Episode 323 - The Saudi Purge is a Global Crisis

11/18/201757 Comments

The House of Saud is in crisis as MBS consolidates his hold on the kingdom and prepares to transform Saudi Arabia in his image. But what is behind the purge, and how does it relate to the future of the world monetary system. Join James for a classic Corbett Report debriefing on the Saudi purge and the rise of the petroyuan.

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Marwa Osman on The Corbett Report
Time Reference: 02:47
5 Things You Need to Know About the Saudi Purge
Time Reference: 08:50
The Death of King Abdullah and the Future of Oil Geopolitics
Time Reference: 11:09
Saudi Arabia reshuffle as king appoints nephew to crown prince post
Time Reference: 11:28
Saudi king empowers young reformer son in succession shake-up
Time Reference: 12:12
New Saudi committee to investigate public corruption opens 'new era of transparency'
Time Reference: 12:49
House of Saudi Cards: The Inside Story
Time Reference: 13:54
A coup in the House of Saud?
Time Reference: 16:39
The inside story of the Saudi night of long knives
Time Reference: 17:07
"Explosive" Leaked Secret Israeli Cable Confirms Israeli-Saudi Coordination To Provoke War
Time Reference: 22:58
IDF chief to Saudi newspaper: 'Israel ready to share intelligence on Iran'
Time Reference: 23:03
Sharmine Narwani on the Changing Face of the Middle East
Time Reference: 26:06
Time Reference: 30:46
Corbett Report Extras
Time Reference: 31:01
How Big Oil Conquered the World
Time Reference: 33:29
Why is the MSM (Finally) Reporting on the Petrodollar?
Time Reference: 39:19
Weak oil prices squeezing Saudi Arabia’s coffers, but reserves won’t run dry – for now
Time Reference: 42:24
Saudi plans spending cuts, reforms to shrink budget deficit
Time Reference: 42:28
Saudi Arabia seeks $6B-$8B bank loan to shore up state coffers
Time Reference: 42:32
Oil Price Swings Spark Cigarette Taxes In Saudi Arabia
Time Reference: 42:37
Saudi Arabia to increase domestic petrol prices by 80 percent
Time Reference: 42:42
China, Saudi Arabia form comprehensive strategic partnership
Time Reference: 44:28
China and Saudi sign 14 deals worth US$65 billion
Time Reference: 45:08
President Xi attends inauguration ceremony of China-Saudi joint refinery
Time Reference: 45:08
Exclusive: China offers to buy 5 percent of Saudi Aramco directly - sources
Time Reference: 47:37

China crude futures becomes new force
Time Reference: 48:37
Episode 320 – Echoes of WWI: China, the US, and the Next “Great” War
Time Reference: 50:37

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  1. manbearpig says:

    “dashed on Syrian shores…”

    Stuff that crossed my inebriated mind listening to this were:


    and the irrelevant musing that…bin Salman has the branding of 2030 “NEOM sustainable” and technologically progressive… which would seem to make of him a bearded Maurice Strong-type shoe-in as a regional puppeteered protegé mover and shaker…

    I kept having a vague flash that, as with Kissinger’s masterminded Yom Kippur war to sabotage or at least capitalize on OPEC

    some external force, (think anglo-israeli deep state), in preparation for the Saudi-American schism, is trying to massively destabilize into subserviance the old obsolete Saudi and even Qatar/UAE macho bling-bling patriarchies from the inside to unleash and make mediatic way for the newly emancipated and politically correct common People of the Arabian peninsula, cutting their bonds so they can hold hands and sing Kumbaya with the new Samantha Powered/Angelina Joli Global IoT clique, (or at least making sure that whichever checkered Ghutrah floats to the top of this toilet bowl (to borrow Mr. Corbett’s imagery) it is playing from the right script of the brave new multi-polar smart world (and all this at the tragic expense of the Yemenis (and perhaps the Kurds)).

    on a totally other note; I’m afraid some terrorist trouble is brewing again for France that will precipitate the absolute need for the nascent European standing army…

  2. bladtheimpailer says:

    While I follow the gist of MBS seeking to shore up his position I find it difficult to ascertain what the implications are on the global scale. There are so many subplots between groups and sub groups that dominate the running of this planet. Besides the international banking cartel and their entourage of multinational corporations, there are in no particular order allied groups of allied national elites and their many interconnections, such as Israel supplying western technologies to Russia, mainly acquired from the USA, while at the same time opposing Russia on the Syrian front. Then there is the world of organized crime, especially the oligarchical Russian Mafia with its threat,violence and payoffs ‘system’ for infiltrating and corrupting all government agencies from the FBI to the US Justice Department to some say the state of Israel in large part and gaining mainstream economic influences when laundered money makes its way into the legal economy, through connections to persons like Trump et al. How does one begin to develop a unified theory of the world’s power structure with so many variables that could be in flux at any given moment? I have often wondered how the banking cartel manages to keep organized crime from conducting a ‘hostile’ takeover…or maybe they haven’t?

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      bladtheimpailer says: … I find it difficult to ascertain what the implications are on the global scale. There are so many subplots between groups and sub groups that dominate the running of this planet….

      I agree.
      We may have to wait until next Season’s Game of Thrones to find out more.
      The whole world scenario has so much going on…Obama, Trump-Hillary-Russia-pedophiles, Brexit, immigration, advancing Technocracy, China’s Sesame Good Citizen, Oil, Currency, Bitcoin, etc. Like Corbett points out, being attentive and sharing information can help us sort stuff out.

      I gotta laugh. Like the mute character named “Hodor” in Game of Thrones. Who in an early episode of Game of Thrones would have thought?… (2 minutes) https://youtu.be/Poy6h2zJCJ0?t=3m4s

      “Winter is coming.”

    • Stronghorse says:

      The International Banking Cartels, ARE organized crime. As are all of the minions.
      To get a better understanding of who is really in control, watch this:

      Remember “Trickle Down”? The BIS practices that principle, while maintaining control by extortion and other means.

  3. Jermaine says:

    I’m sure this is a common theme of tyrants throughout history but I find it interesting how you were reporting about how Xi Jinping used an “anti corruption” campaign to solidify his power in China, and was successful enough that now he is being compared to Mao Zedong, the “Father” of communist China. This MBS guy is using a similar agenda, to solidify his power, to become as powerful as Ibn Saud, the “Father” of Saudi Arabia. Combine this with the your observation about China trying to replace the dollar as the world reserve currency and that this MBS guy is upsetting people in the CIA, it seems that China is the one pulling the strings in this chaos and MBS could be nothing more than a potential puppet to the Chinese government.

    • bas says:

      Interesting view. I wonder if there were any recent Chinese visits to Saudi Arabia comparable to Jared Kushner’s trip that could back this up?

  4. HomeRemedySupply says:

    I first became interested in the beginning developments of the Saudi coup around April/May 2016. I put in many hours of reading/viewing videos about Saudi Arabia during that time.

    One aspect which prompted me was “Why the 28 Pages would get lots of Press, then suddenly not, then suddenly Press again?”
    If a topic is pushed in the MainStreamMedia, we know there is an agenda behind it.

    One take-away from my studying about the Royalty/Saudi Arabia, is that corruption and nepotism and power struggles are rampant. And the elite (of which there are many) are draining the coffers dry.
    Quite literally, the country would eventually collapse into chaos if this trend is not stopped.
    I am not saying that MbS is a “good guy”. But the trend needs to change.

    There are so many “ruling” councils / committees of Royalty, each with their own agendas, it is a wonder that anything ever gets accomplished in government.

    The Saudi history of coups and power struggles is fascinating. They happened often.
    One example: Around 1964, when King Faisal came to the thrown and his elder brother “King Saud” was ousted by other Royalty, there was only about $50 left in the Royal Treasury. King Saud was a playboy and would give away gold watches with his picture on them.

    Some videos and information here

  5. VoiceOfArabi says:

    Excellent Report Mr. Corbett.

    In time of stress, i tend to watch James Bond old movies (’60 movies), and i often use them to understand the world (and some of the material is very good, for example, in gold finger, radiating the gold to increase prices plot is very similar to what happened to Oil prices in the ’70 )

    so, with this in mind, Spectre would be the globalist movement that’s currently controlling the world and living in whatever Government that are the best host at the time. James Bond (007) would be the Resistance movement that is going against that evil. (although, in reality, i know 007 is just the other face of the same coin)

    So, so far, i think MBS can be a number 11, and someone like Kissinger would be a number 1 or number 2. There are few more numbers in between that this report did not identify yet, and one of them is responsible for all the mess in the Arabian gulf. Currently, HE is a number 7, and moving rapidly to a number 3 or a number 2.

    You should focus on that person, as that would be the next big thing to happen in the Arab world. By the way, number 7 had tried and failed at orchestrating coup in 3 other countries that i am aware of, but people say there are many more….

    A report on number 7 please…. (in this scenario, who would you be mr. Corbett… Q branch or Miss Moneypenny??)

    • herrqlys says:

      Wow. What a marvellous analogy you draw with James Bond. And the tantallizing reference to a #7 who is also a coup orchestrator.

      James is multi-disciplinary, but in a skirt? Boggles the mind.

      Great post, VOA.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        Ditto on what you said herrqlys.

        (Sidenote: When Goldfinger came out, you had to be over age 17 to see it in the theatre because it was too risque. My Father who had read some of Ian Fleming’s books, insisted that my brother and I see the movie and so he bought our tickets to get us in.)

    • john.o says:


      My own embarassing, but very serious meditation on learning and knowledge:

      When the Bond movies were first coming out, I was the sort of boy who eschewed such nonsense, spending my time with Foreign Affairs and The New Republic, compiling cards for the next debate. Consequently, it took me 50 years to figure the world out.

      You got it in one viewing.

      Effin ouch.

  6. herrqlys says:

    A really professional and comprehensive review of the subject and ancilliaries, particularly with the historical references and visuals.

    There was strong motive in protecting the Petrodollar underlying the invasions in Iraq and the other unforgivable destruction of Libya. For moving towards oil sales denominated in the Euro (Iraq’s Saddam Hussein) and a planned African Gold Dinar (Libya’s Muammar Gadhaffi) both men were subsequently executed. This is serious business.

    Now Russia and China are moving towards deeper economic ties, using the Ruble and Yuan as the medium of exchange, thus avoiding the Petrodallar, and Washington’s SWIFT garrote. There are massive Eurasian infrastructure projects being financed in Rubles and Yuan in the China-led Belt, Road Initiative. We have already seen Washington’s belligerant response to this in places like Russia’s western Eurpean border, Ukraine, North Korea and the South China Sea.

    The threat to the Petrodollar isn’t the only factor. The Halford MacKinder (English geographer, academic) thesis for the signficance of the Eurasian Heartland to the World Island is also in play. Key US foreign policy strategists Henry Kissinger (Republican) and Zbigniew Brzezinski (Democrat) both openly subscribed to MacKinder’s geopolitics. However, to ferret real motives, “follow the money” is usually sound advice.

    F. William Engdahl has written profusely on both the Petrodallar and Harold MacKinder, and my first introduction to his work stays with me both physically and cognitively:
    A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order

    Engdahl, an economist and historian, has also written in detail about the Belt, Road Initiative.

    • Prolefed says:

      I second that herrqlys. I think Engdahl’s follow-up to A Century of War – ‘Myths, Lies and Oil Wars’ is equally important in getting a grip on the historical context up to and beyond the US Gulf wars. In that book, the myth referred to is the myth of oil scarcity that derives from the ‘accepted’ theory of the geological origins of oil. I don’t know enough on the subject to know whether this has subsequently been proven true or otherwise, but the prospect that the basic assumption underlying all on the origins of oil, and the implications of that basic assumption being incorrect (if true), are fascinating. In his book, Engdahl postulates that the necessity of maintaining the myth of oil scarcity to support its price is what drove much of the recent history of western interventionism in the ME up to the time the book was written (2012). He also predicted the rise of China as a world player in this arena and elsewhere. It would be fascinating for James to interview Mr Engdahl to gain his opinion on the more recent history – the further rise of China, the shift in alliances, the emerging new markets, and the potential shift in the flow of that ‘scarce’ commodity from west to east.

      • herrqlys says:

        After World War II, and realizing the vital strategic value of oil in modern warfare, Josef Stalin ordered USSR scientists to undertake a massive study into oil and out of this, about 1954, came the abiotic theory of oil creation.

        Essentially, this theory hypothesized that oil was formed from the element carbon in the Earth’s mantle in a certain band of depth, and under certain temperatures and pressures. The oil, and its lesser formed precursor, methane, eventually perculated up through faults in the rock strata and pool when the oil and natural gases become trapped.

        Possibly involving reasons of Cold War propaganda – the theory being of Russian origin – and also because of Big Oil marketing advantages in a public willing to pay more for perceived scarcity, not much was widely known about this theory.

        You can put your mind around the abiotic oil process by thinking of what we know about the formation of diamonds (although these carbon products are formed under much more extreme conditions) it’s still not been proven conclusively in the public realm. Myself I’m, let’s say, a partial believer. There are still forces in the world that would like to keep the idea under wraps for the same reasons I give above.

        Even if the abiotic process is a fact, just how long this process takes, and how reliably it replenishes current supplies is unknown to me, for example. Geological event timescales are vastly longer than human ones, so continuing to practice hydrocarbon conservation, and developing alternate sources of energy, make sense.

        The following article provides some compelling details:

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        The possibility of “Abiotic Oil” seems real to me.

        Almost two years ago to the day, Mr. Corbett interviewed F. William Engdahl.
        (CorbettReport’s “Search” function.)

      • bas says:

        I second that Prolefed 😉 Very important and good book in understanding oil geopolitics and the Middle East. I think there is a growing bifurcation between the views of Engdahl and Corbett, however, as the former clearly sees the rise of Eurasia as a resistance to the new world order.

        • Prolefed says:

          When the reality is they’re just two sides of the same coin?

          • bas says:

            More or less. You need antithesis to form a new synthesis. Think of Anthony Sutton’s work on how Wall Street funded FDR’s New Deal, the rise of Hitler and the Bolshevik Revolution, as well as Corbett’s China and the New World Order and how China and Russia are tapping into existing globalist structures as they do not want to destroy them, but take over control over them.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Okay. Call me a Conspiracy Theorist.
    Hacking of the Oklahoma Oil Data website just prior to the Saudi Purge

    In late October, I went to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) website to retrieve some oil data.
    I couldn’t get to the information. Finally, I figured out that the website had been hacked.
    This is significant. Oklahoma and Texas are two big U.S. players for gas/oil production. The Oklahoma Oil industry depends heavily upon the data at the OCC. All the latest reports of drilling operations and what different companies are doing is catalogued and mapped at the OCC. Anyone and everyone involved with Oklahoma oil uses this website. Billions of dollars are involved. For example: Speculators or oil companies keep close watch on who is buying what interests and which wells are producing high volume.

    The Oklahoma Corporation Commission remained offline for about one week. By around Halloween, it came back online.

    Oklahoma has had its share of covert activities, from 9/11 Hijackers to the Oklahoma City Murrah bombing.
    Aubrey McClendon (the oil guy who brought fracking to Oklahoma) pulled a Michael Hastings type car crash a day following his indictment for bilking millions of dollars by cornering the purchasing of mineral rights. It would be silly to think that he was the only top executive to be involved. https://www.corbettreport.com/welcome-to-the-driverless-future/#comment-42578

    So, whether or not the OCC hacking is tied to the Saudi Purge… well, at this time we don’t know. But the timing is weird.

  8. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Nov 15, 2017 article World’s Biggest Private Equity Firm Raises $1 Billion To Invest In Oil
    On the back of renewed confidence in higher oil prices, the world’s biggest private equity firm, The Carlyle Group, is looking to raise US$1 billion to create a new fund for investing in oil and gas outside the U.S., Reuters reported on Wednesday, citing banking sources.

    The Carlyle Group is looking to raise interest for a new energy investment fund overseas after its fund Carlyle International Energy Partners (CIEP) has almost completely spent the US$2.5 billion in funds raised when it was launched on 2013.

    The goal of the CIEP fund was to make global opportunistic investments in oil and gas outside of North America, with primary investment focus on oil and gas exploration and production (E&P), midstream and downstream, refining and marketing (R&M), and oil field services (OFS).

    • herrqlys says:

      Ah, The Carlyle Group.

      It ‘s a former private equity company that is now a publicly-traded equity company, and which has completely reinvented itself since the 2012 IPO: “Our purpose is to invest wisely and create value on behalf of an array of global investors, many of whom are public pensioners” .

      Founded in 1987 as a private equity company, it’s had well-known co-investors involved such as George H.W. Bush, James Baker III, and Frank Carlucci. As a fit with people of their background and experience, Carlyle initially developed a reputation for acquiring businesses related to the defence industry. It also had the public perception of being a politically dominated firm.

      In its early years, Carlyle also advised in transactions including a $500 million investment by Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal, a member of the Saudi royal family, in Citigroup in 1991. On September 11, 2001 the Bin Laden family were already investors in Carlyle managed funds, and Shafiq bin Laden was in Washington (at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel…no, not the one in Riyadh) as guest of honour at Carlyle’s 2001 investor conference that took place that very day.

      It’s also speculated that it was The Carlyle Group that George H.W. Bush represented when he and a blue-ribbon panel of oil executives flew to Baghdad, Iraq in 1989 to meet with Saddam Hussein to try and convince Hussein to allow private investment in the Iraqi National Oil Company. Hussein refused, because Iraq was very dependent on the oil revenues to repay the debts incurred in the recently ended 8-year Iran-Iraq bloodbath, and because that secular government wanted to retain sovereignty over its oil resources.

      Probably involving spite of some kind, Iraq was set up by the US State Department concerning Kuwait, which Hussein subsequently invaded, and then Iraq was invaded in its turn in 1991 when George H.W. Bush was the US President and Dick Cheney was Secretary of Defence. Also falsely linked to 9/11 by Western politicians and media, Iraq was invaded again in 2003 when the son, George W. Bush, was President. Apparently Dick Cheney was somehow involved!

      What a small world.

      For more see:

  9. PeaceFroggs says:

    Now this episode was a great report/summary/supposition.

    My added 2 cents worth, is that if China is to create a sort of gold backed petro-renminbi, it won’t become a rival to the US petro-dollar. In fact, it’ll be the opposite, it’s that it will be complementary, since it will be included in the global basket of currencies. (it already is, since 2016)

    In other words, the new international dollar that will be used for international trading, will replace the current hegemonic US petro-dollar(circa 1971). The new order will include the US dollar, the euro, the Chinese renminbi, Japanese yen, and British pound sterling. This multi polar currency will simply replace the US hegemony dollar, rather than compete with it. No longer will it be a US hegemonic world order, and that’s a good thing.

    Another way of looking at this, is that this new international multi polar currency will be a return to the Bretton Woods System(circa 1944), a gold back dollar, meaning more stability and less inflation, and less wars.

    • herrqlys says:

      PF, your supposition is interesting but I’m left wondering: how all those other countries will be able to back their currencies with gold? That’s the only way there could be a return, as you suggest, to the Bretton Woods System. China will be OK (as will non-SDR countries Russia and India, among some others).

      Here in Canada we developed dementia and started selling off our (relatively small) gold reserves long ago, and lots of it when the world price was ~USD250 an ounce! [hangs head in shame] I’d like to know what brain trust supported this. Obviously the difference between true money and currency was lost on some people, and specious nonsense was thrown up as justification.

      The run on US gold reserves became critical in 1970 (wars cost money, foreign creditors want to be paid) and that’s why Nixon was advised to get the US dollar off the gold standard. Who knows what the US gold reserves are now, as there’s never been an audit allowed at Fort Knox and the other depositories in many decades.

      Ah, but have faith. Thoughts and prayers. Meanwhile the US dollar is supported by demand for oil purchases, and the US military.

      The massive push for a cashless society just underscores my concerns. It suggests that without gold reserves (real money) to back legacy banking and national currencies, there’s no way to address public fears so just take currency out of billfolds and purses, and let the banks take care of everything.

      • PeaceFroggs says:


        “how all those other countries will be able to back their currencies with gold?”

        — Good question, I’m no expert in currencies, but what I do know is, much like Bretton Woods, this new international dollar would be for International trade only (country to country), whereas each individual country would still have their very own (floating) currencies, and citizens in all these other countries will continue to use their country’s currency within their borders (whether it be paper, plastic/digital).

        It’s not as if every country in the world is going to suddenly forgo their currency for the new international dollar. For example, here in Canada, when Nixon decided to stop convertibility of the US dollar into to gold in 1971, Canadians didn’t suddenly adopt the US dollar. Even though this move by Nixon created an unfair trade and investment advantage in America’s favor, Canada continued using their “loony”.

        So I suppose, each country will decide whether or not if they will incrementally increase their gold reserves or not, but it’s not as if physical gold coins are going to be used as currency ever again.

        To put it in perspective, it was in 1933 when Franklin D. Roosevelt introduced Executive Order 6102, which criminalize the possession of monetary gold by any individual, partnership, association or corporation, within the continental United States. However, a percentage of the US “paper dollar” itself was still backed by gold, it’s just that US citizens could no longer exchange their dollar bills for gold coins.

        So I presume this is how all those other countries will be able to back their currencies with gold, by simply increasing their holdings.

        • PeaceFroggs says:

          Although there is a push for alternatives fuels, like solar power, and a push for electric vehicles, it’s not as if there will no longer be a need for Oil anytime soon, so who knows, the new order might also be backed by a mixture of both Oil and Gold.

          I honestly don’t know, but I find it highly unlikely that the US will go to war with China.

          • HomeRemedySupply says:

            I think that possibly we are already in the middle of WW3.

            It might be being fought in “diplo-speak & proxy alliance formations”.

            • VoiceOfArabi says:

              Hello HomeRemedySupply,

              I agree with you 100%… and to confirm…. here is a list…

              – over 35,000 people dead in Yemen by USA allies using US made weapons and USA intelligence.. (not so intelligent as more than 50% are women and kids.) and over 2 million starving due to blockade by US allies.

              – 100,000’s died in Syria on the hands of USA and Allies made ISIS. The Resistance movement also have a good number of kills but i don’t know how many.

              – millions died in Iraq on the hands of USA.

              – ?? died in Libya on the hands of USA and NATO.

              So.. Yes.. World War III is here and it is going to stay…

              Good news is.. USA and Allies (in the form of ISIS) are being kicked out of Syria and Iraq by the resistance movement, which is forcing them to move into Libya border with Egypt, and border with Algeria (the next site for WW3)

              So.. WW3 continues and now moving into Africa. I have to say at least another 5 million will be dead in africa in the next 5 years.

        • herrqlys says:

          “So I presume this is how all those other countries will be able to back their currencies with gold, by simply increasing their holdings.”

          Umm, this would be problematical. Precisely because gold is a rare, and relatively corrosion-proof, element it has attained the status of money throughout the ages but there’s a severe limitation on the amount of physical gold available.

          It’s desirability maintains its relative purchasing power over time, and as it can also be considered as a commodity in some ways it’s market price is one of supply and demand.

          Imagine what happens to the world price for gold when you have all these nations competing in the market for their own currency backing. Could they even afford to actually get delivery of any gold bullion?

          Gold and its market price seem to be a closely held thing, controlled at the top tier of finance.

          Having said all that, the blatant, massive manipulations on gold exchanges, through the issuance of naked EFT shorts, has kept the world price artifically low. This would allow some very interested buyers to get bulk gold “cheaply”.


        • herrqlys says:

          “It’s not as if every country in the world is going to suddenly forgo their currency for the new international dollar.”

          No, they would just have to have SDRs in their Foreign Reserves portfolio.

          But perhaps I didn’t clarify enough when I said “…I’m left wondering: how all those other countries will be able to back their currencies with gold?”.

          I was only referring to those other entities besides China whose currencies are in the SDR basket: US, EU, UK, Japan. I’m quite confident the Chinese now have sufficient gold reserves to back the Yuan. I’m definitely not so sure about the others.

          • PeaceFroggs says:


            “I’m quite confident the Chinese now have sufficient gold reserves to back the Yuan. I’m definitely not so sure about the others.”

            — And I completely agree with you.

    • herrqlys says:

      Sorry if I duplicate some of what you say, but I was composing this while you had apparently already posted.

      In 1934 the administration of Franklin Roosevelt enacted law that declared the private ownership of gold bullion illegal, and confiscated what gold they could from the public into the custody of the US Treasury. Owners were compensated at $20.67 per Troy ounce.

      Shortly thereafter, amid the rising world price for gold, the US Treasury pegged its gold holdings at $35.00 per Troy ounce and from the paper profits of that revaluation were able to rebalance the value of gold held versus the value of gold owed via issued currency obligations and then existing gold certificates. Before this the US Treasury had massively over-issued negotiable instruments in excess of actual gold holdings.

      After re-balancing government debt, a surplus amount of $2 billion was used to create the Exchange Stabilisation Fund (ESF), and $1.8 billion of that was later used to fulfill the initial U.S. quota subscription to the IMF. The ESF was intended to be an emergency reserve fund of the United States Treasury Department, normally used for foreign exchange intervention.

      Despite the limitations originally imposed on the ESF, the US Treasury manadate has been significantly broadened. In many ways it can act as a slush fund for all kinds of activities, as there is no Congressional oversight, and the use of funds is at the sole discretion of the US Secretary of the Treasury, who reports only to the President in this matter.

      US Gold Certificates, Series of 1934
      “It should also be noted that the largest denomination of currency ever printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing was the $100,000 Series 1934 Gold Certificate featuring the portrait of President Wilson. These notes were printed from December 18, 1934, through January 9, 1935, and were issued by the Treasurer of the United States to Federal Reserve Banks [b]only against an equal amount of gold bullion held by the Treasury Department[/b]. The notes were used only for official transactions between Federal Reserve Banks and were not circulated among the general public.”
      From the section “Discovered 1930s Notes and Bonds”, about a third of the way down:

      The Federal Reserve (consolidated) balance sheet still holds those gold certificates, valued at the 1934 issuance amounts – $35.00/Troy ounce – and not at the prevailing world price of gold. The US Treasury better have that gold in vaults, otherwise they could be very severely pressured by the Fed, and it’s cabal of private banks who are the shareholders, to do their bidding on all sorts of matters.

      Section 3020 – Responsibilities of the Federal Reserve Banks and Other Custodians
      – includes the text “Not present any of these Gold Certificates to Treasury for ‘redemption’.”
      To me, that sure is a strange clause, but it would be interesting to hear the logic behind it.

  10. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Saudi Press – Al Arabiya
    According to Wikipedia, Al Arabiya is a Saudi-owned pan-Arab television news channel. “…Some believe that Al Arabiya was created to be a direct competitor of the Qatar-based Al Jazeera. As a response to Al Jazeera’s criticism of the Saudi royal family throughout the 1990s, relatives of the Saudi royal family established Al Arabiya in Dubai in 2002….”

    Nov 19 – Arab League holds emergency meeting on ‘Iran violations’

    – QATAR is being demonized. –
    “…The documentary addresses how former Qatar’s Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa seized power through a coup… …To achieve his dream, he established new and contradictory alliances, supported extremists and terrorists and attacked and undermined his neighbors….”
    VIDEO – https://youtu.be/9dKID9_CxCI

    – Stories focusing on the Anti-Corruption Campaign –

    Just prior to the Purge
    CIA files shows depth of al-Qaeda’s relationship with Iran
    (one minute) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qk6zQyKUFAg

    – Top Story – Nov 18 – (grin)
    Egyptian police on Saturday arrested a pop singer known as Shyma after she appeared in a music video in lingerie while suggestively eating a banana, officials said….

    • PeaceFroggs says:

      “CIA files shows depth of al-Qaeda’s relationship with Iran”

      — You obviously don’t know the difference between Shiite and Sunni HomeRemedySupply, for you to actually believe this b.s ?

      I suppose you also believed it when the CIA timely released Bin Laden videos where he appears to look younger and younger each time, just so the US could keep financing their war on terror?

      I suppose you also believed it when the CIA said that Bin Laden was killed in 2011 by SEAL Team Six and buried at sea without any shred of evidence?

      Complete nonsense.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        PeaceFrogs says: You obviously don’t know the difference between Shiite and Sunni HomeRemedySupply, for you to actually believe this b.s ?

        Silly Frog.
        Read the top paragraph.

        Geez…Look, I posted “Saudi Press – Al Arabiya” because this is the Saudi PR news. It gives us insight as to their agenda and the official Saudi perspectives.
        I never said “Oh! This is the real way things are”.

        PeaceFrogs, Often you run half-cocked trying to incite needless arguments among Corbeteers. Someday, someone will grab a gigger. I like you, but cut down on the coffee.

  11. manbearpig says:

    winning was probably never the real goal in the ME for the “non-resistance” axis (as described by Narwani).

    chaos and destruction in an effort to reduce countries to backwards subserviance to anglo-israeli empire as usual (china, vietnam, japan, south america, mexico, afghanistan, irak, libya, now lebanon: syria benefited from resistance-axis aid but will not be able to reconstruct pan-arabian unity as

    I suspect israel has used bin Salman as a virus to destroy saudi arabia and the arabian peninsula from within – chaos and destruction is what has been created at any rate (ask the yemenis)

    though iran is being incriminated by usual propagandists as helping al qaeda we’ll see whether saudi-israeli cooperation against her really materializes in accordance with the current hype around unprecedented cooperation between the two…

    • manbearpig says:

      above-mentioned subserviance to anglo-israeli empire would now be manifested, in this new eastern petro-yuan era, as subserviance to China-led resistance axis bravely marching the world into sustainable AND smart NWO prone to AI malfunctioning that ends up reducing the population of the genetically inferior in accordance with longstanding crypto-eugenics project.


  12. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Great VISUAL video via Corbett Report’s “Recommended Viewing” from his article “When Robots Rule the Markets…”

    Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption purge (13 minutes)

  13. digisoul says:

    MORE “distraction/fear-baiting/mongering”? Absolutely do NOT know, but . . . , not to FEAR, fellow Men/wo[mb]Men, cuz . . . the “resolution” is “clarifying” at an increasingly alarming rate, if . . . your “lens/consciousness” is UN-distractingly FOCUSED on the TRUTH.
    As a FIRST-year “boomer” (’46) when the violent mass blood letting was replaced with ejaculate during mass divine co-minglings of [returning war vet] Man to [waiting] wo[mb]Man; now at 71+, after experiencing war “up close and personal” in ‘Nam followed by a couple of years of int’l careening – pretty-much ripped to the tits 24/7, culminating in 5 years at BangKwang, Thailand’s notorious maximum security prison, I am now increasingly mollified daily by the thought of being “a little closer to Home”. Considering the “State” of absolutely blatant and pervasive “official” criminality, corp-owned media propaganda, corp/gov-controlled lib-turd academic cry-bullies, AI killer drones/robots, cyber and space weaponry, brain chips, etc, I hope the “almighty Author/Lord” has already “checked me out” – as Jim Morrison was purported to have once not-so-eloquently stated, ” . . . before the whole sh*t-house goes up in flames”, and the radioactive ash begins to settle.
    Yup, the “Quickening” gets more exciting/out-of-control daily and at some not-yet-known triggering inflection point/critical mass moment, entropy will no longer be forestalled/denied. Ya’ll best be getting the HELLo away from those “coasters”, “citYzens”, nuke plants and GROUNDed on a portion of inland, elevated, RURAL, arable, UN-encumbered/UN-addressed county dirt. Get GATHERed, GUNned, GARDENed, PROVISIONed and . . . S-I-M-P-L-I-F-I-E-D! The “Blessings from the Beginning” are revealed and thereby accessible to the faithfully repentING/REDEEMed/GATHERing RemnantS, fulfilled in daily fellowship of collaborative PRODUCTIVE enterprise and the opportunity to assist/gather other repentING in greater need. And as such . . . relieved, humbled and thankful for sight of One’s salvation BEFORE having – unknowingly – “run out One’s clock”. Are you/WE having fun yet?! Well, possibly . . . if you’re following/SUPPORTING the “TRUTH exposure” of one, James Corbett. ” Keep right on a truckn’ “, James. Hoo-wah!

  14. Mark44 says:

    Kind of boggles the mind as to why the MSM isn’t covering this global crisis doesn’t it?
    Who owns the MSM? Oh, now I get it. 🙂

  15. herrqlys says:

    It helps to know something about the facts of a matter so as to be able to “out” propaganda.

    I’ve only recently become more fully aware of the reality about the demonized entity known as Hezbollah (Party of God) that Israel and Saudi Arabia seem to hate so much.

    “For Lebanon, Hezbollah is more than just the first Arab force to militarily expel the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) from its territory permanently. In Lebanon, Hezbollah is a political party too, with members of parliament and seats in the cabinet. The group runs a remarkable array of social services across the country, from subsidized schools, hospitals and clinics, to agricultural centers and environmental programs.”


    Southfront has created a video about Hezbollah that provides an indepth explanation of what Hezbollah is, and way more information than you can find at most places in the English language (at 46:38 minutes in length it contains a lot of charts and things, so this isn’t a light entertainment video, but there is instructive video footage including military combat and weapons, particularly rocket capabilities and considerations).


  16. Billy Field says:

    My hypothesis is ;- Post WW2 it has been The Bilderberg Group driving the Western agenda,…and that has basically been driven by Rockefeller & his lackey Henry K…& seems to me the crux of this is about the interests of Security, Private Central Banking (FED, Rothschild et al) & Oil…and to a lesser degree “Wall St Ind Complex”….The key here is THE MONEY BOYS OWN THE MEDIA, & also Politics, & also thus the PS & Military ..They also “own” The IMF debt pushers & WB criminals…so go figure?…Seems the keys of the Caddy are with them…as they control the “creation of Western capital & currency”…& pull all the strings via Bilderberg eta la
    And also seems to me their main plan is expand their Empires footprint to attain “Word Domination” basically FOR THEMSELVES via control of Money/Govts….This also serves numerous interests & “fellow travellers” but they are peripheral…..The split China & Russia gambit now seems kaput…We know how ruthless the Status Quo are for “control & retention of their global Money & assets” so perhaps LOOK out… ….It well could be a HOT WW3…But is it at all necessary in this day and age”?….Due to technology, is it not all obsolete thinking?… .The old narrative is “energy & resources are scarce”…but in fact today are they?…Energy is everywhere….food is cheap….housing & education & medial CAN be chea,……plenty of even rain water from roofs for all our water needs…So seems it’s really all about “profits” & control for the the 1%….
    I posit we need to move from the MAD mutually assure destruction period…to the Mutually assured Defence period ..& verifiable arms controls & limitatiuons etc…far better for prosperity, development & peace & Justice… .but far from progressing to a “verifiable defence detente” I would not be surprised if the greedy bankers might very possibly use their “Media & Money & power/control” to cause Western Govts to start War 3 …& possibly kill 6 Billion innocent people simply to keep their swindled loot & power…WE KNOW HOW RUTHLESS THEY ARE!….they will be worried ATM as they are looking at the prospect of the China Russia/BRICS agenda destroying their Western Capital & currency racket…….so I personally suspect we are at a very critical juncture…

    • herrqlys says:

      As a general assessment, Billy, I fully agree with you. There are many facets to the Golden Rule (those who have the gold make the rules), but I think the control mechanisms have been evident in European and American societies long before the Second World War.

      It would take a lengthy treatise to explore exactly how far back in human history we can faithfully identify wealth creation and its use to influence power structures. Just as civilization and technology have developed and been refined over time, so have the ways to exploit things.

      Utilizing a shorter time scale I find it intriguing to study how, after the fall of Rome, banking and world trade moved to influence governments in the Venetian Republic, and then Florence. When events conspired against the conditions that made these cities centres of wealth and power, the game moves to London and the other European capitals of empire.

      As New York and Washington started to acquire global import during the latter stages of the 19th century, massive wealth opportunities were to be found. The two world wars in the first half of the 20th century shook the foundations of the immense wealth and power concentrated in European empires, and the cultivated webs of influence in those empires.

      The tectonic shifts in power arising during and after World War II meant that infiltration of US government institutions was a logical place to add to the remaining European control structures, particularly the London ones. It takes aforethought, skill and money but you can permeate a host to your great advantage.

      Never let a good crisis go to waste.

  17. TampaDave says:

    Since it has not been mentioned, I am curious: does anyone give credence to Ben Fulford’s POV on this? I am referring to his assertion that the Saudi purge is part of the ongoing process of eliminating the Khazarian mob that is raping the planet.

  18. manbearpig says:

    I thought the end of the following November 13th article from The Independent entitled “This isn’t the First Time Saudi Arabia has Threatened the Stability of Lebanon” was provocative:

    …”My life means nothing to me,” Hariri told the Lebanese on Sunday night. “My concern is the unity of the country.”

    Well, maybe.
    So why not just get on the next plane to Beirut? All this – in the lands of political irony – has caused much amusement to the Lebanese who have been sending to each other page five of the now defunct Beirut newspaper Hadaf (which means “goal” or “target”),

    whose edition for 28 February 1967 carried the headline: “The Saudi Threat to Lebanon Provokes Different Reactions”. The “threat” included expelling Lebanese workers from Saudi Arabia and the withdrawal of Saudi funds from Beirut – exactly the problems which the Lebanese government now fear they are confronting. At the time, the Saudis were trying to dissuade the Lebanese from supporting Sunni Muslim Saudi Arabia’s Egyptian nationalist enemy, Gamal Abdul Nasser,

    just as today they are trying to persuade them to abandon Hezbollah

    and Iran. Alas, the Lebanese, including the Sunnis, preferred Nasser. The Hadaf newspaper said that some Lebanese were supporting “moderation”, others “neutrality” – the very policy the Beirut government has been trying to follow in the present crisis.

    And there’s one final historical irony in this dangerous farce of the present day, which has been rediscovered by Nicholas Noe, an American colleague of mine who writes for Mideastwire.com. Exactly 74 years ago last week, it transpires, the Free French authorities under Charles de Gaulle, kidnapped Riyad al-Solh, the statesman who would become Lebanon’s first prime minister – in an attempt to prevent Lebanese independence.

    Even more piquant is the fact that al-Solh was the grandfather-in-law of Al-Waleed bin Talal, the wealthy Saudi prince who has been put under house arrest now by Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman. Maybe the French – whose own prime minister Emmanuel Macron is currently trying to persuade the Crown Prince to send Hariri back to Beirut – have more in common with the Saudis than we (or they) realised…”


    • herrqlys says:

      I have always had a lot of respect for Robert Fisk as chronicler and analyst of events. He has decades of experience in reporting on the Arab world, and has lived in Beirut for ages, so he is very well placed to comment.

  19. HomeRemedySupply says:

    December 12, 2017
    Saudis Plan To Hike Gasoline Prices By 80% In January
    …As part of its plan to gradually eliminate fuel subsidies, Saudi Arabia plans to raise domestic gasoline prices by 80 percent in January, and make them level with international prices until 2023 or possibly 2025, Bloomberg reported on Tuesday, quoting a person familiar with the Kingdom’s plans….

    • john.o says:

      Social repercussions should be interesting.

      I met a bright well-spoken Uber driver the other day from Dubai. Here for education and adventure, not a desperate refugee. He was SHOCKED by how hard we work in the USA just to pay bills and buy gas.

      That used to be the way we felt overseas.

      “Here Comes Everybody!” -Finnegan’s Wake

    • manbearpig says:

      Gasoline hikes in the land of Saud…makes me think…

      The American Dream fueled by cheap gas and ambition,
      is going down a controlled demolition,
      a wacko suicide to help the world mourn it fast
      and usher in the age of the smart collectivist….

      Trump is there to kill the dream
      make it tacky, tyrannical and unclean.

      France just buried her Holy Hell’s Angel, Bourbon-swilling piece of “Tennessee”, Johnny Hallyday, the rock’in Roll monument who from his Stetson to his Santiagos was 100% French (except for his tax returns) and the lady with her lovely Jade is now ready to set her sights on a younger something Smart and Sustainable.

      American iconocide. Some cooperatively died
      and were sent to the other side

      in royal pomp and circumstance.
      a final morbid song and dance.

      Did not set out to make this rhyme
      In fact, I truly haven’t got the time
      But, turns out, it’s kinda fun
      …though maybe not for everyone…

      Actually, to readers here,
      it truly must be galling
      but have no fear, Oh Corbetteer
      the hamster wheel is calling!


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