Interview 1221 - New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato

10/20/201618 Comments

Welcome to New World Next Week — the video series from Corbett Report and Media Monarchy that covers some of the most important developments in open source intelligence news. In this week’s episode:

Story #1: “Obituary” for Embattled Great Barrier Reef Slammed for Hyperbole
Wikipedia: Outside
Some Relief for Great Barrier Reef
The ozone hole is finally closing up
Report on surveys of the Townsville sector of the Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef Operators Hit Back At Green Hysteria
Millions of deaths later: The birth of the green movement and junk science
Warming Alarmists Redefine What A Hurricane Is So We'll Have More Of Them

Story #2: Newsweek Journalist Claims US Intelligence Fed Him False Putin-Trump Conspiracy
Who’s Behind Newsweek? IBTimes; New Owners Anxious to Hide Ties to Enigmatic Religious Figure
Undercover Videos Prove DNC Operatives Stage Violence, Rig Elections
Vote-Rigging Democratic Operative Bob Creamer Visited White House 340 Times Since 2009

Story #3: What Do Americans Fear Most? Chapman University’s Third Annual Survey of American Fears Released
What Aren’t They Telling Us? Chapman University Survey of American Fears

#GoodNewsNextWeek: A Prank A Day Keeps The Dog Leash Away + Losing Faith In Democracy & Building Greenhouses

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  1. Obliv says:

    if they were truely concerned about the great barrier reef they’d stop some of the stupid man made shit thats damaging it.

    a chinese? ship captain gets off course a few years back and just smashed their way through a good section of the reef until they became stuck, leaving a 3km scar in the reef void of marine life

    the govt approved the expansion of Abbott Point coal port, which will make it the largest in the world. They plan dredge near the reef there was some debate if they’d dump the dredge spoil in sea (possibly affecting the reef) or dump it on land

    all done at a time when coal prices are tanking anyway.
    It seems the only thing our country is capable of doing is digging big holes in the ground, including the recent talks about making our state (south aus) a nuke waste storage facility like finlands “Onkolo” storage facility.

    just like our food supply. ship all the good stuff out, keep (or import) all the rubbish (including rubbish food from polluted waters in asia)

  2. peace.froggs says:

    “US Intel Caught Pushing Putin-Trump Conspiracy Theory”

    — Well, Trump didn’t exactly help his cause when he said “Russia, if you’re listening, I hope you’re able to find the 30,000 emails that are missing. I think that you will probably be rewarded mightily by our press—let’s see if that happens, that’ll be nice.”

    …basically asking Russia to hack the US government in order to influence the outcome of the Presidential election….nice.

  3. m.clare says:

    My Mom phoned me in a panic last week because of an impending catastrophic storm in Victoria. She had water and candles and canned goods. As it turns out, it got a little bit windy and then was a beautiful day. However… the terrifying headlines of what was probably going to happen were firmly embedded in her geriatric skull. At some future meeting, she will ask me if I can deny that the climate is not only changing but for the worse. I will again be unable to tell her that it is not for she has seen it with her own eyes. The prefrontal cortex has been bypassed and the limbic system fully engaged. Anger will be the programmed emotional response to logic.

    I was in Hawaii in July this year. We had TV on to expose the kids to the wonders of cable. Red ticker tape warning along the bottom of the screen: Hurricane coming. It was to hit Honolulu at the precise time of our flight home. It got a little bit windy and then cleared up and was a beautiful evening.

    Keep us afraid. Keep us ashamed and guilty. Keep us guessing. This is the stuff of propaganda and it works.

    • Obliv says:

      the storm hit SA very hard, one of the worst we have had in a very long time (we rarely if ever get a hurricane)

      our entire state of 1.7mil was without power for some time after 22 high power transmission lines were bent over like a wet noodle.

      so yeah, the storm was actually pretty bad here, but of course all the climate change “guru’s” were very happy to claim it as proof

    • Ragnar says:

      “Keep us afraid. Keep us ashamed and guilty. Keep us guessing. This is the stuff of propaganda and it works.”

      All bow before the God of propaganda, Edward Bernays!

      Whenever I read an article from Wapo or the NYT, and see the leading phrases and deliberate choice of certain words and wording. I’m reminded of his influence in our modern society, and I just grit my teeth.

      The Lamestream media is trying desperately to twist the story from the Proj Veritas videos. Distorting it to make it appear these guys were just “theorizing” about election rigging and voter fraud :insert eye roll:

  4. stevekelly911 says:

    The reason the Australian Government is being attacked over this BS GBR hyperbole?

    – As usual, generates more payoffs to the U.N. and ‘green’ NGO’s. (Blackmail)
    – Australia haven’t RATIFIED the Paris 2016 fascist global governance (national constitutional) obituary yet.

    … as an Aussie myself, I can clearly say, this is just BLACKMAIL by globalist fascists who are aided by hoards of ‘useful’ idiot leftists, who haven’t quite realized yet that the likes of Goldman Sachs are the drivers of this new ‘environmental’ cult.

  5. VoiceOfArabi says:

    I have just posted the below into Newsbud post, and I wanted to get feedback from Corbertt community as well… please comment, or suggest ways we can understand this.

    Reality Deniers…

    It appears like we are surrounded by new type of personalities, that have been molded “reshaped” by the media and fear that they have managed to become Blind to the “BIG PICTURE”.

    I mean by that. These people, and some could be family that you share space with, will see the small pictures (compartmentalize), they will accept that the CIA created the Mujahedden, they will accept that USA lost the war in Vietnam, yet at the same time they will not accept that OSAMA Bin Laden was on the payroll of CIA or USA killed many kids in Vietnam.

    A more recent example is when i first started doing the research on ISIS and how they came about, and i stumbled on the study by Small Wars Journal called “The Toyota Horde” which you can still find, google the title, which was published in 2010.

    So, you show this to “Reality Denier”, and you explain that there are many possibilities in this case.. but to list few
    1) Either ISIS and before they formed commissioned the study, ordered the Toyota’s, and started the ISIS war 4 years later.
    2) Superpower alien made it happen to project torture on the human race
    3) USA government / Army, who Small Wars Journal did work for before, commissioned the report, made the Toyota’s accessible to some “guns for hire”, and used that to “regime change” in Syria, Iraq and Libya”, as they previously did in Iran 1953 (officially confirmed) or according to many leaked statement by their own think tanks.

    Off course, the “Reality Denier” will turn around and call you a “Conspiracy Theorist”

    I come from a school that says “the simplest answer is most often correct,”

    If i had the brain power to conduct a study to better understand what drives these “Reality Deniers” to go against their own logic and sense, i would. I think this will bring us closer to stopping this madness happening around our home. our planet.

    • Lance says:

      My own experience of this – which is almost daily it seems – gives me the impression that any attempt to accept these facts and contemplate the full extent of their consequences leads to too much suffering.

      I’m not sure on ‘correctness’ any more. I just use the simplest answer as my first ‘working hypothesis’ and move on from there. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, I just wish to have as accurate understanding of the world I live in as possible.

      And, this is often the question I pose to people: do you not want to know what’s actually happening? Do you want to know if you’re being fed lies via state propaganda? Do you want to know who your ‘elected’ representative’s actual boss is? Do you want to know why you have less spending power than ten years ago? etc etc etc.

      I find that people find many questions of geopolitical power as abstract. They do not see, and do not want to see due to the suffering I mentioned earlier, how it relates directly to their lives each and every day.

    • NES says:

      I find there’s an even more pervasive problem than denying an informed POV. At least there’s hope for a denier. They are engaging the information on some level. It’s those who can’t “hear” what is being said–literally–that are the strangest. They look at you with a blank, open stare. They may stop momentarily as if listening as you speak an unknown language then they continue on with unrelated subjects while stringing together news topics as if it all means something. Attempting to lay that bag of snakes out in a line is futile. They simple can not hear you speaking.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    J&J (James and James),
    Great episode!

    Sputnik News recently had an advertisement on OILPRICE.COM (which is a well read news service about the oil industry).

    The AD featured a link to a story about Controlled Demolition of the Towers citing the recent article in “EuroPhysics News”.
    Here it is with screenshots…

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
    Pilato makes a good point about “the news as advertising as propaganda.”

    And another interesting aspect…
    A stronger trend is appearing on mainstream news sights (e.g. Yahoo or CNN). The trend is towards more “embedded ads” as if the ad was a news story. In fact, it is difficult to tell the difference sometimes.

    I suspect that part of this increased trend is to try to gain more advertising revenue, because the volume of readers is dropping.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    – Relating to Chapman’s 10th Conspiracy Theory –
    Just for Fun. Don’t miss this! It is Black Dynamite!!!!!!

    — SOLVE DEEP Conspiracies in 3 MINUTES —

    My thanks to Tom Secker (he follows Corbett and Sibel) who mentioned “Black Dynamite” (my era of movies).
    Tom Secker website –
    Classic X-Files 4 minute –

  8. Smokeyspam2000 says:

    Hi James,
    My wife is a long time subscriber to the New Yorker. So like it or not, I end up looking through it every week, simply because it’s there on my kitchen table. On the cover of the latest edition, is an illustration (a split screen) of Hillary being sworn in by her husband and then below it is Trump being sworn in by Putin. I was shocked at the blatant display of propaganda and tried to explain it to my wife, who by now turns a deaf ear to all my political insights. Yes, she is another middle aged american woman who decided long ago that she will vote for Hillary simply because “it’s time for a woman to be president”. I can’t convince her, no matter how much evidence I show of how evil and corrupt Hitlery really is. And like most of her friends she has already made up her mind about it and will ignore even the most obvious signs of corruption that might complicate her world view. My own political position is that I will no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. My wife is appalled at this. How can I just sit by and let Trump possibly win? (I haven’t voted for president since Bush v. Kerry and now I feel foolish for even doing that.) During the Obama selection cycles I saw many of my liberal and minority friends become totally offended by my views, even though I am not republican or racist in anyway. This time it’s not only the liberals and minorities but also my female and gay friends who are totally offended when I try to explain my views. I love my wife and have no desire to stir up any disharmony in my home over the phony presidential reality show. And her opinion about this one is very strong. So I will suck it up and try not to be too freaked out when Hitlery takes the reigns of power and plunges us further down the road to total fascism. Anyway, I wonder how many of your viewers/listeners are having a similar experience.

    • Obliv says:

      i was on a fb page where people (mostly women) were saying the same thing “its time for a female president”.

      i politely asked how having a vagina made her the best person for the job, and got all sorts of backlash over it.

      i politely asked again “how does one’s genitalia make them a good candidate for president? shouldnt it be more about the best person for the job? ”

      my posts got deleted and i copped a bit of hate for it.
      the point i was trying to make was completely lost on them all, it didnt go down well. :/

    • nosoapradio says:

      Pretty much sums up my own experience and probably many of the folks on this site. We love our spouses but sometimes it’s frightening to think we’re living with minds that are so hermetic so seeing another view…minds that, from my very arrogant perspective, sometimes appear to be utterly co-opted and devoid of critical thought and mental freedom… visions of the Bodysnatchers…but that’s all just a question of perspective, and bias and I guess, Ego filters. Or maybe we’re being led by our fear of conflict…?

      So humans will be humans!

      Be well

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