5 Things You Need to Know About the Saudi Purge

11/12/201730 Comments

Saudi Arabia, May 2017. A private yacht sails into the port at Jeddah under heavy guard. The yacht's identity is hidden even from the port authorities. Only a handful of people are allowed near it. They deliver several boxes on board and the yacht sails away.

The boxes contained cash. $1 billion cash. A "gift" from the inner circle of Saudi Clown Prince Mohammad bin Salman (MBS).

And the mysterious yacht? It belonged to The Trump Organization, and the whole incident took place while Trump was busy bowing to MBS' father, King Salman.

An incredible story, to be sure. Phenomenal, even. Trump bribed by the Saudi Crown Prince to the tune of $1 billion? The beloved POTUS selling out his country in return for some cold hard cash? It could be the scandal of the century, and it seems to explain so much.

After all, Trump's genuflections toward the Saudi royals (literal as well as figurative) and his profusions of "great confidence" in those same royals even as they commit a chaotic and bloody purge stand in stark contrast to the rhetoric of candidate Trump. Lest we forget, it was just over one year ago that Trump was railing against Clinton for accepting money from those gay-killing, women-enslaving Saudi fiends and openly ruminating about Saudi connections to 9/11.

...But is it true? Was there really a private yacht in Jeddah Port? A team of shadowy men from MBS' inner circle? The billion dollars in cash? Who knows!

The story comes from @mujtahidd, an anonymous Twitter user who has two million followers and claims to have sources close to the royal palace. And, true or not, it's being reported on by "reputable" outlets. And why not? It's salacious. It's tantalizing. And it makes just enough sense to be not entirely implausible.

In a sense, the yacht story is a good window into the chaotic "anti-corruption" purge taking place in Saudi Arabia right now, which has so far netted 201 people (and, not incidentally, 1,700 bank accounts and other assets totaling a cool $800 billion). There's so much uncertainty from so many quarters that even the most outlandish stories are being taken seriously.

Did a Saudi prince die in a shootout while being swept up in the Kingdom's recent purge, as many outlets reported, or is it all a hoax, as Saudi officials claim? Was the dramatic downing of a helicopter during the purge a deliberate act? Heck, was the Vegas shooting actually an attempt to assassinate MBS? Who knows!

But don't worry, all is not lost in these chaotic times. There are some things that we do know about what's going on, and as it turns out, these things are pretty important. So let's examine five things we know (or need to know) about the Saudi purge.

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  1. sahid.miller says:

    Thanks, James!

    • weilunion says:

      Yes, indeed.

      In 1975, after Jimmy Carter reigned in at least some of the CIA, the Safari Club was set up by Adnan Kasshoggi, the death merchant. Iran, France, Morocco, Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US were all players.

      Getting around the US CIA, Carter fired over 2,000 agents, was the intent. Kasshoggi, then one of the biggest arms dealers (he died this year) etc. set the game up with the help of Richard Helms and Theodore Shackley. Helms (former CIA head) was Ambassador to Iran at the time, Shackley wanted to be head of the CIA. He was fired by Carter. George Herbert Walker Bush was involved as well.

      An off the books arms for slush fund it was. Oh, and Bandhar Bush got 100 million out of the Safari Club, at least.

      Here is how it worked:

      Saudi Arabia would buy weapons from the US and there would be a ‘skim’; money taken off the top. This skim would then go to a fund, the Safari Club who would then run a privatized CIA. Basically a terrorism front job.

      We got arms for the Nicaraguan contras out of this. Shackley basically helped put Reagan/Bush in office with the October Surprise (William Casey met with both officials of Iran and the Saudis in France). He never did get the job as head of CIA.

      BCCI helped run the dirty slush fund. The head of BCCI was Kashoggi’s main man.

      The slush fund continues. The recent $350 million dollar weapon sales to the Saudis and Trump’s additional $130 million have no doubt been all skimmed.

      Yes, the Safari Club is alive and well, under a different name, of course.

      • herrqlys says:

        Thank you for a very informative exposition.
        It’s detail like this that proves the worth of studies in History, allowing for a review of the event timeline, with it’s subplots, and connecting the relevancies.

        Provided the salient facts are noted and recorded.
        Provided there isn’t an erosion or falsification of the historical record.
        Provided the subsequent history consumers haven’t been given conditioned blind spots.
        And, provided the language used is clearly interpreted.

        The explosion of technological innovation in the modern world has been consciousness-expanding. But this has also been paralleled with new techniques for subverting the thought outcomes. What does it mean anymore to be communist, a hero, or terrorist for example?

        We receive our understandings from language – conversation, text or audiovisual – and we share those understandings the same way. Corruption of the meanings for traditionally understood terms corrodes effectiveness in our communication.

        To be clear about our own language constructs, for both our own understanding and the communication of that understanding to others, we must constantly engage in the reaffirmation of meanings.

        • herrqlys says:

          Moving away from the topic of language hijacking, to something more playful (playfull?).

          Here are some new words I encountered today:
          agapic love

          And here are some encountered words I had to reaffirm:

          And here are some encountered words that made my day:
          – The stupid have huge energy potential.
          – The dangers of ideology are endless. Ideologies are slime-covered ropes grasped by fools who slide to the bottom and sink into the muck of the moat around Power where ideals go to die.

          And bon mots:
          ¿Que es cara la educatión? Pregunta por el costo de la ignorancia.

      • manbearpig says:

        Yea, interesting info on this Safari Club that I’d heard of but knew nothing about. Interesting Morocco was/is in it.
        Always wondered why exactly Morocco seemed to have a different relationship with the Western powers than Algeria and Tunisia… sheds some light on that. Thanks.

  2. wasif9 says:

    It would be interesting to know who’s side Russia is on. If the Recent visit of the saudi king to Moscow is any indicator I would think that they have taken the Russians on board. Same as after the Turkish attempted coup Erdogan went to Moscow, made buddies with them and then started taking out the Gulen(CIA) guys out.

  3. herrqlys says:

    This was a good overview, but so much is as yet unknown, and even what is “known” is little understood.

    Earlier today I encountered several very different thoughts on this subject, and others of a more global nature that also impinge on the events in Saudi Arabia. All this new information took my own current appraisals along entirely new tracks.

    In today’s world there are so many zigs and zags that before you have a chance to digest a certain set of events, and put analysis into the care of time, new and startling things come along that fracture your nascent previous attempts at cognition.

    We live in very interesting times. We must pay attention.

    • weilunion says:

      Read Peter Dale Scott

      • herrqlys says:

        Thanks for the prompt. I’d known of the name for a long time, but hadn’t followed it up. Because of your making reference, I’ve just downloaded the ebook Deep Politics and the Death of JFK (1996) to become more familiar.

  4. Jermaine says:

    I wonder how this parallels with China’s “anti-corruption” purge that Xi seems to have benefitted from in a similar fashion.

  5. phreedomphile says:

    The Saudi ‘anti-corruption’ drama is coming at the same time Manafort was taken into custody and rumors were swirling Hillary and Podesta would soon be arrested by the actions of Savior Trump finally draining the swamp. Also, a few days ago the MSM was reporting Netanyahu was just questioned for the fifth time by Israeli anti-corruption police. All of these types of actions lend an image of greedy corrupt oligarchs being brought to heel. It’s a corollary on manufacturing dissent, a pre-emptive move against a possible tide of revolution with a synthetic day of reckoning. A metaphor would be a controlled burn to create a type of fire break for the raging inferno that may one day sweep the globe. In KSA a strong signal is also being broadcast to would be hardliner resistance to radical social liberalization such as a law allowing women to wear only bikinis on a Saudi beach and the new Ministry of Entertainment supplanting the role of the infamous Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice.

    The events in Saudi Arabia had to have been planned long ago. Fake theatrics just as plausible as the Bin Laden capture. At a 2009 UN Greenhouse Gas Conference (2030 Agenda) in Bangkok Saudi officials were wringing their hands asking for assurances that when the benchmarks for 2030 edicts began rolling through (with the mandate to drastically lower global oil consumption) they would receive financial assistance to care for their people.

    No doubt Saudi royals have been coordinating their Circus script with the pyramid cap usual suspects. It’s a smokescreen for a global currency and a global government techno prison planet. It’s a gargantuan shift.

  6. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Again, I have to compliment Mr. Corbett’s style of writing. It flows with a real-person-talking punchy vigor and sparkle. Not only an entertaining style, but the information/reference links are impressive investigative journalism.

  7. HomeRemedySupply says:

    James Corbett gives an excellent overview of the situation…
    But, as I’ve also reported in recent years, that US-Saudi relationship has shown strains in recent years. Saudi anger over Obama-era rapprochement with Iran and unwillingness to go full-Gaddafi on Assad has been met with US threats about exposing “Saudi” terror, including the 9/11 lawsuits and the 28 pages. The recent American shale oil boom has meant that Saudi has seen selling less oil to the US, and China is only too happy to step in and take America’s place as Saudi Arabia’s most-favored trading nation. And now China is setting up a yuan-denominated oil exchange that could potentially mean that the Saudis and others may be trading oil for yuan in the future.

  8. KungFuFil says:

    Clown Prince. Good one!
    Thanks for the read.

  9. manbearpig says:

    A totally idle thought that I couldn’t really find an appropriate place for (maybe ’cause it’s a totally inappropriate thought), and maybe someone’s already mentioned it but:

    Have you noticed that Sophia, Saudi Arabia’s Robot citizen, is just elaborated enough to look even more human wearing a niqab or burka?

    (lika Ava in Ex Machina) Just another pretty face…

    A real woman or an android looks virtually the same thing to the Saudi immigration office?

    • danmanultra says:

      Once they install a proper womb and incubator maybe the Saudi’s can finally eliminate the “unnecessary” gender altogether.

      “Just another pretty face in a burka” sounds like a great title to a novel or music album, by the way…

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          Okay, now I am starting to really freak out.

          Next lifetime, as a baby looking up saying “Mama”, I don’t want some artificial robotic breast feeding me genetically altered nutrients as robotic arms adjust the modifications of my brain’s chip implants so I stay in “contentment mode” and only poop at the prescribed times.

          No way. I am not coming back to live in a SciFi nightmare.

        • manbearpig says:

          I guess you haven’t seen the movie “Blade Runner 2049” Mr Corbett…?

          I thought it was all about “the miracle” of Transhumanism.

          but now I get it…

          they were referring to… another “miracle”…

          more literally…


        • john.o says:

          “Science” once learned, with ill-disguised disappointment, that Harlow’s Monkeys couldn’t live without real mothers. http://sites.psu.edu/dps16/2016/03/03/harlows-monkeys/

          The scientistic response? Keep working on better fake mothers.

          “And you know what I think? O, wonder! How many goodly creatures are there here! How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in’t!”

        • herrqlys says:

          Thanks for that. We always need to broaden our horizons.

          It does, however, underscore a point I made elsewhere about the trajectory of the knowledge base, and how the reality is so far ahead of our personal knowledge and comprehension.

        • danmanultra says:

          Yes, I believe I recall you and James Evan Pilato doing coverage on such a topic. Maybe some day humans will finally merge with the machines and ascend to greatness!… or drag us all down into oblivion. What could go wrong?

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