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Welcome back to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. This week:

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Story #1: The German Investigation Into the Covid Scandal

Covid Experts Say: There Is Another Way

ANOTHER 10 Experts Questioning the Coronavirus Panic

Parents In France Vow to Fight Planned Home-Schooling Ban

COVID-19 'Phase 3' Vaccine Trial Participants Report Day-Long Migraines, Fever

Second AstraZeneca Volunteer Reportedly Suffers Rare Neurological Condition, But UK Company Says It’s Not Related To Vaccine

Ha! My second maskless attempt did *not* go as rad... "SIR?! YOU NEED A MASK!"

Story #2: US, UK & France Block Ex-OPCW Chief’s Testimony At UN

Journalist Aaron Maté’s Live Tweet Thread on Blocking Bustani

Media Support OPCW’s Novichok Poisoning of Navalny Hoax

NWNW Flashback: OPCW Losing Credibility As Even More Revelations Surface On Douma

Episode 368 – The Douma Hoax: Anatomy of a False Flag

How To Read The News

Story #3: Two Female CRISPR Scientists Make History, Winning Nobel Prize In Chemistry For Genome-Editing Discovery

Latest Round In CRISPR Patent Battle Has Apparent Victor, But Fight Continues

NWNW Flashback: CRISPR Gene Editing Can Cause Hundreds Of Unintended Mutations (Jun. 23, 2017)

Interview 1486 – Jonathan Latham on Gene Editing

“Crispr” Search On Corbett Report

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  1. robert.t says:

    Many contrarians in the CV dogfight remind me of lukewarmer climate authorities like Judith Curry and Bjorn Lomborg. Their opposition to the consensus consists in including and even flattering “deniers” to keep them close to the IPCC fold. Sure there’s some anthropogenic climate change, and sure we need at least a few more white elephant “solutions”…but can’t we all get along?

    Long after the climate mullahs have made themselves ridiculous with their boiling oceans etc there will be these accommodating moderates to keep pushing the UN/IPCC message. So it is with CV. So long as the plandemic is being pushed as real the hoaxers are quite happy with some grumbling over lockdown measures, hydroxy-whatsie deprival, Chy-nah and the like. They run the consensus, why not run the opposition?

    Here’s my suggested improvement to the CV response. Call hoax on the lot. (I’d also like to throttle the hoaxers, burn their crops, slaughter their cattle, salt their ground and curse their next 33 generations…but I’ll settle for calling hoax.)


    • Libertydan says:

      Yep! It’s A Hoax!
      None the less, I am overjoyed to see the German Investigation call it a “Scam”.
      Lets help make this take root, eh!
      The tide is changing if we are on the right Frequency to produce a Renascence of Change for the better.

      Nicolas Tesla said (perhaps, not an exact quote), If you want to understand the Universe, think in terms of, Vibration, Frequency, and Renascence.

      Indeed, we need to Tune into one another, so that we are all on the same Frequency to create a movement that Resonates. The vibrations from which the Evil Empire will Fall.
      What comes after is in question.

  2. spider says:

    When my daughter started going to school she opined: “Dad, school is a prison for kids and they never did anything wrong.” I said “You don’t have to go to school.” Thus began a decade of homeschooling.

    • geisha says:

      You have a smart kid!
      (and she a smart dad!)

      Here’s another smart man (retired teacher) talking about schooling. Esp. good is his video on ‘6 purposes of schooling’

      It’s all so brave New World. The entire current situation reminds me of 1984, Brave New World, Brave New World Revisited (where almost every sentence would deserve underlining).

      • wylie1 says:

        Thank you for that link. Explains a lot, together with the Rockefeller Foundation University grant and department chairmanship funding, with a goal of creating worker bees rather than thinkers; which became or always was about creating Marxists who teach the teachers.

        How were they able to cut through America’s natural aversion to Socialism and Communism? Via emotion. The quickest and easiest way to override logic and reason. When they surrounded their lies with emotionalized injustices they caused but blamed on their enemy, few questioned since upset at the injustice.

    • NES says:

      An honest child with whom I completely agree.

      I realized and voiced the same by 6th grade. Told my mom I could learn everything they taught in school in half the time if she’d let me. No. I still had to attend school and listen to teachers tell me how to act, be, think, look, dress, etc. There was more conditioning than learning going on every day. My husband built a fortress in the kitchen at the age of five to barricade himself against his mom taking him “back to that bad place”.

      Public school IS a prison, little more. If you educate your child at home they will not be beaten down by the hand of social conditioning and those who blindly support it. The primary goal and concern of ALL public schooling is conditioning for the purpose of keeping the work force stupid, in play and OBEYING.

    • rueckl1b says:

      My son told me after 2 weeks in school that after that trial, he does not want to continue to go there.
      As Homeschooling is illegal in Germany, a 10 year drama started….
      He never liked it.

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    For me personally, the video of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich did not do it for me. While it was nice to see that kind of statement and I support any push-back, it didn’t put gas in the tank for me.

    However, Dan Dicks of “Press For Truth” recently interviewed Chris Saccoccia, aka Chris Sky.

    This Chris Sky fella is business and street savvy in the real world!!
    I emphatically love his approach. This is an excellent example of independent, decentralized action.

    But the real heroine behind the scenes is Chris’ wife who said,
    “If you don’t speak up, then everything that happens from now on is going to be your fault!”

    Via Activist Post
    Press for Truth
    October 7, 2020
    It Begins: Canada’s First Arrest Under THE QUARANTINE ACT Sets The Stage For Aussie Like Tyranny
    (15 minutes)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    Derrick Broze of “The Conscious Resistance” points out that this coming weekend (October 10th) is the International Day of Action – #ExposeBillGates (or whatever Tweet-line which works well).

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Homey. Sorry you don’t see the importance of the German perspective. The V W diesel crime was earth moving to Germany. They realized the American cancer had infected the German trust in science. To pervert and cheat the science of car engineering for … Profit… Job security…position… Respect… This was a national and most despicable crime! In the USA it is just business as usual , but in Germany its a grievous treachery. Shame Shame Shame.
      Now Covid. Did you see the emphasis on giving the politicians a face saving out while with German precision the prosecution of the same American scum type V W treachery the perpetrators are going down for being such scoundrels. Certainty, Certainty in something, in engineering and law. Can I just say NIST or say Warren commission. Thats the American way. The Germans are shinning examples here. Take a big gulp. It is what we need here desperately. Hope you see the error in your dismissal of certainty, of sumptin, Somebody did sumptin and its time that somebody pay the time for the crimes. Legal certainty. Love you but you could reconsider that course of …reasoning.

      • wylie1 says:

        I definitely liked what I heard and like your take on it …just hoping “sumptin” substantial happens as a result. I am hopeful but not holding my breath. Regular Germans have been steamrolled or steered into plenty of road apples and cow patties by the globalists over the years also.

        What I fear, if that German lawyer/group makes any progress, is that the guilty ones to be focused on, will be decided to be those in the ussa. They will hide behind the ussa and claim the international courts don’t have jurisdiction in Sovereign ussa. Most will be unpunished. Thus giving an emotional impetus and renewed vigor to push the ussa into some prior attempted or new international Treaty, “so the bad guys cannot hide behind the ussa ever again!” Thereby deleting the Constitution and making us all on the downward step into the dairy farm fertilizer pit of globalization.

        To prevent the United States Side Step, that German Lawyer Group should be twisting elbows of their usa like minded lawyers/groups as well as other countries …to prevent any of the weasels from escaping their just desserts of going head first into the stream of puke coming down from the prison bunk just above.

        The real dilemma in any court action against the big boys’ minions are the corrupt and/or globalist minion judges and the empty ball sack lawyers who refuse to go after corrupt judges for fear if they lose, they themselves will be screwed. Its not that difficult for the globalist to corrupt a judge, unless the judge has no living relatives they care about. Such a judge would not be allowed to preside over such a case.

        If I had to choose, I’d rather see Hillary, Biden, Obama, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strzok, and a few other in jail than those behind the Covid scam. Which I blame mostly on all those who refused to do their homework. We get lied to everyday, why believe that one… And if you biz impacted why not gather with ALL the other biz in your state to sue and/or recall the governor/etc.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Thanks for bringing up those aspects. It does heighten the importance, like you said. I like seeing the legal approach, but often the activism participation is limited to those attorneys involved and the court system, along with the system’s enforcement. The system itself is full of booby-traps. That approach relies upon the legal team and some luck with the system.

        Thus, with the legal approach, the average person is only a watcher, a non-participant, in making change.
        We already have too many sofa sitters who are aware of authoritarian encroachment, but only watch it play out while talking about it to the tribe.

        I liked your approach, way back at the start of all this Pandemic, when you put out signs by the roadsides. It may not change the State of Oklahoma, but it might have provoked some folks to think about things, or might have been a reassurance to others that “they aren’t alone.”

        However, recently as OSHA Activists Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan (key players with ”Stand Up Michigan”, a grassroots organic movement of ‘We The People of Michigan’) pointed out how their activism helped to facilitate this headline: “Michigan Supreme Court Strikes Down Gov. Whitmer’s State of Emergency Order “.
        Yet, in the end, the Governor bypassed the Supreme Court.

        All this said, I think that Chris Sky brings to the table actions which any person, anywhere can do.
        He exemplifies how each individual does have power to change things.
        Change has happened in his area.

        If I have learned anything, I have learned that I can not rely on others to create a change. POTUS nor lawyers nor “those marchers in Berlin” nor James Corbett nor my Moma nor anyone else.
        It boils down to what am I gonna do.

        I know that I alone won’t change the world. But I’ll change a small piece of it within my sphere of influence.

        If others wish to stand on the sidelines, that’s their choice. They can look back and say, “Hey, I watched it happen.” Good for them if that’s what they want.

        Not me.

        • lovetodust says:

          Tammy and Kristen are on this weeks DEL BIGTREE – HIGHWIRE. It’s great! I saw Tammy’s video months ago. Loved it. Check out Highwire!

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Thanks again LoveToDust!

            Del Bigtree on the Highwire
            (39 minutes)

            Government trained OSHA mask experts Tammy Clark & Kristen Meghan join Del in-studio to break down vital info on masks, PPE, and their role in #Covid19 prevention. Every adult on this planet wearing a mask needs to hear this riveting discussion.

            #Masks #MaskUp #MaskOn #WearAMask #OSHA #COVID #StandUpMichigan

    • Octium says:

      I’m with James when it comes to being cynical that any court process is going to produce an effective outcome, however I do see one real benefit if an actual case proceeds..

      Anyone can lie and on the Internet and all you need to be a doctor is white coat and a stethoscope. Telling lies is not a crime, except in court where they swear under oath.

      At least through the court system we may get some verification.

      It would be great to have a list like this for all the medical professionals that have questioned COVID-1984 as I can’t keep up with them all. (Or even verify they actually exist)

    • debra.b says:

      “ PS
      Derrick Broze of “The Conscious Resistance” points out that this coming weekend (October 10th) is the International Day of Action – #ExposeBillGates (or whatever Tweet-line which works well).”

      FYI… Derrick Broze says a Twitter has blocked the #ExposeBillGates hashtag. They are using #CancelBillGates. On Twitter anyway. Just in case anyone is interested. ?

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Thanks Deb,
        I appreciate the info.
        I like you posting different tidbits & News Stories.
        It helps in keeping abreast of things.

        I was out doing flyers again on October 10th.

        Saturday October 10, 2020 –
        Huge Berlin Demonstration and other Activism Events – SUB-THREAD

        Today, Sunday Oct 11th, North Texans will be helping Texans For Vaccine Choice
        (See Sub-Thread)

        • debra.b says:

          You’re welcome HRS! I’ve been reading the comments. You’ve been busy! ? I’ve been having more bad days than good healthwise, so more easily able to copy and paste than form my own thoughts most days. But, happy and trying to contribute in whatever way I can. And, to keep up which feels more challenging by the day.

  4. Observer says: I have nothing more to add… there is almost no deaths from flu in uk… thanks to corona..:D

  5. asavetmd says:

    The Doctor/Lawyer is licensed in California and the lawsuit will be filed there. Anyone that has been harmed in any way can join the Class Action. You and JEP will need to get a JD to get a better handle on this. The group is connecting with Doctors and Lawyers around the World and that takes time, but Germans know better than anyone what Facism looks like and they aren’t about to let it happen again.

    • geisha says:

      One US Lawsuit has already been submitted by Dr Pam Popper @
      She and her lawyer are asking (in more eloquent words) ‘where is the emergency’? After all field hospitals (most of which never saw a patient) have long been dismantled, the accused have to come up with a good answer.

      • geisha says:

        Dr Blaylock shows with photos (Dr Ted Noel) and graphics not only why masks don’t protect the wearer but also how they are potentially very effective tools to spread pathogens (if there were pathogens in the exhales):

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          Patrick Wood and (CFFS) Citizens for Free Speech present Dr. Russell Blaylock, MD and board certified neurosurgeon, on the safety and science surrounding the wearing of face masks.

          (CFFS) Citizens for Free Speech

        • wylie1 says:

          Been explaining to people for months that mask wearers create a cloud around them, when you wait in line at a store about 6ft away, when you move forward you move into their concentrated cloud of exhaust. Much worse than without masks where your exhaust is dissipated or thinned out widely and rapidly, less concentrated.

          Further, if the govt or stores truly cared they would require 100 percent fresh air, rather than the typical recycled air to save energy… which is why airplanes are such good disease spreaders, lots of recycled air. If the govt and Stores truly cared would also have exhaust duct drops along the aisles and check out areas. This would cut down on yearly flu spreading.

          I like the video you linked but that doc talks of intebating(putting on a ventilator) if you are short of breath. Exactly WRONG for Covid, as emergency room docs have stated, just put them on oxygen.

      • weilunion says:

        As an attorney I can tell you there is no defendant to sue, nobody to hold responsible. Don’t get sucked into Levi jeans lawsuits.

        Reminds me of the part of the story in The Grapes of Wrath when a homeowner in the dust bowl wakes up and a man on a tractor is bulldozing his house. He screams at the man to stop and the man simply tells him he is doing his job, he cannot be held responsible for the dust bowl or the development.

        The entire system needs to be put on trial and this needs to be done by citizens not by lawyers. Organized citizenry. Revolution.

        • wylie1 says:

          If you have a biz, the governing agency that caused you to be damaged is the defendant. In many states that would be the governor/state. If you are a worker, or a workers group, you could sue both your company and the state, both for following fraud. Getting past the corrupt courts is another hurdle altogether.

          • weilunion says:

            As the real party in interest and/or plaintiff you could sue the State as you say. The problem is you can’t collect on the judgment. The State is broke and uses bankruptcy laws.

            As for anyone suing the private sector, you need literally hundreds of millions of dollars, a consortium of attorneys who are in it for the public interest and a case— a claim for damages.

            Then, of course the judges are corrupt.

            Not a sensible strategy.

            Back before TV cable, citizens could file against any entity in pro per and actually learn the law while practicing it in their communities. The law libraries were open,access and safety no issue.

            Now you have a debased public who knows really nothing or how to do anything.

            The institutions that one served what is called a democracy when it is in fact not, are rotting and rotted.

            Once again it is the system that must end, the system that is the perpetrator and predator.

            • wylie1 says:

              Was just responding to your statement
              [I can tell you there is no defendant to sue].
              Which I could not agree with.

              That has no bearing on whether it would be wise to sue. However, I already mentioned the corrupt courts could be difficult.

              But there is more than one way to skin a cat.
              My brother recently obtained a chunk, albeit smallish since a small biz, from the state due to their Covid actions causing him a loss.

              I’m sure the courts seem more rotten now, like all of govt. But over the many years, those screwed or put in prison for decades due to lies/fraud and/or fabricated evidence; I doubt they thought it was all that swell in the good old days.

              It should be evident that No system can remain good with bad people running it.

              Even in a Voluntaryist system, if they hire the wrong people for protection and/or whatever other functions, like maintaining or undoing the nuclear arsenal, they will have problems which could be severe.
              –The Sheriff in the old western film Silverado comes to mind …multiplied by what the wrong person could obtain and do today.

              Since we are having that now, and most problems being caused by govt(filled with lawyers). Ending govt seems like an obvious choice.

              How that happens, how the next set of conditions comes about, and how the supposed good things are ensured, is of great concern.

              Just claiming “we’ll figure it out” leaves too much room for it being figured out wrongly to the advantage of bad people. Warlords vs. Militias? Nukes?

              In 2008, when people were saying Obama “because we need change”: I asked, Change to what?
              They didn’t know, just assumed “change” would be better not worse.

  6. WAYNED says:

    It almost sounds like a Yes Men tactic, but of course, like most of their tactics, I agree with what they are saying. I hope it’s not fake.

  7. John Blaid says:

    Please check out my research summary if you haven’t already where I provide 16 “virus” challenge responses from various countries like Ireland, UK, Canada, New Zealand and Australia that shows the lack of evidence for the existence of the “virus”. It also includes the scientific evidence regarding the faulty PCR and “antibody” tests and the false science behind “antibodies” and what these proteins actually do in contrast to what we have been taught.

    Research summary and debunk regarding the existence of “SARS-CoV-2” and “COVID-19”

    No isolated and purified “virus” also means ZERO cases and deaths because of the “virus” since you can only prove the harm of a “virus” AFTER you have isolated and purified it.

    • John Blaid says:

      Even the CDC admit to not have isolated the claimed “SARS-CoV-2” and yet they built their PCR based on a RNA string that they presume is from a “virus”. The great freelance journalist Jon Rappoport wrote this in his recent article.

      “The CDC document is titled, “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel.” It is dated July 13, 2020.

      Buried deep in the document, on page 39, in a section titled, “Performance Characteristics,” we have this: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available, assays [diagnostic tests] designed for detection of the 2019-nCoV RNA were tested with characterized stocks of in vitro transcribed full length RNA…”

      The key phrase there is: “Since no quantified virus isolates of the 2019-nCoV are currently available…”

      Every object that exists can be quantified, which is to say, measured. The use of the term “quantified” in that phrase means: the CDC has no measurable amount of the virus, because it is unavailable. THE CDC HAS NO VIRUS.

      A further tip-off is the use of the word ‘isolates.” This means NO ISOLATED VIRUS IS AVAILABLE.




      As if this were not enough of a revelation to shock the world, the CDC goes on to say they are presenting a diagnostic PCR test to detect the virus-that-hasn’t-been-isolated…and the test is looking for RNA which is PRESUMED to come from the virus that hasn’t been proved to exist.

      And using this test, the CDC and every other public health agency in the world are counting COVID cases and deaths…and governments have instituted lockdowns and economic devastation using those case and death numbers as justification.

      If people believe “you have the virus but it is not available,” and you have the virus except it is buried within other material and hasn’t been extracted and purified and isolated, these people believe the moon is made of green cheese.”

      • mkey says:

        That’s quite a smoking gun. Sod it, even a smoking cannon. But how much more obvious can it get!?

        • flammable says:

          Unfortunately they have the perfect counter to that. Which is that we know the entire genomic sequence of this particle so we don’t need to isolate. Or we cannot isolate or culture a viral particle in the same way as bacterium.

          • mkey says:

            How do we know the sequence if it hasn’t been isolated? If the particle is of a known size sure as hell it can be filtered and separated from other, differently sized particles.

  8. weilunion says:

    Gene editing is highly profitable to the transnational corporations and their scientists and CEO’s.

    This is partly why the prize received so much coverage.

    Transnational corporations or transnational capitalism has some very huge problems that cannot be solved under the current economic regime. In fact, it is the current capitalist stage of development that is creating the profitability of gene editing, Big Pharma and weapon manufacturers and the overall armament industry.

    Capitalists have to continue to accrue or accumulate profit on their capital or the system falls apart.

    Remember, transnational corporatist capitalism was failing before the pandemic.

    In fact, it fails every ten years or so causing depression and pain.

    This time, the problem is more acute.

    How can capital accumulate if no one is buying goods and products?

    The answer is it cannot and thus arrives one of the first lessons of this failed system: surplus labor grows under capitalism. surplus labor are the people who do not work, work part time or will never work.

    And with new mechanisms of control the ‘surplus’ labor will be under continued monitoring and control. Add AI and the jobs are gone.

    So, to accumulate capital and control the surplus labor so that it does not organize and threaten the capitalists, investment of capital into high tech security, gene editing, mercenaries, bombs, tracking systems etc. solve the problem of continued accumulation of profits and control of the population.

    No Yes Men stunts will change this. Only when people realize the economic system is rotten, can there be any chance of meaningful human change.

    The history of the world has been the history of class struggle.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Weilunion, thank you that. I have been massaging my mind over several points you bring up.
      The weapons of mass destruction came to mind. This Bio-weapon sars-2, covid is not getting the job done. I cannot think its just a way to impose obedience in a Pavlovian punishment reward system. It has certainly terrorized the population but has poorly performed as a eradicating the populaces weapon. That seems to me to be the goal of the testing. To gather a larger sample of DNA to produce a Bio-weapon with a broader, greater lethality. One that would not spook the heard before it can realize its in the kill chute. Population reduction as the Means to end economic class struggle. 2 years ago I would have said that is just an insane way of doing business. Now im not so sure.

      • debra.b says:

        Hi GBW,
        Sorry to interject. When you mentioned testing, I remembered I’d posted this a while back. Not sure it’s exactly what you’re thinking, but I too find something extremely troubling about the testing.

        Italian Physician, Dr. Roberto Petrella, Warns Citizens About COVID-19 Depopulation Vaccine (VIDEO)

        VIDEO embedded (6:47)
        English subtitles of video below (also displayed on the video):

        “So there is this document, which I am about to read to you which not only must you disseminate 0.10: but take note of it. The media, television, politics, are never going to release what I am about to read to you. Italians, pay attention. Covid-19, means the “certificate of identification of vaccination with artificial intelligence and “19”, it is the year in which it was created. Covid-19 is not the name of the virus, pay attention, it is rather the name of the International plan for the control and reduction of populations which has been developed over the last decades and launched in 2020. What reactivates the virus, is the immune ground in which it finds itself weakened by former vaccinations. What they intend to inject inside of us is going to be the most terrible vaccines of all. It is a literally a descent into hell, with the aim of a massive depopulation of over 80% of the population. Do not take the tests: the tests are not reliable. I have always said it and will repeat myself, just like many test producers also affirm: none of the tests are able to accurately detect the Sars Cov-2 virus. They only detect an infinity of small harmless viruses or cell debris which are naturally already part of our microbiota. The people tested will increasingly appear positive in tests (about 90%). This is their goal, and this is why they started the testing process with children. On May the 11th, no television, nor newspaper, or Italian/Berlusconi broadcast announced that in France mass testing was being imposed in all schools. There were about 700 thousand tests every week. Howeer nobody unfortunately, broke this news. So, once your child gets screened, the whole family and all immediate contacts, will be forced to be screened. Pay attention Italians, listen. Do not listen to the charlatans, the ignorant, who reject the truth. I remind you, that we are not sick; We are, on the contrary, just healthy carriers of this virus. Having the virus does not necessarily mean that you are sick: you healthy and fine. But everyone will still appear, pay attention, positive in the tests. In fact, they make you repeat the tests 2 or 3 times. All facility employees, especially in the health care sector, take the tests every month. All they need to obtain is this: make everybody believe that they are sick. Being positive means being labeled as harmful. Pay attention Italians, listen to me. Refusing the detection of the virus, is the only key to avoid being vaccinated.“

      • weilunion says:

        The issue is the new stage of ‘capital accumulation’ we call ‘repressive accumulation.’

        This stage is set amongst the background of large regional economies controlled by transnational corporations wielding political and economic control in a highly centralized global economy.

        The economy is privatized, social benefits hardly exist if at all and the general population is under attack due to lack of everything including civil and human rights.

        Workers compete, if at all, with machines as surplus labor (the unemployed or those people who never have worked and never will again).

        The size of the global surplus population is in the billions and increases everyday with technological changes.

        Thus, in this situation there is no demand, as was the case under state capitalism or just industrial capitalism. No one has money and trillions are churning in debt.

        So, capital will go where it can accumulate and this is in areas of repression and militarization. It is both profitable and takes care of policing, imprisoning, tracking, spying on and expending the growing slave population.

        They fear the surplus labor class along with current workers will organize.

        Why do you think Wall St. stocks are so high, other than mergers and acquisitions?

        Here is a great video on this by William I. Robinson

  9. Alchemist says:

    Public schools have been flawed for a long time, but they’ve reached a new low with virtual learning and social distancing. It will continue to get worse and more prison-like as long as parents continue to comply.

    You think it doesn’t affect your family because you’re homeschooling? Maybe not yet, but it will. What’s happening in France will happen everywhere.

  10. NES says:

    Now WOMEN can maim the living, too. OMG! How incredibly ‘equal opportunity’ the Noble committee has become in the Covid Lie era, huh? Ugh. I’m female and find the whole women get Nobel Prize via CRISPR story completely nauseating. I think the Jameses covered the reasons.

  11. debra.b says:

    Secretive HHS AI Platform to Predict US Covid-19 Outbreaks Weeks in Advance

    A new AI-powered module known as HHS Vision has been added to the controversial and secretive HHS Protect system for amassing data related to Covid-19. By year’s end, this opaque, yet increasingly influential, system is set to predict Covid-19 outbreaks without traditional testing.

    OCTOBER 8, 2020

    Two weeks ago, on September 24, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) published a solicitation for the creation of a new “early warning system” that would “detect and track traces of the [corona]virus in community wastewater, compile the data, [and] conduct predictive analysis” in order to “guide reopening and mitigation strategies, and also serve as leading indicator for local re-emergence events to enable rapid containment.” HHS was seeking a contractor to design the new Covid-19 detection system, hoping, it said, to have this new system operational in at least forty-two US states by the end of year.

    The first phase of the proposed project would involve testing and reporting from approximately one hundred wastewater treatment plants across the United States, covering an estimated 10 percent of the population. HHS, per the solicitation, reserves the option to expand the program to include up to 320 wastewater treatment plants, covering around 30 percent of the population. The solicitation claimed that wastewater testing would allow HHS officials to predict new Covid-19 cases five to eleven days before an outbreak.

    The initiative appears to be an expansion of a “new public health tool” announced last month by HHS and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) called the National Wastewater Surveillance System. This tool was originally intended to “help public health officials to better understand the extent of COVID-19 infections in communities.” Per the recent HHS solicitation, however, the wastewater surveillance system will now be used to predict outbreaks before they occur and to guide “rapid containment” efforts in “at-risk” communities.

    At the core of this new early warning system based on wastewater surveillance is a secretive data platform that HHS launched earlier this year called HHS Protect. HHS describes Protect as “a secure platform for authentication, amalgamation, and sharing of healthcare information” that combines “more than 200 disparate data sources” from federal, state, and local governments as well as the private health-care industry.

    HHS Protect is largely built from software obtained from the controversial data-mining company Palantir, whose creation was funded by Silicon Valley billionaire Peter Thiel and the CIA’s In-Q-Tel. In addition, Palantir’s only client during its early years, from 2005 to 2008, was the CIA, and the agency offered “guidance” for the development of Palantir’s products, including those that the HHS Protect system is based on. Palantir is currently a major contractor to all seventeen US intelligence agencies, including the CIA, as well as the Department of Homeland Security, the US military, and numerous other federal agencies.

    …….Article continues

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      …HHS Protect is largely built from software obtained from the controversial data-mining company Palantir….

      Thanks Debra!

      The wastewater approach is interesting. I’ve toured a wastewater treatment plant in my University studies.

      One thing that we know…this “new public health tool” stinks.

  12. debra.b says:

    A bit of humor ?

    “If the Pandemic Thinking Was Applied To Everything” (3:32 min)

  13. manbearpig says:

    This skirting of the Ethics issue surrounding CRISPR via awarding the nobel prize to women (and not forgetting the origins of the nobel prize itself, of course)

    reminds me of a Tedx Talk that was promoted to full Ted status

    With an MIT graduate student named Joy Buolamwini who, calling herself a poet of code,

    decried the (racial) discrimination of the “Coded Gaze”; specifically that the Facial Recognition algorithms of the time (2017) were biased and discriminated against her black face.

    I’ve already railed against this cutesy
    “politically correct” video on these here Corbett comments boards for precisely the same reasons evoked here for muddying the waters of fundamental ethics questions concerning CRISPR: by transforming the debate into a Gender identity/politics discussion.

    In the case of the ethics of Facial Recognition technology, the debate was skirted by transforming it into a Black Lives Matter issue.

    and look at the name of the video: Code4Rights, Code4All

    coding facial recognition technology for…. rights?? Code for ALL? creepy at best.

  14. wolfgang says:

    As far as I understood Mr. Füllmich correctly, he wants to prosecute the labs (or the institutions) using the PCR tests for diagnostic purposes (which they were specifically not validated for).

  15. MagicBullet says:

    I suspect the CRISPR gals did not know many years ago when they started studying this, and probably still do not know, the who/why/how of using their technology in a nefarious way because they are probably only thinking of how it will be used in a positive way (now don’t jump on me for saying this).

    Remember, most people have no idea about Globalists, their think tanks and secret societies, and their connections to Intel and Academia. Even people who design bombs are in the dark about how the bombs may be used on themselves.

    So my vote is not to demonize these women, most likely they have not woken-up yet, just like the vast majority of otherwise intelligent people. When they wake-up they may clamor for proper use of CRISPR, though like you, I am pessimistic now that the Crisper-Cat is out of the bag.

  16. m.mark says:

    So James was talking about how he got yelled at for not wearing his mask which is some thing that I also don’t do anywhere here in South Carolina. In the three or four months that it’s been mandatory I’ve maybe had five people say anything to me with two of them being other customers.

    My wife puts on a mask even though she knows that it’s stupid and today she’s told me it’s because she doesn’t want to put anybody who’s making minimum-wage in a position to have to enforce the stupid policy. I hadn’t ever thought of it that way and it made me think should I be wearing my mask? On the other hand also as James said the only way for this to stop is mass non compliance …

    Just wondering what others thoughts are on this…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      MASKS – Anecdote in Grocery Store – Retain our Humanity –
      Mask Behaviors Side-effects

      On September 19th, I took a brief break from putting out flyers.
      I was at a Tom Thumb grocery store in a part of town where I had once lived over a decade ago. Before I hit the parking lot with flyers on cars, I went in to buy some natural-type dish soap.

      Maskless, I finally found the dish soap aisle, grabbed my product and headed for the checkout line. I waited in my square for the customers in front of me. While standing there I looked over at another active checkout lane about 30-40 feet away. I spotted a lady around 30 years old and her smiling 6 year old daughter. Both were without masks. Everyone else in the store had masks on. I felt for the Mother. I could see the obvious worry on her face that someone might confront her on the mask issue.

      My turn on the queue. I stepped forward to the next square and unloaded bottles onto the conveyor belt in front of me. The cashier was in front of me, slightly to the right. To my far right, a man was wrapping up payment and sacking his groceries. To my left a 50 year old black lady was waiting in line. She quickly stepped forward, dropped a few items on the belt, then retreated.
      I smiled at her and said, ”It’s fine with me. You can go ahead and unload everything.”, while motioning with my hand to come towards me. In a friendly way, she responded, ”No. You aren’t wearing a mask.” I smiled and said okay.

      The cashier just wrapped up the customer to my right. His crippled and withered right arm started to grab my bottles as, head down, he remained focused on his task.

      While I am standing there, the man to my right says, ”I have an extra mask in my car. I’ll go get it for you.”
      With cordial manners I replied,”Nah, thank you though. I don’t need one.”
      Then his feathers start to ruffle: ”The science says that masks are needed to keep everyone safe!”
      In a friendly way, I respond, ”Well, actually there are a lot of studies which say otherwise. Besides, my Doctor told me that it was unhealthy to wear a mask. He said that I shouldn’t.”
      Still organizing his groceries, the customer’s eyes steam and widen with a frantic-like infuriation. ”Your Doctor should lose his license! He’s a quack! The government should shut down places like his….”


      • HomeRemedySupply says:


        Quickly, I shift focus, ignoring the customer’s rant. The cashier in front of me, head down, is about to wrap it up for me. I said to him in a warm sort of way, ”You sure have been here a long time. How long have you been working here?”
        He says, ”17 years. I’ve been with Tom Thumb 17 years now.”
        I gave him some verbal pats-on-the-back and thanked him while wrapping up payment.

        Outside, in the parking lot, I waited for the irate Mask-Nazi customer to leave. I drove to the far end of the small shopping center to start my flyers on cars. I was almost done for the day. Just as I started putting out flyers again, an old black lady sitting in a van cheerily says to me, ”Give me one of those. I need something to read while I’m sitting here.”

        I have noticed from the wild-eyed look and emotional behavior of some mask wearing folks, that likely some of their over-the-top behavior is precipitated from the hypoxia/hypercapnia of the masks. The OSHA mask ladies Tammy Clark and Kristen Meghan, as well as others, bring up behavioral changes as a result of masks.

        Like the Tom Thumb customer, I earlier ran into an older hair dresser guy when I was putting out flyers in the parking lot of the strip center which housed a salon where he worked. This old, short, scrawny, pot-bellied nib comes running down the train of cars pulling off flyers, all wide eyed in his mask, frantically yelling at me. “I’m a veteran! You need to leave now. Don’t come back today. I’m a veteran! I’m a veteran!” I calmly said, “Okay.” Walked away and left in my car.

      • m.mark says:

        I personally know what the mask facts are, hence my not wearing a mask, as does my wife who’s actually a doctor. The question was about putting minimum wage workers in a position to have to ask you to wear a mask – do you think that should be part of their job?

        Do you think a 20 year-old in target should be the policy enforcer? That was my wife’s point and I can’t say there’s not something to it.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          My think is near what your wife’s take is.
          Maintain our empathy, civility and humanity.

          As an hourly low wage earner, I grasp the dilemma which employees face if they have to enforce a corporate policy dictate.

          Private property owners have the discretion to refuse service and to give notice of “criminal trespass” which prohibits a customer on the premises. That’s criminal law.
          A “Medical exemption” of a mask becomes a civil litigation in pressing forward a “disability discrimination lawsuit”.

          While having “Everyone Must Wear a Mask” Signs at the front doors, certain large retail chains (Kroger, Walmart, CVS, Lowes Hardware, and others) will NOT confront shoppers for going maskless.
          I tend to shop at these types of places.

          ha!…With no mask, I was in Lowes about a month ago picking up stakes for my dissemination of signs. (My stats are at over “40 signs out” now.) I was the only person with no mask.
          At checkout in the garden department, the old codger cashier near my age was chipper as hell when he saw me. I was being cautious “not to get too close or impose upon his space”, but he was happy as hell to be contaminated.
          Tacitly, we both smiled (he through his mask) at how ludicrous these mandates are.

          Sprouts Farmers Market, a natural food grocery, does enforce the mask rule. I’ve only been in there once, so quick in&out, that enforcement didn’t occur…I was too fast at a slow part of the day.
          If someone would have asked me to leave, I would have complied gracefully and light with no argument. But, I would probably return later with signs on my buggy while wearing a mask.

          Some years back, I worked at Sprouts in Vitamins/Supplements for 3 years, named “Employee of the Year” with discount perks for a year.
          There have been some ugly incidents at Sprouts about MASKS.

          “Light Warrior 1776” was out of line. I am familiar with that store, and I believe I know the lady that he gave grief to.

          Not on YouTube, but on Facebook is a Sprouts video protest in east Texas, because a Mother’s Down Syndrome older child could not wear a mask, and thus she could not shop. Children, 2 and younger are exempt in Sprouts. The child had the same capabilities as a 2 year old.
          The Manager was stupid. He could have quietly just let her shop. But no, he had to follow rules with no judgement.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Texas has a mandate to wear masks in all business settings.
            However, there are exemptions. A Medical Exemption is most common.

            Around 6 weeks ago, as I was checking out at Kroger grocery maskless, the teenage black girl sacking my groceries wasn’t wearing a mask at all, but she had a face shield on. It is easy to breathe and talk in those.
            I knew what the deal was. The store was accommodating her. She was smiling and we were happily chatting. I leaned over close and whispered, “It’s nice not to have to wear those damn masks.”

            Last week, I went off the beaten trail to a place I had been to about 4 or 5 years ago. It was a wholesale/retail “Survivalist Outlet”. My son’s wife’s three younger kids, ages 8 through 12, like to build secret forts on the back side of the 25 acres. With the cooler weather (60’s to 80’s F), I figure that they may be camping out there off and on, doing what kids do.
            I went to pick up cheap knick-knacks, like magnesium fire starters, survival knives, compasses, cord, etc.

            The Survivalist Outlet had moved, and I kept calling to find their place.
            Finally, I found it.

            As I walked up to the door without a mask, there was a very large sign which said: “We have n-95 Masks for sale.”.
            I swallowed.
            I wasn’t up to being scolded.
            I enter. No one in sight. A young lady eventually comes out with no mask on to see if I need any help.
            As I wonder about, I notice two other employees. No mask in sight. Normalcy.
            I never bought anything. It was all over-priced. They sure had a big collection of switchblades though.

            • m.mark says:

              HomeRemedy, I await further installments of your easy reading mask anecdotes. 🙂

              Agree with all you said – I have actually had people be incredibly friendly to me just yesterday in total wine wearing no mask an employee came over and was so suddenly talking to me unawares that I was sure that she was going to ask me to put on my mask (I always have one in my pocket) but I’m fact she just wanted to know if she could help me find anything. If she was secretly annoyed she gets an Oscar.

              I’m on SC not have friends in va and dc the maskers are much more aggressive up there

    • cu.h.j says:

      I think in more “conservative” areas it’s good to resist. In more authoritarian places that happen to be “liberal”, you may find more pushback from not having one, like being denied entry into a business.

      I live in one of those nasty tech hubs “liberal” areas most of the time (make way more money here) and have been refused entry in certain places without a mask. I don’t grow my own food here, so out of necessity need to put a mask on to by food when I’m here. There’s actually a mandate to wear them outdoors and I never do that.

      When I traveled in a more rural “conservative” area (where I’m building a new home) they have a sign on business but no enforcement of masks. Few if any people wear the outside and no one says anything if you go in business without one. This was except for Safe way, but I didn’t shop there. I chose to give my money to small businesses.

      I think the overwhelmingly liberal places in the US, unfortunately, are very authoritarian (this was reversed years ago, but times have changed). The place to resist this is in traditionally conservative places that value liberty. Just my opinion. But the new flavor of liberalism is nasty and authoritarian and I’m over it.

  17. Jed says:

    All the stores around here have signs saying masks are required. If you buy things you have to put one on or stay out and send someone else in who’s wearing one. Or, go in and fight, argue, scare the shit out of people who think you’re insane, ect. So I have one, it lives in the center console of the pick-up, it’s a multi colored round scarf nylon thing. I hope no one dies from it — it has given me the immune system of a seagull with all the pathogens it’s been welcoming on board itself since April. I don’t know how others will tolerate whatever it is that growing in it (and behind it), but if they keep a safe distance they should be ok ‘cus their masks aren’t going to help them.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Perhaps its that I am old with long-hair and beard
      I look kinda scary, eccentric and weird.
      I walk with purpose. I don’t dawdle to chat
      with nancies or nazis about the wearing of masks.
      I’ve a perpetual scowl on my mug as I plod.
      Till I make eye contact with someone then smile and nod.
      I ask for help when I need it in my shopping endeavor.
      And negative reactions? I’ve received none whatever.
      Even the cashiers I’ve met have been friendly and cheerful.
      I have yet to meet any to whom I could give an earful.
      The masked submissives usually won’t look my way.
      Not a one of them yet has had one thing to say.
      I am not trying to be trouble. Heaven forfend.
      I don’t mean to be rude or try to offend.
      Just want to go about my business in my usual way.
      Just like I’ve done it for all of my days.

      • Jed says:

        They think I’m trying to kill them,
        that I’ve caused all this to pass,
        whenever I ignore their signs
        and go in without a mask.

        I’m big ugly and scary
        more so when I’m pissed off,
        which lately is almost always
        because of these fuckin’ jack-offs.

        I had some epic arguments,
        almost came to blows,
        god help me lord fuckin’ Jesus
        I wanted to break their nose.

        But the managers soon find me,
        tell me that it’s their store
        and as I didn’t respect their rules
        they show me to the door.

        So I decided to pick my battles,
        singled out and harassed,
        when I go in their stores,
        I wear my god dammed mask.

  18. debra.b says:

    Truthstream Media
    “Which Is Worse: King George III’s Stamp Act or Bill Gates III’s Digital Certificates?“ (34:39 min video)

  19. janina says:

    From what I heard it is Germans,
    USA states have taken action and won
    Australia has a class action in the pipeline.
    we need more optimism, we may not be able to change the demonic,
    but we can go down fighting
    instead of cowards, walking dead, programmed idiotboxers. etc

    Glad to see more and more people having a say

    • Duck says:

      Pessimism is how they authoritarians win…. as bad as things are they become hopeless only when people give up. I think thats why people like Alex Jones are allowed to exist, so we can be shown how bad things are and accept the narrative that we are going to loose….where as even a small push back makes them back off.
      Authoritarianism is the psychology of bullies who want to deal with fear and submission but back off from resistance…”If you feel mush press on with your thrust.”

  20. Lynny says:

    I love this series so much James. You’ve opened my eyes a lot since I’ve discovered you! I’ve been questioning this plandemic since Mid March. My gut told me something just wasn’t right. April and then on, I started doing my own research. It’s so disheartening to me that here we are in October and there are still so many people that don’t see the truth and the reality of what’s really going on.

  21. Arby says:

    Doesn’t Jose Bustani know that chemicals don’t kill people. Non existent viruses kill people. And anyone who disagrees is a terrorist.

  22. Arby says:

    So, Do Stephen Lendman and Aaron Mate push the covid 19 pandemic line?

  23. Arby says:

    Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier: Smart as hell. Corrupt and contributors to hell on earth.

  24. wave.watcher says:

    Wow, somehow I got started watching this episode from the past, and CRISPR technology… Bill Gates backed (surprise!), and the dangerous ‘unintended’ consequences and guess what technology they are using to create these experimental synthetic pathogens that they are euphemistically calling vaccines? Ah how’d you guess? CRISPR.

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