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Do your own research! Read it for yourself! It's in the show notes! How many times have I uttered these words? These exhortations represent the founding ethos of The Corbett Report. I want you to read the source documents for yourself and come to your own conclusions. But guess what? The establishment doesn't want you to think for yourself, and now that the Corona World Order is beginning the Great Reset, they are coming out and saying as much. Find out the details in this week's edition of #PropagandaWatch.

Chris Cuomo CNN LIES And Says Reading Wikileaks Is Illegal

You Must Not ‘Do Your Own Research’ When It Comes To Science

Fluoride on The Corbett Report

Dr Fauci says you don’t need to wear a mask

Fauci gets upset with GOP lawmaker's question about masks

WATCH: Rep. Jim Jordan asks Dr. Fauci if nationwide protests helped spread the coronavirus

Medical Martial Law 2020

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  1. zyxzevn says:

    Technocratic writer explains why it is important
    not to do your own research,
    by not doing his own research,
    and thus making false statements.

    • zyxzevn says:

      How to investigate the truth

      Besides reading all the sources,
      we should learn how to understand all this information.

      Please add more points if you have one.

    • s.s.w says:

      By stating that James Corbett has made false statements are you suggesting that we research the information that he has provided and thereby proving the premise of his video, or are you just wanting us to take your word for it? I would like to research the information of the false claims that were made. Please elaborate which of the statements are the false statements. Calling someone out as a liar without stating what the lies are is proof of nothing except that you are one of the ones that cannot be trusted.

      • pearl says:

        I’m scratching my head trying to find where zyxzevn stated James made false statements. In the link he provided, he’s expanding James’s report “Who Will Fact-Check the Fact Checkers”.

      • idele says:

        I believe the “technocratic writer” is the author of the Forbes editorial.

      • s.s.w says:

        After reading several replies it is obvious I was in error. When I clicked the reply button I was replying to the initial comment posted at 11:21pm. Because there was already a reply, my reply was added under his own reply and not directly under the original comment. I did not realize that the original poster was adding to his initial comment in his reply posted at 11:38. I now see that was the case. Now I cannot find a way a delete my original reply. As I am in error I apologize to the original poster, zyxzevn. Also thanks to the folks that pointed out my error.

        • zyxzevn says:

          I did not write it clearly enough.
          I tried to keep it compact and English is not my native language.
          That is how easy we make mistakes.
          Maybe you know how to rephrase it better?

          The Technocratic writer, who wrote the Forbes article is blaming other people for not following the consensus.
          He does that by pushing for not doing research, but by listening to “experts”.
          With that he assumes that people are too stupid or too uninformed to do their research.

          Technocrats like him make several errors.
          1. They think that the consensus is what all experts in the field think.
          2. If you are well informed about the subject, you find out that there were several major errors made. But they think that being better informed would bring you to the consensus.
          3. They think that there was no fraud or bad science in any of the consensus. But it is very easy to point that out in many cases.
          4. They think that the narrative pushed by the companies and politicians is the science consensus. If there is some kind of consensus. This is never the same.
          5. They thinks that bad science can not be spotted or understood by outsiders. Even if they are very intelligent and know more about the field than most experts.
          6. They think that science is fixed/ established. And at the same time, they think that science progresses with new ideas. This is logically conflicting.
          7. They think that group-think or bias is not a problem.
          8. The noble lie. Many technocrats think that it is OK to lie to people, if it can push people to decide certain things. They believe that this helps science or humanity.
          9. They think that scientists and politicians and companies are helping us out of good heart. There is no manipulation or profit of any kind involved.
          10. The extreme rich people that support technocratic leadership have only the best for every human in mind.

          • zyxzevn says:

            I think that many of these points can be found back in the article.

            Most scientists that did actually work in a field, know that many of these technocratic assumptions are based on lies.
            And most people that look at the research will see that many of these technocratic lies have consequences for them.
            Smart people will clearly see “OBEY ME”, embedded in the meaning of the article.

            Any scientist wants to follow the research and check the science and the logic behind it. If science is correct, the scientist will come to the SAME conclusion.
            Even if he is not an expert in the field, he will be able to understand each step.
            But in many narratives this is not the case, and he will find very bad science.
            Something that he can recognize, because he is outside the field and does not
            have the same bias and group-think that those in the field have.
            And a lot of bad science is also caused by commercial or political decisions.

            But IF the technocratic writer (Forbes) would have done any research
            for himself, he would have found out that he is just a political tool.
            A tool who writes for political activists that pretend to be scientists.
            Activists that want to push a narrative and push a political decision.
            A decision that will often cost a lot of money, and often will
            force people into decisions that they did not want to make.

            But the writer clearly did not do his research is both a puppet
            and a political activist who pretends to be a scientist.

            By doing their own research people can weaponize themselves against
            these political decisions.
            Decisions that affect themselves directly.
            With little research they can learn that the narrative
            is completely VOID OF SCIENCE.
            And that a consensus in these topics not really exists.

            So with the writing of this article
            the Forbes writer just showed that he is VOID OF SCIENCE.

    • zyxzevn says:

      “thus [the technocratic writer is] making false statemens”

  2. matt.mewis says:

    One of the tools I find help are ‘Read aloud’ or text to speech apps. Point it at a website and set it going.

    For me, whom isn’t the quickest of readers, can listen to the source material. It also helps when I’m doing the washing up or other tasks.

    I’m listening to The Gulag Archipelago at present. Eye opening.

  3. s.s.w says:

    A lot of people cannot devote their entire lives to researching every subject to get to the truth of everything because they have to spend most of their lives working to pay the bills, child rearing, taking care of the home, etc. So we depend on YOU, James Corbett, and others like you to help us get to the truth in a more condensed version. Learning who you can trust is probably the most valuable life lesson, and that comes by trial and error. The research that I have learned is most valuable is who I can trust based on the history of the source of information. I have yet to find an instance where James Corbett has lied, or even been wrong. I cannot trust either of our governments, the elected or the shadow or deep state government. I cannot trust the pay to play medical establishment or their manipulated “double blind” studies and results. I certainly cannot trust main stream media. I cannot trust roughly half of alternate media. The truth is a commodity I hold very dear and it is hard to come by. Again, thank you James Corbett, for being one of the few that I can actually say I can trust.

    • J-Smoove says:

      Hi s.s.w,

      I definitely understand what you are saying pertaining to having to deal with our every day lives. James does a great job of giving us content but I personally don’t trust that every conclusion he comes to and says is correct. I do not assume that James or anyone is “telling the truth” or can’t be wrong. That’s where doing our own research and reasoning comes in handy. What I love about his content is that he sources everything and I am able to delve into that information and find other information, as well. James isn’t about sensationalism and feeding into every contrarian belief. His findings are evidence based. I do not trust the government, the medical industry, and the list goes on but I also don’t discredit every single thing that comes from their mouths. That is up to the listener to research and come to their own conclusion.

    • Octium says:

      Even if the readers do not follow up and do their own research by checking out the references, the inclusion of references shows that the Author has confidence that they have a quality article.

      I remember spending 8 hours searching PooTube to locate a video in which Judy Wood had grabbed a few frames from to “prove” her energy weapons theory, after locating it, it took a further half hour to locate the parts of the video which contained the frames and then about 20 seconds to debunk her claim. I guess she counted on people not wanting to spend the time looking into stuff if you make it hard for them. But she was wrong.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        There you go. You hit the nail on the head.
        Great example Octium.
        Great example.

        It is amazing how “myth” travels like gossip, and then later becomes cemented into a concept held by many.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I agree with much of this. This type of research is what JC does as his life’s work. Other people will not have the time to delve into this material as JC does. However one can scan the references and research areas of interest. For me the present Covid propaganda is relevant because I work in healthcare so have researched this more extensively. His other material on geopolitics I have not devoted substantial time because I find it more of a chore like a school assignment and so I just scan references he posts.

      I find JC material very trustworthy. He also correctly stated that objective journalism is not possible since we are all subjective in interpretation. But the MSM is for the most part a propaganda tool like the ministry of truth in the book 1984.

    • Arby says:

      I quibble now and then with statements by James. It’s usually not a matter of fact or fiction, but rather viewpoint and belief. (I believe in God, for example. James doesn’t. I don’t accept the notion of biological evolution, but James does. I don’t think that the world ends with the establishment of a global biosecurity police State and a few pockets of humanity living off the grid, but rather, it ends with the establishment of a global biosecurity police State that Jehovah God then destroys.) I think that he, and most others, are very wrong about the meaning of ‘technocracy’ and I think the word is used in a way that leads to confusion, not clarity. Other than that, What James and people like Patrick Wood say ‘about’ technocratic society is right and very important.

      You have more faith in alternative media than I do, if by alternative you mean ‘alternative/progressive’ or ‘alternative/different than corporate media’. I think that a very small percentage -perhaps 1% – of the alternative media is solid. (I began a series on my own blog following the failings of alternative/progressive media, but covid 19 shelved that, along with my book reading. I didn’t deliberately set out to do such a series. It was simply something I kept bumping into and, as I had a blog, I started blogging about it.)

      I used this report by James in my latest blog post titled “Covid 19 – ‘Governments’ newsGuard Vaccine Markets (And The TCC) And Attack The People” if anyone’s interested. See here:

  4. Fact Checker says:

    I think it’s a disservice that this is not on the homepage right now, and neither is the Sanger piece, both of which are far more timely than the Weekly Spoonerpalooza item that is pegged in the top spot… [EDIT: I see this is on the home page now. I still think Sanger should be re-pegged.]

    In any event, I’m with you, JC, that anyone who isn’t outraged already, has forfeited his or her humanity.

    There is the Remnant, but collective humanity has passed into the dustbin of forgotten history.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I disagree Fact checker. I think perhaps spending more time trying to build community would change your perception. I think that human consciousness can change. Most people have their humanity. So much of it is about people pretending to be asleep rather than lacking basic goodness.

      I suspect that you have a hatred that is based on distance from your own humanity. Many people hate traits they see in themselves and project this on to others.

      • Steve Smith says:

        I completely agree with you. I am encouraged just about every time that I have interactions with people. Today I had the pleasure of convincing a very nice young woman who was selling me a battery at a Autozone store to emulate her older male coworker by pulling her mask down below her nose.
        She also confided in me that she knows that the whole thing is, her words, “bullshit”.
        I really believe that lots of folks have had about all of this that they can stand. We few have to continue to encourage them by being the ones who disregard the “rulers”.

      • Fact Checker says:

        Here’s “human consciousness” now:

        • cu.h.j says:

          That video actually cracked me up. It’s all very absurd “the new normal” it’s comical actually. Thanks for sharing.

          • Fact Checker says:

            Totes cuz like mass child abuse and emotionally-crippling social isolation during formative years of whole communities of helpless children is sooooooo funny!
            You just keep up that optimism hon. You’re just spreadin’ sunshine and leavin’ flowers bloomin’ in your wake.

            • cu.h.j says:

              It sure beats your negative view though…dark, pessimistic, isolated, and disconnected. I’m sorry you feel so utterly negative, that must be a real bummer for you. I’m sure I do a lot more good than you do in the course of a day, so I feel no guilt when laughing and the absurdity of this situation. People still have a choice, in how they see the world and how they interact with other people in it.

              I have noticed something though, a common theme in your writing here is that of hatred and disconnection to humanity and that is something that you can try to change. You also appear to admire the “elites” and attempted destroyers of humanity and I find that appalling.

              • Fact Checker says:

                “I’m sure I do a lot more good than you do in the course of a day…”
                So we can add smug self-satisfaction to your complex of delusional denial and desperate confirmation bias. Thanks for the heads-up.
                “destroyers of humanity and I find that appalling”
                That’s when you don’t find it hilarious, I guess?

        • pearl says:

          That’s heartbreaking, the glaring, sterile isolation and indoctrination within the institution. More reason to homeschool.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Yes indeed it would seem homeschooling or private or non state sponsored schooling is necessary to foster healthy development. I think the responsibility is on parents to create supportive environments. Though I went to public school in the 80s I can’t say it was much better than what is presented in the video. There was always a degree of indoctrination when I went to school and of course the bullying from other kids. I found that my parents shaped my thinking at a core level much more than school.

            There was a documentary called Human Resources that discussed the education system that presents a strong argument that school is to indoctrinate and create obedience in children. Yet even though substantial brainwashing in schools persists the innate human spirit has a way of overcoming the programming in many individuals.

            These techniques are not effective to squelch consciousness and I think many even create more rebelliousness.

      • Arby says:

        “Most people have their humanity.” If that was so, then this world wouldn’t need to be destroyed, which it is about to be. And it’s not what I see.

        I absolutely agree with Dr Sherri Tenpenny, who said that we need to find our tribe. But it’s relative. I need to find the tribe that isn’t okay with the emerging global biosecurity police State, but that tribe will not agree with me about how it all ends, which is fine. I still have to survive in the here and now. As an example of what I mean by ‘relative’, I recently commented (in the discussion section) on an Off Guardian article by fellow Torontonian Rosemary Frei, mentioning my need to switch doctors, pointing out how I don’t expect to have a doctor who agrees with me 100%, but I would like a doctor, unlike my present doctor, who doesn’t shout me down and disparage me when I disagree with him. Thankfully, Rosemary reached out to me. I joined Twitter in order to communicate with her. I have yet to hear from her again, but expect to.

  5. MagicBullet says:

    The truth of a test: False Positive Alarm

    Accuracy of a corona virus test depends on the infection rate. For example, if someone tests positive on a test with 95% specificity and 95% sensitivity in a sample of 500 people with a 5% infection rate, then they only have a 50% chance of being positive.

    For Corona virus tests, it seems there is still considerable uncertainty about the numbers that really apply to the test accuracy and infection rate.

    But anyway, to learn about how this works, see the article on p. 13 in the July Scientific American (once in a while there is good info in the MSM).
    Sorry, you’ll need a subscription or a one-issue buy ?

    About James, he is the greatest thing on the planet, but he has made some mistakes, most are minor…basically. But with the volume of info he has to absorb and spit out to us as a one-man show compared to hundreds of people in a MSM propaganda roo…uh, I mean news room, its really impossible for him to not miss something or be bamboozled by something he read somewhere and run down the wrong rabbit hole. So there is the rare u-turn he should do, but it’s not important to post here so don’t ask, thanks!

  6. Roe_Jogan_On_DMT says:

    do you guys trust alex jones

    • Fact Checker says:

      I really, really want to, but no.
      I was completely alienated when he went full-bore into partisan support of Trump.
      Around the same time, his show became about 65% snake-oil hucksterism with his crazy line of “supplements” that he won’t stfu about ever.
      And now he STILL supports Trump, who has proven to be nothing but a malevolent trickster, playing the clown while the Usual Suspects from the Reagan and Bushes’ war cult run rampant. And after Trump gleefully threatens to sic the Military on the entire population with “vaccines”!

      I learned such an enormous amount from listening to his show faithfully from 2006 to 2012-ish, and I value that, and I also always found his shtick invigorating and energizing. And I still think he has an appealing “protective father” component to his persona.

      However, whether “they got to him” or he just lost his way, he is no longer reliable.

      • Arby says:

        That’s basically my view of matters, although I don’t find Jones easy to take. I’m not a fan of hysteria and growling and shouting. (I have the same issues with Ryan Cristian of The Last American Vagabond, although, unlike Jones’s show, I highly value TLAV.) Smarter people than Jones have the same Conservative viewpoint, which I find to be schizophrenic. (Alexander Mercouris, Tucker Carlson, Del Bigtree, and so on…) Patrick Greanville (The Greanville Post) wrote an interesting article about the phenomenon. (“In row with Omar, Tucker Carlson backs Trump, worships at US shrine of Exceptionalism” / He referred to another writer (who was brilliant but unhinged) who talked about the divided Conservative mind. And the late Howard Zinn helped me to understand this better with his explanation for Conservative schizophrenia, which is that Conservatives posses what he calls ‘the memory of States’. They see things, not from the people’s perspective, but from States’ perspective. What a pickle that will land researchers in! That information, by the way, is in Zinn’s stellar (but not perfect) “A People’s History Of The United States – 1492-2001.”

        See my blog post titled “Conservative And Deranged” here:

    • Duck says:

      I trust Alex Jones to
      a)give you just enough truth to get your attention
      b) then just enough fudging on the facts that you look dumb if you repeat him to others without looking up sources

    • Octium says:

      I’d trust him to clean out a cookie jar and that’s about it.

    • Oscar says:

      Well, if you have ONLY listened to mainstream-media up to this poiint, he will definitely have some good information for you.
      But…that hardly applies to people who listen to the Corbett Report, does it not? So no, since you are commenting here, I don’t think you should go there regularly to get your information. Of course, you can get your information everywhere, even from the mainstream. So if he has a scoop, you could check it out.

      In short, I would say he has some good basic info, but I think he is not a truth-seeker. Instead, I think he is a commercial exploiter who tries to attract viewers and he doesn’t shy away from sensationalism in order to do so. Let’s say that 60% to 80% what he says is true and the rest is sensationalism. That’s not nearly enough for me to follow him as a news source on a regular basis.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Wasn’t Alex Jones connected to the CIA? I read something to that effect however this may not be true. I thought the website “wikispooks” had an entry about him but I don’t know if that website is a trustworthy source of information.

      This is where looking for primary source documentation is critical and doing one’s own research and thinking with one’s own brain is helpful.

    • victoria says:

      first time i watched jones, around 15 yrs ago, i felt like puking… could hardly tolerate his act. eventually viewed more videos & checked out infowars, concluded he’s controlled opposition. today, i found Alex Jones Gives Us a Sign…

      that said, ive gained knowledge from sites & ppl i consider untrustworthy, further researching via other sources.

      • Chapati says:

        Hi victoria!
        totally Off topic
        Me again, just wanting to send a further big”Thank you” to you!
        I try to keep up with all the comments here. A lot of further good sources offered by the CR community.
        All the links and hints you provide in your comments are really helpful! also i appreciate your willingness to share your personal SRA experiences and help with sources! It is unimaginable to me what you have been through and have to still deal with..i already lack adjectives to only describe dealing with the topic during personal research.
        Horrific as it is i hope more and more people will find the courage to look into the enormes SRA topic & MK ultra programming, taking it seriously and becoming more and more aware how enormes it is, which i believe to be (as with any painful-horrific massive trauma event) the first and major step towards healing as humanity globally.

        I had followed you Chat with Noahsark723 (thanks to you too Noahsark723!)
        back in may/june and had watched TheologyEd`s I, pet Goat II series back then..the symbology in the video and the possible interpretation of it combined/ in resonance with your memory, like the attack on America, july 4th (and further more Atlantis, Blavatsky).. at the very least mind blowing and -boggeling i must say.
        Maybe you already are aware of it; he brought out two episodes about Donny Darko (showing similarities between 2001 and 2020 astronomical calendar like the solar eclipses on june 21st and dec.14th and the lunar eclipse on July 4th/5th and the possible predictive programming in it for 9/11 and the 2020 1984-scamdemic)

        this part being about predictive programming for august 2020

        ..althought i`ve always been very careful when it comes to numerology/symbology/ astrology/ interpretation (healthy load of scepticism being a crucial trait whilst dealing with such information i think) theologyEd does make a lot of sense and i do feel that he is on to something. Also his own down-to-earth approach and caution with predictions and stating them purely as hypothesis is very sympathetic

        • victoria says:

          so glad to hear my sharing helpful, Chapati. its my hope helps others as well in one way or another. your strength to look at & to speak up about sra & mkultra i very much appreciate :)) and yes, growing awareness around important for global healing.

          many interesting things in the aug 2020 video… first i’d heard of the telegraph’s operation blackjack slideshow, “this is not entertainment” ~ yep, it aint, except for elitest jerks.

          im with ya on healthy scepticism, & also like theologyEd’s style… he’s been busy, many videos since i’d previously visited & am looking forward to doing some catching up, the darko episodes — intriguing… thanks!

        • victoria says:

          hi Chapati, ive viewed more video, in first donny darko episode… 88 as heil hitler — yep, i got that coding… & at 8yo, nazi summer camp began on 8/8, lasted two weeks, ended with closing ceremony bonfire on the 22nd.

          2020 numerologically as 22 master builder. 22 synthesizes and expands the powers of 11. There is four times the power and energy in this vibration so there is four times the strength to use on the material plane. This is the ‘God’ energy brought to the material plane and put into form … it can achieve what is hardly imaginable. The 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality and is potentially the most successful of all numbers.
          whilst 22 isnt addressed in this article, itsa good read At the top of the chart, we find a lonely 8 occupying a special position – like a coach, it directs the play. The 8, shaped like it could topple any time, is the number of money, power, and most of all, balance. It represents the material world of finance.

          TheologyEd’s exploration of aug 22=july 4? disturbing possibilities :((

          take care

    • Jed says:

      I smell incense, cigarettes and expensive booze, Jesuits.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Is there anyone on earth who you can trust to be correct on every conclusion that they arrive at? Not in my opinion. But the fact that I don’t necessarily agree with all, most, some or any of their conclusions doesn’t mean that I don’t want to hear the information that they present.

      When it comes to trusting another person’s motivation who you don’t know and will likely never know personally, there are only a few things that you can go on.
      Gut feeling. Most people would tell you it’s bullshit. But my gut feeling has saved my life so I trust it to a degree. But not too much.
      Who backs them? Thats the easy one. Thats why I don’t watch television or read newspapers. (Except through the filter of those I trust).

      But mostly I trust people who make sense. James Corbett makes it simple. You and me are feeding his family so I don’t have to worry about him being swayed by his sponsors.
      I am pretty sure Alex has sponsors. That doesn’t mean that he can’t be trusted. But I can’t trust him as easily.
      But how can anyone ever hope to find anyone who they can completely trust?

      Trust is kind of like other emotions or feelings. You don’t always love someone to the same degree. Why should we expect to always trust them to the same degree?

      Sorry for rambling.

      • Jed says:

        Alex Jones did some good work, like his Bohemian Grove trip, but he fringes everything — everything he talks about turns to shit, like a half-assed King Midas. Any decent factoid coming from his mouth looses all credibility to most people, to many who are on to the scam he’s a loved shaman (one that sells vitamins), with his rants, and to the rest he’s a lunatic. I don’t know what the sum of his work is — light or dark, I do t know

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    22:16 minute mark
    James Corbett says:
    “Either you understand that you are being played for a chump,
    and being told to be ignorant and to just trust authority,
    There’s no help for you if you do, if you do not see what is happening.”


    • Oscar says:

      I’m an optimist in the sense that I think no one is beyond redemption. I’d also hate to think that we – in the end – will stay a minority.

      I think with enough patience, perseverance, pedagocial insight and also humility in the sense that you respect where the other person is at, it is possible to give another person insight.

      Granted, it COULD take – depending on the person – a lot of hard work so this kind of effort might be reserved for special loved ones, like a brother, a spouse or a very good friend. Others might be easier.

      Of course, I just don’t have the time to put in the effort to help everyone so practically you might be right for some people.

      But theoretically I think the principle still stands: if I cannot give someone the necessary insight to see what is happening, the fault then is with me.

      Anyway, I have been thinking about this subject for some time and have written down some of the ingredients that I think are necessary in writing an article (or just giving out information) that will reach even the most “ignorant” of people:

      1) Pedagocial.
      I think the article has to be constructed in a pedagogical manner. Don’t assume any knowledge in your audience. There needs to be a build-up. You have to start at the beginning, or at least where the other person is at.

      2) Basic Topics.
      Focus on basic topics first, not contemporary topics. Your audience still has to acquire a body of knowledge you allready have but they don’t.

      4) Easy
      Keep it as simple as you can without sacrificing your core message. You’re audience is probably not interested in reading a lot on the topics that you value. So make it easy for them.

      5) One topic.
      Stay focused on one topic per article.

      6) Short.
      Don’t make the articles too long. Make it so that it maybe fits on one Letter-sized paper. Remember to “kill your darlings”. Remember that almost everything you say, you can say even shorter. This really is true.

      7) Authorative references.
      Make sure you put in references that are as authorative references as you can because people have to be able to convince themselves what you are saying is true when they follow up on the reference (just don’t put in too many references because you’re not writing a scholarly paper).

      8) Put in the work.
      Spend enough time to write these articles. I think that if done well, these articles can be pieces of art. You have to put in the work though.

      9) Inviting a friend to read: make it personal.
      If you have friends who have a political view that is utterly rubbish, then make it personal point that they HAVE TO read your articles (but only if your articles are indeed very good). You can say for example: “Let’s have dinner, I’m looking forward to it. By the way, I do want to discuss something with you. But I would like you to read something first.”

      [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

      • Oscar says:

        10) Quality above quantity.
        You don’t have to write down one article a day in this manner, you can write down one article a week or even a month. Just get it right.

  8. Hans Verbeek says:

    In 1918 the population of the USA was about 100 million. 150.000 flu victims was 0,15% of the population.
    In 2020 330 million people live in the USA. And now 150.000 COVID-victims is only 0,04% of the population: about a quarter of the Spanish Flu deathtoll.
    Don’t do your own math…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Hans Verbeek says:
      “Don’t do your own math…”

      Okay. You’re the expert. 😉

    • Fact Checker says:

      The more central deception there is the false equivalency asserted between 1918 and this non-event.
      The 1918 event killed FAR more than 150,000 in the US by all metrics (although figures vary between 500K to 850K).
      This article just lumps all events killing “150,000 or more” (in other words, the 150K-to-infinity category) together, creating an upper bracket with a ludicrously yawning spread. By setting 150,000 as the perceived upper limit, the author grossly distorts the relative magnitude of this nondemic. This is compounded by your observation on per capita impact, as well as the systematic over-inclusiveness of the methodology behind the 150K figure.

    • mkey says:

      Considering all the paranoia and obvious lies regarding the management of this “pandemic”, I’m having an increasingly harder time to trust any stories from 100 years ago. What do they say, who writes the history?

      Anyway, regarding Cocrap 666, considering we are heading into a new winter season, I’m becoming increasingly interested in knowing at what point exactly will these liars, crooks and thieves start counting the numbers for the new season.

      They framed cocrap themselves, it’s supposedly related to a family of flu viruses and hence the totals need to be presented in a seasonal fashion to match your typical flu shtick. Meaning, the counters will have to reset and reset soon, having an incredibly deflationary effect on the teevee watchers, in the opinion of this subscriber.

      Not only did liars, crooks and thieves had to deal with the ever shortening attention span (which usually comes in handy but now it’s such a drag) now they’ll have to shoot themselves in the foot.

      I’m not holding my breath.

      • Duck says:

        ‘… having an increasingly harder time to trust any stories from 100 years ago. What do they say, who writes the history?…’

        True, but 100 years ago there was a larger number of interests trying to write history and bring you news… there was still main streem news that told a different story… the ‘Radio Priest” was flat ouit predicting the US getting dragged into WW2 before FDR had him run off. I think ww2 was when things got way tighter on the number of news sources

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Yes this is exactly what I’ve been saying for a few months now.
        The great reset?

        Sure, but let’s reset on a level playing field!

        As you say, the flu numbers are reset in the fall each year after an approximately six month flu season.

        We’ve had Covid now for around six months. Sometime in September/October we need to reset the numbers to zero and rinse and repeat (death and cases).
        Flu numbers zeroed, Covid numbers zeroed, level playing field right?

        The great reset?

        BTW, Mr. Siegal might just as well have titled his article:
        “Don’t think for yourself, ever!”

        On another note… does anyone know where the proper place to posit a Question for Corbett is?

      • Arby says:

        Good points. I say it all the time now: If you aren’t doing some unlearning, then you aren’t learning properly. If it takes us most of our lives to figure out that the establishment is evil and it’s news and history is fake, then it’s impossible that everything we’ve learned is good.

        Don’t panic, would be my recommendation. Chip away at the fake history bit by bit. No one’s rushing you. Even if you never unlearn it all, the fact that you care about the truth counts in your favor – with good people and with God.

  9. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Taken from the Twitter of Broc West which showed the Twitter of Coronavirus Plushie @SmashingPumpk18 which had this…

    …great 5 minute VIDEO
    Doctor, NHS Team Leader & a Mask Fit Tester:
    The Masks People are Wearing are Useless for COVID19

    • Arby says:

      I did not like that presentation. They conclude with telling people to just stay home. I don’t like going out these days but that’s because people are crazy and there’s nothing to do anyway. But I don’t tell people to stay home in order to not catch covid 19, which is wrong on so many levels.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Spread this 2 minute Video…

    Bill Gates & The Corona Virus Crisis: A Coincidence Theory

  11. lovetodust says:

    James, I have taken to heart your consistent exhortations to do our own research.

    When I am extolling your site I have always mentioned that you leave show notes and links at the end of your videos.

    I have gained an enormous amount of information over the past five years of not only listening to and watching you, but from commenters on the Corbett Report.

    Am I outraged? YOU BET. I just hung up from my local Dept of Health, after calling my State Attorney General’s office, about the fact the the Apple Store at a local outdoor mall is TAKING PEOPLE’S TEMPERATURE before allowing them into the store. This, of course, in addition to the mask.

    I (mistakenly) purchased a used iphone months ago after years of having a tracphone. I went to the apple store to purchase a piece I need in order to use headphones instead of holding the phone against my head.

    3 Security personnel and at least 2 uniformed Apple staff greet me at the door. After mentioning that I could not wear a mask due to medical condition I was told I would need to speak to a manager. In the meantime a staff member held up a thermometer gadget and asked if he could take my temperature.

    Me: My temperature? At an Apple Store???? Absolutely not.

    I told them I would wait outside. To just send a salesperson out so I could make my purchase. The manager (a royal Twit) came out. I told him what I needed. He held up a face mask “Can you put this on?” I said “No”

    Him: Sorry. I can’t help you.

    So now on the hunt for a new phone.

    When I called board of health they said Apple is allowed because – drum roll –
    “We’re in the middle of a pandemic”.

    For what it’s worth (nothing) I let her know just what I thought about politicians and government agencies that were supposed to represent us, and stand up for us, rolling over and letting all this tyranny happen under the guise of a “pandemic”.

    I told that to the Attorney Generals rep, also. And to the Apple Rep in Cupertino.

    Even my 16 year old niece who was with me at Fort Apple looked at me later and said “Big Brother”. I said “EXACTLY”

    • Duck says:

      Flip phones all the way!
      You can buy them mail order and activate them in your home and their too dumb to spy (much)
      Best of all I can take the battery out without tools, unlike an apple product

      • Steve Smith says:

        Cricket is saving my business over 200 a month.
        Just have to adopt the mindset that you carry a phone to make phone calls.
        I have computers and a iPad for other stuff. It really is possible to survive without being connected 24-7.

    • mkey says:

      I bet there’s an argument to be made relating to discrimination and baring access to certain people in an otherwise publicly accessible space. Usually, I wouldn’t want to argue with sort that are “just doing their job” but for Apple I’d make an exception.

      The best solution, by far, seems to be selling that phone.

    • Valhalla Awaits says:

      Thank you for your non compliance and setting a good example of standing up in front of the young ones in your life.

      I know far too many people for my liking that are just going to put on their muzzle, roll over when told, sit, stay, and do other tricks just to get some form of normalcy back.

      Live free or die.

    • cu.h.j says:

      You could also buy a piece of equipment at a 3rd party store. It also supports smaller businesses. There are options besides Apple. I will never buy another apple product again from an Apple store. They sucked before Covid. Good for you for refusing to comply with these intrusive unnecessary rituals.

    • Arby says:

      Well done. Hang in there. For your information, I have just switched over to an Alcatel Go Flip phone, or something like that. It’s still 4G and capable of taking apps, but I have a non data plan. I don’t know whether people can get mobile phones that are fully non app. I bought one that was was advertized on eBay as unlocked and 2G (Samsung Vintage) for $80. It was locked. I couldn’t go to the seller’s website and say anything because, it appears, he found a way to have eBay suspend my account. He’s smart. And evil. And then there was the additional problem that I ran into when I tried to get the phone unlocked. It was AT&T and they don’t operate in Canada, or something like that. I could have persisted but it wasn’t looking good and I didn’t have all the time in the world to deal with this problem, so I gave up. That was $80 down the drain and I only make minimum wage. One final note, If you have a friend who is smart with phones, and you do get a flip phone like mine, then have him or her go through the settings. Even though my phone was supposedly non data, my friend found a setting that she was able to turn off so that my phone could not connect to apps or something like that. Even after that, I got a message from the government saying that there was a contact tracing app that I could download if I wanted. Right.

  12. Duck says:

    The Romans picked a Dictator for the emergency and then he gave up his power and normal government resumed … Cincinnatus was one famous for giving up his power, Julius Caeser one famous for not. I’m re-listening to “the history or Rome” podcast by mike Duncan and its really true that history just rhymes again and again

    Not really hiding the dictatorship much it appears

    I THOUGHT this was fake, but no

    Same guy in this vid
    from Australian News

  13. Duck says:

    ‘Psudoscience’ and the tec elite are a new concept that grew up like mushrooms on cow pats and cancer on sugar when money started to get sloshed around
    This Luke Smith talk is on that subject

  14. jokan says:

    Well Mr. Corbett, I am here. And I hope other open minded people are to.
    I live by the expression, “If it is too good to be true, it’s probably isn’t.”

    Having worked in the media I know that the average news story is only the tip of the iceberg. I have noticed that journalism has forgotten the 5 W’s. Who, What, Where, When and Why and How. If a news article has not satisfied the aforementioned test, then it has failed to inform.

    Also a proper news article should leave the reader with thier own conclusions. Or even no conclusions. Is not that the result of reporting facts?

    Keep up the excellent work.

    John G.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Welcome. It would be interesting to hear more about your experiences with the media.

      I had the opportunity to be involved in events that were covered by local newspapers not too long after I acquired the skill of reading. And therefore early on in life acquired also a deep skepticism of journalistic integrity.
      And every other personal experience other than puff pieces since has only served to reinforce that mistrust.

  15. mkey says:

    Can you believe this shit?

    Councils can demolish contaminated buildings under powers to stop second coronavirus wave

    Councils will be able to draw on six separate Acts of Parliament to impose lightning closures of public buildings, order mass testing, ban events or shut down whole sectors of the economy.

    • Qno says:

      Where is Esther Rantzen when we need her? I can imagine her giving a special award to the public servant making the most unacceptable proposal on the most implausible link possible to the scamdemic. We’ve already had the Mink cull in Spain ‘because of covid’. Pretty sure we’ll see fishing quotas dropped and a Pan European high speed rail link get approved next ‘because of covid’.

      Maybe we can just do it ourselves. Nominations for the ‘because of covid’ award?

    • Hank says:

      UK is bloody finished !!!

    • Qno says:

      Where it says ‘contaminated building’ read ‘crime scene’.

    • Arby says:

      I look at that in my most recent blog post titled “Covid 19 – ‘Governments’ newsGuard Vaccine Markets (And The TCC) And Attack The People” /

      My take is that it is another big lie meant to convince people that “If they are willing to go that far, there must be a covid 19 pandemic!” And, as there is the background reality of big sharks eating little sharks, and the private sector burning to ashes the remaining public sector, then I suspect that that also plays a role in that craziness.

      The presenters (Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and Alex Thomson) of UK Column News look at that as well. As Mike notes, that authority has been there for a while, but that authority and other police State measures (or medical martial law measures) have recently been brought together in a single document in order to really push the covid 19 pandemic hoax and to corral local authorities. Mike notes that although the UK government’s own regulations include the constraint that ‘people cannot always be made to comply’, the powertrippers among the local authorities in the UK will no doubt ignore those legal constraints and get into implementing the police State measures, just because they can. I agree. The Transnational Capitalist Class, which directs governments (which are essentially glorified police forces charged with protecting transnational capital and markets), is not going to tolerate any hindrance, such as a sentence or two, in the legislation, about not being able to force compliance, stop it from rolling out its anti-God, anti-human, anti-nature global biosecurity police State.

  16. Qno says:

    This just in

    Hypothesis: Possible immune interference between POLYSORBATO 80 of the adjuvanted influenza vaccine and SARS-CoV-2 as a cause of coronavirus pandemic

    Juan F. Gastón Añaños, Ana Martínez Giménez, Elisa Mª Sahún García


    Based on an epidemiological analysis of COVID-19 deaths in the Health Sector attended by the Hospital of Barbastro, and the study of the pharmacotherapeutic history of affected patients, it was found that the most common drug to all the deceased was the adjuvanted influenza vaccine. This led to the hypothesis that the influenza vaccination of the 2019-2020 campaign with the adjuvanted influenza vaccine could be associated with an increased risk of deaths by COVID-19 in people over 65 years of age, that is to say, to the suspicion of a possible iatrogenesis, suspicion that increased when accessing data from another sector.

    A possible mechanism of action is proposed for the hypothesis of immunological interference with parenteral POLYSORBATE 80, and the degree of concordance of the expected data is compared to those observed, concluding that the hypothesis could be valid, and that is why it is decided to publish it.

    Key words: COVID-19, adjuvanted influenza vaccine, POLYSORBATE 80, immunological interference, cytokine storm.

    • Fact Checker says:

      Good stuff. I have long suspected that whatever the tests are testing for was in last season’s seasonal flu shot. That seems like the best way to account for its wide, seemingly rather even distribution across numerous states.
      Thanks Qno, great find.

      • Qno says:

        Well the correlation here is against death, not against a positive test result.

        In fact in the USA death especially in care homes has not been even, it seems to have respected state boundaries: that’s quite some virus!

        The evenness of test results can more reasonably be explained by the fact that the tests are meaningless, they are basically a random number generator or a throw of a die, and dice work the same everywhere.

        Ok, not quite… they do seem to show positive for any kind of metabolic stress – colds, flu, drugs, pregnancy, malnutrition and so on.

        Beyond indicating that you are under some kind of stress, PCR tests in no way correlate with clinical illness. Hence making up cock-and-bull stories about ‘asymptomatic carriers who can’t transmit the virus’. I mean, what sort of retard came up with that concept?

        How about instead: ‘virology is a religion not a science’. There: fixed it!

        • Fact Checker says:

          “The evenness of test results can more reasonably be explained by the fact that the tests are meaningless, they are basically a random number generator or a throw of a die, and dice work the same everywhere.”

          I think you’re largely right, with an important caveat. I think most of the tests out there in the world operate the way you suggest.

          However, working in the healthcare field, I work with a lot of medical faculty and nursing staff at “prestige institutions.” I won’t name these institutions, but basically enormous, University-affiliated ones. These prestige institutions developed (very early on) their own, proprietary tests.
          These doctors, in their own practices, using the proprietary tests, see positive results far, far, far below the positive rates of testing being reported by the fly-by-night clinics and drive-up testers discussed in morbid detail on the TeeVee.
          Moreover, those few positive results they get are correlated with really sick people, showing a very predictable pattern of signs, including “white-out” chest X-rays, due to solid infiltration.

          I think that the technocratic managers of this hoax are gathering “good data” on their pet bug through the “prestige institutions,” to refine their next steps, while stirring up loads of crap data everywhere else to supply the Media with distorted nonsense.

          • Qno says:

            I am not sure what those proprietary tests are, but their tests can have no diagnostic meaning whatsoever if the thing they are purporting to signal is an unconfirmed surrogate marker for something that in itself has not been isolated or purified and therefore cannot have been shown to actually have a causal role in a specific problem, or any problem. I am talking about the PCR of course, not other medical tests.

            In short, the PCR identifies a piece of genetic material, without being able to tell where it came from or what, if any role it may have in any kind of disease. Once again ‘like deciding somebody has bad breath based on their fingerprint’.

            What causes variation between PCR tests is the number of cycles. So, I suspect they are just attenuating the sensitivity by using fewer cycles. And what they are picking up is not any specific disease. They are picking up disease generally, ie. markers of metabolic stress.

            My feeling is that is the best they can be doing really. And still the best indicator of disease is the clinical picture. If we don’t give primacy to that then we are talking religion not science, ie people are sick because of some number, not because they actually have anything wrong with them.

            Beyond that are the antibody tests, and that is a whole other minefield.

            Are there any other tests related to this I haven’t considered?

            • Fact Checker says:

              “What causes variation between PCR tests is the number of cycles. So, I suspect they are just attenuating the sensitivity by using fewer cycles.”
              I agree that this is a possibility, and this has occurred to me as well.
              I have enough reliable anecdotal evidence for myself that there is some pathogen out there, and that there is some telltale marker either discovered or deliberately placed in there.
              I realize that my anecdotal hearsay is not persuasive to you, and I completely respect that.
              (Notice that I’ve qualified all my thoughts on this topic with “I think.”)
              My only point is that in my best estimation, there is SOMETHING out there, but that thing has a statistically negligible health risk to the general public, but has been positioned to kill some unfortunate nursing home residents. And I think it started as either an additive or contaminant in the seasonal flu vaccine.

              • Qno says:

                Well, the cocktail of toxic chemicals, diseased foreign tissue and uncontrolled contaminants that normally makes up a vaccine can certainly kill on occasion, either directly or by triggering some ghastly immune system process that would not normally occur under ANY natural circumstances. So yes, I agree. We don’t need a novel ingredient accidentally or deliberately placed there to account for this, just as we don’t need a novel viral strain to account for all the supposed covid-deaths. I keep an open mind about the former, given the track records of some vaccine companies. On the latter (novel virus) I fall down on the side of there isn’t one, since there has yet been a serious attempt to show evidence that there is one. If anybody has such evidence, then there is a reward of $5000 for showing it. It’s not a king’s ransom, but it wouldn’t be a bad rate of pay for a skilled researcher to spend an hour on Pubmed. They’d get a decent holiday out of it. They can contact Dr Tim O’Shea.

            • says:

              “Are there any other tests related to this I haven’t considered?”

              I am not certain if this is a rhetorical question asked with tongue in cheek. However, at the risk of abandoning subtle nuance, I would like to speculate a possible answer with the question of my own.

              How easy would it be for companies undertaking PCR tests to, at the same time, profile individual DNA and feed those profiles back to central repository of DNA profiles?

              As I say wild speculation on my part, with my tinfoil hat firmly in position and reporting for active duty.

              • Qno says:

                Actually Australia has dumped (or at least put on ice) 10 million test kits because of fears they would be used for gene profiling by the Chinese. It seems they have to run the samples through a machine supplied for the purpose, and I speculate that it talks to the mothership while it works, like many a device these days.


                Same reason I cover up the fingerprint sensor on my chinese made phone, and the front camera as well, before I even switch them on for the first time. Or, at least until I ditched my smart-ass phone for one with buttons.

                As to my question, yes, it was a genuine question, but in fact Tim O’Shea has the answer. Those are the main actual chemical tests. There are a couple more but as he explains they are also crap.


  17. pill says:

    There are millions of people who don’t fall for the story with the highly deadly pandemic, but many of them are quiet. Then, there are the order-followers who always encourage whatever they’ve heard on the news, even if its the opposite of what’s been reported prior. Even if there aren’t many of them around, the few that are there seem like many because they have load voices, they aggressively attack others, they have a lot of spare time and they haven’t lost their income because of those political “health” measures. It’s not worth arguing with those who think you’ll kill their grandparents by not wearing an old, self-made piece of cotton on your mouth.

    Isn’t it interesting how the “masks4all” movement has caused many governments to contradict their previous scientific consensus (masks are for professionals who know how to use them, otherwise they might create a false sense of safety), in many cases between the end of April and June… Any observer who isn’t in panic mode (suspecting full hospitals any day now) can see that masks in public are not there for medical reasons, but for political and psychological reasons, so we don’t forget the virus that’s already long gone in most places.

    We should hold those who want to enforce strict rules meant to prevent scenario X accountable for all side effects and tell them to stop and re-evaluate when scenario X has not happened (nor was it in sight) before they want the same rules to prevent scenario Y. Take the claim that many hospitals are full because of this novel virus only. It hasn’t happened in most regions and now they have to explain themselves before they can ask to keep rules that affect us all but are now supposed to prevent something different. This whole thing could’ve been over and forgotten in April if we wouldn’t go along with their ever-changing storylines.

    • flammable says:

      “Mask are for professionals who know how to use them, otherwise they might create a false sense of safety.”

      Studies actually prove that is true according to experts. The only studies supporting mask effectiveness are highly controlled experiments with medical professionals helping put masks on the test subjects.

      If I took the Forbes author advice to not research and listen to experts I would not put on a mask. It would be foolish for a non-expert to think they can put on a mask properly and know the exact surrounding conditions for the mask to work. No studies have proven that non-experts can get results with masks by themselves.

      Politicians are not health experts. Dr. Fauci counts but has not updated his credentials in 35 years. The best experts we should listen to is the ones that got masks to work in the studies. Based on the expert’s advice I humbling decline to wear a mask until I can get an expert to do it for me. I sarcastically thank Ethan Siegel for teaching me to listen to real professionals.

      • MagicBullet says:

        Good points Flammable.

        I wrote about masks in detail before:

        Again, why didn’t the media, CDC, WHO, push them during flu seasons? TPTB are happy for us to argue about masks because it distracts from the real nature of the plandemic.

        As in the video about patients coughing at medical workers, few masks will help you if the cougher isn’t wearing a mask, BUT masks do have utility in crowded situations TO PROTECT OTHERS FROM YOU, NOT FOR YOU TO BE PROTECTED. If you want to see some evidence besides the black-light slow motion of spit coming out when people speak as we have all seen, see this about coughing at agar plates (single use medical loop mask, Type II – EN14683):

        We need to accept the nuanced version of masks DO HELP if everyone wears one in a crowd, but they are not needed in silly places like when outside with few people around, and arguing about masks is not productive for our cause.

        • Fact Checker says:

          “Again, why didn’t the media, CDC, WHO, push them during flu seasons? ”
          I know this is a rhetorical question, but I’ll answer it anyway.
          Because their PR technicians and behavioral psychologists only relatively recently determined that attaching the word “novel” to their new campaign would open up new vistas of insane compliance and acquiescence on the part of the Herd.

  18. troymc says:

    for some reason, I took to posting some comments on the CBC (Canada) site in the comment section of vaccine-related articles.

    I posted fair, carefully worded comments, citing data and / or reputable individuals, such as Swedish Covid-19 chief Anders Tegnell. With links. Comments leaning toward the idea that the pandemic might not be as scary as many think it is.

    My comments were deleted by CBC as fast as I could write them. I guess you are not allowed to talk about Sweden’s chief medical officer in Canada.

    In other news, Dr. Tam, our top doctor in Canada, now says we need to get the vaccine, multiple doses, and wear masks, and social distance, for 2 – 3 years. Seriously.

  19. Hank says:

    Bloody hell, they are really desperate in stopping people from questioning them.

  20. Mama Liah says:

    Thank you for another amazing Propaganda Watch episode, dear Mr. Corbett! By the end of your powerful discourse I had tears in my eyes. Your work and video’s help me feel a little bit less solitary in this crazy world where most seemed to be completely brainwashed and hypnotized by the mainstream media. Hopefully, the grains I’m planting with little remarks here and there and some links I send out will, for some, blossom one day in seeing truth. I am grateful that, at least, my husband and two, three friends understand we are being played by our governments and the MSM.

  21. Oscar says:


    I’ve been reading the transcripts of a real interesting three-part interview series on the history of Populism.

    It covers the origins of the term populism, and it reads like a kind of battle between the people’s versus the elite’s definintion of populism:

    PART 1
    Populism is Not Mob Rule – Thomas Frank (1/3)

    A few excerpts:
    “And it begins in the year 1890…There was a group called the Farmers Alliance that started organizing, far back then, the majority of the U.S. population were farmers.

    …This group was enormous. One of the biggest mass movements of all time in American history.

    …started a third party, and it was the last of the great third party efforts and also the most successful of them.

    …it’s 1891, the Kansas populists have just gone to a convention in Cincinnati where they have launched their movement on the national level
    …on their way back to Topeka…on the train…trying to invent a name for a word to describe people who are members of the People’s Party… And they came up with the word populist

    …The word caught on and the movement caught on…And they ran a guy for president in 1892 didn’t succeed, but they won a lot of other offices.”

    “…one of the two major parties decides to capture this…protest sentiment that’s out there in the country, and in this case, it’s the Democratic Party
    …in 1896 and they toss the incumbent president, Grover Cleveland, overboard.

    …And then they nominate for their presidential candidate…named William Jennings Bryan…who has just given this incredible speech attacking the gold standard…And then a few weeks later, the populist party, which has made its convention, says, OK, Brian’s not perfect
    …But we’ll get on board with him…And when these two things happened, the elite of the United States went crazy. They went into a kind of hysteria and I call it a democracy scare. The leading newspapers of the country, combined with the leading academics of the country, the millionaires, the captains of industry, all of them, joined hands and went hysterical together, hysterical that this was happening to them.

    …And Mark Hannah…went door to door to the headquarters of the great American corporations in Manhattan and said…the Republican campaign is taking…whatever percent of those profits. That’s what you’re giving to this campaign. It is part of the class war to stop William Jennings Bryan”.
    and here’s the kicker of it, the word that they use to describe Brianism, the fear that the danger of Brianism, the one word that they settled upon was populism. It said this is populism, it’s mob rule, it’s the danger of the mob. That they’re going to come in and overthrow the legitimate government…they’re crazy, they are mentally ill.

  22. Oscar says:

    PART 2
    Corp. Dems Idolize FDR, but Hate His Policies and the Populists That Supported Him -Thomas Frank (2/3)

  23. Oscar says:

    PART 3
    Liberal Elites Will Create Conditions for Another Trump – Thomas Frank (3/3)

    “There’s this fascinating moment, Paul, where the word itself, populism, gets flipped and it goes from being a positive thing, you know, the sort of left-wing worker, farmer/worker movement in the 1890s, it goes from that to be a very negative thing to being, something fearful and dreadful. You know, something that’s paranoid and suspicious, and pathological and anti-Semitic. And that moment when that happens is in the 1950s.
    …And the man who is probably single-handedly most responsible for this is Richard Hofstadter, the greatest American historian of his day, probably of the 20th century, and aside here.
    …But now I’m an adult, and I look back at his masterpiece, which is a book that came out in 1955 called, ‘The Age of Reform’, and now as an adult see very clearly what this book is. It was meant as a history of different reform movements in American life. And, you know talking about which ones succeeded and which ones failed. And it was a vicious attack on populism, on the populist movement of the 1890s. But now, as an adult, I can see that it was something else at the same time. It was a manifesto for Hofstadter’s generation, so it was these two things at the same time.

    And let’s begin by saying this is the book that really turned the tables on populism and made it into a negative term, a term that you applied to authoritarians and to people like Donald Trump. Hofstetter went back and looked at the original populist movement and said it was, “it was pathological. It was an expression of status anxiety. Farmers were people who were on their way down, and because they were on their way down, they imagined all these scapegoats for their problems, and, you know, they were cranks. They rejected expertise, they were anti-intellectual, and above all, they were anti-Semitic”. And he actually tried to blame anti-Semitism in America, all of it, basically, on populism, which is ridiculous, which is utterly fatuous, but he said that. This book was massively influential, it was a big bestseller. It won the Pulitzer Prize, it has been described as the most influential work of American history ever published. And Hofstadter’s larger idea, as I said, it was a manifesto for his generation and his sociological cohort.

    What I mean by that is he said there are two models for reform. One of them is the populist model, a mass movement of working-class people. And that’s how you get reform by bringing together people at the bottom, and he said that doesn’t work. We can see that doesn’t work because populism was a pathological movement that was delusional. They were all hypnotized demagogues, anti-Semitism, scapegoating, et cetera, all of which turned out to be wrong.

  24. Droves of Perception says:

    has anybody found many problems with the information presented in this WWII documentary?

    Hitler does say some quite bigoted things about black people in Mein Kamph, but I have never seen so much new info on Bolshevism anywhere besides here, on corbettreport

    • mik says:

      Few minutes of documentary, here and there, is enough.
      They are pimping the idea of cultural marxism, an idea that has been debunked.
      Really not necessary to watch 12 hours of most probably indoctrination, while you can get what you need to know for the beginning in just 3min.

      Monty Python Communist Quiz sketch

    • Unmasked says:

      The documentary makes a decent effort to expose the “elephant in the room” as relates to history. Information on the true nature of Bolshevism, especially as it relates to Jewish sponsorship and participation, is generally censored by the elephant. The documentary presents another version of WWII, more accurate than the official lies taught in schools of the victors.

      I disagree with mik’s comment, as it seems specious and cavalier.

    • Steve Smith says:

      I don’t have time to evaluate the video but I will say this. Awhile ago I watched a documentary about WWII called The Greatness Story Never Told. It was very eye opening for me. I didn’t get the feeling that it was trying to promote an agenda but rather to shed some light on a period in history that was indeed primarily recorded and reported by the victors.
      Again I don’t know about your video and don’t have time to find out but if you haven’t had the opportunity to learn about the war from the other perspective it might benefit you to watch it.

  25. alexandre says:

    I invite people to take a look at something I grew up with, here in Brazil, during the military dictatorship that started in 64 (1964), the year I was born in. (Talk about bad timing). It’s very short – a government intro for programs and films that played at night time. The voice over says: “This program by the TUPI television network was approved and authorized by the federal censorship service to be aired at this time slot”. The title of the official document (signed by God) reads “FEDERAL CENSORSHIP” and below it in smaller letters “television”. This was as common and natural as air, and the thought of questioning that never crossed the minds of anyone I ever knew. If anything, it was a sign that it was adult stuff so, as a kid, it was something of a thrill to watch anything that had that as an intro. Wow, something that was approved AND authorized by God? I wanna watch THAT.

    I’m watching all the Corbett’s videos about Fact Checking, Fake News etc and I remembered that, and how different it looks from what we have now. So, in the Fact Checker mind, fact-checking is NOT censorship. Look, it’s so different. Needless to say the level of sadness and hopelessness it brings to see the old, oh so very old dictatorship once again rising and taking over, yet again. It changes its looks and we think it’s a new thing. The difference would be that, in 74 (1974) the Corbetts and Brozes would be in the dungeons of DOI-CODI being tortured by the police and no one would ever have heard of them. Now they’re here. At least that if no more.

  26. e.c.r. says:

    We are all “trained” by society to believe authorities, and that somehow despite not being perfect they mean it good with us. They have set up this circus of mainstream media “variety” to give the illusion of pluralism. However on certain issues the mainstream media is very totalitarian. They try to limit thinking space by censoring, and calling it missinformation or far right.

    To see the reality as it is, takes time and the will to do so, and it also takes courage. Most people do not lack intelligence to see past smoke mirror they lack courage. Because seeing the things as they are was very unconfortable in the past, now it has become creepy and ,in my opinion, we are headed to nightmare-modus.

    Those who see the problems clearly have the responsability to act, and I think if a majority of people saw the problem, we would almost have the solution. Change your beliefs change your life. Change the beliefs of many people change society…

  27. robert.t says:

    Here in Australia the COVID exemptions are comical.

    When “our” Nicole was being delayed in COVID quarantine the media consensus was to give “our” girl a pass so she could get on with making the great cinematic art we now need more than ever. (I dare say the same news media advocating for Kidman’s pass-go also have entertainment interests.) This was reminiscent of Depp and Heard smuggling their pets into Australia: art and glamour were being sacrificed to boring old animal quarantine as the wider world was watching. If we didn’t lighten up Johnny And Amber might leave in a huff and disgrace us before the eyes of that sophisticated thing called “the wider world”. Australia’s terror!

    A BLM protest with aboriginal slant had media challenging the status quo because there was a risk of missing a special “moment”, just for boring old COVID. The demos went ahead while blind people could not get carers to help them shop.

    What’s obvious is that the globsters want to be obvious. We are being tested for our ability to hold contrary convictions. Our Ministry of Truth doesn’t need a memory hole, we can be at war with Eastasia and at peace with Eastasia at the same time.

    I also believe that many things are done badly on purpose, for testing purposes. The Parson’s Green bomb which could not damage itself, the mysterious Australian with a thick Kiwi accent executing pre-piled silicon dummies in Christchurch…surely these things could be less farcical yet produce the same effect. No, I reckon our manipulators are testing our limits as well as pushing our buttons.

  28. mkey says:

    I missed this one, Stefan Molyneux was also deyoutubed about a month ago.

    Stefan Molyneux | Why YouTube Deleted My Channel | Modern Wisdom Podcast #195

  29. mik says:

    I discussed ‘rona insanity with some normies, some of them guardian readers, and was astounded with their almost the same reply: they said they are unqualified to read medicine articles and then conclude something.

    Of course, neither do I find myself qualified to read all medicine articles, but some of them are within my understanding, particularly when they are read by some doctor (Peak prosperity). You must stay vigilant, the doctor might plant some deception, but at the end you will most probably gain new knowledge.
    Normies didn’t accept my reasoning, they didn’t accept that this is in fact looking for second opinion, something that should be done by default. And what is the worse, they made the decision they are incapable of understanding without even trying to read and understand.
    I wouldn’t be surprised some them saying to a kid: How do you know you can’t, you didn’t even try.

    • Oscar says:

      Yes, I know Peak Prosperity. However, if you’re a relative layman trying to get a good handle on how the medical aspect of Covid-19 works, I recommend You can get the “Coronavirus Pandemic (COVID-19) Updates Explained Clearly” there for free.
      A lot of their video’s are to be found on YouTube as well, but it’s of course better to go to their own site.

      For example, if you want to check out how the novel coronavirus works and which medications work and why and how, you could start out with:
      – Coronavirus Epidemic Update 32: Important Data from South Korea, Can Zinc Help Prevent COVID-19?
      [start at 2 minutes, 45 seconds]

      Then go to:
      – Coronavirus Epidemic Update 34: US Cases Surge, Chloroquine & Zinc Treatment Combo, Italy Lockdown
      [start at 1 minute, 30 seconds]

      Then go to:
      – Coronavirus Pandemic Update 35: New Outbreaks & Travel Restrictions, Possible COVID-19 Treatments
      [start at 1 minute, 20 seconds]

      And then just look at the headlines of next updates and take it from there.

      I think it’s a brilliant series. You’ll be much more confident in discussing the medical aspect of the corona-virus, and KNOWING which medications to take.

  30. Jed says:

    I’m gonna take Ethan Siegel’s advice regarding his own Forbes article, as reading it at this point could be defined as research—
    The only place I’ve ever cracked open a Forbes magazine was in a dentist’s waiting room, must be why Siegel plugs fluoride. Fuck you Ethan Siegel, you and that mainstream looser magazine.

    • mkey says:

      Touche Jed, touche. Of course, by not reading this article you are passing on the opportunity for your daily enema, but I’m sure there will be more of those forthcoming.

  31. xochicasa says:

    Check it out, they get it, share far and wide!

  32. Libertydan says:

    I wonder how much Forbes Magazine got paid to push all this Propaganda! Corporations are in Business to make Money (not to serve the community).
    That said, Corporate Fascist Governments do not serve the people, any better than Communist Governments do.
    To paraphrase what Thomas Jefferson stated over two hundred years ago;
    “If you allow the Bankers to take control of the Money Supply, they, and the Corporations that grow up around them will, through Inflation, then Deflation, steal all possessions from the people”.
    End the Fed!
    The lairs lie for money, so we must take the motivation away. Boycott Forbes!

  33. WAYNED says:

    Research. Reality is most of us flock to you because we trust your reporting, but I have also verified through show notes, particularly subjects that I find most important. But generally, if I could do the research, I would not have time to do the work that keeps the internet going.

    Ben Swann did a piece pointing out the CDC’s own study showing face masks are not effective against viruses. I went to the CDC website and on their main page they had a highlighted text showing “new” research that may indicate utility, leaving us to look at those “new” studies. Well, I looked, and all I got was a list of footnotes. I read each footnote and the links provided by those footnotes and fail to see that CDC has any new evidence in contradiction to the original study showing masks not designed or effective for virus prevention.

    Still, if someone wanted to “fact-check” Ben Swann, they might have just stopped at the highlighted text and assumed CDC now believes masks are effective based on new studies.

    I did not see anything that vindicates the CDC, only things that vindicate Ben SWann’s reporting.

    I don’t watch Ben Swann religiously (like Corbett Report) but I do think it may be worth looking into his ISE.Media.

    Anyway, good job here.

  34. HomeRemedySupply says:

    FLUORIDE TRIAL – Today will be a big day
    Thursday, August 6th, 2020 the Judge in the Fluoride Trail should make a ruling.

    This link goes to a “Fluoride Action Network” webpage which has an embedded video playlist that addresses commonly asked questions regarding the trial.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Around 1pm Central time in the U.S. on August 6th.
      The Judge is running behind schedule for the Hearing.

      Derrick Broze Twiiter updates

      Judge Chen recapping the previous hearings and why he gave EPA and Fluoride Action Network a chance to come to an agreement.
      Chen says he is disappointed to hear that there is not going to be an agreement….

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The CDC’s public credibility is at stake –
        Fluoride and “Covid-talk”

        The CDC is the primary promoter of water fluoridation in the U.S.
        They have an entire large department dedicated to the public relations and promotion of water fluoridation (not to research on its toxicity).

        If it turns out that water fluoridation is a brain altering toxic substance, then in the public’s eye, the CDC will lose credibility.
        What does that do for all the CDC’s Covid advice?

  35. HomeRemedySupply says:

    There are a myriad of scientific studies which show Fluoride’s harmful effects.
    Four game-changing studies definitively demonstrate the neurotoxicity resulting from water fluoridation.
    These 4 studies are beyond reproach.
    Water fluoridation can and does irreparable damage to the brain, and is compared on par to lead toxicity.

    Game-Changing Study Number 1
    Bashash 2017 Study: Fluoride Exposure in Utero Linked to Lower IQ in Kids

  36. suzt says:

    Thank you for this report!

    Personally I think research and critical thinking are at issue.

    I saw the Forbes article and it gave me insight into why I am hearing people tell me that I am not capable of reading clinical trials. That you have to be a scientist to understand them. One chica about 25 years old went so far as to say “I have a Masters and I can’t read them”. YIKES and she is blonde from Norway. Another person said, I don’t see Dr. after your name!

    Among other things, I think it’s a reflection that the “elite” are worried as the science has leaked out and there’s a recent poll that shows more Americans and people around the world are reluctant to get the vaccine.

    Another reflection is this clinical trial of the US gov’t and Yale University to PR test how to most effectively manipulate us into getting vaccinated.

    The options they are studying include shame and anger techniques:
    Other: Control message
    Other: Baseline message
    Other: Personal freedom message
    Other: Economic freedom message
    Other: Self-interest message
    Other: Community interest message
    Other: Economic benefit message
    Other: Guilt message
    Other: Embarrassment message
    Other: Anger message
    Other: Trust in science message
    Other: Not bravery message

    What continues to concern me is how many of us want autonomy versus don’t seem to care.

    Thank you again James. I really don’t know how you do this and stay sane but I remain so grateful to you and this community.

  37. Tsuyoshi says:

    I remember seeing this about a month ago and realized that people trust Anthony Fauci so much that they even believe him say that he didn’t recommend face masks before even though he knew it was important to wear face masks back then because there was a shortage of face masks back then and he wanted protect health care professionals. How thoughtful he is!

    • lovetodust says:

      I watched that clip again of Fauci saying masks weren’t necessary, etc. and then him being questioned by that committee and “setting them straight” (my marks)

      I mean it is beyond laughable. Beyond. Laughable.

      The scary/comical thing is that this goes on ALL THE TIME. Once you have started “doing your own research” you run into these back-peddling/bold-face lying episodes quite frequently.

      Colin Powell and the WMD’s come to mind.

      So does that famous scene in the Godfather when Pentangeli lies to the senate at the last minute.

      Bobby Kennedy Jr. mentions when interviewed about his father Robert Kennedy, that his dad told him “Powerful people lie”.

  38. NES says:

    All I can say is OMG. Does this Ethan Siegle not understand that critical thinkers KNOW who he’s working for in creating this ridiculous article? I agree. It’s CLICK BAIT, nothing more important and certainly not accurate at all. It’s completely transparent as to whom is in control of his opinions–BLUE PILL ALERT!!

    College was supposed to teach you, Ethan, to think critically–well, unless you took a business degree with no classes which required critical thinking. Most business students just marked T or F on their exams. Not uncommon.

    You seem to be including yourself, by association, in this group of unquestioned experts as you state. OMG. You are a complete fraud. How do you live with yourself? Where do you fit into the picture, Mr. Siegle? I’ll tell you because you are clearly too stupid to know. YOU DON’T! You’re are a lock-tugger, a peasant and you don’t even know it.

    Stupid article, definitely click bait for the sleepers. Piss off, My Siegel. Piss off.

  39. Robert Smith says:

    To be honest regarding Covid, although the Corona Virus is a real global pandemic, but the official narrative is indeed not true since there’s absolutely no such thing as a Chinese Virus, since its actually a Zionist Bioweapon created Donald Trump the Zionist Tyrant alongside Israel the true enemy of humanity.
    When it comes to my thoughts regarding what to deal about the Covid1984 Trumpvirus (Remember that there’s real connections between Donald Trump & Bill Gates, plus Trump is ordering the U.S. Military to vaccinate everybody which is not good at all, even harmful to autistic people like me). I don’t mind social distancing as long as its voluntary, which I feel very mixed about anyway anyhow, & I’m totally cool with mask wearing in public as long as its voluntary. Its the Quarantine crap that I’m absolutely against. Social Distancing & Mask wearing should simply just be voluntary & that’s it.

    • Steve Smith says:

      Hi Robert. I have a half brother in Indiana with your name. I think that he’s still a statist though.
      Where are you from?

    • mkey says:

      When you say “Corona Virus” are you referring to the corona virus that supposedly causes covid-19 or are you referring to the entire family of corona viruses?

      • Robert Smith says:

        I’m from Oregon & currently living in Montana, Steve Smith, & I’m basically happy to be a Cascadian. to answer that question, mkey, when I by Corona Virus, I legitimately mean both of course, & I’m aware that there are countless Corona Viruses. The reasons about why the official narrative is fabricated is because China didn’t create it, and I don’t buy into any of that fake Bat Soup & Wet Market crapa single bit. That’s why I believe its Donald Trump & Israel who created this Covid Bioweapon in the first place.

        • mkey says:

          Where have you seen evidence that covid19 even exists let alone that it was designed as a weapon?

          We have a number of people that have died of various causes that have shown to be “positive” by a “test” that is reliable in identifying the virus causing covid19 as much as one could reliably identify another human being by some hair clippings.

  40. Blameitontheboogie says:

    Any idea that there is such a thing as settled science or absolute experts on anything is ludicrous (except YouTube of course who seem to be experts on absolutely everything and know exactly what information should be removed on any given topic). Science is just theory and changes all the time so at what point do you say it is settled. “No I’m sorry Signor Gallileo we know that the sun goes around the earth and that will be believed for all time”.

    If you asked 10 experts about pretty much anything you would probably end up with 10 varying opinions unless of course they were all being bribed or blackmailed by the same organisation. Absolutely nothing in this life is certain or settled even whether or not we exist because some experts say we don’t.

    • mkey says:

      You could have 10.000 scientists on one end, all in agreement and one jag off scientist on the other end, bringing valid data and establishing a sound hypothesis. Consensus on the most basic level is abhorrent to the scientific method.

  41. André says:

    James, you’ve become self-referential: “I’ve said this a million times already.”

    That may be, but to new viewers, that’s not relevant, and indicates to them what’s to follow is not addressed to them either.

    You sound tired. You’re a masterful storyteller—and what is science but stories we tell one other?—but to remain one, you need to be able to tell the same story over and over again as if it was heard for the very first time. The story is built in the mind of the listener, not in the mind of the teller.

  42. Antonio says:

    If we aren’t supposed to do our own research, because we aren’t experts and can’t understand the science, why are we allowed to vote for leaders? Doesn’t that exercise require at least as much real understanding as any scientific inquiry?

    After all, we are trusting ‘experts’ when we vote for people to make all the important decisions for us. If we can’t understand science, how can we understand the competing claims of the political parties? Is there a consensus on what is best for the economy, immigration, basic law and order?

    Consensus is the enemy of clear thinking, not the result of clear thinking. We should question everything any ‘expert’ says because, although they might be more learned in their field of expertise, we can’t assume that they are not compromised in some way and, therefore, we cannot assume they have our best interests at heart.

    If we aren’t smart enough to do our own research, to evaluate competing claims, why are we allowed to vote? Why, indeed, should we even be allowed to walk around with money in our pockets? Truth be told, I am sure that this is their real attitude toward the individual. “Shut up, and listen to the experts,” they say. What they really mean is, “Shut up, and don’t think.”

    • mkey says:

      This matter is a lot simpler. If there is a risk for undertaking some procedure, someone has to take responsibility. If something is mandated, then whoever is mandating/executing orders is on the hook and responsible.

      When the chain accountability is severed, you get this type of shitstorm. Turn around everything and things spin out of control.

      Now doctors and scientists are starting to behave as politicians. Imagine if all of us started to behave like that, where would it take us? Without integrity and morals our civilization would fall apart.

  43. Mal says:

    I’m on board!

    Cheers Mal

  44. Jeremy says:

    James Corbett is an intellectual who can determine the relationships between causes and effects.

    Excerpt from Sounding the Alarm on the COVID-19 Crisis: An Open Letter

    “This John Galt would be absolutely right to conclude that regardless of a person’s professed philosophy:

    “People are good inasmuch as they are able to see consciously enough to distinguish between truth and falsehood, and make life-sustaining decisions. They are evil inasmuch as they are unable to determine the relationships between causes and effects.”

    Peter Ragnar (Visit Peter’s website at”

    Sounding the Alarm on the COVID-19 Crisis: An Open Letter

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