Interview 1609 - James Corbett on Resisting the Great Reset

12/12/202074 Comments

via In this powerful interview, John Bush talks to James Corbett of the Corbett Report to shine light on how COVID-19 has accelerated the insider's plans to usher in a technocratic and authoritarian global government.

By better understanding the plans and agenda of the global elite, we can more effectively strategize on how to opt out and insulate ourselves from the "Great Reset".

Topics in the interview will include 9/11, COVID tyranny, vaccines, the 2030 Agenda, The Great Reset, agorism, solutions, and the elite's strategy of problem-reaction-solution.

The two will also explore how blockchain technology simultaneously offers hope for decentralization while also providing a means for those in power to better track, trace, and control the public.

You do not want to miss this in-depth interview!!


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  1. Libertydan says:

    I am glad to hear that James is going to be putting out a Documentary on Vaccines this Month (like he doesn’t already have a full plate, eh!).

    It is critically important to stay focused on “The End Game” so that we can plan ahead. I think Aaron Russo (the Producer of “Freedom to Fascism”) did a service to mankind in his 2006 final interview where he exposed that a Rockefeller had told him that the “End Game” was to “Chip” everybody so that they could be controlled. Although this first Wave of CoVID19 Vaccines may not contain a Chip, or even a Permanent Identifier, we need to be aware that that is where it is headed.

    • Libertydan says:

      The main Stream media is Reporting that members of the military are being inoculated with the “CoVID-19” Vaccine. They have also Reported that it will be mandatory for Michigan State Students (that is where Gov. Whitmer got her Schooling). I think the first of round of “CoVID-19” Vaccinations will be issued with a Vaccination Card (like a License) which people will have to show before entering Public buildings and Sell-out businesses.
      Perhaps it will be “CoVID-20” or “CoVID-21”, or “Santan-33” whereby a remotely readable Identification is included as part of a Mandatory “Vaccine”. As for the “Satan-33” Vaccine, I can imagine these evil bastards will have made it so that you actually need a Yearly Vaccine/ID Check-up just to stay alive from the toxins they injected into you from the previous Shot.
      Not that I want to scarce anybody, but we can stop this from happening if we act now!

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I too can’t wait for Corbett’s coming Vaccine “Story”.

    Interview 1609 – James Corbett on Resisting the Great Reset (with John Bush) was a wonderful embodiment encompassing the many important “take-home messages” of our times.

    One (of many) messages which struck a chord with me was at about the 29:20 minute mark.

    James Corbett says:
    “…I want to go back to something that you said there when you’re talking about your physical real life meeting (Dec. 5th – 50 people Freedom Cell Meetup) and shaking hands and spreading germs amongst each other.

    That’s actually important because let’s reflect on the fact again: This is about our health and safety but everything that they are telling us to do right now in order to keep ourselves healthy and safe is the exact opposite of what you would do for good health.
    Taking care of yourself and your system and going outside, getting fresh air and sunlight, eating right, and of course, interacting with other human beings so that we do share germs and get used to the germs that are going around in our community to get our own immune systems built up.
    The immune systems that are still effective 99.8 of the time or whatever it happens to be even if we do accept at face value SARS-CoV-2 and Covid-19 and everything they’re telling us about it — We know that it is virtually and, of course not 100%, but virtually harmless to people who are not octogenarians on multiple systems of life support.
    This is a remarkably mild form of virus that they are telling us everything the opposite of what you are doing: i.e. “Stay home. Stay indoors. Stay away from other people. Just take our medicines and don’t, don’t, don’t worry about working out or anything like that.”
    Again I just wanted to reflect on that because that’s an important part of what’s going on.

  3. Libertydan says:

    I have been guilty of interchanging “CoVID-19” with “SARS-Cov-2”, however I think I finally have it strait in that “CoVID-19” is essentially a List of Symptoms (that mimic Flu Symptoms), whereas “SARS-Cov-2” is the Disease which is “Supposedly” the cause of the Symptoms.
    By Defining “CoVID-19” as a Long List of Symptoms, it is easy to see that most Illnesses can be Labeled “CoVID-19” when in fact they would have been called something else prior to this Plandemic. If we note that the Overall Mortally Rate remains virtually unchanged while Deaths “Reported” as “CoVID-19” Deaths are so high, we can only come to the conclusion that Deaths from other causes are being Reported as Deaths from “CoVID-19”.
    Since only a small portion of the Illnesses Reported as “CoVID-19” are actually this Novel Lab created Disease called “SARS-Cov-2”, in order to drive up the Case Numbers, they decided to use this PCR Test. Run the PCR Test through more than 17 cycles and you get more and more False Positives. At 33 Cycles the PCR Test produces 97% False Positives, yet some Labs are running it up to 45 Cycles which guarantees a Positive Result and an excuse to drag a dissident from his home to be “Quarantined”.
    The PCR Test does not appear to have a direct correlation to the Symptoms defined as “CoVID-19”, much less the “claimed” underlying Disease “SARS-Cov-2”, yet it is being used to drive up the Numbers of so called “Cases” of “CoVID-19”.
    It is important to note that because of the vague definition of “CoVID-19”, even a Common Cold can legitimately be Reported as a Case of “CoVID-19”. Add to that the number of False Positives from PCR Tests, and then consider that even the actuate Positives may be Testing for something that doesn’t even cause an Illness, and you have the makings for a World Wide Phys-Op.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      I appreciate you highlighting the DEFINITIONAL difference between “Covid-19” and “SARS-Cov-2”, and the ways it can matter.

    • flammable says:

      I thought COVID-19 was the name of the disease with endless symptoms including collapsing into a seizure on the streets. Despite being the driving cause of lockdowns worldwide, multiple people collapsing in the streets has not happen in any country outside of Asia and was forgotten.

      Sars-Cov2 was the name of the specific virus mention in research papers. But previously the Sars-Cov1 virus was said to have caused SARS so this disease should be called SARS-2. Sars-Cov2 is an inappropriate name for a virus as it has syndrome as it’s name. How can a syndrome that is caused by a virus be a virus that causes a syndrome?

      Also the constant use of Covid and coronavirus is strange as the family of coronaviruses is very common and generally harmless. Most establishment disease experts never even thought coronaviruses were worth mentioning all these years even during the SARS epidemic. Now they are spouting coronaviruses disease or COVID non-stop without letting the public know that 20% of all colds are caused by these viruses. Everyone probably has had coronavirus disease every year. It’s like I’m hearing the fear of dihydrogen monoxide talked about everyday.

      • Arby says:

        Sars CoV 2 is the virus (which I don’t believe exists). Covid 19 is the disease that causes it. The CDC (quietly) admitted that it hasn’t been able to produce the actual, physical virus. How can there be a disease if the virus that causes it doesn’t exist? How can they not produce that virus if, as they say, thousands of people have died from covid 19?

        “Health Canada has no record of “COVID-19 virus” isolation” /

        • Libertydan says:

          Definition of Disease;

          So they called this one “CoVID-19” and made a long list to Define it’s Symptoms, which are shared by many other Diseases (including the Common Cold).
          Knowing that the Common Cold has no known cure (other than aiding the Immune System), an Evil Scientist could perhaps find a Virus Common to it, and create a Test (PCR) that could make nearly everyone come up Positive for it.

          But the Common Cold is not Deadly enough to put Fear in the minds of the masses, so they needed a “Real” Deadly Illness that could somehow be linked to this Virus that the PCR Test would turn up. The Deadly Illness (call it what you want) is not the same as “CoVID-19”. I know a Doctor who ran the COVID wing at a local Hospital and he explained that many of his Hospitalized patients experienced long term scars on their lungs.
          It is particularity interesting to note that after he began giving his patients Hydroxychloroquine and getting near 100% recovery, they stopped sending him patients.
          The Board of Pharmacy in Ohio put out a Notice that they would revoke the License of any Pharmacist that filled a Prescription for Hydroxychloroquine.

          God forbid that people be cured before they can get everybody “Vaccinated”!

          • Arby says:

            I’m only reporting what ‘they’ call the disease. Do you think I’d lie or mislead you about it? Andrew Kaufman, in his discussion with Del Bigtree makes that clear at the start of their discussion. See that video on (evil) YouTube:

            “they needed a “Real” Deadly Illness” Indeed. It’s ‘novel’ don’t you know! And yet, as others have pointed out, literally painting a picture for us, even that nonsense fakery doesn’t hold up.

            • Libertydan says:

              Thanks for Posting the “High Wire” interview with Dr. Kaufman from 7/16/20. Indeed, these guys are at the top of the “Shit List” for a reason. (They are a threat to the powers that be). Perhaps the best take-away of the Interview is “What do you think the Vaccines are really for?”
              I just did a Start Page Search on “Del Bigtree”, and if had not already been familiar with his Work, I would likely have written him off.
              Dr. Andrew Kaufman is also demonized by the likes of those that control access to information.
              The fact that Youtube still carries the 5 Month old Interview may indicate that Youtube is censoring because of Government pressures being put upon them. I Recall seeing a “60 Minutes” Interview (within the past year), where the CEO for Youtube was literally being Interrogated by Lesley Stahl. The clear “Agenda” of the “Story” was to put pressure on Youtube to Censor “Hate Speech” and “Misinformation”. Are they “Evil” for compiling with Government mandates placed upon them?
              It would appear that those who attempt to disprove “Germ Theory” are like Galileo trying to disprove Flat Earth Theory. It is going to be an up hill battle and will likely create much division and confusion.
              In an attempt to Keep it Simple (KIS), I would say that the Vaccinations for “COVID-19” are not needed and will do more harm than good. Then , I would add that the Vaccine Manufactures have been given Immunity from Prosecution because they know that the Vaccine will harm people.

              • Arby says:

                You have to approach all things the way ‘you’ choose to.

                “Are they “Evil” for compiling with Government mandates placed upon them?” You’re implying that Google is ‘not’ on the same page as the government. Governments are not even what most people believe they are. The belief is right up there with “TV doesn’t lie.” Governments are glorified police forces and, when push comes to shove, or, if you like, when covid 1984 comes to human civilization, the government and all of its instruments of repression (police, military, intelligence agencies) will turn on the people and crush them. That’s pretty much the main reason armies exist, in fact. Jean Bertrande-Aristide certainly learned that lesson, which I look at in a recent blog post I did on covid 19.

                You could do worse than read Yasha Levine’s book titled “Surveillance Valley.” (Yasha’s a dog, but his book seems okay.) There’s absolutely nothing benign about Google, which came to be a part of Alphabet. ‘Government’ (CIA) helped create Google and most of Silicon Valley. People aren’t aware of the fact that the US government, in line with the crazy to privatize everything, gave away, for free, the internet in 1996. That’s where the hard-working (hard-trouble-making) Silicon Valley titans came from. Those are clever people, gangsters really, who work extremely hard at enriching themselves and their owners and their allies – at our expense. They will go to EXTREMES to avoid doing honest work and contributing to society, as in ‘all’ of society, and their time will be up very, very soon.

              • Libertydan says:

                Here is a short clip from “60 Minutes” Interrogating Editor-in-Chief for RT-TV Margarita Simonyan in 2018;


                The full interview is much more revealing of the “60 Minutes” Agenda, however this should be enough to say that clearly went down hill after this Interview do to pressures placed upon them by the “Deep State” (which likely put “60 Minutes” up to doing the Interview in the first place).
                The “Agenda” comes from NGO’s funded by Elites

  4. Fact Checker says:

    Dream on, John, about the “free eco-cities” and “sea-steading.”

    All the Agenda-21/2030 programs are, first and foremost, MILITARY OPERATIONS. They’re not going to tolerate outliers. Any outsiders will be razed with unmanned robot bulldozers.

    People need to deal with that.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Perhaps however this requires consent. Resistance is building. The future cannot be predicted with total accuracy. Having said that it’s good to plan for the worst and be prepared for the worst case scenario.

      • Fact Checker says:

        We live in an absolute shit situation where the BEST-case scenario is that we struggle and strive to eke out some modest sustenance, with every ounce of our effort. The worst-case scenario, on the other hand, is that we get rounded up and put into medical gulags, force-injected with mutagenic agents and tortured and experimented on until we die of induced bodily disintegration. There’s really no “preparing” for that.

        We have to “prepare” for the BEST, in that we have to keep struggling and striving to make a living, hoping just to be left alone, until such time as we are detained and/or murdered. All of our powers of planning and preparation are dedicated to our “surface-reality” hard labor to which our parents condemned us by giving birth to us. Again, that’s BEST case, and the only level on which we can make rational efforts.

        Staking out some “sea-steaded” alternate lifestyle would be planning and preparing for a completely unrealistic “super-duper-best-case scanario,” where the Psychos in Charge permit and tolerate any society outside its clutches. Completely impossible. Yet it would require massive effort, expenditure, sacrifice and risk, with absolutely zero chance of pay-off. It’s a childish daydream.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Fact Checker
          Months ago, I thought that you straight-up told me that you were “just watching”, that you weren’t playing any type of activist role whatsoever towards bettering conditions. Something to the effect that you were just a spectator.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Actually, this time, this vaccine isn’t going to be mandatory for health care workers in my area

          I think that what you are saying is where this is going if people don’t stand up and tell these self-appointed rulers where to stick it. That might someday be the case, but this year I’m sure I’ll have a job even if I decline the vaccine. This gives me more time. I would have sued them if it was mandatory, but it won’t be.

          If you just focus on the negative only, that isn’t the full picture. I know this from being a severely depressed person, sometimes all I can see is the negative, and my consciousness narrows. It’s almost (not quite) like a psychosis, where nothing someone says can help, no matter what someone tells the psychotic person, they can’t see your point of view because they are stuck.

          It’s good to be a realist and to look at the worst-case scenario and I think that what you describe is what could happen, but I also think that we can stop it or change things.

          Nothing ventured, nothing gained. We can’t live only in our minds and must go out and do.

          • Arby says:

            How can someone not be depressed right now?

            Dr Sherri Tenpenny (who promotes the awful Vaxxter website) read from an official document about ‘compulsory’ vaccination. She noted that she had never see that language before in the kind of medical papers she reads. The difference between mandatory and compulsory vaccination is that with mandatory vaccination, you pay a penalty when you refuse to be vaccinated but at least you are vaccination-free. With compulsory vaccination, they violate your physical integrity (autonomy) and jab your against your will. I only know that they’d love to go the more nazi way. That’s their character. They’ve self-modified – jettisoning the golden rule for Satan’s black rule of ‘riches for the strongest’ – and can’t get enough of this power-tripping. It’s paradise for monsters, those monsters in power and those monsters who worship power.

            • cu.h.j says:


              I have always been depressed, except when I was a kid and even then things were tough. But this has been the most stressful and depressing year of my life. The psychological assault on the public is being felt by millions or even billions.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Brandon Smith highlights an important aspect to all this…

      …There are aspects of the reset that are indeed fixed and that cannot be undone…

      … I do not see this, though, as a win for the elites.
      Crashing the economy is one thing,
      rebuilding it into the collectivist dystopia they desperately want is another.
      Everything depends on who rebuilds; maybe it will be them, maybe it will be us…


      Also worth noting, according to the article linked below…
      “The World Economic Forum has cut around 9% of its jobs in recent months and it seems to be entering a crash mode itself into 2022. “

    • Duck says:

      Fact Checker
      “..All the Agenda-21/2030 programs are, first and foremost, MILITARY OPERATIONS. They’re not going to tolerate outliers..”

      I disagree.. they are primarily BANKING and CORPORATE operations… the military is the dog they set on people in the way of their goals.
      The Agenda 21 must follow, or at least pretend to follow, rules and laws and regulations that they create to help themselves BUT which even they must work inside.

      There may come a day that they can totally ignore those rules, but thats a long way off yet, if it every comes.

  5. james.d.b says:

    Modesty blaized , why the big sell ?

  6. lovetodust says:

    Great interview! I really like this fellow John Bush. He asked some good questions. I will look up his site.

    Thanks, James. The Corbett Report has introduced us to many other very interesting, informative sites.

    By the way, someone was singing your praises on Children’s Health Defense today.

  7. ztaco says:

    Does anyone know if there’s a mask you can buy that doesn’t harm the wearer? Where you aren’t losing oxygen, where you aren’t inhaling co2 you just exhaled, where it can make everyone else think you’re wearing a mask but the mask doesn’t do anything.

    • Fact Checker says:

      You can wear some lace panties on your face, like the ones that got McAfee arrested…

      Worn or washed, you ask? Your choice.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        That’s funny Fact Checker.

        No I don’t know. It is a good question.

        You bring up a very important aspect for someone who wants to be an entrepreneur.
        A mask of that caliber would be in very high demand.

  8. anonymint says:

    JC is lost in the bark and can’t see over the forest.

    1. Thinks SARS-CoV-2 is real.
    2. Thinks we can resist by fighting for our uneconomic, bankrupt, decadent, atavistic, deprecated old world forms of economy.
    3. Thinks that there some meaningful distinction between the various blockchains and alternative cryptocurrencies.

    • Libertydan says:

      If you have some verifiable References that prove that SARS-CoV-2 does not exist, it would be a good time to present them, given that JC is in the process of putting together a New Documentary on Vaccines.
      I have heard from a Doctor I know who ran the COVID wing of a local Hospital that this is some kind of Novel Illness that scares the lungs. He learned the hard way not to use Ventilators and was treating patients with Hydroxychloroquine with great success up until they made it hard to get.
      He could not figure out why they would take away the only treatment that worked.
      Yep, they what to sell these Vaccines real bad!

      • ccuthbert2001 says:

        Wow, I can’t believe you would ask such a thing. One canNOT prove something does not exist. It would be proving a negative.

        The onus is on YOU and the pseudo science of virology to prove that a virus does exist. And they haven’t done that. You need to produce the research showing that:

        1. a virus was purified in toto,
        2. once purified, causes a disease, i.e.
        3. the virus is always found in people with the disease,
        4. the virus is never found in people who are without disease.

        You will not find one paper that shows these things. If you are not a biologist, you likely won’t be able to understand the papers and why they are all bogus. You can go to the first papers about this fake virus and post them and I’ll show you why they are bogus.

        We’ve been through this many times in the CR comment section, btw. You could also go to Andrew Kaufman MD webpage and watch his videos, or Tom Cowan MD webpage. The germ theory is incorrect. “Germs” don’t cause disease.

        • manbearpig says:

          why does this discussion remind me of the LIHOP/MIHOP divide and conquer BS stamped with the Edmonds fame of yore…?

        • Libertydan says:

          Good Point,
          Indeed, I had used a similar argument back in 2002 when pointing out that Saddam Hussein could not prove that he did not have weapons that he did not have.
          None the less, there is a deadly Illness that has baffled most Doctors, and this PCR Test seems to be more of a “Tool” of Diversion than anything else.

          • cu.h.j says:

            “The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence “

          • Arby says:

            You may want to visit Jon Rappoport’s Blog. I think you could use his information. There’s no Sars CoV 1 or 2. They are hoaxes, as is the disease called covid 19. Why smart people, people who care, who are capable of knowing this stuff, avoid talking about it, I don’t know. I’m not impressed. Just don’t have heroes is about all I can say. And yes, I can give you links and sources, but I’m guessing that that’s already been done in various discussions here. (I’ve done 95 blog posts on covid 19. I am not an expert on anything nor do I possess special knowledge but I sure as hell am not uninformed.)

            • cu.h.j says:

              If you’ve ever actually worked in hospitals with sick people, you may have a different opinion about viruses.

              I am not a genius, but also not a moron and my practical experiential experience leads me to conclude that there are germs that are a factor in disease development.

              • flammable says:

                Jon Rappoport did introduced me to a great article from 2007 NY Times called Faith in Quick Test Leads to Epidemic That Wasn’t that covered the false epidemic of Whooping cough caused by a faulty PCR test.


                It is very possible there is no new pandemic but an increase of existing respiratory diseases just like the false Whooping Cough Epidemic of 2006. The only difference is that back then we were allowed to double check the data without being attacked and censored.

              • cu.h.j says:


                I have observed patients present to the emergency room since last November with a type of pneumonia that was not associated with the flu. We were testing for flu last year in 2019 and the patients would be negative.

                Many of them had a normal white blood cell(WBC) count which indicated a viral infection since bacteria triggers white blood cell production (leukocytosis). Sometimes you’ll get bacterial pneumonia superimposed on a viral infection
                but early in the course of the infection, WBCs will be normal.

                I noticed some unique characteristics in the lab values of people with Covid pneumonia of many patients that I’ve mentioned before. These are elevated liver enzymes, elevated D dimer, elevated CRP, and I believe fibrinogen levels are elevated as well. I have not seen this in past years I’ve worked in the ER at various hospitals in different states. Maybe I just didn’t notice these before, but I’m usually very observant and thoughtful with patient data so I can provide good nursing care.

                Some people have said 5G could have caused these effects, but I think there may have been Covid cases in places without 5G (haven’t looked at this closely though).

                Also, I have had 3 colleagues develop Covid, 2 of them very ill and being hospitalized. The 2 that were hospitalized had those abnormal lab values mentioned above and one of them (63 years old) developed pulmonary embolisms because of the propensity towards blood clotting Covid can induce/or be associated with. The other person (30s, obese, night shift worker) was put in the ICU and on a ventilator and has not fully recovered after discharge (lung damage). They both developed a similar syndrome in close proximity to one another.

                My point is that I have seen multiple patients have pneumonia this year with unique characteristics that I haven’t observed before and I’m inclined to think it’s a new disease. I think the media and the reaction to this is hype and manipulation for an agenda.

                Having said all that though, these are observations and intuitive conclusions, not hard scientific proof. Being a nurse and having studied molecular biology and learning germ theory, I am probably biased.

              • Arby says:

                The Rockefeller ideologists have honed their story/hoax. It takes in a lot of Rockefeller devotees even, but the professional scam artists at the top know the score, as Andrew Kaufman has explained. We are at a disadvantage because, essentially, we were all trained, to varying degrees, in Rockefeller health care ideology. We are still learning – the facts and the language with which to discuss them.

                Believe as you wish. I just don’t buy the story that we evolved. (Michael Denton has done the most, probably, to persuade me. I have no idea what religion he observes.) I don’t buy the story that God created faulty humans who need the interventions of transhumanists to fix us. I don’t buy the story that God created invisible monsters to plague his human creation, his crowning achievement in his grand project earth. It doesn’t make sense. But invisible assailants who specialists in white coats can save us from, for a profit, does make ‘cents’. Lots of them. We just have to trust them. We know, after all, that they would never mislead us any more than J.D. Rockefeller misled us.

              • anonymint says:

                @cu.h.j in reaction to what you wrote about different symptoms and blood work you are seeing in hospital.

                I noticed (in the comments section) at the bottom of a link someone shared with me, that aluminum oxide will cause the symptoms that people are reporting they experience with COVID-19. Are we being poisoned in our food, water or from the atmosphere?

                Also I read that shortness of breath can be caused by stress and/or anxiety attacks. All the stress that people are under may be causing new medical conditions. Additionally who knows what the random impacts of repetitive and long-term wearing of masks given mask wearers are breathing their own carbon dioxide.

                Couple that with possible iatrogenic treatments they receive once inside the hospital[killing chambers].

              • anonymint says:

                @cu.h.j also bear in mind if “they” may have inserted something into the flu shots or other medications that people with comorbities are prescribed, that might be causing these new symptoms and blood lab results. I noted that it seems every pandemic and major epidemic in the 20th century seems to be preceded by mass vaccination with a new type of vaccine.

  9. eternalsoup says:

    In this video James speaks about the testing of this upcoming (so-called) covid vaccine as being ‘ongoing’, & will continue over the next 24 months, but I think it’s much worse than that, for the usual basic level of trials, where the vaccine is tested on animals prior to humans, has been abandoned, apparently due to ‘problems’ with this stage and the supposed urgency in getting it out. Of course, this means that humans are most LITERALLY … the guinea pigs providing the test subjects for the ongoing tests.

    I discovered this through listening to a video by Amanda Vollmer, which I suggest we really need to get this information out immediately.

  10. Lillybilly says:

    Just extraordinary, mind-blowing. For those willing to see, the time to act is now. Activate.

  11. napaj says:

    Has anyone seen Dr. Pierre Kory’s testimony before the Senate on Dec. 4, in which he states that he & a consortium of front-line physicians have a 100% effective protocol against CV19, using, among other things, cortico-steroids & Ivermectin? I would really appreciate any community input here, because, after spending a couple hours reading through the protocols and papers on it looks to me like this heartbroken physician has a legitimate cure that is being silenced. The Associated Press is silencing the FLCCC Alliance, FB shut down their page, & the only alert I got on my phone this morning was, “First truck leaving Pfizer plant, vax available Monday morning.” Amazing press conference on the site, too, in which 3 physicians go into greater detail about their experiences working nonstop since the outbreak.

  12. Libertydan says:

    This latest Episode of The High Wire shows how to beat the Feared Illness without Vaccines, (see below). Note at 1:11 into it Kelly Gallagher (a 5 time Cancer Survivor) explains how she beat a bad case of the Feared Illness.

    The Cure; Hydroxychlororquine has been made nearly impossible for the average Doctor to get, yet (as you will seen in the video) it is likely what was used to cure Rudy Giuliani.

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    From Ireland & Japan…with a hopeful sign.

    Published December 12th – Saturday

    “Red” Dave Cullen of “Computing Forever” with James Corbett
    Where The Great Reset Will Take Humanity (With James Corbett)

    (22 minutes)

  14. thomas.j says:

    Major leak of members of the Chinese communist party:

    Torrent with .CSV file:

  15. yellowsnakes says:

    nice interview, listening this Sunday afternoon
    from Calgary, Canada ?? ☮️

    have a nice day

  16. randallsnyderjr says:

    Vaccination safety is the Achilles heal of this agenda.

    Dr. James Lyons-Weiler changed the data analysis methodology and has unequivocally demonstrated that vaccinated children visit the doctor more than unvaccinated children.

    The co-author’s medical license were suspended 10 days after this peer reviewed study was published and get this, the medical board that suspended his license before any hearing took place, commissioned this study. During the review process it was stated that if the public becomes aware of these findings it will impact the resistance to vaccinations.

    The CDC has been directed by legislation to conduct this study since 1986.

    I can’t imagine any parent who becomes aware of the conclusiveness of these findings will think the same about vaccinating their children. This could certainly help raise doubts about the current plans for global vaccinations.—The-Study-The-CDC-Refused-To-Do—-Interview-with-Dr.-Weiler-FCyn-Ufjqoo:5

    • Duck says:

      “..I can’t imagine any parent who becomes aware of the conclusiveness of these findings will think the same about vaccinating their children…”

      Thats why pressure is growing to demonize antivax folks…but you have to accept that a great number of parents really don’t appear to care a great deal for their kids, or at least are not willing to suffer difficulty on their behalf…if the school mandates it then expect that many will just get the jab as long as the consequences are sufficiently far in the future

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Vaccinated Vs. Unvaccinated: The Study The CDC Refused To Do — Interview with Dr. Weiler by Spiro Skouras

      ACTIVIST POST – 12/13/2020 (Study & other LINKS in article)

      COVID-19 has reignited the vaccine debate worldwide as significant portions of the population express their unwillingness or hesitancy to take the experimental vaccine. A vaccine that was developed in record time with rolled back regulations, limited oversight, as well as a limited scope in the safety trials.

      The vaccine manufacturers conducting the trials carefully screened potential volunteers, and carefully selected candidates to help them ensure a passing grade for government regulators and then mass distribution.

      In this interview, Spiro is joined by Dr. James Lyons-Weiler who recently co-authored a study comparing vaccinated and unvaccinated children. A study the CDC has refused to perform despite four different congressional bills which would have obligated them to conduct. All four bills failed.

      The fact that all four bills failed may not come as a surprise, considering Big Pharma is the largest lobby in DC. But the key findings of the study, may indeed surprise you.

      The study was independently conducted, peer reviewed and publicly funded.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The Spiro Skouras interview comes on the heels of December 10th Thursday’s show “The Highwire with Del Bigtree”.
        During that show, Del interviewed Dr. Paul Thomas, MD. The Spiro interview is directly associated with Dr. Thomas.

        The Highwire Bitchute Clip
        Vaccine Study Costs Doctor His License
        (36 minutes)

        Vaccine Study Costs Doctor His License

        Oregon Pediatrician Dr. Paul Thomas, MD has come under fire by the Oregon Medical Board for providing informed consent to his patients.
        After publishing a study using the data from his more than 13000 patients, the Oregon Medical, in an attempt to silence the highly controversial study results, suspended his license.

        #PaulThomas #InformedConsent #VaccineSafety #Oregon

        • Arby says:

          People can donate to Dr Thomas’s legal fund as he fights his attackers. There’s no link, but just pay attention to the video and you will be able to find the website. People and anti covid 1984 groups needing donations are beginning to pile up! I’m losing track. I wish I could donate substantially to them all. I can’t. But I give a little here and there.

  17. dadandan says:

    I asked my boss if they made a vaccine a requirement for work to please help us find a way around it. He said “Hell yeah”.

    I like my boss.

  18. Jeff says:

    Absolutely fantastic interview! I couldn’t emphasize more what Corbett triple underlines during the solutions talk. Just do it. Pick something and do it. Act. Grow a carrot. Talk about it. Learn about it, Grow more carrots, share your successes and failures. Not with the internet, but your neighbor. Then the internet. Build an actual community of real living, exchanging/gifting/chatting/whatevertheheck. Around your actual human body first. Then the internet if you so choose. Food and shelter first. Then everything else. Find yourself. You are going to enjoy this journey, I 100% guarantee you. It is very very satisfying. And it is the solution. And it has a billion different faces. You are one of those faces, and the ideas and creativity in your mind and soul are 100% important. To yourself. Which is the most important thing. Take back the power of yourself. Grow the carrot. Then talk about it. It’s that simple. Act. I beg you. For yourself first, then everybody else second. You are very important. And I’m damn glad you’re alive.

  19. eternalsoup says:

    Hello again,

    Apologies that it too so long, but I finally located the video, which is called “Many Doctors Address Coronavirus and Vaccine – Pandemic Not Real, Vaccine Dangerous”

  20. eternalsoup says:

    Hello again,

    Apologies that my first attempt at this post (which I tried to delete in favour of this upgrade version) has not ‘deleted’ at all. Apologies also that it has taken so long to finally locate the video which completes the observation in my previous posts, as submitted around 21 hrs ago.

    This video is called “Many Doctors Address Coronavirus and Vaccine – Pandemic Not Real, Vaccine Dangerous”. The particular doctor who first explains that the WHO has authorized the process of vaccine development by drug companies, to bypass the stage of animal testing. This of course, effectively means the guinea pigs for this immunization, are literally the humans who will receive the vaccine.

    This is the reason the vaccine has been produced at Trump’s ‘warp speed’; in three months rather than the typical 24 months.

    On the video, the particular doctor who explains this well-hidden fact, is Hilde De Smet; the second presenter after Dr. Andrew Kaufman. What she states is further backed up by doctors later in the video.

  21. OneKnightErrant says:

    James – I have to disagree with your exhortation not listen to the beginning episodes. I’ve been with you since shortly after the genesis of the CR and never paid any attention to the amateur delivery or sound quality. It was your sincerity, knowledge, research and choice of guests which drew me in. I was also impressed with the time dedicated to your quest for truth once “the penny dropped”. Knowing you were doing this in addition to working full time as a teacher stimulated my own impulse to deep dive below the vast ocean of mainstream propaganda. I’ve listened to/watched every episode and I encourage those who are interested in the JFK assassination to visit Episode 144, the interview with Howard Hunt’s son. What happened in Dallas on 11-22 was the seminal event that drew me into my own research. Mae Brussell a big help in that regard.

    There was a comment during the interview with the suggestion to become self employed. I feel one of the most valuable currencies in the 21st century will be information. Combined knowledge especially. Using individual skills to compliment those of others within a community to jump start an enterprise. This has undoubtedly been mentioned previously, but if unfamiliar with the Intentional Community web site, here’s the link – There’s a variety of choices: co-housing, established communities, ones forming, a tab for searching states/countries, a Resource tab. A good place also for getting ideas about forming one’s own community.

    From my perspective, what is taking place globally is a perfect storm for deepening one’s spiritual foundation or practice. Meditation instead of medication I’ve found to be a better alternative. It was Thich Nhat Hanh who saved me in the early nineties when I sank into a deep, dark funk.

    Thanks to eternal soup for the Amanda Vollmer “Enough is Enough” rant. A Naturopathic MD with a healthy sense of humor. Here’s a link to her site –

    I would encourage all those finding themselves in a difficult predicament not to give up the ship. Keep bailing until help arrives or you find yourself on Resource Island. The alternative is sinking into the NWO abyss. When threatened with a fearful outcome, never surrender your sense of humor. Klaus Schwab and the Great Reset –
    Watch his hands. He’s reading the script but obviously nervous about the outcome.
    A shame Kubrick’s not alive to see this.

  22. fer67 says:

    The govt will make it very easy to access their crypto. Sort of like it is easy to access Corbett Report? Joking. Maybe. What I don’t like about crypto is that we don’t know if it isn’t ‘human bait’ as Crrow777 says, set up to lure us in to crypto with dreams of a gold rush win. And all that has to happen is that the power goes off. Eric Dollard said the north american grid is diabolically designed. So there’s that. So the Inclusive Capitalists simply cannot find any more expanding markets to exploit, so they are making up ponzi schemes that rely on us all being renters aka debt slaves just like in the old days. If we are old souls, it’s kind of ironic that we would spend our time in these energetic bodies as slaves with our creativity totally shut down, other than to think of ways to hold conferences and sell bitcoin and other financial gadgets that might ‘Win Big!!!!’.

  23. SaraV says:

    I have a question, James. Do you have, by chance, any work done on the American Psychological Association? I mean, things like their ties to Guantanamo tortures, mind control programs, etc.

  24. anonymint says:

    I don’t know when the situation will deteriorate enough to threaten those living in the rural U.S.. It could be a year or many years from now.

    I don’t think think the Jews who are running the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset want to drive the hordes out of the cities. That would be a catalyst and Schelling point that would cause patriotic males to become very aggressive in terms of organizing militias and this might backfire on the plan of the globalists. I think once Americans start to fight there is so much pent up anger that we are going to bulldoze the leftists and not stop until we rid the country of them. What our enemies want is to keep up isolated from each other and to prevent any catalyst so they can slowly boil us like frogs and take out any of our leaders that emerge.

    Therefore I think the main threat for next year or two at least will be mandatory vaccines, and presuming a Biden victory then other threats against civil liberties, gross judicial injustices, IRS audits against white men of significance and wealth confiscation via egregious taxation and capital controls. There is a possibility of misuse of Federal police (e.g. FBI agents, etc) in terms of disappearing people under the pretext of health policy, tax enforcement actions, etc.. IOW, I fear not the masses but rather the corruption in the government which is off-the-charts. The problem conservatives have is lack of leadership and cohesion to upend the corrupt government and the embedded Deep State, which will require a civil war to upend and the conservatives don’t have anyone to lead them into war. Trump cucked and General Flynn is a wuss. We need a fucking Mad Dog like Napoleon to lead us […Note nothing herein should be interpreted as a plan or call to action, we are just discussing hypotheticals]

    • anonymint says:

      In short, wear us down, weed us out and divide-and-conquer. They know they’re still dealing with millions of armed patriots. If they’re not careful they could cause the outcome they don’t want.

      I am thinking an authoritarian can’t arrest the slide into the leftist holiness spiral without the political support of the millions of conservative patriots, unless these patriots have been deactivated. Because I assume American patriots will take authoritarian rule by dictator as a Schelling point for armed resistance? But if the leftist holiness spiral proceeds far enough, then patriots are more likely to select leaders and start to fight. So the goal must be to depleted the conservatives as much as possible. It’s going to be interesting to see how far the patriots can be pushed around until they start to spontaneously organize and kick ass. I suppose the more years that transpire the older and weaker the X generation and boomer patriots, then we will have only the Millennials and Gen Z crap which won’t be capable of mustering any significant resistance (although there will be some good fighting stock among them). So maybe there’s another 5 – 10 years of general decay before some breaking point into extreme outcomes, although the slow burn interim will also be very bad for us. Yet a WW3 with China circa 2027 could eviscerate the remaining good fighting stock.

      • anonymint says:

        I hope that your timeframe is correct but doubt it will be that long before the next phase of the agenda is implemented. People are waking up quickly and they cannot afford to wait until critical mass takes place and the Talmudists are exposed. The censorship has been ramping up significantly over the past several months and while controlled opposition agents are still capable of deceiving their followers, those who still possess the ability to think critically are getting wise to their machinations.

        My timeline isn’t inconsistent with acceleration of the agenda. Indeed I should have also mentioned (as I have numerous times) that censorship is going to be accelerating. Soon we will not be able discuss anything on the Internet which is not politically correct. I think I mentioned that several times earlier today in this group chat.

        My point is that what they don’t want is an acceleration into a Mad Max which would provide the Schelling point for the patriots to organize and resist.

        They’ll need to have us so isolated and quarantined that we can’t physically meet up and organize or they will need to slow boil us.

        • anonymint says:

          They do however wish to engender as much chaos as they possibly can. Digital currencies are due to be rolled out in 2025 according to the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve. Before that can take place, the current economic system has to collapse entirely and people will need to suffer tremendously to accept the change.

          As few of the Patriots realise that Jews are behind this, when the fighting breaks out, only politicians, policy officers and fronts such as Antifa will be targeted, while they will remain safe. That, or they will remain cucked as a result of another psyop similar to Q.

          As you stated before, under the pretext of health all those still residing in the West will likely disappear never to be seen again. If you recall shortly after the pandemic was declared, the authorities released vast hordes of prison inmates and it would seem then intend to use the jail cells for dissidents and subversives.

          Debtor prisons may reemerge but non-whites will be exempted just as non-whites are exempted from vaccines at Cornell.

          Yes there will so many modes of chaos to prevent patriots from organizing. But my point remains is they don’t want to unleash hordes of masses because then patriots will become focused on that threat and once they starting fighting as militias, they will taste the sweetness of conquest and they will not stop. That is the last thing the Jews want is to give the white goyim a patriarchal Schelling point.

          EDIT: no they do not have to collapse the economy entirely to roll out CBDCs. I strongly disagree. They are going to just force businesses to stop accepting cash.

          • anonymint says:

            That said, there are still many, particularly those of a certain age, who would be staunchly opposed to a cashless society and they will not accept this change lightly.

            Nobody will transact with them. They will go to a pharmacy to buy medicine and be rejected. They will have no choice.

            I guess we shall have to see how it all unfolds but I would be surprised if there isn’t a total economic collapse in the US and Europe before the new currency is rolled out.

            It won’t be total and abrupt [unless they can fool all the conservatives]. It will a grinding stagflation. Americans continue to be productive in spite of everything. We are very resilient. They will severely injure the U.S. but the knockout punch is going to be much more difficult for them to achieve. They must be very careful to avoid grassroots uprising among conservatives. Conservatives have normally been too passive. If conservatives are forced out of their passive mode, watch out!

            • anonymint says:

              Yes, but those being slaughtered will be the proxies of the system and those who have been manipulated and brainwashed by the media, not the system itself. I believe violence will become ubiquitous throughout the US, by design, which, coupled with food shortages and the disappearance of almost all born leaders and dissident voices under the pretext of health, will mean that the violence will not serve any purpose other than to thin the herd.

              The militia groups need strong leadership to work together otherwise there will only safeguard their own communities without realising who they should be fighting.

              Gordon Mohr once said,

              “It is important for a soldier in time of war to be able to identify his enemy. He cannot be successful in his efforts to conquer his opponent unless he readily recognizes him. Today, the souls of millions of Christians are uneasy about the state of the Christian faith. The minds of thousands of Christian clergy are troubled about the mysterious pressures from those above them which often prevent them from exercising sound judgment. If these forces can be identified, then Christianity will stand on its feet, face its enemies as firmly as the Rock of Gibralter and stop them in their tracks. But unless this is done soon, the faith of many will “wax cold and begin to crumble away.”

              If there are violent riots in conservative dominated areas of southern states, the rioters are going to be shot dead on the spot. The FL governor proposed a new law that would allow any citizen to shoot dead looters. The rioters will not dare to continue or they do then there soon will not be any more rioters still alive to riot. That is unless somehow the Jews can bribe all the local officials and courts even in conservative areas and somehow prevent that patriots from becoming so outraged that they start assassinating local officials.

              […continued in next post…]

              • anonymint says:

                […continued from the post this is replying to…]

                In the cities and other areas dominated by leftist idiots then conservatives are likely to experience at least destruction of their property if not also bodily harm.

                What I was trying to convey last night is that there will not be wholesale Mad Max across the entire U.S. because if everything too quickly goes directly to F.U.B.A.R. then the patriots are going grab the bull by horns from the grassroots and organize militias. Those militias will aggregate to battalions, and soon Americans will discover how well they cooperate and have a common goal. Once they start roaming over the land and experiencing what is it like to be successful warriors, their natural tendency as men would overtake any former apprehension or other other priorities they may have formerly had in mind. Once men cross the line to killers and warriors, they do not go back.

                I don’t think we will have wholesale Mad Max in the U.S. during this decade unless the conservatives can be fooled as described below. Instead we will have all sorts of frustrations and threats coming from corrupt government and corrupt courts. Neither will there be wholesale FEMA quarantine camps, unless they can fool the conservatives into believing the 2022 auto-immunity pandemic caused by these vaccines is actually a new COVID-22. If they can fool the conservatives, then possibly they can imprison all the patriots and take the country directly to wholesale Mad Max.

                […continued in next post…]

              • anonymint says:

                […continued from the prior post…]

                If they can end all truth telling on the Internet then the likelihood of fooling the conservatives increases. That is why my priority focus needs to be on creating a blockchain that can survive difficulty attacks.

                IOW, the last remaining resistance in the U.S. are the well armed U.S. citizens but the U.S. citizens are being fooled and manipulated by their leaders and communication media.

                Even our well intentioned leaders such as Trump are ostensibly fooled. Trump apparently does not realize the threat the Jews present and he also does not realize he is aiding and abetting the master plan against us by proceeding with the vaccines. Either that or Trump is complicit, which I doubt. Even James A. Donald is fooled, for example never realizing that 9/11 was a controlled demolition organized by Mossad. Or Jim is complicit. Jim employed silly litmus tests to ban me from his blog, because Jim is fooled and does not realize that Judaism is aligned with Satan and wants to enslave the goyim. Or Jim is complicit, which I tend to doubt but I am also suspicious. The overriding litmus test should be that anyone who does not admit that the Jews are the source threat and that 9/11 was a controlled demolition, are either complicit with our enemy or are fooled. But the Jews are only able to operate because goyim are weak and partake of the forbidden fruit such as usury.

                Additionally the government is going to become dysfunctional and erratic, because even the Democrat party is being split by Jim’s leftist holiness spiral:



                There will be so many threats and jurisdictional land mines, that remaining in the U.S. and remaining a U.S. citizen is becoming a liability.

                Given the great uncertainty I still am leaning to leaving the U.S. until it becomes more clear as to what the parameters will be. Will a resilient blockchain exist? Are conservatives fully awake to the scam of viruses? Etc… Until those parameters are more clear, I probably want to find a more safe zone to operate from.

                Question is where are the safe zones and why?

              • anonymint says:

                As Dr. William Pierce frequently proclaimed, “there is no political solution”. The left right paradigm lies is designed to paralyze people into inaction and to divert their attention away from those who really pull the strings.

                That’s why I say they need to keep conservatives stuck inside that paradigm. If they destroy the paradigm too soon Americans might realize that they have no choice but to govern themselves. And being well armed, they may discover that they are quite capable of doing so.

                The degree to which conservatives are hoodwinked by their corrupt pastors, corrupt politicians (including Trump being hoodwinked himself) and corrupt heath system, determines how bad the situation can get in the conservative dominated areas of the U.S.. I am pessimistic which is why I am contemplating leaving the U.S. until the dust settles more.

                I suspect Eastern Europe will not be ravaged to the same degree, at least at first, but no country or region will be entirely safe. Fortunately in lower socioeconomically developed countries it will be cheaper and easier to bribe government officials and the control grid is still in its infancy.

                Yeah this is my thought also as well farming is more local and less regulated, for access to food.

                In the U.S. there is a leadership and police apparatus along with popular support for hatred of white men. Whereas in other countries white men are still loved and respected. For me that is a fact that white American males are not taking seriously enough. The Jews have cultivated this because they realize the well armed white American male is a significant resistance which they need to destroy. And Jim can not refute this. We need only cite the activities of the Rockefeller Foundation and Soros foundations (both are Jews) over the years to clearly see they have been targeting white American males.

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