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What will the world look like in 2025? Don't worry, you don't have to think about the world you want and then work to bring it about. That's silly! Just listen to the good Bilderbergers at Cognizant, who are more than happy to tell you about the new police state on steroids that is about to be erected to fight the invisible enemy of coronavirus . . . and how you can cash in on the opportunity!!!

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Episode 387 – Your Guide to The Great Reset

After the Virus: A Discussion Looking Back on the Next 5 Years (video)

After the Virus (whitepaper)

Episode 383 – COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity

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  1. MostlyHarmless says:

    Speaking of “Health Security Agency” a quick search and *shock* in the US there is a “GHS – Global Health Security (part of the HHS – another *shock* I know)” department or whatever one would like to call them. And hey look at that they have a site for their “agenda”.

    (Framework for their 2024 Agenda)

  2. MostlyHarmless says:

    Gee I wonder if just anyone can attend this “meeting” – – Thailand will host the 6th Ministerial Meeting under the theme, “Bridging Cooperative Action for Global Health Security” on November 18-20, 2020.

  3. Duck says:

    Psychological warfare does not need you to LIKE the future, it just requires you accept that you cant win. I am pretty sure that Mr Corbett is right and most people are only pretending to be asleep.. how quick the poverty arrives will decide if people resist enmass or not

    • cu.h.j says:

      I agree. I think that people tend to act when they have to not when they feel that they should. I think once the government starts confiscating assets and guns, people in the US will be more motivated to actually fight.

      People in positions of power, like members of the military who can actually use force to stop these psychopaths need to stand up against this.

      The people who have guns and bombs need to be on board with stopping this nightmare. I don’t think that’s impossible. I know during the
      Vietnam War there were instances of mutiny against commanding officers. There needs to be a shift in consciousness among a large number of people.

      • Duck says:


        “… I think once the government starts confiscating assets and guns, people in the US will be more motivated to actually fight…”

        THAT is the trap.. people see themselves suddenly digging up their banned guns and rising up to rebel… but that will be after years and years of obedience training. Seeing the Hollywood fight movie “at the end” they put off doing the little things that could help right now.

        The longer people just go along the less likely they are to push back which is why I expect they are trying to make it a very gentle slide into Technocratic poverty “The enemy can not push the button if you disable his ha…Mind”

        • cu.h.j says:

          I think you’re probably right. Perhaps the time to fight is now. Hit the enemy when he doesn’t expect it. I hope there is someone smarter than myself with better skills than me who is also think of this and planning it.

          • geisha says:

            That’s right, but the enemy is expecting it/our fighting back and reacting with more censorship already. But then, maybe we’re just playing it cool and holding back our move (possibly until it’s too late). How many people even bother to take their masks off even at places and times where and when they’re not required. Something is terribly wrong with people. Even I could probably sell many bridges although I am not a good business woman (yet).

            Show today’s Westerners a picture of Trump or Biden and off they go. They forget they’ve been wearing their masks for hours indoors, that’s how excited they get. Most of us unfortunately, still fall for the deception, divide and conquer game with unwavering predictability.

            Who still doesn’t get it into their heads that the official covid 19 narrative is a bunch of lies and distortions may not even get it if the NWO pulls their clothes off their bodies to replace them with ‘the’uniform.

            I still think the NWO crowd misses the point that their ‘Great Reset/Fourth Industrial Revolution’ will do them in as well (‘the internet of things, or rather the involved technology, will fry their brains as well’)

      • gauntlet33 says:

        re bombs…I’m not a chemist, and I would never do this, but I did find a link where apparently it’s not too difficult to make “plastic”, or “plastique”…not sure of the pronunciation, explosives. I’m sure anarchists could set these up at strategic points (radiation / cell towers, etc.) if they wanted to create lots of havoc against the govt.

        Also, many think there isn’t any running away from this and I do agree that people will have to fight. But I think that the battle is better had in the rural parts than the cities as I have believed and the Cognizant link tends to show that the cities would be impacted first so that would be their first line of attack.

        • Duck says:

          A better battle is people just not going along…they would back off fast if people just pushed back. Right now we can destroy the elites power base JUST by not giving them out money or our data, they aim to remove that option.
          When its appropriate to blow stuff up its already too late…they LIKE that kind of resistance, they FARM terrorists as a cash crop for the security states contractors.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        cu.h.j says:
        “I know during the Vietnam War there were instances of mutiny against commanding officers.”

        About 6 or 7 years ago when I was working the Vitamin Department of Sprouts, a petite & pale, hunch-backed lady in her upper 80’s would come every few months to buy about $300-$500 worth of supplements. Sweet gal. She would give me a list, and I would fill it. She was working hard on a project to keep the Library afloat down in the poor border town of Del Rio.

        One day an old Black fella comes in and hands me a list. I told him that it reminded me of the lady.
        He said, “Yes. I work for her.”

        We get to talking. He tells me about Vietnam. He’s in charge of a barge on the river. One day a white, cocky officer comes on the barge and says,
        “We are going to take these supplies.”
        The black fella pulls his gun aiming it straight at the officer’s head, saying
        “Get your cracker ass off this m__f__ boat you honky ____ ! I’ll shoot you dead if I see you agin!”

        Fast forward decades later. The black fella needs a job and responds to an ad by the little old lady. He gets hired by her.
        One day he is in the living room and meets her husband.
        He looks at him, pausing, and says, “Are you the fella who pulled a gun on me in Vietnam?”

        There was grumbling by the old white guy, but his wife rules the day.

    • MostlyHarmless says:

      I think for the most part, people genuinely don’t care unless something affects them directly. Kind of the message from Jame’s article on “Drawing your line in the sand” – It seems to be part of our nature. With this scamdemic, people in my opinion mostly see it for what it is and that it’s not the plague from hades that was sent out to destroy the world, so they become apathetic. Which I think is the root to the problem, governments know this and due to this apathy they can implement more restrictions and take away more individuality in the process. To this extent, this “virus” served a better purpose for their goals then one that would have a higher mortality rate. Similar to what happened after 9/11. It becomes the notion a small price to pay for a greater security. I correlate it with the “how to boil a frog” analogy. They can prevent a mass resistance by introducing incremental steps and depend upon our ability to adapt to all of the coming “new normal” events on the horizon. They understand and know that people will draw their lines in the sand and have been able to determine for the most part what those lines are and what percentage of people will conform and what percentage will not and can weigh those odds to determine how far they can push the masses into which direction.

    • beaconterraone says:

      Just keep in mind, all that is happening was prophesied. We are also promised Final Justice when the cavalry from Calvary arrives. These demons do NOT win, even though they gloat like they will.

      Just make sure you’re on the right side when the Savior arrives again.

  4. MostlyHarmless says:

    Another link for anyone interested in potential brain damage with incessant drooling after hearing or seeing the term “stakeholder” for the 1,000,000 time: – Welcome to the Global Health Security Network!

  5. gauntlet33 says:

    Bastards! I’m only 20 seconds into the “looking back the past 5 years video”, and my first thought is, well, we’re still paying high property taxes, which mostly goes into the schools, but we’re not sending our kids to a school so why aren’t our property taxes reduced overnight by 40%? On top of it, the family income has been almost halved overnight because now most families have the second wage earner having to stay home full time to take care of, feed, and educate the kids when this used to be done by the state. Now granted, at least families can better control and lessen the brainwashing that kids get by homeschooling, but don’t doubt that it wasn’t part of their agenda to immediately impoverish the average working class family by forcing the closure of the schools. So instead of sending our first grader to public school, we’re now paying $1,000 a month to a tutor to come for only 2 hours per day, and 90% of the time isn’t spent teaching her, but rather just getting her to sit down and listen instead of wanting to play with her toys in the house. Their educations are screwed at best.

    • Duck says:

      “..So instead of sending our first grader to public school, we’re now paying $1,000 a month to a tutor to come for only 2 hours per day…”

      You can give your kid the equivalent of a full day in school ‘learning for learning’ in an hour yourself. 80 to 90% of the time in school is spent herding children into the 10 to 20 % of time that they actually learn something. The official time it takes for home bound students to receive instruction is something like an hour and a half per day..

      1) One parent o grandparent should always stay home to bring up the kids. I know people who basically work to pay for the car, phone, and daycare ALL so other people can access their offspring.
      2)The 2 working parent pattern is designed (Like Universal basic income) to make families more dependent and prone to economic destruction thru loss of the 2nd income
      3) Assuming your a literate person of average intelligence you would have to ACTUALLY WORK to give your kid a WORSE education then they get in preschool and primary education. You can literally spend time watching school house rock and learn more then a day in school.

      There is a reason that serious colleges want home school kids more then ones from the state chicken pen
      Honestly, a kid who just has an environment with out tablets or TV and easy access to decent books can actually teach themselves better then the slave schools. I know TEACHERS who WILL NOT sent their own kids to those place anymore. The last 10 years have seen a STEEP decline.

      The ultimate plan is to decentralize the slave training into everyones home with online schooling..anyone who CAN should educate their kids up to age 10 or 11 at least…
      EDIT: I dont know your or anyone esles situation so sorry if I come across too strong but school is destroying the majority of kids chances to attain their intellectual level

      • gauntlet33 says:

        I believe you may be right. I know for myself, there’s only so much I can focus (whether at work or on something else) before my mind just wanders.

      • hidetora says:

        kids of that age usually show some interest in reading and maths, and the claim that they lose interest in school is not so farfetched.
        That was my case at least. My mother didn’t want to teach me to read before school because she thought I would get bored and hate school. Guess what, I got bored and hated school anyway. One particular thing that I hated was to have to sit down for hours in a row.
        I believe it is not a coincidence that only after I finished highschool did my interest in studying and learning really flourish.

      • hidetora says:

        > The 2 working parent pattern is designed (Like Universal basic income) to make families more dependent and prone to economic destruction thru loss of the 2nd income
        Not only that, today it is basically impossible for a couple with one working spouse to buy a house, car, etc and raise 2 or 3 children and that is by design. Even so much as interrupting a professional career for 5 or 6 years, which was fairly common a few decades ago, is out of question for most women as they have been brainwashed to fear being dependent on their husbands and to have obssessive shopping behaviours.
        The (nuclear) family has been completely destroyed at least 3 decades ago and that has opened the way for the state to brainwash children much more efficiently.

        • Duck says:

          “..The (nuclear) family has been completely destroyed at least..”
          The joke is the nuclear, non extended family is a creation of the industrial age…they broke up extended faring families into more easily managed nuclear units and now want to break us down into component parts.

          BUt there is still hope… if a young person learns an actual trade skill and avoids college debt they can often still buy a house and raise a family- the hard part is finding a partner who is not **cked up in the head by societal training. Its hard but it can still work

          • hidetora says:

            Exactly as you said, the nuclear family itself is an atomized version of the extended family, much more unstable and without a true mechanism of provision and care. The family was an important unit both as a intermediary for the bigger structures in society and for the caring of its weakest members.
            Families and dinasties are sources of power and that is why the elites don’t relinquish their patriarchal families while they promote feminism, alternative lifestyles and having less children.

    • PaulDiggsJazz says:

      Back in the spring, when California shut down the schools, I offered to pay for the cost to provide my two grand kids the Ron Paul Home Schooling program.
      It was only $650/yr total for both kids! This includes all the books and lessons and is designed to minimize parental time demands to about 1 hour a day by 4th grade while providing a classical education to the kids remotely, individually and at their own pace.

      In contrast the State of California spends about $20,000/yr to indoctrinate those two kids remotely for one size fits all brainwashing. California demands at least 2 hours/day of parental time enforcing the kids brainwashing – but forbids the parents from observing or participating in the lessons.

      Ignoring the qualitative difference, it is astounding that the private home schooling alternative costs only 3-4% of the State costs with half the parental time demands. $650 vs $20,000! Your tax dollars at work.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Home School incredibly low cost! (including books)

      • Duck says:

        People make the mistake of thinking the school is there either to “teach” their kids, or (conspiratorially minded) to indoctrinate them…..both are true but they are both FAR FAR down in the agenda.
        An example is that “free” laptops pay Microsft an “Office” license rather then use FREE libreOffice which is a better product… even if they get a super deal on Google services for online students and on Office and only pay (For example- I have no idea what they pay) 1$ a month per kid then the taxpayer is STILL pouring money into Microsft and Google services WHILE getting kids personal data.
        Schooling is the NEW defense industry! (though killing minds rather then bodies)

        The REAL reason the school industrial complex exists is for the benefit of Administrators and Teachers, Principles and clerical staff, the people who sell them equipment…. somewhere way down on the list of priorities is “program kids” and even lower “help kids”

        Just as a cancer is dependent on sugar in the blood to live and grow the school industrial complex depended on free cash raining down to grow so huge. Local districts paid for without federal cash could not become such monsters….and now the system cant be reformed because too many people are totally dependent on it- they managed to addict many kids and parents too via free food (usually the most disgenic filth that makes them sicker and stupider)

        • PaulDiggsJazz says:

          Yes it is an industry, and it is designed today to harvest data, and make certain interests money. The only solution is to opt out. “the only wining move is to not play”. That is easier said than done.

          My kids are grown, but I’m still paying for the system with my taxes. Convincing my kids to keep their kids out of the state system is difficult. If they choose to withdraw from the system they are much better off, but are still forced to pay for the system with taxes, plus pay for the alternative.

          I’ve decided to go the Agorist gray market route and set up a foundation – “the Bill and Hillary DiggsJazz Foundation” that makes all the assets, property, and income put into it tax deductible and tax exempt. It only requires 3% of its income be given to charity or educational purposes annually. But since I already tithe 10% thats no biggie. It will cost about $1500/yr in accountant filling fees – a tiny fraction of the taxes I pay now for income and real estate taxes, and less than the CPA fees I pay now for tax returns.

          Technically I won’t own it – I’ll just control it. Whats the difference?

          This is the legal path set up to preserve the family wealth of our “benevolent overlords” a hundred years ago. Its time we little guys start using the same system for us. Back in the 1980’s I did all my personal and company taxes and realized that the tax system was set up to fleece the little guy but protect the wealth of the big guys. I realized that understanding and using the tax laws was the key to keeping ones hard earned money.

          I’m done complaining about the system, I just want solutions. I want to opt out and protect my family.

          • mkey says:

            A foundation is something similar to a trust?

            • PaulDiggsJazz says:

              A trust is used to determine inheritance while avoiding probate. It is not tax exempt.

              A foundation – Like the Rockafeller, Carnagie, and Gates Foundations – is a privately controlled charitable or educational institution. It is tax exempt.

              Any money you put into it is tax deductable. But you still control it by controlling its board. If you plan its function you can move real estate, business assets, investments, cash etc into it and they are no longer subject to Income or property tax. But the Foundation can still provide for your needs: The Foundation then pays you or your kids a salary that is personally taxable, but less tax than from the income held by the Foundation.

              That is the very short version.

  6. robert.t says:

    With La Nina in force we’re free of fires and drought along the NSW east. The demented green management policies now fashionable mean that all this lush regrowth will one day blaze up again, but for now we have rain…and I have new bamboo shoots to tend.

    After spending a day in the moso grove applying blood and bone meal to scare off wallabies and other browsers, all this “new real” seems so unreal. They talk of “make Orwell fiction again”, but while I’m out tripping over dead culms and getting scratched by lantana under the drizzle it seems Orwell is still fiction.

    Till I clicked back into cyber mode the Cognizant clip seemed to be some sort of lame satire on management gab and corporate wank. But it’s real? It’s really real? I mean… they’re serious?

    Proponents of “new real” may have boundless energy and resources, but they are also vain, shallow materialists. They are mortally bored and they are mortal bores. They are grabbers, not makers. Their conviction that everything is scarce comes from their grab mentality. The world will soon be their bargain bin and they will compete with their invented money to see who can grab the most. Yet nothing will shake their sense of scarcity and deprivation. The globalist cries thief as he pilfers from you.

    Give the oligarchs and kakistocrats what they can’t handle: give them pity, give them ridicule, give them indifference. But to do that properly…

    Turn OFF their rubbish media.


  7. Valhalla Awaits says:

    Check this out…talk about predictive programming. Even the name Songbird (Mockingbird) stands out to me.

    Couldn’t find it on BitChute….but its brought to you by those who gave us The Purge!

    I’m wondering how they filmed this so quickly hmmmm…

  8. Observer says:

    [SNIP – No links without titles and/or explanations of why people should be clicking on them, please. -JC]

  9. bogn says:

    Now would be an apt moment to see a “BARDA exposed” video. Not sure if this counts as a question, but in case it does, I’d love to see BARDA exposed in the same way DARPA has been.

  10. manbearpig says:

    Isn’t it a little odd they include the Bilderberg mention? That reference doesn’t even mean anything to anyone except conspiracy theorists. Would insiders want to see that in a bio?

  11. geisha says:

    As always, thanks for the bad news, James! 😉

    It’s sad to see that all those Bilderberg Dimwits forget at least one important factor in their Agendas:

    Wifi, 5G, radiowaves – the basis of the ‘new economy’ and ‘new normal’ – will literally destroy the biosphere even these numb skulls depend on (unless they are already fully non-organic monsters). No health or environmental safety studies have been done on 5G and still it’s rolled out like crazy.

    In addition, the tens of thousands of 5G satellites will be shot into space via rockets, each rocket decreases the ozone layer even more than it already is.

    The satellites disturb our ionosphere and Earth’s magnetic field. All life depends on both ozone to decrease toxic ultraviolet radiation as well as the geomagnetic field.

    Millimeter waves are already being used for crowd control (and probably worse, Cuba / US Embassy / neurological effects). All cells (incl. microbes) are affected by artificial EMFs.

    The above mentioned numb skulls also forget that the chemicals intentionally released in the stratosphere also compromise the ozone layer and poison the entire biosphere.

    We see the effects of both radiowaves and stratospheric injections already. It won’t be long until it’s ‘game over’ for the entire planet and life as we know it. No Greta, WEF or UN can save us without putting a stop to what clearly kills our biosphere. Turning off some cars and reducing some truly non-essential plane travel (like military planes that spray chemicals or drop bombs) may be great but it’s like putting a bandaid on a cut aorta; it won’t stop the rapid deterioration of the patient Earth. has lots of data, so does EnvironmentalHealthTrust and The Bioinitiative Report

  12. Simon says:

    Hmm were have I heard 2025 mentioned?

    Innovation BIS 2025: A Stepping Stone Towards an Economic ‘New World Order’

    Ah yes that was it.

  13. orion says:

    The link in the description for the MP4 is incorrect. It currently links to:

    which is a different video.

  14. suzt says:

    Another big example of what our world is already looking like in the area of the Arts… personally I feel like there is a giant tape worm consuming the beauty we humans are capable of creating.

    In addition to digitalizing the world’s great art and creating virtual museum tours, the transfer of art into private hands has begun….

    • Duck says:

      “..giant tape worm consuming the beauty we humans are capable of creating..”
      Its a Screwtape…

      A quote
      “…But do you realize how we have succeeded in reducing so many of
      the human race to the level of ciphers? This has not come about by
      accident. It has been our answer — and a magnificent answer it is — to
      one of the most serious challenges we ever had to face…”

  15. mik says:

    Holy shit…read source material, hell no, even watching this excited ……. I have much to much of ‘rona hysteria. You read it for me, thanks James, your subjective presentation is highly appreciated.

    Otherwise, some good observations lately, we might not be fucked.
    I noticed quite some people are not fully buying into ‘rona scam.
    Also similar number have kind of double think position, to some extent they buy the story, but they are aware that we are generally going in wrong direction. Weird position, still there is hope for them.
    We have to double our efforts.

  16. gauntlet33 says:

    Yeah, some people get it. My wife and I have our circle of friends who get together every since about late April with no fears of the King/beer virus.

    And in the last week, we met a neighbor across the street who sees the globalist agenda, along with meeting others at a nearby park who believe the same.

    Obviously the more people who don’t fall for the BS, the better so we can stop and change the laws / orders that have been implemented.

    Longer-term, not sure what the solution is: some here and on other blogs/sites say we need to stop their agenda now (presumably by force). That option could lead to deaths and casualties on our side. The other option is to fight the battle later, which would likely also lead to deaths on our side. Do our chances go up by fighting now? And if we “fight”, who/whom do we fight? The policeman who’s following orders?

    I think the common agreed upon answer is to disobey the mask and other silly requirements, which I agree with. But that could also lead to trouble, financially or criminally. For example, if your city doesn’t let you enter the bank, or the grocery store without a mask, then disobedience is a real problem right now, and the battle may be better down the road.

    Anyway, I’m just saying that they obviously played out via a simulation the likely scenarios and they’re constantly measuring effectiveness and making adjustments and that we’ll also need to be equally nimble in deciding individually when to comply, when to do a soft disobeyance, and when to fight to the death en masse. And personally, if I’m going down, with 3 kids, mother and father, then it’ll be during the final battle, not over wearing or not a mask because if I’m taken out, then it’ll be my toddlers fending for themselves, and that’s not a fair fight for them.

    • Oscar says:

      I think fighting is a state of mind. It doesn’t have to be physical per se. It can manifest itself in the big and/or small things. Fighting to the death I will reserve when they come with mandatory or semi-mandatory vaccines for me and my family.

      In the meantime I will concentrate on smaller things such as trying to educate the people around me on what is going on. I think that is a very important part!
      But I also think it is very important to think about how to do this in a pedagogical manner. For example, certainly in the beginning you have to connect on the level the other person is on. There has to be a build-up from small to big. If you start with the heavy stuff right away, they will typically shut down the conversation early. And although we both might think we have superior knowledge (being readers of the Corbett Report and other alternative media), we must engage them as an equal partner in the conversation otherwise we WILL come across as a bully and that perception will then be deserved. So don’t even think you have superior knowledge, just engage them as equals and take it from there because that is how a logical discussion works and anything else is bullying.

      Furthermore, if we can muster enough energy, another thing that could be done is to write a researched piece on a topic that takes out one part of the Covid-narrative, for example as the inaccuracy of the PCR-test, or something else. We could then print it out a 100, 500 or 1000 times and distribute it in a train or other public places, or build a simple website and put it on display there. At the very least you could tell your findings to our friends and family.
      Then, we could do it with another topic that takes out another part of the Covid-narrative, and so on.

      Finally, be practical, use guerilla-tactics against the system however you can, develop alternatives to the system (crypto for example), developing a network of like-minded people and on occasion something going to anti-Covid-lockdown-rally also could be options.

      In any case, all the best and good luck to you and all of us!

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Oscar says:
        “In the meantime I will concentrate on smaller things such as trying to educate the people around me on what is going on.
        I think that is a very important part!”

        I agree! Cultures change this way.

  17. James – what can sheeplepeople do, more than whine and bah? I understand that most people are sensible enough not to WANT catastrophy, but nevertheless, here it comes. Why? Because power is not a matter of choice of sheep. It is the will of shepards

    • Duck says:

      True… only about 10 to 20 % % of people actually matter MUCH to the broad historical narrative. About the same % that got to pass on their genes back when people were wild.

  18. HomeRemedySupply says:

    During “After the Virus: The World of 2025 – #PropagandaWatch”, as James mentioned several times, it becomes apparent that Cognizant is hyping business opportunities.

    In some of the business publications, I also have been noticing this ‘trend’ of glorifying potential financial prospects meant for the Big Players, despite the disastrous destruction of so many Mom-n-Pop businesses.

    In late September, Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer interviewed Actress and business owner Jessica Alba.
    She talked about how “The Honest Company” has been doing great with the lockdown. Sales of Covid related products are through the roof.
    (“The Honest Company” sells ‘kind of’ natural products, and gets a premium price because it is considered an elite brand.)
    The interview also hit the keyword buttons… Woman owned, women of color, ‘healthy’, successful, well thought of, etc.

    Alba said the emphasis on safe products and ethical business practices owes in part to the company’s commitment to serving a diverse clientele.

    “Black and brown communities are affected the most when it comes to exposures to unnecessary chemicals and how it can affect their health,” she says. “I really wanted to make sure that I make my products accessible to everyone.”

  19. Arby says:

    We will drive less, travel (including flying less) less, but ‘we’ won’t be everyone. Armies are fossil fueled. I think that one of the goals of the Green New Deal/Great Reset is the tricking of the people into giving up our gas guzzlers so that the dwindling sources of oil are left to those who matter. (That might not be a bad idea, but those who own, rule and ruin the world really don’t care about the poisoning of the environment. They only care about their power and privilege and therefore they care about the counterrevolution that will ensure that.) The elites and the police and military that they will more and more rely on – because I guess God needs that kind of protection – will need to be powered. The people? Not so much.

    • Duck says:

      On Armies being fossil fueled, you remember that an army just has to be better then the army it faces- I read a novel about a resource collapse and the USA was doing pretty well because China was in a warlord period and German dominated Europe was the other major power.

      If all the leaders THINK they are now going to sit quiet at the trough they might think there is less need for armed power… of course that usually ends with someone breaking the rules and grabbing all the good stuff
      As to oil, there really is no shortage, peak oil is as much a scam as global warming

      • Arby says:

        In what sense is peak oil a sham? If that’s “There is no peak oil now,” that’s one thing. But to suggest that that’s not coming is to suggest that magic is real. That’s my view.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        My take on
        Oil, Natural Gas, Minerals and Precious Metals such as Gold/Silver.

        The days are gone of easily accessible rich deposits of these resources.
        The cream was skimmed off in decades past.
        Now it has become more costly to extract, process and transport these resources.

        One EXAMPLE
        Now-a-days, a gold mining operation might get 2 grams of gold per ton of earth.

        • Duck says:

          Home Remedy Supply
          True, but extraction has become more efficient and effective and use has become more efficient so less is used for the same result
          As I posted above the guy who invented Peak Oil was also the guy who wrote the Technocracy Inc study course- look him up

          Its use of fear to control resources… just like Corona virus. Both fooled me at first TBH.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I totally agree with the fact that “Peak Oil” fear mongering is a PsyOp.

            Corbett has long been talking about it.

            Some of Corbett’s interviews with F. William Engdahl were very interesting and shed light on the topic.

            • Duck says:

              Thats a pretty good link, listening now – Thanks!
              His Audio was awful back then though, Lol… glad he got a better mic.

          • Arby says:

            I’m familiar with Hubbard, but I didn’t know that he belonged to the technocracy org. That’s interesting. And, for the record, James Corbett has swung me around to viewing climate crisis in a new light. I now see climate crisis as being a cover for environmental crisis. I don’t think any of us here would deny that there’s an environment crisis, on many levels. We are part of the environment. Even mothers’ milk is toxic thanks to too free capitalists and their religion of capitalism. And how much healthier would we be if our tap water wasn’t contaminated with pharmaceuticals? Not to mention the poisons that they’ve conned people into directly injecting into their veins for years, which police State governments are about to mandate – for our health and national (bio) security.

          • Arby says:

            I read the Daily Mail article (no thanks to my Pale Moon browser). “The Government says it supports the scheme in principle, but warns it is ‘ahead of its time’.” Maybe, with Covid 1984, the time has arrived. James Corbett gave us 9/11 Security Theatre and Biosecurity Theatre. Might he call that – the personal carbon credits scheme – Climate Crisis Theatre?

            I call it make work for schemers who aren’t actually productive. They are clever but don’t want to do honest work and contribute to collective society-building and collective problem-solving. Their idea of problem-solving is to dream up schemes that will profit themselves, even if they cause problems for others, and the environment, and to then call their trouble-making a contribution to human civilization. God (no, not you Bill) would disagree.

        • spider says:

          Two studies have changed the way we view how life, water and oil arrived on Earth.

          Researchers at the University of Hong Kong have discovered that stars above a certain size produce complex organic matter. When a star is in its planetary nebula phase it ejects petroleum and coal, originally thought to only be biotic in origin. This points to an abiotic origin of oil. When this interstellar organic material landed on the Earth in the Late Heavy Bombardment it helped kick-start the development of life.

          In another study, Japanese scientists subjected this inter stellar organic material to high pressure and heat. At 350ºC it produced pure water and at 400ºC it produced oil of the same type that is found in crude oil in the Earth. This may well be the source of water and oil found in the earth.

  20. Oscar says:

    Update to Lock Step?

    It seems that the Rockefeller Foundation that has brought us the scenario ‘Lock Step’ that is being played out right now (see page 18 on has brought us a new and updated document.

    The “National Covid-19 Testing & Tracing Action Plan” can be downloaded from their site:

  21. Stefan Andrew says:
    Whether this “leaked” memo is real or not, but it paints a very similar picture of the future. Maybe a bit darker. And definitely possible.
    Here is also break down of the document.

    • Stefan Andrew says:

      Some more about the WEF agenda and the 4th Industrial Revolution.

    • RON says:

      Eerily similar to my own predictions based on:
      – Gates himself when he smirked saying “We will have to prepare for the next one. And I say it will get their attention this time.”
      – Covid-19 ran out of steam. Lots of (false) positives but euromomo was updated last thursday and still shows zero excess death since half May. They have to introduce some new virus to continue their plans. Covid-21 in February is the obvious choice.

  22. beaconterraone says:

    Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with COVID-19. Oceania will ALWAYS be at war with COVID-19.


  23. james.w says:
    EU insists only ‘approved’ Covid vaccines allowed after Orban says Hungary is in talks with Russia & China

  24. manbearpig says:

    This Cognizant video is indeed provocative to say the least, especially for conspiracy theorists, with its mention of Bilderberg as insult to injury.

    Would seem like there’s sort of a campaign to rile people up.

    Just for the month of October 2020 there have been calls around the world for Civil Disobedience for a wide variety of reasons, from the Ivory Coast to Jakarta, via Israel, Scotland and of course the US of A.

    Kinda feels like foreshadowing and a good way to trigger the levelling effect of world war on the masses as the police may declare their purported incapacity to manage all the unrest and the military is called to step in; international tensions exacerbated by civil disobedience, engineered “terror attacks” and especially the emotional and extreme economic tensions caused by the lockdowns.

    My students have not said they find anything unusual about the reporting on the Virus or the purported need to manage this alleged sanitary crisis, but they DO say that the measures seem utterly incoherent and that the French are more than sick of it all and may well start protesting en masse following the example they’d apparently seen in Italy. Will they do it by the book or à la Yellow Jackets?

    With the world in the grip of the Gandhi civil disobedience mindset, how will TPTSB give a final vicious kick in the door as they leave nations and people being divided in the image of the spawning of Pakistan?

    Turbulent times ahead.
    You and yours are the priority.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      That is interesting about your students and their perspectives. It gives us insight.

    • Duck says:

      “..leave nations and people being divided in the image of the spawning of Pakistan? ..”
      To be fair while the British DID use ethnic/religious hatreds to keep control of India Muslims and Indians had plenty of reason to hate each other before that. The partition was a good thing- people who hate each other are better living far away from each other- they fight most in contested areas where they mix and periodically set each other alight in the street to this day.

  25. tunneller says:

    For those people that want to be a bit more active I’ve created an A5 flyer in a PDF you can download, print out and give to family, friends and strangers in the street:

  26. manbearpig says:

    So according to today’s edition of El Mundo they’ve taken out the heavy artillery: You’ve got irresponsable young “ANARQUISTAS” and other “NEGACIONISTAS” del Covid-19 along with the “far right” creating trouble for police in Spain with their protests and generalized mischief.

    …The perimeter confinement of almost all of the autonomous communities and the curfew imposed in many of them has caused serious incidents in cities like Barcelona, where a denialist demonstration ended with 14 arrests, 30 wounded, and much destruction, in Burgos, where a real pitched battle took place last night, and in Santander…

    Last night, the National Police arrested two young people for their participation in the violent incidents that took place in the Gamonal neighborhood, spurred on by individuals from “anarchist” groups against measures to stop the advance of the coronavirus.

    Fourteen people have been arrested, two of them minors, and 30 people have been injured – 20 agents of the Mossos d’Esquadra, 3 city guards and seven citizens – in the violent incidents that took place last night in the center of Barcelona against the curfew due to the coronavirus.

    A minority group, which the Catalan police links to the far-right environment, was involved last night in serious incidents in the Catalan capital, at the end of a demonstration held in Sant Jaume Square against the new restrictions to stop the spread of the coronavirus pandemic…”

    Translated with (free version)

    As you well know, you anarquistas and Covid-negacionistas will be duly stigmatized for your civil disobedience and held responsable for any and all death and destruction due to the alleged worsening of the pandemic and wide-spread eruption of violence at protests while the agents provocateur receive their Christmas bonuses.

  27. david9 says:

    Minor factual addendum: LVMH is Louis Vuitton (Moet Hennessy).

  28. manbearpig says:

    So there I was, at the Madrid airport yesterday noon, without a mask on my face, at the checkout of a food stand, waiting to pay for some fresh squeezed orange juice and a cafe con leche when the young man working there tersely asks me to please put on my mask. Well, I comply, but I ask him as benevolently as I can “Are you afraid of the virus?” and he says “No no! It’s just for “séguridad!” and I repeat “Séguridad?” and he says “Yes, yes. And… and the cameras everywhere, nada mas.” With a couple of people in line behind me waiting to pay he certainly wasn’t inclined to delve into a debate about the relative merits of our respective arguments so I did the easy thing by dropping the subject and meekly went off to consume my liquid purchases.
    As I’ve mentioned, all of my French students (except one) all think we’re facing a very dangerous “sanitary situation” and are convinced we need to take drastic measures, even if they’re incoherent and will gravely penalize a whole lot of people, and this despite the docs from this Voluntaryist website and others we’ve been reading (in the guise of English instruction) that demonstrate the contrary.

    Of course, my family stands firmly in the non-denialist, so-called “facts-based” camp as well. The strength of their conviction is equalled only by their resistance to hearing any other perspectives that they liken to “religious doctrine” and no amount of information can change that…

    These people believe THEY are “the people of conscience” acting responsibly. “WE” the denialist, negationist anarchistic Trump-loving far-right protesting radicals” are the ones without a conscience, even if you break down the rhetoric, the statistics and some recent history of viral pandemics with them.

    I feel rather at a loss, I confess, but definitely not sorry for myself! I got out of France just in time (been wanting to leave for years) even if major lockdowns are inevitably coming to Spanish city near me sometime soon…

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Hijole! Los ojos arriba.

      Thanks for the ANECDOTES ManBearPig.

      On the Dr. Simone Gold YouTube Channel (America’s Frontline Doctors), is this talk by psychiatrist Dr. Mark McDonald.
      He talks about…

      The Pandemic of a mental illness – Delusional Psychosis
      (3:40 mark “Delusional Psychosis”)

      A delusion is a fixed, false belief that is contrary to reality.

      • manbearpig says:

        Well, thanks HRS, that was a gratifying video. I found myself repeatedly nodding my head vigorously in approval.
        But he doesn’t explain how, if we cannot afford a personal jet as he says (as an emblematic example for navigating society), we are supposed to ‘get rid of the mask?’ And how are we to reason with people who’ve been programmed through their emotions and feelings of moral responsibility driven by the “might makes right” and bandwagon mentality?
        How does one reckon with mass hysteria?
        I’m starting to think that just maintaining one’s own sanity and moral and physical integrity through these pandemics of viral psychosis will already have been quite a feat.
        I’m realizing it’s sorta crucial to spend time, however occasionally, with like-minded people.
        Got to root them out, though, first…

    • flammable says:

      Acting responsibly? The first rule I was taught on responsible action is being on time. If this virus was a real, super contagious airborne pathogen as they claim then all the lockdowns are already too late. Bill Gates and various other “authorities” on the subject have warned us that we must act before it was too late. However once we past their deadlines by months they suddenly pretend they didn’t spent a decade claiming how fast viruses spread if we didn’t quarantine soon. Oh let’s not forget numerous articles stating that quarantines are impossible because the virus would spread too fast before they were implemented.

      Since we are suppose to trust these chosen experts then surely the truth is that all these measures are completely useless. To my knowledge no one has downplayed the contagiousness or corrected their previous data but simply ignored it.

      • Arby says:

        I followed the ‘pandemic’ closely after it was improperly declared by the WHO. The Highwire was one of my main sources of info. (But it wasn’t my only source of info by a long shot. Jon Rappoport, Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman were also among my sources of info. I went into the hoax believing in viruses and knowing little about the Rockefeller health care system/scam. That’s changed.) One of the things that Highwire and UK Column News made clear was that (following the established science, which has been rejected by the hoaxsters, who make it up as they go) they initiated the lockdown just as the curve was flattening, thus extending the life of the virus that they claimed they were eager to see disappear. That had the appearance of their doing everything in their power to create the crisis that they said they were trying to deal with.

    • katiyi says:

      Thank you for sharing your experience.
      I am appalled by the reaction of the French people. I do not understand. They have changed so much. This would never have happened in the ’60s or even ’70s, but of course, the fabric of society was so different at the time.
      It will soon be 30 years that I left Europe, but I really do not regret moving out of there. I am not sure how long I would be able to stand living there without exploding.
      Two days ago, I read that 73% of the population agrees with the lockdown. I could not believe it. It was confirmed by friends. And now, you basically say the same.
      Gosh, I so much wish that General de Gaulle could come back!
      My daughter has been telling me for years that people will not revolt. I am afraid I am starting to think she is right, at least for Europe.

      • manbearpig says:

        Well, katiyi, thanks for your thanks and concerning the French:
        Despite the fact that they are constantly reminding me what rebellious freedom fighting upstarts they’ve always been, in collusion with the media and top management of the largest French companies I think maybe their individual and collective consciences have been taken hostage by their Nanny State that imposes the decorum of politically correct groupthink at the watercooler between employees, customers, subcontractors, suppliers and any other stakeholders… An iron fist in a glove that is as velvety as a dose of Seroxat whose side effects apparently include Stockholm syndrome.
        This may explain why so much social security makes for such a serious, stressed-out and sour population: severe and chronic cognitive dissonance.
        We agree at least that they are ardently dedicated to fighting freedom.
        Having said that, the U.S. Americans in my (digital) entourage don’t seem to fare much better…
        feeling a little grumpy this evening…

  29. padraig says:

    fun times slugging that ‘special bottle of scottish gold? this might help. insert smiley face here.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      A few “one-liner” EXCERPTS…

      Nowadays, we have elections in lieu of freedom.

      The defects in any system of choosing rulers outweigh the risks of letting people run their own lives.

      People are entitled to far more information when testing baldness cures than when casting votes that could lead to war.

      Politicians have mandated warning labels for almost everything except voting booths.

      A successful politician is often merely someone who bamboozled more voters than the other liar running for office.

      When people blindly trust politicians, the biggest liars win.

  30. jackbc says:

    and also deleting texts in the broader archive.
    In my own research, I use the INTERNET ARCHIVE and
    HATHI TRUST on a daily basis, and have done since they were
    formed. During the past week I have encountered over a dozen
    instances of textual source material having been deleted.
    I didn’t dwell upon it, in the moment, but
    tonight I checked their Blog. I read they have decided to assist
    the “hard work” of the so-called “Fact Checkers” who are employed
    by American corporate media. INTERNET ARCHIVE has capitulated
    to the Fascist-Left and are now attaching warning labels to
    page scans long archived in the WAYBACK MACHINE. The Blog article
    (October 30th) did not fess-up to the weeding campaign that seems to be
    underway in the broader archive. No doubt there will be a call for volunteers to help them censor the pre-Internet thoughts of humanity.
    It will be an endless task.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Thanks for the brief from your observations.
      Do you have a link of the blog page and/or can you copy-n-paste some text onto a comment?

    • Duck says:

      Thanks for the heads up om wayback, shame but to be expected at some point I guess.
      I have taken to copying news articles to my hard disk (I shorten the name so it wont mess up due to long file nameswhen transferring via USB drive

  31. MagicBullet says:

    My Letter today to the Scientific American

    After subscribing for about 35 years I regret to ask you to cancel my subscription and give me a refund for this term. I would ask you for a refund for the 35 years but I don’t think you will agree to that.

    My reason is because your Nov issue is clearly an informercial for some entity associated with the Corona Virus Pandemic that has commissioned a coterie of articles that are blatantly unscientific, disinformation, and missing information. In addition, you included 3 strictly politically focused articles that have nothing to do with science.

    I don’t know where to start there are so many problems, but I’ll write a few here regarding this article:

    1. You state the virus was not engineered: you’ve completely ignored the article in Nature (your own parent co) on engineering a bat corona virus in the Wuhan Virology Lab to infect human airway cells:

    2. You state that Covid-19 is no worse than the flu: You completely ignored CDC report that only 6% of deaths were due to Covid alone IT’s ON THEIR HP.

    3. You state that masks are effective but you completely ignored the PFE (particle filtration efficacy) and sealing of differing masks.

    -Cloth masks vary in filtration, and have no face seal so do not prevent any airborne particles from entering and are thus uncertifiable.

    -Surgical masks only prevent bacteria from going from the surgeon into a patient and are only effective filters down to 200nm. Covid-19 virus and flu can be less than 100nm large, and surgical masks have no face seal so do not prevent any airborne particles and are thus are not capable of being certified.

    -The 99/95/100 classification system only applies to particulates down to 2.5 micrometers in size. Covid-19 virus are less than half this size so this classification has little bearing on Covid.


    4. On hydroxychloroquine, you completely ignored the fact that the negative studies used very high doses causing toxicity, at too-late a stage in the illness and without adding Zinc causing lack of efficacy.

    Reference (one of many):

    I’m not even going to go after the other points in the articles it’s that bad, although the misuse of the PCR test and suspicious death of its inventor Kary Mullis who was vociferously against using PCR for disease testing only a few months before the pandemic is worthy of a treatise itself.

  32. Hotfoot says:

    That awful Cognizant actor woman at 4m00s with her fleshcreeping vocal fry voice made me want to hurl a large lump of concrete at my laptop screen. Why can’t the people who produce authoritarian garbage like this at least pick people who come across as slightly appealing? Are their minds so truly soiled by the poison they’ve absorbed that they don’t hear things the same way as the rest of us? She’s like some robotic stick insect from another planet. Truly vile stuff.

  33. yellowbird says:

    2025 and beyond. The Establishment wanting to give us eternal life because technology is going to be so great?… yes they think this is reality. Just like the public schools think we are going to educate the next generations so well that… “Hey, we’re going to Mars and beyond”. Simply… too much Star Trek…

  34. AB says:

    There is a very simple way to distinguish who TRULY is awake and who is just saying they are awake. Those who are not angry are not awake. How could you feel anything else but fury at what is happening unless you don’t realise what is happening?

    Despite the abundance of evidence that those holding the reigns will never willingly allow things to return to how they were, people (even those claiming to be awake) still act as though things will return. The only way they can return is by exposing the fraud.

    In addition to this, how things were, was no paradise. Even before all this, the corruption and perversion was so extreme that a revolution was already required to restore liberty. So maybe this is exactly what we needed to finally stand up and create the society that should’ve existed all along. Instead of the “Great Reset” perhaps the “GREAT UNPLUG.”

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