Fact checking Newsbud’s “Syria Under Siege” Video

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James fact checks Newsbud’s recent “Syria Under Siege” video and comes to some unfortunate conclusions.

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  1. john.o ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    As someone who has followed a few personalities caught up in whistle blowing, alternative information, “conspiracies” and the big huge black ops machine, the spectacle of one of them breaking down and going off on some personal agenda, driven by personal limitations and ego blind spots, political or religious affiliations, manipulation by powerful players, including blackmail, drugs, and just plain old charm and deception — it’s all very familiar. The rule not the exception..

    If she was, “the most gagged person in US history,” so much the more likely that some combination of those factors is at work.

    We are left, as always, trying to figure out what might actually be the thread of truth worth following in the tangled frayed mess left behind.

  2. wall ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Heh. 🙂 I just read Benny’s post above the posts I just made… I was probably wrong about Benny being a handler. Is this video really so effective that it can fool someone like Benny? I mean, I haven’t watched the original, just the Corbett tear down of it.

    I just found it almost unbelievable that someone could be fooled by it after watching the Corbett vid and thought the only way someone could comment on it positively is if they were somehow an agent backing it’s production.

    If this is narcissism, there surely must be something more than that. I mean, even someone as daft as I am had some reservations on what Sibel was claiming on twitter. I specifically remember see the cussing in quotations and thinking that it was being taken out of context. I haven’t followed the whole mud fight so to speak, but that really stood out to me and the Corbett vid confirmed it. So, how is it that Sibel is making such a demented and bullshitty analyses? I mean, I usually think of her as much more intelligent than I am, but this is the dumbest assed thing I have ever seen. I mean, I still haven’t ruled out the infiltrator possibility entirely. I mean, who is handing her this “evidence” of “their travel documents/log (via our sources in Syria & Lebanon)” for example? I still cannot rule out infiltrators… but why has her cognitive capacity declined so much that she cannot she what bullshit she is spewing?

    At the very least, this is more than narcissism. Are we witnessing the beginning stages of cognitive decline in her? Seriously. That would make a lot of sense. Don’t Alzheimer’s patients have issues like this in the early stages? Combine that with some narcissism and someone feeding her bullshit, and this result could easily be produced.

    But who is feeding her the bullshit? Can any of you identify anyone like that that has contact with her?

    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      When smart people get stupid, it is usually one of the best hold my beer moments you can find. If we can’t control our minds all the time, what makes you think the government can? JimBob: Expert in stupid

  3. wall ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Also, when you consider my two posts above about the possible manipulation of Sibel, consider that she just go done defending General Flynn a while back. From what I recall he was the head of the pentagon intelligence agency. That in combination with the above two posts does raise some alarms.

    It’s almost like she’s being fed disinfo and somehow her cognitive capacity has been reduced to the point where she cannot filter out the bullshit.

    Look at this post from Sibel

    “Thank you, Gerald. Since we didn’t want to go for a too long a video we did not include several cases (documented). Hope we will soon. For example: We obtained their travel documents/log (via our sources in Syria & Lebanon): They spent 75% of their time in Beirut and Damascus, staying in the most expansive 5 star hotels (we have the hotel bills;-) and very expansive dining; and we have them on record telling people they pay for these trips out of their own pocket, and sleep on the floors in airports and very cheap motels (all documented interviews). It may sound petty but it tells you a lot. Also, SSM raised $1.5 million in the past few years and funded this two big time (that out of picket nonsense is pure lie), additionally, a former NATO pilot from Croatia (Morina), a staunch Israel supporter, gave them money (This man lives in Syria, with a house in Lebanon as well; he made millions of dollars in 3 years from ‘Unknown’ pilot activities). Anyhow, much more out there- and we have limited resources. I thank you gain for your supportive response. Corbett usually is very good and thorough with checking backgrounds for his guests and fact-checking. This was very uncharacteristic for him. We sent him a long e-mail, and hope he does the right thing: issue disclaimer and or retraction. For the sake of his site’s credibility. We value him as a partner.”

    Who is feeding Sibel these “travel documents/log (via our sources in Syria & Lebanon)”?

    Think about this.

    I mean this seriously looks like Newsbud has been infiltrated. I found it hard to believe earlier even though I promoted the concept.

    Now I am really starting to worry.

    1. colin786 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      If I remember rightly, General Flynn was brought down exactly because he was being paid to promote a certain oil pipeline through Turkey, the very weak point of Sibel Edmonds and why I suspect she is doing all this, Turkey’s involvement in trying to bring about regime change in Syria.

  4. wall ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I wanted to post some of the comments from the comments section on Newsbud on this piece. Some of you are wondering if Sibel is being manipulated, and when I see stuff like the below I really have to wonder myself.

    This is from “Robert Diggins”. I especially like this part

    “The big deal is that, when exposes, such as this one, cause some cognitive dissonance and confusion, we take our responsibilities, as members of this community, seriously.

    Again, it might be the first time some of you have seen some of the depth of Sibel’s seriousness, integrity, and courage.”

    Below is the entire post by him

    For some of you, this might be the first time you have seen how serious Sibel Edmonds is, concerning her continuing efforts to expose corruption.

    Her journey began under very serious circumstances and she has continually received praise for exactly the direct, unambiguous, and most notably courageous stances she has taken, even while theses stances made her more vulnerable.

    People from across the spectrum of society, internationally, from hundreds of national security whistleblowers, to common people who have a wide variety of perspectives, skills, and interests, have used one word the most, to describe her actions to expose corruption and those who cover it up. Courage.

    I was lucky enough to start learning about Sibel and her story while she was still battling the FBI in court and donated a very modest amount to her legal defense fund. I say this because her courage captivated me. I have personal and family experience with efforts to fight corruption and “City Hall”, and I grew up learning that it was a very uncommon trait. So, I kept up with her efforts and public forums, where I learned quickly what the key to her courage was, at least in part.

    It has always been the decision to only speak about what she knows and what she can back up. To limit speculation and stick to the truth that is the real foundation of her desire to take a stance in the first place.

    Most of us play fast and loose with speculation, compared to Sibel.

    That said, I have confidence that the vast majority of this diverse community are individuals who value this rare vein of integrity that has produced multiple motherlodes of exposed corruption. I’m talking about historical significance. Think of the State Secrets Gallery, Gladio Plan B, COINTELPRO2 and the disgusting deeds of not only the former Speaker of the House and many other criminal government officials, but also the Hoover-on-steroids criminal government that benefits from recruiting, corrupting, and entrapping government officials who can be compromised and controlled.

    Many YouTubers are discussing “brownstone ops” and the like now, but think back to 15 years ago. 10 years ago. Even 5 or 3 years ago. It has been a terribly long wait for any kind of media to get the bigger picture that is not resolved to incompetence and blowback. Even after Sibel handed it to them on a silver platter, through extensive interviews of herself (with Corbett on Gladio Plan B for instance – how many of you have watched that entire series and seen just how blown away even Corbett was? It was quite the education for him as for all of us.) and of other national security whistleblowers, triple-checked front page magazine stories and appearances on shows like 60 Minutes and Democracy Now (until a democrat was elected), and through tesimony under oath and penalty of perjury (see the Krikorian Case Sibel Edmonds testimony on YT).

    Very few took the time to absorb the massive amount of detailed, backed up narrative. Even other producers at BFP during those times were slow on the uptake. And now? Many alt media figures are coming out with “bombshells”, which are not as accurate or complete as what Sibel disclosed so many years ago. And some are using her material without crediting her. But that’s not the big deal here.

    The big deal is that, when exposes, such as this one, cause some cognitive dissonance and confusion, we take our responsibilities, as members of this community, seriously.

    Again, it might be the first time some of you have seen some of the depth of Sibel’s seriousness, integrity, and courage. I hope you will allow yourselves to learn from it, and let it serve as one role model, in particular, for validating your emerging convictions and contemplating what is and isn’t speculation coming from a person such as Sibel. It might be helpful to take another look at her history in this respect.

    Please pay special attention to the clear notion that, during times like these, Sibel has never been concerned with being liked or popular. And she has paid a serious price for this conviction, while the rest of us have benefited.

    Thank you for considering this long expression of my perspective. I wasn’t able to take the time to make it more concise. My apologies for that.


    P.S. I would like to offer another seed for thought. We’re the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement, and all the other anti-war and/or human rights activist groups infiltrated by COINTELPRO because they were stupid? Or is it possible that any of us can be fooled? We all know the irony of “It can’t happen here.”, but do we also consider “It can’t happen to me.”?”

  5. wall ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I wanted to post some of the comments from the comments section on Newsbud on this piece. Some of you are wondering if Sibel is being manipulated, and when I see stuff like the below I really have to wonder myself.

    “Thank you Sibel and Spiro,

    I appreciate the time taken here and attention paid to documenting statements made directly by Bartlett and Beeley (particularly those on Twitter) as well as statements from former colleagues of the pair who’d been caught off guard by instances in which both Bartlett and Beeley had strayed, in many ways quite recklessly, from standard journalistic practices.

    I must say these revelations come as a disappointment. Like many who’ve chimed in to the discussion here, I too have appreciated some of the work both Eva Bartlett and particularly Vanessa Beeley have done in combatting much the Western/Atlanticist agenda driven propaganda that’s been so prevalent, pervasive, and perverse in driving this horrific and tragic manufactured conflict.

    I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the work done by Bartlett or Beeley has been entirely without merit and I’m not under the impression that this is what’s meant to be implied either. Like many here have stated, I’ve particularly appreciated their efforts to expose the White Helmets for what they really are. Still, as has been carefully documented and exposed in this piece, in the process of doing this important work, each woman has taken egregious missteps which violate fundamental journalistic principals, not to mention basic personal standards of integrity and decency.

    In contrast with some of the views expressed here in the comments section which call into question the harshness of the rebuke of Bartlett and Beeley’s practices, I’d have to agree with Sibel and Spiro that the way these women have gone about providing coverage of the Syrian conflict, even if their work has been motivated by respectable intensions, has passed the threshold of what could be considered worthy of constructive criticism or debate to practices which warrant raising alarm on the grounds that both Bartlett and Beeley have crossed boundaries of professionalism and objectivity to a level of recklessness which is literally putting people’s lives at risk.

    I don’t doubt either woman’s passion or sincerity about their desire speak on behalf those who’ve suffered unspeakably over the course of this sick, shameful, and endless wart, but it seems pretty clear at this point that their passion and conviction in their own self-righteousness has pushed them in a direction where they’ve lost any of the necessary objectivity or sense of the need to adhere to basic journalistic practices (if that’s the role they seem to see themselves playing) to an extent where they’ve adopted a style of protecting their own self-image that they’re willing to undermine their own integrity in the sorts of ruthless attacks against anyone they perceive as threatening their status or questioning the “truth” as they see it, seemingly oblivious that in a conflict with so many layers of complexities, competing, and converging interests that, perhaps unwittingly, they’ve failed to recognize the extent that they’re perpetuating and fueling another side of the type of propaganda they’re attempting to combat.

    The main thing again though, is that they’ve gone well past the boundaries of what’s acceptable or safe practice for the roles they’re placing themselves in, presenting themselves as journalists, that a warning of this nature is a necessary public service which ought to be taken into consideration and acted on. Even if it’s not rejecting their work in its entirety, it’s probably those in particular who may hold some sway, such as Patrick Hensington at 21st Century Wire, who I generally feel does good work and follows responsible and ethical journalistic principals, to step in and point out that the nature of the criticism, like what’s expressed here, isn’t just competitive defamation but a call for alarm which merits serious consideration.

    I know that sparking controversy of this nature through this kind of exposure isn’t the type of situation Sibel relishes, but I know she’s a person who always puts integrity and principle before self interest more consistently and with a greater level of commitment than anybody else I’ve witnessed firsthand. I have less time to observe Spiro in this capacity, but he certainly seems to hold league with similar commitment in what I’ve witnessed thus far. Putting out this video and sparking this debate was a bold, but I believe necessary move, which I support even as I digest the situation and I observe how the information is received and digested by others in turn.

    Thanks again,

  6. david4 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    As painful as it may have been to put this presentation together, I, for one, am glad to see James severe his relationship with Newsbud. From my armchair here on the east coast of the U.S., I have suspected for a long time that Edmonds suffers from a personality disorder. After hearing Pearse Redmond detail his falling out with her I have had her pegged as a textbook case of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. This recent fiasco has increased my confidence in the accuracy of my armchair diagnosis. Regardless of the rightful skepticism one might have in regard to the psychological literature on personality disorders, if you rundown the list of traits that align with NPD, Edmonds checks every box. I believe that as a whistleblower she did indeed see what she claims to have seen. I applaud her for coming forward and speaking up and putting her ass on the line when she did, but since then I’ve watched her discredit herself many times by putting her obvious neuroses on public display. As the head of a news organization her myriad blind spots that result from this (again, armchair diagnosis here) disorder have proven time and time again to lead to an ineffectual editorial policy that puts her own ego and vindictiveness ahead of journalistic integrity. The hurling of paranoid accusations is nothing new for Edmonds, and it’s case in point when it comes to her personality disorder. I honestly feel badly for Spiro, I don’t think he realizes the extent to which he’s being held hostage by his boss’s overblown ego. Anyhow, I’m sorry it came to this, but I’m glad to see James end his relationship with this toxic personality once and for all. Meanwhile, I’ll hope and pray that Edmonds can come to her senses and get the help she needs.

    James, keep up the great work.

    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      While I admit I am mainlining this carnage, I think it is actually creating a stronger alternative media. Or is it alternative? I’m not so sure. Many of the NB writers have demonstrated a far more professional attitude about it than I am capable of doing. There is a great deal of reaching out, standing by others (not behind), and sides are being drawn on grounds of ethics for the most part. And that’s important. Ethics will get you through just about anything. JimBob from fluorida who knows well the consequences of not paying them any attention.

    2. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      Perhaps we should also question her victim status, as well? What if Spiro is not an innocent either? It’s always a tough choice between some government conspiracy or our own inexplicably insanely stupid self-destructive character defect Armageddons, but I’ve found the latter works almost every time in my life. And with most others, as well. Open mind, but still a questioning one. Also, the why’s of a problem (at least to my simple mind) are often irrelevant when you are actually facing down a zombie horde and your girlfriend just threw the handcuff keys out the door. There is a time for reflection, but timing is a concern as well.

    3. wall ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      I don’t think this is just a case of narcissism. Her narcissism is likely being played on though. Please read the below comments I made and tell me what you think.

      Has Newsbud been infiltrated?

  7. ekawAediW says:

    James, if I recall correctly, you had previously identified your work on Gladio B as some of the most important you have done. I myself have made mp3 recordings of all five parts and have been trying to absorb the information while going about other things. In light of what we’ve unfortunately witnessed, how do you feel about the veracity of the Gladio B information as proported by Sibel Edmonds? Much of her claims are difficult to independently verify as we were relying on her personal experience during her time with the FBI and the integrity of her word.

    I hate that I have to call into question her previous work like this, but it seems as if I have little choice at this point.

  8. gregory ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Done with Newsbud. Sibel Edmonds will never be Arianna Huffington, not that Arianna is any paragon of journalistic integrity, but she certainly is not this unprofessional.

    1. doublek321 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      I could be wrong on this but I feel like you’re focusing on the “insult tweets” Sibel made rather than on her intentional deception.

  9. BennyB ( User Karma: 0 ) says:


    As always, thank you for your in depth and careful analysis. As someone who’s supported Newsbud and before that BFP, I find this particularly disappointing. I also find it disappointing that I didn’t catch on to the problems with the report and even expressed a degree of support for taking Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley to task to a certain degree for what, based on the way the information was being presented, I viewed accounted for reckless practices on each woman’s part in engaging in potentially consequentially endangering rhetoric. Albeit, not without having expressed a degree of caution in passing judgement on the work previously done by Bartlett and particularly Beeley which I’d found largely praiseworthy up until that point.

    I hadn’t followed any of what was going on directly on Twitter, so it wasn’t until you took the painstaking effort of revealing the full context of the “conversations” that I realized I’d allowed myself to be manipulated by not having seen each statement in its proper context (to the extent that’s possible on Twitter).

    Even though I haven’t spent much time on Twitter at all to begin with, watching you having to wade through the muck and machete through thorny overgrowth and general nastiness that Twitter in particular, but social media as a whole, seems to provide such fertile ground for, really brought home the conclusion for me how important it is to take care and to some extent simply avoid the kind of entanglement these mediums are designed to foster. That’s not to say there’s no place for making constructive use of these environments, but never losing sight of the fact that the people who oversee much of the maintenance of these digital domains quite clearly have encouraged and cultivated the overgrowth and hazardous terrain with the overall end goal of exhausting people and making it as difficult to get in and out unscathed as possible on purpose.

    Perhaps Sibel unwittingly fell victim to the bitterness and distraction that seems to have lead her off course, but that last nasty remark on Twitter directed at Vanessa Beeley that you closed with is proof enough that she’s too far gone to warrant the personal harm which I’ll likely incur in whatever attempts I might make at this point in the comments section at Newsbud to warrant sticking around. I hope the best for them and I do believe that their motivations and desire to create positive change are sincere, but unfortunately at this point I think the best decision I can make is to withdraw my support and distance myself.

    I admittedly feel a bit foolish that I didn’t see it for myself before this, but I recognize that humbling yourself in the face of revelation of your own mistakes is often one of the most valuable opportunities for personal growth. Ultimately it comes down to the information and sorting through it diligently in order to make intelligent decisions. I’ve learned that here, perhaps more than anywhere else. So for that, once again, James, you have my thanks, appreciation, and continued support (at least until the unlikely event of a misleading presentation and subsequent nasty remarks on Twitter anyway 😉 )

    As always, much respect.


    1. I Be William Munney ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      Benny, it appears your comment is receiving attention from other sites. I just got this quote:

      Edmonds’ explanation?
      “Angie, they expressed their wish to ‘unsubscribe’ and we fulfill our subscribers’ requests diligently and promptly. When you unsubscribe your latest comment(s) gets deleted automatically. Now, please let us know if you wish to unsubscribe, and I will immediately cancel your account and refund you. Thanks:-)”

      Which doesn’t seem to always be the case, based on comments left on Corbett’s video response to Newsbud.

      based on similar complaints. The link to that site was first given by HRS. Here it is again though:


      1. BennyB ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        Thanks William. This is a real drag, I don’t want to play a part in expanding any sort of beef and choosing sides. I can’t escape the feeling that in some ways I put myself in this position by making a strong statement to begin with, then cancelled my account without seeing to it that I’d clarified publicly why I felt differently after having watched the video James put out (when I probably should’ve been more reserved to begin with) in the same place I’d made the previous comment. But, yeah, the text posted here was what had seen before I cancelled my subscription that had left me under the impression that what I’d previously wrote was going to disappear anyway.

        I think the situation leaves me with cause for self-reflection, but I still feel distracted like it’s a thorn in my side as it stands.

        1. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

          Understand. The hardest part about learning is that we have to admit we were wrong before. The bigger lessons are the most bitter. If it’s any consolation, it doesn’t do any good to worry about things out of your control. Though I think there is a good bit of influence going on. When things get really bad with me, I just relax and try to enjoy the ride. That probably doesn’t help though. JimBob

    2. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      Hey Benny! I’m pleasantly surprised to see you here. Your comment was a letter which I did not share in terms of sentiment. I am glad that you took the time to investigate your concerns; and then instantly clear the air on the matter. Big brain AND big cajones. Obviously committed to truth as well. That’s a lot to know about a person. I’m not that respectable myself, but I do like it when I see it in others. JimBob from fluorida. Irritating person, but you know he ain’t right so you just let him be.

    3. ekawAediW says:

      BennyB, like you, I did not take the time to go through the Twitter history for proper context, even though we both should have. I suppose we should consider this a stark reminder to always vet all of the information that we take in.

      “Perhaps Sibel unwittingly fell victim to the bitterness and distraction that seems to have lead her off course”

      Given what we have seen and heard directl from Sibel’s mouth/fingers, I’m not sure that anyone can excuse her for her conduct, no matter how out of character it might seem.

      Deep down, I still want to believe there is some way to rationalize her behavior; Sibel was an important figure in my life.

      1. BennyB ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        My comment wasn’t intended to be interpreted as making any excuse for Sibel. Indeed, she’s responsible for her own behavior and I feel that this episode represents a type of conduct that I don’t want to support or associate myself with. Unfortunately, on that note the final message I attempted to post where I explained my rationale for cancelling my membership hasn’t been posted, while the message preceding it, where I more or less attested a measure of good faith in Sibel’s reputation based on my past experience of calling into question the conduct of other figures in the alt-media/whistle blower community having proved to have had merit (as I believe was the case in her harsh assessment of Glen Greenwald, the Intercept, and Snowden documents, as an example) still is.

        Like you, I’d say Sibel has played an important role informing my geopolitical world view and I’m not going to try to take that away from her, but the level of toxicity and bitterness displayed in her comments on Twitter which James helped to aluminate for me in this presentation is something I can’t overlook, even as I second guess whether or not a sense of loyalty may have blinded me to the extent that some of her rhetoric in the Twitter exchange leaves me perplexed as it does disappointed. There may prove to be more merit to accusations. In fact, I’m wouldn’t go as far as to say that there weren’t any good points raised. Even though it’s hard to discern how I feel overall at the moment I think there were. Still, maintaining a degree of professionalism is a critical component of maintaining credibility and whatever professionalism (even if it might have been lacking to begin with) that existed in the initial presentation at Newsbud seemed to have fallen by the wayside as a casualty of the “Twiiter war”.

        On that note, to paraphrase James, perhaps the silver lining in this situation is having made the observation that the nature of Twitter, even if it may be used constructively, lends itself all too easily to amplifying hostility and reinforcing tribalism. The way this functions certainly seems to be by design, but I’ll keep that can of worms on the shelf and save my voice as I don’t see much point in trying to finish my point with a refrain to preach to the choir.

        Lastly, I did have the foresight to save what I intended to be my final post at Newsbud as a text file. If the last comment doesn’t eventually disappear I may have to ask upon one of the Corbett Report community members to post an extract from the afore mentioned text. We’ll see though.

        1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

          Personally, I have a lot of respect for anyone who can look at a situation, as you did, re-assess and move on instantly. I’m with ek2=485967 (if that is his real name) on posting it here. JimBob

          1. BennyB ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

            Personally, I’m not under the impression that she’s been disingenuous about her intentions. It just seems more that her steadfastness when it comes to what accounts for standing by principal and holding people accountable for their actions seems to have a way of lending itself to a sort of bitterness that can in turn lead to a vindictive aggressiveness, where she seems to be willing to throw out the baby with the bathwater too easily. At times I addressed this in my comments first at BFP then Newsbud and I do feel that this was something she appreciated over the years. Here’s her response to my initial comment on the video in question:

            Sibel Edmonds wrote:
            Dear Benny B. This comment is the most balanced, fair, and well-reasoned response I have read so far. Thank you so very much for taking the time to write and share this comment. You have been with us for so long (since the first days of BFP), thus, have seen our record over almost 10 years. Thank you, sir.

            In reality, as mentioned, I’m aware that her prior responses to certain figures who she crossed swords with in the past was at times disproportionate (but in some cases seemingly well deserved) and I think out of respect for her commitment and bravery in being a truth teller, perhaps I was too willing to overlook the negative aspects her lack of restraint in chastising and ultimately burning bridges with many along the way. However, the latest attack on Eva Bartlett and Vanessa Beeley and, more so, the way she seems to have upped the anti in her call that other journalists need to distance themselves in order to maintain credibility has felt disproportionate and in some ways just wrongheaded, particularly when it seems that her allegations appeared to be flawed. Ironically here calls for people to abandon the duo to save their own credibility, which in some cases felt all too much like threats, seems to have had the effect of causing some of her own supporters and colleagues to feel the need to distance themselves from her to maintain their credibility. Like I said though, some of the rhetoric on Twitter was really the last straw for me.

            Anyways, as requested, here’s what I’d intended to leave as my final comment at Newsbud:

            I watched James’ video regarding this post and when I viewed the information in its full context I have to admit I feel like I really got mislead by the way things were presented here. What disappointed me the most were Sibel’s comments on Twitter. I regret having vouched previously that in time Sibel would be vindicated. Things seem to have devolved to a point in terms of toxicity that I think will be hard to walk back from, short of some sort of effort to make amends with some of the people she’s gone after, in my opinion at this point, unfairly and more so, distastefully.

            Sadly, I’ve opted to end my membership, but as it seems to have yet to be put in effect, I feel that I have a responsibility to walk back from my previous comment while it’s still up. My intent at this point is not to persuade others to follow suit. However, I would recommend checking out James’ video if anybody wants some insight into why I feel I can no longer support Newsbud.

            1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

              I find it hilarious that I didn’t think much of you when I read the before JC video comment. Shot myself in the rear again. JimBob from Flourida who has lived in the same town what Doc Holiday came from and can be just as bad a shot as he was. But that didn’t slow him down much.

              1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

                No. I didn’t think too much of you because I didn’t think you were questioning enough. I was wrong, you detected controversy, insisted on viewing the opposing argument, and made your decision based upon facts, not sentiment. That’s rare. And as for JimBob; I’m just a redneck from fluorida. There’s really no explaining that one.

              2. BennyB ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

                Not sure I follow. Are you saying you read my initial response at Newsbud and “didn’t think much of [me]”, then changed your mind once I commented here? Also not following the JimBob stuff. Would you care to clarify?

        2. ekawAediW says:

          Why not post the response here? It’s as good a place for it as any.

          Nobody likes to be fooled. Even though human nature is often to lash out at the perpetrator, I hold firm to the fact that Sibel has done good work in the past. I believe there is a lot of truth that she was responsible of diseminating. Heck, even the majority of Noam Chomsky’s work is well done and factual, but as James pointed out, good reporting can be used as a sort of currency that can be spent on deception on important matters. My burning question is was Sibel playing us from the start, or did some kind of monumental shift happen to her? I’d be all the more disappointed if it turns out to be the former.

          1. Fawlty Towers says:

            She wasn’t playing us right from the start.
            She has delivered very important geo-political info.
            She never did her 9/11 homework though.
            And so from the very beginning until (probably) today, she still believes the 19 hijacker/Bin Laden fairy tale.

  10. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Given his usual careful aloofness from muddy topics, the fact Mr. Corbett waded into this mess at all, let alone – for all the length of the exhaustive cataloguing – the central question was unaddressed, is perhaps the second most nagging inexplicability of this entire debacle.

    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      Something you too should be considering. And looking at the mess he chose to look into, and didn’t he state that Sibel had contacted him earlier? But, you only attack his reasons. Looking at her deeds sort of answers your question in my book. Also, no one is saying to throw out all of her previous work. Everyone else seems to recognize the need to suspect it though. Whenever we encounter data which conflicts with our previous belief, we should use that data to see what happens. Standard standards in redneck academics. JimBob from fluorida who has the big print books so he can make sure he don’t miss nothing.

  11. mkey ( User Karma: 15 ) says:

    Great work, people usually (incorrectly) associate satire and especially sarcasm with lack of wit, but in this case, with such a dry subject, without it you’d have people heaving before the 30 minutes mark. And yes, I did watch/listen all of it, if you lost sleep over this sordid affair, it only stands to reason I did so too last night, further spreading thin those 5-6 hours of sleep I manage to squeeze into my schedule.

    The reading of internet speak was particularly well done. This type of thing usually wakes up the little drama queen lurking in all of us, but with some objective examination she can bite the dust.

    James did not want to venture into guessing what may have gone wrong with Sibel, but I will. Based on my experience as an observer and from a non professional perspective, I think Sibel may have started developing a mental illness or is going through a quickly spreading personality transmutation, probably induced by stressful events or (natural) degradation of brain cells. Depending on how their business at newsbud is progressing, she may have derailed due to some outstanding debts or obligations she finds difficult or impossible to meet. I’ve seen people in such conditions going through a severe personality change.

    Either way, I hope she finds solace and makes amends for her transgressions.

    What I find the worst to come out of this, is the fact (?) many people will completely disregard Sibel’s previous work, as if it were done by a madman. It is true that everything should be put under (further) scrutiny, but it’s usually much easier to just completely junk (yes, I’ve gone there) everything and opt for a closing statement on the lines of “oh, she’s a completely insane conspiracy kook.”

    The second worst thing is probable splintering in the “truther” community which will most probably arise from this affair.

    I have never been more sorry about being right about something in my entire life. Had I not been right, I would have opened a twatter account back then and now I could have joyfully deleted it. But alas. I do hope there is big red delete button, with a confirmation or even double confirmation. Oh yes, that hits the spot.

    Would you James, please, once and for all, in no uncertain terms, clarify are you or are you not on facebook???

          1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

            That was why I had the j/k there. However, I do have mad respect for him since he didn’t hesitate once he saw what was going on there. It was a nice surprise for me.

            1. mkey ( User Karma: 15 ) says:

              Well, tribalism and blind belief in false prophets will do that to people. Way too many people will just look to follow someone.

              1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

                True that. I can’t claim to be any better in that regard. In case anyone has missed it, I try to reassure everyone here that I can only be trusted because I don’t really care what anyone thinks of what I do/say/think. JimBob from fluorida who has learned (or just does it anydamnway) to just not tell anybody he’s all that good at the beginning so they can’t hit him with a stick later on.

    1. mkey ( User Karma: 15 ) says:

      I’ll double down on my assessment, Sibel is definitively off the rails.


      Orenda, I have sent him an inquiry e-mail. I have received nearly 100 e-mails from our team members and community members asking the same thing. Some of them have written to him as well. So far we have hear nothing. He is usually very good in checking out his sources’ background. I have no idea what happened in this case. Also, he has always been anti-social media attacks/bickering, yet, a few weeks ago he openly started rewetting/liking some of B-B’s vicious and ugly attacks against Newsbud. So very uncharacteristic for Corbett. I am fairly sure he didn’t have a clue on this duo’s background/history, and their nefarious online operations (As I said Corbett is not one of those 24 X 7 social media junkies). HOpe he’ll watch the report, conduct his additional research and then issue public warning, retraction/disclaimer … I don’t want to see his reputation destroyed.

  12. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Wingsuitfreak/homeremedywhomever. Nowhere have I excused Sibel’s behavior. If you are able to think beyond your obviously computer-activity ingrained mindset of wagering and winning and gambling this or that notion, you might notice the only people excusing her behavior are the utter morons chalking it up to menopause and hormones.

    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      Actually you have. You are scolding James (and everyone else who agrees) for not considering her past work. Her past work is suspect now. I am not saying she is in any of those menopause, hormones, mole, MKUltra camps. I think this is her personal belief system (her own political beliefs) combined with a personality that needs to be idolized. That last bit was a bit over-the-top, but not that much. Her association with James required a response on his part. She might be going through a lot of stuff right now, but she’s the one that made the choices which led her to it. He merely told the truth as he saw it. Why does that bother you? Especially since she has continued her campaign with yet another hit piece on Vanessa just yesterday. I personally think she’s doubling down on stupid, but I don’t make any claims of saying I’m right. I do state that whenever a crazy ax swinging psychopath comes at me, I’m inclined to shoot first and offer therapy later. But that’s just me. What else can you expect out of a redneck? JimBob the redneck philosopher. Prez of his own damn self and no one else.

      1. mkey ( User Karma: 15 ) says:

        There ain’t nothing wrong with “shoot fist, everything else later” approach, pardner. As long as you have your fancy hat on and a toothpick or some straw neatly stuck in your teeth.

        Straight shooters, hip shooters… all good folk in my book. All of this makes me want to wear a fancy hat so that I may tip it to people all day long.

  13. Recalcitrant ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    WOW! Lots of comments on this one James, perhaps a record?

    If it is then what does that say about your audience if anything? Interesting for sure and a brief skimming of the comments shows a lot of divisive us-against-them sort of mindset which is an unfortunate side effect of being a human being brought up in our culture today and indeed most cultures.

    The tendency toward tribalism run deep through our species and it is constantly being used to stir up and manipulate the masses as you have so aptly pointed out in some of your work on Edward Bernays and other manner of control.

    Those who try to stifle alternative views must be in heaven to see another riff among some influential names in the alt news community.
    For me this goes to a point that you make time and time again which I really appreciate, THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    I have NEVER met another human being with whom I agreed 100% on everything, that includes my parents, spouse, children, you name it, BUT that does not mean that they cannot say and do things that I completely agree with.
    After all, even a blind Squirrel finds an acorn once in a while.

    I have financially supported NewsBud in the past during their funding drives when they were trying to start up, I had a subscription for a while but let it lapse even though I have enjoyed their work.
    I bought and read “Classified Woman”, still think it is a great book and I recommend it to anyone.
    When you read it you will understand that this is ONE STUBBORN AND DETERMINED WOMAN, that much is obvious and when some people with certain character traits get “pissed off” watch out!
    I happen to suffer from the same idiocy myself from time to time.

    You handled this beautifully Mr. Corbett and every subscriber agrees. I know that you and Sibel go back a ways so it was probably difficult for you to make this.
    Regarding the hilarious remarks about the credibility of the Corbett Report, I always felt that it was YOUR association with THEM that gave THEM credibility, NOT the other way around.
    In fact I have always noted it was almost palpable during the round tables and other work you did with Boiling Frog and Sibell. It always seemed to me that you were regarded as having the highest journalistic integrity out there and kind of held out as indicating the legitimacy of their work.

    Well, the struggle for genuine news continues as always and this may help us all to understand that we can not turn over our critical thinking to someone we have decided represents our views, there is enough of that “fair and balanced” bullshit already.
    SIBEL: Can’t we all just get along?
    James Corbett, Alex Jones, Sibel Edmonds, Ry Dawson, Greg Hunter, David Ike, The Truth Factory, Lionel Nation, Bright Insight, We Are Change, Max Igan AND Ken O’Keefe. ALL worth listening to along with many others.

    Listen to people who you think have views opposed to your own and consider the source always.

    Again, Great Work James, thank you.

    1. mkey ( User Karma: 15 ) says:

      Regarding the credibility thing, what you mentioned about those talks was very evident. I think people at newsbud had some plans for consolidation with other journalists, but that didn’t work out that well.

  14. rob32367 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    No need to apologize James – it was Newbud that forces you to make this video for our benefit. And I see no need to apologize for introducing us to Sibel – she has done good work in the past (such as Gladio work) – and now you have helped us to see that she has jumped the shark.

    Let us know if you need a special bubble gum donation. Thanks for all you do and doing a great job clearing up this mess. Looking forward to your future work.

  15. Prolefed ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    James, please don’t entertain one iota of guilt for your previous association with this person. As evidenced by the comments here, your subscribers understand and sympathise. In the search for truth, and with the best will and intentions in the world, at some stage we’ve all been taken in by someone else’s opinions only to be let down by them later. It’s an occupational hazard. This just shows your humanity and how vigilant we all need to be. Not that it needed it, but this video once again demonstrates your integrity and true journalistic credentials in cutting through all such BS. You are one of the very few voices of reason out there in this fucked up world. Please stay focussed on what you do so well (and don’t forget to pick up that guitar once in a while!).

  16. nilamk ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    As usual – James conducted this par excellence, but I believe that as James said in the video – it didnt need to have happened at all.
    Also To Davey’s point – if everyone is bent on breaking the rules of fact-checking and simple decency then its not an agency or news outlet that I want to be a part of.

  17. cush350 ( User Karma: 1 ) says:


    Maybe Sibel is the victim of a “Deep State” mind control attack. Maybe you are in their crosshairs, too. Quick, James, PLEASE put on your tin foil hat. We can’t have you going batsh*t crazy too.

    Apology accepted.

    Maybe, it’s all a build up to an April Fools prank?

    Congratulations on deleting your Twitter account. I don’t do it. I don’t even have a smart phone, only an old flip phone.

    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      Cush, before any race gets started, the players all have to jockey for position. Discord being sowed in our ranks across so many sectors of our society at once is just that; jockeying for position. James just shined a pretty big flashlight into the fog of conflict. All conflicts are purposely confusing, this one is no different. We keep saying that truth has power, but that’s only because we fear it so much. But there are many players on this field. Sibel is but one big thing happening right now. Do you really believe in coincidence at this level? James has chosen the side of reason and ethics. A good dose of compassion as well. I wouldn’t have been so reserved had I gotten involved. I won’t say I stand firmly in that camp, but I do like to stay in the general vicinity. It’s a pretty good neighborhood. Always exciting and not nearly as much blood as people make out. Change doesn’t have to be violent. It’s a choice. In fact, the less violence there is in any choice, the greater the change for good. I think the true nature of this choice isn’t alt-right/crazy left, or any of the thousands of factions we have going on at the same time. It’s a choice between rational thought and irrational thought. Rational thought hands out some pretty big flashlights when they go out into the fog. JimBob from fluorida who started out with a wake and bake cuz he dang well fell like it.

  18. sunbinder ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Pure gossip. And I just joined? Maybe I shouldn’t have. No disclaimer makes up for engaging in such. Period. Raise yourselves above it, for the changes you want to see.

    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      You have to clean the mud out of your eyes before you can see those changes. One of those changes that I would like to see are more spines that don’t take none, as in don’t start none, won’t be none attitude of my native (and beloved) redneck culture. JimBob from fluorida who notes that the redneck was the only culture Malcolm X respected outside of Islam. Yea baby!

  19. Davey ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I think it’s very important to keep in mind that this is coming from Sibel AND Spiro (plus possibly others?), not just Sibel. Surely this should bring in to question the assumed ‘break-down’ scenario?

  20. LA Ed ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    James, I am a supporter of your work. I have watched this whole video and my head hurts. I am left asking, WHY did you feel a need to get involved in their spat? I know you had previous dealings with Sibel & Newsbud. But getting into this mudslinging (even the high quality version that you provide) is a waste of your talent and will only mire you further in this mindless drivell. Bad people will slip through your forcefield of thorough research and you have to be able to just shake it off and move forward. Let Eva & her colleagues fight their own battles. They are just as capable. Your talents are needed elsewhere. Glad you have quit Twitter…it’s for twits. Keep up the excellent work. We need you…we need you to stay focused. Thanks James.

    1. Billy Field ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      No it’s very good James has done it….would not have nearly been so well investigated & communicated otherwise. Cheers James!

  21. manbearpig ( User Karma: 24 ) says:

    When the Conspiracy’s bigger than even the best and most meticulous of all fact-checking theorists…

    Maybe this game’s not about humans but humanity’s our greatest strength and our most gaping Achilles’ heel. It will be exploited.

    and You, Mr. Corbett, with your flair, talent and rigour, are without question my greatest weakness. (you and a well-chosen, middle-range Côte du Rhône)

    Don’t forget, health is The other most important asset. Guard it preciously.

    Having said that, I’m really looking forward to that upcoming, timely piece you evoked!!

  22. Truthseeker33 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I don’t know how you could contain your composure having to debunk this nonsense.
    You have shown a level of professionalism that surpasses any reporter I’ve ever seen.

  23. HopefulOne ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thank you for clarifying things, James.

    Always the consummate professional, getting to the core of each issue. Strange, I was on NB’s website just 3 days ago, and you were listed as a “Contributing Partner”. I see today that has been deleted.

    1. Mark K. P. ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

      but there’s a new and very significant contributor whose probably the main driver if SE has been “had” ; Col. Tim Ferner. Sibel really salivates over this military guy ; he’s a “hero” on her keyboard. Plus he’s leading the charge on her site against Beeley and Bartlett (re the Ron Paul site). At a guess he’s a carefully chosen infiltrator (lots of service experience in the Middle East) who pushed all her worst bias buttons.

      1. Billy Field ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        Yes Mark it seems you might be right on the case here—Ferner is here on newsbud aiming for Ron Paul of all people …..NB Article Headline “Renowned Whistleblower Lt. Colonel Tim Ferner (Ret) Issues a Call to Bring Back ‘Human Decency’ & ‘Ethical Journalism’ to Ron Paul Institute”…THIS to me is laughable, ….despite it actually being serious! One person in this game that does have credibility in my eyes is Ron Paul. So we need go figure?..

  24. Fawlty Towers says:

    Congrats on your Twitter-Anonymous confession!
    And the deletion of your Twitter account!

    I must confess I have no desire to leave Twitter James.
    That’s because I never had a Twitter account. 🙂

    BTW, as good as your report was, it would have been
    even better had you done an abbreviated “Syria Under Siege – A Conspiracy Theory” version, oh say… 5 minutes long? 🙂

    1. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      An exhaustive handwashing to be sure, but many things left out including a balancing acknowledgement of a body of valid work, or at least apparently valid enough to have been strongly and repeatedly recommended – all of which is now vulnerable to criticism not only because of Sibel’s sudden bizarre and apalling mispelled twittering but also because of the unfortunate misapplication of the cataloging thoroughness for which Mr. Corbett is known and admired – and the real world aloofness which is also apparent, perhaps necessarily. While saying “I research, I do videos and I chew bubblegum” is extremely modest coming from a man with such valuable output, it also seems disengaged when confronted with the bizarre behavior mystery of a seemingly close and recommended colleague. That relationship and Sibel’s body of recommended work was missing in the lengthy breakdown timeline and the “action” taken of twitter/not twitter .

  25. ekawAediW says:

    I’m confused, I’m deeply saddened, I’m distraught, I sorely want to believe that there’s some kind of rational explanation for all of this… there has to be one – right?

    Sibel, why?

    1. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      If these people aren’t even connected sufficiently in the real world to speak to each other or know the least bit about the lives of those whom we have been many times encouraged to view as some sort of their like-minded colleague, it just makes it more ridiculous that we think we know anything about them or their behaviors, much less spend time listening to them rather than conversing with our actual neighbors and colleagues in real life. To catalog a colleague’s sudden irrational appalling uncharacteristic behavior without contacting that person at least for research questions, if nothing actually humanly compassionate, and the action then taken is only twitter/not twitter, is nearly as curious as any of the rest

      1. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

        You don’t know whether or not contact was made previously.
        You are unaware of any previous conversations unless you are hacking into emails or phone calls.

        But you can follow your own advice, like I mentioned above on this thread. You call her.

        (Personally, my bet is that there had been plenty of previous conversations, especially around September 2017. But, it is none of my business what people discuss between themselves in personal conversations. Personal conversations between two people are just that…no one’s business.)

        1. generalbottlewasher ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

          Homey that does make a little more since. Im thinking
          ‘ Stepford Wifes’ scenario Airean. Sybel lives in the weirdest place in the country. I did hear her frustrated rant about the Wifes and neighbors of that area of Oregon. I know of Pagosa Springs Colorado and the ‘Stepford Wifes ‘there and I found it impossible to relate on any level . Lets move on, this trainwreak is done. Next ; have you read Elana Freelands newest books? Eastlund, Bernard J. Patent# 4,686,605. Find out what it is and can do and this whole twadle affair will become meaningless. Not to say that one life is the most important thing on earth but it is . This apparatus is the way to end 2-3 billion lives in a New York minute and not destroy the infrastructure in doing so. James can probably attest to the people who could and will if given the opportunity. So move on people we’re burning daylight.

          1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

            I live in Florida. Wiping out New Yorkers sort of appeals to me at times. They really are annoying to us. Everything is going on at this time. Besides, what do you expect us to do against such a thing? I’ve got an attitude, but that might not be enough. JimBob from fluorida solves this problem by staying the hell away from New York.

            1. generalbottlewasher ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

              Wingsuitfreak. You have been on a roll, and in answer to your question which is the million dollar question.
              “Besides, what do you expect us to do against such a thing?”
              1. Inquirer, yes, as our site host does so brilliantly. ask some basic questions. Who,What,Where,When, and why.
              2.Whats the agenda and who is paying for this WMD. Who will be at the controls?
              3. Will the operators stand down when they are told to aim it at the homeland?
              4.Will 100 tons of nano size aluminum make the harvest collapse this year or next? Will we have a harvest at
              78% sunlight due to solar radiation managment that acts as a force multiplier in the ionisphere?
              Good question Wingsuit . I think when JimBob wakes up to what’s really about to happen something will get
              done . How do you wake up 200 million JimBobs is the real question .To start the ball rolling we first have to clear up some more important business . Sibell and the mayhem that she has brought must be dealt with.
              “I went down to the sailing pond to gather up some sun. Must have been a hundred schoolgirls sobbing into handkerchiefs as one. I don’t believe they knew I was a schoolboy!”

              1. I Shot Santa ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

                Fear is a pretty powerful tool. Media is always telling me to be afraid of something that’s happening halfway around the world. But since I’m not afraid of the very real things in my immediate world, why should I break out in a sweat about it? Though the thought of 200 million JimBobs waking up prompted this scary voice in my head:

                Ain’t no one ring can handle that much redneck!

                It’s a horrifying, yet hauntingly beautiful, thought. JimBob who knows just how crazy rednecks can be.

        2. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

          I’m not the one who recommended her research repeatedly and did discussions and interviews etc etc. If I had known her well enough to do all that, I would have contacted her personally and spoken with her. And whatever my conclusion, it would have included acknowledgement of more of a relationship than just the cataloging and dismissal of recent inexplicable twittering anomalies would suggest. Unmentioned personal contact or not, someone late to the scene here may not realize how collegial a relationship was previously conveyed.

          1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

            Though I’m not religious, the bible has a lot of good advice in it. Ye shall know them by their deeds comes to mind. How about explaining why, instead of stopping her insane attack, having her explain why she felt the need to double down on stupid by releasing another video where she obviously purposefully improperly defined a situation. Ask here why she felt that was a good idea when you give her a call. After all, you ARE in the area. YOU are the one so concerned about her. She’s a big girl and can speak for herself. But you go ahead and excuse her actions. JimBob from fluorida who thinks integrity never needs to make an excuse. Just saying.

          2. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

            Okay. Got what you are saying. Yet, no one has the authority to dictate rules of ethical conduct, moral codes, ‘acceptable behaviors’, etc. on another person.

            I will wager that Corbett and Edmonds have had many behind-the-scenes discussions months prior to this Bartlett and Beeley incident.

            And I will probably easily win a wager that, previous to the Bartlett and Beeley scenario, Sibel has had some behavioral drama-type stubborn bents which were difficult to deal with in a rational, civil conversation.

            Akin to a roaring menopausal, irrational, emotionally disturbing commotion and odd line of ‘thought’…sometimes there is no talking sense to someone.

  26. Cu Chulainn ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    the downward spiral of menopause demands compassion, not more condemnation


    Level 6: Highly critical both of self and others: picky, judgmental, perfectionistic. Very opinionated about everything: correcting people and badgering them to “do the right thing”—as they see it. Impatient, never satisfied with anything unless it is done according to their prescriptions. Moralizing, scolding, abrasive, and indignantly angry.

    Unhealthy Levels

    Level 7: Can be highly dogmatic, self-righteous, intolerant, and inflexible. Begin dealing in absolutes: they alone know “The Truth.” Everyone else is wrong: very severe in judgments, while rationalizing own actions.

    Level 8: Become obsessive about imperfection and the wrongdoing of others, although they may fall into contradictory actions, hypocritically doing the opposite of what they preach.

    Level 9: Become condemnatory toward others, punitive and cruel to rid themselves of wrongdoers. Severe depressions, nervous breakdowns, and suicide attempts are likely. Generally corresponds to the Obsessive-Compulsive and Depressive personality disorders.

  27. Billy Field ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    THANKYOU SIR! …I was planning on going thru this crazy report and all it’s unclear accusations again because it was so fishy…..I was almost astounded at this Newsbud piece asI could not believe Sibel & Spiro had resorted to “Playing the man & not the ball” …& which obviously only reflects on them…..I like others “queried” things & was sort of told due to “my attitude” “this site is obviously not for you … so take your financial support elsewhere”…I suspect some were just struck off their supporters list against their wishes… THEN NB introduced “Moderation” which is to me v BAD & akin to Censorship….I have supported Sibel & NB a long time ..is she just having some kind of crisis herself?…it just doesn’t add up…something is awry there …we need to see ..however there are some fabulous people writing GREAT stuff there for “the cause” & I will likely still follow them… THANKS AGAIN JAMES…a massive amount of work… & FABULOUS WORK WELL DONE! Bravo!

  28. asavetmd ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    James, I have 2 ideas as what Sibel is up to with this: either she is being threatened by the Secret Elite or she is terminally Russophobic and has Putin Derangement Syndrome. You went along with her line but then at some point you changed a bit and I haven’t seen anything significantly Russophobic or evidence of Putin Derangement Syndrome lately. It could be both explanations but what I will say is that the Secret Elite is in a state of sheer panic because they have lost their ability to have their Unipolar World Order/World Government. They have this False Flag flop in Salsbury so now any act of diplomacy is now a Criminal Act. I can tell you what what I learned about Vladimir Putin during on my trip to Russia in June 2016. I met a Gyn Doc who grew up in the same set of flats as Putin. He operated on a close friend of Putin’s after which Putin called him to check on his friend’s condition. He told me what Putin’s reputation was when they were kids on the playground. He was known as the one who protected kids who were being bullied by the playground bullies and that his MO is to “strike first and strike hard”. Things are getting to the point where if things continue to go downhill that could happen. The Pentagon’s “missile defense” DOES NOT WORK. Just ask Theodore Postol of MIT. Russia’s S-400 DOES WORK and the S-500 coming online works even better. They have more than 3 times the area as the Empire to put defenses, ICBMs and their new HYPERSONIC missiles (the Empire doesn’t have any of those). We are one NUCLEAR FALSE FLAG away from WWIII and the end of life on this Planet.

  29. Drazen ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Something a little silly/humorous. The acronym that comes from “Syria Under Siege” is S.U.S. Now “Sus” is Australian slang for “Suspect” and is used in the context of “That’s a bit sus” as in “That’s a little suspect”. Maybe the acronym of Newsbuds report title accurately describes the report.

    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      It’s a hit piece on Vanessa’s write up on the doctors working with the terrorists. Which seems to have been interpreted as criticizing them for treating them. Maybe that’s just me.

  30. wall ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    And James, for god’s sake, please cover the Parkland shooting.

    You can actually find footage of Hogg saying that he heard about shooting and decided to ride his bike to school while the shooting was happening. I mean, really? I am supposed to believe that? He’d only do that if he knew he wasn’t going to be shot.

    None of the people I respect have covered this event, and the narrative does seem to be falling apart. Please, please please cover it.

  31. wall ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I have not followed Sibel as long as many of you, but I have never seen her like this before. Have any of you seen her be this irrational before? The only things in the past that have called her into question for me was 1) the way she ignored the issue of Erdogan’s plane not being shot down by f16’s even though it should have been. I think the coup was just an play to consolidate power under Erdogan 2) the Flynn thing. That whole Mueller vs Flynn thing just looked like a bullshit smoke and mirror distraction show to me 3) the comment section on her site. For a while after newsbud started, not BFP, but newsbud… the comment section was full of comments like “what another great video from newsbud or sibel or blah blah blah”… it always seemed like someone was being paid to write those comments.

    I have never seen her do this sort of bullshit before though. I seriously think she’s been brainwashed to self destruct and discredit all her work. That’s the only way I can make any sense of her behavior because it is so out of character for her from what I have seen. What do all of you think?

    Corbett, will you please comment on this brainwashing idea? WTF is going on? I am not asking for you to get into a war with her, but, have you ever noticed anything odd?

    It makes absolutely no sense for her to do this. I mean, she isn’t convincing anyone and she just shit her past decade and a half of effort down the drain. I know it may sound silly, but… the only way any of this makes sense is if she was somehow brainwashed into self destructing. Even if she was just an attention whore there is no way she would discredit herself with this poorly made attack on someone. She would have at least done a good job. This… this just makes no sense outside of some sort of brainwashing context. If something is being done to her I very much hope it is soon revealed.

    Are Bas Spliet and Voice of Arabi on here? If either of you read this please answer these questions.

    Bas, what was your experience with newsbud and Sibel?

    Voice of Arabi, why did you never post again on newsbud?

  32. Jason Carswell ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    == Off Topic ==

    Sorry this is off topic. I’m behind and catching up on the Corbett Report. In doing so, going through my emailed TCR Updates I found a bad link:


    Was this a story, article, interview, video?

    If it has been removed or been moved it might deserve a note or redirect. If I’m a rare exception don’t bother. Either way I’d like to know if I can or can’t find this piece.

    Thanks in advance.

    Also, for anyone who may or may not have noticed my absence I’ve started development on my own independent animation series, “Trutherism 101”. When I get this open source project into a presentable form I’ll go on an announcement campaign, including a post here on TCR. I expect little feedback at that point. Then I’ll start animating the series and after I’ve got a handful I’ll publish them. After that I expect I might actually get fans, support, and hopefully a community to help with stuff. Stay ‘tooned.

    Now if only I could ween myself off this YouTube addiction. (I’m trying to download everything before they censor it all.)

    Peace out,
    ~ Jason

      1. Jason Carswell ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        Thanks for the update. I thought it was me.

        Strange, I hadn’t really “checked out” that long ago, but I miss this place and you folks, if only by avatar names.

        He said “titter”. I say “tittest”.

  33. bilsul ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Dam it.
    I have read Sibel’s book “Classified Woman” and from that it is clear that she is a very strong willed determined woman who will pursue her goal no mater what gets in her way. We would not have Classified Woman without that and I am grateful and all the wiser for that. Her goal at that time was to get the truth out and that work still stands today.

    I admit that I have not seen newsbud’s “Syria Under Seige” but did view your fact check report and was taken aback by the vitriol in her attack on Beeley/Bartlett, particularly when the evidence surfaced that her accusations didn’t seem to have any firm ground to stand on. At about 1:16:00 in your report you uncovered a Syria Under Seige post by Sibel where she really went out with “daggers drawn”.


    As I mentioned Sibel is clearly a very strong willed determined woman, and, as you say, what was going through her head?

    Did a CIA Targeted Individual Psych Op get to her or something?

    I dunno, but her work in the past still stands as being worthwhile for Truth Junkies.

    Hmmmm, I still haven’t grown up yet so when someone, Google, You Tube, etc. tries to hide something from me so of course I’m interested and that now includes your Vanessa Beeley Interview 1342 even though I think I have a fairly good idea about what the White Helmets are really up to.

    Odd too that I often considered joining newsbud whenever I visited their site but it never felt right so I didn’t do that. The snippets that you presented clearly demonstrate the deception in their professional production. End result is that I’ve come to prefer books or talking heads. Honest mistakes are ok but I’ve had enough of the carefully orchestrated deception that has kept me ignorant of the most important things going on on this planet for most of my life.

    Thanks James for staying up till 1:30 am to get this out, Truth Junkies need to be aware of this stuff. But don’t feel bad about promoting her work in the past, that still stands. But we’ve got to view her work/newsbud through this lens now.

    1. minnie ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      I totally agree. I hadn’t caught up with Sibelgate until today when I watched this video, and I am open-mouthed, at times wondering if it’s an elaborate April 1 hoax.

      More seriously, I’ve also been wondering about some kind of CIA Targeted Individual Psych Op situation, maybe threatening her family. After all, she did work for the spooks, and they probably have a lot of info on her.

      Or am I just trying to rationalise her behaviour in my mind?

      It’s sad.

      I don’t think Sibel has been some kind of shill all along. I don’t think we need to revise every single thing she’s ever said in the light of this.

      David Shayler is another secret services whistleblower who now says some very strange things – as well as some very intelligent things. I haven’t seen him going on the attack in this way, but my point is that having a background like that can mess with your head, and I think these organisations have a very long arm.

      I’m glad that James has made this excellent analysis, and I hope we can all move on from here.

    2. wall ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Yeah, seriously. This has to be some sort of brainwashing. It is just not the way she normally acts and works. There is something really wrong here.

      1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

        From what is emerging, it is the norm apparently. But you can only restrain your true self for so long before it becomes obvious. I followed her career even less that you, but once this broke out a couple of links to older sources seem to indicate that this is just a grander version of similar behaviors. Not everything is a conspiracy. We humans can screw ourselves up far better than any government entity could ever hope. Who can’t look at their life and find out they are they’re worst enemy? Mine’ sneaky.

  34. dave_voce ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thanks for doing this James, it’s helped me to decide what to do with my newsbud subscription, I was waiting to see what evidence she came up with and I watched the video once and I was going to watch it again to see if I missed something but it seems I didn’t and that last tweet was fairly despicable, I was shocked when I saw it. I’ve just been checking twitter as a guest to see the latest ramblings. I got off it a while ago and haven’t missed it.

    I personally think that she made a reckless accusation and rather than apologise and move on she started digging herself a hole which now looks like it will take out the whole organisation.

  35. gregory ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    You can’t walk out of a private session of an intelligence committee “hearing” and go on to play journalist around 9/11 issues. That has always struck me as odd. Her only credibility has been that James Corbett had her on his program a number of times.

    She bores the tits off of me and always has. She struck as a Mockingbird agent then, and continues to do so to this day.

    This sudden cut against the grain cinches it for me.

    F*k Sibel Edmonds. Once an intelligence operative, always an intelligence operative.

  36. Strandy ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I will now immediately send 100$ to The Corbett Report with only one string attached!!!!! That there will be NO strings what so ever in anything from anywhere at all!!!!!
    Hilarious to become aware of these dramas that I have not seen, as I watched the video I couldn’t help but to see how ludicrous are the attempts (all though still needs to be taken seriously) to replace human critical thinking and perspective related internal views…. Or as Mr C. Jung said “Humans are pitifully unaware of them selves”. It seems like the NWO processes are more pervasive then just an external manifestation/creation, could peoples mind, body & spirit be hijacked? It really looks that way in whatever we see today, especially Sibyl’s display of utter unawareness of her self!!!! Maybe it is like this mind virus all the ancient described that is now coming up to surface and people are showing to them selves where they truly are in self awareness, and maybe it’s essential for all of us to see and learn to dig even deeper into our inherent nature of developing critical awareness to new levels????? Anyway, I really enjoyed James way of navigating through these muddy waters.. In Lak’esh

  37. Mielia ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    So, I finally had to log in to write a comment. Thank you James, for making that video. I’m not on twitter and I needed this video. Otherwise I would not have not bought this baloney. I remained a bit sceptical but to good-hearted believing.
    Basically the only real valid criticism on Bartlett comes via this comment from Barbara McKenzie which you linked – thanks again.

    What puzzles me most is not Sibel running Amok. Granted. But apparently her entire (?) associates are accompanying her on that. Not only Spiro, which I would have granted too but others as well. That’s really strange and sadly cult-like.
    This could become the demise of newsbud, and with it a negative impact on the reputations of Peter Lee, William Engdahl and many others.

    Sad. Very sad. The most impactful alternative beef I’ve seen so far. I’m also very weary of James Berwick after the John’s Galt thing and Molyneux has been accused of cultism by several ex-FDR-members too. Can’t it work without going over your head?

    1. Mielia ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      What I want to add. Couple of people have already said that for them it was difficult to listen to Sibels rambling. I’m one of them.
      Maybe that kept me a little bit reserved. But what I remember now, what I on some time thought. She is more or less the only source for Gladio B? (I am listening to the Ochelli link somebody posted, Pierce Redmond was saying something along those lines there too.)
      And newsbud are now the guys pushing the narrative of Gladio C (with Filip Kovacevic at the forefront).
      This aside, here hate for the Gulen movement was always a bit peculiar.

      Man, wished this would have come to light earlier (in a broader fashion) and we could have a clearer picture of all of this. That said, good that it’s coming out now and of course sad that the situation is like it is.

  38. imahvi ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    James, I have to let you know that I’m on the short list of Iranian people from California who “clandestinely” follow your work. A belated “Happy Nowruz” to you. Also, it causes me great heartache to know that your supply of bubblegum has been depleted.
    On a serious note, I can only guess as to the reasons for Sibel Edmond’s “meltdown” and spiteful rhetoric, which brings me to this point.
    We live in a time as never before. For those of us that follow world and human events we are daily/repeatedly confronted with mass suffering and cataclysmic events that have either happened, are occurring or will come to fruition. Also, we are aware that every facet of our lives is either controlled or manipulated by the psychopaths that we loathe and seek/wish to depose.
    9/11 was my wakeup call.
    I am a US Army veteran and retired police officer from the San Francisco Police Department. Many, many of my friends from either military or law enforcement also believe 9/11 was a manufactured false flag event in order to justify related subsequent events.
    But how can moral individuals maintain psychological health in these times knowing what we now know ? Then there is the feeling of helplessness or inability to affect meaningful change short of REAL revolution.
    Maybe the ceaseless battering and weight of these daunting issues finally caused a “breakdown” for Sibel. I can only hope that she recovers with accountability, grace, and finally some type of redemption through humility.


    Iraj R. Mahvi

  39. irene.b ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well done James. Its always difficult and humiliating to back-track publicly. As a long time recovering psychopath and would be author, I see Sybil showing her true colours. Psychopaths can be very charming and convincing at first. Your article is an excellent guide for your followers. We can all grow and learn from it. Thank you.

    Our society creates psychopaths by encouraging mothers to abandon their babies in creches, or with nannies, and preventing individual development in schools. Anthony Sutton in “How the Order Controls Education” points out that fascists and new world order people have long promoted group behaviour which they can control (as taught by schools) and discourage individual development – on which the US constitution is based. As he says education is not child centered but state centered. Humane attributes like empathy, understanding, negotiation, compassion – all need to be practised through conversation and play – which are prevented in schools.

  40. mktbwisdom ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thanks James. I was late to twitter as well and when I started to see all this going down, I got that same eery feeling right before I deleted Facebook. I posted something like “I’m disappointed at newsbud after contributing to the initial fundraising…” blah blah. I was immediately attacked by someone calling me a bot because I had 28 followers. I responded then immediately went and deleted my twitter account as it didn’t seem worth the trouble. Oh! How will I stay inform with out the barrage of fast breaking info on twitter!? I did wonder what James might think about this and I appreciate him taking the time to clarify his position. He didn’t have to but I appreciate it. Thanks for not letting me down in all these years. I really appreciate your body of work. You and Brock have a difficult and important job and I know it must sometimes take a toll. Hopefully Sibel is ok and I hope she finds a way to see the pettiness in her behavior. If I ever make my way to Japan I’d love to say thanks and shake your hands in person. Long live rational corners of the internet.

  41. axen.m ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    what this does is document sybel’s change in behavior. to me, having observed her for a number of years, this is not normal. for anyone that understands these things, it would appear the fall out of a psychotic break formerly known as a nervous break down. chronic stress is one of the most common factors for the mind to reject reality. sybel will suffer from this event which is unfortunate as she and her team have done great work. this kind of behavior change can also be instigated by various devices at distance. remember the guy who shot up the navy armory a few years ago? when i see this kind of change in a person that has shown the integrity that sybel has over the years i look for the forces of divide and conquer to have a roll. who better to attack w/ this tech. impossible to prove, of course, but needs to be considered. wouldn’t the kakistocracy just love for the truth tellers to tear themselves apart.

  42. colin786 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thank you James for this, somewhat heroic, overview of the Sibel Edmonds/Newsbud spat. I really do appreciate your having taken all that time to laying out the facts that you did.

    There are many blessings to be had from this dark cloud, not least of which is shedding light on how this endemic hatred we are living with in these times works, in a very concrete context.

    I do believe there are actors working to divide people and that she fell victim to such a situation. But, furthermore, that we all have to be on our guard to avoid the mistakes made by others, and boy has she fallen down. Rather like Greenwald, her news organization has been diverted and started to issue propaganda for the other side. I am referring to James Rosen apologising for the Russiagate nonsense and Micah Lee attacking Wikileaks. They may still do good work, but there are people weakening the focus.

    Speculating, just that, as to why she went off the rails, the thought comes that she has some roots in Turkey, and then that either she has fallen in with the Erdogan government line that wants regime change in Syria, or that she still has family there, and someone got to her.

  43. ronnie ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well done James, musta been hard to do.

    I was a Newsbud subscriber and am active on twitter so I kinda watched a lot of this unfolding, so was fairly intrigued when Sibel announced the upcoming report.

    Was kinda stunned by it and immediately posted a comment on Newsbud saying how disappointed I was and how hypocritical the whole thing was banging on about journalistic integrity. Anyway, I said that I couldn’t see myself renewing with them and within about a half hour was refunded the subs and kicked off the site. You could say it was so my comment was removed or you could say it was principled to refund me.

    So it was very good to have my thoughts confirmed by your take.

    I’m curious about what (the fuck!) it is all about though! You must’ve got a “feel” for Sibel over all the contact you had with her. Did she give any hints of this oddness? Is it the pressure of taking on the admittedly ambitious task that Newsbud is? Is she having a breakdown? You could even consider that she could be being “got at” by some nefarious player?

    I don’t expect you will speculate about any of this but it has been quite a shock.

    Anyway, keep up the great work James, we need you more than ever!



  44. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Well, yes – the rational exasperated response. But to what? All of it is “documented” online, but has anyone spoken to Sibel in real life? How anyone checked on her to see why she has gone off the rails? Who is around her? It may not be as obvious as finding her drugged and tied up, but obviously she had to be trusting someone who knew her well enough to appeal to her suspicions with jist the right info to set her off. And after all she has already personally gone thru, could she have been pushed off the edge by targeting her most important asset – her rationality?

      1. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        And another thing, Mr. Corbett – you said it took days to make this video. But it doesnt sound like you ever picked up the phone to call her and asked her to explain herself or if she couldn’t, at least get some personal insight on her state. You have had plenty of facetime type contact in the past. Or you might have checked with someone who does know her personally. I trust and admire you, but you reverted to absolute type sifting thru events, laying them out and inserting rational comment and conclusions, but where is action in the real world? Quitting twitter? When all we can do sometimes with our human scale tool kit is act with conscience, it isn’t enough to be blameless and step around the mud. Where is action? Obviously her scenario was set off by information from someone she trusted and she was encouraged in her direction. She seems to have many strong-willed opinionated alpha tendencies and seems quite fierce actually, all of which makes her vulnerable to criticisms, but it isn’t logical not to realize this is extremely odd self-destructive behavior.

        1. Mark K. P. ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

          this a molly coddle Airean. There are some basic rules any child can follow, she’s broken them all, though quite an adult. James’ approach is perfectly appropriate.

          1. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

            Mollycoddle? To personally speak to a former colleague when things are so obviously uncharacteristic and puzzling prior to a public handwashing? Is there a new twist on this archaic spinsterish term perhaps?

            1. generalbottlewasher ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

              Airean. Your comments are truly the brightest of the lot! Your points are an examination of all that has gone wrong in American society since the war. Real people have professional and secular personas . The two can’t be feasibly intertwined. You can have empathy and still be a professionally cold bastard and as you say “wash your hands of the whole affair”.
              Sybel is a fallible human being, capable of all that defines us. She is not the first to professionally fail publicly and I feel for her. What do you think her husband must be dealing with ? Or her child? All the actions being taken by others seem to be of self interest protections and distancing professionally from the scene of the crime, or self- immulation? Its a shame no one called and are so callus as to say
              ” you call her” what’s up with that Homey. Not a very Christian attitude , to not care for a colleague any less than a stranger. A bit Cold hearted. Loathe to care, is more like it, however inconvenient she is an authentic highly emotional person in personal and professional crisis now. You could have called James or even a tweet might have helped. In many ways It is also good that you didn’t. It was your call and you played it safe.
              Something is going on for sure and empathy is not part of the conversation . What a misguided waste of time for the careingless professionals and laymen. However, That woman has been through a lot in her lifetime. Real or a construction, extortion, vanity, ego, wrath or targeting, the wheels are coming off fast and I for one do feel sorry for her and her family for what’s to come.

              1. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

                Hi guy!
                Read my comment to Airean further down this thread.

                No one knows about previous personal conversations which Edmonds and Corbett have had. It is none of our business.

                But I will wager this (and win the bet)…
                Sometimes (when she is on an emotionally charged, fixated bent) dealing with Sibel in a rational, logical, civil conversation is like pounding one’s head against a brick wall.
                You ain’t gonna win the conversation with logic.

                This is not a “sudden shift” into irrational behavior. It has been creeping up, slowly revealing itself out in the open.

                Remember, I have been reading the comment board and hearing stories from members talking about Sibel for many months. There are many folks who have anecdotes.

            2. Mark K. P. ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

              as said, some basic rules. That’s the issue. Dancing around it does you no credit. “Obviously her scenario was set off by . . .” blah blah blah. Zero intent to fact check, full intent to misrepresent and defame.

              1. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

                You can follow your own advice. Don’t blame James or others. You call her.

              2. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

                She is acting uncharacteristically. Her recent fact checking notions – or lack of -are the least of it This started with her claim that she was told something personally about these two women by someone she named and apparently trusted, who then denied at least one of her claims – whether people had left a board involuntarily. That isnt the only thing Sibel has claimed this person told her. No one seems to have personally spoken with her. Something is wrong. She has either had a breakdown or she has been had. Does anyone interact in the real world with each other? Why did she make several untrue claims about information a named person had shared with her when it could easily have been denied? That is uncharacteristic and what is the reason? Are people washing their hands because she is off the rails or is it because she was outright lying? There is a mystery here and no one is addressing what it is exactly she claims she was told and has the person denied all of it and where does that leave her claims. Rewind all this fallout and go back to those initial weird claims.

    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      Sorry. Meant to delete that post. Couldn’t word it very well. Stoned. And glad about it. JimBob from fluorida who don’t need no stinking law to let him get high.

      1. gdpetti ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        Ah, your personal application of free will! She’s always shown bias against the Soviets and Russia to a lesser extent due to her family’s situation at that time, having to move etc. But this whole scene seems to have really pushed her over the edge… the menopause angle was funny and perhaps a factor, but unless the chemical imbalance is excessive, it shouldn’t affect this much for this long… so the Monarch issue does come up as a default. There are other ways to have a similar affect of course, but the signs are usually there unless you are ‘asleep’, which she never seemed to be. I don’t do social media, so had no idea any of this was going on, and I do wonder if this report is perhaps more valuable to most people ‘waking up’ than other historical reports, as it shows what can happen to nearly anyone if they don’t keep their ‘channels’ clean from so much bias and emotional reactions. Whether she seemed ‘triggered’ or not would be in question if this was ‘new’ and not an ongoing issue for her.. I’m not a regular on her site, social media etc, so I don’t know. But this is a good lesson for everyone paying attention and that is out on the front lines in the media circus. It does remind me of the ranting that son of the CIA does on his site/channel … can’t think of his name.. the one with both parents ‘ex’ CIA… but ranting has always seemed to be his style… just the way he is… the site Sibel is shown as appearing on early in this report… Most think he’s just basic cointel… but he and most such sites are steppingstones to most of us as we ‘wake up’… and move on to better info sites. Most people get stuck along the way for some reason… in Sibel’s case it seems self inflicted, which is interesting as well… seems a nicely designed trap she’s fallen into, either way, and most of the best traps are self inflicted… emotionally triggered in our relationships usually… the ‘mirrors’ we learn best from.

        1. Airean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

          Anyone could trace the online off-the rails- timeline trajectory, but speculations about the cause or her current state have zero validity or insight unless someone knows her real life situation. Although these alternative media researchers seem to be long-distance colleagues from time to time on one topic or another, no one seems to have actually seen her or spoken to her in person for a long time, if ever. Obviously, there is more going on here than “true colors” surfacing, or the “hormonal” musings of absolute morons .

          1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

            I didn’t say I was the end all, be all of it. But this is my opinion based off of a pretty reasonable trail of logic. But, you have as much chance of being right as anyone else. And just because I traced it, doesn’t make it invalid. I just tell my truth as best I can. What someone else makes of it is their business. JimBob who always wants people to know where he stands on everything.

            On the brighter side; this post has generated the most activity of any I’ve seen in a long time. That’s a good sign. A lot of people interested in what’s going on. Not just here either.

        2. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

          Yep. And boy did I apply it! Keyboard looks like a bad idea, but it wouldn’t be my first one. Really, I’m thinking it’s a personality trait that was fed a little too well and long. I can’t claim I’m better, but what can I do anyway? I’m in Florida. JimBob from fluorida who is now going to bravely make a peanut butter sandwich to stave off his starvation!

    2. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      From my comments here, and these articles and podcasts I referenced, the one constant that sets her off is anything which questions her point of view. There are a lot of other things going on in the world right now which are also concerning to me. Forbidden Knowledge (I usually just get her blurbs for her video recommendations)is reporting a eerily similar type of craziness on another website. This site isn’t my cup of coffee, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a huge audience. Also, the speech and thought police insanity in the UK is the most lunatic thing I’ve heard of in a long time. All of this happening at the exact same time is probably just a coincidence. And by the way, I am completely sincere when I say I am optimistic about all of this. Stupid people can only beat smart people when we try to out-smart them. You can’t out-smart stupid. Never forget it. But, stupid generally does as it’s told. By whoever is confident. So, I truly am optimistic that this change we’ll be seeing soon (and that I’ve never been accurate with predicting with any degree of accuracy.) will be good and it will be quite peaceful. Relatively speaking. Oh yeah, and almost forget the latest craziness on scary weapons here in the US. As if that wouldn’t be fun to see what would happen. We rednecks know how to go crazy; which is what you would see. So many things going on at the same time. That concerns me much more than SE’s feelings. Though I do admit to being a tad hard-hearted.

    3. jconlon ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Very unfortunate and self destructive turn of events. I agree with Airean, someone should have a conversation with Sibel, to see how she is doing.

  45. dwayner ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I was excited about Newsbud, and pledged a wee bit in the first drive just so I could watch their members only section. I really love the Russia Newspapers Report, as it makes me feel like I am in Russia, a place which has always fascinated me that I will probably never visit.

    I respect Sibel for all the work she did on Gladio, but it was a little too much stuff for me to follow in detail. But here’s the thing: I got tired of hearing her rant. I don’t like it when someone keeps saying “okay??!!” after everything they are trying to get across to me, like they know so much and I know so little. It is demeaning to the audience, like rap music. It is a real turn off to true exchange of information. I seem to go for teachers who can invite me into their confidence, take my hand and walk me through–like James! I don’t need to be yelled at to wake up; actually it usually makes me just want to roll over and go back to sleep, so to speak. I have let go of a lot of people who initially had a lot of insights and information for me to learn from, and then let them go when I got tired of their ego. Not mentioning names here, but I’m sure many Corbetteers have had the same experiences.

    But this Sibel thing is intriguing… makes me wonder, what happened to her? Did she fall prey to the “pretty girl” syndrome (the primping in her camera in the interviews was distracting to what she was actually saying, IMHO), and get carried away with a persona (like Alex Jones did with the Bombastic Talk Show Host persona)? Did the CIA/FBI/Deep State get to her? Threats? MKUltra mind control? I have just been rereading the James Bond books (read them in the 60’s) and Ian Flemming was so right on describing the intrigue of international intelligence–and that was before the cyberworld. Plots within plots. I can imagine she could have been turned into a double or triple or— agent with the promise of money, fame, or the threat of death or torture. We will never know, but something very interesting has happened to her, when you compare her early speeches on the whistleblowing material. Classified Woman indeed… Any ideas, my friends?


    1. joan.m ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Like many others here I have followed Sibel for many years. Maybe not the best interviewer and her slow rants can be rough to listen to. But always sincere and interesting and put together a very interesting and professional crew on Newsbud.

      So what the hell happened to this woman? Seems like an ego thing from an alphawoman.. but I’m not sure.
      I canceled my Newsbud subscription after her ‘hit piece’.

    2. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      To clarify, based upon the sites which HRS and another (who was first but I can’t remember where the posts were now) we had access to a broad range of perspectives in terms of time-span. All of the “sour grapes” had the exact same criticism. While I haven’t paid much attention to her site in a while, I didn’t see it until I went to them. I still didn’t want to believe it, but then James had to go and post this video.

      I really don’t know why this one troubles me as much as it does. The implications are wide-ranging and serious and also far beyond my understanding. But what isn’t anymore? But this one is unsettling. We have change coming a little sooner than I wanted. But, I personally believe it will not be a bloody one and that it will be a good thing. One can dream..

    3. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      If you don’t mind a completely unqualified opinion, it seems there have been glimpses of this for a very long time. I don’t think this is a stress-induced meltdown. I think this is her real self. I like Dr. Reallyhardname as well. He is the nicest evil Russian I’ve ever met. I’ve actually met quite a few Russians and have found them all to be wonderful, outward people who merely suffer from some strange mental illness that makes them want to live in sub-human temperature conditions. JimBob International RedNeck of not right.

  46. Steebs ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hey James an all,

    Great video, exactly what I was thinking.

    On a side note of the video, what are people’s opinions on MSF(Doctors Without Borders)?

    That comment by the UN ambassador to Syria kind of started me down a rabbit hole.

    Any thoughts?

    1. Mark K. P. ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

      i used to donate to msf, not now. Mainly because while they are money raising machine for conflict zones and fairly eloquent about troubles and trauma on the ground, they are silent about causes, including when the conflict is transparently manufactured by outside interference. I mean not one word. Seems characteristic of a bankster 5th column. Secondly because donations to them are tax deductible (in Australia). Another characteristic here.

    2. Mielia ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      I’d say, you have to expect that such big organisations have nefarious people in them and would take it for granted. “Infiltrators” are everywhere and especially at the top. The usual doctor (or embassy staff or foundation worker or whatever) will be a decent/normal guy but then you will have the black sheep too (and not one but a considerably amount of them).
      Also I try to see this from the criminal site. Where would you make sure to infiltrate first if you ran a child molesting gang for example? Places where children will run too of course. Orphanages, help organisations, police etc.
      You’ll always have to be cautious. Sadly…

    3. gdpetti ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      I think MSF has also complained about this…infiltration… when they complain, it seems their facilities get targeted for ‘terrorist’ bombing. Otherwise, most NGOs are intel fronts or infilitrated, from the earliest days of the State Dept’s.. before the CIA et al… add in all the foundations and the trap is well set… as this video well demonstrated, everyone out front gets targeted sooner or later…keeping ‘clean’ gets hard to do when ‘they’ know how best to push your buttons…

    4. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      It’s the kind of cover that most intel agencies use. Probably not all of them, and they may not be nefarious, but merely patriotic. Intent on the doctor’s side does matter. JimBob from fluorida who is nefarious, but not patriotic!

    1. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

      (Comment response)
      Camille says:
      March 29, 2018 at 12:00 pm
      James is great as always. I was super disappointed by this report of NB’s. He was dragged into this and did a great job in his response.

      1. Camille ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

        For clarity’s sake, this Camille is not that Camille. 🙂

        This is the first I’m hearing of the situation. I guess I’m not very social. I can appreciate why James had to make this video.

        I haven’t really watched Newsbud since they switched to clips on youtube. To me, with only this exposure, this whole thing reeks of some deep, dark DARPA mind manipulating tech.

        I did have a total conspiracy theorist moment watching this video. At around 24 minutes in, when Spiro is speaking, when I watched it on my phone I thought he was throwing that 666 sign you hear so much about. I see on my computer he’s holding a device, so maybe that’s nothing. I should shut up.

        Before I go I will make a shameless plug for my ‘not a real journalist’ little blog I have going on Steemit. Here is my latest. I even use the “H” word in it… Halliburton. All of my sources are linked in the post.

      2. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

        Shortly after my above statement of “The “comment section” has become very quiet. Silent, for hours.” comments started to appear.

        This QUOTE is below “Camille”.
        Venita Ramirez says:
        March 29, 2018 at 5:40 pm
        James Corbett sure makes a strong argument against Newsbud. I am disappointed and have lost a fair degree of trust in your reporting.

  47. ddude ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    As others have said here James, thank you for the video. You did a fantastic job as usual. It has further solidified my confidence in you as a person with integrity. But still, I’ve got my eye on you young fella 🙂

    I bumped into this situation via Steemit a few days back, and in my opinion, after just scratching the surface with only a tiny bit of research via the Steemit article and a little looking on Twitter, I completely lost confidence in Sibel, and therefore in NewsBud as well. Your video has firmly solidified that sentiment.

    I just can’t help but think that Sibel has somehow kind of lost her mind. What she’s saying and doing is just completely incredible. It is inconceivable that a woman with her background and obvious intelligence can keep on in this way. I have to wonder if something bad has happened to her somehow, because what she has been doing, and continues to do, is complete and unsupportable nonsense. What a waste.

    She owes a fuck ton of people a shitload of apologies, and I don’t expect to see that happen any time soon. (I’m a highly revered journalist with a bad case of potty mouth.)

  48. UKJC ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    As all above, you nailed the analysis, however hard that might have been. Hope the latest venture does not suffer as a result of dealing (partly on my and others behalves) concerns. Keep up the good work James, I don’t believe a word you say (until I’ve done my own research) 🙂 .

  49. namcc ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Hi James, everyone…..just watched this video. Re: Newsbud. I am left scratching my head. I. Just. Don’t. Get. It. What a complete waste of time for everyone. Something weird must be in the water…..

    Thank you James for the work you do. I continue to be a subscriber.

  50. WAYNED ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I am thankful you took the time to do this, and completely understand why it was no fun. But for your viewers, I bet it was helpful.
    It’s funny that Sibel was shown essentially siding with AJ from Infowars, because my recollection of his first major network public appearance on gun control with pearshape morgan or whoever, was that he was undermining whatever message he hoped to get out with his outlandish behavior.

    One of the things that happens is that “they” must invade the people concerned with truth with a bit of lying. One day when the lies are exposed, all followers are undermined by inference, because that’s the way the msm works. So why is sibel self-immolating?

    Well… I think it’s a lot of undermining going on, deliberate. You are aghast in the end, but in fact, is this not a false flag? or something like it?

    For myself, I watched and watched the gladio series, trying to make heads or tails of it, and all I got was this impression of sibel as someone unable to complete a coherent sentence or thought. Indeed, at times I felt you were also at a loss. But this helps me to understand she was about setting an impression, gaining followers.

    For myself, I wish I could send back the tshirt and feel if she were honest, she and newsbud would return my donations, due to false advertising to gain my support.

    To be honest, I rarely found anything worthwhile to view that was not better explained elsewhere. So I did not use their site much.

    I really am probably the top agent in travel in the country, maybe the world. Top agents worldwide I can only find 3.5 million in sales as the most. I did 4.73 million. I do not have time to verify every detail, as nearly every person does not. I appreciate that you show me your sources,and I do check them out from time to time. But we are all in need of your kind of real journalism, because we do not have the time to be our own.

    Sibel and Alex Jones sort of make me think of Amy Goodman, the broken clock of news where maybe twice a day for a moment she may be telling a complete truth… I was first drawn to her after 9/11, because I was looking to be awakened. I waited and waited and waited…. and then abandoned her because I started to see truth and the complete picture were not in the cards.

    You pass every litmus test, as this video, painful though it may be, generously demonstrates. You are the up-frontest man in news. I appreciate that. No, I RELY on it.

    And thank you for it. I just want to add one small note. Once I intended to give you more money, and you RETURNED IT TO ME THINKING I HAD DUPLICATED by accident.

    I also would love to donate to a fund to bring you here or preferably take JEP to you! I mentioned it before, remain serious about this. Glad to book it for you, no fee.

    Anyway, final note… This is a relief to me. I was always at a loss to understand the complete support of sibel, as someone I viewed with suspicion due to her refusal to be clear, undermining her own information as she was giving it.

    It would be kind of you to spend time going through the important (i suppose!) Gladio series to help make sense of it. Speaking around Sibel as best you can.

    Thanks for all. Superb reporter Mr Corbett. My go-to.

  51. phaedrus42 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I find it sad that the Classified Woman has metamorphosed into the Unhinged Woman.
    Thank you James for shining the Light of Reason on this unfortunate situation. It cannot have been a pleasant task but it was a necessary one.

  52. kevin ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Good video James. Never really followed Newsbud it seemed like kind of a cheesy site. All their advertising videos made me kind of throw up in my mouth a bit. As a teller of the truth this is just one more thing for us to check on and be aware of.. Keep up the great work .. oh We are not on twitter either but it is used a lot in MediaMonarchy which we enjoy .. have a good one

    1. joan.m ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      The Newsbud team have produced some insanely good work and interesting reports. As many others who have been following Sibels career I’m absolutely cluless and shocked over this and wondering what the hell happened?

  53. deadseason says:

    I, too, was about to subscribe to newsbud a few months back and then I got a very creepy feeling and refrained. And I have noticed that the “reporting” was becoming, like infowars, advertisements. And videos were becoming annoying to listen to since a soundtrack would be too loud and dstracting so I ceased to navigate to that site. Did the Deep State get to her and Trump as well? WTF?!?!

  54. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

    Trashcan – I plan on keeping the trashcan on this thread, not polluting other CorbettReport episodes with Newsbud drama.

    This is a pretty good read…
    Written November 2017 by Katie Aguilera with comments from familiar folks.
    Tag: Newsbud –
    When You Don’t Make the Cult
    Why I No Longer Support Newsbud


    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      Thanks HRS. Strange how it all seems to be coming out all at once now that we have taken just a minor look at it. Though the “we” doesn’t really include me; I’m more of an observer. She seems to have fooled enough of the people enough of the time to get where she is today. While it is normal to feel foolish now that the facts are coming to light, that may be an unjust self-condemnation. If we don’t maintain a certain degree of faith in each other, then we truly are lost. For this foolish feeling, which I’m sure most of us feel to an extent, I blame her. Manipulative people like her anger me more than most of the aberrant personalities I’ve run into in my admittedly sketchy life. I may be guilty of many things (okay, I AM guilty of many things), but I’ve never been guilty of wearing sheeps clothing. JimBob from fluorida who is glad his card got hacked after only one month of subscribing to her cult site.

        1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

          What did I feel when I came across this story? I think I am possessed most of all by the storyteller’s ruthlessness, wanting a great, captivating narrative and indifferent to all else.


          So many of her faithful seem to exhibit cult like behavior. They put all their faith in her, but this is what she (from the blog you just linked to) felt when she first met SE. Doesn’t mean she’s a cult leader, but I can see how she might feed off them. This isn’t something we don’t see a lot of. JimBob from fluorida where we do crazy like no one else

      1. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

        I have actively (as in “activism”) promoted Sibel Edmonds many, many, many, many times in the past and for more than a decade. And I was on the “rah! rah!” bandwagon when she was first starting Newsbud.

        I guess we all have had interpersonal relationships similar to this. Everything seems copacetic for awhile, then….

        1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

          Once again, I go rogue! Lone Wolf JimBob finally went into the settings on bitchute and noticed they want to know if you want to mine for their coins. However, I didn’t find any info on how to participate. Anyone here beyond my abacus-level computer skill set have a clue on this? JimBob from fluorida thinking there may be gold in them hills, but there ain’t no real hills in fluorida.

  55. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

    I gotta say: Corbett has a big pair!

    Who would want to waste their time digging through someone else’s wet, slimy garbage can… …slogging through menopausal drama goo all the while sorting out trash talk?

    I’ve never seen James do ‘drama’.
    I hate drama.
    If I wanted drama, I would read the celebrity tabloids.
    Even my ex-wife (and close friend) makes the joke: “I know you’ll never have two wives. You would get twice the drama.”

    For the record – Corbett Report Members mentioning Sibel Edmonds and Newsbud
    I read most comments on this website.
    For close to a year, on occasion, different Corbett members have mentioned a variety of things about Sibel and Newsbud which were not very positive. No drama — just their opinion, question or an anecdote. (Thank goodness civil discourse is uncensored here.)
    Most recently, just prior to this video, some Corbett members who were talking about Newsbud migrated to the thread at Interview 1316 – Eva Bartlett Exposes the Lies on Syria.

    We all know…
    Sibel has rapidly accelerated the decline of Newsbud with her hormonal drama vitriol. We all know that we can expect to see “others are blamed for this Newsbud decline”.
    Let it be clear: Sibel did this – not anyone else.

    1. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

      I have to admit, this video was the only one I hated watching. It was just so incredibly stupid. Not James’ fault, the subject matter. It was worse than a youboob comment section, because there you expect stupid. But at a supposedly professional journalist site? Strange, as this makes no sense whatsoever. I’m glad he did this, and I can tell that so many others are as well; but I hope it’s never needed again. JimBob from fluorida who had all the drama he needed from his first (and only) ex-wife.

  56. 9tH ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    LoL!!! @1:25:00

    I was expecting an interview with this woman on the situation in Afrin and the turkish atrocities committed. Not an interview i was looking forward to. Instead i can conclude i will never have to hear her say PRESIDENT Erdogan at least 3x in one sentence again. Hurray.

    Glad you exposed their low life attitude. But, honestly? There is more to this than just some hormones or jealousy.

    Or is there? Watch your back sir. And thanks.

    1. Algorithm of Consciousness ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      I agree. I could not stand Sibel (or Libel Edmonds as I like to call her). Over the last few years she increasingly displayed Turkish crypto-nationalist streaks.

      For me it was most palpable and evident during her interview with James after the Turkish coup when she was practically cheerleading & fawning for Erdogan. Even James was a bit taken aback in that moment in the video. That was topped off by Newsbud’s protest against NBC. I’m all for holding MSM outlets’ feet to the fire for misreporting, but why did she selectively single out NBC’s reporting on the Turkish coup and not any other instances in which they routinely misrepresent?

      It all had a cultic tinge to it from the beginning (not unlike the cult of nationionalism), from the funding campaign for NewsBud, to the paywall, to how some involved folks left and were treated (Pearse Redmonds), to the NBC protest.

      And lastly, while this has no real basis on anything except my gut, I never trusted Sibel because of her eyes. They reveal alot about a person, and hers are shifty and troubled.

      Good work James. This was a drag of a video but we’re all glad you did it. I and many others will always support you as you continuously prove what journalistic ethics and professionalism is about.


  57. robert.t ( User Karma: 1 ) says:

    Several times I’ve started to subscribe to Newsbud but changed my mind at the PayPal button. Can’t tell you why exactly. Too much like joining Amway or applying for some special-coloured credit card with “privileges”? Dunno. I’ve stayed away.

  58. Duck ( User Karma: 12 ) says:

    Weird… the last time I watched her she seemed kinda “off” while talking about the CIA, sounding all “alex jonesy” hyperbolic in describing how if they closed down the CIA all the conmen and murderers getting fired would bump up the crime rate. Sad that this report had to be made from a site that I’ve never heard of saying anything bad about just about anyone i can think about (apart from calling Jon Ronson smarmy one time…lol)

  59. khalil.shalash ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’s hard to get invested in people, we watch reports because we can’t investigate everything, and when people abuse this trust it becomes very disappointing, it does seem that Sibel is doing what she’s doing out of stupidity driven by emotional cause rather than clever undercutting of truth movement, I hope she wakes up.
    I don’t agree with everything you say, but you’ve been very professional and smart, I’d say the best independent journalist out there, and it’s sad this came from one of the bodies you’ve been very closely associated with.
    Keep up the good work, and here’s for happier stories.

  60. rob32367 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thanks for this in depth fact check. Even as I was watching the video on Newsbud, I noticed errors right away (for one – claiming Eva had not corrected errors she made, when indeed she had clarified them many times over) and the attempt at tugging at the hearts over doctors … how could the doctors ever do anything wrong (note – I have a high respect for doctors, but certainly know that some are less than credible). The doctor segment in their video just turned my stomach and seemed like pure propaganda. I had to skim through the rest of their video.

    Armed with that knowledge, I assumed much of the video was pure hit piece. Thank you for doing the research to help us see this to be true. Now I am a little torn b/c there are contributers on Newsbud I like … but I can never trust Sibel again. Very sad – her Gladio B work was great, and now if anyone comes across it they will see it as pure conspiracy theory. Such is the damage you can do to your past good work when you put out such a smear job now. Not to compare her to Alex Jones … but again, he did some good work in the past too – but now if you point to any of it, his turn to the wacky side has weakend the impact of his past work.

    Keep up the great work. And keep up the message – try not to get too invested in the people, its the content they deliver that matters.

  61. Octium ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    Thanks James, No need to apologise, it has been a good lesson for me.

    I guess I had some nagging doubts way back during the round-table meeting when Sibel was trying to promote the idea that “Independent” media was somehow better than “Alternative” media.

    The nagging doubt I had was that it is not possible for me to verify if any particular media organisation is independent or not. Sure they may claim that they are solely subscriber funded, but unless I have access to the same surveillance powers as the NSA, how do I know that the CIA etc is not matching every subscriber dollar they receive ten thousand to one?

    On the other hand, I can easily verify if media is Alternative. Do they report news that is important and is not mentioned anywhere else? If the answer is yes, then they are Alternative.

    Do they provide sources for their claims? Do those sources check out? If yes, they are probably good Alternative media to boot, If not – take the information with a dose of salts.

    All something I can verify myself without magic NSA powers!

    The lesson for me is not to ignore those nagging little doubts even if they seem insignificant at the time.

    I see now that once the concept of Independent media is accepted at can be used as new kind of McCarthyism. Just accuse your victim of receiving funding and there is no way they or anyone else can prove that they are not.

    I wont miss you on Twitter, I’m not on it either.

  62. beadbud5000 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    Thank you for this video. I did watch about the first 10minutes then skipped to where you suggested.

    I stopped Newsbud about a year ago as I disagree with their funding model. I also see the bantering on Facebook, often I post your vids to it but try not to engage in the pettiness.

    So I agree with your assessment of Twitter. Just the fact that “Frump” tweets much nonsense on Twitter is also sicking!

    James you do great work so please continue with what you do. There are only half a dozen media out lits that I find minimal bias of news. The Corbett Report is one. Any main stream I read with a grain of salt.

  63. john ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I’m sure many of us have been hoping for your response to this little drama, knowing how good you are at piercing through the fog and getting at what’s relevant and clear, and obviously given your prior personal/professional association, so just let me add my own big THANK YOU. Can’t have been easy. I’m kind of speechless myself over the whole thing so I’ll leave it at that for now!

    1. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

      You are right John! This was a stellar example of Corbett’s “piercing through the fog” .
      I can only imagine the hours this took, because James was extremely thorough and detailed. And he would have to be, because who in their right mind wants to revisit the nutty ugliness of this topic on another episode.

  64. bas ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    Also, I would consider it a low punch, but since Sibel has no problem with doing it, here we go: in our personal correspondence via e-mail she already on 9 October 2017 told me that “I do not have much respect for 21st Century Wire (junk news) or Vanessa Beeley or other junk news players.” I would screenshot the actual e-mail but unfortunately this does not seem to be possible in a comment. I’m quite ashamed that I did not broke our relationship back then, especially since Vanessa helped me a great deal in preparing my journey to Syria.

    1. HomeRemedySupply ( User Karma: 38 ) says:

      bas, I admire your forthrightness. Best of luck as you carve a new path.

      Heck…I am so bad at getting duped or strung along or not quite following the road I should, I swear that number ‘1’ in front of my I.Q. point shouldn’t be there.

      Although my name isn’t Mark, I have a T-shirt with the name “Mark” written on it. It has a descriptive ‘Easy’ above the name. I always wear it to the Texas State Fair. That way, the Carnies can shout: “Hey! There’s an easy mark!”

  65. bas ( User Karma: 6 ) says:

    Thank you for doing this James! I don’t know if you know, but I’ve been writing for Newsbud for a year (https://www.newsbud.com/category/bas_spliet/). I’ve been contemplating leaving the team for a couple of months now for a variety of reasons. Of course Sibel’s behaviour is one of them, but the paywalling is another thing. I did my last articles for free, since I didn’t want them to be put behind the paywall. That’s why my publications were almost literally the only pieces open for all to see over the last months – that is, since they published this “tripple” fact-checked report. Because I have been working on a big project with Newsbud since the beginning of the year, I tried to surpress my feelings. However, this hit piece finally let me to decide that I can no longer prolong my cooperation with Newsbud.

    I’m travelling to Syria myself in less than a week. After I return, I guess it’s gonna be time for me to pick up Derrick Broze’s Holistic Self-Assessment so I can finally start building on my actual goal, starting on my own! (Updates will be available at my blog: https://scrutinisedminds.com/)

  66. wingsuitfreak ( User Karma: 96 ) says:

    How could you stand to do this video? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad you did, but I don’t know how you did it. I did learn a lot though. For one, I’m glad I’m not on Twitter! I was on it for about a week, then they starting banning people and I quit it. I really don’t know what to say about this. Except that I had forgotten to include Vanessa Beeley on my Patreon payout. Luckily, “They Live” and have no bubble gum in Syria. This whole thing was so insane that I have a hard time trying to figure out why Sibel would do such an incredibly stupid, and self-destructive, whatever. I have no words for what she did. Thanks again, though I had to listen to that at 1.5 speed. JimBob from fluorida sez WTF?!

    Oops. Apparently Vanessa is not on Patreon.

    1. dehardt ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Im going to echo the expressions of gratitude that you researched this and brought light to it. I was confused when this first erupted. But I withheld taking any side. In fact I do have reservations about B&B but not at all along the lines Ms. Edmonds has adressed. I still dont understand why this ever erupted. But your slog & share through the evidence certainly helped me be less confused. Thanks.

  67. lionkiller ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

    I am so happy you made this video James
    Sibel’s curious actions have split opinion.

    Many people have been waiting to learn what you thought of it all before deciding.

    I KNOW you would exhort people to make up their OWN minds… but still.

    This really helps. Thank you so much.

    It should be obvious that Sibel is on the turn. I don’t understand why but her claims that Eva and Vanessa are unprofessional are laughable when viewed against her own tweets. Proper personal, vile abuse. She has behaved despicably.

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