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03/17/201522 Comments

"Pink Cadillac" is a silly and forgettable "action"/"comedy" flick starring Dirty Harry himself, Clint Eastwood. So what on earth does this cornball 1989 film have to do with the FBI's "Patriot Conspiracy," Timothy McVeigh and the OKC Bombing? Find out in this month's exploration of Film, Literature and the New World Order.

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A&E Biography of Timothy McVeigh

Excerpts From Timothy McVeigh Letter

Video of McVeigh at Camp Grafton Destroys OKC Bombing Official Story

PATCON internal documents

Jesse Trentadue on The Corbett Report

Jesse Trentadue Discusses PATCON with Scott Horton

FBI surrenders documents that judge ordered

Informant: McVeigh Called Strassmeir Weeks Before OKC

Millar's Rent-A-Nazi

Mark Koernke interviewed by Sam Donaldson

Phil Donahue Show regarding the Militia 1994

Frasier jokes about the New World Order

Eastwood Dines with FBI Director Mueller

Dean Haglund Blows the Whistle on Lone Gunmen / Chris Carter / CIA / 9/11

Last month's episode and comments: Narcissus and Goldmund

Next month: Brazil

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  1. jgrutzik says:

    Hi James –

    Another mind blowing show – thanks for the info.

    I had an idea. It seems to me that popular media has been a kind of a barometer in the past. I wonder if it might work as a predictor now. Do you know of anyone that watches current TV in the US scanning for clues pointing to possible future events?

    I know that it is easier to look back and connect the dots than it is to see something random and recognize it as a predictor but has anyone thought of doing that? Have you seen anything that seems out of the ordinary?

    I wonder what Chris Carter is working on now?

    – Joe

    • Corbett says:

      Good questions, Joe. I’m obviously unplugged from pop culture these days (thankfully) but if anyone has any ideas I hope they’ll leave them here in the comments.

    • macburns says:

      I do not have a TV at home, but it is on at work and it stops me dead in my tracks frequently. I,like most of us here, see it as nothing more than a manipulative, psychological tool. I am watching closely, the impression that the mainstream media is making, that Obama is sympathetic to the Palestinian cause and not supportive of Israel. I see it over and over again, and my “conservative” facebook friends are posting about it too. This is what they want us to think. However, I was perusing a copy of Hadassah magazine, and Valerie Jarrett states that Obama is committed to a strong Israel. So there is some confusion there. I am also looking at the secret service scandals (or staged lapses in security?) and the breaches at the White House with the drone and the fence climber. What do these magicians have up their sleeves with all of this? We have to agree that public presidential events, like inaugurations, speeches and such are likely loaded with symbolism. I wonder if there is any meaning to the black widow dress that the first lady wore here. Is a staged assassination pending, to bring about unrest…?? What do you think-far fetched…?

      • macburns says:

        ..and within 24 hours the page about the black widow dress does not exist. Must be a coincidence. Here is another look. One could also interpret it to mean “African-American widow” I suppose.

      • Simon says:

        Hi macburns,

        “within 24 hours the page about the black widow dress does not exist. Must be a coincidence”. I love a good coincidence. Two things strike me as odd; 1) changing the ?id=26124 to 3 at the end, or 5, does work. Also trying random five digits numbers less than 50115 (latest article) I have tried also work. 2) what is there to hide about the ‘black widow’ dress. Especially considering what information liberation does cover.
        Ah perhaps then a IT problem? maybe just a coincidence then 🙂

      • macburns says:

        Hi Simon
        All my friends and family are coincidence theorists…:) Did you find the page on the first link I posted? The other number combinations did bring me to other pages on the site, but the first link I posted now makes you wait for a redirect to the home page. I suppose we could be on to something.

  2. garyegeberg says:

    Due to insomnia I was up late one night last week, and sought out the sleep aid of television. I stumbled upon “NCIS LA”. Lo and behold it was a militia episode with all the stereotypical portrayals out in full force. During one “tense” situation in the woods in which a couple of the detectives were being held captive and police/military reinforcements had yet to arrive, several fighter planes were shown flying overhead. The message was obvious: you militia nutcases have NO chance against what we can throw at you. At the end of the show the rescued detectives lectured one young misguided militia dude about how he doesn’t want to throw his life away hanging out with these losers. They provided him with a phone call, and the show ended with this man sobbingly telling his mother, “I want to come home.”

    James, you and your brothers might want to check this episode out sometime. 🙂

  3. JP says:

    Listened to James discuss They Live with a colleague who still refuses to put the glasses on. I glanced at him every so often and his expression was priceless.
    Love FLNWO

  4. Greg says:

    James, you offer two possibilities for the inclusion of right wing militia groups being included into Pink Cadillac…

    1) Predictive programming based on foreknowledge of actual movements

    But fall back to the possibility that this is a…

    2) More general meme finding its way into Hollywood scripts as a reflection of modern society

    Using 9-11 as a case study, one that your viewers are more likely to be familiar with, could you come to the same conclusion, or more astutely, a lack thereof? You’ve talked about Neo’s passport expiring on 9-11. The Lone Gunman pilot episode. And then there are the more abstract examples like the pairing of ideas seen in this SNL skit…

    Using Illuminati symbolism as an example, maybe it proliferates in modern pop culture as a reflection of our times. But using 9-11 as an example, if all the airings took place prior to the event it could only be seen as predictive programming based on specific foreknowledge or mere coincidence.

    To what, if any, extent do you see predictive programming used and where/ how/ and why do you see it being used?

    James, interested in your thoughts as well as anyone else that has an opinion.



    • Corbett says:

      Thanks for this, Greg. I have my own ideas, but I will save them for the end of the next episode. In the meantime, I’d be happy to hear what everyone else thinks.

      • Greg says:

        My thought is this – popular culture is made by an ideologically invested and well-funded bunch. They know they have a lot of influence that people are willing to pay for. An ambitious group could do a lot with that platform. What I’d like to see you go into is how is it being used in the present day. Simply, should we viewing the entertainment wing with the same skepticism as we view the news? Then, how are the two different? How are they the same? Speak to what others have pointed out and make a judgement.

        Have some fun making it.

        Really enjoy the series.

  5. sentient33 says:

    Curiously enough, James, the first link above is now dead (A&E biography about McVeigh), as Youtube says the account associated with this video has been terminated. Hmm, very curious indeed. I’m sure the timing is completely coincidental. *cough*

  6. Mark K. P. says:

    Another thought provoking FLNWO, well done James. My first intro to OKC as a false flag (been concentrating more on 911). A suggestion for a later episode, if you can uncover something more substantial than my suspicions ; Midnight Meat Train, short story by Clive Barker, got converted into a particularly gory, disturbing 2008 movie starring the American psycho Bradley Cooper. I mean sniper! Watching it a second time recently I got the feeling that it’s in the genre of predictive programming (in terms of the ending ; what all the human meat is for in particular). Don’t know anything about Barker (also co-producer of the movie), but the end credits credit all the financing to JP Morgan Chase Bank

  7. doublek321 says:

    Predictive programming on TV show Barney Miller back in 1981:

    Jeffrey Tambor explains the N.W.O. and the Trilateral Commission on Barney Miller in 1981

  8. Fosca says:

    Really looking forward to the coming FLNWO on the brilliant “Brazil”. Finally a movie really worth watching!:-)

    To use this Pink Cadillac as an anchor for the interesting OKC story, but I am glad I did not spend money to get a copy. Maybe you should give clear warnings on the movies & literature. Actually sometimes you did in the past already.

  9. NotDole says:

    Concerning what you were discussing at the end about the duality of humans, this short documentary on the only TV show one should watch in its entirety 82 episode “Breaking Bad” where an emasculated man has the great news that he’s got inoperable lung cancer at his 50’s. It is a hidden critic of the US health system (the show’s arc is in 2008-2009, so economic crisis on top of it). He decides to make meth seeing as it pays a real lot in flyover country ( I wouldn’t count NM as flyover country, beautiful place as we get to see but anyways…

    It’s a great explanation of the duality of man, like the duality of molecules, or your hands, I won’t use the example he uses (he’s got a PhD in chemistry only to be a high school teacher) but let’s say the most old school ADD med, Dexedrine, dextro-amphetamine to be precise, in small doses in ADULTS, the fact even the weaker Ritalin is given to people under 18 really makes me angry but anyway, will help concentration better than caffeine with less side effects. Levo-amphetamine? It’s found in vicks inhalers for those who have a stuffy nose and want something that works (not that disgusting phenylephrine which has proven to be cardiotoxic, but hey gotta protect the childruuunn.

    Here, this is more interesting than my ramblings, and they don’t spoil much only showing the not-so-obvious symbolism of his own duality as he’s just the family man in the first few episodes, it’s all there already…who was told he had inoperable cancer, so fear leaves him more and more, but I’ll let you be the judge.

  10. a822 says:

    Arlington road (1999) by Mark Pellington
    also plays into this, 1999 was 4 years after OKC
    and Columbine year. We have the typical “enemy
    from within” narrative, and looking back,
    it seems a void needed to be filled in the boogeyman
    department at the time(post-Russia and pre-OBL),
    so it’s back to targetting dissenters at home
    and keeping the “fear the sasquatch” vibe alive
    in the mind of the public.

  11. KylieofDarwinOZ says:

    A different perspective on OKC:

    In 1995, Timmy McVeigh celebrated his birthday in jail on Greek Easter (23rd April) because he drove an “Easter-yellow”, 1977 Mercury Grand Marquis (a subsidiary of FORD motors) as a getaway car without a licence plate.

    Good thing Timmy was specially wearing his lucky t-shirt at the time of his official arrest mug shot with the motto “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (supposedly shouted by John Wilkes Booth after he shot President Abraham Lincoln in the head at Ford’s Theatre on 14th April 1865). It obviously was meant to counteract the Titanic iceberg of a mistake that he struck the deal to buy the escape car just a few days earlier on the traditional Good Friday (14th April).

    Timmy’s biggest problem turned out to be that he had spent several days with a total “fool” of a man (Nichols born 1st April 1955) building a device in the back of a Ryder truck (also a FORD) by a lake next to US Highway 77 in Kansas.

    That Ryder truck was then driven, just by Timmy, to the U.S. state of Oklahoma (which just happens to have 77 counties). And lucky for Timmy, when he gets to town he manages to get a great parking space next to a building that just happened to have first opened in 1977 (Alfred P. Murrah Building).

    Apparently the only part of that Ryder truck that they managed to later find intact was a rear axle with the vehicle identification number: PVA26077 (but don’t get too suspicious – they missed a number to be able to spell out “Axolotl” in occult numeracy).

    Speculation aside – OKC more importantly is the story about the literal “Gates of Time” Keepers – the “memorials”, history propaganda and the reshaping of a community, as just across from the parking lot by the Murrah Building was the Journal Record Building (a former Masonic Temple) – and as you would expect near any mass sacrificial site – the western “one-third” of that building is now home to the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum.

    But not content with just one sacred memorial site – they start planting and spreading hundreds of seeds from the “Survivor (elm) Tree” that was rehabilitated after the blast. Importantly one of these saplings was planted in Scissortail Park on the 24th Anniversary – the park being named after Oklahoma’s state bird the “scissor-tailed flycatcher” (Tyrannus forficatus – part of the tyrant flycatchers (Tyrannidae) family of birds) – I guess “tyrants” are trying to soften their image.

    As for poor Timmy, he was “allegedly” executed by lethal injection via a vein in his leg in 2001 – and if you play the occult charades “sounds like” game you will know that the medical term (Latin) femur (“thigh”) – sounds just like FEMA (the fool’s day joke organisation – founded on 1st April 1979).

    But the odd thing is what does Timmy have to do with the coincidences that – Texaco Headquarters is in White Plains Westchester County, NY -County FIPS: 36119 and on 10th October 2001 under the terms of an acquisition deal, Texaco stockholders were to receive 0.77 shares of ChevronTexaco stock for each Texaco share they own?? (hint: it has to do with Timmy’s 1988 battalion photo).

    But by far the most interesting reason in unearthing these facts – was trying to solve a stupid hidden cryptic clue in an eighties movie!!

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