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10/11/2020345 Comments

As this was a particularly busy week for me, there will be no subscriber newsletter this weekend. In its lieu, I'll open up this October Open Thread (to take over from last month's September Open Thread). Corbett Report members are free to use this thread to post information, links, questions and discussion on whatever is on your mind this month.

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  1. Jermaine says:

    I recently rewatched the video on “Gladio B Battle for Eurasia” video regarding the conflict in Naragano region between Armenia and Azerbaijan.


    “This discussion seems relevant with active conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Even ABC News reveals there are members of the FSA that are being deployed to the battlefield with the help of Turkey.”


  2. spider says:

    Prime Directive
    Now that whole countries have become outlaws, international pirates, infesting unjust economies on the people of the world, becoming parasitic on their wealth and vital energies, attempting to reshape eons of cultural learning, heading civilization toward chaos and ruin, we, the people, united and interdependent, do declare a New World Order in which life, animal, plant and mineral, is sacred and love for this life is the Prime Directive.
    spider 1975

  3. Langboch says:

    S p a g h e t t a t a
    für politisch Zartbesaitete
    in Zeiten der Corona Panik

    Es gilt die Schweigemaskenpflicht

    Zur Vermeidung der Lädierung empfindlicher Seelen
    wird empfohlen, auf politische Themen zu verzichten.

    Zuerst erheben wir uns in ehrfurchtsvoller Stille zur


    Insalata alla Corona Inventata

    Spaghetti alla Norma Neo Normale

    Pannacotta con Spira Zionista

    Zum Schluss vereinen wir uns alle zum GEBET DES


    Billy unser, der Du uns global beschützest,
    Gesponsert werde Dein Name.
    Dein Zwang komme.
    Dein Lockdown geschehe,
    Wie im Westen, so im Osten.
    Unser täglich‘ Impfstoff gib uns heute.
    Und vergib uns unsere Viren,
    Wie auch wir vergeben Deine Neurosen.
    Und führe uns nicht in Versuchung,
    Uns zu erlösen von Deinen Zwängen.
    Denn Dein ist das Geld und der Kredit
    Und unser Genom, in Ewigkeit!

    NB bei dieser Gelegenheit:
    Einen ganz herzlichen Gruss an die Heilige Mutter Melinda

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 11th, 2020 – Sunday
    This is what Normal looks like today in Sweden
    (25 seconds)

    (H/t Broc West’s Twitter)

  5. mkey says:

    Are You Outsourcing Your Truth? – Authentic JP

    The funny guy does it again. Will the appeal to common sense work on the senseless masses?

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    By now, many Corbett Report Members are likely familiar with
    The Great Barrington Declaration,
    in which many thousands of people, Doctors and Medical Professionals have signed onto with their support.

    Zero Hedge has some visuals showing how evil “Google Search” can be.

    “Big Tech Has Become A Tool Of Totalitarian Fascism” –
    Google Has ‘Memory-Holed’ The Great Barrington Declaration


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Del Bigtree with The Highwire gives a 9 minute video overview of
      The Great Barrington Declaration


      Three of the world’s leading infectious disease specialists from Stanford, Harvard & Oxford created “The Great Barrington Declaration,” calling for an immediate withdrawal of strict lockdown measures for healthy populations, and “Focused Protection” for our most vulnerable. As we post this segment, almost 18,000 medical practitioners and public health experts have signed the declaration in support.

      #FocusedProtection #COVID19 #GBDeclaration #GreatBarringtonDeclaration #EndLockdowns

    • scpat says:

      Great article. The points made at the end were very well said (my emphasis):

      We seem to be at a crossroads. We can either see this for the power play that it is and seek out new ways to get information and communicate and take back our data and our speech, or we can fall under this spell and become lost in this propagandistic house of mirrors. Search and social media do not have to be like this. They can be peer to peer, open source, and provide personal agency.

      Remember that you are not google’s customer, nor twitter’s. You are their product. They sell you to their customers. Did you not ask who pays the bills? But this can change and will change. The more they adulterate and censor, the more incentive there is to leave their walled gardens and find a better way. This is going to be the awkward adolescence of internet and social media. But it needs to happen. It’s time to grow up.

      It is only a matter of time before this happens on a large scale. It is the natural progression that occurs everywhere throughout nature. When a system goes to an extreme in one direction, it must balance itself out. It must heal itself. Water always seeks its own level.

    • eat my cake says:

      from your zero hedge link:
      “we don’t yet know how long immunity from COVID-19 lasts, now that confirmed cases of reinfection have been found around the globe. To be sure, those cases are few and far between, and there’s a substantial amount of anecdotal and scientific data suggesting that health care workers have developed lasting immunity.”

      The Lie is so big that journalists attempting to expose it continue to propogate it: according to reports sourcing the designer of the test,, pcr testing is not for isolating virus’s, and one can have varied results depending on how many test “generations of a sample” are done.. and so why would anybody talk about “confirmed cases” or “number of deaths” or “reinfections” or “lasting immunity”if initial diagnosis had never properly been done, at all?

      Has anyone seen a study on the illegitimacy of the test, not journalism, Ive read plenty; looking for an actual study, to look for a correlation between testing protocols and results?

      The Dr’s that have offered the best postulates to my mind, have said that most of us are carrying varying degrees of tens and thousands of types of viral matter which the body is always disposing of. this body, with its dirty city streets, eventually sanitation dept cant keep up and one or another bad tabloid (discarded info that no cell wanted) actually becomes the new plan, and voilla first came taxes and then death.

      I’m pretty past it at this point. Im in a band with a “Dr”, its afro high life family friendly music, so the vibe amoungst us in the band is also light. However When I confront him with data, sources, links to other dr’s,,et all in the best diplomatic tone and language that I can muster, its water off a ducks back,, I dont think he can absorb any of it, not different than a hypnotized person who can only react to the hypnotists orders.

      walk-in using his body (kind of possession)?
      politician pretending to doctor?
      incredibly skilled at hiding and avoiding?
      a complete gester?
      programmed with a lock on?
      an idiot?
      an idiot disguised as a nice guy?
      is he the enemy or someone to save?

      • cu.h.j says:

        I know the PCR test is very inaccurate. We use it at the hospital I work in and it gives false positives and false negatives pretty frequently. Not sure how other hospitals are getting their results, but there are lots of reports of false positives (according to the Ron Paul Liberty Report). He’s had some good info about that.

        I think a large number of people like the lockdowns, the fear, and preoccupation is like an addiction of some sort. This is my theory anyway. Then there are people who like to conform and they like to virtue signal that they are being “good” by conforming while others are “bad”. I think this may be more prevalent in Asian countries but is very noticeable now in the US especially in more “liberal” areas.

        Regarding regular MDs, their training is years and years of indoctrination. There are a few that overcome this programming and actually approach situations from the perspective of a scientist
        but many do not, especially young MDs. This is my observation anyway.

        I think it would be useful to speak with a psychologist about what techniques could be used to un-hypnotize people. It seems like a form of Stockholm syndrome or another type of maladaptive psychological coping mechanism. It’s highly disturbing and I find it difficult to interact in society the way I used to.

        • mkey says:

          Regarding the “test”

          a) it’s looking for a not well defined RNA sequence since the virus was never isolated

          b) it’s very much questionable if the sequence used for matching is sufficient to identify this exact strain and separate it from other similar strains of whatever this virus is

          c) the threshold, the iteration count is not standardized. Some will double the specimen 30, others will do it 35 while some may go for 40 times. More you multiply, more specimens will be “positive”

          d) even if we take for granted that this infection is caused by the virus they say it and even if we assume the “test” is looking for the right thing, we still have to understand that amount of virus, according to the theory, is major factor in determining whether or not someone is infected/infectious/ill

          e) now we can start talking about the false positive rates and introduce even more insecurity in the discussion

          • eat my cake says:

            thanks mkey for the concise writ. If we had enough versions of descriptions that clear to hand out,,, a few minds might be saved

            • mkey says:

              I’m ready to repeat these salient points as many times as required. But I really do think this is a battle where only one mind can be turned at a time.

        • eat my cake says:

          Good idea,
          the other horn player in our band is a psychologist. I’ll put doc teflon and the JV shrink together and see if we cant get some movement at the station. Thanks

    • mkey says:

      Looks like Google has tracked back u bit, now they show a bit less tainted results.

    • Mielia says:

      The Great Barrington Declaration is False Hope, False Promise, False Opposition

      They mention vaccines but without mentioning any of the drawbacks that even people who like and use vaccines have (bad with flu/common cold, GMHumans with years ago attempted but failed thus even officially non-approved (so-called) “vaccines”; normal development time of a successful vaccine of 10+ years).
      They even say “…and that this can be assisted by (but is not dependent upon) a vaccine.”

      They want even more PCR tests for nursing homes

      And I wanna share my translation of a comment by Wolfgang Wodarg of a sentence.

      „Menschen im Ruhestand, die zu Hause wohnen, sollten sich Lebensmittel und andere wichtige Dinge nach Hause liefern lassen.“
      Meine Meinung:
      Die spinnen wohl! Amazon lässt grüßen! Raus an die frische Luft und unter Leute! Bewegen Sie sich!

      “Retired people living at home should have groceries and other essentials delivered to their home.”
      Wodarg’s opinion:
      They are nuts! Amazon sends its regards! Out for fresh air and to meet people! Move yourselves!


      put it through a translator if you wanna know Wodarg’s opinion

      I’d rather recommend the video by Rainer Fuellmich which is in the first link of the latest NewWorldNextWeek 1583
      “Story #1: The German Investigation Into the Covid Scandal”


      Edit: The main signees of The Great Barrington Declaration in an interview
      apparently the woman will present something at a libertarian foundation
      but she/they don’t have libertarian positions (later half of the interview)

      • Mielia says:

        Okay I am pedaling back.
        Just listened to Sucharit Bhakdi (in German only) who announced The Great Barrington declaration to the German speaking audience
        in a follow-up interview with questions about our problems with the declaration

        He gave an important background information:
        It was made by the background organization https://www.pandata.org.za/
        which formed similar to Bhakdis organization mwgfd
        but got much bigger with more people, more high position people (Stanford, Harvard, Oxford), + lawyers + extra

        They (Bhakdi, Reiss, …?) have now a foot in the door
        and are talking about changes to the declaration (at least in German(?)), proposals for changes in general etc
        (as they are now the first continental Europeans (+ maybe he the first Asian) to join)

        So we’ll wait and see and much of the general sentiment is okay.
        If it will result in anything – remains questionable, as with everything.

        PS: And google has apparently deleted The Great Barrington declaration from the first page
        PPS: Now gonna check out a bit the panda page and https://twitter.com/pandata19

        • Mielia says:

          e.g. a good example
          they retweeted https://twitter.com/abirballan/status/1315272758016847873
          which would not be aligned with the declaration
          but would be aligned with the sentiment of Wodarg/people with general empathy+rationality (who criticized the declaration)

          At another point in time Abir Ballan said
          I will take this opportunity to launch myself as a Member of PANDA International.
          Really proud and honoured to be working with
          @PanData19 Team.

          And the libertarian foundation I mentioned at the first post via the Edit above is probably AIER which we have read about here too (includes Jeffrey Tucker)

        • Mielia says:

          I watched now 2 videos they link to from their website pandata
          on The Renegades and the Centre for Risk Analyses
          can recommend
          they also have a nice presentation (slideshow) on their website

  7. ztaco says:

    I’ve been debating on Discord lately about Anarchy and found some interesting takes from people. The main take seems to be moral-nihilism/non-cognitivism as a way to discredit anarchy. They dont believe in objective morals, so they say in a stateless society people would go crazy because there is no morals set by the state and nature itself, so people would have an excuse to do whatever they want. Obviously this is a bad take, and many of you might already know a moral-nihilist anarchist without knowing it named Tomasz Kaye (the guy who made the George Ought to Help video, Edgar the Exploiter, and more videos on the Bitbutter YouTube channel – https://www.youtube.com/c/bitbutter/featured ). Tomasz wrote a great article responding to a David Friedman review of a book on Ethical Intuitionism – https://medium.com/@mormo_music/moral-nihilism-for-libertarians-a79218546895 . This opened my eyes to a different side of anarchism. I thought you had to believe in natural law/objective morals to be an anarchist, but obviously not.

    Anyone here got any further takes on this? This threw a wrench into my belief of natural law a bit, but I still hold strong.

    • scpat says:

      I have some philosophical thoughts about this:

      Who is the “boss” of your own body? If you didn’t govern your body and command your heart to beat and your lungs to breathe, would they stop functioning? Who is the boss of the animal kingdom and the rest of nature? How do birds know when and where to migrate to each year? What guides them and other processes of nature of this kind?

      It is the common understanding in the Western world that humans are separate from nature, that we control ourselves entirely. But is that really true? Is there not a deeper, unknowable, indescribable intelligence that governs the world naturally?

      I think that it is our very attempts to control our emotions, to control our thoughts, and to constantly attempt to control the muscular movements of our facial expressions and the rest of our body that explains why society attempts to govern itself. It is the mindset that we must order everything and control life which is why governments and “authority” developed and why it still reigns.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        There is some very profound observational insight there.
        Thanks scpat.

      • eat my cake says:

        people one on one can connect, lotsa dots murmuring life along. But people in a group, function (at least cognitively) on a much simpler level (try to have a meaningful conversation with a parade-of,, there fore I imagine bosses and controllers are there to guide mob mind. Didn’t the current spate of governing mobs arise out of monarchys gone stale a few hundred years ago,, (sort-of)? pretty sure the current “government” carry-on came in the last blink of an eye.

        I agree wholeheartedly about the arrogance of humanism; people and nuclear power plants and fake pandemics is all part of nature. The thought that “I am separate from nature” is a fear based fantasy, smug nonsense. Are there natural laws that she governs by? you betcha. Those I’ve met who are closest to that knowledge tend to be indigenous.

        As to why we seek to control each other. That may be explained by watching why and how parents need to control infants, toddlers, kids, adolescents,, and then,, watch for it,, comes the teens controlling the parents as we play kidocracy, and here come the young adults, freshly uninitiated yet old enough to make more kids, who they have even less of an idea how to raise because they weren’t shown examples of how and why we need and are respect.

        that lack has led us to be pyramid bricks mortared with deception

        In a natural law sense, our species has traipsed way out on a sick limb., The eugenicists are planning to amputate, but thats just another violation of natural law.

        Id guess that a modern morality will give everyone rights to access a healthy environment and food/shelter + sovereign custodianship of some thing or place, but will also need a unifying task, such as “heres how Im gonna contribute to the health or truth or beauty or happiness of my community or of all”. The chiefs can be the ones who want it the least. The tech could be less driven by materials that are toxic to produce and more about our finer capacity of abstracting. when I think of the bad controllers of our times, its exciting, knowing that It will get much much better, because i cant imagine worse than we’ve had and have

        you guys are onto book scale topics.

    • mkey says:

      To state that the state states and sets the moral beacon is beyond absurd, it’s an insult to one’s innate intelligence and an affront to common sense. We already do have a lot of people who do whatever they want while they don’t appear to have a conscience nor do they appear to care about miserable results of their deplorable actions. The worst part is that these people are concentrated at the top and they appear to have authority in the eyes of the subdued, mind controlled masses.

      ztaco, I’d posit that one can not be a proper human being without adhering to natural laws and realizing that there is one objective truth and that morals are absolute, instead of whatever one wants make them to be. This is exactly why and how we find ourselves in this predicament, surrounded by people who don’t live up to a fraction of their potential.

      The natural law is immutable and can not be broken without consequence. There may be a certain delay between the moment when the law is broken and the moment the universe aligns to exact the punishment; that’s why the connection between the transgression and the consequence may become less evident.

      The natural law does not require belief, ignore it at your own peril. To ignore the natural law means to live in a world of chaos, pain, misery; in other words, hell.

      The simple fact of the matter is that much of our lives are conducted in an anarchist fashion, without control from without. When you are home alone or among family, when you roam the woods, when you drive around, when you lie in the bed and gather your thoughts as you wonder off into the dream land.

      The only solution is to not become but realize that we are sovereign human beings. We stepped into this world as free creatures, not slaves. We can only and must control our kingdom from within through discipline and committal to self improvement at the cost of internal sacrifice.

    • mik says:

      Ethics and morals interest me a lot last times.

      First about Tomasz Kaye. I would be cautious learning from this guy whose perspectives are very narrow.
      I looked at his youboob opus and found: ‘Property is theft’ stolen concept fallacy.
      He takes the statement, without acknowledgement it’s from Proudhon, and dissect it. The statement makes sense if you read What is Property?(Proudhon), but his way is taking things out of context and making beautiful “logical” conclusion, that is logical, still misses the point.

      On George character, video can be made with a different story and completely different conclusion.
      Imagine, a group of people living in woods hiding from nazis. They decided, almost consensus, they must camouflage extremely carefully. Well, George light a fire in the evening, smoke and light can be seen from miles.
      What to do with George, an asshole? How to apply voluntary and non-aggression in this instance? Not applicable, capital punishment might even be considered by the group, I see no ethical problem.

      Objective morals and natural law are notions I refrain from using, not that there is nothing in them, but because they’re so undefined. That opens possibility to misinterpretation, more probably gaming/cheating. Also, people are very malleable creatures, history shows all kinds of things have been morally acceptable, therefore we shouldn’t leave this things to happenstance with a thought, people are basically ok.
      Next important reason for well defining is, majority of people are genuinely not interested in philosophizing, that’s how they are wired/raised. I think this is just how things are and will be, natural state of affairs. Those interested have to do the job and provide guidelines, not new bible, for everybody, for individuals and society.

      Anarchism is foremost about freedom. Freedom of individual can only be limited by the freedom of other individual….and some recognized essential values, maybe goodness, sincerity….
      Since freedom can also be seen as value, anarchy will be foremost about values, very few of them, but they won’t be empty words, slogans, they will be lived experience. No laws are needed, everything could be judged upon adherence to the values. Anyhow, very few rules, laws with, lets say, few values instead of nowadays constitution.

      My conclusion, anarchy is spontaneous order, there are rules, we have to find/invent and establish them. Rules are best applied as values. Anarchy cannot be moral-nihilism, anarchy can only exist if we overcome morality.

      Lao-tse help me:

      When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.
      When goodness is lost, there is morality.
      When morality is lost, there is ritual.
      Ritual is the husk of true faith,
      the beginning of chaos.


  8. Fawlty Towers says:

    I used to be a fan of the CBC, I’m almost ashamed to admit it now.
    Then I finally saw the light after they started to censor my posts in the comment section of their online site.

    Like all the rest of the MSM they have been pimping Covid 24/7 since March this year.

    Today they will be aggressively trying to shame Covid conspiracy theorists on their radio call-in show ‘Cross Country Checkup’.

    Here’s the billing for today:

    How do you correct people who are misinformed about COVID-19

    Host Ian Hanomansing will take your calls: 1-888-416-8333

    Misinformation about COVID-19 has been spreading online for months. How do you approach those who doubt the illness’s seriousness?

    Pseudoscience. Conspiracy theories. Misinformation. Let alone the “avalanche of information” coming from government and health experts in the lead up to Thanksgiving.

    There’s a lot of confusion out there. Some have called it a “hoax”, and others have downplayed the serious effects COVID-19 can have.

    When questionable information about the novel coronavirus flows from family, friends, or co-workers, is it time for flight — or fight — for you?

    Our question: How do you correct people who are misinformed about COVID-19?”

    Show starts at 4:00 pm Eastern, but beware if you are trying to call in.
    They pre-screen callers! That’s right. They thoroughly question you to get a feel for your positions on the subject at hand.
    First they take your name and number. Then comes the third degree.
    If they don’t like the vibes from the conversation you won’t get a call-back.

    So if you want to try to put them in their place, I suggest you play their game, and say what they want to hear during the screening, and then tell them how you really feel, if they call you back for the show.

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      I couldn’t get through the phone lines, but my goodness, they still
      quoted me!

      It happens around the 2:00 minute mark.


      The first thing I was going to say, had they picked up my call was:

      “The question should be ‘How do you correct people who are Flooding the Zone, trying to push a nefarious agenda, like the CBC?’ ”

    • mkey says:

      It would probably be a good idea to let one of the familiar normies handle the screening process. I’m not sure I could fake what it takes to get in line with the program.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        I only listened to around the first half hour of the show before tuning out.

        To my surprise they actually let at least a couple of ‘conspiracy theorists’ on the show!

        The first one was a ‘controlled guest’. They had interviewed her earlier in the week and simply broadcast that interview. Talk about cheating! She is the leader of an anti-face mask group in Saskatoon.

        Kudos to the second one though that got through!
        She employed the stealth mode strategy that I had suggested.
        She obviously fed the call screener a pro-normie Covid stance,
        because when she started talking live, she was guarded in what she said for a few seconds.

        Then she began to gradually plunge the knife into host Ian Hanomansing. You could tell the more she said the more and more uncomfortable he became. He was squirming, totally at loss to counter what she was saying. I loved it! 🙂

    • mkey says:

      Here’s a more convenient URL to this episode, can be downloaded as well and played without limitations from their backwards player.


      I do plan to listen to this at least partially at 200% speed, but my backlog is insane.

  9. miro.s says:

    Many of CR members are, I guess, allready quite familiar with this site, but some new ones might be interested. This is still a very good source of ebooks and some other publications: gen.lib.rus.ec

  10. catmad says:

    I have a question.

    I now wake up feeling a mood I can’t describe. What is this mood that I have never experienced before and don’t know what to call it?

    I am Australian and everyday I wake up to the most insane “news” about harder lockdowns for no medical reason, no international travel until 2022 or a vaccine, no vaccine expected, borders shut until after the election because that is when it will be safe, kids dancing back to back wearing masks for their formal, and quarantine for brain surgery people but not for footballers.

    It is not anxiety, depression, shock, anger, or anything else like that. I have BiPolar that is stable but this new unknown mood is way more concerning than a manic episode.

    This is a serious question. Is there a mood that we don’t know because we have never had to experience it in our generation?

    • eat my cake says:

      gday mate,
      I reckon if enough people feel a certain way then it can/will spread. We can transmit and receive: like when a crowd cheers or rises for an ovation,, the stadium wave,, but this time its “cognitive dissonance”. lotsa are living the contradictory tyranny being foisted. But this time its not just on the original bloodlines for racist reasons, now its related to anyone’s number in the economy and or a willingness to obey. The eugenicists have upped their game, it appears that they’re going for their biggest cull yet.

      I understand “cognitive dissonance” to mean: trying to have faith/believe-in or even act on contradictory thoughts. the “dissonance” is like a short circuit, If you’re an arcwelder perhaps the short can be controlled, thats next level transmutting stuff. But for most of us,, it is clashing of intents, non flowing clanger in the brain, dissonant drumming (with some playing on and some off-pulse) can make one sick; dissonant thoughts are the same, they can make one disturbed upset hair-trigger aggressive edgy, straight up mad bro.

      suggested remedy for your personal peace of mind is to decide. The mind that hasnt decided is like a skipping record/cd, with the same thought occurring over and over, without flow the mind is disturbed; so decide.

      It helps to accurately Name the question; figure out what you believe. try to base it on as much first hand experience and demonstrable evidence as possible. Draw your line in the sand. and let the rest of the idiots have their circus.

      (one time)

      • catmad says:

        I looked into cognitive dissonance and this is my understanding.
        “Cognitive dissonance is a state of tension that occurs when a person simultaneously holds two cognitions, thoughts or beliefs that are psychologically inconsistent with a person’s behavior”

        I think that is what others experience as I grew up with the NWO and surrounding topics being an everyday conversation piece since I could walk.

        I do agree 100% that no matter what it is called you must draw that line in the sand and pick a direction… I think the idea of self-sufficiency, closer communities, and looking after the cancelled members of society is my direction.

        Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

        • eat my cake says:

          dissonance is anti-harmony, it is a name for “the opposite of what keeps us alive”. I’ve mostly heard it used to reference people in denial (denial: the favorite cognitive dissonance band-aid). Believing the govt is locking down for public health protection and then seeing the inconsistent actions + brutality,, will put the sitters on a razor wire fence, mind and mood will not be flowing well for those people. Without question there is currently an observable in public, commonplace mood of edgy skin-deep aggression.

          but I took a chance/guess about your question: “What is this mood that I have never experienced before and don’t know what to call it?” (a little description of the mood might improve the vector here).

          “NWO and surrounding topics being an everyday conversation piece since I could walk.” –you “But what do people mean when they say, things” — monty python what we need is clarity.

          The end has always been “nigh”. The concerning part for me over the current NWO gestures is the scale of revealed tech. Sword spear bow/ arrow and fisticuffs is one thing, bullets and bombs another, but remote mass destruction is a game changer: nuclear arsenals, interferometry that can drop skyscrapers, masers can flatten a standing army or disintegrate an airborne ICBM in 3 seconds, mideast drone strikes played from nevada, forced transhumanism, EMP’s that can knock out every one and zero (thats why we cant have only digital money) from here to west woop-woop the slow cooking (3jee-4jee), slow poisoning (gmo’s, flouride/chlorine, metals in the jab) of populations, faster cooking w 5jee… the scale of assault is accelerating, and the means are now often invisible and silent and controled remotely: difficult game to even play. or is time to get meek-as?

          The aunties say, “either you’re a part of the clean-up or a part of the mess. keep in the good manners but” (“look after country” for non-oz readers that means “land” not “nation”), “two foot steps and a heartbeat”

    • Duck says:

      I suspect its a kind of shock, a disbelieving fear as you sit in relative comfort and watch the water washing slowly over the deck of the Titanic.
      Less news and more exercise or positive action of any kind is the only thing that alleviates my negativity

      • catmad says:

        Do you watch Jason Bermas?
        I slid into disbelievment when he started to report on the NY lockdowns. I had already stocked up on basics mid January so wasn’t fearful but prepared.

        Agree that less news and more exercise definitely helps.

        • Duck says:

          I have seen him… he was going almost Full Alex Jones with the fear when the lock down started so I have not seen what he’s doing lately

          • catmad says:

            I think he was just so shocked to see things he was doing documentaries about come true under his nose.
            He has now moved out of NY with his nieces and sister and has calmed down.
            In fact I think he is in a better place emotionally because instead of living the fear he moved to a better place and is reconnecting with friends again.

            In fact thinking about it he is probably seeing a perfect example of what to do when things go pear shaped.

    • lizzie says:

      Catnap. Thanks for your comment and bringing up that unknown feeling. I feel the thing too, trying to explain it though is another matter, dim, hazy, surreal or even the mubble fubbles doesn’t quite sum it up.
      After hearing James talk with Freeman Behind The Wall, I checked out his earlier podcast here
      -We’ve entered the dim age –

      They are talking about how we are grieving from the death of our old lives, so what you are feeling could be part of that.
      Is the feeling bearable for you?? I think it is a good idea to try and vaguely name it, even if we called it John or something so there is some sort of acknowledgment about what is lurking in our brain.

      • catmad says:

        Thanks, have downloaded that podcast and will listen today.

        Is the feeling bearable? Some days I feel like it is almost unbearable… but only some days… like when I hear we can’t travel for 2 years and my son might not get home to see his dad who has huntington’s disease before it is too late.

        But most days I’m fine! I guess it depends on the news of the day!

        I’m glad but sad to hear you also feel the “thing” because not being alone makes it easier to process!

        • lizzie says:

          Some days indeed. Could that be the name of the thing… the thing???!!!
          I would often send love as a meditation technique but I can’t do it at the moment. It’s like there is a love defender barrier up everywhere.
          I think all those joyous things that aren’t happening are affecting the whole world flow. Like the after a yoga class feeling, people praying together, hugs, people massaging each other and all that other good vibe stuff.
          So let’s shake off this thing and turn up the fun dial!!! Whaddya say ???

        • debra.b says:

          Hi catmad,
          I have many days when I feel it’s unbearable. And, I think that’s perfectly natural. I agree with Lizzie about grieving a loss and about the love barrier. Feelings of warmth and natural instincts are being repressed by so many people on many levels. It appears to me that people are developing mental health issues on a massive scale due to the trauma everyone is experiencing. Having dealt with mental health issues of my own for several years seems to have allowed for me to recognize signs of it in others. It’s a very unsettling feeling. It’s like I can feel the magnitude of that and I think that’s what creates this unbearable feeling. The ground feels very shaky. However, I do my best to come back to balance. I keep breathing as best I can. I remind myself that feelings go up and then they come down. I do my best to allow for that. Trying to block feelings in my experience just makes it worse. Makes me almost hyper focused on that one feeling while ignoring others that may be lying in wait. If that makes sense.

          It’s good to keep informed. But, it’s also good to unplug from it all. Enjoy whatever you can in your own life. I know it’s all easier said than done. This community is a tremendous help, makes me feel less alone and so much knowledge in one place. 🙂

    • Octium says:

      One possibility is the Casandra complex. You might think that you would gain some satisfaction from telling everybody “I told you so!” But when the time comes the feeling can be quite the opposite. Seeing the future can be a curse.

    • janet says:

      It’s Gaslighting. Watch the movie and the dime will drop on how you are feeling.

    • Alchemist says:

      I can’t imagine what it must feel like to be in your situation. What’s happening there is wrong on every level.

      I’ve felt some strange foreign feeling here in California as well and think it has to do with the draining of our collective energy. We are all victims of this crime. I’m doing my best to keep my vibrations up and find ways to feel joy through the madness. Sending good vibes your way!

      • catmad says:

        Thanks for the positive vibes. This is definitely a global thing and that draining of the collective energy sounds about right.

        Maybe it is the fact it is a crime against humanity that not one person on the globe can escape from!

        Wrong on every level is so true.

        I was blessed to be in a very good position in life when this all started to unfold so when I finish building my house I want to create a community of local like minded people that can support eachother as we get thrust into a social credit system and one by one we are debanked, deplatformed, shunned , and isolated!

    • mkey says:

      I’d say what you are experiencing there is war weariness because, for all intents and purposes, this is war. The enemy is all around you and top play in the playbook is confusion.

    • sussi says:


      I am in Melbourne and I feel the same way. The Omnibus bill passed yesterday. They are passing a federal bill tomorrow that will allow Australian or foreign troops into the streets of Australia with immunity from criminal or civil liability at the behest is the defence minister. This would not be disallowable by parliament.

      • mkey says:

        This some really scary stuff.

        A Bill to enable use of foreign troops or foreign police in Australian “emergencies”

        • sussi says:

          It’s no secret that the Chinese have a Parisian romantic love affair with Melbourne and considering our Premier’s long relationship with the Chinese United Front, I can’t help but feel that Melbourne has been given to up to China. We are at the coal face of this down here.

          • Miss Terious says:

            Hey Sussi

            I really feel for you. “aporia”. Well, that says it all. I know that word from my Greek studies. It must be very difficult at the moment. I think that if I were there, I would not be able to take any more of it, and would possibly do something crazy. Obviously you will do what you feel is best for you and your family but if it were me I’d probably be making escape plans. However, I don’t have responsibilities for family, which you may have.

            The self-appointed dictator of Victoria is acting unconstitutionally and illegally and should be charged with treason, along with numerous federal politicians and other people, many of whom are “just following orders”. Know Your Rights group has made that clear. (knowyourrights.com.au and youtube – important source of info for all Australians).

            I’m thinking of a guy named LeftWright who used to post at 911 blogger. After every post came the words:

            “The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.”

            I found this helpful, in those early years of 911 truth.

            All the best. Take care.

    • Jed says:

      Moods for me can be debilitating and I don’t know what’s good or bad but EFT can’t hurt. This EFT thing is where one triggers acupuncture/pressure points whilst verbally accepting and affirming, in a pointed way — may be worth looking into. There’s plenty of good and bad info out there on it.

  11. Big-_-Brother says:

    I just want to know the Anarchy and Agorism solution to policing. Yes i agree the militarization of police is bad and should be stopped. But there should be some form of high authority that should enforce the laws. We as human beings are not perfect and can be sinful. I dont think to eliminate the police and having no legal authority in my eyes is just flawd. By having no accountabity to wrong doings is evil and its an easy recipe for disaster. This is one of the reasons i cant agree with SOME not all of the soultions that James has. I like the libertarians soultion like Polycentric law.
    **Read more here—–> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polycentric_law **

  12. Big-_-Brother says:

    Does james ever talk about QAnon i never hear him talk about it before(im a new member). if he did please be kind enough to list and articles or videos if you can. 🙂

    • mkey says:

      James reference Qanon once and it was in a disparaging fashion, it’s really the only time he lost his cool as far as I can remember. I do not not have a link for you, it was more than a year ago in one of the podcasts, James was ticked off by some emails he got from the audience.

      The general sentiment on this site (according to me) in regards to Qanon is that it’s a psyop that aims to coral people who have started seeing through the bullshit into a special ward where people who they would like to put back to sleep are kept.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I was sent a QAnon video by a friend and it seemed to suggest JFK Jr. was still alive. I just didn’t believe it. However, they have other good info, probably a lot of factual info. So could it be a mix of truth and lies so that the truth gets overlooked as lies?

      I think it could be a Psyop or infiltrated by the CIA. I don’t think there’s any proof either way. Try to follow the facts and use good information for positive changes.

      “Limited Hangouts” can provide useful information, but it’s good to see it for what it is also.

      • Duck says:

        Qanon tells people to wait for a human savior and do nothing much in the mean time but to trust the plan….like Trump himself it appears to be a way to run out the clock on peoples ability to act in their own interests

        • gauntlet33 says:

          @Duck, I totally agree that the Qanon, and the left v. right, Demonrat v. Rethuglicans is all theatre to convince people into thinking if they just vote for the right guy/gay or just sit patiently, that things will get better, and that instead the clock is ticking and if you’re not prepping and acting now, it will be too late for many.

          I’ve said it on various sites/blogs and I’ll repeat it here…”Save yourselves. No one will be coming to save you other than maybe the family, friends, and local community relations that you’ve built up over the years.”

  13. eat my cake says:

    here’s a normie fence sitter reference:
    ,,,3 eloquent U.S. lawyers describing the current lawlessness. if this is too long, it can at least be saved and shared as a reference.

    Panel: “The Coronavirus and the Constitution”
    Chairman: Ronald J. Pestritto
    Hillsdale College


    first comment:Benjamin Franklin: “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

  14. bta says:

    Read the military plan.

    New chart reveals military’s vast involvement in Operation Warp Speed


  15. adam83 says:

    Has anyone seen anything on the “shooting” in Denver today(10/11/2020)? It seemed like a false flag to shift attention away from the Declassification or more “divide and conquer” tactics

  16. james.w says:

    According to Dr. Paul Offit, people will need to continue wearing masks and social distancing for “the next couple of years” even after a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available
    A viral video shows the violent arrest of an Ohio mom at a local football game, ostensibly for not wearing her mask in the stands. The problem with arresting people for not complying with mask rules is that there’s no evidence to support the idea that masks prevent the spread of the virus
    Face shields, recommended as an added layer to protect the mucous membranes of your eyes, are useless for the prevention of viral spread, especially if used alone in lieu of a mask. Masks with exhalation ports are also useless as they do not filter the outbreath
    Flow visualization research shows that while face shields block the initial forward motion of the jet, expelled droplets move around the visor and spread out over a large area. Visualizations for face masks equipped with an exhalation port show droplets pass through the exhale valve unfiltered
    September 18, 2020, the CDC posted updated COVID-19 guidance that, for the first time, mentioned aerosol transmission of SARS-CoV-2, saying “this is thought to be the main way the virus spreads.” It also noted that aerosolized viruses can travel farther than 6 feet. The CDC deleted these sections September 21, claiming they were posted in error. Aerosolized spread confirms the futility of mask rules

  17. Ethan Hunter says:

    Why the episode “Meet Paul Ehrlich – Pseudoscience Charlatan” is my favorite Corbett Report:

    This episode encapsulates the intellectual sickness that has infected our society and has reached a fever pitch in 2020 – the Malthusian, depletionist mindset that views human beings as a cancer on the Earth.

    Paul Ehrlich is of the same mindset as the Technocrats that are causing so much misery today – the control freaks that view the majority of humanity as cannon-fodder and like locusts that only consume resources.

    I think of the “chicken-little” pronouncements that happened earlier this year where millions were predicted to die from Covid-19 from the likes of Imperial College’s Niel Ferguson or the doomporn of NIH’s Anthony Fauci – and turned out to be so blatantly and mind-numbingly wrong in their predictions but accomplished the fear-mongering to foster the control that has been planned and in the works since “Lockstep” that was planned by the Rockefeller Foundation a decade ago.

    The episode proposes a “solution” that is more of a revolution of the mind than a tangible solution of a more banal nature. That is the importance of human ingenuity. I adore the highlighting of Julian Simon’s optimistic appraisal of the “ultimate resource” of human invention and ingenuity.

    I wonder…if we cultivate this trait in ourselves and in our loved ones – would this create a “ripple-effect” that outpaces the control freak’s plans of total control? Can ingenuity outpace uncreative, unimaginative, and heartless control freaks that continuously try to dominate us?

    In conclusion, I believe this episode gets to the heart of the matter of our current dilemma – the need to revolutionize our appraisal of the resources of our planet and our Universe beyond.

    • ztaco says:

      The economist David Friedman talks a decent amount about the old overpopulation scare. He said they acted like it was the end of the world and enacted tons of policies to fight it, but in the end it was a mess of statistical nonsense. He then relates that to the current climate scare and how we’re repeating the same events as overpopulation. It’s very cool hearing this from a very high IQ economist and it only further adds to the nonsense we’re being told every day.

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Published during the Covid lockdown in April 2020

    “OUT OF SHADOWS” – Official Documentary
    (One hour 18 minutes)

    The Out Of The Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. Our goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister agenda.

    This project is the result of two years of blood, sweat, and tears by a team of woke professionals. It’s been independently produced and funded and is available on many different platforms for free for anyone to watch.

    Patriots made this documentary with the sole purpose of getting the truth out there. If you like the documentary, please share this video.

    This documentary was first recommended at 911Blogger.com

    That entry also refers to the FAMOUS CATALOGUE OF RESEARCH by “Shoestring” entitled
    Hollywood and 9/11:
    The Movies and TV Dramas Resembling the Terrorist Attacks That Were Being Produced in September 2001

    (Be sure to check the comments for additions & comments to this work.)

    • cu.h.j says:

      Wow that’s very disturbing. It’s incredible to me that so many psychopaths could concentrate in government and Hollywood and also that people would trade their “soul” for power and success.

      Good video but made me sick to my stomach.

      • cu.h.j says:

        I think the satanic rituals and other dark occult practices can be noted in Skull and Bones. These “elites” are a bunch of devil-worshiping monsters.

        I do believe in “magic” and “healing” though. I had a dramatic recovery twice in my life and I believe that there are good forces at play. Perhaps that goodness can be channeled to oppose the evil.

        I’m not “religious” but am not an atheist either. There is so much that we don’t see and don’t know and I can neither prove nor disprove the existence of God (s).

        But the evil that these monsters are tapping into is real and it must be opposed.

        • Duck says:

          “..I’m not “religious” but am not an atheist either…”
          Atheism is just the stepping stone that society needs before it will accept the New Age Religion…. that project goes back a long time (I suspect that Spiritism was an early attempt to main stream it)
          Constance Cumbey did good work describing the process, she is an Evangelical Christian but her description of the movement is pretty good even if her world view is not your own.
          As to Elite satanism I suspect its like your average Church of 20 or 30 years ago…. you have your 10% hardcore believers your 30 or 40 % who KINDA believe and the others think its a great place to network, do deals and make friends and who “just love the ‘music’ “

        • eat my cake says:

          “But the evil that these monsters are tapping into is real and it must be opposed.”

          I bet its not “real”. Though I dont suggest that people dont suffer, its just that, as you say “there’s much unseen and unknown”. and most folks treat that fact with respect. some try it by sitting in a church once a week. The atheists may just be the “doubting Thomas’s”, who refused to believe that the master had returned from the dead until he could put his hand in the wound,,, the story goes that he did get his chance and the master (lord sananda) honored his unwillingness to just believe what someone had said.

          being mad at the perpetrators of the daily bad news has its uses, but can also feed them. I try to measure my madness.

          religion, I was taught, comes from the greek “relihios” which is to merge with the planetary mind and its intent. thats a whole lot different than wearing or not wearing this or that hat. If anyone pulls off even close to that kind of awareness, they should feel blessed or lucky-as. An indigenous person might open and confess that “at least i’ve got my connection to the mother”, and they wont be talking about some concept they were told around the fire. they will be spilling that they had an actual experience, epiphany, that will affirm respect in natural law for life.

          otherwise, “organised religions” are just co-opted or stolen law. certain beings, in history, have understood or been given a high degree of natural law. This attracts students, then followers, then mobsters who co-opt the whole gig and flip the law (fear is the bait to lure/entrain mind into a dualistic entrapment, good vs evil), so they can essentially steal the faith of many to feed their own agendas. Yup, evil, but can be blown like so much dust off ones shoulder: it has no power here, because it is not real. but, When we give faith, we do feed a potentiated force to whatever the object.

          I see the corruption that we call “culture”, (especially these days) as an energetic feeding frenzy. fasting helps. I try to avoid feeding the obstacle with too much anger ,,,or denial.

          • Miss Terious says:

            eat my cake,

            At the risk of being accused of pedantry:

            “religion, I was taught, comes from the greek “relihios” which is to merge with the planetary mind and its intent”.

            Wow, that’s a strange one. This word was unfamiliar, so I’ve tried various alternate spellings in my Oxford Greek lexicon, and online of course too. I don’t know every word in ancient Greek (a language rather copiously supplied with words) but this word does not appear.

            I had a link to a Greek English dictionary online which demonstrates that the Greeks used different words for “religion” but I can’t get it to work because of some strange syntax in the link.

            “Religion” of course actually comes from the Latin “religio” which means “to be supernaturally constrained” in the sense that one is tied or bound to a deity. Going further, “ligo” is an ancient Indo-European root, which means, “to bind”. The English word “ligament” comes from this root, because ligaments were used to tie or bind things in ancient times. The Indo-European root “yugom” meaning “to join or unite” contains a similar idea which found its way into the Sanskrit word “yoga” (a practice which “yokes” you to the deity) and the English word “yoke”, which joins a bullock cart to the animals.

            The ancients believed that one who believes in a particular deity was tied, constrained or otherwise bound to that deity. The root words demonstrate that this has nothing whatever to do with “merging with the planetary mind and its intent”.

            • Mielia says:

              as far as I know religion as well as state are modern terms,
              religion before as a word having a different meaning (you explained one)
              and both developing 15th or 16th century onward in the sense as we know them today or even later

            • eat my cake says:

              Miss T,
              thanks for your efforts to flesh out that etymology. apologies if my spelling was a bit off.

              I heard that definition in conjunction with an explanation of the Greek “mysteries at eliusis”, wherein a once in a life time chance, never to be spoken about, was offered: to undergo an intoxication (still not confirmed of what?) that was described as potentially having an awareness of “merging with the planetary overmind”.

              I’d say thats the as good as it gets version of getting religious, and too bad theres not more of that happening today. I bet its still being hidden/co-opted by powers that shouldnt be; and if the latin mavens called it “being yoked or chained to a diety”, then that affirms what I said about stealing and flipping law.

              • Miss Terious says:

                hey mate,

                warm greetings from the far north, where life is in every respect completely normal, except for the signs on shop windows that everybody studiously tries to ignore. We are getting lots of refugees from Brisbane and down south and its not hard to see why. A few days ago I even had a bloke who drove down a dirt road into the rainforest, saw my place and came to my window desperately looking for somewhere to stay.

                I’ve studied comparative Indo-European linguistics both at uni (proud to say I dropped out) and for my own pleasure over many years. Latin grammar and Homer and Plato. Sanskrit, a little. It just discomforts me when I hear linguistic assertions that aren’t borne out by facts. And people do this a lot.

                A few months back, I rebutted Jeff Berwick’s long standing and repeated contentions that the word “government” means “mind control” with a similar analysis.

                The Eleusinian mysteries were indeed drug filled and orgiastic celebrations that could be described as religious, and no doubt on that level, you are still making a perfectly valid point. Philosophically, it could be argued that your meaning is contained within the original definition. As for what they were taking, I don’t know either. A powerful psychedelic no doubt, and there would have been plenty of options. For some reason belladonna comes to mind; or it could have been a concoction of substances, or there may have been several different substances involved. I think the priestesses sniffed some kind of vapor but I know nothing more about this.

    • victoria says:

      nice exposé, thx for sharing HRS. the gootube purge marches on, video no longer available b/c account associated with it has been terminated. so went to bitchute
      OUT OF SHADOWS [Official Documentary 2020]

  19. lizzie says:

    I watch Jim Lee from time to time. He does some great work weather warfare etc…on his website
    Just watched his latest video where he says he is having surgery on his throat, so to support him and wish him well you can find his links through this video


    • Mielia says:

      totally agree to that his work has been outstanding over the past years!
      these days iceagefarmer may be the most important channel on the topic of planting seeds, starting gardening which is adjacent to the whole climate and geo-engineering or climate intervention or what they call it now topic

  20. 8Gc58 says:

    TLDR: The Phase II virus lives a lot longer on common surfaces.


    Published:April 02, 2020

    Stability of SARS-CoV-2 in different environmental conditions

    We further investigated the stability of this virus on different surfaces. Briefly, a 5 μL droplet of virus culture (∼7·8 log unit of TCID50 per mL) was pipetted on a surface (appendix p 1; ∼cm2 per piece) and left at room temperature (22°C) with a relative humidity of around 65%. The inoculated objects retrieved at desired time-points were immediately soaked with 200 μL of virus transport medium for 30 mins to elute the virus. Therefore, this recovery of virus does not necessarily reflect the potential to pick up the virus from casual contact. No infectious virus could be recovered from printing and tissue papers after a 3-hour incubation, whereas no infectious virus could be detected from treated wood and cloth on day 2. By contrast, SARS-CoV-2 was more stable on smooth surfaces. No infectious virus could be detected from treated smooth surfaces on day 4 (glass and banknote) or day 7 (stainless steel and plastic). Strikingly, a detectable level of infectious virus could still be present on the outer layer of a surgical mask on day 7 (∼0·1% of the original inoculum). Interestingly, a biphasic decay of infectious SARS-CoV-2 could be found in samples recovered from these smooth surfaces (appendix pp 2–7). 39 representative non-infectious samples tested positive by RT-PCR3
    (data not shown), showing that non-infectious viruses could still be recovered by the eluents.

    We also tested the virucidal effects of disinfectants by adding 15 μL of SARS-CoV-2 culture (∼7·8 log unit of TCID50 per mL) to 135 μL of various disinfectants at working concentration (appendix p 1). With the exception of a 5-min incubation with hand soap, no infectious virus could be detected after a 5-min incubation at room temperature (22°C). Additionally, we also found that SARS-CoV-2 is extremely stable in a wide range of pH values at room temperature (pH 3–10; appendix p 1). Overall, SARS-CoV-2 can be highly stable in a favourable environment,4
    but it is also susceptible to standard disinfection methods.



    Published: 07 October 2020

    The effect of temperature on persistence of SARS-CoV-2 on common surfaces

    Survival rates of SARS-CoV-2 were determined at different temperatures and D-values, Z-values and half-life were calculated. We obtained half lives of between 1.7 and 2.7 days at 20 °C, reducing to a few hours when temperature was elevated to 40 °C. With initial viral loads broadly equivalent to the highest titres excreted by infectious patients, viable virus was isolated for up to 28 days at 20 °C from common surfaces such as glass, stainless steel and both paper and polymer banknotes. Conversely, infectious virus survived less than 24 h at 40 °C on some surfaces.


  21. Duck says:

    “revolt of the Elites” audio book… (by the guy who wrote ‘culture of narcissism’ which was almost a perfect description of the kind of society we live in today) . 7 hours and worth every second of it…. describes how and why society is atomizing AND stratifying at the same time and the rise of the sub-elite class that considers themselves almost tourists in their own culture and regard the mass of fellow citizens as half civilized bigoted buffoons… Published in the mid 90’s

  22. keithk says:

    BitCHute cell phone app- BitSlide has a new update, better than ever!!!


  23. debra.b says:

    Whitney Webb on Last American Vagabond

    “ Expose Warp Speed – CIA-Linked Contractors Used To Keep Covid-19 Vaccine Contracts Secret” (32:20 min)


  24. scpat says:

    Nature just published an article purporting the effectiveness of masks. It would appear they are laying all their best evidence on the line. Given that we know Nature is a tool for social control (at least since this pandemic), it might be worth a read. I have selected what I thought were the main passages.

    Face masks: what the data say – Nature, October 6, 2020
    The science supports that face coverings are saving lives during the coronavirus pandemic, and yet the debate trundles on. How much evidence is enough?


    To be clear, the science supports using masks, with recent studies suggesting that they could save lives in different ways: research shows that they cut down the chances of both transmitting and catching the coronavirus, and some studies hint that masks might reduce the severity of infection if people do contract the disease.

    …Should members of the public bother wearing basic surgical masks or cloth masks? If so, under what conditions? “Those are the things we normally [sort out] in clinical trials,” says Kate Grabowski, an infectious-disease epidemiologist at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. “But we just didn’t have time for that.”

    So, scientists have relied on observational and laboratory studies. There is also indirect evidence from other infectious diseases. “If you look at any one paper — it’s not a slam dunk. But, taken all together, I’m convinced that they are working,” says Grabowski.

    …Other hints of effectiveness [of masks] emerged from mass gatherings. At Black Lives Matter protests in US cities, most attendees wore masks. The events did not seem to trigger spikes in infections, yet the virus ran rampant in late June at a Georgia summer camp, where children who attended were not required to wear face coverings.

    • scpat says:


      …More-rigorous analyses added direct evidence. A preprint study posted in early August (and not yet peer reviewed), found that weekly increases in per-capita mortality were four times lower in places where masks were the norm or recommended by the government, compared with other regions. Researchers looked at 200 countries, including Mongolia, which adopted mask use in January and, as of May, had recorded no deaths related to COVID-19. Another study looked at the effects of US state-government mandates for mask use in April and May. Researchers estimated that those reduced the growth of COVID-19 cases by up to 2 percentage points per day. They cautiously suggest that mandates might have averted as many as 450,000 cases, after controlling for other mitigation measures, such as physical distancing.

      “You don’t have to do much math to say this is obviously a good idea,” says Jeremy Howard, a research scientist at the University of San Francisco in California, who is part of a team that reviewed the evidence for wearing face masks in a preprint article that has been widely circulated.

      Many believe that asymptomatic transmission is driving much of the COVID-19 pandemic, which would suggest that viruses aren’t typically riding out on coughs or sneezes. By this reasoning, aerosols could prove to be the most important transmission vehicle. So, it is worth looking at which masks can stop aerosols.

      In a review of observational studies, an international research team estimates that surgical and comparable cloth masks are 67% effective in protecting the wearer.

      Perhaps fortunately, some evidence12 suggests that donning a face mask might drive the wearer and those around them to adhere better to other measures, such as social distancing. The masks remind them of shared responsibility, perhaps. But that requires that people wear them.

      Denmark was one of the last nations to mandate face masks — requiring their use on public transport from 22 August. It has maintained generally good control of the virus through early stay-at-home orders, testing and contact tracing.


    • mkey says:

      This is a wild goose chase.

  25. generalbottlewasher says:

    It could be falling from the patented aerosol delivery system designed by Ken Caldera. I heard he and psycho cohort David Keith are working for Bill and Malinda Gates. Also heard Gates is funding the John Brennen favorite weapon of choice Stratispheric Aerosol Injection program. For what? Covert 19.
    Erh…I mean Sars2.
    Can it be proven at the civilian level? A cloudy morning last Friday appeared out of thin predawn air, a light mist covered everything. Smell ? yes like burnt aluminum. Burned away by 1:00pm. A stationary high pressure ridge has been in place 2 weeks with little or no clouds visible. Thursday day before, the sky was white no clouds just chemtrails here and there.
    Today the blue has returned and the illnesses and hospital deaths spiked over the weekend. The commie mayor calling for lockdowns and mask ordinances. Maybe he really wants us to be protected from the Caldera mist, stay inside and wear protection for breathing but can’t say why. Go figure. Some of these psychos may even have a heart.?

    Everyone is contributing such great work. Thanks James for allowing the nut to offer up shells of insights. Humbled.

  26. 8Gc58 says:

    Papua New Guinea to fit ankle monitors to arrivals in Covid quarantine

    Papua New Guinea will fit all foreign workers coming into the country with an electronic ankle monitor for the duration of their Covid-19 quarantine, the government’s pandemic controller has said.


  27. 8Gc58 says:

    First Covid-19 reinfection in US confirmed by researchers

    A 25-year-old man with no known immune disorders or underlying conditions was infected with Covid-19 on two separate occasions.


    • cu.h.j says:

      One case and they haven’t thoroughly detailed what they found, what testing methods they used, etc. I’m glad that you are posting this. It’s good to listen to “the enemy”.

      One case of possible reinfection with a different strain. But did he die? If not, who cares. Let us get on with our lives. I’m so sick of this “biosecurity” paranoia. At least it allows me to weed out the morons and people I want nothing to do with.

      They are part of this, they like the fear and paranoia and masks. It allows them to live out the “zombie apocalypse,” what has been pushed into the public consciousness with all the predictive programming movies.

      Thanks for posting.

      • 8Gc58 says:

        You’re welcome. It is interesting to see what is happening in the lame stream media. They are often sparse with details, making it difficult to check what really did happen.

        For sure, this new era is sickening. Will enough people wake up in time? Will there become two very distinct separate groups of citizens; “maskers” vs “freedom fighters”? What will happen if/when “they” will start force vaccinating the population?

    • 8Gc58 says:

      Dutch woman dies after catching Covid-19 twice, the first reported reinfection death

      (CNN)An elderly Dutch woman has become the first known person to die from catching Covid-19 twice, according to experts, raising serious questions about how long immunity and antibodies can last.

      The woman, 89, suffered from a rare type of bone marrow cancer called Waldenström’s macroglobulinemia. Her immune system was compromised due to the cell-depleting therapy she received, the researchers at Maastricht University Medical Center in the Netherlands wrote in a paper accepted for publication in the journal Clinical Infectious Diseases.


  28. 8Gc58 says:

    It’s not a Hollywood movie script, it is the main stream news. Ah, right, that is more or less the same thing.

    Machine translation below.


    A new variant of coronavirus has been discovered in the “corona bus”

    Stavanger (NRK): The National Institute of Public Health has uncovered a new mutated variant of the coronavirus in the «corona bus». No one became critically or life-threateningly ill when the bus full of pensioners was infected.

    The National Institute of Public Health have now revealed that the coronavirus that the passengers on the tourist bus were infected with is a mutated version of the original coronavirus we have in Norway.

    – (evil google) https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.nrk.no%2Frogaland%2Fen-ny-type-koronavirus-er-oppdaget-i-_koronabussen_-1.15196939

  29. 8Gc58 says:

    The new norm: Green lane citizens, sponsored by a company or government agency, from selected countries, where travellers don’t need to be quarantined.


    As part of Singapore’s plans to revive its aviation sector, now that COVID-19 cases have been steadily falling, the Government has been setting up “green lane” arrangements and travel bubbles with certain countries and territories.

    Singapore’s first travel agreement was a “fast lane” arrangement with China which started on Jun 8.

    It allows for official or business travel between Singapore and six provinces and municipalities in China – Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

    Travellers must be sponsored by a company or government agency.

    For Singapore residents, the relevant company or agency will file an application with the authorities in the province or municipality they intend to travel to.

    Once approved, they can then apply for a visa from the Chinese Embassy in Singapore, as well as submit a health declaration to the Chinese authorities.

    For China residents travelling to Singapore via the fast lane, the company or government agency sponsoring their trip in Singapore will file an application for a SafeTravel Pass, and receive an approval letter once they are given the go-ahead.



    In Singapore. Travellers can apply for a safe travel pass (https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/), where there are some conditions (example: https://safetravel.ica.gov.sg/australia/atp/conditions), like:

    An Air Travel Pass holder must:
    – undergo a COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test at the airport
    – download the TraceTogether app on his/her mobile device

    And: “Given the evolving nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, the relevant authorities in Singapore may, at their own discretion, introduce new measures or requirements to safeguard public health, which may include variation of the conditions or cancellation of the Air Travel Pass at short notice.”

    New measures. Like “take the vaccine”? Hmm…

  30. scpat says:

    Bill Gates best job interview answers and COVID-19 update | State of Inspiration w/ Stephen Curry


    Gates (machine transcript):
    “…you know our ability to connect up with each other is driven by that but it also has meant that a lot of very surprisingly interesting conspiracy theories that are false sadly they spread a lot faster than the truth you know so the idea that did somebody intentionally cause this thing completely false even in some cases accusing me of having some connection that can be dangerous because it means you know your willingness to believe is the vaccine something i should take should i wear masks you know if you go for these simple but wrong theories getting people to work together and protect each other so we can get out of this as soon as possible that’s really at risk you raise the question of how should the government deal with that it’s very difficult ideally citizens are just well informed and they know which publications are very careful about what they say and we don’t have to engage in censorship but so much of the almost crazy false information is out there that looking at the companies like facebook and saying okay what is their role in that you know when somebody says masks don’t work which is wrong or they say just take hydroxychloroquine and you’ll be totally safe what is their responsibility for catching those things particularly when they get out to large numbers that is being debated.”

    Overall, it seems likely that Bill Gates is being given softball interviews with popular, likable, sports stars such as Steph Curry in order to rebuild his crumbling public image.

    To summarize what Gates said: If people don’t believe the mainstream sources of information we want people to believe, and they search for alternative information, then we can’t allow that and have to censor them because they don’t know what’s best for them. Only we enlightened beings on high know what’s best for you.

    • 8Gc58 says:

      Thanks a lot, scpat! Nice share.

      Interesting quote:
      “ideally citizens are just well informed and they know which publications… are very careful about what they say and we don’t have to engage in censorship”

      So, if people are “well informed”, meaning, reading and citing only the officially selected publications, then all is good. However, if people are “not well informed”, meaning also reading independent news sources, then censorship is needed.


      What tool did you use for the machine transcript?

      • scpat says:

        It was just taken from YouTube’s transcript.

        But yes, exactly. Crazy quote. I guess it isn’t too surprising he would say something like this, but it is amazing that something like this is being said in the United States, where for so long it has prided itself on freedom of speech. And here you have Bill Gates saying publicly that it’s necessary to censor people if they don’t share the “right” type of information. Amazing.

        • 8Gc58 says:


          Yeah, and why don’t everyone hearing Gates saying this start asking critical questions? Why are millions on millions of people listening to Gates and our political leaders? Maybe people are too afraid to understand that they themselves have to be the leaders in their own live if they stop listening to people like Gates.

          • mkey says:

            That’s my position, people are just too affraid to step up and take their lives in their hands. That’s the underlying condition that allowed the situation to become such a dire predicament. Also one of the core tennets of schooling, to keep the mind in the perpetual state of lacking maturity.

            • 8Gc58 says:

              Yeah, people seem very afraid of taking responsibility.

              I agree on your point about schooling as well. At school I learned little to nothing about surviving and living an independent life. It would have been wonderful being taught asking critical questions from a young age, learning how to build a house, some farming and how to live a healthy life. For example.

      • scpat says:

        Something else I just thought about is that the Russia-Gate event and fake news narrative that stemmed from that really gave momentum to big-tech censorship of information deemed to be Russian propaganda. They were almost obliged by the government to censor “fake news.”

        I think that narrative/idea cracked the door for big tech/government censorship generally from that point on until the present day and foreseeably into the future. To the general public, it might seem less surprising and more acceptable now that all this information is getting censored because of course fake news has to be censored, we can’t let outside forces influence the truth.

    • mkey says:

      Wait, we have a basketball player and an IT snake oil salesman discussing public policy? This is one of those hard core warp speed Picard moments, isn’t it?

    • eat my cake says:

      If we continue to talk about this dickhead will it help to keep him going? Personally, I dont wanta’ hear another peep out of that idiot.

      J.Rappaport wrote: “in this mad “COVID landscape,” minds and doors are opening. The hypnotic haze is receding. The truth is coming out. Doctors, scientists, reporters, and members of the public are discovering and rejecting the Big Con.”

      As much as I agree with him, Im still wanting to hear the opposition’s rave, quotes, or better a recorded interview, from a technician’s perspective. If there is no isolated virus what the f’ are they working with/on? I get the probability of suppositions erroneously turning to factual evidence in the game of Chinese whispers. But maybe its possible to accelerate the dissolving of the con by describing/focusing on the wake-up moment?

      Perhaps helping to unveil the hypnotic state might include describing peoples process of shifting belief? Isn’t that how the hypnosis was foisted to begin with: a fiction laced with fear darts, was repeated from those on high flat screens, those with the biggest guns,, Perhaps stories of fence sitters who jumped, to blessed ground. can we put Sherlock’s magnifying glass on the turning point of where/when one decides and changes ones mind/belief?

      On the other hand, It may be possible to sway mass opinion as the hundredth monkey who dipped the potato in salt water, perhaps pushing the dirty agendas back into the shadows, yet they’d still be there. Best would be for those dominators to repent.

      Can we get a real time computer manipulation (like that one of Obama talking rubbish) of BG apologizing and reversing all his erroneous/murderous claims? imagine trump talking like ghandi, or corbett talking like,,? It may get very soupy.

  31. 8Gc58 says:

    Engineers print wearable sensors directly on skin without heat

    Wearable sensors are evolving from watches and electrodes to bendable devices that provide far more precise biometric measurements and comfort for users. Now, an international team of researchers has taken the evolution one step further by printing sensors directly on human skin without the use of heat.


    “It could be recycled, since removal doesn’t damage the device,” Cheng said. “And, importantly, removal doesn’t damage the skin, either. That’s especially important for people with sensitive skin, like the elderly and babies. The device can be useful without being an extra burden to the person using it or to the environment.”

    Next, the researchers plan to alter the technology to target specific applications as needed, such as a precise on-body sensor network placed to monitor the particular symptoms associated with COVID-19.

    Src: https://techxplore.com/news/2020-10-wearable-sensors-skin.html

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    In case you missed it…

    MAINSTREAM MEDIA talks dirt about “THE GREAT RESET” and Davos
    This week, Sky News Australia contributor and former Australian Senator Cory Bernardi, tore open the debate on COVID after calling out a globalist agenda which few in mainstream media have dared to mention so far.

    Bernardi believes that the COVID-19 pandemic hysteria is being used as the Trojan horse for a globalist agenda hatched out of the World Economic Forum in Davos. It’s called The Great Reset, and its designed by elite billionaires supposedly to bring about ‘social and economic change.’…

    VIDEO (11 minutes)

    Original story…
    ~~www 21stcenturywire.com/2020/10/12/australian-media-calling-out-davos-great-reset-agenda/

    which was posted at the comment section of Corbett’s Interview 1581 – James Corbett Breaks Down the Great Reset
    ~~www corbettreport.com/interview-1581-james-corbett-breaks-down-the-great-reset/

  33. mkey says:

    Israeli inventors have developed a coronavirus mask that lets you eat without taking it off

    This was published sometime in May, but it hasn’t lost one iota of its ridiculousness.

  34. debra.b says:

    MintPress News
    Kidnapping Dissent: The Whitmer Plot and the End of Freedom

    A plot to kidnap the Democratic governor of Michigan has laid bare the persistence of ideological manipulation on the eve of the total surveillance state.

    October 12, 2020
    By Raul Diego

    In “The Grand Chessboard,” Zbigniew Brzezinski warned his fellow ruling class cohorts that the onset of the information age would require disinformation strategies to mitigate any potential threat from an increasingly politically-aware population.

    Five years before Brzezinski’s book was published, a white separatist and former Marine named Randy Weaver would be targeted by federal agents in what came to be known as the Ruby Ridge standoff; a landmark event in the formation of an anti-government subculture in the U.S., underpinned by a loose framework of White Supremacist ideologies rooted in the foundational myths of American settler culture and encouraged by their radical billionaire patrons who built a political machine at their expense and have set the stage for our current political reality.

    Stoked for decades by an extremist capitalist oligarchy which has slowly and methodically disabled the levers of democracy to achieve its interests, the latent racial tensions that haunt America’s collective psyche are being exploited in ways never before possible with the advent of online disinformation mashups, like QAnon, Antifa, BLM and others along the spectrum of modern-day social media constructs.

    As we near the 2020 presidential election, the skeletons in America’s closet are being dressed in the latest fashion and paraded before a terrified citizenry, whose health and peace of mind is under siege as a result of the pandemic crisis while simultaneously bombarded with apocalyptic scenarios of societal collapse and civil war, like the alleged conspiracy to kidnap and murder Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer as part of a larger plan to storm the Michigan State Capitol with hundreds of armed men.

    But, considering the fact that all of the individuals charged in the plot had been under intense scrutiny by the Federal Bureau of Investigation months prior to the scheme being hatched, it is not surprising that suspicions of entrapment by the FBI have begun to swirl around the high profile case, which was filed before the U.S. District Court of Western Michigan last Tuesday.

    (Article continues……)


    • debra.b says:

      Article’s closing paragraphs…..

      “ The generous interpretation of these events would credit the FBI with foiling the kidnapping plot against the Democratic governor of Michigan by a group of alleged domestic terrorists whose trail the agency had followed for three months short of a year and, despite knowing of the plan early in the summer of 2020, decided to sit on the case until less than a month before the presidential election and right on the heels of Trump’s “stand back and stand by” soundbite at the infamous presidential debate last week.

      A more probable scenario is that the FBI, as it’s done time and again, led the subjects of their investigation down the road to entrapment by guiding their actions to the desired result and providing a narrative that politicians can use to further lead us down the road to an inescapable surveillance state where dissent is rebranded as a hate crime against our benevolent overlords.”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Son-of-a-gun… Again, the FBI pulled out the MMM (Manipulate the Masses Manual).

        Good catch Debra.
        (And, by the way, I like how you quote or ‘excerpt’ or describe or highlight elements of a link. It really helps us all.)

  35. debra.b says:

    Via The Vaccine Reaction

    AAP Wants Children Enrolled in COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials

    by TVR Staff
    Published October 11, 2020

    The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) is asking federal officials to include children in COVID-19 vaccine trials. On September 29, 2020, Sara Goza, MD, president of the AAP, wrote a letter addressed to U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Commissioner Steven Hahn, MD stating, “Children must be included in vaccine trials to best understand any potential unique immune responses and/or unique safety concerns.”

    Currently, none of the COVID-19 vaccines in clinical development are being tested in children under the age of 18 years.

    The letter goes on to state, “It would also be less than desirable to have one or more SARS-CoV-2 vaccines licensed or available under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) at a time when no data have been collected on the safety, tolerability, dose, and regimen for children.”

    The AAP is also asking federal officials to include individuals in the trials who reflect the racial and ethnic diversity of the U.S. population and include pregnant women and individuals with underlying poor health conditions.

    AAP Blames Mistrust of COVID-19 Vaccines on Anti-Vaccination Movement

    In the letter to HHS and the FDA, AAP officials blame the “vocal, well-established and growing anti-vaccination movement” for spreading “fear mistrust and misinformation” about COVID-19 vaccine candidates. The letter states:

    “Unfortunately, fear, mistrust, and misinformation about a potential SARS-CoV-2 vaccine is being spread from a vocal, well-established, and growing anti-vaccination movement. For a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine to be effective in controlling the pandemic, it must not only be safe and effective, but must also be embraced by medical providers and the public. For this to occur, Americans must have trust and confidence in the processes by which these vaccines are being tested for both safety and efficacy, and in the transparency of the scientific basis for licensure and recommendations for use. If that trust is jeopardized, mistrust of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines could become widespread and result not only in reduced uptake of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines but also in decreased confidence in all vaccines.”

    Pfizer Submits Amended Protocol to FDA to Include Children in Clinical Trials

    On Sept. 12, 2020, Pfizer, Inc. of New York City, New York and BioNTech SE of Mainz, Germany announced that they had submitted an amended protocol to the FDA to expand the enrollment of their Phase 3 pivotal COVID-19 vaccine trial to include approximately 44,000 participants, which also allows for the enrollment of new types of populations.

    The proposed expansion would allow the companies to increase trial population diversity and include adolescents as young as 16 years of age and people with chronic, stable HIV (human immunodeficiency viruses), Hepatitis C or Hepatitis B infection, as well as provide additional safety and efficacy data.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That’s sick.

    • mkey says:

      I’m sorry I have to disagree with amigo Tejano of ours, but sick doesn’t even begin to pain the picture.

      I haven’t read much into these trials, but somewhere (I think Del Bigtree) they were commenting about how it’s extremely difficult to be selected for a trial since you needed to be healthy like a new born baby to make the cut. When this thing is unleashed against (sic) the general population with its ongoing long term medical conditions and diseases who knows what’s going to happen.

      Well, maybe sick does cut it.

  36. spider says:

    I’d like to present you with a more complete understanding of my perception of recent events. I know you will not agree with my ideas but I am not asking you to respond but only understand my thoughts.

    In the Event201, a fictional pandemic exercise in October 2019, one major obstacle they had to overcome was vaccine hesitancy. This is the resistance of the public to get vaccinated. Their goal of vaccinating the whole world depended on using the following techniques.
    • Having vaccine shortages to get people to want it
    • Using personalities to stump for vaccinations
    • Using professionals in pro-vaccine commercials
    • Employers requiring vaccinations
    • Requiring people to be vaccinated before they can fly, go to events …
    • Using personal restrictions to pressure people to want an end to these mandates

    I expect that we will soon see this played out.

    Since mask wearing and lock-downs do not control the spread of respiratory viruses, the reason it is recommended is most likely that it will prepare people to accept getting vaccinated. Remember that this is big money. If you don’t directly pay, it will still be paid by insurance, government …

    We have stepped into the Twilight Zone with this almost universal loss of liberty, destruction of people’s economic security and strengthening of the State’s power. The fascists have crawled out of the woodwork. Countries like Australia have gone off the deep end. Countries like Sweden, Belarus and Vietnam have refused to follow the crowd. Japan couldn’t require a lock-down because the US wrote their constitution after the Second World War. The government doesn’t have the authority to require masks nor a lock-down.

    There has been some push-back. State Supreme Courts in Wisconsin and Michigan have ruled these restrictions to be unconstitutional. A Pennsylvanian Federal Court has struck down the restrictions in that State. There is a tort claim against German politicians and health authorities because they have evidence that they knew the PCR tests were not accurate but imposed a lock-down based on these numbers anyway. Protests in London, Berlin, Dublin and Australia show that the fascists will have to step up their game if they are to succeed.

    • mkey says:

      I disagree on two points.

      Firstly, I don’t think “money” is the driving force, but power. Some people in the chain sure love their bloody pay, but big players know better and have a more refined taste. Absolute power is the name of the game.

      Secondly, if the Japanese constitution forbids enforcement of “measures” because it was written by US, why didn’t that prevent “measure” enforcement in the US? I think something else is at play here, maybe they assessed that the Japanese are sufficiently docile and thus don’t require aditional schooling.

      We’ll see what comes from the thing in Germany, I don’t count on anything happening, but they are raising awareness, that’s always good.

      • spider says:

        I agree that power is the ultimate driving force but the billions in contracts to produce vaccines will sweeten the deal.

        Legal actions will probably take 50 years to resolve ::::=§

  37. manbearpig says:

    So I’ve been working on this “old” 2012 mckinsey article with my pharmaceutical-sector students. It’s astounding how it was already all so clearly laid out by “the experts” in white coats nearly a decade ago.

    Quite simply they use words like “sustainable” and “ecosystem” to sell the idea that people have too many cognitive biases and are too “irrational” to know how to take care of themselves, costing the collective hundreds of billions, even a trillion dollars annually. So for the good of the collective, Obviously we need to force people into a technological health-behavior modification and total surveillance “prevention” scheme. This, they say, is the New Sustainable Health Paradigm. Going from the old reactive measures mentality to the new hyper-monitored prevention paradigm.

    Anyhow, it’s fun taking my students there.


  38. 8Gc58 says:


    Hi, thank you for your great work. We love your channel! We would love it if you made an episode about where the corona free “safe havens” are these days – if any such places exist anymore! We are ready to relocate – preferably to a subtropical/tropical country. Thank you!

    • Mielia says:

      why don’t research yourself, if it is really so important to you?^^
      or is it?
      also I can recommend https://tax-free.today/blog/corona-crisis-and-flag-theory/

      • 8Gc58 says:

        Why do you question our motivation, and being sarcastic, Mielia? Do you find that constructive?

        We have done a lot of research into this topic. The reason for asking this question to James is that my GF, and myself, assumes he is able to answer this, better than any other person we know of. Or, if not him, maybe someone else in this community.

        We have been looking for a place where we can live more in a way described in Q4C #071 for years. The two of us has lived in many countries around the globe, and we do have a lot of first hand experience with very different types of cultures and ways of living. However, we still do not have the answer where to move in this extreme situation. A situation we do not understand as deeply as James. I am aware that there is no one and simple answer to this question. However, any constructive feedback on this topic is appreciated.

      • 8Gc58 says:

        Sry, I now do understand your comment! The initial question was very hard to understand, not knowing we do NOT buy into the COVID-1984 break-in situation. The question is not about finding places with no “COVID-1984”. Please, see clarification below.

    • 8Gc58 says:

      I do see that the initial question is easy to misunderstand. Because with “corona free safe havens” my GF means places free of draconian measurements as a result of COVID-1984.

      So, let me rephrase the question:

      In this day and age, where would the best place be to relocate, where one can live in an as free as possible society, as close as possible to Anarchia (ref Q4C #071). A place where one can start their version of Anarchia. Ideally in a sub-tropical or tropical country, where it’s easy to grow your food.

      To repeat, I am aware that there is no simple answer to this question. However, any constructive feedback on this topic is appreciated.

  39. stephen says:

    How is the digital Library of Alexandria (the internet) being destroyed in this Google age? I sadly don’t have time to listen to every minute of Corbett content, but was intrigued by this statement I heard him reference recently…

    I think there is a documentary on Amazon, Google and the World Brain, but this seemed like more of a puff-propaganda piece than showing what might be more nefarious in their censorship of scanned literature content (?).


  40. 8Gc58 says:

    World Bank Approves $12 Billion for COVID-19 Vaccines

    WASHINGTON, October 13, 2020 – The World Bank’s Board of Executive Directors today approved an envelope of $12 billion for developing countries to finance the purchase and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines, tests, and treatments for their citizens.

    The financing, which aims to support vaccination of up to a billion people, is part of an overall World Bank Group (WBG) package of up to $160 billion through June 2021 to help developing countries fight the COVID-19 pandemic.

    “We are extending and expanding our fast-track approach to address the COVID emergency so that developing countries have fair and equal access to vaccines,” said World Bank Group President David Malpass. “Access to safe and effective vaccines and strengthened delivery systems is key to alter the course of the pandemic and help countries experiencing catastrophic economic and fiscal impacts move toward a resilient recovery.”


  41. pfunk says:

    Timing of Kary Mullis’s death. The more and more I’ve seen how the world events have taken shape this year, and looked back at the history of those who have had a platform to push back against the new world order, it’s made me very suspicious that timing of PCR inventor Kary Mullis’s death was no accident. Imagine how much more difficult this new abnormal would have been to force on the public if he were still around to explain its absurdity. I have no evidence of my hunch though, and am wondering if others have found anything more than the MSM articles citing is cause of death as pneumonia. A great example of a similar uncanny death of a truth-teller was Rik Mayall following the release of his film One by One. Interested in others’ thoughts here.

    • manbearpig says:

      You won’t believe this but I’ve been speaking about his fortuitous death to students a lot lately… as an added detail to all the rest…

      …historical medical miscalculations, Event 201, the flu shot/Covid mortality rate correlation, Confinement being more deadly than the virus it’s reportedly meant to combat etc etc…

    • lovetodust says:

      I have been saying this for months.

      Maybe it’s too far down the rabbit hole but I’m surprised no one has investigated.

      Unless some alt/ind people are investigating on their own behind the scenes.

      Have you seen Kary Mullis on the interview snippets people have posted?

      Yes, I’ve said from the beginning this thing would have died in the water on March20,2020.

      The thing is, of course, Mullis was apparently quite a character so you know he would have been raked over the coals.

      But, yeah, the coincidence of his death is just alarming.

      • Miss Terious says:

        Agree, totally. If Mullis were around this flying gulag would not have got off the ground. He wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. I think they took him out. There are videos out there which describe many strange deaths of microbiologists and virologists and people like that in the years leading up to the scam.

  42. 8Gc58 says:

    Herd immunity, an ‘unethical’ COVID-19 strategy, Tedros warns policymakers

    Using the principle of so-called “herd immunity” to stem the COVID-19 pandemic is “unethical” and “not an option” countries should pursue to defeat the virus, the UN health agency chief warned on Monday.

    “Herd immunity is a concept used for vaccination, in which a population can be protected from a certain virus if a threshold of vaccination is reached”, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), told the agency’s regular press briefing in Geneva.

    But, he explained, it is achieved by protecting people from the virus, “not by exposing them to it”.

    “Never in the history of public health has herd immunity been used as a strategy for responding to an outbreak”, the WHO chief said, calling it “scientifically and ethically problematic”.

    However, there are “no shortcuts, and no silver bullets”, he added.

    Only a comprehensive approach, using every tool in the toolbox, has proven effective.

    “My message to every country now weighing up its options is: you can do it too.”



    • eat my cake says:

      Dr Zach Bush says,, we share viral matter (of uncountable variety) and antibody solutions that our bodies (Genome factories) produce and dispose of/dispense. In that way the Herd is an open source self healing organism, or the micro-biome is way more complex and self organising than most doctors and drug designers and business/politicians will admit.

  43. 8Gc58 says:

    Chilling news from the world of tech and security:


    Five bar and cafe owners arrested in France for running no-log WiFi networks

    In one of the weirdest arrests of the year, at least five bar and cafe managers from the French city of Grenoble were taken into custody last week for running open WiFi networks at their establishments and not keeping logs of past connected users.



    Five Eyes governments, India, and Japan make new call for encryption backdoors

    Members of the intelligence-sharing alliance Five Eyes, along with government representatives for Japan and India, have published a statement over the weekend calling on tech companies to come up with a solution for law enforcement to access end-to-end encrypted communications.



    To hear Steve Gibson’s (a well known security expert) take on this, visit TheirTube:

    machine transcript excerpt:

    two new countries have joined in with the five eyes intelligence sharing alliance in addition to the uk, us, canada, australia and new zealand we now have japan and india.

    i think this is like the the ultimate collision here of encryption and government. they’ve now put another call for industry to provide some form of subpoena compatible encryption or decryption.

    they say we call on technology companies to work with governments to take the following steps focused on reasonable technically feasible solutions embed the safety of the public in system design and facilitating the investigation and prosecution of offenses and safeguarding the vulnerable.

    but even i see no possibility for feasibly decrypting unmanaged applications such as threema, signal or vpns that really would require some sort of sophisticated backdoor in encryption and decryption. that would be an unmitigated disaster

    their language says that they want device encryption custom encrypted applications and encryption across integrated platforms like a vpn to be accessible and that that you just can’t do that there’s just no way. i can’t even conceptually imagine how that could work you would it you’d literally have to weaken the encryption. they’d have to compromise that software that you’re running.

    in fact these guys are now saying they want statically encrypted content that is the content of an iphone to be decryptable on you know on presentation of a of a search warrant.

    when they outlaw crypto only crypto outlaws will have crypto. really the only people who will be this inconvenience to the people who can’t roll their own crypto or aren’t sophisticated enough to do so correct this is terrible it’s a terrible idea. because basically what’s going to happen everybody vulnerable except for people like you and me who can do our own [crypto].

    • Miss Terious says:

      These politicians who have written this pathetic letter have no chance. Basically they are saying, “We don’t want to weaken encryption, and we respect everybody’s privacy, so we suggest that encryption be weakened with a government back door, and we be trusted with everybody’s data.”

      Laughable, and as you say, virtually impossible to implement. The resistance to going along with this is far greater than they seem to imagine, and would involve an unfathomable amount of work to undo what has already been done for precisely the reason that we don’t want the government to spy on us! They don’t understand the technology. When you understand crypto, you realise that this is an advantage at the moment.

  44. Miss Terious says:

    Eric Francis is an astrologer (as I am) who has been keeping a daily news journal since the beginning of the bioterror scam. It’s a valuable resource because it brings together news articles from all over the world that are significant, along with personal analysis and reflection which documents Eric’s evolving understanding of what is going on.

    I reference it here because this is one resource which is not widely known. Why not check it out?


    On this page, you’ll find a fascinating discussion between Dr Kaufmann and Dr Carrie Madej. Watch them tease out the details of how everyone has been fooled. I don’t want to provide a link to youtube.

    Eric is also one of the most prominent proponents of the use of a range of centaurean and transneptunian objects, especially in mundane astrology. Mundane astrology is the study of worldwide events, and is an immense and fascinating subject. In case anyone is curious.

    On the subject of astrology, it should be noted that the USA has its Pluto return approaching in 2022 (based upon the highly validated Sibley chart). My interpretation of the event (the conjunction of Pluto with its exact position at the moment of the Declaration of Independence) is as follows:

    “This event (the Pluto return) heralds the most significant upheaval to the American government since the Declaration of Independence. It points to the complete reformation of the system of governance in the USA and the likely downfall of the Fed by 31 December 2022.”

    The numerology of the first pass is incredible. Pluto reaches exactitude at about 2:28 pm on 20/2/2022. This suggests very powerful vibes are at hand, and of course, in astrology, Pluto is power, and will totally destroy anything that stands in the way of transformative change.

    Those who scoff at astrology are welcome to hold me to account. I know that astrology don’t lie.

    Cheers, everyone, and thanks for all the comments above this one. They make for interesting, enlightening, and entertaining reading.

  45. Camille says:

    Hey all.

    I just uploaded a new video. It’s part of a talk I found on the MIT Medical youtube channel.

    The Importance of a Sense of Time – MIT Medical

  46. mkey says:

    My latest foray with the good guys in blue.

    The guy no. 1, the one taking care of the entrance into the building, remembers me as “the one who doesn’t wear the mask”. I reminded him that I don’t wear one due to health concerns. He didn’t give me any lip service, just measured my forehead temperature. According to the measurement, I’m a corpse at a cool 34.8°C; it was a bit chilly today. I actually had a bit of a headache today and maybe slightly elevated body temperature, but with the cool wind the skin cools off quickly and forehead temperature measurements become completely irrelevant.

    Anyway, he lets me in.

    To set the stage, I’ll try to explain cop logic. You need to go into the police station on the main entrance (1) so that you can get out on the other side, behind the station at the parking lot (2). Points (1) and (2) are connected by a “private” parking lot (probably the only thing these cops are ready to fight for till the bitter end) and while on entry you have to go through (1) to get to (2) (it’s a no no to go over the parking lot) you must leave over the parking lot, because they won’t buzz you back into the building, once you are on the parking lot.

    Anyway, I get to the other end. The good guy in blue no. 2 (after ignoring me for several minutes, he was very busy on his phone and snapped out of it only after I knocked on the door) tells me I need to put the mask on. I explain that I’m not wearing the mask due to medical reasons. He acts like a gold fish, drops 30 seconds from his short term memory and again tells me the same thing. I do the same, obviously. When the double down flops, he says that I’ll have to go outside, so I do that. Back to the parking lot.

    After about 15 minutes and nothing going on (people pass me by and give me some odd stares like I had an extreme BO issue), I call my guy to call his gal acquaintance at the station. She comes down there in a few moments and asks the guy no. 2 what’s going on. It turns out it was my fault because I didn’t understand that I was supposed to wait. Cop logic, can’t beat it.

    • mkey says:

      60 seconds later a woman comes out and takes my papers. This same woman passed by several times during this period, being busy around me and completely ignoring me. Had she said something along the lines “I’ll be with you in a few moments” I would have been perfectly fine with that.

      The thing I was doing there is asking for permission for a public gathering. In this failed state of mine one needs to submit an application of sorts whenever there’s more than 10 (?) people gathering in an organized, somewhat official capacity. They don’t make a habit of refusing these applications but they may try to talk you out of the event or try to cause a nose bleed on your end by providing security related advice and instructions.

      To lay it out in simple terms: you have to submit the application, you have to do it personally (emails are so 20th century), you have to wear a mask, you have to go into the building to get out of the building on the other side, you have to wait as long as they want you to wait because you are worthless and they do not care about your time nor responsibilities one iota.

      Yes, health and safety first. Just behind bureaucracy, lazy government employees, and whatever the policy says on any given day.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        How do these government workers wipe their butts? Do they have to get the authorized permissions and stand in line for the proper protocols? Or do they have to wait until another agency comes over to do it for them?

      • debra.b says:

        Ah, yes. The old setting up of hoops of fire to jump through in order to make one give up their pursuit. And, it works. Except, when some pest or looney tune comes along who understands the tactic and presses on no matter what. Oh, you know those of us who say question and research on our own. Gasp! Awesome anecdote, mkey!

        “ I call my guy to call his gal acquaintance at the station.”

        This is an excellent card to have up one’s sleeve.

  47. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Omaha, Nebraska City Council gets reprimanded repeatedly for being Covid tyranny-dorks

    Chiropractic Dr. Ben Tapper slams the City council for the third time.
    (3 minutes)

    (H/t to Broc West Twitter)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      August 11th, 2020 – Tuesday
      Dr. Ben Tapper Addressing Omaha City Council On Mask Mandate
      (3 minutes)

      Fox 42 KTPM story link at video.
      OMAHA, Neb. (FOX 42 KPTM) — Tuesday the Omaha City Council voted 7-0 to approve an emergency mask mandate for the City of Omaha.

      Beginning immediately, anyone over the age of five will be required to wear a face mask in public spaces where they can not maintain proper social distancing.

      The council approved the ordinance with multiple amendments that included reducing the fine for not wearing a mask from $100 to $25; not requiring people to wear a mask if they can maintain six feet apart and shortening the lifespan of the ordinance from 60 days to 30 days.

      During the three hour public hearing council members heard feedback from several people in the community.

      Dr. Ben Tapper, an Omaha based Chiropractor, spoke out against the mandate…

      …“There is a lot of talk about freedom. All these people are on lock down. They are basically in prison, in nursing homes in assisted living centers and have been that way since March,”
      Mark Kenny said.
      “That’s not fair that we keep dragging this out.
      This [mask requirement] can keep this thing from dragging out so all these people aren’t basically imprisoned in their own homes.That to me would be something we could do to give somebody else the freedom they deserve.”….

    • mkey says:

      Good man, fighting the good fight. Of course those snakes at the council will not heed his words.

  48. mkey says:

    Larken Rose and Family perform at Porcfest 2011

    I had no idea Larken was married (I assume, was), has a daughter, is a songwriter, can sing and play the guitar. This could turn into a very fine metal ballad.

  49. ButtBigBear says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that the Artemis Accords feel more like a secret NATO agreement to move weapons and technology around the world under the guise of science?


  50. debra.b says:

    Via Last American Vagabond

    U.S. Government Awards Contracts To Seven Organizations With Ties To Gates Foundation, DARPA, Big Tech

    October 13, 2020
    By Derrick Broze

    The National Institutes of Health has awarded contracts to seven organizations working on digital health solutions for COVID-19 involving smartphones and wearable “biosensors” – so who are these companies?

    On September 15, the National Institutes of Health announced that they had awarded contracts to seven companies developing digital health solutions for SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) and the National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering (NIBIB), part of the NIH, selected the seven projects put forth by the organizations. The contracts are worth up to $22.8 million and will focus on using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and other methods, combined with smartphone apps, wearable devices, and software “that can identify and trace contacts of infected individuals, keep track of verified COVID-19 test results, and monitor the health status of infected and potentially infected individuals.” These organizations include:

    iCrypto, Inc. (Santa Clara, California)
    Shee Atiká Enterprises, LLC (Sitka, Alaska)
    University of California, San Francisco
    physIQ, Inc. (Chicago)
    Vibrent Health (Fairfax, Virginia)
    IBM (Armonk, New York)
    Evidation Health, Inc. (San Mateo, California)

    The NIH also noted that another company, CareEvolution, LLC (Ann Arbor, Michigan), was awarded a contract by the NIBIB.

    NIBIB Director Bruce J. Tromberg, Ph.D., stated that digital health technologies built around smartphones and wearable devices will help guide the public through the COVID-19 pandemic by gathering and analyzing large amounts of data from many different sources.

    “When this information is analyzed using cutting-edge computational and machine learning methods, everyone will have access to powerful new tools for reducing the risk of infection and returning to normal activities,” Tromberg said.

    The news of the NIH contracts provoked few media reports about the latest development in the fight against COVID-19. However, there was no scrutiny of the companies themselves. This piece is a brief examination of the connections between the companies pushing smartphone apps and wearable technologies, and the individuals and institutions who stand to benefit from the advancement of this biosecurity focused, technocratic reality. A study of these organizations reveals connections to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Apple, and Google.

    (Article continues….)


  51. debra.b says:

    Brain Damage From Masks CANNOT BE REVERSED

    Covid-19 masks are a crime against Humanity and child abuse

    The following is a transcript of the highlights (by Henna Maria) from Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson’s recent extremely pressing video message, that was translated on-air from German into English by Claudia Stauber. Video at the end of the transcript.

    Dr. Margarite Griesz-Brisson MD, PhD is a Consultant Neurologist and Neurophysiologist with a PhD in Pharmacology, with special interest in neurotoxicology, environmental medicine, neuroregeneration and neuroplasticity. This is what she has to say about masks and their effects on our brains:

    “The rebreathing of our exhaled air will without a doubt create oxygen deficiency and a flooding of carbon dioxide. We know that the human brain is very sensitive to oxygen depravation. There are nerve cells for example in the hippocampus, that can’t be longer than 3 minutes without oxygen – they cannot survive. The acute warning symptoms are headaches, drowsiness, dizziness, issues in concentration, slowing down of the reaction time – reactions of the cognitive system.

    However, when you have chronic oxygen depravation, all of those symptoms disappear, because you get used to it. But your efficiency will remain impaired and the undersupply of oxygen in your brain continues to progress.

    We know that neurodegenerative diseases take years to decades to develop. If today you forget your phone number, the breakdown in your brain would have already started 20 or 30 years ago.

    While you’re thinking, that you have gotten used to wearing your mask and rebreathing your own exhaled air, the degenerative processes in your brain are getting amplified as your oxygen deprivation continues.

    The second problem is that the nerve cells in your brain are unable to divide themselves normally. So in case our governments will generously allow as to get rid of the masks and go back to breathing oxygen freely again in a few months, the lost nerve cells will no longer be regenerated. What is gone is gone.

    [..]I do not wear a mask, I need my brain to think. I want to have a clear head when I deal with my patients, and not be in a carbon dioxide induced anaesthesia.

    [..]There is no unfounded medical exemption from face masks because oxygen deprivation is dangerous for every single brain. It must be the free decision of every human being whether they want to wear a mask that is absolutely ineffective to protect themselves from a virus.

    For children and adolescents, masks are an absolute no-no. Children and adolescents have an extremely active and adaptive immune system and they need a constant interaction with the microbiome of the Earth. Their brain is also incredibly active, as it is has so much to learn. The child’s brain, or the youth’s brain is thirsting for oxygen. The more metabolically active the organ is, the more oxygen it requires. In children and adolescents every organ is metabolically active.

    (Article continues…. images and link to video read of transcript/translation included.)


    • debra.b says:

      ….Continued from above article (first part awaiting moderation):

      To deprive a child’s or an adolescent’s brain from oxygen, or to restrict it in any way, is not only dangerous to their health, it is absolutely criminal. Oxygen deficiency inhibits the development of the brain, and the damage that has taken place as a result CANNOT be reversed.

      The child needs the brain to learn, and the brain needs oxygen to function. We don’t need a clinical study for that. This is simple, indisputable physiology. Conscious and purposely induced oxygen deficiency is an absolutely deliberate health hazard, and an absolute medical contraindication.

      An absolute medical contraindication in medicine means that this drug, this therapy, this method or measure should not be used – is not allowed to be used. To coerce an entire population to use an absolute medical contraindication by force, there must be definite and serious reasons for this, and the reasons must be presented to competent interdisciplinary and independent bodies to be verified and authorised.

      When in ten years, dementia is going to increase exponentially, and the younger generations couldn’t reach their god-given potential, it won’t help to say “we didn’t need the masks”.

      [..]How can a veterinarian, a software distributer, a business man, an electrical car manufacturer and a physicist decided on matters regarding the health of the entire population? Please dear colleagues, we all have to wake up.

      I know how damaging oxygen depravation is for the brain, cardiologist knows it for the heart, the pulmonologist knows it for the lungs. Oxygen deprivation damages every single organ.

      Where are our health departments, our health insurance, our medical associations? It would have been their duty to be vehemently against the lockdown and to stop it and stop it from the very beginning.

      Why do the medical boards give punishments to doctors who give people exemptions? Does the person or the doctor seriously have to prove that oxygen depravation harms people? What kind of medicine are our doctors and medical associations representing?

      Who is responsible for this crime? The ones who want to enforce it? The ones who let it happen and play along, or the ones who don’t prevent it?[..]It’s not about masks, it’s not about viruses, it’s certainly not about your health. It is about much much more. I am not participating. I am not afraid.
      [..]You can notice, they are already taking our air to breathe.

      The imperative of the hour is personal responsibility.

      We are responsible for what we think, not the media. We are responsible for what we do, not our superiors. We are responsible for our health, not the World Health Organisation. And we are responsible for what happens in our country, not the government.”

      vanessa beeley


      • debra.b says:

        P.S. I picked the above up on a different site, but I failed to recognize and thus note, this is by Vanessa Beeley. Originally posted here.

        Covid-19 masks are a crime against Humanity and child abuse


        • debra.b says:

          P.P.S. Currently Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett and others are again being targeted by the BBC.

          Eva Bartlett says via Twitter:
          “ The British state-funded BBC, which has a history of perverted war propaganda against the people of Syria, a history of whitewashing the crimes of terrorists in Syria, a history of flat out lying about events in Syria, has decided to launch another smear against myself & others.”

          She documents in this thread:


          • eat my cake says:

            thanks for that post. I shared it to my mother who is preparing to have her 83rd birthday party all distanced with mandatory masks.its maddening how stubbornly people can be with holding on to lies they’ve believed in. Ive puzzled over that problem for years, but sadly still have no silver bullet to deal with it.

            • debra.b says:

              You’re welcome, eat my cake. Yes it is maddening. I understand how you feel. Unfortunately, as they say we cannot save people from themselves. As much as I wish that weren’t true.

              We can, however, be there for others when they need us. And, we have to try to be present in the moment because time is precious and irreplaceable no matter the circumstances.

              My warmest wishes to your mother for her 83rd and to you.

  52. Mielia says:

    WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE Hearing #1 in Berlin, Germany 10 10 2020
    short video (28min) with several voices all over europe
    netherlands speaks of 87k nurses against vaccination
    Also one from Sweden who is not speaking from rainbows, puppies and unicorns but addresses the euthanization of elderly and names the “prominent” (prominent only to alt media: Jon Tallinger) doctor who spoke out
    ireland Cahill included of course again


    on something else:
    interesting to see kla.tv requested an interview
    they are rather a suspicious source. to compare to infowars would be wrong, as not at all so many people know about them but I personally believe they are as sloppy/questionable/ (christian) cultist imho/to my impression for the last years

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks Mielia!
      I wanted to see this.
      I appreciate the description about “euthanization of elderly in Sweden” and it was interesting to hear about it.

      It is dated October 10th (Saturday). I think that was the day of the demonstration and speeches in Germany. I watched some parts.

      October 10th was also the international #ExposeBillGates Day.
      It seems like the enthusiasm for the “second weekend of the month Action Day” has gone kind of flat in the United States.

  53. debra.b says:

    WHO published Dr. Ioannidis study
    Infection fatality rate of COVID-19 inferred from seroprevalence data

    which concludes:
    “The inferred infection fatality rates tended to be much lower than estimates made earlier in the pandemic.”


  54. debra.b says:

    Hmm? One might think they’re really needing to push to get those testing numbers up. 🤔

    Shelby Co. Health Dept. to give away $125 Kroger gift cards at COVID-19 testing sites

    October 9, 2020
    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) – The Shelby County Health Department is set to give away gift cards at its free, walk-up COVID-19 testing sites throughout October.

    The health department has partnered with the county’s division of community services to offer $125 Kroger gift cards as community members get tested. They are limited to two per household.
    The giveaway will kick off at this weekend’s testing event on Saturday, October 10 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at St. Joseph Catholic Church (3825 Neely Rd., Memphis, TN 38109).
    SCHD says testing will be for those who are symptomatic and asymptomatic and anyone 13 years of age or older.


  55. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Redefining words and omitting definitions

    In mid October, this article was published:
    “Merriam Webster redefines word after manufactured woke outrage”

    I am not into the politics nor do I have an interest to debate new-era gender issues.

    I understand that a culture will develop new words, meanings or slang.

    However, I see an online liability for the lexicon.
    Google can manipulate search results, and thus guide a society. Online dictionaries can easily alter or omit definitions.

    I’ve been noticing this trend of fewer definitions listed online than what a good hardback dictionary may have.

  56. Steve Smith says:

    Interesting thing happened when I tried to visit corbettreport.com tonight. On Duck Duck it is not possible. For me at least. The page says that the certificate is expired.
    Here on Brave I get a page that said that the site wasn’t configured properly and could be dangerous. I was able to click the Advanced tab and click visit site anyway.

    In light of what I have been hearing from James lately, especially on the recent interview with Earnest Hancock. I wonder if James might be conducting a drill of his own.
    Or else perhaps my iPad is just pissed off because I won’t let it update.

    I hope its one of those.

    • debra.b says:

      Oh my goodness, the same exact thing just happened to me, Steve! I tried clearing the history and using different search engines too. Same message about the certificate being expired and then I clicked on the learn more or something like that. That said that someone may have hacked my iPad and may be impersonating the CR website. I got through the same way as you. At my own “risk”… I hope this is not a sign of something coming.

  57. Corbett says:

    Just a heads up: some of you might have seen a browser warning due to an expired security certificate. The certificate has been renewed so the site should be functioning normally again now.

  58. 8Gc58 says:

    6th of October 2020:

    Infection is increasing in Europe – WHO warns against coronary apathy

    Indifference to the coronavirus is increasing in Europe, warns WHO’s European Commissioner Hans Kluge. He believes people need to be motivated in new ways to gain control over the growing spread of the deadly virus.

    The prayer from the WHO to the authorities in all the European countries is that they must think differently in order to motivate people to continue the fight against the coronavirus.


  59. 8Gc58 says:

    (X is the moonshot project incubator run by Google’s parent company Alphabet)

    12th of October:

    Mineral: Bringing the era of computational agriculture to life


    A new name for a new way of seeing the plant world

    Over the last few years my team and I have been developing the tools of what we call computational agriculture, in which farmers, breeders, agronomists, and scientists will lean on new types of hardware, software, and sensors to collect and analyze information about the complexity of the plant world.

    Our project started with the insight that in order to grow food sustainably on a global scale, new tools will be needed to manage the staggering complexity of farming.

    These experiments, adventures and failures prompted us to ask a lot of what if’ questions: What if every single plant could be monitored and given exactly the nutrition it needed? What if we could untangle the genetic and environmental drivers of crop yield? What if we could measure the subtle ways a plant responds to its environment? What if we could match a crop variety to a parcel of land for optimum sustainability?



    The company:

    Mineral – Embracing nature’s diversity to nourish generations to come


  60. 8Gc58 says:

    Big Brother Is Watching You

    Erna Solberg is the Prime Minister of Norway. She is using a special made face mask, where it’s written “Erna ser deg”. Translated into English this reads “Erna Is Watching You”. Here in Norway the surveillance has been massive after the so called pandemic: https://www.amnesty.org/en/latest/news/2020/06/bahrain-kuwait-norway-contact-tracing-apps-danger-for-privacy/. Note: Our contract tracing app was finally stopped. However, a new version is in the making and new regulations make way for far more surveillance.

    An image of Erna with the mask can be viewed here:

    And, more images can be found here:

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Norway UPDATE

      Thanks 8Gc58. I appreciate the info. I find it valuable to hear from folks who live in a region in order to gain a more complete picture.

      • 8Gc58 says:

        You’re welcome, HomeRemedySupply. Glad you liked the comment.

        By the way, following up my previous post regarding Norway, the surveillance state. A new law in Norway will start on the 1st of January 2021. In the midst of the “pandemic” the law was announced (19th of June 2020) and only a few did protest. The law has been in the making for a while though.

        With this new law, named “etterretningstjenesteloven” (the intelligence service law), our intelligence service will lawfully store all metadata of all electronic traffic that crosses our borders for 18 months. In practice, that is all electronic traffic.

        As well it’s good to know that Norway is a part of the Nine Eyes intelligence alliance (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Five_Eyes#Nine_Eyes).

        So, when our Prime Minister Erna Solberg is wearing a mask where it is written she is watching us she is at least being very honest. It’s not often I see such honesty from a politician.


        Sources, in Norwegian:

        The law:

        News article about the law being decided:

  61. ptp says:


    735 Satellites have been activated by Elon Musk/Space-X. Thousands more are in the planning stage with a global end goal across all corporations of over 100,000 satellites.

    People are reporting specific electromagnetic radiation effects – physical and mental – everywhere and especially in the Northern hemisphere.

    Let the almost worthless, corrupt, political class members in your area know what is happening. They and their families are also dying from the cancer epidemic catalyzed by the so-called “smart grid.”

    These satellite launch-activations need to be STOPPED NOW.

    Never forget, 5G and it’s satellite “constellations” are the kill switch.

    • eat my cake says:

      spot on. I was wondering when that story would surface. heres a reaction on that topic from Joseph Farrell’s site:

      Pentagon to dish out $600mn in contracts for ‘5G dual-use EXPERIMENTATION’ at 5 US military sites, including to ‘aid lethality’


    • CreativeLife says:

      Regarding the issues of frequencies, EMP’s and such it is much more serious than you can imagine. Lena Pu has done extensive work and has put together a Notice of Liability that can move mountains and is being used to put many levels of cohorts on Notice of Liability. Her website is below as well as an interview she did today; There are no coincidences my dear fellow sojourner!

      Interview: https://www.crrow777radio.com/episodes/ Episode 260 Free Half

      Lena’s site gives you exclusive access to the 27 page “Notice of Liability for Non-Consent & Injury” by wireless radiation, the document many of you have been waiting for. It can be used against deployment of 5G near your home, community, school, in “space”, and so much more. It is not limited to 5G but to all other wireless technologies. It is also international in scope. This is incredible information that must be appreciated. The NOL can also be used for conditional acceptance regarding dishonorable use of harmful physical assaults which are being cloaked as medical interventions. i.e. vaccines, false testing and wrongful diagnosis

      Of course, it is up to the individuals who have educated themselves and done their own research to exercise the benefit of Lena Pu’s years of work. Listen to her interview to understand the scope of the problem and her incredible pouring out of time and energy to bring forth solutions.


  62. Jed says:

    “The Jimmy Dore Show” is excellent. Socialist? Communist? I don’t give a shit, the info he puts out is worth a watch. Reality does a great job melting away left and right ideologies. Maybe I do enjoy professional wrestling after all, but only when all the wrestlers end up with their asses kicked.

  63. Camille says:

    I just uploaded another video…

    Next Generation Social Science

  64. guilherme says:

    I am under the impression these rushed vaccines coming out are not effective (with some reactions) but mainly for altering human DNA. Would I be right to consider this DNA change would cause immune systems to weaken? And have more deaths and real pandemics in the future?

    • Miss Terious says:

      I think it depends upon what you’re trying to achieve. The evidence we have demonstrates pretty conclusively that the main purpose of the vaccine is to introduce another toxicity vector into the human population (to add to fluoride, GM foods, artificial sweeteners, pharmaceuticals, dioxins (think Roundup and agent orange) to further globalist eugenicist ideals. They want to kill and injure most of us and enslave the rest. A secondary purpose is to make a lot of money out of it. I’m confident the vaccine would be very effective in pursuit of these aims.

      Yes it will be detrimental to the immune system. Yes it could lead to further outbreaks of disease of one kind or another. It doesn’t mean that everyone who works for a pharma company is complicit, but it does show how effective the pro-vax propaganda has been, even with doctors and disease researchers. It is insanity and the people pushing it are either in on it or deluded.

      As for me I have come to the firm conclusion that vaccine “science” is a scientific fraud, since viruses have not been proven to cause any disease. “covid” has not been isolated, nor has it been proven to be the “cause” of anything at all. Fauci did the same thing with the “AIDS” virus in the 1980’s. It makes a good study of the current “pandemic” to look at what they did then. It was a practise run for the current steaming pile of crap. But they got the whole world to start using condoms and convinced everybody that gay people and IV drug users were causing a terrible disease. I still remember the “grim reaper” warnings on TV from that time. They foisted the super-toxic drug AZT on people, who then died, and they then blamed AIDS for these deaths.

      The implications of this are incredible. They could be developing a “vaccine” that actually fights our natural cellular excretions. We simply don’t know at this stage what the f they are doing.

      Clearly, in these circumstances, to trust in any vaccine would not be wise. I deeply regret agreeing to take a flu vaccine four years ago when I worked at a hospital. It made me very sick for three weeks. Never again. We are all wising up to these people and their lies.

      • J.P. Wheels says:

        Not saying you’re wrong by any means. Here’s another way to look at it, the vaccine could be a tool for sterilizing the masses. Fertility rates fall and within a generation(or two), the population drops considerably worldwide

        • Miss Terious says:

          Indeed. I wouldn’t leave that out of the picture either. But I do tend to think it’s more than that. Or possibly they don’t give a shit, so long as it harms people.

  65. AnCap_Kev says:

    Your WEB programmer should keep the “Reply” on the top…just sayin’. My question is, what do you think about this: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/1160465641265807360

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Last week’s (10/9) New World Next Week touched on the Legal thing.
      The German Corona Investigative Committee has taken testimony from a large number of international scientists and experts since July 10, 2020.
      Video and Full Transcript of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich‘s presentation.

      Just a little note which helps us all…
      When posting a link, it really helps everyone to have a description of what the link is about.
      Many times, folks will include quotes or excerpts or transcript or a summary.

  66. AnCap_Kev says:


  67. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “We the People” Rally
    October 17th – Saturday
    Fredericksburg, Virginia


    …This is why the “We the People Rally” was formed.
    It was formed to educate, empower and restore.

    It is a day to set all politics, ideologies and divisiveness aside to come together in the true American spirit of unity.
    It is a nostalgic day of innocence when sack races, fresh air, the love of the American flag, music and people coming together to listen to speakers while eating food and enjoying an autumn day is still normal.
    Let us sit outside of time.
    Let us remember what normal is and what is worth standing for.

    Join us!

    Come listen to speakers who believe in liberty and are doing everything to stand for it. Get empowered and take the first steps to restoration. Come hear about the only peaceful and lawful way to reign in a tyrannical government.

    This is a historical day that you do not want to miss!

  68. calibrator says:

    I don’t know if it has already been posted or not, but:

    Amazing Polly’s Youtube channel has been terminated!

    “This account has been terminated due to multiple or severe violations of YouTube’s policy prohibiting content designed to harass, bully or threaten.”


    I haven’t seen each and every video but those that I saw never contained material that could be described as bullying etc.
    If Polly is done then James could very well be next.

    => This is exactly, what James warned about time and time again.

    Edit: I now see that the omnipresent HomeRemedySupply already mentioned this in the comments to this weeks NWNW – together with a slew of other channels. Damn!

  69. 8Gc58 says:

    TIME to demolish the Swedish strategy!

    Norwegian news, Obama is on the front page:

    It is stated that Obama says “the Swedish strategy is a failure”. Reading the article (https://archive.is/Xw9oY) it’s not exactly the words he used through. However:
    In the podcast “Pod Save America”, he [Obama] basically talks about the Republicans and Donald Trump’s relationship to facts and science, and uses the corona pandemic as an example.

    Then he gets into the Swedish strategy.

    – In a country like Sweden, they say that we should try to fight this with herd immunity. I do not agree with that, and I think it has not proven to work.

    In Swedish news we an article stating (https://archive.is/tEVa7):
    Sweden’s corona strategy is a disaster that has cost many lives unnecessarily.
    That is the opinion of Professor Andrew Ewing, who wrote a long article in Time magazine.

    Then, we have TIME (https://archive.is/8hRHQ):
    The Swedish COVID-19 Response Is a Disaster. It Shouldn’t Be a Model for the Rest of the World

    Who are the authors?

    ::: Kelly Bjoklund :::

    From reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/sweden/comments/jbu6jw/who_is_kelly_bjorklund/):
    TL;DR American who moved to Sweden Seems very concerned about the Swedish strategy surrounding Covid-19 Her credentials as a journalist are non existing.

    Kelly Bjoklund worked for the late U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone on his re-election campaign from 1995-1996, and again in 2002. https://www.commondreams.org/views/2007/10/25/paul-and-sheila-were-our-friends

    She served as a spokesperson for the Minnesota Democratic party during the 2008 campaign. https://www.bemidjipioneer.com/news/225756-coleman-visits-bemidji

    She has worked with NGOs in the US and Europe and wrote Civil Rights Defenders’ 2016 human rights magazine Time to Act, referenced as writer on it here: https://crd.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/TTA_2016_160329_Low_uppsl.pdf

    She worked for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty at Prague headquarters in 2009-2010, https://www.rferl.org/ which provides news and information to 23 countries without a free press. She wrote and edited Radio Free Asia’s human rights blog between 2010-2017. https://www.rfa.org/english/

    ::: Andrew Ewing :::

    “An analytical chemist at the University of Gothenburg who moved to Sweden from the United States 13 years ago.”


    Home page:

  70. debra.b says:

    OCTOBER 16, 2020

    Children’s Long-Term Mental Health at Risk From COVID-19-related Stress, Experts Warn

    By Children’s Health Defense Team

    In the midst of the sweeping socioeconomic devastation wrought by COVID-19 restrictions, one field, sadly, is booming: mental health. Many mental health professionals are reporting high demand and record caseloads, including more young clients who need help coping with the unprecedented convergence of fear, uncertainty, disruption to routine, physical and social isolation, increased time indoors and parental stress.

    Experts and parents are expressing concern that COVID-19 may have damaging long-term repercussions for the young. Many children are already exhibiting signs of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a syndrome typically associated with events such as wars, natural disasters, or physical or sexual abuse. PTSD symptoms include increased negative thoughts and feelings, problems sleeping or concentrating, and “feeling more on guard or unsafe.” Trauma experts are suggesting that the mental health toll of the pandemic may be “far greater than previous mass traumas,” even exceeding the psychological impact of “large-scale traumas like Hurricane Katrina, September 11 or the Hong Kong unrest.” What’s worse, whereas a natural disaster is “limited to a specific time and place,” the coronavirus pandemic is “everywhere, and it doesn’t appear to have an end date.”

    Experts are ready to admit that children’s current distress is a serious problem, but few seem willing to discuss the most obvious solution, which is to call an end to the demonstrably unwarranted lockdowns, school closures, edicts and fear-mongering that are proving so damaging to children’s psyches. Instead, a Yale child psychiatrist who acknowledges that there has been “a steady climb in the percentage of parents who worry about their children’s mental health” has only one suggestion — that parents should “spoil” their young children and be tolerant of kids’ “shenanigans” until “after the vaccine” — and then go back to expecting better behavior.

    (Article continues…)


    • debra.b says:

      (Closing paragraphs from above article…. “Children’s Long-Term Mental Health at Risk From COVID-19-related Stress, Experts Warn“)

      Stop the madness

      A May 2020 posting by the World Economic Forum asserted that “COVID-19 is hurting children’s mental health” and cautioned that “high levels of stress and isolation can affect brain development, sometimes with irreparable long-term consequences.” Ironically, the Forum is one of the primary cheerleaders of the global economic “reset” that is causing such hardship to children and their families.

      What policy-makers and public health leaders have refused to acknowledge is that “every decision we make in response to the pandemic … reflects a choice and carries with it a set of costs.” At this juncture, few would dispute that the costs to children have been far too high or that the effects are likely to reverberate — whether at the individual, family, community or societal levels — for many years to come.

  71. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 16, 2020 – Friday
    “Eat This, Not That!”
    Dr. Fauci Says We May Be Wearing Masks Into 2022
    Herd immunity won’t be achieved for a few years, he says.


    …While the world eagerly awaits the first COVID vaccines, which could be available in the next few months, many hope that by next year, masks will be a thing of the past. However, according to Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading infectious disease expert, the preventive tool is going to be the norm for a few more years…

    …Dr. Fauci Said the Vaccine Won’t be a “Knockout Punch”

    During a Thursday address to the medical community at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia via Zoom, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), revealed that even if a vaccine is 70% effective, and if some people resist taking it, herd immunity will take several months — and possibly years — to be achieved…

    “You’re not going to have a profound degree of herd immunity for a considerable period of time, maybe toward the end of 2021, into 2022,” he continued.
    “I feel very strongly that we’re going to need to have some degree of public-health measures to continue. Maybe not as stringent as they are right now.”

    These public health measures include the fundamentals he mentions daily:
    Wear masks.
    Stay at least six feet from those outside your bubble.
    Avoid crowds.
    Minimize time spent in indoor public spaces.
    Wash hands.
    Pray to Dr. Fauci.
    Pray to Bill Gates.
    (okay…the last 2 lines are mine. -HRS)

    “We’re very concerned about this concept of letting people get infected, or letting herd immunity come in,” he said.
    “A lot of people would have to die first before you got to herd immunity.”….

  72. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The Great Barrington Declaration

    Friday – October 16, 2020
    Doctors and scientists take aim at herd immunity, calling it ‘nonsense’ and a ‘nebulous’ idea
    Experts say the case for herd immunity is more about a longing for economic normalcy than a realistic plan for the future


    The Trump administration this week promoted a theory that calls for people at low risk of contracting COVID-19 to return to schools, sports, and the workplace, though officials have denied they are putting their support behind the increasingly controversial concept of herd immunity.

    The document cited Monday by White House officials during a call with reporters is called the Great Barrington Declaration, which states older people and the medically vulnerable should continue to stay home, and those at “minimal risk of death [should] live their lives normally to build up immunity to the virus through natural infection.”
    The White House denies it has considered a herd-immunity strategy.

    Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Good Morning America this week that the proposal is “nonsense,” while the Infectious Diseases Society of America said that “promoting the concept of ‘herd immunity’ as framed in a recently circulated document as an answer to the COVID-19 pandemic is inappropriate, irresponsible and ill-informed.”

    Herd immunity…
    …with a highly contagious and sometimes fatal virus like SARS-CoV-2, this also means the loss of potentially hundreds of thousands of lives.
    “Without a vaccine, many people would have to die from COVID-19 before population immunity is achieved,” two professors wrote in an editorial in The Lancet last month…

    “That was sort of the belief with hydroxychloroquine, and that turned out not to be true.”

    Experts told MarketWatch that the case for herd immunity, either by natural infection or vaccination and some combination of both, is more about a longing for economic normalcy than a realistic plan for the future.

    “It’s a mirage to think that simply because we’re going to say we’re going to have herd immunity without the vaccine that’s going to be our policy and that’s somehow going to boost our economy,” said Robert Litan, an economist and a nonresident senior fellow at the Brookings Institution.
    ”As long as you have to wear a mask and social distance, Main Street is dead.”

    “It’ll take vaccines.
    It will take effective treatments.
    It will take really accurate rapid diagnostic tests.
    It’ll probably still take vigilance when it comes to crowds and physical distancing.”

  73. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “COVID DEATH” DEFINED – by Illinois government

    4/19/20 Illinois Governor J. B. Pritzker COVID-19 Press Briefing
    (QUEUED at 14:33 – one or two minutes)

    I just want to be clear in terms of the definition of “people dying of Covid”.
    So, the case definition is very simplistic.
    It means: “At the time of death it was a Covid positive diagnosis”.
    So that means that if you were in hospice and had already been given a few weeks to live, and then you also were found to have Covid, that would be counted as a Covid death.
    It means that if technically if even if you died of a clear alternate cause, but you had Covid at the same time, it’s still listed as a Covid death.
    So everyone who’s listed as a Covid death doesn’t mean that that was the cause of the death, but they had Covid at the time of death.
    I hope that’s helpful.

    (H/t Broc West Twitter)

  74. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Whitney Webb has a good article. Oct 15th

    Google & Oracle to Monitor Americans Who Get Warp Speed’s Covid-19 Vaccine for up to Two Years

    Moncef Slaoui, the official head of Operation Warp Speed, told the Wall Street Journal last week that all Warp Speed vaccine recipients in the US will be monitored by “incredibly precise . . . tracking systems” for up to two years and that tech giants Google and Oracle would be involved…

    (Article continues with links – My take-away is that they will end up monitoring people for life.)

    …Regarding a Covid-19 vaccine requiring more than one dose, a CDC document associated with Operation Warp Speed states:

    For most Covid-19 vaccine products, two doses of vaccine, separated by 21 or 28 days, will be needed.

    Because different Covid-19 vaccine products will not be interchangeable, a vaccine recipient’s second dose must be from the same manufacturer as their first dose.
    Second-dose reminders for vaccine recipients will be critical to ensure compliance with vaccine dosing intervals and achieve optimal vaccine effectiveness.

  75. mkey says:

    Fighting Authoritarianism in Australia During COVID1984

    Some interesting information coming out of Australia. Apparently there are people willing to face some fines as the piper that’s the be paid for maintaining their freedom.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Man! It’s tough down there.
      I’m glad Dave shared stories and tips.
      It is so outrageous, it could be unbelievable…except we are in this insane era.

  76. Qno says:

    Deleted. Going to put it on my own blog instead. If you got the email, you’ll know what it is about.

  77. Octium says:

    Stockholm syndrome alive and well on the two big southern sheep farms this Saturday…

    New Zealand election: Jacinda Ardern’s Labour Party scores landslide win

    Labor claims victory in ACT election with Chief Minister Andrew Barr returning for another term

    I guess we are in for a big fight, as we cannot depend on the cultists waking up any time soon.

  78. Fawlty Towers says:

    So I’m in my local big box store here in southern Ontario,
    and I start seeing more ‘new normal’ commodities foisted upon me.

    First t-shirt says “Queen Quarantine” (oh…. that’s so cute!) 🙁
    Second t-shirt a little down the ways says “Just Released from Quarantine”.

    Then I’m in the hat section, I see a baseball cap with a pocket in the back holding a face mask, and a label on the front of the cap advertising this new feature. Like it’s way cool! 🙁

    • mkey says:

      Just two more weeks, hold on.

      • The curve was almost flattened when all these white supremacists started refusing the masks, distancing, tracing & testing; and whining about their lives being destroyed by the lockdowns.
        Selfish pigs.
        In mean, yeah, it’s not ideal watching Netflix all day & eating Domino’s with Mom instead of Fuddruckers with bea, but it’s certainly not ‘life destroying’ 🙄
        Hit me up on insta.

        • mkey says:

          I just find them very precious when they blame someone for being selfish while they expect the world to cater to their locked-at-home needs.

          Come to think of it, I think Home alone is due for a new sequel in the covid era.

          The opening scene: burglars scout the area. They find everyone’s at home all the time. They have to quit being burglars, so they enroll as contact traces. The end.

          SJW moral of the story: will someone think about common thiefs and thugs?

          Straight to DVD release, cinemas have gone the way of the dodo anyhow.

  79. Octium says:

    Not exactly new news, but I missed it the first time around…

    Josh Owen – I Worked for Alex Jones. I Regret It.

    Of course being a NY times article it goes with the typical reformed conspiracy theorist back from the reeducation camp angle, however I was more interested in the detail of what it was like to work for Jones, I guess sociopaths can be everywhere, including the alt media.

    Don’t think Josh was aware of the sociopath behavior (Being nice to you when you look like leaving is one of the signs)

  80. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Broc West had a Tweet posted saying:
    Australia has gone full fascist, introducing a digital health passport, tied to your vaccination record. No vax, no travel.

    Here is the 3 minute “Sky News Australia” video

  81. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I guess this is part of the new normal now that our lives are in video public view online…

    Oct 19th – Zero Hedge
    CNN, New Yorker Suspend Jeffrey Toobin For Masturbating During A Zoom Call

  82. spider says:

    Black Lives Matter

    I haven’t found this information about BLM presented on searches for previous shows. If this was covered previously I would like a link to the previous podcast. Following is a recent distributed post.

    I would like to challenge the common paradigm and question progressive organizations acquiescing to the demands of Black Lives Matter. This corporation has nefarious funding from Open Society, the Ford Foundation (CIA), the Kellogg Foundation, JPMorgan Chase and many other foundations. Open Society and the NED has used its money to disrupt democratically elected governments with color revolutions for the last 40 years. The BLM protests are just another color revolution to affect regime change in the US. The Movement for Black Lives, M4BL, which includes BLM sends its donations to ActBlue which donated $120 million to “Biden for President.”

    When the founders of this corporatized organization claim to be Marxist, it should be understood that they are referring to a distorted philosophy that substitutes the class struggle with the race struggle. This is not Marxism.

    Black Lives Matter is adored by the media and the Democratic Party and is not a threat to the 1%. Once again well-meaning people are ensnared into supporting a dead-end agenda.

    Links will be supplied as requested.

  83. Fawlty Towers says:

    Question for Corbetteers:

    Why do you think SARS1 was such a dismal failure and in contrast
    why do you think SARS2 has been such a wild success?

    Of course ‘flooding the zone’ has played a huge part in the planning/strategy for SARS2.

    • flammable says:

      I think changing the name played a big part. The vast public somehow has never heard of coronaviruses despite it being so common in the human body. The problem with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome or SARS is that the public has an idea of it. If they don’t have severe respiratory distress or respiratory symptoms or know someone who has it then they would not be fearful. COVID-19 is not too specific and has so many common symptoms.

    • mkey says:

      I think this is the effect of public consciousness that has since sars1 gone further down the drain. Every second you are not improving yourself you’re getting worse and we haven’t used the time well.

  84. debra.b says:

    October 19, 2020
    Truthstream Media

    “And Then They Came for the Books” (42:35 min.)

    Regarding digitizing of books while libraries have been and are still shut down.


  85. 8Gc58 says:

    I had a dream

    I had a dream last night, a dream saying we should start calling the COVID-19 “outbreak” for the COVID-19 break-in.

  86. Big-_-Brother says:

    I was recently thinking about other alternative platforms that James can join so he can reach more people. My mind came to Tik Tok. Okay, okay I know what you guys are gonna say, “that would be so cringe of James to be on Tik Tok” or “Tik Tok is gay” but listen not all the content over there is cancer. There is a lot of famous users that educate and inform their audience in a effective way. From real state, politics, Information Technology, News and many more. They just do it in a creative and fun way that would hook their audience. The algorithm is proven to make people famous instantly, using the right hashtags, music and with posting consistently on the platform. And Tik Tok wont be banned in the U.S due to Oracle and Walmart buying Tik Tok stake in the U.S for “Nation Security” I know this is an odd suggestion but it would be so fun or cringe… but with the help of the creative genius of Broc West, James can reach more younger audiences.

  87. debra.b says:

    Via MintPress News

    From Assassinations to Sanctions: Emergency Powers and the Rise of the Imperial Presidency
    A decades-long push to concentrate power in the Oval Office through emergency response legislation has made the Office of the President more powerful than ever.

    October 21st, 2020
    By Raul Diego

    On the eve of the 2020 election, no American president has enjoyed more unrestrained power than Donald J. Trump, who has inherited decades of policies and legislation that have given the American head of state the ability to suspend all constitutional rights and habeas corpus for its own citizens, carry out assassinations, torture prisoners and impose sanctions on sovereign nations, to name just a few of the 120 discretionary emergency “powers” the office currently has at its disposal.

    Trump has invoked emergency powers, at least, eight times during his administration. Simply declaring an emergency makes all sorts of constitutional violations possible. Depending on which sphere of political power requires a form of executive intervention, the president has a bevy of “emergency” options at his disposal beyond the reach of Congress or any other mitigating factors. His decision to assassinate Iranian general, Qassem Soleimani, was one such example where the 2002 Authorization for Use of Military Force, also known as the War Powers Act, was cited as a legal justification for the general’s murder.

    The War Powers Act is but one of many legal “emergency power” dispositions increasingly afforded to the office of the presidency. A recent article by Andrew Cockburn in Harper’s Magazine highlights a little-known set of documents drafted by the Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel called presidential emergency action documents or PEADs, which detail the actions a president is unilaterally entitled to take in the event of a declared emergency. These include all the constitutional violations mentioned above as well as a president’s prerogative to “seize control of the Internet” among other measures.

    PEADs have been kept from the American public, but are common knowledge among critical White House staff and other government officials. According to Cockburn, PEADs have been gradually accumulating over the years as an “integral part” of the Continuity of Government or COG program; an emergency plan hatched deep in the bowels of the post-war state to protect the edifice of power, which established a shadow government and other ’emergency powers’ justified by the threat of nuclear annihilation, incessantly propagandized during the Cold War; the ultimate emergency from which all others would spring to pave the way for the incremental concentration of power in the executive.


    (Article continues….)

    • debra.b says:

      (Closing excerpt from above article)

      “There are currently more than 30 active declared “emergencies,” many of which go back decades. In the opening paragraph of the report issued by Church’s Special Committee on the Termination of the National Emergency, the authors conceded that “a majority of Americans alive today have lived all of their lives under emergency rule.” This sobering conclusion is far more relevant today, almost 40 years later, when each subsequent administration has done its part to expand the president’s authority. None more so than Barack Obama, who dramatically expanded presidential emergency powers with two executive orders in 2012, which decreed almost monarchical powers over the whole of U.S energy and transportation infrastructure, domestic resources like food and water, the authority to force citizens to “fulfill labor requirements for the purposes of national defense” and the takeover of private communications networks by DHS.

      All of these and more powers are currently in the hands of Donald Trump, whose style may rub some people the wrong way. But, they won’t be rescinded by the next administration. Indeed, now that the office of the presidency is a de facto dictatorship, style is really all that’s left.“

      • cu.h.j says:

        This seems like more “orange man bad”…Compared to the other scum bag possible pedophile Biden, I’m really hoping he gets a second term. I really think we’ll be completely screwed if Biden wins.

        Our governor in CA and in a lot of other states are de facto dictators. They enjoy it, ruining lives, telling people to wear masks, etc.

        And as far as voluntary communities trading goods and services and all that good stuff, no one is doing that where I live. They’re all in masks and believe all this crap and do what they’re told, even though it’s illegal.

        Both parties but in particular, this time around, the Democrats are worse, more corrupt, and want to accelerate our descent into complete technocracy with “the robber baron” taking a cut from every human interaction. They will be there to collect their fee and people will pay because it’s easier and people have no backbone.

        I hope I don’t come off as directing anger at you personally, it’s not my intention. These are my thoughts reading this excerpt from this article. Thanks for sharing.

        • debra.b says:

          “I hope I don’t come off as directing anger at you personally, it’s not my intention. These are my thoughts reading this excerpt from this article. Thanks for sharing.”

          hey there c.u.h.j.,
          Of course you don’t. Your thoughts are yours. As I’ve said before, you and I may not have similar thoughts or views on everything, but I still value your thoughts. I wouldn’t be on here reading through all of these comments if I didn’t. Personally, I would never expect you or anyone else to compromise their thoughts for my sake. I’m not entitled to hold such expectations. Nor would I. I appreciate honesty and kindness. Period. And, you’ve shown me both.

          What I will say with regards to my own thoughts in terms of most everything is that I’m still learning. And, as my Dad always said there is always more to learn. 🙂

          • debra.b says:

            P.S. I had to look back again at this article because even though I read it and posted it yesterday the info doesn’t usually stick. Not in my fogged brain. Now I remember that what I was looking to understand more about was the abuse of “Emergency” powers. And, I thought that was an important aspect of this article, not necessarily in particular with this presidency, but on the whole. Although, it does seem to me Bush and Obama passed a long used torch to Trump. I think it’s helpful to scrutinize information from any source through different perspectives. To be honest I don’t have enough of an understanding to truly do that. I tend to stick to what I know from personal experience when it comes to speaking out. But, you’ve probably already gathered that about me. As have others I’m sure. 😉

            • cu.h.j says:

              It’s a very good point actually. These emergency powers never get rescinded after being used just more president to take freedom away by the state.

  88. 8Gc58 says:

    I’ve heard (can’t remember where) that there is an interview with Bill and Melinda Gates where Melinda states that Bill Gates would never chip anyone because that technology doesn’t exist.

    Does anyone here know if there exist such an interview, and if yes, where can I find it?

  89. Octium says:

    Directed Microwave weapons?

    Crazy Conspiracy Theory?

    Except when those pesky Russians are at it again of course…

    Russia suspected of Cold War-style microwave attack on CIA agents in Australia

    The Mystery of the Immaculate Concussion

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is an interesting little story about the microwave.

      The GQ link is a lengthy read.
      …Then, shortly after Thanksgiving 2019, according to three sources familiar with the incident, a White House staffer was hit while walking her dog in Arlington, Virginia, a suburb of Washington, D.C. According to a government source familiar with the incident, the staffer passed a parked van. A man got out and walked past her.
      Her dog started seizing up.
      Then she felt it too: a high-pitched ringing in her ears, an intense headache, and a tingling on the side of her face.

      According to the source, this had happened to the staffer before. In August 2019, she had accompanied John Bolton, who was then the national security adviser, on a trip to London.
      The staffer, whom GQ is not identifying out of concerns for her privacy, did not respond to requests for comment. According to the government source, she was in her hotel room when she suddenly felt a tingling in the side of her head that was facing the window. The intense pressure in her head was accompanied by a tinning in her ears. When she left the room, the symptoms stopped. She reported the incident to the Secret Service because it was uncannily similar to the symptoms described by American diplomats who had served in Cuba and China…

      …Investigators came to believe that the injuries to victims’ brains were caused by a microwave weapon, which could be beamed at its target through walls and windows, and could even be effective from a couple miles away….

  90. Mal says:

    Hi James,

    Can you (or any of your audience) recommend a search engine?

    Currently I am using DuckDuckGo run from a Vivaldi browser, but I am starting to wonder about DuckDuckGo….

    I listened with interest to your 2013 interview 706 where you interviewed Katherine Albrecht about “StartPage”. Sounds pretty good. Do the merits of StartPage still stand? Or can you recommend another search engine.

    Cheers, Mal

  91. 8Gc58 says:

    This was spot on:

    “We’ll never get over this pandemic, Bill Gates is losing his mind”:
    – James Corden (The Late Late Show with James Corden)

    EvilTube – jump to the quote:

    View it via ViewPure:

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Damn! That Gates creeps me out. He wears an attitude of “Master of the World”.

      • debra.b says:

        Seriously! Super creeps me out too. So does Warren Buffet. What the heck was that on his head? Scratch that. I don’t want to know.

        Geez! And, I had a flashback listening to that to the Microsoft Word assistant in the shape of a paper clip. It was never helpful and it used to creep me out. Now I understand why.

        “He wears an attitude of “Master of the World”.“

        Well, he does have the King costume to go with it. Gross!!

  92. Qno says:

    There is no virus, it has never been identified. Here is Dr Thomas Cowan explaining why the CDC’s own literature says as much. It is the mother of all frauds, frankly. This is Al Gore science.


    What baffles me is why so many highly educated people not only fail to see this, but REFUSE to look at it.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Perhaps because they witnessed people get sick from an apparent respiratory syndrome that was slightly different from influenza. I have seen this myself at work in the ER, people with certain typical pneumonia symptoms but with certain unique pathologies like elevated d dimer elevated CRP and liver dysfunction. I didn’t see this constellation of symptoms last year. I’m not saying this “virus “ is worse than a flu but I did observe patients with this condition.

      Some people say HIV does not exist but if a person has ever known someone with this disease or treated them would probably believe otherwise.

      • flammable says:

        It is hard to detach virus to a certain illness because the idea of a virus is so ingrained. People who say HIV doesn’t exists only mean the virus and not the illness of the immune system. Because someone is sick it must be a virus is a fallacy especially if all other possible causes are not even considered.

        • cu.h.j says:

          That’s a good point. Yet many people who have HIV developed it after coming into contact with body fluids. In some cases like with hemophiliac kids who had no lifestyle issues that some have said might be a factor, the simplest explanation, the common link was the blood product. Also some of the newer antiretroviral drugs help the person with the syndrome. This can be documented with laboratory improvements in Tcells and anecdotal reports.

          • flammable says:

            Laboratory experiments do prove something but we often get the dumb down singular answer of viruses as the single cause. No single particle can override the host. The lab does not prove every organism will be affected equally. They have to create various abnormal conditions within the cell in order to produce an infection. If they can create an immediate infection with any normal cell culture then the research would have been much quicker and cheaper.

            Reality is most people will not meet the all the factors needed to induce an infection. However we have no way of knowing who does. Due to this uncertainty, various virologists and microbiologists warned of viral infection to err on the side of caution. Unfortunately their findings are twisted by political and financial interests.

            Most public thinks of virus as an invader destroying our body when in reality it is a complex disorder of multiple systems in our body exacerbated by certain viral particles. The antiretroviral drugs you mentioned have success not because it attacks viruses but because it produces chemical reactions that deal with the disorder.

      • Qno says:

        The fallacy is to default to the favoured explanation in the absence of a better theory. In fact there are better theories – much better – and they have been suppressed. I have to admit it is frustrating to keep hearing “somebody got sick therefore there must be a virus”. Or “somebody died” or “we have a new finding” etc “therefore it must be a virus”. These are not logical statements, they are gross assumptions.

        New findings do not automatically point to a virus, except if one is conditioned that that is the only possibility. Spoiler: we are.

        What is massively important though is to realise that these symtpoms are being managed differently because of the crisis, both before and after they present to care. And in a circular way, this will change what you see in the cases. And thus I posit the crisis is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

        In SARS 1 if I can call it that, there was no novel disease. There was typical disease then modified by novel treatment out of fear of not doing so. So, guess what: the physiology of the patients was found to be different, and many died. Well, it doesn’t take the brains of consultant to see that in a living system you cannot separate the condition of the patient from what they have been through so far. With a car, you can, and it is time medicine stopped treating people the way it treats cars, as a collection of parts to be fixed.

        Furthermore, many people are presenting to care who would not have before, and many are also avoiding care who would have presented before. And many will be terrified. Many will be bypassing the General Practitioner, or the osteopath, or the pharmacy, or the vitamin shop, or just not staying home and resting. So, yes, you will see a different profile for many reasons.

        15+ years of clinical practice has shown me beyond doubt that you can’t exclude prior treatment/management from the current picture of the patient.

  93. HomeRemedySupply says:


    October 6, 2020
    Politician raises alarm over Trudeau Govt’s plan to build COVID ‘Quarantine/Isolation’ camps
    The camps will be built across Canada.


    OTTAWA, Ontario, October 9, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – An Ontario politician is raising alarm over the Trudeau Liberal government’s plan to expand COVID isolation/quarantine facilities coast to coast.

    Randy Hillier, Independent Ontario MPP for Lanark, Frontenac & Kingston, expressed concern over the “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites” in the provincial question period late this week.

    He asked the Doug Ford government of Ontario if they knew of “how many of these camps will be built, and how many people does this government expect to detain.” He pointed out how documentation shows that the “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites” could be used for “other requirements” besides for COVID-19.

    “So your government must be in negotiations and aware of these plans to potentially detain and isolate citizens and residents of our country and our province, so speaker, to the Premier, where will these camps be built, how many people will be detained, and for what reason, for what reasons can people be kept in these isolation camps, and I’d like to have the Premier assure the people of Ontario…,” said Hillier, whose microphone was cut off before he could finish.

    In an email sent to his followers, Hillier expressed more of his concerns.

    “The Premier has been actively dodging my questions since July. Today was just another example of the new status quo in Queen’s Park, no response. After this exchange I’m not even sure if the Premier and his Cabinet know what’s going on regarding the Federal government considering the expansion of isolation/quarantine facilities from coast to coast,” wrote Hillier in an email sent out Thursday.

    “The expansion of isolation/quarantine camps in Canada is something of concern and the Ontario government must know about it, so why won’t they tell the people of Ontario?”

    The Government of Canada (GoC) is currently soliciting feedback and information from industry service providers for additional “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites” which if built, could be used for “other requirements” besides only for COVID-19 imposed quarantines.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      The solicitation for feedback is listed on the GoC’s Buyandsell.gc.ca website as a tender notice Letter of Interest (LOI) and Request for Information (RFI) for “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites.”

      The RFI and LOI lists as an end-user for the services as the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), with Public Works and Government Services Canada listed as the entity looking to procure the “isolation sites.” A closing date of October 19 listed.

      According to PHAC, the current sites “are being used to address the requirements for international travelers not having a suitable place to isolate.”

      The “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites” RFI states that the use of the DSQ’s could be “temporarily discontinued until needed again by the Government of Canada,” but also might be used for “other requirements” in expectation of a “possible continued need for quarantine sites over the next 1 to 2 years given the COVID 19 pandemic.”

      The RFI states that the PHAC is currently managing a total of 11 sites nationwide that are designated as “quarantine sites (DQS)” for the COVID-19 fourteen-day quarantine, which can “lodge up to 1600 travellers.”

      These are in Calgary, Vancouver, Kelowna, Winnipeg, Regina, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, Fredericton, St. John’s (Newfoundland), and Whitehorse.

      The GoC’s Buyandsell.gc.ca website lists every province and territory in Canada as needed as a potential region for delivery of “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites.”

      The GoC states that the objective of the RFI “for Federal Quarantine / Isolation sites” is to engage “a Third Party Service Provider for Federal Quarantine / Isolation sites that will be used to house and care for people for public health and other related federal requirements associated with the COVID-19 pandemic response.” …

      … LifeSiteNews reached out to Toronto Constitutional lawyer, Rocco Galati to ask him about the GoC’s RFI for “Federal Quarantine/Isolation sites.”

      Galati told LifeSiteNews that “straight out of the gate” he predicted “in one twitter paragraph” what was to come because of COVID-19.

      Galati referred LifeSiteNews to a March 17, 2020 tweet he wrote shortly after the Ontario provincial government enacted COVID-19 emergency orders.

      “Covid19 frenzy. A waltz in the global totalitarian tip-toe to new world order. Parliament closures, Court shutdowns, soldiers out. Banking/Corporate bailouts. Facts/science do not add up. Death toll, elderly and immunocompromised victims, marginally no diff than any other flus,” wrote Galati on March 17 on his Twitter page. ….
      [More details in article.]

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      CANADA and WhatsHerFace

      October 9th
      WhatsHerFace YouTube
      (Video shows lawmakers discussing camps and documents)
      ISOLATION/INTERNMENT Camps in Canada
      (15 minutes)

      If you thought this year was bad, buckle up, because it looks like Canada has some BIG PLANS in store for the spring of 2021. Not only has the Canadian government ordered 36 thousand units of chemical agents for March of next year, they have also put out a request for information regarding service providers for federal quarantine isolation camps. This news comes in the midst of a total lockdown in Quebec, which is rapidly becoming a police state. Ontario is not too far behind, as it re-enters a stage 2 lockdown.



      Hat tip to crlf

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      CANADA and WhatsHerFace
      (regarding her video on Internment Camps and getting FACT CHECKED)

      October 23, 2020 – Friday
      WhatsHerFace YouTube Channel
      Fact Checking the Fact Checker
      (8 minutes)

      Linked sources

      Fact Check site

      Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague (2010) – IMDb
      Centre for Emergency Preparedness and Response (as Dr. Theresa Tam)
      Patient Zero is a stewardess, stricken by what she thinks is chickenpox. She goes to ground in a Montreal hotel room. A few weeks later, she’s back on the job, unaware of her role in an impending public health catastrophe. Pandemics have killed more people throughout history than all wars combined. They are unpredictable – and inevitable. Are we ready for the next big one? ‘Outbreak: Anatomy of a Plague’ juxtaposes a 21st century scenario against the little-known story of the 1885 smallpox epidemic that devastated Montreal. Combining brisk narrative with rigorous research, it vividly evokes a modern city under siege, drawing eerie parallels with 1885. Confronted with social unrest, ethnic scapegoating and economic ruin, authorities struggle to maintain control – and contain a deadly infection.

      There are many articles regarding Theresa Tam and this film.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        I like this WhatsHerFace gal. She’s got a sense of humor and makes a nice presentation.

        October 18th
        The RIGHT vs LEFT paradigm is an ILLUSION
        (7 minutes)

        The continual political battle between Left & Right, Liberal & Conservative, Democrat & Republican is manufactured. The powers that be use propaganda to fuel hatred and it’s only purpose is to divide us and keep our focus on each other, instead of the things that truly matter. The media manipulates stories and facts in order to paint extreme caricatures of what each side is and because of this manipulation, people associate these exaggerations with real humans. People become dehumanized and it is easy to harass and physically attack people just for holding different opinions. A war amongst the peasants prevents a war amongst their rulers. It is standard divide and conquer and it’s time we all move past it.

        • mik says:

          Smart cuties, not stranger to dirty words… yummy

          Have you heard

          she is thinking to move to Texas, looking for adoption
          she is kind of young
          …well no one is perfect 😉

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Yea, I saw that.
            She’ll just make Texas hotter.
            A lot of younger fellas down here would love to see her move this way.

            Her humor is very subtle, very clever. I think some of the humor flies past many people. Sometimes her facial expressions add to it.
            Watch her very first video from 2 years ago.
            Listen to the phrases she uses for a Simple Smoothie.
            (3 1/2 minutes)

            • mik says:

              Oh, like her humor, smoothie had been thoroughly mixed, shaken and the rest, no shy

              Damsel in distress doesn’t look like humor to me, knight on harley probably was

        • cu.h.j says:

          I think this is mostly true, yet “the left” has adopted some very extreme views on race and sex, and the MSM has pushed these ideas and tried to silence people who oppose them and label them as “far-right” “conservative” etc.

          A few of these ideas are that biological sex is a construct, that a trans woman is a woman because they have similar brains as women, forget about having an XY chromosome or a womb. This is contrary to what I learned in biology class and common sense and if someone points it out they may be called names and have their reputation ruined. Also, the idea that “black” people can’t be racist because there is a supposed power differential. The definition of racism has changed to suit the narrative that fosters division.

          People can do some research on Postmodernism and Critical Race Theory and learn about how “the left” pushes these ideas that do not lead to equality or liberation for humanity but rather divide. “The left” does indeed push these ideas. So, is it wrong to oppose “the left” if those ideas are so prevalent in the discourses they are pushing?

          These ideas can’t be ignored in my opinion and they are “left-wing” ideas. So though I do think left/right paradigm division is a divide and conquer strategy, the ideas the left has put forth need to be challenged.

          This video seems to oversimplify this a little bit.

  94. CreativeLife says:

    It’s been 7 months and more, for most since the this particular virus psyop called Covid19 appeared localized to North America. For others it’s been decades of research and awareness of continuous constant psychological operations in the medical cartel, where billions have been made on Virus Mania.

    Of course, the entertainment industry had to move into this venue even MORE SO and the internet is even more a cesspool of the same owners of the MSM. So now we have stars reborn; in the reset and reimagined world of the boogeyman Covid virus. Waiting to see if someone will move to the next dream that they need to wake up from; is worse than the prodding for the initial, boom bah shake up wakening! It’s easy to follow the money to NY and Silicon Hills.

    Before I move on, here’s something to think about. It’s been said over and over. The evidence is everywhere. Books, articles, research galore etc. A constant daily, if not hourly posting of controlled opposition to truth is being put into the air and on the screen. While you’re distracted with the
    celebrity actors, politicians and lawyers: the Great Work is unfolding.
    Greater Israel Pan Eurasia We better get our heads out of our butts, and look around folks!

    James has been trying to tell us a lot more than what is verbally said in a few segments. As for me, we have been working so hard through harvest and now in the snow, we winterize. See the link above to Tom Cowan, follow Rappaport at No More fake news, Stefan Lanka has just released the most incredible document. If you want to follow the controlled opposition and get warm fuzzies watching the bread and circus shows go for it! As for me nd my house we will serve Truth! You won’t find it in prideful entertainers, only humble men hidden from the limelight and big pharma sponsorship!

    Viruses are not alive

    They have no nucleus, no cellular respiration

    They CANNOT be transmitted through the air

    They are NOT contagious

    A virus has NEVER been proven to kill anyone!

    Viruses are produced by our bodies as solvents and soaps to dissolve toxic tissues caused by pollutants (pesticides, chemtrails, EMF radiation, etc)

    A flu is your body’s immune response to flushing the toxins out!

    The only way to get a foreign virus (e.g. swine flu) is to have it injected into your body i.e. vaccines or other supposed beneficial injections!

    Viruses are NOT bad (unless they are foreign and injected into your body) They are our body’s defense mechanism against toxicity.

    Viruses are GOOD!

    We’ve been lied to about everything!

    Don’t buy into the FEAR and HYPE!

    Cont’d below

  95. 8Gc58 says:

    Apocalypse Now? – by Emeritus Professor Pierre Capel

    Summary: Another voice confirming that the PCR tests are causing the well planned second wave:


  96. 8Gc58 says:

    Morgan Freeman – on Black History Month
    (old clip, but still very relevant)

    In this day and age where forces are constantly working on dividing people and creating hate in between groups it’s more relevant than ever to remember what Morgan Freeman said about Black History Month in a 60 Minutes interview:



    w: Black History Month, you find…
    f: Ridiculous.
    w: Why?
    f: You’re going to relegate my history to a month?
    w: Oh, come on.
    f: What do you do with yours?
    f: Which month is White History Month?
    f: Come on, tell me.
    w: Well… I’m Jewish.
    f: OK. Which month is Jewish History Month?
    w: There isn’t one.
    f: Oh…oh.
    f: Why not? Do you want one?
    w: No, no.
    f: I don’t either.
    f: I don’t want a Black History Month.
    f: Black history is American History.
    w: How are we going to get rid of racism until…?
    f: Stop talking about it!
    f: I’m going to stop calling you a white man.
    f: And I’m going to ask you to stop calling me a black man.
    f: I know you as Mike Wallace. You know me as Morgan Freeman.

  97. отец says:

    Questions for Corbett: what historically accurate information do we have about the 1918 flu pandemic?

    We are constantly being told that we will be able to tell our grandchildren about how we survived the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. All four of my grandparents were alive in 1918, as were the majority of my great aunts and uncles, some of whom were even alive before immigrating to the new world in the 1890’s. I have heard many stories about the “Dirty 30’s,” World War I, homesteading in the new world (I grew up on the family homestead), even what life was like in the old world and that they wanted to leave before war broke out (there had been sabre rattling for several decades before the First World War started). However, I’ve never heard a single story about the Spanish flu from people with personal knowledge or even second hand knowledge. The only knowledge I have of it is theoretical knowledge, most of which, until recently, amounted to a sentence or two in history books. Everyone I ask says the same thing, even more recent immigrates who say something like, “It was more of a European problem. It never spread to Ukraine and Russia.”

    The old photos of people wearing face masks is quite interesting, though I’ve never seen such photos before this year. I know that photos at that time were all staged to some degree. If someone had something unique, they usually made sure to have it included in any photograph they were lucky enough to be in. Quite unlike today’s culture, often taking a dozen or more (staged) photos of themselves a day.

    I have heard that they didn’t even know what a virus was until the end of the Spanish flu pandemic. Is there any recorded accounts of illnesses similar to the flu before the United States government developed the virus that they released on an unsuspecting public in, if my memory serves me correctly, 1901?

    What do we know about the vaccinations WWI soldiers were given? Apparently, the Spanish flu was spread by these vaccinated soldiers. Perhaps the flu vaccination research published between 1972 to 2005 is not the only evidence we have that shows that the health risks of such vaccinations far out weigh any possible benefit.

  98. Fawlty Towers says:

    Due to a confluence of factors (YouTube purges, my computer being re-energized) I am now able to view James’ videos on his site rather than at YouTube.

    I was surprised however when a recent 7 minute .mpg video that I downloaded from the site took up 202 MB of space.

    Downloaded from YouTube it would take up less than 40 MB.

    Is James offering his videos in a slimmer file size?
    If so, any tips on how to do this?

    • mkey says:

      Youtube will recompress videos with they find to be optimal. Without thousands of hours of material being uploaded every hour it makes sense for them to be doing this. If you wish to do something similar on your own, you can user Handbrake application which allows for transcoding videos without too many complications.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Thanks mkey.
        From what I understand about Handbrake it will allow you to transcode a video from one format to another.

        While this is a good option to have for a downloaded file if you wish to save space on your hard drive/flash drive, I’m looking for something else.

        I don’t have unlimited downloads with my ISP and so I am trying to minimize the file size that I download initially.

        • mkey says:

          In that case downloading from youtube directly has its merits. I’m not sure if any of the other sites (bitchute, lbry etc) can afford to transcode anything. I’ve seen some quite large files streaming very slowly because the uploader is not aware that they are supposed to take care of that issue themselves.

          • Fawlty Towers says:

            Thanks for the info.

            Maybe James will consider offering high and low quality downloads from his site?
            While it was nice to watch the high quality .mpg (202 MB)
            my monthly ISP GB limit would soon be reached if I continued to download directly from the site as it now stands.

  99. 8Gc58 says:

    The fight to normalise acne through the subject of skinpositivity!

    Machine translated News From Norway:


    Face masks lead to acne breakouts

    Dermatologists expect more patients after increased use of face masks.

    Ava Bang goes on antibiotics, uses creams and takes care of her diet to get rid of acne breakouts. Still, the pimples came back when she started wearing a face mask.

    Moisture and sweat clog the pores, creating increased bacterial growth. We see that patients who have been bothered from before are struggling even more now, says, Dermatologist Miray Al-Mustafa

    At the end of the article we have the solution. You might think that stopping wearing facemasks is what is proposed. Not at all. The solution is “to normalise acne through the subject of skinpositivity”:

    Will normalize acne

    On Instagram, young men and women all over the world have created a network where they want to normalize pimples and other skin problems through the subject of skinpositivity. One of these is makeup artist Khadija Bouras El Morabet (31).

    It became important for me to show that unclean skin is not abnormal or dangerous, she says.

    – (https://www.nrk.no/osloogviken/munnbind-forer-til-kviseutbrudd—velger-elsparkesykkel-i-stedet-for-buss-1.15212410)

  100. robster says:

    All, please have a look at http://whale.to/a/b/pearson.html, about Pasteur and his fraudulent germ theory.

    • cu.h.j says:

      He definitely seemed to be unethical, but I don’t think that proves his theory is a complete fraud.

      Florence Nightengale did note that cleanliness and fresh air and sunshine helped patients, but it doesn’t prove that germs aren’t a factor in disease transmission.

      I have had many infections throughout the years that have cleared up with antibiotics. Perhaps terrain theory and germ theory are both correct, that there are infectious pathogens that can sometimes be cured by diet alone if the body can fight them off, but sometimes an antibiotic or antiviral agent is necessary, in addition to an immune booster.

      • robster says:

        Sorry to see that you fell into the anti-biotics trap. Why take anything that literally means anti-life?

        I did not say the complete germ theory is a fraud. There are pathogens (bacteria, parasites) that can be “transmitted”, sure. I said the virus part of the germ theory (aka virus theory) is a hoax. What Nightingale witnessed (she wasn’t the first btw) is the effect of preventing bacteria from spreading – not viruses. Bacteria are living organisms, viruses are not. Do you seriously believe a piece of protein (a “virus”) is “transmitted” through open air? That it “jumps” from pigs to dogs to bats to birds to humans? Think again.

        Killing your body with anti-biotics or chemotherapy is never a cure – only a “treatment”, making you even more sick. After using anti-biotics, disease will always come back (your comment on “many ‘infections’ ” appears to confirm that), and you will need more and more anti-biotics, eventually destroying your health completely. Why do you think we have MRSA? Stop antibiotics, it’s the same hoax as chemotherapy, it’s the same hoax as statins. Please open your eyes.

        • Duck says:

          “..Killing your body with anti-biotics or chemotherapy is never a cure – only a “treatment”, making you even more sick…”

          The over use of antibiotics (and even worse the industrial farming use) has indeed been a disaster…but not dying of septicemia or staph right NOW rocks even if my body is somewhat weaker and my gut flora out of whack.

          I guess you could argue that as a species its better to let the blood wards fill up with people who did not clean their cuts or punctures properly and/or have weak immune systems.

  101. Kate says:

    They are calling conspiracy theorists the QAnon cult in the National Post. The ‘conspiracy’ stuff they talk about is ridiculous like “Nicole Kidman is a satanist” which doesn’t matter in the scheme of things. Is Q another smokescreen?

    It is obvious the difference of opinions on important matter like who orchestrated 9-11 is divisive to families and friends, but THEY are wrong not us.

  102. Big-_-Brother says:

    James keep saying that Alex Jones is controlled opposition but Alex is correct on big issues. He recently did a podcast with Joe Rogan discussing the fraud of climate change saying its a power grab just like what James says for years now. https://youtu.be/jdVso9FSkmE?t=1878 Listen I hate Alex Jones he is a clown and support Trump even after what he is done by filling up the swamp. But my question is can you guys name controlled opposition outlets that let little truth out like Alex, to grab their audiences.

    • Duck says:

      You really ought not to trust anyone on the net…even if they are 10`% pure in their heart there are probably offices filled with people finding tailored ways to steer the message in ways beneficial to the elites

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think it’s good to listen and do one’s own research. Alex Jones had some good stuff on his show at one time. I’m not sure about him, perhaps links to the CIA? I read that somewhere. Nevertheless, I might still watch it and take it with a grain of salt.

      Some people I can’t even listen to anymore. But occasionally I’ll watch something if it has good content.

      • Duck says:

        Jon Ronson (who did the psycopath test, crazy rulers of the world and men who stare at goats) is actually a good researcher and I read about the Bilderburg meetings for the 1st time in his book “them” but he manages to make it look silly and not something normal folks should think too hard about.

    • victoria says:

      in the controlled opposition theatre, alex jones is the all-time biggest piece of satanic shit showman ive ever seen take the stage. there are of course many other actors, incl david icke luciferian loser, & noam chomsky ~ initially encountered when i was a 7yo mkultra “visiting student” at MIT. remembered after reading several online posts that painted him in an extremely positive light, rather like hero worship… which i found quite disturbing, & simultaneously recovered memory. afterwards was finally able to do a healthy amount of research on the controlled asset. around six or seven yrs later at pinterest, someone pinned gootube clip (im posting CR page link) Meet Noam Chomsky, Academic Gatekeeper (video) & i was like YES!! right on!!

  103. robster says:

    Came across this article that made me think for some time… what if?


  104. 8Gc58 says:

    Does anyone here have knowledge about the site https://privacy-watchdog.io/? I’m curious who is behind (https://who.is/whois/privacy-watchdog.io). I’ve tried reaching out via e-mail. However, it bounces.

    The reason being is that I would like to know more about the claims, like there being a link in between CIA and ProtonMail via CRV and In-Q-Tel (https://privacy-watchdog.io/truth-about-protonmail/).

  105. Camille says:

    Since it’s still October here I’ll add this to the open thread.

    My latest little video.

    Why Do You Still Have WiFi?

  106. 8Gc58 says:

    For anyone interested in secure messaging, like email-solutions, chat-solutions and voice- and video-solutions, check out this overview:


    • cu.h.j says:

      Thanks for posting this! What do you suggest as the best option, ie better security of private data?

      • 8Gc58 says:

        You’re welcome.

        I’m on ProtonMail (e-mail), Signal and Threema. As well, I have Briar. What I love about Briar is that the messages is not stored on any server. It is sent from phone to phone. Drawback: the receiver and sender needs to have the app running for being able to exchange messages. The nice thing: less elements to trust.

        However, regarding ProtonMail, I am aware of these claims, without having concluded myself. If I would have chosen a new email service today, I guess I would have tried out CTemplar. One recommendation is also to stay away from services that makes it hard for you to leave. ProtonMail does this to an extend. Exporting your data from ProtonMail is not easy, and some data (like calendars) can’t be exported atm.

        My personal feeling is that we can never be 100% safe when acting online. I the state actors wants to surveil I believe they will always find a way. But, we can make it harder and definitively stop self surveilling.

        And, whatever solution you are using. You can never be 100% sure. It’s extremely hard to know if a company, or solution, is been infiltrated one way or another. A solution that might be safe today might be compromised tomorrow.

        As well, if you’re on a Google’s Android a very good idea is to start using a de-Googled phone. I’m using GrapheneOS, and for my GF I’ve just installed LineageOS on an old phone I had. Works really great, and feels awesome not having Google surveilling my life!

        When it comes to data in general: Don’t trust anyone but yourself. As Mr Corbett has stated, always back up your data on a local device. And, make copies. Have one backup at your home, and one backup at a friend’s home. Back up regularly, for example once a month.

  107. Steve Smith says:

    “The fabrication of the COVID-19 pandemic and its apparent failure leads me to believe that there is a second phase or final solution at hand to catch the public while they are off-guard. Haemorrhagic fever symptoms can be easily increased and made more visible by forcing COVID booster injections on vulnerable, COVID injection injured patients, who are now prisoners in hospitals and nursing homes, plus injecting children. The haemorrhagic fever symptoms would appear as a huge Marburg pandemic and could be confirmed by the new Marburg PCR test causing mass hysteria like the world has never seen. RiVax could be quickly deployed using the existing COVID injection infrastructure and the public would be easily convinced to take it using PSYCOPS on Mainstream Media. The toxic ricin in the RiVax would kill billions of people very quickly and effectively before they realised what was happening as the deaths would be attributed to Marburg haemorrhagic fever based on the symptoms. People who refused the RiVax could be labelled as asymptomatic spreaders and placed in camps like they are doing in Australia claimed to be a COVID protection measure.“

    Full article https://www.lewrockwell.com/2021/09/no_author/a-possible-marburg-rivax-final-solution/

    Video by the author Kieran Morrissey https://brandnewtube.com/watch/why-is-there-a-marburg-vaccine_1gAsizh2Mj76dQP.html

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