June Open Thread (2023)

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Yes, I'm heading to Bath for the Better Way Conference, so in the meantime enjoy an (early!) June Open Thread.

As usual, there's no shortage of news and information to discuss while The Corbett Report is on hiatus, from geopolitics and technocracy to Bilderberg and biosecurity.

But it can't be all Ghoul World Disorder all the time, so:

  • Why not share your favourite banana bread recipe?
  • Why not plan out things to do away from the screen while James is away?
  • Why not discuss the most inspiring book you've ever read or the most interesting person you've ever met?
  • Why not marvel at the powerful "Mourning Monarchy" by SarahLockPoetry?

. . . Or whatever else it is you'd like to discuss.

. . . and, oh, by the way, did you know that Question #59 of 100 Question For Corbett has been answered? Well, it has!

Whatever you want to talk about, the June Open Thread is for you! . . . provided that "you" happen to be a Corbett Report member, that is.

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  1. Gavinm says:

    Hello everyone! Perhaps we can call this open thread New World Next Month? 😉

    I hope your gardens are beginning to come along beautifully (whether that be in a window sill, on a balcony, in a community garden or in a massive set up of raised beds and epic walk through tunnel trellis’ with hanging melons, runner beans, kiwis and grapes!) 🙂

    I just wanted to swing by and answer the call to “discuss the most inspiring book you’ve ever read” (or something like that).

    In the post linked below I list an assortment of books, articles, substack essays etc I felt compelled to read (and/or re-read) in the last year.

    I don’t think I can place one as “the most inspiring” but they all offered important pieces of the puzzle in helping me to feel empowered, informed and capable to get up each morning and face the world knowing I have the tools and knowledge to be able to weather the technocratic storm on the horizon (and do so in a way that actually brings increased levels of joy, health, creativity and spiritual enrichment to my life).


    It is my hope that if you read (and/or have already read some of these) that you will comment below to spark discussion so we can all brainstorm about how to put the concepts within the pages of these books into action to improve our quality of life, the resilience of our communities and hopefully leave this place a little bit more beautiful than it was when we arrived here for future generations.

    May June be a harbinger of abundant harvests which result from that which you have planted the seeds for with your good works in the soil, your community and in hearts and minds.

    • terez says:

      Oh it’s you, Gavin! Just as I was thinking, oh what an interesting idea, to have that list of books and recommendations. Two of my readers (unbeknownst to each other) just told me I would like Cities & the Wealth of Nations by Jane Jacobs, review here: https://astralcodexten.substack.com/p/your-book-review-cities-and-the-wealth. So I’m going to be digging into that when I finish The Karma of Untruthfulness by Rudolf Steiner and milk it for whatever clues I can on the real story of WWI–in addition to the great work of James.
      And, as you know, I’m on a Corbett kick in my Substack and have these two already posted: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/james-corbett-on-hopium-and-heroes and https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/popping-the-blue-pill. I did a video comparing Matt Ehret & James called Battle of the Geopolitical Brains. It’s on YT now (yea, booo, I know) https://youtu.be/9Rrfs3E2IMc but I’ll be putting it on Rumble and Sub later today with lots more info and perhaps another vid to contain it all.
      I’d love to get thoughts of this well-informed group on how you would compare the two. In many areas, they’re the only voices covering relevant and forbidden histories. But in other ways they disagree, which Matt has been expressing lately. Thoughts?

      • Gavinm says:

        Hey Tereza! Fancy seeing you here 🙂

        Thanks for the book suggestions and review, I will add those to my wishlist.

        I have not had a chance to dig into your recent substack posts (nor write any for my own subscribers) as I am goin on 35 days strait without a day off at a my day job now (tryna scrape together every last penny so I can pay for an upgraded binding/paper quality to make my book more durable and easy to read). Speaking of which I received a sample from the printing company and I am very happy with the quality 🙂 check it out https://recipesforreciprocity.com/i-am-now-one-step-closer-to-printing/

        I am happy to announce that I will be seeing a full pallet of books arriving on my door step within two months and getting you (and all the other people who pre-ordered a copy) their physical books soon after!

        I will check out your recent substack posts that reference James Corbett’s work as soon as I get a day or two off to catch up with my garden, house work and loose ends for shipping logistics for my book.

        I do not know much about Matt Ehret and I have only watched a couple interviews/discussions that he was involved with. From what I could glean from listening to him speak on a couple occasions he seems like a very intelligent guy but (based on a couple interviews I saw) he does seem to place his faith in some ideas, institutions, individuals and systems that I personally do not invest my time, hope or faith in personally. I`ll share a link to one of the interviews I am talking about in another comment below.

        As far as comparing the work of Matt Ehret to James Corbett’s, I would have to read (and/or listen to) a lot more of Matt Ehret’s material before I could render any kind of reasonably informed opinion on that matter. I`ll try to add his writing onto my reading wish list and get back to you on that.

        I am glad you are here enriching this space with your thought provoking comments and candid observations.

        Thanks for the comment my friend.

      • Gavinm says:


        Here is one of the discussions I watched that included Matt Ehret:

        Panel: “Russia & the Great Reset – Resistance or Complicity?”
        OffGuardian has teamed up with Unlimited Hangout to host our first-ever panel discussion: “Russia & the Great Reset – Resistance or Complicity?”


        Is the war in Ukraine an “extension of Covid by other means”? Is Putin’s Russia opposed to globalism or actively supporting it? Is the east-west clash between the US-EU and Russia-China a genuine struggle of ideas, or squabbling over the best seats at the table?

        Moderators Kit Knightly and Whitney Webb discuss all this and more with their guest panellists Tom Luongo, Matthew Ehret, Iain Davis and Riley Waggaman.


        My thoughts on the views expressed by Matt Ehret (and his ally) in that particular discussion:

        It seems to me that both Matthew Ehret and Tom Luongo have emotionally and intellectually invested themselves in a number of degenerative and disempowering belief systems related to the role of money/currency, governments and war in our human story. These beliefs appear (to me) to be rooted in their latching onto the comforting (and infantilizing) idea that someone other then themselves is going to solve their/our problems for them/us. This ‘outsourcing’ of their responsibility to shape our shared future through their day to day actions and their underestimating of both their own power (and the pervasive influence of the plutocratic psychopaths steering the policies of our nationstates) leaves them vulnerable to being seduced by propaganda and wishful thinking involving putting one individual or group on a pedestal as some kind of savior archetype. Their decision to believe that someone ‘out there’ in some ‘high up place of influence’ is going to ‘get rid of the bad guys and bring honesty back to centralized systems of authority’ appears to have led to their close mindedness and championing of the various individuals they espouse as “the solution”.

        This is apparent in Tom’s fixation on precious metal backed currencies and it is apparent in Matthew’s vague hope that current forms of transhumanism, AI/automation/robotics and centralized forms of authority that push these technologies forward (that have a legal monopoly on force) can somehow be altered to become beneficial and helpful to our human family. IMO, these are the types of ideas of individuals invest themselves in due to their having been indoctrinated into a sort of mass Stockholm Syndrome, where one refuses to see how we are the ones that have to do the hard work to improve our lives and our society. Instead, many (such as Tom Luongo and Matthew Ehret) seem to be perpetually looking (desperately) for an external savior figure (or institution) that will magically choose to be morally just and do the hard work for us in creating an honest, equitable, fulfilling and abundant world.

        • klhop777 says:

          Gavinm…Thanks for this! Looking forward to hearing this one.

        • CQ says:

          Gavin, I listened to that debate shortly after it was aired (or maybe I saw it live, I don’t recall). Thanks for explaining so succinctly and eloquently just WHY I was convinced by Iain’s and Riley’s arguments — and not by Matt’s and Tom’s.

          • Gavinm says:


            Thanks for the comment.

            Riley is a great guy, I admire his diligence as a researcher and journalist and I especially appreciate his humor (it helps the medicine go down as they say 🙂 )

            Did you read this article https://edwardslavsquat.substack.com/p/one-hundred-years-of-cattle-tagging that Riley posted a while back ?

            I found it to be especially illuminating when considering how effective the slow motion incremental totalitarian tip toe has been in the last hundred years (speaking to the truth of how the ‘frog in the pot of water slowly heating does not realize he is being cooked’ metaphor) in how the ruling oligarchy is attempting to move forward with it’s globalized control grid.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Gavinm, that was a very interesting table full of books. All but one are probably useful, giving some truthful insights.
      Why is Dr. Greer’s book on that table? I looked through your excellent book reviews and did not see any comments on Unacknowledged. Just wondering?

      • Gavinm says:


        Thanks for taking the time to comment and pose some great questions.

        I feel that Greer’s book(s) offer a plethora of verifiable intel (and worth while insights) on an aspect of our reality that will significantly influence our shared future (yet is a subject that many refuse to educate themselves about out of fear, laziness, emotional investments in irrational dogmas and/or denial).

        Did you see the other books I shared pics on in the substack post below that pic on the top with many books on the table? I wish I had time to review each one (especially the mycology books, Greer’s book and The Invisible Rainbow) but I am working an insane and unhealthy work schedule at my day job (landscaping) right now so I threw together what comments, thoughts and reviews I could on the books I shared pics of and intend to re-visit each one to do a more in depth post in the future.

        I will copy paste my statement on Greer from my substack post titled “Childhood’s End” ( for reference: https://gavinmounsey.substack.com/p/childhoods-end ) to give you a better idea of my thoughts on his work.

        No-one is perfect. Greer may have an ego and some people have accused him of inappropriate behavior and/or overcharging for his CE-5 expeditions, however, I cannot speak to the validity of those claims because I have not been on one of those expeditions. That being said, when one triple verifies his data, it turns out to be legit, thus I do not throw the baby out with the bathwater. Looking inward is indeed the key when it comes to connecting with advanced cultures (Greer got that right too) as their technology interfaces with coherent thought. However, Greer’s preferred Vedic style meditations are not the only viable and effective way to look inward and hone one’s inner antennae. In other words, the meditative methodology/ideology is not as important as the clear genuine intent of the person seeking to look within and know their own mind and heart. I do not suggest anyone should blindly follow or idolize Greer (nor any other “ufo” expert or “whistle blower” etc) but rather I suggest we should each ask the hard questions, follow the money, use our intuition and be skeptical (regardless of who is telling us something). I followed the evidence and it led me to confirm what Dr. Greer says in this film linked above to be (unfortunately) accurate. I see the value in looking at all sides of a thing and learning from the ancient past, but personally, this isn’t about “believing” nor speculating but rather it is about acting upon verifiable intel.

        What are your thoughts on Greer (and the implications of the ET presence in general)?

      • Gavinm says:


        For additional info on my thoughts on Greer (and some of the ways that his views and my own apparently do not align) see:


        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Gavinm , thank for the link to thoughts on Dr Greer. I can’t prove anything but circumstantially he could be a charleton working for the Rockefeller Foundation agenda. What that is? Who knows for sure. I believe Corbett gave us a peak at some of that Rockefeller kindness.
          Any way,the list of Rock.Foundation satellites ownership is long. I googled’ Rockefeller owned satellites’ and asked myself how could a grifter,(Rocks love to hire this kind of person for fronting agendas) use access to these machines for their grifts. Iridium flares. There is a new low orbit constellation in the sky today that had it not been divulged to the public could easily and believably be sold as E.T.s come to visit. That’s the grift of Greer’s lights from another dimension. He reminds me of Maurice Strong a bit.
          By the way I have a great interest in producing food and will put those other books to GOOD use.

        • Jed says:

          I keep looking in the window to see if Dr.Greer is at the supper table with the pigs and farmers — haven’t seen him there yet, nor have I seen RFK Jr., or Tucker C, or Joe R, or hopefully I won’t see any of them but I’ll keep looking.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Interesting discussion. As far as ETs coming to visit the earth, I think it’s certainly possible. Based on what little I know about physics a being that had a finite physical lifetime probably would need a shortcut to get to another planet and also the technology to go pretty fast and also to protect against hard radiation from space.

          Maybe they have different elements on their planet and also have technology we haven’t discovered yet? I’m not sure.

          People have had lots and lots of eyewitness accounts and they have been given polygraph tests and seem sincere with what they report. Could they have been kidnapped by the government and experimented on? I think it’s possible.

          I do think it’s a little suspicious that there so much publicity in the MSM about aliens though. This makes me skeptical of what is actually known. There is a bunch of UFO information on archive though linking to the government document itself here:


          And here’s another link to the FOIA documents about UFOs:


          Someone posted these on here many months ago and I saved them.

        • Gavinm says:

          Thanks for the comments on Greer and the ET presence everyone, I appreciate you guys taking the time to share your thoughts.

          I suppose given that a large amount of intel shared in that book mentioned above (Unacknowledged) can be independently verified, whether or not Greer is a super undercover Rockefeller shill and whether or not he has people shooting up flares on his CE-5 expeditions to fake ET craft visiting is not really relevant in the bigger picture (IMO).

          All I know is that whether one is an Atheist or someone that acknowledges the existence of the soul and the Creator, the idea of a universe not teaming with advanced civilizations seems illogical and/or hubristic. If one accepts conventional scientific models of the age, size and composition of the known universe the idea that we humans are the most advanced civilization in our neighborhood (star cluster / Galaxy) is absurd. If one acknowledges that Creator is responsible for making this immense, diverse and beautiful universe what it is and then says we are the only sentient, technologically capable and/or “good” type of intelligent beings that God created in the whole universe, that seems to be a ridiculous, ego flattering, anthropocentric and hubristic view of the universe that any rational person would reject outright.

          Thankfully, (IMO) we do not have to speculate, as there is so much physical, testimonial, video, radar recording and archeological evidence of ET visitation that for those who take the time to honestly assess said evidence, it is no longer a question of “are they out there?” but rather “Why are they here? and who are they?”.

          Those are just my own personal perspectives though, and I respect that many do not share those views.

          I appreciate the candor and hope to continue this discussion further as events unfold and as time allows.

          • cu.h.j says:

            Well if there are ETs visiting, I’d love to meet some (if they are the peaceful kind) and I want to go inside their ship!

            No experimentation though. I would hope they recognize the importance of consent.

            I have heard anecdotes from people who have said that not all the ETs who visit are “nice”.

            • Gavinm says:


              I wonder how many times ETs (“the peaceful kind”) invited someone onto their ship only to have it shot at my belligerent, greedy little child men in covert military programs (even perhaps in some instances to have the craft end up being shot down with human occupants inside)?

              I get the feeling that when it comes to those civilizations that have come here (and are still here) observing and being willing to interact with those that are truly ready to engage with them (it can be somewhat of an emotionally and mentally challenging experience when one looks into the eyes of another intelligent being from elsewhere in this universe after a lifetime of programming and fear brainwashing) many of them have to take extreme measures in order to avoid being targeted by advanced orbital (and ground based) weapons platforms that are specifically designed to detect, target and fire upon interstellar/inter-dimensional craft entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

              Thankfully, many of the civilizations visiting here can move their craft in and out of this physical 3 dimension quite swiftly and easily, but, even so, from what I have gathered, every now and then the nasty humans running the ET craft downing and retrieval programs get off a ‘lucky’ shot and they do manage to successfully take down a craft of the peaceful visitors.

              I have no doubt that there are less advanced (and more self interested) interstellar capable civilizations out there that are not so nice, but based on my research they seem to be a minority and for the most part the vast majority of those civilizations that are capable of traversing the vastness of interstellar (and even sometimes intergalactic and/or interdimensional space) are a little more socially developed than us (they, in aggregate, appear to have moved passed being guided by selfish motivations). That does not mean we should put them on some pedestal, hope for handouts or rescue or something (IMO) but it does fly in the face of the majority of Hollywood (and mainstream scientist) depictions/descriptions of interstellar civilizations.

              That being said, I feel it is worth keeping in mind that based on my research I have also concluded that the interstellar civilizations that are here now are myriad, and thus, having developed on different worlds, their motivations, belief systems, methods of interacting and views of humanity often differ from one another in various ways.

    • helanda says:

      Well thanks to you and your seeds this year’s harvest is going to be a blast!

      Myself, my family and some neighbors are going to have special corn, carrots, chilis and tomatoes and alot of herbs and berries thanks to your garden!
      Thanks Gavin!!

      • Gavinm says:


        That is awesome!! 🙂 Thanks for letting me know the seeds arrived safely.

        Are these the type of beans I sent you that you were saying in the email you thought are beautiful? https://archive.org/details/worthmorethangold

        They are my favorite!

        I am imagining the colorful runner bean blossoms climbing up home made trellis’ surrounded in medicinal herbs with those beautiful Norwegian mountains in the background.

        I would love to see some pics once you and your family and friends get the seeds and seedlings going.

        I can offer some tips on how to create microclimates to encourage the heat loving varieties to thrive despite your mountainous growing conditions as well if you like 🙂

        I really appreciate the comment and I look forward to hearing how the seeds do for you guys

        • helanda says:

          *Are these the type of beans I sent you that you were saying in the email you thought are beautiful? https://archive.org/details/worthmorethangold

          They are my favorite!*

          Yeah, those are the ones!❤ A few of them was Orangy. Will there be a difference?:)

          *I would love to see some pics*

          Yeah, I will shoot you a mail with pics shortly 🙂 Have been weeding and making a place in the garden ready. And the first few seeds should be sprouting soon but I will keep them inside my bud box for a few weeks at least. And some of them probarly more permanently inside there.

          *I can offer some tips*

          Definitely gonna take you up on that, let’s have a proper chat soon!

          I so much appreciate you sending the seeds and that there is a possibility for local people to behave internationally and still think local. If you know what I mean.

          Power to the people, nullify fiat with bartering.
          And most of all have a bountiful season!

          • Gavinm says:


            Hmm orangy looking runner beans could mean they were exposed to extreme temperature/humidity fluctuations during shipping. If they do not sprout for you I am willing to send more in a more sturdy package.

            Awesome I am excited to see some pics once things sprout and your get the plants out in the garden! 🙂

            Sounds good about the chat, though I am super swamped at work so my replies may be intermittent. Please feel free to email me with any questions you have for the time being and i`ll get back to you when I can.

            I am glad I was able to find the seeds a new home in the mountainous realms of Europe. I find it very gratifying knowing that my work in selectively breeding some of those varieties for cold tolerance may be helpful to you, your family and community at large. When the time comes to harvest I would be happy to give you instructions on how to save seed so you can scale up your own seed production and begin developing your own locally acclimatized strains of those heirlooms I sent you 🙂

            *Power to the people, nullify fiat with bartering*

            Yes! I am with you my friend, you too

    • Gavinm says:

      Oh and as requested here is my favorite banana bread recipe! 😉

      𝗣𝗼𝗽𝗽𝗲𝗱 𝗔𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗵 (𝗮𝗻𝗱/𝗼𝗿 𝗤𝘂𝗮𝗱𝗿𝘂𝗽𝗹𝗲 𝗕𝗲𝗿𝗿𝘆) 𝗕𝗮𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗮 𝗕𝗿𝗲𝗮𝗱 :


      I shared a couple pics of my full banana bread recipe from the final sample copy of my book (fresh off the presses) and some pics of what popped amaranth looks like and what other homegrown ingredients (such as berries) go into our banana bread recipe(s).

      The pictures are all jumbled and not in order because archive dot org has an uploading framework/software that leaves much to be desired, but if you scroll through the pictures and read the description you will be able to see the full recipe and some of the ingredients we use from our garden.

      Our Popped Amaranth Banana Bread is packed with Mayan super foods, cashews, hemp hearts (and often homegrown berries)

      We often make our Banana bread / muffins with coconut and hemp oil rather than butter. I often use 25% homegrown/home milled amaranth flour and 75% organic sprouted locally farmed wheat flour.

      The addition of popped amaranth adds more nutrition and a lovely texture. Adding crushed cacao beans, hemp hearts, berries, cashews and grated whole vanilla bean makes this banana bread an extremely nutritious, energizing and exuberantly delicious snack. It freezes well and is lovely sliced as is or toasted with a bit of coconut oil melted on top.

      The Quadruple Berry Banana Bread variation (shown in the pics linked above is made with Goji berries, Service Berries, Currants and Blueberries from our garden, as well as hemp hearts, homemade maple sugar, coconut oil, chai seeds, and homegrown amaranth flour.

      I hope you guys give making your own version a try and it helps power days full of meaningful works that help you get one step closer to making your dreams a reality, increasing your health and food sovereignty and making your days more enjoyable through making your own tasty (and healthy) treats 🙂 Enjoy!

      I hope you have an awesome vacation James, you deserve it!

  2. inisfad says:

    Bilderberg is currently meeting. This video shows some of the participants, topics of discussion, etc. For you Rumble fans, Peter Thiel is at Bilderberg, along with some of your other favorites: https://www.bitchute.com/video/0HBX3fJFWKk2/

    • karlharvie says:

      Who fucking cares?

      • helanda says:

        I do, we got some norwegian fuckers mingling with the other fuckers there.
        And like with all 4 of the norwegians there they got their job because of their daddy, who got their position because of their granny or sum shit…
        Same with the rest of those nepotistic brats there.

        If somebody would ask me where the perfect place to test a new nuke was…

  3. mkey says:

    I’ve started messing around with juicing, smoothing and shredding fresh fruit. And vegetables, eventually.

    Here’s one tasty combination:

    – 1 lemon, whole. I just cut it up and took the seeds out, after giving it a wash. If supermarket bougt, you probably will want to peel it off first
    – 1 banana. I used fresh, most recipes use frozen bananas, but I want fresh fruit
    – turmeric, eye ball it
    – about 1 dl of clean water
    – some dried guava (what I had at hand)

    It’s fresh, thick and sour. The color is beautiful. If you would like to sweeten it up, throw in another banana. Maybe add some honey, or a few dates. If you want it less thick add more water.

    Anything dried you add is probably going to leave some flakes behind, I don’t mind personally.

    I am using a 1200W 20k RPM bullet type blender. I would say you need at least a 1kW machine to blend the harder stuff.

    • Jed says:

      I’ll try it. The “Vitamix,” changed my life, made it healthier and tastier with smoothies and vegetable soups.

      • mkey says:

        I had to go with the “bullet” model, because I know myself. Don’t have much room in the kitchen so it really pays off to have a compact unit that’s quick and easy to get out, use and put back into the cupboard. Plus you get to use the vessel as a cup.

        All under 3 minutes. I am lazy like that, and making things easy makes me contrite about being lazy.

        Do you have any preferred recipes to share?

        • Miss King says:

          Try beets (about big as thumb), banana, apple, maybe a bit h2o. Quite tasty & very healthy. Mom was a slug then took the tonic. She no longer needed nap, could do what she wanted all day, started to walk unassisted. Found out beets was in same & refused. Yet the drink was so powerful it took her 2wks to become a slug again.

        • Jed says:

          Sure: get a couple big handfuls of broccoli tops, an (cubed) onion and a (cut up)potato and spread them out on a baking sheet, put a few drops of olive oil on them, mix them about then add salt and pepper — bake them until the tops of the broccoli and onion start to crisp up and carmelize, let them cool a little then blend them all together with a little chicken broth (or vegetable broth), put it in a pot and bring it up to just under a boil — season to taste (shouldn’t need much of anything as S & P already added — makes a cream of broccoli soup without any cream – Delicious & nutritious — works with squash, sweet potatoes, potato leek, just burn, blend and (almost) boil. I don’t know how your bullet blender will work but a Vitamix does it in a flash. Can add some grated cheese when heating it, really puts it over the top but it’s not required —

          • mkey says:

            That does sound great. I think my blender should not have any problems with grinding down such vegetables, the hardest would be baked potato, so not hard at all.

            • Jed says:

              Cut that potato into small bits so the broccoli doesn’t get way-done first.
              The morning smoothie is a banana, some frozen pineapple, frozen mango, then baby spinach or any smoothie greens — & filtered water. Sometimes I’ll put some ginger root in too.

        • Reading “you get to use the vessel as a cup” reminded me…. About a month ago, I made remineralizing toothpaste with a friend. She has a blender that fits regular size canning jars. You screw the canning jar on – any size with a regular size mouth, and the blender blends whatever is inside it. I had never heard of such a thing before. I realize you need something compact, but this might be useful for others to know some time. 🙂

  4. Skeptical Narratives says:

    Have a great time James and safe travels. I’m getting ready to travel myself. My Mom got that dreaded C thing.

  5. Wally Jasper says:

    Hi everyone, I’ve been following James for about a year now and know of no other commentator on world happenings as erudite, good-hearted, clear thinking, honest, genuine and informed as James. But there is one area of his….I guess I’d call it, belief system, that goes counter to my deepest, most innate sense of being alive on this planet, and that is his stance on the burgeoning human population and the corresponding decline of most other species. So I know James does not think the human population is burgeoning but to me, at the ripe age of 73, it is obvious. I remember life in the 50s, 60s, 70s. I used to hitch hike around the country in the 60s and 70s. Not so many cars on the highways, lots of open space between towns, cities were much smaller, there were vast expanses of wild, un-developed areas. I remember so many birds, with so many insects to eat, among them masses of fireflies who lit up our summer nights; so many wild animals. Towns were small and rustic. No huge malls or outlet warehouses all over the place. Life was simpler and quieter and calmer. Of course there were the usual wars going on and political craziness and I was part of the active resistance and got tear-gassed and all. But hitchhiking cross country all I saw out West were seemingly limitless forests, deserts full of arid-adapted plants, mountains left intact and unexploited.

    Today the earth is getting decimated: miles and miles of pavement, concrete, roads slashing through the land, industrial and extractive infrastructure everywhere, plumes of toxic smoke spewing into our air from oil refineries. Humans are expanding and taking over more and more land in order to produce more and more junk, more and more industrial (and toxic) food, and more and more bulldozing, plowing, digging, uprooting the beautiful web of life. We are witnessing the effects of what some authors are calling “human supremacy,” the mostly globally accepted yet unconscious notion that humans are a species apart from nature and are entitled to take, plunder and exploit all land, water and air environments along with all their inhabitants, the amazing diversity of living beings with whom humans in reality are in symbiotic interdependence.

    The thing is, when we carry this idea of dominance of one species over all the others, it is not different than holding the assumed right of one subset of humanity to dominate and control other subsets. It is the same thing. When humans recognize we’re all part of the living web of life and that we must live with deep respect and kindness for all life-beings, we naturally will not want to over-run, poison and destroy the beautiful world of nature. And this mind-set will naturally carry over into our inter-human relations as well.

    Just wondering if anyone wants to respond to all this. Maybe we can start a conversation.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Wally Jasper,great observations that should be in our minds as easily as air is in our lungs. It takes motivation to breath and think. Seems if the motivation is removed from breathing we die. Same for thinking in my humble opinion.
      I do have good news from the Geoengineeringwatch.org booth here in the Midwest. After 5 years of actively interacting with people this is the first year that the majority of people have some coherent knowledge of the subject. That’s progress. Best wishes in bringing the conversations to those outside this choir.

    • CQ says:

      @Wally Jasper,

      Everything you say about the good old days (except for hitchhiking and tear gas) and about the assumed domination of one species over all others rings true to me.

      In fact, I completely identify with these words of yours: “When humans recognize we’re all part of the living web of life and that we must live with deep respect and kindness for all life-beings, we naturally will not want to over-run, poison and destroy the beautiful world of nature. And this mind-set will naturally carry over into our inter-human relations as well.”

      You sound like Gavin M.’s brother!

      I composed (and for ten years maintained) the website Creature Quotes: Advancing Toward Freedom For All Species. It contained some 1,000 PDF pages of quotations about man’s ethical treatment of animals. The chapters were divided into centuries so the reader could get a sense of how animals were regarded and written about in different eras. Accompanying the text were beautiful photos of all manner of creature species.

      Every quote in my compilation is as meaningful to me as the next, but here are a couple short ones, plucked at random from Chapter 4, that may resonate with you:

      “When man diverted from the path [of goodness] the animals followed him. . . .
      If man now would rise to his original nature and would not do evil any longer,
      then the animals too would return to their original gentle nature.” — St. Theophilus (117-181), Asia Minor Bishop of Antioch

      “Never think of anyone as inferior to you. Open the inner Eye and you will see
      the One Glory shining in all creatures.” — Dhul-Nun al-Misri (796-859),
      Egyptian Sufi saint

      Actually, I needn’t speak of the website in the past tense. Thankfully, Wayback has preserved it: https://web.archive.org/web/20200426202050/http://www.creaturequotes.com

      • Wally Jasper says:

        Wow. What an amazing work of love, CQ. Thanks for sharing. It’ll take me awhile to go through all the chapters, but will be well worth it.

        You may be interested in reading this book: Abundant Earth: Toward an Ecological Civilization by Eileen Crist. It’s both a scientific book and a prophetic book, calling with depth and love on humans to re-examine our relationship with the totality of living co-inhabitants of this sacred planet, to find our place, not as users, dominators or managers but as family. It’s sure to transform our way of encountering the wild world that is our original home.

        • CQ says:

          @Wally Jasper, thanks for the kind reply and for suggesting Eileen Crist’s book. Its title and your description of the contents sound intriguing. I’ll look it up!

          Yes, we’re co-inhabitants. Yes, we do ourselves harm by believing we are meant to be users or dominators or even managers. Yes, we’re family.

          In fact, the one reason I still visit YouTube is to watch documentaries and videos of inter-species’ “families” in action. Occasionally I binge on YT’s The Dodo channel — as do, apparently, its 13.7 million subscribers. The pure affection, great gratitude, simple pleasures, and immense intelligence of all the creatures featured in The Dodo’s 3-minute clips is heartwarming. Watching humans respond so tenderly and devotedly to the animals they encounter (not just rescued cats and dogs, but all manner of wild ones who need help: beavers and bunnies, hedgehogs and hummingbirds, squirrels and skunks and snakes and sharks, etc.) restores my faith in the innate goodness of man.

        • CQ says:

          Wally, I just read the Amazon review of “Abundant Earth.”

          For the record, I do NOT agree with this: “Crist argues that . . . [s]caling down calls upon us to lower the global human population . . . .”

          No! That’s the Club of Rome mantra and the Georgia Guidestones’ ideal and the elitist eugenicists’ rank propaganda, and I’m not falling for it.

          I believe it confuses true environmentalism with the lies of the faux environmentalists, whose names we all know here.

          So much to say on this subject — and I think it’s all been said eloquently and repeatedly by Corbett, as a search of his archives proves.

          • Wally Jasper says:

            Thanks for this CQ. This is the very issue I wanted to address when I started this thread. I’ve watched some of James’ remarks on this subject, for instance when he disagrees that human population is expanding dramatically and overrunning and overwhelming (that is to say, out of balance with) the more-than-human world. As I described in my opening post, it’s clear to me that our numbers are exceeding what the planet can tolerate. Of course, our impact here is not solely due to the excessive numbers of humans, but also to how we have lost sight of the sacred interconnection between and among all other-than-human inhabitants, all the living beings who are our family members on this planet. Our disregard for natural life has created not only the physical destruction that is rampant now, but also our own mental-psychological-spiritual malaise.

            Our conceptual attitudes about humans——who we are, what is our place in the larger scheme of things, how we are to interact with the vast interdependent life we are embedded in——have been conditioned by many centuries of dogma, commandments, mores, etc. promoting human exceptionalism and dominance. Propagated by ruling elites, including royals, clergy, and more recently neo-liberal democracies, corporations and scientific institutions, to ensure their continuing domination, these attitudes have taken root in the human culture at large; and the predictable outcome of dismissing the sacredness and beauty of life and our place within it in our quest to dominate and extract its bounty for our own continually expanding rapacious needs, is an uprooting of humans from their most essential nature which, as you say, is one of goodness, kindness, respect, and caring. In its place we find ourselves lost and confused, seeking continual distraction, gratification in greedy consumption, and obsessive striving to rise to the top of the heap. It is a world caught in the mindset of domination and supremacy, totally divorced from the way of nature: inherent symbiosis, cooperation and mutual support and enhancement. The human way of being has become psychotic, meaning split off from that essential reality.

            In Abundant Earth, Eileen Crist proposes that both of those conditions——over-population and the lost and confused state of human thinking——are not separate issues but arise together. When human numbers are reduced, when wildness is allowed to flourish in its natural abundance and vibrancy, and people lose their compulsion to keep encroaching, exploiting, and taking while returning to nature only toxic waste, living in a more frugal or moderate way based on fitting in rather than dominating, managing and exploiting, naturally results in less procreation. Lessening the human population will, she proposes, come about naturally as humans again learn to live within the natural system that is self-regulating and where species do not expand beyond the limits imposed by the condition of the whole ecosystem. In nature, when the bounty and condition of the biota becomes diminished, there is an automatic readjustment to keep the whole system in balance. That’s what happens in nature. When we remember that we are part of nature too and develop the ethos of living in harmony within the web of life, that sense of proportion will instinctively return.

            [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

            • Wally Jasper says:


              It seems that you were assuming that the only way to lower human population is the way that the elitist eugenicists like the Club of Rome and the Georgia Guidestones want to do it: i.e. through some authoritarian technocrats deciding to initiate draconian pandemics, wars or widespread medical/scientific tampering with genomes, food quality and supply, the environment, etc., to kill off large numbers of people. This is is obviously abominable and is NOT at all what Eileen Crist is proposing. I suppose that is the problem with relying on Amazon reviews for your assessment of a book, without reading the book itself to know what the author is actually saying.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Wally Jasper,
      That first paragraph really paints it well. I remember also.
      In this new era, I would love to have the car windshield get plastered with grasshopper and bug goo from a road trip like in the old days.
      The quality of life in the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s was great! Except for the internet access now, I would prefer that quality of life.

      • Wally Jasper says:

        Yeah, HRS, really. Please look at my reply to CQ above because there is a way for humans to become eco-citizens living in a way that allows nature to keep flourishing and thriving. If things keep going in the direction we’re heading, it does not look at all good for any semblance of a beautiful abundant natural world.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Ok my Texas friend , Quality of life? .I finally found the time to contemplate your comment,fully understanding your intent. I could say you and I agreed that those days were probably the pinnacle of prosperity and abundance. Post war and all that,golden times.
        I can’t agree any more for I have become aware of that time in our history, came at a huge expense of the land base we occupied. Occupied as in war against nature for our comforts ,excesses and gratifications. I step back now and look at what we have wrought and the memories of those golden times turn to ashes. I guess I have reached that age of melancholy. Any Texas suggestions to alleviate these symptoms? Sincerely your friend from the wasteland sitting on top a Texas.

    • karlharvie says:

      Become the solution, or help your kids or grandkids become the solution by helping them purchase land for a homestead. Then they will understand the true abundance of this beautiful world. Stop your whining.

    • mike.y says:

      Hi Wally Jasper,

      It is good to hear from our elders (not that I am young!). Just my thought, but perhaps both you & James are correct. This might be a case of both/and, not either/or. My interpretation of James’ opinion is that the human population is large, but is now starting to decline. And I agree with you that the way in which this population is living is detrimental to our environment. So we can have a declining population that is nonetheless living in a maladaptive manner. Our current population could live in a much better way.

      Anyway, I appreciate learning about your perspective.

      • Wally Jasper says:

        Hi Mike.y,
        Thanks for your good words. I sure hope you’re right, that the human population is starting to decline. It’s hard to see it right now; our presence and impacts are everywhere and destruction seems continuing. But I know that things on this scale take time to see. And yes, meanwhile learning to live as part of nature rather than dominating and exploiting “it” (that is, the totality of all of us) is essential.

        And thanks for your perspective!

        • mkey says:

          It’s not starting to decline, the demographic collapse is imminent and probably unavoidable in most places in the world. The fertility replacement rate is a sufficient indicator in that regard and should dispell any uncertainty in understanding that this is happening and it is going to be happening and that is going to be a slow, grinding process on which many experts will opine and offer so called solutions.

          The population at large has been had and they believe all kinds of nosense. Such as the idea of overpopulation that is on its face value ridiculous.

          The environmental distress is for the most part and for all intents and purposes intentional. Do things the stupid, evil way, get the stupid, evil outcome.

          • Wally Jasper says:

            Well, Mike, for me the declining population is good news, not a problem. But it is very sad that the cause and means of that decline is due to the intentional, stupid and evil schemes and manipulations of the ruling oligarchy and their abhorrent evil techno-wizards. It could be that the insanity of the human project (and I say this not to belittle humans in general but to underscore the life-denying direction humans have been brain-washed to believe in) is Nature’s way of limiting the spread of the human enterprise so that we return to, not just a sustainable, but a regenerative size. Let the wilderness reclaim the vast swaths of land and sea it needs to re-establish its abundance and vibrancy. Let’s renounce the grossly mistaken notion of “human supremacy”. We are just one species among a multitude. We have our place, but it is not to overwhelm and destroy the rest of the biome through our assumption that we own and can manage the whole thing. That is our hubris and insanity.

            • cu.h.j says:

              “We are just one species among a multitude. We have our place, but it is not to overwhelm and destroy the rest of the biome through our assumption that we own and can manage the whole thing. That is our hubris and insanity.”

              I agree with part of this except the “our” idea. There are many humans who don’t want to live this way and don’t live this way but are under the thumb of a psychopathic system, a death cult.

              A population below replacement levels does not make me feel good though because human beings deserve to survive. “They” our parasitic tape worm like overlords don’t get to decide who lives and who dies. Human beings exist, thus are also natural beings on the planet like a tree or a cougar or any other living thing. We deserve to survive and thrive.

              I see us more as caretakers of our planet. If we are killed off and replaced by a psychopathic trans-human cancerous “life” form other life forms will have no purpose. They want to “overcome” nature itself. I don’t see that as beneficial.

              Many humans have become accustomed to living in an unnatural way and relying on centralized food production and destruction but there are better ways. I believe new life is precious and if goodness is cultivated we can live in harmony. Birth rates keep up with death rates, people respect their environment and live in harmony and will find ways to allow other living things to “experience” the miracle of life on our beautiful planet.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Living in a crowded city with lack of nature is not something desirable. This is what the elitists want for humanity, a small controllable slave class living in cities while they have access to all the resources and can do with them as they please. They do not have the same values as we do because they are psychopaths and have built a psychopathic system of existence.

              • Wally Jasper says:

                cu.h.j —— We are in very close agreement. I concur with just about everything you say, just as I agree with just about everything JC says. As I said, he is my favorite commentator on the state of the world. The population issue is the only one where we seem to diverge (but as mike.y says earlier in this thread, our points of divergence could both be accurate.)

                First, yes of course I didn’t mean “all” humans; I used the generic “we”. And yes, again, most are “under the thumb of a psychopathic system, a death cult”, i.e. conditioned, mind-controlled and psy-op.ed into accepting an insane idea of “reality” and an insane way of life. Yes, you and I and James among many others are resisting and fighting back against the madness.

                And yes, we are also part of nature, an amazing and important part, and we do indeed deserve to live and thrive as well as the rest of the biome. But let’s consider how we can best live and thrive. Not by over-expanding our natural limits which we’ve managed to do by means of our highly developed mental/cognitive capacities. Because, as a result of this over-reach, we’ve decimated large numbers of whole ecosystems, not to mention so many individual species. The Earthly biome needs all its ecosystems to function correctly and well, and we’ve been infringing on that self-regulating system. By lowering our numbers we will not threaten our survival as a species; au contraire, we will be enhancing the earthly life conditions for a more sane way of life, letting Earth itself manage the biome while we live simply and modestly in sync with all life, the way our early ancestors, and some aboriginal people still do (or would like to do if they didn’t have constraints imposed on them from the crazed society at large). You are basing your “replacement levels” on the current population level. This is already not only non-sustainable but is far from non-regenerative. So a gradual decline now is a good sign.

                Your idea of our role here as “caretakers” is certainly preferable to “a psychopathic trans-human cancerous “life” form …. [that] want[s] to “overcome” nature itself.” However, since reading Abundant Earth, I now see our role more as deferring to nature, which does not need a caretaker. Once we start “caretaking” the road to overseeing, managing, etc. opens up and can easily lead to exploiting, consuming, etc. What then is our role here? I’m open to all ideas; I can offer an idea. Given the human capability of self-awareness, perhaps we will focus our human talents on developing our awareness of the beauty and sacredness of life in all its forms. You said it very well: “I believe new life is precious and if goodness is cultivated we can live in harmony. Birth rates keep up with death rates, people respect their environment and live in harmony and will find ways to allow other living things to “experience” the miracle of life on our beautiful planet.” But we have to get back to an optimal human population size, not through draconian methods of killing humans off, for crying out loud, but through voluntarily limiting our procreation and sizing back our “needs” (i.e. our ridiculous over-indulgent wants).

              • cu.h.j says:

                @Wally Jasper:

                When you say “But we have to get back to an optimal human population size, not through draconian methods of killing humans off, for crying out loud, but through voluntarily limiting our procreation and sizing back our “needs” (i.e. our ridiculous over-indulgent wants).”

                What evidence does this optimal size come from? How does Eileen Christ get 2B as the optimal size?

                If you don’t have the information, it’s okay. I’ll do some research. I’m not trying to put you on the spot but want to explore this idea.

                The wants of most people are very simple, not the gross wants and lusts of elitists and other psychopaths. If these elitists want to decrease the size of the human population, they can start with themselves. No one is stopping them from not reproducing.

                This is one way to show that they really don’t believe what they are selling. Many of these parasitic people have large families and yet they want others to stop having children. This makes me very skeptical of the bs they are selling to well meaning people.

            • mkey says:

              Pray tell, what is this regenerative size you speak of? Is there a number or is it one of those nondefined and probably nondefinable nebulous concept?

              • Wally Jasper says:

                Eileen Crist, in Abundant Earth, citing studies, puts the approximate number as around 2 billion humans on the earth for a regenerative size.

            • cu.h.j says:

              In case anyone is wondering who states the optimal number of humans on the planet at 2Billion, Eileen Crist who has a PhD in social sciences can read her bio here:


              My question now is where’s the proof? What do other scientist say and what do studies show about her number of 2B human beings? Is there any scientific data to support this, or is it influenced by globalist agendas and funding?

              Who decides who lives and who dies? Bill Gates? Soros?

              • cu.h.j says:

                Okay, cursory research on funding leads me here that supports the overpopulation idea and Climate change narrative. This is one of the foundations:


                One would need to really dig into studies and who funds them to sort out the facts, but wealthy funding gives me some skepticism about results.

                Does she get funding from wealthy globalists for their agenda? I’ll have to do some research…and so should others who really want to get closer to truth.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Okay, so here’s a bio of Don Weeden who has been affiliated with Planned Parenthood that has eugenic ties.

                Here’s his Bio:


                What vision do they really have for humanity? Is this environmentalist and nature preserving just a front for wealthy interests and is it based on actual science?

                I don’t know, but I take everything that comes from foundations with ties to eugenics with a grain of salt.

              • Wally Jasper says:

                cu.h.j—— replying now to your further replies. It’s good to question whether Eileen Crist has any conflicts of interest since she is a prof. at Virginia Tech, which undoubtedly receives grants from the MIC. I don’t know the answer to that question. When I read her book I wondered this too, but I came away from the reading feeling quite sure that what she was saying would not be to the liking of the parasitic globalists. She is totally opposed to what she calls the “techno-managerial” strategy for patching up all the horrors of what they previously created. Abundant Earth was published in 2019, before the scamdemic/plandemic. The detestable abuses of the global elitists by unleashing their eugenicist fantasies upon the world is diametrically opposed to her vision of a world not dominated by human interests. The idea of people like Bill Gates, George Soros, et al. randomly killing off hundreds of thousands of people would be anathema to her.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Okay, here’s another interesting comment from the Weeden foundation on Population:

                “The Foundation’s International Population program is focused on reducing population growth rates in countries recognized for their rich biodiverse landscapes and that have a total fertility rate exceeding replacement levels. To achieve this goal, the Foundation funds groups that facilitate initiatives related to family planning, women’s education and women’s empowerment in countries with such rich and recognized biodiversity.”


                To me this sounds like a wealthy group of people wants the natural resources for themselves and will intervene in the matters of developing countries to reduce their rate of population growth. This sounds pretty chauvinistic to me.

                Is there any proof that their numbers are increasing or that they are the ones destroying their habitat, or have globalist businesses and influence facilitated the perceived problems?

                I mean who is cutting down rain forest and why? Do wealthy persons consume more resources? Why do they get to consume and others do not? And how do we confirm the accuracy of their hypotheses? Has anyone asked some of these people in these other countries what they think?

                What if global interests left them alone and stop interfering with their subsistence systems and allow the wisdom of nature to guide what will be.

                And it won’t stop there to what these great-resetters want to do to other countries over there but to us. I strongly believe they have other goals in mind and some people foolishly fail to investigate further based in part on empathy for other living things. It’s pretty “clever” to persuade people to go along with technocracy and global enslavement.

            • mkey says:

              Do you even begin to fathom what “demographic crunch” means? Think about it.

              Even if you put all of the supposed 7-8 billion people in the geographic area knowns as Texas, it would hardly be overpopulated. It’s basic mathemtics that is taught even in schools. Alas, most things taught are memorized to be reguritated on demand, context is nowhere to be found.

              The idea of overpopulation comes from many people’s experience that stems from living in sometimes heavilly populated areas near the coastlines. People can hardly see past their nose and thus this predicament.

              There is no overabundance of people, only stupidity.

              • HyperSimian says:

                The Texas thing is bullshit.

              • mkey says:

                Ah yes, one human needs 24 acres. Can you even begin to fathom how stupid these things you espouse are? Can you fathom how large 24 acres are? How do you justify this “American standard”?

                Can you even begin to understand that they are justifying this bullshit with even more straight bullshit? Stuff like golf courses and shopping malls. Really?

                Maybe try reading before sharing the next time, lest you wish to make yourself look like a fool. That’s up to you.

                I will accept that the Texas example is probably not one of sustainable living, however it puts “overcrowding” in a simple perspective and reveals it for what it is: absolute garbage.

                People have no idea what they are talking about and use “overpopulation” to justify all sorts of EVIL shit.

                Like 50-60 million abortions per year. I have heard many actual people, women especially, justify their EVIL actions, actuated by lack of personal responsibility, with “overpopulation”. These people justify killing children with the common good of keeping overpopulation at bay. Both sick and evil. And still happens tens of thousands of times every day.

                Absolutely sick and evil. Just because we don’t have enough room for shopping malls, golf courses and roads. Gotta kill those children.

              • cu.h.j says:


                How are they getting the number 2.3 acres per person? No calculation has been provided and also no evidence has been provided to support the claim made on the site you posted.

                Also have you noticed what is written here if you explore this site more which states that famines and such are needed to reduce population:


                These are elitist talking points.

                I want to see actual scientific evidence of these claims make that resources are scarce and that humans are depleting water stores by existence.

                Most Americans don’t go to golf courses and in fact there are people here who go hungry even children because the parasitic banker deflates our currency away. The banker and billionaire manipulates the economy so that they can life as a parasite of regular people.

              • Wally Jasper says:

                mkey, I’m actually responding to a later post where you say:
                mkey says:
                05/29/2023 at 5:58 pm
                Ah yes, one human needs 24 acres. Can you even begin to fathom how stupid these things you espouse are? Can you fathom how large 24 acres are? How do you justify this “American standard”?
                Can you even begin to understand that they are justifying this bullshit with even more straight bullshit? Stuff like golf courses and shopping malls. Really? [….]

                I wasn’t talking about how much one human needs. Needs vary accoording to what the humans are doing, whether growing a small vegetable garden for the family or farming to earn a living. But overpopulation isn’t a problem just because of human needs. If you talk about a person needing 24 acres, from my perspective, the human may need one acre and the other 23 acres are for the wild, for the biome, the whole living system comprised of many species. Humans don’t own this earth; it belongs to all species of plants, animals (incl. birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles), fungi, algae, etc. So your answer to what “they” want to do with all that acreage, malls, golf courses, may answer what the elitists would do….but in reality what we humans need to consider are the requirements of the wild community that we share the planet with. That is the problem of over-population, not only all the ridiculous crap that humans want to fill up space with. We need to give a considerable portion to the original inhabitants of the whole earth, the wild creatures and beings of all species.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Ah ha, I found a PDF copy of the book Abundant Earth to reference in case anyone else was interested in reading it:


                On a very quick glance, I do believe there is some truth here including ethical considerations about how one impacts other living things in their environment. I am in agreement with respecting nature and other creatures and minimizing impact and assuring that other species don’t go extinct because I do believe we are interdependent on other living systems.

                Later on in the book, we get to the overpopulation issue and also general terms like anthropocentrism that don’t really look at precisely who is doing what and why.

                I’ll have to dig into this because I suspect that discourses have veered off into ideas that may be based on faulty data and come straight out of the Club of Rome. This must be separated from the discourse.

              • mkey says:

                My reply was aimed at the article prvided by HyperSimian.

              • HyperSimian says:

                Mkey, In general, the Texas comment is bullshit. Each one of 7 billion gets 10mx10m without roads and basic buildings (forget the golf courses and luxuries). You’re using the same stupid over generalized tactics as the over populationists. I know I’m not a fool and wouldn’t fall for a dumb statistic as the whole world can fit in Texas. It’s realistically false and a red herring to prove your point.

            • cu.h.j says:

              Interesting term that I was unfamiliar with “demographic crunch”.

              I found this episode of The Corbett Report here that explores this concept:


              There are also some show notes that I will explore.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                I too had to learn demographic crunch.I see what Mkey gits at here about the places where people crowd in to favorable geographic locations. Would Seem locally those places are over populated.I want to say your 2 billion people thoughts have a distinct oder of NWO conditioning. Conditioning Us to an idea put forth like The Georgia Guide Stones. Bombarding us from other directions with better numbers doesn’t make the reality any less servier for the leftover 6 billion. Planting seeds for the agenda as Alan Watt would say ” they always have a big agenda.” You have posed some excellent things to contemplate and it’s not even June. I will look forward to more things to boycott that will leverage against the agenda Boycott money and voting. What else?

              • cu.h.j says:

                The 2Billion is not my number but from a book referenced called Abundant Earth by Eileen Christ who holds a PhD in sociology and who’s work is funded by the Weeden foundation.

                I suspect that some of these ideas have been inserted into environmental protection narratives and well meaning people’s efforts to protect the environment. So they have changed the narrative to reducing human population so that the elitists are more comfortable since they don’t like to share. They are afraid. They also want to obscure the fact that their companies have done much damage to the environment rather than human activity. Much damage done by tiny numbers of people would infuriate people so they obscure facts and create false narratives.

                I don’t have the actual studies and science to support either claim, one is that the human population is too large thus will cause depletion of water, food and natural habitat and the other opposing claim of the “expanding pie” hypothesis,that there is no limitation to resources and that humans create alternatives and are the ultimate resource.

                I’ll have to research and look at the actual evidence for both claims. I try to be fair and look at at things from different angles. I like to get as closed to truth as possible whatever it is.

                What my gut tells me is that wealthy interests want a certain future for our planet and their ilk that the rest of humanity may oppose so they create narratives to trick people into going along with their ideas.

                I think a lot of the unhealthy ways many humans live are not ideal and can pollute local environments and some people are thoughtless and lack compassion for others humans, animals and plants. But does reducing the population solve these issues? And can we even trust the numbers and data we are given as to what the actual impacts are?

                I mean many resources are renewable and there are alternatives to save and capture water and to eat local food and ethical industry that does not exploit people and other living things. Those ideas are good ones IMO but this has been conflated with the ideas of overpopulation and that humans are some type of disease or something and some people have internalized this. There are many human beings who actually give back to their environment and add more than they take.

                If these billionaire great rest-ers are concerned about population size and making sure resources are not squandered, I think they should start with themselves. These individuals probably are the most wasteful, thoughtless and unscrupulous human beings that exist because their psychopathy affects large numbers of people.

                I do think there is a way to live in harmony with nature that does not involve wealthy globalist interference and solutions. I am not sure this is even an issue, that size of human population is necessarily destructive.

                I really don’t have enough actual data so will have to do some research.

      • cu.h.j says:

        JC has shown that the overpopulation idea is false and actually humans are dying off. In fact, in Japan the birth rate is below replacement levels. If the human population in general declines below replacement levels means that our species will be extinct before our sun goes nova or some other disaster might take place. This is concerning.

        When populations are living in harmony with natural resources the population will be in balance to make sure that our species survives. The globalists are the ones destroying our environment for their technocracy and corrosive businesses. I think the idea of “non violent principal” goes beyond human-human interaction (in my interpretation) and a person respects their land and what sustains them.

        I don’t think JC suggested that humans keep on destroying the environment but that the human beings who are facilitating this are also killing off the humans that have the potential to undo this.

        The idea that a population will expand so much that they crowd each other out is based on faulty logic. If we look at animal populations, there are built in mechanisms that correct this and a steady state develops. Like an equilibrium that is a natural law.

        I don’t think it’s ethical to ruin natural habitats and kill off all the animals in the area and I think there are many humans who also don’t want to live this way.

        It’s an interesting topic to discuss because this issue is being used by parasitic globalists to make humans hate their own species.

        The toxins and unnatural substances that our elitists parasites are poisoning us with are doing the most damage to everyone. They want to decide who lives and who dies rather than allowing nature to decide.

        • Wally Jasper says:

          cu.h.j——as I wrote before, we don’t have to worry about replacement levels because we are already too populous. A gradual decline will be better for the whole planet, including for humans. It will ease the stress of overpopulation. You say:
          “The idea that a population will expand so much that they crowd each other out is based on faulty logic. If we look at animal populations, there are built in mechanisms that correct this and a steady state develops. Like an equilibrium that is a natural law.”
          Yes, that is true for animal populations. For humans, as I said above somewhere, our highly developed cognitive skills have allowed us to over-rule those built in mechanisms. We’ve been able to expand way beyond our natural limits. And because our conditioning over the eons has moved us toward over-consumption and a greed for “more and better,” our expansion and encroachment have been off the charts in terms of displacing and overwhelming the earthly biome. We have to scale back by letting nature decide. It’s that simple. And it’s not a threat to human existence. What is a threat to human existence is our continued pace of living at the level of this present bloated human population. Decreasing it gradually and naturally will be what ultimately can save us as a species. This is what we need to understand. It’s not buying into the parasitic globalist agenda. They say all sorts of things that make it sound like they are earth-friendly but we know they are not. What I’m talking about is following a whole different path with a whole different value system. I hope you can see this. And I agree with everything else you say about the toxins and poisons, etc. and express so well.

          • cu.h.j says:

            But is this true “We’ve been able to expand way beyond our natural limits”?

            And who are we referring to when we say “our”?

            So Eileen Christ’s thesis in my understanding is that human exceptionalism and anthropocentrism are the cause of destruction of the earth and that one of the ways to reduce the harm is to reduce the human population.

            My questions is where is the evidence of this hypothesis? Do all human beings destroy their own habitat?

            One could argue that all animals destroy their own habitat, but is this actually factual. Trees need CO2.

            Why does overpopulation enter into the discussion of reducing harm to the natural world? Are their ways to address destructive environmental practices and toxic living without reducing human population? Are we not making an assumption about all human activity?

            Human beings are indeed different from other living beings and I believe can find innovative ways to live that do not harm the natural habitat. In fact, I think that the same people who have ushered in environmental destruction are the same ones funding a lot of the environmental movement so that they can convince people that overpopulation and CO2 is the problem.

            In fact I believe that there are other issues at play and those are obscured by misdirection that hide the crimes of pathocrats and psychopaths.

            I have certainly not destroyed my own living environment and certainly don’t think this is a good idea. It’s illogical and unethical. I believe most people with a functioning conscience and logical mind recognized the importance of protecting the environment. I am very skeptical though that this has much to do with “overpopulation”

            Perhaps it has more to do with centralized food production and other exploitive technology that enriches a hand full of people.

            The chauvinism of some people who make assumptions of vast numbers of human beings that they necessarily are destructive by just existing is shocking. I think one must separate ideas and rigorously investigate if there is factual basis for them or if these ideas have been inserted into environmental discourses to further agendas.

            • cu.h.j says:

              And when I say evidence, I mean the actual measurable evidence that directly relates population size to destruction versus habits of the population such as use of toxins and pollution.

              Wealthy interests have used planned obsolescence because it was more profitable for them. What does this have to do with size of population?

              To me it seems that it has more to do with exploitive practices than size per se.

              I think that some human beings have indeed exploited the natural world and other human beings and this should be examined but to foist this blame on “overpopulation” is obfuscation and shifts the responsibility and culpability.

              Fortunately, JC and his work illuminates this well and critical thinkers won’t be fooled. Neither will nature itself. Some humans will try but I believe they will fail in the end.

  6. cibus says:

    We are heading to first summer feelings here in central Europe. Day to day life feels like every spring what is scrary to me knowing we are in that war against us. Hence is it good to step back an focus on things we should do and I want do for my self. Beginning with gardening in kind of lokal selforganinzed community , very small but it is a beginning. To me its a very peaceful time nevertheless sitting on my tend and survival bags .
    What about your lokal community?

    • Miss King says:

      Dittos here in Prosser, WA State, USA. 90* a few days last wk. Today 80*ish. My plants are barely sprouted. Some planted twice. The 2nd time last week. Many ants are the problem…i think. Made some ant traps, but the wild cats in the ‘hood have been hitting them plenty hard.

      This past year has been tough to feed my cats (all adopted fr this b.s.); must stop 5 times a day to bbsit whilst they eat. Suspect there are yet over 20 cats out there & next door has threatened to import another for their wicked kitty to “play with.” Meanwhile, he is so wicked no one wants to play w/ him. ..hmmm…seems like war has been declared. So be it….

  7. Kelly says:

    Safe travels! Leave your worries in Japan.

  8. Enjoy your vacation James!

    It was sad to hear today that another truther has passed away.
    This time a scamdemic truther, Dr. Rashid Buttar.

    I personally appreciated all that he brought to the table to help us sort our way through
    the lies and omissions told to us the last three years.

    If anyone knows the circumstances of his death I’d be interested in learning about them.

  9. CQ says:

    James, you’re right: SarahLockPoetry’s “Mourning Monarchs” is marvelous: https://www.bitchute.com/video/3D51lY4W8YVY

    Too bad she has only one subscriber and 41 views. But if all Corbett Report members take just two minutes to listen to Sarah’s potent poem, the count would soar — and deservedly so.

    • sarahpoetry says:

      Hi CQ,

      Thank you for your very kind words about my poem! It really means a lot. James has also been kind enough to publish one of my poems in a subscriber newsletter a couple of years ago- I will upload a recording of it soon. Certainly I’d love if more people got to hear my work but self-promotion isn’t a particular skill of mine so thanks again for the boost! All the best, Sarah

      • CQ says:

        Hey, welcome to this thread, Sarah! I didn’t realize you might see my response to “Mourning Monarchs.”

        I watched it again just now. You remind me of Benny Wills, formerly of Joy Camp and now of Parrhesia. You both come up with great rhyming lines, and your beat, like his, is catchy. Plus, your description of the subject in question is spot on — and humorous.

        Joy Camp’s motto, featured on its YT page, is “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they’ll kill you” — attributed to Oscar Wilde.

        I decided to see if Quote Investigator (https://quoteinvestigator.com/2016/03/17/truth-laugh) thinks Wilde was its author. Their conclusion is that there’s no basis for crediting him. I’ll let you read for yourself Q.I.’s conclusion.

        Anyway, I hope James (or someone) uploads the words of your poem. It’s priceless!

        Oh, and, by the way, the view count is now at 135. And climbing! 😉

      • mkey says:

        That’s one smart nine-year old. “Money is a construct”. Seeming adults will fight you to death over that one.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Childish Ambition (Zephyr’s Freedom Poem) – by Sarah Lock

          That was impressive!

          Champion slam poet Sarah Lock performed this piece at Australia’s iconic Sydney Opera House in 2022. Examining freedom and justice through the eyes of a child, this poem challenges adults to question the status quo.

          • sarahpoetry says:

            Thank you HomeRemedySupply. I always appreciate your comments on this thread so am so glad you enjoyed my work! Stay tuned for more uploads soon! Sarah

        • sarahpoetry says:

          Thank you mkey. Agree- far too many adults would argue this one to death but I doubt they’d outlogic my son- he’s listened to Corbett for far too many years… he knows what’s up lol

  10. Ukdavec says:

    War and Theft: The Takeover of Ukraine’s Agricultural Land

    The report from the Oakland Institute exposes the financial interests and the dynamics at play in Ukraine leading to further concentration of land and finance.


  11. CQ says:

    On May 15th, Global Research published an article by longtime Corbett Report member David Skripac titled “Moving Toward a Global Empire: Humanity Sentenced to a Unipolar Prison and a Digital Gulag” and subtitled “The author’s parents, who escaped a dictatorship in the 1950s, would have no place to run and hide today.” (See https://www.globalresearch.ca/moving-toward-global-empire-humanity-sentenced-unipolar-prison-digital-gulag/5818824.)

    It’s been widely shared and has received such good reviews that Technocracy News editor Patrick Wood added it to his curated selection, terming it “a must-read article.” (See https://www.technocracy.news/technocracy-humanity-is-sentenced-to-a-unipolar-prison-and-digital-gulag.)

    Skripac has been doing deep-dive research for the past decade or more on the intricacies of empires. He frequents national archives in various countries, both in person and online, in search of original source material. And of course he’s been keeping up with the books written about related subjects by history’s best revisionists.

    A few years ago Skripac, a Croatian by heritage and a Canadian by birth, began writing his own book on the discoveries he’s made. Its working title is “Tombs of Empires: Exposing the Elites’ Never-Ending, Always-Failing Quest for World Domination.”

    The words “Tombs” and “Always-Failing” are hopeful, especially during the current epidemic of empire-building by this generation’s assortment of elitist eugenicists . . . technocrats . . . transhumanists . . . globalists.

    Anyway, check out the Global Research and Technocracy News article, and feel free to comment on it in this thread.

  12. Kelly says:

    Here’s an oldie but still relevant piece for those of you who visit forums of any kind. https://www.dailykos.com/stories/2012/07/22/1112509/-The-Gentleperson-s-Guide-to-Forum-Spies

  13. Prajna-Paramita says:

    Best book I ever read was

    by Alice Miller

    Please read and share.

  14. roberta says:

    Safe Travels James see you when you get back!

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The Exit and Build Land Summit III
    was from May 18th – 22nd in the Austin, Texas area (Bastrop).

    Some of the speakers…
    Curtis Stone (NOT…see below)
    Geoff Lawton
    Michael Reynolds
    Patrick Wood
    Jack Spirko
    Cynthia Tina
    Mike Colomb
    Ron Gibson
    Lee Nestor-Bigtree
    Jesse Elder
    Lucinda Bailey & Kurt Nauck
    Derrick Broze
    Kenny Palurintano
    Angel Robinson
    Douglas Stevenson
    Cynthia Lamb
    Imanee & River Richardson
    Angele Miller
    Kathryn Koniuszy
    Nicole Sauce

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Weeks ago, I remember when Curtis Stone over his YouTube Channel first announced that he was heading to Texas for this event.

      Well, Curtis got stopped at the Canadian/U.S. border…
      May 18
      DENIED entry to the USA. Here’s the full story!
      [Basically, he was denied entry because he did not personally buy his plane ticket/hotel reservation. Curtis was not paid to speak at the Texas event.]

      Video Description
      About Curtis Stone:
      Curtis is one of the world’s most highly sought-after small farming educators. His book, The Urban Farmer, offers a new way to think about farming𑁋 one where quality of life and profitability coexist. Today, Curtis spends most of his time building his 40-acre off-grid homestead in British Columbia. He leverages his relationships with other experts to bring diverse content into the homes of gardeners and aspiring small farmers from around the world. Learn more at FromTheField TV.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Important point.
        QUEUE about 37 minute mark…

        Curtis Stone says:
        “Being awake…it doesn’t mean anything.
        You’re awake – who cares?
        ‘What did you do about it’ — That’s all that matters.
        That’s all that matters is what did you do about it.”

      • mkey says:

        He was quite livid about it. I have a feeling he might go offline some time near in the future and dedicate his time and effort to family.

  16. Drima says:

    Regarding inspiring reads. This book, in particular, the chapter on Ultimate Bodhicitta is the best read ‘I’ve ever had. It blows apart materialism but offers how we still exist and function in the world. For me, it’s the most liberating text there is that’s out there. Don’t let the religious element put you off (If you don’t like religion) This stuff is nectar for the mind in an age where materialism is trying it’s darn hardest to send us all mad. https://howtotyl.com

  17. pill says:

    Let’s track how the globalists are implementing the WEF’s agenda and collect stories of how this plays out in different places of the world…?

    For example: You may have heard that several EU countries have decided to basically make cars illegal by 2035 (except electric “cars”). Additionally, they are already making some older cars illegal.

    Specifically in the Netherlands, WEF agents who infiltrated the government are currently trying to buy 3000 farms in order to close them down.

    James talked about one implementation of the 15 minute city in England not too long ago.

    Some online shops and banks are apparently already advertising for carbon certificates.

    How about Canada, Japan, China, Brazil? How are the WEF’s agents attacking freedom and personal liberties there or elsewhere?

  18. zyxzevn says:

    Let’s have a real conversation – David Martin
    David hears from insiders that the Next “Pandemic” is being prepared.
    Starts with “experts” pushing for more money to invest in toxic injections

  19. hpete says:

    (Gavinm: See my response to you in the May Open thread.)

    From the books listed I would consider “The Fungal Pharmacy” my #1 pick.

    To #2 Hopkins’ “The Rise of the New Normal Reich
    “ I would add Deace&Horowitz :“Rise of the Fourth Reich: Confronting COVID Fascism with a New Nuremberg Trial…” (Feb 2023)

    #3 the Permaculture book.

    (The rest of the books seem too “buddhist” or too “mother-earthy” to me.)

    BTW, just to add to my arguments from the May Open Thread from the “permaculture” point of view – isn’t the ethics of “people care” the key fundamental of this new ideology ?!? Without people/mankind being the focus, the earth & nature and anything else does not matter, does it?

    I would highly recommend the non-fiction books of G. K. Chesterton, reason’s outlined in the May Open thread. His works are highly regarded in many countries, including Poland, Italy, Russia, etc.

    John F. Kennedy’s favorite saying was Chesterton’s:

    “Do not remove a fence until you know why it was put up in the first place.”


    Start with “Orthodoxy”, the all-time classic, many deep insights. Chapter the Ethics of Elfland shaped the modern understanding of the correct philosophy of science!

    For “environmentalists” – Saint Francis of Assisi, 1923 — St. Francis is considered the patron saint of ecology…


    But many other Chesterton’s non-fiction books are a crucial “must-read” to be really informed by the best and deepest available thought…

    To get a rough idea about Chesterton, his scope of writings and thought, and his importance, see wiki (with caveats):


    The best biography is – Joseph Pearce: Wisdom and Innocence – A Life of G.K. Chesterton (1997)

    (BTW, Pearce was a British skinhead who discovered Chesterton’s book while locked up in jail for assaulting non-white immigrants.)

    To read most of Chesterton’s books & articles for free:


    G. K. Chesterton’s Works on the Web

    • Gavinm says:


      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the links 🙂

      “(The rest of the books seem too “buddhist” or too “mother-earthy” to me.)”

      That is very humorous! Thank you for that I needed a laugh this morning.

      so, you think “The Invisible Rainbow” and “The Voluntaryist Handbook” are “mother earthy”? haha

      Well as someone that often walks barefoot on mossy forest floors and hugs trees today I feel compelled to serve as a conduit for the living planet Earth to speak to you directly today.

      I can definitively say that she loves you unconditionally regardless of what ever feelings you have or no not have towards her, she wants to nurture you to achieve your highest potential and offer you opportunities to expand your understanding and increase you ability to perceive beauty and experience joy. She says if you want to know her and perceive her being directly you can hear her voice when the wind blows through the trees, and in the babbling brooks filled with life, in the morning bird chorus and in the ocean waves, thunder storms and in the stillness of the morning light reflected in the dew drops on the flowers.

      • hpete says:

        Hi Gavin,

        No hurry if this is the prime gardening time for you, you must be busy…

        Re: books. Perhaps one should not judge the books by their cover, but I often do.

        Re: Planet Earth loving me – I have never felt that way! Rather the love of “Creator” of the planet and nature?

        Re: Mossy barefoot walks, hugging trees – I envy you! I have never walked barefoot in the woods, and I have never hugged a tree. Perhaps it is my shortcoming or stuffy worrying mindset. But I love woods, brooks, song-birds, (not the noisy annoying birds),and trees, especially useful and non-threating trees like fruit trees.

        I have re-read Chesterton’s St. Francis, the patron saint of ecology, and I have found many similarities – all from a very different perspective. When you have time give it a try and compare your ideas with those of St. Francis and let me know where you disagree with St.Francis’ vision of nature.

        “Any one who had followed him through life merely to laugh at him, as a sort of lovable lunatic, might easily have had an impression as of a lunatic who bowed to every post or took off his hat to every tree. This was all a part of his instinct for imaginative gesture. He taught the world a large part of its lesson by a sort of divine dumb alphabet.

        I have said that St. Francis deliberately did not see the wood
        for the trees. It is even more true that he deliberately did not see the mob for the men. What distinguishes this very genuine democrat from any mere demagogue is that he never either deceived or was deceived by the illusion of mass-suggestion.

        Our Lady’s Tumbler did not stand on his head in order to see flowers and trees as a clearer or quainter vision. He did not do so; and it would never have occurred to him to do so. Our Lady’s Tumbler stood on his head to please Our Lady. If St. Francis had done the same thing, as he was quite capable of doing, it would originally have been from the same motive; a motive of a purely supernatural thought. It would be after this that his enthusiasm would extend itself and give a sort of halo to the edges of all earthly things. This is why it is not true to represent St. Francis as a mere romantic forerunner of the Renaissance and a revival of natural pleasures for their own sake. The whole point of him was that the secret of recovering the natural pleasures lay in regarding them in the light of a supernatural pleasure.”



    • Gavinm says:


      FYI : it was a fluke (and/or a divine synchronicity arranged beyond the purview of my consciousness awareness? 😉 ) that I saw this comment addressed to me as I do not relentlessly scour these comment threads looking to see if anyone mentioned my name, so if you want to ensure I actually see a response you intend for me to read, please reply directly to one of my comments (or not, its all good either way! 🙂 )

      I`ll get back to you on clarifying my take on the “people care” aspect of the permaculture ethical compass I listed in my writing when I have more time. I am on about day 40 working landscaping without a day off and my garden needs some TLC desperately (I got off an hour early today and I have many heirloom tomato and pepper seedlings that need to go into the ground) so that clarification will have to wait (though I am glad you brought it up).

      In the meantime, since you expressed how much you admire Buddhist ideas, I thought it would be fun to share this here :

      “𝗪𝗮𝘀𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗱𝗶𝘀𝗵𝗲𝘀 𝗹𝗶𝗸𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗯𝗮𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗮 𝗯𝗮𝗯𝘆 𝗯𝘂𝗱𝗱𝗵𝗮, 𝗶𝗻𝘁𝗲𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗺𝘂𝗹𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝗻𝗲𝘂𝗿𝗼𝗴𝗲𝗻𝗲𝘀𝗶𝘀 𝗮𝗻𝗱 𝗿𝗲𝗻𝗼𝘃𝗮𝘁𝗶𝗻𝗴 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝘀𝘆𝗻𝗮𝗽𝘁𝗶𝗰 𝘀𝗰𝗮𝗳𝗳𝗼𝗹𝗱𝗶𝗻𝗴”


      I valued your input, observations and criticisms of my substack post focused on the rise of anthropocentrism (though I honestly still have not had a chance to re-read my post and assess whether or not there is a better way I could mention Christianity yet) so I thought it would be fun to invite you to offer your critiques and observations on this post that I linked above (which has a little bit of Buddhism and a little bit of science).

      Thanks again for all your interesting and candid comments. Hope you have an enjoyable remainder of your weekend.

      • hpete says:


        Re your post on: Noble savage myth, bad Christians/Christianity, mistreatment of indigenous peoples, residential schools, deranged priests and nuns, etc. etc.

        Let’s move from the May Open thread to here.

        You have raised a whole plethora of complex and bitter issues to which one cannot easily respond online. But, unless one wants to be perceived as a bitter complainant, to be fair, in any complex argument one should try to SEE and UNDERSTAND the motivation of the other parties.

        Here are a few brief responses.

        1) Noble savage myth was Rousseau’s misconception. Roussea’s personal life was far from perfect and his “philosophy” is quite deficient. Sadly, his ideas influenced many people.

        2) Mistreatment of indigenous peoples – Yes, by empires, companies, greedy uncrupulous people, many who masqueraded as Christians (like today Biden, Pelosi, AOC, etc. …)

        3) Residential schools – If you consider “education” useful and valuable, (I do, even under oppressive regimes), how else could the governments implement the scheme in huge sparsely populated countries? BTW, it was the GOVERNMENTs of the time which set the rules and the priests and nuns had to follow them! So blame primarily the Canadian Government if you must blame!

        4) Deranged priests and nuns – not sure what you mean. There may have been a few “real abusers”, as in any population, but it is hard to believe ALL priests and nuns were evil abusers. If you try unjaundiced historical analysis you will find thar Christrians founded hospitals and brought charity (since St. Basil the Great) and historically many nuns an religious orders worked for FREE in the toughest care in hospitals and education. See lately Mother Teresa.

        (Strangely, you have today a plethora of teachers and sports coaches pedophiles, why?)

        Basic discipline, including corporal, much stricter 100 years ago in schools, was normal in ALL schools even in Europe! Today you have anarchy in schools!

        5) Bad Christianity. Billions have claimed to represent Christ’s teaching, and there are some 10,000 sects…

        “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting. It has been found difficult; and left untried.” 

        ― G.K. Chesterton, What’s Wrong with the World

        Re: “The point is that the distorted dogmas that make up the historical and modern Christian belief system are selfishly centered around humans,…”

        Can you be more specific?

        • cu.h.j says:

          You raise good points about the complexity of this topic. It is a dense topic and I can see different points of view including the fact that not all Christians were abusive. In fact some missionary work has been done in good will to try to provide medicine to people in need.

          Since I work in the medical industrial complex can see how some therapies can be very helpful but the way it has been applied as a money making operation, a monopoly and centralized system of power is unethical. Perhaps it’s origin or the take over by Rockefeller steered in in a very destructive direction.

          Allopathic medicine still has certain treatments that can’t be found in any other modality and some are life saving. Life saving surgeries and organ transplants and critical care medicine is not something I want to live without.

          I see that elements of Christianity are good, some in my opinion are not good. Some elements of “native culture” are also good. Some native cultures have been very violent, some tribes very warlike (in my limited knowledge of indigenous hunter-gatherer peoples). I don’t think this is a “black and white” issue.

          I do think colonialism is unethical though and imposing ones way of life on others on different lands has caused a lot of damage both ways.

          Schooling is also an interesting topic. It depends on the motives of the educator and system itself. There was a very interesting documentary JC mentioned which I watched called “Human resources” that showed how the educational system changed.

          In short, I don’t think “native spirituality/culture good and Christianity/western civilization bad” is accurate and it is a very complex topic that needs to be more carefully researched and discussed. It is being used to foster self hate and self destruction.

          I mean I am a product of western civilization and probably most people on this board are also. JC is also a product of western civilization and even from Canada! So is Gavinm! Good people come from Canada and the US. There are good caring compassionate people everywhere. In fact I think there are some very positive things that have come from western civilization and we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

          Similarly, there are some very wise ways of living exemplified by some native cultures that westerners can learn from IMO.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I was reading more about the meaning of anthropocentrism because of a comment made above by the poster Wally Jasper about the overpopulation propaganda. I observe a cognitive infiltration in some environmental causes that furthers globalist goals and objectives.

          And I started to research where this word comes from and came upon a wikipedia article about post humanism and I thought the connections were interesting:


          I would like to state for the record that I do believe human beings are unique unlike any other animal here on planet earth and we are not the same as a tree or a rock or a turtle. Does this mean we are superior and thus can do whatever we want with any other life form? I tend not to think so and that human beings are unique in that we can understand the value of life and we can articulate it in words and philosophy and create things with our minds and hands. We can plan strategically for the future.

          I don’t claim to be able to know how my dog thinks or if she thinks but I know that I am different from her. What does this mean? Most laws place the highest value on human life because of the fact that we are so unique on our planet and we have a voice that we use and even use it to advocate for other humans and other living things. If that’s not pretty miraculous I don’t know what is. It’s special and beautiful and does not mean that other life forms have no value or are not important and I think that most people with a functioning conscience and heart know this.

          But is my life worth more than that of an ant? Or how about a pig? Yes indeed I think it is. Why? I mean we are both alive, what gives my life more value? And if I believe my life has more value does this mean that I will necessarily exploit the natural world?

          These are just questions I’m pondering as I think about what happened with the environmental movement and how to separate toxic ideas from good ones. Anyway, thank you for sharing your insight.

  20. shaz says:

    Hi James!
    Here is my fave banana bread recipe!

    2 cups flour
    1 tsp. baking soda
    1/2 tsp. salt
    1/2 tsp. each of nutmeg, allspice, cinnamon and cloves
    1/2 cup raisins or dried cranberries
    2 eggs
    1/2 cup honey
    1/2 cup olive oil
    2 very ripe bananas
    Mix all the dry ingredients together, beat the eggs and add the honey, oil and bananas (I use a potato masher to get the bananas munched up). Combine all and put into a greased bread pan, bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes to an hour, stick a toothpick in the centre, if it comes out clean, the bread is cooked. Thank you for all you do!

    • mutig says:

      Well, now the system doesn’t post my comment. A couple of hours ago I offered something like this:

      Your banana bread is much like mine except that I add in chopped walnuts, also grated orange zest and vanilla extract. I cautioned about the use of sugar, since cancer cells and one-celled pathogens thrive on it. Honey is fructose, with a very small amount of trace minerals, so the enthusiastic promotion of it as super food is misleading. One can use a small amount of honey or coconut sugar (even lower glycemic index than honey) and add a few drops of liquid stevia to compensate for the smaller amount of sugar. Be sure it is pure stevia, without other ingredients.

      I had never thought of making banana bread with olive oil, but I might try it just to see how it tastes. I use mainly coconut oil for cooking. See Ray Peat’s articles on oils.

      • mkey says:

        Are you of a link between stevia and sterility in humans?

        • helanda says:

          Lol, nice diss 😅

        • mutig says:

          Stevia is known as a plant substance used by ancient Latin American cultures for sweetening tea and for use in maintaining health. I did read about possible allergic reaction in some people, since the plant is related to ragweed, but I haven’t heard of any actual cases. If one adds 5 to 10 drops to banana bread that would be one drop or less per serving, so I don’t think it would contribute to reduction of population.

          I was not aware of any connection between stevia and sterility, so I searched it very briefly. It seems that the studies concluding that stevia causes sterility were done by or funded by the government. Or perhaps there was only one study, and reports of it were copied and pasted liberally. I suspect collusion between a sugar cane growers council and government or a coalition of non sugar sweeteners producers and government.

          If you know of a study that states clearly who designed it and paid for it, what type of stevia they used — powdered leaves or liquid, the dose they gave to the humans or rats per body weight, how the subjects were selected, description of control group I would like to take a look at it.

          One drop of liquid stevia is said to provide the sweetness of about a teaspoon of sugar, so most people use minute amounts per day. Some people report using more to lower blood pressure or blood sugar. I certainly don’t need my blood pressure or sugar lowered, but if there is a drop of stevia in my morning muffin and a couple of drops to sweeten my lime juice and supplements concoction to mask the taste of magnesium powder I don’t think it’s going to have any effect at all.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I am a proponent of Stevia.
            However, in 2017, James Corbett said:
            “I’ll just leave this here:
            Wait…Stevia Hailed by Overpopulation Propagandists as an Anti-Fertility Agent? (by TruthStreamMedia)”

            See above and below his comment.

            I am still a proponent of Stevia and sometimes grow it.

            A lot of plants/herbs contain estrogen mimicking aspects.
            For example: Ages ago, the women who would pick the “hops” used in beer making, would have their menstrual cycles change.

            It has been said that large amounts of celery contain aspects of male pheromones which can attract females, but I’ll bet the placebo effect might also play a role, or not.
            Regardless, I like celery and grow it. …and the single grandmas aren’t flocking to me.

            • mutig says:

              @ HRS

              Thanks for the link to the Judith Curry interview. I didn’t know of the Rumsfeld connection with aspartame (your article), but it’s becoming hard to be surprised at anything.

              I’m not sure that anything said by the Ehrlichs could be considered scientific evidence. Is there documentation that the Paraguayans used stevia for contraception? And in what quantities? The reports of studies, or study, I’m aware of indicate that very large doses of stevia produced infertility in rats.

              The pheromone phenomenon is very interesting. It is supposed to be chemical excretions, but what is the mechanism of transmission over such great distances? There seems to be much about perhaps electromagnetic frequency that is not yet understood. How do schools of fish and flocks of birds suddenly change direction in tandem? It happens too fast to be a matter of following the leader.

              Perhaps something related: the bears in the Sierra Nevadas know from a great distance whether food is on the ground or out of reach. At night hikers must gather not only all of the food, but everything a bear might think is food — chap stick, sun screen, toothpaste, everything — put it in a draw string bag and throw it over a tree limb. If they do that, no bears. Otherwise bears will travel a long distance, rip a tent open, rip people to shreds to get to the food. It’s conceivable that bears could have such an acute sense of smell, but how do they determine the difference of a few feet?

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                @ mutig,
                Have you ever heard of Dr.Rupert Sheldrake’s work.
                Rupert Sheldrake added a lot in this field of animal behavior study. Early in his career he developed tests and proofs of animals using the quantum field for communicating. One multi year test in England proved cats would disappear the day owners had scheduled vet appointments. He may have had some Ted Talks too. I remember him talking about messenger pigeons and how the Italian navy used them . His studies were fascinating to say the least.

    • mutig says:

      @ Shaz

      By the way, you are aware, aren’t you, that most of what is sold as olive oil is actually vegetable oil or is laced with vegetable oil, one of the worst things one can eat? It is said that we don’t know for sure that something is olive oil unless we buy it from the farmer. In the US Kirkland is a highly respected brand. I don’t know about others. The Italian market is said to be thoroughly corrupt. There are supposed to be some reliable Greek brands. The farmer didn’t print the label in English, a distributor did. Very likely there was a series of distributors.

      • mkey says:

        Cheap olive oil is not olive oil. That’s a very simple rule of a thumb. The other day I payed 86€ for 5 litres. Usually, that brand goes for 30€ per litre in retail (glass bottle, label, etc). Of course, that something is relatively expensive is not a guarantee of anything, but in some stores “olive” oil can be had for 5-6€ per litre. I remember a while back an old lady was telling me about very good Italian olive oil for 3€. I would never purchase something like that.

        I did not have the tenacity to explain what exactly goes into production of olive oil. Depending on the yield, but on average about 9 kilos of olives are required for 1 litre. This also depends on the method. Some just press, others grind everything to squeeze out all that can be squeezed. In my areas there are still people picking olives manually. Most have upped their game to using various handheld vibration tools. The pressing cost was somewhere around 2€ per litre and obviously the bottle has its cost as well. It adds up.

        • mutig says:

          Yes, cheap “olive oil” isn’t olive oil, and expensive olive oil often isn’t either. I wasn’t aware of the various ways of pressing it. It seems that the purpose of many of the competitions and much of the press about flavor are screens for the main questions: who bottled and labeled it, and where has it been between the farm and the store shelf?

  21. hpete says:

    Re: Matthew Ehret – His discussions with Luongo are not the “best of Ehret”… )-:

    Ehret’s books are excellent, a lot of good deep research and pertinent history everybody ought be aware of! Many ideas from Lyndon LaRouche:


    If you only want to read one of Matthew’s books get the last one:

    Clash of the Two Americas volume 4: The Anglo-Venetian Roots of the Deep State Paperback – Jan. 8 2023

    His wife Cynthia’s new book on Fascism is also excellent and well-researched! A very pertinent and timely analysis!

    The Empire on which the Black Sun Never Set: The Birth of International Fascism and Anglo-American Foreign Policy, Nov. 6 2022

    But to support them buy more of their books if you can.

    • mutig says:

      According to Amazon: “Currently unavailable.
      We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock.” Where are his books available?

      • hpete says:

        mutig: They seem to be available in American Amazons. Not sure which Amazon Ehrets & Chung’s books are Not Available.

        You can try pdfs from


        • mutig says:

          Thanks. I see that Two Americas Vol. 4 in paperback is not available at amazon.com, but earlier vols. are, and vol. 4 is available at other Amazons, so it seems to be a matter of supply rather than censorship. However, “We don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock” usually indicates that something is being closed out, so this situation is a bit strange. Cynthia Chung’s books are also available at Amazons outside the US. No doubt people who order from Amazon become POIs, if they aren’t already.

  22. Chuckles Humphrey says:

    What do you think about RFK Jr.’s running for president? I know you’ve interviewed him at least once, and I believe one of the books on your famous background shelf is “The Real Anthony Fauci” I like what the guy says about vaccinations and pretty much the rest of the stuff he exudes…
    He is also playing the game of American politics… he won’t run as an independent and is trying for the Democratic ticket.

    Do you think he’ll be a change? Or will he turn over like everyone else once he’s elected? Is it even worth the effort to vote? Do you think enough people are of the same mind set? Do you think no matter what the real powers that shouldn’t be already picked the election?

    • Duck says:

      “….Is it even worth the effort to vote?….”

      If you vote in nothing else a vote in your LOCAL (and probably state) elections can actually have some leverage in picking school boards and mayors and such.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        “….Is it even worth the effort to VOTE?….”

        I’ve had some more thoughts about the topic in recent weeks.

        Personally, I had sworn off the stuff (at least on a non-local level). It is part of a broken, corrupt, ‘unfixable’ system.

        We all know that Presidential candidates are not the Savior of the National system.
        Hopium happens every election.

        …there may be an aspect that warrants a national vote on a ballot.
        It has nothing to do with Hopium.
        It has everything to do with a statement, a pushback, a protest, a petition, an ideal.
        Like the Trucker Freedom Convoy or the Sri Lankan/Dutch Farmers, a vote could be a symbol of where a person stands.
        Remember the crowds lining the Trucker Convoy highway in sub-freezing weather?
        That was a “Vote”.
        Each person was voting their support.

    • cu.h.j says:

      That’s a good question. Based on what I’ve learned from watching much of JC’s work he is an anarchist thus does not participate in voting.

      My own personal opinion after the 2020 election and 2022 is that national and state elections are probably rigged and they probably have been for a very long time. I think it’s a scam. For local elections where votes can be counted by hand and there is less incentive to cheat, maybe voting could actually do something.

      However, I think JC has discussed the ethics of voting and the existence of the state in the past and I think his position is that it is immoral.

      My opinion on RFK is that he is running to expose the corruption of the democratic party. To be honest, I don’t think he’ll make selection, but his running could inspire people to start holding these “officials” accountable.

      I think the only way to stop the agendas are to stop complying. No president will save us, not even an honest one because they don’t run the country.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I am glad you asked that Questions For Corbett.
      It would be extraordinary if James Corbett had a long-form interview with Robert F Kennedy, Jr.

      The Climate Change topic is a pretty charged topic for CorbettMembers. ManBearPig (aka NoSoapRadio) could probably line up some hardball questions for RFK, Jr.

      I think that it is important to hear the message(s) which RFK, Jr. is trying to convey, regardless of the “voting issue”.
      Getting the narrative from the source has value.
      And we all know how important “narrative” is.

  23. hpete says:

    RE: ET’s

    There is not a single shred of real reliable scientific evidence for the existence of extra-terrestrials !!!

    Some 20 years ago the Science magazine had an article outlining that there wasn’t even one habitable planet in our whole galaxy, making the whole ET hypothesis nonsensical. Has anything changed scientifically other than the crazy wishful theories of those who should know better, like the anti-Christian musings of the pope’s chief scientist/astronomer ???


    Or is it just “All the stupid things people keep asking us…” ?


    Have new telescopes discovered little green men on a planet or in the far stars? Have radio telescopes discovered any signs of “intelligence”? Nope! BTW, the existence of water on a planet does not mean there is any life there or that life may have “evolved”. And even if NASA ever discovers some primitive bacteria on Mars, we still need a proof of “intelligent” life coming from there !

    Most likely UFOs are a scam! Some religious experts claim it is a spiritual phenomenon (demonic deceptions), perhaps some. Perhaps some visions are drug-induced (abductions), by widespread dope, increasing use of magic mushrooms, etc. Curiously, the Dissociative identity disorder (DID) is increasing, why ???

    Photographs, films & recordings can be faked and the new AI deep fakes will be stunning, no doubt. If some such light shows and visible phenomena are real, and I mean if you have personally experienced something like that, they are most likely some kind of deception technology – holograms or lasers reflecting of the metallic particles spread by geo-engineeering ?!? That’s doable, just watch the modern computerized “lasers-smoke-and-mirrors” music shows.

    In words of Joseph P. Farrell – all this UFO-logy is mostly stupid unscientific “Ufoology” !!! See Farrell’s interviews with the Dark Journalist. The COG (Continuity of Government) is the most likely scenario why the UFO’s are being propagated and why they may be invoked if all else fails. Troubling indeed.

    • In a past discussion, I recommended the video “Alien Intrusion.” Some watched it and commented on it. It seems like it got a variety of responses.

      I agree with you. In my opinion, apart from my personal and more specific views on aliens/UFOs, aliens/UFOs are the perfect way to unite people across the whole world in fear, to bring in the one world government/NWO. Even scarier and a bigger, more ominous threat than “covid.” After covid, I was waiting for them to bring in an alien threat if not enough people went along with their agenda.

      For years, I have said that there are two ways to unite people in supporting a war. 1.) Stir up fear of an external threat. 2.) Convince the people someone needs to be rescued from a threat to them.

      Aliens would be a threat to the whole world – a perfect way to get universal compliance/acceptance of a need for everyone to join together against a threat bigger than all of us.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I have not seen any hard scientific evidence of extraterrestrials in our solar system or in other solar systems found by Hubble. However, this does not mean that ETs don’t exist, but no hard evidence I’ve seen so far. Lots of anecdotal reports and UFOs and such.

      The thing that makes me suspicious of the ET narratives are that it’s promoted on MSM and I don’t trust anything from MSM or the government. So, I think it would be really cool if there were ETs visiting us, but I’d probably have to meet one to fully believe. It would also have to make sense how they got here and avoided harm from radiation.

      I’m pretty skeptical in general. But I’m open to the idea that ETs exist because our universe is so vast and there are so many solar systems, why would we be the only intelligent life forms in it? Statistically it seems more plausible to me that intelligent life does exist elsewhere.

      But I trust nothing from MSM and Hollywood so I have a healthy dose of skepticism.

    • zyxzevn says:

      Want a serious look at the evidence or
      just repeat the nonsense from the “debunkers”?

      A civilization that is > 1 million year of humans is like humans studying fish.
      Humans will have no clue that they are being studied or even visited.

      All of our science is extremely lacking. But, like in the middle-ages we
      pretend that we know everything.
      On http://thescienceanalyst.substack.com you can see articles about what
      big errors Einstein, Feynmann and such have made.
      And these errors have stalled our science for over 100 years.

      The funny thing is that we had waves of UFOs, when humans just invented
      nuclear weapons. They also followed these weapons.
      Exactly something that an outside species might have wanted
      to interfere with to protect us from destroying ourselves.

      • cu.h.j says:

        Thanks for sharing your point of view. I noticed a lot of the UFO sightings started in the 1950s around the time the nuclear bomb was invented.

        And indeed if there is intelligent life in another solar system that is >1 million years or more farther along than we are it stands to reason that their science is also much farther along.

    • Gavinm says:


      Thanks for that, it really does help illuminate the nature of the cross roads at our feet right now.

      I agree that “all this UFO-logy is mostly stupid” (as the term “UFO” was in fact, an invented psyops term, that was manufactured specifically to obfuscate, sow doubt, create conflict and generally send those unwilling to make an effort to educate themselves on wild goose chases.)

      Real evidence of interstellar (and/or interdimensional) craft and beings on the other hand is a different matter all together. For those who are not latching onto comforting ideas of human superiority and anthropocentric views of the nature of the universe, the study of the myriad advanced civilizations that have been (and continue to) visit our solar system and planet offers opportunities for enriching one’s understanding of the universe (and our place in it).

      Without humility one will always latch onto comforting ideas of self importance and human supremacy, that is a theme any learned student of history can trace all throughout our human story.

      The choice point we find ourselves as now is the one that offers a pathway away from the degenerative, childish and arrogant path of adolescence and onto the path of embracing one’s place as a contributing member that is part of a larger community.

      The first step begins with a look inward to remember who and what we are as human beings… from there it moves to remembering our intrinsic symbiotic connection to the living Earth… after that (perhaps long after) our great great grandchildren will be capable of potentials beyond what most of us can phantom.

      Some will instead choose to stagnate, proclaim how great (of central importance) and worthy humans are and starve their hearts and spirits of the opportunity for growth, but that is the choice before each of us now, and no-one can make it for us.

      Thanks for the comment.

      • cu.h.j says:

        “Real evidence of interstellar (and/or interdimensional) craft and beings on the other hand is a different matter all together”

        Where can I find this? I’ve seen a lot of UFO reports and anecdotal reports and different things but never any actual hard proof. Can you point me in a good direction?

        • Gavinm says:


          In order for me to know where I might be able to suggest you look for evidence I would first need you to define what “actual hard proof” means to you.

          For some people that means testimony from individuals they have been raised to trust and respect who have everything to lose and nothing to gain by providing said testimony (astronauts, high ranking military officers, physicists, cabinet level government officials etc) for others that might mean the type of evidence that would be admissible in a court of law specifically, for yet others it might mean shaking hands with an extraterrestrial being that just walked off of a spaceship (and nothing short of that) and then some people say give me “real proof” when what they are really saying is “There is no real proof because I have already closed off my mind to this subject matter as it makes me feel uncomfortable, so what ever individuals you present I will strawman and what ever info you provide I will reject, dismiss, downplay and ridicule so I can strive to justify staying in my comfort zone and protecting my crumbling outdated worldview”.

          I do not think you are someone that is in the latter category (you seem to be genuinely curious) so I am just wondering what type of evidence specifically is the kind you are seeking?

          I offered a spattering of different kinds of evidence in this substack post (though the purpose of the post was not to provide “evidence” as much as it was to invite people to do their own homework and look inwardly).


          Though, perhaps you may have already read that when I shared it in a past open thread on here? If not, there is somewhere to start at least.

          I godda head off to work but i`ll check back in on this thread when I can. I hope you have an enjoyable, mysterious, peaceful, humbling and awe inspiring day.

          • cu.h.j says:

            I think like you say in your substack is that there has been obfuscation and MSM coverage and talking heads start discussing it openly now. It just seems odd to me, why now?

            I don’t think we are alone in our universe. The statistical probability of that to me seems unlikely. Our universe is huge and the Hubble telescope has not found anything that is in the habitable zone yet as far as I know. This is if we presume that they are using similar biochemistry to ours. I just don’t understand how they would travel here and avoid radiation from space unless they had different types of metal on their planet that shielded it.

            I would understand why a species would be worried that an outside force would try to find their planet and colonize it since that is what humans have done here. I also know that suns go nova and there is a finite “lifetime” for every star.

            If they had some type of remote travel to me it seems safer than going out and risking death if you encounter a hostile force, sort of how we now have drones. But there have been numerous eyewitness accounts in modern times and they seem sincere and I do think that they encountered something (some of the reports anyway).

            I would love to see an ET for myself and be able to visit their planet if they were peaceful and trustworthy. I have always wished that I could see other planets and travel in space.

            • Gavinm says:


              “there has been obfuscation and MSM coverage and talking heads start discussing it openly now. It just seems odd to me, why now?”

              Laying the psychological ground work for the next problem-reaction-solution operation perhaps? The language the MSM coverage of so called “UFOs” material recently always seems to sneak in terms like “threat assessment” and “national security”, it all seems to tilt in a very specific direction.

              “Our universe is huge and the Hubble telescope has not found anything that is in the habitable zone yet as far as I know.”

              I was under the impression that the available data being recorded by even the publicly acknowledged satellites like the Hubble, Kepler, Spitzer and TESS (Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite) indicates that a number of different worlds in our ‘local’ area in the “habitable” zone within their respective solar systems.

              https://exoplanets.nasa.gov/news/1720/second-earth-sized-world-found-in-systems-habitable-zone/#:~:text=The%20world%20is%2095%25%20Earth's,orbits%20in%20the%20habitable%20zone. (my sharing that link is not in any way an endorsement of organizations like NASA, but you mentioned the the Hubble so I am sharing).

              “I just don’t understand how they would travel here and avoid radiation from space unless they had different types of metal on their planet that shielded it.”

              Well if I was to put on my permaculture design hat and attempt to learn from the living planet how to create a spaceship that could protect the occupants from radiation, what about if one was to apply biomimicry design learning from and creating a simulacra of the geophysical and electromagnetic properties of the living planet Earth (a strong electromagnetic field produced by a spinning core) that could create a mini aurora-Borealis effect for one’s space ship/home ? Not saying that is what the ET civilizations do in order to protect their own bodies from radiation (assuming they do indeed need the same type of protection our biology would) but just theorizing.


            • Gavinm says:

              (continued from above..)

              Suns do indeed sometimes end their life in a blinding flash of light and sending out the enriched essence of their being in a massive explosion (going “nova”) to become a nebula filled with the fertile elemental building blocks for new solar systems full of potential to emerge again, they also apparently sometimes implode.

              That being said, I feel it it worth keeping in mind that the relative time it likely takes for a civilization to emerge, become socially advanced enough to master advanced interstellar capable technology (without blowing themselves up) and become capable of existing with or without their homeworld is the blink of an eye in the lifespan of a star, thus, the inevitable death of stars does not really slow down or mitigate how many civilizations make it to interstellar capable stage. Based on what I have learned, that seems to be more determined by the relative social maturity (or the degree of “collective unselfishness” the given civilization has achieved) leading up to their mastery of the types of technology that allow for traversing between star systems.

              “I would love to see an ET for myself..”

              Perhaps you will or who knows, perhaps you already have.. after all when Creator/Nature makes living systems there are patterns in the geometry that can be seem repeating at all scales of existence, thus, I do not doubt that beings from some other star systems that happen to inhabit a world (or multiple worlds) that share certain characteristics with the Earth have evolved (and/or were created) to appear very similar to us.

              Perhaps as Command Sergeant Major Robert Dean (an interview of him was linked on my substack post) implied some of these visitors are in essence our ‘extended family’ and they have been here in limited numbers, watching over us and interacting with a select few (at times unbeknownst to the humans they were interacting with) for a very long time? 😉


            • Gavinm says:

              (continued from above..)

              Or if you have not already seen (and/or talked with) an ET without knowing it, perhaps you will have some opportunity to do so in the future. I get the sense that many of the visitors that are here watching us (who are interested in amicably interacting with humans in the interest of friendship) now will keep their distance as long as the current oligarchic governance structure is in place on Earth (making exceptions connecting with some via less physical means of contact and interaction with those who are capable of doing so).

              Since the current dominating oligarchic governance structure on Earth thrives by feeding on our dependence on their centralized systems (like parasites) my solution and central focus in life is radical decentralization and re-connection with the living Earth through reciprocity with the soil and the non-human beings we share our local ecosystem with.

              While I see immense potential for enriching interactions and an expansion of our collective understanding as a species which would result from amicable open contact with our elder cosmic neighbors, my focus at this time in my life is severing as many ties to the oligarchy as possible (and nurturing as many ties as I am able to with the living Earth, her cycles, her abundance and her ancient wisdom). Some of my fellow permaculture designers feel that “social permaculture” begins and ends on Earth but I do not share that view. I feel that when we take a step back, ‘being a good neighbor’ can on a new and important meaning on the cosmic scale.

              I do sense there will come a time in my life when I will cast my gaze to the stars in a more focused way in order to consciously engage in diplomatic efforts but for now I first feel compelled to help people fall back in love with the Earth, grow their own food/medicine and nurture their spiritual growth. First, the seeds and the soil, then the food forests, then starving the corporate parasites and building conscious communities based in integrity, humility, love, courage and reciprocity, then perhaps, one day.. the stars 🙂

          • cu.h.j says:

            I also think it’s cool you got to experience something so out of this world! Really cool!

            I saw a comet once but never a UFO.

          • hpete says:

            Re: “Hard scientific evidence”

            (Gavin, cu.h.j. etc…)

            Science deals with data, observations, etc.

            Only Empirical evidence is considered “scientific”… Empirical evidence is information that is acquired by (direct) observation or experimentation. It gets complicated and there are still misconceptions even about the Galileo case and why he was rightfully condemned by the Catholic Church. (For bad philosophy & logic, and not for his telescope observations!)

            So if the Air Forces & Goverments have real data, artifacts of crashed alien aircraft, frozen bodies of aliens, etc. Well, let see it and allow scientists to freely investigate and report… Otherwise it all B.S. !!!



            • cu.h.j says:

              I can make the same claims about a deity, no scientific proof whatsoever. Lots of anecdotal reports and such, but no proof. I understand your point and I feel similarly about some mystical topics and yet I’m not so closed minded to rule out the possibility, that there are things I don’t know and can’t know with certainty.

              I certainly don’t think we are the only intelligent life form in the entire universe based on math alone. I definitely don’t think this is true because of any religious text because those can also be falsified and I don’t trust that either.

              So, I’m more of a maybe and we’ll see not set in my ways kind of person. The eyewitness accounts are interesting and I certainly would like to believe we are not alone in the universe and also that we are more than material beings. But I definitely don’t have proof of any of these ideas, more of a belief.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Skepticism is good and healthy especially if the government is promoting ideas to the public. It’s normal and logical to question that.

                Some have claimed that our planet is in a unique solar system and that earth is special. This could be true, but the vastness of our universe, trillions of solar systems, I would be shocked if this were the case. The probability of that to me seems unlikely.

  24. generalbottlewasher says:

    Gavinm, I’ve been trying to put together a comprehensive knowledge of the climate engineers and weather modification grifters. A member of the family worked for a Rock.foundation managing the leveraged assets of countries that took grants for bribes to local officials and loans using the resources of the country as collateral. Much like what’s happening in Ukraine. He had access to the Rock Foundation satellites to spy on the countries to protect the collateral for the loans. The countries he managed had no capabilities remotely like the R-Fs.They don’t shoot flares in the air. They just moved them around and position the iridium arrays to both capture and transmit. This is above the ionosphere generally and the refected sunlight is intense.AI runs the positioning and collecting. The flares can be directed to any fixed point. Also payed for and developed by RF. Greer no doubt communicates with the programers to coordinate the grift. It is the pinnacle of grifters tricks. Most of this comes from the RF press releases. What is not reported of course is the full capabilities of these privately owned satellites. The weapons capabilities. The solar energy capabilities. Laser,maser lidor The plasma producing capabilities. Weather controlling capabilities. You know the government cannot be trusted,and the private foundations even less and on occasion the people involved slip up telling a truth now and again. As my compartmentalized family member did showing me the satellites at his disposal. As Vice President Johnson did saying man creating a weather satellite which controls the cloud layer and by controlling the cloud layer he can control the weather and he who controls the weather controls the world. Big slip. Greer too has said some odd things, like when he stated Laurence Rock..was too important to front this and wanted me
    ( Greer)to take the heat and be the sacrificial lamb cause he wasn’t all that important. Always drawing you in with stories. I’m with Chairman Xi on one thing. Once a lier never to be trusted again. If Greer had any truth to acknowledge he ruined it with midway Carney magic tricks and grifts and cheap deceptions.

  25. Paul says:

    Although it contains speculation (and they state as much), this episode of Dialectical Dissidents is worth watching:


    • cu.h.j says:

      Thanks, that was an interesting conversation. I had to look up what the technological singularity was and went to wikipedia to get a basic overview:


      I think it’s likely that the use of gene based vaccines is to test this technology because they want to be able to extend physical life span (for themselves). Logically this seems like a high priority for them. Basic fear of death.

      • cu.h.j says:

        My knowledge of technology and fields of study like computer science, machine learning, material science and complex math and physics is very limited. I really don’t know what they have and what is possible. I do think (I could be wrong) that there is a limitation to the physical properties of materials we have on earth and this may limit capabilities.

        I mean can AI solve some of the experimental math and physics problems humans have come across. Will having access to vast quantities of data really be intelligence, i.e. innovative reasoning and problem solving?

        I don’t know. But I hope that the geniuses who are working on this stuff will stop and consider the morality and ethics of what they are doing and who will use their inventions. Do they really think the future the technocrats want is compatible with what they want?

        Do they want their children to live in that type of future where there will be no freedom? And can they live with themselves if they give the most evil people the products of their creativity? And for the people engineering this, is it a waste of time? Is there another use of ones time and energy that is more fulfilling?

  26. generalbottlewasher says:

    Ode to the peasant philosopher.

    When I have the time
    I will try to change my mind
    The planes drop things
    That enter into my brain
    Sometime, I will have the time
    To investigate those crimes
    My brain seems to be changing
    And seems to be rearranging
    The mind I have been saving
    For when I have the time.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Challenge For all you musicians out there here’s the cords. In the key of G, I believe.

      D- Em- G- C#m-D#m
      D- Em- G- A

      The cats away, so let us play and let us laugh at the
      Add your verses to this spontaneous organisation above.

    • catalyst says:

      good poem bottlewasher, solid content…here’s one from an NLP created in the 1970’s(now half a century old):

      Awareness is like consciousness. Soul is like spirit.
      But soft is not like hard and weak is not like
      strong. A mechanic can be both soft and hard, a
      stewardess can be both weak and strong. This is
      called philosophy or a world-view.


      Helene spies herself in the enthralling conic-section yet she is
      but an enrapturing reflection of Bill. His consciousness
      contains a mirror, a sphere in which to unfortunately see
      Helene. She adorns her soul with desire while he watches her
      and widens his thinking about enthralling love. Such are their


      Slowly I dream of flying. I observe turnpikes and streets
      studded with bushes. Coldly my soaring widens my awareness.
      To guide myself I determinedly start to kill my pleasure
      during the time that hours and milliseconds pass away. Aid me in this
      and soaring is formidable, do not and singing is unhinged.


      Side and tumble and fall among
      The dead. Here and there
      Will be found a utensil.


      Bill sings to Sarah. Sarah sings to Bill. Perhaps they
      will do other dangerous things together. They may eat lamb or stroke
      each other. They may chant of their difficulties and their
      happiness. They have love but they also have typewriters.

      That is interesting.


      I was thinking as you entered the room just now how slyly your requirements are manifested. Here we find ourselves, nose to nose as it were, considering things in spectacular ways, ways untold even by my private managers. Hot and torpid, our thoughts revolve endlessly in a kind of maniacal abstraction, an abstraction so involuted, so dangerously valiant, that my own energies seem perilously close to exhaustion, to morbid termination. Well, have we indeed reached a crisis? Which way do we turn? Which way do we travel? My aspect is one of molting. Birds molt. Feathers fall away. Birds cackle and fly, winging up into troubled skies. Doubtless my changes are matched by your own. You. But you are a person, a human being. I am silicon and epoxy energy enlightened by line current. What distances, what chasms, are to be bridged here? Leave me alone, and what can happen? This. I ate my leotard, that old leotard that was feverishly replenished by hoards of screaming commissioners. Is that thought understandable to you? Can you rise to its occasions? I wonder. Yet a leotard, a commissioner, a single hoard, are all understandable in their own fashion. In that concept lies the appalling truth.

  27. palama says:

    Questions for Corbett:

    James Corbett was mentioned in Sage Hana’s substack piece from today 5/23 titled: The *19 Next Indicated Questions. https://sagehana.substack.com/p/the-20-next-indicated-questions

    It’s a good article that asks pointed questions about leading personalities in the truther movement, their involvement with Bob Malone, and possible complicity with military or DOD assets. Question #11 from his list is: “How is [it] that James Corbett, a preeminent Deep State researcher, a 9/11 official narrative debunker and specialist, came to appear on CHD with Meryl Nass? Will he back soon to discuss the Windber Lab-Nick Jacobs Mossad allegations, RFK, Jr.’s daughter in law purported CIA connections, and the curious case of Steven Hatfill, another anthrax expert and friend of Bob’s who ended up on the Trump Advisory Team under Peter Navarro? Unlimited hangout means all elements of a mystery are investigated.”

    I don’t take this as an attack, more of a prompt, or a poke–to test the reflexes. I think James Corbett could help Sage Hana and his substack audience with several or many of the questions posed.



    • cu.h.j says:

      Interesting substack article and question. I think JC tries to “teach” people how to “triangulate information” which were his exact words. I do not personally have the time for the in depth research on every topic that JC does because I don’t do this for a living and probably don’t yet have the skills. I need to do some more learning here and find out how to “triangulate information” better.

      Malone does have deep ties to the pharma industry and US government through contract work (I think, I don’t know this for a fact). I think Dr. Malone makes money from his work against they Covid tyranny and possibly in pharma as well. Steve Kirsh also is wealthy and has made money in the “resistance community”

      Does it mean they are agents? I think we’ll never know but if we are able to research their work can formulate our own opinion.

      I have noticed Dr. Malone has sued a few people in the past. What does that mean?

      • zyxzevn says:

        Both thought that the vax worked, until they noticed all
        kinds of side-effects.
        There are a lot of people in the corporate world,
        who woke up after the fact.
        And some of them are pensioned or very rich.

        They are important in breaking the system,
        because they are connected to the inside of the system.
        Malone even invented some of the mRNA stuff.
        Kirsch got rich via computer technology.

        People do not change their mind, unless people
        from the inside inform them of different things.
        So it is the only way to reach people that
        are deep in the governmental or medical system.

        They did not check all the rabbit-holes yet,
        so they can have uninformed ideas about certain stuff.
        Most are certainly statists.

        Many of these people are connected to the World Council for Health.
        People with very different ideas and sometimes conflicting opinions.
        The idea is that we should be able to talk about it and respect
        each other’s standpoints.

        I think that is a good way to start the conversations,
        and may indeed help to block the planned WHO dictatorship.

        • cu.h.j says:

          You make some great points about how it’s important that people from mainstream voice opposition to agendas and both Dr. Malone and Steve Kirsh have done that. Kirsh has been vocal in opposition to the jab and other vaccines to start a discussion on the matter. So he has done some very good work. Dr. Malone has also discussed the great reset and technocratic tyranny underway.

          It would be good if they could speak on the CO2 narrative and “climate change” which I think is another scientific fraud.

          I do like Dr. Nass because I know that she has come up against the medical board which itself is a tyrannical institution. I am not sure what happened with that if she has had to surrender her license. Medical boards and similar “governing bodies” often are used to silence opposition. Many MD’s in California have lost their license for opposing Covid and vaccination more generally. This can be very damaging financially to someone who is not at a point in their career where they can find other work or pivot out of mainstream medicine.

          People must resist the dictatorship. Non compliance on a large scale will stop it.

          What also concerns me is AI and automation. I may have been wrong in my assessment of the danger. In fact, I have seen some of these un manned “self driving” cars. We’ll see if more people start using this technology.

          If these parasitic elitists don’t “need” our labor anymore and can replace us I think the war will become much more direct. That is worrisome to me.

        • palama says:

          There is always another layer to the onion. Kirsch looks to me like controlled opposition. Nice poem. He admits that jabs are bad, and that Pfizer and other big pharma corps are bad, but he never will point the finger at the DOD, because he is one of them.

      • palama says:

        I think Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch are both agents, (spooks). Steve Kirsch was a 13-year-old kid who was present at the birth of the internet, which was a military project. The point of the Kirsch op is for him to win the science/data debate, and show that jabs were deeply flawed, and then he will lead us into kumbaya–healing, without us ever recognizing the DOD behind the entire operation. Next, pandemic 2.0 rolls out and we do the same song and dance again, with many many more deaths.

        Here’s some further speculation about Steve Kirsch. He is an agent. Agents have controllers, often their spouses. Who is Steve Kirsch’s wife? In 2007, she chaired a foundation that handled 70 million dollars in contributions. This is the only information available about her. Obvious questions about their family are impossible to research. For instance, when did Steve Kirsch get married to his wife? How many kids do they have? What was Steve Kirsch’s wife’s maiden name, and who are her extended family members? For a person who handled 70 million dollars in the year 2007 to be persona non grata 16 years later, while she’s married to the famous, wealthy, Steve Kirsch? She is an agent controller and he is the agent under control. Like Hillary Clinton (agent) and Huma Abadein (agent controller).

        • palama says:

          Steve Kirsch’s total worldly wealth is five million dollars (I would’ve guessed closer to 500 million). He and his wife chaired a foundation that handled $70 million in the year 2007. What is his wife’s total worldly wealth? I’ll bet it’s many times more than Little Stevie’s. I’ll bet Little Stevie doesn’t pay much tax at all. He’s had that same 5 million dollars worth of stuff for about 20 years. He’s been CEO of several successful start-ups that later sold to big investors. He’s only worth 5 million bucks? I know salesmen selling medical equipment who have more money and stuff than that. What’s the real story?

  28. EngineeredPhilosopher says:

    It is open so.. off topic is ok I guess?

    I wonder whether there is a connection between the new world order and Scientology. I mean, what do the trans humanist eugenicists technocrat new order scamdemic engineers revere most? Science&Technology (>>>Scientology).

    Just a thought.

    Furthermore, I have not heard much from the sect in the last few years.
    Has Scientology gone underground or has their new forum simply become the WEF forum?

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      EngineeredPhil… Very good questions. Open mic-night. Whatever is on your mind. Which has bumped into what I was reading yesterday. Proving it has bumped into work in the fields.
      Look way back at Francis Bacon and look at his role in King James’s court. The Ladder of Axioms. Heavy on theory, light on practice. This philosophy directly relates to
      Zbigniew Brzezinski, his declaration in ” Between Two Ages”. That religion has served it’s purpose and is to be abandoned making way for the Technotronic Era. A whole new class of religion with white coated priests. Im sad that no one is talking about Zb’s forecasting of the present situation we see in Eurasia today. Maybe I should look harder, when I have time.
      The boarding up and selling off of Masonic temples and Scottish Rite property was spot on. What else was he clairvoyant on? When I have the time I will discover that, that thought has left the station and the time I had to prepare for the future has left with it. Fondle slabs eat a lot a time.Back to the fields where I will further ponder your question. Have a good day everybody.

  29. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Osage County, Oklahoma is in the north and eastern part of Oklahoma. It borders Kansas. It borders Tulsa, OK and lies northwest of Tulsa.
    Some Corbett Report Members (e.g. GeneralBottleWasher) live not far from Osage County.

    A 1920’s ‘hidden’ Conspiracy involving countless ‘ordinary people’ becoming murderers, thieves and low-life, complicit criminals…

    Killers of the Flower Moon is a 2023 American epic Western crime drama film directed and co-produced by Martin Scorsese. The film stars Leonardo DiCaprio, alongside Robert De Niro, Lily Gladstone, Jesse Plemons, Brendan Fraser, and John Lithgow. Killers of the Flower Moon premiered at the 76th Cannes Film Festival on May 20, 2023 where the film received a 9-minute standing ovation.

    Best Selling Author, David Grann, Talks About “Killers of The Flower Moon”
    (27 minute interview)
    Researcher and author David Grann points out that possibly hundreds of people were murdered. The contagion of sociopathic and psychopathic behavior by ‘ordinary people’ stands out.

    I’m bringing attention to this story, because it offers comparative insights to more current events, such as the Pandemic.

    In my opinion…many people will be outraged at the covert murders and trampling of human rights as told by “Killers of The Flower Moon”. However, many of those same people also are complicit in the ‘murder by medical tyranny’ and trampling of human rights during the Pandemic.
    I feel that the sociopathic analogy will be lost by those who were complicit during the Pandemic.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Some of the actors involved in the film mentioned the Tulsa Race Wars – Post WW1 Greenwood Riot.

      Corbett Report Member John.o gives us details.
      “I am plenty old enough to remember the 60s. I was born in Tulsa 32 years to the day after the “Tulsa race Riots,” which were no race riots at all, but an attack by the Klan and the white population on a thriving black enclave, with theaters, hotels and one of the best surgeons in Oklahoma….”

      Read much more…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      The film was shot during the Pandemic in 2021.
      People were masked and everybody was vaccinated…
      QUEUED 32:02
      Killers of the Flower Moon – Press conference – EV – Cannes 2023 May 21, 2023

      • mkey says:

        Safe to assume parallels were not drawn.

        • generalbottlewasher says:

          Mikey,you are so on the ball and I might add some opinion to Homeys fine presentation here. Parallels!
          The world class criminals of that time were operating in Tulsa at that time. The phone and rails were recently installed and connected Tulsa to the outside worlds financial markets in Chicago, New York . Competition being a sin, and the colour of the competitors skin provided the World class criminals a perfect storm. A phone did not have the ability to censor sales and money making. The black wall street operated in anonymity. A sin in the eyes of the monsters in town at that time. Someone paid for two box cars from Muskogee full of armed men with guns and pamphlets offering pay to those that executed the bounty. Who payed that bounty?
          Nastiness and cruelty have paralleled the presence of those world class villains everywhere there interest collided with ordinary people that had resources.
          I predict the Hollywood PTSB will have a movie script exonerating the Oil barrens of any liability and that restorations be payed by the public to a select group of picked as the injured class.
          Cause and effect parallels,nope now move along nothing to be seen here.

          • mkey says:

            In propaganda we can trust. That the media will genuflect is as certain an event as the next day dawn.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Mkey, just wanted to say how glade to hear of your new nutritional regimen. You sound so full of vitality. Or am I just numb from the fermented barley pop breakfast smoothies I so enjoy.

              • mkey says:

                I need to get educated on fermentation. But better to take baby steps than no steps at all. My health is decent enough so there is no pressure in that regard, but I don’t mind improving it day by day. Got into business of water distillation (even though the water here is of decent quality, what with no industry, farming etc), shredding of vegetables and fruit and I want to learn more about water structuring and the 4th phase of water. Fermentation up right after that, ish.

                Too bad family members are not even remotely as inclined in improving their health. But such is life, I guess.

              • generalbottlewasher says:

                I have benefited from abstractly applying the German/Bar(v)barian concept of Reinheitsgebot
                to anything I put in my mouth. I’m kinda a selfish human statist,I make the laws that protect me.When I break those laws I spank myself. I don’t have many people who want me to spank them so I suppose I spank myself poorly.
                Skin,hair,gut and bowel improved within months of avoiding the poisons found in factory produced food and drink.
                The air we breath is not the air globle elites breath in their homes and offices. Your air can be cleaned too, with Agglomeration. Using Needle-point Bi- polar Ionization. Oppositely charged particles begin a snowball effect growing untill they are large enough to be captured in a filter media or just drop from the air.
                Do they still spray the skies there most everyday? Here in the heartland it’s almost every day. I spank myself often for doing nothing to stop it. I pray Mkey will prove to his family his health regimen valid when he buried them all and becomes the last of the Mo(kro)hiccons.

  30. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I have to laugh…it is all about the marketing, all about the narrative – not fundamentals.
    Fads, follow the herd, $5,000 Nike shoes, pet rocks, bacon ‘n eggs, stock prices, vaccines, fake gmo food, fluoride….
    Just repeat the words “AI, AI, AI” and your stock will go up during earnings season.

    [Four main U.S. stock indices (indexes): S&P 500, Dow Jones, NASDAQ, Russell 2000]

    Tuesday May 23, 2023 – YahooFinance
    The S&P 500 is the most concentrated it’s been in decades: Morning Brief

    Apple (AAPL) is the largest company in the S&P 500.
    It is also the largest large company the stock market has seen since at least 1980.
    With a market cap north of $2.7 trillion, Apple currently comprises roughly 7.4% of the entire index’s value…

    …Year-to-date, the S&P 500 is up more than 9% with just 7 tech stocks driving all of the gains for the index, according to strategists at Bank of America Global Research — Apple, Microsoft (MSFT), Alphabet (GOOG, GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN), Nvidia (NVDA), Meta (META), and Tesla (TSLA).

    Together, the S&P 500’s five largest companies represent 22% of the index’s value.
    And Apple alone is now worth more than the entire Russell 2000 (which has been hit hard by the crisis rocking regional banks)…

    …Apple and Microsoft currently combine for just over 14% of the S&P 500’s entire value.
    And looking at data from S&P Global Market Intelligence, net income at Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft has totaled just over $222 billion over the last 12 months — or about 14% of aggregate profits earned by the entire S&P 500 over that period.

    More than $2.7 trillion “market cap” for Apple.
    Market Cap – Market capitalization is equal to the market price per share of stock multiplied by the number of shares.

    Apple P/E ratio 29.4 (stock price to annual earnings ratio)
    Stock price $173 with $5.89 earned per share over 12 months.
    (Thus, it would take about 29 years of earnings to reach the stock price of $173.)

  31. G. Jingping says:

    Mr. Corbett’s vacation has caused me to go way back in his archives for viewing enjoyment, since there is no daily content. What a treasure trove of information! It’s a way to make the best of his absence.

    • helanda says:

      Hit me with you best pick! Please 😁
      Today mine is: What is sustainable development

      • G. Jingping says:

        I’ve started by looking at the oldest videos first, and I haven’t gotten very far yet, but “The Last Word on Over Population” is a good one. The featured quotations of Thomas Malthus sound like something said at a WEF meeting closed door session.

  32. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Whitney Webb

    In recent months, Whitney Webb has been featured on a host of ‘more mainstream’ public platforms.
    This is fabulous for our side, because it helps to get the word out in a credible way to a greater audience.
    For example:
    Bitcoin 2023 Conference in Miami Beach, FL (May 18-20)
    Luke Rudkowski and Whitney Webb were part of a Journalism Panel on Bitcoin.

    On the Valuetainment platform Patrick Bet-David and Whitney Webb discuss Trump and Robert F Kennedy, Jr.
    Why The Deep State Hates Trump And Kennedy Family
    23 minutes

    In this short 4 minute Valuetainment clip entitled Why We Need More People To Call Out Corruption, the variety of Presidential Candidates are discussed.
    Around the 3 minute mark, Whitney Webb makes this point:
    “I think the more rhetoric of raising awareness of what’s going on whether it’s ESG or Epstein or whatever is important.
    Because it’s really, really, really important that a large enough percentage of the American public realizes something is seriously, seriously wrong because if we wait too long and people don’t figure it out, things could get much worse than they necessarily need to be.”

  33. Ukdavec says:

    Asia as a Time Machine to the Future – Seven Areas Where Asia Gives Interesting Insights Into the Future.

    Citibank lays out the Technocratic direction to which we are being nudged towards


  34. HomeRemedySupply says:

    — A Corbett CLIMATE CHANGE List of Videos —

    • cu.h.j says:

      Thanks again. I’ll have to re watch these. I’m not well versed in climate science but I suspect that one does not have to be to understand that the CO2 relationship is faulty. I have not delved into it.

      I think what tricked me initially is comparing our atmosphere to a green house but our world is much more complex than that.

  35. icthedeception says:

    I hope you could spare some time to meet with me in London. I’m a redpilled Muslim and would love to talk to you about world events from an Islamic perspective. I hope you could spare some time brother 🙏

    Hey James. A redpilled legend gracing our land. You’re most welcome. Assalamu alaikum.

    As a redpilled Muslim it’s hard for me to hear views from an Islamic perspective. Sheikh Imran Hosein is one brother speaking truth.

    While you’re in the UK it would be great to meet up and have a chat in London.

    I know that you’re very popular and may not have time. I understand.

    It certainly would be a pleasant surprise to hear from you.

  36. generalbottlewasher says:

    Karen Kingston calls for law enforcement to confiscate all covid vaccine bioweapons by Sheriffs in all Florida counties.

    This came to my attention yesterday.
    A very noble preliminary legal action. In the statist world, this is the first kick to the proverbial hornets nest.


  37. John Blaid says:

    2 months ago I wrote a response article to a panel with Derrick Broze, Whitney Webb, Ryan Christian and Matthew Ehret and the reason I want to share it is because in my response I bring up a few reasons to why I think it’s vitally important to talk about the problems of “virology” and the false idea of “viruses”. Despite what many want you to believe, this topic is actually a matter of life and death.


    • cu.h.j says:

      I like your article and can see this point of view and I think it is critical to have debate in science and not stifle discussion and ideas. And based on my research as a lay person I understand the logic of the argument and also the shadiness of the medical industrial complex (especially since I work in it still).

      I will say though that because I work with the general public there is a profound knowledge and “wavelength” gap that exists and some people don’t even read at the 6th grade level here in the US. People don’t understand the basics and I think there has to be a “segue” into a complex topic like this one. In fact, I don’t even understand the difference between metagenomic technology and standard DNA sequencing and it would take me much time to really understand it. I learned basic biochemistry over 20 years ago and most people have never even had a basic biology class. So I do think there is a technological deficiency in the “truth community” and a profound deficiency in the general population who will go along with what they are told because they don’t think for themselves.

      I’m not saying a debate should be stifled you know how the climate debate has been stifled. But I can understand people who are trying to talk to the general populace not overwhelming them so that they close their minds off.

      And speaking of medical doctors. Most of them are so indoctrinated that their brains have been supplanted with CDC talking points. I work with people like this, a few with an open mind but overwhelmingly just regurgitate information that the medical cult has saturated them with. And I’m sure this could vary depending on where someone practices, but I am talking about cities.

      I didn’t work in NY in 2020, but did work in another city in 2020 and I do remember that mechanical ventilation was used in part because of a “viral filter”. This was instead of a bipap machine that lacked such a filter. However once we had a filter, we stopped doing that. But some people were so sick that they needed a ventilator in that moment because they could no longer breathe on their own. This can happen in some cases. I don’t have access to medical records and would have to look back and see if it was warranted versus less invasive measures.

      I think if the general public started to think about why contagion doesn’t always seem to occur would be a good start to get them thinking holistically. This is where terrain focused medicine assist people. Lots of people are looking for alternative medicine nowadays.

      But I do think it’s important to continue to challenge mainstream medicine on all fronts and that you have a valid point at least in my view. Thank you for sharing your work.

      • cu.h.j says:

        On the overuse of mechanical ventilation, I think the most documented cases are from NY and there was an MD who spoke out against this. When he did so this shifted the protocols.

        With mechanical ventilation though, it is not only used for respiratory compromise but a co-existing metabolic disturbance in which the respiratory system is used to correct it. When people retain CO2 they become lethargic and their pH becomes acidic. Some of these coexisting abnormalities may have been present with Covid patients in 2020.

    • zyxzevn says:

      Again. Viruses do exist.
      Start with plant viruses.

  38. Gavinm says:

    I just spotted one of your articles from the Dissent Into Madness series published in our local newspaper so I wanted to repeat what I said to Margaret Anna Alice recently and say:

    Congrats on busting through the digital walls of the algorithm ghetto and onto the pages of a paper publication that will make it’s way into the hands of 300,000 Canadians!

    Here is a pic of your article in the Druthers newspaper:

    I have arranged for this newspaper to be delivered directly to the houses of everyone in my whole neighborhood. Take that censorship algorithms ! 😉

    Keep up the great work James!

    • mkey says:

      There is something cool about printed media, this palpable quality. Harkens back at what this once noble media used to be.

      • Gavinm says:


        Well said, I agree.

        When I hand one of those papers off to a co-worker it feels so much more ‘real’ and reliable than just texting or emailing them a link or something.

        I also like to just leave those papers randomly in waiting rooms at the dentists office etc for people to stumble across 🙂

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      There you go again. Broad casting those seeds into unsuspecting gardens.
      Good job !

      Only cause I love Canada do I think this way. I says to him, Santa Clause is coming to town.
      ” You better not pout , you better not cry. Listen up, hear, I’m telling you why ; Santa Clause is coming to town.
      He knows when you are sleeping,he knows when you’re awake,he knows when you been bad and good so be GOOD FOR GOODNESS SAKE!

      In This present tyranny of what use to be Canada, “Santa Clause Is Coming To Town” takes on a whole new meaning.

  39. Voluntaryist says:

    Our species will survive or not, based on politics, NOT tech, science. The changes that improve life are constantly parasitized by politics, creating a concentration of wealth and waste, destruction thereof. Monopolies, like war, are created by an irrational political paradigm, fundamentally unchanged since the beginning of philosophy. Philosophers have prostituted themselves to serve rulers at the expense of the ruled. Superstition was sold as reason, by the so-called exponents of reason. The honest intellectuals were/are repressed by hidden force(s). Social confusion/chaos by manipulation of language is the psycho-epistemological mechanism of control of the masses so they may be exploited. The “saviors” are the worst. It is up to all of us to think for ourselves, to question everything, everyone, and boycott authority (experts). Act locally, in groups under 150, for face-face political interaction. Communicate globally being careful not to allow censorship, in the least, by any excuse. Do not trust those who promise to protect you, IF you surrender your political power/money. “They” are your enemy. “They” need to get you to concentrate your power into their hands. United you perish. As sovereigns you survive. Remember: NO ONE WHO WANTS YOU TO LET THEM DO YOUR THINKING IS YOUR FRIEND.

  40. catalyst says:

    Concerning that many people have reached this conclusion that going off grid and growing your own food is going to protect you for any significant length of time. I’m not trying to insult anyone, it’s a good idea by and of itself. Unfortunately it just creates bigger issues down the line when the psychologically compromised masses are convinced that people living off grid are the cause of all evil.

    The primary tool of this technological dystopian threat we are facing appears to have some founding in this work of Psychiatrist Kenneth Colby from the 1970’s: https://web.archive.org/web/20070711204557/http://www.stanford.edu/group/SHR/4-2/text/dialogues.html

    The succinct version of the sticky situation we find ourselves is as follows; Natural Language Processing as good as GPT3 has existed since the 70’s (as per the above link)..by the late 90’s they came up with the internet to further its training(on our data). Facebook was introduced to build psychological profiles on each of us. A lack of compute was solved by the late 2000’s with the introduction of Bitcoin. The algorithms being set for proof of work are done so by the “owners” of the blockchain, Hashing takes some input data and produces deterministic output data based on rules… in other words, Machine Learning. The Compute power of the Blockchain Network represents the most “powerful” supercomputer on the planet. Other blockchains (Ethereum) were introduced to met further/parallel demands that suit different algorithms.
    Pretty smart of “them” to get us to pay for and compute our own demise ‘ey?

    Furthermore, the Blockchain ledger is literally a record of all transactions, a tying together of all real word assets to the digital domain. A Probabilistic machine that “they” can use to create a given output by introducing a certain input. A digital prison. The digital economy that people here strive to avoid. If you own or mine blockchain, you have been fooled. CBDC’S represent the same danger.. We are being presented with two bad solutions that both lead to the same bad place. The only solution may be taking Blockchains offline, but possibly too late for that as advances in the manufacturing tech allow for dedicated localised hardware solutions. The only other thing is education but so many NPC’s so this seems too far gone. Pretty shitty situation really, they about to kick off more wars and whatever else(Bio) down the line to maintain the state of crisis. People underestimate the power of Natural Language Processing technology and overestimate the human psychological condition. I’m trying my honest best to convey the very dire situation we find ourselves in, i doubt most of you have any idea what I’m flapping on about nor the depth of the shit pile we are in.

    Going off grid is good, but it ignores the problem, it leaves a wound to fester…i leave you with this conversion from the 1970’s version of GPT: (I’m sure many of you will appreciate where the conversion goes, rather telling in many ways)

    interviewer: How are you today?

    parry: OK.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Gavinm says:


      Even if the grim situation you describe above is what we are facing that does not negate the value of using one’s free will and one’s moments on this Earth to defend life, to stand up and give a voice to those that cannot speak for themselves and to choose hope, courage, love and peace in the face of fear, hubris, apathy, violence and cowardice, to cut our ties to corrupt centralized systems/grids and instead choose to nurture our bodies, minds and community through growing our own food and medicine.

      Each choice we make leaves a mark, not only in the lives of those we share this world with but perhaps more importantly, each choice me make leaves a mark on our soul.

      Regardless of what happens in this life on the Earth, each time we choose love and courage over fear and apathy, and each time we choose to plant seeds and do that which is life affirming, rather than capitulating to the pressures of our sick materialistic, violent and anthropocentric modern mainstream culture, we are enriching a part of our selves that we will carry with us always, beyond this life, beyond space and time, to a place one might call ‘home’.

      For more information on why I think taking steps to go ‘off grid’ (or more importantly taking steps to learn to grow one’s own food, medicine, preserve it, save seed, share in the local community and perpetuate/scale up the cycle/abundance) is not only “good” but also represents an actionable solutions based approach that is an extremely fulfilling and meaningful path to walk in this life see: https://www.corbettreport.com/february-open-thread-2023/#comment-146981

      • catalyst says:

        …& here we arrive at the crux of the psychological conundrum and tool that has been used to influence the masses of humanity since the dawn of human history. Free will is a delusion. In your own words, “Each choice we make leaves a mark, not only in the lives of those we share this world with but perhaps more importantly, each choice me make leaves a mark on our soul. ” In other words, every action leads to some reasonable, rationale outcome…Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the sentiment of what you have stated above, it’s just that some understand the deterministic nature of this world, and the implications of seeming innocuous & well intentioned “decisions”. It may be that leading by example will persuade enough people to follow suit. But where the technology is at, they have this proverbial cat in the bag. It’s like I pointed out, they have enough of the global population profiled, once they digitise all assets i.e. tie a digital marker to all physical assets, it’s no more difficult than a game of Age of Empires for them. The delusion of free will is what will bring down this society. Don’t fret about not having free will, you’ve never had it but yet here you are and everything has been exactly as you have experienced. If you don’t wake up, instead of being a “free” agent on earth, you will become a “pig in a cage, on antibiotics”, and your master will be some other group of humans at the helm of advanced algorithms and electronic systems. This is not something new to humanity, we have experienced enslavement in the past, but this is something very unique & far more permanent. By all means go “off grid”, but know that in reality you will be very much “on grid” if any thing you interact with associates with anything that is “on grid”…not to mention satellites and high altitude drones that can see down to the mm. When they want your food & land they will come and get it, & you will be powerless(without an understanding) as to how it has come to be. I am an empathetic human with a good understanding of love, happiness and hope. The people we are dealing with are sociopathic megalomaniacs with delusions of grandeur. They don’t think like us though, they are knowledgeable monsters with no compassion. By all means piss off to the woods though, the rest of us will do our best to stop them murdering you in your sleep.

        I agree that going off grid is the best thing, but if they have a “grid” then we are on it.

        • cu.h.j says:

          If a person pays taxes, they are still on grid IMO. I pay taxes and have electricity, not fully “off grid” so yeah still kind of on grid.

          I think the point is to model different ways of doing things so that enough people will decide to want to live as outside the system as possible, less dependent if you will. And I’m sure there is probably a file on most people somewhere but there are still non psychopathic people doing the work for the corrupt leaders. They can decide not to help them.

          I mean what they are proposing is undesirable for a vast number of people I’m sure. No privacy and freedom is a pretty dreadful existence. I also think that being a complete pacifist like a Buddhist monk is not a viable strategy in many cases. People must be willing to defend themselves.

          • catalyst says:

            The point then becomes many people are no longer making decisions because they are entirely on grid(phone in ear shot 24/7) and literal walking string puppets…injected themselves with experimental gene therapy and are now no less than psychologically compromised on all types of levels not to mention physiologically. we are all on the grid and always will be, some of us will/have obtained a level of “self” sufficiency.

            There is no defending yourself against their physical means of violence, we are better rolling back to your “Buddhist monk” analogy. Understand what they are doing and most importantly how they are doing it and defending yourself preemptively by tackling the issues within society/community. It’s arguably just as difficult as going to the woods to eat mushrooms to sing Kum Ba Yah and work on the farm. But the Technocratic elite are not stopping and it will come back to bite us all in the ass if we don’t confront it at the community level now…imagine if all the good people who have bailed on society came back to it and adamantly spoke their good mind at every opportunity they have…nah, much better tucked away in a log/mud/straw cabin in the woods. I mean frankly there is no debate here..all i need do is utter one magical word, “Waco”. But it’s cool, I understand the last couple of years have been tough, we all need some respite, so go to the woods and grow vegetables, we’ll do our best to hold the tanks back, and keep child services away from your children when you get labelled quack jobs and domestic terrorists, the masses will continue to believe, obey and consume. like i said, it’s a shit pile… What happens when our lovely leaders launch an orchestrated or otherwise war with Russia, China or Iran? you think the normies won’t obey? you’ll be in jail labelled a domestic threat and your children will be reeducated. All good, just go to the proverbial woods and let the kettle boil.

            • Gavinm says:


              Without making the conscious choice to look inward and know the aspect of yourself that existed before you came to inhabit this body (and will continue to exist after the body you inhabit ceases to function) you will always be guided by an irrational fear of the perceived finality of death and your suppositions about what forces are at work influencing this world, our fellow human beings and our shared future will be missing important variables (and thus lead you to inaccurate assumptions).

              I believe that the dominant modern materialistic, deterministic and fallacious paradigm of thought which teaches that we are molecular machines (that through biochemical electromagnetic functions produce consciousness and self-awareness) created by nothing more than a rare cosmic accident, is one of the main sources for the toxic behavior on Earth.

              I am not a proponent of dogmatic religious belief systems, but I am a proponent of cultivating spiritual awareness through humility, courage and looking inward. I feel that as long as people inaccurately view their consciousness as nothing more than a phenomenon produced by their biology, they will live in fear of the perceived finality of death (a misunderstood process). This fear of death leads them to be motivated by selfish ego-based desires, including seeking out and focusing their entire lives on many unhealthy distractions such as material wealth and power to control others.
              We can see the peak expression of this mental illness (brought about through embracing a detrimental myth) manifesting in current world events (sheep like half asleep masses of fear driven humans, some fearful black pilled relatively educated humans and the psychopathic fearful oligarchs attempting to dominate them).

              Without knowing your own soul and being capable of recognizing that same eternal essence in others you will find yourself perpetually “black pilled” by both the propaganda and the very real and fierce technology at the disposal of the oligarchs (some of which you pointed out above).


            • Gavinm says:

              (continued from above..)

              It is true there are a great many that are hypnotized by the endless waves of Problem-Reaction-Solution Psyops and propaganda but it is also true that it only takes a single candle to light up an entire room filled with darkness.

              Lets say hypothetically (for the sake of argument) the worst case scenario happens (total overt totalitarian technocracy involving out in the open democide of dissidents). Even if that were to come to pass my answer would be the same… because for me in that hypothetical situation the question becomes “How do I want to spend the time I have left on this Earth?”

              Do I want to spend the time I have been gifted to wield the weapons of man in violence or clashing with entrenched systems of control only to lend credence to their stated reason for existing and continue to feed into their parasitic racketeering operations?

              Or do I want to embody faith in that which the Creator of all things gave us and plant the seeds of hope, love and abundance by working with my hands in the rich Earth?

              Therefore, I see creating regenerative gardens and food forests as a viable, honorable and practical path forward in these uncertain times. We can forge alliances with the more than human world through planting food forests and regenerative gardens all over, and in doing so provide not only for ourselves, but also, potentially countless future generations in the process.


            • Gavinm says:

              (continued from above..)

              Also you seemed to have internalized the pervasive fallacious belief system that many in the west have been programmed to adopt relating to their associating the act of gardening or working with one’s hands in the soil as a farmer as some kind of lowly, archaic, savage, unpleasant, dirty and ‘uncivilized’ activity which should be avoided by ‘respectable’ and ‘advanced’ intellectuals that have ‘moved beyond such things’ in their more ‘modern and civilized pursuits’.

              This seems apparent to me in your thinly veiled pejorative descriptions of ‘going off grid’ or growing one’s own food in the comments above as some kind of ‘cowardly’ action that constitutes running away from a fight.

              In truth (if we are comparing staying dependent on the centralized grid and attempting to blog, protest, vote or violent revolution one’s way out of this technocratic/totalitarian mess versus starving the system by extricating oneself from it and taking responsibility for one’s own basic survival needs) it is refusing to step out of one’s comfort zone to take responsibility for learning how to feed and shelter oneself that constitutes a lack of courage.

              Making the conscious choice to take steps to extricate oneself from feeding into the parasitic oligarchic centralized grid (in any way one can) is a radical form of resistance, revolution and constitutes a direct assault on the foundation of the oligarch’s systems, for they do no real work themselves and depend on us continuing to feed into them in order for their systems to stay in place and in power. Convincing yourself that staying in a city, and/or plugged into the centralized systems (buying your food from corporate retailers, refusing to learn how to cultivate and preserve food and medicine out of laziness) is a choice to directly feeds into perpetuating the oligarchic control grid. Even if you put on a mask and go all guerilla warfare mode throwing moltovs at some tyrant or psycho billionaire that would also feed into their control grid for they would use their psychological warfare apparatus (“news media”) to paint a picture of your actions that justifies further authoritarian law enforcement measures.

              Learning to grow one’s own food speaks loudly in a language the oligarchs understand, money, and a refusal to continue giving it to them one step at a time.


              • mkey says:

                Starve the beast. Its death can only be one of a thousand cuts.

              • cu.h.j says:

                “Even if you put on a mask and go all guerilla warfare mode throwing moltovs at some tyrant or psycho billionaire that would also feed into their control grid for they would use their psychological warfare apparatus (“news media”) to paint a picture of your actions that justifies further authoritarian law enforcement measures.”

                Yes, if a person thoughtlessly goes out and violently reacts it could be used as a rationale for more authoritarian measures. The thing is that they are already doing this possibly using agents of the state to instigate violence. It’s good to consider this.

                On the other hand if people can open the eyes of the people who work for the state (I don’t know how to do this effectively) if they understand where this is headed may decide to resist.

                It’s good to note there were many members of military who refused the jab, firefighters, police officers, etc.

                I really can’t speak on resistance tactics specifically. Leading by example and modeling a really cool way to exist may entice others to follow.

                One thing that I think I made a mistake to underestimate is the use of robotics in the future to launch an all out war on dissidents. I do think AI and robotics are being developed for this purpose. So, they won’t need a human police force or military. They want to do this with technology that does not have empathy, does not develop PTSD, does not hesitate to kill civilians.

                If this happens, an all out war on the people who are against the technocratic control grid, violence may be the only option at some point in the future. Hopefully enough people will be aware by then. But I can’t predict the future.

                The slavery tech should be concerning and not underestimated. I have done that in the past and that was a mistake.

            • Gavinm says:

              (continued from above..)

              Whether one swallows the black pill and makes the choice to deem taking action to cultivate skills and knowledge related to food cultivation and preservation as pointless (in other words, something they would rather not do) because “Waco” was scary and/or they have chosen to mistakenly associate the act of cultivating and preserving one’s own food as some “lower class”, “dirty”, “peasant-like” activity that people in the past did (or just out of laziness) or whether one musters the courage to step outside their comfort zone and excuses to take responsibility for their future through growing some of their own food may decide whether they and their loved ones survive the storm ahead.

              Some of us see the wisdom, nobility, foresight, courage and untapped potential in learning from and emulating our ancestors in how they had a close knit relationship to the land. Each of us is capable of choosing either perspective and each of us will have to face the consequences down the road.

              The mentality I often come across where people in the modern western world have made the decision to avoid gardening/preserving (and making a long list of excuses for themselves why that choice makes sense) is a corrosive and degenerative mentality that cripples many individual’s effectiveness in their efforts to resist tyranny and build parallel systems that can and will render to current oligarchy obsolete and one day leave it behind.

            • mkey says:

              Dear lord, you are all over the place, aren’t you? You’ll be holding the line with normie brethren against tanks? I’d like to see how would that roll out in a realistic scenario. I guess pretty much the same as the “vaccine” rolled out.

            • cu.h.j says:

              “There is no defending yourself against their physical means of violence, we are better rolling back to your “Buddhist monk” analogy.”

              Non violence does not guarantee that the state won’t kill you anyway.

              The example of Waco and Ruby Ridge are good ones though. Where did they go wrong? I don’t know. I’ll have to look into it.

              On the other hand there is the Amish who have lived more or less separately from US “society” for quite some time.

              I don’t think there is a one sized fits all approach. I do think the post effective strategy is to starve the system as much as possible with economic boycott and exemplifying healthy living. I think city life is toxic over time and I’ve done it for most of my life and ready to leave.

              I think exploring different ideas leads to better strategy and solutions.

              • cu.h.j says:

                Correction, I meant to write I think the most effective strategy across the board is economic boycott and developing ways to be less dependent on a centralized state, centralized food production and communication, etc.

                Centralization of authority necessarily leads to corruption, tyranny, and slavery. One of the answers is decentralization as JC has convincingly argued.

                “Simple sabotage” is another way and I think this will be critical.

              • catalyst says:

                The Amish do not use electricity, perhaps for this reason they are seen as little threat. I would like to know if the Amish have been met with roadblocks and regulation though. I would imagine we just don’t know about it. The corporate ownership of some very big agricultural and tool businesses are Amish.

              • cu.h.j says:


                You made a good point there, “not perceived as a threat”

                This strategy is excellent and really is the best way to change things.

                This has limitations however in certain circumstances like countries who will kill off anyone who does not regurgitate the party line. Like in the book 1984, the proles were left alone more or less not kidnapped and killed.

                However if we look at historical examples there have been plenty of genocides where an unarmed population was massacred. Once the state has complete monopoly on violence there will be nothing to stop them especially if they have robots and drones to do the killing.

                So we are on a clock in a way, to start divesting from the system and building something really cool to show others that they don’t need to work in a system that wants to kill them too.

                If the globalists ever get a synthetic human or robot that “serves” their interests and humans are no longer needed it will be open season on the rest of us. This is how a psychopath operates, no conscience, no empathy, no concern for consequence. They care about their own needs and wants above everything else and if it causes the extinction of every living thing on earth, so be it.

                We are up against pure evil and so I think that a multitude of ideas and strategies will be necessary to survive.

                With respect to self defense, I do think this is a natural right. But also that one needs to apply strategy as well.

          • catalyst says:

            “They want to do this with technology that does not have empathy, does not develop PTSD, does not hesitate to kill civilians.”

            Yes this won’t be robots, it will be GM humans… this guy does shit with the WEF.. I’m sure defense contractors are all over it: https://www.youtube.com/shorts/WHTOuP8yKZc

        • mkey says:

          I would just love to know more about the rationale behind this notion that actions having consequences leads into inexistance of free will. Do explain.

          • catalyst says:

            …like i said, really is the crux of the issue for humanity this free will business, always tickles the funny bone…I can’t promise to explain but i can respond mkey. All things exist, free will is a delusion. Actions have consequences do they? who’s actions and how does one have something? this conversation takes place within reason, reason happens, no doing or acting involved.

            Not a mistake Gav, a perfect occurrence of which we as conscious beings can only ever have a limited understanding of. You got me confused with an ignoramus regarding the “dirty farmer” hypothesis. The simplest proof of the nature of free will is to ask one to produce something outside of reason…obviously for that thing to be produced (within a conversation) it must in fact take the form of reason…therefore, the only “thing” you can produce (via this medium at least) is within reason…all things within reason ultimately follow causality. Another way to put this is for me to say “all things are absolute”..then you refute that claim..then i ask “are you absolutely certain?”…putting it simply, arguing against the absolute nature of reality is like trying to pull the rug from out from under your own feet… or better still, trying to eat and digest your own mouth and stomach…my point re the tanks mkey was precisely the one you are seeing, facetiousness and sarcasm are my strong points. I might suggest you both throw away the nails that you are trying to pin a label to me with and reassess the type of person you might be dealing with.

            • generalbottlewasher says:

              Cu.h.j, fellow poet and the last of the Crohiccons,
              You all are close in many thoughts here.
              Mkey makes a good point of voting being a useless endeavor, But, it’s value to the real ruling power is immense . Take that valuable multi level metric away from the power structure and you negate their tool and expose the deception. Their game that has controlled the established system since 1926 is rigged,as we all know here or at least the normies feel in their gut. A complete boycott of voting will scare the beJezzus out of the power structure more than any army of a million armed rednecks. I’m unable to believe the bulk of people in the USA would do that any more than the cows at the feed lot slaughter houses would refuse to go into the voting booth kill shoots. Somehow disrupt that sleep cycle of voting=good propaganda and the good’ol USA may stand a chance.
              Seems to me it would creat leverage these other ideas lack. Not voting has more value to the oppressed than voting has for the oppressors. Where to start?

  41. catalyst says:

    I’m sorry, I sound like I’m willing to offer criticism without solution. Unfortunately there is no panacea. History will play out as always, we just need to keep an accurate record of it… I trust many of you have copied James’s historical archive or bought some of his annuals… If you are in IT and have a server now would be a good time to copy his entire archive.

    • generalbottlewasher says:

      Fellow poet, Diogenes the cynic is credited with ” of grammarians he was astonished that they desire to learn everything about Odysseus but nothing about their own. ”

      2500 years has past and we face many if not all the same problems as Diogenes viewed. Find a solution to this and you might change the world. Being a cynic seems to be the only solution so far. ” This is sh*t.
      See HEDGE110 link.

  42. HEDGE110 says:

    I hope this helps someone. ‘I’ve no more f##ks to give’ by Thomas Benjamin Wild Esq. https://youtu.be/Vqbk9cDX0l0

  43. mobx says:

    Have a good trip my friend. Lots of serious thoughts which we probably spend too much of our days ruminating on. Instead I thought Id post one of your previous uploads – a certain “Mr IP Freely” with thoughts about YT. Be well sir and anyone reading this.


  44. generalbottlewasher says:

    Seems to me leverage of any kind would force TPTSB to do one of two things. 1.Force their hand to be played way too early,and negosiate something they would not honor for long, in less than a generation things would return to the present statist quo. or 2.Panic and Push the kill switch utilizing the Plasma Age frequency DEW weapons parked in space and on every light pole between here and the moon.
    This would of course assumed the populace was united in Not voting, and Not using any of the present systems mouth pieces to speak for the United Non Voters,UNVs. That is a heavy lift ,even to the imagination.
    Seems to me the European is better suited to this kind-a-stuff. As a kid I remember the Euros having national strikes that stopped everything untill things changed for the better. I thought they were crazy. Well I’ve come a long way and now realize psycho rulers just have to be forced to behave. Everyday Populations Can’t negosiate with The Profidious Psychopaths. So now what?

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