Interview 1586 – New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

10/15/202052 Comments

Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: Billionaires' Combined Wealth Has Reached Record $10.2T, Thanks to Covid-19

McDonald’s, Domino’s Booming While Your Neighborhood Restaurant Struggles

While the Poor Get Sick, Bill Gates Just Gets Richer

‘Covid-19: The Great Reset’ by Klaus Schwab

Eli Lilly Pauses Its COVID-19 Antibody Trial Due To Safety Concerns

Johnson & Johnson Pauses COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Over “Unexplained Illness”

Story #2: FBI Informant 'One Of The Most Active Leaders' Pushing 'Crackpot' Kidnap Plot

Defense Says Gov. Whitmer Kidnap Plot Was Just ‘Big Talk Between Crackpots'

The FBI Fosters, Funds and Equips American Terrorists

How To Foil Your Own Terror Plot

Episode 266 – The Terrorists Have Been Identified

Story #3: Jello Biafra Says Trump Is the G.G. Allin of Presidents

What Would Jello Do? Part 85: Vote Defense!

Jello Biafra and GSM Release First Song In 7 Years

Ministry’s New Song “Alert Level” Samples Teen Activist Greta Thunberg

Jourgenson, Biafra Want You to Vote For the Same NWO They Used to Rail Against

Terrible New Sloan Song, “Silence Trumps Lies”

Ani DiFranco Releases New Election Song, “Do Or Die”

Jason Isbell Blasts Van Morrison, Covers 'Into the Mystic'

Van Morrison to Release Lockdown Protest Songs

Folk Wokester Bashes Van Morrison, Wears Braves Gear

Indie Bands Like Superchunk Literally Released Zero Music During the Obama Years (2018)

So-Called Progressive Bands Maintained Radio Silence Through Obama (2018)

Cake Release First New Music In Over 8 Years (2018)

Listen to New “Protest” Single from Perry Farrell, “Pirate Punk Politician” (2019)

Pearl Jam Let Verizon Use Their New Single In 5G Commercials

Ice Cube Working With Trump Administration

Stone Roses’ Ian Brown Claims COVID Was “Planned Designed and Executed to Make Us Digital Slaves”

John Lennon at 80: One Man Against the Deep State ‘Monster’

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  1. Duck says:

    I dont listen to what the organ grinders monkey thinks on politics, morality and religion why would I listen to Singing Skin-Puppets?
    The disturbing thing is how many people have zero grounding in anything and do follow their lead.
    LOL, Judas Goats in the slaughter house

  2. cfc says:

    did you guys see Chris Morris’ latest “The Day Shall Come” based on a number of true stories about 3 letter agencies setting up informants and people in need so that they can then ‘bust’ them

    here’s a short interview with Morris on the film:

    thank you so much for all your work James and James

    • Libertydan says:

      Here’s a link to a Trailer on “The Day Shall Come”

      I think that Chris Morris has taken a bias view and/or has a limited understanding of how the FBI is controlled from the top. During the Clinton Years (1992-2000) the FBI (or someone above them) established a program call “Patcon” (con the Patriots). If you look into the Events of Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the Oklahoma City Bombings you will see that the FBI was targeting anyone that was anti Government. The unjustifiable use of force by the Federal Government at Ruby Ridge and Waco created an opposition to Central Government which was to be “Fixed” by blaming the Oklahoma City Bombing on the Patriot Groups that were springing up.

      I have talked with people that were in the Michigan Militia when (Infiltrator) Timothy McVeigh came onto the scene. Most say that they knew that he was a Government Informant from day one (if not FBI, perhaps CIA).
      There was an FBI Bust in Michigan that drew National, if not International, Head Lines when I was living out West (Bush/Cheney Years) for which I was also able to get the inside story on. The FBI had set up these Members of a Law abiding Militia Group and fabricated a Case against a Man who I have met and talked to about this Case. They held him in jail for over a year as I recall, (and I did donate to his Defense during this time). In the end, (years after the FBI’s Lies had infected the minds of the masses), the Man won his freedom and the Judge made note that if anyone had committed a crime in this Case it was the FBI (you can bet that part has been Redacted from Court Records for “National Security” reasons).
      Years later most people still believe the FBI’s Lies even though they were proven, in a Court of Law, to be involved in Criminal Activities whereby they deliberately framed an Innocent Man.
      Are they at it again?

  3. Jan Rosbäck says:

    One of these punk rockers, not very well known made later a career as a political goon. Dan Eliasson, today the director of the Swedish MSB (security&surveillance, a swedish NSA). He has been sacked from a couple of similar positions, like director of the health care insurance system and as chief of the Swedish Police. One of his early creations was “Fu*king in Bankok”.

  4. Jed says:

    I’d never heard of Tommy Tedesco before I watched this documentary on the LA studio musicians of the 60s & 70s, turns out he’s the most recorded guitarist of all time. Here’s a look behind the curtain: my apologies for posting a YouTube link, the documentary is excellent.
    There’s another film on the band “The Monkees” and Don Kirshner, another great look at the popular music business.

  5. bobitto17 says:

    I haven’t listened to any of those bands except for Tool. Didn’t think it was political or that the delay in release had anything to do with who is president. What am I missing?

  6. MostlyHarmless says:

    In case anyone else is interested, I was able to find COVID-19: The Great Reset in PDF or EPUB download format from: I scanned the PDF I downloaded and it looks to be complete. (There was no way I was going to fork over 10 smackers to WHO for their drivel, but I have wanted to read it to see what their intentions are.

  7. buckley says:

    Can someone please point me to the documents about Biden and war crimes?

    Thank you

  8. padraig says:

    well. the james’ have ruined sloan for me. hashcow ‘hate it’.
    reminds me of trump’s election night. the lord peter mansbridge was covering the results and exclaimed,”where did we go wrong? what more could we have done?” a canadian broadcaster on live tv admitted to trying to influance the US elections?????? i thought killery and the FBI would be crashing through the studio doors at any second. not so strangely ive looked for this clip many times and have not been able to find it. were any other canucks watching the cbc that night?
    meanwhile, scrubbing ears with soap

  9. jackbc says:

    Bravura Forensic Musicology !!
    James Evan Pilato… call it a “Rant” if you wish
    to camouflage your abundant skills, but that video
    segment was a revelation, and a match for any deep-background
    “investigations” published in VARIETY or its sister trade mags.
    Hammer and tongs. You shaped and energized the report without
    getting tongue cramp or failed breath. YOU were made for radio.
    I found myself leaning into my iMac screen and applauding,
    even as Mr. Corbett responded with his own climbing clap-roll.

    Mr. Pilato, I have been remiss in not tossing some cash tribute
    into your tips-jar. Remiss because I ALWAYS enjoy your contributions
    to NWNW, and though I avoid radio here in Vancouver B.C., I have
    monitored, with genuine pleasure, (and awe) a couple of your
    extended news streams. I will send some Canadian dough, ASAP.

    Gentleman, today was another double-tap to the greasy skull of a
    corrupted culture. I wish “Next Week” were tomorrow. Thank you!

  10. sample.b says:

    Great rant JEP, I’d love an hour episode on that.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Destroying the Illusion
      Joe M
      X22 Report
      Edge of Wonder
      SGT Report
      Amazing Polly
      Truth & Art TV
      Dustin Nemos

      Stroppy Me
      JustInformed Talk
      Sarah Westall

      • calibrator says:

        Thanks HRS!
        I noticed that Polly’s channels was gone just a few minutes ago.
        James could very well be next on YT…

        Here are some more:

        • calibrator says:

          Here’s what SGT Report has on their site:

          “ALERT: YouTube TERMINATED BOTH SGT Report channels on October 15, 2020 without warning or cause. Both channels were in good standing with ZERO community guidelines strikes. This is fascist electronic book burning!! TRUTH and REAL news will be live at SGTreport.TV
          Dear friends,
          PLEASE help get the word out. PLEASE Tweet to @TeamYouTube and ask them to reverse this, I would happily do the same for you.
          They just terminated my access to BOTH of my channels for releasing a video last night about the new Hunter Biden emails, and the Seal Team 6 information coming from whistleblower Allen Parrot and Benghazi whistleblower Nick Noe.”

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        My buddy Joe, just yesterday, had his ONE YouTube video removed which was more than a decade old (circa Spring 2008).
        It was entitled “The Plane Truth Project”

        All it did was to film folks stringing up a banner to the plane. Then the plane takes off.
        The plane was to fly over the Dallas metroplex and then the Byron Nelson Golf Tournament.

        The banner said:
        “Re-Investigate 9/11 – Google WTC7”

  11. irazi says:

    Damn. I really liked Sloan.

  12. kachatel says:

    Canadian military caught conducting a propaganda exercise in Nova Scotia, aimed at the local population.

    According to the article, another plan in July “that was never put into action” was “aimed at heading off civil disobedience by Canadians during the coronavirus pandemic.”

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Story #2: FBI Informant ‘One Of The Most Active Leaders’ Pushing ‘Crackpot’ Kidnap Plot
    Defense Says Gov. Whitmer Kidnap Plot Was Just ‘Big Talk Between Crackpots’

    I believe that the far Left Media had a heads-up as to this upcoming Michigan FBI sting, and the initial propaganda storyline of “domestic terrorists and white supremacists fantasizing about an all-white America”.

    This October 6th article, (with an embedded ABC video), entitled “Nation’s deadliest domestic terrorist inspiring new generation of hate-filled ‘monsters,’ FBI records show” had no less than 9 Reporters contributing to the story.

    The ABC video mentions that the FBI has over 1,000 pending investigations into domestic terrorism. The video also has a former Department of Homeland Security official talking about the threat of White Nationalism.

    It is obvious that the article and video have a political agenda.

    For me, it is NOT coincidental that suddenly the “Michigan Governor Kidnap story” broke not long after the October 6th article,
    and also not long after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled that her lockdown measures were unconstitutional.

    Here is the LINK to the October 6, 2020 ARTICLE
    “Nation’s deadliest domestic terrorist inspiring new generation of hate-filled ‘monsters,’ FBI records show”

    • wylie1 says:

      Clearly they worry not about their lily-white loopy lefties leaving. However, their only chance at snatching victory out of the orange jaws of defeat, is trying to shut the pushed open gate of the black walkaway voters in the lefty corral. Nothing like stating the obvious I suppose.

      • wylie1 says:

        HRS: Thanks for the additional info, hadn’t really thought much about it, due to the lack of info floating in front of my elsewhere focus.

    • Libertydan says:

      Definitely Not Coincidental, these Articles (Fake News stories) are connected to an underhanded Agenda. Given that it is the FBI taking these guys into a Federal Court, I would tend to think that the Agenda is to disarm the public so that the UN troops can make an easy go of it when Biden brings in the New World Order.
      Note that Witless Whitmer was on Biden’s list of potential running mates.

  14. gauntlet33 says:

    Just now saw a “Wear Mask Save Live” (produced by Amazon Original) bilboard with Borat wearing a mask on his genitals…actually funny in itself, but shows how they want to confuse the COVID with “deadly” STDs.

  15. mkey says:


    James, while taking into account that the “corona virus” is being touted as a virus from the corona family and thus considered to be a seasonal flu, can you envision the date when cocrap (related, caused, question mark) death count goes to 0? When is the next season due?

    • Fawlty Towers says:

      You need to get with the program mkey. 🙂
      They’re no longer interested in CV deaths.
      It’s all about the number of cases now!

      I keep waiting for the great reset (CV case/death count to be reset to zero) which should by all rights be happening in the next couple of weeks.

      You know like they do each year for the seasonal flu?

      But don’t hold your breath.
      Even if they don’t rename the bug to Covid-20, they will simply just
      treat it as an ongoing, everlasting disease.

      And so long as there are still cases, even if there are just a few hundred each year, that would be enough for them to convince the public that face masks and social distancing is essential!

      Tell me, given what we know about the PCR tests, just how difficult would it be to come up with a few hundred CV cases each year?
      If the CV pimp-meter continues on the front pages of news sites, this baby
      will have a very long half-life.

      • mkey says:

        I’m positive I’d be postive if the threshold was set appropriately. If mutiplying times wouldn’t cut it, go for Still too low? Go for a cool, the lethal rat bastard virus ought to show up by that time.

        1 particle among others, imagine the damage it can do with its nasty spikes. I can feel the chills going down my spine.

  16. Libertydan says:

    Story #2 hit very close to home for me. Yep, I live in Michigan and have had to listen to Lies about the Whitless Kidnapping Plan, both on TV and the Radio for days now.
    The Detroit Free Press is about the only Media that has offered the Truth. I have friends in Florida, and a bother in Canada, that continue to believe the Lies dished out by Main Stream Media.
    As a means of attaining some info, I attended a 2nd Amendment Meeting on Tuesday where I found out that FBI Informants were the instigators. Indeed, I had suspected as much, but I also learned that three of the most vocal 2nd Amendment Michiganders (different than Canadian Geese,eh) had their Facebook Accounts shut down and wiped clean before they could even comment on what might have actually happened here.
    In this Episode JC. seemed to indicate that we had gotten to the bottom of this FBI Scam rather quickly, when in fact it was reported on the Radio this morning that they arrested yet another (I think they used the word “Conspirator”). So much for Innocent until proven guilty. Also, they continue to report that 4 of these guys are being held without Bail (because they are Sooooo dangerous.
    The FBI is being used as a Tool to keep the Witch from being Impeached. To think she got people to vote for her by making an Issue of the Flint Water Deal, and here she is F**king things up a hundred times worse.
    This might be a good time to say Michigan has no Governor, and work out some other means of Governance, eh!

  17. Viv Aldistaw says:

    Best…episode…ever! Hey you boys should check out “The the”. Matt Johnson usually writes more about the human condition, but I think you’d like “Sweet Bird of Truth”. He thinks ISIS was created by the CIA.

  18. Miss Terious says:

    This article from off-guardian does a superb psychological analysis of Schwab and his horrible book. Well worth the read.

    Schwab is insane. I’ll go with the article’s implication that in those early formative years, from ages 1 to 5, he spent a lot of time imbibing Nazi propaganda and it is coming out now. They do say those early years determine much of our future beliefs and values.

  19. Octium says:

    I did like “Message From Our Sponsor” but after I learned of Jello Biafra’s views on 9/11 Truthers I knew he was an idiot.

    I’m pretty sure John Lennon was the real deal. He helped fund Mae Brussell getting her information out. Back in the days before the public had access to the Internet that was very important.

    • david9 says:

      “Message from our Sponsor” – 1989 I believe – was a remarkably prophetic song.

      I watched a few episodes of What Would Jello Do? Embarrassing and cringeworthy.

  20. Libertydan says:

    Is there any truth to the CIA making an informant out of Elvis Presley in order to rat out the Beatles? They could control Elvis. In fact, they drafted him into the army.
    John Lennon was his own man as far as I can tell, and thus a threat to the well established War paradigm. His death in 1980 is worthy of some investigation.

  21. NES says:

    Applause!!!!! JEP, bravo! Fabulous RANT.

    Your review of the scamdemic bands was very interesting and enormously informative because I don’t follow music culture. Consequently, I was educated on the subject. You’re right. I’d expect them all to fade away just as quickly as they hopped the scamdemic train of tyranny, that is unless Trump is re-elected. IF so, they’ll continue to be stupid for a buck and their funding masters will promote them as long as it’s beneficial.

    In the words of ‘XXX’ movie — BITCHES COME!

  22. J.P. Wheels says:

    First, great episode of NWNW fellas, keep em coming!

    Born and and raised in the Wolverine State myself. I’m sure the rest of the country can understand and appreciate our utter disdain for our woeful “governor” Gretchen Whitmer and her administration. The Gretch. Whitler. Or Whitless, as many of us like to call her, has taken it upon herself to “save” us proles from the scourge that is COVID-19. By putting the entire state on house arrest, instituting social avoidance and mandatory muzzle measures, she has single handedly saved us all from ourselves. Thank god! We’re not all out there killing grandma! Thank you Gretchen!
    Ok, now that we’re back to reality. The Gretch has taken this event as a cue to further her political career, instituting some of the strictest lockdown measures of any state, propelling her “star” onto the national spotlight at the expense of the people of Michigan. These measures have devastated the job market and cratered small business statewide. But it’s okay Michigan is used to it, remember the Housing Crash? Whitler is an authoritarian of the highest order. A true product of the system. A caricature straight out the nightmares of Orwell himself. Okay maybe a little over the top, but you get the point. Her administration needs to be stopped and/or stripped of all its power.
    There is hope though, the Michigan Supreme Court ruled several weeks ago that that neither the state’s Emergency Management Act (EMA) from 1976 nor the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act (EPGA) gave Whitmer the right to extend her initial state of emergency order past April 30. Her administration has sparked protests and petitions all over the state throughout this “crisis.”
    Michigan has a long history of rebellion and militias, that’s why this bunk “kidnapping” story didn’t really shock me one bit. Do not be surprised if this isn’t the last we’ll hear of a militia/“white nationalist”/ domestic “terrorist” group out of Michigan getting castigated in the MSM for being antigovernment, anti-lockdown, anti-vaccine, etc. I think it’s possible they could be used as a propaganda tool in the future, a bogeymen to scare the sheeple into inoculation compliance. Ok rant over, (taking a page out of Corbett’s book), from the windy shores of Lake Michigan, to whomever is reading this, have a great day! – JW

  23. lovetodust says:

    I am a daily Corbett Report reader, and a present member after a number of years just reading, and I have a question – which would apply not only for the Corbett Report but for several other alt/ind journalists and their readers –

    Why is it OK to keep referring to Joe Biden’s “dementia” in derogatory, satirical and comedic ways? If he had cancer would it be OK, and funny, if people poked fun at that? How about ALS? MS?

    And by the way, has he actually been diagnosed with dementia?

    Whether or not he has, if people know or knew anyone who suffers/suffered from dementia, they might think twice.

    For god’s sake. I don’t care how criminal he is or was – and he certainly is only on par with everyone in Washington on both sides of the aisle – there is still no excuse to keep referring to him in derogatory terms relating to dementia.

    I am so sick of the insults that have grown hugely out of proportion since the 2016 election. Late night television has turned into a cesspool of insults. And Saturday Night Live is unwatchable.

    By the way I am a-political. A lapsed Democrat. They are all the same to me.

    But I had a mother with dementia and it is not funny. In any way shape or form.

    • cu.h.j says:

      He seems like he may have MCI (mild cognitive impairment) based on a lot of his gaffs. I think it’s really weird he was picked as a candidate, shocked actually since it seems quite obvious he is impaired. I’m not a physician so I can’t make a medical diagnosis but have worked as a nurse long enough to know when something is off.

      This to me is not funny at all to me and I don’t think dementia is funny either. It’s a terrible debilitating, costly, and dreadful disease and it’s very common in people over the age of 65.

      It’s interesting to me you mention this because I recently did a genetic test to see what my possible health risks are and dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s was one of them. One of the genes I have supposedly make a person 2-3 times higher to get heart disease and Alzheimer’s. The only family member who I know who had it was a great grandma and I was told it was awful.

      I am a former “liberal” occasional democrat and am voting for Trump in this election. Biden’s possible cognitive impairment is the least of my worries because he would just be a mouthpiece for the rising neo-Marxist technocracy even if he wasn’t impaired.

      I hear ya though, dementia isn’t funny. I have had a few patients who were described as “pleasantly confused” who retained some of their “spirit” and were more jovial and laughed and appeared to still enjoy life. If I do get Alzheimer’s I hope that I get that version instead of the kind where people become violent and aggressive and a shell of their former selves. I’m sorry your mom has dementia, that’s really rough. My grandma had a stroke and has some dementia now. It definitely changed her personality.

    • debra.b says:

      Hi lovetodust,
      I’m with you. I’ve been doing my best to avoid anything having to do with the left/right paradigm circus. It’s difficult to avoid it because it’s everywhere. I’ve limited or completely stopped viewing, reading or listening even to alt media who seem to constantly veer too far in that direction. My emotional and physical well being simply cannot tolerate it.

      In regards to dementia and Alzheimer’s, my grandmother had both. For 7 long, painful years we had to watch this once bright, charming, loving woman slowly deteriorate. It was agony. Especially for my father. It is no joke. And, as far as I can see the whole world has been set up to fall into some debilitating mental health trap that they do not see coming. The children most of all, I fear are in more danger than anyone can bear to imagine.

      Ok, that’s my rant for the day.

  24. Fact Checker says:

    I thought Jourgensen “retired” the Ministry brand-name in after The Last Sucker?
    That was a good move, and did not need to get reversed.
    And that fat-ass Dead Kennedy-dork wearing his gimp-mask? Good lawd. Please take a long, long Holiday in Cambodia, ya fuckwit.

    Anyway, Pilato’s fake-rebel-music rant is indeed spectacular.

  25. calibrator says:

    At 4:25 James says:
    “We all know the types that are going around doing this, the Moon of Alabamas, the Tim Andersons…”

    About MoA:

    Some people value the posts about geostrategic developments or media campaigns that get dissected (always to the advantage of Russia, China or countries like Syria – no wonder as he only reads Western mainstream media).

    So this site was already a “take with a grain of salt”-site but in early 2020 the (German) person that runs it (identifies himself as “Bernhard” or “b”) proposed in an early post about COVID:

    “Probably infected persons, i.e. those who had contact with another infected person, should be put under quarantine in sport arenas or exposition facilities to be supervised by medics.”

    What does this “expert” think would be the result of this?

    I mean apart from Israel having a field day with this: “Germany once again establishes concentration camps! Didn’t they learn anything?” (and they would be right).

    It would result in more people getting infected. Plain and simple.
    And more people living in fear – even those not yet infected.
    It would be total terror by the state.

    While shady before MoA has completely disqualified itself with this.

    James is 1000% right about this:
    “Bernhard” is either an idiot, a useful tool (still an idiot) or part of the agenda – who has the gall to beg for money to keep his blog up – but what works for Wikipropagandia apparently also works for him (hint: they have enough money).

  26. EmmyA says:

    Ugh.. the rich do keep getting richer and most people would agree. Thanks for putting name and figures to faces!

    I couldn’t agree more that people shouldn’t tie their identity up with a musical hero or… anyone across the board for that mater. Especially if they are parading around overtly virtue signaling. BUT!!!! If they had your respect they must have gained it for a reason. The message that they had, what resinated with you is all that ultimately matters. What was true then is probably just as true now- regardless of what that person is touting presently. We should never let a person define who we are or write our story for us…

    So even if my Heros have now become ghosts- selling their souls to the ones who paid the most. Even when my Heros are dead and gone, deep down inside of me their truth became mine and changed me forever and because of that, they still live on.

  27. yellowsnakes says:

    . . . the stabbing of Julius Caesar was a conspiracy.

    Julius Caesar, the Roman dictator, was assassinated by a group of senators on the Ides of March of 44 BC during a meeting of the Senate at the Theatre of Pompey in Rome

  28. @Broc
    I love the thumbnail for this one.
    Actually, I love pretty much all of the thumbnails.
    You’re getting too good. If you’re not careful, Google’s gonna kidnap you & force you to edit their in-house propaganda for a measly million dollars per year, appalling 3.9-star accommodations and free pizza, beer & massages restricted to just 5 times per day!

  29. nirvana says:

    way late on this but here goes,
    U2 recored a whole album that was supposed to cash in on the vitriol of a garanteed Clinton win, but didn’t release it when Trump won.
    Or this other pop sellout WillIAm cashing in on the obama win.
    The biggest sellouts will show themselves after the election.

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