Announcement: 9/11 Webinar and Conference in Denmark

09/05/201764 Comments

James invites you to join the first annual 9/11 activist summit, "Titans of Truth" being hosted by this Sunday, September 10, 2017. Or if you're going to be in Denmark this month, you can come and see The Corbett Report live in person at the Open Mind Conference on September 16, 2017.

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Titans of Truth: 9/11 Activist Summit (webinar)

Open Mind Conference

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  1. What do you think will happen this year to keep minds from questioning?

    Last year Hillary kicked off her shoe and passed for the 15th anniversary celebration of 9/11. The mainstream media ignored it but it certainly kept the conspirophiles and conpsirotards buzzing about it rather than the real topic.

    Who cares if the documents are real or what they say, don’t read them because it was the Russians!

    Who cares about 9/11 lies or whodunnit, look at Hillary’s health slip!

    I forget what the excuse was to distract or overlook the years before.

    What do you think will happen this year to keep minds from questioning?

    • Chris says:

      @Jason Carswell

      Maybe a missile strike? North Korea? A good war/invasion is usually good for distraction. Sexual trysts in the oval office also do the trick. There’s lots to distract with in regards to the Trump admin… we’ll see, won’t we?

      I agree though. A good distraction ALWAYS does the trick for the sheeple masses. Always. The CIA usually has a hand in that trick.

    • mkey says:

      Maybe Hillary breaks her neck over it? It would be almost worth it.

  2. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Thanks for the brief.
    I figured that you have been working on some projects.

  3. == James Corbett Died ==

    I did a Google Search on James Corbett to see if my fair and balanced Infogalactic article saved from Wikipedia censorship and Rational Wiki skewing was listed. After 13 pages it doesn’t show up. Maybe Infogalactic isn’t going to fly as high as it might (owned by alt-right author Vox Day) but at least it flies freely (as my Anarcho-Marxist work proves). Or maybe it’s because there are a lot more James Corbetts out there. Or maybe it’s because our prolific James Corbett creates such a stir. Or maybe Google is burying positive articles about JC. Or maybe it’s lost under a mountainous combination of all of the above.

    People who like James Corbett:

    YouTube {Sane Progressive} ‘Bannon Driven Out by Media in Service of War Agenda, the Ultimate Hate’ (2017-08-19) :
    At 42m10s she says to watch James Corbett.

    YouTube {thkelly67} ‘Tim Kelly interviewed on Global Storyline’ (2016-09-25) :
    Great interview, I didn’t note when he says to watch James Corbett.

    Long live James Corbett.

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Among the Films to be shown…
    James Corbett’s 9/11 Suspects

    The 13th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival
    Monday, September 11, 2017
    Grand Lake Theatre
    3200 Grand Avenue and Lake Park Avenue, Oakland, California

    Tickets $15 at the door, no one turned away
    Films, Speakers, and Informational Tabling in the Lobby

    Keynote speaker: Dr. William F. Pepper

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Live Stream (archived for 14 days) – The 13th Annual 9/11 Truth Film Festival
      To order your live stream ticket or for more details, go to this link…
      Will be archived for 14 days after the event so you can arrive late, watch it later, watch it again, or pickup any pieces that you missed the first time.

      You choose the Amount of your Donation. $15 suggested. Any size donation appreciated. Donate more if you can.

      (Note the live traffic feed to the right side of the website: )

  5. jmpapich says:

    Hey James,

    I was wondering if the newsbud 9/11 conference will be available to the general public at a later date? Also I just want to thank you for the work you do every year around this time on the subject of the 9/11 crimes.

  6. mkey says:

    Brother James, this is probably not appropriate of me to ask, but what’s your stance on the following excerpt from newsbudd site?

    Price: $145 (Newsbud Community Members) $180 (Nonmembers)

    145 bucks, depending on where one is located in the world, can be quite a tidy sum. For instance, in my area for that cash I could make a nice bbq for about 20 people and none of them would be leaving hungry. Some of them would more than likely need assistance in unfastening buttons and belts.

    I certainly appreciate Sibel and her work, as much as I do yours, but this reads, at least in the eyes of this subscriber, as a cash out. Does it need to be explicitly stated what kind of shadow this drops on their enterprise? I’m certainly pro free market and anyone is free to charge whatever they choose to for the product they’re providing, but things need to be looked at from the appropriate perspective. To put it plainly, this is ridiculous.

    • mik says:

      “You and I ain’t part of the club”

      We are not target market.

      • mkey says:

        If the business is to get the word out, then they missed the target. I understand a larger enterprise will see some of its cost rise, but the way this is heading is right through the roof and well over to Mars.

        If their wish is to become a new AJ show, power to them. I doubt people funding the initial drive had something like that in mind.

    • I am a member of both JC and Newsbud. I suspect Newsbud’s business model confuses many members. All of the extras on Newsbud (Newsbud Academy, the upcoming 9/11 webinar) are cost prohibitive. I am not sure how they are growing their membership base because all of the content is for members only (save for teasers for video segments). This means that whatever JC does on Newsbud will come with a high cost, which means I will be missing the 9/11 webinar. Hopefully there will come a time when they have enough members to make more of the content public.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        I would like to see Newsbud rethink their business model and revenue plan.

        Gross Revenue always equals “number of bodies in the shop” X “the average ticket”.
        To increase Gross Revenue, one or both of the above factors need to increase.

        By limiting their exposure to paid subscribers, Newsbud handicaps their reach. Their promotion suffers.

        I think it would be wise to look at how some alternative media sites gain revenue. Zero Hedge might be an example.
        Also, personally, I see nothing wrong with gaining revenue from advertisers. It really doesn’t matter who the advertisers are in my opinion (look at YouTube’s advertisers).
        Actually, tens of thousands of independent folks would love to advertise their “Amazon” or “Ebay” or “website” products somewhere unique, where there was a unique traffic draw.

        • Agreed… or perhaps make X% of their content public, so potential members could see what a membership would provide them as far as content. After the last failed fund drive, they have made a conscious decision to build the “Newsbud Community.” In practical terms, this has meant a tight control of content more than anything else. That being said, their content is excellent. The new model has increased the need to educate the potential member that may not understand the value of the content. They are now mining folks that are highly discriminating news consumers that already have a significant knowledge base about current affairs. Everyone else (the people who really need to hear and see what they are doing) can’t make sense of shelling out top dollar for news.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            Very important points, Orenda.

            In my opinion, the only way we are ever going to wake up society is by attempting to wake up society.
            Not by forming cliques of “aware people griping to each other in the coffee shop about how bad it all is”, then going home feeling full of superior awareness while society’s zombies devour their own limbs.

            Sure, it is nice to have a community of “like-minded friends”. But it is silly to have that as the goal and purpose… like building a car from scratch but never driving it anywhere worthwhile.

          • mkey says:

            I wasn’t following closely so I missed this information about the failed fund drive, which explains what’s going on. At least partly.

            AFAIK their inital idea was to implement temporary paywalls on content, which in the end was aimed st everyone, obviously. Quite a drastic turn of events.

            Of course HRS is correct. Truthseeking and awareness raising aren’t compatible with exclusive clubs.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Mkey mentions Price: $145 (Newsbud Community Members) $180 (Nonmembers)

      You are right. For me, that is a lot of money. I won’t be watching.

      I had never seen so many comments about a topic before from so many different people on the Meetup email exchange for our North Texans for 9/11 Truth Group.
      I kept kind of mum because I did not want to poison the trough, but I was astounded at the number of people commenting about Newsbud’s $145 for 3 hours. Like I said, I don’t recall an issue before in recent years that drew so many comments.

      A few folks even questioned the choosing of the title with the word “Titans”. There were a couple folks talking about watching as a group at someone’s house and chipping in. I don’t know if anything will come of it.

      Honestly, my perspective from a grassroots level, is that the funds are better served buying and burning DVDs or buying a local ad… …or hosting a BBQ and doing outreach that way.

      “Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth” has also become just a big fund raiser. Several times a month, for years, I receive an email asking for money. Targets like 10k or 50k occur all the time.

      A TREND which I noticed:
      As groups like Ae911truth focused on raising funds, the grassroots esprit towards activism on a local level faded. There no longer is a focus on local 9/11 grassroots activism. But there is a lot of focus on raising money in a “centralized national or international endeavor” rather than encouraging local, decentralized activism.
      I think one aspect to that “centralized control 9/11 truth movement” (such as Ae911truth) is to try to control the message and stave off any red herrings.
      However, local decentralized grassroots initiative 9/11 truth actions are not given much attention by some of the “national groups” (Ae911truth) nor the alternative media.

      (There are also other factors not mentioned involved with the fading away of local grassroots 9/11 activism.)

      • Pablo de Boer says:

        Newsbud lost my support with their attitude and I don’t want to be a member of such club.

        And señor James what is your respond on mkey’s question: what’s your stance on the following excerpt from newsbudd site?????????????????

        Price: $145 (Newsbud Community Members) $180 (Nonmembers)

        I think that the high price ain’t a problem for you, otherwise you would not participate. But I’m guessing now señor James.

        Saludos para todos,

        Pablo de Boer

        • mkey says:

          I think our homie in the below comment is more along the lines of real current affairs. I don’t think James thinks much of their business plan but he probably doesn’t want to conflate that with the long standing relationships he has with some people over there, especially Sibel.

          It’s a tricky position to be in.

          To be honest, the first Newsbudd started to smell a bit funny to me was when James aparently started to distance himself from the affair. I stress “apparently.” At the time newsbudd was becoming a thing I expected James to get invested with a project of such promise, to the point I was a bit scared he won’t have the time required to cater to all of his projects. But that didn’t happen and now we can maybe see a part of why that was so.

          Of course, 100% conjecture in my part, take it with a showel of salt.

        • mkey says:

          Additionally, James has stated in no uncertain terms, a number of times now, that he’s against pay walls. And he doesn’t seem to be against having friends and associates so that paints the picture.

          • Pablo de Boer says:

            Hola aloha mcei,

            This comment of Tejanito a few days ago,


            , on the ridiculous price for Newsbud webinair is in my opinion less diplomatic than his last comment below… But opinions can change of course..

            Long life the freedom of opinion

            Saludos y abrazos,

            Pablo de Boer

            • Pablo de Boer says:

              And I also proselytize on some occasions

            • mkey says:

              Well, Pablo, I don’t think he backtracked much or at all there.
              This affair is fairly ridiculous, we probably all agree here. But James has an emotional and/or social interest not to say it outright. If, in fact, he would think so.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Hola aloha mcei,

                This whole webinair-gate has the distinctive smell of a closed (web)shop of nepotism and favouritism….

                And it is a pity that señor James still didn’t answer your question estimado mcei.. Maybe you ain’t such a good amigo for him…. 🙂 But I never ever give up, thus I will repeat your question towards señor James again.

                Señor James what is your response on mkey’s question:

                what’s your stance on the following excerpt from newsbudd site?

                Price: $145 (Newsbud Community Members) $180 (Nonmembers)

                Saludos y viva la independencia,

                Pablo de Boer

              • mkey says:

                Pablito, we are not entitled to an answer.

                But, you are of course free to press on 😀

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                amigo mkey,

                Just like mik says:

                “You and I ain’t part of the club”

                We are not target market.


                Buenas noches y hasta luego aamigo mcei,

                Pablo de Boer

              • mkey says:

                Yes amigo, and just like I said to mik, we are in the truthseeker club, just not in this other yet undisclosed one.

                Maybe they are creating a secret society over there, ai karamba.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Buenos dias amigo mkey,

                Maybe you are right that Corbett & Co are creating a secret society over there. One of the attendees of the Titanic webinair was Daniel Estulin, who is a Bilderberg expert and huge supporter of Donal Trump. Thus …..

                And I notice that señor James still didn’t answer your question…. Seems that señor James is avoiding the fellow humans who contribute to his I-page or maybe señorita Sibel has forbidden him to talk about webinair-gate……. Ai ai ai caramba this whole webinair-gate has the odor of a modern pigsty which is spraying toxic waste into the air.

                Drone Exposing Gigantic Pig Farms Spraying Pig Waste Into The Air!!!

                Saludos and enjoy your day amigo mkey,

                Pablo de Boer

              • mkey says:

                Dear Pablo, I don’t intend to imply any undue intimacy with James, but he strikes me as a person who finds the concept of a secret society as repulsive as pinning Kardashians’ poster to the wall. My joke didn’t include him.

                All of this affair has made me recollect some speaches from Mark Passio in which he talked about both dark and light occult societies. Kind of implying you need both to safely obscure knowledge until the time is just right. With the difference of a light occultist being a goody guy. Or gal.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Hola aloha amigo mkey,

                The whole $145 – 180 webinair-gate is a stinking mess and getting out proportions!!!!! 🙂 But as we both know now, you and I are not a member of their Newsbud(dies) club and we also are not a gal….. hi hi hi

                Maybe you self already noticed that I repeated your question again as comment and reminder @ New World Next Week with James Evan Pilato


                But still got no / nada answer from señor James. Maybe if we had paid $145 – 180, we would get an answer…. But to be honest for me it is not worth any amount of bucks to pay for his answer on webinair-gate.

                Saludos y abrazos,

                Pabnlo de Boer

              • mkey says:

                If you would pay, you would get limited access to the webinar. I doubt that during that event anyone will be discusing the morality of the paywall.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Some folks in our 9/11 Group are planning on doing a group watch Sunday night at someone’s office and splitting the cost, bringing chips and beer…
                …(and face-recognizing KFC chicken sold by cheerleaders). (joking on that last)

                I’m not going.

                Some of these guys have no problem asking hard questions. Maybe, the question will be posed.
                After all, it is the first thing that pops to mind when a person finds out about the cost.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                The folks in our Texas 9/11 Group who were going to watch the “Titans of Truth” Event Price: $145 (Newsbud Community Members) $180 (Nonmembers), CANCELLED the group viewing.

                Originally, (as the plan goes) one guy said everyone could watch at his office.
                So, about 4 or 5 RSVP’d. Folks would kind of split parts of the cost, but one fellow was going to ‘sponsor’ the purchase of the ticket. The fellow tried to buy the ticket, tried to register for the event, but the system wouldn’t let him.

                Bottom line.
                He couldn’t register. And so they cancelled the get-together group watch.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                The Texas group viewing is back on.

                Evidently, there was a glitch for non-members when trying to register. After a few emails, the fellow set it up.

              • HomeRemedySupply says:

                Here is a brief rendition of what happened with some of the Texas 9/11 group member get-together watch party for the Titans webinar for $145 or $180.

                In the beginning, trying to register as a Newsbud non-member became a problem. After some emails back-n-forth, the registration and payment was made.

                Evidently, finding the sent “link” became a problem in Dallas. Because of Hurricane Irma, a help desk email and phone number wasn’t operational. Lots of struggling on the Dallas end in trying to watch. Lots of struggling.

                Some folks were frustrated and started to leave. There were problems on getting timely communications to resolve the issues. Finally, they missed the opportunity to participate in the second half of the program.

                The above is what I gather from the email exchange between folks in the Texas group.

                Evidently, the Texas folks are going to ask for some type of recourse or DVD of the event. I think the Texas folks wanted to participate, but it did not pan out.

          • mik says:

            In my first reply to you I was thinking about adding a remark that your question to James regarding Newsbud’s high participation fee is a bit distasteful. Now you definitely crossed the line.

            Absolutely, you are not entitled to get the answer. On the other hand, Sibel is.

            Let me clear my stance on Newsbud, first. They are not the media for me. Paywall, to much statism, a guy on board who completely inappropriately wrote about recent Balkan’s past…
            But,they do more good, so I wish them all the best.

            Newsbud’s fee is prohibitive for many and I think it’s not ok. Also, declaring that number of seats is limited without specifying the number, particularly with something that looks like skimming price strategy (enter with high price and gradually lower), looks very unconvincing to me.

            Another possible point of view is that it is necessary to limit number of attendees so they will get more chance to participate and probably get better experience. Newsbud did it with price.

            The matter can also be seen as a failure of free market. Not all of would be participants got equal opportunity. I’m sure that there are people whose contributions would increase quality of the event, but they don’t have bucks required. At the end we won’t get the best possible version of the event (in the parallel universe theory environment).
            But, since the event will be hidden behind the paywall it doesn’t really matter.

            Here is another proof that you can’t change system within the system.

            For the end….this time you didn’t put much effort to the thinking process and, try not to find me patronizing, try to be a better version of yourself.

            “When goodness is lost it is replaced with morality”

            • mkey says:

              “Now you definitely crossed the line.”
              Since I haven’t added any weight to my initial question, nor have I restated it, I don’t see how “the line” was “finally” crossed. I’m giving you the benefit of common sense, but I don’t see any logic in there, you are probably misreading.

              Not that I put much stock into crossing inexistent lines, mind you, this is not some sort of a liberal, leftist message board where everyone has the right not to be offended. I don’t engage into discussion on those.

              “For the end….this time you didn’t put much effort to the thinking process and, try not to find me patronizing, try to be a better version of yourself.”
              To find a comment emotionally involving, I’d have to think something of the person putting it forward. Therefore, rest assured, you don’t have to worry about the weight of your words.

              If you’d be willing to provide some direct quotes to explain these, what they seem to me to be, non sequitur points, I’d be very interested in discussing it further.

              • mik says:

                I tried to nest my last comment to you right into your exchange with Pablo (above), but I was not able to. What I wrote goes also to Pablo.

                You mentioned me in the exchange and inappropriately understood my mentioning of a Club. I meant, we are not in between people who see hundred and so bucks as a backsheesh. But with some kind of “logic” you went down to secret societies. (Well, G.Carling could have something like this on his mind).

                “Not that I put much stock into crossing inexistent lines, mind you, this is not some sort of a liberal, leftist message board where everyone has the right not to be offended.”

                I know where I am.
                I have no need to play some kind of logical games with you.
                It is not about having a right not to be offended.
                It is about manners, something most people are taught at home, so they can see the line.

                If others would be following your steps, commentaries on CR could turn to youtube type bullshit.

              • mkey says:

                1. Provide a direct quote of mine where I crossed the invisible line. At least according to you.

                2. I mentioned you as in “I said to mik” but I haven’t anlaysed what you stated there. The “club” I talked about refered to exclusivness of groups, which can turn exclusive either both by design or spontaneously. Either because someone imposes payment barriers or because the topic at hand is such that a “club” will be formed naturally.

                3. Yes, may horse may certainly be lower than yours, but even from these lower heights I have managed to see and hear words of Carlin’s.

                4. The secret society thing was a joke. Hence the “ai karamba” thing, I was teasing Pablo. But it seems you are reaching for arguments.

                A person insulted by a mere question lives in a lie. My manners include both discretion and direct approach to issues at hand. If one gets insulted in the process, the blame lays on them. I have personally never* been insulted when someone questioned my motives or my opinions.

                Again, you seem to be reaching quite desperately. I will choose not to belittle myself in a similar fashion and will instead offer some of your advice back to you: try to be a better version of yourself. I’ll also cut you some slack on your “logic” regarding the free markets, but it certainly does paint a picture.

                Oh well.

                *ever since I started thinking with my own head

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Hola aloha Croation amigo mkey,

                It seems to me that mik is a memeber pf Newsbud thought police or maybe mik is señorita Sibel and tries to forbid you and I to mention and comment on the $145 – 180 Newsbud webinair-gate….

                And amigo mkey I will take mik his/her commands with a huge shovel of salt.

                Saludos y abrazos,

                Pablo de Boer

              • mkey says:

                Pablito I’m not spoiling for a fight, but baseless accusations are not in order.

                Live free and don’t talk smack, thar’s my motto.

              • Pablo de Boer says:

                Hola aloha amigo mcei,

                I know your person and I have a lot in common, we both also express our thoughts in different manner, we both behave voluntarily as individuals and that’s why I respect you and it makes you mkey also a unique person and not a member of the sheeple herd.

                buenas noches y hasta leugo amigo mkey,

                Pablo de Boer

              • mkey says:

                I very much appreciate your insights as well, Pablo. The vile leftist pc propaganda bullshit has made people vary of speaking with candor. It’s not about questions which are asked, but the way they are posed and their timing. If there is an urgency to the matter, obeying the pc bullshit will only lead to trouble. That’s why I cherish everyone’s freedom of expression as much as I do my own. That doesn’t imply we’ll always get along, but imagine what hell would THAT be.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        While I can’t speak for James Corbett, in my book his intention and purposes have always been clean and balanced.

        James will come to the aid of his friends, like a true friend should.
        Sibel has always been a friend of James. And she has been a friend to all of us.
        I wager 100 to 1 odds that Sibel asked James Corbett to help with this “Titans of Truth”. And James said “Yes, I will help you.”

        Notice that James Corbett is not part of the Newsbud ‘Company’. He is a friend of the folks involved.

        There is nothing wrong with helping friends on their projects, even if you don’t have a “personal jive” with the project.
        If my friend asked for help in fixing a group meal consisting of beans and broccoli, I may help my friend prepare the meal. Sure, I help prepare the meal knowing that the resulting flatulence may make a closed room uninhabitable. I’ll deal with that when the time comes, or maybe bring some “Beano”.

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          Estimado HRS

          If I don’t agree with or have another opinion than a friend, I’m so honest to tell him my opinion, because I don’t like to behave as a politician. I even will repeat myself. Thus señor James what is your response on mkey’s question:

          what’s your stance on the following excerpt from newsbudd site?????????????????

          Price: $145 (Newsbud Community Members) $180 (Nonmembers)

          Or are you still researching thoroughly how to answwer mcei??? 🙂

          And Tejanito what a strange comparison between cooking a meal and a ridiculous high price for a webinair… I hope you will not cook like you compare, otherwise your beans will taste like the resulting flatulence …. 🙂 🙂

          Saludos y abrazos,

          Pablo de Boer

      • Pablo de Boer says:

        Hola aloha Tejanito,

        I have for your person (as big promoter of KFC toxic waste uhh food) a brain-frying KFC secret, but without cheerleaders hi hi hi

        KFC’s ‘secret ingredient’ is a brain-frying neurotoxin

        And amigo por favor can you keep us informed on the folks in your 9/11 Group who are planning on doing a group watch @ the ridiculous high prized 911 webinair(-gate), which is only for Titans with to much bucks!!!! And Tejanito can you also ask your friends if they can ask señor James what his response is on mkey’s question:

        what’s your stance on the following excerpt from newsbudd site?????????????????

        Price: $145 (Newsbud Community Members) $180 (Nonmembers)

        Never ever ever give-up or become a slave of a state and / or a gal….

        Pablo de Boer

        • Pablo de Boer says:

          And Tejanito was Susan G. Komen one of your’s KFC cheerleaders??? 🙂 🙂

          KFC and Komen – What the Cluck? (Take action now!)

          May I ask you something else estimado Tejanito, what did Americanos (men) so that Americanas (women) became as Hitlery C, Nancy Pelosi and Condoleezza Rice or a Disney Club slut as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and Lindsay WHOREman??? What is that American secret to transform a female in a evil witch????? Or did the Americanos stole those toxic ingredients from the Europeans Royal inbreeders??

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          You have a great sense of humor.
          It must be the hot sauce on the non-GMO, grassfed organic tacos that spices your conversations.

    • scpat says:


      I’m a little late to this comment section party, but I agree with you completely. It is rediculous if the ultimate goal is exposure of this information, which it should be in the truth movement.

      In my opinion, the business model they have set up will not work well for getting the truth out, or even for being self sustaining for their expenses of running Newsbud. But Sibel has said in the recent past that essentially, she doesn’t care how large the Newsbud community gets. She said she is fine with it being a little clique. As I remember there was a brief debate between her and Corbett on her tactics (free vs p2p) and she got defensive about it.

    • Mielia says:

      “Additionally, James has stated in no uncertain terms, a number of times now, that he’s against pay walls. And he doesn’t seem to be against having friends and associates so that paints the picture.”

      I would emphasize that.
      (Newsbud is the Wrecking Ball Against Authoritarianism from Corbett Report Extras, 3 1/2min)
      a newsbud roundtable he joined in 2016

      You shouldn’t forget our good friend of many of us Broc West (from former AsiaPacificPerspective) works for newsbud.
      In the same video they talk about the problem of organization.
      And at the same video James expresses his stance towards paywalls:
      (A stance which he expressed before).

      I believe the guys at newsbud are also trying to figure out how to do it. For example I believe they release now full videos (not only the teasers) delayed – like 6 months or 3 months later, I don’t know.

      Conclusion: They have two different approaches. It’s as free market as it can get. You choose.
      And you may make arguments why you prefer/choose/support one, on which the provider may react or not.
      Don’t forget James started out trying to sell DVDs (or was it CDs?) basically on the street? – and adjusted accordingly.

      • manbearpig says:

        He did not sell CDs on the street to my knowledge. He thought about burning and giving CDs away but decided the website was more efficent. He was an English teacher until he could support himself with the website.

        • Mielia says:

          Yes, of course he was a teacher.
          Maybe looks like I ommitted this fact :D.
          I added a question mark ’cause I didn’t know anymore how the story went and hopefully someone may provide the narrative.
          So thanks for that!

  7. Pablo de Boer says:

    The first edition of Loose Change was for my person the 1st internet documentary which confirmed my doubts on the official narrative on 911

    ON SEPTEMBER 11th, 2001

    Loose Change: 1st Edition (2005) [FULL Documentary][English]

    9/11 Loose Change Final Cut-Full Documentary

    Dylan Avery and Jason Bermas are the CREATORS of Loose Change and for me they are the founders of the MSMless 911 journalism:

    Dylan Avery on 9/11 Loose Change Now & Then

    From “Loose Change” to “Black And Blue” with Dylan Avery (2016)

    What Really Happened on 9/11? Hear from Director of Loose Change – Jason Bermas – 2008

    Loose Change 9/11

    Muchas gracias por todo estimados Avery & Jason.

    Pablo de Boer

  8. mik says:

    Wonderful news…something big is coming.
    My bet is: Big Oil part 2

  9. Mielia says:

    Happily James always said,
    he doesn’t want to be a Guru.
    (You should read this James, there seems to be someone named Dana Durnford taking this seriously.)

    I started to check out the OpenMindconference today caused I figured maybe I could get a flight, see Copenhagen and see and meet him in person.
    I wanted to know who and what kind of topics they feature. Ole Dammegard I heard before, but pretty much nobody else.
    I clicked on a video of last years conference 2016
    Dana Durnford “Fukushima – The Biggest Betrayal of Academics in the History…”
    Didn’t really watch it, clicked through it, whatever.

    It lead me to a video were the same person says this (paraphrased):
    James Corbett is Canadian Security Intelligence Services.

    It gets even worse, there is a 2 months old video in this account, with James’s face and the title (again this Durnford guy):
    Shocking Betrayal !! James Corbett Fukushima Update – The Traitor Among Us

    Question is: Shall I laugh or cry?

    It’s hilarious.
    I felt you should know this James, if you didn’t knew already.


    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Oh gosh… Shall I laugh or cry? is right Mielia.

      I couldn’t take more than 60 seconds of Dana Durnford.
      I am amazed that anyone listens to him.

  10. manbearpig says:


    Thanks for the info on the webinar.

    Sorry to hear there were so many glitches due to the hurricane.

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