Cambridge Analytica: The Backstory

03/26/201821 Comments

Cambridge Analytica is in the news for its psychographic profiling of the population via Facebook data scrapes. So do you know about the scandal and its background? Well you would if you listened to The Corbett Report. Here's the backstory.

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Investigators raid Cambridge Analytica’s London offices

Cambridge Analytica parent company bragged about interfering in elections: report

Episode 319 - Psychographics 101

Assange discovers facebook is bad

FISA, Facebook, and the End of Privacy

China to bar people with bad 'social credit' from planes, trains

Sesame Credit: China’s Creepy New Social Engineering Experiment

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  1. laurey says:

    Hmmmm…Julian Assange? Is he alive and well? I don’t THINK so…! But thank you, James!!!

  2. wingsuitfreak says:

    I also recently watched a Bombard’s Body Language video in which the Zuck android was being interviewed about this very topic. He is very concerned. About his revenue. Because one can never have too much money apparently. People assume that evil is winning because we hear about them being exposed so much, which doesn’t make any sense when you think about it. Being exposed is what they fear because it precedes their demise. JimBob from fluorida where he remains a simple country boy who stays in shape by outrunning the zombies in latex.

    • calibrator says:

      I don’t this is mostly about the money per se.

      The Zuck is in a special club right now: I like to call it “The best paid agents” – and he is on a very high place (although the official king of the bill being Jeff Bezos right now).

      All of those club members apparently have special fields of expertise.

      Like Bill Gates happily injecting poor children in the third world with stuff that may or may not kill them. And he still isn’t on the Interpol list of wanted criminals…

      Like George Soros fostering dissent via his “philantropic operations” to pump as many North African migrants into Europe – and Rothschild-operated migration (concentration) camps in Italy, for example…

      Like Jeff Bezos, willfully providing propaganda for the Pentagon and supplying the CIA/MIIC with infos what people buy on Amazon and his shit show flea market called “Amazon market places” (with his newest endeavours of getting into the food market, banking and mortgage sector…).

      Yeah, the Zuck is in great company and he will try everything to stay in that club of willful agents.

      Or somebody else will be the next boy wonder to take his place.

      And he fully well knows that.

      • wingsuitfreak says:

        Money is very important to people who can’t have enough of it. That is a very special club. He is losing a LOT of traffic over this and all of the other revelations that keep leaking into the headlines (where even his brain-addled fans can find it) and this is affecting his bottom line. True, he is in a special club, but that is mostly the billionaire club. However, it is undoubtedly not a single issue concern. But in this case he is definitely worried and it seems to me to be mostly financial worry. JimBob from fluorida where the sun always shines in the PR slides.

        • calibrator says:

          Oh – he is most definitely worried! Because he knows how quickly his outfit can crash and burn.
          And with this his entire future (remember talks about him being eventually a US president?) is in jeopardy right now.

          So of course he is actually *desperate*!

          But he could’ve cashed out earlier and live on a bought island and be done with it.
          But he thought he is unstoppable and now he experiences his *first* major bump in the road…

          • wingsuitfreak says:

            Most of his money is probably in FB stock as well. So if his business plummets, so does his wealth. He’s also really unable to handle person to person interactions. Typical techie in that regard, so the idea of an actual physical (not violent, but just face to face) confrontation probably terrifies him. Especially with the idea of him personally facing an accuser, such as the congress, just freaks him out. I almost feel sorry for techies, as they generally do so poorly in normal human interactions, but it was their choice to run and hide from them. In his case though, he is a con artist who is also a super-techie. So, I’m ecstatic that he may now have to do more controversial (in his mind) encounters with people in order to placate his mindless followers.

      • Fawlty Towers says:

        Do you know of any ultra-rich person on this planet who hasn’t sold out?

        • calibrator says:

          At least all of them who got really rich (triple digit millionaires and upwards) by “themselves” have sold out.

          Hence my “best paid agents”-comment above.

          The only “clean” rich could be – at least theoretically – the ones who inherited their wealth.

          But the moment they get their wealth the clock ticks into the other direction – against everything that is social, to keep their wealth.

          The ultra rich – the ones that *don’t* appear on the Forbes list – only get richer. They are practically untouchable.

          The CLEVER ultra rich (Rockefellers, Rothschilds) don’t allow individual family members to lose that wealth anyway.
          Members get the best starting positions in life and generous “pocket money” (which still brings them into the 0.01%) but regular inheritance laws don’t really apply to them (if they still exist).
          And while some famous “playboys” were known they never were able to lose the family fortune.

          I’m not an expert on foundations but one thing is clear: The more you find the more you are on the right track…

          Oh, wait, I remember one fella that could’ve been not a complete sell-out:

          Perhaps he wasn’t all too happy with the state of things and got “suicided”?

          If we ignore the Protocols of Zion (propaganda) and satanist (faith and anti-faith are only for the gullible) crap in the article and stay with the factoids presented there then the timing of the murder is probably the biggest clue.

          Who knows? Perhaps a “Requiem for the Suicided” is in order – even if it was /only/ a Rothschild?

  3. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I agree. Emphatically.

    The Corbett Report is ahead of the curve. He grasps what’s coming down the pike.
    No brag. Just fact.

    This is an incredibly competent and well informed skill.
    That is why I am a paying member.

    • calibrator says:

      > That is why I am a paying member.


      This is in fact why I usually search this site for topics *first* and discover that James digged in the heap of manure 5 or even 10 years before it began to really stink…

      (which is of course years before I discovered The Corbett Report)

  4. danmanultra says:

    Yes, when I saw some friends begin discussing this matter I just scratched my head and thought “didn’t you know about this already?” Thanks for staying ahead of the curve, James.

  5. khatroam says:

    There was a report on the BBC last night about Google being a good source of real news and how unlike Facebook, they should be trusted! Could this be why all of this is hitting the main news outlets now? If so, brace yourselves folks, Google good news is coming to a screen near you!

  6. cush350 says:

    “Sorry … Page Not Found” comes up when Truth At Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King link is clicked.

    Truth At Last: The Assassination of Martin Luther King

    Posted: 25 Mar 2018 09:24 PM PDT

    TITLE CARD (fade in/fade out): “The Corbett Report presents” CUT TO PEPPER: Deathly support is it really worthwhile to take on this fight when those who rule embody guile and always employ formidable might is the assertion of personal essence enough when the larger goal is gone and the world is ever more cruel and […]

    What’s up with this?

    • Corbett says:

      Titter titter…stay tuned…

      • generalbottlewasher says:

        Dearest James , ‘ Titter titter…’ is this like your version of the main stream media sponcer Bud Lite commercial ” Dilly dilly”. My friend who is in the last stages of his masters of art processes actually ended his dissertation paper ‘ ” as we go forth… Dilly dilly'”. I suggested he may fail the whole endeavor by including such as this to end a scholarly paper. Dilly dilly.
        It is time for you to toot your horn! This months National Geographic cover has transhumanism as the cover and big story and prediction of the path mankind is on. You called that one!
        So I wasted another 10 minutls looking at March addition and there again a big story on man made climate change. No mention of the $10 billion annual cost, CIA chiefs favorite weapon of mass distruction, aerosol spraying programs might have played in climate change. Especially the 1.3 gigaWatt microwave heaters blasting 20 square mile holes 90,000 feet up in the ozone layer. You called that one!
        James, Like a racer that finishes so far ahead of the race no one can remember the winners name. By the time the loser finishes, the crowd has completely forgot who really won. They only know who lost. His name is enshrined in the public conscious until everyone agrees he was the winner! Dilly dilly. Jesus save me! Hats off to you ! It seems to take 9 to 18 months for the MSM to counter act your predictions, observations… then again we must have time to forget. I believe the injured parties will have a long memory for those who betray the public trust. Please James I beg you , don’t betray that trust. Im counting on you to show the world what integrity looks like. That is your moniker,
        ” have integrity, will travel ” I will support you to the ends of my treasury. You have excellent foresight . Keep calling them like you see them. That window of 9 to 18 months will close someday and you will be the word of the now. So toot away Gabriela!
        …right as rain , right as rain…

        • wingsuitfreak says:

          I like your friend’s idea of how to end his paper. He’s probably far too smart for his school if my observations are correct on the state of formal education today. Or even 21 years ago when I graduated. National Geographic used to be such a great mag. I found a pile of them once from the early 1900s and they were far better than anything I’ve read from any magazine in the last ten years. Of course, I can say that about so many publications (and will!). We certainly live in interesting times. Just the way I like it. JimBob from fluorida who thinks that the state is probably right to panic right now since it’s falling apart at the seams.

    • cush350 says:

      The MLK link, mistake or teaser? ?

  7. zyxzevn says:

    George Soros: ‘We Must Destroy Facebook And Google’
    It is the perfect spy tool.
    Why does Soros want to destroy it?
    More control on the news?

    After the fake “russian hacking” and fake “russian collusion” the
    left is still looking for external reasons why they lost the election.
    Now they go after facebook it seems.
    Somehow it is still forbidden in the media to talk about
    the corruption within the DNC. The media is so biased with their
    stories, that it is not even clear to the democrats what could be wrong with Hillary.

    I think that this may be a another step to push fake corporate news,
    and to stop free thoughts and alternative opinions.

  8. Octium says:

    The Corbett Report is ahead of the curve for sure,

    but what bothers me is why the dinosaur media are running with this breaking N̶e̶w̶s̶ Olds now, when 99% of the articles on the Corbett Report are just ignored by them?

    They could run the article about the war on cash – however they are not, they are running with this?

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