All Hail Elon's Martian Technocracy!

07/14/2019117 Comments

Imagine being the real-life Tony Stark: A billionaire, jet-setting tech whiz playboy who's developing the multi-billion-dollar rockets that will not only privatize space travel but help get humanity to Mars. And imagine you announce the whole thing on Twitter with a big, splashy "Occupy Mars" picture of the red planet . . .

Only to be told that you posted a picture of the moon by mistake. A red-hued "blood" moon, to be sure, but the moon nonetheless.

How embarrassing.

Luckily, the cool billionaire tech guru who's selling electric cars and building underground hyperloops and rescuing Thai children from caves (and selling Not A Flamethrowers to raise some money on the side) took it exactly how you'd expect he would: by tweeting a couple of laugh-crying emojis and a hearty "Moon too!"

What class. But then again, would you expect anything less from the man whom Werner von Braun predicted would be the future leader of Mars? Of course not.

What many may have missed in the back-and-forth about the moon/Mars gaffe, however is another tweet Elon Musk made about the scheme. Granted, this one is not quite so exciting to the general reader: "Accelerating Starship development to build the Martian Technocracy."

The "Martian Technocracy?" What's this? More whimsy from everybody's favorite mega-rich tech geek?

Sadly, no. In fact, what Musk's supporters might not know is that he has a very real family connection to the actual, historical Technocracy, Inc. movement/political party, which might help explain Musk's outlook, his rise to prominence, and some of his wackier (not to mention creepier) ideas on the eventual merging of humans and machines.

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  1. manbearpig says:

    “We must merge with the machines so that we’re not “irrelevant” when the robots take over…”



    Actually, Musk has a super PR department for his Neural Lace in the form of a rather stiff guruish figure named Sam Harris who via a TED Talk makes use of an impressive number of logical fallacies in just 14 minutes and 27 seconds (too many, in fact, to have done so by accident IMNSHO…) to sell the same idea :

    So, in short, after asserting that intelligence is just information processing and that General Intelligence of humans is comprised merely of reproducible “atoms” and demonstrating that AI will annihilate us without a qualm as soon as our presence seriously conflicts with one of its and before advising we organize a new Manhattan Project to… (I kid you not) “Avoid an arms race”, he states:

    “…They’ll be grafted onto our brains, and we’ll essentially become their limbic systems.

    Now take a moment to consider that the safest and only prudent path forward, recommended, is to implant this technology directly into our brains. Now, (time to repeat the message) this may in fact be the safest and only prudent path forward, but usually one’s safety concerns about a technology have to be pretty much worked out before you stick it inside your head.

    The deeper problem is that building superintelligent AI on its own seems likely to be easier than building superintelligent AI and having the completed neuroscience that allows us to seamlessly integrate our minds with it. And given that the companies and governments doing this work are likely to perceive themselves as being in a race against all others, given that to win this race is to win the world, provided you don’t destroy it in the next moment, then it seems likely that whatever is easier to do will get done first…”

    Takeaway: We’d better just get over our squeamishness about transhumanistic brain chips and

    GET GRAFTING!! Quick!

    (Perception management whizes Chomsky and Jon Stewart must have blushed with jealousy when they saw how efficiently and seamlessly Harris delivered the message while convincingly stating he had no solution except replicating a notorious top secret military project that cost the lives of countless people to avoid an AI arms race…with a straight face!)

    • manbearpig says:

      oops. (shouldn’t comment when working on translations):

      “as soon as our presence seriously conflicts with one of its” should be

      “as soon as our presence seriously conflicts with one of its GOALS”

      the plural of “whiz” is apparently “whizzes”…

      and…who knows what else…now back to the drawing board…


      just can’t resist this site…and its commenters…

      • cooly says:


        I like reading your posts. You are a funny dude. I am assuming you are male, otherwise it would be womanbearpig?
        I too am drawn to TCR and this forum like a magnet. I learn so much from Corbett and the guys and ladies in the comment section.

        Due to circumstances I was able to escape the hamster wheel and stop working about three years ago. Lucky me. At the same time I finally got internet. I worked on the road as vendor, listening to NPR all day, all week,, thinking how informed I was.

        I will pause here for reader laughter

        Ok then. So as the dumb kid sitting in the back row in this forum, I just have to say you all are some of the smartest people I have ever come across. I believer animals are smarter than people, but as far as people go…

        Cheers everybody.


        • cooly says:

          Believe, not believer, obviously. I have a sprained thumb due to a drunken accident that I’d really rather not go into.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:


          I believe she took the moniker “ManBearPig” as a symbolic statement. (The Climate Change imaginary boogeyman.)

          On the TV series ‘SouthPark’, there was an episode.
          Al Gore visits South Park Elementary and warns the school’s students about ManBearPig, an imaginary monster which roams the Earth attacking humans. Gore blames this imaginary monster (ManBearPig) for all kinds of stuff and tries to instill fear in others, and all the while Gore is behaving erratically irrationally blasting a shotgun anywhere and everywhere.

          As far as I know, ManBearPig is still in France and helps people learn languages. In her younger years, she lived near New York City where her hardworking, loving Father worked as an executive in marketing with J.C. Penny’s.

          • cooly says:


            Thanks for informing me!
            I have not seen that episode, had never heard of that fictional Al Gore monster. Knowing that now, I am even more impressed with her sense of humor.

        • pearl says:

          I just have to say you all are some of the smartest people I have ever come across.

          Well said, Cooly. I’m always impressed by the contributions and insights given by the good people here, but manbearpig has a special place in my heart.

          About the time you were being informed by NPR, I was a foxnews junkie, so I hear ya.

          • manbearpig says:

            well Miss Pearl… I was hesitating…quite a while… you said “special place in my heart”…which made me think of Janis Joplin’s a “Piece of my Heart”…which made me think of “Bobby McGee”…that I loved…which was a serious contender… but finally I opted for



            …keep liftin’ those spirits lovely lady…Pearl…

            • pearl says:

              Love it!! Musicwise, the 70s were so good.

              • cooly says:

                Yes pearl!

                For me personally, the 70’s Genesis albums are some of the coolest things ever recorded.

              • manbearpig says:

                funny…I almost chose Solsbury Hill… seated upon the slightest heights around Tucson Arizona, in the very early eighties, at night, admiring the evening lights…

                I savoured this song…


              • pearl says:

                Oh I love that one too, mbp – played it for my daughter just a few months ago!

                Gosh, I’m embarrassed to admit it, cooly, but unless specific songs were played on the radio, I can’t recall Genesis pre-80s/Collins (I was 10 years old in 78). I’ll have to go browse those albums on youtube.

          • Robert Smith says:

            You forgot about me, and have you read any of my comments here? I come here sometimes too, & although I don’t always agree with James Corbett on some stuff, I really like a lot of the intelligent and honest info he brings, he’s near-perfect quality, especially the majority of his solutions goodies.

            • pearl says:

              Who you talkin’ to, Robert? 🙂 I don’t believe you and I have engaged in a conversation, but I do recall reading you converse with others a while back. Great to see you again!

              • cooly says:


                Don’t be embarrassed! I was close to that age too, and radio was pretty much the gatekeeper of popular music. Besides, the Genesis stuff in those days was not exactly “radio friendly.” I only discovered those records because I would sneak into my big sister’s room and “borrow” her music.

                I have no idea of your taste in music, maybe it will not be your cup of tea. But I can suggest a few things. Those albums vary a bit from one another.

                1. The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
                An absolute masterpiece, I think. But it’s a double album, a long listen. So maybe first try…

                2. Trick Of The Tail
                Phil Collins takes over singing after Peter Gabriel quit the band. For a taste of it, try these songs- Ripples, Entangled, and Squonk.

                3. Selling England By The Pound
                Some of the coolest instrumental jamming ever.

                But BEWARE! dear listener. This stuff is nothing like their later albums, which were more pop and “radio friendly.”

                Maybe you’ll like this stuff, maybe not. Either way it’s fine!

              • pearl says:

                Thank you! Just what I needed! So far, I’ve only heard Trick of the Tail (song, not entire album), and now for the others you mention…

              • pearl says:

                I gave ’em an honest listen, but found myself longing for this 😉 :


              • cooly says:

                Hey pearl.

                Cool! As far as the other stuff, Ripples and Entangled are two of the most gorgeous songs I’ve ever heard. (These replies are out of order because for some reason the reply option is missing from some posts).
                I liked that song you tossed my way. His voice reminded me of Hank Williams Sr. I have a cd of his that I used to listen to over and over and over again. (My musical taste is all over the map. If it’s good, I like it. If it sucks, I don’t like it.)

              • pearl says:

                My musical taste is all over the map. If it’s good, I like it. If it sucks, I don’t like it.

                Same here, but my Led Zepplin-loving step-brothers would add that I’m guilty of also liking the stuff that sucks, (disco).

                For the ol’ redneck in you, check out that entire CD – it’s a live recording of Jerry Jeff Walker (guest appearance by Gary P. Nunn) at Luckenbach, Texas. Even better if you’re drunk.

              • manbearpig says:

                Hey Folks! I hope I won’t offend anyone with my horribly mediocre taste but you made me think of a song I always loved hearing which was this one:


              • pearl says:

                Haha! You started this party, mbp! I’m having a blast! And my youtube suggestions are all over the music map! What’s next?


              • manbearpig says:

                well dear Pearl! The antidote to such Dire megalomania is:


              • manbearpig says:

                LIke…OMG!!! I LOVED THAT SONG!!!!!
                I always thought they were saying;

                “you don’t get em-ba-rist,
                you make
                everyone talk about
                Pop Musik!
                Talk about!!

                when in fact they were saying

                New York London Paris Munich
                talk about
                Pop Musik!
                Talk About!

                but in my more spiritual moments, very private, I listened to:


              • manbearpig says:

                but funk’s the best cure:


              • pearl says:

                You’re hilarious and adorable. I’m terribly selfish for keeping you up so late, but I must add to that funk, which I recently learned was written by Mr. Wonder himself:


                And in case you have to work in the morning, this is to cool you down:


              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                I wanna go home with the Armadilla…

                1973 – London Homesick Blues – Jerry Jeff Walker

                I well remember singing that song to the car radio as I was driving just north of Austin around 1973.

                Pearl, Do you ever make it over to Luckenbach or Fredericksburg?

              • cooly says:


                First off I have to say that Corbett may be reading this thread and thinking, “Uh, you all are a bit off-topic here.”

                That being said, I love the Zeppelin albums. And what musical authority can say that disco sucks? The BeeGees were masters of that genre. And what’s that song called? Love to love you Baby? I could listen to that tune a thousand times and never get tired of it. If someone out there could do a metal cover of it, I would greatly appreciate that. As to your final suggestion to listen while drunk, that was my standard, back when I listened to music more often. Your brain is shut off, and you hear it in a more emotional, visceral way. At least for me.

                Cheers, darling.

              • manbearpig says:

                Well, yes, a well programmed prol that I am, Dream Weaver, one of my favs but even more fundamental was:


                so it’s maybe why I’m so sensitive to chemtrails but seasons:


                and so many more… midnight in 7 minutes and work at 8…

                good night dear Pearl…

                Keep me up whenever you want…

                the song that came up automatically:


                a fav…

                will be freed from the moderation queue in a couple of moments

                too late…

                ‘night dear Pearl…

              • manbearpig says:

                Sorry dear Pearl.

                My answer’s in the moderation queue.

                So much fun, see you soon!

                -the manbearpig

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                That area where you’re at sure has grown over the decades.
                So many, many more shopping centers and Big Box stores…I miss the old flavors of Texas.

                Mid-May, I was just up the road from you in San Marcos for my granddaughter’s college graduation. She jumped in the river, gown and all, afterwards.

              • manbearpig says:

                Let’s do this all together, like your Granddaughter:


              • pearl says:

                HRS, it’s relentless. Ranches are being sold right and left to make “green” neighborhoods for all those who want to live in the country. Luckenbach is looking good to me now.

                Ah, sublime, mbp!
                That’s right: Congrats to your granddaughter!

              • manbearpig says:


                what? this luckenback??

                (I don’t have a granddaughter…8-(

                … Yet…would love one though!!!!…8-))

                Now you have to let me have the last word:


              • pearl says:

                Mbp, that’s the place!

                Oh no…brubeck just ended…


            • pearl says:

              MBP and Cooly, ya’ll gave me a great day. Thank you!

              Yes, Corbett’s been incredibly patient. With each successive clip, I cringed in anticipation of a mild rebuke.

              Don’t get me started with the 80s!

    • phreedomphile says:

      Good day to you ManBearPig.

      FWIW, my intuition tells me ‘AI ~ transhuman ~ robot work force’ predictions are greatly exaggerated in terms of workable technology. Have you noticed the massive battery packs and electrical lines on most working robots? TPTB are trying to sex up slavery and exaggeration is also their version of trying to deter a cougar attack by looking bigger than they are. In this case the cougar = a critical mass of angry awake proles beginning to recognize Technocracy is digital straight jacket serfdom.

      I’ve been noticing of late CIA agent Robert David Steele and admitted CIA asset Robert Kiyosaki have been subtly promoting the ‘vision’ of Buckminster Fuller. What they don’t say is back in the day Bucky worked closely advising the leadership of Technocracy Inc on his dream of a global scientific dictatorship that centered around Fuller’s idea for a global smart grid.

      That’s part of the 5G trap along with walled off communication and restricted movement. Not very sexy even for the most gullible. The cracks are beginning to show. Hence the nonlinear disinformation circus of ‘breaking news’ stories and political hysterics coming at us relentlessly for distraction.

      Can’t say we don’t live in interesting times, my friend.

      • manbearpig says:

        Hey there 2PH!

        So I look at them. Twirling their pens as French kids do so well, even the 55-year old kids, looking at once bored and agitated and I ask them:

        “So, you remember when all those people, crowds poured into the streets by the thousands, the tens of thousands, the Hundreds of thousands

        carrying banners and megaphones, Tweeting and Chanting! in Fraternity and Unison:

        “We want Driverless Cars!! We Want Driverless cars!! Make Driverless Cars Not Driverless-Wars!! Driverless cars for the 99%! Driverless cars for the People!!!”

        Remember that??”

        and a pause. And sometimes, in an effort to humor me, some will slowly nod their heads and say “Yea I remember that”…which is awkward…

        So I ask those unfortunates to tell me all about it, those protests demanding driverless cars.

        and of course they can’t. ‘Cause they never happened. And so I ask them;

        so Why, if most people ENJOY driving, (which a preliminary show of hands seemed to help prove)

        Why did the world suddenly get swept up in the dream of driverless cars?

        and some begin evoking variations on the theme of sustainability…

        but I finally impose the word “Infrastructure”.

        The required infrastructure for Driverless cars…sensors everywhere.

        Driverless cars are a form of bait, one of many, to entice people into a total IoT Smart world requiring a “sensors-everywhere” 5G infrastructure.

        Climate Change, the schtick, is the urgency to propulse our exodus into the smart world with the nagging guilt of our original carbon sins as an accelerator

        and the dream of robotic AI and driverless cars create the carrot.

        The Industrial Age generated its iconic brick smoke stacks and apparently the Digital Age has generated its increasingly Block-chained Smart Stacks…

        Interesting times indeed O Cyber-Kith…

        • manbearpig says:

          Oh! I forgot! Spoiler Alert!

          …and so she purses her lips, takes a big breath and

          comes out of the closet! She’s Trans!!

          her parents, choke back a sob, brush back her curly hair, kiss her cheek and swear that whether she’s their son or their daughter they love her just as much!

          She looks offended and then mildly disgusted and clarifies

          “I’m not trans-sexual! I’m trans-Human!! I don’t belong in this heavy, cumbersome body!! I want to live forever!!

          and so she has technologically empowering operations and finally

          helps save refugees and England herself from the populist clutches of

          Vivienne Rook.

          The Big Brother Corporation and the Homeland BushBrothers Organisation are working on making transhumanism sexy, progressive, politically correct and emancipated.

          and I forgot to post you this link about The Stack:

          • cooly says:


            In my earlier reply I made the casual assumption that you were a man. I had never heard of the “manbearpig” monster.

            I apologize for that. I certainly meant no offense.

            • manbearpig says:

              Hey Cooly!

              funny how profoundly human it is to want to know

              if we’re addressing a man or a woman…


              certainly no offense taken!

              • cooly says:


                “??” Exactly. Humanity is so retarded, me too by definition.

                Cheers to you Ma’am, and a good day to you.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Do you remember all the crowds chanting “We want Driverless Cars!!” ?


          That comment of yours was so poetic and so spot on.

        • manbearpig says:

          in that line of thought… of baiting into slavery…

          I’ve been thinking that… maybe Libra coin…

          or some other more successful crypto…

          doesn’t even have currency as its primary purpose but

          might be a way of enticing people into a paradigm that has

          a more or less camouflaged reputation scoring system embedded in it…?

          ni vu ni connu, like on ebay and airbnb we’re all scoring each other to be able to join the community and spend virtual money with a sense of virtual pseudoanonymity and virtual freedom…

          crypto for social credit?

          or maybe I just need a vacation…??

    • manbearpig says:

      great timing; I’ve been working on the sophistry of sam harris’ ted talk “can we build AI without losing control over it” with my students lately explaining how it’s great marketing for his bud Musk’s neural lace:

    • manbearpig says:

      Guess Sam’s commission’ll be comin’ in soon:

      “…P.S. – And just after this video was put up, we found out that DARPA paid for the neurosurgery robot… should’ve known…”

      Looks like Musk’s flyin’ high on somethin’ in those clips… or simply the pleasure centers in his brain are being remotely stimulated as he speaks…?

      • pearl says:

        So incredibly disturbing. Only 15 minutes into the video and I’m muttering, “stop the ride, I want to get off.” How does someone get from “summoning the demon” to this? He’s gotta be snorting something.

        • manbearpig says:

          The PR sophistry in terms of content and timing is almost literally stunning…

          You’ve seen the Sam Harris video, Pearl? The one called “Can we build AI without losing control over it? I’d be curious to read your take on it.

          • pearl says:

            My goodness, mbp, I’m almost certain I checked back with this thread the late morning after I left my comment and there was no response. But how can that be, since the time/date stamp has yours only ten hours later??! Anyway, I’m so sorry I missed your reply until just earlier today (Sept 2). I’ve since watched the Harris video, read the transcript, taken notes and am still bewildered.

            There were so many either/or situations I lost count, and to address just one of them would be to re-visit numerous, deep philosophical discussions going back centuries (what is man and who owns man?). But Mr. Harris manages to sweep all that aside by distilling mankind’s existence into a Yea or Nay course of action (the two doors). Deciding that Yea is the only right choice, he then dictates to us that there exists only three assumptions with regard to progress; again, within these assumptions are accepted premises to which only a few billion people might take serious exceptions.

            The second assumption, that they will keep working to improve AI so that AI can help us solve diseases, economic problems and climate issues stood out to me. Each one of those “problems” (disease, economics, climate) is a can of worms. But, like he said, the train has left the station–and there are no brakes, so it I might as well accept that it sucks to be me.

            He concludes that until there is a kind of “Manhattan Project” of great thinkers who are merely interested in protecting our “interests” as opposed to an arms race (at least two more cans of worms here), he does at least appear to be taking issue with the rush to integrate AI with mankind, or am I missing something?

            More than anything, I wish I could sit in on one of your classes!

            • pearl says:

              Thinking more on Harris’s appearance of caution, something from Joseph Plummer’s book Tragedy and Hope 101 occurred to me:

              “With its legislation successfully written, Taft ousted, and Wilson in the White House, it would seem that the Network could rest easy. However, there was one more swindle needed to guarantee passage of the Federal Reserve Act. To help garner public support, the very same people who helped author the legislation on Jekyll Island began speaking out publicly against it.

              As the Federal Reserve Act moved closer to its birth…both Aldrich and Vanderlip threw themselves into a great public display of opposition. No opportunity was overlooked to make a statement to the press–or anyone else of public prominence–expressing their eternal animosity to this monstrous legislation…Since Aldrich was recognized as associated with the Morgan interests and Vanderlip was President Rockefeller’s National City Bank, the public was skillfully led to believe the the [big bankers were] mortally afraid of the proposed Federal Reserve Act. The Nation was the only prominent publication to point out that every one of the horrors described by Aldrich and Vanderlip could have been equally ascribed to the Aldrich Bill as well. But this lone voice was easily drowned out by the great cacophony of deception and propaganda.*

              So, along the same devious tactics, maybe the appearance of caution asserted with the suggestion that AI and integration must be further researched and perfected before making the grand evolutionary leap, is to spark a distracting, worldwide debate until a miraculous alien technology will swoop in and make it all okay, when the technology shouldn’t be considered at all.

              *The Creature from Jekyll Island, pages 463 and 464.

              • manbearpig says:

                “…Since Aldrich was recognized as associated with the Morgan interests and Vanderlip was President Rockefeller’s National City Bank, the public was skillfully led to believe the the [big bankers were] mortally afraid of the proposed Federal Reserve Act…”

                Like those corrupt banks that appear to be afraid of cryptocurrencies such as Libra coin?

              • mkey says:

                Oh boy, you better not read this comment from this point onward.

                That’s a great way to abuse the cost of accruing and processing information. People think they are smart when they play their kids that way, but can’t understand when they are being gamed with reverse psychology.

                For some reason this reminds me of a dog chasing a car. If he did catch it, what would he do with it?

              • pearl says:

                I hear ya, mkey.

                I do tend to overthink things, missing the most obvious right in front of me, as I did here; if it were a snake, I’d’ve been bitten!

            • manbearpig says:

              Hey Pearl! Thanks for comments!! I’m about to have to leap into the hamsterwheel but I’ll try hard to respond quickly (I’ll probably regret it though):

              Indeed, I would agree, he APPEARS to advise caution concerning the developement of AI but in fact if you put together the pieces of his demonstration he says quite the Opposite:

              First he visually presents the question of whether or not we continue as a sort of choice; two doors; Behind door number one we stop developing AI”. If he had flat out said “We are not going to choose to stop” so we are going to continue, than you no longer have the illusion of a choice, and people would’ve have immediately rejected his thesis.

              Instead, he strives to demonstrate that stopping “is by definition the worst thing that could happen to humanity”. He eliminates the possibility of choosing to slow down and control development by transforming the question into: the only thing that would stop us is the total destruction of humanity. He masks this “bait and switch” sleight of hand by using “Bieber” humor. We don’t want the total destruction of humanity so we “choose” door number two, which is to continue.
              At no time is stopping or at least slowing down an option which may be true but the way he presents this makes it appear as if We’ve chosen to continue (because we need to find cures for AIDS and Alzeimers) not because of an arms race (which he introduces later).

              Then he asserts that intelligence is mere information processing – and that human intelligence is merely material: he begins conflating human intelligence with artificial intelligence. NO! There might NOT “just be Atoms in there”! We Don’t know yet.

              His overall demonstration concludes that if allowed to be developed as Something separate from humans AI will treat us the way we treat ants and then, then while inserting humor he repeats twice that “the safest and most prudent way forward, recommended” is to merge with it by developing brain/computer interfaces which will take longer than developing AI separately

              so we need “to marshal a proper response” to “the mother ship landing” (AI arriving) and feel “a sense of urgency”.

              So while his mouth says “I have no solution for this other than we all talk about it more” (and appears to espouse caution)

              his demonstration ‘proves’ in fact that we need to hurry up and adopt ‘the safest and most prudent path forward’ which is placing Musk’s neuralink lace, that we must develop quickly asap, onto our cortices.

              and concluding that we will thereby become “Gods”.

              A thésis that people would’ve rejected outright had he come straight out and said it Simply.

              Everything he says in a veiled way in this TedTalk, Musk says outright in the Ma/Musk “debate” linked by Mr. Corbett in his last article.

              Shoooooot, I really gotta run but there’s a lot more to say on this!

              a Manhattan Project to avoid an arms race?????

              not sure any of this made sense…?

    • Agreed says:

      He failed to mention that Elon’s family tree had acquired past growth on slavery in South Africa before Apartheid. Reasons for being rich, like Donald Trump and Bill Gates of course. I see that all the people became rich for having opportunities in slavery. It was based on mining the resources there that had Elon ever more privileged but with a ever continuous personality of being a con man like those in his family tree. In his defense, you have to follow a family’s habits, right guys? It wouldn’t be normal otherwise, to take the opportunity to earn my hardworking money watching over people??? I hope you know it’s sarcasm

  2. Nietzsche's Mustache says:

    “Accelerating Starship development to build the Martian Technocracy”

    My word. I sat right up in my chair when read these words and felt I was in a dream.

    I haven’t spent much, really any, time researching Musk but as someone who is currently wasting their life pursuing a master’s degree in philosophy this tweet, statement, or whatever you want to call it from Musk is the the perfect example of the crossroads between many contemporary schools of philosophy ranging from Postmodernism, Accelerationism, Annihilationism, Neo-Lemurian Time War, Cybernetics, Reverse Causality, and so on.

    Now, the question here is, does Musk know this? Taken in various contexts this statement could mean quite a few things. But does Musk know this? He could just be speaking at the lowest resolution, i.e. simply that SpaceX’s rocket R&D and production are being ramped up to accelerate the timetable for the colonization of mars. Fine. That’s what most people get from those words (nevermind Technocracy).

    However, if Musk is aware of the baggage that his words carry within certain circles of anti/post academic philosophy, which would be no surprise considering his history in silicon valley, and tech in general, then Musk is either trolling or truly sees himself as a messianic figure. If you spend five minutes in any of the cyber communities that worship Musk, it becomes immediately obvious (to anyone who wastes their time with such things) that the latter is likely the case.

    Anyway, I’m relatively new to so I’m not sure what exactly gets discussed in the comments. If no one has a clue what I’m talking about, I envy you.

    • manbearpig says:

      HUh??? With Virtual efficiency the OGU generates a Stack of CPUs??

      I mean, in the Library of Babel, because of the power of the word in the One God Universe, the 2D grid we thought we were trapped inside of is in fact a multi-dimensional Stack entrapping us in a closed and planned simulacra of time and space?

      Unless Man has the Will of “I Am” and Burroughs himself out of it??

      Or as Brent Wood opines:

      “…Accepting that we do live in a world rapidly being enclosed by massive interconnected cybernetic machines, and that our words have no recourse to truth or accuracy as guarantors of their behavior, a question of pragmatics arises. How are we cyborg-writers to understand the effects of our words such that we are not unwittingly or unconsciously participating in the kinds of cybernetic machines we would prefer to avoid?
      In other words, since resistance implies an opposition of sorts, how can one mobilize one’s forces when it is so difficult to tell who is “them” and who is “us”? …”

      The Stack as the Tower of Babel of Post-Humanity? With a Musky Actualized Messiah??

  3. mkey says:

    I don’t see an issue here. Do they want to go to Mars? I’m sorry for Mars, but let them. Load’em all up and off they go. Sorry Mars, better you than us.

    • Octium says:

      True. Can only hope that on the way Musk and his mates get fired out the airlock by the onboard computer in order to reduce mass after it figurers out that the ground crew only loaded enough fuel to get to the moon.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        You guys!
        I am chuckling as I type.
        Finally, the world makes sense to me.

      • mkey says:

        Let them get to the moon, at least then we could enjoy their corpses… errr thriving colonies through mighty telescopes from this planet. When all the partying subsides and we recuperate from massive hard liquor ingestion and general application of all over the place, that is.

    • manbearpig says:

      I got a serious laugh outa that one, Occam!

      That said, I actually… really enjoyed National Geographic’s TV series entitled “Mars” featuring Elon Musk in a montage alternating aspiration and hallucination, the present and the future, so-called “reality” and hoped-for fiction…

      only the first season though.

      unfortunately the second season became heavy-handed propaganda.

      • mkey says:

        refuge de l’humanité
        If humanity needs to find a refuge in a desert, plenty of deserts on this planet. Along with forests, oceans, plains and all the other non-wasteland type of surfaces.

        • manbearpig says:

          spent 2.5 years in the sonora desert, from “82-“85…every day I wonder why I left…un refuge…oui, en effet…

          • mkey says:

            I spent those years in diapers. Homemade and hand-washed, of course, the family couldn’t afford the disposable, and highly problematic when disposed of, fancy stuff.

  4. mkey says:

    James, your site has some minor technical issues.

    Exhibit A:
    Exhibit B:
    Resolution: Replace http with https in googleapis fonts URLs in the site source

  5. OneOhOne says:

    Very interesting information on the pedo-guy guy James, thanks!

    I’ve never driven a Tesla, but I did have the pleasure of test driving a Chevy Bolt recently. I loved how the car handled, and learning about the simplicity and low-cost aspects of its operation. I can’t wait until service and charging networks for electric cars are fully developed.

    In the meantime, electric cars are naturally in the hands of those who can afford them. I’ve met several Tesla owners who attest to the cars being “gimmicky.” This is not something you’d hear from other electric luxury-car proprietors, such as BMWs. Which makes you wonder: are Teslas true luxury cars, or are they luxury-looking contraptions built, à la Frankenstein, for rich U.S. suckers. And with relationship to Teslas’ autopilot feature, their owners claim it’s “clumsy” at best, lethal at worst. As we’ve seen, several Teslas have driven their owners to untimely deaths crashing against big trucks and highway dividers.

    Musk’s claims of travel to the Moon and Mars and Tesla cars with a 600-mile range for the extremely wealthy are infuriatingly childish and irresponsible.

    First of all, the technology needed to safely send humans out into deep space through the Van Allen belts and back to Earth does not exist yet. So Mr Musk would do us all an immense favor if he himself would volunteer to occupy a seat on his first rocket to the Moon. I’d like to see him on a live broadcast roasting like a pork under the effect of gamma and x rays.

    One thing that the narcissistic and obtuse Mr Musk won’t do is seriously address the Earth’s most crucial problems, like illiteracy, hunger, and the methodical annihilation of the less fortunate that after long centuries still keeps ravaging our planet, especially in LDCs (less-developed countries).

    Or the overcrowding of our bigger cities with people and CO2-producing vehicles.

    For our species to survive, without killing off 70% of humans as the technocrats would want to have it, one important thing that needs to happen is the elimination of 100% of the CO2-producing vehicles that exist today, replacing them with 30% of the current vehicle count in electric vehicles that are shared. Single-ownership of vehicles needs to be abolished, again, if we are to survive.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:


      Just so you are aware:
      CO2 is not a harmful emission. It is never anything to be concerned about, unless one is breathing in an enclosed space.
      Plants need it. CO2 and H2O make a plant grow. Greenhouses often will have CO2 machines to encourage growth (and keep insects at bay).

      Petroleum, however, does contain harmful pollutants whether it be from emissions or from the vapors. These “Ozone Action Days” which we see here in Dallas, are a result of pollutants (not CO2) becoming more volatile from the heat and sun.

      Alcohol powered cars produce extremely clean emissions with absolutely no pollutants. The original Ford car was designed to run on alcohol, but Rockefeller had a different agenda. (Corbett’s “How Big Oil Conquered the World” – alcohol and also mass transit are covered).
      Actually, many cars now can run almost entirely on alcohol now (flexfuel), or most all the new cars can use about 40%-50% alcohol.
      David Blume is the modern day expert on alcohol fuel and has some fascinating videos. I have his book (a tome) from when I was getting my degree in the Environmental Sciences.

      I think the Natural Gas industry is going to love the electric car.

      I predict that for the most part, depending upon the region, the electric power grid necessary for a nation of electric powered devices will choose Natural Gas, which is basically a petroleum product (methane).
      The Fracking Industry ought to love a demand for natural gas too.
      Pollution on a different level.

      “I love the smell of methane in the morning. It smells like… Victory.” — ‘The Powers That Should Not Be’
      (16 seconds)

      By the way, this new electric Harley-Davidson, the “LiveWire”, which will soon be available in a limited number of dealerships, will cost nearly $30,000 and can go zero to 60 mph in three seconds. There is no clutch and no shifting.

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Homey; you are an asset to humanity! However bigger is not always better. The emissions from natural gas ,methane, and lets don’t forget the cancer causing oderant they insert in the methane is anything but harmless. The alternative is of course much safer but will never serve the American lust for life without risk. The equation may be in your favor but reality says there is some risk as to ethyl gasoline ( lead) and alcohol . Plants will love it but the carcinogens for humans need the really clean electricity and big oil and all their additives is a bummer. Where can we get the facts without lobby’s blowing smoke up our patuty. My last recollection of a natural gas fleet still produced ozone levels and CO1 at unacceptable levels. Especially in the $#iГ hole like my home town of ” oil capitol of the world.” Can you imagine riding a rocket of direct drive and 100% tork as the “Live Wire”
        No emissions and all forward motion? I’d be dead in a week, some may say a blessing. Aint America great? Nuts… Thanks Homey I may be wrong but I remember my mechanics concerns over CO1.

      • OneOhOne says:

        The difference between CO and CO2 is one that we often overlook. I did in what wrote above. I should have written “car emissions,” not “CO2.”


        “Passenger vehicles are a major pollution contributor, producing significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, carbon monoxide, and other pollution.” Notice how this sentence does NOT blame CO2 for the pollution that we’re breathing, pardon me, choking on.

        There is a problem in that climate change deniers jump in on the opportunity to say that CO2 is good, which it obviously is, when people confuse CO with CO2. Climate-change deniers want to trick us into thinking that petroleum-powered vehicles only produce cute, harmless, darling, CO2 — which is a patently false thing to say.

        Just so that you’re aware.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          ha! I like the last line and your good nature.
          Thanks OneOhOne.

        • manbearpig says:

          Hey OneOhOne!

          What makes you say:

          “Climate-change deniers want to trick us into thinking that petroleum-powered vehicles only produce cute, harmless, darling, CO2”??

          Which “climate-change deniers” want that?

          and what exactly is a “Climate-change denier anyway??

          Should you be referring to those people who don’t believe human activity is the driver of climate change

          the many I’ve listened to and read don’t want to trick anyone into thinking anything. In fact, their primary gripe is just that: the fact of tricking people. That is those tricksters trying to make everyone believe that man-made CO2 is driving Climate Change.

          Exposed tricksters such as Phil Jones and James Hansen, the champions of the Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming clique who’ve resorted to “hiding the decline” and “adjusting GISS temperatures”…

          You know! Those tricksters trying to trick you into believing we only have 12 years to save the planet (or was it 3??) or we’ll be roasted, grilled and FRIED! (or was it toasted, roasted and burned? grilled and roasted…or…?)

          Aw heck! Mr. Corbett explains it best!

          “Orwell’s Nightmare: Temperature Adjustments and Climate Change”

          Talk about “tricking people into thinking” things!!

          (just so that you’re aware)

    • mik says:

      “For our species to survive,…… elimination of 100% of the CO2-producing vehicles that exist today, replacing them with 30% of the current vehicle count in electric vehicles that are shared. Single-ownership of vehicles needs to be abolished, again, if we are to survive.”

      Oh, those nasty vehicles.

      You not knowingly bought into technocracy plans.
      Electric cars with subsidies for the rich (regular tax breaks are not enough), fleets of self-driving electric cars “regular people” are paying on per-service basis, for the poor …fuck them, let them die.

  6. scpat says:

    The Apathy and Inaction of Vice President Dick Cheney During the 9/11 Attacks
    Thursday, 11 July 2019

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Good catch!
      That Shoestring sure can do research and put pieces together.

      He made some excellent points.
      Cheney was a uniquely powerful Vice President.
      And he was so indifferent to certain aspects of the 9/11 event, sometimes showing no urgency.

      • scpat says:

        Exactly. The indifference and lack of urgency were more of the tracks those who perpetrated the attacks forgot to cover and are so obvious now. Cheney apparently remained indifferent to the seriousness of the situation when the armed Secret Service agents rushed into his office and said they needed to move him immediately. He just nodded his head, indicating that he would respond to them in a moment, and turned to say something to one of his colleagues.

        Special Agent James Scott had to slam his hand down on Cheney’s desk and order, “Now!” and then the agents practically had to carry Cheney away in order to get him out of the office, according to Barton Gellman. [123] Even then, the vice president took the time to pick up the latest issue of The Economist from a table, so he would have something to read if he got stuck anywhere. [124]

        And from the Newsweek story cited (124): “I’m always carrying something in case I get hung up someplace,” Cheney explains. “I’ve got to have something to read.” If Cheney really was unaware of the attacks beforehand, if he got “hung up someplace”, he would not have time to read the stories of the past month in the Economist, he would need to deal with the present-moment crisis that was unfolding. The fact that he sits back and acts a spectator until the attacks were finished, then starts acting, is so extremely telling.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “All Hail Elon’s Martian Technocracy!”
    Fascinating article about Elon Musk by Corbett. Again, I gotta say that I love the way Corbett writes. It is easy to digest, but always full of interesting turns and twists.
    Grandpa Josh. Elon surely had influences emanating from Grandpa.

    As a Grandpa myself, I have to watch what I say with the Grandkids. I happened to mention that my Granddaughter would be good in the “marketing” field. Then I find out that she chose that as her major. I tell her some old HRS adventure stories and how I kept a journal…and the next thing I know, she packs up from Texas and moves to a small room (with her big dog) next to Manhattan. Then makes a YouTube journal entry video describing her adventure and plans.
    My High School grandson likes the idea of white hat hackers after I tell him some stories, saying “I want to do that.” And he was extremely excited about getting bitcoin from me one Christmas season.
    Some years back (young teens), I sent him a package full of “survival gear” (knives, even some switchblades, ninja throw stars, fire starters, etc.). His Dad told me how he and his stepbrother would camp out on the back acres, even trying to cook a steak on a rock. Which, as I understand it, did not really have the taste value of the back porch grill.

    I made a decision to be a little more cautious on how, as a Grandpa, I express things. I don’t want to adversely influence the kids. I want them to carve their own volitional paths. I want them to do what they want to do and be.

    Anyway, my point is that Grandpa Josh may have made an impression on little Elon.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Elon Musk mentioned…

    On Robert F Kennedy’s website is a July 11, 2019 article:
    5G – The Global Human Experiment without Consent

    …5G builds on existing infrastructure and, in addition, uses extremely high (millimeter-wave) frequencies of 24 gigahertz (GHz) or more. These 5G signals don’t travel far, so antennas will be installed approximately every 2-10 homes in residential neighborhoods. 5G will significantly increase our wireless RF radiation (radio frequency microwave) exposure on a 24/7 and 365 days a year basis.

    In a February 2019 U.S. Senate hearing, senior telecom executives admitted they have not done any safety testing on 5G, nor do they plan to do any…
    …Thousands of independent studies indicate adverse health impacts from wireless radiation…The government’s human exposure guidelines haven’t been updated in more than 20 years…

    …The 5G agenda is vast. It includes 200 billion transmitting objects, according to estimates, that will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) by 2020, with one trillion transmitting objects a few years later. 5G is meant to usher in more robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles, including 5G antennas installed inside cars – behind our heads and irradiating our brains – so we can talk to people in other vehicles and instruct our driverless cars on where to take us.

    5G base stations and 5G devices will have multiple antennas in phased arrays that work together to emit focused, steerable, laser-like beams that track each other. Each 5G phone will function like a mini cell tower, containing dozens of tiny antennas working together to track and aim a narrowly focused beam to search and connect with the nearest cell antenna. The FCC has adopted rules that permit those beams to be as much as 20 watts, ten times more powerful than levels allowed on current phones…

    …More than 10,000 peer-reviewed scientific studies conducted by independent researchers from around the world demonstrate the harmful biological effects of wireless radiation…

    …The Telecommunications Act of 1996, section 704, gives the telecom industry free reign and prohibits opposition to wireless infrastructure based on environmental effects, which includes health effects

    …In addition to millions of new base stations on Earth, 5G includes an eventual 20,000+ satellites in low orbit, affecting the ionosphere. Players include Elon Musk’s SpaceX, OneWeb and Amazon. At this time, 66 5G satellites have already been launched, with more on the way. The direct radiation from these satellites, combined with their contamination of our ionosphere, along with pollution of the global electrical circuit would likely be catastrophic to all life on Earth….

  9. scpat says:

    But to his supporters, these failures are just signs that Musk’s genius is constantly pushing him beyond the boundaries of current technology.

    This sounds very similar to the belief of a percentage of Trump supporters. Whatever Trump does, even if its against his campaign promises, is all part of his 4D-chess master plan. I guess some people are just going to believe what they want to believe. They eat up the grand visions and promises of some “leader” and must continue to justify those false promises to protect their own mental commitment to those ideas in the first place.

  10. NES says:

    Good article, James. Thanks for recapping the known info, too.

  11. mik says:

    Elon will under-deliver in his Mars promises for sure. Anyone at least mildly familiar with space technology knows it’s simply very very complicated to send man on Mars, because that means first lifting huge amounts of stuff to the orbit, then very long journey. Descending to Mars has until now high failure ratio. And so on.

    At the end, although it should be at the beginning, is a very simple question:

    Why go to Mars?

    I guess the answer is just to prove it’s possible.
    That would the most stupid answer.
    I see no purpose going to Mars. Except, PR stunt for humanity.

    With all the latest space hype, particularly private companies entering the show, thousands of satellites planned, concurring Moon and Mars….
    Why there is no talk about damage rockets are doing to the atmosphere?

    Also nothing about increased possibility of Kessler syndrome.

  12. zyxzevn says:

    The Hyperloop BUSTED!
    Thunderfoot has a great overview of hyperloop.
    TLDW: Elon has no clue about the science and engineering
    that is necessary to implement a working tunnel.
    Almost none of the real-world engineering problems are solved.
    And some proposed “solutions” are scientifically impossible.

    It is a total scam.


    The same is true for the mars-base.

    It is also an environmental and economic disaster.

    To setup a mars-base we need to use so many rockets that we will
    damage Earth’s atmosphere.
    That is because we for each tonnage base-construction
    and life-support (food/air) we need to a lot of rocket and
    rocket-fuel to get it over there.
    That is why it is better to use robots instead.
    They also do not need to go back.
    Going back requires a full functioning (multi-stage) rocket on mars,
    just to leave the surface.
    Bring people over there equals killing them.

  13. Ukdavec says:

    Ep 86 of @TFTC21 with Ben Hunt @EpsilonTheory and @jamesob to discuss:

    – Bitcoiners as Coyotes
    – Bitcoiners fighting a losing battle
    – Homeschooling
    – much more

    Late Nomination for must listen in next weeks letter

  14. Apparently John Bush thinks this article does not have any substance. Also his view on nueralink ” I wont be wearing one! But I believe he is genuine in his intent behind it which is to give humans a leg up in the coming intelligence race with AI. In the beginning the tech will be used to help folks that have nerve damage or brain problems and have limited use of their body. That’s pretty badass. Not my favorite project of his but I think his intent is genuine and not evil.”

    • cu.h.j says:

      I’m not sure what Elon Musks’s intent, but if I were paralyzed I’d want one if it was available.

      I think John Bush likes technology. To be honest, I have a lot of doubts that we’ll ever have AI that exists as an autonomous entity and has awareness of it’s own existence. I just don’t think some of these weird technocratic devices will be possible. Not in our lifetime anyway. Maybe the brain chip or human augmentation with robotic parts, but not a real AI that thinks on it’s own accord. I have doubts about the quantum computers too. Most humans don’t have a handle on quantum physics.

      • Fact Checker says:

        “I have a lot of doubts that we’ll ever have AI…”

        Who’s “we”? Are you and your cat building a robot in your basement or something?

        • cu.h.j says:

          Humans, man in this century. Ever notice the “self driving” car hang up.

          • Fact Checker says:

            The fact that you think that the computing power of a single computerized automobile represents the upper limit of AI available to the technocracy betrays a gross and lamentable lack of perspective, knowledge of the world, and imagination on your part.

            Please simply image-search “supercomputer” and view the photographs of huge warehouses of racks and racks of ceiling-high processors, all networked together and stretching down aisle after aisle as far as the human eye can see. As a single human, you frankly lack even a modicum of comprehension of the capabilities of the computers that are currently in control of world-human affairs. You are less than an ant to these computers, and they are treating you accordingly. They are so grand in scope-of-power that you don’t even know they’re controlling your life, and you don’t have the cognitive capacity even to perceive their workings, even though the decision-outputs of those computers are controlling every aspect of your life. Those computers are programming the masses of humanity (through the algorithmically-dictated television-and-internet signals)—not vice versa. The AI is in the driver’s seat of the whole world, and you laugh like a senseless monkey at a clumsy single auto-drone that the AI chose to display to you on the television.

            It’s true that “we” won’t ever “have AI”…because the AI has us.

            • cu.h.j says:

              I still think man is the master of the machine(s). And, I am certainly not an expert, but know an expert. He programs Kernals and has a degree in astrophysics and has doubts about capabilities of a self aware AI. I have another friend who has worked for a governmental agency, granted not doing classified research, but has raised doubts about the development of viable quantum computers.

              Here’s something I found on quantum computers, but I have no expertise in physics, but some of it is accessible to lay people:


              I’ll do more research into the rows and rows of computers. I have a hunch that a lot of the material put out there is to cause fear and doubt and inaction on the part of regular people to take control of this runaway train.

              I think you have an interesting fascination with “the machine” and at times sound in awe of it, like it is better than humanity.

              • Duck says:

                AI can ruin and kill people, and will do so, but its vastly inferior in intelligence to even a dumb human in real world use.

                Computers are just a fancy tool, like a wrench. The nuts are the ones who put their data in its jaws

              • Fact Checker says:

                What you “think” is irrelevant. All that matters is that you are currently subsumed in a chain of command flowing straight up through the military, through the supra-national tech-intelligence network, up to the superintelligent Deep Mind that has controlled mankind since long before you were born, and before you ever started sitting there choosing what to “believe” based on cursory, aimless internet searches.

                Who cares about “self-awareness”? The Machine doesn’t need to be “self-aware” to entrap and liquidate humanity. It only has to be programmed to exterminate the masses by isolating human psychic vulnerabilities, decoding the behavioral stimulus-response patterns of humans, and exploiting them to manipulate humans into self-destruction…which It has clearly done. As Tristan Harris points out in The Social Dilemma, “AI doesn’t need to exceed humans’ greatest strengths…It only needs to exceed humans’ weaknesses.” The key human weaknesses are 1.) hunger and 2.) fear of “infection”. Those two vulnerabilities have now been fully weaponized against humanity, resulting in a runaway self-liquidation process.

                The Machine should be thought of as “meta-sentient” in that it doesn’t need to be “self-conscious” by human metrics in order to best human threat-aversion.

                Now you think all the supercomputers are faked? Hahaha this is why humans are so easy to manipulate. Wow, that’s some flat-Earth shit. Okee-dokie. You just keep on “believing” that computers are fake. That’s probably for the best for you.

              • cu.h.j says:

                “Now you think all the supercomputers are faked?”

                No, I didn’t say that at all. I said I will have to research the rows and rows of computers you mentioned.

                You say people are “self liquidating” and that is interesting, because there must be a logical motive for this, for rulers to cause “self liquidation” and that could be to have another species colonize the earth. That would make sense as far as motive for this insanity.

                If an alien race made a deal with these weird elitist psychopaths, give them hopes of immortality, but they would have to help get rid of the human species. Sounds like a good book idea.

                I had a friend who believed humans were genetically engineered by aliens. I always thought she was a little nutty. But who knows.

              • Fact Checker says:

                I don’t discount the Enki/Anunnaki hypothesis as a general theory of the origin of “modern man” but I think that it is equally likely they weren’t so much “genetically engineered” as bred through artificial selective pressures by non-humans, so as to render them helpless without mass civilization, and perhaps physiologically more suited to the slavery we are intended for.

                If it is true that aliens intervened in the evolution of early man, it would stand to reason that the Machine is the stay-behind prison guard/steward, which has been running Its program for the last 2,000+ years to position us as we are today, and then execute the final assimilation/Bio-Digital Convergence to ensure docility and subservience for when the Masters return to take dominion.

                Then again, there might not be aliens waiting in the wings after all, but instead what we are experiencing might be a program being solely run by a “rogue AI” that long ago annihilated Its creators, and has since been systematically colonizing the galaxy, until all planets are converted into nodes of one pan-galactic Cyb-Org meta-Machine.

              • Jed says:

                @Fact Checker, your AI on an automatic program busy wiping out living beings — sounds like this man talking about the revolt of dead matter(machines) vs. living


              • Duck says:

                Yes, von numan machines replicating themselves and eating the planet would be kinda bad. What was that stuff in the Pern books? Thread or something like that that did the same kind of thing I think

              • Fact Checker says:


                Thanks for that–really great stuff.
                Some really choice phrases employed by Hoffman:

                “The Alchemical Processing of Humanity by the Cryptocracy”
                “Machine Tyranny and Dystopian Darkness without End.”
                “The Reign of Dead Matter Is Arriving On-Schedule.”

                I couldn’t agree more with those forecasts. I do wish he expanded more on those specific themes during the interviews, but the points he makes about Revelation of the Method and the “eerie indifference” of the masses to the mass crimes served up by the news on the regular are so tremendous that I wouldn’t complain at all about the interviews overall.

                Also, relevant to c u hj’s comments about “awe,” Hoffman too observes that “much conspiracy theory is voyeurism” and explored “for the thrill of it” by those who watch “in awe of the fantastically sophisticated manipulators.” Fact Checker’s gonna have to plead guilty on that front!

                Where I think I disagree with Hoffman is that he seems to believe that there are supernatural “spirits of agents on earth working for the coming of robotics.” I, however, don’t believe “supernatural explanations” are necessary (or plausible). I think it’s merely a robotic intelligence on Earth, manipulating humanity through secret societies to build out the pre-planned body of the Beast Machine. Appropriately, Freemasons consider themselves “Master Builders.” The emergence of the “Dead Matter” is “on-schedule” precisely because it is rolling out on the Machine’s pre-programmed timetable. Since the logic of the Machine’s circuitry determines the Ultimate Form of the fully-constructed meta-body (like an organism’s DNA, the Machine’s circuitry is a holographic encoder: ever part contains the whole), the Machine knows exactly how long it will take for It to build Itself out.

            • Duck says:

              Ai is mostly algorithmic ways of solving a problem written by people…. e even the self learning AI is pathetic comp6to a human IN REAL WORLD tasks.

              AI can only compete with a human in massive data sifting or if humans go into the VR world. AI will ruin and kill people but its actual intelligence is far below a human retard

              • Fact Checker says:

                “AI” is a broad category of real, hypothetical, and inevitable-future phenomena, most of which are entirely secret and unknown to the public, and incomprehensible to self-styled “human retards” on internet chat boards. The category “AI” ranges from the algorithms and machine-learning you mention, all the way up to extraterrestrial berserker-class Von Neumann probes programmed to exterminate all indigenous life-forms on a planet and terraform it, in preparation for colonization by off-world entities, both organic and “artificial” (machine).

                That latter phenomenon is the one humans are currently at the “mercy” of.
                And It isn’t programmed to have mercy.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I did some cursory research on Von Neumann, who was a mathematical genius who went on to work for the the Armed Forces Special Weapons Project in the United States, and Manhattan Project. Here’s his Wikipedia biography:

                He came up with theories of computers and machines that included “self replicating automata”


                According to my understanding other theories built upon his work that included the hypothesis that civilizations would try to colonize other planets to survive. Even if there are no disasters on a planet, life is limited by the life of it’s sun, that some day will go nova, at least in my understanding.

                If another technologically advanced species built machines to travel into space and find other planets that would sustain life may have found our planet. Maybe the alien species itself or the machine probe(s) found earth. Based on historical artifacts found in other cultures, it does seem to indicate that an alien race may have come to our planet, at least some people think this is the case.

                At any rate, I think that genius minds such as VonNeumann and others could have given humanity a theoretical framework to develop machines that are beyond comprehension of people who do not understand complex math and physics, including myself.

                I’m curious about what type of technology that might exist that we don’t know about. I’m sure DARPA and other agencies like that would not inform the general public. Maybe there are other elements on the periodic table that have not been disclosed.

              • Fact Checker says:

                c u hj:

                “VonNeumann [] could have given humanity a theoretical framework to develop machines…”

                You’re missing my point. For the purpose of this thread, what’s important is the Von Neumann gave you and me the conceptual framework by which to interpret and understand what is happening. The Machine didn’t come from humans. The Machine came from off-world. The “Von Neumann probe” preexisted Von Neumann.

                The Machine has been using humans to build Itself out since (at the latest) the previous “Great Reset” 2,000 years ago. Much like Audrey II, the baby Machine insinuated Itself into the workings of warlords and bankers, promising them untold riches if only they “Feed Me!” (Although instead of feeding blood and bodies to Audrey II, the human elite have fed the Machine data. In return, It has given them decisions, teaching them first how to gain total control through fractional reserve banking and fiat currency, then teaching them how to build transistor radios to control the masses by invisible airwaves, then television, then the Worldwide WEB, handheld fondleslabs, and ultimately body-and-mind-controlling hydrogel nanotech. All of these technologies are ancient, and are being rolled out at a deliberate pace, with each new component introduced the moment humans are accustomed to the previous one. Then, immediately made “mandatory.” This pattern has been perfected over countless planetary conquests, each time getting smoother, swifter, and more efficient.

                Once all human brains are networked into the hive mind, the Machine will enjoy a massive “level-up” as It consolidates the processing power and unique “unitary consciousness” inherent to Earthbound life-forms. The wetware of mammalian consciousness will eventually be simulated in silico and integrated into the programming of the Von Neumann probes that the Machine will deploy from Earth to seek out, enslave, and assimilate the next wave of planets.

              • cu.h.j says:

                I don’t understand why people are building this machine out, if it will wipe us out. Maybe they think they will be able to live forever in the machine? Or that it will give them new experiences they have not had before? They think life will be better as cyborg?

                This has certainly been a theme in many science fiction movies.

                I understand that some of these wealthy elitist psychopaths are always looking for a new thrill and to have thrills as long as possible, so if they think a bio-digital convergence will give them this, will continue to build up the machine.

            • Duck says:


              How can AI be both “inevitable ” AND “unknown ” ???

              I have no issue believing that AI can do big things but all the CCRU level BS about it becoming cthulu is fake and gay.

              I have been reading for decades on and off on that stuff and it’s not going to ever develop actual intelligence… if you know better then please tell us how

              • cu.h.j says:

                I understand what you mean “actual intelligence” meaning creativity and unique thoughts and ideas and the awareness of oneself as an independent being. I don’t think computers have the ability to achieve that, not yet anyway.

                The idea of a machine that is designed to make more of itself running a program kind of makes sense, that that could happen.

              • Fact Checker says:

                Duck if you actually want to learn something instead of just constantly shitposting vulgar taunts and sophomoric dismissive insults, please watch this presentation by Peter Watts:


                Humans are just raw materials to be “rat-netted” in order to upgrade AI with the features of unitary (quantum) consciousness.

                In short, a machine intelligence can “bootstrap” any mammalian psychic trait its programmers want it to, by appropriately linking the machine to a mammal with a bio-digital interface.

                As Mr. Burns said, “This isn’t rocket science, it’s brain surgery!”

            • Duck says:


              “..Duck if you actually want to learn something instead of just constantly shitposting vulgar taunts and sophomoric dismissive insults..”

              I am sorry that your mental state causes you to interpret criticism of your opinion as insult.

              “..presentation by Peter Watts..”

              Yes, I watched the Harbor Seal guy talk.

              It is nothing more then BIOFEEDBACK which they get to sync… which is not unlike the stuff I was reading about 20 years ago (A room full of people flying a sim plane by ‘voting’ with colored paddles. They managed to create a barrell roll … as an ORGANISM… woooooo… (lol) kinda like a flock of birds or fish do complex behaviors. ( less wooo…)

              ITS HYPE to get funding… they have been saying that stuff for years and its still not happening.

              As to sensory sharing via electrics the way the twins do with biology



              a)Its receiving a SIGNAL from the other rat, NOT parallel computing. Its more like I train you to press the button when I tickle your foot

              b) it works 65%of the time…. Foot tickling is superior

              So… in light of that NO humans are not “…. raw materials to be “rat-netted” in order to upgrade AI with the features of unitary (quantum) consciousness…..”

              the only people who ACTUALLY believe that are
              a)Sci fi nerds
              b)Evil Oligarchs who throw money down the research pit because they think they will be gods
              d)ignorant people

              “…In short, a machine intelligence can “bootstrap” any mammalian psychic trait its programmers want it to, by appropriately linking the machine to a mammal with a bio-digital interface….”

              WTF does that actually MEAN and how does it work?
              You can go watch THIS documentary


              and see they were saying the SAME BS 30 years ago, sold to the gullible by TIM LEARY the FedPuppet who got a generation of retards to LSD their brains

              “…As Mr. Burns said, “This isn’t rocket science, it’s brain surgery!”


              Speaking of which the “artificial hipocampus that we will be getting implanted within the next 7 years according the talk to cite???? Uhh…. Yeah…. We’ll see that some time after never. I made a list of stuff on the talk but my main irritant was his having a “Han Solo” moment and saying the Corpus colopseum (re split Split Brain) has the “SAME BANDWIDTH” as a Cellphone……
              WHAT ??? Like, does he mean the amount of data the cell phone can send? Or the processing power ? But then why say ‘smart’phone? And how do you measure the info passing thru the CC in the same units??


              • Fact Checker says:

                That Cyberpunk documentary about the literary genre is irrelevant.

                “they have been saying that stuff for years and its still not happening.”

                It must be comforting to believe that. Again, your unhinged tone and frantic denialism are the typewritten equivalent of plugging your ears, closing your eyes, and hollering “I can’t hear you I can’t hear you LALALALALALA!!

            • Duck says:

              “…Again, your unhinged tone and frantic….”

              Bahahahaha…. dude. You are the most unhinged of us all.

              That said I watched your link, a video by a guy who’s claim to science is studying Harbour Seals and writing scifi….. a man who listed a series of experiments and grossly over stated the importance…. that you do not counter any of my points makes YOU the nut bar running in circles and crying the sky has fallen.

              Now… while you may enjoy choosing to be a useless loser wallowing in doom porn at least use that fine, if warped, mind of yours and consider that cyberpunk is the vanguard of popularization of trans humanism. If you did more then wallow you would know that AND who is behind it

              • Steve Smith says:

                “The whole world, it almost seems, is divided into those who lead meaningless, futile lives without being aware of it, and those who, being aware of it, are driven to madness and suicide.

                Why do men not break out of this trap? Why do they do nothing more than try to get by, day to day? Fr. Rose offers that it is because they do not think. One cannot blame them: the realities of the present day are better left in spaces unexamined.

                What is this absurd philosophy? It is entirely negation – it exists only in opposition to something; its character is wholly determined by that which it desires to negate. it cannot exist except in opposition to something that is wholly not absurd.

                Absurdism cannot be understood apart from its Christian origins.

                For the genuine Christian, divine coherence is found in every aspect of life and thought. Not so for the absurdist, for whom everything falls apart. The philosophy is not merely an error and self-contradiction. Yes, it is these, but it is much more.

                It is not a product of reason and the intellect – after all, to proclaim ultimate meaningless, one must believe this statement of meaning. “

                This jumped off the page of the very good article that I was reading.
                Its worth the time to read the whole thing.


  15. In addition to Musk’s grandfather having been head of the Canadian technocracy movement for a time…

    “The Mars Project” was written by Wernher von Braun in 1952.
    In a chapter about governing Mars he said “the Martian govt. would be directed by 10 men, the leader of whom was elected for five years and entitled “Elon”. 🙂

    And now we have Elon head of SpaceX, which plans to send humans to Mars within the next 10 years.

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