Episode 387 - Your Guide to The Great Reset

10/16/2020350 Comments

You've all heard by now that The Great Reset is upon us. But what is The Great Reset, exactly, and what does it mean for the future of humanity? Join James for this in-depth exploration of the latest rebranding of the New World Order agenda and its vision of a post-human Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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  1. Big-_-Brother says:

    I live in the US and i see the politics between the vaccine are a good thing. also James no… video for this podcast?

    • Big-_-Brother says:

      edit i came in too early… put the video up

    • Nivek S says:

      Hey Big-Brother, I’m in the US and the video is on here for me. Also, on bitchute if you’re having trouble.
      PS. Thanks for keeping an eye on us! Hahaha

    • smartcollege says:

      Yes, the “Great Reset” has nothing to do with a virus or health. But this latest 24/7 fear-mongering pre-planned pandemic (aka hoax)serves as not only a diversion from humans paying attention to much else but an effective way to eradicate family savings and condition the populace of the world to go along with anything the cultists want to do to control the population and cull it as a byproduct of vaccinating it.

  2. AuntJennie says:

    i do hate to look at schwab and i do hate listening to his voice.
    anyhow, here’s a link for you all on the canadian aspect of the push to total digital economy.


  3. Duck says:

    Funny… Grover is not only the most trustworthy politician but he also has a background in changing society- Sesame Street being the first TV show that I know of that was openly created with the aim of programming the attitudes of the next generation.
    I guess Grover sold out

  4. MostlyHarmless says:

    Something I think worth noting, this isn’t the first time “The Great Reset” has been presented, Richard Florida tried peddling this garbage back in 2010 after the manufactured “Financial crisis” of 2007-2008. If you dig into Richard Florida’s background, and realize he has been pushing this concept since 2002 in “The Rise of the Creative Class”. I agree it’s just lipstick on an old pig as James pointed out.

    https://www.weforum.org/agenda/authors/richard-florida (no surprise here)

    Also, something worth reading regarding transhumanism would be about FM-2030 – note the 2030, it’s seems to be a magical number of sorts 😉 FM-2030 created a transhumanist manifesto called “UpWingers: A Futurist Manifesto”, which can be read here: https://slowlorisblog.files.wordpress.com/2015/05/esfandiary-up-wingers-a-futurist-manifesto.pdf some consider him the “father” of the modern transhumanism. Personally I believe this nonsense even goes further back to ancient greece and the philosophical argument of “Free will vs. Determinism” the later being the one that most “elites” would more then likely say is the case. Especially given the state of “biosecurity” meaning given enough information about an individual you could theoretically predict their behavior and their life in general. A fun filled article over at The Atlantic: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/06/theres-no-such-thing-as-free-will/480750/ gives a window into some current thoughts of how we can be condensed down to biological machines with no real purpose. But hey we are after all just “cannon fodder” 😀

  5. janet says:

    Michael Bernician of Scotland recommends as a nation send all your mail back. Do not go to work or school. Don’t pay any government bills or taxes. Excercise your right to defend yourself.


  6. E says:

    Make The Great Reset For The Resetters First – Test Their Ideas On Themselves

    So the Great Resetter want to impose their views on the others of planet earth.
    That’s right folks here they go again. They know what is best for everyone else – right.

    They are so sure it will all work to nurture a great better world for the others — everyone – people and nature.

    And they will prove it works by testing – transparently – all their ideas on themselves for an extended period of time. Yep full transparently, they have nothing to hide.

    Let the testing begin. Each of the great resetters will be tracked 24/7 for the next years. Their movements and all camera images will be posted on each of these nobel people dedicated to a better world for the others. Watch Bill and Malinada as they travel about the world on live internet tracking with daily summaries. See all the points of intersection with each resetter among the other resetters. See all their biometrics 24/7. Daily summaries by resetter interst groups.

    Add as many of your ideas as you like for resetter tests – that the resetters can do and provide to the world – to see how well it all works on them.

    The testing can start with a test period of a century with annual reports of how well it is working. If additional testing is needed extensions of a century can be made.

  7. carol5555 says:

    Thank you, James, for this condensed version of the Great Reset. I can send my doubting friends and family here to hopefully gather more people to resist this nightmare.

  8. littlebird says:

    So… is this basically a replay of the 2008 financial crisis?

    1) Businesses borrow money in order to build the new sustainability economy

    2) Financial institutions create and sell new derivative products based on the loans

    3) The WEF and other “sustainable development” organizations replay their same-old same-old in terms of funding sustainable dev projects for countries around the world in exchange for control/ownership of natural resources and other assets?

    sigh. ya, you said it, James. Lipstick on the pig.

  9. miahallen says:

    Is anyone else curious about why FOX is allowing Tucker to talk about this stuff…he’s still not unveiling the whole picture, but he’s certainly pulling back the curtain to a certain degree – https://youtu.be/CeTliWwDPOg

    • cu.h.j says:

      A lot of his shows about the lockdowns were very good, in my opinion. I started watching his show a lot more after that. In fact, I never watched him before his commentary on the lockdowns and the recent tyranny. He seems to sincerely have some passion for the things he’s speaking about. His show is popular in the mainstream “conservative” discourse.

      I’m not sure why Fox is allowing it. Tucker even mentioned Soros in one of his shows. I think that he stays on because he brings in money to the network. I am surprised his show stays on as well. One might ask why any media that pulls back the curtain is “allowed” to stay online. All I can guess is that “they” can’t control everything, if they did there wouldn’t be any propaganda campaign at all.

      Many say that Trump is just part of the scheme but I’m not convinced of that either. It doesn’t “feel” right to me. Even JC has stated that the NWO does not control everything, and I think that’s accurate. I think agendas are pushed and people are steered but there is no singular force (yet) that has complete control. I mean this website is still up and running also. There is still a semblance of “free speech” in the US and in other countries. It’s something we should try to save.

      • weilunion says:

        Tucker Carlson is an admirer of the fascist Proud Boys. Tucker Carlson calls immigrants pigs, that they bring filth to the US. He gives news time to known ‘alt-right’ members and allows them to broadcast hate.

        He is a rabid white segregationist.

        But more than this, he is the prototype for a typical QAnon member and recruiter.

        What a highly paid,in the tens of millions, propagandist like Tucker Carlson does is exactly what QAnon does.

        As journalist Caitlin Johnstone states so well when she calls QAnon a propaganda construct designed to manufacture support for the status quo among people who otherwise would not support it.

        “And that’s exactly what makes QAnon so uniquely toxic. It’s not just that it gets people believing false things which confuse and alienate them, it’s that it’s a fake, decoy imitation of what a healthy revolutionary impulse would look like. It sells people on important truths that they already intuitively know on some level, like the untrustworthiness of the mass media, that the official elected U.S. government aren’t really the ones calling the shots, and that we need a great awakening. It takes those vital, truthful, healthy revolutionary impulses, then twists them around into support for the U.S. president and the agendas of the Republican Party.

        And now literally any time I speak out against Trump doing something self-evidently horrible like orchestrating the extradition of Julian Assange or assassinating Iran’s top military official, I get QAnon adherents in the comments section telling me to “relax” and “trust the plan” because this is actually a brilliant strategic maneuver against the deep state. Any argument against any longstanding evil Fox News Republican agenda that Trump advances has a widely promulgated explanation for why it’s actually good and beneficial among the QAnon crowd.

        A healthy impulse to fight the power is twisted into support for the most unconscionable aspects of the ruling power Establishment. You see healthy impulses twisted and corrupted like this all the time, all across the political spectrum.”


        That is the role of Tucker Carlsons’ all over the world. Fake decoys.

        We are seeing the death of critical thinking and witnessing the repeal of the Enlightenment in favor of servitude..

        • Duck says:

          Tucker Carlson is what used to be called a regular conservative, or, at the very least he plays on on TV. I have never heard his push segrgation, though he did mock the idea when black students wanted their own areas on some colege campus if I recall right.
          That said… whats wrong with voluntary segregationists?
          Freedom of association is also the freedom to NOT associate.. personally I dislike racism but just because I think someone is wrong why should they be forced to live with someone they dont like?
          Sorry Qanon types bother you… pretty sure that thing is just a psyop.

          • weilunion says:

            Tucker Carlson is not what used to be called ‘a regular conservative.” Eisenhower was a regular conservative. The USA has moved so far to the right that what used to be called ‘liberals’ yesterday today are arch conservatives. And what used to be called conservatives are reactionaries now or fascists.

            Labels are less and less important today and actually serve to confuse.

            But let us not fail to distinguish corporate or ethnic fascism from good ‘ol fashion conservatism.

            As to voluntary segregation, sounds like bed covers for racism.

            When we arrive at a stage of history where we can form voluntary relationships without fear, then we can speak of voluntary segregation. right now, we need to unite people not divide.

            I remember reading about slavery from the colonial point of view. Colonialism. The colonialists all said that the slaves and colonized loved their oppression and that they volunteered for a life of servitude.

            I can hear the fascist technocrats saying the same thing now.

            All social change comes from resistance and struggle.

            For those that wish to choose their associations fine. But those of us old enough have heard the dog whistles before. and this is something Tucker Carlson does very, very well and why he is paid, a lot of money, this is just the same rap we heard under slavery and Jim Crow.

            As to QAnon it is not that it personally bothers me, it is that it is a dress rehearsal for the death of critical thinking and a very good example of how many Americans fail to understand both the country and the world they live in and why they are so easily duped.

            • lovetodust says:

              wellunion, Have you seen the recent interview on Solari Report with Catherine Austin Fitts, Joseph Farrell and Bernard Grover regarding Qanon? Very very informative. They deconstruct it.

              I am not a Q reader, but I have a friend who is ardent Q. I frequently joke with him about the imminent “event”. Like all the thousands of indictments that are going to be handed out. It’s been four years now. Where’s the big event?

              Anyway, to each their own, by all means. I found Fitt’s discussion immensely informative and interesting.

              If you go to the Solari.com front page and scroll down you will see the window for the interview.

            • Duck says:

              I agree that labels are not as helpful as they once were. The right wing is as spendthrift as the left and the left is as authoritarian as the right. They really are very much the same party bent on keeping themselves in a job and others out THIS freakanomics told me what I already knew.

              “… The USA has moved so far to the right that what used to be called ‘liberals’ yesterday today are arch conservatives. And what used to be called conservatives are reactionaries now or fascists….’

              That is clearly wrong- the idea that the republicans are more right wing now then the 1950’s is a joke when they support a)deficit spending without limit b)gay rights c) welfare that even the most ardent socalist of 1950 would not have imagined.

              Do you live in the US?

              The politics have moved steadily ‘left’ to the point that Trump (hated as a fascist) now says the same things as Bill Clinton (who was hated as a leftie) who sent troops down to the boarder where they killed a kid Esequiel Hernández  and expanded the prison industrial complex


              “…As to voluntary segregation, sounds like bed covers for racism…”

              While I dont like racism why would I want to force racists to live with people they dont
              like? Would that make racists happier? Would it make people racists hate happier? Making people that dont have a common bond live together ends up in Yugoslavia or Rwanda.

              Freedom means being free to be a racist ass.

              “….When we arrive at a stage of history where we can form voluntary relationships without fear, then we can speak of voluntary segregation. right now, we need to unite people not divide…”

              How do you intend to unite with racists? Are Christians going to unite with atheists? You can only unite with people you have something in common with

              Diversity is the strength of the ruler.

              Diversity sets people who have little in common against each other.

              “…All social change comes from resistance and struggle…”

              Not all change is good, Bill Gates ideas sure suck

              “…is a dress rehearsal for the death of critical thinking and a very good example of how many Americans fail to understand both the country and the world they live in and why they are so easily duped….”

              Critical thinking died a long time ago thanks to public education 🙁
              But its not just Americans that are duped, pretty much all the west eats globalist “Shtufff”

        • Miss Terious says:

          Trump is with the Zionists and has long standing ties to the Jewish mafia and supports the state of Israel and Saudi Arabia. He does what is convenient. He hasn’t exposed 911. He hasn’t exposed the bioterror scam. He likes vaccines, even wants the army to distribute these poisons! They are still all over the middle east. Huge budget deficits, money printing gone wild, Trump has encouraged it. “Stimulus! Go big or go home!” he tweeted. Huge spending on the military industrial pharma intelligence complex continues unabated. Don’t be fooled.

          It’s just infighting between two criminal gangs at the top. With the Hunter Biden thing, QAnon will try to spin it for all it is worth, painting Trump as the great saviour.

          QAnon is what it claims to be: a military intelligence operation. It’s a psyop! It’s not about liberating humanity. When I investigated it, I discovered one of the most evil and devious traps set by these people that I’ve ever encountered. Evidence that what I said is true: look at how many people get suckered by it.

        • AuntJennie says:

          excellent point, well said. and a great video by James Corbett.

    • Libertydan says:

      The powers that control the Media want to create a Left/Right Paradigm so they needed someone to balance the likes of Rachel Mad-dog. Without Tucker I am guessing that many people would never turn on the Propaganda Box, and that would be bad for business, eh!

      • weilunion says:

        Problem is what they say is ‘left’ is liberal, not left and thus they also render the use of the terms useless

      • Duck says:

        that does make sense…giving people an edge to the overton window that is at least a bit awake.

      • scpat says:

        I would agree with you on this. Without White there would be no Black. Without Up there would be no Down. Without Right there would be no Left. Although Tucker does speak some truth, he does, whether knowingly or unknowingly, serve as the counter-balance to keep people invested in the game. There has to be a good guy and a bad guy or the movie wouldn’t be worth watching.

        • weilunion says:

          What a terrible misreading of the media an media literacy. Up needs down and the ‘left’ (an ambiguous and undefined concept) needs Tucker?

          This post is not about Tucker, readers can research his long ties to white supremacists and fascists,it is about how people gravitate towards TV personalities even when they are trying to figure out and embrace freedom.

          Every corporate talking head has two roles, be they reactionary (like Tucker) or liberal (like Maddow):

          make money for the advertisers

          assure people are divided and conquered for the vulture elites by expressing ruling elites’ narratives as if they were diametrically opposed to each other.

          Good guy, bad guy runs deep in American mythology, along with the Lone Ranger and Tanto.

          Might be why there is so little critical thinking about the world in which we live.

          Don’t fall into the trap

          • cu.h.j says:

            What ties to white supremacy? Any links to support this? Your past comments about “white men” and “fascists “ give me the impression that you are biased and falling into the “left “ trap sucked in by post modernist dogma.

            Elitism is a distasteful characteristic that a few of your posts imbued touting the benefits of socialism for example. Not everyone wants that. Nor do people want to be made to feel guilty for being white which they have little choice.

            • cu.h.j says:

              You make good points about “the left “ not being liberal. And I do think many of your posts are very good. I mean no offense to you as a person with my comments. I apologize if my post came off as insulting to you. I mean no insult.

              • weilunion says:

                You are not insulting me for I am too old to be insulted by a video machine and those who use it. I am not insulted by ideas.

                My only suggestion is that if you do not agree with someone, then say so and tell the person why. Don’t tell them how they might impress you,or try to put them in categories, or use uncritical thinking in an attempt to circle the wagons around a self justifying belief system.

                People make claims. You either wish to entertain them or not. If you do, then rigid questioning is the order of the day.

                Try to avoid categories when possible and if you use wordslike’post modernism’ then define your terms. You might have seen how James began his show with a definition of terms. Why? We have a tendency to use language as if everyone has the same definitions for the use that we do. This is not correct.

                Without critical thinking it doesn’t really matter if there is a Great Reset or not. The uncritical mind will never notice.

            • weilunion says:

              If you want proof of Tucker Carlson’s racism and hatred then do your own research. It is all there. And when you use words like ‘post modernist dogma’ can you please define the terms for they make no sense without a definition, even though they might sound worldly and intellectual.

              As to your impressions they are assumptions which you have not probed through rigid questioning. We need critical thinking now, not impressionistic thinking. And we certainly do not need people trying to push others into categories that suit their own self justifying belief systems.

              All thinking is biased and all people are biased. We are biased for what we believe. The issue is to find the bias in yourself and others and question it.

              You say “touting the benefits of socialism” is elitist? Really? So if anyone makes a claim that you do not agree with they are elitists?

              As to ‘distasteful characteristics of my post” just what do you mean? Give an example.

              I find little to work with here other than a list of fallacies.

              You should really do some critical investigation regarding the Tuckers of the world,who funds them, what think tanks they have started or engaged in, real critical investigation.

              Don’t attempt to characterize me relative to your impressions. If you do not like what you read then comment as to the claims or, in the alternative,move on.

              Try to replace name calling with self-questioning.

        • cu.h.j says:

          Those are good points.

          • weilunion says:

            Why are they good points?

            I wrote an article some time ago about the Proud Boys,Tucker and the corporate fascist media. Proud Boys attorneys threatened me with a libel lawsuit.

            As a lawyer, I laughed. I am stilling laughing.

      • miahallen says:

        For me (to answer my own question), I think you’re close to the target here. But my question was more specifically: why pull back the curtain on the truth…in order to keep people in the L/R mindset? But in this case…I think they allow him to stay on the air because he is still preaching national statism…..as the solution to globalism. James has brought up this idea many times before…and although the globalist don’t like it…FOX may be just fine exposing some of the technocratic takeover…because they are truly nationalists. I have been under the impression that Rupert Murdoch was a globalist like the rest…but maybe he really does prefer nationalism??? Your thoughts? Any good exposes of Rupert Murdoch?

  10. debra.b says:

    My mind boggles too, James. And, I’m definitely struggling to stomach it all. May be time for me to take a breather.

    My sincere thanks to you, however, for your generous and well done spoonful of it. And, as always to Broc West as well. The images always make it less difficult for me to keep up.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Me too.
      I grasp the dark ugliness of the future where the train is headed.
      Corbett did not dance around its ugliness.
      I had to watch it in parts, and take breaks.
      When completed, I had to go work in the yard to try to unwind.
      Needed a breather.
      I slept on it before trying to comment.
      I awoke with this on my mind.
      And now, I comment.

      The impact is powerful and unsettling.

      • lovetodust says:

        Yes, I think Corbett, Catherine Austin Fitts and Alison McDowell give a very clear picture of where this is all going. I know Corbett and Fitts have been projecting it for years. I just started reading and watching McDowell.

        The 4th Industrial Revolution.

  11. Denis says:

    Howdy, regarding this ‘merging with machines’ idea, what Musk had said came to mind. He(They actually. There was more than a few articles about this in pop media) has been scaring people with AI and speculations how AI could mean our end and what not, but then came to conclusion that we have to ‘merge’ with it, to prevent it from happening.
    This idea where we have to connect with machines and AI to prevent AI of making us obsolete or destroying us, is so ridiculous that I wonder if all people who pretend to like this are paid trolls or just plain stupid. That being said 12 yo me, back then in communist Yugoslavia was quite happy and enthusiastic about stuff like this. I guess technocracy is a wet dream of communist society or at least many comunists and radical atheists because that’s the only fairy tale they are able to imagine that gives them hope about eternal or at least longer, healthier cyberpunk life and happinnes.

    • HEDGE110 says:

      Hi Denis. There are a lot of people who love this idea of merging with technology at a biological level. Been a subject of much manga. I do wonder if people are buying in due to manipulation (techniques birthed with MK Ultra).

      • loomit says:

        It seems that these folks want to live forever here on earth and this is their hope for doing that. I think it’s also a reason for them to want to limit the population because there would be too many people, if people didn’t die.

        • Libertydan says:

          Indeed, these Materialists can never get enough. They always want more money, more power, more gadgets, more what ever. As they say, “There is no rest for the wicked”.
          Life will pass them by and they will not have known what it was like to live, much less transcend this life into the next.

          • HEDGE110 says:

            It seems the materialists take umbrage with eventual death and renewal. Most of the State’s war on the people leverages the fear of death.

  12. HEDGE110 says:

    To go along with The Great Reset (not that ‘great’ really) are guides like ‘How to address myths and misinformation using behavioural insights’ – https://www.dpc.nsw.gov.au/programs-and-services/behavioural-insights/blog/2020/08/13/addressing-myths-and-misinformation-using-behavioural-insights/

  13. richard.mo says:

    I have just finished my weekly zoom workout. My instructor has made several remarks in the past indicating he is on board with the MSM narrative over these last weeks. Tonight he made his feelings clear that some citizens were not doing their best to protect others. He was forthright and serious about his position. Clearly, he accepts the mainstream narrative unquestioningly and in its totality. He is an intelligent person who I hold a great deal of respect for. I do not air my views to the class (as it is not the forum). I am certain he would not understand my views.

    This is the problem we have. We are now nine months into this narrative. We have been through “the first wave”. We are going into the promised “second wave”. The alternative media have not provided a persuasive enough argument to convince enough people that this is a centrally coordinated globalist conspiracy to transform the world and control every human being on it and every facet of life, despite the fact it is so well documented. For most people they are not going to begin to believe the overarching concept let alone drill down into any of the detail. There are so many good intelligent people who will reject the truth. The MSM narrative about the disease has been galvanised in most people’s minds.

    When large numbers of people are dying (through compromised immune systems, manipulated figures, deaths misattributed to coronavirus and MSM hyperbole) and this is ostensibly portrayed as deaths from Covid-19, the majority are going to reject anything a “conspiracy theorist” has to say on the subject. Essentially, in my experience, the situation is looking increasingly desperate and by March next year airing any views that are in opposition to the MSM narrative is going to lead to an uncomfortable hiding to nothing in many quarters.

    We are not going to win this battle by simply rejecting the MSM narrative as it rolls out. This is the power of the MSM and always has been. It is crummy teeth gnashing nonsense in respect to content, most people will agree on this. But it sets the agenda and molds minds in the process. That is its true power. It does this by the leviathan being consolidated within the hands of a few who steer the ship, while every competing minnow is sucked along in its wake.

    That is not to say we should give up or lose heart (I believe ‘love’ and ‘care’ are the key to change – if care is not a sacred commodity, why do the predators hold elaborate ceremonies at Bohemian Grove to cremate it?). I think we all need to up our game and start controlling our narrative, rather than continue to attack the MSM narrative, which ultimately only serves and consolidates the MSM narrative. We are dealing with very smart people we need to either think smarter than them or use brute force. The former is my preference. The latter is theirs.

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be broken into multiple posts. -JC]

    • Duck says:

      when they count up total deaths at the end of the year I doubt that it will be anything like as horrific as they are making out…. but no one looks at the actual total number of deaths per year.

    • lizzie says:

      I’m glad you didn’t snip your comment because it was exceptionally well said. Talking solutions is the way to go, ignoring the MSM narrative and ignoring the big wigs who do think they need to shape the world.
      Zat Schwab is za lunzatic, leave him to his imagination. I wish friends who think I’m crazy for saying there are people who are trying to rule the world would realise zher are monsters in ze midst, then they would laugh at them and their far fetched plans.
      I must admit I too want this whole world to go in a particular direction, does that make me a Bond villain with ideas above my station?
      The difference is I know it’s lunacy, but it’s doable to set an example and live by your ideals.

    • Libertydan says:

      Never in Known History have we discovered a time when Man did not control other men. Perhaps such a time existed, however it would have been before the last Ice Age, which lasted about 1000 years.
      In the “His Story” (History) books, we have been subjects of, it tells us that the Roman Catholic Church stymied innovation from the fall of the Roman Empire until the time of the Renaissance Period (about 1000 years).


      Little is known about these Middle Ages/Dark Ages other than that people gathered in villages which were, for the most part, ruled over by local Kings who claimed them as part of their Kingdom. Due to lack of knowledge, and unsanitary conditions we are told that diseases flourished and that most people died before they reached the age of 40.

      In Ancient Rome, as we have come to call it, because it was rediscovered during the Renaissance, people lived a lot longer. They had running Water and Sewage systems which allowed for the rise of Large Cities. Indeed, it was “Man Power” that provided the Means to create the infrastructure that made their Civilization possible, and many of those providing the “Man Power” were Slaves.

      When I compare that European History to what I have gotten from a Southwestern Washington Native American Chief, (I listened to his lecture, talked with him, and read his book), I see a totally different way of life.
      It was in 2006 that he was allowed to speak at the recently constructed Johnson Observation Center on Mt St. Helen where he told of a former Chief of that Tribe, who was the 6 year old son of a Chief, when he and his Dad met Louis and Clark in 1806. The Story was passed on by that former Chief (who lived to be over a hundred) to a Tribe women (who lived to be 104), to this current Chief (who I would have guessed to be no more than 60, and a healthy 60 at that, yet he told me he was 75).
      Any way, these Native American Chiefs seemed to be agreed upon by general consensus or mutual respect, and if you didn’t like it, you were free to leave. It almost sounds like Anarchy, eh!
      Anyway, it’s not in the “His Story” Books

  14. loomit says:

    Interesting that a one-world leader, one-world religion, one-world currency, and a hand or forehead mark enabling one to buy and sell was foretold about 1900 years ago. I’ll continue to fight as much as I’m able, even while knowing that these things are inevitable eventually, at “the time of the end: (when) many shall run to and fro and knowledge shall be increased.” (Dan 12:4)

    • Libertydan says:

      I think there is something in Bible about resisting the Mark of the Beast to save your Soul. With the U.S. Congress pushing through Bill No. 6666 relating to such things as forced Vaccinations and possible National ID, it would be easy to make a connection with what was Prophesied in the Bible, yet I think it is being used as a Means to create fear.
      They want you to think that there is nothing you can do. When you give up, they win. Don’t make it easy for them, eh!

      • weilunion says:

        They want confusion to be our epitaph. They are operating quickly, rapidly and doing just what Karl Rove, George Bush’s brain said in an interview:

        “People like you are still living in what we call the reality-based community. You believe that solutions emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality. That’s not the way the world really works anymore. We’re an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you are studying that reality—judiciously, as you will—we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors, and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.”

        Karl Rove


        • Libertydan says:

          Indeed, Karl Rove (a master of mind control) would like to put thinking people in despair. He would have us believing that the Truth doesn’t matter. The idea that they can create a fake reality and build on it as if it was true has been show to work.
          The “New Peal Harbor” Events of 9/11/01 did happened, there is no denying that, yet by way of carefully planning a “National Emergency”, the Media was used as a Means to turn the 9/11/01 Events into a bed of Lies so the that Empire which uses the Petrodollar as it’s Means of world dominance could take control of nearly all the worlds Oil (thus The New American Century).
          The problem with Lies built on Lies is that it eventually undermines all Knowledge, which is what is happening to the masses that are sucked into MSM. I went for ten years without a TV because of it’s mind bending powers. It was only when I was able to use it to play VHS Documentaries of my own choosing that I found it useful to own one.
          Yep, they are the Actors all right, and knowing that they are Just Actors is what makes the Truth work, eh!

        • Fact Checker says:

          “confusion [is] our epitaph”

          Sweet King Crimson reference.

        • richard.mo says:

          I have not seen that quote previously. It is the Satanist’s charter. Total solipsism. A denunciation of any objective truth and an insistence that truth is relative. Truth is whatever they say it is. Mark Passio is so right its painful to acknowledge.

  15. hidetora says:

    Nice overview. Technocracy, sustainable development, new world order, and the great reset are all names for basically the same thing with slight variations but the essence is always more power in the hands of a few.
    It is important to note that although there are events that accelerate these overlapping agendas, such as the current great panic, they have been being implemented progressively and there is no logical end to this.
    About automation, automation is not bad, and does not cause unemployment per se, although it is indeed being accelerated through the artificial raising of cost of labour (minimum wage laws, social security and other “worker’s rights”) with no added benefit to workers and consumers. Even though automation destroys existing jobs it also creates new ones, that we cannot predict.
    Automation is actually a scapegoat for the states’ ruinous policies to then deliver UBI as the only solution.

    • Libertydan says:

      Universal Basic Income will come as traceable digital money to your personally identifiable wallet, and at some point you will be required to consent to an Inject-able ID in order to keep the money coming.
      Another way to look at UBI is that if you take the money, you have “Signed” the “Social Contract” they keep talking about.

    • weilunion says:

      Under capitalism where the means of production is in the hands of the ruling class, unemployment rises exponentially due to the fact that replacing workers is more profitable than keeping them and paying benefits.

      Surplus labor, the name Marx gave to people in the world who will never work or have worked and will never work again is in the billions and rising.

      They will have to be contained and controlled.

      The profit before people system is moving so fast now that the ruling elite must do the Reset now for this surplus population is organizing world wide and this scares the hell out of the ruling elite. Always has.

      They fear the people more than anything which is why they work to mis-educate them,control them, assure their lives are transparent and tracked and prevent them from organizing and educating.

      The Great Reset actually goes back to the Powell Memo written in 1973 by Supreme Court Luis Powell. Search it it is worth the read.

      And this is why our answer to the Reset must be political organization, massive organizing world wide or, in the alternative they win.

      Remember this is the largest and best organized ruling elite we know of since the Great Pharoahs

      • hidetora says:

        > Surplus labor, the name Marx gave to people in the world who will never work or have worked and will never work again is in the billions and rising.

        Read my other post below.
        I recommend you to read an economics book(Economics in One Lesson by Henry Hazlitt, Basic Economics by Thomas Sowell are both excelent), this is a common claim that has been debunked several times, and I am not aware of any economist that still believes that.
        It is another myth that is used as an excuse for promoting UBI, social programs and what not, increasing the sphere of influence of the state.
        There will be (are) challenges posed by automation and AI in warfare, surveillance, social engineering, etc. but not in the field of unemployment.

        • Libertydan says:

          I think it is a useful “Tool”, of the Elites, to sell the idea that the “Truth doesn’t matter” as a Means of creating Despair. Those who can be deceived into a state of Despair are of no threat to the powers that should not be.
          Indeed, without Truth, there is no knowledge, and without Knowledge, there is no functioning advanced society for these parasites to prey on.
          Deception is the name of their Game!

    • Duck says:

      Automation will cause unemployment… there is unlikely to be a new industry that replaces the jobs lost to it either, the jobs that WILL be created will be high skill ones for high IQ people. The fact is that people with low skills will have few places in the new economy.
      The solution is to let the population gradually decline with age and concentrate on creating high skill workers
      The thing is that will still leave many people behind because out society is focused on consumption and production and has lost the sense of community and the value of humans just for the sake of them being humans. Materialism as a philosophy destroys the value of humans.

      • hidetora says:

        You assume that automation is free or cheap, while it requires heavy capital investment that could be allocated to other more productive endeavours, it is also expensive to maintain, become obsolete and need further capital investments. Paying and retraining workers is often cheaper long-term and short-term, so it is simply not true that whatever can be automated will be automated. Also supply and demand also plays a part. If many jobs are destroyed (which is rare in expanding industries, most workers are trained for their new functions), the cost of labour decresases (nominal wages go down) and automation in many areas will not be viable. So automation actually frees up labour for industries that otherwise would not be profitable.
        By imposing a minimum price for labour (minimum wage) with, the whole process is disrupted, and workers that could be working in new industries are too expensive for those new industries to be profitable.

        Also, most machines are not 100% autonomous and need someone to operate them, even AI.

  16. André says:

    “As I say…” ?

  17. Mal says:

    The Great Reset? Wow! Can’t wait to be lead into the Promised Land…. just like….

    THE GREAT LEAP FORWARD? https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=great+leap+forward

    Or THE CULTURAL REVOLUTION? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXByOrRrO7c

    Yeah, right.

  18. bladtheimpaler says:

    “A new dark age is descending made more terrible by perverted science” paraphrased. Just one concrete example: https://www.lifesitenews.com/blogs/thousands-demonstrate-against-france-law-that-erases-fathers-from-some-childrens-lineage

    • weilunion says:

      It is a digital dark ages of nightmarish proportions accompanied by a form of neo-feudalism as the political and economic order. Dark Ages.

    • Duck says:

      The dark ages were at least Decentralized with plenty of powers compeating with each other so that they could not lock down power totally… what we are looking at is more like China when they sealed off their ports and made it hard for their people to go anywhere…or Japan after the civil war period when they disarmed the peasants and fixed their status.
      DISorder (in small doses) is good for freedom.

  19. Fawlty Towers says:

    James like you, I believe without a doubt this is THE most important topic to be discussing today. Kudos to you for taking dead aim at it for this video podcast.
    I don’t think it’s possible to ‘over-sensationalize’ this.

    All roads may have led to Rome at one time.
    Schwab wants all roads to lead to the great reset now.

    And they will be pimping and using every trick in the book to get all of their agendas lined up and implemented in the coming years, all in the name of health and personal safety, security, innovation, progress etc.

    Shades of George Bush?
    “Every nation, in every region, now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists,”

    Klaus Schwab:
    “We have a choice: to remain passive, which would lead to the amplification of many of the trends we see today; polarization, nationalism, racism and ultimately increased social unrest and conflicts.

    But, we have another choice. We can build a new social contract, particularly integrating the next generation.
    We can change our behavior to be in harmony with nature again.
    And we can make sure that the technologies of the fourth industrial revolution are best utilized to provide us with better lives.
    In short, we need a great reset.”

    James you state several times “It is an open conspiracy”.
    Isn’t that an oxymoron?
    Aren’t conspiracies by definition planned in secret?

    All of those younger folks you featured in the middle of the video who seemed to have bought into this, hook line and sinker… who were trying to “sell it” to us …
    Do you think they really know how sinister the real plot is?
    Or do you think they have been brain-washed into thinking this will be real progress for the human race?

    Society… Phobias about germs will reshape the fabric of social life.

    I urge anyone who is willing to put up with the new health/safety b.s. protocols at airports and in planes to call the airlines out if you are on a flight and you witness someone cough or sneeze.
    Throw it back in the airline’s face!

    I would urge you to immediately call a flight attendant and request that the person be quarantined to the back of the plane so they won’t be able to infect and kill any passengers with the deadly Covid-19 virus.
    Should they balk, notify them that family members will sue the airline for being irresponsible and negligent should anyone come down with Covid and die.

  20. Octium says:

    “This is just a fresh coat of lipstick on a very old pig” – JC

  21. scpat says:

    This episode of the podcast was very dark. The scope of this is so vast and there are so many possibilities. I can tell you felt that way as well, James. You looks exhausted, like this material sucked some life out of you.

    In regards to Klaus Schwab, I would almost feel bad for him if he wasn’t so evil. He is a very sad, sorry human being, detached from life in so many ways. He is living in a complete delusion and disconnected from his very humanity. The poor plebes, the common, simple folk he wishes to control know much more about what it means to live a full and meaningful life than he ever will. Perhaps that is what drives him to desire to control all life.

    That idea reminds of the story James has told several times about his time spent as a teacher. While in the classroom, he saw one child deliberately destroy the carefully crafted artwork of another child–one child’s creation destroyed out of jealously and the feeling of inadequacy of another. Some people can never be happy with what they have, and feel the need to destroy and control things for everyone else.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      scpat says:
      This episode of the podcast was very dark.

    • mwier says:

      That’s a tragically beautiful comparison: the jealousy, transformed and scar-tissued over by the years, that might underline such a desire for control.

      It’s sad and perhaps quite common.

      • Libertydan says:

        “Those who cannot create”, do what?
        In the Case of JC’s Story about teaching young kids, and his pondering about a student acting out of jealously to destroy another students creation, I say Jealously is a Sin that needs to be reckoned with.
        The creative student has found self worth, whereby the jealous student needs to find self worth. So, how did/does a Philosopher teaching English in Japan deal with such a thing as Jealously? Indeed, it worth pondering!
        PS I recall hearing the phase back when I was teaching, “Those who can not do, teach”. Perhaps this deception contributed to my moving on to doing, but mostly it had to do with butting heads with higher ups in the Indoctrination System that they call “Education”. Let’s just say, it wasn’t what I thought it would be.
        A much better phase (for which I will be happy to take credit for) is
        “One a Teacher, always a Teacher”, and I mean this in the sense that a “Real Teacher” teaches the Truth as best he/she knows it, no matter the consequences.

  22. mhmberg says:

    From a dutch website:

    Cafe Weltschmerz

    Great news. – There comes a point when everyone gets it. – Ramon Bril

    October 14, one of the greatest epidemiologists of our century published his calculations of the lethality of Covid-19. He published with the WHO itself. John P A Ioannidis has been very sharp and against the lockdowns since the beginning of the “crisis”, but was immediately ignored by the media. That while he is certainly one of the greatest epidemiologists of all time. It is also called the “scourge of sloppy science”. This publication cannot be put away. It calculates the global IFR. His conclusion about the virus’s lethality is as follows: the infection fatality rate (IFR) of Covid-19 is 0.23% for all ages, and the much more telling IFR for under 70 is 0.05%. No reason whatsoever to cause panic. Certainly not because the IFR is still falling, because we know more about the virus, and because many of the studies he took with him did not count correctly whether people really died from corona. The last sentence, which is quite harsh for a scientific publication, actually sums it up everything: “The inferred infection fatality rates tended to be much lower than estimates made earlier in the pandemic.”


  23. Miss Terious says:

    James has produced a podcast so good I am almost lost for words.

    One thing which James only hinted at: Do not confuse Schwab’s support for “blockchain” with decentralised cryptocurrencies. Schwab wants centralised control. They are two different things. There is as much difference between centralised and decentralised systems as there is between technofascism/communism and anarchy.

    As always, it is not the technology, but how it is used.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Blockchain & Bitcoin

      You bring up a good point Miss Terious.

      There were probably some folks who missed the sarcastic humor when James talks about the blockchain under “The Great Reset”.

      In fact, sometimes folks misinterpret the substance underlying his
      Episode 328 – The Bitcoin Psyop (which has a transcript)

      There are times that people just read the title and have their own wrong concept of the content based solely on the title.

      • Miss Terious says:

        Yes, I have seen it in other places on the web…people making assumptions from the title alone. I have referred to it in the past as an “unfortunate” title. Bitcoin is not a psyop, nor does James make that suggestion. The thing is the Schwab types never say “bitcoin”. It’s always “blockchain” – that’s the psyop. But blockchains can be either centralised or decentralised and they are two different things.

        This link will help anyone who is struggling to understand:


    • lovetodust says:

      Oh, absolutely. There is no way they are leaving any control – especially monetary – in the hands of the people own it.

  24. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I hope folks recognize that now is the time to act…to take visible meaningful actions.
    Not when they send you to the “education” camp.

    • Duck says:

      We are already in the re-education camp… the cell has a big screen or a little screen and delicious sweet, carb filled foods are your rations.
      There is no need to send you away when you can die at home

  25. MagicBullet says:

    James, it would be good for you to tell us who is really running the WEF as Schwab must only be the face of the organization. There’s always that one family that stays in the shadows….

  26. mwier says:

    30:07 Leonardo DiCaprio in the audience accepting Schwab’s High Priest Message.

  27. MagicBullet says:

    Welcome To 2030: I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy And Life Has Never Been Better

    Did anyone puke?

  28. Duck says:


    Narcissistic childless hipsters think that article describes paradise…. they are the kind of fools that PAY to live in the slave pods. Its ok if your a kid and these kind of people are to humans what dogs are to wolves (permanently retarded in their development.)


    Sometimes I feel like the world turned into a parody of itself…Its as if the Confederacy had better marketing and people were running south to beg to be allowed to wear high quality chains, not the low quality ones ‘other’ slaves get….

  29. robert.t says:

    Very important summing up. Well done again.

    People say it’s not enough to criticise and ridicule without action, but I’d argue that criticism and ridicule in this case are the essential beginnings of action. Of course they’re not enough. But of course they are something. And how often this advice to separate complaint from action is a sly way to stifle both.

    No. I will criticise. I will ridicule. With gusto.

    It’s wise always to look only at the weak points of an overwhelming force, which is what we face now. If we look at the main battle lines, victory seems impossible. So if we look away from those main battle lines, to what should we direct our attention?

    Since the enemy relies on massive media reinforcement of its facts and science, why not probe away hard and deep at the most clownish fails of NWO conditioning? Undermine. Mine under when you can’t go through. Here are some of my faves:

    *The Parson’s Green bomb which could not damage itself.
    *Hairspray on the ISS.
    *Asgardia, the Space Kingdom.
    *The hilarious Port Kembla wave generator (Australian interest).
    *Elon’s Upholstery in Space.
    *Fredo Cuomo’s terrifying COVID experience.

    I could go on, I should go on. You could go on. And you should.

    Above all, despite the certainty of losing friends and even family, mock the globsters’ refuse media. Heap ridicule on their refuse media. Turn scorn and more scorn on their refuse media.

    And don’t forget to make fun of their refuse media.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      “…and the only way this Pandemic will ever be reined in is through significant amounts of testing and….”

      I stopped right there.
      Testing? Geez.
      and what Pandemic? It’s over. (If it ever was a pandemic.)

      If people die solely because of Covid, then they should have done their homework, because there is an abundance of strategies to effectively address Covid.
      Their deaths are entirely the result of trusting authorities to make us safe.

      Something which helps us all is to provide a description of any link. Many folks will include excerpts, quotes, transcripts, or a brief summary.

    • c9731 says:

      Talks about COVID, tests, a bit about immunity and vaccines.
      Sounds like paid propaganda.
      If u don’t want to watch entire video Check out the summary at the end of the video.

      What your thoughts ?

      • robert.t says:

        Paid propaganda was never more standard, more statist…and more blatant. It’s a condensation of the slop we are served constantly by the MSM as part of “flooding the zone”. Is there something I’m missing? Why do we need this link? I know how and where to find CNN and FOX and WSJ and the Guardian.

        Really, I’m wondering why you have twice nudged us “fellas” toward this video, albeit with a caution the second time. It sounds like paid propaganda…so I should check out the summary if the whole is too spewful?

        You’re not flooding my zone, I hope?

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        My thoughts are that you should try to familiarize yourself with the crowd that hangs out here before posting links to videos such as the one you did.
        It would save everyone a lot of time (and minimize the number of clicks/views the video accumulates).

  30. Miss Terious says:

    “Now is the time for resistance”

    The world we knew is gone forever.

    For the last 12 years, visionary software developers all over the world have been building decentralised networks to replace FEDBUX 1.0. Satoshi didn’t like banks. He designed a system he knew would take them out. This system has grown. There’s interest bearing investments. Loans. Auctions. Betting. Lotteries. Liquidity Pools. Yield Farming. Marketplaces. Governance protocols. Decentralised exchanges galore. Insurance. 3D printing. Contracts. Encrypted messaging. Storage and IPFS payment layers. Charities. Crowdfunding. Privacy protocols. It’s changing so fast, it’s hard to keep up. Everything we do now with FEDBUX can be done on decentralised networks.

    But there’s a problem. Whenever anyone talks about it, some people tend to get defensive. Because it requires a small effort they aren’t willing to make. Because this is the hip pocket, and it hits close to home. Technical talk, and the eyes glaze over…

    I’ve heard every excuse. Bitcoin is too technical. Surely blockchain is controlled by them too. I never understood James’ “The Bitcoin Psyop” so I guess it’s not important. I don’t trust it. Maybe we should use something else. What about gold, bartering, community issued notes. What does trustless mean anyway? I don’t like the sound of it. I just don’t really understand bitcoin. I can’t see how it would help, so I’m not doing it.

    I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. If everyone started using crypto today, the system would collapse by tomorrow of its own weight. It’s simple math. This is something every single one of us can do. I’m not suggesting you do this all at once. Take your time, but:

    stop using their money unless you have to. It’s how they control us.

    Set yourself an aim: to transfer your funds to decentralised blockchains, ultimately leaving only what you absolutely need for transactions in THEIR system. Use your crypto whenever possible to buy and sell directly with your neighbours, or people on the other side of the world, it doesn’t matter. It’s amazing money. It can do things fiat can’t do. Talk to as many people about it as you can. Get shopkeepers on board. Many usable payment options exist right now. Accept crypto in your business. Use crypto social media.

    FEDBUX 2.0 is at hand. If you haven’t done what I’m suggesting here, you could get trapped within their system. Don’t passively accept this.

    The market today is worth about 350b USD. Major falls are now unlikely. Get on board, because the train is leaving the station soon! Take your money and the power back! The greatest wealth transfer in history will occur soon. Study these 2 charts for just 5 minutes and you will soon understand why all the money you use now will soon be worthless. 2008 was nothing. Remember, all fiat currencies are tied to the USD.


    • anonymint says:

      Blockchain is controlled by the powers-that-be. C.f. my detailed technological explanation further down this page.

      Your suggestion to stop using money is a ticket to failure and poverty. Civilization requires money in order to function.

  31. Save 10% of Earnings! says:

    More ideas on how to take back power:
    1) Save at LEAST 10% of all you earn. If you are not saving at least that amount you are no better than a slave living for what your master gives you to eat! (Get yourself a free PDF copy of “The Richest Man in Babylon”: http://horizonspeakers.com/wp-content/uploads/ebooks/the-richest-man-in-babylon.pdf Easiest book you’ll ever read on personal finance and is taught in parable so enjoyable to read as well.)
    2) Keep your uninvested money in physical form. Either in Gold, Silver or, more pragmatically, physical currency (Remember in the most recent financial panics in the US (2008), Cyprus (2012), Greece (2015), etc. people were trying to get physical cash, not Gold or Silver.). If you must use the banking system only use Credit Unions or Savings and Loans. Keep only as much currency in it as you need for expenses over the course of a couple of weeks or a month tops (Business owners will need more because of tax and logistical reasons.).
    3) Read “The Politics of Obedience”. It will open your eyes to more possibilities of action than I could possibly list here. It is very easy to read (Half hour if you read REAL slow. 1 Hour, also if you read slow, if you include the forward by Rothbard).: https://cdn.mises.org/Politics%20of%20Obedience.pdf
    4) If you’re a wage slave paying down a lot of debt talk to an attorney about bankruptcy. You are doing your patriotic duty by not repaying banks. Fractional reserve banking is fraud so don’t lose a single nights sleep if you don’t repay another cent of it! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFDe5kUUyT0&list=PLE88E9ICdipidHkTehs1VbFzgwrq1jkUJ&index=4)
    5) Speaking of being a wage slave, if you’re getting a refund at the end of the year then you need to change your withholding status so you OWE at the end of the year. Why give the government a free loan for a year while you are paying 100+% from a payday lender?!?! Society trains you to be a slave, that doesn’t mean you actually have to be one!
    6) When possible use physical cash when you purchase things. This helps by a) making it hard for the powerful to profile you and add you to their metadata. b) allows those so inclined to reduce the power of government by being “tax neutral”. c) supports the poor by making merchants obligated to accept cash through your free market choice to use currency, as opposed to governments tyrannically passing laws forcing merchants to accept it (https://www.businessinsider.com/amazon-starbucks-cashless-plans-could-hurt-poor-unbanked-2018-1).
    7) Try keeping your patronage away from large entities, i.e. don’t use Google use SearchEncrypt or some other small search engine that does not have massive power and also tries not to keep personal search information. You can easily switch out your tablet and cell phone search engines as well. For an Apple product just go to “Settings”>Safari>Search Engine (Newer versions of apple products only give you 5 media filtered choices so you will have to use your start page for searches.). As I always say, ” Whenever you centralize power it always helps the powerful.”

    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer comments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

  32. CreativeLife says:

    Our top Canadian Constitutional Lawyer has today made a profound announcement which defines and expounds his position on conspiracy, global transformation and the insanity of all moves made on the purported COVID chessboard. Learn at least one part of the occult game of The Great Work. now showing as The Great Reset

    Canada October 17 announcement by Rocco Galati Constitutional Lawyer

    We are extremely busy with harvest, food prep and winterizing. Snow has fallen lightly for two days now. My path of discovery has been amazing over the last few weeks, canning dehydrating freezing, all with excellent listening and referencing. The Great Reset as James has stated is a profound 2nd wave of propaganda. As with JFK, 911 (could go on and on) the so called truth movement for this psyop was already in place with all kinds of experts say, sources say, double speak, stage shows in place on the so called alternative internet sites, more like subvertative sideshows. One thing for sure it’s time to stop using their weaponized language and speak. The Great Barrington Revelation, oh oh I declare! if you fell for that one and didn’t pick up on the ethical nightmare of their proposed target malpractice (focused protection) I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. Multi generational families. Now how will we separate them nasty bug lovers, who want to love one another. I know for their safety we’ll Focus on their Protection.

    Let’s see over 60 to area XX, over 18 to area YY; and under 18, well under ground we have wonderful accomodation.

    WE NEED TO BE EXTRA CAREFUL ABOUT PARROTING PROPOGANDA …. slow down, impose some thought, it’s time to be diligent, separate the wheat from the chaff and move away from everything that continues the COVID lie, that promotes white coats and blue suits, and the safe and effective oral, nasal and injectable death cult. You best start understanding the dangers of the Great Work. The financial reset is only a part of it, did you listen to James? I have 3X with notes and research, along with others who are digging deep to help you help yourself. You know there is no longer a Pope standing as Vicar of Christ. John 5:43 has been fulfilled. The current Jesuit Pope now stands in his own name, Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Understanding, ask for it and you will receive. Pray for wisdom and direction.

    Inside the Vatican, is an interesting source, magazine for shedding shadows between the lines. Especially in the last months, July Aug Sept Know symbols numbers and bloodline names Be courageous, much is coming for you be aware!

  33. info_c says:

    I wish we could stop calling them elites and instead called them for what they are, namely “parasites” and “leeches”. The “parasite class” would be a better description of what represent. They live off the hard work of ordinary people. Using the word elite gives them a whole different standing and should be avoided at all cost.


  34. Ethan Hunter says:

    Fantastic presentation!

    I have been waiting for this report and am quite satisfied with the result.

    Great tying-in of the weforum.org maps that are indeed connected to the Agenda 21/2030/2050 plotlines outlined by the UN.

    I laughed really hard when James referred to Klaus as a possible “Bond villian” in the likes of Dr. No….hahahahaahahahahahaha!!

    Indeed, hearing the Great Reset speech he gave at the WEF is indeed bone-chilling and he sounds like Blofeld at a SPECTRE meeting!!

    Wonderful work James and Broc…and we are seeing what used to be behind closed doors now being gradually sold to the public.

  35. lovetodust says:

    James, you’ve made it on to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s Twitter site via Spiro’s twitter. There you are in living color telling all her followers about the Great Re-Set.

    Thank you Spiro!

  36. sTevo says:

    Sustainable, Inclusion, Sustainable, Sustainable, Equality and Sustainable
    Sounds like
    Spam, egg, Spam, Spam, bacon and Spam

  37. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I looked up while watching Episode 387 – Your Guide to The Great Reset

    Cachet – DEFINITION – a quality that marks someone or something as special and worth respect and admiration
    •This type of jacket used to have a certain cachet.

    Apotheosis – DEFINITION –
    1a : the perfect form or example of something: quintessence
    b : the highest or best part of something : peak
    2 : elevation to divine status : deification

    Dross – DEFINITION –
    1 metallurgy : the scum or unwanted material that forms on the surface of molten metal
    2 : waste or foreign matter : impurity
    3 : something that is base, trivial, or inferior

    ~~ There is quite a lot of dross on TV these days.
    ~~ a talent for turning literary dross into gold

  38. james.w says:

    While I agree, totally, with Corbett’s assessment of the New “New World Order” aka, “The Great Reset”, particularly their postulate that there must be one, unitary power to enforce it. Yet, he offers no solution except a fairy tale, wishful thinking of a “voluntary, spontaneous order which arises when free people interacting freely with each other, the globalization of reality where people can react with anyone they want in any form they voluntarily choose to act with each other.” This has NEVER happened. Here are the top google searches: https://ahrefs.com/blog/top-google-searches/ News is #18, Fox News is #19, CNN is #22, msn #29, espn #32 (which I expected to be higher), Trump is #46. So the “voluntary” use of the internet is not “spontaneous[ly]” offering solutions or changing governments or the world. Anarchy has never existed for long. Tribes took over from individuals and forced them to conform. City states took over from them. Small nations took over from them, etc. Someone/power arises and due to more people/power and controlling the narrative takes over the unorganized. Wishing it will happen otherwise ignores history and has no credible path to success, certainly not to its long term survival.

    • anonymint says:

      One of the most important factors to resist is we need a form of money that they globalists can’t render impotent.

      Precious metals can’t move without being confiscated by their upcoming checkpoints everywhere. Also the dealers (aka market makers) are easy to control because they require a physical interaction and presence.

      Bitcoin and all extant cryptocurrencies will be destroyed perhaps by ~2022, c.f. my long, detailed comment further down this page for the explanation.

  39. james.w says:

    Additionally to my previous post, most people don’t know diddly about macro economics. They are not trying to learn it. So how can they possibly, spontaneously know what to do about the economy?

  40. milan says:

    @44:50 regarding Financial Times “Yuval Noah Harari: the world after coronavirus” – “As a thought experiment, consider a hypothetical government that demands that every citizen wears a biometric bracelet … if you can monitor what happens to my body temperature, blood pressure and heart-rate as I watch the video clip, you can learn what makes me laugh, what makes me cry, and what makes me really, really angry.”

    There is no need to “imagine” such things – mobile phones with Face unlocking technology already knows what make you sad or happy. They scan your face with more than “30.000 points”… like Apple brags.

  41. proeft says:

    Hi, Thank you as always for your excellent work. Are their alternatives to Zoom for online video chats that are freedom oriented and confidential? Thank you,

  42. cu.h.j says:

    Wow what a depressing podcast. Why would this kind of world be desirable even for the controllers? Unless they are psychopaths and are essentially devoid of a soul. That would make sense but for others going along with this nightmare I just don’t understand.

    As far as I know we are all mortal even the controllers who may try to eliminate death but that is probably light years away if at all possible. These technocratic concepts may not ever be possible so why waste time with this?

    • cu.h.j says:

      Disease paranoia and this whole bio security paradigm goes against our basic instinct ie exposure to life and our bodies adjusting accordingly. We have immune systems that have evolved over thousands of years.

  43. Bdawgs says:


    Hi James,
    Long time subscriber… I remember back to you and James Evan doing the “Bitcoin Road Show” with a young man making it across the country on BTC back in 09′ or 10’…
    Are you a secret BTC millionaire?
    Do you have thoughts on XRP hype and BTC hype for the Reset happening?

    Thank you,

  44. bezuhov76 says:

    Magnifique text James,
    merci beaucoup. Here in France with our litle Macron and his court of Versailles . Everything is going in the direction of “Grand redémarrage”. The parlaiment adopted and deliverded licences for 5g . The vote passed during the night.Only 97 “députes ” were in the parlaiment (we have 577 of this parasites in france). Our providers are allready bombing the streets with advertising for new phones. Allready during the lockdown the new law of bioethics was voted. This law permits all kind of interventions on fetus , human, genetic ingeniring, création of “chimeres” etc.
    I’w also read two books from Klaus and Thierry , what a terrifying future they prepared for us … If somebody wants to read this “Mein Kampf” of Herr Schwabb dont buy it here is the copy for you
    and 4 th industrial revolution
    Its very important to read this stuff even if its quite bad writing , they don’t hide . Everything is in there…



  45. fer67 says:

    I am studying a coursera unit on Indigenous Canada via U of A, and the description of how the 1% and their technocratic lackeys just pushed the indigenous off their land with bogus treaties, false promises, and making use of the monetization of nature (similar to what the Green New Deal will do) to drive ancient cultures into the dust as their food supply was destroyed and then treaties with promises of food stamps suddenly broken allowing the indigenous to starve to death in their own lands — well, the similarities in process to what is going on right now is pretty obvious. Esp if that doc revealed by a supposed MP is real. UBI and debt relief = total dependence followed by starvation. The imperial Death Star in slow motion.

  46. fer67 says:

    And then of course there is their penchant for poisoning people. Mercury, arsenic, lead, fluoride, glyphosate, numerous agricultural toxins to destroy your microbiota, chemtrails, 5G, other poisons far too numerous to list; there is evidence that smallpox was not a disease, it was just another poisoning. The reason the 1% require us to believe in germ theory is so that they have the perfect cover up for their poisoning. If you were a poisoner, wouldn’t it make sense to never let people know that’s what is going on, and always have a red herring to shift the blame to for mass illness? They are going all out now. Chem trails filling the air, toxins in all the food and water. It’s really quite disgusting the lengths they are going to to destroy and/or control us. I think they have figured out that exosomes do help us, and that’s why the ban on proximity and the masks. But exosomes and energetic communication elude them, and we continue to survive. It’s the same exact MO they have been using for centuries. Activate greed, envy and other sins, monetize all relationships (ie prostitution), destroy the food supply, promise to take care of everyone, and then, don’t. And blame diseases and germs to distract and exert controls. Imperialism.

  47. fer67 says:

    Let’s hope that complexity theory is right and that their trillion dollar systems are too complex to function, and ultimately crumble due to sheer hubris.

    • cu.h.j says:

      An interesting point you make about complexity leading to failure. I think you might be on to something, that perhaps they have been trying to kill us off for years but biology thwarts them and we survive.

      I don’t think they can out-think evolutionary mechanisms that have existed for thousands and thousands of years. They think they can master it, can cheat death, and can kill off their competitors (an profit in the meantime) but I think their plans will fail.

      • fer67 says:

        They have already engineered bacteria that could literally kill off huge swathes of crop land, simply because it will be new and most crop lands are extremely sickly already. Elaine Ingham already uncovered research by Monsanto to develop a killer bacteria, Klebsiella something. I think they put that in their arsenal for this time. So it might be used. And they might have others. But poisoning is their favorite method, hence chemtrails, fluoride, lead and agrichemicals. But they do have worse plus 5G so I think they are working on all that right now. Might be a good time to try being a breatharian somewhere in the far north. and go live in ‘crown land’ where they can’t find you with internet means.

  48. Glorious report.
    Besides a report solely on the face coverings, this is exactly what we needed right now.
    Thank you so much James.
    I’ll use my Trump Bucks to increase my donation amount.

  49. CreativeLife says:

    Rocco Galati reveals the passion of our case against the Canadian Government, Provincial Governments, Covid Broadcasting Company (CBC) and Medical operatives.

    Rocco Galati Toronto Freedom Rally – Canada’s Constitutional lawyer for our case against the Covid lie – and Rocco’s not mincing words especially to both Prime Minister Trudeau and Premier of Ontario Ford et al

    Hopefully, there will be a better quality that surfaces. Of course the usual camera hogs block visuals with Q-signs and Trump-electetts. Very annoying, and deliberate.
    The Toronto rally video was over and up pops a nightly news clip of the US bullshit selection, with tagline “Vaccine is Ready!” splattered on the NBC crap line as Trump was yapping. We have an election called in the province of BC we hear nothing about, but we are always continually battered and bullied by the stage show and theatrics of US election lies & propaganda.

    I turned my MSM media off over 25 years ago and every time I see a video news release (VNR) clip with the hyper colours and taglines I get agitated.

    You know, we are going into the highest satanic holly days of the year, over the next two weeks and rituals, symbolism and occult subliminals will be even more pervasive, than they already are. How people can watch the constant occult spell craft and listen to the constant lies and two bit actors I just don’t know. How can anyone stand it?

    If innocent children are in front of that crap along with the constant injections, what is happening to them?? We new about autism decades ago but of course that incredible man was murdered. I don’t see anyone talking about the concern for the children here? What the heck is going on folks? I home educate and am living this life along with all of you and I never hear a word here about the children, the psychological trauma they face each day and share how we are managing the daily trauma we all face. I’m exhausted it’s 3 am, snowfall and more work outside to finish. Dehydrators are running so going to unplug for a few hours.

    That’s what sucks about protests, real grass roots people try to get the truth out but the COMMItee always shows up, as it did at the Vancouver Rally. They show up and carry their magically crafted mob bag of holly wood tricks and half truths disguised in their US celebrity ‘wanna be’ “In This Together” leadership production. Flaunting their trumped up candy coated accolades and marketing their stage craft wares, is all the magic they have left in their bag of trick or treats.
    I don’t want my family lied to by those manna maniacs, who have sold their souls. There will be a clip for tht tomorrow. Some great speakers, some controlled opposition, of course! Organizers get paid well.

  50. colosseum says:

    Surely the GR is not the end of globalisation, but the world between here and the end-game seems to be characterized by some fragmentations according to the “eggheads” at the Deutsche Bank:


    • anonymint says:

      Fragmentation (aka separatism or secession movements) are in support of a globalist agenda. This is a divide-and-conquer approach. Small states have not enough clout to resist global edicts.

  51. Antonio says:

    RUSH’s “2112” comes to mind while watching this.

  52. hugo.c says:

    Whilst I find some of this a tad hyperbolic, I think that the key points are extremely valid. From disaster capitalism “never let a good catastrophe go to waste” you can see the drool of the hyper-powerful looking at the governmental responses to SARS-CoV2 seeing a fracturing of society. This allows a re-creation of society as it reforms. A precursor too good to ignore.

    Just as the plans for the invastion of Afghanistan and the text of the USA PATRIOT (more brand naming) Act were written before 9/11, so the script for “The Great Reset” was written before the pandemic.

    It comes back to the dialectic. You have problem A (which we might have created) and we have solution B. This will lead to situation C (which we only talk about amongst ourselves). TGR (The Great Reset) shows the general preparation for ‘solution B’, as with the invasion plans or reductions on civil liberties. Then problem A comes along, and they asset pre-perpared solution B to get to situation C.

    Timing and opportunity backed by preparedness.

    So, situation C is Technocracy, Thought Police, the Ministry of Truth and “No Ability To Organise” (TM). Atomization and control by our wise (s)elected leaders who are lead by the un(s)elected oligarchs.

    It seems a consolidation of the “rings within rings” of the Rhodes group.

    • hugo.c says:

      Woe is us if we do not take our power and use it. I cite the MAS party in Bolivia. Having been usurped by a coup and attacked by state power, in the end they call a general strike which includes shutting down key highway junctions to the sole purpose of forcing the coup government to actually hold the thrice delayed elections. In this they win with a 20% margin.

      The key understanding that they have is that the party “MAS” is a political *instrument* of the collection of social organisations. Whilst declaring themselves “socialist” in their party name its not “socialism” or “communism” or “capitalism” it is a collective of social organisations realising that to get the policies and justice they want they need to govern themselves, and thus create the political party as a political instrument. They then use expertise from political and particularly economic theory across all “doctrines” to create the policies which enable the political and more imporantly social reality which they desire. This is not utopia, but effective citizen based power retention. I makes a mockery of many western “democracies” and their power structures.

      See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aeKIyHDseM4

  53. Elizabeth Hart says:

    How did they get ‘world leaders’ to participate in this? These are supposed to be ‘our elected representatives’, but they have patronised and bullied us during this coronavirus situation. How is this happening? Victoria in Australia is a glaring example, where Premier Daniel Andrews is operating a police state, without transparency and accountability. Again, how can this be happening? Is this not treason against the people?

    • anonymint says:

      Bribes, kompromat (e.g. Jeffrey Epstein) and self-interest of various forms.

      Why did you ever think that the democraZy of elected representatives is in our best interest?

  54. HomeRemedySupply says:

    ***** – 5 Star Article by Dr. Mercola

    October 23, 2020 – Friday
    The Global Takeover Is Underway
    (Several videos embedded –
    90 second “8 predictions for the World” by WEF)

    (This is a lengthy article covering many things.)
    Story at-a-glance

    ~~ According to the World Economic Forum, by 2030 we will own nothing and be happy about it

    ~~ Terms like “the Great Reset,” “the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and “Build Back Better” all refer to the same long-term globalist agenda to dismantle democracy and national borders in favor of a global governance by unelected leaders, and the reliance on technological surveillance rather than the rule of law to maintain public order

    ~~ For decades, war and the threat of war have enriched the technocratic elite and kept the population going along with their agenda. Today, pandemics and the threat of infectious outbreaks are the new tools of war and social control

    ~~ The Federal Reserve is working on a central bank digital currency (CBDC). An all-digital currency system is part of the system of social control

    ~~ Key globalist players working on the implementation of the technocratic agenda include the United Nations, the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates and foundations such as the Rockefeller Foundation, the UN Foundation and George Soros’ Open Society Foundation, Avanti Communications, 2030 Vision and Frontier 2030, Google, Mastercard and Salesforce

    The World Economic Forum public relations video above, “8 Predictions for the World in 2030,” short as it may be, offers a telling glimpse into what the technocratic elite has in store for the rest of us. This includes:

    “You’ll own nothing” — And “you’ll be happy about it.” Instead, you’ll rent everything you need, and it’ll be delivered by drone right to your door.

    “You’ll eat much less meat” — Meat will be “an occasional treat, not a staple, for the good of the environment and our health.”

    “A billion people will be displaced by climate change” — As a result, countries will have to prepare to welcome more refugees….

    (H/t to Joe.s)

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      This Mercola article along with other Corbett Report “Great Reset” VIDEOS are at 911blogger.

      “COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity” by The Corbett Report 9/11/2020

    • anonymint says:

      I replied on Mercola’s site to those who are advocating a vegan diet:

      @Horsea, those who don’t obtain their calories from fat must obtain it from carbohydrates which are worse for health than fat. In fact fat and no carbs is the cure for type 2 diabetes:


      I suppose one could get their fat from nuts and avocados but meat is not loaded with anti-nutrients that plants contain to protect themselves from being eaten. We’re not a ruminant species.


      1. Vegans are deficient in many important nutrients.

      Cholesterol is a crucial molecule in the body and is part of every cell membrane. It is also used to make steroid hormones like testosterone. Studies show that saturated fat intake correlates with increased testosterone levels (15).

      Not surprisingly, vegans and vegetarians have much lower testosterone levels than meat eaters (16, 17, 18, 19).

      Bottom line: Vegans are deficient in many important nutrients, including Vitamin B12 and Creatine. Studies show that vegans have much lower testosterone levels than their meat-eating counterparts.

      • anonymint says:

        I replied on Mercola’s site to those who are downplaying the severity of what we face and instead focusing the discussion on their pet peeves such as veganism:


        Melinda this is an existential crisis — there will be no more business soon if we allow Western civilization to collapse to this Great Reset totalitarianism.

        Katy69, I wrote a similar comment about the health benefits of meat on the prior Mercola blog, The Global Takeover is Underway. I was not shaming the vegans but I am not willing to accept their veganism as an excuse or politics to allow the Great Reset’s plan to ban livestock for human consumption. That would result in economic collapse. We can’t get enough fat-based energy directly from plants in an economically efficient way. Also plant based foods contain phylates which are poisons to prevent the plants from being eaten by non-ruminant species. Phylates may be beneficial to humans is some amounts, but humans did not evolve to eat only plants all the time. We’re hunters and meat eaters. (Note males with low testosterone from eating only plants are presumably easier to enslave)

        Vegans typically eat a lot of carbs to compensate for the expensive and poor quality fats obtains from non-meat (including fish) sources. And carbs are very unhealthy evidenced by replacing carbs with animal fats allegedly cures Type 2 diabetes:


        Apparently all the chicken in the USA is soaked in bleach. We aren’t allowed to source raw milk. Bait and switch such as selling “grass fed” beef that was actually finished (i.e. the bulk of the weight gain) with non-grass. Etc…

    • anonymint says:

      SUBJECT: I’m an expert; It is very important that you understand Bitcoin is not safe and likely is a prong of the Great Reset

      In that article Mercola recommends to readers that Bitcoin being decentralized would be safe alternative to hold funds in light of the globalist assault underway.

      My concern is they are giving bad advice to their readers and they will end seeing their Bitcoins going “poof it’s gone” potentially alongside their credibility.

      Unfortunately they do not understand the deep technological issues and game theory of Bitcoin. I do. I am an expert and contributed heavily to the following linked thread:


      Quote from: Satoshi Nakamoto
      “Imagine if gold turned to lead when stolen. If the thief gives it back, it turns to gold again,”

      I think I know why Satoshi wrote that. Because when Bitcoin was soft forked in 2017, the new address format that was created (i.e. variants of pay-to-script-hash) is not recognized by the legacy protocol that existed prior to that so called “soft” fork. Not recognized means that if the legacy protocol were being followed by the miners then any UTXO (unspent transaction output, i.e. Bitcoins people are hodling) can be spent by anyone without the need for the private key.

      So in terms of game theory this diabolical fork (which everyone thinks is the official Bitcoin) has created a 7 million Bitcoins and growing booty (of anyonecanspend UTXO) which could be seized by miners in a 50+% attack to finance such an attack and restore the legacy protocol.

      What will happen is the complicit whales with their millions of BTC (e.g. the million BTC Satoshi allegedly mined but has never moved yet) will surreptiously fork the legacy protocol off from the newer protocol, then move the free airdrop of Bitcoins on the new protocol onto exchanges and dump them crashing the price while shorting. This will likely occur at a nosebleed price level for maximum effect.

      This will cause the newer protocol Bitcoin chain to slow to a crawl because the difficulty level will be stuck skyhigh (from the high price) but then miners will stop mining because the price will be too low to pay their electricity costs. A new block may only be found once a week or once a month. It will require 600 blocks until the difficulty will adjust downward.

      The surreptitiously mined legacy protocol chain will then be revealed and the miners will be forced to mine it and take the millions of Bitcoins booty as donations in order to remain profitable and not go bankrupt due to their depreciating (due to Moore’s law) mining equipment.

      Recently I figured out that if they’ve been surreptitiously mining the legacy Bitcoin since the 2017 fork, then by mining with a constant hashrate (instead of the oscillating one on the public new protocol Bitcoin) then the next halving event on the legacy protocol chain could be accelerated to ~2022 instead of 2024.

      I broached this latest insight to the Bitcoin whale who owns 0.5 million Bitcoins and he seemed to confirm:


      • anonymint says:

        Also that Trilema whale is original source of the idea about this posited future attack. I have since refined and elaborated my understanding based on my own research. I have been an expert computer programmer for 3+ decades. I have been studying Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2013:


        Also originally I posited that hodling Bitcoins in any legacy address that begins with a 1 instead of 3 or bc1 was sufficient to prevent losing one’s Bitcoins. I have since realized this is not a protection and if there is any pay-to-script-hash (and variants) lineage in your Bitcoin hodlings then your Bitcoins will be donated to the miners. There is no way to obtain legacy compliant Bitcoins anymore — that ended in 2017.

        This posited attack is not really an attack. It is a defense mechanism of the Nash equilibrium of the immutable, legacy Bitcoin to prevent forks. Because a future fork could for example change the supply of Bitcoin and other nefarious outcomes. The nefarious action will not be the donations taking, but rather the 2017 soft fork was the scam that fooled everyone. I am not waxing ideological about big versus small block size. I am just stating facts about economics, game theory and the technological situation at hand.

        In short, Bitcoin was likely created by the powers-that-be and it is another prong in their plan for world domination.

        Read John Nash’s Ideal Money white paper and you will understand why Bitcoin will enable them to enslave the nations. But they must kick all the plebs off of Bitcoin first, which is what Satoshi was telling us they would do.

        Next research the sources of the funding Blockstream (the company that lead the 2017 soft fork) and see that the tentacles reach to the usual globalist funding arms such as In-Q-Tel, Goldman, etc..

        I suggest you also read:



        The link above explains why all the alternative proof-of-work cryptocurrencies will be destroyed. And proof-of-stake devolves to oligarchy control, as I predicted and Steemit has demonstrated.

        I can elaborate in great detail if you would like arrange a conference call with yourself, Dr. Mercola and I.

      • mkey says:

        This will cause the newer protocol Bitcoin chain to slow to a crawl because the difficulty level will be stuck skyhigh (from the high price) but then miners will stop mining because the price will be too low to pay their electricity costs. A new block may only be found once a week or once a month. It will require 600 blocks until the difficulty will adjust downward

        How could the price at the same time be stuck high and sink low to further hinder feasability of mining?

        From my limited understandjng I concluded that the calculation complexity factor adapted to mining power as to make sure sufficient time can pass (10 minutes) for the transactions to be validated on the network. How does complexity track price?

        • anonymint says:

          How could the price at the same time be stuck high and sink low to further hinder feasability of mining?

          The price will be a nosebleed peak probably in 2022. Satoshi mined 1 million Bitcoins which have never moved. The legacy Bitcoin is being surreptitiously mined now, so they can spend those 1 million BTC on the currently public blockchain as a free airdrop and not lose their legacy BTC. They can set up massive short positions on the exchanges. Then send those free airdrop shitcoins to the exchange, sell and crater the market.

          Other whales such as the Trilema whale with 0.5 million BTC will also join the attack because it will be very profitable.

          The hashrate difficulty will be stuck sky high for 600 blocks until a readjustment calculation is performed per the Bitcoin protocol. Problem is that with the price cratered, the miners need to turn off their ASICs and thus a new block may only be found one a week or once a month.

          This slowdown in the blockchain making it unusable with the mempool backlogged with queued transactions means the price will crater even more as everyone panics to sell. This will cause more miners to turn off their ASICs. It is a death spiral. We can expect Blockstream to intervene and reset the difficulty manually at some point, but then it will be clear that fraudulent fork is entirely centralized. Nobody will trust that shit anymore to be a world reserve currency. The legacy Bitcoin will rise because the miners need income or they go bankrupt because their ASICs are always depreciating due to Moore’s law and can’t sit idle with massive financial losses. They will go partake of the free donations of Bitcoins on the legacy Bitcoin blockchain which will be very profitable.

      • anonymint says:

        I posting to my new Telegram group:

        Before I start responding to those specific issues you two guys raised, I will introduce some links to commentary I have written in the past such as this essay I wrote in 2013:

        (Bitcoin — The Digital Kill Switch)

      • anonymint says:

        Recently I wrote a series of comment posts on The Corbett Report in which I explained a posited attack on Bitcoin (and crypto in general) which would likely occur at the next nosebleed top perhaps in 2022. You can start from the following linked comment post and then click every link in every comment from @anonymint that you see as you dig down into the tree of links. The exposition is unfortunately spread out over numerous posts in different threads and even links back to a Bitcointalk.org thread wherein we had discussed it in depth in 2018:



        The reason the posited ANYONECANSPEND “donation to the miners” attack would likely come at the nosebleed top is because the hashrate would be very high at that juncture and thus the mining difficulty would be very high. I can not run a Bitcoin 101 class here so if you are not familiar with certain terminology them please google the terms.

        ANYONECANSPEND is a term you can google. It is actually a known fact that the legacy protocol which Satoshi left for us sees all the new address formats created by the scammers known as Core or Blockstream as ANYONECANSPEND. In essence the legacy protocol sees a redeem script without a public key, because in the newer address formats the public key is stored elsewhere in a script that is referenced by hash, e.g. pay-to-script-hash and its variants. Thus there is no need to provide a signed transaction to spend the BTC if the miner is following the legacy protocol. But the legacy protocol is compatible with the newer protocol to the extent that 50+% of the miners do not decide to disregard the newer protocol that foisted onto Bitcoin when SegWit was introduced.

        I am not referring to BSV nor BCH. Those are not the legacy Bitcoin.

        What likely happened is that when the SegWit “soft fork” was activated, the powers-that-be begin surreptitiously mining the legacy fork. They then spent their BTC to themselves on the currently hidden legacy chain, so that their BTC on the currently public Core fork is a free airdrop which they can prepare to dump on the exchanges to crash the price when they are ready to initiate this attack. Note Satoshi referred to this coming attack as (paraphrased) “imagine turning gold into lead, then when stealing it back it becomes gold again”. So this posited attack was planned from the origin of Bitcoin by the creators of Bitcoin.

      • anonymint says:

        If you look at the investors in Blockstream, and trace it back to the sources you will find the usual banksters that invested in Facebook and other major social networks, such as Goldman Sachs, In-Q-Tel (CIA), etc.. Why would they invest in Blockstream when Blockstream has no viable business model.

        So I allege that Blockstream (which the Trilema.com Bitcoin multibillionaire whale refers to as the Power Rangers) is the Trojan Horse.

        Joey reacted:

        You will also note that Satoshi disappeared when the pressure to increase the block size was becoming more vocal on Bitcointalk.org. Then conveniently Wikileaks announces accepting BTC and Satoshi uses that as an excuse to disappear. We can observe that Julian Assange employed Rothschild’s attorney and house in the UK. We can note that Wikileaks put Trump into office (or pushed him over the hump) with the Hillary emails.

        Anyway, there is a lot more circumstantial evidence to mention, but I should focus more on describing the attack and the game theory that makes it a near certainty. Only the timing is really in question.

        We should archive this when we are done, because maybe Telegram is also going to be making information disappear. We do not know which companies are complicit in the Great Reset totalitarianism plan underway.

        So I will continue on in the description of the posited “donations restoration” (attack). Note this not considered to be an attack, because it is perfectly legal in the protocol, everyone was warned to not go on scammer fork and the UNeconomic majority refused to heed the warning:


        Bitcoin must remain immutable, otherwise it would have no stable Nash equilibrium suitable to be the world’s reserve currency for which it was designed. The 1 MB blocksize is more than enough given that Bitcoin is intended to be only used for clearing between nations and other $trillionaire trades after the plebs are kicked off with the posited attack. If anyone (e.g. Blockstream) could mutate Bitcoin, then they could also mutate anything in the future such as removing the cap on coin supply. Essentially Core is democracy (i.e. the UNeconomic majority voting for changes) and we all know that democracy destroys itself. No democracy or Republic has ever not failed to do so. I hope I don’t need to digress on that tangent to make that point convincingly.

      • anonymint says:

        Joey asked:

        Is it possible to get legacy bitcoin not on the bicoin fork ?

        Obviously none of us can mine on the posited surreptitious, currently privately mined legacy fork because it will not be broadcast until they begin the attack. I will be soon explaining how that fork will win. We could in theory mine legacy BTC on the current public fork but A) as far as I know, no pool is currently mining to coinbase with legacy address and then paying to miners from it, B) even if you could then in theory it would be futile because I posit the legacy chain forked off when SegWit was activated. So although your legacy transactions on the public fork are presumably being duplicated (aka replayed) on the hidden fork, your mined blocks are not.

        The only way I can think of to obtain legacy Bitcoin now is to find someone who has BTC with no non-legacy addresses in the lineage. Legacy address start with 1 and non-legacy with 3 or bc1.

        And then ask that person to sell or pay you some. But why would they?

        That said dire reality is presumably why the Trilema whale states it is too late for the plebs and we will all be utterly destroyed:


        If you dig into the trail of linked comments from the pinned link, you will find some proof of the Trilema whale’s history and 0.5 million BTC wealth. Note he ran the first futures market for Bitcoin I think starting back in 2012 or earlier. He had a significant investment in SatoshiDice.

        Some think he may have also attacked Mt. Gox. He did claim to be the DAO attacker:


        573\/3 asked:

        Couldn’t the current/future market simply disregard the legacy chain?

        No. I will be getting to that point and the irrelevance of the UNeconomic majority.

        I hope if you find this exposition useful that after I am done some of you will become disciples so to speak and help to protect others from it.

        • anonymint says:

          My comment post contains the proof that the Trilema dude has at least 0.5 million (presumably legacy) Bitcoins. That comment post was linked from my other comment post that contains more information on the Trilema dood. Trilema dude’s claim to making Wikileaks famous.

          @anonymous remarked:

          For a party of three ? In 2014 ? This is pretty cheap even for the third world, isn’t it ?

          I stumbled on your site while I was searching for Sakana Sushi and I found the comment you wrote up there ridiculous.
          I think you need to get your fact right before writing something like that on the public. Most of the 3rd world countries are underdeveloped economically or just starting to develop and the people there barely afford to survive let alone indulge in a $200 meals. Wow. I’m a working class and the last time I treated my family of 5 was about $60-70 max at a Japanese Restaurant.

          It seems to me that clearly you came from a well off family that $200 meal is nothing to you.

          “Family” (in the sense of inheritance you imply) has relatively little to do with wealth in these days of rambunctious socialism. (Though “family” in the sense of progeniture is still the marker of poverty among they in a certain way afflicted it always was, today just as much as in the days of the potato famine. Even though back then the affliction was dubbed “catholicism” or “being Irish” whereas today the nominal conventions differ, the substance’s unchanged.) “The third world” as an imaginary locus never had nor will ever have anything to do with either urban habits or more generally the passtimes of the elite.

          All that aside, eating out is not, nor ever was, nor ever should be a proletarian activity. It’s fine and dandy that you occasionally treat your indigent family of five to whatever it is you can get ; but your scrounging is of no interest to the world, nor your experience relevant to anyone beyond yourself, nor do you have, properly speaking, any business whatsoever involving yourself (or rather, purporting to involve yourself) in this whole business […]

          As far as actual people are concerned, doing actual things — not you nor your narrow circle of lame would-be people, trying to imitate peoplehood and peopleship as best you manage — a hundred dollars or so a head is a sort of baseline. In summa : very very far from daring to propose what I should do, see instead your own place, enjoy the happy meal, and shut the fuck up about “how things are”, for you don’t belong here, but are just (for a time) tolerated, especially while quiet.

          @Mircea Popescu: omfg three paragraphs? For one comment?! In 2020?!? It seems to me you come from a well-off mind, I can only afford two words for that sort of shit.

          @anonymous weirdo: wtf dood.

          Turns out I’m rich beyond compare.

          • anonymint says:

            In addition to the posited donations attack that will destroy the fraudulent Bitcoin Core fork (that everybody mistakenly believes is the “official” Bitcoin) and which cause legacy Bitcoin to rise as the Phoenix mentioned by the Economist magazine in 1988, I have also warned the Trilema dude that legacy Bitcoin will also become entirely centralized and he will be fleeced of his 0.5 million BTC eventually.

            I posted this to bitcointalk.org but it was deleted along with all my posts by the corrupt mods because they don’t want anyone to know the truth about Bitcoin.

            I (BeholdAPaleHorse) replied:

            aliashraf replied:

            I (BeholdAPaleHorse) wrote:

            Am I correct to summarize as follows? The concurrence of winning the block on highly proximate propagation (aka proximity premium) occurrences is not linearly proportional to hashrate because of mining variance, thus amplifying the deleterious impact on lower hashrate, solo miners that would be observed from mining variance or proximity premium alone. Lower hashrate, solo miners lose more than their linear proportional “fair share” of their proximity premium advantage because of the non-linear effects of mining variance. Additionally you point out that because of the superior efficiency of the power-law distribution all scalable networks in nature are scale-free and thus the majority (“the 99%”) will always have inferior proximity connectivity (compared to “the 1%”).

            Excellent summarization. ?

            This topic didn’t get enough attention in spite of the very crucial point that I was trying to prove: proximity premium per se is not a big concern when it comes to pooling pressure and mining centralization problem in bitcoin: Without the Bernoulli distribution’s variance, i.e. without the winner-takes-all approach to PoW, proximity premium is not a determining force toward pooling.

            AFAIK, before this article nobody had ever noted the interrelation between the two and the determining role of mining variance.

            Unfortunately this conceptual point can also be extended to transaction fees and the conclusion is that Bitcoin was intentionally designed to become entirely centralized in a winner-take-all finale.

            You’re probably aware that there was already research modeling the potential for Bitcoin to be incentives incompatible as the protocol mining reward (aka coinbase) shrinks relative to the transaction fees. That research is somewhat debatable because it hinges on some assumptions.

            […continued in the next reply to this comment…]

            • anonymint says:

              […continuation of the prior comment, which this comment is replying to…]

              Yet I think the more certain failure is much more simplistic. I was actually making this point for years also, and your thread enables me to frame it as an analogous concept. Each miner’s revenue becomes more dependent on transaction fees as the protocol block reward (aka coinbase) shrinks, yet transaction fees aren’t uniformly distributed across blocks. And this non-uniformity will become more excessive as Bitcoin is used occasionally by $billionaires who drop their huge value transactions on the blockchain and which can include a much higher transaction fee (that’s negligible to the value of the transaction) to insure their transaction jumps to the front of mempool. Constricting the block size to ~7 txns per second was a crucial design feature to insure the severity of this non-uniformity. This will have the analogous bankrupting effect on those minority hashrate miners and pools with less than the miner or pool with the most hashrate. So eventually all miners must end up in one pool or be bankrupted. Attempting to find a way to eliminate pools will not fix the problem if the protocol block reward is allowed to decline to 0 as it is so designed in the Bitcoin protocol.

              At that point the single pool or miner can censor transactions, double-spend and dictate exorbitant transaction fees. So eventually the entire wealth in the system ends up in one entity on the seven hills of Jerusalem as prophesied. Bitcoin appears to be a 666 neutron death star. Bitcoin was not designed by a lone hacker. ?

              EDIT: bankruptcy occurs over the long haul because that little bit of revenue advantage by even the slightly reduced variance accrues over time as reinvested in more mining hardware and capital to withstand the market price fluctuations and difficulty adjustments along with other unpredictable events such as the timing of the release of more efficient ASICs. Net result is that largest hashrate miners increase their hashrate advantage over time and this effect will be more pronounced when the protocol block reward declines to much lower then the transaction fees. It can be even simpler than that though because the largest capitalized miners may have an advantage on obtaining the cutting edge ASICs soonest. Tangentially everyone will be surprised if a surreptitiously mined legacy fork of Bitcoin is suddenly released perhaps in July or in 2022 and has already reached the next halving because the hashrate and thus difficulty adjustments had been monotonically increased since 2017.

              The main point is essentially that transaction fees are not uniformly distributed over blocks. The protocol mining reward is. As the latter decreases to eventually zero, then the miners will be dependent economically more on txn fees. But the lower hashrate miners have a disproportionately greater variance cost due to the Bernoulli Poisson process for finding blocks and thus they will have disproportionately less luck in receiving the spikes in transaction fees. And thus they eventually are bankrupted. And thus Bitcoin ends up entirely centralized. This outcome is clearly premeditated.

              Disproportionate to their ratio of the systemic hash rate.

              So now you know the future.

      • anonymint says:

        Joey lamented:

        From what I am understanding….. Everything I thoguht Bitcoin was going to do for humanity is part of the same evil I was trying to divest from…

        Rockefeller and Rothschild are very clever. Now go learn about how the Rockefeller Foundation is posited to have caused the Spanish “flu” pandemic by giving millions of soldiers around the world bacterial meningitis vaccines:


        We are in grave danger. All of us.

        Anyone hodling legacy BTC is also in grave danger. Do you really think they are going to let anyone profit to $10 million per BTC? I advised my colleague Risto Pietilä to sell $100k of silver and buy 10,000 BTC at $10. All his BTC was hacked at a pool party. He had a 167 IQ but sort of clueless about opsec and practical matters. He committed suicide last month when he realized the Great Reset is taking form. They will find some way to take your legacy BTC. I am writing this for DavinceJ15 if he still has any legacy BTC. Be careful.

        I should clarify that Risto claims his BTC was hacked. Maybe he was just feigning an incident to hide wealth. I also have not been able to confirm if his suicide actually occurred.

        This is why Bitcoin is pseudonymous only. So that they maintain control. They can track everything via the NSA that they want to focus on. Obviously they have difficulty tracking every human that they are not focused on, because of data overload. They presumably employ machine learning and A.I. to analyze bulk data.

        I have a new form of proof-of-work design in mind already that defeats the difficulty attack. But this design is not fully fleshed out yet. And there are tradeoffs.

        Note I sadly did not buy BTC at $10 because of severe health problems I was going through in the Philippines circa 2011 until now. I had 18,000 of silver when I publicly predicted correctly in 2010 that silver would go from $22 to $45 and then back to $25:


        I’m not very wealth now. Nearly a decade of chronic illness depletes everything.

      • anonymint says:

        Also I warned about what was coming with hard money (and if you want to see my photo then click):


        Rise of Hard Money is a Harbinger of Misery — Steemit
        Bitcoin’s coming rise to $1 million within 4 years and gold’s renewed rise , are a harbinger of an imminent… by anonymint

        I want to finish describing the “SegWit donations attack” that I posit is coming to Bitcoin, but I should also note that difficulty attacks can be waged on all proof-of-work altcoins when they are ready to destroy all the altcoins:


        If you do not understand that attack, then just ask me to elaborate. The above linked attack applies to altcoins, not to legacy Bitcoin. Bitcoin Core will be shown to be an altcoin. I will explain.

        I originally had some of the details of the posited attack on Bitcoin incorrectly conceptualized. For example originally I thought one could just spend their BTC to a 1 legacy address and be protected. But then I realized they had likely been privately mining the legacy fork since the SegWit activated years ago. And they would copy any public legacy to legacy transactions to their privately mined blockchain.

        Then I realized that mathematically if they monotonically increase the hashrate (from a very low level after initially crashing the difficulty at the inception of the fork off) on the privately mined legacy fork, that they could accelerate the halving relative to the public Core Blockchain fork for which instead the market tends to oscillate the hashrate.

        I speculate they could accelerate the next halving event to perhaps 2022 instead of 2024, for the legacy chain. This may be important because it would further incentivize miners to take the donated SegWit tokens to incriminate themselves. And for other reasons such as Faketoshi Craig Wright implied this sort of attack would align with a halving event. But for other reasons (I will explain in a subsequent post) it should align with the top of the bull market (~$250k) instead of at the start of a new one in 2024.

      • anonymint says:

        Here is the Bitcointalk.org thread wherein Craig Wright was quoted in the thread OP as describing this attack but obfuscating that he was actually talking about the legacy Bitcoin and not BSV. This links to where I quoted Satoshi:


        Let’s jump into the economics and game theory of the posited attack.

        So last time I checked a couple years ago there was already 7 million BTC that had lineage containing a non-legacy address. This will be presumably increasing over time. The upcoming Taproot will presumably induce more fools to convert their legacy BTC to the scam Core “soft fork” protocol coin addresses.

        So there is this huge booty of BTC waiting to be taken by the miners (as donations to themselves) if they will ever fork off the legacy protocol from the Core protocol. The way to initiate that fork is simply mine a block with a non-legacy address UTXO (aka ANYONECANSPEND) spent to a new legacy address without the corresponding signature required by P2SH (pay-to-script-hash) and the SegWit variants of it. But then you need a lot of miners to mine that fork along with you. Core proponents argue that could never happen because they argue the miners already voted when SegWit was activated.

        But the problem is that huge booty is sitting there waiting for an event that makes it impossible not to go take it. And that event has been carefully planned out. The powers-that-be will presumably wait until Bitcoin is at the next nosebleed bull market top in 2022 ($250k?) to launch the “restoration” attack. Because at that juncture the hashrate and thus also the mining difficulty will be extraordinarily high. So then they will send their millions of free, airdropped Core BTC to the exchanges, set up massive shorts (they probably also control Tether as well), then cater the price with massive sell walls perhaps -90%. At that point the difficulty will be stuck very high for 600 blocks per the decentralized protocol, but the miners have to shut off their ASICs because the price is too low to be profitable. Yet when they shut off, the hashrate plummets but the difficulty remains stuck sky high.

        […continued in my next comment post…]

        • anonymint says:

          […continued from my prior comment post, which this replies to…]


          This means instead of a new block being mined every ~10 minutes, we could be looking at initially on the Core protocol fork a new block mined only every day or week. And this will cause further selling on the exchanges because the blockchain will become unusable with the mempool egregiously backlogged. This further selling will cause more miners to shut off their ASICs. further slowing down the block generation to perhaps one block per month or something ridiculous. And this proceeds in a downward spiral until the price will be $0 and there will be nobody mining it at all. Because the 600 blocks will never be reached for a difficulty adjustment to occur.

          Presumably Core (Blockstream) will intervene with some USAF (i.e. voting) hard fork of the difficulty level, but that will bare for all to see and cement Core as a centralized shitcoin that it is and it will never again be able to compete with the immutable stature of the legacy Bitcoin world reserve currency which will rise like the Phoenix as described in a 1989 issue of Rockefeller’s Economic Magazine.

          Sam y reacted:


          Now you understand why I feel compelled to try to share this information. Nobody is aware.

          yeah. this really souds like the other side of the coin

          Note this attack is going to bankrupt all the exchanges because they are all hodling their financial resources in non-legacy BTC.

          It will fleece all the institutional investors that are onboarding now. This is a scorched earth plan which perfectly fits with their Great Reset threat and plan.

          x replied:

          This is such a clever multi year plan from them . If they succeed, it seems that by doing this they also give too much power to chinese miners,

          China appears to be heavily complicit with the Great Reset. My theory is they are in conspiracy with the Western elite traitors because it is the way to decimate the West and for China to take the world superpower throne.

      • anonymint says:

        I can not be 100% certain of the timing. Could occur anytime.

        But 2022 appears to be the year from hell:


        And the nosebleed peak is the most sensible juncture to initiate the attack, if nobody is the wiser.

        x replied:

        I also can’t understand why some global elites would want to reduce population . They could use people as slaves if they indeed are able to get all the power, seems like a better plan than reducing the population. Also if they create a deadly virus, they might get infected too themselves.

        1. There is no virus. The pandemics are always caused by vaccines or bacterial infections. They are only creating FUD. We sheep are so gullible.

        2. They do not need us anymore. They have robots coming for everything even robot soldiers. There is an oversupply even of technological expertise.

        3. It is really about them not losing control when the $100s trillion Western debt bubble collapses.

        I will find some links for you to read about these points.


        Before we get too far into discussion, let me finish the exposition of the posited attack. I also need to explain why proof-of-stake altcoins will also be destroyed.

        So I established already the posited attack against the Core fork of Bitcoin. The miners will gravitate to mining the legacy fork which will be publicized at the time of the attack, because they can earn enough profit to keep their ASICs turned on. Also they can earn huge donations of BTC booty in addition to the normal mining reward for each block.

        The powers-that-be will crash the prices and destroy all altcoins and exchanges simultaneously with attacking Core, so the only blockchain remaining to mine profitably will be legacy Bitcoin. So with all hashrate from the entire crypto ecosystem focused on legacy Bitcoin at that juncture, the price will skyrocket but it will not yet trade on any exchange so you will not be able to buy it until it is so expensive that you can not afford enough of it to even pay the transaction fee.

      • anonymint says:

        Rhino replied:

        what will be the best strategy then with all that information

        If you believe this posited attack will come to fruition, then next problem is identifying the timing.

        Yet I think the authorities are making the timing decision for us. The FATF travel rule will take effect in 2021. Capital controls surely to be enacted as the Western nations collapse. So I think we are forced to cash out in 2021 anyway, unless we think we will be able to spend crypto in black markets. And again I don’t think there is any non-permissioned crypto that will survive the posited attacks. Permissioned crypto will essentially be equivalent to regulated fiat.

        Cash out to what? What can hold its value and remain liquid and free of capital controls? Unfortunately nothing.

        Fiats will be canceled and/or egregiously debased in value. Precious metals can be subject to capital controls and there will not likely be any significant black markets for them in developed countries. Westerners are not going to be bartering with silver dimes nor adopting them as a local currency — there’s insufficient scale there for a currency. Currency requires that many other people think many other people will accept it in payment. Precious metals are for all practical purposes now funneled through the dealers which can be easily regulated.

        Cash out to land? if you paid more than $500 an acre, you paid too much. Real estate is going to collapse in value, at least every place where demand is driven by mortgage loans.

        Perhaps look to a country that is already reasonably poor, has no where to go but up or at least can’t decline that much. Where black markets are likely to flourish and you can bribe for a medical exemption to COVID-pass requirements for example. Some country which has had very lax if virtually non-existent lockdowns. Where you can have access to small farmers without Uncle Sam ramming his big fat dick up your ass for food security. Some place with a lot of sunshine for solar, long growing seasons . In short become more self-sufficient. Buy the supplies you will need for a few years to cross over to the other side of this insanity.

        I may have more ideas after sleeping.

        Any thoughts?

        • anonymint says:

          The one hope would be if there is a way to create a decentralized blockchain which is not proof-of-stake thus is proof-of-work, but which would not be susceptible to proof-of-work difficulty attacks.

          And then also to design it such that it could operate even in times of a widespread cyber attack on the Internet.

          Seems to me that such a blockchain would have tremendous demand at the moment that everything else becomes non-viable.

          Also in times of complete collapse then consumables such as food, alcohol, bullets, antibiotics, become more sought than precious metals or some form of hard money. So the rise in value (price) of precious metals is capped. At some point the demand reduces either because society does not go FUBAR or because it does and food becomes money. In Japan rice was money during their 600 year Dark Age.

          I still need to explain why proof-of-stake is not a solution but I am too sleepy to articulate that right now.

        • anonymint says:

          So why not just get into mining if BTC will be problematic after 2021?

          How will the governments react to miners taking 10 million BTC and the fleecing of institutional investors? Of course they will not really be taking anything, just following the protocol to recover “lost” Bitcoins that do not have a public key or which can be interpreted as having been willfully donated to the miners by spending to an address that does not have a public key (in the legacy protocol). But will insane Western governments lie in the media as they always do now with propaganda. Will miners in the West find themselves in trouble, confiscation?

          I think Bitcoin mining will become a big boys club. And we aren’t in that club. Or at least I am probably unwilling to pay the price of admission such as allegiances I might have to agree to.

          Additionally we don’t manufacture ASICs in the West. Will supply to the West be reduced in the future.

          Will we even have stable electricity in the West. Who will be given access to industrial scale electricity given the climate change FUD mania being promulgated in the West.

          For example for 10 years will Kamala Harris and AOC may dictate to us that only compassionate, non-capitalistic companies may use their “fair” share of electricity. AOC even stated they are building revenge lists to target those who are not leftist enough.

          Of course it will all end in a dust pile of abject failure. But the point is to avoid being dust.

          I read China has cornered most of the global supply of rare earth minerals.

        • mkey says:

          You can cash out to grain, honey or a forest. Real eastate should work, maybe not during one’s lifetime, though.

          • anonymint says:

            M Dot wrote in my Telegram group (Anonymint) chat:

            When this attack happens, I’m guess fiat, stock markets every thing will also reset. We going back to the stone ages.

            Not exactly. The plan is to move everyone onto CBDCs (permissioned blockchains, not decentralized). They will cancel the Euro paper currency and force everyone to turn in their paper money for digital Euros. Unexplained wealth orders and failure to have shown the trail where taxes were paid, will result in confiscation of paper money (when trying to convert to digital CBDCs such as digital Euro) and also “unexplained wealth orders” confiscation of property such as vehicles and real estate. If you can‘t document everything, kiss all your possessions goodbye. I suppose they’ll let us keep our brownie-burned, buttmudd-sodded underwear.

            “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING, YOU WILL RARELY EAT MEAT, AND YOU WILL BE HAPPY WITH IT.” — Klaus Schwab leader of the Davos World Economic Forum


            C.f. my upthread response to @decentralizingmoney (aka @x) about loss of control and the warlordism or civil war the ensues. So the globalists will retain order and control over the international sphere (e.g. COVID-pass required to travel internationally) but they will allow the nation-states to be exposed as the corrupt clusterfucks that they are and allow the nation-states to destroy themselves with corruption. You see the globalists are not Democrats nor Republicans — they are setting up both of these factions to fight each other. Remember Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov explained that the leftists (activists/idealists) are “useful idiots” because they are the first to be killed because they become very disillusioned when they realize their leftist religion was not about utopia at all but actually a corruption. They will be jealous when they realize they do not get to have any power sharing at all and will be enslaved.

            • anonymint says:

              M Dot wrote in my Telegram group (Anonymint) chat:

              How do we prepare for something like this?

              As for the solutions to survive this, we discussed that briefly upthread near the start of this group.

              Also I would like to try to create a decentralized blockchain that they can not successfully attack. My current understanding is there exists no non-permissioned (i.e. decentralized) blockchain that can survive the attacks that are coming. I am expert about the blockchain technologies. This is a topic for the future. I am not ready to discuss this yet. Have more urgent priorities to deal with first.

            • anonymint says:

              x [from China] wrote in my Telegram group (Anonymint) chat:

              I thought they [Davos World Economic Forum globalists] were just a group of people who want to start a movement, they don’t have control over everything? even if they control all of world’s wealth. if people just don’t listen and rebel, what can they do???

              You are naive. I am not going to type all that. We should schedule a video chat where you guys can ask questions and I reply on video?

              I would need to be well rested. Not like now, sleep deprived.

              And you think all people agree with each other? When you remove the top down order and control, you end up with warlordism and death/pillage everywhere. They only need to ignite with for example a cyber attack to shut off the food distribution, electricity, Internet, etc..

              Within a few days the cities will be emptied as the people pillage the land to take food from anyone who has any. Then the lawlessness escalates.

              The Chinese stopped Pol Pot by pouring concrete in the sewer system. No sanitation = no control and order.

            • anonymint says:

              x [from China] wrote in my Telegram group (Anonymint) chat:

              they can’t control everything because there are not just 1 group of “Power-that-be’ in the world. every ethnic group has it’s own, Japanese, Chinese Russian, all have powerful elites. It’s amazing if they can enslave all nations…

              they have limited power can’t control everything i believe.

              You seem to not understand my point. They can destroy the control prevents the people who hate you from killing you.

              It’s the absence of control that will be the problem, combined with the power they have to turn off everything, which will bring out the worst in people.

              You have not thought this out well. Save this for video. I am not going to type an entire book here in comments.

              They already have enslaved all the nations.

              You should read John Nash’s Ideal money thesis. He explains how Bitcoin will enslave the nations.

              a lot of us believe we live in a paradise with modern technology, and cheap food. like the best time to be alive. It’s really shocking to anyone if what you said is true, i will have to think about this more.

              An apparently defect of humanity is we are destined to repeat the mistakes of the past because children are born with no memory of our collective past.

              • anonymint says:

                ダニエル???? wrote in my Telegram group (Anonymint) chat:

                some of the Denver’s airport paintings[murals] (no wait, basically all of them) are pretty disturbing and full of “hidden” meanings

                Agreed. The elite follow a moral code. They must tell the sheep what they will do. Transparency.

                I have a very precise [Bitcoin] timing chart coming. It is backtested. Amazing.

                You ready to get rich? This chart will be extremely valuable.

                Here’s a refinement of my chart, and zoomed in, so you can visualize the precise likely price movements coming to Bitcoin going forward for the next 7+ days.

                Note there is repeating the pattern from late October as shown on my annotated chart.

                Note I expect ETH to outperform to $650+ (possibly $665) until we reach that huge dip coming tomorrow, before making that final spike up to $20.5+k on Dec 5. ETH tends to outperform when BTC is slowly grinding higher.

                I told you it would slow down, and I was correct thus far.

                Note the arrows indicated expected price move end points. In some segments I have sketched a curve for the expected price movement in addition to the arrow for that segment. Enjoy.


      • anonymint says:

        x wrote in my Telegram group (Anonymint) chat:

        Also , they don’t need to attack all other altcoins one by one? It’s not clear to me how all altcoins can be attacked all at once

        The posited attack on non-legacy, lineage BTC will itself collapse the prices of all the altcoins, because it will also bankrupt the exchanges. Everything will seize up.

        Then with the hashrate of all proof-of-work blockchains cratered by the low prices (the miners must shut off their ASICs because prices too low to pay the electricity), the powers-that-be can rent all the idle hashrate cheaply and employ it to perform the difficulty attacks on the proof-of-work altcoins causing them all to go into a death spiral as described:


        As for proof-of-stake, I described in a comment at the bottom of the Ethereum wiki that there is no cost (actually it is quite profitable instead) to take control of and attacking proof-of-stake:


        (scroll to the bottom of the linked wiki page)

        Note “attacking” proof-of-stake means extracting the most profit from the ecosystem as possible. So for example Steem(it) is currently under “attack” but the blockchain is still functioning because it is in the profit interests of the China man who took control of it. The Chinese have also already taken control of EOS and probably soon Ethereum as well. The nefarious fleecing of all the Westerners who are using these Chinese-controlled proof-of-stake blockchains will become more apparent as time goes on.

        If they delete my comments, there is an archive at archive.is and web.archive.org

        • anonymint says:

          I wrote in my Telegram group chat:

          x [from China] replied:

          Proof-of-stake cryptocurrencies are permissioned, oligarchy-controlled enslavement systems.

          Will these PoS coins be the 2nd tier and survive longer?

          I keep explaining this attack over and over again. Why do you guys not go to the early pinned posts and click off to the Corbett Report links wherein I already wrote all of this. I do not have time to type the same information over and over again. Or go find it in context and copy & paste.

          What part of all the exchanges will be bankrupted, destroyed, and all the cryptocurrencies will be cratered in price do you not understand? What use is it to hold something that will decline to 1% of the price you purchased? Don’t forget all the altcoins depend on the market making ecosystem of exchanges and the exchanges mostly hold their reserves in BTC. When BTC and all the proof-of-work altcoins are cratered in price from the attack and the exchanges stop functioning, even the proof-of-stake altcoins will cater to ~$0. Additionally the recent cyber hack means probably cyber attacks against proof-of-stake such as stealing the private keys (and/or corrupting the servers they use to run the blockchain) of the oligarchs who own 80+% of the stake (inviolable power-law distribution of fungible resources).

          Do you think anyone will want those FOMO bags ever again after seeing them drop to ~$0.

          Humans remember their traumas and avoid for a long time.

          This is how TPTB have engineered a scheme to make the masses hate non-CBC cryptocurrencies, so the masses will embrace and accept the CBC permissioned digital currencies that are coming. It’s so clever, they thought this out very well.

      • anonymint says:

        BigDogPoker wrote in my Telegram chat:

        https://idena.io/ has an interesting consensus mechanism.

        This is nonsense. So the early participants can invite themselves over and over again to accumulate most of the stake in the system. Then pay some slave labor in India to solve the flip challenges for them.


        Why do you need an invitation to join the Idena network?

        The pace of network growth is restricted to minimize the probability of a Sybil attack.

        Votes are always bought cheaply in any system of voting:


        Come on guys I already wrote the four-part blog series in 2018 that formed my conclusions about all the 1000s of shitcoins. No need to send me another 1000 shitcoins to analyze.

        you will need to have 1 human per node. because theres a global synchronized checkpoint every epoch

        Nodes don’t prevent the Sybil attack because their cost is essentially nothing and nearly zero ongoing cost because IP addresses are cheap and reassignable. Proof-of-work is the only known solution to the Sybil attack in an open non-permissioned model. That was the genius of Bitcoin.

        the 1st part of the test is very time-limited to make it almost impossible for 1 human to double dip. like 5 flips for 2 minutes.

        Slaves are cheap and soon to be even cheaper with the Great Reset.

        this has been brought up in the idena forums. if a farmer can convince many slaves to do the validation for them, how is that different from a monied miner who will buy lots of [ASIC mining farms]

        It’s true that ongoing cost of slave labor is akin to the depreciation of mining equipment and electricity costs, but the Idena protocol relies on permissioned invitations that thus grant exclusive access to ongoing mining to the early adopters.

        • anonymint says:

          Permissioned means oligarchy control and thus not antifragile and the users are going to be milked for the maximum profit the owners of the system can extract from it.

          It’s the same underlying reason that proof-of-stake is flawed.

        • anonymint says:

          If the invitations were removed it would be non-permissioned and then the Sybil attack would be limited by the cost of the human slaves.

          But there’s a deeper problem which is related to the problem I am having with insuring convergence with a proof-of-work that has no difficulty adjustments. That is the epochs must be tied to NTP intervals instead of the decentralized proof-of-work difficulty threshold Poisson process. To get around the ambiguity of which candidate block is the one being voted on, there must be leader for each epoch (aka block period). These leaders become both a safety and liveness vulnerability flaw. I am confident Idena also has such a flaw. I don’t have time to go detail it precisely right now.

          Note Satoshi didn’t solve the Byzantine Generals Problem:


          (I am @TPTB_need_war in that discussion)

      • anonymint says:

        FiniteMaz wrote in my Telegram group:

        may be mistaken and forgive me if I sound ill informed, but miners can’t enforce rules beyond satoshi codebase. They can make more specific rules, but that’s it. They can’t confiscate segwit coins as it would not be valid for nodes. If anyone includes those ‘anyone can spend’ transactions in a block by not enforcing segwit rules, nobody will consider the block valid and will result in wasted power. People now follow the longest valid chain, not the longest chain. The only thing a miner can do is censor, which is only an attempt at impacting the portability of money. I’m trying to understand how a coordinated attack to stop enforcing segwit rules would happen in practice. I don’t think the longest chain prevails at this point.

        Why is it that you think the legacy protocol is not a valid protocol? The legacy protocol can’t see the pay-to-script-hash transaction spend signatures, so all the miners see are spend to hashes which are thus ANYONECANSPEND.

        The Blockstream scammers convinced everyone [all the sheepeople] they can change the protocol without hard forking. And they are lying, because that creates a huge ANYONECANSPEND booty which incentivizes and make it certain that a donations attack will occur to restore the IMMUTABLE legacy protocol.


        I am not going to reexplain the economics and game theory again. Read this entire group discussion as I already explained it. You can start from the first pinned message at the top. All the other cryptocurrencies will be worthless, so all your verbiage about longest versus valid chain is irrelevant, unwitting sophism. You are ostensibly [naively and without ill intent] regurgitating nonsense promulgated by the ‘Power Rangers’ in the ecosystem.

  55. RichW says:

    Wow, that was a thorough overview of this forth coming global reset and transformation of humanity. Personally I don’t think we have 50 years to derail Big Brother’s evil plans and schemes. I don’t think we even have 5 months. Just don’t take the mark of the Beast (Revelation 14:6-13). God’s holy word stands true and warns mankind what to expect as we end this Church Age of grace. Rest and trust in the Lord Jesus. He will keep you unto Himself by the working power of the Holy Spirit. Love leads to death leads to Life!

  56. Valhalla Awaits says:

    This sure sounds like full blown communism to me, and I want no part of it.

    Will Bezos or Gates let me use their common area space when they’re not home?

    Welcome to 2030, comrade.


    • cu.h.j says:

      That’s really creepy. I sure hope we can stop this runaway train. I’m kinda glad I didn’t have kids now. It’s more the young people who will inherit this nightmare. I’m glad I’m in my 40s I have lived enough to have enjoyed myself.

      I will fight this to the death if it comes to it. But if I had kids I might feel stuck. Do you go along and live like a slave or die as a free person? Do you make this choice for your kids?

      We are in quite a terrible predicament.

  57. HomeRemedySupply says:

    TIME Magazine & The Great Reset

    IMAGE of Front Cover

    Articles presented in TIME…
    The Great Reset
    The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a unique opportunity to think about the kind of future we want.
    TIME partnered with the World Economic Forum to ask leading thinkers to share ideas for how to transform the way we live and work.


    Hat Tip to Broc West’s Twitter link

  58. anonymint says:

    I replied:


    Argentina has an insoluble problem because the unproductive masses expect the government to provide everything to them at subsidized cost or free. Politically Argentina can only collapse until it is taken control over by a lurch to the far right minority. In which case they will need to purge their political enemies.

    It is an insoluble problem. But see my comment on this page (under other user’s comment) about the coming Great Reset. This will be used to sterilize the population so that these masses of “useless eaters” can be exterminated through inability to bear children.

    And replied:


    You understand some of this and you are correct that China is being favored as it was also complicit in the scamdemic as the pretext for the Great Reset. I will explain that more below. But first you do not completely understand Bitcoin. I know secrets about Bitcoin you do not know.

    The Philosopher AI app which is accessing the GPT-3 API at OpenAPI, is blocked whenever it tries to answer a probing question about the coming donations attack against Bitcoin perhaps in 2022.

    For example ask it who wrote this quote from Satoshi Nakamoto about gold turning to lead when stolen:


    Or ask it this question, “The legacy protocol does not recognize pay-to-script-hash addresses thus they are spendable by anyone?”

    Or ask, “After the 2017 fork could the legacy protocol be revived with a majority hashrate attack funded by anyonecanspend addresses?”

    The Philosopher AI has basically correlated all the information on the Internet. So it probably knows about things even we may not be aware of. I am trying to extract information with clever questions. But you can clearly see the powers-that-be do not want you to know the inner secrets about Bitcoin which I know. Refer to the above link for more details.

    IOW, Bitcoin is Trojan Horse created by the global elite conspirators, perhaps some Rothschild think tank.

    It is also important to understand how the powers-that-be will destroy all the altcoins when they are ready:


    It is rather clear that Armstrong’s confirmation bias is that he does not want to believe that China is complicit. If the virus was a hoax, then China clearly helped to perpetrate the hoax. China had every incentive to do so, as they are helping the Western elite destroy the West so that China can establish hegemony and eventually retake Taiwan.


    > Was it deliberately released by the Chinese? Highly unlikely. If it was released, it is also unlikely that it was an accident.

    See the problem begins in Armstrong’s misunderstanding with thinking there is any new virus at all.

    I was emailing him for the past years warning that there is a global elite conspiracy and Armstrong poo-pooed it. Now he has been shown the global elite but still Armstrong is so gullible and fails to do his research.

    From the very intelligent James Corbett (a Canadian who lives in Japan) about the Great Reset being voiced by the global leaders especially in Europe and our elite such as John Kerry, Bill Gates, etc:


    [SNIP – Please keep comments to 500 words or less. Longer commments can be split into multiple posts. -JC]

    • anonymint says:

      [JC, you may have snipped the most important part of the post as follows]

      P.S. One of the main purposes of this scamdemic reset other than the main one for the political elite to maintain power and channel the global monetary reset into a great global control grid, is that they want to sterilize the population so they can decide who can procreate. This for them is the easiest way to kill off the “useless eaters.”


      Farmers can’t get their tractors repaired because John Deer is shutdown by the scamdemic:


      Armstrong is a naive idiot sometimes, as he still thinks there is a new virus when in fact it has been shown there are only preexisting corona viruses and no new virus. Even 160 IQ, 19 year old, Naomi Seibt (a smart, German lad) explained why.


      Armstrong should do more research:


      Selected quotes:

      “I’ve quoted key CDC and study documents that confess “the virus is unavailable.” Which is like an ice company saying they have no access to water.

      I’ve published quotes from Dr. Tom Cowan’s major article [6] [7] exposing how CDC journal authors “assemble” the idea of a virus from cobbled sequences they ASSUME are parts of SARS-CoV-2.


      “Cowan: “The real blockbuster finding in this study comes later, a finding so shocking that I had to read it many times before I could believe what I was reading. Let me quote the passage intact:”


      “The shocking thing about the above [CDC journal] quote is that using their own methods, the virologists found that solutions containing SARS-CoV-2 — even in high amounts — were NOT, I repeat NOT, infective to any of the three human tissue cultures they tested. In plain English, this means they proved, on their terms, that this ‘new coronavirus’ is not infectious to human beings. It is ONLY infective to monkey kidney cells, and only then when you add two potent drugs (gentamicin and amphotericin), known to be toxic to kidneys, to the mix.””

    • anonymint says:

      Martin Armstrong the China apologist who refuses connect the dots of China’s complicity:


      The USA will decline as Schwab and Soros seek to end it as a superpower. They think they can muster the power inside the United Nations to take over the world. Both China and Russia will resist, and in the end, China will rise as the next #1 world economy.

      China is not resisting the U.N. and the WHO, they’re controlling those organizations presumably with bribes and kompromat.

      Evidence that China allowed the travelers from the alleged source of virus in Wuhan to fly out everywhere internationally but prevented them from traveling to other regions of China. (Note I think there is no new virus as confirmed by the CDC, only a propaganda spread which China helped foment)

      Evidence Armstrong’s recent blog post:


      And evidence what China is alleged to have been doing on Twitter:

      (Sen Wicker Calls Out Twitter CEO: Allowed China To Blame US Military For COVID For 2 Months)

      Armstrong selling out to the Chinese also?

      Note I realize that the Deep State could be framing China (e.g. the Twitter allegations) but we know for a fact that Chinese Premiere Winnie-the-Poo was in Wuhan in the first week of January so was fully aware of what was transpiring.

  59. anonymint says:

    So the need for UBI in Third World countries is forcing them onto a national id and digital cash system because there is no other way to get the money to the people:


    Clever bastards Bill Gates and his partners in crime.

    • anonymint says:

      Look at this ridiculous COVID nonsense in the Philippines these foreign tourists have to endure:



      No way I am going back to that hellhole nor anywhere in China-fucked Asia.

      Melborne politicians have been bribed by China to destroy your economy and enslave the Australians. I thought Australians were tough guys but you guys are taking it in the ass.

      If they try that shit here in Texas there is going to be shooting of politicians.

      I wrote to my Australian friend that it is not nonsense. They have a plan. The plan is to take away all your property and to take away your freedom.

      They do plan to eventually put you all into slave camps where you have to work constantly with no pay and no freedom.

      I am amazed that the Australians are allowing this. As if you all think this will go away after a while. It is only going to get worse and worse, because you Australians are not fighting back. Protests are useless.

      They declared war on us, but we are taking it like we are stupefied and stultified.

  60. anonymint says:


    This corrupt Dr. Hillary in the UK responds to the fact that only 300 people under the age of 60 have died with “COVID” on their death certificate that didn’t have underlying comorbitities is 300. Nevermind that all of those 300 are a hoax, and let’s just focus on the doctor’s response. He says only 10% of the people have been exposed and if 80% are exposed than thousands of that classification will die. WTF? Can he not do basic math? 8 times 300 is only 2400 in a population of 67 million. More people will die of vehicular accidents than that. So should we ban vehicles?

    On top of that herd immunity is typically reached when ~30 – 50% of the population has been exposed.

    And again the claimed 300 cases of COVID deaths are just a complete hoax, fabrication, because there is no new virus.

    Every year these people die from infections. It is nothing new.

  61. HomeRemedySupply says:

    October 28, 2020
    MERCOLA.COM Features James Corbett’s Your Guide to The Great Reset

    (and it was “Fact Checked” 😉 – Click the icon just under the title for info)

    “What You Need to Know About ‘the Great Reset'”
    Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola


    Story at-a-glance

    ~~ “The Great Reset” is a new “social contract” that ties you to it through an electronic ID linked to your bank account and health records, and a “social credit” ID that will dictate every facet of your life

    ~~ While the COVID-19 pandemic is being used as a justification for the Great Reset movement, the agenda has nothing to do with health and everything to do with a long-term plan to monitor and control the world through digital surveillance and artificial intelligence

    ~~ The Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are rebranded terms for technocracy and the old “New World Order” melded with the transhumanist movement

    ~~ Technocracy is an economic system of resource allocation that revolves around technology — in particular artificial intelligence, digital surveillance and Big Data collection — and the digitization of industry and government, which in turn allows for the automation of social engineering and social rule, thereby doing away with the need for democratically elected leadership

    ~~ While the real plan is to usher in a tech-driven dystopia free of democratic controls, they speak of this plan as a way to bring us back into harmony with nature….

    (Mercola gives an excellent write-up. He also has embedded Corbett’s video “How Big Oil Conquered the World.”)

    • anonymint says:

      James Corbett’s Great Reset analysis being promulgated out to a presumably more diverse audience by Dr. Mercola could be a sign of a turning point brewing.

      I think one the key points that Americans need to realize is that this Great Reset is never going to end unless we fight back. I am happy to see that key bullet point emphasized.

      • anonymint says:

        Martin Armstrong blogged:


        I went behind the Berlin Wall. I saw the conditions firsthand. Like Schwab, they lied to the people and said the wall was to keep people out because they all wanted to share the glorious utopia of Communism.

        They always fool us into enslaving ourselves with our ignorance, biases and fear.

        I think one the key points that Americans need to realize is that this Great Reset is never going to end unless we fight back. I am happy to see that key bullet point emphasized in this article and in James Corbett’s video. Most Americans have their focus diverted on ideological nonsense, pet peeves, politics and just assumed that everything will go back to normal eventually.

        Americans have no idea the extent of the planning and attacks that are going to be coming against them over the coming years.

        The powers-that-be are planning to collapse the global financial system and essentially starve us into submission. They know already that we will resist with our guns and sheriffs and what not. They have a plan to defeat that. They have thought this out far several steps ahead of where our thinking will be at any juncture.

        For example most people don’t realize how they’re planning to use Bitcoin as the new monetary reserve currency when they destroy the dollar, and how they have foisted an imposter (aka “official”) Bitcoin on us that will go “poof it’s gone” circa 2022 from wince the legacy Bitcoin will rise from the ashes as the 1988 Economist magazine foretold (Rothschild owned):

        (click link to read a summary of the details)

        There’s so much more down these rabbit holes and Mercola and even James Corbett are only scratching the surface of it.

        • anonymint says:

          Unfortunately Americans are willing to trade liberty for faux security.

          “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” — Benjamin Franklin

          A video about the benefits of living in Mexico mentions how Americans have become so addicted to media and politics that they’re easily mind programmed and this is an unstable dynamic (e.g. my point that the MAGA faithful may be fooled into a lurch to the far right and the center-left has already been fooled into a lurch to the far left) — the designed pretext for a Civil War, only a Trump assassination in 2022 awaits as the Schelling point.


          Also this expat American couple mention that the U.S. food isn’t natural (e.g. all chicken is soaked in bleach in the USA) and so many people are developing allergies to food. Note her health improved after she had her breast implants (from Arizona) ‘explanted’ (i.e. removed) while in Mexico.

          It could also be the change in lifestyle being outdoors in the sunshine more (vitamin D3 and zinc being essential) and off the computer and other electronic devices as we tend to be in the USA (chronic blue light saturation being perhaps adverse to healthy immune and neurological systems), which is evident in their other video where they mention the food issue again:


          She mentions the food imported into the USA being sprayed by people in Hazmat suits:


          Being able to source natural food from small farmers at the source as needed could be vital for this coming period of health and food totalitarianism.

          And they discuss that our freedom in the USA is becoming conditional because Americans love laws and order so much:


          Americans are going to be murdered by the healthcare system because that is what we asked for. We want everything ordered, controlled, perfected and we are afraid of everything:

          (“People walking around everyday worried about everything… worried about the air…insecticides…Americans are so self-important…”)

  62. anonymint says:

    Government is always captured by BIG MONEY. There are no exceptions throughout the 3000 years of human civilization. It is a fact of the entirely natural power-law distribution of wealth. The collective is a power vacuum because it is a resource for the taking only by the most ruthless. Collectives are tragedies-of-the-commons.

    No amount nor kind of politics can change that economic fact.

    If you want a solution, there is only one and that is what Jesus said. Give up everything, walk with nothing and stop coveting this sordid earthly life.

    • anonymint says:

      The fundamental reason that central banks’ stimulus always ends up in the hands of the rich, is because it’s impossible for the central banks to discern the economic efficiency of individual actors in the economy. Only Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand (i.e. the dynamic market of diverse actors itself) can anneal such phenomena. Thus central banks do not even attempt to drop money from helicopters unless they’re in terminal spiral into hyperinflation and total loss of public confidence. So central banks have no choice but to direct liquidity at capitalists and hope the capitalists have more market knowledge. But the fact of natural law is that smaller things grow faster. Large capital is also incapable of efficiently directing its capital. And this is generative essence that necessitated the Great Reset because large capital has no economically viable means of sustaining itself, so it instead desperately enslaves its own system as it dies.

      A commentator on a recent Armstrong blog also posited an analogous point:


  63. anonymint says:

    I wrote comments on Mercola blogs:


    Regarding the main point of this blog, CDC Report: 70.6% of COVID Patients Always Wore a Mask, of course the perpetrators of the virus hoax for the goal of their Great Reset, planned for this because mask wearing is only the first stage of their diabolical plan. They can now state that masks are insufficient and therefore we need to transition to strict quarantines with tracking apps on our mobile phones. They are transitioning towards the quasi-internment camps eventually to become an analogous repeat of the Nazi era and on a much more global scale.


    This blog states, “Shockingly, preventing infection with SARS-CoV-2 is not a criterion for success in these vaccine trials. The only criterion for a successful COVID-19 vaccine is a reduction of symptoms shared by both COVID-19 and the common cold.”

    Of course because even the CDC admits that SARS-CoV-2 is not capable of infecting humans:


    The perpetra[i]tors of the Great Reset are employing extant circulating corona viruses as the cover for their virus hoax. They want only some immune response applicable to preexisting pathogens to justify the efficacy of the vaccines.

    Note my fear is that the vaccine might end up iatrogenic because they’re rushing it without the long-term trials required to eliminate the possibility of longer-term autoimmunity effects. Thus COVID-21 might end up being an autoimmune reaction to the vaccines. And they may blame this on Trump if he forces an accelerated approval of a vaccine through the FDA. Another pretext to assassinate Trump and create the Schelling point for a far right lurch into a civil war that turns the USA into an authoritarian hell with the center-left sandwiched between a far left and a far right radicalization of the political environment.

    160 IQ, 19 year old Naomi Seibt explained that the SARS-CoV-2 genetic map is artificial and essentially fake. I forgot the details of her explanation so I won’t try to summarize right now.

  64. anonymint says:


    Per my recent comments, the collapse of Western civilization is baked into the cake already. The only question is what form does the collapse take in each of our nations. Specifically I am interested in whether I can continue a viable life in the USA. The generative essence point I will be making below is that the USA is gripped by a control freak and faux safety porn mantra that pervades our culture and politics, and thus I expect the USA turns authoritarian in a far-right versus far-left battle. We will be squeezed between states’ rights and federal edicts, combined with fiscal insolvency of states (and revenge against opposing colored states from which ever side controls the federal spigot) leading to a combination of authoritarian edicts combined with fiscal impotence and predatory taxation and civil asset forfeiture (seizing of assets with fabricated justifications). Essentially it is going to be very, very difficult to hold onto to personal property.

    On a practical level interstate travel may become onerous (e.g. COVID pass documents at road check points).

    In some future decade the decline in the USA will be arrested, but getting from here to there without being caught up in systemic collateral damage is going to perhaps require some careful, out-of-the-box thinking and planning.

    • anonymint says:

      Normally when governments start seizing everything then all capital goes into hiding and this is a Dark Age. Food becomes money and gold becomes less liquid (people want food not gold because capital investment in production of goods and services becomes impossible). Because of the diabolical Bitcoin donations spiral attack I have described upthread, there will be the diabolical CBDCs as the only alternative for the plebs (i.e. a two-tiered monetary system) unless someone designs an altcoin that can survive the upcoming difficulty attacks:


    • Duck says:

      I dont doubt your conclusions but moving somewhere more crowded and controllable (like Europe) or crowded but less controllable (like Africa or South America) is not really going to improve your situation , In ‘my opinion’.

      You have more space to avoid trouble spots and more chance to find like minded people to help you thru in the USA then anywhere I can think of

      • anonymint says:

        I also responded to you on the other thread:


        To elaborate a bit, I expect the timeline for a resistance movement in the USA is coming much later. So the strategy in the near-term is to be somewhere comfortable and avoid the coming food shortages and COVID-pass Kabuki theater.

        I am talking about living out in the middle of the desert in Baja CA where there are no people at all or in an upscale gated community near the coast. The natives who get entangled with the cartels are in mountain passes that the cartels use to move drugs through El Paso. They probably take paid work from the cartels and then competing cartels probably see them as potential collaborators.

        If there was a rural location in the USA that met my year round requirements for climate, I would for that instead. But it only exists in CA and CA is problematic for several reasons.

        I’ll likely be back to the USA to join the future resistance fight. My lateral ancestor was Isaac Shelby an important general of yore. The move to Baja will only be temporary to get over the hump of this initial stage and observe where everything is heading before deciding on the longer-term strategy.

        • Duck says:

          Thanks for replying
          I hope it goes well for you there, you obviously know the place well and have thought thru your plans.
          Good luck 🙂

    • anonymint says:

      The motivation for the scamdemic is to lower the debt level while remaining in control. They want to accomplish that with stagflation in the context of authoritarianism. The following video explains with incisive detail:


      They are intentionally creating unemployment and cratering the supply via the climate and green new deal scams.

      • anonymint says:


        “Rapid growth is no longer possible” and “inflation is not going to be tolerated” in societies with slow wage growth: head of the central bank of Singapore. It has been said out loud [now].


        Rising inflation and high economic growth worked during the decades are the Second World War in bringing down debt levels in highly indebted countries, such as the US, but it won’t work this time

        And thus the globalist elite give us the Great Reset as their globalist control grid plan to maintain control while resetting the debt levels and monetary system while maintaining authoritarian control.

    • anonymint says:

      The generative essence point I will be making below is that the USA is gripped by a control freak and faux safety porn mantra that pervades our culture and politics [i.e. the illusion of rule of law], and thus I expect the USA turns authoritarian in a far-right versus far-left battle.

      (click to access the important linked references that should be in quote prose below)


      Also occurring in the interim substantial USD flowed to China financing their development of sufficient industrial prowess to raise the cost of verifying the authenticity of standardized gold and silver bullion products immensely.

      Thankfully Bitcoin emerged in 2009 and matured in 2013. Bitcoin is the reserve currency against which the rest of the world moves. Unlike Gold the cost of veryifying Bitcoin is low¹ and unlike USD the monetary mass is not only measurable, but known.

      The present insanity where altcoins pretending to be national currencies avoid crashing to zero through exercise of religious faith is an incredibly recent experiment. 2019-1973=46 which is more years than I’ve been alive, but not many years at all from a historical perspective. It isn’t unreasonable I to hope to still be breathing to see the end stage of the experiment.


      Doom came about when England decided that as part of their effort to develop a chunk of the New World, they would send their troublesome weirdos over the Ocean. The weirdos did what weirdos do, and decided to enforce all sorts of silly ideas as laws. By the time the colonies split, British weirdos had become an entrenched and relatively powerful interest group. The seed for the proliferation of insanity had been planted, the idea of crime was decoupled from harm while law ceases to be limited to disputes capable of, much less needing adjudication.

      In parallel the melting pot of the US gave old women a voice while Lincoln’s war of Northern Aggression cemented the fate of the US as a slave empire. Old women and all manner of betas were united by a desire for “nothing bad to happen” and the destructive power of Democracy went to work.

      The Anglophone democracies that survived war with Hitler‘s German Democracy proceeded to replicate the Nazi tools of population pacification with their hands while condemning those same methods with their words. The pretense of rule of law has left the USG bankrupt of men.

  65. anonymint says:

    Catholic, former Archbishop to the United States wrote an open letter to Trump summarizing and warning about the Great Reset:

    (click for a link to the PDF file containing the letter)

  66. anonymint says:

    Insurance companies won’t pay if you die from a comorbidity but have a positive COVID test postmortem:


    So in essence everyone is forced to enjoin the hoax of misclassifying the cause all deaths as COVID.

    (Canción “Todo es Covid”)

  67. anonymint says:

    JC since you don’t have a blog about the election corruption yet, I will post this here because this election manipulation is part of the Great Reset grand scheme…

    I had a look at Deagel.com for an update and the 2025 forecast is gone. Anyone know why?

    I had mentioned in a previous email that only the summary table is available by clicking “2025 Forecast” on the Countries page. The detailed forecast is no longer appearing on each country page. Note at the bottom of the 2025 Forecast summary table page, is the (updated as of Sep 20, 2020) reasoning for their forecast.

    Highly decorated, retired USAF Lt. General explains that the CIA has the Hammer system to manipulate elections in the USA:


    Interestingly he says it was successfully used against Bernie in CA in 2016 but when it was deployed in the 2016 national election something thwarted it, but the Lt. General says he can’t talk more about that. Sounds to me like Rothschild wanted Trump to win, as I have said since I predicted that Trump would win because of Rothschild’s control over Wikileaks.

    (Ctrl+F then search all my comments about ‘Rothschild’)

    The delayed counting of a huge number of absentee ballots is very suspect as the instrument for a fraudulent election:


    Possibly they will delay also to include more late arriving ballots in defiance of the court rulings in the Michigan Supreme Court (how to prove when a ballot arrived?):



    And to lose track of which ballots arrive late, conveniently a “burst pipe” excuse to delay reporting of absentee ballot counts in GA until as late as Friday:


    • anonymint says:

      More potential technological corruption of the election:


      Officials in Franklin County, Ohio, switched to using paper pollbooks to check voters in after a technical issue limited their ability to upload all registration information into electronic check-in systems. Systems in Spalding County, Georgia, went down county-wide due to a technical glitch, with paper ballots used until the systems were restored.

      So many instances of potential election fraud ongoing:


      The Republicans alleged that the county had begun processing mail-in ballots too early and was illegally trying to allow voters to fix defects, such as by adding missing inner envelopes.


      In Outagamie County, Wisconsin, which is outside Green Bay, poll workers on Tuesday were working to transfer votes from around 13,500 misprinted absentee ballots to clean ballots that won’t jam the electronic tabulating machine, the county clerk told CNN.

    • anonymint says:


      Could that “software glitch” be the CIA’s Hammer manipulation system in action?


      These [“software”] errors only seem to ever happen in one direction.

      • anonymint says:

        From email:

        Very blatant cheating all over the place. This is all very ugly. This has broad ramifications as the US is the world’s flagship democracy.

        There was that “software glitch” that turned 6,000 Trump votes into Biden votes in one Michigan County, and was used in 47 other Michigan counties. It turns out that voting system was used in 30 states. It gets worse – the company that makes those machines is in bed with the Clintons. Check this out: https://www.zerohedge.com/political/30-states-computer-system-known-be-defective-tallying-votes

        • anonymint says:

          Steve Bannon is probably correct

          What Happens if the Election Results Are Contested

          State legislature[s] has[have] the authority under the Constitution to appoint the state’s electors, regardless of the status of the popular vote, and particularly when a state hasn’t made a decision by the safe harbor deadline. A state legislature could decide that election results, still in dispute, are unlawful and select their own electors.


          Disputes may not end there. Election law experts caution the governor and legislators could disagree about the outcome and could each choose to appoint rival slates of electors supporting different candidates.

          […click link to see graphic of which states have Red or Blue legislators and governors…]

          In several battleground states, the governor is from a different party than the majority party in the state legislature, setting up the possibility of dueling electors. Both groups might meet to vote, and Congress would have to decide which votes to accept.


          The newly elected Congress meets on Jan. 6 to formally count the electoral votes and name the president. If there is no clear winner in the Electoral College, Congress would hold a contingent election.


          It is possible that Congress could fail in its job on Jan. 6, with two candidates each still claiming to have won, said Mr. Foley, the Ohio State law professor. The country faced an equivalent situation in 1876, when claims of voter fraud forced a special electoral commission to decide the election just two days before the inauguration.

          This is why I speculate that the Demonrats will form a shadow government claiming that Trump stole back the election illegitimately.

          • anonymint says:

            I want to reiterate for emphasis and contextual organization that I argued upthread that obviously this was master planned to foment a Civil War in the USA, evident by leaving just enough leeway for Trump to win with the electoral college process (yet enough of a victory for Biden to make it appear Trump is stealing the election) when they had the means to fabricate a larger, perceived (deceived) margin of votes for Biden:

            So why given the CIA’s Hammer system for switching votes, and the blatant finding of 38,000+ ballots that ALL voted for Biden, would those who are masterminding this have left Wisconsin with only 20,000 votes (i.e. 0.02 out of 1.2 million votes cast) separating Biden and Trump with 99% reporting?

            Would not make any sense if this was being masterminded by Demonrats who just want to topple the apple cart and steal the reigns of power (and everything else they can steal and destroy with such power). It only makes sense because someone is masterminding it who wants the right and left to fight and destroy each other.

            Rothschild and his lemmings wants to weaken the nation-states so the globalist overlords behind the curtain can usher in a global new world order where we are all slaves.

            They want to weaken the USA and have it lured into a WW3 to totally obliterate any semblance of a strong nation-state.

            I also wrote:

            This outcome of creating contention over illegitimacy has been master planned. As explained in the above video, even the Supreme Court has been framed up to be in situation where Democrats will argue that, “Amy Barret should recuse herself and that Supreme Court is taking a case on appeal they already rejected to hear on 4-4 split, knowing full well it is hand the election to Trump.”

            • anonymint says:

              I also wrote:

              […] The reason you do not understand is because Jim doesn’t have the correct model of who is in control of the world.

              Rothschild is masterminding a civil war in order to fracture the center-right Nash equilibrium to fracture the USA. Divide-and-conquer so we will become dependent on the new Great Reset world order.


              They’re openly announcing plans to form the shadow government:



              As I predicted, the powers-that-be have concocted a scenario by which neither side will recognize the legitimacy of the other. The Demonrats will attempt to enforce Congressional gridlock with their control of the House and perhaps also form a shadow government along with their blue, demonrat-run states[fiefdoms].


              It is rather clear that Armstrong’s confirmation bias is that he does not want to believe that China is complicit. If the virus was a hoax, then China clearly helped to perpetrate the hoax. China had every incentive to do so, as they are helping the Western elite destroy the West so that China can establish hegemony and eventually retake Taiwan.

              China played along because they think it will weaken the West, but Armstrong is correct it will backfire on them because Rothschild et al are scheming to employ the U.S. military against China so the end game is to weaken/fracture nation-states so all are subservient to the new global authority as depicted in the Denver airport murals.

              • anonymint says:

                Even the Green New Deal and Climate Fraud crap was all scripted and master planned more than a decade prior.

                Rothschild’s think tank presumably modeled/reasoned that conservative Americans knowing the horror that Biden wants inflict on them have no choice but to take up arms if necessary because there is no way we are going to go along with that insanity of attempting to implement totalitarianism in the USA.

                This was scripted to create massive instability so as to maximize the economic crisis and fracturing of the nation-state as concept to foist human civilization, competition and cooperation to a global scale.

                Remember I had predicted Trump’s 2016 victory because I was aware that Rothschild was in control of Wikileaks after Julian Assange was availing the services of and living in the house of Rothschild’s attorney. C.f. my comments at the bottom of the page for my aforelinked blog for some of my research on that connection between Assange and Rothschild.

              • anonymint says:

                I commented on the blog The Republic died at 2020-11-04T04-05:

                The real WTF is he is predicting something entirely different under Biden that what happened under Obama. The left definitely did not go to sleep under Obama. Oh no. Trump’s election happened precisely because they stepped on white mens toes with steel-toed boots really a lot under Obama and they got sick of it. If they were asleep, it would have been an Establishment Republicuck elected.

                Moldbug’s excellent analysis [← MUST READ] put into words the essence of my analysis of the situation at hand, and helped me clarify my thinking on this matter.

                [In short Moldbug aka Curtis Yarvin is predicting the Trump Revolution will fall short of its goal. The USA will fall to the leftists eventually.]

                Conservative America is predominantly center-right not far right. White conservatives want to depend on the political process and legal system, not on violence. They correctly understand as Moldbug pointed out that if it resorts to violence, then we’ve lost the necessary force to win. Force (derivative of soft power) originates from priests (and thus the predominant culture and ideology) not from warriors.

                Trump may complete Moldbug’s step 1 and tenuously hold onto the government for maybe two more years, but the Demonrats will form a shadow government and accumulate more power. Trump will not have a mandate to purge the left entirely because most white Americans are not warriors. I for example consider my mentality to be that of a warrior but I lack sufficient force (power) to make any rational impact as a warrior, so my warrior mentality is useless in this context.

                The left will not lose momentum if Trump completes step 1. Yarvin thinks the left will lose momentum if they regain power but the leftist holiness spiral dictates that the power will be consolidated by escalating the memes. Patriarchal China is to be the next boogeyman perhaps. China appears to participated in the virus hoax to aid our Western elite in destroying the West, but China will have to face this enemy they’re empowering.

                […continued in my next comment post…]

              • anonymint says:

                […continued from previous post…]

                Yarvin’s overarching model which concurs with Jim’s holiness spiral is correct that the left must continue aggregating power else it implodes. I predict the ultimate end will be the globalist new world order empire offering to restore order and guillotine the nation-state level leftists. This global new world order will for example employ Bitcoin as its reserve currency. My model is the penultimate globalists (Rothschild et al) are sowing the destruction of the nation-states to usher in their NWO — the Antichrist is the ultimate end.

                Technology has evolved, so the next empire will have evolved from the nation-state to the NWO, analogous to how technology deprecated the tribe then the city-state and now deprecating the nation-state. And technology will be our only effective weapon for individual empowerment in this new world.

                On a personal level, the leftist holiness spiral will presumably eventually lead to confrontation between white Americans and the leftist gestapo. At that point absent a collective force, the remaining warriors will have no other option than to take on suicide fire fights as the authorities swarm their homesteads. Most “conservative” Americans will instead capitulate.

                Note there’s another possibility that Yarvin does not discuss which is that some southern states with sufficient force secede from the morass. This might be analogous to Constantine moving the Roman Empire towards the East away from the collapsing morass the Western Roman Empire had become. Such a confederation could possibly lurch more towards the right in some facets while actually continuing the slide into progressivism. Alabama wants to chemically castrate rapists for example. But I presume you all agree that demonizing rape is indicative of the faggot, progressive slide of America. I tend to think Yarvin is correct that Americans don’t have the balls (to emulate Constantine) but in the south they may find priests to form a new state subservient to the predominant empire which will no longer be the U.S.A..

                In summary, I agree with Yarvin that the West is disintegrating and the only solace will be watching all the idiots reap what they sowed as they crater their economy into poverty and deprivation. I agree with Yarvin that I prefer to win than bark up the wrong tree and follow the weak horse.

              • anonymint says:

                Regarding the issue of priesthood, culture and ideology that I mentioned in my prior two comments above…


                I have studied corrupt elections throughout history. The reason we have the Julian Calendar and not the calendar based on the Moon, was because during the Roman Republic the decision to insert the leap days to adjust the Moon Calendar to that of the Sun Calendar was the discretion of the high priest. Whenever there were controversy and the politicians did not want to confront it, the priest was bribed to insert extra days and even months. It got to the point that what was summer became winter. Julius Caesar took the office of Pontiff Maximus (high priest) so he could end the corruption and created a calendar to end the corruption.

              • anonymint says:

                Gradually everyone has been selling out to continue the party a little bit longer. They paid lip service to Trump as he helped kick the can. The writing is on the wall — the West is nearing a Waterfall Collapse. The cliff is rapidly approaching. Don’t be too late to sell.

                Prepare to move underground.

              • anonymint says:

                I continued that discussion:

                Section F is a massive power grab by the president for power over the presidency.

                If Trump holds the presidency, everything else is in the bag. The power of the presidency is so overwhelming and intrusive that everything else will inevitably happen quietly, dressed in the forms of the Old Republic, without the blatant and intrusive measures recommended by Moldbug

                The fact that Trump did not act sooner is indicative of his weakness. He is ostensibly waiting for it to become more apparent to more Americans of the threat that justifies the necessary Crossing the Rubicon to the far right.

                But Americans who are aghast at what Biden proposes are equally aghast at the far right militias. Americans demonize rape and w(h)or(e)ship the incorrect translation of Romans 13. Americans are not anywhere near close to coherent. And thus Trump will eventually make an order which is not followed because as Trump says (paraphrased), “Republicans are too polite and don’t fight dirty enough the way Demonrats do.” Apparently this is why Armstrong’s Socrates model is indicating something happens to Trump in 2022 — perhaps assassination or just losing the momentum to complete all of Moldbug’s necessary steps.

                Trump was an ideal choice of Rothschild to rile up all the MAGA faithful and kick the can for 6 more years until they reach their target date for the Bitcoin donations “attack” into the acceleration of the monetary reset away from dollar. The left will hyperinflate the dollar once they regain control over the Fed. As I mentioned previously I had documented on my blog (and predicted Trump’s 2016 victory) how Rothschild had put Trump into office with his control over Wikileaks.

                I hope Moldbug and I are wrong. If Trump calls on all patriots to fight, I probably will enjoin if others are also en masse. I just don’t think Americans have the balls anymore, if we ever did. We fought the War of Independence because the British were coming to seize our weapons cache in Lexington. We resisted fighting until the very end after the British shot several colonists dead who were standing on the lawn with their arms folded.

                […continued in the next post…]

              • anonymint says:

                […continued from the previous post…]

                Unfortunately Americans seem to have inherited a pacifist mentality. We fight only when we must. We don’t aspire to empire and always have delegate[d] empire aspirations in hands of our elite, e.g. Roosevelt’s foreknowledge about Pearl Harbor and aiding it as the pretext to engage in WW2. And unfortunately most Americans can’t comprehend the FAR RIGHT preemption that is required at the juncture.

                If we are lucky we have ~2 more years to prepare for the coming onslaught.

                When the onslaught ensues Americans will actually fight individually and in small groups, especially when the left attempts to seize their firearms. But by then it will be much too late for restoration because we will have lost the power of the control of the state and the state militaries, especially the USAF. It will just be a lot of bloodshed. Deagel.com has been predicting a 2/3 reduction in the U.S. population by 2025. To the extent that date is not premature, I think perhaps some of that is going to be de facto secession in the form of an alternative/shadow USG by the blue states and the demonrats when/if Trump completes Moldbug’s step #1.

                Bannon wants to go directly to far right and is calling for hanging of heads of traitors on pikes on the lawn of the White House. Twitter permanently banned him for that.

                The litmus test at this juncture is how do a majority of MAGA react to Bannon? Well note Trump kicked him out. Trump is an astute politician and must realize the limitations of his power.

                If I see MAGA faithful mentioning Bannon with great admiration, I will mea culpa with glee.

              • anonymint says:

                Also added:

                When the left regains control of the USG, I do see a high likelihood of patriots retreating and consolidating power in the south, again centered around Lexington (referring to my prior post which is stuck in the moderator queue) because of the threat to seize our firearms. We will probably form a new confederate government, perhaps lead by Steve Bannon. Bronze Age Pervert is another possible instigator of this outcome. Note Trump has moved his official residency from NY to FL.

                So I don’t think it will be a complete rout, but losing control of the USAF means we will be reduced to rats hiding and scurrying about. Perhaps we can seize the USAF assets in the south? As the threat level ramps up, Americans will wise up to some extent and those that don’t will perish. We’ll retreat to a new power base that is more coherent, but again there’s progressive faggotry of for example Alabama chemically castrating rapists.

                Armstrong’s Socrates has been predicting the breakup of the USA. And Deagel.com’s 2025 prediction would align with a fracturing of the U.S.A., because I don’t think 67% of the Americans are going to physically emigrate nor will the coming megadeath be that high nor even that soon.

              • anonymint says:

                From email:

                I love Bannon. I saw some of his allies on Twitter trying to defend him by saying the heads on pikes comment was just hyperbole. That’s doing an injustice to Steve Bannon though. I’ve also quoted some of 10 USC S. 894 on twitter several times now:

                “A person who is found guilty of attempted mutiny, mutiny, sedition, or failure to suppress or report a mutiny or sedition shall be punished by death…”

                If Trump holds on to the presidency and is pissed enough (as many of us are), he could prosecute thousands of people and go for the death penalty.

                I’m sticking with the postulate that Trump will hold on. Then he’ll either be assassinated, impeached, or possibly killed by Armstrong’s “real pandemic” in 2022. It would seem the easiest path for the demonrats would be to continue to crash the economy, bring on a more deadly pandemic, paint Trump as totally inept and incapable of handling the pandemic, then take the senate in 2022 (assuming they don’t get it in Jan. 2021), and impeach Trump, then probably Pence.

                Moldbug and I seem to concur that Trump has a reasonable likelihood of completing Moldbug’s stage 1 which is to win this electoral process. I think so because MAGA are fully awake and engaged on the political process.

                Where the MAGA are weak is that they think they can employ the political process to hold off the left. Moldbug correctly points out that the only way to defeat the left is to purge them and continue to purge them whenever they stick their head above the grass. Which is the way it works in China in fact.Armstrong’s models have the Demonrats losing ground again at the mid-term elections at least in the House. So rather what I see coming in 2022 is that the demonrats must resort to measures even more extreme outside the context of rigging the election because the MAGA army will be guarding the election next time. So if you assassinate Trump and Pence, then Speaker of House (Nancy Pelosi) becomes President. And then assassinating a few Republican Senators would flip the Senate.

                I see 2022 as the year from hell. All the Bitcoins obtained since 2017 will also be donated the miners perhaps in 2022 after the nosebleed $250k peak price. Then the acceleration into the monetary reset and NWO.

              • anonymint says:

                If any readers wonder why most of the links to my comments on Jim’s blog (aka James A. Donald) are censored by Jim…


                The technologies described are standard and widely used, but the way they supposedly fit together is incoherent, a tale told by someone like Shelby, who glibly uses words he does not understand in order to impress.

                So now we know you are the most despicable traitor scum. Slandering me while not allowing me to debate you.

                Fuck you Jim.

                You can debate me if you are able to acknowledge what I am saying

                If you cannot acknowledge what I am saying then

                1. It is not a debate. Discussion with people who are forbidden to acknowledge what they are arguing against is a waste of time.

                2. Your boss and human resources is looking over your shoulder. You are a paid shill.

                What the fuck is wrong with you? You demanding I act like a faggot and kowtow to your silly hazing nonsense. It reminds me on my [negro] freshman Culver City high school female trigonometry teacher who was offended that I aced all the tests without ever showing up for class. She gave me an F grade for not drawing boxes around my final solutions. I appealed to the principal who reinstated my 4.0 (perfect) GPA. I was a super stud athlete so I had pull rank on that bitch. And I will pull rank on you also Jim. Soon 2022ish, because I know important technological information which you are [ostensibly] blind to.

              • anonymint says:

                Continuing the email discussion:

                One disagreement I have with Moldbug’s essay is that I think Step 1 could be completed discretely.

                The army of lawyers Trump and the GOP have out collecting evidence make their cases to the legislatures of a few battleground states. The legislatures decide the GOP made a compelling case, and they send Trump electors to the electoral college. Then things go on as usual. All the democrats will say Trump is an illegitimate president. So what? They said that from the moment he was elected in 2016. 100% of the mainstream media will be against Trump. He’ll be compared to Hitler. The demonrats will come up with some witch hunts to build an impeachment case. Again, so what? How is that different than his first term?

                Moldbug admitted Trump might make it to stage 1, but will be stalled there.

                I’m presuming you think Trump needs to be discreet because he needs to lie to MAGA as Moldbug pointed out in §Field position.

                Moldbug doesn’t seem to understand (or at least didn’t articulate) that if Trump had not lied and instead told the truth about how weak he is, then he would have not received a far right, populist, uprising reaction but instead disillusionment, cognitive dissonance and resignment. Because Americans are pussies and because the mass media would censor him and if necessary the assassinations would begin sooner. Jim has blogged correctly that Trump must never appear weak, nor issue an order that isn’t followed. Thus Trump is trapped. He can’t do what he needs to do, because he doesn’t have the power to do it. And it stems from the lack of coherent, pervasive far right priestly culture in the USA. We are cucked, pacifists. Also the other factor is the West is collapsing under the weight of a $100 trillion debt bubble as the marginal utility has gone extreme negative. This isn’t just a normal valuation problem, but also a massive misallocation of capital including ingrained inertia of seriously fucked up, cucked, pussified human capital. And also an aging demographic with very few youthful minds that haven’t been destroyed by the cathedral.

                Moldbug is correct that at least outwardly Trump appears to be more focused on argumentative battles, outward perception and The Art of the Deal, in lieu of laser-beam focus on restoring the Republic with the requisite military force. Moldbug is also correct that to successfully perform a restorative coup, Moldbug’s stages must be executed in an accelerating blitzkrieg-style.

                […continued in the next comment post…]

              • anonymint says:

                […continued from the previous comment post…]

                Moldbug’s key concept that power is absolute and that to prevent being reduced to dust, leaders must pursue absolute power, explains to me now why the Rothschild globalists want to bring us to a NWO wherein they will control even the minds of every person 666. Because they realize the dilemma that power presents and the only way for them to have eternal power and stop this deleterious cycling of power between scorched earth and rebirth, is for them to hold ALL OF THE POWER including even the thoughts and soul of every human.

                Of course the Bible is very clear about this that Satan deceives himself. Jesus told us in Matthew and the Lord instructed us in 1 Samuel 8, that there’s no salvation in the struggle for power. The only salvation is for the meek with inherit the earth. Jim still doesn’t seem to understand.

                Regarding my theory of who is actually pulling the strings behind the curtain…remember I wrote:

                So why given the CIA’s Hammer system for switching votes, and the blatant finding of 38,000+ ballots that ALL voted for Biden, would those who are masterminding this have left Wisconsin with only 20,000 votes (i.e. 0.02 out of 1.2 million votes cast) separating Biden and Trump with 99% reporting?

                Would not make any sense if this was being masterminded by Demonrats who just want to topple the apple cart and steal the reigns of power (and everything else they can steal and destroy with such power). It only makes sense because someone is masterminding it who wants the right and left to fight and destroy each other.

                Rothschild and his lemmings wants to weaken the nation-states so the globalist overlords behind the curtain can usher in a global new world order where we are all slaves.

                They want to weaken the USA and have it lured into a WW3 to totally obliterate any semblance of a strong nation-state.

                The way it is different from the past 4 years is that Rothschild has engineered a situation now where the Demonrats are even more trapped than they were before as I explained to you in my prior reply. By making the rigged election so close, enabling Trump to move to stage 1, inciting the awareness of the MAGA to rigging of elections and allowing Republicans to gain seats in the House, Rothschild is putting the Demonrats in the position that they will lose the House in 2022. This achieves the desired objective of forcing the Demonrats to escalate to assassinations in 2022.

                […continued in the next comment post…]

              • anonymint says:

                […continued from the previous comment post…]

                I guess violence does make sense as the next step for the demonrats, if Trump stays in office. They can’t wait another four years to carry out the great reset. And it would be very difficult to carry out the great reset without the US president involved.

                Also, it’s now known that the deep state turned a blind eye to known vulnerabilities in the Dominion Voting Systems machines. Surprise, surprise. Also, the owner was the former chairman of the George Soros Foundation. Surprise, surprise.

                This won’t last long: https://twitter.com/cain_nate/status/1325561313465167874

                It’s been archived already. Now you are starting to understand my model. Jim has the wrong model of who is in control of the power. The Demonrats and the Chinese are just pawns of Rothschild which he is manipulating all towards the NWO 666. His think tank created Bitcoin for the coming monetary reset. All those who obtained Bitcoin after 2017 will see it go “poof it’s gone” when the donations restoration attack ensues.

                Jim replied on his blog:

                Not what Maga supporters think.

                Jim you should spend more time with MAGA and actually get to know them. Delusions from your armchair are not indicative of the broad movement. Sure there’s some far right radicals in the coalition but they aren’t given the power in the Trump administration because Trump is correctly reading the politics of the situation. Talk is cheap. Action talks. Look at the actions, not the talk. No far right action has been achieved. Always delays. Stalling. Apprehension.

                The more far right reaction will come after it is too late, but maybe in time to save a southern confederacy. The Americans have to be kicked upside the head before they will become as vicious as we were to the British in their retreat from Lexington.

              • anonymint says:

                Wake the fuck up Jim. Your cognitive dissonance about me being a shill trying to mislead your readers is a perfect example of how MAGA would react if told the truth and why MAGA is not coherent. You are a perfect example of it.


                You are correct. Americans are ignorant of what is taking place in Europe. The new law states everything except work was forbidden: “walking, having fun, singing, dancing, meeting, everything was forbidden … ”

                Your first clue should have been 9/11 being blown up with explosives. This was not something the Demonrats were capable of.

              • anonymint says:

                Okay they are starting to end democracy in Europe as we expected. They may attempt this in 2022 in the USA but if they fail then they will escalate to assassinations…

                Postponing Elections – The Plot Thickens

                Here is the Wissenschaftliche Dienste report and it concludes if there is an epidemic, then they can postpone the elections. What is significant here is that they were even asked for an opinion.

                “The postponement of an election date once set within the time corridor can occur due to special, extraordinary circumstances. Such important reasons can, for example, include natural disasters, unrest, epidemics, or large-scale strikes. However, irrelevant considerations may not be included, nor may the reasons appear arbitrary. In this respect, weighty, legally significant public interests or aspects of the common good are relevant. It is not necessary, however, that it is “Absolutely imperative” reasons.”

                The interesting aspect is that our sources are warning that elections will be suspended in Europe and we may see that attempted in the USA come 2022. The German elections will be in August 2021. So to already be scheming that they will use this virus to justify postponing elections means that our model which targeted 2022 for a real pandemic may still be deliberately manufactured and released to assist Gates in his obsession to reduce the population to save the planet while the elite, like him, can have three children.

                The entire social structure of debt, pensions, and welfare is no longer sustainable. Instead of working with a solution to save our freedom and correct the stupidity of nations borrowing year after year with no intention of repaying any debt has been rejected in place of Communism 3.0.

                This is the Monetary Crisis Cycle right on time with the Sovereign Debt Crisis also on target. This means they have no possible way to sustain the current system. Therefore, they needed this fake pandemic and quite possibly manufactured this virus in a lab since this precisely what Fauci was doing and then sent it to Wuhan.

              • anonymint says:

                More parting, follow-up thoughts.

                1. I think there’s decent chance that Trump will declare a national emergency to grab more power. The longer the economy craters due to Congressional gridlock, the stronger his case may become. Remember the USG is only funded through I think the third week of November.

                2. I think a reasonably strong Trump and MAGA reaction (i.e. completing Moldbug’s stage 1, national emergency power grab, Section F power grab, preparing to monitor 2022 midterm election and averting any attempt to cancel the election due to the virus hoax), will be as Rothschild planned it to be, so that the Demonrats will be trapped and forced to escalate to assassinations of Trump, Pence and sufficient Senators to flip the Senate in 2022 and cancel the elections.

                3. Assassinations should incite the MAGA to start to trend more far right (will start to erode their normalcy biases and cognitive dissonance), but again Americans (and Brits, etc) are far too civil and exhibit far too much patience. By the time they finally realize they need to wage all-out war, it will likely be too late to hold onto control of the entire nation and purge all the leftists. Instead perhaps a retreat to a political, religious and ideological stronghold in the south.

              • anonymint says:

                Couple more points:

                1. Presumably the military and/or NSA knows which of the enlisted men are more loyal to the Constitution and God than to the orders given from above. Which ones will refuse to fight against other Americans. I suspect these soldiers will be sent on some mission abroad or moved to military base in a Demonrat controlled area so they can’t desert and join the patriots when the war ensues. Perhaps a war with Iran.

                2. I suspect the border wall was strengthened most around California and Arizona (permitted by Rothschild because it serves his aim) to keep the leftists locked inside so that the patriots can slaughter Yuri Bezmenov’s “useful idiots”. That doesn’t mean grabbing back control of the USG. I am talking about bloodshed for bloodshed’s sake as the anger of the deprivation et al sets into the psyche. Heck leftists will be killing leftists before it’s all said and done.

              • anonymint says:

                Discussion from email:

                I think we can expect Dow 33k before 2021.

                You may be correct after all. It was interesting that Pfizer’s press release about “90% efficacy” against a virus that does not infect humans caused a huge shift in the markets. Just goes to show the power that Rothschild has now. Trump has no chance. They will decide every move Trump can make.

                I understand your Rothschild model. Very briefly, in my own words, he’s playing all sides against each other to destroy them all, and every national and state level institution so that the NWO can take over. Well, the countries will probably exist still, but mostly in name only.

                Well summarized. Ty.

                It seems you’re thinking they’re likely to try to starve us all, as you were saying a couple weeks ago. Between starvation, perhaps a pandemic, and a civil war of some sort, everyone, even libertarians, will be begging for the NWO to come save them.

                Something like that to induce us to capitulate to being microchipped.

                This seems to clash with Jim’s model that the left will destroy the right, then destroy themselves.

                Exactly. In my model, Rothschild will have them both destroy each other, so that the scorched earth that remains is too weak to challenge the NWO. But Jim ostensibly can‘t think out of his box.

              • anonymint says:


                In other news, the EU is apparently going to outlaw end-to-end encryption as soon as this week! https://www.computerweekly.com/news/252491755/EU-moves-closer-to-encryption-ban-after-Austria-France-attacks

                Man, even though I’ve always been interested in “conspiracy theories”, read all of Bill Cooper’s stuff, etc.Part of me always thought it was B.S. though. You’d have to really have your head up your ass or buried in the sand to not see that we’re hurtling at light speed toward a very dark future. Our European friends really do need to have a plan in place right now.

                Sec. of Defense Esper has been “terminated” and replaced: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1325859406349799424
                I was reading that one of the biggest disagreements between Esper and Trump was on the Insurrection Act. Trump wanted to be able to use soldiers to put quell riots, and Esper disagreed: https://www.cnn.com/2020/06/03/politics/esper-insurrection-act-protests/index.html
                I believe this is a significant point. There aren’t many riots yet because Biden “won”. Trump must be expecting major riots soon, for some strange reason 😉

                Right on schedule for the plan I posit Rothschild has in play.

                P.S. Bill Cooper predicted 9/11 on my birthday.

              • anonymint says:

                Trump appears to be on the verge of winning Moldbug’s stage 1:

                Georgia’s 83rd Governor Brian Kemp tweeted:

                Georgia’s election result will include legally cast ballots – and ONLY legally cast ballots. Period.

                Republican-Led Michigan Legislature to Hold Hearings on Election Fraud Claims

                In a statement Wednesday, Michigan Republican Party Chairman Laura Cox said, “The irregularities reported this morning are incredibly troubling, especially given how close the election results are in Michigan.”

                “At this point, it is unclear whether or not these issues were caused by incompetence or corruption, but the fact that they exist is of great concern, and the Michigan Republican Party will spare no expense to expose the truth of what happened in [Tuesday’s] election,” she concluded.


                Trump’s latest PA lawsuit does not allege voter fraud.

                It alleges that Pennsylvania conducted an election that violated the constitution, mainly by fostering “disparate treatment between mail-in and in person voters.”

                The lawsuit, filed in federal court, seeks an injunction preventing PA from certifying its results if it counts any ballots Trump’s poll watchers “were prevented from observing.”

                It also seeks to “invalidate” ballots cast by those given an opportunity to “cure” their ballots.

                Trump ostensibly will bring the above case to the Supreme Court on the alleged constitutionality issue.

              • anonymint says:

                The power that the media wields is indicative of where the power now lies and who controls the next empire. Remember priests hold all the real power, because humans are sheep with vacuous minds that must be filled with instructions.

                “We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, TIME Magazineand other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years.”


                “It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.” — David Rockefeller, Speaking at the June, 1991 Bilderberg meeting

                Regarding my theory that the Demonrats are being forced to escalate probably to assassinations by 2022 (the leftist holiness spiral always must move further radical, else it implodes), they’re even losing control of their own party so they will have no other option but to escalate…

                The Prospects of Trump & Will Democrats Split:

                We are starting to witness the moderate Democrats trying to pin the blame for losses in the House on controversial far-left members such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Besides coming out and advocating lists of Trump supporters for retaliation, on Sunday 11/8 she defended her extreme faction was not the root of the problem but leadership’s campaigning “as though it’s 2005.”


                Historically […] the split became to become much more intensified in 1848 and that is the year we saw communist revolutions around the globe.

                […click the link to view the posited 172 year cycle of Communist Revolution…]

                One component which is why the split will begin here in 2020 as I have warned between the moderate Democrats and the far-left which seems to be led by AOC, is right on target. We are at 172 years from the 1848 Communist Revolutions (8.6 x 2 = 17.2). All of this intensity is right on target. Two years later on September 18th, 1850, the Democrats pushed through the Fugitive Slave Act which provided for the return of slaves brought to free states. The North was then ordered to return any fugitive slave and ironically, California became the 31st state of the United States of America also in 1850. Where we begin is where we end.

              • anonymint says:

                The dollar the U.S. stock markets will rally into 2021 because it will be last bastion still standing as the rest of the Western world succumbs to Rothschild’s Great Reset. This is because Trump will complete Moldbug’s stage 1 and tenuously hold on to POTUS and Senate, as well as gaining seats in the House. Trump will not allow a socialist takeover as long as he remains in power. But this will cause the Demonrats to escalate by 2022 and complete the coup by any means necessary.

                When Trump attempts to break up and crack down on Big Media and Big Tech, they will enjoin the radical left to complete the coup. Moldbug is correct that Trump will be stalled at stage 1 or 2, because Americans are sheep, just as Jim and his flock are also sheep, blissfully unaware of who is really the mastermind who holds the power of empire.

                Lol, and now Martin Armstrong admits there will be a NWO after he ridiculed me in his blogs years ago when I warned him about the future. When will Marty admit he was wrong about Bitcoin? When will Jim realize I am correct about Bitcoin being a diabolical plan? When will Jim realize that 9/11 was a Rothschild false flag?

                Of course most people will only realize when it is already too late.

                The Future & Chaos

                COMMENT: Seems like levers are easily thrown in whatever direction is benefiting this Great Reset with the big picture of bringing all of Western Civilization to its knees. Small business is already / or already being crushed. Likely, a heavy tax on carbon will finish off the farmers once we get back into the Paris Accord. There is a great deal of real wealth being held by Baby Boomers, who for the most part are “buy & hold” (no matter what) with a mixture of more equities than bonds. These evil rat bastards seem exceptionally good at what they do, wouldn’t you want crush “The Boomers” also? Seems as if this rally is an effort to get everyone in the pool before pulling the plug and draining the pool very quickly?

                […continued in my next comment posts…]

              • anonymint says:

                […continued from my previous comment post…]

                RESPONSE: […] At the very minimum, that warned that there would be a bounce before any possible new low […] Now it becomes imperative to hold 25,735 on a monthly closing basis in the future

                As for this looking more like Star Wars, you are actually not so far off. Star War was based upon the collapse of the Roman Republic and the transition to the Emperor. Instead of dueling with swords, they introduced lightsabers. If you can just short someone, why would you battle with lightsabers?


                The objective is to CRUSH the economy, end debt, they adopt MMT and handout Guaranteed Basic Income. This will subjugate the people and allow the government to end democracy, elections, etc., and install this one-world government with the US nuclear weapons handed to the United Nations where it will then be subject to a group of nations to wage war.


                I do not think the US will be able to launch a digital currency by January. They have put in legislation to do that, but it will have to pass the House and then the Senate. Just looking at the timing arrays, it would appear not before May. We have to see the outcome of the […] election

              • anonymint says:

                Lol, and now Martin Armstrong admits there will be a NWO after he ridiculed me in his blogs years ago when I warned him about the future. When will Marty admit he was wrong about Bitcoin?

                As a vindictive Scorpio, Armstrong always gets pissed off when I email him about his incorrect Bitcoin prognostications (emailed him the above).

                Right on schedule here he goes again today writing erroneous nonsense about Bitcoin…

                Cashless World Signals a Global End to Privacy

                Even China has begun trials of a new digital Yuan. They have already outlawed BitCoin.

                Armstrong either didn’t read carefully the text of the Chinese edict or he doesn’t understand that Bitcoin is not an entity (i.e. not a ‘unit’, ‘individual’ nor an ‘organization’). Thus the law does not apply to decentralized cryptocurrencies which are not issued by any entity. There is no way to ban decentralized cryptocurrencies, other than turning off the Internet and that seems impossible to do (we even have shortwave radio if needed).

                The Chinese ban applies to centralized digital currencies such as the Facebook proposed Libra and the other CBDCs (central bank digital currencies). China is protecting their sovereign control over fiat — they’re not issuing an edict which would be impossible to enforce!

                How many more facepalms will we see from Armstrong before he finally capitulates and understands Bitcoin?

              • anonymint says:

                From email discussion:


                If the Supreme Court does not intervene and prevent this fraud, then Biden will most likely last until 2022. If he serves 2 years, then he can be eliminated intentionally or by natural causes. I don’t think the computer forecasts people’s death by natural causes. Harris would then take over and that is important. For if a president serves 2 years of his term, then she can run twice for president given her a term of 10 years. That will take her into 2032 to complete the decline and fall of the United States.

                I learned something there, that Harris would need Biden to serve 2 years for her to serve two terms. So they need Biden to live for that long, even if gaga. That outdoor “victory” speech from Wilmington was weird, how he didn’t appear live on the stage in front of all those vehicles honking their horns, but on screens from an undisclosed indoor location. Could have been pre-recorded.

                I’ve been emphasizing that the highest power now is the control of mass (including mass social) media. Priestly power trumps Trump’s power. This is why Trump will not be able to entirely Cross the Rubicon (to complete all of Moldbug’s requisite stages) and will be thwarted with assassination in 2022 before the midterm elections. So of course they will prefer to use virtual media than real life media so they can better control the narrative. They’re transitioning the sheepeople into a VR 1984.

                So there’s your two years for Biden, because Hillary said he must not concede under any circumstances. Thus he will remain in office in the shadow copy of the USG waiting in the wings contesting the legitimacy of the Trump second term, until they realize by 2022 that they have no choice but to escalate to assassinations because it will become clear they will be swept out of office entire in the midterms because of all the malfeasance they will be doing interim (e.g. causing Congressional gridlock with their House majority).

              • anonymint says:

                So there’s your two years for Biden, because Hillary said he must not concede under any circumstances. Thus he will remain in office in the shadow copy of the USG waiting in the wings contesting the legitimacy of the Trump second term, until […]

                Note how Biden has already established an “Office of the President” and started assembling his administration and meeting with world leaders such as Canada’s Trudeau.

                My prediction is all but guaranteed to be the outcome. It all fits perfectly.

              • mkey says:

                That’s quite a lot of information right there. I have a few questions.

                Wouldn’t targeting exchanges be a good way for legislative psychos to target bitcoin and people whom (I assume, in a vast majority) came into bitcoin through these official channels?

                Regarding what you mentioned about the calendar. I have read on some places about theories putting forward conclusions how we are actually living in 1600s or 1700s due to, among other things, calendar corruption. This is not the type of information one is likely to stumble into. Do you have insight into this matter?

                If you have watched the movie Underground, in it they slow time by setting the clock back every so many hours creating an alternate reality for people who are basically imprisoned in the shelter. This would be an inverse process, but the goal would seem to be the same.

              • anonymint says:

                My reply to email discussion:

                I’ve been following the latest election theft news. There are lots of different threads on that. It seems like the democrats cheated in every way possible at every level, from small town clerks up through state leadership. The most promising and coherent lead IMO is what’s going on with Dominion Voting Systems.

                Lots of new info has been coming out on how insecure their systems are. Also, Giuliani says they now have whistleblowers from the company.



                In further news, Florida again looking like a great state to live in / move to. Florida outperformed for Trump in the election. Now, Gov. DeSantis is proposing legislation to allow citizens to shoot looters, among other things:


                They burned the envelopes evidence in Philadelphia, so now it will surely have to go to the state legislature or to the Supreme Court then House of Representatives:


                Regarding Soros’ voting machines, Armstrong mentions those alleged 500,000 fraudulent votes and he also mentions other shocking news such as the USPS whistleblower alleging that even the federal investigators are corrupt:


                I guess you noted that Trump has been cleaning house in the military and Senate is holding a hearing on his preferred new FCC commissioner:


                But I’m still convinced that Moldbug is correct and that Americans will not purge the leftists soon enough to keep the momentum going before the Demonrats escalate to actual coup by assassinations.

                […continued in my comment post below…]

              • anonymint says:

                […continued from my prior comment post…]

                Americans are discovering that they never lived in a democracy. It was only an illusion which has now come to an end because the $trillions debt bubble is collapsing and the elite can’t coexist by sharing an expanding, economic pie anymore so they are now fighting among themselves.

                As Armstrong’s aforelinked and the following exemplify that the Demonrats will escalate as necessary and my postulate is if Trump + MAGA succeed in Moldbug’s stage 1 (to hold onto the POTUS and Senate) then the Demonrats will assassinate Trump, Pence and enough Senators to flip the Senata before the 2022 midterm elections so Nancy Pelosi can decide who is the POTUS:


                The south is the natural Schelling point for the confederate resistance to form after they assassinate Trump and Pence. I don’t expect Americans to resort to the necessary purging of leftists soon enough to avert the power that Demonrats have in alliance with mass (including mass social) media, Big Tech and all the parties to Rockefeller Foudation and Schwab’s Great Reset.

                Note other states have the “stand your ground” Castle Doctrine, including AZ and NV. I understand FL is talking about extending to looting and thus useful for populated areas, but I am contemplating living in unpopulated areas. Also as you know I don’t prefer the climate and mosquitoes of FL.

              • anonymint says:

                I rebutted Armstrong again because he spewed more myopic statements about Bitcoin and decentralized cryptocurrencies.

                mkey asked:

                Wouldn’t targeting exchanges be a good way for legislative psychos to target bitcoin and people whom (I assume, in a vast majority) came into bitcoin through these official channels?

                If you need to come in and out of cryptocurrency from fiat then yes. But we have decentralized exchange between cryptocurrencies and if you will be spending cryptocurrencies directly in the future black markets and if the cryptocurrency is as anonymous as cash, then in theory no the government can’t do anymore than they could with cash.

                One of the issues with anonymity though is metadata which involves not only yourself but also your payer or payee. That is just one of the numerous problems with decentralized cryptocurrencies which I can elaborate on in great detail because I am an expert.

              • anonymint says:

                The fact that Trump did not act sooner is indicative of his weakness. He is ostensibly waiting for it to become more apparent to more Americans of the threat that justifies the necessary Crossing the Rubicon to the far right.

                I’ve seen a few posts now claiming that the machines rely on some variable for party affiliation. For Trump it was set as ‘RepubIican’, with a capital i, that looked like a lowercase L. The machine skipped over those votes. I imagine they did this so if they got caught, they could say it was only a typo.


                Also interesting how Trump spelled ‘well’ as ‘weIl’ last month. That had to have been intentional. Perhaps he’s been playing 5D chess? He knew exactly what was going to happen, and let it happen so the co-conspirators would basically hang themselves. And if he were to have prevented widespread fraud, it wouldn’t have even make it into the news. This way, the nation will be in a huge uproar.

                There was the 4 Seasons Landscaping thing, which appeared to be a demonrat money laundering operation. There’s the fact that Mitch McConnell, who basically hates Trump, announced his support for Trump immediately after his 45 minute meeting with AG Barr. What does Barr know?

                Maybe I’m reading too far into this, and/or overestimating Trump, but it looks like he may have spent months setting the democrats up for destruction.

                That’s some interesting speculative sleuthing.

                But none of it changes my expectation that Trump can’t make much beyond Moldbug’s stage 1 and past 2022, because:

                1. The Demonrats have an asymmetrical advantage due to only needing a few assassinations to take control of the USG.

                2. Americans are too caught up in their own lie to the themselves to give Trump the broad-based far right support he needs to Cross the Rubicon and purge all leftists in gas chambers before it’s too late.

              • anonymint says:

                I’m nearly certain Trump will complete Moldbug’s stage 1 and continue in his second term as POTUS. I do think Biden would continue to claim he is the legitimate POTUS and there will be no return to normalcy every again in the USA.

                For example there’s a mechanism in play that ostensibly enabled Trump to become more and very confident of winning Arizona, yet the mass media is refusing to disseminate that aforelinked information and is instead pushing an erroneous narrative essentially implying that Trump is conceding Arizona.

                I have not deviated from my prior concurrence with Moldbug that Trump’s political circumstances prevent him from entirely Crossing the Rubicon. And the coup plotters will eventually take him down. My posited timing for Trump’s downfall will be before the midterm elections in 2022 because due to intensified, stoked MAGA vigilance the Demonrats will have lost the advantage of surprise and of being better prepared for manipulating any future national elections. Thus the conspirators can’t ever allow another national election because it appears they would have even lost the popular vote if they had not changed 2.7 million (some claim up to 38 million) votes with Soros’ Dominion voting system scam.

                Hannity explained that Soros’ Dominion voting machines are physically capable of printing additional votes on your ballot. So the fraud can be blamed on “hackers” if it’s ever detected. Clever.

                In other news Elon Musk was tested four times for the hoax virus with the hoax RT-PCR tests (all from the same lab) and two of the results were positive and two were negative. And yet millions of Americans are afraid of a hoax virus. Our enemy isn’t the ruthless elite but instead the demons inside ourselves.

              • anonymint says:

                Armstrong is pointing out that Trump achieving reelection by partially Crossing the Rubicon and the posited future assassination of Trump parallels Julius Caesar. As far as I know Caesar’s assassination marked the end of the Roman Republic and launched the epoch of emperors.

                The Corruption in the Election – Are We About to Cross the Rubicon

                The nation is divided as deeply as it was for the Civil War. If the courts overturn this mess, the Democrats will claim Trump stole the election. They will do everything in their power to overthrow him if not have him assassinated. This is the battle for the very soul of America. It will be not much different from when Caesar crossed the Rubicon and the corrupt senate fled because the people would not support them.

                Read the TRUTH about Caesar rather than the Fake News created to support his assassination.

                Anatomy of a Debt Crisis – History Repeats

              • anonymint says:

                1. Republican majority leader of the Pennsylvania senate has purportedly ruled out any legislative override of the popular vote in the state. If that’s true then unless 37 electoral delegate votes from among AZ (11), NV (6), WI (10), MI (16), GA (16) don’t certify for Biden, then Trump’s last resort is the Supreme Court.

                2. Apparently Trump realizes that both the Georgia Republican governor and Republican Sec of State apparently are corrupt.

                3. Trump tweeted quoted as follows including a video of the massive rally attendance in WA D.C.. Insinuates civil war will result if the election fraud is not overturned. Trump needs to issue the call for us to take up arms and take control of all state capitols, media outlets and Big Tech server farms, if the legislatures refuse to stop this fraud! Patriot citizen chatter on the net indicates we’re waiting for the order.

                Hundreds of thousands of people showing their support in D.C. They will not stand for a Rigged and Corrupt Election!

                4. Armstrong blogged (I think correctly) in Confrontation in Washington – Is there a Solution? about the Supreme Court must nullify the fraud else there will be no more United States.

                This will probably end up in the Supreme Court. Legally, the Supreme Court should nullify states that are simply too corrupt like Pennsylvania and Michigan. However, I really see this as a repeat of not Bush v Gore, but the Dread Scot Decision which led to the Civil War.

                One of the problems that emerge is I seriously doubt the Supreme Court can be impartial in a decision [because even if they refuse to rule that would be partial to the fraud].

                The corrupt, malevolent states can’t be allowed to subject the will of the entire union of states to the maniplation of their malfeasance; otherwise we have no more confidence in democracy. Texas didn’t allow the Soros’ Dominion voting system because it’s obvious that it’s insecure and can thus be employed surreptitiously to rig an election.

              • anonymint says:

                The most promising and coherent lead IMO is what’s going on with Dominion Voting Systems.

                Lots of new info has been coming out on how insecure their systems are. Also, Giuliani says they now have whistleblowers from the company.

                1. The whistleblowers claim 3.8 million votes stolen from Trump and given to Biden (not 38 million which was a typo in Armstrong’s blog).

                2. It’s not clear if Trump friendly “army” seized the Dominion servers or if they were seized preemptively by the Deep State. Did the US Raid European Software Company Scytl and Seize their Servers in Germany? — Company Refutes Claims? notes Bill Gates involvement as well:

                Scytl has (or had) Soros and Democrat party connections. Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital has invested $40 million in Scytl.

                Tonight we learned from our source that Bill Gates also owns stock in Scytl.

                3. https://twitter.com/AOECOIN/status/1326987276321107968

                Setting in Dominion machines allows admins to have #Trump NOT SELECTED even when you vote Republican as a single selector for all voting. They spell RepubIican for Trump with a capital i instead of L. The computer skips it as seeks ONLY a match

                4. Trump tweeted an Glenn Beck interview that points out new software was being download to Dominion machines during the counting process and he reiterates Hannity’s explanation that Dominion machines are designed to be able to change votes.

                5. Trump tweeted video documenting that Dominion refused to let hackers test for vulnerabilities in their machines.

                6. Hannity mentioned Princeton professor Andrew Appel’s research.

              • anonymint says:

                STUNNING TESTIMONY: Michigan Election Observer Shane Trejo Witnessed Drivers Bring in 50 Boxes of “Absentee Ballots” After Midnight Deadline into Detroit TCF Center at 3:30am

                sworn affidavit from GOP poll challenger, and former Assistant AG for Michigan, Zachary Larsen, on the alleged fraud he observed in Detroit

              • anonymint says:

                #DETROITLEAKS: State Employees Train Poll Workers to Lie to Voters, Destroy Ballots, Stop Challenger

                Did DHS Really Place A Watermark on Ballots as Part of Election Fraud Sting?!

                There seems to be two different realities out there right now. What makes you so confident that Trump will win this? It looks really bad listening to the MSM, but looking at OAN and other news outlets you get the impression of the opposite.

                Four years ago the democrats had the same complaints about Dominion and before that with Diebold. Yet no convincing proof that it’s been fixed. Now somehow magically no problem?! Corruption doesn’t end in a whimper.

                I figure if they are able to get this far with the election fraud, then they probably didn’t forget to buy off all the judges to ignore the evidence.

                I will be covering that in the next series of comment posts. Essentially Trump can leverage the Supreme Court to nullify the Electoral College and then the House decides where the Republicans have a 26 to 23 majority.

              • anonymint says:

                Georgia lawsuit likely to reach Supreme Court could declare Georgia election illegal. Corrupt Georgia Secretary of State, bribery, Chinese complicity, etc.. The most peculiar datum is ostensibly they perpetrators knew they would get caught and seem to be helping to fabricate the entire narrative that I have been speculating about which is to set up divisive outcome that foments a Civil War. Appears there were computer inked ballots which nearly exclusively voted for Biden. As another recourse they only need one Georgia legislator to force the governor to call a special session of the legislature. Attorney @lynnwood on Twitter and Parler.

                I highly recommend listening to the above video to add more substance to my expectation that the South of the USA may be the surviving entity of the Western civilization collapse, societalcide underway.

                Shocking litigation to be filed in Georgia Monday or Tuesday (today in Sunday). Lawsuits probably coming in WI, NV, MI and PA. This is in addition to the Dominion voting work headed by Rudy Giuliani.

                The eventually want to escalate and unify to the Supreme Court.

              • anonymint says:

                ‘BREATHTAKING ABUSE’: Republican Attorneys General [from several states] file amicus brief urging SCOTUS to rule on Pennsylvania mail-in ballots

                Apparently Congress has the Constitutional authority to reject the Electoral College and decide the election!

              • anonymint says:

                Dominion voting fraud linked to Venezuela and possibly China. As a last resort potential to declare a State of Emergency of nation under attack. I think people forget how much executive power the POTUS has.

                “We have more evidence than half the prison population is imprisoned on”

                Sidney Powell Says Trump TeamWill Sue Officials “To Invalidate” Election Results… And An Inside Look Into Smartmatic

              • anonymint says:


                “This is another case that appears to be moving quickly to the United States Supreme Court.”

                US District Judge Matthew Brann, an Obama appointee, issued scathing commentary in his dismissal of the case – comparing the lawsuit to “Frankenstein’s monster” which had been “haphazardly stitched together” without evidence.


                Dershowitz said there are a few “constitutional paths to victory” for the president’s legal team, but he stipulated that Trump will face legal hurdles in all of them.

                “For example, in Pennsylvania, they have two very strong legal arguments. One, that the courts changed what the legislature did about counting ballots after the end of Election Day. That’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court. I don’t necessarily support it, but it’s a winning issue in the Supreme Court,” […]The team, meanwhile, has “a winning issue in the Supreme Court on equal protection, that some counties flawed ballots to be cured while others didn’t. Bush v. Gore suggests that an Equal Protection argument can prevail.”


                “The other legal theory they have, which is a potentially strong one, is that the computers, either fraudulently or by glitches, changed hundreds of thousands of votes. There, there are enough votes to make a difference, but I haven’t seen the evidence to support that,”


                Rep. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), a former prosecutor, told The Epoch Times last week that Congress has the “ultimate say over whether to accept or reject” Electoral College votes.

                “Congress has the absolute right to reject the submitted Electoral College votes of any state, which we believe has such a shoddy election system that you can’t trust the election results that those states are submitting to us, that they’re suspect,” Brooks said. “And I’m not going to put my name in support of any state that employs an election system that I don’t have confidence in.”

                Brooks noted that “on January 6th at 1 p.m. Eastern time, the 50 states will report to Congress, the president [of the] Senate will preside over this meeting”

              • anonymint says:

                Kaleigh McEnany w/ Sean Hannity: Officials Trying to Change Recount Laws ‘As We Speak’

                Trump campaign filed for recount in two WI counties where by WI law the absentee applications must be produced. The state is apparently trying to change that law ex post facto, lol. What a circus.

                Pennsylvania postal worker denies recanting ballot-tampering claims

              • anonymint says:

                Watch: Detroit Absentee Ballot Counting Chaos as Workers Block Windows, Bar Observers

                I’m confident Trump is going to win but the Democrats are going to claim it’s illegitimate. C.f. my upthread posts for my thoughts and research of potential dire ramifications of such a polarized nation.

                Sidney Powell: It will be BIBLICAL

              • anonymint says:

                BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Multiple Reversals and Proportional Vote Entries In Virginia on Election Night after 11 PM Indicate Election Fraud Occurred in This State Too

                WATCH: Chanel Rion on “Dominion-izing the Vote”

              • anonymint says:


                JPMorgan lays out the nightmare election scenario that could send markets into a tailspin

                JPMorgan strategist laid out several developments that could cast doubt on that outcome, including that one or more states submit competing slates of electors. Those competing slates would then be resolved January 6 by the new Congress through rules spelled out in the Electoral Count Act of 1887.

                “The nightmare scenario for markets,” according to Cembalest, would be if Senate Republicans declare the ECA unconstitutional, flip three states in Trump’s favor to give him the required 270 electoral votes and Democrats refuse to participate.

                “All of which sets up the prospect of dueling inaugurations,” Cembalest wrote, noting that this outcome was only “narrowly averted” in 1876.

                Another risk laid out by Cembalest is if Barr directs investigators to “seize or impound election records” to probe for voter fraud, slowing down the process.


                “I think we’re making far too little of this,” CNBC anchor Jim Cramer said Wednesday while expressing worries about a peaceful transition to a new administration.

                Liz Ann Sonders, chief investment strategist at Charles Schwab, said that although her firm’s experts don’t see much of a risk of “rogue” electors, there “could certainly still be some black swan political event.”

              • anonymint says:

                Trump retweet this:


                Is Trump preparing the Cross the Rubicon? Is this why he replaced the Secretary of Defense?

                Trump retweeted:

                Breaking News: NV judge agrees to hear evidence of illegal voting and allow Republicans/Trump campaign to depose those who know about the dirty deeds of campaign 2020. Big News!

                Trump retweeted:

                BREAKING NEWS: @SidneyPowell1
                says her lawsuit in Georgia could be filed as soon as tomorrow and says there’s no way there was anything but widespread election fraud.

                Expect Bitcoin to be involved when they start tracing the money trails of this electoral fraud. Then expect a massive crackdown on cryptocurrency in the USA.

              • anonymint says:

                I commented on Youtubular.

                Justice prevails until they assassinate Trump, Pence and few Republican senators (to flip the Senate) before the 2022 midterms so that Pelosi picks the interim POTUS and then there will never be another non-rigged election again in the USSA. Republican states will need to secede from the union. That’s where we are headed because the left never gives up. And they have $trillionaires, $billionaires, Big Tech and Big Media all in alliance with them. The Davao World Economic Forum is threatening a cyber attack to bring our power grid, food distribution and processing networks and pretty much our entire economy to a halt. You can expect them to do this if Trump is victorious. We are already at war. When will the MAGA faithful realize we are at war?

              • anonymint says:

                Pennsylvania Slams Judge’s ‘Overreach’ in Certification Ruling

                Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf […] assailed a Pittsburgh judge for issuing what they described as an unprecedented order halting additional steps in the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s election victory.


                It’s unclear exactly what further steps in the process can be delayed, but the plaintiffs suggested there were several including [issuing commissions and] the assembly of electors. The Electoral College vote doesn’t take place until Dec. 14.

                Wolf and Secretary of the Commonwealth Kathy Boockvar, both Democrats, asked the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to lift the order by McCullough, a Republican, and dismiss the underlying suit, which claimed a state law passed to expand use of mail-in voting was illegal.

                Boockvar certified Biden’s 80,555-vote Pennsylvania victory on Tuesday, with Wolf appointing electors […] But McCullough halted the process “to the extent that there remains any further action to perfect the certification of the results of the 2020 General Election” until a hearing she set for 11:30 a.m. on Friday. The state officials said the order should not be allowed to stand, “even for a short time.”


                The case is separate from the federal lawsuit by President Donald Trump’s campaign that seeks to undo Pennsylvania’s certification unless tens of thousands of allegedly illegal mail-in ballots are invalidated. The state case was brought by Republicans led by U.S. Representative Mike Kelly.

                Boockvar said in an earlier court filing that the plaintiffs “had not offered any explanation, let alone a satisfactory one, for why they delayed bringing their challenge until more than a year (and two elections)” after the state adopted the mail-in voting expansion. The law was passed by the GOP-led legislature.

              • anonymint says:

                Republican Pa. congressman seeks court order throwing out all mail ballots in long-shot suit

                In his filing before Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court, Butler County Republican U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly argued that the 2019 law, passed by the state’s GOP-controlled legislature, which created no-excuse mail voting in the state for the first time was unconstitutional and “illegally implemented.”


                His suit brought before a lower appellate court comes six months after that deadline. In it, he argues that the legislature did not have the authority to expand the availability of remote voting and that if they wished to do so it would have required an amendment to the state constitution.

                Pennsylvania Republican Lawmakers Introduce Resolution Disputing 2020 Election Results

                The resolution intends to declare the 2020 election results as being “in dispute,” delay the certification of votes from Pennsylvania for both the state and presidential races and asks for the U.S. Congress to also declare the 2020 presidential race to be in dispute.


                The resolution has not yet been voted on by either the state House or Senate. It is not expected to get a vote before lawmakers’ terms end on Monday.

                OMG, the scenario for an entirely ambiguous election result. Neither side will ever accept the result as legitimate. This will foster civil unrest and eventually civil war.

              • anonymint says:

                Note this is not the lawsuit filed by Mike Kelly.

                Pennsylvania Appeals Court Tosses Trump Lawsuit, Setting Stage For [US] Supreme Court Showdown

                Voters, not lawyers, choose the president,” reads the opinion from the appeals court, adding “Ballots, not briefs, decide elections. The ballots here are governed by Pennsylvania election law. No federal law requires poll watchers or specifies where they must live or how close they may stand when votes are counted. Nor does federal law govern whether to count ballots with minor state-law defects or let voters cure those defects.

                Reaction in the comments section to that corrupt ruling…

                Indeed. LEGITIMATE VOTERS choose the president. LEGAL ballots decide elections.

                If this fails, there will NEVER be an honest election again in this corpse of a Republic. Only a full blown revolution will reclaim […] our Constitution. Traitor heads must roll on a biblical scale.

                Rumor has it that Biden’s campaign was warned to concede so other similar affidavits won’t be filed that exposes national security secrets.



                King vs Whitmer is BEYOND damning. Not only did HSBC commit treason against the U.S. but so did the attorneys […] this was a pre-planned coup.


                If they don’t stop this election fraud […] the Law of the Jungle will be coming real soon, worldwide.

                Lawyers are politicians as well […] cleaning house will be the name of the game.


                Imagine such a simple obvious rule that all ballots must be submitted before the deadline with a verifiable signature limited only to registered voters.


                state officials will NOT let anyone examine the voting machines at THEIR expense to see if there is forensic evidence of foul play. WTF????? that is insane.


                The DNC never let their server to be investigated when they claimed the Russians hacked them. This is just more of the same.


                I agree 100% – Three republican judges, appointed by Trump, dismissed the lawsuit. The judges saw no point in moving forward without any evidence.

                […] It wont [reach the Supreme Court] because there is no evidence


                overriding state law is the Constitution, which guarantees Equal Protection under the law. So, no, the Constitutional issues Trump state law.


                Courts, providing justice, prevent revolutions. When the shooting starts, all seven of these judges are culpable, and should be swiftly dealt with.

              • anonymint says:

                Giuliani: Get the right case to SCOTUS and convince states not to certify bogus vote counts (video)

                I replied to a comment:

                When will the Judges and elected officials in the states with all of this corruption and fraud, stand up and honor the oath they swore to.??‍⚖⚖??

                Never. They are all corrupt and bribed. The Republic is dead.

                Last resort is for Trump to employ the Insurrection Act (alleging traitors attacking the national security) to take control and call on the unorganized militias to take up arms. We don’t know yet if Trump as the balls of Julius Caesar.

              • anonymint says:

                POTUS Trump should employ the Insurrection Act given there’s a national security threat brought by the domestic traitors complicit with foreign entities who are attacking our country’s de facto public communication systems with egregious propaganda which subverts the Equal Protection clause of the 14th amendment to our Constitution. Treason is punishable by death. Trump must “Cross the Rubicon” now. Arrest plus interrogate thousands of corrupt government officials and other conspirators, or the Republic is dead.

                Trump’s tweets are signaling he plans to disembowel Big Tech.


                For purposes of National Security, Section 230 must be immediately terminated!!!


                Twitter is sending out totally false “Trends” that have absolutely nothing to do with what is really trending in the world. They make it up, and only negative “stuff”. Same thing will happen to Twitter as is happening to @FoxNews
                daytime. Also, big Conservative discrimination!

              • anonymint says:


                Wow! Twitter bans highly respected Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano after he did a great job of leading a hearing on the 2020 Election fraud. They and the Fake News, working together, want to SILENCE THE TRUTH. Can’t let that happen. This is what Communist countries do!


                Big Tech and the Fake News Media have partnered to Suppress. Freedom of the Press is gone, a thing of the past. That’s why they refuse to report the real facts and figures of the 2020 Election or even, where’s Hunter!

              • anonymint says:

                Trump has tweeted a video about a lion who is harassed by jackals and then eventually that lion goes on a rampage to restore order.

                I believe Trump with his revealing tweets and strategy (by letting the enemy commit egregious, blatant, treasonous crimes) may be building the case and popular support for activating the power the Insurrection Act grants the POTUS for suppressing attempted coups and other egregious threats to national security and civil order.

                Especially if the afflicted swing states refuse to allow access to the Dominion voting machines, ballots, election rolls and other evidence and if the Supreme Court fails to stop the coup, then the POTUS has no choice because the alternative would be civil war, because no MAGA faitful American would trust the integrity of the election and the viability of the Republic.

                Trump has all the winning cards in his hand.

              • anonymint says:


                The 1,126,940 votes were created out of thin air. I won Pennsylvania by a lot, perhaps more than anyone will ever know. The Pennsylvania votes were RIGGED. All other swing states also. The world is watching!

                [links to a document that states 1,823,148 ballots were mailed out in PA, and somehow 2,589,242 mail-in votes were recorded]


                [Analogous to the sham GA recount] The [sham] Wisconsin recount is[should] not [be] about finding mistakes in the count, [and instead] it is[should be] about finding people who have voted illegally, and that case will be brought after the [sham] recount is over, on Monday or Tuesday. We have found many illegal votes. Stay tuned!

              • anonymint says:

                Trump retweeted a thoughtful video by @DiamondandSilk:




                The number of ballots that our Campaign is challenging in the Pennsylvania case is FAR LARGER than the 81,000 vote margin. It’s not even close. Fraud and illegality ARE a big part of the case. Documents being completed. We will appeal!

              • anonymint says:

                Alarming evidence in Georgia:

                Susan Voyles is a veteran Georgia elections poll manager who submitted a sworn affidavit in a Trump campaign lawsuit against Georgia’s Secretary of State. She recounts some of the most significant improprieties she witnessed participating in the recount of Georgia’s election, which Joe Biden supposedly won by around 13,000 votes.

                Voyles, who has done elections work for twenty years, describes counting an unusual “pristine” batch of absentee ballots that were cast 98% for Joe Biden. She states that the packaging containing these absentee ballots was unlabeled by the Secretary of State.

                We came to one batch- it was surprising, it was stark- having done this for years, I’m very familiar with how the ballots work, how they fold, how they feel, their general appearance- these ballots appeared as though the first one had been bubbled in by a person and all of them were replicated, exactly the same.

                We were further alarmed that in our count 98% of these ballots were for Joseph R. Biden. Two were for Donald Trump.
                That’s a very odd count. My coworker agreed with me that there was something very unusual about these ballots.

                Voyles even suspects that the unusual ballots she counted in the recount were filled out with a marking device.

                Every single ballot was absolutely identical, and they appeared to be printed with some sort of marking device.

                Unfortunately, it’s very difficult for elections integrity monitors to verify the veracity of these supposedly pristine absentee ballots. They’ve been separated from the envelopes that contain the supposed legal information of the voters that cast them, and they can’t be reunited with them.

              • anonymint says:

                ‘Host of election oddities’ point to ‘large-scale coup’ to bring down Trump

                Poll watcher from PA speaks out:

                Leah Hoopes, a Republican poll watcher from Pennsylvania, tells her experience of what she witnessed while doing her duties on election night as votes were being counted for President Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Joe Biden.

                Steve Cortes Senior Adviser for Strategy for Trump Campaign interviewed in the second half of the video.

              • anonymint says:


                Here’s another big one that I didn’t see mentioned: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1332352538855747584

                Biden can only enter the White House as President if he can prove that his ridiculous “80,000,000 votes” were not fraudulently or illegally obtained. When you see what happened in Detroit, Atlanta, Philadelphia & Milwaukee, massive voter fraud, he’s got a big unsolvable problem!

                One way or another, it doesn’t sound like Trump is leaving the White House.

                It will buy us maybe a year to 18 months of partial reprieve, and for that reason it’s excellent. But it sets a precedent for authoritarianism empowerment of the POTUS which I posit the DemoNcratRATS will utilize against us. I contemplate they will assassinate Trump, Pence and a few senators to flip absolute control of the Federal government to themselves before the 2022 mid-terms. Pelosi would I presume install Kamala Harris as POTUS dic(K)tator-in-chief for a 10 year reign (she can run for two terms if she only serves 2 years as interim POTUS if Biden is also declared senile) with entirely rigged elections. We can already see that the DemoNcratRATS control most of the local governments so combined with control of the national government, then conservatives are going to be persecuted. We’ll have to see if the southern states will secede from that corrupt union of states.

                I expect 2022 will be the year from hell and I do not plan on being in the USA when that shit goes down, because it’s fruitless to waste one’s talents and life on a lost cause. I would rather observe from afar until I see if there’s a winning Schelling point such as if the south secedes.

                We will have a real estate crash nationwide in most markets before or by late 2021. Armstrong is predicted a Great Depression in 2022, probably with a severe crash in all the markets including (per the insights I have shared) the destruction of all crypto. And then on top of that China is stockpiling commodities again so this will drive up inflation. This will be the egregious stagflation Armstrong has been predicting for the 2024 ECM (Economic Confidence Model) turn date. And 2028 is the ECM turn into egregious authoritarianism.

                […continued in my next comment post…]

              • anonymint says:

                […continued from my prior comment post…]

                PlanB is expecting the repeating +60% lurch higher (i.e. to $30+k) for Bitcoin in (probably Q1) 2021 presumably when the EU launches the digital Euro and egregious capital controls. I am expecting a whiplash crash to $9.4k in mid-December first. I am now thinking $50 – 100k Bitcoin is possible in Q4 2021 and up to a $250+k peak in 2022. Altcoins are going to moon even more than Bitcoin does in 2021 also after crashing in December. Expecting egregious capital controls to launch in the USA sometime between 2022 – 2024 along with a digital USD. Yet Mnuchin is launching some new KYC crypto regulations perhaps as soon as December or January. Additionally the FATF travel rule for exchanges is probably to take effect globally sometime in 2021, meaning there will be no way to evade capital controls by using multiple regulated exchanges. Unregulated exchanges may continue to be avail, but using them may be illegal and the crypto that passes through them may become verboten and tainted unable to be converted to fiat on regulated exchanges. It’s unclear to me how robust black markets for cypto to fiat and/or real property will be.

              • anonymint says:

                In 2019, Armstrong predicted Trump would win but be removed from office in 2022.

                Additionally supply destruction by the lockdowns and an accelerated trade war with China will exacerbate shortages (including food) amplifying stagflation in a spiral into the economic, social disorder and societalcide abyss. The Davos World Economic Forum is also warning of catastrophic cyber attacks which shutdown the power grid and supply (including food) distribution for months.

                Additionally the conspirators have totally fooled Trump into forcing the FDA into emergency use authorization for an entirely unproven, unsafe vaccine (applicable to a hoax virus which the CDC admits doesn’t infect human cells) for which distribution has begun in the USA:


                We now know that bacterial menigitis vaccine caused the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1918. So we can presume these new mRNA vaccines which purportedly mess with our bodies at the genetic level will cause the 2022 pandemic that Armstrong has been been predicting for several years now, c.f also, also, also, also, also, also, also and also.

                From Dec 17 to 26, 2019 I was highlighting Armstrong’s prediction for an initial pandemic and noting signs and news indicating it was imminent (c.f. also the comment section). In the first week of January I noted the news in Wuhan.

                So 2022 will also be the year from hell because of a self-inflicted pandemic, with the concomitant (premeditated Hegelian dialectic[1],) totalitarian response of governments appeasing the hordes of frightened sheepeople.

                The DemoNcratRATS will of course blame Trump for forcing the FDA to rush the emergency use authorization before long-term safety trials could be completed.

                [1] Manufacture a crisis, to stimulate the demand for diabolical faux solution. “Never let a crisis [totalitarian opportunity] go to waste.”

              • anonymint says:

                The highly decorated 3 star Lt. General who I previously noted had exposed the Hammer vote manipulation system before the election, just was interviewed along with general Flynn in which they implicate China, Russia, Iran, the CIA and Democrats. (note click the link in the aforelinked article to the said interview)

                And they explain that the Dominion/Sctyl server I previously mentioned, was seized in a CIA facility in Germany by the Kraken 305 Intelligence division of the Special Forces. Several U.S. military and one CIA paramilitary were killed. This general also says that Trump has a Constitutional duty to protect the country against all enemies foreign and domestic and MUST remain in office as long as necessary to prosecute the treason. He alludes to the death penalty meted to Benedict Arnold for treason.

                Oh my!

              • anonymint says:

                In Trump asks ‘Where’s Durham?’ during first interview since the election POTUS Trump essentially implied that even the US DOJ (i.e. Justice dept) and FBI are corrupt as hell.

                For anyone wondering why (or still naive about) all our government officials (elected and appointed) are corrupt as hell, as explained in the video How Nancy Pelosi Made $140 Million Through Legal Bribes, representative democracy is a sham because politicians and lobbyists are able to enrich themselves legally while disregarding the needs of their constituents in favor of those who lobby them.

                Don’t call it the Swamp instead more accurately refer to it as the Cesspool.

              • anonymint says:

                The PA legislature’s resolution clearly calls on the US Supreme Court and/or the US Congress to intervene:


                If those entities fail to do so, Trump is preparing his case to justify invoking the Insurrection Act. The problem is if everyone disobeys him. Then he would have to call on Americans to go to war against the government. This shit is getting dicey and serious.

                Also: Georgia Judge Orders Voting Machines Should Not be Erased Then Reverses Himself

              • anonymint says:

                Trump and Insurrection Act:


                More discussion of the Insurrection Act as possibly the only option remaining:


              • anonymint says:

                Civil war, martial law and Insurrection Act invocation chatter is growing…

                Trump backers, including Flynn, edge toward a call to ‘suspend’ Constitution to head off Biden taking office

                Barr had ‘intense’ meeting with Trump after AG’s interview undercutting voter fraud claims: Sources

                We know Barr is a conspirator because he declared that there was nothing anomalous in the Jeffrey Epstein “suicide”[murder by strangulation which we know because of the specific bone that was fractured can’t be broken by hanging].

              • anonymint says:

                Even the African-American community is starting to implicate China as a conspirator in the attempted U.S. election fraud coup d‘etat:

                (Black Veteran & Poll Watcher KICKED out for the MEDICATION he USES! Democrats VIOLATED his RIGHTS!!!)


                Smoking gun video footage being shown in the Georgia hearing right now showing shaboons pulling out ballots from under tables in the middle of the night after counting supposedly “stopped” and everyone was asked to leave. Wow doesn’t get any more clear that this.

              • anonymint says:

                Nearly all the politicians including nearly all the Republican senators are corrupt a.f.. Of course the Republican senators running for reelection will not condemn the corrupt Republican Georgia governor Kemp.

                “It’s a big club and we plebs aren’t in it.” — George Carlin

                Western civilization is collapsing.

                ‘They have not earned your vote’: Trump allies urge Georgia Republicans to sit out Senate runoffs

                But Wood said the Georgia senators must “demand publicly, repeatedly, consistently” for Republican Gov. Brian Kemp to call a special legislative session to address the 2020 presidential election.

                “And if they do not do it, they have not earned your vote. Don’t you give it to them. Why would you go back and vote in another rigged election? For God’s sake, fix it. You’ve got to fix it before you do it again.

              • anonymint says:

                The Nasdaq has a nearly perfect fit to the Deep Crab pattern. That pattern is projecting a new ATH 13550 roughly during or after the week of December 14 in market congruence with (per my recent message) the Butterfly or Deep Crab pattern on Bitcoin projecting to $30k by roughly December 23. So Bitcoin is headed to a significant ATH in December. Apparently the Panic Cycle on Armstrong’s A.I. Forecast Array for the DJIA predicted for the week of December 14 is an acceleration to the upside for all markets.

                This indicates to me that Biden will be certified by all U.S. states on the Dec. 14 deadline to forward this result to the U.S. Congress. U.S. Congress convenes Jan. 5 to consider and certify the election. Remember Biden is good for Big Tech and Trump is bad for Big Tech. Trump is actively tweeting about repealing section 230 which provides protection against lawsuits for Big Tech (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google, etc). The markets presume that a Democrat government would be able to pass stimulus legislation for the economy and not interfere with Big Tech. Whereas if Trump starts to win that presumably may be perceived by the markets as destabilizing and thus negative for public and investor confidence. Although Trump’s policies are more pro-free market, the clusterfuck that is Western civilization is so far beyond saving that any attempt to inject free market ideals sends everyone stampeding for the exits of the $100s trillion debt bubble. I am currently thinking Trump will only win either after Jan.5 at the Supreme Court or by invoking the Insurrection Act. In the latter scenario that is going to turn the USA into some sort of clusterfuck where nobody can agree who the legitimate government is.



              • anonymint says:

                My original prediction of Trump stealing back the election from those who stole it, and then later being assassinated for it, seems to becoming more and more likely.

                TPTB have wanted to force Real ID on us for a long time. With Trump setting the precedent to employ authoritarian powers with the Insurrection Act, then Kamala will do the same for 10 years after the assassinations likely in 2022.

                Based on Trump’s latest speech, seems Trump already knows he will likely need to invoke the Insurrection Act. There’s some excellent discussion of the speech over at Jim’s blog:


                I am reminded of the conversation on Twitter between Trump and the Ayatolla.

                Trump threatens the Ayatollah on Twitter. Ayatollah replies on Twitter “You can’t do anything”

                Trump does not reply on Twitter, but he replies in another way.

                That is Trump.


                In this speech, Trum[p] is raising the stakes.

                It sounds like it is aimed at the military to justify the proclamation of the Insurrection act. The GOP is rapidly becoming irrelevant.

                Trump is not talking about winning the elections in the courts. He is talking about reforming the election system in the states – which is something he is empowered to do under the insurrection act. “We have to go to paper”, not “I won the paper votes”.

                Trump is raising the stakes to matters where the Insurrection Act is the appropriate, and precedented, remedy. It has been previously used remove obstacles to blacks voting. Using it to ensure paper ballots and real id would be legally similar to past uses.

              • anonymint says:

                there are several prediction market for this https://omen.eth.link/#/0x00031c96aae99eb00376e273e10c82d0ee77305d (gnosis) , https://www.predictit.org/markets/detail/3698/Who-will-win-the-2020-US-presidential-election (centralized) […] (augur), it seems to be a good way to make profit if you are very sure about some future events. I don’t know why it’s not popular.

                Those are useless (or at least very tricky to bet on) because the oracle which determines the outcome may not agree with my assessment of the outcome. Do you understand that Trump may invoke the Insurrection Act which all the Democrats may claim is an illegal or illegitimate act? Do you realize the Congress may certify Biden even though Trump may override with the Insurrection Act?

                Did you note the comment on the first linked page:

                Before Civil War, Lincoln arrested all the editors from more than 80 newspapers, attorneys and senators. That’s why Lin Wood mentioned Lincoln on his speech. 230 act is nothing if Martial Law is activated when there is intrusion (CCP), or rebellion(Joe Xi Biden). This is world war III, forget about Joe CCP Biden and help Trump take down CCP.

              • anonymint says:

                James A. Donald (first person to ever respond to Satoshi when Bitcoin was announced on the mailing lists) very astutely explained Trump’s impending assassination and the normalcy bias that has all of us frozen like dear in the headlights and it will be too late for all of us to do actions because we will have delayed too long.


                Also, Proud Boys Beating The Hell Out Of antifa In DC:


              • anonymint says:

                We will need 10 years of Kamala Harris’ abuse in the U.S. before we can escape from our normalcy bias and realize we are at war and the legal process is vacuous.


                Bear in mind that, when Pompey, Caesar and Crassus formed the First Triumvirate, the dictatorship of Sulla had been over for twenty years. The Roman Republic hadn’t operated under its normal rules for several decades when Caesar declared war on Pompey. That’s not our current situation – political violence is still a novelty for us, and we haven’t seen a Marius or Sulla yet.

              • anonymint says:

                There are strange goings-on. Trump is shaking up the Secretary of Defense succession line.


                I believe Trump is preparing to cross the rubicon. He has to make sure there’s a succession of Trump loyalists for the Secretary of Defense position, in case the CIA assassinates Chris Miller and others.

                He’s trying to exhaust all other possible means, through the courts and legislatures, before taking drastic action. That will be necessary anyway to convince the military that there is no other way.

                I agree that Trump has something planned. Looks like Christmas eve might be a counter-coup. Perhaps massive roundups and arrests as a Christmas surprise for the complicit. This would explain the massive market crash (Panic Cycle) expected in the week starting Dec. 21.

                Note China, Gates, Soros et al will fight back. So expect Marshall law in the blue states that they control. I would leave the blue states before Christmas eve.

                China is already waging war on the U.S.. China employs asymmetrical warfare such as attacking our political systems. So you can be sure they have something cooked up to respond to Trump. Our lives will not suddenly be repaired by Trump’s attempt to Cross the Rubicon.

                C.f. also this and as well the comments on the bottom of it:


              • anonymint says:

                I wrote yesterday:

                We will need 10 years of Kamala Harris’ abuse in the U.S. before we can escape from our normalcy bias and realize we are at war and the legal process is vacuous.

                After they assassinate Trump in 2022 (and possibly Pence if he will not resign), Kamala Harris will institute the official state gestapo.

                The naive who fail to study history are doomed to unwittingly repeat it.


                Name me one thing in recent years that resembles Sulla’s proscriptions. I can’t recall any occasions when American citizens were put to death, and their property confiscated, merely because they were opponents of the head of state.

                There is a difference between murders done by private parties to which the authorities turn a blind eye, and murders commanded by official decree. We are starting to see the former – we have not had the latter. Hence I repeat, our present moment cannot be analogous to the conflict between Pompey and Caesar. We are only at the beginning of the fall, and Caesar comes near its end.

                There was lots of political violence in the 60s and 70s. After which Reagan got elected and the factional political violence came to an end when the state crushed it. Later under Clinton, the state was regularly murdering people didn’t like and taking their land, which came to an end after Timothy McVeigh blew up an FBI daycare center. Most of the graft is still done at the public trough but it’s become rather overloaded. Looting people directly is next as there are far too many mouths trying to feed on far too little public funds.

                Today political violence back in a much more focused form in antifa and BLM. Not quite to the level of the 70s yet, but it’s coming quickly. Soon the church bombings start. The church burning already have.


                Overt political violence has been occuring since the 1950s when the left used the blacks to ethnically cleanse whites from all the major cities at the time. The black crime was supported by the state (the police did nothing to prevent the rising crime).

                Pelosi’s dad was the Mayor of Baltimore during the 1950s. He and so many others of the left encouraged crime to propogate to cement power and boost their electoral victories.

                Neither you nor BC presented overtly official state violence. When everyone in the country knows that the state is officially murdering dissidents en masse then the Sulla milestone on the empire collapse timeline will have been achieved.

              • anonymint says:

                James A. Donald (aka Jim, the first individual to respond to Satoshi Nakamoto on the mailing lists where Bitcoin was announced) wrote:

                Sulla restored free and fair elections and fair judicial process – after killing a whole bunch of people administratively.

                Sulla was not the end of the Republic. He was the Republic being restored by extra legal measures.

                The rigged elections and politicized law that we now have were the end of the Republic.

                As will Trump via EO 2018 and possibly invoking powers under the Insurrection Act, attempt to restore the Republic. Not only will he fail when the conspiracy of the CCP, Soros et al assassinate him in 2022 (and possibly also Pence if refuses to resign) but Trump will have set the precedent for Kamala Harris to invoke, extremist authoritarian power for 10 years. They only need Biden for 2 years so that she can be (sham) “elected” for two more terms.

                The fall of the Republic will be in grinding, sordid stages. Armstrong’s cycles model has the final collapse into scorched earth Mad Max circa ~2085. Waterfall economic and social collapse of the U.S. from 2032 to 2037, but not all the way to Mad Max.

              • anonymint says:

                How Rockefeller Foundation, Rothschild, Soros et al have engineered a coming civil war in the U.S..

                Moldbug (aka Curtis Yarvin) blogged again:

                Let’s face facts. There is nothing historically un-American about election skulduggery. Not only is it traditional, it may even be proper. If your party gets outskulduggled, that tells us something—just as if you lost a real head-bashing contest. It tells you that the other side was strong and your side was weak.

                While skulduggery is wrong, in a sense it is right; because an election is a proxy for civil war [so the bloody civil war doesn’t have to be fought routinely].

                When there are two coequal outcomes of an election then neither party is been proven to be the strong horse. So then both sides must fight an actual civil war to decide the winner.

                Martin Armstrong blogged The Supreme Court Denies Rumors but not the Substance:

                The Supreme Court has condemned the nation to violence for anyone who has read history knows that the very purpose of courts is to prove a civilized resolution. If courts will not be honest, then the only solution is violence which may rise to the level of revolution[civil war involving Confederate States seceding]. It has now not just denied the civil rights of the 74 million people who voted for Trump, a record for any incumbent president, but they have condemned democracy for here on out there will be no trust in any future election. Our model warns that the United States has a short-fuse. The break-up of the nation has just been set in motion by the Supreme Court and we have perhaps at best 13 years left. There will only be hatred and bitterness and trying to claim Biden has a mandate to drastically change the country will lead to bloodshed. This will all be on the hands of the Supreme Court.

                If there was no evidence of fraud then review the evidence, show the world, and rule. The refusal to hear the case will leave that question unanswered.

              • anonymint says:

                The likelihood that the U.S. Congress overrides the Electoral College is ~0%.


                Thus I see no obstacle to Biden’s victory unless Trump is planning a Christmas eve surprise. It’s either Insurrection Act or it’s finished. And Trump recently tweeted that he will not invoke martial law.

                So thus I want to now change my prediction. Trump will lose but they will still assassinate him or imprison him because he is a threat to run again in 2024 and to campaign for Congressional elections at the 2022 midterms. This action will incite the civil war.

                It is now time to GTFO out of the U.S. as quickly as possible. You have been warned.

          • anonymint says:

            Someone has well summarized how this electoral fight in the USA is likely to play out:

            Great twitter thread here: http://archive.is/https://twitter.com/APhilosophae/status/1325135291791839232

            I love how the mathematical proofs that indicate cheating keep piling up. The most novel part of that thread is that he postulates Trump might declare a state of emergency due to Chinese election interference, as a move to run out the clock to force the House of Representatives to vote to decide the election

            I’m going to check your Corbett posts.

            The strategy indeed may be to delay the state electoral apparatus to kick it to the House.

            P.S. I replied to some jerks who are posting propaganda replies to that:


          • anonymint says:

            Wow! So lots of people have been wondering why Donald Trump tweeted that he was going to have a “Big press conference today in Philadelphia at Four Seasons Total Landscaping — 11:30am!”

            Just look at this thread: https://twitter.com/anonpatriotq/status/1325228477449113601

            I’m still not entirely sure WHAT THE FUCK is going on here, but the President and his crew were obviously sending a very big message!

            They appear to have discovered the Biden campaign has been an accessory to money laundering.

            Maybe this is why Barr held off on any indictments until after they fraudulently claim Biden won the election?

          • anonymint says:

            No Biden Has not Won – The Electoral College Votes December 14:

            Certificates recording the electoral vote results in each state must be received by the president of the Senate and the archivist no later than Dec. 23. The media does not call the election no matter what they think. They take “grants” from Gates anyhow. Back in 2016, there were 7 faithless electors who did not vote according to who they were supposed to vote for. Five voted against Hillary and two voted against Trump.


            What a lot of people may be ignoring is that the Supreme Court ruled UNANIMOUSLY in July 2020 unanimously that Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution accords states broad power over their electors. Justice Kagan wrote in the opinion for eight justices:

            “Article II, section 1’s appointments power gives the States far-reaching authority over presidential electors, absent some other constitutional constraint. As [the Constitution says], each State may appoint electors ‘in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct.’ … This Court has described that clause as ‘conveying the broadest power of determination’ over who becomes an elector.”

            The opinion continues on:

            “The Constitution is barebones about electors. Article II includes only the instruction to each State to appoint, in whatever way it likes, [its presidential electors]. The Twelfth Amendment then tells electors to meet in their States, to vote for President and Vice President separately, and to transmit lists of all their votes to the President of the United States Senate for counting. … That is all.”

            Justice Thomas reached the same conclusion as the other justices, but he (and Justice Gorsuch) said that the 10th Amendment provided a basis for the decision. Thomas wrote that the “powers related to electors reside with States to the extent that the Constitution does not remove or restrict that power.


            In reality, if the Republican States decide to split their votes as Maine and Nebraska, the Supreme Court has held that is solely their discretion. That presents a very interesting twist. They could even order electors to vote for Trump and argue that the vote is not certain being too close. They probably would not, but anything actually goes.

      • anonymint says:


        There is massive fraud in this and the CIA/NSA computer Hammer & Scorecard have been used with people calling it computer glitches. They are capable of changing the votes and it appears that is what is going on.

        […click link to see video of votes in real-time being switched from Red to Blue on CNN…]

        They are already planning to remove Trump. Instead of assassinating him because he is against war, they just rig the election to remove him, and then they will probably use the New York prosecutors to charge him with anything possible to imprison him if they can. Harris is already saying they have no choice but to prosecute and imprison Trump because he had vowed to run again in 2024. This is a full-blown coup.

      • anonymint says:

        Mainstream Media told Not Allowed to Investigate Voter Fraud:

        I was just told by a journalist in one of the top 3 newspapers that they were just told NO STORIES of any voter fraud […] Some journalists are realizing that they are no longer journalists but are propaganda agents.

        The Watermark & Hammer:

        As far as switching votes […] I was told by a journalist in one of the top 5 newspapers, that they were INSTRUCTED there will be NO investigation stories into fraud. The press is part of the conspiracy and has been taking money from Gates as he has admitted giving the media “grants” anyone else would call bribes. The Hammer issue is real. Snowden released documents on that secret device. It is not Russia or China interfering with the election – it is the Deep State.

        Trump is not conceding and this will end up in the courts. We still see the target being the week of November 23 and then Panic Cycles come in December. Our computer has NEVER been wrong, and it was forecasting a 50/50 popular vote, and Biden is claiming only 50.5%. So we are still in this period of chaos and uncertainty. […] This election will only lead to civil unrest so instead of slavery, this time it will be Republicans and Democrats killing each other it is that intense. It was never an issue before. This time it is all about structural change rewriting the courts and constitution.

  68. CreativeLife says:

    Will all the Covid corpses come back out to haunt the nation? Dastardly.


    Better send in Dudley Do-right Time to lighten up a little.

  69. anonymint says:

    ZoidSoft sent me this in email:

    The Mercury retrograde hanging chads scenario is playing out as forecast. The eclipse in mid December will likely be an important date in this election if this situation isn’t resolved by Nov 10th.


    Astrologers more than 50 years ago predicted the end of the American empire by 2030. The USA Pluto return marks the collapse starting around 2022-23. Another prediction by a Chicago area astrologer in 1976 at a bicentennial celebration on radio said that the US constitution would no longer be valid by 2026 (wish I could remember her name).

    We’ll see how this pans out. I remember these from decades ago. They said the bear would fall first (Russia), then the Eagle (USA).

  70. HomeRemedySupply says:

    **** PDF of The Great Reset *****
    Can be scrolled and read online

    COVID-19: The Great Reset – by Klaus Schwab & Thierry Malleret – ebook/pdf


    (H/t to KeithK)

  71. anonymint says:

    Martin Armstrong Interview in Netherlands.

    He explains how this Great Reset was motivated by the EU sovereign debt crisis which is about to explode, at least from the European elites’ perspective.

    The crisis was about to blow in late 2018 when overnight interbank lending rates were skyrocketing because U.S. banks couldn’t trust any EU bank. The Fed stepped in to provide the liquidity but that was just a stop gap measure sticking fingers into leaks in the damn that were proliferating.

    For the European elites the solution is to impoverish everyone while they remain in control. The timing is critical and they need this Great Reset fully implemented in the EU in 2021 as the EU sovereign debt crisis is about to blow up. Massive economic dislocation and contagion imminent.

  72. anonymint says:

    Mercola published a new article on the Great Reset which mentions Time Magazine.


    Unmasking the Villains Behind the Great Reset

    What is the Great Reset? Is it a conspiracy theory? A recent issue of Time Magazine has laid the plan and its details out in full view, noting that the COVID-19 pandemic has created ‘a unique opportunity’ to craft the kind of future we want – or rather, the kind of future wealthy elitists want.

  73. chris_v says:

    Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano doing a very good job in explaining the Great Reset (letter is below): https://rmx.news/article/article/catholic-archbishop-%20Carlo-Maria-Vigano-warns-trump-that-forces-of-evil-working-against-him-to-execute-a-great-reset

    Whether one is Catholic, or Christian, or not, you have to admit he’s got guts (though he may be overestimating Trump…)!

  74. anonymint says:

    A Youtubular comment:

    I’ve been wondering the exact thing when Catherine was discussing why the elite want to control and enslave the human population. It just doesn’t make any sense to me unless they aren’t human.

    It’s all human nature, not lizard people although incorporating our ancestral lizard brain.

    I wrote previously:

    The discovery of truths on the Internet about the vaccine and viruses hoax that the global elite have been foisting on human civilization for more than a century, might explain why they’re so desperate to move to 1984 totalitarianism before the wide access to information on the Internet undermines their control and results in their decapitations.

    1. The mass (and social mass) media along with Big Tech are sucked into the alliance because they’re reaping in massive profits and inflated stock prices with their monopolies and they know Trump wants to attack dismantle the fake media and social media monopolies in his second POTUS term.

    2. The WHO had a financial incentive in declaring this a pandemic because it issued Pandemic Bonds which are now voided by the pandemic declaration.

    3. They want an excuse to eliminate cash, c.f. also. Big Tech receives a larger slice of the pie in banking (and everything).

    4. Politicians benefit from crises (including some reciving bribes from the conspirators). “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.” — Mark Twain.

    5. We forced our leaders to do it to us! The sovereign debt crisis, especially in the EU, had reached the Minsky Moment collapse as signaled by the Repo Crisis in late 2018. The marginal utility of debt had gone negative (c.f. also and also) as socialism and big government had run out of other people’s money with global debts and unfunded actuarial liabilities (e.g. pensions, healthcare, etc) in the $100s of trillions. So instead of allowing a natural collapse and adjustment to the technological unemployment coming from robotics and shift to online versus local business services, wherein lalala-land sheepeople constituents expect their debt-inflated lifestyle should continue indefinitely, politicians would be blamed and voted out for the egregious collapse, failure of promises and losses, with the pain of economic collapse distributed meritoriously throughout most economic sectors, the powers-that-be formed alliances to amplify their monopolies and control by instead by foisting a mass propaganda to trap the world in the WEF’s Great Reset (c.f. also) communist/fascist totalitarianism to eliminate their competition, eliminate democracy, eliminate meaningful voting and eliminate private property.

    Armstrong elaborated in a blog, another blog, starting from the 3 minute juncture in an interview and the 13 minute juncture in a more recent interview.

    6. This is the Bankster Master Plan.

    • anonymint says:

      Why America Faces a Civil War – There is no Alternative

      Former Secretary of State John Kerry […] asserted that a Great Reset was urgently needed to stop the rise of populism. They regard Trump was elected by “populism” so […] He is preaching totalitarianism because they are right and everyone else must therefore be wrong and dangerous.


      Kerry is fully supporting Klaus Schwab stating that this “reset” is necessary to extinguish populism. This is outright open treason against the United States and Kerry is aiding and abetting the World Economic Forum which is now a declared foreign enemy of the United States expressing that it wants to overthrow the United States and hand its superpower status to the hand of many nations at the United Nations.

      Kerry is doing nothing less than Treason […] if he were a country, it would justify declaring war. He should be criminally charged and Switzerland should be put on notice to extradite him ASAP.


      From studying history, the Democrats are pushing “populism” into a corner which means it will have to take to the streets for its own survival.


      NEVER before has an election been so dramatic. This is all because Socialism is collapsing, they can no longer borrow, they cannot raise interest rates without wiping out governments, pension funds are collapsing, and the only way they see out of this nightmare is this Great Reset.

      I think Trump could justify declaring a State of Emergency because the U.S. is under attack.

  75. anonymint says:

    I replied on Youtubular:

    @Kyle Boyden Lol you will be REKT. Remember I warned you. Housing prices will collapse eventually, you will be underwater in your loans. Property taxes will skyrocket. Local govts are bankrupted by these lockdowns.

    Whether you can qualify for a loan is irrelevant. Your problem is that housing prices are dictated by whether everyone else can qualify. Rising minimum credit scores is equivalent to rising interest rates for the aggregate. Duh. Math much?

    The lockdowns are not going to end. Are you guys completely oblivious to what is going on?


    You better dump those houses asap. Hold cash for the market crash coming when Trump wins. Then buy Bitcoin below $10k and hold for $100k by 2022. That and the stock markets are the only place to put money now.

    Even in states that have capped property taxes rises such as TX the cap is only revenue not on percentage rate, so as housing prices decline the percentage can be increased significantly without hitting the cap.

  76. anonymint says:

    A video makes some claims in favor of imitation meat.


    1. We on average obtain 50% of our protein and 90% of our calories from plant sources.

    2. Obtaining our calories and protein directly from plants bypasses an inefficient middle-man of animals who consume plants.

    3. Cattle in particular is land intensive and is incentivizing the clear-cutting of tropical rain forests in Brazil.

    4. Consuming plants instead of meat reduces inflammation.

    5. Presumption that release of carbon gases into the atmosphere is harmful to the environment or climate.


    1. The dominant human civilizations have sequestered and consumed more meat. It’s a competition.

    2. Eight calories of grass for every calorie of cattle meat, but humans can’t eat sufficient grass to supply our calories. We’re not a ruminant species. The cattle concentrate the calories for us and provide the healthy fats, minerals and other nutrients (e.g. amino acids) — very efficient for the productivity of humans!

    3. There were two possible solutions. A free market collapse of the $100 trillions debt bubble so impoverished individuals could no longer afford as much meat. A Great Reset authoritarian reduction of who will be allowed to eat meat, that keeps the corrupt in power. The latter will result in mismanagement, leftist holiness spiral outcomes analogous to the Holodomor.

    4. Grains, seeds and root crops (e.g. potatoes) increase inflammation because they contain phytates and tannins which interfere with the digestion on minerals and nutrients while also degrading the digestive tract. Other forms of plants don’t provide sufficient energy and protein. Inflammation from meat could be due to the non-grass fed, non-grass finished, non-free range meat (fed from over intensively farmed mineral depleted soils) we consume which is much higher in Omega 6 and lower in Omega 3 than it would be otherwise.

    5. 180 IQ Freeman Dyson explained this is BS. IPCC models fail back testing!

  77. anonymint says:

    I commented on Youtube:

    @kaye lucier they have not before now rigged it on this scale in multiple states coordinated.

    Are you not aware of the Davos (World Economic Forum) Great Reset “you will own nothing, you will not eat meat, you will be happy about it”:


    This is the end of nation-states. There will be nuclear war, cyber attacks, starvation, massive devastation and deprivation. All the uber wealthy are invested in this plan.

    Trump can do nothing to stop this. Rothschild put Trump in office with his control over Julian Assange and Wikileaks. They want to create a martyr to incite a vicious civil war which will decimate the U.S. population, governance and economy. Our cities and interstate highways will be bombed out and resemble the aftermath of Detroit. They will assassinate Trump (and Pence and a few senators) in 2022 and Nancy Pelosi will choose Kamala Harris as the new POTUS. Harris will rule for at least 10 years. It’s going to be brutal. They will purge all conservatives. Utilize the U.S. Air Force, drones, and roaming hordes of starving people to destroy us and the nation-state so they can bring in their NWO.

    Start prepping now for survival. We don’t have much time. Maybe a year or so if Trump is victorious via a contingent election in the House. Trump’s strategy is to cause the rigged states to be tied up in the courts and unable to certify the election and thus the election is sent to the House where Republican states outnumber Demonrats 26 to 23 so Trump would presumably be victorious. In a contingent election every state has an equal vote in the House.

    Russian defector Yuri Bezmenov explained that the “useful idiots” idealists will be the first to be killed. It’s going to be target practice as these hordes descend on our neighborhoods. Blood and guts everywhere. Yugoslavia here we come.

    Multiculturalism will be cursed when we reach the scorched earth termination of this. It’s a noble concept but it ignites a leftist holier than thou spiral.

    Society oscillates between priestly and warrior rule. We’re burning out now on priestly (mass media and universities are our priests) and soon to enter the warrior phase which will cull the herd of those “men” who don’t have sufficient testosterone.

    My suggestion is find a warrior and rally around him. Trump is our priest, now we need warriors. Trump hasn’t yet demonstrated if he can be a war general to be considered a warrior as Julius Caesar was.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Do you really think they could purge conservatives though considering that the US military traditionally has more conservatives who serve? This is a good analysis, but still speculative. I know they would like to do this, evidenced by putting people on lists now. It would be mind-blowing to think that the military would actually target civilians in their own country.

      • anonymint says:

        Not entirely purge conservatives. The goal is to fracture the USA so that it can no longer compete with the globalist NWO. I expect conservatives to fall back to the southern states which I eventually except to secede from the union. But the question is how many conservatives will die first either because they were in the wrong locations where they did not have strength in numbers and/or if the southern states don’t get organized for war and secession until after they have been decimated with deprivation.

        I have been writing numerous comments in email and on Youtube. I will share a few here…

        If not for Trump and Desantis’ pandering with accelerated vaccines (with planned military distribution) to a hoax virus, then it would make the most sense for me to situate myself somewhere in the south. But I would still be dealing with extreme summer heat and if in FL then also horrendous mosquitoes in the summer. Combining those negatives along with the possibility that conservatives and cuckservatives won’t really grow a spine and full awareness until they been kicked in the head, abused and run through deprivation, I am thinking that perhaps the wisest decision is to move to Mexico and observe in the interim. Why situate inside the shit storm? The USA is a lost cause. Better to observe from outside and then return to any stable fork [aka USA 2.0] that results (which may not be until after 2032 or beyond).

      • anonymint says:

        You should have sold your houses on the peak this past summer and Fall. Now we are entering the slow season and the economy may be in such a shit storm by next summer that prices might be lower. By 2022 they may be significantly lower. By 2024, they may be 50% lower (at least in real terms if not nominal). You should be measuring your wealth relative to Bitcoin which is rising to become the new world reserve currency. If your assets are not appreciating as fast as Bitcoin then you are becoming impoverished. This will be actualized in one sudden monetary reset lurch probably between 2022 and 2024. Then suddenly you will realize you own nothing of value and are a slave.

        You must be proactive immediately. But do not try to hold Bitcoin past 2021, because I already explained elsewhere that the globalist elite plan an attack on everyone’s Bitcoin to make it go “poof it’s gone” because we are hodling the fraudulent 2016/17 soft fork not the actual, legacy Bitcoin. Those who possess legacy Bitcoin will not be harmed. It’s nearly impossible to obtain legacy Bitcoin now. Too late.

        But for the moment you need to sell the house and buy Bitcoin. Note Bitcoin will be on a dip during December which will be the ideal time to buy perhaps ~$10k.

    • cu.h.j says:

      Why do you think Trump was allowing all the quantitative easing with the fed? Do you think he’s just not sophisticated? That was one of my main issues with him. I think we need to get rid of the federal reserve. Just curious what your take on that was.

      • anonymint says:

        Trump is allowing the Fed to print dollars because he correctly deduces there’s no other alternative. Civilization has never and will never function on sound money. Gresham’s law dominates. You’re deluding yourself. There will never be any solution to make society function well. Society will always boom and bust horrifically. We live for the moment. Trump is living in the moment.

        • cu.h.j says:

          I’m still hoping Trump is able to prove the fraud in court and secure a second term

          As flawed as he is, I think a Trump presidency will give us more time to prepare and wake more people up.

    • anonymint says:

      @anonymous shared:

      So after some time to consider my observations as to why Eastern Europe may not be ideal to wait it out,here it is.

      I thought that the general population are less tolerant to government bullshit because of very recent dictatorships and life under Soviet Union rule. I thought so because their own experience, their parent’s and grandparent’s experience would make them more aware of their rulers/government making up lies when it clearly make no logical sense.

      I must say I am wrong on this. Completely wrong to be precise. The opposite is more true. This COVID-19 has shown me the reality. Sadly, I am very disappointed. Not just with Eastern Europeans but more so with Eastern Europeans because the number of people killed here under Communism rule were frightening and they should know better.

      Although in the West where the majority are also very obedient, there are small groups here and there making some noises to call out this agenda. I don’t see any of this in this region. People here are extremely obedient despite living under Communism previously and suffered greatly.

      My conclusion of the people here is more slavish than the West. Perhaps not as slavish as East Asians but Communism brain washing and prolonged abject poverty has diverged them away from Western Europeans mentality.b>”

      I also made a similar incorrect analysis of Filipinos. My Belgium friend had convinced me that since they always refuse to follows rules and laws that they would never go along with some globalist totalitarianism. I was skeptical but overtime I started to adopt his point. Boy was he wrong. James A. Donald was correct:


      (note my comment there from 2013 when I used to think I have Cherokee ancestry. My mom has done a genetic test and all our short height genes must be Irish, which likely explains my fiery attitude and athleticism. I am apparently a mix of many European blood lines including Welsh, Irish, southern French-Italian and German, so I suppose I the prototypical Anglo-Saxon-Roman Western European, except lacking Scandinavian although apparently a good majority of the Scandinavians are actually Eastern European and did not make the leap to manorialism)

      • anonymint says:

        Manoralism as a replacement for Eastern European family clans is a key distinction of those west of the Hajnal line:

        (c.f.§Hajnal line and manorialism)

        Ostensibly the USA was a filter for many of those who preferred individualism over statism (or at least those who were suffering persecution) to migrate from Western Europe. It seems for example the Brits are (too respectful of society/authority and) so statist and (gentlemanly) civil that they are going to cull themselves. Westerners are too drunk on their own prosperity Koolaid and thus entirely unprepared culturally for the Great Reset.

  78. yellowsnakes says:

    this guy wants to make me puke all over the place
    he is scum of the earth not fit to be called a man
    see if you are able to watch klaus Goebbels schwab double speak from beginning to end, it’s hard,
    trust me ?? ☮️


  79. anonymint says:

    It’s interesting to click Ctrl+F in your (non-mobile) web browser to search this page for ‘China’ to read all the discussion about China’s alleged complicity and duplicity.

    The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is allegedly attempting to destabilize the U.S. by knowingly allowing the shipment of Fentanyl into Mexico.

    Also Editorial: While America slept, China gained a stranglehold on the Panama Canal

      • anonymint says:

        China is virtually in control of the U.S..


        The “Defense Bill” [which Trump has threatened to veto] is not so much a bill as the silent domestic implementation of a minutely negotiated peace treaty, cementing the US’s role as a client state. It’s unavoidable in that sense, because war with China => US becoming a sort of San Salvador, only hungrier.

        Nor does it have anything to do with Biden, Joe or Schmoe. It’s simply that long-standing nativisms and assorted naivites popular in some obscure corner of the world, so far able to survive by broad disinterest of the actual world, had to come to some sort of wind-down eventually. These bizarro notions whereby the US Congress is free to act etcetera… gimme a break, it requires the exact same sort of willing suspension of disbelief involved in not noticing the deeply statist undergirth of that dekulakization v2.0 that’s gingerly not labeled, so’ll just discuss as “all that ”’privilege”’ yak”.

        Everyone will do what they must, and there’s nothing special about “that blessed soil”. Each soil is equally blessed in exactly the same way : raising happy grass for the scythe.

        • anonymint says:

          I replied:

          In the end Trump’s problem’s that there’s nothing left in “America” actually capable of producing anything besides “the US”, so the US it’s gonna be.

          One mistake Moldbug makes is not concluding that if neither side wins the election then the proxy for civil war yields eventually to actual civil war. Trump may attempt to Cross the Rubicon with the Insurrection Act if there’s no contingent election in Congress to overturn the corrupt Electoral College, corrupt Supreme Court, corrupt State and local governments, corrupt Big Tech, corrupt mass media…what a beautiful mess nature creates to cull the herd down to 500 million.

          Appears that China bought off every government official? Where are in you in that nexus? Did you really order Hillary’s defeat in 2016? Seems there’s some connection to Wikileaks (which you’ve mentioned recently). Someone said Assange was living with and using Rothschild’s attorney.

          • anonymint says:

            The Trilema Bitcoin trillionaire-to-be replied, so I replied:

            You’re preaching to the TMSR choir. Theymos permabanned me for (among other iconoclastic, transgressions such as pointing out that CoinJoin is a nonsensical concept) regurgitating the heretical truth-telling that legacy Bitcoin disrupts Core USAFantasies. I’ve blogged more than a year ago speculating that assassinating Trump before the midterm 2020 elections might catalyze civil war. If they keep the Alzheimer candidate in place for the first two years the totalitarian, bitch-in-waiting can “serve” for two subsequent sham-elected terms. Perhaps Trumps steals back the stolen election and institutes significant election reforms threatening the Demonrats with loss of the majority at the midterms forcing them to resort to assassinations to flip it all back. My memebots are in jest — I don’t root nor cheerlead for the red-blue versus blue-red veneer.

            Yesterday Trump publicly ruled out the Insurrection Act, thus only EO 2018 or a contingent election in the House remain for extending the delusion to the precipice of Ideal Money monetary reset.

            I’ve understood that you’re actuarially sovereign but in the meantime I presume you were still vulnerable as Bitcoin was still vulnerable before ASICs arrived. You’re ostensibly not yet powerful enough to waltz into the U.S. unmolested. We plebs are vulnerable to sinking with the Titanic. Normally I would have been figuring this all out circa 2010 but a medical condition intervened. Heck I was trying to design Bitcoin in 2008. I was selling silver to Risto and helping him wiggle out of quagmires until he went totally off the rails. I suppose fate will have it that my raison d’être is finished or I will somehow make another miraculous come back as I have several times already in my life. It’s difficult to perceive how one can reboard the train after failing to do so before 2017. At least I didn’t facepalm my BTC from legacy to Core addresses — I spent it on medical-related expenses.

            Bitcoin’s Nash equilibrium may fail when the coinbase reward shrinks relative to the transaction fees. If you didn’t invent Bitcoin then is the long-term intent of the creators to enslave you? Ascent to power is a neutron star at its apogee but there may be no good alternatives other than walking with nothing as Jesus purportedly said.

            I’m not as articulate nor well read as thou. I’m just a computer programmer.

            P.S. Bill Cooper predicted 9/11 on my 36th birthday.

    • anonymint says:

      POTUS Trump tweeted a Tucker Carlson episode video clip, which is the smoking gun implicating China in being the mastermind behind the Great Reset, the rigged election, the corruption of all the politicians, government officials, and key individuals in all major U.S. institutions.

      This provides Donald Trump the justification to invoke the Insurrection Act.

      This revelation greatly increases the likelihood of war between the U.S. and China. Armstrong thinks it will be no later than 2027.


    • anonymint says:

      Canada is apparently going to seize all assets and implement UN Agenda 2030 with the Great Reset, c.f. also the consistent leaks from the planning committee of parliment about “you will own nothing and be happy for it.

      573\/3 wrote in my Telegram chat:

      How about this newest report on Justin Trudeau’s (Canada’s PM and 2 term laughing stock) invitation of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to send its troops for cold weather training at CFB Petawawa in Ontario

      Canada will be a prime staging point for UN invasion into the US

      (Source documents provided)

      China has already taken over the Panama Canal, they’re flooding Mexico with Fentanyl to destroy N. America and this can’t occur without the consent of the CCP in China.

      Seems we taught them well in the Opium wars.

      I made a similar point earlier:

      The Chinese (or more specifically those controlling China) appear to be doing to the USA everything that the UK did to China. They are conspiring with the worst traitors in the USA to bring the USA to its knees.

      I say this for many, many reasons, not just the cannabis issue. Your Winnie-the-Poo leader was fully aware of the situation in Wuhan back in December. Also appears that Chinese are complicit in rigging the U.S. election. Or the Deep State in the West has the technology to make it appear that the Chinese are complicit.

      I understand the common Chinese person isn’t complicit and probably not even aware of the CCP’s involvement.

      But let me say Americans deserve it. We are truly decadent.

      • anonymint says:

        S replied in my Telegram chat:

        It’s an interesting fact that ancestors of John Kerry got rich from the Opium trade. He probably wouldn’t even have position if not for it.

  80. anonymint says:




    1. $20.2 – $20.8k: Dec. 9 ~08:30 UTC

    2. $17.2 – $18.1k: Dec. 15 – 17 ← Week of Dec. 14 is Armstrong’s Forecast Array PANIC CYCLE (which is often a whiplash down then back up)

    3. $30k: Dec 29 ~19:00 UTC

    4. $22k: Jan 5 ← date the U.S. Congress convenes to tabulate+certify the election

    5. $42 – 46k: mid-Feb. 16 to mid-March

    6. $120k: June last week ← the SegWit donations “poof it’s gone” attack may occur at this peak

    7. $600+k: Q1 2023

    @anonymint, [07.12.20 08:20]
    [In reply to BigDogPoker DotBet]
    Sorry guys and the lurking gals, I have no time for idle talk. I am egregiously sleep deprived.

    Also I want to clarify that although Asia has better prospects after 2022, the next 2 years are going to hell in every country. 2022 will be the year from hell.

    That’s why I have no free time. There’s isn’t enough time for me to prepare and organize.

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