasi consensus reigned in the room that climate change skeptics were almost nothing short of criminal. And strictly no one’s interested in scientific explanations for the heresy.

            The general impetus is to ridicule us party poopers. People absolutely want to see “climate change skeptics” as being incomprehensibly mislead and misleading dupes wallowing in la-la land, directly responsible for the accelerated destruction of the planet.

            Spurred on by the deep-state run media, they find deep and gratifying fraternity in their unified hate and blame for these irresponsible idiots, and the scientific method be damned.

            In this grossly lopsided propaganda war, it behoves us to be as vigilant as possible in our own wording.

            • mkey says:

              If you have access to a similar group, pose the question “what is man made climate change skeptic?” I’d bet my monthly subscription you’ll get the same reaction 😛

              People have been conditioned to react emotionally to these subjects, let the imagination run rampant and let critical thinking run on fumes walled behind a fake wall in the basement, right next to where Poe bricked up his wife and the cat.

              I still maintain this is important (mandatory) only for an objective discussion, if something of the sort is even at all possible. Maybe one on one with someone you have tied up in the attic and have no plans cutting lose until they start changing their mind.

              It’s a great comeback for a wide range “climate change denier” assault. Of course, to the person employing such an attack proper wording will probably mean less than nothing.

              • manbearpig says:

                “If you have access to a similar group, pose the question “what is man made climate change skeptic?” I’d bet my monthly subscription you’ll get the same reaction”

                I do and I will, just out of morbid curiosity!

                “…an objective discussion, if something of the sort is even at all possible. Maybe one on one with someone you have tied up in the attic and have no plans cutting lose until they start changing their mind.”

                You indulge in some interesting objective discussions!

                “…proper wording will probably mean less than nothing.”

                As proper wording is a science, you’re probably right…


              • mkey says:

                What is waterboarding if not a nice objective discussion?

              • manbearpig says:

                in such an objective discussion of that sort I fear I’d be very easily persuaded to alter my perceptions and priorities…

                Vive the TechnoSmartPrisons! Vive Al Gore! Vive the IPCC!

    • mkey says:

      “Don’t Call Us ‘Fake News'”

      Oh brother, this one is hilarious. 30 seconds of pure and utter reality.

    • mkey says:

      Another hilarious bit. I’m grinning but I should be crying, really.

      Democracy Dies In Darkness And Superstition

      Our best hurricane president was Barack Obama. He had just barely over one half hurricane per year compared to more than three while Grover Cleveland was president. And that makes sense because if you remember in 2008 Obama said that he healed the planet.

  2. Nevertheless says:

    This is just another aspect of the corporate Zionist money machine. Hollywood for a decade has been making movies about how Earth is dying, how there is no future, for reasons one can speculate. I believe this is part of their destroying society matrix, making kids forget about the future and just live for today, a way to ensure a societies fall.

    The media is owned by the corporate Zionists, Congress and certainly the President are as well. They want more and more taxes collected, turn us more and more into money slaves, working just to pay them.

  3. Nevertheless says:

    Funny how those “most concerned about the climate”, are the least concerned about other great threats to the Earth principally war and nuclear waste.

    The inconsistency of those pining on about the evil of global warming, and indifference to obvious threat all around us, that are aspects of the global Zionist regime.

  4. yvonne.m says:

    I live around the corner from the UEA, you want to investigate?

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