Episode 390 - Bretton Woods 2.0

12/04/202093 Comments

Do you know what it means when the Managing Director of the IMF warns of a "new Bretton Woods moment?" How about when the head of the BIS revels in the total surveillance power that digital currencies will afford the central bankers? Well, you're about to. Don't miss this info-packed edition of The Corbett Report podcast where James peels back the layers of the great currency reset onion and uncovers the New World (Monetary) Order.

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A New Bretton Woods Moment

Century of Enslavement: The History of the Federal Reserve

The WWI Conspiracy

Winds of Change: The Case for New Digital Currency by Christine Lagarde

China Prepping Digital Yuan

Who’s Afraid of Decentralized Currency?

The Bitcoin Psyop

Central bank cryptocurrencies

What's in Store for the Dollar? (Goldman Sachs)

Central bank digital currencies: foundational principles and core features

Cross-Border Payment—A Vision for the Future

Interview 1604 – John Titus on Central Bank Digital Currencies

Bill Gates on Digital Currency

Who Is Bill Gates?

The battle of Bretton Woods : John Maynard Keynes, Harry Dexter White, and the making of a new world order

Zhou Xiaochuan: Reform the international monetary system

Steven Guinness website

Bank of England Governor Signals Central Bank Digital Currency is Coming

BOE on Course to Begin Roll Out of New Payment System

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  1. SuperMom Belle says:

    Watching these people talk, to me, is reminiscent of the (animated) Lion King scene where Scar takes over the Pridelands & all the Lions hearing him know: this ain’t gonna be good, as the hyenas laugh in the background.
    ~ NC Liberty Belle (BilssWithoutIgnorance.org)
    btw, the thumbnail here is awesome!

    • Arby says:

      As with free trade agreements, you’ll find no mention of people’s wants and needs. They may speak ‘for’ us, but our actual voices are not welcome. They are utterly undemocratic.

  2. rtech says:

    James, thank you for the invaluable work you have been doing to inform us all for so long. We are indebted to you.

    Doing my best out here to spread the information and inform as many as I can, and to help build a local community where we can work on alternatives and solutions.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      rtech says:
      Doing my best out here to spread the information and inform as many as I can, and to help build a local community where we can work on alternatives and solutions.

      My hat is off to ya! Love hearing this.

  3. Octium says:

    Certainly, please don’t go to Wikipedia..it’s trying to scam money off people again, as if their bankster friends don’t pay them enough already!

  4. gauntlet33 says:

    Also, I was complaining to coworker friends about the new LA city stay at home order, and their response was, “well, what’s the alternative? the hospitals are full?”

    They really believe there’s another “surge” in COVID cases, so we have to combat that narrative with stories and videos from medical staff showing that the hospitals are NOT full and are in fact EMPTY.

    • cu.h.j says:

      What they did in the bay area with the first shutdown was cut staffing and they never staffed us back all the way. Now our hospital has less staff overall that they never replaced and when we get “full” they can say it’s Covid. But the actual volume of patients compared to last year is less. This is a light season at my hospital. Flu cases are low. We have had lots of drug overdoses, strokes, heart attacks, etc, but not a lot of Covid illness.

      I’ve noticed less Covid cases coming into the hospital at all. Lots of morons wanting to be swabbed and are asymptomatic “I might have been exposed, oh no!!”.

      The people who aren’t pissed off now are useless. You won’t be able to wake them up. Focus on the people who are pissed off.

      • scpat says:

        Thank you for sharing the experience of your hospital. It’s informative to hear on-the-ground experiences that aren’t coming from an MSM article.

        • cu.h.j says:

          No problem. I don’t watch MSM so I don’t know how bad the propaganda is. I can’t stomach looking at it at all. These past 2 flu seasons have been light compared to 2015-2017 and there were no lockdowns, masks, and other hysteria going on back then.

          • scpat says:

            You are doing yourself a favor by not watching. It’s pretty nauseating.

            Hmm, that’s interesting. If last flu season was light then maybe this season also being light is part of a trend, or maybe it has something to do with flu deaths or flu-like deaths being coded as covid deaths (which is what I presume).

      • lizzie says:

        Thanks for sharing, I really enjoy hearing people’s stories.
        I am supposed to be meeting a friend tomorrow and I’m dreading it because they always give me the case numbers and go on and on about the lame talking points. The more I think about it the more I realise I never particularly enjoyed our time together. And it’s actually cool, it’s ok to turn the other way. What this whole virus thing is doing is making me waste no time with those who don’t do it for me. So rather than have those slow burning unhealthy relationships, this is speeding up the severance of those ties. I heard someone in the Off Guardian comments say, this is not just bringing about freedom but total freedom. It’s making people detest the PTB so much they will completely turn the other way and never look back.
        I will also care for the people who are pissed off, the rest know where to find me if they change their mind.
        This is the article from whence the comment came, it is Eva Bartlett’s big brother Alex and he thoroughly gets to the heart of the matter

        • cu.h.j says:

          I haven’t been able to socialize with people who are supporting this Covid cult mentality. Instead, I have been trying to socialize more with strangers in my local area who don’t wear masks.

          I finally asked for someone’s contact info and might have met a new friend. Thanks for sharing the article.

          • lizzie says:

            Glad you have a friend, you really start to cherish those who you can relate too.
            I found one too and she came in the shape of my friend’s mother, she is a also nurse.
            She reckons there is way too much focus on this particular disease, the hospital where she works had 2 out of the 3 (or so) HSE staff deaths and said it was because the new advisors made them move the comorbid ward x3 to different areas of the hospital, she said it was a nightmare.
            Family is another matter, that’s what really hurts. My mum joked that they are going to give the elderly a different injection to kill them off, gawd!!!
            It would be nice to meet up in person you guys somehow.
            Funnily enough I found some old friends through the freedom cells network, they have a cell in Portugal. I’m going to join them.
            They are good good good people, this is a documentary they made about exposing child torture in Nigeria.
            Beware it’s very sad.

            • HomeRemedySupply says:

              Oh gosh! I finally had to stop watching. It is very sad. Man’s inhumanity to…to children.

              One of my younger brothers and his wife were in Nigeria for 10 years (their contract) as missionaries. I’ve heard some stories. All four of their children were born in Nigeria. The kids, now grown and married, some with kids are great people, well balanced, always smiling. Most the kids make higher salaries than their Dad.
              This brother is very aware of much of the stuff currently taking place. He knows about 9/11, etc.
              ha!…He told me that getting good employment has been a struggle…”Missionary for 10 years” doesn’t do squat in the job market.
              He’s a Math High School teacher in the Los Angeles area. I hear about the insanity which he runs into…he’ll rant for a long time on the phone to me occasionally, because his wife is getting tired of hearing it from him. He knows I echo those rants.

              Anyway, I like hearing ya’lls anecdotes about finding like-minded friends.
              Stories like yours help to guide others.

              • lizzie says:

                Likewise HRS. I love hearing your stories.
                Your brother is lucky to have a well versed anarchist on speedial.
                The positive thing about that documentary is that it shows how a couple of people can make a big change, to save a life especially that of a child is the greatest thing you could ever wish to do. Now that gets my vote!

            • suzt says:

              Hola Lizzie,

              RE: “Funnily enough I found some old friends through the freedom cells network, they have a cell in Portugal. I’m going to join them.”

              I am curious about how you join a freedom cell. Is it similar to intentional communities where you are interviewed, meet specific financial requirements etc.?

              Portugal is certainly the country of choice in Europe.

              Thanks for more information about freedom cells.

              • lizzie says:

                Hey Suzt!
                I’m no expert but it probably happens that you contact the group and see if something clicks.
                Those guys love the Corbett Report and Derrick Broze, so that means there will be a common ethic already there.

                Derrick’s inner group for instance would probably encourage vegans, self defence etc…
                So you’d find a group of people that have a similar ways to yourself.

                As well as financial stability there are so many different skills that would be useful, like you could be good at admin, or health, or a home birth midwife. Even those who think they don’t have a skill probably do. The fact that you want to live that way is the main thing.
                I think this group are gonna evolve organically and because they have sweet hearts and courage they will look for that in others.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Child Abuse in U.S. – Almost killing children with Masks

          There are two short videos at this link.
          My blood boiled when I watched them.

      • taxpayer says:

        FWIW, the State of Illinois reports daily on hospital utilization. As of yesterday, we had 5331 hospitalized COVID patients, 19,162 non-COVID patients, and 8179 “open beds.” (The source at http://www.dph.illinois.gov/covid19/hospitalization-utilization) shows that we’ve always had more open beds than hospitalized COVID patients.)

      • Alchemist says:

        That’s right. If all this wasn’t enough to wake them up, nothing will. I will say the masks have made it easier to make quality friends. Before it was impossible to identify like-minded people just by looking and now it’s easy. Plus we get to cut the small talk. Double win!

  5. Arkeron says:

    So this is why they destroy the economy right now.
    As you said Bretton Woods was brought on the ashes of WWII,
    Those lock-downs everywhere will bring a lot of economic pain.
    This mean the end of the U.S. dollar as we know it.
    I don’t like this fascistic new world order that we have right now.

    • weilunion says:

      Yes, planned demolition.

      And these are he same people that tell us socialism or anarchism is bad.

      These multinational capitalists rail against the planned economy when this is exactly what they do: they privately, using government for shelter and regulations for imposition, plan the entire economy for their own interests and in their own interests.

      • Arkeron says:

        I think all those “ism” are bad; when I say fascistic its by merging corporations with government. This is what I live under right now.
        Thx for reply.

      • wylie1 says:

        weilunion: You have described Socialism: “plan the entire economy for their own interests and in their own interests.”

        That is why most wrongly labeled Multi National Capitalists favor and promote SOCIALISM. Because they prefer not to have to COMPETE. They are Multi Natl CORPorate-Socialists.

        Socialists consider competition to be inefficient. Why would you need more than one supplier for a product in a planned economy for the benefit of those cronies planning it?

        All the Marxist happy talk about helping the little guy was just a lie to justify a power grab by those who could never gain power without a good lie.

        Socialism has always been about getting rid of all competition, in every respect. Why do they fear competition, in ideas, in suppliers? (rhetorical)

        It is the job of people to help people. Govt including Socialism doesn’t really help anyway, it just pockets most of it and dribbles a little, and the less needy people have to help the truly needy anyway. If being smart, cut out the middleman(govt) waste.

        So yes to Voluntarism. You mentioned Anarchism …ok, but many have been indoctrinated by the media to believe it is the worst thing possible, total chaos and mayhem caused by terrorist-like Anarchists. Much like capitalism has also been incorrectly derided by Socialists.

        If there was another word to describe true Capitalism that I could move to, so not have to beat my head against the Marxist wall of lies regarding capitalism …oh yeah Voluntaryism! 😉

  6. Arkeron says:

    let me clarify:
    lock downs are substitute of war for achieving transformation of the status quo toward great reset\new world order.

  7. renee.a says:

    Long live james corbett

  8. Libertydan says:

    By Monetizing everything the Banksters can take ownership of everything. “Agenda 2030” is a plan whereby the People own nothing. Hell, that’s only ten years out!
    I think that the Bansters are going to starve the Masses for a while like they did after they crashed the Stock Market in 1929.
    With any luck the People will find solutions so that they don’t have to cave to the Banksters this time around.

    • weilunion says:

      We need more than luck. Actual on the ground organizing is what is needed for if we sit by rubbing rabbit’s feet, we lose.

      Capitalism is system that turns everything,from relationships to products, into a commodity for sale.

      Thus,monetization is merely the extension of commodity life under capitalism and is what one should expect from the system.

  9. BlueFire says:

    I find it amusing that the video conference hosted by the IMF lady is “live” but to me they’re all clearly reading from pre prepared answers and/or tele prompters.

  10. beaconterraone says:

    God inspired St. John to warn us. It’s taken over 1900 years, but the Mark of the Beast is on the verge of being in our face. REFUSE IT at all costs.

  11. paulsd says:

    Great podcast/video presentation, very interesting. Looking through history through a financial perspective makes one realise what the problem is.
    See https://archive.org/details/hocbn and https://youtu.be/mDlnM481Gcg and also https://youtu.be/eqmMlWbKwIA

  12. swanbyrd says:

    Sorry to be off topic, but I haven’t heard James talk about this. Forgive me if I missed it.
    One of my nature-lovers FB pages posted a photo of the Starlink Satellite Train she saw while taking her daughter to the drive-in movie. It was so eerie. Elon Musk of Space X is the doer. Here’s what I copied off Wiki:

    Starlink is a satellite internet constellation being constructed by SpaceX[2][3] providing satellite Internet access.[4][5] The constellation will consist of thousands of mass-produced small satellites in low Earth orbit (LEO), working in combination with ground transceivers. SpaceX plans to sell some of the satellites for military,[6] scientific, or exploratory purposes.[7] The SpaceX satellite development facility in Redmond, Washington houses the Starlink research, development, manufacturing, and orbit control. The cost of the decade-long project to design, build, and deploy the constellation was estimated by SpaceX in May 2018 to be about US$10 billion.[8]

    Product development began in 2015. Two prototype test-flight satellites were launched in February 2018. Additional test satellites and 60 operational satellites were deployed in May 2019.[2][9] As of September 2020, SpaceX was launching up to 60 satellites at a time, aiming to deploy 1,440[10] of the 260 kg (570 lb) spacecraft to provide near-global service by late 2021 or 2022.[11] SpaceX planned a private beta service in the Northern United States and Canada by August 2020 and a public beta in November 2020, service beginning at high latitudes between 44° and 52° North.[12][13]

    Concerns were raised about the long-term danger of space debris from placing thousands of satellites above 600 km (370 mi),[14][15] and the negative impact on optical and radio astronomy on Earth.[16] In response, SpaceX lowered the orbits to 550 km (340 mi) and below,[17] and launched prototype satellites with anti-reflective coating[18] and an experimental sunshade.[19]

    On 15 October 2019, the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) submitted filings to the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) on SpaceX’s behalf to arrange spectrum for 30,000 additional Starlink satellites to supplement the 12,000 Starlink satellites already approved by the FCC.[20]

    As James always says, “What could go wrong??”

    • swanbyrd says:

      I tried to paste photo here. It looked like a string of stars in the black sky, very close to the ground.

      I admit to continuing the use of PayPal, but will seriously be considering stopping that. A difficult life ensues, so maybe I should retain some choice of my difficulties while I can. It’s so hard to do when almost NO ONE around me gets it.

    • irose says:

      Yes, we – all earth creatures — are being deprived of the delight of and guidance from the sky, planets & stars.
      Our organic connections are being replaced by corporate synthetic crap enriching the the criminals who’ve already stolen and destroyed the earth. The seas tooare on the chopping tables. All driven by greed and grand fear of Mother/Nature.

      • nancytime says:

        It’s more than greed; It’s a rebellion against God Almighty and it’s spiritual warfare. The principalities, powers, and the rulers of the darkness of this world, and spiritual wickedness in high places are behind this attack on humanity.

  13. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Regarding Corbett’s 12/4/2020 Episode 390 – Bretton Woods 2.0.

    Something which I very much appreciate from James in this episode is the way he walked us through it, sometimes ‘rewinding’ to ensure clarity.
    As a well seasoned writer and teacher, he adeptly conveyed concepts extracted from “The World Economist Library of Complexity and Fog”
    …the tomes of which that are professionally prescribed for the bedtime reading of insomniacs.

    As usual, the visuals really helped.

    My thanks in making sawdust easier to swallow.

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    December 3, 2020 – “The Gold Observer”
    Authored by Jan Nieuwenhuijs

    Central Bank of Uzbekistan Introduces Parallel Currency: Gold
    (PHOTOS and VIDEO in article …really cool to see.)


    Since November 2020, the central bank of Uzbekistan (CBU) issues sealed gold bars with a QR-code for real time verification. With these new bars CBU aims to stimulate gold to be used as a store of value, as well as promote the circulation of gold…

    …Uzbekistan is pro gold as well—roughly 57% of CBU’s international reserves consist of gold, and since November CBU is incentivizing to population to buy gold as a store of value through its innovative gold bars.

    The new gold bars issued by CBU have a special protective packaging, which includes three security layers: a unique serial number, a QR-code for real time digital authenticity verification, and a membrane that changes color when broken.

    The gold bars are 999.9 fine, available in weights of 5, 10, 20 and 50 grams, and their packages all have the size of payments cards. The gold bars are sold through twenty-eight commercial bank offices throughout the country. At any point in time the bars can be sold back to the dealing banks, even if the seal is broken. Navoi Mining and Metallurgical Combinat (NMMC), an LBMA accredited refinery, is responsible for sourcing the gold. The packaging technology was developed in cooperation with Certiline….

    • urthp says:

      The banking systems of the US, the Euro, and the CCP/China might best be viewed as multi-level credit skimming operations.
      The fact that 21 trillion $ can go missing tells us that the ledgers kept at the point of credit issue by these ‘Banks of Issue’ are non-transparent and simply fake in fact?

  15. Tom-Oliver says:

    Great work, unbelieveble! All that detailed research is so important to inform people around us that are not yet aware of what is being rolled-out.

    Stay safe.

  16. weilunion says:

    “The political economy of the Digital Age remains virtually terra incognita. In Techno-Feudalism, published three months ago in France (no English translation yet), Cedric Durand, an economist at the Sorbonne, provides a crucial, global public service as he sifts through the new Matrix that controls all our lives.

    Durand places the Digital Age in the larger context of the historical evolution of capitalism to show how the Washington consensus ended up metastasized into the Silicon Valley consensus. In a delightful twist, he brands the new grove as the “Californian ideology”.

    We’re far away from Jefferson Airplane and the Beach Boys; it’s more like Schumpeter’s “creative destruction” on steroids, complete with IMF-style “structural reforms” emphasizing “flexibilization” of work and outright marketization/financialization of everyday life.

    The Digital Age was crucially associated with right-wing ideology from the very start. The incubation was provided by the Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF), active from 1993 to 2010 and conveniently funded, among others, by Microsoft, At&T, Disney, Sony, Oracle, Google and Yahoo.”


    • manbearpig says:

      Provocative article you linked. May buy Durand’s book. But I think Pepe’s reference should’ve been the “Blake/Burroughs/Baudrillard crossover in his remark:

      “…The temptation is to go radical – a Blake/Burroughs crossover. We have to expand our scope of comprehension – and stop confusing the map (as shown in the Magna Carta) with the territory (our perception)…”

      As Wiki quotes Baudrillard: “…The development of electronic media blurs the line between map and territory by allowing for the simulation of ideas [including historical, economic and socio-political ones] as encoded in electronic signals, as Baudrillard argues in Simulacra and Simulation (1994, p. 1):

      “…Today abstraction is no longer that of the map, the double, the mirror, or the concept. Simulation is no longer that of a territory, a referential being or substance. It is the generation by models of a real without origin or reality: A hyperreal. The territory no longer precedes the map, nor does it survive it. It is nevertheless the map that precedes the territory—precession of simulacra—that engenders the territory…”…”

      Just an idle remark and thanks for the book reference.

  17. crazycrash says:

    I commented on the John Titus interview before i seen this video, nice work as always James. Ill say it again, the fiat currency system is finished, 272 trillion $ in world debt currently. John Titus is absolutely correct, the crash that is coming will be like no other and the powers that shouldnt be are gonna manufacture a doozie. Schwab said in July the next great challenge/threat is cyber security, notice the cyber security pop ups popping up everywhere, MSM media in full swing and of course China, Russia, N Korea and Iran will be blamed. This year there have been several “Glitches” in the system where stock markets around the world have closed for a day/few hours due to “cyber issues”. I think it was the european market that had a “Glitch” in july, then it was Japan, Canada then NZ and then Australia.

    80% of Central Banks around the world are pretty much ready to flick the switch on CBDC. We already know about trials in China etc. The Bahamas are up and running, thailand is, Largarde said ECB mid Jan 2021.

    Now, for central banks to operate CBDC they need technology, banks don,t do tech, but they do need Fin Tech to facilitate the programs essentially block chain technology, yes ladies and gentlemen, “Crypto Currency”. As James said, you are gonna hear alot (if your listening in the right places) about cross border payments, interoperability between blockchains, big data, security and auditability, the list goes on. Crypto is gonna become the new digital asset, sure, Bitcoin already is, but there is a tidal wave of it coming into the mainstream when regulatory clarity happens and Brian Brooks ( head of the OCC in the US) has said 6-8 weeks. This thing is gonna happen real quick.

  18. Arby says:

    People might find banking stuff boring, but that’s not the whole story. People just don’t care and caring, I’ll remind you, means knowing. I don’t spend too much time fussing over stuff I don’t understand, but that’s not the same as not caring. (It doesn’t matter how many hours I spend staring at jargon; If it’s not explained to me, then I won’t understand it.) I wish I had smart, caring family and friends. For the most part I don’t and I am limited in my ability to know what I don’t know.

  19. CreativeLife says:

    Original Aaron Russo film America: Freedom to Fascism

    Aaron unfortunately left us shortly after this film was made. He of course had respectful conversations with Nathan Rockefeller. This was his journey of discovery when trying to find out the truth of why income tax was being taken on earnings. The facts he uncovered were revealed and who listened in America, 2008 crash erupted right after??? As Yuri Bezmenov said you could scream right into a persons face and they still won’t hear you, the hypnosis and subversion is complete. Who has made an effort of any magnitude? too busy watching football, etc?

    You see there is a method to their madness. Not much method to ours. We all operate out of a place of ignorance, walking around bumping into each other, if not physically, synthetically saying and doing the wrong things.

    Generally, we do not understand the nature of our enemy. Clothed in ignorance we cannot fight the enemy, and if we can’t fight the battle we shouldn’t even be on the battle field.

    When it comes to this monetary magic, who do you trust. I have taken summits far above my head paid dearly for information and then there’s the next hustle, we know who the Prince of the air is and quite frankly I’m a little leery after been taken by a few hucksters, especially since 2008. Living in the far north what would I be able to access with crypto and when the power goes down what the hell then? There’s a lot of shysters operating right now just waiting to take your life savings in earnest to divide into asset classes, with what guarantee?
    I do not know these people or the language. I would imagine there are others like myself, who are very wise in other areas and I’ve found it’s cost a lot with of course another fee to take the next step. Having no one local and no family who understand it is difficult. There are very few honorable people any more, and even less when money is involved. That’s most of the reason why we are in this mess, self centered, self entertained, lazy spoiled rotten people who forgot their Creator and his creation.
    So if there is an Ekklesia brother or sister who knows my interest is only in necessities for my family, and not greedily making piles of money I’d sure like to know. I’ve had enough, especially of two of the seemingly popular contacts. As with anything, the grifters show up for the sting!

  20. Hans Verbeek says:

    The Arab gentlemen has AAA as his initials. I guess they gave him the nickname triple A. 😉
    And his last name Alkholifey is a bit intoxicating to me.

  21. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    Lies! All lies!

    The powerful wake up every morning thinking, “What can I do to help the peasant class?”. THIS IS KNOWN!

    If you are looking for things that you personally can do to reduce the influence of the powerful, and at the same time increase your own, go to http://thoughtsonfreedom.xyz for a list of them.

  22. Antonio says:

    The economic and political enslavement of all mankind is the only purpose for such a regime. These things always come in the guise of ‘”efficiency”, or our own good.

    Why do we need CBDC? What’s wrong with real money, agreed upon by the parties involved in the transaction? Why does there have to be any intermediary at all?

    The key to understanding all of this is their thinking that anything that goes on in the world is their business. We should not tire to ask, “Who appointed you the rulers of the world? What business is it of yours what anybody does with their own wealth, or what they choose to use as money?”

    If we don’t resist, we will be history.

  23. Antonio says:

    I find it quite ironic that Jerome Powell says that any U.S. CBDC needs to be protected from fraud. The CBDC is fraudulent from the get-go. It pretends that each unit is a dollar, when it is not, just as each FRN that claims to be a dollar is not.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t see the irony in their own statements.

  24. stoffa says:

    So whilst we get every transaction monitored and approved by our Central Bank overlords and they do whatever they like with their programs with no oversight or control by anyone, those that don’t have a smart phone get less and less as cash disappears.

    Sorry mate, I’d love to throw some change into your tin cup but they took it away. I can’t stay to chat, I don’t want my social credit score to get any worse. I have trouble enough making a living after telling them to take their vaccine passport and shove it up their asses.

  25. anonymint says:




    1. $20.2 – $20.8k: Dec. 9 ~08:30 UTC

    2. $17.2 – $18.1k: Dec. 15 – 17 ← Week of Dec. 14 is Armstrong’s Forecast Array PANIC CYCLE (which is often a whiplash down then back up)

    3. $30k: Dec 29 ~19:00 UTC

    4. $22k: Jan 5 ← date the U.S. Congress convenes to tabulate+certify the election

    5. $42 – 46k: mid-Feb. 16 to mid-March

    6. $120k: June last week ← the SegWit donations “poof it’s gone” attack may occur at this peak

    7. $600+k: Q1 2023

    @anonymint, [07.12.20 08:20]
    [In reply to BigDogPoker DotBet]
    Sorry guys and the lurking gals, I have no time for idle talk. I am egregiously sleep deprived.

    Also I want to clarify that although Asia has better prospects after 2022, the next 2 years are going to hell in every country. 2022 will be the year from hell.

    That’s why I have no free time. There’s isn’t enough time for me to prepare and organize.

    • anonymint says:

      Regarding the discussion of the international settlement currency (aka monetary reserve asset) that will replace the U.S. dollar at the ~53 minute juncture in the video, note it will start out as a basket with a small weighting of Bitcoin included, but as Bitcoin rises to $10 million it will displace nearly everything else in the basket.

      John Nash’s 2002 Ideal Money paper essentially explained how such an ideal form of money would enslave the nations. John Nash was murdered recently in a fiery crash.

      Note I have posited and explained in detail that everyone who obtained their Bitcoins since the fraudulent soft fork in 2017, will see their Bitcoins disappear magically from their digital wallets and donated to the miners probably in June/July 2001. This is to kick off all the soon-to-be plebs (and fleece all the institutional investors who FOMO in this Spring on the new ATH) before they take the Bitcoin price into the $millions.


      • manbearpig says:

        Are you aware that James Corbett gave .01 bitcoin away in February of 2017? Does this precede the “soft fork” – New York Agreement?

        • anonymint says:

          Seems I didn’t register the date relevance in my mind when I might have seen a mention of that recently. Many of us had BTC before the soft fork, but many of us (myself included) spent it all or reacquired more BTC after the soft fork.

          There were still some pay-to-script-hash transactions before SegWit but those are rare. So if JC or whomever he donated to still has BTC with only legacy addresses in the lineage, then that BTC will not be donated to the miners. It will become incredibly value.

    • anonymint says:

      The recent rise to $19.9k was likely the peak expected in the repeating pattern, so removed the $20.2 – $20.8k prediction.





      1. $17.2 – $18.1k: Dec. 11 – 17 ← Week of Dec. 14 is Armstrong’s Forecast Array PANIC CYCLE (which is often a whiplash down then back up)

      2. $30k: Dec 23 – 29

      3. $22k: Dec 31 – Jan 5 ← date the U.S. Congress convenes to tabulate+certify the election

      4. $42 – 46k: February ­– March

      5. $120k: June ← the SegWit donations “poof it’s gone” attack may occur at this peak

      6. $600+k: 2023

    • anonymint says:

      The posited donations attack against Bitcoin is discussed in the tree of linked comments which descend from my following linked comment post:


      Click every link in every comment post you find to follow the tree down to the leaves and read everything I have written on the subject matter.

  26. anonymint says:

    JC at the 9 minute juncture you seem to imply that the narrative from the The Creature From Jekyll Island a book is truth. Martin Armstrong is an avid researcher of history; and he claims the said book is Marxist propaganda. Marty provides a detailed explanation and an alternative narrative of the relevant history.



    P.S. Thanks for offering 2x double speed for your videos, so I can reduce the hour long video to 30 minutes.

  27. anonymint says:

    JC regarding your mention of anonymity at the 24 minute juncture in the video, the Bitcoin $multi-billionaire claims that only slaves crave ‘anonimity’.


    There can be no sovereignity WITH privacy, the two are contrary notions. The surest sign of the slave that knows himself a slave is that he seeks anonimity.

    • cu.h.j says:

      I disagree with this. I think anonymity is a healthy desire. Even the richest and most powerful enjoy privacy and anonymity.

      I see the logic that if one has power and agency, they don’t “need” anonymity but it’s nice to have anyway. Some individuals don’t like sharing everything they do like an open book.

      • anonymint says:

        You’re not disagreeing:


        So, very much exactly alike the governmental attempt to survive by resolving the wrong problem through a surveillance state, anonimity is the individual attempt to counter the state by also resolving the wrong problem, just the other way. As such it is a failed approach. It may be temporarily and limitedly useful, in any context dominated by that collapsing Morloch which metastasizing Romanity always becomes sooner or later. However, it is neither useful in itself nor good in itself, and more importantly it is no way to live.

        I see plenty of people trying to survive as anonymous entities. This is pure nonsense, it’s no way to live, it will render you insane. Anonimity can only be useful if you are already somebody.


        More importantly, anonimity could in principle work as the tool of the state just as well! It’s irrelevant whether the filthy oppressor is trying to build the Panopticon whereas the heroic resistance is valiantly fighting to maintain anonimity or rather if the filthy oppressor is trying to erase everyone’s identity, dissolving them into an anonymous soup and the heroic resistance is valiantly fighting to preserve everyone’s identityxvi. The point, as the Frenchies say, is somewhere else.

        So there you have it, this is why “I don’t seem to care much about anonimity”. I actually do not. I have no intention of living by some government’s permission, as the rat in the sewer. I am no mosquito, I am a motherfucking moose. It makes no difference whatever whether that permission is obtained above the board or cajoled through crafty devices of any kind, it’s simply not a game I play. I intend to force any government now extant or yet to be devised to live by my permission.

      • anonymint says:

        x [from China] asked in my Telegram group chat:

        what about privacy coins(zcash, monero, komodo ,blackbytes etc)? they probably are not perfect solution, but can’t they be used by people temperorily during a crisis?

        1. Used for what that Bitcoin can not be used for? [There’s no widespread black markets yet imparting value to these shitcoins] My point was about the rapidly closing window of time for being able to convert crypto to cash.

        2. Everything in the crypto space is posited to be destroyed when the difficulty attacks begin with the SegWit donations attack collapsing the entire market which crashes the hashrate, which makes ASICs cheap to rent to attack more with, which crashes the prices more, … and repeat into a death spiral. You already confirmed that EOS, Steemit, Ethereum and other proof-of-stake blockchains are controlled the Chinese. These can be attacked not only by those who control all the stake but also with a rubber hose around their necks.

        Nobody has invented a resilient, decentralized blockchain consensus algorithm yet, except for legacy Bitcoin being the largest that survives this but with all of us kicked off “poof it’s gone”.

        Why do I need to explain this over and over? Why is it not clear?

  28. anonymint says:

    At 40 minutes in the video, the Saudi representative explains that ‘inclusion’ means essentially a global id system.

    Also note how the rigged election fraud in the 2020 U.S. POTUS election is being employed (and sure was premeditated and planned) as the Hegelian dialectic to call for acceleration of compulsory Real Id on everyone.

    The Mark of the Beast is in the works…

  29. Aamir says:

    James is there any way to find out who the main shareholders of the big banks are?
    I think the shadow banks like BlackRock ($7 trillion in assets) also need to studied in depth.

    Thanks again for an excellent report. Keep up the good work.

  30. marlowe says:

    James, incredibly well done. This is the future. Thanks for reminding not to sleep on this. The people behind the curtain of governments around the world will be using digital to imprison the entire world. WASPs are moving one step closer to Cecil Rhodes’s dream of controlling/imprisoning the world.

  31. hugo.c says:

    Head of the Bank for International Settlements (BIS) when describing “Central Bank Digital Currencies” (CBDC) is highlighting that cash is ‘anonymous’ but CBDCs will not be, uses a wonderful term to described these ‘currencies’. He calls them “Central Bank Liabilities”. This is a key insight into their minds. A currency issued is a “liability”. This makes sense if the currency has to be backed by some assets. But, this has not been the case since Nixon in 1971 took the USA dollar off the gold conversion standard. Not to mention that bank loans create debt which creates money.

    A key point he makes is that anyone, anywhere, anytime can use cash. But, to use a CBDC the person/entity requires the *consent* of the Central Bank! He even mentions that this is about control.

    However, the murky underworld of the intelligence agencies, mafia, drug traders etc. *NEED* anonymous cash. So, you will have a tension between the technocrats and the underworld/CIA…

    OMG and then they get to “inclusion” and that equates to “digital identification”. And that is how the mafia and approved criminals get to do their thing; they are issued fake ids! Its like the Nugenhand Bank (in Australia) used to process the CIA drug trade out of southeast asia during the USA genocide on Vietnam.

    And hidden behind all of this is the “trusting” of national digital identification between cooperating central banks. What does that mean? An international digital identification. A keystone of any global technocracy.

    Another point about all the CBDC nightmare, is that it doesn’t work without both electricity and network connectivity. Do we think that a farmer in outer Mongolia, or northern Togo is interested in this sort of thing? Gimme a break.

    Good job James.

    • anonymint says:

      A currency issued is a “liability”. This makes sense if the currency has to be backed by some assets.

      From their perspective I presume it’s a liability because they’re providing liquidity to “useless eaters” and are responsible for making sure all the blobs of flesh are fed. They view it as a responsibility to manage the planet towards maximum division-of-labor, maximum technological progress, etc..

      Another point about all the CBDC nightmare, is that it doesn’t work without both electricity and network connectivity. Do we think that a farmer in outer Mongolia, or northern Togo is interested in this sort of thing? Gimme a break.

      Elon Musk’s SpaceX plans to launch thousands of satellites into low orbit to provide wireless 5G bandwidth and panopticon surveillance to all corners of the earth’s surface. Solar works in the rural areas.

  32. hugo.c says:

    Oh, one other thing.

    Yes, the “Great Reset” is either a created opportunity or just opportunistic in its efforts to “Bretton Woods 2.0”. But, it is also important to understand that the existing economic system is so dysfunctional that we are in this position. Dysfunctional may be the wrong term; its working beautifully for the very wealthy, but screws the rest. It is however important to realise that it is so divisive and that it may actually be not so much “designed” but “allowed to develop” these regular financial crises which can then be used to further progress various agendas.

    i.e the system itself produces the crises which allow the changes desired by the “powerful”.

    Thus, the importance of parallel transactional mechanisms to undermine the pervasive nature of existing financial systems. And, of course, that is exactly what the Chinese are doing.

    If you take a longer term view, you see that this parallel inter-central-bank systems being created both by the Chinese in their BRI *and* the BIS with CBDC are all parts of the power contest. USA starts doing unilateral finacial sanctions as implemented through SWIFT. China and Russia start to create a parallel payment method (which turns out not to be very parallel, but can evolve). Power creates opposition by those who have the where withall to respond.

    But these systems always attempt to preserve the power of the powerful.

    Its a dance in power maintenance.

    • anonymint says:

      i.e the system itself produces the crises which allow the changes desired by the “powerful”.

      This is named the Hegelian dialectic.

  33. anonymint says:

    JC with all due respect for your admirable efforts I must criticize as pie-in-the-sky hopium your call (from the 1:03:30 juncture in this video) to ramp up use of alternative currencies (of any form including precious metals which are no longer viable to the global, instantaneous scale and transmission in the information age) as a means to agorism — which is deleterious due to the ramifications of false hopes creating a deer-in-the-headlights effect and wasted effort of barking at ghosts in trees.

    Currencies don’t scale locally because of the need to lubricate the coincidence of wants and the inexorable maximization of division-of-labor being both global in scale.

    Money exists only because of public confidence that everyone else will accept that form of money.

    We’re not going to defeat our total enslavement in the bankster NWO plan unless we can create something that is superior than Bitcoin as a form of money that people can trust and use widely. I have written extensively that all known alternative cryptocurrencies will be destroyed (perhaps by July 2021) because of some generative essence flaws.

  34. CreativeLife says:

    Anonymint, good day

    Been waiting to find someone to trust after losing huge in 2008, I have virtual summit lag and unable to find solace, knowing who is the Prince of the air, where crypto magic happens. What do you humbly suggest for a retiree raising a beautiful granddaughter home educating. This is the only area of my life I am not comfortable in, as per the following understanding as an example:
    Global Reset Hubbard revisits Ice Age Farmer

    Been around many years, this is the battle of the ages and unfortunately the programming of this mind virus has been far too successful. It’s been sickening to witness, beyond sad now.

    The comfort of slumber, will not be shaken at this time for most. The western world must go down to reseat the empire once more. It’s basically here now.

    • anonymint says:

      Join my Telegram group and read everything or at least the pinned posts at the top of the group chat?


      There is not much time remaining to act. You need to act pronto.

      Suggestions about what? Investments? Perhaps ask me in the Telegram group and I will copy over here any conclusions for the benefit of Corbett Report readers.

      I will not be accessible to questions much longer so grab the opportunity while you can.

  35. anonymint says:

    Chipotle is using COVID as an excuse to steal from thus who use cash instead of digital payment methods.


  36. rob.h says:

    You guys may be all over this..but -> https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/group-overseeing-10-trillion-called-guardians-inclusive-capitalism-signs-partnership

    Its a list of the deep state.. what killed me was the Treasurer for California is on this list.. and I actually met her.. strange. why would she be there? California must play a large part in this.. cause I saw Calipers in the list too.. not sure what to make of it.

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